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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 11, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> this is like chasing the bulls. so obviously the bull is running because he's being chased by a car. >> the wonderful police, very restrained. >> set the dvrs for "the five." never miss it "special report" is next. >> did politics lead to the decisions that doomed four americans killed by terrorists in benghazi? new information from new witnesses. this is "special report." good evening, welcome to washington, i'm bret baier, new details on what happened the night of the benghazi terror attacks and now politics may have played a major role in the response or lack of it. that left four americans, including the u.s. ambassador to libya. dead. we told you yesterday benghazi terror suspect, abu khatalla, will not face the death penalty. that reversal by the obama
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administration comes as we hear from more witnesses who say more could have been done to save the victims. senior white house correspondent adam housley hassed story. >> there's so many ways you can get screwed over, basically thrown under the bus if you give any sort of information. >> this man asked that his identity be protected and said other in his squadron have wanted to talk about benghazi from the very beginning. but none have been interviewed since the 2012 attack and all are afraid of retribution. >> i'm not trying to give away information that could ever harm the military at all. and what was never my intention. that was never my plan. i feel like some things need to come to light. >> he says within minutes, his air squadron was told that a quote real-world mission was going down. they raced to the field and were quickly briefed as planes were armed and prepared to launch. >> there were people everywhere, the fly line was full of people.
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and we were all ready to go. all of us. >> but according to the controversial state department accountability review board investigation, interagency response to benghazi was quote timely and appropriate. something our source vehemently denies. his squadron was stationed at aviano air base in northeastern italy. according to men who were there, could have easily flown to the a a naval station in sicily and on to benghazi. >> i definitely believe that our aircraft could have taken off and got there in a timely manner. maybe three hours at the moment. in order to basically at least stop the second mortar attack and have those guys running for the hills. and basically save lives that day. >> said the military excuse that a refueling tanker wasn't available isn't valid. because american jets routinely refuel by using a hot pit maneuver. which allows the jets to land and get fuel without shutting off the engines.
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he said multiple occasions were available the night of the benghazi attack. >> as far as i'm concerned. we're the world's greatest air force, we need something done and we need to save some american lives, we're going to get it done. they kept telling me, we're waiting on the call. we're waiting on the call. i still feel a sense of fault for not being there when we were needed. we could have been there. that's the worst part. >> that's a horrible feeling to have when can you help someone, especially when you don't even find out until later and you hear that people actually died. >> the same frustrations have compelled mike, a former team sergeant for a military anti-terror quick reaction force, once known as the s.i.f , >> despite the claim by former secretary of state hillary clinton, and the state department that nothing more could have been done, a freedom of information act lawsuit recently revealed that then department of defense chief jeremy bash immediately offered
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assistance to the state department on the night of september 11th, saying forces could move to benghazi and quote they're spinning up as we speak. >> i know everybody was spun up. for some reason they were all shut down. i think it probably leads back to a policy maker somewhere saying, let's just because nobody in the military is going to shut down an operation. they want to get involved. >> while the murders of ambassador chris stevens and foreign officer shawn smith happened early that fateful night. the deaths of c.i.a. contractor glen doherty and tyrone woods nine hours later haunt many within the military community. >> they got killed in a mortar attack at the end of the battle. when the sun was coming up. when they shouldn't have been killed. because we is had plenty of time at that point. hours and hours of time, to be able to do something. >> on the night of the attack. mike was at delta force headquarters in the u.s., monitoring events as they happened. shortly after he returned to
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libya, and he says u.s. special forces had multiple chances to kill or capture the terrorists responsible. but were repeatedly denied by the state department. >> at our level we're doing everything we're supposed to be doing. at everybody else's level above us, it was political. i read the emails. i read the emails where they're saying we can't do this now. now is not the right timing. it's just politically we can't do it. >> in mid june 2014 u.s. delta force s captured abu khatalla. while the u.s. sat idle for weeks as khatalla talked with western journalists, mike said the real benghazi mastermind and the larger terror cell disappeared. >> if we would have hit the target at the time that special operations operators had the intelligence to hit the target, we could have collected important information and intelligence that would have led to bigger fish.
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>> democrats have called the investigation a waste of time, republican congressmen and benghazi committee chairman trey gowdy says his committee has uncovered new facts but does admit they're having issues finding witnesses. >> we know the description, but not the name. you have to go to the department of defense in this case and say we need the following folks, they have the names. it's been very frustrating. it's been frustrating for two years. >> gowdy says his final report will be out before summer and it won't solely focus on the former secretary of state hillary clinton. the two men we spoke to have never spoken with any investigators. media and activists in syria say isis militants are progressing toward a recapture of the ancient city of palmyra. government forces took control of that area in march. but isis has seized a rocket-launching site. a capture that effectively severs supply lines for government troops. isis forces are claiming
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responsibility for a series of deadly car bombings today in baghdad. the massive coordinated attacks come as the president's top intelligence official is suggesting the administration is basically going to run out the clock on its battle with the terror group in iraq. correspondent kevin corke tells us why from the white house. >> the death toll from the attacks has risen steadily throughout the day as three separate car bombs tore through the capital city of baghdad killing more than 90, and wounding over 160 people. many of them women and children. isis took credit for the carnage, the latest evidence of the group's destructive capability and arguably the strongest support yet for the sentiment of the national intelligence, claims clapper who in an interview admitted that despite best efforts, the u.s. can't mix it clapper's frank assessment of the ongoing fight against ice nis iraq comes as the u.s. coalition attempts to reclaim mosul.
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clapper telling the "post," we will retake mosul, but it will take a long time and be very messy. i don't see that happening in this administration. an evaluation seemingly far less optimistic than president obama's, who said this just last month. >> my expectation is that by the end of the year, we will have created the conditions whereby mosul will eventually fall. >> today white house officials acknowledge the battle for mosul could be lengthy. >> it's going to be a big challenge. but it's obviously would be and will be a significant strategic accomplishment. once that city has been >> when and how it gets accomplished, remains at the heart of the ongoing debate about u.s. advisers in iraq. >> they sayi that's going to take more than a year is not an indication that this is unwinnable. but it is a warning. it is a far more difficult
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batt battle, because we're fighting a very different kind of enemy. >> an enemy that continues to use terror to sow seeds of division. >> kevin corke live on the north lawn. the top official at the fbi is indicating there will be no special treatment for hillary clinton during the investigation into her email scandal. and director james comey is also undercutting one of clinton's favorite phrases about the probe. here's chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge. >> the fbi director james comey does regular on-the-record question-and-answer sessions with reporters known as a pen and pad. no cameras or audio recorders. he seems to challenge mrs. clinton's go-to explanation for the fbi investigation of her email practices. comey said quote i don't know what that means. we're conducting an investigation. that's the bureau's business, that's what we do. i'm not familiar with the term
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security inquiry. that's the very phrase clinton uses repeatedly and her critics say an apparent effort to downplay the serious nature of the fbi criminal probe. >> there's a security inquiry going on. we respect that, it is on its own timetable, but it's moving forward. >> the justice department has the emails, they have the server, they're conducting a security inquiry. >> i say when i've said now for many, many months, it's a security inquiry. >> even clinton adviser and surrogate, sidney bloomen that will. who won't say whether the fbi has questioned him. uses the same language. >> my understanding is this is a security review, certainly not a criminal investigation. >> it's an investigation. >> it's an inquiry into whether or not anyone put classified information where it shunts be.
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>> fox news asked director comey whether clinton and her aides would receive the same scrutiny as other government employees who receive security clearances. >> comey said he didn't want to comment on the clinton case and added there are no special rules for anybody under an fbi investigation. up next, donald trump and republican lawmakers get ready for their close-up. here's what some fox affiliates around the country are covering. fox 21, greenville, south carolina, for new charges against a former north charleston police officer, michael slaying certificate facing a state murder charge in the death of an unarmed black motorist walter scott 13 months ago. new federal charges include violating scott's civil rights and obstruction of justice. fox 4 in dallas, atf officials say the deadly explosion at a fertilizer plant in 2013 was a criminal act. 15 people died and 200 people were injured in that explosion. agents say they've eliminated
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all reasonable accidental and natural causes. a live look at boston from fox 25, the big story there, the man who went on a stabbing rampage last night is being described by his family as mentally disturbed. police say 28-year-old arthur derosa was fatally shot by an off-duty sheriffs deputy after killing two people. he reportedly checked into a hospital's psych word monday, but was released after only a few hours. we'll be right back.
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top gop lawmakerings are trying to figure out what they need to know and what they want to hear from donald trump. ahead of tomorrow's meeting here in washington. it could be a pivotal moment in what has so far been a very volatile relationship that could determine the long-term future of the republican party, and the short-term future of gop candidates this november. senior national correspondent john roberts is on capitol hill. good evening, john. >> bret i'm hearing that tomorrow's discussion will be about principles rather than getting into the issues. house speaker paul ryan's office is playing doing the significance of this event. saying it's hardly the most important thing in a busy
3:17 pm
legislative week. but as far as presidential politics goes, it's pretty high up there on the significance scale. the trump campaign is playing down expectations for tomorrow's summit with house speaker paul ryan. telling fox news they don't think ryan will offer an endorsement after a single meeting. sources say ryan's support isn't all that important for trump. a 2 on a scale of 1-10, one person told me. >> i have a lot of respect for paul, i think we're going to have a very good meeting, i hope. he's a very good man. he wants what's good for the party. think we're going to have positive results. >> to a mix of praise and criticism. ryan says he's not ready to throw support behind trump. sources say trump's ban on muslims and slow denunciation of former kkk leader david duke stuck in ryan's craw. but ryan says he's keeping an open mind about the presumptive nominee. >> these are conversations we're going to have. i don't really know him. i met him once in person in 2012. we had a good conversation in march on the phone. we need to get to know each
3:18 pm
other and we as a leadership team are enjoying the fact that we have a chance to meet with him. >> while the two differ on some significant issues, trump says they share common ground on the principles of job creation, economic growth and tax cuts. ryan stressed the importance of the party marching in lock did-step towards november. >> this election is too important to go into it at half strength. we need a real unification of our party. after a tough primary, that's going to take some effort. we are committed to putting that effort in. >> the two may find points of agreement. but trump is standing firm on the issue that really divides them. insisting again today. he would pursue a temporary ban on muslims entering the u.s. a spokeswoman says the ban likely wouldn't apply to muslim who is have documents and whose intentions are known. people like the newly elected mayor of london, england. the slightly softer stance aside, trump insists some type of ban is still necessary. >> we have a president that won't even use the term "radical islamic terrorism."
3:19 pm
it's a real problem, not only here, but throughout the world. it's a real problem. so we'll figure it out, and we will get it going. but we have to be extremely careful. in fact i'm thinking about setting up a commission, perhaps headed by ruj dy giuliani to ta a serious look at the problem. >> donald trump took another step toward party unity. "duck dynasty" patriarch phil robertson said duck command certificate all , commander is all in for donald trump. the last republican nominee, mitt romney is hammering trump over his stance of not releasing tax records. romney writes on facebook that it is disqualifying for a modern-day presidential nominee. he says the fact that trump is being audited does not prevent him from releasing his tax returns. he said the only logical conclusion is that there is a bombshell in those records.
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ted cruz has filed paperwork to run for re-election to the senate in 2018. cruz recently suspended his presidential campaign. cruz says he will continue fighting for jobs, freedom and security in the senate. for 27 million texans and all americans. bernie sanders just won't go away. the democratic socialist from vermont won last night's primary in west virginia. to once again keep hillary clinton from channeling all her attention toward the general election. while sanders is campaigning out west, clinton was in new jersey today. senior political correspondent mike emmanuel reports tonight from blackwood. >> after beating hillary clinton last night in west virginia, bernie sanders in montana appealed to prominent democrats to help him with his math problem in getting to the party's nomination. >> i say to those super delegates in the states where we won landslide victories, listen to the people of your state.
3:21 pm
>> hillary clinton was back on the campaign trail in southern new jersey ahead of the june 7th primary. indiana last week and west virginia last night are two sanders victories in states clinton won back in 2008. today clinton responded to a supporter in her audience and attacked donald trump on his tax returns. >> my husband and i have released 33 years of tax returns. we got eight years on our website right now. so you got to ask yourself, why doesn't he want to release them. yeah well we're going to find out. >> trump told the "associated press" this week he will not release his returns until the irs audit is done. even if that's not until after the november election. for clinton's team there are some troubling numbers in the west virginia exit polls. for example, 50% of the women's vote went to sanders. and nearly half of sanders supporters, 43% say they would rather back trump in november with only 27% saying they would
3:22 pm
back clinton. sanders isn't feeling any sympathy about hillary simultaneously battling a primary opponent and trump. >> we have had to take on the entire democratic establishment. we've had to take on senators and governors and mayors and members of congress. that's what we have taken on. so please do not moan to me about hillary clinton's problems. >> clinton's campaign has written off oregon, expecting that to be sanders country. now clinton's team is advertising in kentucky. and clinton is likely to return there, soon. hoping to avoid being embarrassed next week. >> the presidency is the toughest job in the world. and she's the one who will make a real difference for you. >> by spending time and money in places like kentucky and new jersey, that does not allow clinton to focus her attacks solely on trump. clearly she does not want to risk limping to the nomination. bret? >> mike emmanuel live in new jersey thanks. hillary clinton moves left
3:23 pm
on obamacare, that story, when we come back.
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tonight we look at some of the fallout from bernie sanders' relendless campaign on hillary clinton's policy regarding health care. chief washington correspondent james rosen explains how the sanders effect is pushing clinton in a direction she may not necessarily be comfortable going. >> challenged by the staying power of socialist senator bernie sanders and the democratic primary, front-runner hillary clinton has migrated leftward. >> clinton has moved towards sanders on issuing like keystone xl and now on medicare buy-in option for adults 55 and older. those are all tremendous steps forward towards where most americans are. >> clinton's record on health care dates back to the early '90s and the doomed reform
3:28 pm
effort she led in her husband's white house. two decades later her shift on health care policy has been accomplished in stages, early on she rejected sanders' far-left vision of a single-payer system and defended obamacare. >> the last thing we need is to throw our country into a contentious debate about health care again. >> four months ago, clinton told a south carolina audience it was unrealize nick today's washington to try to expand medicare beyond senior citizens. >> even during the affordable care act debate there was an opportunity to vote for what was called the public option. in other words people could buy into medicare. even when the democrats were in charge, of the congress, we couldn't get the votes for that. by monday, visiting a neighboring state on the eve of a 15-point loss in west virginia, clinton had overcome those concerns. >> i also am in favor of what is called the public option. if you're able to move people 55
3:29 pm
or 50 and up who are the biggest users of health care into the medicare program, they would have to buy in. but they would be buying into such a big program that the costs would be more distributed. not all veteran democrats buy into the notion that clinton is bending to the political whim. >> if your definition of populist is someone who trying to level the playing field and fight for the average person, i think she is trying to make the case that she has always been doing that throughout her entire career. >> senator sanders for his part welcomed clinton's latest stand as a step in the right direction. but said that like her support for a $12 minimum wage, it's not good enough. lawmakers are discussing new labor department overtime rules expected soon. currently employers are required to pay overtime to employees who work more than 40 hours a week and earn less than $23,600 per year. the president's new policy would
3:30 pm
raise the top income eligible to $50,440. the critics say the cost could be severe for small businesses and the retail and restaurant sectors. the dow had its worst day since february, dropping 217. the nasdaq fell 49. the u.s. is gearing up its ballistic missile defense system for nato. officials will hold a ceremony tomorrow in romania to mark the start of operations there. friday ground will be broken on a planned site in poland. the u.s. says the missile shield is purely defensive and focuses on threats from the middle east. russia is opposed to having a system on its western doorstep. brazilian senators are expected to vote soon on whether to remove the country's president from office. and move forward with an impeachment trial. correspondent steve herrigan is live in brasilia with details.
3:31 pm
>> they're pouring out in the streets here in brazil's capital perhaps to witness what may be an historic night. 81 senators have been working, preparing to most likely remove the country's first president. dilma rousseff, now in her second term as the leader of the world's fourth largest democracy. she's accused of cooking the books as president, running up huge deficit spending on wait to re-election and hiding it. she's call this a coup against democracy and will fight it to the very end. >> i will fight with all the instruments i have. democratic and legal instruments to impede the illegal interruption of my mandate by traders and people who have no condition of presenting themselves to brazil. >> if rousseff loses the senate vote as expected, she'll be removed from the presidential palace, put on trial for
3:32 pm
impeachment tomorrow and her vice president from a different party, a conservative pro business 73-year-old will be made president of brazil. this whole process has been deeply ironic because many of those people pushing for impeachment have themselves been indicted in corruption probes. including the leader of the lower house, who has lost his job after taking $40 million in bribes. the big question now, how far the people of brazil willing to go to fight for rousseff. she is at this point because of a very weak economy here, deeply unpopular. approval ratings just in the single digits, burning tires, blocking roads, will the protests spread? no one knows. all of this couldn't come at a worse time for brazil. three months out from the olympics, it was supposed to be a showcase to show how far brazil had come. instead you have a falling economy, a major health crisis with the zika virus. and now adding political instability. you've going to have the
3:33 pm
president of the country possibly on trial for her job during those olympic games. not what brazil was hoping for. steve, thank you. the centers for disease control in the u.s. has been sanctioned repeatedly for violating federal safety rules regarding the handling of bioterror pathogens. that's according to "u.s.a. today." it says the cdc's own labs have been singled out for punishment six times because of their actions with viruses, bacteria and toxins that could be used as bioweapons. a cdc statement says none of the violations resulted in a risk to the public. or lab workers. congress may get involved in your fantasy life. your sports fantasy life. lawmakers held a hearing into what regulations are leaded on multimillion-dollar fantasy sports business. some states are enacting laws regulating that industry. donald trump and republican lawmakers prepare for a summit of sorts, while bernie sanders and the fbi keep posing problems
3:34 pm
for hillary clinton.
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test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test to pretend we're unified as a party after coming through a very bruising primary. which just ended like a week ago to pretend we're unified without actually unifying, we go into the fall at half strength. we need to get to know each other and we as a leadership team are enjoying the fact that we have a chance to meet with him. >> i think i'm doing very well with paul ryan. we're going to have a meeting. we'll see if we make a deal, that will be great. >> the meeting on capitol hill with republican leaders, both in the house and senate side. let's bring in our panel and start there editor in chief of life, and mara liasson. >> what do you think will be
3:39 pm
said? >> i have a feeling they're going to agree to agree on some issues, maybe judges, types of judges who should be nominated to the court. some pro growth policies. maybe some reduction in government. deregulatory moves. but they'll probably leave off the table a couple of those big issues that paul ryan and he don't agree on. the obvious ones are immigration and trade. one might see sometime in the future, if trump indeed beats hillary in november. which i think he has a pretty decent shot of doing. maybe paul ryan ends up being a bit of a check on donald trump, he fancies himself as a bit of a check on trump in these areas. they say look, we'll agree to agree, but don't think you're going to get me on your side on this. i'm not going to agree with you on everything. we can still come out and say the big enemy of our independence and sovereignty. the economy is hillary clinton and we're going to work together to defeat her. >> the one thing trump keeps say
3:40 pm
something negotiating is a good thing for him. >> but i think largely paul ryan and donald trump will be talking past one another. i don't think they have the same sense about unity. paul ryan i think wants a united party. donald trump i'm not so sure is interested in unity. i think donald trump is more interested in remaking the party and building new coalitions. and he thinks that he can do this. the traditional republican coalition is military hawks and free market advocates and social conservatives. donald trump is more of an isolationist. he's not a huge fan of free trade. he's just learning the language of social conservatism. because i don't think he's been one for very long. i think he thinks he can bring together a new coalition. white working class voters. i think he thinks he can pick up some of the people voting for bernie sanders, the anti-establishment types, put together a winning coalition that way. winning per se as we usually understand it to be on the republican side, i don't think that's what donald trump is thinking.
3:41 pm
>> said unity would be nice, but it's not necessarily. he told the "wall street journal," this election is not about the republican party. it's about me. i think he does have a different approach. but paul ryan is the highest-ranking republican in the government. he's got a lot of people he has to think about in their election campaigns. i think it's going to be tough. i think there are areas, as laura said they will agree. what about the ban on muslims? what about immigration. every day when trump talks about these things, paul ryan and all of his house members are going to be asked about it. >> about the taxes, romney out with this facebook post. saying he needs to release the taxes, even though he's being audited. big deal, not a big deal? >> i don't know what mitt romney is doing. i guess at this point he's in it to help hillary. because that, i don't know why he would make that point. what's his role at this point. i don't think it's going to affect this election. trump is an isolationist. these are the phrases that people throw around. i think the party has moved. rubio is out and jeb is out in their home state.
3:42 pm
the party has moved to a more nationalistic party. trump is not a doctrinaire, we all know that tax returns, i don't think that in this election cycle with so much on the line is going to have much of an effect. although hillary will try to make it. >> as she did today. i want to turn to hillary clinton, take a listen to her explaining the fbi investigation. what she calls it. >> i am 100% confident. this is a security review. that was requested. it is being carried out. it will be resolved. there is no basis for that. it's a security review. i think it's, it's a security review. it is a security review. >> here's the thing. the fbi director, james comey today said this to a pen & pad with reporters, not on camera, but on the record quote i don't know what that means. we're conducting an investigation, that's the bureau's business. that's what we do. i'm not familiar with the term -- security inquiry.
3:43 pm
he went on to say or security review. so basically whatever hillary clinton calls it, it's still an investigation. >> and it's not complete and this is one of the reasons bernie sanders is still in the race. so long as clinton has this hanging over he wants to make sure the democratic voters have an alternative. i think the fbi is getting very frustrated. i think they are under some political pressure here. to wrap things up quickly. and to leave her alone. i think as our colleague judge napolitano was saying today, you have to remember the same group that investigated david petraeus is investigating hillary clinton. a lot of them think clinton did things that are probably a lot more serious than petraeus ever did it. they're looking at the punishment he faced. i think they're frustrated. >> if this investigation is somehow squashed or if people in the fbi who want to indict her are told not to, that's going to get out and that's going to be almost as bad as if she actually
3:44 pm
was indicted. >> it will get because they'll leak it. >> well, but that's not good for her, either. in other words, the only thing that i think is the best outcome for her is not only does she not get invited, but that every single piece of paper about this investigation is disclosed so people understand what happened. >> meanwhile, sheryl mills walks out on an fbi inquiry, q&a session. and sidmy blumenthal wouldn't talk about if he was interviewed by the fbi. which means he probably was. and it's no big deal and is going to end soon. >> this is classic clinton. what they always do, question or legitimate review. they call it something else. it's the see mattek game they play. comey is annoyed. and chris christie during the campaign talks about how he knew them when they were both u.s. attorneys. people think it's an obama, justice department, fbi that
3:45 pm
couldn't act against hoyle aefr. i mean, comey, comey doesn't like people making light of what his team of professionals are doing. whatever comes o investigation. he's annoyed and sheryl mills walked out. not going to look good. just a security review, why are you walking out? is president obama giving up on taking out isis?
3:46 pm
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this barbaric terrorist group, isil or dash and its murderous ideology pose a serious threat to all of us. >> well, we're going to defeat isis. and we're going to do so by systematically squeezing them, cutting off their supply lines. cutting off their financing. taking out their leadership. >> i have got a lot of things on my plate, but my top priority is to defeat isil and to eliminate the scourge of this barbaric terrorism that's been taking place around the world. >> president on isis, in battling isis. top intelligence official says probably not in his
3:50 pm
administration. director clapper of the dni says they have lost about isis a lot of territory. we're killing a lot of their fighters telling the "the washington post," we will retake mosul but it will take a long time and be very messy. i don't see that happening in this administration. somehow the expectation is that we can find the silver needle will create the city on a hill. the u.s. can't fix it the fundamental issues they have, the large population bulge of disaffected young males, spaces weapons will not go away for a long time. talking about iraq. here is a general talking about the fight for mosul today. >> that it will get harder the closer we get to -- as you saw ramadi it took six months to get that city clear. they have only been there for a few months. they have been in mosul two years. mosul is three times larger than ramadi. >> back with the panel. laura, our pentagon team has
3:51 pm
been talking to a lot of people, generals earlier this year back in february saying they weren't optimistic it was all going to come together this year. to hear the dni say not in this administration is kind of interesting. >> i mean, it doesn't seem like there was ever a real will in this administration to take on isis and defeat isis. i mean, we have sent some troops over and congress never voted on new troop deployment. and they said isis is on the run. isis is doe graded. isis is decimated. but i think most americans look at this situation and say this is a disaster. i interviewed this public priest on my radio show this week. he said there were 2 million christians before the u.s. invasion in iraq they speak language. now there are 200,000. they were in mosul. isis came in and went into the churches. the churches are now sharia courts in mosul. mass hasn't been said in
3:52 pm
mosul in two years. of course, all the carnage. they never had the will to do this and america is war weary at the same time. that's a really tough combination. >> so does anything change? it seems like they are preparing the u.s. for what could be some u.s. forces engaged in some of this battle. >> well, we will know they are serious when they do that it's been nearly two years since isis took mosul. it's been nearly 22 months since the obama administration announced strategy to destroy the caliphate there. but it hasn't happened. we're at war in everything buy name in iraq. we have this incremental strategy that the president will not deviate from. i think this is rooted in pulling u.s. troops out at the end of 2011. that was a mistake. the administration will not admit it's a mistake military keeps asking for more resources and they keep getting it bit by bit.
3:53 pm
obama made this pledge no troops no boots on the ground in iraq. is he trying to have it both ways here. the bottom line is i think clamp is right. -- clapper is right. it's not going to get done in this administration. the administration is going to leave a mess for the next president. hillary clinton is promising to keep the same strategy there. trump says he will defeat isis but hasn't given details how he will do that. >> thing that's scary not going to take longer than it thought. even after you do it, these problems are not going to go away. the problems that gave rise to isis. the fact that the iraqi government isn't capable of holding territory or bringing the sunnis into the fold and working with them and you have got all these young men who are disaffected and unemployed and there is lots of weapons. this is going to be a problem for a very, very long time. >> sectarian split in iraq has always been a problem. it is now exponentially more problem as they try to get a force that's going to fight isis. >> i think it's going to be
3:54 pm
a hard sell to the american public to redeploy, you know, what, 50,000 american troops back into iraq. that's probably what we would need. we had candidates who basically were running on that. and there was not appear tied on this. what is happening there is hideous and monstrous. you have got to pay for it. you have got to have the public willing to go back in with so much of the cash knowledge and loss -- carnage and loss with so little to show for it. >> or either the two major candidates going to make the case to the american people. >> no. donald trump says is he going to get rid of isis but ♪ going to get involved in foreign wars and nation building. he is having it both ways. >> the longer we wait hillary clinton's third term on obama ma'am. unless the u.s. takes the lead here in destroying in outfit, they are going it
3:55 pm
keep spreading the message. >> but, if there is another isis attack, a major one here in the u.s., it changes u.s. sentiment, perhaps. >> perhaps. you know, we saw that intearn there was san bernardino. in the end congress won't even vote on it they are not even willing to vote. >> when people are seeing thousands of people walk across our border and pour across the border. people are not going to take this seriously. interested in iraq's borders about not our own. confusing to a lot of people. >> big discussion going forward. stay tuned for breaking views. video from a man who thought he was in the right place at almost the right time. this is brad. his day of coaching begins with knee pain, when... hey brad, wanna trade the all day
3:56 pm
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finally tonight, it was a stakeout fakeout. one man in scotland thought he had found the perfect place to watch a building be demolished. he had just the right angle. but it ended up being kind of disappointing. [ laughter ] >> school bus you don't get to see that every day. glad i got that bus. >> oh, poor guy. wrong timing. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid.
4:00 pm
no online show tonight. we will be back next week. greta goes "on the record" right now. ♪ ♪ tonight, all your news right here and donald trump is sitting down with us at trump tower. that interview starts in seconds. also, who is on trump's vp short list? trump gives you the inside scoop and he does drop a few clues and dr. ben carson, is he here. is he going it tell you all about his call with speaker paul ryan. plus, desperate search for this 9-year-old girl who vanished and the suspect made some really weird purchases. and then, a fox weather alert. violent weather could be headed toward you. new video of devastating tornadoes. vicious storm about to blanket much of the nation. right now donald trump today he talked about working with the g.o.p. tomorrow is he a meeting with speaker paul ryan. this election is too important to