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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  May 12, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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in. >> susan says, if your feet hurt, you will not be focused on the job at hand. >> and connie says if it's in the employee handbook, she needs to wear them or find another job. that's it for us. great to see you all. stay tuned for "fox & friends." good thursday morning. you have made it to the tail end of the week. i'm ainsley earhardt. the stage is set for a critical meeting today between donald trump and the gop leaders including paul ryan. so what can we expect? we are live in washington, d.c. to let you know. and we know that mitt romney is not a fan of donald trump. >> donald trump is a phony, a fraud. his promises are as flawed as a degree from trump university. >> and now he'll talk about donald trump's taxes.
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i forgot how crisp that was. "captain america" is involved in another civil war this morning with the united states military. even after a year, it's not a marvel story, it's a real story. this is a real show, i'm real. that hurts a little. in fact, that hurts a lot. mornings are better with friends. "the captain america" story is crazy, it's not a real person. he's got ame comic strip bank account. >> when was the last time you saw somebody with a shield? big day today, it's thursday. we are talking about the big meeting in washington. we are just hours away from the meeting of the conservative minds live on capitol hill. >> is this thursday already? today donald trump will sit down with the republican leaders, but first at 9:00 a.m. it will be paul ryan. >> and joining us live outside
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rnc headquarter where is they will have the big summit is garre garrett tenney. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. today's meeting will play a big role in determining the extent to which this can happen. today donald trump will meet with house speaker paul ryan and then reince priebus. at 11:45 he'll meet with the gop leadership on the senate side. and last night he sat down with greta van susteren and told us how he expects the first meeting to go. >> i think just unity, we'll see how it goes. i think it will go well. i don't know paul well but it's part of the meeting. we want to see if we have the
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same ideas because i represent a large group of people with foundations and we want to see a little bit about that. and hopefully it will work out. >> paul ryan has not endorsed the gop front runner and he hasn't said what he needs to hear from trump in order for that to happen. and instead, he's playing this meeting today as more of a get-to-know each other ordeal. >> the republican primary ended a week ago. to pretend we are unified without unifying, then we go into the fall pasturing. >> reporter: trump's camp says they do not expect an endorsement to come today after a single meeting. >> garrett tenney, thank you. "the washington post" talking about how rank-in-file members are going up to paul ryan saying, you have to support
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trump. he's going to be the nominee. let's all get on the same page. keep in mind, it is the president who sets the agenda. >> right. a lot of people are saying maybe paul ryan is slowly walking into the deep end. you know? just not diving in. he's doing this to slowly pull the party together because there are a lot of people that he represents that don't like donald trump, that are the establishment. and they've got to slowly get on board and not going to automatically do it. >> "the new york times" did the same story with the pressure for paul ryan to get aboard. i think -- they also speculate, he wants to be in line for 2020, then he could damage himself. that's sip cacynical. speaker ryan can say, i don't dislike him, i want to hear him out and just wait. i think it shows sincerity. i think everyone is used to seeing politicians have a secret plan or underlying motivation
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and i don't think it is. i think things are as they are appearing. i think there's sincerity and it will be a gradual situation. maybe by the middle of june you'll see a press conference where i really feel good about endorsing him unless donald trump says some stuff -- >> don't expect an abracadabra moment here. we may not be getting along still after this. >> i just don't get this, though. i get it if you have run against donald trump. and it was a tough campaign in the primaries. i get that if you are hesitant to eventually endorse the nominee. but this speaker of the house, this is the de facto leader of the republican party. herman cain says those republicans not supporting trump right now got to get over it. get over it with their egos. watch. >> they are more interested in their egos than this whole ideology. it's not about ideology. it's about egos. i believe that unity will happen
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when some of these congressmen and senators realize that donald trump at the top of the ticket can be an asset instead of a liability. i don't buy all of this push-back based upon ideology. no, that's not it at all. they are pushing back because they are afraid and rightly so that they cannot control donald trump. and they are used to controlling the nominee. >> yeah, my hunch is we will be wearing different outfits but sitting on the same couch tomorrow to talk about how well it went. i think that will be the story. >> i think a lot of people are hoping you're right. have you ever been in the situation, you worked with somebody and then your boss came to change everything and put you with somebody else who is an outsider? >> no, we have never had. >> yeah. i've been here for a long time. i've been here ten years, but this happened to me at my first station. and i was hesitant to work with one person. he ended up being one of my best friends and we worked together very well. but i was a little nervous because i was not sure it was
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going to work. so we would like you to e-mail or facebook us or tweet us what you think is going to happen, what do you hope is going to happen? meanwhile, when paul ryan was running for vice president, who was running for president at the top of the ticket in 2012? >> this is our trivia ticket of the day. >> mitt romney? >> thank you very much. today's price is snow tires. so anyway, it's extraordinary that mitt romney would demand information about donald trump's taxes. yesterday he put out this facebook statement. >> this is the statement. he says, it is disqualifying for a modern day presidential nominee to refuse to return tax returns to the voters. there's only one logical explanation for mr. trump's refusal to release his returns, there is a bombshell in them. given mr. trump's history and flaws, we can assume it's a bombshell of unusual size. you were talking about, why
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aren't the republicans getting on board? you get the fact they ran against each other, but i don't get this. like why is -- >> he's the first guy who should line up behind the nominee. >> he's lining up with hillary clinton saying donald trump should release the tax returns. >> i do not recall mitt romney ever demanding barack obama release any records of any kind during the race. >> good point. >> four years ago. >> and it just doesn't seem that long ago when mitt romney was being pushed by somebody else to release his tax returns. and harry reid was the guy making all the allegations. everyone knows mitt romney doesn't pay taxes, remember that? >> he hasn't paid taxes in ten years. >> yes, let's listen. >> we know there was one year when you paid about a 13.9% tax rate. can we clear this up by asking you a simple yes or no question, was there ever any year when you paid lower than the 13.9%? >> i haven't calculated that. i'm happy to go back and look,
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but my view is i have paid all the taxes required by law. >> you say you would go back and look. you would look for us? >> i haven't looked at the tax rate paid year by year. i know that i pay a substantial amount of taxes. >> you have to figure he knew exactly how much it was. but it was a small amount. and it fed into the democratic narrative. eventually he did release two years worth of taxes. >> you're right. donald trump was on greta last night talking about that. and she asked why he doesn't release anything before the audit. just listen. >> if your audit goes back eight years, would you release -- >> it would be meaningless. number one, when you go back eight years, that gets to be -- >> i'll tell you something, people are suspicious you're not leasing. because in january of 2012 you said to me that mitt romney was making a big mistake by not releasing his. so nationally that's a mute point. >> no lawyer would say release
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it when you're under order. and these are simple orders. >> i'm a lawyer. >> you represented me and i'm under order, it's routine -- >> i would tell you not to release, i agree. >> there's indication today in "the daily beast" that mitt romney is saying there could be something in the taxes to show -- >> a bombshell. >> a bombshell might be that donald trump dealt with the mob. by the way, does the mob have a tax code? >> yeah, mob money. go to the docks and get a loan shark. he has to pay taxes. this is the most surreal thing. that mitt romney is doubling down on the tax issue. but i also say to myself, why is donald trump not doing something. he disclosed his financials which arguably are more controversial on its face than talking about how much he earned in buildings. why not do this and put this to bed. >> and paul ryan and mitt romney both shooting at donald trump today. will there be resolution by
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10:00 a.m.? >> send us an e-mail. we'll go to heather with headlines for us. good morning, everybody. hope you're off to a great thursday morning. we begin right now a controversial question. can a suspect be forcibly medicated so that he could stand trial on charges he attempted to join al qaeda? well, this kacase is on the doct today in north carolina. khalid sheikh says he can be treated for schizophrenia to stand trial. the government is trying to use him as a human guinea pig some say. and an officer charged in the death of freddie gray. officer edward nero is one of six baltimore officers in the arrest and death of freddie gray. the officer faces assault, misconduct and reckless endayment charges. nero and two other officers
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arrested gray after making eye contact with him and chasing the him in west baltimore last year. prosecutors say the officers detained him illegally. nero opted for a up judge trial rather than the jury trial and a verdict could come next week. and up brand new details about what happened the night of the benghazi attacks. an air force member stationed in north italy is now saying that more could have been done to stop those 2012 attacks that killed four americans. the whistleblower who didn't want to be identified speaking out to fox news for the first time. listen. >> they just kept telling me, we are wait on a call, we are waiting on the call. i still sense a fault of not being there when we were needed. we could have been there. and that's the worst part. >> well, that source saying that many opportunities were missed in stopping at least the second mortar attack. this despite repeated claims by then secretary of state hillary
3:13 am
clinton who said nothing else could have been done to save those lives. only in america does the row u.s. army have to concern itself with fake superheroes. what? >> i can do this all day. >> accord stock a popular online theory, the u.s. owns "captain america" $3.2 million. if captain steve rogers, aka captain america were not a fictional character and the circumstances around his disappearance and recovery were actually real, he may actually be entitled to receive back pay. >> but he's not real. >> i think they have better things to do. >> cartoon money maybe. coming up on this thursday, do you remember white house adviser susan rice? now she's got a message for our college graduates. there are too many white people working in government. >> i have always said that. and two frontrunners, to
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if your pill isn't giving you the control you need ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. donald trump says if he's president you'll pay less in taxes. >> your original statement in the debates, you may have to go up a little for me, for me.
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>> no. no, you're going to perhaps actually go down. everybody is going to go down, but who is really going to go down is the middle class who has been destroyed by taxes. >> hillary clinton also claiming her tax plan will help the middle class. so which one actually will have a positive impact on your wallet? let's talk to this guy who is professor brighton freeburg, the chairman at kings college in manhattan. we'll go to the magic wall to see what is going on. hillary's plan, let's talk about it. >> absolutely. the centerpiece of hillary's plan is higher taxes on higher income earners. the big one is the 4% surcharge hitting those with incomes over $5 million. and the buffett rule for those over a million with a 30% minimum tax. so the idea to tax the rich that usually hits the middle class. >> for businesses? >> tax credits for profit sharing and apprenticeships.
3:19 am
taxes on high frequency trading, this is a much smaller piece of the package. the real issue is those with a high income. >> you can understand why that appeals to her base? >> absolutely. you're taxing a smaller base. >> for the rich. okay. here's donald trump's plan. he's a rich guy. >> you have to -- the big thing here, breaking down the tax brackets down to four, notice the 0% tax brackets for incomes up to 50,000 for married couples. that's a big cut. and he eliminates a bunch of high-income taxes. corporate tax rate is reduced to 15%. that's huge. >> let's compare these head-to-head. this is where the rubber meets the road. over ten years his would have almost 12% gdp growth.
3:20 am
her's would be negative 1? >> there are huge differences in the economic effect. if you look at the income growth and wage growth, look at job growth, here's the big thing you also have to notice. what they are going after each other with on the campaign trail. hillary is going to say trump's plan increases the debt by $10 trillion over a decade. >> is it true? >> yeah, it is. this is a huge tax cut. that's why you get so much boost in economic growth but it boosts rev nuchknew. >> his plan increased 5 million jobs, she loses 300,000. >> that's what he's going to sell. that's a huge difference. >> professor, food good to see . >> as always. the new secretary of state found a new way to give students breaks on college tuition. and are pop tarts healthy? according to the fda they are. really? we'll separate fact from fiction.
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time for your news by the numbers. $500 million is how much the clintons have gotten from five persian states. the national security experts say it's a massive conflict of interest and they call it an unprecedented number. next, 20,000, that's how many convicted criminal immigrants were released last year by the department of homeland security. combine these people -- combined these people have been convicted of hundreds of thousands of crimes including murder and sexual assault. and finally, 25.2 million dollars is how much money the university of california's
3:25 am
president janet napolitano set aside to support up documented students. the university's taxpayer funded. >> sorry people that belong here. and under the current fda guidelines, some snacks are deemed healthier than fruits and nuts. >> that seems nutty. one of the biggest factors leading to the food labeling confusion, sugar wasn't on the radar when this information came up in the '90s. you heard him, mark seagle is here to weigh in on this. >> great to see you guys. >> this is a huge issue. so many times you're in the rush, you think you're buying something healthy and it turns out you read the box and it's not. you can't count on the labels anymore. >> absolutely. brian, as you said before you came on, you spoke to the ceo of kind bars. kind bars are loaded with fruit and with nuts. and we in medicine think nuts are really healthy. but in the 1990s, the fda didn't
3:26 am
know that. they didn't know about unsaturated fats. >> they only looked at fat. they said it is high in fat and can't be healthy. the kind bar people tried to get healthy off the label. >> now they are letting them keep it on the label. these things are going to be changing. the fda defines healthy as basically less than 3 grams of fat. but if it's unsaturated fat it could be more. you can see from the list, brian, they don't have sugar on there at all. but we found that sugar turns fat into the body. now, i'm going to give you a quiz but i have given you a cheat sheet. between you, me and brian you have figured out the answers. >> all right, we'll see. >> almonds, healthy or no? >> i'm going to say healthy. >> no. almonds are considered up healthy because there's 14 grams of fat. but again, what kind of fat? unsaturated fat. which is good for your heart. fiber, which is good for your heart. vitamin e -- >> you're saying according to the fda it is not healthy but in
3:27 am
your opinion it is. >> totally healthy. right. >> the fda is mislabeling and miscategorizing. >> we are right, the fda is wrong. they have to change this because nuts are great for you. >> what about pop tarts? i would say unhealthy. what would you say, brian? >> i'm going to say unhealthy. but the fda is saying -- >> look, you're both wrong. because they are saying these are healthy and they are saying these are healthy because they have less than 3 grams of fat. >> but what do you say? >> guess what? they have a gram of saturated fat. so they are bad. >> so they are unhealthy. >> it's a processed food. it's bad for you with sugar in it. frosted flakes, healthy or unhealthy? >> full of sugar. but according to the fda it is healthy. i think it is unhealthy full of sugar. >> exactly. you have caught on. it is unhealthy because of 10 grams of sugar. a kind bar has less than 5 grams of sugar.
3:28 am
>> and lots of protein. >> this is unhealthy but they call it healthy. avocado. i'll give you a hint. one of my favorite foods. healthy or unhealthy? >> i'm going to say healthy. >> because you are very healthy. >> but it is high in fat, isn't it? >> so they are saying it is not healthy with 4.5 grams of fat but it has mono and saturated fats. again, heart healthy. it lowers cholesterol. it's really good for you. >> that's good to know. salmon. i have heard it is healthy for you. i'm going with that. >> the fda says unhealthy because 11 grams of fat per 3 ounces. 11 grams. but again, it's got omega 3 fatty acids, good for your heart. mono and saturated acids good for your heart. >> naturally, this is coming from the green earth.
3:29 am
spaghetti spaghetti-o's. >> i am going to say not healthy. >> i want somebody to come on the food segment and make that fresh. forget about that. >> and he's italian. here's the theme, right now the fda in the 1980s and they have to get up-to-date. >> go for unsaturated fats that are good for you. i'm going to tell you what is coming up straight ahead. the biggest food stamp scam is busted. but wait until you hear how the scammers are stealing your money. and hillary clinton has a new opposition research team to dig up dirt on donald trump. their name? "the washington post.." we'll tell you what they have planned for the donald.
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and happy birthday to emilio estevez. now the mighty ducks are in their 40s.
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but i'm still bringing my best. and going for eliquis. reduced risk of stroke plus less major bleeding. ask your doctor if switching to eliquis is right for you. we are back with a fox news alert. and just breaking overnight, the president of brazil has been impeached. the historic vote early this morning. the country's senate suspending delma rouseff for breaking budget laws. >> right now brazil is in the middle of the worst economic crisis since the '30s. they host the olympics in just 85 days. after the financial disaster, which was the world cup, we'll bring in fox business's own stewart varney. the country has been rob bing
3:34 am
money from people for decades. >> this is a depression they are in. they've got the zika virus wreaking havoc across the country. now there's political turmoil and the olympics in 80-some days. the olympics begin in brazil. that's a terrible backdrop for this sporting event. >> what happened to brazil? it was five, six years ago brazil was a powerhouse. >> it was a powerhouse because they have offshore oil exploded by petroba. this is a story of corruption when your top level government is absolutely corrupt. that's what happens. >> right. so she's impeached. she has 180 days to defend herself. so she steps aside, she has 180 days to defend herself and get some type of defense of what she's been accused of.
3:35 am
>> and the olympics are right in the middle of that. >> bob woodward, the associated editor of "the washington post" says they have employed 20 people to dig up dirt on donald trump. this is at "the washington post"." they are going to do a book on it and have articles of every phase of his life. >> shall we step back a second? "the washington post" is upped by jeff bezos, he owns amazon. he's worth $61 billion. he'll actually number four or five on the forbes list. he made an extra $2 billion this week as amazon's stock was going up. and he's now part of what looks like billionaires for hillary club. per, "the washington post," is digging up the dirt on the opponent, donald trump. meanwhile, he's got some nice -- not nice but made off well from
3:36 am
hillary when announcing he has a 20-member army to go after donald trump. >> how handy he's been judge and jury and figured that out for the fbi. >> it's a tilt. it's a tilt of the washington post and the millionaires towards hillary. >> just like water gate and the coverage there. >> that's what it is. >> trump says it's not right. he's exercising political influence and that's not right. >> bob woodward went on to say that he's having a hard time understanding who bought what and how. >> they are looking for dirt, are they not? they are flat out looking for dirt. they think they can find it. >> 20 reporters working around the clock at "the washington post" trying to dig up dirt on donald trump. i wonder how many -- he didn't
3:37 am
give the number, are looking into hillary's background? >> oh. look at "the washington post" on any given day and you'll see an outpouring of anti-trump editorials. one after the other. they call him stupid, et cetera, that's from the washington post. >> all right. stewart, thank you very much. we'll be watching your show in two hours and 23 minutes from now over on fox business. >> you did the math, well done. >> i'm thinking backwards. thank you. >> we'll see you at 9:00. heather has headlines for us. >> good morning. great to see you all. no child's play here. take a look at this massive fireball. believe it or not, that was actually a children's playground. police say that four kids, some as young as 8 years old, set fire in this park in lakeland, florida. the damage totaling $350,000. those children if caught will face charges of criminal mischief. that is happening in tampa. wow. something really fishy was going on at this fish market.
3:38 am
also in florida. authorities say it was home to to the largest food stamp scheme in history. the feds busted the record operation that stole $13 million worth of your money. no food was actually stolen at the market. customers would just come there to trade food stamps for cash. two dozen people were involved. seven of them are still on the run. and do you remember susan rice? she's the national security adviser who repeatedly lied on television about the benghazi terror attacks saying they were caused by a u.s.-made video? now she's back at it saying there are too many whites in top government jobs. at a commencement speech she told graduates that this puts u.s. security at risk because they all think alike. rice says a diversified workforce would have a better outcome. what do you think about that? and proving that no one is above the law, a florida police chief writes himself a ticket after a photo shared on facebook page shows his suv illegally parked outside city hall. the man posted the photo and
3:39 am
says police have been ticketing residents $40 for parking in their own driveway if they block the sidewalks. so they wanted to give the chief a taste of his own medicine. but when it was brought to the police chief's attention, he paid the fines, no questions asked. those are your headlines. >> you're never above the law. thanks, heather. it's the show being likened to "game of thrones." with a slight twist, here with the behind-the-scenes look at" outlander" is the vice president of marketing, michael tamera. >> i'm not sure where the segment is going with that piece. but "outlander" is back and they are rewriting history. what is the story for season two? the cast told me it all, check it out. love, hate and heartbreak. "outlander" is back and nothing like we have ever seen before. so what is in store for season
3:40 am
two? >> this season they're trying to change the course of history, which is very different. we go to paris, it's a visually different show. the color palate is much more rich than last season. >> i think for all of us we are aware that there are a lot of people who these books are very dear to and these characters and these stories are very dear to. it gives you a bit of a sense of responsibility. >> this season is definitely a lot more about time than time travel and the consequences of your action. >> i'm back. >> and i'm so grateful. >> are you? >> of course. with all my heart. >> season one is about individuals and about them getting to know each other and it's the honeymoon period and as young lovers, season two feels more grown up. the vast history, there's a lot to contend with. >> you can get close to the key
3:41 am
players. discover where they get the money and the arms and find a way to disrupt their plans. since when are you not up for a channel? >> this is the highest season premier in the history of stars. it is huge and incredibly intense. >> the and ainsley's mom -- >> my mom says he's so good looking. i'm like, should my mom be telling me that? >> thank you very much, michael. coming up on this thursday, a fox news alert. george zimmerman, remember him? he's putting himself back in the headlines sparking controversy by selling the gun that killed trayvon martin to the highest bidder. the auction and a live report from tampa straight ahead. and you've heard of sanctuary cities protecting illegal immigrants from capture, but now there's about to be a sanctuary state. where that is happening, next. >> hope it's not new york.
3:42 am
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helps clean better than the leading flat-textured bargain brand. it's 4 times stronger, and you can use up to 4 times less it cleans better. (to different boy) you should try it, "skidz." we all go. why not enjoy the go with charmin? we've got a fox news alert for you. in just a couple hours, the gun used to kill florida teenager trayvon martin will be auctioned off. >> this is unbelievable. the opener exonerated shooter i guess you can call him, george zimmerman is speaking about why. >> we have a reporter joining us from tampa with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you. zimmerman says he doesn't feel comfortable just locking up the gun away. instead, he says he wants to sell it so it goes up for auction in about four hours. at 11:00 this morning. and i have to tell you, there's so much interest, a lot of people want to see it, see how much it goes for.
3:46 am
at about three to four hours, 30,000 people have viewed this on the website. it's incredible how many people are interested in the story. the pistol retails for about $350. the starting bid is $5,000. zimmerman calls the gun an american icon. february 26, 2012, zimmerman fired one shot killing trayvon martin. that gun was at the center of the trial and was recently returned to him by the department of justice. is where you can find it. he'll use the funds to campaign against hillary clinton and the black lives matter movement. fox news in orlando interviewed george zimmerman. listen in. >> what i decided to do is not cower. i'm a free american. i can do what i like with my possessions. not putting this up for auction isn't going to insulate me from these radicals. they are not going to be bidding
3:47 am
on it so i couldn't care less about them. >> reporter: and zimerman says many have expressed interest including the smithsonian museum. that's how many people have viewed it at last check, well over 70,000 people. that number will continue to grow. again, up for auction at 11:00 this morning. it will end tomorrow at 11:00. the starting bid is $5,000. i expect that number to be well above that by the time everything is said and done. very interesting to see the comments on social media as well. back to you guys. >> before you go, you said that what george zimmerman wants to do with the money, the proceeds, would be to use it to campaign against hillary clinton? and black lives matter? >> reporter: hillary clinton, black lives matter and state attorney angela curry. that's exactly right. >> interesting stuff. thank you for the very latest.
3:48 am
>> i don't see anybody that would want that gun, even of interest. it's not like lee harvey oswald's gun, where you know he's a villain but it's a piece of history. it's an ugly piece of history. >> somebody will buy it. >> send us your e-mail, we're curious. coming up, you have heard of sanctuary cities protecting illegal immigrants from capture. but now there's about to be a sanctuary state. where that's happening next. and is it time to evict the tsa from our nation's airports and replace them with a privately-owned team of professionals? the controversial new plan ga gaining steam. the big debate is coming up next.
3:49 am
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3:52 am
some quick headlines and then a big debate. illegal immigrants what i soon be marking delaware on their maps. a bill just proposed would make delaware the first sanctuary state by limiting law enforcement efforts to find and then deport illegals. republican lawmakers call the bill a free pass. and several anti-trump groups now turning to high school students to help keep the presumptive gop nominee out of the white house. the top -- the stop the hate coalition announced a big drive at high schools in battleground states starting today. they want to register a million new voters by november to stop trump. all right, brian? >> all right. venting about long lines across the tsa check points across the country. >> i was running. i felt like i was on "home
3:53 am
alone" to get to that flight. >> the line was too long. they wouldn't let me check in. everybody gets mad when you try to cut. so, yeah, they put me on the flight that was an hour later. >> believe me it's brutal. now the port authority of new york and new jersey is taking matters into its own hands, writing to the tsa, the patience of the flying public has reached a breaking point. we can no longer tolerate the continuing inadequacy of the tsa passenger screening process. joining to discuss this is michael balboni and paul violas, who works in private security. how bad is this? >> it's getting worse, particularly in advance of the summer travel. we are looking at anticipating 20 to 30% increase in some places even more. congress is acting. they have just put $34 million into the search capability from congress itself. but that's not really the point. the point is, is there a better
3:54 am
model? and certainly san francisco has gone to p where we ought to be looking to see if that's the -- >> so to the government, keep your money, we'll do this privately. we'll charge the airports and the airlines to combine to make a private company responsible. the problem is it's no one's job. the tsa said you cut our budget, we don't have enough people and the government is saying we can't help you, but we're missing the flight. >> what's going to own the process? who's going to stand up and say i'm accountable? you know, the yard stick can't be how many people we can get past screening as quickly as possible. but how do we protect the american people? you have have the right people with the right qualifications and the right training and retraining and consistent across the board. >> you said disney can do it and they're as big of a target. i'm not waiting in lines forever. >> there's a better model and the question is how do you incorporate those type of
3:55 am
changes in this? can we go to the precinct type of model, where you do searching and training from the localized lev level because that's not how it's done right now. >> you said the money can be turn oefrdz to the private agency and make you responsible and your group could be responsible for jfk? >> yeah. i believe if you get a private sector corporation that will come in, the business case will show a greater return on investment. >> here's what the tsa says they're addressing the growing number of traveler, and we appreciate that airlines are working with us by asking travellers to arrive as much as two hours earlier for domestic flights. great. so we can be more inconvenienced. do you see this taking place? >> i think the pressure will mount as we get into the summer travel, and i know they're looking at this. >> the problem is you have unions. this is a union. >> no question about that,
3:56 am
brian. that's a problem. whether we want to admit that or not, that's a problem. because sometimes the union as good as it's supposed to be, create a bigger problem. we can't let the union rules create a roadblock for us to protect people when they travel. >> all we are are reactive. we're doing the liquid thing because of one plot. we take our shoes off because of one idiot and now they'll have us naked soon. >> the other point, stopping 90-year-old women and letting others walk in. >> thank you. it affects everybody. hopefully something will happen. we're counting down until the critical meeting between trump and paul ryan. does ryan feel any pressure? we go live to washington next. and -- you have heard hillary clinton explain her e-mail controversy like it's no big deal. >> the justice department has the e-mails, they have the server. they're conducting a security inquiry. there is a security inquiry going on. it's a security inquiry. >> really? do you buy that? the fbi doesn't -- they never
3:57 am
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4:00 am
good thursday morning to you and your family. may 12th. i'm ainsley earhardt. a world leader booted out of office overnight. folks in brazil are protesting as the president gets kicked to the curb just months i have a way from -- away from the summer olympics. what that means for you, straight ahead. yep, and the stage is set for a critical meeting on capitol hill between donald trump and paul ryan. what can we expect two hours from right now? we have a live reporter outside the room in washington. you have heard hillary clinton explain her e-mail controversy like it's no big deal.
4:01 am
>> the justice department has the e-mails. they have the server. they're conducting a security inquiry. there is a security inquiry going on. it's a security inquiry. >> sounds like fun. do you buy that? >> the inquiry. >> the fbi doesn't. neither does judge andrew napolitano. see, i should have said that louder, because it's an exclamation point. neither does judge andrew napolitano. he weighs in in a matter of seconds because mornings are better with "friends." >> all right. we have a very, very busy thursday and we are just two hours away from the meeting of the conservative minds and the leaders of the republican party with the trump nominee on capitol hill. >> that's right. steve, today, trump is going to sit down with paul ryan. >> that's right, ainsley. joining us live outside of rnc headquarters, garrett tenney. please tell me i tossed to you correctly. >> reporter: you did, brian, thank you. and good morning to all of you in new york.
4:02 am
here in d.c., you'll remember donald trump is having this back and forth with paul ryan after he made headlines last week when speaker ryan said he wasn't prepared to endorse donald trump quite yet. and this is what is bringing donald trump here to capitol hill this morning. to be clear though it's not just speaker ryan who has the reservations. there are plenty of elected republicans here who have strong reservations about endorsing donald trump and trump will try to win those folks over this morning, starting at 9:00 a.m. here at the republican national committee headquarters. he will meet with speaker ryan and republican national committee chairman, reince priebus. then 30 minutes later he'll meet with the rest of the house gop leadership team before meeting with a group of top senate republicans around 11:45. trump's camp is playing down the meetings though. they don't expect ryan to endorse the candidate after one slight talk this morning. they say last night trump shared
4:03 am
his expectations for what he's expecting to see this morning at the meeting with speaker ryan. >> i think just unity. we'll see how it goes. i think it will go well. paul is a good person. i don't know paul well. i think that's part of the meet, don't forget, he knew everybody else. because they're governors and senators and i'm a business man. i think we want to get to know each other. >> reporter: now, paul ryan hasn't said exactly what he needs to hear from trump in order to support him. which he says he still hopes to do eventually. instead, he's billing today's meetings in the first step to getting to know each other a little bit better. >> i don't know really know him. i met him once in person in 2012, we had a good conversation in march on the phone. we just need to get to know each over and we as the leadership team are enjoying the fact that we have a chance to meet with him. >> reporter: now, neither side expects the other side to sign on to their agendas fully and
4:04 am
they are very wide apart on several key issues such as immigration, entitlement, tax reform as well. so we'll see how these meeting goes today as donald trump is -- his eyes completely ahead on the general election. back to you all. >> so they don't each other, they have half an hour one-on-one. like speed dating. >> hello, tell me about yourself. we're all on the same page, right? >> that's why you sign up for christian mingle. i guess so. >> i didn't sign up. but that's why people do it. i'm just saying. >> the question is will they be coming out and asking for a second date? hopefully they'll come out and getting along. >> you need a marriage. >> true. >> he would be the speaker, he would be the president, newt gingrich weighed in on this last night on "the hannity show." >> you have to understand, a lot of conservatives in this city is a very big business, very big rich, very internationalist and very establishment viewpoint.
4:05 am
so for example, don't talk openly about how bad the federal reserve is. that wouldn't feel right. they don't want to talk about how terrible the state department is. that wouldn't feel right. along comes trump and one of his great strengths he like the boy who says the emperor has no clothing. when he sees something stupid he says something is stupid. that's an enormous shock who says you're supposed to say it's lacking in brilliance. the closest you can get to stupid. >> so it will be interesting. early indications are from other leaders on capitol hill that paul ryan is very optimistic and wants things to go well today. and donald trump certainly wants things to go well today, even though he was on the record saying i'm not sure i need unity. dave on twitter writes this -- >> he says that trump doesn't need to do anything. ryan needs to change. >> conservatives need someone to stand up for their values. the values that got ryan -- that
4:06 am
ryan got elected for. >> martin on twitter, ryan's support should be reflected immediately otherwise he's killed his career. he's showing his establishment credentials which means he'll lose his primary bid in august. >> eric trump said that. he said that paul ryan -- he needs to be the one that comes to the table with some ideas. that my dad doesn't need to be endorsed. >> we'll talk about this all day on the channel. meanwhile, let's bring in judge andrew napolitano. before we start the conversation, i want you to take a look at a bouquet of sound bites of -- >> potpourri. >> how many times have we heard hillary clinton talk about this background investigation? here's exhibit "a." >> there's a security inquiry going on. and, you know, we respect that. it is on its own timetable, but it's moving forward. the justice department has the e-mails, they have the server. they're conducting a security
4:07 am
inquiry. i say what i have said now for many, many months. it's a security inquiry. >> security inquiry and yet yesterday when the fbi guy -- top guy was asked about it, he said this. >> sounded frustrated. i don't know what means. we're conducting an investigation. that's the bureau's business. i'm not familiar with the term security inquiry. >> that was in response to a terrific question put to him by our colleague catherine herridge. who knows as those of us who watch this know, the fbi doesn't do security inquiries. i think mrs. clinton means a review of how the state department decides what's classify and what's not. guess what, that's not the fbi's business. last week one of mr. comey's colleagues referred to the investigation of mrs. clinton as a law enforcement matter. the fbi enforces criminal law. this is a criminal investigation if there was one. her talking points that her campaign people told her to give has been directly and profoundly contradictory to the -- >> but judge, if you were one of
4:08 am
her campaign strategists you wouldn't use the investigation. >> one of them decides to leave when the questioning gets hot, this is not an ininquiry into the technical aspects of how her e-mail worked but whether or not there was a conspiracy to commit espionage by taking state secrets from a secret secured government location and moving them to a nonsecret personal location. >> comey said yesterday he feels pressure to complete the federal investigation into hillary clinton completely and quickly. >> i don't blame him for feeling that pressure. i mean, you cannot deny the fact that she is on the road to becoming the democratic nominee for president. what will the democrats do? what will sincere democrats who want her to get elected do if she's indicted? it will be nearly impossible for her to stay on that ticket if she's indieted.
4:09 am
>> arguably that's why biden is out there and why sanders is e still there. >> what if it takes months and months and the election comes and goes -- >> let's say she wins and she's elected and she's indicted? she can pardon herself. >> wow. >> the fact she's using the term security inquiry for months and months but we now know it wasn't that, but a criminal investigation, how many of the networks do you think covered that story last night? >> i think probably none. >> i think fox news channel stands alone. >> right. >> profound repudiation of her mantra -- you ran a great montage of what she's been saying for the past year. >> david bossie yesterday on hannity said -- the justice department has contributed to hillary clinton's campaign to the tune of $75,000. not a big deal, but a lot of money for a justice department workers who make a ton of money. >> i agree.
4:10 am
but put it in perspective. there are 90,000 employees of the justice department. this is about 230 of them. if anybody made contributions to her who is involved in the investigation, we have a very, very serious ethics problem. and would be fired. >> yeah. is your belief they're in the final throes of the investigation? >> it is my belief they're in the final throes and they have completed the interrogations of her aides. there's one left. so when she say, well, the fbi hasn't called me or called the campaign, she's again lying. the fbi would not call her. it would not call the campaign. it would call her lawyer. guess what her lawyer does? he deals with the judgment -- with the justice department almost every day. the interrogation of mrs. clinton is set up and scheduled and she's getting ready. >> it's all semantics. >> it is. >> thank you very much for joining us for the couch inquiry. >> that's not a legal term. >> not an interview. >> not an investigation. >> can i leave? >> as soon as we start the news
4:11 am
with heather. >> customs says after we toss -- >> toss over to me. >> hello, mrs. nauert. >> good morning to you. we have breaking news, this coming from brazil. the president of that country has now been impeach, an historic vote taking place there. the senate suspended dilma rousseff from office. crowds were pepper sprayed as thousands protested overnight. right now brazil is in the middle of the worst economic crisis since the 1930s. by the way they're set to host the olympics in just 85 days. a second trial is now getting under way today for the officer charged in the death of freddie gray in baltimore. edward nero is facing charges after gray died in the back of the police van. he faces several charges including assault and misconduct. his trial will go before a judge, not a jury. and prosecutors believe there's
4:12 am
a better chance there will be a verdict unlike in the case of another officer, william porter whose trial ended in the hung jury. gray's death sparked riots and protests and his name was a rallying cry of sorts in the national conversation about police officers and minorities. well, we begin with a controversial question, can a suspect be forcefully medicated so he can stand trial on charges that he tried to join isis? bassett sheik is accused of trying to join the terror group in syria. the judge ruled he can be forcefully treated for schizophrenia to stand trial. his attorney is saying that the u.s. government is trying to use him as a human guinea pig. and he gave his life trying to save other americans in iraq and this morning u.s. navy s.e.a.l. chairmans keating iv has been promoted to chief petty
4:13 am
officer. he was in iraq to train the forces but his division came under fire by isis and he was killed. he recently secretly married his girlfriend but they kept that a secret. they had already mailed out the wedding invitations before he was killed. he'll be laid to rest tomorrow in california. we're thinking of his family today. >> a tragic story. >> so sad. >> the more you read about him, he was an extraordinary young guy. all right, coming up, what does donald trump have to do to win over people like paul ryan? our next guest has a message for the donald from one former reality tv star turned politician, congressman sean duffy is here next. and thoughts of a feud between kelly ripa and michael strahan, thought it was over? bad blood is boiling this morning and guess what? he only has one day left. >> has megyn kelly been called in to fix it? maybe. if you've gone to extremes to escape your nasal allergies.
4:14 am
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nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? advil. and i didn't get here alone. there were people who listened along the way. people who gave me options. kept me on track. and through it all, my retirement never got left behind. so today, i'm prepared for anything we may want tomorrow to be. every someday needs a plan. let's talk about your old 401(k) today. fox news alert all eyes on capitol hill this morning where the stage is set for a crucial meeting at 9:00 eastern between trump and house speaker paul
4:18 am
ryan. big issues such as trade, immigration and entitlement reform still dividing trump and the republican party. what does trump have to do to close the deal? republican from wisconsin, sean duffy, is here to weigh in. and you have got a kinship with donald trump because you were both reality show stars. you were on "the real world." >> yeah, we have a great historical past. both of us have gone from reality tv into politics. obviously, donald is a lot more famous, i was an mtv guy back in the day. but you mentioned today it is an important meeting for donald trump. and for paul ryan. both of them, they have to come to some agreement on policy and ideas of where we take the country. and i think as you have noted in your show, these guys don't know each other very well. if you look at the other 16 candidates who ran for president, they're politicians. everybody on the hill knows them. and sometimes they know their families. no one really knows donald trump.
4:19 am
and so this is a good meeting to start to build those relationships, build that trust and then start that process of unifying our party. >> sure. absolutely. when you look at them on paper, you know, for the last five years paul ryan has made it his goal to fix entitlements. medicare among other things. donald trump made it very clear recently he'd like to leave it the way it is. so there are two different visions right there for the republican party. >> and i think paul could have some comfort in the conversation they're going to have behind closed doors, but you can't fix the budget. we are $19 trillion in debt. unless you get to the entitlement program. for the next generation of retiree, if you don't modify this plan, you can never balance your budget. and it's going to eat america alive. so i mean, donald trump has to -- i think, has to have some real conversations about the debt and our deficits. once he understands that, i think paul will be able to say, hey, listen, we have to have a
4:20 am
come to jesus moment here. you are going to have to deal with entitlements or we can't fix this economy or the debt. >> i bet you're right. i bet they come out and say, we're on the same page, this is great going forward. >> but steve, you know what has to happen? after this meeting i don't know what's going to happen. i hope paul ryan will move to donald trump, but donald could reach out to members of congress who also don't know him and senators and he could start to announce who his advisory teams are. i mean, who he might actually consider for the supreme court. and if he had conservatives that we all knew were advising him, i think we all all feel a lot more comfortable in his candidacy. but these are things that are in his court that he has to do to rally the base to him and, you know, by the way, we are way better off than democrats. democrats are fracturing and dividing, they don't like hillary clinton and we're starting to unify and it's great. >> the ultimate reality show will be at 9:00 a.m. on capitol
4:21 am
hill. sean duffy, thank you. meanwhile, straight ahead, a fox news alert. george zimmerman back in the headlines sparking controversy by auctioning off the gun that killed trayvon martin to the highest bidder. what do you think about this? your e-mails are pouring in, coming up. nothing unleashes power... quite like the human foot. introducing the 255 horsepower lexus is 300 all-wheel-drive. with twenty-five percent more base horsepower. once driven, there's no going back.
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here's a quick look at your entertainment headlines. ray rama know hosting a tribute to doris roberts, you're invited. >> sometimes the mother knows best, dear. >> sometimes a mother should butt out. >> a broadway farewell to roberts is being held in new york city on monday. it's happening at the ambassador theater as a nod to roberts' broadway days. and new york's juiciest
4:25 am
gossip column is coming to tv. "the new york post" iconic page 6 will make its on screen debut on fox tv. you can tune in every day for the scoop on all things entertainment starting on july 18th. kelly ripa reportedly locking her dressing room door to prevent michael strahan from delivering his usual good morning, kelly. he apparently goes and says good morning -- >> and hugs everyone. >> well, the duo's behind the scenes drama unfolded last month with news of strahan's impending exit. >> this does not make her look good. just saying. bad for everybody. a couple of hours, the gun used to kill florida teenager trayvon martin will be sold at auction. >> you won't believe this. the owner and exonerated shooter, george zimmerman, what he's doing with the money.
4:26 am
>> wtvt robeeporter is joining >> reporter: good morning. zimmerman says he doesn't want to lock away that gun so he's selling it. he's selling it for a hefty price as well. there's a lot of interest, tens of thousands of people have looked at the gun. the retail value is about $350. but if you go on to the website you'll see the starting bid is $5,000. this is a 9 millimeter semiautomatic pistol that is selling for $5,000 but it will likely go for more than that. zimmerman calls that gun you're looking at right now an american icon. february 26, 2012, more than four years ago, zimmerman fired one shot, killing trayvon martin, and that gun was at the center of the trial and was recently returned to him by the department of justice. is where you can find it. fox 35 in orlando spoke with zimmerman about it. listen in. >> what i've decided to do is not cower. i'm a free american.
4:27 am
i can do what i'd like with my possessions. not putting this up for auction isn't going to insulate me from the radical. they're not going to be bidding on it so i couldn't care less about them. >> reporter: and zimmerman says he plans to use the profits at least a portion of them against the black lives matter movement. state attorney angela curry, and hillary clinton. remember, clinton spoke out against zimmerman saying he should have never had a gun in the first place. she's been very adamant about that. just to kind of give you perspective about how many people have gone on to the web page to see the gun and see how much it would go for, about three hours ago, 48,000 views. i just checked it a little while ago. it's at more than 83,000, almost double within the last couple of hours. you can expect that interest to continue to increase and i have to tell you, i'm very interested to find out how much money this
4:28 am
gun is going for. >> a lot of gawkers online. thanks. >> i hope it doesn't clear. i hope it doesn't get the minimum of $5,000. >> earlier we asked you what you thought about it. edith says money grubbing headline hungry and bitter. if he wanted to sell the possessions he could have had a private auction. >> it's fine to sell it to the highest bidder. the gun history isn't negative in any way unless you don't like florida's self-defense law he writes. >> all right, laurie says i believe he has every right to sell his property. would i buy it? no way. such a sad thing though in this day and age that ugly things like this garner attention and make more profits for penal. >> and george zimmerman is trouble looking to happen. >> all right. >> i never heard that phrase, but that is very appropriate. >> yep. i bet somebody buys it. >> he's had problems with his
4:29 am
girlfriend, he's had problems with the law -- he's not been on the straight and narrow. he needs money. that's what he needs. >> he does indeed. all right. we'll keep you posted on that. coming up hillary clinton has a new opposition research team to dig up dirt on donald trump. their name? "the washington post." >> i don't know them. and donald trump continues to put off releasing his tax returns saying they may not come out until after the election. but does he need to show his records to get your vote? steve's about to hit the streets to find out. >> the duce is on the loose. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. flonase is the first and only nasal spray approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. go ahead, embrace those beautiful moments.
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actually hillary has been
4:33 am
having a tough time lately. yesterday she lost the west virginia primary which came as a surprise because she won there in 2008. of course west virginia is coal country. i can't imagine what could have said to lose their vote. >> because we're going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business, right tim? >> tim was like, hey, don't bring me into this. coal miners are even we can't help you out of this one, lady. sorry. you did this. >> he is so funny. there's steve outside. what you doing on the streets of new york? >> well, we'll talk about that "washington post" story first and they're all over, steve, as you know, they have assigned 20 separate reporters that according to the editor in chief, bob woodward, to do what? what would 20 reporters be focused on? >> i'll tell you what, brian and ainsley, they would have love to have "the washington post" filled with stories about donald
4:34 am
trump much as we see right here at this newsstand at 47th and 6th avenue. they have dispatched 20 reporters to dig up dirt particularly about new york real estate, which bob woodward said is more complicated and secret than the cia. >> they have to come up with something. i don't even -- nothing has really stuck to donald trump. what are people saying about donald trump's tax, which are similar to steve doocy's we understand. >> here's the thing. mitt romney yesterday on a facebook post said that for donald trump not to release his taxes, that would be disqualifying. so we've come out to the street and we were just walking out a moment ago. gretchen here stopped and said she watches every morning. she has an appointment at 8:00 so she has time to chew the fat. donald trump said he won't put out his taxes until after the audit.
4:35 am
do you care about donald trump's taxes? >> i don't care about donald trump's taxes. >> but what if there's a bombshell in there like mitt romney says? >> that does mitt romney know anyway? he's so 2000 whatever. wasn't romney late to file his taxes as well? >> he was stloe the party, but he did release two years. >> did you vote for mitt romney last time around? >> yes, i did. >> you're chewing him out. >> yeah, i think he's working for the other team. >> because he's making trump look bad. >> he's making him look bad and not supporting trump. he's not supposed to support the republican nominee. >> are you a life long republican? >> i'm not, i'm an independent, but i'm a huge donald trump fan. so trump, go get 'em. >> go to your meeting.
4:36 am
as you can see, she was not interested in what mitt romney had to say. let's go right over here. we'll stop somebody. hi. can i ask you a quick question? >> i can't right now, sorry. >> he's too busy to talk. hi. who would like to be on tv for a second? you would, hi, how are you? >> good. how are you? >> we're upon fox right now. >> what's your name. >> amitt. >> we're talking about mitt romney, he says that donald trump should release his taxes and if he doesn't that's disqualifying for the presidency. what do you think about this? >> i think i agree with that. he should let the taxpayers know. he claim he's released all he can. but i feel like he should release -- it should be full disclosure. >> so you care what's in donald trump's taxes? >> yeah. >> very good. >> very good talking to you. >> look at that. fair and balanced. both sides. >> that's right. >> he was on with greta last night and he is saying i can't
4:37 am
release them, my attorney is saying wisay we're in the middle of the audit. so it's a nonstarter? >> he said he's not going to do it -- can i ask you a quick question? >> yeah. >> mitt romney says if trump doesn't release his taxes, he should be disqualified as president of the united states. >> i disagree with that they're going to do do everything to discredit mr. trump. >> but why is the republican trying to blow up the republican nomin nominee? >> i don't understand. i guess he's anti-establishment. i'm a republican, but i'm not a big fan of donald trump and i'll vote for him. he's better than the alternat e alternative. >> do you care what's in his taxes? >> no. he may not be as wealthy as he says he is. >> thanks. >> i love your show. >> would you ask him -- would you ask that man to release his taxes? he's gone. >> hold on.
4:38 am
sir, could you release your taxes before you leave? sir, sir? he declined comment. >> oh, my goodness. can't get an answer. but steve, he's under audit. he had the financial disclosure form that said he made $262 million. that's good enough for me. some lost money, some didn't. what difference does it make? >> too much money for us to imagine. >> except for heather who was born into money and she has a lot of money. you do this just to keep busy. >> that's just because i had your wallet in my hands that's where my money comes from. sorry. dawn won't care. we love dawn, brian's wife. we have some headlines and two important stories in particular. donald trump's controversial muslim immigration plan has now been demoted to just a suggestion? that's what he told our brian
4:39 am
kilmeade yesterday on accou"kil and friends." >> it's just a suggestion, we have radical islamics all over the world. >> that's the content of the interview. >> it's the content. my goodness. >> let he keep going. a separate interview, trump said he was thinking of starting a commission to combat islamic extremism, throwing out rudy giuliani's name as the potential director. this is the important story, i know you'll want to listen to this. there are some brand-new details that we are learning now about what happened the night of the benghazi terror attacks. an air force member stationed in northern italy now telling fox news that more could have been done to stop the deadly attacks that killed our ambassador. the whistle-blower is now speaking out to fox for the
4:40 am
first time. listen. >> they just kept telling me we're wait on the call. i still feel a sense of fault for not being there when we were needed. we could have been there. that's the worst part. >> well, that source saying that many opportunities were missed in stopping at least the second mortar attack. this despite repeated claims by secretary of state hillary clinton who was secretary of state at the time who said that nothing could have been done. a virginia veteran who faced criminal charges to for trying to spruce up his apartment complex is now in the clear. mickey triplet, a disabled marine veteran was charged with destruction of property by his management company where he lived after he painted a picnic table. now, the charges carried a $2,500 fine and one year in jail. he was kicked out of the apartment. triplet and his lawyer fought and they won and now those charges will be dropped. those are your headlines. see you back in a little bit. the benghazi comments are
4:41 am
getting a lot of attention this morning. huge story. >> adam housley did an incredible job on that. coming up, donald trump has been called a lot of negative things on the campaign trail, but people should really be calling him -- should they be calling him a really good father? the side of trump you won't hear in the headlines. that's coming up next. meet the new john deere gator xuv590i, a vehicle so versatile it owns anything outdoors. thirty-two horsepower, a twelve hundred-pound payload and over a thousand different ways to configure yours. go gator.
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4:44 am
all right. presidential candidate, brilliant business person, donald trump can be called a lot of things around all would be accurate. but the number one thing he should be called is great father. listen to what his daughter ivanka has to say. >> i'm excited tonight to introduce my father. [ cheers and applause ]
4:45 am
there's a lot of things that make donald trump special to me. as a parent, and as a mentor. but the most important is the strength of his character. as a young girl growing up, my father always told me that i could do anything that i set my mind to. he meant it. >> wow. here to explain the importance of donald the dad, a pediatrician and best selling author of the new book, "strong father, strong daughters." welcome, doctor. >> thanks for having me, brian. >> so with your years as pediatrician and study as an author, you think this is is an underreported story. >> oh, very underreported. what i really want to do with donald trump and ivanka is put the spotlight on dad. what happens to donald is exactly what happens to a lot of fathers in our country. you know, we go at men, look, he does don't this right or that right. but the truth of the matter is we have to start looking a little deeper and say how are men as fathers because we need
4:46 am
our fathers back. >> what does it reveal about the person by the way their relationship is revealed with their daughter? >> oh, well, you know, it shows that he has some warmth. he shows he has some compassion and he champions women. women don't like to hear that, they call him a lot of names but any man that helps his daughter get to the professional level that ivanka has gone to is a man that champions women. >> she talked about that earlier, about her relationship with her dad. let's take a listen. >> i have seen him as a leader, be exceptional. as a negotiator there's no one close. but also as a parent. he's been an unbelievable parent. i'm a female executive at his company, at the highest level. and i wouldn't be the person i am today if he didn't deeply believe in opportunity for women. >> so you heard that and you're sold? >> well, i'm not sold on donald as, you know -- >> no, as a dad. >> as a dad, yeah.
4:47 am
i'll tell you why, a lot of women their relationship with their dad is so powerful. we don't often talk about this. but a woman who has a strong dad and loves her dad is going to come out and champion him. a woman who has a tough relationship with her dad is not going to come out and applaud him and praise him in public. you'll see the wounds. so clearly a woman who doesn't have a lot of dad baggage. >> i think two weeks after giving birth, that was the dedication. they play a major role in the business and in the campaign. if you can give that type of responsibility your sons and your daughters, i think that's telling. >> it's very telling and i'll tell you, if you talk to any woman in a high profile position, you don't have to talk long before she says she has a strong dad. so fathers are extremely important in daughters' lives and this is a point in our history that we need to get about the business of championing dads, particularly dads and daughters.
4:48 am
dads are very devoted to the daughters. you know as well as i, that the answer to so many of our social ills is getting our dads back. >> doctor, also don't you think it's important to say be nice and be caring. but show them you trust them. show them the same power and prestige as maybe your son. >> a father has an authority and moms have tell you you'll succeed in lives, but when your dad says you can do whatever you want, it's a done deal. fathers are extremely important. they have a lot of power in the daughters' lives and need to champion them and encourage themthe positive way. even if we don't like them as men the truth is there's -- every daughter to the grave and it's her dad. so we need to nurture a strong relationship between a father and a daughter. >> yeah. just very interesting because i rarely see anybody who talks about donald trump that doesn't say, but he's a great dad. >> yeah. >> have you met his kid, have you met ivanka? >> no matter what you say about
4:49 am
him, you have to give that. we have to give him that. and we have to start talking about dads in our country because we need great dads. >> not going to fight you there. congratulations, congratulations on the book. "strong father, strong daughters." >> thank you. the moment is awesome. a wounded warrior steps into his brand-new home mortgage free and our own bob massi was there. >>oh, my! >> so what can you do to help out wounded warriors? "the property man" will be here live next. but first on this day in 1986, "if i can't have you" was stopping the charts. can we make this louder? ♪ audi pilotless vehicles have conquered highways, mountains, and racetracks. and now much of that same advanced technology is found in the new audi a4.
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we've got some headlines for you right now on a thursday morning. the clintons are cashing in $100 million to be exact. five persian gulf states have given the clintons the money according to the daily caller foundation. national security experts say it's a massive conflict of interest. wouldn't you think? and hillary clinton's son-in-law just lost a big bet on greece. chelsea's husband is closing his greek hedge fund after losing 90% of his clients' money. two years ago, he raised $25 million from investors by betting on the economic recovery in greece and that didn't pan out. he lost on a big bet. well, this weekend on bob massi, "the property man," a war hero wounded in iraq gets a mortgage free house down in florida. >> about a month before they were to be handed the keys, the
4:54 am
house still under construction, we brought the family by to check out the place for first time. >> oh, my god! >> getting to perceive the great emotion that my daughters and my wife was receiving, i assure you that i feel it twice. >> building homes for heroes awarding army specialist hugo gonzalez, his wife and three daughters the special home just for them. >> a great organization. here with the inspiring story, the host of "the property man," bob massi himself. good to see you. >> good to see you guys. an amazing story. not a dry eye in the house that day. i have to tell you the most inspirational yugo gonzalez. we have done several of the stories. we did one in scottsdale of a woman. but i have to tell you, this building home for hero, dan kuhn, one of the producers of the show is involved in that and
4:55 am
they're honoring sean hannity because of his involvement with building homes for heroes. >> this changed the life of the gonzalez's family. here he is, explaining to his wife and her feelings about this house which is just a lifetime of opportunity. >> i couldn't get my sleep thinking about so many emotions. i only feel it twice in my life. when i went to see my daughter's faces and today -- it's way much more than building houses. it's saving lives. >> he's right. it's saving lives. you know, these guys, they fight for our country. these men and these women. they go over there, severely injured. andy peugeot who started this organization builds mortgage
4:56 am
free homes for them and they deserve it. >> to the credit of some people, chase bank they donated some of the houses and they should be credited. of course, the peugeots, all those involved in building the homes for the heroes but most of all the heroes that we recognize it's an honor to do that. this show has taken me places to meet people i never would have in my life. i'm privileged to do it. this guy, hugo gonzalez, you want to talk about inspiration. you walk away, we have nothing to complain about in our lives. >> giving a home to the precious little girls too. >> they're gorgeous. >> we want to thank our viewers because the viewers were responsible. they gave so much money after sean hannity did one story it covered the whole budget for the next year. thank you. we have the best viewers. >> if folks watching right now want to learn how to donate to building homes for heroes, you can go to
4:57 am
we'll watch "the property man." >> we won't miss that story. thanks. coming up, we're one hour away from critical meeting between donald trump and paul ryan. we are live at the top of the hour with a preview. e? advil makes pain a distant memory. nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? advil. real is touching a ray. amazing is moving like one. real is making new friends. amazing is getting this close. real is an animal rescue. amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them.
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nothing is more effective at relieving your sneezing, runny nose and nasal congestion. return to the world with new clarispray. good morning. you have made it. it's tend of the week, thursday, may 12th. >> we have one more day. >> come on, ainsley, don't jump the gun. >> we're having fun here. so we're not ready for the weekend yet. a fox news alert. because the showdown on capitol hill is only an hour away. donald trump and paul ryan they'll meet face to face to discuss the differences and try to unite the republican party. what can we expect from this meeting? we are live in washington, d.c. with the latest. and former republican nominee mitt romney calling out donald trump telling trump to release his tax returns, but does anybody care what's in them? >> what does mitt romney know anyway? he's so irrelevant. he's so 2000 whatever.
5:01 am
>> you know what? she actually voted for mitt last time. we head out on into the streets of new york city to settle the score on trump's taxes coming up. you remember alan grayson from this exchange. >> the republican health care plan is this. die quickly. that's right. the republicans want you to die quickly. >> he's such a delight to be around. well, grayson is back. and now he's fighting with his own party because they want him out of a job. you're not going to believe this. we'll reveal it to you because your mornings are always better when you're with "friends." >> okay. so ainsley thought it was friday. >> no, i thought don't you wake up in a good mood on thursday? >> because it's like tomorrow is going to be friday. >> i know. >> because thursday night is really party night. >> thirsty thursday at your house. >> huh? >> are you in college?
5:02 am
>> so you're saying tomorrow you'll have a hangover? >> no. i don't go to bed. i stay up all night. i go right from here to the clubs and stay out all night. everybody knows that. yeah, we call it costco. so i'm a member, and my picture is on the cover. it gets me right in. >> on the cover? >> right. >> on the cover of the card. let me just tell you, 55 minutes away, less than an hour some would say with a meeting among conservative minds, live on capitol hill. we'll be covering it. >> today, donald trump is going to sit across the table from republican leaders including paul ryan who said he wasn't ready to endorse. >> joining us live with a preview mr. garrett tenney. good morning and what can we expect? >> reporter: ainsley, brian and steve, good morning. it will be a busy day of speed dating for trump, but the goal isn't love as much as it is unity. as we have reported there are many republican lawmakers who still have very strong reservations about endorsing trump. or even supporting him as their
5:03 am
nominee and today donald trump will be taking the first steps towards winning them over. he'll kick things off here at the republican national committee headquarters at 9:00 a.m. in a meeting with party chairman reince priebus and house speaker paul ryan. at 9:30, they'll be joined by the rest of ryan's house leadership team. then at 11:45, trump will head over to the senate side of the capitol to meet with top republicans including majority leader mitch mcconnell. in terms of what those meetings will be like, we're told that the discussions will focus more on principles than actual issues. here's trump last night. >> i think we want to see if we have the same ideas because i represent a large group of people with very strong ideas and foundations and i think we want to see a little bit about that. and, you know, hopefully it will work out. >> reporter: trump's positions on issues such as entitlement reform, trade and immigration are on the opposite end of the spectrum to many of the republican lawmakers, which is
5:04 am
why so many are having hard time getting behind their party's nominee. yesterday, paul ryan said that's why these meetings are so important and that it will take time for the party to unify. >> to pretend we're unified as a party after coming through a bruising primary, which ended a week ago, to pretend we're unified without unifying then we go into the fall at half strength. >> reporter: trump's camp do not expect ryan to endorse the candidate after a single meeting and we'll hear from the speaker himself at his weekly press conference at 11:30. steve, brian and ainsley? >> it will be interesting to see what goes on because i think these two guys will get along. but the question is are they going to say specifically donald trump can you release the ban on muslims? he's walked that back a whbit. he is talking about rudy giuliani heading up the organization on looking at the
5:05 am
immigration. >> i've heard they won't be talking about the specifics. but instead about principles. keep in mind, they both have -- they both have different visions. i mean, paul ryan's he's been trying to talk the country into sucking it up and doing some entitlement reform. donald trump screen left you can see there, what he's made clear, he won't talk medicare. so you have -- >> and social security. >> and newt gingrich was on earlier saying -- we played a sound bite from him earlier. saying this is the washington establishment. these guys have been running washington for a very long time. a lot of money at stake. they have their little circle, their group and here's an outsider saying what to a change. so they have to unify. >> the other thing they want donald trump to stop with the insults on the right and let's see -- >> that's so donald trump though. >> i know. see what happens. sean duffy talked to steve. he was -- he's a congressman.
5:06 am
>> reality star. >> reality star. >> i guess that's how he became famous. now he has a lot of kids, right? >> yeah, they have like six or seven. rachel is on "outnumbered" a lot. >> the congressman talked about what we can expect. >> hopefully, paul ryan, he will move towards donald trump. but what donald could do, donald could reach out to members of congress who don't know him. and senators and he could start to announce who his advisory teams are. i mean, who he might actually consider for the supreme court and if he had -- if he had conservatives that we all knew were advising him i think we'd feel more comfortable in his candidacy. but these are the things that are all in his court that he has to do to rally the base to him. >> there apparently are a number of rank and file republicans on capitol hill who are wondering what has paul ryan been doing, this is a time to unite the party, get on the same page. there you can see the live shot outsidelding where they will be convening one hour from now. we'll keep you posted.
5:07 am
>> i'm sure they wanted a quiet meeting where they could just iron out some differences. now it's a major network event. >> great publicity if they come out of that door at 10:00 arm in arm saying look, we're all together, we're on the same team, that would be great pr. >> there's the back alley in case they decide to go down that road. >> our cameraman almost got hit by that truck, see that? >> meanwhile, mitt romney who was -- paul ryan was mitt romney's running mate four years ago. a lot of republicans are scratching their head. what is mitt romney doing? he put out this statement yesterday, effectively trying to blow up donald trump. >> yeah, this is what the statement said. it is disqualifying for a modern day presidential nominee to refuse to release tax returns to the voters. there's only one logical explanation for his refusal to release his returns -- there's a bombshell in them. given mr. trump's equanimity with other flaws in his history
5:08 am
we can believe it's a bombshell of unusual size. >> he and others like sasse and bill kristol have been critical of him. and donald trump sat down with greta van susteren about the lack of release. >> will you release the eighth year back, will you do that? >> number one, it would be meaningless. i have to see how far back it goes. when you go back eight years -- >> but people are suspicious you're not release because in january of 2012 you said that mitt romney was making a big release by not releasing his. >> but he wasn't under audit. i'm under audit. no lawyer would say release -- >> i agree. i'm a lawyer. >> i'm under audit. >> i would say not to release. >> there you have greta saying if i were your attorney i would not have you release it given the audit is not done. so do the people on the streets of america care about what mitt
5:09 am
romney has to say or what's inside donald trump's taxes? just about 40 minutes ago i was out on that street asking folks and this is what they had to say. >> what does mitt romney know anyway? he's so irrelevant, he's so 2000 whatever. wasn't mitt romney late to file his taxes as well? >> he claims that he's released all of he can, but i feel like he should come out and relea release -- it should be full disclosure if he wants to be the president. >> i'm a republican, i'm not a big fan of mr. trump but i'll vote for him. it beats the alternative. >> do you care what's in donald trump taxes? >> not really. maybe he's not as wealthy as he says he is, who knows. >> does that bother you? >> no. >> the first woman i talked to, whose name was gretchen, she had an appointment at 8:00 by the way -- >> and the show too. >> this one is learning how to be a jeweler. she said she actually voted for mitt romney four years ago and
5:10 am
yet, right now she doesn't get -- >> she's yesterday. >> well, all i say, go to his financials. he made $340 million in 2014. the one golf course lost money, one didn't. so he goes into detail on it. i mean, if mitt romney indicates and intimates as he a dealing with the mob -- >> well, that's very harry reid of him when reid said i have a guy that says mitt romney didn't pay his taxes for ten years. i do not recall four years ago mitt romney calling on barack obama to release any records of any kind. >> true. >> like brian said earlier on the show, what is he going to put on the record? like dealings with the mob. >> jimmy no neck gave me an -- >> yeah. i don't know if the mob files taxes. >> what do you think? do you care about donald trump's taxes? maybe you do, maybe you don't. do you care what mitt romney has to say? e-mail us or tweet us or facebook us. >> there's a woman to my right who's dying to be tossed to.
5:11 am
>> good morning. i'm thinking of the italian friends here in new york and they talk about how something fell off the back of the truck. >> make sure we declare this honey. >> yeah. new york area joke. good morning to you. i have some breaking news coming in overnight. the president of brazil has now been impeached, a historic vote in the brazilian senate suspending dilma rousseff. the police pepper sprayed massive crowds as people turned out fro protest. they're in the middle of the worst economic crisis. well, some dramatic video shows police officers beating a suspect. following a high speed chase and it's raising a lot of questions this morning. we want to warn you, that video is hard to watch. 15 seconds here, the scene leading to the investigation into the force used by massachusetts police officer. you can see them start to punch
5:12 am
the suspect as he attempts to get on the ground. the high speed chase took place yesterday afternoon. it spans several cities and it reached speeds of up to 90 miles per hour. that pursuit is being reviewed by a special committee. new overnight, australian transportation officials say they're almost certain that two new pieces of debris found on beaches in south africa back in march are from the missing flight 370. the only piece that is determined to have been from mh370 part of the wing that was found on the reunion island. a big win for a young baseball fan. this 6-year-old boy who had more than 30 surgeries to treat a condition of his heart finally meeting his hero. red sox slugger david ortiz. ortiz making it happen after he saw a special message from the young fan on twitter. listen. >> big papi, you never let me
5:13 am
down. the best to play in the red sox game and i'm trying the hardest to get out there at fenway park and meet you. bye. >> oh, that is the sweetest thing ever. that little guy's name is maverick shutty. he's finally made that trip to fenway park. he's from wyoming. and he was able to meet his hero, ortiz, known as the big papi. he practiced the hand shake and he caught a foul ball. amazing story. >> boston loves him. >> a nice guy. coming up, he's the only terrorist charged with murdering four americans in benghazi but president obama is giving him a pass on the death penalty. really? is this politics at play? and you have heard of
5:14 am
sanctuary cities that protect illegal immigrants in the cities but now there's about to be a sanctuary state. a whole state. is it your state? we'll tell you where it is, coming up. man, my feet are killin' me. same time tomorrow, fellas!? new dr. scholl's stimulating step insoles. they massage key pressure points with each step, for all day comfort that keeps you feeling more energized. dude's got skills. new dr. scholl's stimulating step insoles.
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5:18 am
we're sending a message to the world, that when americans are attacked no matter how long it takes we will find those responsible and we'll bring them to justice. >> yeah, those words from president obama following the dramatic capture of alleged benghazi ringleader ahmad abu khattala. he is accused of orchestrating the attacks that killed the four americans and chris stevens but now he won't face the death penalty. is this the law or are politics at play? joining me now is peter johnson jr. >> this is part of the same wooden, hollow, cynical, jaded, disreputable politics that killed the four men in benghazi and it continues today. and hillary clinton is part and parcel of this destructive pattern of behavior.
tv-commercial tv-commercial
5:19 am
you know, president obama and jay carney and hillary clinton said we'll bring the folks to justice and justice will be done. let's look what hillary clinton said and see where we are today and if she is saying anything today about it. >> we have seen rage and violence directed at american embassies over an awful internet video that we had nothing to do with. the fact is, we had four dead americans was it because of a protest or guys out for a walk decided to go kill some americans? what difference at this point does it make? >> well, she proves her point today. it makes no difference. >> well, there's a couple of things, peter. why are we not going for the death penalty, because the case is weak, it doesn't belong in the civilian court, first of all? >> well, does it belong in guantanamo, that's one issue. well, the evidence might be there. that's all nonsense. what this is about the government not wanting to put on
5:20 am
trial the comments made by the president of the united states for two weeks, by secretary of state hillary clinton for two weeks. by jay carney, by people in the white house. by susan rice. that lied to the american people about what happened and that becomes part and parcel of any trial in washington, d.c., or anywhere else in the country with regard to this defendant. this defendant if he is guilty and the evidence i believe shows that he's guilty, i haven't seen it all -- >> is he a ringleader and where are the other guys? >> i don't care about ringleader. they said he's part and parcel of it and for them to walk away that's an absolute injustice. >> because maybe -- >> that's wrong. >> maybe they have an underling. maybe the guy drinking frappuccinos -- is that the guy? >> get them all. >> we have one and we're not even -- >> death penalty is deserve. coming up -- thanks a lot, peter. janet napolitano, remember her? the former head of homeland
5:21 am
security, found a way to give illegals a break on college tuition while you're paying full price. it's the story that the establishment doesn't want you to see. the son of chuck norris is here next. ohomestyle sounds good.. country style, not without it's charms. brown sugar hickory. who says no to hickory? single-serve vegetarian? sure! there are no rules here. bush's beans. what's your favorite flavor? gegiving up all the thingsan she loves to do. it should just mean, well, finding new ways to do them. right at home's professional team thoughtfully selects caregivers to provide help with personal care, housekeeping, and of course, meal preparation. oh, that smells so good.
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time now for your "news by the numbers." 20,000, that's how many convicted immigrants homeland security released last year. among those convicted of hundreds of thousands of crimes including murder and sexual assault. $25.2 million, that's how much money the university of california's president janet napolitano just set aside to support undocumented students. the university's ten campuses are public and taxpayer funded. finally, $13 million, that's how many of your tax dollars were stolen by criminals who organized the country's largest
5:25 am
food stamp scheme. the feds busting the ring at a florida fish market. cops saying that cto trade food. meanwhile, what would happen if the u.s. power grid was wiped out? who would be in the best position to survive? in a new movie hitting theaters tomorrow, the audience is faced with that question and ultimately what happens when your government turns against you? >> well, let's hope it doesn't, but in the movie it does. the director of the new movie, "amerigeden" he's the son of chuck norris and he teamed up to make an ultimate political thriller. welcome. >> good morning. >> thank you. thank you. >> good to be here. >> where did this idea come from, gary? >> where did the idea come from? >> you know, we've been looking for a way to make a difference
5:26 am
in society. and movies that entertain while they teach was a great medium. because, you know, people will watch a movie. this idea was one of the important things. an emp attack on america is the number one threat to the survival of this country and this is according to two congressional emp committees. we wanted to wake people up and demand that our government do something to protect us. >> okay. if an emp -- if there was an emp attack, mike, what would happen? >> well, right now, north korea is sending a satellite over our country twice a day at the optimum altitude. it sends out massive amounts of energy that destroy electronics and the electric grid. if the electric grid is
5:27 am
destroyed you don't have water or internet or banking and our congress determined that 90% of americans would be dead in 12 months. this was a very serious issue. >> all right, mike, you know a lot of people are questioning the timing of this movie. was this purposely made and released during an election year? >> no, not at all. this is strictly a beautiful coincidence. and, you know, we started this project in -- in early 2015 and just the way the political climate has changed in the way you feel the uprising of the patriots in america, it's all coming together at a perfect time for us. >> all right. so now you have a clip for us. it's a soldier against police officers, essentially -- marshal law after the attack. >> we have to restore order. so you tell your men to get their gear and mount up. >> what is our mission? >> disarm the population, subdue resistance at any cost.
5:28 am
>> no way that martial law was declared that quickly. >> you will follow the orders or i'll have you arrested. >> sir, i have sworn to protect and defend the constitution of the united states. i will not fire on innocent american citizens. >> then you'll die. >> back off. >> oh, man. so gary, this is not a political movie, per se. is this -- are you trying to tip the electorate in one direction or just a coincidence it would happen in the election year? >> you probably know i'm a major republican donor, at least i have been over the years. yes, i'm trying to influence the political process. you know, there's a great awakening in our country right now. americans have realized that there's a criminal elite in washington that's stolen our country and i believe this is driving the trump movement. they see someone that just might have the nerve to take our country back. and as a result, our movie has created a movement.
5:29 am
we have had over 4 million people watch the trailer. social networking is extraordinary. i believe it's tied in to the great awakening in america right now. we want our country back. >> all right. well, the movie opens tomorrow nationwide. mike norris and gary haven, thank you very much. the movie opens tomorrow in select cities i should say. >> thank you so much. we wish you the best. >> thank you, guys. >> well, looks like a great clip. 31 minutes before the top of t the hour. >> remember when alan grayson said republicans want you to die quickly? >> the republican health care plan is die quickly. that's right, the republicans want you the die quickly if you get sick. >> well now his fellow democrats want him to lose his race for senate. you have to hear this one to believe it. >> who doesn't? and donald trump is on the move right now. he's headed to capitol hill to meet with paul ryan. so what's at stake here? frank luntz says the whole enchilada.
5:30 am
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when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. more complete allergy relief. flonase. 6>1 changes everything. well, it was just going to about quiet little sit down talk. but that's not happened. look at this. i think every camera in washington, d.c., right now is outside the rnc headquarters in washington where 27 minutes from right now, donald trump is going to meet with the speaker of the house, paul ryan, at rnc hq and then reince and then the republican leadership will meet with donald trump himself. >> and does it matter, frank luntz is here. he's going to answer that.
5:34 am
>> it matters, big time. you never had the situation of the potential of the republican leadership in the house and the senate running contrary to their presidential candidate. now, paul ryan's got guts that he's prepared to take a lot of heat from people like sarah palin -- >> he is taking heat. >> he is taking some heat and from his own members but he's saying to the presumptive republican nominee, you have to have an agenda and you have to listen to the things that we are trying to accomplish in terms of tax policy, minimum wage, wasteful washington spending, national security. this is an essential meeting. they have to walk out unified. i want to put this in context. this is not just a presidential race up for grabs. the senate majority and the house is under threat. if they can't figure out an accommodation -- >> the house majority is under threat? >> they're under threat because there are millions of trump voters who may not vote republican if they feel their candidate is dissed. there are millions of independents who are not sure if donald trump should be
5:35 am
president. and they're wondering whether the republicans will fall in line. this is the most difficult high wire act that i have seen in modern politics. how do you capture the independents and the trump voters at the same time? >> right. let me ask you this. last week when paul ryan was being interviewed on cnbc, he said i'm -- >> cnn. >> was it cnn? another channel i don't watch. he said, i'm not ready to endorse donald trump. had he thought that through or did he want to they? >> paul ryan does not say anything he hasn't thought through. he's the most thorough and intellectual -- >> of course he knew he was going to be asked that question. it happened the night before. >> because he's a policy guy as he should be. we want our elected officials not only to look at election day, but we want them to stand for something and believe in something. paul ryan does. you have to find a way to cooperate. >> people are scared of donald trump and bob woodward from "the
5:36 am
washington post," he says, we have 20 people that we have hired at "the washington post" that are going to go after donald trump, dig up stuff from his past. we're going to be printing articles every day about donald trump. >> why don't they do about hillary clinton? she lost in west virginia and in indiana. this is the weakest presidential candidate in our lifetime and yet no focus on the fact it's clear she is the nominee and yet she cease still losing democratic primaries. we're going to have an election of this person who's disliked and this person who is disliked and we haven't had anything like this. >> doesn't it go back to people saying i'm sick of the establishment, we're tired of the rigged rules? >> congress has a 12% job approval rating. gadhafi had a 15% job approval rating and that was among the people who killed him. >> oh, man. >> so you have all the negativity going on and they have to find a way to live
5:37 am
together. if they want to secure the majority. >> but frank, if you're speaker ryan, you could love trump or hate -- doesn't matter. but if speaker ryan wants to preserve the majority of the house and the senate, what is he best off doing? >> good question. so the first thing he has to do is secure the base and they're upset with congress right now, because frankly they don't think the republicans have done enough and barack obama vetoes everything that the gop has tried to do. he has to secure the base. point number two, you don't get to the majority unless you win those swing voters. so somehow ryan has to get every trump voter and has to get a few people who are considering voting for hillary clinton. it's a very tall order but you don't want win the majority just in texas. you need ohio. pennsylvania. florida. republicans in new york. florida. colorado and nevada. it's very tough, but if there's anyone who can do it, paul ryan can do. >> when they come out together, will it be arm in arm, will they be five feet apart from each other? what is the one thing they need to say? >> thank you for not touching me. hopefully they will be more than
5:38 am
just shaking hands. hopefully they will acknowledge that they're going to agree to disagree because you don't just fall in line. >> sure. >> but they'll acknowledge that a republican majority is more effective and better for the country than a hillary clinton, speaker pelosi and majority leader -- not going to be reid anymore, but chuck schumer. >> frank, thank you very much. good analysis. >> let's see if it happens. >> it's now 22 minutes before the top of the hour and heather has some news. >> good morning to you. she had her life changed with one hit and those who were paid to protect her failed her. a lacrosse player is suing her school for being hit in the head with a lacrosse stick. the officials on the field did not treat her early enough so she kept on playing. the family claims it made her symptoms significantly worse,
5:39 am
leading to the month out of school and plummeting grades. we'll keep you posted on what happens with this case. illegal immigrants may soon mark delaware on their maps and that's because a bill proposed by senate democrats in that state would make delaware the first sanctuary city -- excuse me, sanctuary state. they limit what law enforcement officers could do to deport illegals and they could issue a driver privilege card. lawmakers called that bill a free pass. imagine that. you have heard of sanctuary cities and now a sanctuary state. well, hillary clinton has often said this about her e-mail scandal. listen. >> the justice department has the e-mails. they have the server. they're conducting a security inquiry. there is a security inquiry going on. it's a security inquiry. >> but listen to this development. the director of the fbi has a very different take. james comey is saying, quote, we are conducting an investigation.
5:40 am
that's the bureau's business. that's what we do. i'm not familiar with the term, security inquiry. you know, as hillary clinton calls it. the feds are looking into the possible criminal wrongdoing and clinton's use of the private e-mail server to conduct state department business. and do you remember when the democrat alan grayson said this about republicans? >> the republican health care plan is this. die quickly. that that's right. the republicans wanted you to die quickly if you get sick. >> right, of course. well, now that congressman is attacking his own party. he is accusing senator reid of trying to get him fired. there was a fight that erupted on capitol hill after the florida democrat accused reid of keeping him out of an open senate seat. well, reid responded by saying, quote, i want you to lose. and those are your headlines. how about that? a lot of stuff going on in washington today. >> no kidding. >> he's hard to get along with by all account.
5:41 am
>> this from somebody on capitol hill, according to his social media director, donald trump has arrived in d.c. he has landed there. and the crews at the rnc, as you see every crew is there. we'll be taking a picture of him pulling up shortly. >> early indications are this is supposed to go very smooth for donald trump today. see how it ends up. and her brother -- let me tell you what else is coming up. her brother is a fan of pina coladas and dancing in the rain. she probably is. lucy buffett is here cooking up with a special meal plan. >> is that a buffett or a buffet. a look at the weather, we have some weather going on in the southeast. >> yeah, look out for the green. soon.
5:42 am
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5:45 am
all right. it's time for a quick look at your headlines on a thursday. a controversial question, can a suspect be forcibly medicated so he can face charges he tried to join al qaeda that's on the docket in north carolina. a federal judge ruled he can be forcibly treated for schizophrenia to testify. a three-judge panel will make the final decision about that guy. a second trial getting under way for the officer charged in freddie gray's death. edward nero is one of the six baltimore cops facing charges after gray died in the back of a police van. ne nero's case will go before a judge, not a jury. in two more than two hours, george zimmerman putting the gun he used to kill trayvon martin
5:46 am
up for auction. bidding starts at $5,000. will it sell? we'll tell you tomorrow. and now this -- ♪ ♪ searching for my lost shaker of salt ♪ ♪ salt, salt, salt >> all right. now everybody. ♪ there's a woman to blame >> we'll sing the whole segment away. ♪ and i know >> and if you like margaritas and steve and ainsley singing, you'll love this recipe. >> joining us right now is jimmy buffett's sister, who makes a better margarita than him, so she says. if you have been to destin, florida, you know her restaurant. she is the author of this book "lulu's kitchen." >> so nice to be with you guys. >> you never thought this was your destiny, to be a cook and to buy a restaurant.
5:47 am
right? >> no. i was not planning on doing that. i went back to alabama to take care of my parents. i was living in los angeles. but i was a good cook. but i was working in production out there. i got the offer to open a tiny water front dive. it had 20 seats. it had -- i did everything. and it's a little cinderella story. >> now you serve what, a million people a year at your location? >> a little over that. >> you're doing okay. >> i'm doing okay. >> and jimmy always comes in for some gumbo. >> i don't blame him. >> he's flying over. he used to come more when mama was alive. >> what are we making today? >> sloppy shrimp. sloppy shrimp. it's based on the new orleans recipe, but it's a sauteed shrimp. ready? >> melt some butter. >> and some olive oil. garlic, going in. so -- >> make ainsley do something. >> want me to add the shrimp?
5:48 am
>> sure. rosemary. >> all right. >> what is this one? >> that is our seasoning mix. >> a lot of seasoning. >> well, it's got to be. it's spicy. >> this is in your cookbook? >> in the cookbook. >> do we add this? >> not yet. >> this is the secret ingredient -- beer. and you drink the rest of it. >> put it in there. >> it's honey ale from my crazy sister. >> all right. >> worcestershire. then this is shrimp stock. >> okay. >> lemon juice. >> the whole recipe will be on >> this is lemon zest. now the shrimp. when this gets hot enough -- and we're outside -- >> use your hands. okay. >> when it comes to shrimp, how long do you cook it when that
5:49 am
stuff is boil? >> three minutes. >> that's it. >> do you catch it yourself? >> you know, i have been shrimping, brian. you know, where we are in the coast, you know, the alabama gulf coast, we do a lot of recreation. a lot of water recreation. we work really hard and we play hard. >> when does this happen? >> look at this, guys. she has grits to go with it. shrimp and grits. >> very southern. >> yeah. >> rosemary grits. then we have banana pudding which is a classic. >> my favorite. >> absolutely. >> if you would like the recipe it's on her cookbook is called "lulu's kitchen." >> it is available at any bookseller. >> thank you. round of applause for lucy buffett. >> enjoy! >> thank you. >> i appreciate being here. >> you're just darling. coming up, you are looking live outside -- look at this, lucy. you know we have been talking
5:50 am
about this story all day. that's the rnc headquarters, where donald trump and paul ryan are meeting in a few minutes. trump has just arrived. we'll take you there live in moments. >> awesome. but first, let's check in with bill hemmer. >> send some of that up here. they're talking, what will they say? where are we at end of this important day? donald trump and paul ryan, here we go. we'll talk to the trump team. we'll talk to leading republicans. terrific analysis on this today. also, news on isis. new information on benghazi. it is a big and important morning of news and martha and i will see you, ten minutes away, top of the hour in "america's newsroom." i invest with e*trade, where investors can investigate and invest in vests... or not in vests. sign up at and get up to six hundred dollars.
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tell your doctor about your medical history, muscle or nerve conditions and medications including botulinum toxins, as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. look me... in the eyes... and see what's possible... botox® cosmetic. it's time to take a closer look. okay. you're looking live we believe that is the motorcade of paul ryan.
5:54 am
it's at rnc headquarters in washington, d.c. donald trump is expected to arrive any minute now to speak to speaker ryan. donald trump, you can see in the background right there. >> there he is. >> yep. there he is in the white shirt, blue tie and the blond hair. he is coming up toward the camera. >> yeah. you know what it looks like? hey, i'm tired of waiting in this car, how close are we to the entrance? >> you know who is is at the entrance, is garrett tenney. >> reporter: good morning. like most events you have crowds lining the streets outside ahead of the meeting. and protesters who have gathered outside here to protest donald trump's stance on immigration which is a concern for paul ryan and many others as well in terms of the ban on muslims entering the country.
5:55 am
both sides are billing this more as a getting to know each other rather than trying to fix all of the problems and concerns that are separating them. but the meeting does have implications. both in the near term and the long term for the republican party. many gop lawmakers still have real concerns about supporting donald trump as their nominee. and the point of these meetings is to hopefully ease some of the concerns wi concerns with unifying the party ahead of the general election. after meeting with paul ryan and reince priebus, he'll meet with the rest of the leadership team at 9:30. then he'll head over to the senate side to meet with top republicans at 11:45. we are told those will focus on general principles rather that on specific issues and that neither side is expecting the other to change their positions. ryan has not said what exactly he needs to hear from trump in order to support him and says they do not -- trump's camp says they do not expect ryan to
5:56 am
endorse trump after a single meeting. we'll hear more from ryan about how the meeting went at his weekly press conference at 11:30. until then we'll keep a close eye on the meetings. >> garrett tenney where it's loud there. the protesters are chanting undocumented there. >> the headquarters where garrett was standing with all the protesters looks like donald trump and paul ryan are coming in from the back alley. >> there are people who are aboard with trump, kevin mccarthy, he'll help him in california where he's in fact from. and there are a lot of people on board, including michael mccaul who will -- >> that's right. trump is not expected to meet with the congressman who back him as well. more from new york next. advil makes pain a distant memory. nothing works faster stronger or longer
5:57 am
what pain? advil.
5:58 am
5:59 am
what can you expect from the summit today? >> mark says donald trump must stand by his beliefs and not
6:00 am
give in to the career politicians. >> john goes to twitter. these gentlemen are both successful americans and they deserve cooperation and progress. let's see who's right. we'll be back with the latest tomorrow. dr. ben carson, newt gingrich and other great people. >> have a great day. bill: thank you, guys. donald trump goes to washington. the highly anticipated meeting is now under way. the republican leaders meeting at the rnc. the flies are on the wall, we wish we were two of them, but we are not. we are here. martha: good morning, i'm martha maccallum. we have both sides reportedly looking to clear the air. these meetings are going to get started at the rnc in the shadow of cap shill which includes the heavy hitters in the republican party. reince priebus is a good friend of fall ryan's the entire republican house


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