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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  May 12, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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first president to really play to the cameras, especially with all these threatrical speeches. he was an orange. shep neil is next. all right, well, chalk one up for the donald, because today i swear i saw pigs fly. listen. >> the fact that he reached out that we had a good discussion is a positive thing, i'm going to focus on the house and the senate. >> that was lindsay graham, graham, who practically detects donald trump. remember this? >> and then i watch this idiot lindsay graham on television today and he's saying, he's a
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jackass. >> what about those who say that ted cruz is a danger to our party, he's far more divisive. >> all i can say is like being shot or poisoned, you're still dead. >> you know how you make america great again? you tell donald trump to go to hell. >> i wrote the number down, i don't know if it's the right number, let's try it. >> that is what we call the art of the deal or deal turn around or what a deal for trump, he was winning over people who were frozen out when it came to him and never, ever expressed any inkling of warmth. what happened? what's happening as we speak in to chad, wow, what happened? >> reporter: yeah, well this is sort of epitome of training bedfellows and this is not lindsay graham endorsing donald
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trump at this point. at one point he said that donald trump was the most unprepared person he knows to be president. but this is where you have this morphing, we're getting used to this,and we're coming around and trying to get a way to yes. i thought it interesting with paul ryan, the joint speaker of the house, he put out a statement on trump. they said that they want to unify to defeat hillary clinton. that's the unifying force that we're seeing permeating the capitol there, is that republicans are so opposed to hillary, is that they're going to unify, i thought it was interesting when i talked to roger wicker, the republican senator from mississippi, he's in charge of getting republicans elected to the senate. it's a very tough year for republicans in the senate. he said i feel better today than i did earlier. james corpsman, the republican whip, he said we're going to
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have to work on immigration reform and there's a way to soften that rhetoric. so republicans are trying to figure out a way to get on board with donald trump. >> so you got to wonder then, is the bush family next? all of them have expressed sincere doubts about donald trump. none of them even want to vote for him. i asked him, what about your old boss? >> no, i did not. i got great love and affection for the entire family, particularly 41. and i'll be talking to them all, i'm sure, relatively soon. but, look, donald trump is going to be the nominee of the republican party, i've been a republican all my life, i was a republican vice president, so of course i'm going to support the nominee of our party and i think others will begin to step up and support him as well. some may not at the very end, i can understand that, but donald
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trump's bringing in a lot of independents, he's bringing in a lot of democrats. go back to the reagan philosophy of a bigger tent. the more votes the better you are, he's increasing the size of the republican party, not decreasing it. >> when you hear the entire bush family, it seems is going to skip out on the convention, mitt romney as recently as yesterday was now raising questions about donald trump's reluctance to release his taxes, that he can't support the nominee, lindsay graham also skipping out on the nomination. are republicans going to have to live with the fact that there are some who are just not going to get into donald trump and just will not support him? >> reporter: we got a long way to go to the convention. >> do you know there's any way any of the people i mentioned suddenly start to like him? >> going into the convention,
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there's not that big deal, a lot of times people don't go to the convention, i haven't been to the convention for several years. >> what about support, though? >> that's a different thing, on support. i'm hoping by the due time period of this election, people will change their mind and come around to supporting him. you're going to see a different person out there, because the nominating process is one thing, now you've got a general election, it's not the 16 candidates that he was victorious over. and he did win that primary one by one by one. he's a winner. donald trump knows how to win. now it's going to be donald trump against, i presume hillary clinton, although neil, watch that california primary. if that california primary goes. >> some of those who have raised issues on trump, they have raised character and that kind of stuff.
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do you mr. vice president, despite your support, have those same reservations, those same concerns? >> i'm looking for a candidate in the general election and donald trump is going to now run a general election campaign, and it will be different than the primary. he figured out how to win the primary, and he did it without an open convention, you and everybody else was predicting he was going to have this open convention. and you and everybody else was wrong, we're not going to have an open convention. he's looking at hillary clinton, or bernie sanders, he's figuring out how to win that election, don't count him out. >> people are calling attention to his pivots, they need more explanation, but he's in the changing his mind, whether or not he'll tax the upper income, or not now, he says he's not doing any reversals here, just further explaining, fine-tuning
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his plans. do those fine-tunings, those pivots, whatever you want to call it concern you? because some of your conservative colleagues say they don't know where he stands. >> donald trump has said over and over again, i'm a negotiator, i'm a deal maker, i get deals. here's my first shot at it. and he put out a very comprehensive tax cut plan, very pro growth, cut tax rates for everyone, especially on the business side as well. and he's getting questions about it and he says, look, that's my going in position, we'll see where we come out. he knows he has to negotiate. he's in washington today and he's just starting to get a feel for washington as the presumptive nominee. and congress having been in both the house and the senate, they like to be stroked, they want to shake your hand, they want to get to know you, the mother they get to know him and accept that
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he's the presumptive nominee, the better. >> perhaps friday, there will be a meeting, paul ryan still was not indicating that he would support him. >> he's clearly moving in that direction. >> but what if we get to the convention and he hasn't done that. >> i think it will happen before the convention, i think it will happen before the convention, i'll be very surprised if it doesn't happen before the convention, and it was a very conciliatory meeting from i looked at, from what i gather from it. but he'll be on board. if paul ryan's caucus is before donald trump, it will be overwhelmingly for donald trump, there may be a few people that will be opposed to him. but overall, they're for him. for the speaker of the house to distance himself and not be supportive of donald trump -- look, i think paul ryan was surprised at how quickly this
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ended for a lot of people. he's taken a deep breath, he's got a lot of ideas, he didn't really want to have the ball in his court at this particular time. he thought he was going to have it at the convention and he would be working up to the convention, and it happened sooner than everybody anticipated and he'll have to deal with it. and in due time, almost all of us, we'll be together, we're going to support our nominee as we should. >> you see what's going on here? it is fascinating, my friends, that is dan quayle, who's the vice president of george bush sr., his old boss is not signing up for donald trump. you've got paul ryan, his old boss, not remotely signing up for donald trump. but both, both are making moves now to indicate they will be with donald trump. it's fascinating. and now, of course, to have been a fly on the wall in any of these conversations, phone or
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otherwise with lindsay graham, but we can only imagine, something is shifting here. author economist genius ben stein, what do you think it is? >> i think it's the party putting itself together. i knew it always was going to. but the problem is s what does trump stand for, he says he's for devaluing is debt, then he says he's not for devaluing the debt. he says he's for neutralizing palestine, then he says he's not. it's not clear what he's for and what he's not for, if he could just make himself clear in terms of what jibes with the republican party. he's like a wizard, the guy's got unearthly powers to attract voters. >> let's say the pressure is building as such in the party, get on the trump train, and if
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you're not on the trump train, you're not a republican. what does ben stein say to that? >> ben stein says anyone who says he's a republican is a republican, but i think trump is outside of the republican main stream right now. i would like for him to listen, not just the voices in his head, but listen to what the party is saying, we are a party of conservatives, we're a party of a strong foreign policy, we're not a party of america first and withdrawing from the world. we're the only country in the world that can defend freedom. let's get that straight, mr. trump and then we'll all be on board, i'll be going house to house. in 1968, my wife and i went house to house for gene mccarthy. >> you know, the one thing that people get out of this is
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that -- >> you're too funny. it's hard to keep a straight face for you. >> you know what's amazing me, ben? and you and i have chatted about this before. donald trump, it seems as if he is closing this deal, and he's getting the most that resisted to face the obvious, you have differences with me, i have differences with you, i mean lindsay graham is saying pleasant in the same sentence as donald trump. has he announced he is supporting him? no, but there is some effect to that phone call that he hangs up and says pleasant. >> it's incredible. the guy obviously has mesmerizing powers of charm, look at all the incredibly beautiful wives he's had for one thing. look at all the incredibly exampling children and in-laws he has. he has mesmerizing charm.
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i only met him a long time ago when he was threatening to sue me. but he has some kind of incredible charms, i want to see some republican policy positions that are standard republican policy positions. and mrs. clinton has some anti-magic coming over her. >> thank you, ben stein. now the only question, to add the latest wrinkle to anyone but trump camp are those tax returns, he's said they are not going to be out any time soon. today dialed back a little bit, maybe before the election, is it that big a deal, or it one last sal voe for people that can't get over the fact that he just could have a president in front of his name come january 20th of next year.
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if you trying to stop one donald trump from becoming president, this may be your hail mary pass, the taxes. get the taxes out, you're hitding something, mr. trumpb. mitt romney said then and echoed again in a facebook post, just the fact that he's not releasing the returns should disqualify him from taking that office. because almost every other candidate has in the past, or at least since 1992. to kaitlin burns, what do you think of this? where are we going? >> reporter: trump is pushing mitt romney to release his tax returns, and he was reluctant to do so in 2012, so we're coming back here full circle now. according to donald trump and even some republican strategists who i have talked to who have
1:18 pm
not really figured out how they feel about trump yet want him to release them because it's an issue of trance parsparenctrans. of course hillary clinton is struggling with some of her own negative poll numbers when it comes to trust worthiness so hitting donald trump on this issue of transparency is a good political move for her. and candidates in the past have done so, but also when it comes to as one strategist pointed out to me today, when it comes to the idea of trump receiving security briefings, once he becomes the actual nominee, people want to know what his business dealings have been, especially perhaps his foreign interests. so there's a lot of pressure coming down from all sorts of people around the spectrum. >> the talk was just i think tht going to release it, doesn't see
1:19 pm
a way to release it because he's in the middle of an audit before the november elections, that caused immediate fury, and then he dialed back and said it could be before the elections. recent historic, where candidates do release their returns. now many produce these tax records, these forms that donald trump has, but that is not as exhaustive or tells you quite as much as a tax return would. why is this a big deal, the business entanglements you discussed notwith standing? >> the average voter is not going to be turning over their tax returns. this is something the press usually goes through once they're released and find nuggets and stuff. >> the media would obsess on the nuggets. i talked to a friend who's a
1:20 pm
huge trump fan, what do i care if he -- even if revelations like this came out, he would say the hell with it. >> the reason for trump not releasing them compared to romney, trump is the one who takes a lot of pride in that he has a lot of money or has made a lot of money. from the republicans i have talked to or those who want him to release it, it's more about his business dealings and the fact that trump has not been a politician or been in public life, he hasn't been in positions before where he's felt compelled to release them or has really released them. and you know, the excuse that he's under audit is also troubling to some of those who -- >> i know all the points are in, do you think it will be an issue at all? the one making an issue, even though she has released tax returns for she and her husband going back almost 20 years. a lot of people see the money she gets from speeches, who are
1:21 pm
you to judge about money and all that. >> it will become an issue if it becomes one, the clinton campaign and certainly opponents of donald trump pushing him to release those returns, they're going to make it an issue of transparency, an issue of, well, what do you have to hide? they're saying that trump is someone who pushed president obama as we remember to release his birth certificate and those kinds of things. >> we'll see, i don't know. thank you very, very much. i heard something really wild out of the dnc chair denying any signs of favoritism. which is kind of like me denying that i like to eat, just saying.
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all right. this is a sort of pleasantness 101, of how to win over supporters when you're the dnc chair and you're all but ripping them for saying that the system is rigged against them. >> i do not think that senator sanders concern is valid or warranted and the rules already cover that the candidates will proportionately earn, which they already have throughout this primary, the representation based on the state wide volt. >> which is her way of saying, bernie, just sit down, we have got it from here. what did you think of that? >> i think debby waszer man schultz is not thinking of the
1:26 pm
future of the party. when you look at the superdelegate makeup, i find very concerning is that 70% of the delegates many of which are dnc members are supporting hillary clinton. the majority are white male members of the dnc so if the chairwoman is concerned about the makeup of the party concerning the voters, then she should look at the dnc members she chooses, the people they're going to be selecting at the dnc at the convention, as the senator has mentioned in his letter to debbie waszerman schultz. >> you raise a good one, that let's assume she's technically right, this is the way that delegates are allocated, you're not a fan of superdelegates, they are what they are. she was going on in saying that regularly allocated delegates, there's still about a 300
1:27 pm
delegate gap, that hillary will pig up the nomination if she just gets a third or more of the remaining pledged delegates, she's got the deal, even if she's right on a technical basis, doesn't that concern the rival and tick off the rival voters who account for really the only passion we have seen in the democratic party and risk alienating them after the convention? >> what's going on here aside from the presidential race is the battle between the future of the democratic party and the majority of the democratic party's membership and an establishment and the people who are locked into the system, the elected officials, the people that are part of the business of the democratic party. because the numbers, eastern though hillary clinton claims to be winning 2 million votes, she's not counting the caucus votes, she's not counting the fact that all of these primaries she won in the beginning were more conservative primaries stacked in the beginning based
1:28 pm
on dnc rules designed to protect the establishment. there's that 300-delegate gap right now, but that's all designed to keep control within the establishment's party. so she if she's concerned about the future of the party, this is a major problem, young people are going to be showing up at the convention, if they see that the platform committee is primarily made up of hillary supporters. >> she's supposed to be unbiassed. and all of a sudden bias is coming clear here, she's almostlike the school principal, i have had it with you, quit acting up or the next time you're going to leave. >> as the party chair, she should be concerned with the fact that we're losing 10% of our party every year, she should be concerned with the fact that those under 45 will now registering as independents.
1:29 pm
we have a more progressive leading independent block. what we saw in the quinnipiac poll last week, was that the most electable candidate is bernie sanders. >> unless you hillary is your nominee, i guess you're voting for donald trump? >> no. >> always good having you, thank you very much. we do know that donald trump has had to pivot on some things and some people are saying he made some reversals on his tax plan, actually 2 guy behind that plan or helping to craft that plan says it's just some minor tweaking and why are you getting so tweaking out of control about it? but first, my luggage. ahh, there it is. uh, excuse me, sir? i think you've got the wrong bag. sorry, they all look alike, you know? no worries.
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all right forget about republicans toeing the line, these democrats, they're just not into it anymore. what happened? after this.
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all right, it's not a pivot, it's a tweak, to hear donald trump's slightly adjusted tax plan that has involved some changes. one of the guys helping with those tweaks is power broker extraordinary, and i knew him when. the argument is at first when donald trump was talking about the rich are going to have to pay more.
1:34 pm
a lot of people are saying, wait a minute. you're reversing your stance. please explain that comment. >> so let me start with the big picture here, neil, by the way i'm not the man behind the donald trump tax plan, donald trump is. >> but you are a mogul, though, you are officially an influential mogul. >> i have been trying to say this for 50 years. if you look at donald trump's plan, first of all, to some of my conservative friends out there, this is the biggest tax cut plan that's been proposed by any republican candidate since ronald reagan ran in 1980. and it cuts rate pretty starlingly. in terms of cutting rates for individuals and businesses that jump-starts the economy. i don't actually understand what donald trump said the other day when he said well, maybe we are to raise taxes on the rich. i think what he meant was that he wants to cut the highest income tax rate down to 25%,
1:35 pm
that's up to about 40% today. i think what he was saying, instead of cutting it to 25%, maybe 28%. that's still a big tax cut. >> when he first said that, oh, you're going to raise tax. so i understand what you're saying. but you're saying, the 25% rate is the one he was starting to talk about adjusting? >> that's what, you know, we have recommended. larry kudlow and i and a couple of other economists have said if you tweak this a little bit, you can reduce the cost. >> but you don't know what he was saying. >> he told us what he was saying, he said later that what he meant was he may not be able to lower rates quite as much as he had hoped to. but my point is that it's still going to be a big tax rate reducti reduction.
1:36 pm
i actually think if you get these rates down, especially on the business side, because you're going to get more tax revenue because you're going to grow the economy. businesses will come back. donald trump is talking about a 15% corporate tax rate, that would take america from one of the highest in the world to one of the lowest in the world. everybody knows this except for hillary clinton. if you cut those rates that much, burger king and businesses like that are coming back. >> it's going to cost 10 trillion at a minimum over sick years, and drive us deeper into the red, you say what? >> i say every time you increase the economic growth rate by 1 percentage point, i'm going to give you a little bit of math here, 1 percentage point, you reduce the deficit by $3 trillion or a decade. if we go from 3% to 4%, we have just reduced the budget deficit
1:37 pm
by $6 trillion. we can retire this debt, but growth is the key. >> the question i have, he talked about he would have to negotiate. but if he got elected, i'm assuming he would be taking the senate and the house with him, that they wouldn't switch, you would have a reason senate, the republican house, why does he have to worry about negotiating with democrats when he would have the reverse of what barack obama when he came in eight years ago. he had the house and the senate, so he didn't have to negotiate. >> because paul ryan has his own tax plan. and everybody's talking about these big glacier differencings between paul ryan and donald trump, but they have very similar plans. >> are both sides going to come around? >> you're going to get something in the middle of where donald
1:38 pm
trump is and where paul ryan. when you heard hillary say trump wants to cut tax rates just for millionaires. and her plan, neil, is to raise the capital gains tax, she wants to take the capital gains tax by 40%, trump wants to take it down to 20%. if you're an investor, which sounds better? >> the power broker to the stars. steve moore. i want to show you what was going down today, in the meeting between donald trump and paul ryan. i think even the protesters are getting into fights. they couldn't even get in sync on the chants, they have just given up. is that pathetic? they might sort of remarshall their forces, but yikes. are you? i'm vern, the orange money retirement rabbit from voya. vern from voya?
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all right, i want to show you a lot of these protesters, there weren't many outside this washington venue where these tough republicans were meeting with donald trump. even the protest crowd isn't like it usually is. so maybe everybody's getting around to the notion that donald trump has gotten the nomination and all their chants and rants haven't done much to stop that. sheriff, what always interests me when i see illegals protesting, is why i.c.e. or other officials can't or don't arrest them on the spot. >> great question, maybe because they take the approach that it would be infringing on their freedom of speech. but what about the other laws that they're breaking? and that's where there is complete, when it comes to immigration laws, there is no debate here, it's complete
1:43 pm
lawlessness, there are no consequences for breaking immigration law and that's what we have here, that's why we see 131% increase in families coming across, over the past six months alone, the mexican border into the united states is because the message has gone out, make it to the border and you're home free. there's deferred action for 12 million to 20 million plus illeg illegals. and hillary clinton has gone further than obama and says she's going to actually put them on a path to citizenship, this is outrageous, anybody who questions whether they can support donald trump or not, there's a safety, not only our cities, but our national security is on the line here, and there is no real choice when it comes to do we support donald trump, it's a resounding owe.
1:44 pm
>> i appreciate where you're coming from, but what is its about isis refuting these statistics that nearly 20,000 criminals were let -- i.c.e. says it's not the case. but you have seen those who have been turned over to officials, have been arrested again, sheriff arpiao says it happens to him. net/net, the return rate of any illegals, has slowed to a trickle. why is that? >> this whole idea that there's no consequences, the fact that they're releasing 208 fall convict convicted murderers who are actually illegals, they had no business in this country, they were convicted of rape, child assault and the result from
1:45 pm
i.c.e. is they don't have proper travel documents or their countries won't accept them back. that's not an excuse. they have released 500 in pinnell county in arizona. this guy's from russia, so it's not a question of they're all from mexico. we had two murderers, one was from sudan, another one from russia and another one was from iraq. that's what we need to do, enforce the laws that are on the books. >> so too bernie sanders, but he is letting hillary clinton having it, he's not pulling any punches, has called her a disaster among other things, so much for that unity at the democratic convention. who was it that said that is republicans weren't going to keep their family together? look at the other family.
1:46 pm
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all right, bernie sanders campaigning away. does this look like a guy who's slowing down or about to sort of hang up his political hat here? not quite. railing at the establishment, including that establishment including hillary clinton. she's beholden to the very finance interests he wants to account ties to, political and otherwise. new york superdelegate, congressman steve israel. what do you think of that, congressman, that he's not dialling this back, if anything, he's going full throttle? >> that's his obligation, neil, he said that in a fundraising email. i was the chairman of the democratic national campaign, i used to write letters like that, when you're raising money through those e-mails, you tend
1:50 pm
to be dramatic, you tend to be intense. probably wouldn't raise a lot of money for bernie sanders, what counts is this, she still has more than 300 delegates more than he does, she's going to win this nomination, i believe she's going to lock this up fairly soon, and we will consolidate our vote. >> when they poll his enthusiastic supporters, they're not so enthusiastic about hillary clinton. to your point, that could change. but there's a lot of ill will from bernie sanders folks, saying, you know, it is kind of a stacked system here and there is a bias, i'm paraphrasing here, about debbie waszerman schultz's treatment here of our complaints, when it comes to a system that seems to favor clinton. its him back
1:51 pm
into the fold. how would you since debbie wasserman-schultz could use some counseling on people skills. how would you get them back in the fold? >> i think we're going to have to remind them when the prime is over that this is a high-stakes election. guys like me always say this is the most important election ever. this time, it is. and for those people -- >> you'll be saying that four years from now. >> that's true, that's what we do. but this is going to be a close one and every vote is going to count. that's the case we're going to make. >> when they say that they've been treated poorly or they've been treated with great bias, i agree with you, i cannot see them running to donald trump, although many have indicated they would. but they might sit it out and they're about the only ones who account for any enthusiasm, democrats have seen. are you worried that maybe unintentionally, maybe intentionally, democratic party leadership is botching this? >> neil, i have to tell you, honestly, we have work to do, we're going to have to make sure
1:52 pm
that we heal that we unify and the other side does as well. you have jeb bush saying he won't vote for donald trump. >> more of them, i got to tell you congressman, seemingly folding like cheap suits. that might change. but i'm amazed with the speed at which they seem to be coming around to donald trump. that, too, could change. >> i agree with you. >> do you worry, i think in the end as you and i have chatted, it's all about passion in november. whose supporters are more passionate? are you worried that yours might not be? >> no, i think on both sides of the aisle, this primary process, whether you like it or not has intensified voter turn-out. i don't think voter turnout will a real issue in november. i think we'll see a high voter turnout. the issue is persuasion, both parties are going to have to persuade not just their base, but in the broader electorate. women, latino voters, which is why the rnc did a post mortem
1:53 pm
several years ago in which they said they can't win a general election until they appeal to a broader audience. that's what hillary clinton will do, appeal to a broader audience. by the time we get into a general election environment, hardly anybody is going to remember any specific greecievas during this primary climate. all right. i told you about the people who are sort of, i wouldn't say the ones that dislike donald trump a lot. resigning themselves to him. but it's happening. very, very quickly. democrats take note.
1:54 pm
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at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad. all right. well today at least they were talking and you know that's a big deal. for paul ryan and donald trump to get in a room together and air differences, that's a big deal. this frequency between the two goes back quite a ways, five years. last time i talked to paul ryan
1:57 pm
on an issue near and dear to him, reining in medicare. something that got a lot of criticism from donald trump. >> he's chosen to do nothing on leading and he's allowed his political leaders to demagogue republicans on this, which makes it harder for us to get agreement on how to fix this problem. >> even republicans are, they kind of left you -- >> not at all. >> well donald trump was on our air this very hour. he was trashing you, trashing this whole plan. >> well i heard that. no one really doesn't bother me, because when you lead and when you step out and put reforms up there you're going to get these kinds of comments, i don't know donald trump, i don't know that he's read our plan. this is as gradual as it gets. >> at the time paul ryan was talking about reining in the growth of medicare. the famous ads that ensued of him throwing granny off a cliff. >> does that stick now? to new york republican congressman chris collins, a
1:58 pm
trump surrogate, maybe this ill will goes back a ways what do you think? >> that was then, this is now. five years in the political world is like ten lifetimes. what matters today is that paul ryan and donald trump had a very positive meeting, as donald trump said then and even now, he really doesn't know, paul ryan doesn't really know donald trump. this was morals a get to know you, i thought the joint statement afterwards was a positive step. very soon. >> maybe so, congressman. but paul ryan is very keen on reining in entitlement growth. i think you are as well. he's not heard that from donald trump. did he today, did you get word that he did? >> no, i did not follow up with either one. we just got the very positive vibes coming back from both camps, from the ryan group as well as the trump group. the meeting went even better than expected. the joint statement was good. let's face it, they both agree. we have to rein in our deficit. get a balanced budget. >> do they both agree that
1:59 pm
entitlements will be part of that? i know that's been ryan's position for a good long time. what about donald trump? do you know? do you care? >> i certainly care. what i've heard donald say is he's not going to have a negative impact on anyone currently receiving social security, medicare -- >> but that he would be open longer-term? >> we have heard some of those statements. i certainly encourage those. >> when did you hear those statements? because i had not. >> yesterday we heard mr. trump say on the social security side, we'll be having a discussion, but we're not going to hurt anyone that's currently on that. >> and so when you say we're going to be having a discussion where we could at least discuss the possibility of addressing entitlement growth. >> i believe we have to and i would certainly be sharing that with mr. trump. you know $2 out of every three, $2-plus trillion, our entitlement, we're totally out of whack. we have to make sure that we are very careful, we haven't going
2:00 pm
to hurt current seniors and we move forward with plans that are multifaceted. >> thank you congressman, very much. breaking news. that could satisfy paul ryan and donald trump. it could be okay. hello, i'm eric bolling, along with juan williams, kimberly guilfoyle, melissa francis and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." it's over and it sounds like it went well for donald trump and the republican party in washington. the presumptive gop nominee met with republican leaders on capitol hill, including house speaker paul ryan, who is chairing his party's convention this summer but has yet to endorse the candidate. ryan and rnc chair reince priebus had lots of positive things to say about the meeting. >> the question is, what is it we need to do to unify the republican party. and all strains of conservative wings in the party? we had a very good and


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