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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  May 12, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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jon: we will be back with more in an hour. outnumbered starts now. >> fox news a, donald the presumptive gop nominee goes face-to-face with speaker of the house paul ryan. sitting down with other key republican leaders. the unity of the republican party possibly at stake as we have reaction from the major players. this is outnumbered, i'm harris talking her. here today, kos kimberly gilchrist, host of kennedy on foxbusiness, kennedy herself. democraticstrategist julie regency and happy days are here, today's hashtag one lucky guy, veteran actor scott mayo you are not in charge today, you are outnumbered . >> iam certainly outnumbered
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but i brought my polkadot socks area . >> we love it. >> those are fancy. >> my wife told me they are hitright now. >> they fit in with harrises color wheel. >> they do . >> so happy with the wheel. >> that kills us. >> did you have the same color? >> you cannot wear the same color so harris is very artistic, she puts out the wheel. >> there's a science to this. >> can we spend the next 80 minutes talking about this? >> let's begin with a big day on capitol hill. a fast breaking schedule as donald trump holding meetings as i said with top republicans and now we are told he is with senate gop leaders. he met last hour with house republican leadership and before that the day began with donald trump meeting separately with rnc chairman rest primus and paul ryan. the two men have had some differences as of late. what ryan last week that he's not ready to back the nominee
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and yet minutes ago, speaker ryan while some say differences may remain calling the meeting a good start. watch. >> it was our first meeting, i was very encouraged with this meeting but it is a process. it takes a little time. you don't put it together in 45 minutes so that is why we had like i said, a very good start and it was very important that wedon't fake unifying. we don't pretend unification. that we truly and actually unified so that we are) then the fall. i don't want us to have a fake unification process here. i want to make sure we really, truly understand each other and that we are committed to the conservative principles that make the republican party, that built this country and i'm very encouraged . >> speaker ryan has not yet formally endorsed donald trump and scott, the entire
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time you said what a joke. why? >> this is why i am sort of gone with the republican party. i'm fed up with the way they handle every situation. they can't stop shooting themselves in the foot. trump is the nominee, period. you get behind him. if this was a democrat and it was hillary or bernie, it's over.everybody is lock step with that person but we have to make a big event, make a big stink out of it. you do the stuff behind closed doors, you don't do this so the american people can see how on unified you are. you're a big shot paul ryan, i get it. you don't have to make big grandstand and get trump to come to've got to go to him. he's the guy now and i hope this puts an end to it. this is a fine line for donald trump who i think is great by the way. does he want this endorsement? does he want this, because
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he's been so antiestablishment the whole time here. does he want to get into bed with these people? i don't know. he's a smarter guy than i so he will make that decision but just cut the crap and get behind the guy. >> scott brings up a good point in terms of the optics of this for donald trump being so outside washington very inside today with a series of meetings. it's very pretty presidential in how all of this is going on you might say. but the question becomes, he has to do this doesn't he because he's got to get a budget through if he comes next president. >> mark there are some things he will have to do on capitol hill beyond being the nominee. >> you are so right here is because this is taking it to another level, more of a macro view of what's going to happen going forward. he is the nominee but he is running for president of the united states and should he defeat hillary clinton he's going to have to govern and part of that is working with these teams to be able to put legislation forward, to be able to work in lock step in terms of things you want to block or want to get forward so this was important. i like some of what paul ryan
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had to say and i have great respect for him. he is a very bright star in the republican party. i did love him coming out and saying the remarks about mister trump being the presumptive nominee. however today i think he tried to walk that back a little bit and show there was some positives without saying i endorse him right away but let's move forward with it. >> you know what donald trump did, julie and i have to say for democrats watching from the other side of the political while you must be salivating.>> i'm not salivating because quite honestly i think we need to two strong parties in this country. i'm not salivating at the demise of the republican party as we know it. i have sympathy for what you are saying, scott. there are a lot of republican saying we can't fathom this and the people who are never trump or the people who are poor trump and hate what paul ryan is doing, i don't know if it's good for our democracy to have weakened republican party the way it is right now. i have a lot of sympathy for paul ryan. he spent the last 20 years building the republican party on a set of principles.
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they may not be principles i agree with but they are a set of principles nevertheless. here comes donald trump who in many ways has blown up those principles. whether that's good or bad thing for the party, i will let people in the party decide but if you are paul ryan, worry about your house majority. you have to make sure you have a majority to deal with the next president and donald trump is not making it easy for him. >> what i meant from across the political aisle, you guys haven't gotten it together either. >> you're rightabout that, we have a better way of getting together once it's all over. >> we will see. the anti-hillary among the bernie sanders boat . >> the republicans figured that out very quickly that it's better for them to squash the services before they turn into full conflagration so bernie sanders and donald trump can keep tag teaming hillary. that's best for them. what i see here though is , it's two people so concerned
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about maintaining their own brand. paul ryan wants to be president one day. donald trump wants to be president in a few months so what they are doing is really posturing and gathering as much land as they can for themselves and i think most people don't care about that because you know what they're not doing? they don't have the best interest of people in this country who are definitely hurting and that's why these messages like bernie sanders and on trump, where they overlap are resonating with people. >> scott, what was interesting is after the comments had been made, speaker ryan took a few questions and one of our producers asked you know, it sounds like the only thing you guys are agreeing on is going after hillary clinton. is there any other area? we have job numbers coming out and they were anemic. we had a lot going on in this seems like a missed opportunity for speaker ryan to stand up and say here are all the other areas we agree.>> that my point. they don't want to come together. it's not about us, it's always about ben and holding onto them and you just said. people are hurting out there.
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can we at least figure out a way and i see again, i kind of agree with what you said earlier but we do this behind closed doors so we can fix what needs to be fixed, come together, beat hillary clinton or bernie sanders, it's not going to be bernie sanders but. >> don't tell bernie that. he's the last one to realize that by the way. >> he would be appalled to have as the nominee but just get this over with and stop making it about you and your power and what you need. it's about the country. >> it was interesting to see donald trump do exactly what he said he was going to do, kind of the art of the deal, be willing to walk away from the table. >> i love the guy. >> moving on. clinton going after donald trump for not releasing his tax returns but is it hypocritical of the democratic front runner when she still refuses to release the transcripts of her wall street speeches, once she made for $200,000 and fbi
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attention to what's going on right now. we are outside on the perimeter of what's going on inside right now the team between donald trump and the senate republican leadership now. that's from the actual senatorial campaign building and he's meeting there, that's the senate side of capitol hill. when this wraps up, we don't know whatwill happen. we're not sure if we will get another statement like we had today, see someone walk up to the podium . we haven't heard from donald trump, don't know if that is the case but we will bring you the news as it happens >> that building just quivering with power and excitement. hillary clinton opening a attacks on donald trump over his failure to release his tax returns despite her own refusal to release transcripts from speeches given to wall street firms. >> what about his taxes?
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we will get around to that also. and when you run for president, especially when you become the nominee that is kind of expected. i have release 33 years of tax returns. we've got eight years on our website right now. [applause] so you got to ask yourself why doesn't he want to release them? yeah, well we are going to find out. >> well, mitt romney also going after trunk, writing on facebook quote, it is disqualifying or a presidential nominee to refuse to release tax returns to the voters. there is only one logical explanation. we can only assume it's a bombshell of unusual size. and our greta van susteren pressing the presumptive nominee on the issue last night where he appeared to change his tune. watch. >> people are suspicious that you are not releasing them because in january 2012 you said to me that mitt romney was making a big mistake by not releasing his.
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>> he wasn't underwater, i'm not underwater. a lawyer would not say release it so the answer is hopefully before the election i will release and i'd like to release. you learn very little from my tax returns. i release my financials and my financials show tremendous numbers, very little debt. >> the last president who failed to release his full tax return, harold ford. a big issue and by the way, he's getting it from from both sides. getting hit for by mitt romney. >> that's why i'm a little confused about the messenger. i get the message and this is something that donald trump has said he will do when the audit is over so now the question is will the audit be over before or after the election question mark i don't know if we can answer that. that's the point but with mitt romney, the ira account he had and the private equity analysts were like wow, we thought the cap was 30,000 and you got millions in there.
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how does that happen? lots of questions so i don't know. i question the messenger. >> what about the other unusual size question mark what does it mean, that he's really rich? it could be possible that he's actually being audited and an attorney maybe has in fact told him not to move forward . >> i wish mitt romney would go after barack obama with this thing the same way he's going after donald trump. i think mitt romney's problem is, and i campaigned for mitt romney and paul ryan but he's just a big baby. i think he's upset that another businessman is now the republican nominee and in my opinion is going to win this election because he blew the last election, mitt romney. he blew it badly and these tax returns and all that, greta started agree with donald trump. your financial statement is what you look at and if you are in the water you do not release the tax returns let's wait and i'm not interested in everybody's tax returns anymore. i want to fix.
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>> i agree with scott. i honestly don't care. i love transparency but what is this fetish with tax returns? i don't get it. >> mitt romney is like, he may have deducted something that he gave to a criminal organization because that's what you do. when you itemize your deductions you always put the mob in there just to make sure. for safekeeping. i really don't understand what i do agree that hillary clinton's speech is to goldman sachs could be such a conflict of interest, we can learn so much in their that i really, i don't care if everyone else releases their speeches. go ahead, give us everything. >> i would say two things.a big bombshell is probably not as worth as much as he claims. it would be to crime on the planet but it's not to be as rich as you claim years and first of all, richard nixon was under audit and if richard nixon could releases tax returns, donald trump can and how about releasing the part not under audit? i you or two maybe under audit but release the previous one. the sign that he doesn't demonstrates that he doesn't
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want us to see is real network because it's probably not as high as he claims it is. >> it's development against his credibility. >> james comey speaking up about his agency's investigation into hillary clinton's emails. our speculation begins as the probe maybe winding down. he says he feels pressure to finish quickly and confidently but he's not tethered to any timetable. comey also had something to say without clinton describes the case as a routine security inquiry. here's comey on face the nation was her answer to those people who say to the fbi inquiry, that's a big deal. what do you say to them. >> i say what i said now for many months. it's a security inquiry. i always take classified material seriously. there was never any material marked classified that was sent orreceived by me and i
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look forward to this being wrapped up . >> fox's katherine harris with her reaction. the fbi chief insisting it's an investigating investigation saying, it's in our name. i'm not familiar with the term security inquiry. >> this seems to be typical what the clintons do. they rename stuff and then they talk about it sort of in the periphery of what's going on. they never quite answer the question and they keep pushing it down the road until some other big news item comes up and everybody seems to forget about it and life goes on. they've done it with everything but this is the most intricate web of deception in thehistory of politics , this email scandal and somebody is slow walking this thing because we know she did something illegal. moving the server, according to joseph napolitano that's an illegal thing. if you're the secretary of state, move it somewhere else. you can't do it.
9:20 am
so they are being told to slow walk this is my opinion. >> i met i guess my big question is where is the pressure coming from? can he aim that pressure question mark why do you think there's pressure, because he said it. >> i mean pressure in the sense that he says people are pressuring him. he feels pressured. >> from everybody on this count, in the media, in the public . [overlapping conversation] >> no, no, congress is pressuring him. he feels public pressure to get this wrapped up one way or the other. he didn't say that. >> he said i'd rather do it right were quickly or i think i'm paraphrasing here, i'd rather do it right then quickly. at that's what he saying in response to the pressure. comey is not a hack. comey stood up to the previous administration and basically threatened to quit his job when he felt he was being pressured to do
9:21 am
something he felt was illegal so say what you will about james comey. i think what hillary clinton did was a humongous mistake. >> you think he will walk away during the obama administration? >> there's no question from what i've heard about james comey that if he feelshe should differ an indictment he would not only quit but people in the agency . [overlapping conversation] >> no question he's a man of principle so i think we need to wait and see. >> the fact that he went on the record, talk to katherine harris and not an anonymous source same i don't know what a security inquiry is and the fact that the clintons are taking this language and throwing it in the face of the fbi, is incredibly dangerous for them. it is incredibly bold game they are playing considering they got everything she's ever wanted on the line and they dragging with it and it shows the level of frustration within the department and as judge napolitano also pointed out on my show last night that if
9:22 am
you have fbi agents leaking information like the cheryl mills walkout during the interrogation, that goes to show the level of frustration they are dealing with across the bureau. >> it's an investigation which means criminal investigation.that's what they do. >> the point that i was alluding to is it in fact somebody in hillary clinton's campaign is applying pressure, how important would that be to know? >> it would be significant and by the way, i think he's going to get the job done here. as judge napolitano, you don't need to have specific intent for this so this is a pretty straightforward case and it's pretty outrageous what happened here, it's egregious and she can't deny this is big what's going on because look at all the people that have been walked in an interview. it's significant. [overlapping conversation] >> you think by the election it will be wrapped up? >> the white house and republican lawmakers, they want president obama's deputy advisor ben rhodes to testify
9:23 am
on capitol hill after his comments that basic misled the public to push the iran nuclear deal. plus plus,éafter a training drill seen on this video portraying us the suicide bomber as a muslim. is the terrorist becoming to pc? >> what's it like to be in good hands? man, it's like pure power at your finger tips. like the power to earn allstate reward points, every time i drive. ...want my number? and cash back for driving safe. and the power to automatically find your car... i see you car! and i got the power to know who's coming and when if i break down. must be gerry. hey... in means getting more from your car insurance with the all-powerful drivewise app. it's good to be in, good hands.
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♪ ♪ kennedy: welcome back to "outnumbered." a top white house adviser appeared to brag about manipulating the press to sell the iran nuclear deal. the house oversight committee is now demanding deputy national security adviser ben rhodes testify next tuesday after boasting to "the new york times" magazine about creating an echo chamber of journalists and experts who pushed the iran deal, and the article suggests the obama administration crafted a false narrative to get the public behind the plan.
9:28 am
rhodes has not yet responded to the testimony request, but white house spokesman eric schultz slamming republicans saying the iran deal was debated and scrutinized for months last year. republicans could not muster the votes to block it and are now seeking to relitigate that old political fight. well, they wouldn't be talking about any of this, scott, if ben rhodes hadn't started flapping his trap or -- >> i'm totally shock that the most transparent administration in history would be deceitful about some sort of huge iran nuclear deal. it blows my mind. but, you know, it just sort of -- [laughter] solidifies in my head that everything that -- and i'm sorry, julie -- everything that this administration -- >> i'm not part of the administration. >> -- sort of slight of hand, back door, over your head, behind your back, and you get what you vote for, folks. this is what you got. kennedy: it's not the change that i had hoped for, scott. absolutely not. so why can't some of these people instead of just attacking
9:29 am
republicans, people are so sick of this party nonsense. you know this. why can't they just acknowledge what rhodes said, and why that might be egregious? julie: this is why i left washington, this is why i hated working on the hill, this is why i would never go back to that horrible city. you've got on one hand a self-promoting, a self-promoting staffer who wants to make himself look super important by talking about how influential he is, and you've got a press corps that's shrewding. this journalist -- if i can even call him that -- who wrote what i consider to be the biggest puff piece and that's saying a lot, the two of them are in an echo chamber talking about how great the other one. look, ben rhodes is a done, because he decided to tell everybody how brilliant he is, what a brilliant strategist you are. you work for the president, stop inflating yourself. give me a break. all he did is create a needless controversy only to promote himself and to promote his
9:30 am
standing. kennedy: what happens if they call him before the committee to testify? >> harris: it's dicey for the white house. people have pointed a finger at, this deal is not popular with our allies, israel, many others around the world, saudi arabia's not happy with this deal. this deal was problem matteddic -- problematic on many levels. this is not good for the white house right now, which is why i would imagine that spokesperson eric schultz got on the record recently by saying, well, you know, there's the zika virus -- julie: and opioid addiction. harris: the iran deal is important too. and i was told by this president, as everybody else in america, that he could multitask. so this opens the door for him to have to multitask and take questions about a legacy point for him. kennedy: great point. no, but it was a very clumsy dismissal of the request for rhodes to testify by the white house spokesperson. kimberly: of course. they can't handle it, because
9:31 am
this could be problematic on so many front seat, and this is a guy who is dsm-5 access narcissistic -- [laughter] right? he's, like, it's all about me. he's going to say, oh, executive privilege or privileged communications with the president, i'm not going to be able to give you this information. that's the game he's going to play, because he can't open himself up to that kind of liability and exposure on multiple fronts but he should be pressed on it, and this deal shouldn't have happened to begin with, and this is further -- julie: i'm offended as a former staffer. you do not promote yourself that way -- harris: wow, that's an interesting take on it. julie: you should be happy for this reporter, as a member of the press. harris: we'll move on. police many britain are apologizing for using a mock suicide bomber shoutingal lieu act bar in a terror-training drill designed to be as real as possible.
9:32 am
video shows a man dressed in black enter a mall, in the food court of that mall, and repeatedly yell god is great in arabic before detonating fake explosives. here it is. watch for yourself. >> allahu akbar! allahu akbar! harris: critics slammed the drill calling it stereotyping, and british police quickly backed down. >> the words that we used as part of that role play were unacceptable, and the apology that has been issued was both prompt but absolutely right and proper that was put out. harris: muslim groups are refusing to accept that apology. they say they want whomever is responsible to be fired. kimberly, so basically as i understand this, they were tasked with making this real. and why would that be? because not long ago the islamic state savages put out a video
9:33 am
that named a mall, the oxford mall in london, they named our mall of america -- al-shabaab has wanted to blow that up many times -- and they named many others in the western culture. so the big question is, isn't in the type of thing that would actually help us prepare? we saw what they did in westgate in kenya with. kimberly: of course. there's multiple threat levels on a lot of fronts with specific targets like malls. why not make it as realistic as possible? we all love our "24" jack bauer and our reality tv but we can't handle it in real life when we have people putting their lives on the line? make it as real as possible. use the words they use, be prepared on all fronts. let's not, like, kid around. that's why they're winning and we're not, because we're too worried about hurting feelings and sending hallmark cards out to apologize. we give the apology once, move on. harris: now, this is usually the
9:34 am
time when julie to roginsky bounds off the couch. but you're not. julie: thank you for saying that, i agree with kimberly 100% -- harris: i'm writing that down. kimberly: please. julie: you should. what is so offensive about this? i'm not a security person, but this is what the london security forces have determined is what happens in a situation if somebody does say allahu akbar in a terrorist simulation, why not -- i'm only bounding off the couch at the fact that the police apologized. what are they apologizing for? it's exactly what the reality apparently is. harris: so, scott, in talking with members of our muslim community through some reporting, one of the things that happens when you have something like this that they are offended by is it pits it in their -- puts it in their hands to have to defuse this within their own community. so that apology, they don't want to accept it in britain, but what do you think on about how y move forward? should they scrub this mission and its language and sanitize it? julie: like the white house?
9:35 am
harris: did you say the white house? >> why don't they defuse the fact -- this is so confusing to me, guys. so islamic terrorists can chop your head off, they can blow you up, they can kill children, they can set you on fire, they can drown you alive, they can wreak havoc all over the world, but you can't say allahu akbar so that we can prevent this, that kind of thing from happening? i mean, what universe are we living in? either -- listen, in my opinion, you've got to stop kissing butt and start kicking butt. we can't do this anymore. these people want to kill us. julie: right. >> so me? i'm prepared. it's so unfortunate. i go to a mall now with my daughter or my wife, and dang it, if i'm not looking around. so you want to say allahu akbar to save some lives, have at it. if you want to be a wimp and apologize for it, that's on you, and if you kill people because
9:36 am
of that, that's on you. kimberly: he's right. political correctness is making us less safe, and that's the problem. harris: kennedy, they had 800 volunteers, they chose specific language not to point out the religious aspects of anybody who might try to attack, but just to mimic some of the things that have actually happened and have actually -- kennedy: yeah. and, you know, you're also dealing with probability. if you're in a crowded mall and someone runs in and screams allahu akbar, according to the apologists, you should sit there and grab a hot dog on a stick and have a lovely afternoon sipping your orange crush because it's just another day at the mall, because it doesn't mean anything bad's going to happen. no, actually, the probability is a lot of people are going to die including the person who screamed it. and the fact that, you know, this particular muslim organization is not coming out trying to better define their religion, that's offensive to me. because if there are tenets of their religion that are peaceful and wonderful and beautiful, do a better job of explaining that,
9:37 am
and do a better job of differentiating yourself from murderers and savages who want to kill people and commit genocide than just demanding an apology from people who are trying to keep -- harris: last quick word. julie: i don't think it's on them to redefine the religion. harris: yeah, it is. julie: i do think it is on them to not prevent people -- kennedy: differentiate it and define it. julie: it's not up to us to define our religion. kennedy: if your religion is responsible, if people are -- julie: well, that's like saying he was a gun owner or, and you have to be responsible for everyone who walks into a theater -- >> no, it doesn't. kennedy: yes, it is. julie: that's a great comparison because you're using a blanket statement. they're not responsible for somebody else's behavior and how they want to pervert their religion. kennedy: no, what they're doing is perverting the argument -- julie: that's a different story. i agree with you on that, but it's not up to them to clarify
9:38 am
their religion. harris: all right. hillary clinton may have a new opposition research team in the mainstream media, the newspaper that now has a small army of journalists digging into every aspect of donald trump's life. is that as it should be? does it prove that they're taking sides? we'll talk about it. stay with us. ♪ ♪ it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in. running a small business is definitely difficult. and we've been traveling a lot. hello welcome to holiday inn. the hotel becomes our mobile office. hi. holiday inn is an extension of our team. the boutiques are just right over here.
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these are difficult times for elderly holocaust survivors
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harris: fox news alert, just want to keep you apprised of what's happening, donald trump on capitol hill today all day since this morning, first meeting with paul ryan, speaker of the house s and then members of the house leadership for the gop and now in with senatorial members at the national be republican building you see. we're focused on the garage because we've been told to expect his departure. if we catch this, we'll bring it to you live. right now we're watching for it. so that's one thing. also, donald trump travels in a
9:43 am
motorcade, so as cars begin to emerge, we'll be watching for that. we'll bring it to you live if that happens in the next few minutes. if you want to know exactly how the meeting went and what was said that he would want to share, watch tonight, 10 p.m. eastern, hannity will talk with donald trump. don't miss it. and we won't miss that shot too should he come out moments from now. kimberly: that's going to be fantastic. all right, well, hillary clinton may not look any further than the mainstream media to dig up dirt on donald trump, because "the washington post" apparently has an army of reporters digging into every facet of the presumptive gop nominee's life. the paper's bob woodward spoke to a d.c. gathering on wednesday saying, quote: there's a lot we don't know. we have 20 people working on trump. we're going to do a book, we're doing articles about every phase of his life. and at the same gathering, woodword dismissing suggestions that hillary clinton used her
9:44 am
private e-mails to distribute classified information saying: no one thinks she had the intent to break the law or jeopardize security. his remarks come as the post has published several trump stories including a deep dig into his tex talk on howard stern's -- sex talk on howard stern's radio show from a years ago. harris, there's a lot, let's unpack it, shall we? [laughter] harris: you were first lady of san francisco. kimberly: yes. harris: you've been the object of some of this media -- kimberly: of extensive opposition research, believe me. harris: is this excessive? kimberly: look, i like that he told the truth and said this is what's happening. we kind of knew that was going to be the case, but my goodness, i hope someone would do a deep dive on hillary, but we're hearing from manna fort and others they've got the goods on hillary, and they're not afraid to use it. it almost seems they're determined to 2350eu7d it even if it's not there. harris hearst is, julie, are
9:45 am
they? julie: he's not new to us, he's a celebrity, but he's never been vetted the way a presidential candidate should be vetted, and of course he should. if he were a democrat, you'd say the same thing. hillary, like her or dislike her, nobody's been more scrutinized than she is. "the new york times" was the one that broke a lot of the stories with the e-mail -- harris: you say that, yet we don't know what's in those speeches that she gave to goldman sachs. julie: the media's clearly trying to get -- harris: you don't think we want that information? even bernie sanders wants that information. swriewl jewell they're not foia-able. of course they have to vet donald trump, he may be the president of the united states. kimberly: but howard stern's sex talk, kennedy? ken -- kennedy: i always thought i could never run for the highest office in the land because of
9:46 am
the things i divulged on howard, and we all know he's perhaps the most masterful interviewer on the face of the planet -- [laughter] and he gets things out of people -- harris: are you being sarcastic? kimberly: no, he's very good. kennedy: he gets things out of people. it's pretty legendary. and i think if you realize that the stains of time may possibly have softened some of the things that donald trump revealed on that show, but it also gives many, many people great hope that they, too, can run for office someday after cracking open and divulging contents of their soul -- julie: are you announcing right now? kimberly: a miss manners book, perhaps, right? do we care about the sex talk? >> for trump? kip kim yeah. >> i would say nowadays it probably gives him a cool factor to him now. harris: wow. >> so i don't think it really hurts him -- by the way, i don't think anything hurts the guy because he's so unique and so fresh --
9:47 am
harris: oh, get a room, scott. >> i do. in terms of e-mail thing, kimberly, doesn't intent -- it'ser rell atlanta. kimberly: yeah, exactly. that is unnecessary, just ask judge napolitano and greta van susteren. >> of course they're going to go after trump. did we think anything different? and, again, it just shows the bias to me. they did nothing with obama, but trump they will dig under every rock and every nook and cranny -- kennedy: defense of hillary clinton was the most offensive thing about that article. harris: if democrats are going to complain about the earned media and the billions of dollars of free media that donald trump supposedly has gotten, they won't be happy with this either, i guess, because this gives him more time. kimberly: this is so good, we should blow through the commercials. the feds digging deeper into reported gender bias in hollywood, but is this really a federal case or just a bureaucratic witch hunt?
9:48 am
who better to ask than our one lucky guy, scott baio, mr. hollywood himself? >> oh, my gosh. [laughter] finish. ♪ finish. ♪ ♪ i'm terrible at golf.
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harris: more outnumbered in just a moment. let's go to john scott with what's coming up in the second hour of "happening now." jon: we're awaiting possible comments by donald trump after a series of reportedly successful meetings with republican leaders. he just wrapped up a meeting with senate republicans. earlier today house speaker paul ryan said his meeting with donald trump was productive, ryan saying, quote: i was very encouraged with what i heard from donald trump today. i believe we are planting the seeds to get ourselves united to bridge the gaps and differences. more on those meetings next hour. plus, hillary clinton going on offense. she and her surrogates unleashing a blistering attack on donald trump in a preview of what we might expect in a general election matchup. and elizabeth warren has joined the fray. it's all ahead, "happening now." harris: thank you. jon: thanks. kennedy: the world has gone mad. the feds reportedly expanding
9:53 am
their investigation into alleged gender bias in hollywood. that's right, specifically against female directors. according to the aclu, two federal agency is are interviewing producers, actors and male directors just as new statistics show that women made up just 9% of all directors for the top 250 grossing films last year including these three who are the exception to the rule. sam taylor johnson who directed 50 shades of grey, elizabeth banks who did pitch perfect 2 and nancy meyers who directed the intern. scott, you work there, you live there. is there rampant sexism -- >> this is what the government is wasting our time with? kimberly: and our money. >> it's ridiculous. listen, i work there, and every job i've ever done, the last show i did on nickelodeon, you hire the person that's best qualified for the job. i don't care woman, man, kid, old person, it doesn't matter.
9:54 am
it's looking for something that isn't there, in my opinion. kennedy: so what is the federal government going to do, kimberly? kimberly: i wish they would just go on vacation forever -- >> sorry. i thought it was about me for a minute. kimberly: nice plug, right? look, they're meddlers, right? it's constant. this is also the aclu and, oh, yes, we're going to help you, they scratch each other's backs all the time, it's exhausting. what happens is really not helping women, is it? i mean, apply for a job. come up with an idea, a script, you know? put it forward and see if somebody's interested in hiring you. you're not helping women by saying that they're incapable to do it on their own. kennedy: no, and i don't think we need the government's involvement. that's certainly beyond the scope of government. but hollywood is supposed to be so touchy-feely and progressive and liberal and inclusive -- harris: i want to yield all my time back to scott because you have the experience there. it is supposed to be hug it out. what's going on? >> i don't know. and they'll probably go along with it. i really don't to know.
9:55 am
i think it's -- listen, if you're going to force somebody to get a job, which is what i think they want to do, if you're going to make a woman direct something that she is not, she might be, is not qualified to direct, then the odds of that company hiring another woman to do another job is very small. harris: excellent point. >> so, you know, again, i prefer to work with women, i really do. it's an easier day. harris: wow. so you're liking this. [laughter] >> i am very much. but it's, like you said, it's just looking for something to do, it's looking for the p.c. thing out in hollywood -- kennedy: all right, so do we need quotas in hollywood, julie? julie: no, we don't. i don't understand the remedy. is the remedy, okay, let's athey file discrimination, so now scott and kimberly are up for the same job, kimberly guilfoyle or me or anybody else is going to to have to get the job because of quotas? that's not -- >> every day in that show that i
9:56 am
did, every day quotas. kennedy: great show. we'll be right back. more "outnumbered" in just a minute. stay here. real cheese people know
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ask their doctor about once-daily namenda xr and learn about a free trial offer at harris: it has been a fantastic hour with scott baio, and there are so many of us who were huge fans -- kimberly: still are. harris: did you tell him you had a poster of him on you ceiling? >> on the ceiling? thank you so much for having me,
10:00 am
i really had a great time, and anytime you guys want me back -- harris: really? awesome. you're going to stay, we're going to do outnumbered overtime,, and people can talk directly. stay right here for "happening now." the capital looking to firm up republican report. >> he sat down to mend fences with speaker paul ryan. we are covering all of the news. the u.s. opening a missile defense site. but it is right in russia's backyard and moscow sees it as a direct threat. >> it was not about russia. >> will it enhance the piece or threaten it?


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