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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  May 12, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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they set more than 400 goats to roam free near the hillside near ronald reagan library to eat up brush that could serve as fuel for wildfire. now it will just fuel the goats. >> just hanging out, eaten stuff. thanks for joining us. >> "the real story" starts now. kicking it off, a fox news alert because trump has left the building, everyone. and he is about to leave our nation's capital for new york city again. hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carl son. th in a news conference following the meeting between donald trump and paul ryan, ryan said unifying the party is going to take time but is he "very encouraged" by what he heard from trump today. the speaker still shopping short of endorsing the republican nominee though. senior national correspondent john roberts live on capitol hill. so john, full day there, right? >> reporter: gretchen, it wasn't quite mr. smith goes to washington but it was epic in its own way.
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donald trump winging his way back to new york today after a whirlwind trip of washington. began at 9:00 this morning over at the republican national committee, finished up after going to the national republican senatorial committee, to his attorney's office, then back to reagan airport for the trip back to new york city. he'll be appearing on sean hannity's show tonight. he will talk about what happened today. from talking to republicans who were in the meetings and people on the periphery, they all seem to think it was a very productive today. in particular, paul ryan who was the first person to meet with mr. trump this morning. suggested that it was a very positive meeting. that it is going to go some distance toward achieving party unity, if not before the convention in july at the very least, then before the election in november. now they didn't agree on everything, according to ryan, and he's not getting ready to endorse him, saying that's a process that's going to take longer than 45 minutes which what about the length of their meeting. but he did come away from it fairly optimistic. >> i think we had a very
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encouraging meeting. look, it is no secret that donald trump and i have had our differences. we talk about those differences today. that's common knowledge. the question is, what is it that we need to do to unify the republican party in all strains of conservative wings in the party. >> reporter: neither side went into today's meeting thinking it would be the be all/end all. the trump campaign was just happy to come away with the pledge to work together in the future. ryan's office saying they didn't expect any abracadabra moment. certainly there wasn't one of those. >> okay. so we kind of know where paul ryan is. what about the rest of the republicans? >> reporter: there were some encouraging statements. if you are a republican, you can look at these and say maybe they will be able to get things together if not by the convention, by november. one of the sticking points, what donald trump enveiled a few
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months ago, this idea of a ban on muslims. he walked that back a little bit last night, actually a fairly substantial amount when talking with our greta van susteren saying, well, there are going to be exceptions to this, i don't expect the ban would last very long. i'm going to appoint rudy giuliani to a commission to look into all of this. certainly that was a departure from donald trump and reince priebus, the chairman of the republican national committee. but here's what he told me a short time ago after hearing trump's modification to that language. >> well, i've made my own position pretty clear on that. i think so. listen, i think donald trump gets it. i think he understands about being presidential in tone and tenor. i'm confident of that. so i'm looking forward to moving forward. >> reporter: so what about the rest of the republican caucus in the conference here in the house and in the senate side? where are they? kathy mcmorris-rogers, the highest ranking woman didn't say she was on board the trump
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train. i asked how much of the republican caucus might go on donald trump's side, he said maybe 10% that doesn't but the rest probably will. >> john, thank you. will it be an uphill climb for donald trump to unite the gop? here's my question? does he even have to, to win? republican congressman chris collins says he's seen the division firsthand. he calls it baffling and troubling today. >> as i have said to more than one, are you voting for hillary clinton? and they say no. and i said, well, then you're voting for donald trump. no, i'm not going to vote. this is like the two president bushes. how an elected official can message to america "don't vote," i find that embarrassing for them. >> joining me now for real talk on this, california congressman duncan hunter, a donald trump supporter. i guess that would be the other
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alternative for republicans who are not going to get on the trump train, is that they would simply be messaging out to constituents -- don't vote. >> reporter: yeah, that's ridiculous and i don't think it is going to happen, gretchen. here's what just happened. i'm a big box is fan. this is like right after the big boxing fight, both guys have talked trash and now it's over, it's time to hug. i think the hugging is going to happen. i think you'll see the majority of members of congress come onboard. but guess what? donald trump doesn't need members of congress. donald trump doesn't need paul ryan. he's ran his campaign the way that he is as a person, as a man. that's what you're going to keep seeing. he's not going to change and there is no reason for donald trump to change his policy view to match people that were not elected by the majority of the american people throughout the entire country. >> there is so much to talk about today. i know you were inside of this meeting. i love your boxing analogy. what was inside talk going on there?
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>> well, paul ryan with the supporters meeting or the paul ryan/trump meeting? >> well, either one. you pick first. >> we had about eight of us together and talked to speaker ryan yesterday. said, hey, what's going on? frankly, we were confused. i was thinking paul ryan would have done a kind ceremonious endorsement of the republican nominee as opposed to what he did. i think it is a little bit of hubr hubris. i think that the republican message has been articulated by the speaker of the house, because we haven't had a republican nominee. so the speaker of the house has been the leader of the republican party de facto until now. and i think that's kind of a shock for some guys here in the washington, d.c. bubble that they're no longer the articulators of the republican message. it is going to be donald trump. no matter what you think of how articulate he is, he is the republican party leader right now because he won. >> yeah. i mean he's presumptive but, yes, it looks as if he will actually get the nomination, of course.
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so in your mind, trump has the l leverage here? he's holding the cards? my second part of the question is what you allude to just a few moments ago, does it matter if he doesn't get everyone together? >> yes, he has the leverage, and no, i don't think it matters. i think in the end, just like chris collins said, this is going to be a choice between trump or hillary clinton. that is it in the end. i don't think it matters who comes on board, who doesn't come on board. what matters in the end is that he gets more people to vote for him. that's what we're shooting for in november and once again, i think it actually helped donald trump when paul ryan did not endorse him. >> why? >> i think that helped him. that was donald trump saying, hey, i am not d.c. establishment, i am not more of the same of not getting anything done. i'm someone from the outside who's run companies, i have a totally different take on this. when a guy like paul ryan who -- i voted for paul ryan, i'm a paul ryan supporter for speaker. but paul ryan was a think tank guy, he was a staffer here in d.c. then he ran for congress and
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he's been in d.c. a long time. nothing wrong with that in terms of -- but he's a policy guy, too. so i don't think that trump needs him necessarily. >> i'm going to talk later on in the show who ever thought paul ryan would be called establishment. he was like 110% conservative. more on that later but congressman hunter, thank you. meantime, hillary clinton is using the discord among republicans to her advantage. trying to her. her camp pointing out the housing out the house speaker is not against -- >> is it safe to say it didn't take the collin camp long to react to today's big trump/ryan meeting? >> it is pretty apparent clinton's team in brooklyn was waiting for the speaker's news conference. when they did not hear a formal endorseme endorsement, the clinton campaign pounced saying, "donald trump has proven himself to be a loose cannon whose hateful language and dangerous policies will do serious lamp to working
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families and put america's security at risk, and republicans are continuing to acknowledge that a president trump would be too big a risk." so while clinton is in brooklyn for a meeting with hiv and aids activists this afternoon and doing some fund-raising, her team was quick to react. >> all right. so what is the method that clinton and her allies are using to try and continue these attacks on trump? >> well, they're using the many quotes or clips from republicans who have say they cannot support trump or won't vote for him throughout the bruising primary season. there were obviously plenty of tense moments and some prominent republicans backed away from mr. trump. today trump ally is encouraging his fellow republicans to back trump, but you can expect that there is plenty of material in the weeks and months ahead for democrats to use as we're looking at a live clip of the democrats to step to the podium. would not be surprising if they pulled some criticism of the trump out of their playbook, if you will, today to rip donald trump once again.
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but obviously a bruising primary on both sides has given plenty of material to the other side to use in the general election. >> mike emanuel, we just saw that live shot there waiting for democrats. we'll bring that to you if they say anything interesting. donald trump hoping to coax more republicans to his side. that was the mission today. well, some gop members still feeling torn while trying to decide where their loyalties lie. will trump's outreach today help or hurt his chances of unifying the party and does it matter? and breaking news right now. federal judge ruling against obamacare today, calling one portion unconstitutional. judge napolitano will be here to weigh in on the big decision next as the white house prepares already to fight back. >> they've been losing this fight for six years. and they'll lose it again. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact.
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fox news alert now and a victory for the gop on obamacare as a federal judge now sides with house republicans ruling the obama administration is unconstitutionally spending federal money to fund the president's health care law. at issue, billions of dollars paid to insurance companies participating in obamacare so they can reduce customers out of pocket costs such as deductibles for low-income people. also, the judge's decision doesn't immediately go in to effect. joining me now to answer all this, judge andrew napolitano, fox news senior judicial analyst. first time this has been talked about in court. >> correct. >> this judge basically says it was an abuse of executive power, you cannot use funds unless they are appropriated by congress. >> correct.
11:15 am
so when congress enacted the affordable care act established many,any programs, one of which gives a tax credit to people below four times of poverty level so when money is paid for them, that is a deduction on their taxes. but congress did not authorize that money to be spent when the president asked congress to. by this time, by the time he asked the republican-controlled congress he turned them down, he spent the money anyway. this is another example of president barack obama doing something as the executive which the constitution says only the congress can do -- spend the people's money. >> john boehner fought this hard. he is no longer speaker of the house but this really started when he was speaker of the house. >> yes. >> the judge did something interesting. she said that this was going to already be stayed ruling pending appeal. why? >> when you're a trial judge, as i once was, and you know that your decision is going to be appealed, and you have an option of staying, stopping your
11:16 am
decision until the appellate court rules, or waiting for the appellate court to stop your decision. it is better policy for you to stop it, stay it on your own. so, knowing that the government is furious at this because it wants to keep spending the money, and knowing that they're going to file an appeal this afternoon, it is better to sty i it on your own. it is still the law of the case. >> here is the white house spokesperson josh earnest. >> this is not the first time that we've seen opponents of the affordable care act go through the motions to try to win this political fight in the court system. what's -- there are a couple things unprecedented about this effort, though, this suit represents the first time in oir nation's history that congress has been permitted to sue the executive branch over a disagreement about how to interpret a statute. >> you say what? >> i know josh and i like him,
11:17 am
but he's dead wrong on this. this is not a dispute about the interpret tags ation of the sta. this is a distut abosp dispute interpretation of the constitution. only congress can spend the people's money. >> mer >> merrick garland, who president obama wants to be the next supreme court justice, sits on this next court where this is now going. we could see how he would rule on this. >> there's 15 judges on this court. he's the chief judge. they sit in panels of three. the odds are it won't go to him. but we'll see. if he happens to be 1 of the 3 to whom it goes. or -- or, if they decide to hear it in what's called en banc, meaning all 15 of them hear it at once. judge garland will be forced to make a decision which might please the person who nominated him but very much displease the people who would have to confirm him. >> or the opposite. >> i didn't know you knew
11:18 am
french, en banc. >> only because it is a legal term. >> nice job, judge. >> the rest of the french i know, i can't say on air. >> as you might be able to see right now, as we take a live look at donald trump's plane taxiing at reagan airport, at least the partial tail of it, it is heading back to new york city. it is a short flight. house speaker paul ryan isn't ready to endorse trump after that meeting today, but is his predecessor? john boehner. just peeking out moments ago. what did he say? that brings us to our question of the day -- do you think donald trump's meeting with speaker paul ryan will help to unite the party? tweet me @gretchencarlson. use the #therealstory. it's almost split today. kind of. 59% say, yeah, it will. 41%, no. let me know what you think. i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn
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so, donald trump's plane x taxiing at reagan airport as is he about to come back here to new york city. house speaker paul ryan says his meeting with donald trump today was very encouraging but he's still not endorsing trump. >> i think we had a very encouraging meeting. look, it's no secret that donald trump and i have had our differences. we talked about those differences today. that's common knowledge. the question is, what is it that we need to do to unify the republican party in all strains of conservative wings in the party. >> david drucker, senior correspondent for "the washington examiner." david, this meeting happened yesterday and i think it is interesting because it is really
11:23 am
complicated within the republican party right now. some people stood up and said, you know, look, speaker ryan. you're putting us in a hard spot because you are not endorsing trump. then others stood up and said, look, speaker ryan, you're really putting us in a tough spot because you might endorse him. is that how you see this thing? >> well, look. i think that what speaker ryan is trying to do is preserve his power as speaker of the house and send trump a message that he can't be taken for granted, especially if trump becomes president because all president expects members of congress from their own party to go along to get along and do what they say. because particularly there were such strong areas of policy disagreement between conservative republicans as identified by republicans like speaker ryan, versus trump's more populist approach, they need to find a way to understand each other that they have disagreements, but that they're going to need to work with each other. >> but here's the thing, david. the republicans really -- do they really have the leverage
11:24 am
over trump? trump articles the nominee, doesn't he technically run the republican party then? so i mean, really, he's in charge, right? >> well, gretchen, you're right that they don't have leverage but they still have their vote. i don't think this is about leverage. i don't think you're going to get donald trump to change his behavior, his tone or the major policies that he's defined by. but what you can do, i think the only thing trump respects is power and strength. what you can do is send him a message that you aren't going to be taken for granted, and that while you are going to end up endorsing him as the leader of your party and the candidate for president, and while that you understand he is the head of the party and if he becomes president this sort of permanent head of the party for at least four years, that you are still going to have your own opinions, your own policies and you are not going to always agree with him and in future negotiations by setting the predicate now he is going to understand that you're not always goings to do
11:25 am
what he wants. >> name one president where every other person in the party agreed with them on everything. >> here's the difference. what you're dealing with most house republicans -- not all but this is truth with the senate -- are republicans that believe in a particular kind conservative approach to governing. trump is is not there. he does in the agree with almost any of that. normally you're having -- normally it is more of a personality and a power struggle who is really going to be the leader. well, the president's obviously going to be the leader. but this is more than that. this is about deciding what does it mean to be a republican under trump. this is trump's idea. populist on immigration policies, trade policies, more isolationist on foreign policy. so what are these republicans going to do? for them to go along to get along would be to go against everything that they have believed in for years as public policymakers. that's why i think you are seeing this run differently. if they don't set the predicate now that you're going to have to deal with us as a co-equal branch of government, trump like every other president before him would run roughshod over them
11:26 am
and treat them like lackeys and they would have no one to blame but yourself. >> i like your tweet. republicans elected on trump. we're staying together for the sake of the kids. >> that's pretty much what we're dealing with here. we pretty much don't see eye to eye but he is the nominee and there is pretty much nothing you can do about it but accept him. former vice president dan quayle calling trump "different." but in a good way. he also had some things to say about hillary clinton. our political panel debates that coming up. also the big showdown between rump and ryan doesn't seem to have suede the house speaker just yet but another big name ready to back the presumptive gop nominee. one congressman has a suggestion to get more of his colleagues on board. >> hopefully paul ryan, will move toward donald trump. but what donald could do is, donald could reach out to members of congress who also don't know him and senator and he could start to announce who his advisory teams are.
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bottom of the hour. fox news alert for you right now. republican leaders falling in line behind donald trump with two major endorsements making a big splash today. peter barnes, senior washington correspondent for the fox business network joins us now. >> reporter: gretchen, donald trump might have left washington, d.c. without an
11:31 am
endorse. from paul ryan but is he getting an an doorsment from ryan's predecessor, john boehner. john boehner was speaking to a finance conference today and told the audience, anyone who thinks donald trump can't win, just watch. he told the audience that trump will be the nominee, like it or not. he's confident that trump can win against hillary clinton this fall. and he said that the meeting with ryan today was probably about trying to help shape the direction of trump's policies and boehner also said that he has no doubt there will be a meeting of the minds between ryan and trump. >> so, i said that there were two big endorsements. who's the other one? >> reporter: well, it's a little inside the beltway but there's something here called the national republican congressional committee and it helps raise a lot of money for house republicans in their races and their re-election races. and the chairman of that committee is greg waldon, congressman from oregon. he put out a statement today
11:32 am
saying, "the last thing -- endorsing trump basically. saying the last thing i want to do is give the same obama/clinton/sanders philosophy another four years in charge. while i may disagree with the rhetoric mr. trump uses and some policy positions, he is a better the better option than hillary clinton in the white house. that's why all along i said i intend to support the gop nominee. so this is a formal endorsement from are greg walden. it looks like the guy in charge of raising a lot of money for the house republicans is falling in line with trump and trying to help unify his fellow republican around trump. >> that's a very interesting development today. thank you very much, peter. the aftermath of the first face to face meeting between presumptive nominee donald trump
11:33 am
and house speaker paul ryan today with the speaker reacting more now to their sitdown. >> are you endorsing donald trump? if you're not, what is holding you back? do you really have a choice? i mean you've ruled out voting for hillary clinton, endorsing her. >> the process of unifying the republican party, which just finished a primary about a week ago, perhaps one of the most divisive primaries in memory, takes some time. >> tim phillips, president of americans for prosperity, a grassroots organization funded by the koch brothers. great to have you back on "the real story." does paul ryan need to endorse donald trump? >> i think the onus actually is on mr. trump to earn the endorsement of paul ryan and folks across the conservative spectrum. >> why? >> because he has not put forward, gretchen, a conservative free market agenda. i think about the minimum wage issue, tax increases, government spending, entitlement reform. he does need to lay out an agenda that says i'm actually going to present a difference to hillary clinton if i'm elected.
11:34 am
that's important for him to do, for any nominee to do. >> so your organization is affiliated with the koch brothers. a couple of weeks ago, charles koch said this about possibly -- possibly supporting hillary clinton. listen to this. >> so is it possible another clinton could be better than another republican? >> it's possible. >> next time around? >> it's possible. >> you couldn't see yourself supporting hillary clinton, could you? >> well, her -- we would have to believe her actions will be quite different than her rhetoric, let me put it that way. >> so that was big news when that happened. still the same feeling, do you think, now? >> i would never presume to speak for mr. koch. i can just say at americans for prosperity, we do want to see two things. one, a genuinely pfree market agenda from mr. trump. secondly, a tone that is going to actually be forward looking. >> are you in the group of the #nevertrump people then?
11:35 am
>> no. we've said we're not involved in this point in the presidential. we have been in the past like in 2012. we advocated the defeat of barack obama. but we're pausing right now and looking to see what he's going to do and how it is going to develop. >> want to talk about something else that's big news in your organization today. the koch brothers launching an aggressive soaks effo ivive adv defeat an incumbent member of the house representatives rene elmers claiming the north carolina congresswoman has done nothing to follow through on some of her promises consistently voting for more spending. this is put out by your organization. she scored the lowest when it came to budget, spending, banking and finance. this is the first time -- is it the first time that you have attacked within -- under the tent of republicans? >> it is. we've said repeatedly we're going to hold both parties accountable. we've done so more with democrats at the federal level, no question. but we have consistently asked these republican house members to rein in spending and rein in
11:36 am
government cronyism, this import/export government bank. that's just cronyism. she's refused to do that, not kept her campaign promises. we're keeping our stand in north carolina. >> i'm sure this is going to come as a surprise to her. she is the first one. is there more to come? >> it is something we are considering. we have said repeatedly we are serious about holding both parties responsible. republicans have done some good things, absolutely. but they have the largest majority since 1928. it is really time for them to stand up especially on government spending and cronyism. >> some people listening to this might think, wow, why wouldn't you spend your time an money attacking hillary clinton? >> we've spent a great deal of money and time over the years of going after and opposing barack obama's policies and hillary clinton as well. but it is important to know, we're not an appendage of a political party. we're genuinely an issues group on prosperity. that's what we focus on. we do speak to hold both parties accountable. we've certainly done our fair share of that with democrats.
11:37 am
>> before i let you go, would you be in favor of a third party more conservative candidate in the presidential race? >> we really haven't talked about third party. i think our system doesn't seem it reward third parties. >> yeah, that's the way it looks right now. right? thank you. i think it is fascinating that just a few months ago when republicans wanted to throw out john boehner as speaker of the house because he wasn't conservative enough and rallied behind paul ryan to be the new speaker to bring back a more conservative stand, here we are with the presumptive republican nominee in donald trump not being seen as conservative and not getting the backing of paul ryan. just yet, if ever. so to me it comes down to this for republicans. what's more important? immense anger with the gop establishment that gave the rise to donald trump, or the same immense anger with the establishment that was demanding a more conservative approach on the hill? both of these occurrences are coming from the same anger, but the end results are, oh, so different. donald trump, or pure conservatism?
11:38 am
the fact that paul ryan is now somehow looked at in recent days as part the gop establishment, there is no way anyone would have said that six months ago. he has a 100% score on the americans for prosperity scorecard for conservatism. cha chalk it up to yet another surprise development in this wacky election year of 2016. lawmakers calling on air carriers to drop checked bag fees during the busy summer travel months. they say the fees have prompted more passengers to carry on luggage, clogging up lines at tsa checkpoints. meantime, delta is so concerned about those long wait times they are offering to divert some of the workforce to streamline some of the tsa workers. walmart testing out a two-day shipping service designed to compete with amazon prime. the retail giant will shift away
11:39 am
from other carriers. a massive sinkhole partially swallowing a car on the street in london. vehicle apparently caught on a pipe which kept it from falling down further. that's the good news. residents say it sounded like thunder when all of that happened. authorities now warning people on that street they may have to move out. yeah. or get swallowed up. high-speed chase ends in a beating as police get physical after the suspect surrenders. now the officers are under investigation. so was the force justified? or not? remember dan quayle? he's making headlines today with his comments on donald trump and hillary clinton. so, is he on the trump train? right back with that.f health isn't easy. but cigna is there for you. literally. just download our free coach by cigna app. for personalized programs from a team of health coaches to help you achieve your wellness goals. cigna. together, all the way.
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hello, i'm greg jarrett on the fox news deck. who do you think donald trump should pick as his vice
11:43 am
president? well, we'll be talking to a political journalist about the republicans who might be potential running mates for the presumptive nominee. we'll look at the pros and the cons of each possible contender. all of that coming up when i fill in for shep at the top of the hour. back on "the real story" now, the new hampshire new hampshire attorney general is launching an investigation after a police chair airing on live tv appeared to culminate in officers beating the suspect after he got out of his vehicle and surrendered. the high-speed chase spanned about 50 miles beginning in massachusetts and ending in new hampshire. the suspect was wanted on multiple warrants including one for assault and battery. massachusetts police also conducting their own review now of this incident. back to politics. former vice president dan quayle weighing in on the race for president today saying donald trump is a more qualified candidate than hillary clinton because right now voters want an
11:44 am
outsider. >> i've been a republican all my life. i'm going to support the nominee. he's a winner and he's unusual. he's obviously very different. he's not going to play by the rules. it is a different situation. but i think that he can win. >> marjorie clifton, former consultant to the obama campaign and principal of clifton consulting. great to have you both here today. let me start with you, matt. were you surprised that dan quayle says he's behind donald trump or not? >> no. i think dan quayle's a grown-up. he realizes what's happening out there in the country because he doesn't live inside the beltway anymore. when you travel around the country and you talk to conservative voters, you could see this trump thing coming. they want to send and outsider. i also think dan quayle was so pilloried and made fun of and mocked while he was vice president, i think he is rather enjoying some of these gop big wigs sweat this one out from the
11:45 am
outside. >> very interesting point. marjorie, look what else dan quayle said about hillary clinton. here's what he said. on paper you'd say, well, she's more qualified. but, you know what? he's more qualified in the sense that the american people i think want an outsider. let's listen to him. >> well, on paper, you'd say, well she's more qualified. but you know what? he's more qualified in the sense that the american people i think want an outsider and they want an outsider this time. she is not an outsider. if you're looking for an outsider, no, she's not qualified and he is. >> that's how he's developing his qualification completely based on the yououtsider status. your response? >> i didn't know public opinion was equal if i case but i go es that's one way to look at it. again, i think he's in this interesting spot that a lot of republicans are finding themselves in with, do we stand with the republican party and the nominee at this point or sort of take a third wave. to the koch brothers' point, it hasn't been a winning strategy to take a third wave at this
11:46 am
point in time. so it is that precarious spot of do we follow or not. qualification though, i don't know that that's what the court of public opinion. >> public opinion is the vote though. that's how we actually elect presidents. that's public opinion. we go to the ballot box and we poll the lever. that's our own individual opinion. let's move on to trump's tax returns. becoming an issue again. trump telling fox news last night he will release them eventually before election but he is not going to do it any time soon. mitt romney had a big problem with this. he put out on facebook again getting himself involved in this election process saying, this is something to hide here. do you agree with mitt romney or do you think it is okay if trump doesn't ever release them? >> i don't know what's wrong with mitt romney. it is so strange. he as a candidate didn't release his taxes until harry reid took to the floor and claimed maybe he didn't pay any income taxes at all. now all of a sudden are is
11:47 am
chastising donald trump for not releasing his taxes. i voted for him, i held my nose, he wasn't a conservative. now he thinks that he's channeled conservatives in attacking donald trump over this. you know what i'd like mitt romney to do? go home, be quiet, or start focusing on hillary clinton. she's our political opponent. >> marjorie, you kind of want to keep doing what he's doing. >> he's saying this is a matter of policy and fairness in the past. i think he's saying we should ask the same of trump. trump has gone off previous candidates asking that they show their returns. i think the question here is one of integrity, it is one of also when you take higher office of presidency, i mean you are representing the people, you are the brand of the people and people want to know is there anything to hide. because tax returns, like -- >> they're complicated. i can't even figure out my own, okay? so for one thing maybe people would learn, real quickly, is
11:48 am
how much donald trump has given to charity. maybe that's something that he doesn't want out there. i have no idea. that might being something that the public would want to know. right? >> you know, i think he should put his tax returns out there. i think it is fair when he's saying when the audit is done i will. i think he ought to make hillary clinton a challenge. i'll release all my tax returns when you find all those e-mails and release those and start being forthcoming on what happened with your server. i think that would be a good trade. >> what about should she release the transcripts from those speeches that she gave on wall street? >> well, i guess fair is fair. if they want everything on the table, everything should be on the table. but again, i think it is tit for tat. we also said the same for trump for speeches he's given and hold him accountable for words he's said in the past as well. so fair is fair. >> might be a different playing field because he's said a lot of stuff and he is teflon. not so sure that same thing applies to hillary clinton. thanks to the both of you. >> thank you. so donald trump making a surprise visit last night at an
11:49 am
event in new york. where was he? and when californians may see him pop up at a similar event. and our trivia question today. see if you're smart today. who was the longest serving president? not who you feel like was the longest serving president. but who actually was? we'll answer right after the break. real is touching a ray. amazing is moving like one. real is making new friends. amazing is getting this close. real is an animal rescue. amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them. there is only one place where real and amazing live. seaworld. real. amazing
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here's the answer to our trivia question of who was the longest serving president. did you get it? franklin roosevelt. he served 12 years, 39 days. now on to what america's clicking on today. washington nationals pitcher matt scherzer joining a pretty
11:53 am
prestigious mlb club. on he struck out 20 batters last night. >> the british company sound leisure said it plans to start changing out vinyl -- >> pizza hut is delivering to mt. kilimanjaro. >> after saying he the only candidate not looking for donations, donald trump is ramping up his fund-raising in a big way. his first scheduled event at the home of a former business partner set to take place in los angeles at the end of this month. trace gallagher with this huge
11:54 am
story. >> it's estimated that trump has spent upwards of $40 million of his own money on the primaries but to beat the democrats in the general election, it appears trump will need to raise anywhere between $1 billion and $2 billion. and they are well behind the eight ball because they don't have a structure. it appears the gop will rely heavily on the fund-raising apparatus of the republican national committee. trump did hold a fund-raiser on new york's long island last night but the big kickoff to generate the cash will happen with a series of finance events. the question is how many heavyweight gop donors will sign on?
11:55 am
for example, bradley hubbard has decided to finance trump. and paul singer, who backed marco rubio, is still very opposed to donald trump. here's how camp trump is responding as to whether money buys influence. >> donald trump is committed to not letting hillary clinton becoming president and not letting harry reid and the liberal democrats be in control to appoint members to the sport. >> trace, thank you. >> the symbol of america making an unwelcome appearance in canada? that's next. lligent one. ♪ the all-new audi a4, with available virtual cockpit. ♪
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getting the best of a fisherman, swooping down, stealing that fish right off the end of his line. it's apparently not the first time an eagle has done this. they might want to try fishing with a net, ay? a meeting of the minds on capitol hill today, kind of, right? our question of the day -- do you think the meeting will help unite the republican party? let's take a look at how the vote is now. 59% say yes, 41% say no. lynn says, yes, it will help unite the party. she thinks paul ryan is one of the good guys and should be our president someday. jeffrey, though, isn't sure but he's not holding his breath. todd thinks these meetings will unite the party. he says the gop has nothing to
12:00 pm
gain and everything to lose by not uniting and they know it. and charles thinks everything about today's meeting will be strange, forced and insincere. i guess that's charles' real talk there. thanks so much for writing. you can still vote in the poll. go to gretchen carlson. thanks for being here. hello, everyone. i'm gregg jarrett in for shep. house speaker paul ryan said he and donald trump are planting the seeds to unify the republican party, but he also says coming together will be a process. speaker ryan made those comments today after meeting with trump in washington. >> i'm very encouraged. i heard a lot of good things from our presumptive nominee and we exchanged differences of opinion on a number of things that everybody knows we have. there are policy disputes we will have, there's no two ways about it. plenty of republicans disagree with one another on


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