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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  May 12, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> good morning. you are watching "fox and friend first on this thursday morning. i am heather nauert. >> your wildest dreams will wake you up. i am heather childers. thank you so much for waking up with us. donald trump remains the gop leaders to try to unify the republican party. >> mitt romney slams taxes. >> we are inside the rnc headquarters with more. good morning. >> hi, garrett. >> heather and heather, good morning. today's meetings are about unity heading to the general election. they have larger implications for the republican party going forward for the foreseeable future. donald trump will kickoff the day 'n about four hours were now where he will meet with chairman reince priebus and house speaker paul ryan.
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he will go on to meet the senate side with senate majority leader with his leadership team as well. the goal is unity heading into the general election. donald trump said that is not a necessity for him to win the white house although he would like to see that happen. >> i think unity. i don't know paul well. i think that's part of the meeting. i represent a large group of people with strong ideas and foundations. we want to sea a little bit about that. hopefully it will work out. while paul ryan hasn't endorsed trump yet, he hopes to do. they want to get to know each
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other better with the end road being unity. if we can't unify we go into the fall. >> mitt romney is again going after the billionaire businessman for not releasing his tax returns, posting on facebook in part it is disqualifying for a modern day presidential nominee to refuse to give tax return to the voters especially one not in military and public service. there is noble one reason not to release it there is a bombshell in this. for this part trump has said he can't release them while the irs is carrying out its audit. hillary clinton taking aim
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on trump as well mocking him for not releasing his taxes saying that it should be expected. when you run for president and you are the presidential nominee it is expected. you have to ask yourself why doesn't he want to release them? we are going to find out. >> bernie sander's recent win in west virginia against clinton giving the socialist a new found confidence. calling for democrats radio unite behind the claim calling it disaster by rolling the dice on a clinton candidacy. >> ted cruz will soon be back up for election but this time for the u.s. senate. he is announcing he has filed paperwork to rupp for his senate seat in 2018. the move doesn't completely rule out another white house run 'n for cruz in 2020. the news comes two-days after the senator returned to capitol hill to get back to work. he's in the middle of his
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senate term. >> the fbi is tracking a staggering 800 isis related cases right here on american soil. let's get right to patricia stark who is live for us. >> good morning heather and heather. let me put how scary this report is in perspective for you. if you are living in the city with the population of over 100,000 people statistically there's a chance you have driven by or walked near an isis supporter or fighter inside america's borders. fbi director james comey releasing this chilling statement the ability to motivate troubled souls inspire them remains a persistence presence in the united states. comey says we have north of 1,000 cases where we are trying to evaluate where somebody is on the spectrum from consuming to acting. that number continues to pick up slowly. out of these cases roughly 80%
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of them are related to the islamic state. he insists the terror group has lost power. yesterday isis claiming responsibility for the deadliest attack this year. three separate car oh bombings across baghdad. more than 90 people killed in all and leaving 200 others injured. recently thousands of everyday new yorkers were on a kill list related to isis along with the hair raising statement quote, we want them dead. heather. >> all right. patricia stark thank you very much. breaking developments to tell you about in the west. they say a pefertilizer plant tt exploded a while back that killed 15, the fire at the plant was set on purpose. >> that leveled neighborhoods and hurt more than 160 people. the fourth even causing an
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earthquake there is a 52,000 dollar reward to figure out who caused the fire. >> a cop could be facing death penalty for shooting and killing a black man. they just indicted michael sleigher on civil rights charges of the death of walter scott. this shows him pulling scott over during a traffic stop and scott running off. >> there is no release for the tornadoes. it tore a path of destruction sfr tennessee to illinois. watch that right there in oklahoma. >> my mamma's memories.
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>> she made it out alive. her neighbor didn't. we are so glad we have her. >> severe thunderstorms now in the forecast today for the ohio river valley and parts of the southeast. >> brand new details about what happened the night of the benghazi attacks. they are now saying more could have been done to stop the deadly 2012 attack canwhich kil 12 americans. they are speaking out for the first time. >> they told me we are waiting on the call. waiting on the call. we could have been there and that's the worst part. >> many opportunities were missed in stopping at least the second mortgager attack. this is despite claims by hillary clinton saying nothing else could have been done.
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>> he gave his life trying to save other americans. now u.s. navy seal charles eight keating the 4th has been promoted to the rank of chief petty officer. he was part of a reaction force during a surprise attack. his remains now arrived in california where he will be laid to rest tomorrow. >> making her country proud after winneri winning her 4th g medal. they decided to give the metal to the medical team that saved her life. she fell deathly ill. she was in the hospital for weeks. she wanded it to prince harry asking him to hand it on to cambridge hospital. >> george zimmerman, remember him? he's now putting the price tag on the pistol that he used to
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shoot and kill trayvon martin. >> fly with ease. the survey revealing which two airlines are america's favorite. >> sources say el chapo will be extradited from mexico to brooklyn next month. raises the question if we are bringing el chapo here, who are we trying to keep out with that giant wall? if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis,
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don't start humira if you have an infection. ready for a new chapter? talk to your rheumatologist. this is humira at work. >> good morning to you. it is 13 minutes after the hour.
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in a few hours the gun used to kill the florida teenager trayvon martin, remember that story? that gun will now go up for auction. >> the exonerated shooter zimmerman will tell us why. we are joined in tampa with more. >> good morning. he says he wants to move on that is why he is putting up the gun for sale. it goes on the aushction block 10:00 this morning. more than 10,000 people have viewed this on the web site. george zimmerman says he wants to move forward. it is a 9 millimeter semiautomatic pistol that retails for $350. starting bid is $5,000. zimmerman calls this gun an icon. he fired one shot killing try
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v trayvon martin. it was returned by the department of justice. he doesn't feel comfortable stimly blo -- simply locking it. he plans to use the money to campaign against hillary clinton state attorney angela curie and the black lyes matter movement. fox news spoke with george zimmerman about this move. listen in. >> what i have decided to do is not occur. i am a free american. i can do what i like with my possessions. not putting it up for auction isn't going to insulate me from this radicals. they are not going to be bidding on it so i could care less about them. >> zimmerman has had inquiries from the smithsonian museum wanting that pistol as well. the starting bid is $5,000 as it
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closes tomorrow morning at 11:00. back to you guys. >> jennifer lawrence and amy shoomer are the bug name stars to cry sexism in hollywood. now the federal government is listening. two federal investigations now being launched following allegations of discrimination against female directors in hollywood. if those allegations are proven to be true multiple studios could face charges. the of course bi is on this case. isis releasing a disturbing app using images of weapons. the sinister illustrations associate letters with chilling images like this. a for ax, b for bullet, c for
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cannon. it is the latest ploy to try to get young children to join. >> that is horrific, really horrific. >> if you are planning a summer vacation with your kids it might be a good time to book your flight now. america's favorite airlines have been revealed. is there such a thing? lauren simonetti from our sister network fox business is here with the list. >> a survey said traveler satisfaction has hit a ten- year high. it ranks as lal kau airlilaska airlines jetblue as the favorite. alaska on top jetblue the favorite. better on time performance, lower fairs and passenger's tolerance with baggage fees. check your drawers and closets. your old apple products can get a price tag. a special edition youtube ipod
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sold for 90,000 dollars. first generation ipod classic got 20 grand. be sure to make sure the gadgets are in their original sealed boxes. instagram has an app icon transporting the old polaroid icon into this modern one. it took instagram's team 9 months to develop. >> a reese sis peanut buttercup filled with reese cease piece cease. they have not confirmed it yet but they are kaunting us with delicious shoe photos. talk about major project cup fusion. >> log on to 17 minutes after the top of the hour. digging up dirt on the presumptive nominee. reporters looking into donald trump's past.
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>> this is horrible. this is all that is left of an american flag after someone stole it from a massachusetts town. someone desecrated the flag by cutting it down. the flag had been flying in the city for years and even lit up at night for everyone to see it. it is valued at $400. the thief faces felony charges and five years in jail. >> a virginia veteran is now in the clear. mickey triplet a disabled marine veteran was charged with destruction of property after he painted this picnic table. >> i didn' graffiti on there or anything lake that.
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>> the charges carried a $25 fine and one year in jail. triplet was even kicked out of his apartment after he had just resigned his lease. he had no one to help him move and he lost valuables during that process. with little money and family's help triplet and public defender fought back and they won. the charges were dropped against him and he was awarded $6,500 for pain and suffering that was caused by that avicks. >> tsz time to brew on this. the woman refused to wear high heels to work was sent home without pay. she is a secretary in london. she wants to make it illegal for companies to force women to wear high heels. she started, let's keep going with this one. it has 80,000 signatures. if it wasn't help work performance there's no way to wear these. >> a nayed wan waitress was
2:24 am
forced to wear heels despite her heels becoming bloody. said it is all part of an unfair dress code. we want to know what you think is this fine or over the line? is send us your comments on facebook, twitter or e-mail at "fox friend fist or we will share them later in the show. >> do you ever wish your morning commute were easy as the jettisons? of course. >> oh, boy. the boss sure sounded mad. >> that would be fun. the future you have been dreaming of might just become a reality. >> brett larson is going to join us. >> hi there, brett. >> hi there. >> it is on sirius xm radio. i love this. >> tell us all about this. >> this is super cool. it was quite a show. a test version of the hyper loop. a near supersonic transportation
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system was pulled off in the loss advantalas vegas dessert. it was dreamed up by visionary elan musk. it is a way to whisk passengers 800 miles an hour between locations. he made the plans public and the world went into full gear to get it done. passengers will ride in pods that move through sealed tubes. the tubes have the lower air pressure and it allows them to zoom around at 750 miles per hour. it will be propelled by magnetic lev tation which also helps it hits those high speeds. that's the first planned route san francisco to la will take 30 minutes which is half of the time it takes to fly. they hope to have a full scale model by the end of the year and have the system moving in the next five years. from there we may start to see super loop stops coming to a town near you and more important getting you further away in no time at all. this is so cool. i want to ride it right now.
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you know it's going to be one of those where you are like, oh! >> no excuse for being late to work. >> good morning. great to see you. you can hear brett larson and o the whole cast on sirius xm 115. >> if you haven't had a chance to check it out you certainly should. >> it is now 26 minutes after the hour taking aim at the republicans. >> there's not a dime's worth of difference between donald trump says and what the house republicans have been saying all along. >> why nancy pelosi says the republican party is no different than the man representing their party. >> stay with us. claer clear we're out of ink. ink.
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>> good morning. donald trump and paul ryan in a highly anticipated meeting. >> see how it goes. i think it will go well. we have the same ideas. >> will that pair be able to bring the republican party together. >> fox news alert. isis we will have a disturbing report to tell you about that tells us how many isis cases are under investigation here. >> could there be relief in sight for the summer travelers. new reaction is taken to speed up security at the airport. "fox & friends first" continues right now.
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>> no place we would rather be than right here with you. beautiful shot of new york city as we wake up here. >> it is so beautiful. >> nice to have you with us. welcome to "fox & friends first". >> i am heather childers. >> i am heather nauert. we are starting with this, it is a meeting of minds to take place on capitol hill today. in a few hours presumptive gop nominee donald trump will sit down with republican leaders to try to form crucial alliances and try to unifoy the party. we are in washington, d.c. where the meeting is set to take place. he has the details. he said all along party unit is not a necessity to win the party. it will play a big role in
2:32 am
determining the extent that can happen. there are three meetings the first is at the headquarters at 9:00 a.m. where he will meet with rance priebus as well as house speaker paul ryan. trump said last night talking to greta gives us a little preview of how he expects that meeting to go. >> i think just unity. see how it goes. i think that will go well. paul is a good person. i don't know him well. that's part of the reeting. we have a same ideas i represent a large group of people with strong ideas and foundations. we want to see a little bit more like that. hopefully it will work out. today's meeting will be will be about getting to know each other better. >> i don't know him. i met in once in person in 2012.
2:33 am
we had a good conversation in march on the phone. we need to get to know each other. we are enjoying the fact that we have a chance to meet with him. >> following the meeting between priebus and paul ryan you heard him mention meeting with the house leadership team as well. not everyone is looking toward the unity. mitt romney who is no fan of trump is going after the million tear businessman for not releasing his tax returns. >> there suspect only one logical explanation for mr. trump's reif you say tool release the returns. there is a bombshell in them. for his part he said he cannot
2:34 am
release them because he's going through an audit. after that audit is done he would be happy to do so. >> picking up dirt on donald trump the "washington post" is assigning an army of 20 reporters to dig into what it considers every facet of donald trump's life. this is under the orders of the owner of that paper jeff fazo who founded amazon. he's a democratic party donor. in the paper they plan to publish a book. bob woodward says he urged the post to run as many stories on trump and the other candidates so the voters can't say they didn't know who they were voting for. >> this morning house minority leader nancy pelosi is slamming the gop saying the practices and rhetoric are no different than
2:35 am
the man representing the party. >> there's not a dime's worth of difference between what donald trump says and the house republicans are saying all along. they created a panel to attack women's health and it is blatant intimidation. they are taking names. they bring their vitriol into the form of legislation and to the floor to build walls to block immigrants and muslims coming into our country. since when it tis the rhetoric appalling to the republican establishment. >> tune into may 17th the megyn kelly one-on-one interview with donald trump. >> a stunning rise in home grown terror right here. the fbi is tracking hundreds of isis related cases on american
2:36 am
soil. >> if you are living in a city with a population of over 100,000 people statistically there's a chance you have driven by a fighter on america's borders. james comey releasing this statement the ability to trouble souls is -- motivate troubled souls to inspire them remains a persistent presence in the united states. they are from consuming to acting. that number continues to pick up slowly. out of these cases will 0 percent are from the islamic state. isis claiming responsibility for
2:37 am
three separate car bombings across bag tad dad. thousands of every day new yorkers were on a kill list related to isis along with the hair raising statement quote we want them dead. heather. >> scary stuff. patricia stark, thank you very much. two illegal aliens who beat a man to death will send decades behind bars. they were sentenced to 37 years in jail for tying up 90-year-old earl olander and ram sacking his house. they preyed on olander because they knew he lived alone and knew he would be an easy target. the victim's bible led him to the killers because he was found in a an apartment>> ethan couch is now headed to prison.
2:38 am
a two-year jail sentence for the so-called affluenza teen. they giave him time to refute that sentence. he only received 10 years probation after killing 4 people in a 2013 drunk driving crash. he violated that probation by fleeing to mexico with his mom now sentenced two years in jail. >> the weather now no release for the plains. a deadly storm in the east leveling everything in the past. tornado outbreaks torn a path of devastation from texas to illinois. more than 20 have been reported in the last 48-hours alone. two people were killed by what we now know was an ef 4 touching down in oklahoma. >> a bald eagle video is going
2:39 am
viral. (bleep) >> the eagle swiping the trout right out of that fisherman's rod. >> this was at map tell lake in ontario. the eagle is infamous around town for that dive bombing in for an easy lunch every now and then. >> when you buy something you love so much you can't let it go. >> this panda cub feels the same about this ball. >> the 3-year-old cub at the san diego zoo was seen clutching the ball refusing to let it go despite falling over. >> you have to pry it out of their hands. >> the time is 39 minutes after the hour. security inquiry. what on earth is that? clinton's claim of what she is going through with the whole e-mail server thing has been entirely rejected. james comey questioning hillary
2:40 am
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>> welcome back. hillary clinton is under investigation. james comey baffled clinton's insistence on calling it a security inquiry. comey says we are investigating because that's the bureau's business. that's what we do. i am not familiar with the term security inquiries. the feds are looking into criminal wrong doing with an unsecure server to do state department business. >> now it is time for look who is talking and james riley says
2:44 am
hillary clinton's e-mail investigation is the light at the end of the tenl for bernie sanders. >> this is one of the reasons bernie sanders is still in the race. so long as clinton has this hanging over, he wants to make sure the democratic voters have an alternative. i think the fbi is getting very frustrated. i think they are under some political pressure here to wrap things up quickly and to leave her alone. the same group that investigated david petraeus is investigating hillary clinton. a lot of them think clinton did things that are probably a lot more serious than petraeus ever did. they are lacking at the punishment he faces. i think they are frustrated. >> chelsea's husband is now closing his greek hedge funds after losing 97 percent of his client's money. she raised 25 million from investors pitching it as a bet on an economic recovery in
2:45 am
greece that certainly has not panned out. >> possibly good news. could airlines be getting rid of checked baggage fees? cheryl casone is here with the answer. cheryl. >> really? >> we hope. good morning, guys. congress finally hearing the cries of airlines travel critics and media people. the agency requested a funding of $34 million so it could hire more screeners and hired over time. they called on congress to act on that request. they plan to hire 768 new officers and pay over time. these can be blamed on airlines checked bag fees as fliers push the limit of what they bring on board to avoid the b. people are doing it. you have seen it. two senators are calling on 12
2:46 am
major airlines to drop those fees. they think they are having huge impacts on the long tsa lines. they might have a point. tsa estimates checkpoints receive 27 percent more roller bags and kitchen sinks. >> anything you can fit up there. >> this lady packs the kitchen sink. >> the time now is about 15 minutes until the top of the hour. on the auction block george zimmerman putting a price tag on the pistol he used to kill trayvon martin. when the bidding will begin. >> beer drinkers, how it can benefit your health. here is steve doocy, he's a light packer. >> i am a light packer. >> carry on luggage for airlines. >> okay. thought you were talking about me regarding my beer consumption. this bud is for you. coming up on "fox & friends" in
2:47 am
14 minutes what can we expect for the big meeting with paul ryan and trump. paul duffy and frank luntz are going to weigh in on that. plus bob massi will join us to talk real he is saturday. he's the property guy. the fda is making major changes. we have a busy three hours kicks off in 15 minutes on the station you trust for news. meet the new john deere gator xuv590i,
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those who took the medication rated the scenarios as less severe than those who didn't. well, a beer a day keeps a heart attack at bay. i love this story. a new study finds chemicals reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke by 25%. beer contains high levels of antioxidants and minerals which mop up harmful chemicals to cause heart attacks. researchers say drinking two cans of beer a day can protect the heart without increasing the odds of dementia or cancer. heather? thank you. well, compare it to "the game of thrones" and now "outlander" is back. where is your kilt? >> i left it at home. some like it and "outlander" is back. they are rewriting history in the scottish time traveling drama. what is in store for season two?
2:52 am
i've got it all. check it out. love, hate and heartbreak. "outlander" is back and nothing like we have seen before. so what is in store for season two? >> this season they're trying to change the course of history, which is very different. we go to paris and it is visually a different story. the color palate is so different, it's much more rich than last season. >> i think for all of us, we are aware that there are a lot of people who these books have very dear to and the stories are very dear to. it gives you a sense of responsibility. >> this season is definitely a lot more about time than time travel and the consequences of your action. >> i'm back. >> and i'm so grateful. >> are you? >> of course. with all my heart. >> season one was about individuals and them getting to know each other and the
2:53 am
honeymoon period of the young lovers. and season two is more grown-up. the vast history, there's a lot to contend with. >> we can get close to the key players. discover where they get mare money and their arms and find a way to disrupt their plans. since when were you not up for a challenge? >> so good. the biggest season premier in the history of starz. catch "outlander" on starz and check out all my celebrity interviews, go t to @foxlightmichael. thank you. eight minutes until the top of the hour, high heels or head home? a woman who refused to wear heels at work, she was sent home without pay, michael. yeah, your e-mails are coming in on this one. and we're celebrating a major milestone for america's
2:54 am
oldest veteran.
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2:57 am
two minutes until the top of the hour. here's what is happening today. presumptive republican nominee donald trump heads to the house today. he'll be meeting with paul ryan and reince priebus. what does trump need to do to
2:58 am
bring together unification in the republican party? we'll talk more about that, go to #keeptalking. and fbi director james coomey says homegrown terror is rising and we need to stay on top of it. and what does trump need to do to offer the republican establishment the ability to unify the party? log on to "fox and friends" first and use #keeptalking. >> we really want you to do it. >> oh, goodness. i wasn't listening, forgive me. it is time for the good, the bad and the ugly. >> the nation's oldest veteran now turns 110 years old. richard overton celebrating the big day with his family in
2:59 am
austin, texas. he served as a sergeant in world war ii. happy birthday to him and thanks for his service. next, the bad, love this story. who in sarasota, florida, has weed? they tweeted, if you would like to stop by our headquarters, ou more than happy to talk to you. #saynotodrugs. and this is the ugly, this drone that was taking a picture of her went right into her eye with the wind and left this mark on her eye. ouch. a woman was sent home from work for refusing to wear heels. she's a secretary in london and sent home for her footwear choice. now she's fighting back with a petition to make it illegal for companies to force women to wear heels. your comments have been coming
3:00 am
in. >> susan says, if your feet hurt, you will not be focused on the job at hand. >> and connie says if it's in the employee handbook, she needs to wear them or find another job. that's it for us. great to see you all. stay tuned for "fox & friends." good thursday morning. you have made it to the tail end of the week. i'm ainsley earhardt. the stage is set for a critical meeting today between donald trump and the gop leaders including paul ryan. so what can we expect? we are live in washington, d.c. to let you know. and we know that mitt romney is not a fan of donald trump. >> donald trump is a phony, a fraud. his promises are as flawed as a degree from trump university. >> and now he'll talk about donald trump's


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