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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 11, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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to talk about the 2016 race, tomorrow night, 10:00 easternern. that is all the time we have tonight. set your dvr so you never miss an episode. we take attendance and it hurts our feelings if you're not here. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. thanks for joining us. "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> when i think about hillary clinton, i imagine it to be a very bright woman without the courage of her convictions. because i'm not even sure what they are. >> hillary clinton in trouble. bernie sanders hammered her last night in west virginia trump is rising in the polls. clinton campaign seems unfocused. we will have a special report tonight. [shouting] a massive lunchtime brawl at a los angeles high school. is the nation's public school system on the verge of collapse? we will take a hard look at that. >> what i think thej&ç memo meant to say was, you know, if you are not liberal and you are not a democrat, do not stray from sports.
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>> also ahead, is espn mixing liberal politics with sports? dennis miller has some thoughts. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. trouble for hillary clinton. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. yesterday, bernie sanders pounded mrs. clinton in west virginia, states she easily won in 2008 when she received 67% of the vote against barack obama. the president, back then, got 26%. but, this is now. hillary clinton's campaign is drifting. donald trump rising in the polls. secretary clinton's aids are talking to the fbi about the email case. and she is even being criticized by ardent liberals. >> when i think about
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hillary clinton, you know, i imagine it to be a very bright woman without the courage of her convictions. because i'm not even sure what they are. maybe a real person doesn't exist underneath there. i don't know. >> also, this morning, vice president biden said something that may annoy mrs. clinton. >> i had planned on running. it's an awful thing to say. i think i would have been the best president. but it was the right thing, not just for my family but for me. >> talking points will remind everyone that if secretary clinton is indicted over the email fracas it is likely to be joe biden, not bernie sanders who will get the democratic nod at the convention. party chief domes knows senator sanders is too far out there to win the presidency. so, why is hillary clinton having so much trouble right now? first of all, sanders has rattled her. she never expected that kind of intense challenge from a socialist. second, although the secretary is smart, she is not a natural campaigner.
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while sanders has energized younger vordz, mrs. clinton cannot even seem to win over the far left. >> you have young people in this city who aren't loyal to the clintons because their parents were locked up by the 1994 crime bill. their apparent were attacked on the war on drugs welfare reform. these are the victims of the clinton administration. this is a new generation. >> but the new generation doesn't turn out in large numbers to vote. so, it doesn't really matter, does it? now, in order to beat donald trump mrs. clinton is going to have to come out of the left wing precincts and he appeal to independent voters. therefore, she will have to talk to people like me. and answer responsible questions. trump talks to everybody. he is on msnbc all the time. but hillary clinton is very cautious, granting interviews. at this point she might want to rethink that strategy. if she truly believes that she is the right person to run this country, then
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hillary clinton should talk to all americans, not just ideological soul mates. for now, the clinton campaign is in trouble, no doubt. but a resounding victory in california could change all that. the vote in the golden state on june 7th. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, reaction, with us here in new york city dr. david rothschild father of predict and in washington richard sammon from the kiplinger letter. am i making any mistakes. >> your talking points captured very well any campaign at this level has ups and downs. hillary clinton is not having a good week. however, she does have a lot in her favor, if you look at the electoral map. and she also has tremendous campaign, organizational ability. that said, she has a passion deficit. she needs to rally the base more than -- more than her current has. >> the base, the far left
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base is with sanders. didn't the polling yesterday surprise you, pennsylvania, ohio, florida? trump is right with her. >> yes. >> didn't that surprise you? you say the electoral map. trump wins all three of those states trump looks likely to be president. >> very well. with some the states that you mentioned, they have a democratic foundation. however, they are flippable. and she has to be careful about states exactly like the ones you mentioned, pennsylvania, and virginia, and ohio. this is an elections year that is in flux. and to assume that one state will go the way it has in the past is probably. >> i agree. i think the rules have changed this year. doctor, we had you on a few days ago. predict wise was given, i think it was 3 to 1 odds that hillary clinton. >> 70% for hillary. >> 70%, okay. that's almost 3 to 1. >> yeah. >> 70% that hillary clinton would win. you have changed now with this latest quinnipiac poll.
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>> haven't changed very much. because what i see is that this week wasn't great for her. all in the realm of things we expect to do happen. we thought she was going to lose west virginia. she lost west virginia. >> she got pounded. she didn't just lose. she got creamed. >> she was expect to do not do very well demographic that we expected to come out. as you are saying we expect her to rebound in the later primaries and it looks like she may even put some resources more than she was going to into some of those primaries. quite frankly, it is hers to win. she is going to win it. and she has six months to worry about the enthusiasm gap. >> you say she is going to win it so you are going to put up your bow tie on that? you are going to bet that? >> i would bet my bow tie. >> i am not betting because i have to cover this thing fairly. you are convinced she is a lock. >> i am convinced she is a being lo. i look at that polling and these are things we would expect to happen. as you pointed out, trump wins those states. but trump needs to win all of those states that begin
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pack polling only had him ahead. >> big sample. more than 1,000 voters. >> it's also early. >> but it's speculation, so we are not going to get into electoral vote. but you concede that the clinton campaigns foundering. would that be a fair word? drifting? >> what i would say is that hillary campaign did not have a great week. >> did not have a great week. actually, this is a more inherent problem. what about my contention that hillary clinton has got to expand her message that if she keeps going farther and farther left to compete with sanders, that's just wiping out all the moderate independents that are not going to listen to her when she comes around, mr. sammon. >> yes. and with hillary clinton's message it needs to be a more powerful and dynamic message than it has been. that will probably come in the fall. all things are going to change after the political conventions. the fall debates, for instance, i continue to think they will be very important -- >> -- yeah, i agree. >> and she will show up. >> sure.
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she is smart. everybody knows she is smart. the deficits go after are considerable and visa versa. but, i continue to say that right now mrs. clinton has got to start thinking about, doctor, expanding her base a little bit. she can't just run on a far left platform. last word. >> what we are looking at is a platform that is fairly middle of the road. we are looking at somebody who doesn't need to expand the electorate. the electorate that won for obama is more than enough for her to take this time around. she just needs to hold ground to obama and not use too many other states. >> hold what he put together. >> she has to hold what he put together. she ♪ any further to the left than he is. if obama was able to win in 2012? most liberal president of all tome. >> if that is your contention set most liberal president of all time and hillary is more conservative. >> not my contention. i don't know where she is. >> he won in 2012. that puts hillary in good shape with the general
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population. >> when she comes in to talk to me we will feigned out where she is on the political spectrum. thank you very much. next on the rundown, the justice department investigating hillary clinton's email situation as mentioned. now we learn the secretary has received thousands of dollars in donations from employees at the justice department. whoa. later. should donald trump release his tax returns? he says he is not going to do it. those reports after these messages. hey, need fast heartburn relief? try cool mint zantac. it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster.
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real is touching a ray. amazing is moving like one. real is making new friends. amazing is getting this close. real is an animal rescue. amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them. there is only one place where real and amazing live. seaworld. real. amazing fact factor follow up segment tonight. as mentioned in the talking points memo some of hillary's top aids have been interviewed about the fbi case. we tonight know if mrs. clinton herself will be called. what we do know is that some employees at the justice department, which runs the fbi have helped hillary clinton out at least in campaign donations. data compiled by the center for responsive politics says
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$75,000 has been donate to do hillary clinton's campaign. with us now david bosey, chairman of the bored of citizens united, a watchdog group. is this a big deal. >> it is a big deal. this just another piece of evidence. look, loretta lynch, the attorney general herself is a clinton appointee by bill clinton. she owes her career to bill clinton. $75,000 doesn't sound like a lot of money but it's by key people in the decision-making. >> mogul, assistant deputy attorney general. are a that the that hess principle attorney general for civil criminal. brine boynton. these are big names, big guys and gals. giving thousands of dollars. >> they're decision-makers. that's the most important thing. how county american people have confidence in impartial investigation. >> let me challenge that. it's the fbi that has to make the recommendation whether to prosecute or not. okay? >> yes, sir. >> it's the fbi.
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>> okay. >> they are not tainted any way that we know of. and comey, the director came out today and said he feels pressured to wrap up the investigation. good. good. because we need to know before we go to the polls what happened. but, when you get into the justice department, that's a huge apparatus and there are american citizens. they have a right to donate anybody they want. in fact a couple voted -- i mean a couple, donate to do donald trump like 500 bucks. you are saying they shouldn't have anybody, any political donations? >> look, i think it tings the investigation. the american people are going to look at this and say was this an impartial investigation? was it a thorough investigation? was it fair? hak to be called for the fbi for an investigation. if she is not, there is a problem with that. >> that would be strange. but the american people are going to decide based upon what the outcome is. so she is not indicted and conservatives who don't like her are going to say it's tainted. you know that. look, what we want. what conservatives want is impartial investigation. that's why congress, which should be doing something and is not, we have been
8:15 pm
calling for them to do something. janet reno. >> what about comey? trust him? >> you know, i do. i knew jim comey back many years ago. he is a -- he is the last voice -- he seems like a very squared away individual and i trust him. janet reno as much as she wanted to put on the facade -- >> -- that was a joke. >> she was a joke. seven independent councils on the clintons and their cabinet. >> none of them anything. >> for a reason. >> she appointed them and they didn't do anything. janet reno was the worst attorney general in the united states history. facebook, same thing. you heard about this facebook shuts out conservative postings, all right. in favor of liberal postings. the guy in charge of that tom stocky apparently he and his wife gave $5,400 to hillary clinton. >> right. >> here is tom. and i have been saying this from the jump on yahoo and these other deliverers, you can't find conservative
8:16 pm
opinion on them. oh, you are crazy it's an aggregate. it's this, it's that. bologna. >> this is false advertising. they are saying this is mathematical algorithm. this is bologna. there is some whistle blower saying we stepped on conservative content and propped up liberal content and now this guy who is in charge of content is a clinton donor. >> tom stocky. >> it doesn't look very good. >> he looks like he is 16 years old. put his picture up there again. when i saw this guy i thought they were remaking leave it to beaver and he was going to play wally. these guys, they are in their 20's. they are young people. nobody is looking at them. there is no editor there. they can throw up what they want to throw up. >> they can. it's a private company. do whatever they want. conservatives have to understand that facebook is not treating conservatives fairly. >> i don't think yahoo is and i don't know about google. i don't go there very much. but i think that whole internet is stacked against any kind of traditional conservative thought. last word? >> i just think facebook
8:17 pm
needs to make sure that the american people, they're consumers. liberals, conservatives, independents, understand that they're being treated fairly. and i don't think the evidence proves that right now. they have a long way to go. >> mr. bossy, thank you very much. directly ahead, donald trump says he will not release his tax returns after the presidential vote. lou dobbs has some thoughts. then miller on whether espn is combining sports with left wing politics.
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because he is being audited by the irs. the service says nothing
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prevents mr. trump from releasing his tax returns. with us now fox business network super star lou dobbs. should he release his returns? >> my opinion, absolutely not. why should he turn over his tax returns when he is being audited, a, b, when he is facing a hostile national media that no matter how pristine those returns is going to find something to pick at and blow up into and then use it as some sort of shiny object to distract from the issues. >> what about transparency though? since the returns and this started in the early 1950s, when modern guys running for president would release their returns. do you know the three people who held back returns. do you know who they are? >> three people who held them back. >> romney. >> no. >> yes. romney held back. >> he released them though. eventually under pressure. okay. >> partial is pretty much all of them. ross perot.
8:22 pm
he never gave anybody to anybody. ronald reagan only gave partial and bill clinton only gave very little. right now, i mean, people are trying to assess donald trump and his honesty has been questioned bipartisans. i think it would be a good move for him to release his tax returns. >> i think it's crazy. by the way the partisans? the partisans are everyone you see in the national media almost without exclusion. >> i will give you that. >> the heck with them. why should he mess with them? >> don't you want to know though about -- >> -- i don't. i will make you a bet you haven't read a single report by any president on his income tax. i will make you a bet you haven't. >> i went offer romney's to take a look to see if he had offshore stuff. >> did you like the part about the cayman islands? >> he says he is worth this much money and he has built his campaign on being a successful business person. >> sure. >> let's see how successful he is. is there something wrong
8:23 pm
with that. >> after the first billion i lose interest. these guys -- come on. i mean, the reality. >> let me ask you something. >> sure. >> is there anything that trump has done or said so far in the campaign that you disapproved of? >> there are a number of things that i would. >> give me recommendation i am not going to give them to you. >> why not. >> you would be like the rest of those guys in the national media just focus on it instead of talking about american first foreign policy. talk about border security free and fair trade are you kidding me. >> you know where i stand on all of those issues. i'm asking you as an analyst one thing that trump has said. >> you yourself said it i am a super star host of an important broadcast on the fox business network. >> you are not willing to say one thing. >> it would be so minuscule. >> minuscule? >> minuscule. so impactful that is he proposing. why would you even be interested in such insignificant things? >> so are you one of his vp
8:24 pm
picks? [ laughter ] i mean, really, nothing you will say -- >> he made me promise not to admit that i'm being vetted carefully for the vice president. >> dobbs is an honest guy. i applaud his honesty. you know you are going to get hammered. how you can analyze this. how? nothing that he does, if is he jesus. how you can analyze him? >> how can i analyze him? because i have a superior mind that competes, i think, well at least fairly favorably. >> all right. so, let's just recap according to dobbs, donald trump is jesus. there we go. jesus never put out his tax returns. ever. >> the line i can actually agree with lou dobbs, everybody. the factor moves along this evening, another shocking
8:25 pm
display at american public school, massive brawl in l.a. is the school system nationwide falling apart? and, miller, charges that espn allows left wing sportscasters to sound off but mustles conservatives. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. seems like we've d block. that reminds me... anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea... ...gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against occasional digestive issues. with three types of good bacteria. live the regular life. phillips'. of worry-free nights?m i'm linda, and like millions of women worldwide i trust tena.
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impact segment tonight, are american public schools falling apart? no question be cities have. a massive brawl broke out at a high school on monday. >> today students here are planning to wear white in solidarity to symbolize peace and unit. some of them are trying to come together after that massive melee which broke out on monday involving some 40 students. now, it took about 12 officers to control the fight was caught on cell phone video it broke out at lunchtime. monday more security was on campus. principal james recess disciplinary action was imposed on several students involved in the fight. >> the question tonight, how bad is the american public school system? here now ebonie williams and monica crowley. you say, monica? >> this kind of thing we have seen this happening before in the recent past. it's not happening in every public school but it's happening enough and often enough to be a cause of concern. i think there are a couple of of things going on here.
8:30 pm
you have a more lax society. more importantly the breakdown of the family. a lot of this kind of stuff happens in inner cities and urban kind of areas but it does happen in suburban schools, also. breakdown of the family. parents essentially checking out and moreover, you have got a bigger thing happening in american society which is the collapse of authority at every level. from the presidency, to law enforcement, to teachers, school administrators, if parents aren't enforcing any rules and any discipline in the home, then the kids get into school and if the teachers either won't or can't enforce the rules, and the administrators either can't or won't, you have got a situation like this. >> what do you say, ebony? >> i think it makes me angry, bill. i'm a charlotte of charlotte mechanickenberg public schools. only opportunity to break the poverty cycle in my family. my mother raised me to believe that education was the way out. it's been that way for me. economically there is a bottom line here which students are not graduating and getting employed, that's bad for society and crime rates as a public defender
8:31 pm
in the past i learned that it's happening everywhere to monica's point. this ♪ just los angeles. right now chicago public schools, principal of an elementary school in hospital, knocked unconscious because of this type of violence. it's sad. it's a waist of resources. >> in my opinion as a former teacher, it stems from the principal of the school. the principal of the school is tough and says any violence you are suspended. and second chance you are out. any drugs, same thing. all right. in new york city now they give little cards to take home. if you are a drug dealer, if you are selling narcotics, in the schools they dornlt call the police. they give you a card. this is mandated by the mayor's office. take the card home to the parents. there is no follow-up. this is insane, is there not? >> absolutely. >> you commit a felony in new york city public schools. nothing happens to you unless your parents are
8:32 pm
responsible odds are they aren't. once you have system like that the kids don't fear the principal or the school board you have anarchy. that's what we have in many, many school districts. >> starts with the core nuclear family. a lot of these parents have checked out. they are not around. even if they are they don't care. my mother was a school teacher for a long time. she said, you know, in the past, the kids would come from the homes and they would be essentially good kids. of course you would have a kid or two act out. you would have a recess brawl kind of thing. that was the exception to the rule. now what you are seeing more and more is that kind of acting out behavior is more the rule than the exception. >> you make a gad point about policy was when you were a teacher,. >> i'm not that far in the rear view mirror from elementary, middle and high school. zero tolerance. >> you went to school in the charlotte, public school no
8:33 pm
tolerance. that's evaporateed not in all school districts particularly whether you have a very liberal mayor like in chicago and new york and los angeles. san francisco. these big, and then the unions step in. >> right. >> you need to tell the teachers, hey, if the kid is acting out, don't do anything. >> don't put yourself on the line. >> go to the teacher's room. >> a lot of this is the result of left wing liberal policies all the way through. so you are seeing it with the breakdown of the family. you are also seeing it within the school system itself. the unions get involved. the teachers can't act or they are going to be liable. >> it's worse now. if a teacher intervenes, he can be fired. >> that's what i mean. >> goes oh, it's your fault. you should have deescalated it or whatever. if you don't have a backing of the principal, the teachers have no power. last word? >> last word, monica talk
8:34 pm
about the left. sometimes more progressive policies take a position of let the students have more leniency. i think discipline and containing that is the best way to show love and support. >> because it's a contagion. if the kids see that there is no -- there is no price to pay for antisocial behavior, okay. more kids are going to do it. >> and the inmates end up running the asigh lomb. recommend the book to everybody, lord of the flies, all right? live it, read it ladies, thank you. >> thank you, bill. >> we come right back, it will be miller time. espn in charge of liberal bias there. miller is next.
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this is lloyd. to prove to you that the better choice for him is aleve. he's agreed to give it up. ok, but i have 30 acres to cover by sundown. we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. yeah, i was ok,
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but after lunch my knee started hurting again so... more pills. yep... another pill stop. can i get my aleve back yet? for my pain... i want my aleve. get all day minor arthritis pain relief with an easy open cap. thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the miller time segment tonight, charges that espn the sports network is mixing liberal politics with its presentation. recently, conservative sportscaster curt schilling was fired for talking about political things. shilling then said this about espn. >> they sent out memos about a, listen, we want other sports people and our talent
8:39 pm
to stick to sports and stay away from politics and all the other stuff. the next day smith tells the world that robert griffin can't play for the red sox because is he black not because he sucked. which it was because he sucked. you have levantar comparing the tea party to isis. what i think the memo meant to say was if you are not liberal and you are not a democrat, do not stray from sports. >> joining us now from santa barbara dennis miller who once provided color commentary on monday night football. do so does schilling have a point, miller? >> first up, i want to apologize for my hair today. i accidently touched the fence over at the t rex habitat. you can see things are completely out of control. well, espn devalued the schilling because while they knew he was a great rightee they had no idea he was a great rightee.
8:40 pm
he has got to remember in the world of sports sock puppets are in charge. he has to use his head over there they have a book out years ago called those guys have all the fun about espn. it didn't reflect well. they had a lot of human resource problems. so they are a little reactionary over there about keeping everybody in line because of their track record is a little weird. it's like germany, they are always the first people that let the refugees in untethered because they have such a crap track record, they are trying to level their karma. you have to watch it over there at espn. they have gotten to the point over there where it's gotten silly. they have a great documentary series called 30 for intercity. they did -- for 30. the alcs down 3-o come back and win 4-0. the red sox do. and in game six schilling pitches with a tendon in his foot, it's bleeding. they cut that out of footage now. like espn orth korea it what
8:41 pm
it is turning into over there. >> it you look at their main line guys, most of them are left wingers. there is no doubt about it. >> southpaws. >> when you were doing monday night football, all right, you were with al michaels. was there anybody else in the booth with you? >> yeah. foutsy. >> pure football player never heard him say anything political. michael just calls the game. were you told-eye because you reference all kinds of things. >> no. no. >> you weren't told anything? >> omyire schilling touched the third rail in american politics. he was sending out tweets about the north carolina bathroom. >> transgender thing. >> well, listen, the people have come down hard on him for that. i saw superior court judge down there ruled that he --
8:42 pm
i have the official language here. is he no longer allow to do we we anymore. that's how tough that whole thing is you know, you have got to pick your shots. at some point i admire schilling for speaking his mind. i also knew he would get whacked. >> did you ever do any political humor or anything like that when you were on monday night? >> >> i can't remember. i'm still in therapy, bill. >> okay. all right. now, this was missed by all major news organizations except for the factor. ready? >> what? >> president obama has signed the national by son legacy act into law making the the bison the first national mammal. i thought the first national mammal was free wily. no, it's the the bison,
8:43 pm
miller. >> joe biden sent the bald eagle to his plugs guy and they made a complete mess of it the eagle looks like hell now. it looks like a giant squid attacked its head. they had to come in with a replacement creature and obama went with the bison which by the way isn't that the buffalo? >> i think there is some difference. >> wait, billy, i have got a joke. let me get it out. don't dive on this joke. go ahead. >> all right. go ahead. >> it's gone now. >> i will set you back up. >> it was about him saying bison instead of buffalo. isil instead of isis. always calling it something else so he can look smarter than the rest of us. my thought for the national mammal and i know i have gone outside the box here. but why not, billy? i asked for a picture of it. this should be our national mammal right here. where is the picture? i can't each see it. >> the putin. let me tell you putin in me, marvels nicely.
8:44 pm
you get a great for 8 hours. kgb later in the day and drink it with a nice red wine. of course red wine. what else goes with communism. are they communists? all right. i got all my jokes out. now, go ahead. >> i want people to email miller about the difference between a bison and buffalo. know there is one. >> you can read those emails. we want to do remind you the best gift for father's day on earth is taking dad and granddad to see miller and me live on stage. the show is coming up mohican sun on father's day weekend. reno, nevada, denver, atlanta, biloxi, mississippi. after that details on bill o' martha maccallum on deck. commencement speakers gone wild. then, you know the fiction author james patterson? he and i are collaborating on a project.
8:45 pm
we will tell you about i@kup ahead.
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back of the book segment tonight, according to a group called campus reform, liberals will outnumber conservatives about 4 to 1, giving college commencement addresses this year. and that imbalance has been going on for years. >> people seem ready to believe almost anything. god, for example. shocking how many americans swallow that old story. >> this is america. there is nothing wrong with competitive people wanting to win. just do it with compassion and perspective. not like a republican. en. >> you are the most diverse class in northeastern's history. in other words, you are donald trump's worst
8:49 pm
nightmare. you are about to graduate into a complex and borderless world. >> interesting the secretary of state seems to have no trouble with a, quote, borderless world. here now to explain further fox news anchor martha maccallum. first of all, what's campus reform? what's the group. >> campus reform community and they're a watchdog basically for what goes on on college campuses we have had them on several times. basically watching for politically correct behavior on campuses that they want to call out. they do a pretty good job of it. >> are they a conservative group? campus reform. >> they do lean conservative. they are looking for thought diversity on campus. interesting that john kerry was heralding the student body he was speaking to. didn't want to open himself up to any political thought diversity on campus at all. you love the rapport between these kind of jokes about donald trump at a college commencement ceremony that just, you know, land with the acceptance that everybody is going to laugh in that room.
8:50 pm
>> and they da. >> there are kids on kids on campuses that feel under represented in these situations. if it were four to one the other way around, conservative speakers to liberal speakers, you can get there would be people walking out of those speeches. >> i don't know if that's ever going to change, okay? i think the liberal academic kabul, that's a good kabal. word of the day. is so entrenched you're never going to get it any different. what i object to, if you're nonliberal -- you don't have to be conservativconservative, youo have wise guys yelling. the conservative people don't protest kerry and mahre. rush gets up there and says if you believe income god you're an ed yot. this is the commencement
8:51 pm
speaker? this would be interesting, all of you people should be christians. >> can you imagine? >> yeah, can you imagine? >> it would be all over every cable news network including this one. >> several years ago i went to a graduation ceremony and ben carson was speaking. he was talking about his upbringing and the fact that he became a surgeon and all he accomplished. the next year i went back to the same university, the speaker got up and said, don't worry, i'm not going to do a ben carson on you. >> that was before carson got into politics? >> yes. but apparently it was seen by a conservative rant. >> he's a traditional guy. and so they're looking down their new. there doesn't seem to be any drive by college professors or
8:52 pm
administrators to complaining any of this. do you see any change agents on any college campuses? >> that's why campus reform is a unique organization. it's unbelievable you could go -- it's group think that reinforces itself, and everyone sits there and chuckles, season the that funny? and nobody speaks up to say, are we trying to educate people in a whole way in this university, so we're presenting -- we're sending them out into the world. what an awakening. michael bloomberg spoke about safe spaces in a commencement speech recently. >> and he was booed. >> because he was saying, look, don't be wimps. >> don't be wimps. >> he's telling the administration don't bow to the safe spaces and the kids started booing him. >> i'm looking at jon stewart's book at william and mary. ellen degeneres at tulane in 2009. she's not overly political, ellen.
8:53 pm
conine owe brian dartmouth, fallin. he's not political. they're getting the biggest names they can get. have you ever been invited to speak at a college graduation? >> no, i have not. i think it would be a good idea. >> i spoke to my college, but it was all about here's how you do it. i got one other invitation but i forget where it was. college of the ozarks. they're not flooding in. >> you want to give students an inspiring message that gives them something as -- you know, framework for how they should look at life. >> i hold up my paycheck. there you go. >> that's inspirational. >> don't vote for bernie if you want to keep it. back for tip of the day, james patterson and i teaming up on a
8:54 pm
worthy project. the tip moments away.
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time for tip of the day, i'm teaming up with james patterson to teach kids an essential lesson. first, i'm signing my butt off in honor of father's day. if you would like to give dad or granddad an autographed killing book or two or three. please get them into billo' as soon as possible. you get any book free of charge if you buy a premium membership. the tv series starts on fnc june fifth. now to the mail. o'reilly you were tough but fair with trump last night.
8:57 pm
i wish the democratic candidates would come on the factor. >> greg inez, you asked about trump's situation with women, right after trying to make news, asking him about row versus wade. you're becoming another liberal mainstream media type. >> sure i am, greg. >> lori porter, cambridge, ohio. i believe mr. trump should ask condoleezza rice to run as his vp. i don't think she has an interest in running for anything. i think you overlooked the infiltration of partisan separatives. the recent kerfuffle in the white house over the iran treaty -- we are on it. bill, i am in the delivery business. i'm amazed how in touch you and your staff are with events that
8:58 pm
affect ordinary people. >> that's because we're regular folks here about i may be famous, but my breast friends are working people i know for years. no swells on the factor. no swell zone. >> bob giamorae. will george c. scott be playing patton again in your movie killing patton? since the actor is deceased that may be a tough job. will president obama going to hiroshima help or hurt sales of your book killing the rising sun? it depends what he does there. what we found out about the a-bomb will open your eyes. i am celebrating 1,000 days as a billo' premium member. jack conan, temecula, california. thank you for allowing your books to be available to the braille institute.
8:59 pm
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o' word of the day, do not be a curmudgeon when writing to the factor. tomorrow miller -- walters with millennials and trump. the spin stops here. we're looking out for you. less than 12 hours away from a critical capitol hill meeting. donald trump. the big story dominating headlines today, a potentially game changing meeting in washington, d.c., tomorrow. the leader of the republicans in the house speaker paul ryan will sit down with the man about to assume the mantle of the party, donald trump. the face to face comes days after speaker ryan was not ready to endorse mr. trump at this point. tomorrow, the two sides will attempt to hash out the differences. hours ago, speaker ryan told a room smacked