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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  May 12, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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gain and everything to lose by not uniting and they know it. and charles thinks everything about today's meeting will be strange, forced and insincere. i guess that's charles' real talk there. thanks so much for writing. you can still vote in the poll. go to gretchen carlson. thanks for being here. hello, everyone. i'm gregg jarrett in for shep. house speaker paul ryan said he and donald trump are planting the seeds to unify the republican party, but he also says coming together will be a process. speaker ryan made those comments today after meeting with trump in washington. >> i'm very encouraged. i heard a lot of good things from our presumptive nominee and we exchanged differences of opinion on a number of things that everybody knows we have. there are policy disputes we will have, there's no two ways about it. plenty of republicans disagree with one another on policy
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disputes, but on core principles, those are the kind of things we discussed and i'm encouraged. >> keep in mind speaker ryan did not endorse donald trump but he says unifying republicans will take time and he doesn't want the party to fake it. he also called the presumptive nominee a warm and genuine person. trump for his part tweeted that he had a great day in d.c. with speaker ryan and other republican leaders and that things are, quote, working out really well. the two also took a swipe at hillary clinton in a joint statement. they said the united states cannot afford another four years of the obama white house. last week speaker ryan claimed he was just not ready to support donald trump and the billionaire responded by saying he was wasn't ready to support paul ryan's agenda. well for now it seems they're trying to bury the hatchet and not in each otheries backs.
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-- other's backs. john roberts is live in washington with more. what's the thinking with what happens when speaker ryan might be ready to endorse trump? >> donald trump did go tom distance to allaying the fear over a lot of the things he said over the course of his campaign but it's fair to say he hasn't won everyone over, even though most of the people in the meet having said positive statements about it, including kathy mcmorris rogers, the highest ranking woman republican here on capitol hill. and some people in the meeting today have endorsed trump. but speaker paul ryan said this is the beginning of a process and it one that may take some
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time. >> it was our first meeting, i was very encouraged with this meeting, but this a process. it takes a little time. you don't put it together in 45 minutes. that's why we had like i said a very good start to a process of how we unify. >> there does seem to be one thing that everyone had in common and that was the thought that the party really does need to unify, if not before the convention, then at the least before the election. john boehner, as you'll recalled, called ted cruz lucifer in the flesh, one of the most miserable s.o.b.s i've ever worked with, he came out and offered his full-throated support of donald trump. >> john, what about the meeting with republican senate leaders? >> reporter: i think reaction to that was kind of mixed. you've already had mitch mcconnell, the senate majority
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leader, he said he's going to support donald trump. he met with ten people. a few minutes after that meeting ended, utah senator orrin hatch who supported jeb bush and marco rubio said he was going to go with donald trump saying i have offered to help identify future supreme court candidates he should consider and i will continue to offer ways to soften his rhetoric. and always act in a man are worthy of a presidential nominee. on immigration and other issues, he said there's a way to talk about the issues that isn't offensive to people. >> i flew up to washington with tom price and i said, are you going to back donald trump?
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he laughed at me. he's now behind trump and thinks 90% or more of the leadership on capitol hill will eventually get behind donald trump. >> thank you, john. let's bring in another john. good to see you. ryan says very encouraging, productive, donald trump said wonderful things, reince priebus said good chemistry. was it like the first date? then they'll be the pinning ceremony and eventually the altar? >> they're way past that. both sides realize there's only one side when it comes to running for the presidency and getting house and senate members reelected, that they are now in this diplomatic dance, finding that common ground. and, look, donald trump sort of ran on some of his policy statements were pretty ambiguous. so that gives him a lot of
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latitude to come paul ryan might be, for example, on social security. he said, hey, i'm not going to touch it. >> not going to deal with the age thing. >> he said there's room to talk about making some change. i think you're going to see more of that and you're going to see more of what we saw today, which is more of congress people -- the republican party lining up behind trump. better to be behind the siege engine as it moves forward rather than get trampled by it. >> minimum wage, taxing the rich, the muslim ban. you'll see modifications or trump critics saying his flip-flopping. but is trump more malleable as a politician? i think of paul ryan as very adamant on his core principles and policies. >> i think we're already seeing that, right? social security is the first example of it. we'll probably see it in other areas. but, look, there's an advantage
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to maintaining a bit of this tension. he ran as an anti-establishment candidate, bringing in hundreds of thousands if not millions of new voters into the gop primaries. so it's a little bit in the interest for paul ryan to be the standard bearer of the establishment principles, donald trump to be the new kind of anti-establishment guy. it going to be more phone calls. there was a lot that went on in that smoke-filled room today and one of the understanding that they need each other to run this campaign. >> i wonder how much leverage donald trump had going into that meeting. for the longest team he was way behind in the national polls against hillary clinton. now all of a sudden in pennsylvania, florida, ohio, he's either winning or tied. that gave him leverage going in. >> and not lost on the establishment candidates. look at how some of the previously combustible volatile
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issues like releasing their tax returns seem to be not be getting traction. he said, look, i'm not going to do it, eye under audit. he just might not want to have his personal financial life out in the public. >> speaking of leverage, some people were criticizing speaker ryan for withholding his endorsement. i think it was smart. if you want to go into several meetings with donald trump, influence him with your own policy agenda, what better leverage than to wait and withhold your endorsement until you're ready. >> and be even a bit more cynical and say some of that was political kabuki. last week we're given the image of the two people involved in this conflict not agreeing. they both have constituencies behind them. now you see them finding common ground and brining the two constituencies together as a powerful force in the upcoming
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campaign. >> and speak are ryan has made it known he's not completely known with the cantankerous tone of donald trump. but that's the very thing that attracts so many supporters of donald trump. >> it is, isn't it? it was at times vulgar, at times bigoted, certainly volatile. this a guy who probably gets the political moment and realized that worked at that political time. i wouldn't be surprised at all to see a different tone and demeanor in the rallies coming up. >> personal relations matter a whole lot in washington, d.c. it something that a lot of people say obama never got. he didn't understand it, he didn't work those relationships and his agenda was sort of the result of that. donald trump, for better or for worse, one-on-one is, i think, what speaker ryan said today, warm and genuine. you would think. or you don't know. or speaker ryan is saying that
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because it's in his own interest to say that. trump can be charming. he's been on our air. >> yeah. >> and obama can as well depending upon where your political instincts lie. we don't know whether these two people are going to get along but their interests overlap greatly at this point. >> and they've got a down ballot problem so they need cooperation and unity. great to see you, john. thanks. tonight on "hannity," donald trump will talk about his meeting with paul ryan. >> a few protesters showed up outside trump's meeting today but with three months to go, is cleveland for the it? the head of the police union says no way. we are live in cleveland coming up next.
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welcome back. tens of thousands of people expected to show up for the republican national convention in cleveland this summer. and the city is in no way prepared to handle the security to keep everybody safe. that's the warning at least from the president of the cleveland police union. well, we have seen protests, there's some of them, at donald trump's campaign stops across the country. and while many have been peaceful, some have turned
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violent and led to arrests. mike tobin following this for us in cleveland. mike? >> gregg, according to the president of the cleveland patrolman association, the city is not ready for the convention. he says riot suits have not arrived yet, bikes for bike cops have not arrived and he said police do not have time to train with the gear before the convention. >> you have to be proficient in how to use this stuff and right now we're not. we don't even have gas masks at this point. >> cleveland city councilman is chairman of public safety and he says there's plenty of training, planning and coordination taking place, however, not all of that gets communicated down to the rank and file cops.
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20,000 goes for gear, 30,000 goes to pay for salaries and housing cops from different locations. the chief of security for the 2012 convention is saying the timing of the arrival of the gear is not terribly important but the training is. he said if things get ugly here in cleveland, it's the training that police will fall back on. >> it's important to have the training. i wouldn't have a big overwhelming concern if it wasn't here today. >> an organization calling itself "dump trump" has already applied for a permit to deny. and they say if the permit is
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deny, they'll take to the streets anyway. >> dump trump, it has some symmetry, some illiteration in there. >> donald trump has given us a few clues of what he's looking for and who might be on the short list for his vice president. which person will he choose? that's next. if you need advice for your business, legalzoom has your back. our trusted network of attorneys has provided guidance to over 100,000 people just like you.
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donald trump reportedly hasn't even told his own staffers who's on his v.p. short list. at least that's the word from a top campaign aide. paul manafort says quote's list is, quote, in his mind.
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but trump has dropped some hints to who he's thinking about and says he's narrowed it down to five or six people. david, great to see you as always. we ask you to make up your own list of five people who you think might be selected and give us the pros and cons. you have, let's begin with one of your picks, newt gingrich. pros and cons. >> look, i would first lay down the predicate that any of this could change given that it is donald trump. >> of course. >> this is what he's thinking about in may. come july, it could be a totally different list. newt gingrich, this is someone that has said he would accept it. the pro of newt gingrich would be that he brings congressional know-how. he understands the mechanics of washington, he has relationship on the hill, he can cut deals. trump has said that's of utmost importance to him. i think that makes sense.
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>> what's the con on newt? >> he's is the consummate washington insider and that takes away from trump's main brand, which is he that he has crashed the party and is the utmost outsider. >> you also put on your list chris christie of new jersey, who is a frequent face on the campaign trail with donald trump. some will say he's a sycophant and sort of a look alike to donald trump in personality. what say you? >> i say the pro of chris christie is going the clinton/gore model, going all in on sort of the same guy that you are. remember when bill clinton picked al gore, he picked another southerner to go on the ticket with him. in this case it would be someone from a neighboring state of new jersey who brings the same brash, in your face, no-nonsense
12:22 pm
personality that trump does. >> and the con is -- >> the scandal of bridgegate that would ticontinue to hover over him. many believe chris christie never got out of the presidential race because of that. he took a beating in the presidential race and some people just didn't warm to him like people thought they would. >> we have to pick up the pace if we're going to get in all of the picks. let's move to jan brewer, governor of arizona. pro and con. >> the pro would be she's a woman and she's copasetic with trump on the border. the con would be, look, she had a debate when she was governor that she froze in the middle of. >> that's going to get played on a constant loop, right? >> that would be on a loop. >> florida governor rick scott. pro and con. >> pro would be he is sort of
12:23 pm
the model that trump wants and he brings the state of florida. trump has got to carry florida if he's going to win a general election. con would be communicative skills. he's a bit of a quirky personality that doesn't always deal well with the press. >> you like mary fallon also on your list. you like her. tell us why. >> he named dropped governor fallon as a very important person. the con would be we don't know much about governor fallon. >> now before the show, the staff is behind me here and we were all talking about this. i got outvoted. i said what about rob portman, senator of ohio, important
12:24 pm
battleground state, everybody pao-paoed me and they kind of liked, believe it or not, who did you guys like? susannah martinez. >> look, i think susannah martinez great name because, again, she's a female, hispanic, governor from new mexico, but she has been pretty forward out there saying she doesn't want it. i know that all can change. so i think she could be in the mix but, look, i don't know -- the other thing is that the personal relationship is going to be very important here. >> martinez has said some pretty harsh things about donald trump. you get the impression she doesn't want to have anything to with him. let me throw another name at you. robert gates. former defense secretary. worked for both republican and democrats. >> the question here is who is going to take this. and that's going to be trump's
12:25 pm
first threshold. he's got to look at who would say yes. and there's a lot of people that have said no. you know, i don't know if robert gates would. i don't know if he's on the record on trump. again, this is going to be -- i think it would help as far as national security. that's another big checkmark that trump has to check in order to assure conservatives that, look, you're going to have people around you that know how to handle the national security apparatus. but i'm unclear on whether gates would accept trump's offer. >> and maybe jeff sessions, senator of alabama in the south, that might help in the south. david cantanese. great list. if you're wrong, we're going to hold you to it and embarrass you. coming up, we're going to check in on the race that is still under way. it's the battle for delegates.
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welcome back. part of obama care is unconstitutional, that's the ruling from a federal judge today in a huge victories for house republicans. they sued saying they never signed off offer the $175 billion the government is using for health care subsidies. today the judge, rosemary collier agreed, the obama administration should not be spending that money without authority. but she also stayed her own ruling while the white house appeals. it claims congress does not have to sign off on this kind of
12:32 pm
spending so we'll wait and see. >> on to the political campaign trail. according to the bernie sanders team, nominating hillary clinton is basically courting disaster. that's the warning from the sanders campaign manager. in an e-mail to supporters, he mentions polls that show hillary clinton and donald trump neck and neck in three battleground states, florida, ohio and pennsylvania. and he argues that sanders is the stronger candidate to go up against trump. here's the quote -- the democratic party must decide if they want the candidate with the momentum who is best positioned to beat trump or if they're willing to roll the days and court disaster simply to protect the status quo. clinton's team has not as yet responded to the sanders e-mail. her campaign manager said the swing state polls are not reliable partly because it's so early but he's also using the numbers to try to raise more money. we have team fox coverage now. rich edson on how sanders' die
12:33 pm
hard supporters might affect the outcome in november but first, live to mike emanuel. >> it sounds like hillary clinton's campaign believes oregon will likely be bernie sanders country. clinton is back in new york today. she's expected to do an event with hiv aids activists in brooklyn. while clinton campaign allies are talking about donald trump, she's talked a fair amount on the campaign trail about health care. >> we do have to be careful to have more choice and competition in the health care system if we're going to have an effective affordable care act that gets us to 100%. >> clinton is fond of reminding supporters that before there was obama care, it was called hillary care when she tried to get that done as first lady back in the 90s.
12:34 pm
>> mike, sanders seems to have his sights net on neon next mon primary, right? >> it happens to be the same day as california and new jersey. sanders and his wife, jane, visited mt. rushmore earlier today to see the president's sculpted faces. sanders was asked if he'd like to see his face up there and he joked about a half a spot to the right of clinton. >> i think it is a little bit strange and a little bit anti-democratic that secretary clinton receive the support of some 450 super delegates before anybody else got into the race. >> sanders also met with native americans on a reservation on pine ridge in south dakota. he heard complaints about the
12:35 pm
bureau of indian affairs. >> i love mt. rushmore. every politician who goes there looks up and they see their face up there. >> that could be me, could be me. >> mike, good to see you. so now more on what could be the next challenge for hillary clinton, getting bernie sanders' most loyal supporters to support her. team fox coverage continuing now with rich edson live in washington. what are sanders supporters telling you? >> reporter: well, gregg, many say they would refuse to vote for hillary clinton in the general election. they say they would write in bernie sanders or selected another candidate, this as that choice becomes closer to reality. clinton is fewer than 150 delegates away from clinching the democratic nomination. she has 2,240 delegates, sanders has 1,473. a candidate needs 2,383 yet some
12:36 pm
sanders supporters say they refuse to back her. >> bernie wants to give back the government to the people. that's what he represents and that's what he stands for. ethically i will not ever vote for her. i can't. >> there is also an online pledge, won' they claim her policies are center right and she carries too much baggage. it has more than 63,000 signatures, gregg. >> what is clinton doing to try to flip these folks who feel the be bern? >> she has yet to demand sanders embassy it the race. clinton has also been stressing her liberal policy positions on wall street, the economy, environment and other policies. her campaign has not yet returned request for comment on the bernie supporters who say they'll never vote for her. her supporters say more bernie
12:37 pm
supporters will eventually come around to clinton, especially in a general election against donald trump. for now she still has a challenger saying he'll stay in the race. >> aggrieved supporters say i'll never vote for the other person. in the end several months go by and they do. >> one person who could help win over bernie sanders is massachusetts senator elizabeth warren. now, there is word that vice president joe biden would have picked her as his running mate if he had gotten into the race. politico reporting that biden made that decision while he was still debating whether to run. in october he announced he just couldn't do it after the death of his son beau. politico also reporting the senator would be hillary clinton's best choice for vice president. warren has already taken on one of the traditional jobs of going on the attack against donald
12:38 pm
trump. she says she's focused right now on her current job. >> 16 million americans serving our country during world war ii, 400,000 of them never came home. and in the seven decades since that war ended, we have lost 15 million others. so it was certainly worth celebrating yesterday when a man believed to be our nation's oldest veteran marked a milestone birthday in austin, texas. casey claiborne of our affiliate station reports. >> i'm 110, i believe. >> reporter: richard overton, an army sergeant during world war ii, never fails to give credit to the almighty for his longevity. but he's got a few other tricks up his sleeve, whiskey and cigars. he's been drinking some other stuff lately.
12:39 pm
>> i've been drinking a lot of water, juice, ensure, coffee. got to keep a lot of water to keep your blood traveling. >> reporter: last year overton had a bout with pneumonia, a dangerous illness at his age. >> it wasn't easy. you get sick, you get weaker. can't handle yourself. doesn don't know whether you're going to live or die. >> reporter: some of his old co-workers turned up to wish him a happy birthday. jared tucker worked with him at the state treasury. >> richard is quite a character. he's still mighty sharp today as he was back then. he had a very good sense of humor, which we all appreciated. always carried that cigar with him. >> reporter: overton's friend marty wilson is there. >> if you're having a bad day, i guarantee he'll tell you jokes that make you fall out of your
12:40 pm
chair. >> reporter: overton was asked what he was wishing for on his birthday. >> have another birthday. >> reporter: and about the distinction of being the oldest living combat veteran. for a while there, there was a another veteran older than you and now you're the oldest again. how does that feel? >> well, i feel like i beat him. >> reporter: casey claiborne, fox news. >> happy birthday, richard. thank you for your service. god bless you. for the second time a police officer now on trial for an arrest and subsequent death of freddie gray. the first trial of course ended without a decision. this one, however, shaping up to be a whole lot different. our next guest says it could have an impact on the other officers facing similar charges. that's next. hey joanne, want to trade the all day relief of 2 aleve with 6 tylenol? give up my 2 aleve for 6 tylenol? no thanks.
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review what led hospital staffers to release a psychiatric patient just hours before he went on a deadly rampage this week. relatives say arthur derosa was mentally ill, checked himself into a hospital monday night. staffers parent lapparently rel him the next day. still no word on why. reps suggest the state government might be to blame. they say policies that guide them are misguided. he crashed his car into a mall in taunton, about 40 miles south of boston. they save he then attacked shoppers and stabbed a man to death. investigators say he killed an elderly woman after breaking into her home. >> one of the police officers who arrested freddie gray went on trial in baltimore today. this is, by the way, the second trial in the case of the young man who died in police custody. a jury last year failed to reach
12:45 pm
a verdict against a different officer. this time there's no possibility of that. why? because there's no jury. so there can't be a hung jury, mistrial. officer edward nero chose to have a trial by judge. he's facing assault, misconduct and reckless endangerment, not manslaughter, not murder but assault principally. they say nero disregarded his training and illegally detained freddie gray. he one of three officers who chased down and arrested gray. they put him inside a police car in happened cuffs. he died of a spinal injury. his arrest and death sparked outrage in baltimore. there you see the pictures, the riots, the professional tests all over the city. the state's attorney then
12:46 pm
charged six police officers in the case. the judge is allowing the prosecutors to force one -- actually two of those police officers to testify. the bottom middle of the screen is one of them. he'll be testifying against nero. legal experts say the ruling in this trial could give us an indication of what will happen to the other officers who face similar charges. joining to us talk about it, defense attorney rebecca rose woodland. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> i had a law professor who said if you're strong on the law, weak on the facts, go with a judge, not with a jury. >> that's a good law professor. we don't want any weakness that a jury can pick up on and use emotionality to then convict him. his defense attorney is saying i can't take a chance. in the last trial, if there was a mistrial, some people thought that previous police officer last year was guilty. when it's a mistrial, you're
12:47 pm
finding people can't make a decision of guilt or innocence. so there's people who can't agree. they'll never agree, so the judge disclaeclares a mistrial. that tells a defense attorney this is not as clear cut as we thought. let's not let another jury take a chance. >> prosecutors are not arguing that this officer caused the death or injuries to freddie gray that led to his death. because the top charge is assault and reckless endangerment, misconduct and so forth, what prosecutors are saying is that these officers illegally stopped and detained him, thus all the being him, right? >> there there wasn't probable cause not to stop and put handcuffs. >> the definition of probable cause is reasonable suspicion
12:48 pm
that that person has committed a crime. so here's my question. is somebody that you look at who then runs, is that suspicion of a crime having taken place? >> i mean, there's a lot -- look, there's a lot of criminal law in this area. a lot of it says no, that just because someone is running, it doesn't mean they committed a crime. they may be fearful of the police. it doesn't mean they're fearful that they committed a crime in the past, they're just afraid of the police. there are situations in certain neighborhoods and communities where the police are not seen as your friend. so the idea that they ran after him and then tackled him and then handcuffed him and then put him in a van, i mean, these are issues that arguably don't follow proper procedures. >> but none of that is going to get into evidence. it's only the stop and detention
12:49 pm
that's going to come into evidence here. it all comes down to probable cause, right? >> it does. >> was the police officer in his own mind acting reasonably. did he have sufficient -- >> or were the police officers as a group just kind of harassing -- >> racial profiling. >> exactly. >> right. >> that's why i have a feeling the judge is going to really get into the background of the procedure, the background of the police officer and what he was thinking. >> but, look, normally courts don't overjudge a police officer who has to make a realtime, split-second decision on probable cause. >> true. >> you can have an honest mistake and police and you don't get charge but here the officer got charged. >> he got charged because the
12:50 pm
situation escalated to a very bad conclusionimmaterial, inned a inadmissible in this trial. >> in what way can a prosecution let one or two of them go when the man has lost hiss life through a spinal injury, that doesn't really add up to something that would happen when you're riding in the back of a police car. >> you're san excellent lawyer, which side would you like to be on the trial? >> i hate to say it, but the prosecution, things are not going to go well for this officer. things are going to come out that are not going to be pretty. the pentagon claims a new defense system is supposed to keep europe safe by detecting enemy rockets and shooting them out of the sky. but russia is not buying this at all. the latest on the missile
12:51 pm
mistrust coming up next. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis.
12:52 pm
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12:54 pm
the united states just activated a very controversial missile defense system in romania. it seems that russian leaders not very happy about it. american officials say the $850 million missile is meant to protect europe and shoot down rockets from iran. but the kremlin is arguing that it hurts their security. greg palcot, live in london with more. >> this defense installation, this whole entire missile shield has been in the works for years, but it could very well be timely
12:55 pm
right now. it is a u.s.-built installation, nato run facility in the country of romania, and it went operational today, part of that broader missile system, aimed at intercepting primarily missiles coming in from iran. here's what defense secretary -- deputy defense secretary robert work had to say. >> as long as iran is working to develop ballistic missiles, we will work to defend nato. >> greg, explain a little bit more about russia's concerns. >> yeah, absolutely, greg. for many years now, russia has thought that this shield is all about targeting russia, not anything about iran, and it was expressing those worries again
12:56 pm
today, the spokesperson for president putin saying it is a direct threat against them, he went on to say, it's 1,000% aimed at us. the u.s. has denied this, but following russian aggression, they have been a little bit vague about whether the missiles and the radar could in fact be aimed at russia. in poland, they're opening another facility tomorrow, and russia very concerned about aggression. >> greg palkot good to see you. and we'll be right back.
12:57 pm
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1:00 pm
first president to really play to the cameras, especially with all these threatrical speeches. he was an orange. shep neil is next. all right, well, chalk one up for the donald, because today i swear i saw pigs fly. listen. >> the fact that he reached out that we had a good discussion is a positive thing, i'm going to focus on the house and the senate. >> that was lindsay graham, graham, who practically detects donald trump. remember this? >> and then i watch this idiot lindsay graham on television today and he's saying, he's a