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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 12, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> i'm going to watch. do you mind? >> absolutely not. >> pugs are cute but here they are attacking a child. this child's n joseph and he's being chased by puppies. find out how it ends tomorrow. welcome to hannity and donald trump met with speaker of the house paul ryan and republican leaders earlier today in washington about unitying the party. mr. trump will be here in a moment and explain what went down. also reince priebus will join us with reaction but here is how paul ryan reacted to today's big sit down. >> i was very encouraged with what i heard from donald trump today. i do believe that we are now planting the seeds to get yourself unified to bridge the gaps so from here we're going to go deeper into the policies and see how we can make sure we're
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operating on the same core principals. i think this is going in a positive direction and this was an encouraging meeting. in 45 minutes you don't litigate all the principals that we're talking about. >> here with reaction presumptive republican nominee donald trump is with us. good to see you. >> hi. >> your take on the meeting? what did you think? >> i thought it was a great meeting. we discussed a lot of things, a lot of very important things and i thought it was really a very, very good meeting. i think paul felt the same way and everybody else did also. >> maybe it's just me, there's a part of me that thinks i understand that people saying you're the nominee, you have the job to unite the party, but doesn't he as speaker of the house have that job? >> i think he does and i think he's doing a good job. he's got not an easy job and i don't mind going through a slow
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process. it's a big subject. we have a lot of things and i think for the most part we agree on a lot of different items and we're getting there. i feel very strongly about boarder security. i feel very strongly about trade. i feel very strongly about building up the military and to a large extent i think paul is there also. so we'll get is there i'm pretty sure. >> i've interviewed you a lot in this process. you say you want conservative justices to the supreme court, you said you'll even give us a pool of names before the election, right? >> right. i'm going to do that, yes. >> so you're going to build a wall. that's conservative. conservative justices obviously are. you've said to me repeatedly you want to get the budget back in balances, that you will repeal and replace obama likely with health care savings accounts. >> absolutely. common core, we'll get rid of common core and bring education locally and protect our second amendment so important, so so important and the second amendment is big chipped away at
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and as far as hillary's concerned she wants to abolish the second amendment. i believe she wants to abolish the second amendment. she's a disaster in so many different ways so we're going to -- i think we had a great meeting today and we agreed on a lot of things and it will be a process but it will come along. >> you want to be energy independent. you said you want to take care of vets and build up the military. maybe it's me. what does he want to know? why is this so hard for him to say yeah, i agree with him on all of those issues right there and hillary clinton is on the other side? i don't understand why that's so hard. >> i think a big thing was the judges, the justices, supreme court, i think they felt good about it. i had this idea a couple of months ago because i was getting a little bit of push back from some great friends of mine in congress and they were telling me how can we feel a little bit better and i came up with this idea that i would come up with a
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list of really, really terrific acceptable judges, conservative, and i'll put that list forward and that will be a list from which i'll choose or at least a list of which i'll use as a guide and i'll tell you that went a long way. people really liked that idea a lot. >> i think a lot of people do and i've heard people talk about maybe even naming sop cabinet positions. you've got a team of people, you have ben carson working for you and chris christie is working for you now. would you maybe name some of those people along with a vice president before the election? >> i do think so. i think before the election i'd name some and i think they would be really great. we have some great names, you mentioned two much them and we have other great names. they would love to be involved and they want to be involved. i get a kick all of these people saying they don't want to be understood, they don't want to be for the vice president position and but none of those people were asked. it's like one of those things.
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they're turning me down but they would never asked and i guess they turned me down because they know they're not going to shall asked, but we have some incredible people for vice president that i think you'll be impressed with and i'll do that announcement probably during the convention in cleve lapped. >> there was a report you've narrowed it down to five or six people is that true. >> that's radio. >> anything you can tell us about that? >> i can tell you you'll like most of them. i'm not sure about all of them, but you'll like most of them. but i think you'll like the final pick which is the only one that counts. we'll have some interesting days and nights ahead because it's tough. it's a tough decision. you have some that are really strong in some areas. we want to get somebody that's good in all areas and i think we have a few that are really excellent and that people are going to like and really respect as people. >> let's talk some issues came up this week in the last week
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and a half some am big guty on issues of minimum wage and raising taxes and whether or not you were softening your stance on bringing refugees in the country. let's clarify. minimum wage. >> let me tell you, the only thing i am talking about a little bit is i want -- i like the idea of the states looking at minimum wage because if they don't new york is totally different than if you go to alabama or arkansas or so many places that i love. they voted for me. i love them all. but you're talking about a whole different cost of living. so what's good for new york is not necessarily good for some place else. new york is very expensive to live in and i could see having more in recollection nnew york other places and the standard might be better in alabama or arkansas and other places than it would be in new york even though new york would have a higher minimum wage. i like giving it to states to dining room a determine and they have to
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compete with each other. i like the concept of giving it to states. in some states where it's more expensive maybe they do have to lift the minimum wage and others they don't have to do it. they also have to committee with each other in business. i really like the idea because it's so different, it's a big country, it's so different antd the cost of living is so different i like letting the states set the minimum wage. >> how about tax increases? i saw that you said maybe we'll raise taxes on the wealthy. you clarified on twitter. >> these people on minimum wage i said about states and i think it's clear and i think it's a good idea and i've been praised for that. as far as taxes are concerned, all i said -- when i put in taxes it's really a proposal. it's no the a policy. it's not anything. it's a proposal. so you put in taxes because you're going to have to negotiate with congress and senators and congress people. they're going to be -- it's going to be a tough negotiation.
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i'm going to possibly have to lift it from my proposal, but that proposal even when lifted it will be cheaper than it is right now. as you know larry kudlow is in love with my plan and he likes my plan the best, but my plan is the biggest cut of anybody. i have the biggest tax cut of anyone. but remember when i put in the proposal and proposed rates and everything else, it's going to be negotiated. you're not going to put in and everybody is going to say that's wonderful i'm going to leave it there. we're taking care of big league of the middle class and business. our business taxes are being reduced by a magnificent -- by a tremendous sum and i will say perhaps from my low proposal perhaps the wealthy will go a little bit up from that standpoint, but that's all i was saying. they're not going up. that's not a clarification. that's just all you have to do is read it. i'll tell you who covered it well, yesterday the wall street
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journal had an article that covered what i said so well because the writer got it. he understood it. it was covered so perfect. >> when you really think look at the latest numbers that have come out is this is the scarey part and i asked you a lot in almost every interview you have one in five families that don't have is a single family member in the workforce. look at young people today. young men 18 to 34 this is staggering, one in six are either incarcerated or don't have a job. now, if we don't turn that around, then our country is in decline. that's going to be probably the biggest challenge you have, right? >> we're loie losing our busine and manufacturing. i won new york and pennsylvania and maryland. i won every state. you look at indiana which was the most recent one and then the other night we just had a fantastic night also in nebraska, in west virginia, you look at what's happened in west virginia with the miners where hillary clinton says she wants to put the miners and the mines out of business and i say just
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the opposite, we're going to put the miners back to work and we're going to open up the mines. it's just insane what's going on. she's like a job killing machine. she is horrible in terms of the economy, horrible. don't forget it was her husband who signed nafta which was probably the greatest in terms of a disaster the greatest disast disaster we've ever had economically for jobs. i went through new york and pennsylvania and maryland and connecticut and all these states, they're like empty. >> it's scarey. >> the jobs have been sucked out of us. they've moved to next kmexico. china has sucked the life out of us. i can do it. >> every exit poll shows jobs, the economy, people's top concern. this president has accumulated more debt than every other president before him combined. james cuomo our assistant fbi
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director, general allen, the director of national intelligence, james clapper our homeland security chairman have all said isis will infiltrate the refugee population. you took a strong stand. it was reported today that you said that's only a suggestion, a temporary ban. explain. >> no, i would not allow people to come in from syria. they're not vetted properly. they're moving in by the thousands. you remember i told you thousands of people are going to power pour in. thousands of people are coming in from syria. we don't know who they are and if you look at the migration you have a lot of young strong men. you look at the women. where are the women and children? you don't have many by comparison. we cannot allow people to come in from syria and i would stop it and i would stop it immediately. we have tens of thousands of people coming into this country. we don't know who they are. there's no paperwork or documentation. with that being said build safe
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zones in syria and i'll get the gulf states to pay for it. we have a disaster going on in our country. our roads, our highways, our bridges and tunnels, airports, hospitals, everything, our schools. . have a disaster going on. we're going to rebuild our country. we've spent almost $5 trillion in the middle east. we can't do this anymore. we have to knock the hell out of isis, that i have to say, but we have to get back to rebuilding our country. >> we'll take a break. the washington post has an army of 20 people that want to look at every single aspect and phase of your life, we'll talk about the polls against hillary clinton as we continue with donald trump after the break and coming up tonight. >> we're on the same page. it was positive. it was cooperative. it had good spirit in the room. >> that was reince priebus talking about today's meeting in washington with donald trump and
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live from america's news headquarters. i'm patricia stark. top senate negotiators have announced an agreement on an emergency funding measure to battle the zika virus. that is the illness carried by mosquitoes and has been tied to birth defects. the bill is expected to sweet sweeping support in a bill next
10:16 pm
week even show though some senior democrats aren't happy with it. they hoped the they would approve president obama's request. military commander has been killed in syria where he has been fighting extremist groups. he masterminded the 2005 murder of former lebanese prime minister. he was behind the 1983 bombing of u.s. marine barracks in beirut route. now back to "hannity." hannity. welcome back. we continue now with republican presidential candidate donald trump. you're winning by four in ohio, you're even in pennsylvania and florida. how do you interpret that poll? >> i think really good. we have to win florida. i think i'll win florida. i won florida against marco by
10:17 pm
massive number. we had a 20% victory and pennsylvania we won massively and we will win that against hillary. she wants to put the miners out of business. i think we're going to win pennsylvania and ohio is a great state for me. i did very well in ohio. we had a great number in ohio. i did a very good job? if i would have been there for two more days you would have seen, but we got a great number in ohio. >> look at the -- i don't know if you've seen they came out with the war room, how the clintons fought back in 1992 against george bush. very insightful. it gives you insight into your friend. we know about the clinton machine. we know they play dirty. they'll say and do anything to get elected. between that and "the washington post" announcing they have put 20 people to dig into every
10:18 pm
single phase of your life, are you prepared for what's coming, not if it's coming, but what's coming. >> it's interesting you say that because every hour we're getting calls from reporters from "the washington post" asking ridiculous questions and i will tell you this is owned as a toy by jeff who controls am zon. he's using the washington post for power so the politicians don't tax amzon like they should be. he's worried where he thinks i would go after him for anti-trust because he has a huge anti-trust problem because he's controlling so much. they're controlling so much of what they're doing he bought this paper for practically nothing and he's using that as a political tool for power against me and other people. we can't let him get away with it. he has about 20, 25.
10:19 pm
i've heard they're taking these bad stories -- they're wrong. in many cases they have no proper information and they're putting them together and ther going to do a book and the book is going to be all false stuff because the stories are so wrong and the reporters, one after another so what they're doing is he's using that as a political instrument to try and stop anti-trust which he thinks i believe he's anti-trust, in other words what he's got is a mon oppositely and he wants to make sure i don't get in. i'll tell you what, what he's doing is wrong and the people are being -- the whole system is rigged. you see a case laike that, the whole system is rigged. he's using -- he's using t"the washington post" for political purposes to save amzon in terms of taxes and anti-trust. >> let me ask you about hillary.
10:20 pm
you commented about her being an enbeliever. y i've interviewed those women. they tell the stories and more importantly they tell about how they were smeared and slandered when they did tell their stories. i haven't heard you talk a lot about the e-mail server investigation, i haven't heard you talk a lot about the clinton foundation. hillary says she's for women and the foundation took money from the saudis. did the saudis buy her silence. >> i talk about the e-mails all the time and what can you say? does it get any more corrupt or crooked then that. she's been protected. before she gets this nomination, you talk about a rig, i watched this guy bernie sanders, i'm not fan of his and i watch him win every night and everybody says he can't win because she has
10:21 pm
these super delegates so i'm talking about that all the time. the clinton foundation obviously is looking to me like it's got some big problems. if you read the book and see the movie that's coming out, the movie is brutal from what i understand. >> i actually know all about it, yeah. >> i'm talking about the e-mails all the time. look, people have done like 2% of what she did and they have paid -- they've destroyed their life over it and what she's done with the e-mails is horrible. now i hear the man that set it up and set up the server has gone rog so let's see what happens. i think she has big problems. i don't know whether or not they'll prosecutor. >> nearly half of bernie sanders voters say they will vote for you instead of hillary. hillary has warned her donors, they sent out an e-mail the other night saying if bernie runs the table on the remaining states the corrupt system of super delegates gives it to hillary so she's doing very
10:22 pm
poorly here. i'll give you an example. back in 2008 when she ran in west virginia she had 240,000 votes she got less than 85,000. what do you make of how she can't close this nomination on her side. >> she isn't a closer here and she wasn't a closer the last time she wasn't a closer with the chinese and she's not going to be a closer with isis, she hurt us with libya and isis has taken the oil. what she's done has been a disaster. she's not a closer. the bottom line whether it's the election or whether it's the election against obama in terms of the primaries, she's just not a closer. this is not a woman that would be that should be president. we have so much work to do. i don't think she has the energy to be president. i don't think she can do it. you see it right now, she cannot close the deal. >> if you look at exit polls in every state same answer
10:23 pm
republicans feel betrayed by their own party. i think that's playing a big part in how this election has played out. the question is there's been two moments where i think conservative policies have made america a better place. you talk about ronald reagan, i think that was one of the most recent examples. the other would be the contract with america. these promises that you make about the wall, about judges, about obamacare, balancing the budget, about schools and energy and vets and the military and all these things, would it be a good idea to put it on paper and say to your fellow republicans we're going to do these things, sign the paper. promise the american people, they're tired of being lied to and being betrayed and sign it and say this is my promise if you elect me? >> i mean i'd have to problem doing it. i'm going to do it with the judges because i think it would make people feel better
10:24 pm
especially certain people within the party. but i think everybody knows first of all obamacare is going to fall of its own weight. in '17 it explodes. it's dead. it's an absolute disaster. unfortunately let's say i'm president i have to inherent this mess but we hopefully will terminate it before it explodes. in '17 it's a disaster. i can put it in paper, but we have to do these things. we need the wall. these 16,500 boarder patrol agents endorsed me. first time they ever endorsed a presidential candidate. i said what about the wall, they said we need the wall. we're going to stop the drugs and problems. believe me. >> i hope when the five or six you said a couple i may not like, don't pick that person. pick the guy i would like if you don't mind. >> i think you're going to be very impressed. we'll come up with the right final answer, believe me. >> thank you, donald trump, the
10:25 pm
presumptive gop nominee. thank you, sir. appreciate it. >> thank you. when we come back reince priebus is here with his take on donald trump's meeting today in washington with paul ryan plus laura ingram reacts. later tonight duck incident arresty was a supporter of ted cruz but now he's jumping on the trump train. what's it like to be in good hands? like finding new ways
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10:28 pm
and it was a good day for donald trump and i don't think donald trump or paul ryan could have been more pleased with the meeting they had today. so from my standpoint -- >> why didn't he endorse him. >> it was a good start. i think both parties agreed with the strategy and both parties agreed with how the things should go today. they both wanted to talk. i think they might be talking tomorrow or the next day and they're going to be working together very closely over the next couple of weeks. it was all positive. i know it's interesting to poke out, but i think they're both happy with the outcome. >> it seems this has gone on a long time. i wrote you a note today and you wrote back i don't know what i'm talking about. you said it in a nice way. this has been going on for a year. does paul ryan have questions on where he stands on judges, the wall, immigration, the economy, isis, energy independence, did he have questions about that?
10:29 pm
what did they talk about? >> i can't get into -- i hate to spoil the fun, but me being -- i had to be a trusted person that i wouldn't come on tv and spill the beans, but i can tell you they agreed on a vast majority of things and there was a lot of chemistry in the room. it was fun. there was no an mossty whatsoever and i think it was a time to get to know each other. this was not a normal primary so we don't have a normal process that we're instantly 100% on the same page, but i think for the most mapart you have 90% there d it wad a good day. everyone should feel good about today. that's the feeling that everyone involved today had and if you watched paul ryan's presser of afterwards there were some
10:30 pm
positive things. >> when would you expect paul ryan to endorse donald trump? >> i don't want to put a time frame on it because it's not my place, but my sense personally is not that long. i know it doesn't -- that's not very helpful but i'm telling you it was very good and i don't -- i think this thing is moving in a very good direction quickly. >> did they talk about issues specifically, philosophy? what was it more about? >> i think both -- it was about both of those things. it was about philosophy and issues. there were specific issues discussed. it wasn't vague discussions about what do you think about the constitution. it wasn't like that, but it was specific things that both paul ryan and donald trump believed in in our country and how they relate to our party and the movement and how they can work together so without getting into all the details i can tell you
10:31 pm
it was substantive and not vague and not just all around the edges. >> i can think of three differences knowing woboth of them, trade, immigration and touching entitlements. >> yeah. those are three issues that are important. obviously both paul and donald trump i think actually have a lot more in common than they have not in common. so i don't think the disagreements are as wide as some may perceive. >> did they talk about vp at all or did they talk about cabinet members or potential cabinet members and vp. >> i'm really sorry. i can't -- i just would -- everyone can understand. >> you're supposed to come on and give me information that you didn't want to give me. come on. step up. >> i wouldn't be an honest trustworthy person in a meeting like that if i did that. i want to help you but i can't. >> can you give me any nugget --
10:32 pm
bring us into the room. was there a lot of laughter, joke telling. >> we had good bagles and coffee and water. it was very cordial and actually it was not just cordial. i would say it was warm and there was a very good spirit between the two of them. >> all right. reince priebus, that's about all i'm getting out of you tonight, i can tell. thank you for being with us. does the republican party need to unite to beat hillary clinton in november. the patriarch of duck dynasty first endorsed ted cruz and now he's jumping aboard the trump train. he'll tell us why ahead. nothing unleashes power... quite like the human foot. introducing the 255 horsepower lexus is 300 all-wheel-drive. with twenty-five percent more base horsepower. once driven, there's no going back. i've been blind since birth. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night,
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welcome back. donald trump had high profile meetings with speaker of the house paul ryan and republican leaders early today in washington. so will the party now start to come together and defeat hillary clinton in november. here with reaction editor and
10:38 pm
chief of light and former white house press secretary. why am i a little annoyed at this whole thing. this has been going on a long time. i can state chapter and verse every single candidate's position. paul ryan doesn't know where donald trump stands at this point? >> i think ryan's point is that it's only been a little bit over a week and we have -- >> over a year. >> we have differences. you and i let's face it we are not known for our patience. i'm more impatient than you are, but we want it done yesterday and maybe this is a little bit of a process. i'm really trying to look on the bright side here and i think there's so much bright side. just listening to trump right now, doesn't he seem a lot more chill? he seems -- >> he does. i agree with that. >> he's in a zone and he's very confident. he knows what's coming and he knows they're digging up whatever they can find on him.
10:39 pm
he seems ready for that. i think ryan to some extent is trying to catch up. a think a lot of people were surprised when ted cruz dropped out in indiana. >> they thought they were going to be able to negotiate between the convention and california. >> and more time. i think they were -- i think there were legitimate concerns about trump. i think they're worried that article one, he wouldn't feel bound by article one which limits the power of the executive. congress is worried about having its power eroded. you didn't do much to stand up for your power when obama was in office so that would have been more of a concern, but i think it's going to be wrapped up in days, not weeks and we want it done yesterday, but i think it's going to be okay. >> i'm glad laura admitted she's more impatient than me. i feel there's a little bit of a dance going on that i don't like
10:40 pm
here and i feel it's a little bit of a power play. i went over it with donald trump where he stood on judges, the vets, education, military and isis. what else does paul ryan want to know. >> there's a difference on free trade and a difference on reforming entitlements, particularly social security and medicare which donald trump says he believes we can leave alone and donald trump's statement that george bush was a liar about iraq. you add those up and it's the reason people have pause about donald trump. i've said there's things about donald trump that i disagree with and i do i will vote for donald trump over hillary clinton any day of the week because she is so unprincipaled, reckless and dishonest. donald trump emerges as an unpopular republican.
10:41 pm
>> he's popular with the people and he's not just not people with the washington establishment. >> you can't discount the polls that show his disapproval ratings. this is going to be an outsider driven race. when you have a 60% disapproval you have a problem. he's lucky he's running against hillary who has a 55% disapproval. >> i think you bring up valid points. this is not bean bag. this is a blood sport. we saw it in the primaries and i've got to bet i think a lot of people that supported other candidates that didn't like trump attacking their guy are going to be happy when he goes after hillary unlike any other republican probably would. he is going to fight hard. >> i think that he were outfoxed by trump. they were outsmarted by trump and people are ticked off about
10:42 pm
it. trade, immigration, but trump is closer to where the people are and closer to where those independent minded folks are on doing better deals. he's not anti-trade i think that's going to be destroyed in an argument. >> what did you think about his answer when i said naming other cabinet officials he said he likes that idea and he said he would be glad to put all the things that i mentioned that he'd be glad to sign that as a pledge. i think that would be two good ideas to bring confidence back to the people that feel betrayed. >> i think his instincts generally have been pretty good. they've been better than everybody else's instincts so whether it's announcing you're going to have a s.w.a.t. team go into every federal department to show where the power can be rolled back to return power to the people and get off the backs of small business in this country, i think he's going to think in those kinds of ways and i would say in response these new polls coming out i guess we
10:43 pm
can discount those too. he's tied with hillary right now and it's not started. i think he has moved the conversation toward a more poppist republican conservative agenda which is going to be very popular and it's probably where the republican party should have been. >> good analysis both of you. thank you. coming up duck incident coming up duck incident this just got interesting. why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions
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welcome back. a few months ago fiphil roberts endorsed senator cruz but now he is backing donald trump. he's here to explain. the man himself, the patriarch, phil robertson. how are you, sir? >> i'm doing good. the temperature of the river is perfect. >> there's a problem. i got to tell everybody the story now because nobody knows what you're talking about. so i'm at your place and interviewing you and willy is there and some other people and you're like hannity you want to
10:49 pm
get them ratings up, come on back i'm going to dunk in the water and bap ties you. i said you want to dunk me in an al gator swap. >> the lord will protect you son. >> i'll oo need his protection. i said don't you have a swimming pool. i'll let you do it in a swimming pool. >> are you kidding? the swimming pool is the river. >> there are alligators in there. i saw them on your show come out of that very spot. >> there's a few, but that's okay. but cottonmouths are worse than the alligators. >> so you supported cruz. willy was trump all the way. now you're totally on board with donald trump. tell us how you feel about the election. >> well, i've been watching you and a lot of guys like you. you all are what i call political warriors.
10:50 pm
in my case my view of it is a little different than yours is. i'm more into the spiritual part. the issueamerica, in my opinion, is much larger than presidents, prime ministers, kings, the issue before us in my opinion, is a spiritual one. in other words he don't think it's a political fix. politicians can help. now, i went with ted cruz, strict constitutionalist. a jesus man, like antoni antonin scalia. religious man. strict constitutionalist. i played it close to the vest. i thought scalia vetted his decisions through the bible. cruz would have done the same. but that is out, and they're gone. they're out of the race.
10:51 pm
my hope is that donald trump, i know he has a lot of common sense, my hope is -- >> where does common sense come from. you're a pastor. doesn't it come from god? >> i hope so in his case. i really do. so i have hope. >> we all do. >> i have hope. but you've got to remember something. all men, sean are like grass and flowers in the field. the grass withers, the flowers fall, but the word of the lord stands forever. we have a spiritual problem in america. that is the crux of the problem. >> the good book says all of sins have fallen short. and you have a new movie, it's called "torch bearers". does it deal with this? >> that deals precisely with this. as empires rise, they remove god
10:52 pm
as their anchor. they let men determine what is good, bad, wrong, and evil. the documentary looks at a historical account going back. thousands of years. it's always the same. once you remove god, then, the carnage starts. all have you to do is look around. the reason people are so frustrated and they're trying everything. donald trump, a new york businessman. let him run the government here as president of the united states. the reason it's making these wild swengs, people are looking around, sean, the privacy in my lifetime has become main stream. dep
10:53 pm
dep deprity. they look towards their politicians to solve it. god does not come and go like presidents. he's there. our founding fathers warned us, you'll lose your religion, then, your morality goes and there goes your freedom. it's when people forget god that tyrants forth their change, john adams said. thomas jefferson, declaration of independence. our rights come from god. but it's a hard sell in these days. >> i can talk to you all day. i'll come back, but you get a swimming pool. i will do a kiddie pool. as we say goodbye to phil robertson, i will play a trailer from his new movie. thank you. >> in the beginning, god.
10:54 pm
beyond all time and outside of all space, this was god. but then, the evil one, the father of lies tempted them. if this calamity down through the ages man shakes his fist at his creator and said i decide what is right and wrong. god is dead. i'm my own god. with the fall, death entered into human history. now, all creation is subject to its bondage to decay. if you're going to make a statement... make sure it's an intelligent one. ♪ the all-new audi a4, with available virtual cockpit. ♪
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technology moves faster than ever. the all-new audi a4, with apple carplay integration. time for the question of the day. does donald trump need the g.o.p. to unite? go to and let us know what you think. quick programming note. tomorrow night, we're going to do 10:00 eastern, special edition of "hannity". trump versus the left in
11:00 pm
america. that means hillary and bernie sanders among others. but that is all the time we have left this evening. we'll see you back here tomorrow night, have a great night. this is a fox news alert. safe and alive. a kidnapped 9-year-old girl miss mysterious disappearance now solved. a tip cracking the case. here to tell you how it all went down. and also a bombshell in baltimore. officer number two's trial begins in the freddie gray case. this day could impact the way police stop, detain and arrest suspects all across america. "on the record" is in court. right now, the peace process. donald trump holding three meetings in washington, speaker paul ryan a meeting with house leaders and a meeting with senate leaders all in the republican party. here is what donald trump told sean hannity about his meeting with speaker ryan. >> we're going to get rid of common