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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  May 13, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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dangers of distracted driving. a 21-year-old was trying to avoid officers after an argument with his mom, but a gator stopped him in his tracks and bit off his left arm. have a great weekend. "fox & friends" starts now. good morning to you and your family. it is friday. it's friday the 13th. i'm ainsley earhardt. we start with a fox news alert. found alive, carlie trent, the nine-year-old girl that you see here, she was abducted as you remember by her uncle, she is safe this morning, safe and sound thanks to two heroes. you are going to meet the men being -- rescued her after holding that kidnapper at gunpoint. >> that is good news. and the republican party may be one step closer to party unity, but george clooney is vowing a trump white house won't actually happen on his watch.
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>> trump. >> trust me on that. >> and that's not all clooney had to say. why he blames the mainstream media for the donald's rise. >> why he put his palm on his cheekbone for 20 minutes. >> what did millenniums think about the election? [ no audio ] >> right. later in the show, audio. [ laughter ] >> liberal voters step into watters world and it's not pretty. let me remind you, mornings are better with friends. ♪ ♪ thank you, steve miller. this is not him live. i'm not sure he knows we're playing it. a little bit later, how does the eagle feel about the mammal? >> let's talk to challenger if
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eagles talk. there's al with challenger. >> our bald eagle. >> talks with brian and ainsley and i. the big news this week is we now have a national animal and it's the bison. >> national mammal is the bison. the eagle is animal. >> i thought i said mammal. >> we've got a lot to talk about. that meeting yesterday. >> i know it. >> the meeting between paul ryan and donald trump. we'll talk about that first. >> we'll get a chance to talk to donald trump about that. >> and so is reince priebus. >> time for headlines. heather joins us right now. this is big news that will affect people all across the country and it's a fox news
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alert. the president of the united states is getting in on the bathroom battle. he's now taking it to our public schools. president obama expected to sign a new rule today that will require all public schools nationwide to allow transgender students to use the bathroom that they believe matches their gender identity. now, this would affect elementary through college-age students. schools that don't comply with the order could face federal lawsuits and even lose funding. this is the issue of state rights versus federal government as well. new developments this morning unfolding in the state of tennessee where two men are being hailed as heroes for saving this nine-year-old girl who had been kidnapped by her uncle. carlie trent was taken out of school by her uncle on may 4th. she was missing for eight days. two good samaritans stumbled
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upon a miracle. >> we had been looking all day. we had gone by this area before. it didn't seem like there were any tracks, but -- we thought we better check it anyhow. >> so they did. they held gary simpson, the uncle at gunpoint while they called 911. carlie appeared to be okay. he's under the arrest. she's at the hospital this hour and being checked out. breaking overnight, the navy commander in charge when our sailors were captured and humiliated by our enemy iran has now been fired. after drifting into iranian officers, ten american sailors were held with guns to their heads, forced on their knees, iran broadcasting that entire embarrassing incident along with this interview from one of our sailors. >> it was a mistake that was our fault and we apologize for our mistake. the iranian behavior was fantastic while we were here. we thank you very much for your hospitality and your assistance.
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>> did you have any problem? >> we had no problem, sir. >> that sailor has not been identified. a military official telling fox news that commander eric rash is the first person published for that incident. megyn kelly appeared on the tonight show. >> i asked him if he would see me and he said no and i asked again and he said yes. i walked into trump tower and got bunch -- past a bunch of eyeballs that were big as saucers. the doorman was oh, hello. >> let him know you are on -- >> hello, how are you? >> she is here. yeah. the one who must not be named. >> i didn't know how it would go. >> did you go with an entourage? >> no, i went by myself. i knew if i could get face-to-face just the two of us,
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that i could speak to him. we didn't address anything that had happened, you know, i didn't ask him about any of the tweets or any of the things he said because i was looking to move past that. i didn't want to go to the acrimonious place. we had a normal conversation like candidate and reporter, and then we did, then we sat down together for an interview and in that interview we do talk about what happened and that will air on tuesday night. >> that prime time special airs this tuesday night on the big fox, the fox broadcast network and those are your headline. >> a lot of talking about that one. >> we're going to finally find out -- >> that's the headline, you got megyn kelly -- >> you got megyn kelly and donald trump. i thought the robert shapiro thing after watching the o.j. sheer ris. -- series. >> what do we call that, superdup superduper, duper tuesday. we'll have that on wednesday morning, i'm sure. >> speaking of donald trump,
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he's slowly chipping away with his relationship with the gop establishment after what was described as positive meetings with party leaders, including paul ryan. >> it's now for us to review it. >> good morning. george clooney is among those who will not be endorsing donald trump, the one crucial endorsement is house speaker paul ryan. his reluctance last week is what spurred these meetings in d.c. to happen in the first place. what we're hearing from people inside the meetings is that trump went a long way toward either changing minds or at the very least easing the concerns that many members of congress have about him and as for paul ryan, there was no endorsement afterwards. he did say positive steps were taken and he believes the seeds were planted to get the party unified but added it will still take some time. >> this is our first meeting. i was very encouraged with this
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meeting. this is a process. it takes a little time. you don't put it together in 45 minutes. that is why like i said a very good start to the process on how we unify. >> there are those who will say they were not endorsing trump. they say they want to continue to work with ryan to unify the party. >> i think he does. he's doing a good job. he's got not an easy job and i don't mind going through a little bit of a slow process. it's a very big subject and we have a lot of things. i think for the most part we agree on a lot of different items and we're getting there. >> there were signs that unification is beginning to happen. utah senator orren hatch announced after meeting with trump that he's endorsing the presumptive nominee and looks forward to help him tamp down his report on several issues. orren hatch, yes, i'm 100% behind him and a lot of people are surprised that paul ryan
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still has not endorsed him. he's gone from one hash tag to another probably endorsing trump. >> speaker ryan is taking a lot of heat over this. >> what do you mean by that? >> it's ryan's intent to eventually have donald trump earn his endorsement rather than just an offhanded comment that blew up. >> because he had the interview -- he had the interview immediately after donald won and we knew -- he had to know he was going to be asked do you support donald trump, so i feel like he was prepared to answer that question, but this is what i was thinking last night. he's probably smart to do this so he doesn't isolate his friends in the house. if you live in a house, no pun
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intended and you are surrounded by people who don't like him, even though the rest of the world might, you have to be the mediator in between. he's trying to be the leader of the people that he represents but also be the leader of the constituency he represents. walk slowly. >> the things that paul ryan stood for for years, whether it's entitlement reform, immigration, things like that, these are new things on the plate and some cases die metr metrically opposed. we're going to talk to reens pre preebus was in the room yesterday. >> we're going to be the inside story from both donald trump and
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rens preebus yesterday. >> i want to get the other side of that as well. >> some of you have weighed in on what you thought of yesterday's meeting and here's josephine from fable saying paul ryan, you are aa good man, have good american ideas, but you need to support donald trump and the republican party. allen says i would have have been encouraged by what i heard from speaker ryan today, if he had emerge to express endorsement, support and hope of victory rather than process. there's the hollywood primary. he has spoken. there will be not be a president trump. here's george. >> there's not going to be a president donald trump. fear is not going to be something that we're going to be -- that's going to be what drives our country. we're not going to be scared of
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muslims or immigrants or, you know, women. we're not actually afraid of anything. trump is actually a result in many ways of the fact that much of the news programs didn't follow up and ask tough questions. the ratings go up because they can show an empty podium saying donald trump is about to speak. >> i think that's an unfair accusation. the media has asked very tough questions. he's been on every network. >> everyone has asked him every question under the sun. you might not like his answer and maybe not enough follow-up. >> jeb bush says he will not be the nominee, he's the nominee. i think if he sees these polls, he's not going to be president, you can't tell the people of france that. >> george clooney and his wife have thrown fund-raisers for
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hillary clinton at their house. >> how much was it a plate? >> tens of thousands of dollars per plate. >> they divvied it up for hillary and various congressional candidates and things like that. he has a horse in this race and it's hillary. i would expect him to say that. >> he has every right to say that. i just like watching his movies. i don't care. >> he does a good actor. >> he was really good on e.r. >> he was good on e.r. it's 6:13 here in new york city. we just told you about the little girl, thankfully, found safe after being kidnapped, missing for eight days. these stories usually don't end this way. kraerl -- carlie's pediatrician was involved in the search effort. he jones us live next. a video, a speeding train heading right for the truck. why did the conductor leave the controls right at the moment of
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until help could arrive. >> i think children abducted, i've wanted to help and i felt like, you know, i wanted to try to help this time, and i'm just very thankful to the lord that we were able to find her and get her back safely. >> yeah, they were urged to search isolated areas and carlie's pediatrician was involved in the effort, offering a $10,000 reward. how happy are you, today? >> we are thrilled. it was a blessing. we couldn't be happier. >> it's an amazing story. thank you for your help in all of this. i know you were donating $10,000. the reward money i understand was up to $40,000. how do you plan to give the award money to these two men? >> well, however they want it. as long as she's back, it's a very small price to pay.
3:19 am
we're just excited she's back, she's safe and we're going to move on. >> you know, there was a push there look in isolated areas for the nine-year-old. why? >> well, because what he had taken with him. he knew the area. he grew up there. he didn't have a connection in many other areas. we live in an area in a very short distance you can get out of sight and out of reach and if you choose not to see someone you can pretty much stay isolated. we knew that. >> you talked to her family. how is she doing today? >> she's doing great. she was kept overnight for observation. from a physical standpoint, she's doing great. they are thankful to have their little girl back. it was four gentleman involved. those guys were doing what probably thousands of individuals were doing in that county and every one of them would thank god first and just be thankful they had a chance to help that little girl out. >> how did you connect with the young girl and the family?
3:20 am
everybody cares, no one wants to see that happen, but you went beyond, why? >> i had been a pediatrician there for 15 years. i've worked for some of the best kids in the world and i want every kid that comes through those doors to truly believe we care about them and we do anything for them, and i would do anything for her or any of those kids. >> what a happy ending to this terrible story we've been reporting this past week. >> it will be another chapter as these two heroes get the reward these deserve. >> follow the progress and i want to thank the law enforcement involved and thank god for her safe return. >> good people there in the state of tennessee. thanks so much. coming up, the video is tough to watch. two police officers are under fire for punching a suspect in the face repeatedly after a high speed chase. was it excessive force or was it
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here are some stories making news at this hour. justice for joan rivers nearly two years after her death, her daughter melissa rivers reaching a settlement in the medical practice lawsuit against a new york clinic. they are not reaching the settlement details but rivers sued for millions of dollars. michael strayhan spending one last day with kelly ripa.
3:25 am
there will be not be many tears. their relationship is on the rocks. two police officers have been relieved of their duty after fists go flying after a suspect leads police in a high-speed chase across state lines. take a look at this video right here. that's where it went down. the chase began around 4:00 p.m. today in holden, massachusetts, and ended just an hour later in nashau, new hampshire. when the suspect gave up and got out of the pickup truck and put him receives down -- his self down and cops punched him. joining us. good morning. sheriff, let's start with you. that video does not look good for the cops.
3:26 am
>> no, it isn't. obviously, you don't want to rush to judgment because you want to know what happened prior to the chase, during the chase, and after the chase, there's no audio. i got to be honest with you, it doesn't look good for the police. obviously, you see the fists flying and bad guys do get to put their hands up at the end, unfortunately, and you don't like to see that happening. i'm sure no chief or sheriff would like to see their personnel involved. >> we don't know what happened before this. we know the guy was wanted on a whole bunch of stuff and some crazy stuff happen earlier as well. that shouldn't have anything to do with that, should it? >> no, it should not. we are supposedly highly trained, highly disciplined servants who realize that our job is to at the end of the chase, when someone is giving up, to just take them into custody, and to subdue and to handcuff, not to punch repeatedly in the face or any other parts of the body, especially when it's clear that someone is giving up and i've seen this video from two different perspectives. there were two separate videos, and i can see the suspect's
3:27 am
hands as well as the officer should be able to see both of thinks hands. he clearly goes straight to the ground with both hands and we're not trained to do that and we should have the discipline to control our tempers. >> sheriff, explain to me what high-speed syndrome is. do you think there could be some high-speed syndrome in this. >> i think that's probably going to be the defense. what happens is you have such a build up of adrenalin. you are laser focused on the individual once the pursuit ends. i think there's a lack of training. i think we need to do a better job in training police officers throughout the united states when it comes to the end of these types of pursuits because, you know what, i can honestly say that i'm sure 12 of them have done textbook the same day this happened and this is unfortunate. >> it will be a multiagency investigation that will get to the bottom of this. fbi director james comy -- in october he was talking about
3:28 am
the ferguson effect and how after ferguson, it seemed like cops all across the country were being followed by people with cell phone videos, and yesterday he said the perception of police is that they are less likely to do marginal things to suppress crime because, neil, people are following them around with cell phone videos and the video might go viral and next thing you know they wind up on television or they lose their job. is there something too what the director said? >> i think there might be something to that. we experienced a similar thing in blr, so that's what some of the officers were saying that were interviewed. but again at the end of the day, most of our police officers across this country go about their jobs appropriately. accordingly to law and according to policy and if that's how you are going about your business as a police officer, you shouldn't be worried or concerned if anyone is recording. as a matter of fact, you want people recording you which will clearly protect you and demonstrate things the right
3:29 am
way. >> there is that extra level of scrutiny now with cameras everywhere. >> and whether it's body cameras, dash cams, cell phone cameras, the police officers know they are out there. we want them to act right and do what they are trained to do. everyone is watching. >> you want the police to pull out all the stops when you call them and you need their help. neil franklin and sheriff christopher moss, thank you for joining us. what do millennials know about donald trump and the election? >> how did bernie create jobs? >> new business, old business. whatever. >> i think you are talking about trump. >> that's trump? >> yes. >> i apologize. >> it ain't pretty. watch out bald eagle, there's another national symbol in town. the bison.
3:30 am
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the big story today was the long awaited meeting between donald trump and/or the speaker of the house, paul ryan, or has trump put it, this guy has got one house. i've got at least three houses. of course, megyn kelly was on a little bit later in the show. >> everybody is talking about plils. if you've been watching, we've been talking about politics for 20 years. people know the political players in the world right now, right? >> yes. >> you would think so. >> to jesse watt ters went out
3:34 am
and he tries to double challenge. get someone in new york that might understand donald trump, talk about donald trump and get a young person in new york, some millennials and a new yorker, would he be successful? watch. >> what do you think about donald trump? >> not the biggest fan. >> ahhh. >> i believe that his tax policy and his views are what can really straighten out america again. >> if trump only likes his kind, why did he marry an in immigrant. >> i didn't know that. >> i think the suggestion that immigrants from south america was racist, generally devaluing them. >> didn't he say he wants to keep racists out of the country? >> this country has become a joke and donald trump is the punch line. >> excited to vote? >> yo, i'm a big hillary guy.
3:35 am
>> smart woman. i think she will get stuff doing. >> if she knows what she's doing, why couldn't protect the embassy in benghazi? >> no comment about benghazi. >> do you think hillary is going to be a tough leader? >> definitely. >> if she is so tough, why can't she face questions from the did you say? >> how many jobs has bernie sanders create? >> a lot of jobs. >> how did he create jobs? >> old businesses he makes new businesses. whatever. >> i think you are talking about trump. >> that's trump? >> yes. >> i apologize. >> it was one of the funniest ever. that was a snippet. it actually goes double that. >> here's the thing, when somebody comes up to you with a camera and microphone, oh, this is my chance to be on tv. that's a good thing and that's a bad thing. if you don't know the answer and
3:36 am
you give something that sounds ridiculous like some of that stuff, maybe you shouldn't talk. >> how about the guy with all the stuff on his head. he said that donald trump is the punchline. >> i have a sense there's not another hat like that. >> i think he made it. >> if you had a hat exactly like that, take a picture of yourself and send it in, please. >> do we need another one? >> the world doesn't but i would like to see. >> let's head to heather. he's a millennial minie pearl. >> good morning to all of you. a couple of headlines. fox news alert, a tsa bag screening glitch is now fixed after causing thousands of passengers to arrive at their destinations without their luggage. this was the scene inside phoenix airport as travels were told to put all their important items in the checked bags.
3:37 am
this is the at the same time the head of the tsa was being questioned at a hearing in d.c. yesterday a train barreling down the tracks at 60 miles per hour smashing into a stopped truck. the conductor only had three second warnings yelling for people to brace for impact. still not clear why this truck was stopped on the tracks. and mark zuckerberg denying claims that facebook targets conservative news on its news feed. he's now vowing to meet with conservative leaders. we have found no evidence that this report is true. if we find anything against our principles, you have my commitment we'll address it. >> brand-new topics show how the
3:38 am
trending topics and stories are chosen. when everybody wins, everybody loses. a good message for parents here today, the nfl star deangelo williams driving home this point when it came to his daughter's participation ribbon. the steelers running back said i took her field day participation ribbon and gave it back to the teacher and in the next event she got first place. so the point was to show what hard work does. >> it is. >> winning should matter as a kid and that's really like nine or ten, i guess, but we used to have standings at six or seven. i don't think that was bad. >> cute. >> we asked about that. >> you wrote this about that. michael writes our kids have to learn the world is not fair. we hurt our children and our future when they they learn this
3:39 am
lesson too late. >> participation trophies encourages entitlement, which leads section 8 housing, treating welfare as a job title and entitled generation of slackers. exactly. let's get patriotic. >> the bald eagle may be americas national symbol but now the bison are also being elevated to the same status. president obama naming the behemoth the national mammal putting them on par for the bald eagle. >> have we forgotten why the bald eagle is the original american symbol of freedom? >> al and challenger are with us this morning. >> how do you feel? challenger has been buffaloed? >> i don't think it's a real threat to the national bird. i mean the national bird has been with us for 24 years and it
3:40 am
symbolizes our freedoms and spirits and all the things we americans stand for. the buffalo will never attain that status. the bison, i should say correctly. >> joining us as mammal is the bison. it's already the national mammal of three states. >> every state has a state mammal, a state bird, a state flower, a state tree. >> a dance. >> a dance. >> we have the rose, the oak street tree. it's okay. to have a mammal. you got to understand the founding fathers when they were deciding on their national symbol, they were considering all animals in the united states, so the bald eagle was chosen above all. >> why? >> as a symbol of our country. >> why do you think they chose it? >> because of its imagine he is city -- majesty and its pour --
3:41 am
power. it was seen that the american indians revered the american eagle. >> june 20th is american eagle day and congress has declared it. [ bird squawking ] >> oh, challenger likes it. >> we've been trying to get the obama administration to endorse it since he's been in office. we've got over 45 states that have come on board. >> why haven't you achieved that? what's the hold up? >> we never seem to be to get through administration. >> isn't the same administration that says it's okay to kill them? >> 30 year permits. this is not good conservation. this is giving an industry favoritism which it has from the very beginning. over 30 years now, the wind turbines have been killing eagles, we all know that and they are being allowed to kill eagles now with no prosecution, no fines, just business as usual, and we're totally against
3:42 am
that. >> how do you travel with challenger? i know you got all across the country, around the world. >> it's hard to travel -- >> put him in the overhead compartment. >> when we flew here from atlanta late last night, we bought two seats for him. so his carrier went on the two front seats and he gets buckled in and we is sit next to him. >> does he get the royal treatment? >> do people say who is in the box? >> the pilots and flight attendants, they get on the speaker and tell everybody about him. >> does he get a round of applause? >> yes. >> how many pounds does he weigh? >> oh. he had to go to the bathroom. >> it's going to be tough to old the bison. >> now you told me don't move my arms. >> you thought you wanted him to fly to your arm. >> did you make him do that? >> no, i did. >> what did you do. >> i put my arm up.
3:43 am
>> the bison is steeped in majestic history. this bald eagle will still be the premier symbol of our country. >> don't worry, challenger. you are still the man, the bird. >> do you see how much hair spray i have on my hair? coming up on friday morning. it's a rough week for the relationship for paul ryan and donald trump, kelly ripa and michael strahan. can we all get along? >> speaking of bald eagles, the newest threat to safety in the skies has become drones. how do you stop them? with an eagle? >> yes. >> kurt the cyber guy has the amazing countertechnology to take down drones. ♪ ♪ it's true what they say.
3:44 am
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♪ ♪ it's the break-up heard around the world. today it's michael strahan's last day on live. i don't know if you've noticed this election season, much of the world isn't on a love fest. can we all get along? >> tips for the couples, psycho therapist and relationship expert tom kersing. >> let's stop with the on tv soap opera that is kelly versus michael strahan. she's upset that he got a job at
3:48 am
gma. >> she got blindsided, that's the bottom line. whether it's couple or teenagers, you have to look at the intent. look at the intent. we're emotional beings and we react to somebody else's reactions, but did michael strahan intend to do this. >> he did what his bosses told him to do. keep your mouth shut and he did. >> he was doing little things that bothered her apparently by having friends on the set, being loud and not being prepared for segments. >> i think she has more ownership with that show because she's been there for a long time. >> her name is first in the title. >> that's right. >> the big mistake was not talking it out. >> maybe they are now. let's go to politics. yesterday was the big meeting with paul ryan and donald trump. what are the dos and don'ts there? >> first of all, we'll start with the don'ts, and that is if somebody is lobbying insults at you left and right, the common
3:49 am
human reaction is we're going to lob it right back. we've seen a lot of that. what i do like, the dos are it would men sitting down having a conversation and ironing out their differences and understanding the other person's position. >> the unique thing about donald trump and paul ryan, they are in the same family, they are both republicans at this point, and they got to be in the same family right now through the first wednesday in november. >> they have to be. you know, there's a reason in my opinion why paul ryan has sat down with donald trump. maybe we're going to hear something in the future, hear maybe an endorsement. >> bernie sanders and hillary clinton, can they get along? they have been going on in at for eight minutes. >> she realizes now she's got it locked up. over 50% of bernie supporters would not vote for her. it's in her best interest to create a relationship. >> how do you do that?
3:50 am
if you don't like the person, but you have an objective to -- >> you keep what you are doing, you scmooze everybody. >> he needs to tell, vote for her. >> but he's too stubborn. >> he might eventually. still in the race. >> right. he has too get out there. all of his supporters are not going to vote for her they're in big trouble. he's got to figure that part out. >> thank you, tom. stay tuned, i'll hit the streets to get the relationship do's and don't's from new yorkers. can she has relationships be saved? >> the "dooce on the loose." scary thought. >> i feel like a better person now. meanwhile, we have a huge hour straight ahead. reince priebus and trump in the next half hour. >> it will be huge. but first the fda has no real plan to keep drones from flying into airplanes. into your car. your house. so we summoned kurt the
3:51 am
cyberguy. he has four ways to take down a drone including the defense. next. what is this? nothing unleashes power... quite like the human foot. introducing the 241 horsepower lexus is 200 turbo. with almost twenty percent more base horsepower. once driven, there's no going back.
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3:54 am
our government has no real plan to keep drones from flying into airplanes. >> great. >> your car. your house. but kurt the cyberguy has have some ideas. >> well, he says he does. let's see if he does. he says there are five ways to stop a drone. is this true? >> well, this is true. remember a month ago the british airways flight was coming into heathrow in london and the pilot noticed ahead a collision with a recreational drone. well, experts are saying that,
3:55 am
well, that was pretty lucky because ingesting one into the engines -- >> could take down a plane. >> could do what a bird strike could do to the aircraft. imagine what is possible with taking recreational drones and repurposing them for evil stuff over large events. >> sure. >> spy on you, but five ways to stop it. >> have a look, the first one is obvious. we have shown it to you before. the netherlands is testing the use of the american bald eagle to -- >> look at that. >> takes it into the corner and that is out. the next one is more high-tech, the drone defender rifle. it's an altered rifle that has jamming frequencies on it. it is out -- i can tell you homeland security has acquired at least 100 of these. to test them out. the government can use them. if you look at it right there that's got a real -- it goes 400 meters.
3:56 am
you can point it at it. >> doesn't shoot a bullet or anything? >> no. it takes it out. >> is that like the drone death ray? >> the death ray is the -- is the really great system on steroids that you would permanently install at say an airport. that thing is a giant mounted all on its own automated system. and completely goes and handles drones on its own. >> what is the sky wall? >> the sky wall is interesting. this thing shoots out -- that's the rifle. he'll fire the when and it goes toward the drone, then a net goes over the drone and drops it down because they want the evidence to convict whoever has the drone out there. there's the net, it will deploy the net. and into -- boom, into -- it takes it just like the eagle does. then we leave you with this, the guys from air force and the mit got together and now they can
3:57 am
hack a drone right to the ground. >> fantastic. they have to do something. >> they do. >> kurt the cyberguy, have a cyber weekend. coming up, reince priebus and donald trump will join us live to talk about the big meeting on capitol hill yesterday. meet the new john deere gator xuv590i, a vehicle so versatile it owns anything outdoors. thirty-two horsepower, a twelve hundred-pound payload and over a thousand different ways to configure yours. go gator.
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tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. so talk to your doctor, and for more information, visit good morning. you made it, it's friday. friday the 13th. i'm ainsley earhardt. we start with this, a fox news alert. a massive manhunt for a gunman who shot two police officers in the last few hours. the suspect is armed and dangerous. we have the latest for you straight ahead. and meanwhile, the president getting in on the bathroom battle. he's now taking it to our public schools, mandating that every public school in the country allow transgendered students to use the bathroom that they want to. bathroom of their choice. breaking details straight ahead. the republican party may be one step closer to party unity
4:01 am
but george clooney is vowing a white house won't be on his watch. >> there won't be a president donald trump. >> right. i'm not sure why he needed to hold up his chin when saying that. more on that later. that's not all the a-lister had to say. mornings are better with "friends." well, i think donald trump would disagree with george clooney, just saying. because donald trump feels he'll be the next president of the united states and a lot of people like him. we'll talk to him about that and we'll talk to reince priebus also about the big meeting. the summit. >> so much to talk to these guys about, but first, we go over to heather who has some headlines for you and your family. >> good morning to you. we have a fox news alert to bring you right now, we have a breaking story that's under way right now. as a massive manhunt is taking place for an armed suspect wanted for shooting two police officers. the community of manchester, new
4:02 am
hampshire, in lockdown and schools are closed today. miss now telling everyone -- police now telling everyone to stay inside their homes saying that the man is considered to be arm and very dangerous. the first officer was shot early this morning, and as they searched for the gunman another officer was shot. we're following this story closely and make sure you get all the information just as soon as we get it. now a fox news alert, another one. the president is now getting in on the bathroom battle and he's taking it to our public schools from coast to coast. president obama is expected to sign a new rule today requiring all public schools across the country to allow transgender students to use the bathrooms that they believe matches their gender identity. this will affect children from elementary school all the way through college. now, schools that don't comply with the order could face federal lawsuits or possibly lose federal funding and this
4:03 am
brings up a big issue of state's rights as well in education. another important story to bring you right now. new developments unfolding in the state of tennessee two two men are being hailed as heros for saving a 9-year-old girl who was kidnapped by her uncle eight days ago. carlie trent was taken out of school by her uncle on may the 4th. she was missing for all that time until two good samaritans stumbled upon the miracle deep in the tennessee woods. listen. >> we had been working -- looking all day. we had gone by this area before. but didn't seem like there were any tracks that we thought we better check it anyhow. >> well, the good samaritans held gary simpson the uncle at gun point. then they called 911. simpson under arrest. carlie looked to be okay and she's at the hospital at this hour. so glad that she's all right.
4:04 am
well, the american hero who gave his life to save his fellow americans will be laid to rest later today. a funeral procession for u.s. navy s.e.a.l. charles keating iv will travel through coronado, california, at noon today. he was in iraq to train the iraqi forces and then he was killed by isis. for his bravery, he was promoted to the rank of chief petty officer. he recently married his girlfriend, but they kept that a secret. they were planning a traditional wedding ceremony after he returned from iraq. a difficult time for those families. we're still thinking of them and praying for them. >> we are indeed. >> a tragic story, thank you so much. well, we're talking today about the meeting yesterday between paul ryan and donald trump in washington among other gop leaders including reince priebus who runs the party. they met in washington yesterday and this morning today still no endorsement from paul ryan. let's take a listen to what they both side, donald trump and paul ryan, after the meeting. >> i was very encouraged with what i heard from donald trump
4:05 am
today. this is going in a positive direction and i think this is a first very encouraging meeting, but again, in 45 minutes, you don't litigate all of the processes and all of the issues and principles that we're talk about. >> i think he's doing a good job. he's got not an easy job and i don't mind going through a little bit of a slow process. it's very big subject, we have a lot of things. i think for the most part we agree on a lot of difference items -- different items and we are a getting there. >> well, he's the rnc chairman, he was in that room when they met one-on-one. he is reince priebus. reince is joining us right now. thanks so much for getting up with us. >> thank you. >> good morning, everyone. >> chairman, it is well chronicled about the two men differ. where would you say is the one area in which you notice whether they told you personally or when they're interacting they have to make the most progress in order to see eye to eye? >> well, i don't -- honestly, brian, there wasn't a whole lot of animosity.
4:06 am
there was no huge -- >> no, i understand. but there's issues. talking policy. >> actually, yeah. it was specific too. this wasn't a vague conversation about, you know, what do you think about the united states constitution. i mean, it was a real specific conversation. and i can tell you, the vast majority of every subject discussed there was agreement. i think it was very personal -- personable. it was a gracious meeting. good spirit in the room. and i think, you know, we'll get there. i couldn't -- one thing i can tell you is that i don't think either paul ryan or donald trump left the room without feeling great about the meeting. but even better than they thought they were going to feel when they walked in. so i see this as extremely positive moving forward. >> well, last week there was some question whether or not paul ryan should continue to be the cochair of the rnc convention this summer. at the end of the meeting i understand that it was -- it was
4:07 am
a done deal. he's going to be the cochair, right? >> well, listen, that's up to delegates on the floor. it's up to a lot of folks that are involved and i think that that's the case. but i really don't want to get into the middle of that, guys. >> really? >> i would tell you this. the meeting was a great meeting. and the two of them agreed on far more than they disagreed on. there was no feeling that paul wouldn't be the chair of the convention. so -- >> if he's the chair, chairman, he's going to have to endorse him, because he can't be the chair and say -- and the guy we're throwing the party for, i'm not really behind him. he can't do that. >> i'm -- that would be a little awkward. there's no question about that. but again, i want to remind you this is the party's convention though. this is not the candidate's convention. i mean, it's the same thing that
4:08 am
debbie wasserman schultz is dealing with with bernie sanders. bernie sanders thinks he gets to run the party's convention. the party is involved in the process and so just -- i'm just saying i think that that's an element to this that everyone has to keep in mind. listen, paul wants to get there. it was a great meeting. i feel very confident that we're going to be a unified party moving in to cleveland. >> who's going on in the party? you have mitt romney floating the idea of bringing in a third party. first of all, is too it late for that and what's going on within the party? why is he doing that? >> well, you know, look, i think it's a little too far obviously and i think it will destroy not just the majority in the senate but also the house. it will freeze money and, you know, it will put generations of liberal justices on the supreme court. i think it's really ridiculous to even talk about a third party. >> but they are.
4:09 am
chairman, they are. there's a small group that includes bill kristol, possibly mitt romney, ben sasse, they're getting some momentum about a third party so this is not something you can observe. will you find a way to stop it? >> first of all, they're going to step on themselves. i mean, it's already becoming far too late to get on the ballot. if they can hijack some other third party and place a name, but, you know, i think it's destructive. >> well, the rules don't allow them to do i. >> right. >> i was reading about the presidential debate, the candidate has to poll at 15% to even get on the debate state. that's impossible. >> that's right. but think about it. that's right, but it could be very destructive. i mean, even if you don't get on the debate stage if you can pull 1 or 2%, ainsley, you can't pull 1% or 2% in florida and expect to win. >> exactly. >> it's destructive behavior. it's very ungracious and i think
4:10 am
it's also -- you know, look, you have to respect the voters, you know? and the delegates and the delegates make the decision based on obviously votes in the states but also on the floor in cleveland. >> right. >> we have to respect that outcome. >> reince, i have some bad news. you'll have this big party in the summer, the convention, but according to george clooney, your guy is not going to win. listen to george. >> there's not going to about president donald trump. fear is not going to be something that we're going to -- that's going to be -- what drives our country. we're not going to be scared of muslims or immigrants or, you know, women. we're not actually afraid of anything. trump is actually a result in many ways of the fact that much of the news programs didn't follow up and ask tough questions. the ratings go up because they can show an empty podium saying donald trump is about to speak.
4:11 am
>> okay. so there you have kind of the chairman of the hollywood primary. but of course he's a hillary rodham clinton supporter. he's had fund-raisers at his house for her. >> yeah. i'm not sure if it was him or one of the baldwin brothers. i think he said he was going to move to canada the last time a republican won the white house and he's still living in california. you know, look. he can say all he wants about tough questions but i don't think anyone can say that donald trump hasn't availed himself to more media interviews than any candidate i can remember. and the other thing about him is that the playbook is out the window. i mean, how many times through the course of the last year have people thought, oh, this is it, or, you know, this is the problem. you know, the tax issue. you know what? i don't think the traditional rules have applied very well to so i think that sort of thinking is out the window.
4:12 am
and i think as speaker boehner said yesterday, if you don't think donald trump is going to win, just watch. >> people say they don't know, but he'll be the first candidate since 1976 not to release his tax returns. with you as the chairman of the party, are you going to encourage him to do so? >> i think he's backed off of that. like i just said, number one, i don't know what the rules are for audits. but number two, if he doesn't release his tax returns, i don't know if anyone cares or if it's going to have any effect because certainly all of the other decisions that he's made have only helped him. >> good point. >> sure. >> well, we went out on the street yesterday and two of the three people we talked to live on the air didn't really care about it. >> that's enough. >> yeah. reince, thank you for joining us live today. >> all right. thank you, guys. >> you have had a heck of a week. a heck of a year. >> go get some sleep. have a great weekend.
4:13 am
thank you. donald trump himself is joining us live. and he's going to phone in from his empire n two minutes from right now. meanwhile, straight ahead on a friday, we we are warned if companies were forced to raise the minimum wage, jobs would be lost. this morning that's what's happening. the story straight ahead. and he usually charges $5 for a hug, but what about for a punch? that's free. a tourist in times square learned the hard way that no hug is free. ♪ [engine revs] ♪ ♪
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amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them. there is only one place where real and amazing live. seaworld. real. amazing fox news alert right now. carlie trent, the missing 9-year-old girl kidnapped by her uncle nearly a week ago has been found safe. >> thank goodness. >> an incredible story. jonathan serrie has the latest details on how the men happened to stumble upon this miracle. good morning, jonathan. >> good morning. yeah, good morning, ainsley, steve and brian. you know, a wonderful outcome to
4:18 am
this story. the director of the tennessee bureau of investigation says that it was made possible because an entire community came to the assistance of law enforcement. this was an entire community working together. the tbi during the search had asked people to check on their property for any sign of the missing girl. well, several men were doing just that yesterday on a remote rugged trail in hawkins county when they spotted 9-year-old carlie trent with 57-year-old gary simpson. the uncle who allegedly abducted her from school on may 4th. they were in a barn. >> we had been working -- looking all day. we had gone by this area before. but it didn't seem like there were any tracks that we thought we better check it anyhow. >> well, let's come back to grafly valley. that's why i wear this shirt.
4:19 am
>> reporter: and the first gentleman that you saw there, stewart franklin, he's actually a baptist minister. he held the uncle at gunpoint while his friend donnie lawson called police. carlie was taken to the nearby hospital as a precaution, but the girl's pediatrician who had offered a $10,000 reward nor safe return says the girl appeared to be unharmed. listen. >> she's doing great. she was kept overnight for observation, but from the physical standpoint she's doing great. they're just thankful to have their little girl back and very thankful for the gentlemen. >> investigators say the uncle gary simpson had often taken care of the girl. in fact, he was authorized to take her up at the school but did so under false pretenses on may 4th. he told the girl that her father had been involved in a car accident, which he had not. back to you guys. >> well, thank goodness it has a happy ending. >> they'll be changing the rules at that school i assume.
4:20 am
>> thank you very much, live from atlanta. meanwhile, you just heard george clooney does not like the idea of donald trump becoming our next president. >> there's not going to be a president donald trump. >> well, donald trump would disagree with george clooney and he'll just us live in ten minutes. >> maybe not. do you want to know how hercules raises his kids? >> more than anything. >> kevin sorbo's wife is here and says anything is better than sending your kids to public school. >> really? >> hi, sam. pet moments are beautiful,
4:21 am
unless you have allergies.
4:22 am
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all right.
4:24 am
some stories making headlines at this hour on a friday. raise minimum wage, lose jobs that's what's happening at wendy's. the chain is switching to automation, meaning you can order for yourself and get the food out of to kiosk. the move is to combat the wage hikes. from frozen to fresh, mcdonald's is testing fresh ground beef at more than a dozen locations across the dallas area. burger king is serving up a spa. customers can now have burgers delivered to them in a sauna. the restaurant in finland turned its entire first floor into the full service spa. prices started a $285 for a three-hour session if you want to have it your way. >> that's so weird. >> home of the whopper. >> eat and then lay in the sauna? in 2012, about 1.77 million students between the ages of 5 and 17 were home schooled. now that number is believed to have risen to over 2 million. >> so would you have your kids
4:25 am
home schooled? our next guest says it's the best thing she has ever done and now sam sorbo host of "the sam sorbo show" and wife of kevin sorbo has written an entire book on why. it is called -- there's picture of the book, it's called "they're your kids an inspirational journey from self-doubter to home school advocate." >> thank you for having me. >> your husband is a movie star and actor, is that why you started to home school? >> well, because we travel. i became the substitute teacher. which i say to you all the parents are at home. when you drop your kids off at school, you cede your responsibility and your authority and the child knows it. >> so you doubted yourself what you could pull this off or not? >> of course. said we'll do it for the first semester and see how it goes. don't set yourself up, oh, i'm going to home school through to college because the bane of the
4:26 am
home school existence is you doubt yourself. that's instilled in the public education. look, you went to school, you graduated high school. now you're telling me as a high school graduate from the public education system that you're incapable of teaching a third grader, and now you send your child into the system that turned out the likes of you. it's a set-up on the parent. >> but i think the number one reason a lot of people -- i think everybody who could would like to home school, but at the same time, you're thinking, when they're in high school, i'd have to teach trig. i don't know anything about trig. >> you're getting ahead of yourself. there's so much available online, so much curriculum out there. you don't have to actually do the whole thing. what you need to do is model for your children how you learn. >> what do you say to the mom who doesn't feel like they have time to invest and go online and learn about each of the subjects? they want to, of course, we all love our children.
4:27 am
but couple that with cooking and cleaning and all the things we have to do. >> in second grade -- in first grade they start sending homework home with the kids. if you hire someone to clean your house and they leave dishes in the sink, do they come back? no, they left dishes in the sink. this is intolerable, it's wrong and yet we're geared to do it. it's like we're brainwashed into doing it. if you read my book you'll understand. look, our public schools are broken. everybody admits they're broken. there have been nine overhauls of the public school system. nine overhauls have been inadequate. now we've got common core. did you know there's no testing on common core? they implemented it without knowing it would work. >> if you're in doubt, ask any schoolteacher out there. they'll tell you all the work they have to take home, all the bureaucracy now in schools. >> i don't blame the teachers. i blame the system. but here we have a system that's indoctrinating our children into slavery and the proof of that is
4:28 am
bernie sanders. you have a whole group of students who believe in socialism. and they weren't taught that socialism is the greatest slavery in mankind. yet, we have young people who believe in socialism and they're voting for bernie sanders. it's an outrage. >> there's home with home schoolers and networks and -- >> oh, gosh. >> but i never thought of this. the other thing -- you worry about the social aspect. what about the kids learning to socialize with other kids their age, how do you do that? >> i don't want my kids to be little socialists. >> i mean socializing. >> no, home schooled children are better socialized than nonhome schooled children. when you send a child filled with children their age, how are they going to learn how to deal with other people? we teach our children ageism. i go through what's wrong with the public schools.
4:29 am
a lot is wrong. they're not a viable option. so when what are the options? christian school, home school. private. >> some people can't afford this so this is a way to teach your kids similar private school education without -- >> not only that the relationship between the child and the parents. >> check out the book. >> never any homework because you're already home. >> her book is called "they're your kids, a self-doubter to home school advocate." meanwhile, you heard it. hollywood liberal george clooney makes a bold statement about the election. >> there's not going to be a president donald trump. [ laughter ] >> and she laughs. >> the presumptive gop nominee responds, next. and no praise for participating. this nfl star forces her daughter to give back the participation trophy. what she did unbelievable.
4:30 am
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4:33 am
get this one done. ask your doctor or pharmacist about prevnar 13® today. there's not going to be a president donald trump. fear is not something that's going to be -- what drives our country. we're not going to be scared of muslims or immigrants or, you know, women. we're not actually afraid of anything. trump is actually a result in many ways of much of the fact that much of the news programs didn't follow up and ask tough questions. the ratings go up because they can show an empty podium and say donald trump is about to speak. >> there you've got george clooney at the cannes film festival and donald trump is joining us from somewhere in his empire. >> good morning. >> well, at least he's right at the ratings, that's the good news. >> the ratings go up. but you have been asked a boat load of tough questions.
4:34 am
>> i think i get asked the toughest questions on earth. i mean, i will tell you, nobody asks tougher questions than they do to me. or that's all gotcha. even you guys every once in a while get awfully tough, but that's okay. >> what's your messages to him? he says you're not going to be president. jeb bush said you'll never be the nominee, but what's -- >> jeb bush said i'll never be the nominee and jeb bush is right now sitting home watching television and, you know, you also -- he also signed a pledge, jeb bush and he's dishonoring the pledge so he's a dishonorable guy. lindsey graham was very nice. he called me the day before yesterday, we had a nice talk. i was surprised. but he was very nice. we talked on national security. as far as george clooney is concerned let's put it this way -- he's no cary grant. >> yesterday was a big meeting in washington. you sat down face to face with reince priebus and with paul ryan. paul ryan still walked out without an endorsement. does he plan on endorsing you in the future and when will that
4:35 am
happen? >> i would think he would. you know, if that didn't happen, i would continue on the way i've really done. but we had a great meeting yesterday. he's a very good guy, very nice guy. and very committed to, you know, what he's doing and to the country. and i think he feels -- look, i have gotten more votes as you people have very accurately reported, i have gotten more votes than anybody who's ever run for the office of president in the history of the republican party. by the way we still have probably ten states left. california, new jersey, many, many states. so we'll break the record by many millions of voters. so, you know, that's a tremendous thing. we have a tremendous -- there's something unbelievable happening. it's a movement. and it's a movement towards common sense, it's a movement to get out of being the stupid -- what we have in leadership right now, we call it the stupid leadership. they don't know what they're doing. they have no clue what they're doing and it's an amazing thing to see.
4:36 am
we had a great meeting, i thought it was a good meeting and i think things will come together. >> i was talking to somebody yesterday and they said donald trump doesn't need paul ryan because you won without paul ryan. you beat the bushes. you beat governors, you beat senators and you wound up with new votes and new people who have not been part of the party. >> well, i think you might be right. i'd rather see unity. i mean, i'm a republican, i'm conservative. and the republican party. i'm conservative. some people say i'm not conservative on trade. i said really, tell me about it. i'm more conservative than anybody on trade. i am an actually free trader. but we make all bad deals. our country is losing money, we're losing with everything. i mean, look at china. they'll have a $500 billion this year trade deficit with us. i mean, we've rebuilt china back because of stupid -- stupid negotiations. look, that's true with every country. we don't make it with anybody virtually. when it comes to trade, you know what my trade is, very simple,
4:37 am
make good deals for the united states. make good deals. >> let's move on and talk about something we talked about in the radio that's going to get a lot of news and this is your muslim ban. you said we'll stop muslim immigration until we find out what the hell is going on, you said. and then you said -- you walked back the other day and said, listen, that was a suggestion. but you're going to put together a commission headed by rudy giuliani. would you like to expand on that? >> yeah. it was a suggestion. look, anything i say right now, i'm not the president. everything is a suggestion, no matter what you say it's a suggestion. i feel strongly we have to do something about when you look at radical islamic terrorism, we have a president that as you folks know very well, we have a president that won't use the term for the world trade center he won't use the term. and we have to do something. you're not going to do something about it until you know what the problem is. i have spoken to rudy giuliani. we're going to put together a group. we're going to look at the problem. we're going to study the problem. it's a temporary ban. i feel very strongly that we have to find out what the problem is.
4:38 am
when you look at san bernardino, when you look at paris, when you look at all of these horrible, horrible acts of hatred, this is pure hatred. we have to find out and get to the bottom of the problem before we can solve it. >> so donald trump who's on this panel? how big is it? what is the task exactly? to look at muslim immigration, muslim americans? >> to look at muslim immigration and also immigration generally. >> all immigration. >> we're talking about immigration across the border, we're talking about the problems that we have, tremendous problems we have on the southern border with the drugs pouring through, with people coming through the border is like swiss cheese. you know what's happened, i don't know if you saw it, but 16,500 border patrol agents endorsed donald trump for president. the first time they ever endorsed anyone for president. >> rudy is focused on muslim immigration? >> muslims and also the southern
4:39 am
border. rudy will be the chairman and he should be able the come back -- he moves quickly. he should be able to come back quickably. >> all immigration. the "wall street journal" did a story yesterday and it's the cover of "the new york post" today. where it talks about a blond bombshell. apparently the clinton charity has committed $2 million to energy pioneer solutions, a company owned in part by this woman right here, a woman named julie mcmahon, who is a close personal friend of bill clinton, lives not far from the clintons and she has denied repeatedly being romantically involved but she's rumored to have been dubbed the energizer bunny by the secret service in ron kessler's book "the first family detail." he says you don't stop her, you don't approach her, you let her go in and apparently she has timed her arrivals and departures to hillary's schedule. i'm wondering if you'd like to weigh in on this blond bombshell story.
4:40 am
>> well, i know it's a rough story, and a lot of people know about it. people have been talking about it for a couple of years. and, you know, that's right next to my golf club, i have a great club up there, trump national golf club, literally a few minutes away. people have been talking about this for years. i have no idea what went on. i certainly don't. >> but when you -- the foundation and the money given to a company from the foundation, a charity, is there something there that deserves further investigation? >> well, i assume you put the word charity in quotes, i hope you put the word charity in quotes. >> well, nonprofits are not supposed to act in anyone's private interests and bill clinton in addition to the foundation committing this money to this organization -- to this company that she owned in part, apparently, he went to bat with the secretary of energy and asked for them to wind up with some money. i think the energy department, the feds, gave the company $812,000.
4:41 am
>> wow. it's a bombshell. there's no doubt about it. >> yeah, her dad is millionaire. and a donor to the democratic party. and her charity provides energy savings to rural america. families that can't afford their energy payments, and making energy more efficient for communities. >> yeah. i can imagine. >> is that an area of your focus, the clinton foundation? >> i don't know. i don't know. she's been playing the woman card and i have to hit her back whenever she does that. it's all nonsense when she gets up and reads off the teleprompter something about women. nobody has more respect for women than i do, and i think you know that. nobody has more respect for women than i do. i think this is a bombshell and people have been talking about it for a long time. >> well, "the washington post" is sending 20 reporters after you. let's see how many they put on this. >> right. >> i wanted to ask you this, the obama administration is allowing the transgender students to choose their bathrooms and if the schools are not on board they could face federal funding
4:42 am
and face lawsuits. >> it's become a huge story and everybody has to be protected. if it's one person, but it's a tiny, tiny portion of the population. and it's become a massive story. i think there should be a state's issue and as many other things should be by the way. and the state should decide. >> do you think boys the way their gender, they should use the bathroom of the gender they were born with -- >> right now, it's a new issue. right now i don't have an opinion. but what i would like to do is i would like to see the states make that decision. >> lastly, donald trump, everyone talks about what the lawmakers said to you. what did you say to them and where do you think the -- what issue do you have to go the furtherest to come together on? >> i'll tell you, it really was a good meeting yesterday with paul ryan and the group. we had a group of really terrific and very well known congressmen and woman. we had a terrific meeting.
4:43 am
i mean it was a friendly meeting. i think, if you look at -- you know, if you look at platforms nobody agrees 100% on the platform. you look over the year, there are always things where there's a difference between the platform and maybe the person's views. but i think we are very close on many of the things. look, on trade, it's good deals as i said. on other things that -- you know, we're talking about, i want strong, very strong on the border. i think most of these people are pretty strong on the border. >> but paul ryan for the tpp, you are not. >> i am for the tpp. i want a much stronger deal and does and allow the countries to manipulate their currency and this does not allow for that and it's a huge problem. >> it is a huge problem. donald trump, thank you very much and have a great weekend. >> thank you. >> we should point out, we did invite hillary clinton and also bernie sanders to be on the program today and they declined. >> right. hiding headlines, mark zuckerberg denies it.
4:44 am
kurt the cyberguy join uses on that. >> he'll know. goodbye icky sunscreen. hello new coppertone sport. it's reformulated to feel lighter on your skin, but still protects and stays on strong. new coppertone sport. hello sunshine. you stay up. you listen. you laugh. you worry. you do whatever it takes to take care of your family. and when it's time to plan for your family's future,
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4:47 am
time now for some quick headlines on a friday. a free hug turns into the beatdown for a new york city tourist. a woman got punched in the face when she refused to tip the free hug guy in times square. he's a free hug guy, it should be free, right? well, the guy who punched her was arrested and then admitted to his crime on camera. he was aggressively asking for tips. so the new york police department mr. free hugs has a long rap sheet, including assault. >> no such thing as a free hug.
4:48 am
>> that's right. when everybody wins, everybody loses. nfl star deangelo williams driving that point home at home with his daughter's participation ribbon. he said i took her ribbon and gave it back to her teacher. then, i next event, she got first place. >> exactly. >> so it worked. >> she earned it. and some news -- >> brand-new details in the story at fox. anger is growing this morning as new documents reveal who really controls the trending topics on facebook. >> somebody who studies this each and every day, he's always on facebook, our cyberguy kurt knutsson. >> yes. this controversy starting to heat up here. you know, mark zuckerberg posted a statement revealing a bit more on how trending topics are surfaced by an algorithm there. we found that no evidence that this report is true. if we find anything against our principles, you have my commitment that we will take additional steps to address it.
4:49 am
and while he's been outspoken and critical of donald trump, and directly zuckerberg denies that facebook leans left or right, but former staffers are saying that's not a really true. when they were there at facebook they would indeed have some experience where, let me tell you how this works, first of all. trending topics is enormous. you have 1.6 billion people that go to facebook and you're talking about, you know, a chunk of the world being influenced by what's in that category. >> the most powerful news feed in the world. >> no doubt about it. no doubt that's true today. so how does that work? you think and i think as we stare at the trending topics that it's based on data. >> it's a number. >> it's a number, but it says, hey, this is the most popular thing happening right now. but the way it really works is that popular items come up automatically through an algorithm that facebook has come up with that they don't tell us exactly how it works. >> right.
4:50 am
>> then human eyes look at it and they inject their own personal way of handling that -- >> there's the problem right there. because the curators inject their own personal bias into it. >> as is being -- that's the allegation. >> they're choose -- they're choosing what news to put on the format. >> what's the human algorithm that goes into how that's coming about? former staffers are saying, yeah, there are times that things did not make it in that even though it was a popular item, we chose not to make it popular. >> kurt, for him to put out that statement and say we investigated and come up with nothing, it doesn't make me feel better. because those curators either they have to give their identity and tell who they are and why, or he has to find out who they are and why. because right now they're talking past each other. >> let me ask you, don't you think we have -- we should have at some point the right to understand how that algorithm comes up? >> absolutely. >> i would say that he would say he's hiding it.
4:51 am
you say he -- he's not hiding it, but it's a business decision. it protects our interests. that's our secret sauce. >> double dose of kurt, great job. when we come back, live to france and kevin mccarthy at the cannes film festival. when you lease the 2016 es 350 for $329 a month for 36 months. see your lexus dealer.
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
it's exciting. there are two major films opening up this year and our kevin mccarthy has to review one of them, because he saw the movie in france. >> he join us from the cannes film festival in the south of france. lucky dog you kevin. how are you? >> good morning, how you doing in new york? >> we're doing okay. tell us about "x men." >> i'm here in france. i always dreamed of coming here since i was a kid because "pulp
4:55 am
fiction" won here in '94. i did get a royale with cheese. i had to do that obviously yesterday. because of the metric system and the quarter pounder. but i spoke to mr. james mcavoy and jennifer lawrence about their new movie, "x-men: apocalypse." this interview took place in london. if you saw "dead pool", this movie highly made fun of "x men." i talked to lawrence and mcavoy about what they thought about "dead pool" jokes about the x men who specifically name mcavoy in the film. watch this. >> i'm so pleased to ever get mentioned in a movie. like my actual name. >> yeah. >> it happens once or -- it happened in "funny people" as well. i was watching it and i was like -- in the cinema. >> he makes fun of x men a lot -- >> he was jealous because he
4:56 am
wasn't invited. >> how would professor "x" respond to the jokes in making fun of the x men? >> well, yeah, i think -- i would be like chill, be funny for a second. i think he's got a good sense of humor. if we were off the leash and we were less pg-13 i think we'd roll with it pretty good. >> did you guys see my epic wig there? let me recreate one of the coolest action scenes from the film. i was running on a green treadmill when i did that shot. >> so how many stars? >> that movie i'm reviewing on may 27th, and i'm here to talk to justin timberlake. you can find that interview on my website. >> all right. kevin, have a fun time. >> he's been to mcdonald's. next up, french wendy's. coming up on a friday, look
4:57 am
who's in the greenroom. geraldo rivera and scott baio. >> wow! >> having a conversation, double trouble. >> one of them loves joannie. ♪ uh oh. oh. henry! oh my. good, you're good. back, back, back. (vo) according to kelley blue book, subaru has the highest resale value of any brand. again. you might find that comforting. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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today - at good morning. it is friday, it's may 13th. friday the 13th. i'm ainsley earhardt. this is a fox news alert. an entire community is on lockdown this morning, a massive manhunt now under way for a gun man who shot two police officers. details ahead. a miraculous discovery, a missing girl found alive. 9-year-old carlie trent abducted by her uncle is safe and sound thanks to two heroes. meet the men who rescued her after holding the kidnapper at gun point. and -- it does say and but -- i changed my mind. which is it?
5:01 am
let me try it one more time. >> take two. >> and action. >> take out the but. >> george clooney vowing a trump presidency won't happen on his watch. >> there won't be a president donald trump. >> and but -- that's not all the a-lister has to say. we'll talk to geraldo who has no last name because he'll be a soccer star in the future, and mornings are better with "friends." >> you know it's a friday the 13th. you want to say and, but, however, therefore, it's all -- >> that's right. >> i was in rejoinder hell. i apologize. you know what? on that note i should not be allowed to toss for the rest of the show. >> my question is why did you choose but versus and? >> i have an attitude. i have no idea. i have no idea why one chooses but and one chooses and. >> geraldo in a moment, by the way. >> and in the meantime, and but, we turn to heather with the
5:02 am
news. >> brian is breaking into the american beer this morning. budweiser. let's start off with a fox news alert. breaking news right now. a massive manhunt now under way for the armed man wanted for shooting two police officers. schools in the area are closed in manchester. everyone is to stay inside their homes or buildings. saying that the man they're looking for is considered to be armed and very dangerous. the first officer was shot early this morning. and as cops search for the gunmen, he shot another officer. they're both expected to be okay. we have been following this closely all morning long. we'll bring you the latest developments as they come into the newsroom. new developments unfolding in tennessee where two men are being hailed as heroes for saving a 9-year-old girl who had been kidnapped by her uncle
5:03 am
eight days ago. carlie trent was taken out of school by her uncle on may 4th. then two good samaritans stumbled on them in tennessee. >> we had been working and looking all day. we had gone by this area before. but it didn't seem like there were any tracks that we thought -- but we thought we'd check it anyhow. >> those men held gary simpson at gunpoint while they called 911. carlie appeared to be okay but is at the hospital at this hour where she's being evaluated. we'll keep you posted. breaking overnight, the navy commander who was in charge when our sailors were captured and h humiliated by iran is now out of the job. ten american sailors were held with guns to their head and they were forced to their knees. iran then broadcasting that embarrassing incident along with this interview with one of our sailors.
5:04 am
remember this? >> it was a mistake, that was our fault. we apologize for our mistake. the iranian behavior was fantastic while we were here. thank you very much for your hospitality and your assistance. >> [ inaudible ]. >> we had no problems. >> that image you heard from is the person who was not reassigned. a military official telling fox news that the commander eric rasch is the first officer to be publicly disciplined since that incident and that he won't be the last. michael strahan preparing to spend one last morning with his "live" co-host kelly ripa. their relationship reportedly on the rocks and strahan announced that he was leaving to host "good morning america." ripa claims it blindsided her. even refusing to show up for work after that announcement. his permanent replacement is not yet known. i'm glad we have geraldo here. because he's great on that show. >> he has been on the show. you hosted before. >> i have subbed on the show. >> bring us behind the scenes. >> well, kelly is really the
5:05 am
central figure and they auditioned, you know, dozens of men. i don't think mine was in position -- it was a courtesy sit-in a couple of times. i like her very much. when michael strahan was picked it was a long shot. no one expected him to be picked, a football player and so forth. but he did a very elegant job, very charismatic. the ratings shot up. >> that's probably why "gma" wanted him full time and the bosses said don't tell her and it hit the fan. she said she needed respect from the bosses. >> you know, putting aside her reaction, i think it was really bad manners of him. i would never do it to any of you. we have been together 15 years. i would never -- it would never occur to me to not cut you in on something that affected your lives. and so i feel badly -- i think that he dropped the ball. i think that in her case she now has to be gracious and go on with life. >> she said in the "people" magazine story coming out today
5:06 am
that she said i need somebody sitting next to who is comfortable in conversation and that i can trust. that is perceived to be a hit at him. who seemed unbelievably comfortable as the viewers. >> that's what i can't figure out. he did that job and he did it very well and he's -- he's an excellent football commentator also and he will help gma. the "today" show is gaining on them. theythey can use some help on "" they'll find somebody. >> she said my dad was a bus driver growing up and he said i think you're all crazy. because we have to remember, they're living plush lives and that show has given them both amazing jobs. >> absolutely. and thank the process now of seeking somebody else will be another soap opera, another drama. we'll pay attention to it who is the semifinalist, like "dancing with the stars." >> it will be like the presidential race. and speaking of soap operas, donald trump finally met with paul ryan who famously last week
5:07 am
said i'm not ready to endorse him yet. so they wound up yesterday, no official endorsement. we did talk to donald trump about 35 minutes ago. regarding the meeting. this is what he had to say. >> oh, i would think he would. and if that didn't happen i'll continue on the way i have done. he's a very good guy, a very nice guy, very committed to, you know, what he's doing and to the country. and i think he feels -- look i have gotten more votes as you accurately reported, i have gotten more votes than anybody who's ever run for the office of president in the history of the republican party. >> so he's saying that he thinks the endorsement will be coming from paul ryan. >> well, i view it too, but i think that the problem with paul ryan and his stance vis-a-vis donald trump paul ryan has husband own ambitions for 2020. i believe the speak wants to be president. you do not, i do, we disagree. >> he's a young politician.
5:08 am
>> let me say this about donald trump. all of the extremist views that people like paul ryan profess to be afraid of are absolutely obsolete. just as i predicted first in this building that donald trump would be the nominee for the gop, i also predicted first that he would move back to the positions he has held on these controversial issues throughout his life. he will reassert his new york values. he will moderate, he will pivot to the center. much more effectively than mitt romney has done. and i don't think there's any reason to be concerned even on immigration. already backing off on muslims. even on immigration reform. and that wall i think you're going to see a different donald trump. >> you mentioned mitt romney. what is mitt romney doing? >> i think that there is -- i hate to say this because i think he really is a noble person -- >> a great guy. >> a great guy. but it seems like sour grapes to me. i understand that donald trump is not in the mold of mitt romney. i totally get that. but still to be the sour puss and to be this disrupter, it's
5:09 am
just so different than the mitt romney we have grown to really admire and respect all these years. it seems unnecessarily disruptive. it happened, there was a hostile takeover of the gop by donald trump, it is over. donald trump has accomplished it. it is his republican party now. and the republican party is a minority party, if you don't get on board now you're going to help fracture your candidate and the party and give the votes to the people you say you loathe. >> the rest of the country doesn't feel the same way they do. >> you know what it is, they think that they know better. it's that they're professionals, they're so smart. they're so educated. they're so well read, so connected. they have been so privileged. they -- >> that's the way it always works. >> it's always been and now they can't understand how the voters -- how dare they, pick a
5:10 am
lane different from the lane they have occupied, you know, so lot loftily for so long. >> and donald trump was talking about what he plans on doing with rudy giuliani and this commission to evaluate muslim immigration. he expanded on it. >> look, anything i say right now, i'm not the president. everything is a suggestion, no matter what you say it's a suggestion. i feel strongly we have to do something about -- when you look at radical islamic terrorism we have a president who won't even use the term. i have spoken to rudy giuliani and we're going to put together a group. we're going to look at the problem, we're going to study the problem. it's a temporary ban. we're talking about immigration across the border, we're talking about the tremendous problems we have on the southern border with the drugs pouring through. >> so the muslim ban, he said on brian's show just a suggestion. >> negotiable. >> right. >> of course. i mean, now he'll see -- well, maybe it's not a muslim ban, but a geographic ban.
5:11 am
if it's war zone we won't take you for fear you may be a combatant in disguise. he'll moderate the position. >> how do you feel about the commission headed by rudy to evaluate how we're screening people? >> to me, it is ironic that donald trump or anyone else, these professed conservatives are talking about an expansion of government. we have plenty of agencies -- >> he's not a government. >> if you want to put together a bunch of experts to give you advice, that's fine. if you want rudy giuliani to be home land security secretary, that's terrific. i'm a big fan of the mayor. he did a wonderful job here in new york. >> i'm sure he would be. >> that would be a good job. >> what about hillary clinton -- flip-flopping and backpedal? >> i think hillary is right, but it's not flip-flopliping. it's getting to the final position, this is who i am, vote for me. this is who i am now. >> george clooney at the cannes film fest yesterday said this
5:12 am
about a president trump. >> there's not going to be a president donald trump. fear is not going to be something that we're going to -- that's going to be what drives our country. we're not going to be scared of muslims or immigrants or, you know, women. we're not actually afraid of anything. trump is actually a result in in ways of the fact that much of the news programs didn't follow up and ask tough questions. the ratings go up because they can show an empty podium saying donald trump is about to speak. >> no doubt he got a lot of free publicity, but who's been asked more hard questions than donald trump? >> aside from who's been asked hard questions going back to clooney, whose vote will be affected by george clooney in this day and age? oh, man, i heard george clooney yesterday, now i'm going to vote for hillary. that's not going to happen. >> we like george clooney because he's a good actor, not because of his political -- >> if i were him, i would pay more attention to promoting the
5:13 am
movie. doesn't look like the most v. vivacious of all films. nobody goes with these endorsements anymore. it is -- on the other side -- >> is he right though? >> well, my buddy scott baio is coming on in a minute. >> how do you know? >> how do i know? i was hanging out in the greenroom. you don't watch the monitor? you were trying to figure out which preposition to use. >> oh! >> geraldo, come on. >> get out of here. >> hold on. >> thank you. thank you very much. >> he was fine until the end. i don't know what happened. he just lost it. >> scott baio, crazy. >> by the way, i hear scott baio is coming up. fox news alert. in other news, breaking overnight the president has mandated that all public schools allow transgendered students to use the bathroom of their choice. and what if they don't? we're live at the white house
5:14 am
with the consequences coming up next. you can apologize, geraldo. houston: mission allergy escape.
5:15 am
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so we don't have to wad to get clean.t charmin ultra soft gets you clean without the wasteful wadding. it has comfort cushions you can see that are softer... ... and more absorbent, and you can use up to 4 times less. enjoy the go with charmin. this is a fox news alert. millions of school students elementary through college receiving a controversial letter at school later today.
5:18 am
>> yeah. this after president obama tells public schools that they muscle a low transgender students to choose the bathroom that matches their identity. leland vitter is live at the white house with details. good morning. >> good morning, ainsley and guys. the white house by the justice -- via the justice department is saying that the same law that protects student from discrimination based either on race or on gender now applies to gender identity. so transgender kids have that same protection. equating gender and gender identity as equally protected groups. this is a big change. although it's important to point out that nowhere in title ix does the word gender or gender identity appear. the doj doesn't think that matters. there's guidance being offered to the schools saying the school may not require transgender students to use the bathrooms inconsistent with their identity. breaking that down, a
5:19 am
biologically male student can use the female locker room all they want. extend the logic out, a male can demand to live in the female dorm room when they do to college. it came to a head earlier in the week when north carolina defied the government order over the so called bathroom bill. that requires people to use the bathroom of their birth gender rather than what gender they identify with. north carolina and the justice department are countersuing each other. it's possible that the courts could totally nullify what the doj has put out or they could agree with the administration. at stake of course are billions of dollars in federal education money for schools that choose to defy this new decree from the obama administration and the justice department. guys? >> a lot of money on the line there. thank you very much. >> a lot of money that schools can't afford to lose. >> we just had donald trump on the program 40 minutes ago. >> he thinks it should be a state by state issue.
5:20 am
states should choose what happens in their states. coming up on a friday, the news rattled everybody here at fox news channel. our friend john stossel right there has cancer -- lung cancer. this morning he's talking about this battle for the very first time on tv, coming up. and you know him as chachi from "happy days" but scott baio not so pleased with the republican establishment. he is here to talk politics coming up next. >> hi, scotty. ladies, why just dream of worry-free nights? i'm linda, and like millions of women worldwide i trust tena. and with new tena overnight underwear i can now sleep worry free all night.
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5:24 am
here's some headlines for you this morning. fire crackers shooting into the sky when a fireworks factory goes up in flames. that's bad. this was in england and thankfully nobody was hurt. and take a look at this black plume of smoke. somebody intentionally set this tire fire in madrid. classes in a nearby school cancelled for the day. caught on camera, a train -- oh, my goodness, barrelling down at 60 mile per hour smashed into the stopped truck. the conductor only received three seconds warning running down the aisle yells to passengers to brace for impangtd. that was very sully sullenberger of him. nobody was seriously hurt. now this -- >> i don't mind going through a slow process. it's a very big subject. i mean, we have a lot of things and i think for the most part we agree on a lot of different items and we're going there.
5:25 am
>> i was very encouraged with what i heard from donald trump today. i do believe that we are now planting the seeds to get ourselves unified, to bridge the gaps and differences. >> donald trump and paul ryan on much friendlier terms yesterday morning in a meeting in washington. but still no endorsement yet for the speaker. he's not there yet. when it comes to party unity, is that as good as it's going to get? >> joining us is actor, director, trump supporter, scott baio. >> good morning. >> were you a trump supporter from the get go? >> when trump got in, i was a scott walker guy. when trump got in, i went over to donald trump. >> why? >> well, that's easy. because i understand -- politicians speak and i don't understand what they say. it sounds like charlie brown's parents. you know? and then i heard trump speaking
5:26 am
and i actually understood the guy and i liked what he was saying. i liked his proposals. i like the fact that he's a guy who's going to go to washington and shake it all up. donald trump, who will take hillary and knock the hell out of her verbally so people on twitter take it easy. and that's what she needs because our candidate, the republican, which i have hard time associating myself with anymore, always -- never fights back. this guy is a fighter. this guy is a winner. i think we need -- i don't want hillary clinton to be president. i want donald trump to be president. >> i can tell. >> what about mitt romney who's now -- there are talks he could be coming one a third party candidate. >> it's disgusting to me, and it's disgraceful. he's a big baby. he lost. paul ryan, you're not there yet. where are you? hillary, you're not behind donald trump, what's the point? we have a party or there's not a
5:27 am
party. the guy's the nominee, donald trump. you fall in line with that guy. you work out your differences backstage. and you move forward. >> what about george clooney coming out and say, hey, you know what? the media has not asked him tough questions. >> i know. >> here's his theory on why donald trump has been successful. i don't buy it, do you? >> there's not going to be a president donald trump. fear is not going to be something that we're going to -- that's going to be what drives our country. we're not going to be scared of muslims or immigrants or, you know, women. we're not actually afraid of anything. trump is actually a result in many ways of the fact that much of the news programs didn't follow up and ask tough questions. you know, the ratings go up because they can show an empty podium saying donald trump is about to speak. >> all over the place. what do you think? >> what do i think about what clooney just said? i think he lives in an alternate
5:28 am
universe. i don't know what questions haven't been asked of donald trump. on the flip side, what's been asked of hillary clinton? nothing. she goes to the benghazi meetings and it's a love fest. they have 20 reporters from "the washington post" looking into donald trump's life. how many looking into hillary clinton's life? >> clooney forgets there's 16 debates. >> he's a big lib, he won't watch the debates. >> do you understand the mind set? >> of him, absolutely. i live in it. >> sure. the hollywood primary leans to the left. are there more conservatives in hollywood than we hear about? >> there are. i think -- >> why don't we hear about them? >> because they're afraid to come out, because i think the media and the liberals have so branded the republican -- the word republican as something horrible and negative and racist and bigots and homophobes which is ridiculous. so people don't want to associate themselves with it which is happening. you know, i have other theories why -- the entertainment people -- >> is that changing a bit?
5:29 am
is that changing in hollywood because donald trump is reaching -- >> i think it is. i think it is because he's not a conventional guy. >> right. >> donald trump. he seems like a guy with common sense proposals and i think people can get on board with that. >> he has a hollywood factor in is a sense. he's revered in new york and his name is on everything. very famous. >> yeah. he's very impressive and the guy -- the guy is a rock star. i think, you know, people in hollywood can hopefully relate to that. and -- but a lot of the -- so it's -- hollywood is an emotional town. >> right. >> and liberals play on emotion. so that's -- you know, emotional in terms of we're creative people. we feel -- >> just real quick, predated your appearance on the series, but do we know what happened to chuck on "happy days?" [ laughter ] one day he was playing basketball, richie's older brother and then no more older brother. >> we're getting into the meat of this, i don't know, brian. [ laughter ] i think they didn't like him very much.
5:30 am
no, honestly, what happened with chuck was -- >> there you are with fonzie. that was before he jumped the shark. >> what happened with chuck? i don't know. it was redundant. there was richie and chuck. they were the same person. so why did they need two brothers when they had fonzie and richie? >> chuck, we have to talk, you're out. >> you have a foundation, what's the name of it? >> bailey baio foundation. we'll invite you to play in the golf tournament. >> i'm just learning. i'm shooting a 3 hundred. >> we have a golf tournament the 26th -- >> thank you, scott. >> round of applause. scott baio. >> great job on "charles in job", that's what i watched. >> let me tell you what's coming up next. what do millennials know about the election? apparently not much. >> how did bernie create jobs? >> making new businesses. like the office business,
5:31 am
construction business. >> i think you're talking about trump. >> that's trump? >> yes. >> i apologize. [ laughter ] >> watters world. >> he was so nice. and the news rattled all of us here at "fox & friends." our friend john stossel diagnosed with cancer. this morning he is talking about that battle with us for the first time. woman: it's been a journey to get where i am. and i didn't get here alone. there were people who listened along the way.
5:32 am
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and intellectual propertylines about bubeing stolen.g hacked that is cyber-crime. and it affects each and every one of us. microsoft created the digital crimes unit to fight cyber-crime. we use the microsoft cloud to visualize information so we can track down the criminals. when it comes to the cloud, trust and security are paramount. we're building what we learn back into the cloud to make people and organizations safer. fox news alert. we have an update on the police officer shot overnight and heather has the update. >> we're getting new information right now. a massive manhunt is under way for the armed suspect wanted for shooting two police officers in new hampshire. the chilling scanner traffic of when one of those officers was shot just came into our newsroom moments ago. listen.
5:35 am
>> falling, shots fired. >> where are you? >> i've been shot. >> goodness. well the community of manchester, new hampshire, on total lockdown today. schools in the area are closed for the day. police telling everyone to stay inside their homes or their office buildings. the first officer was shot early this morning and as police search for the gunman another officer was shot. they're expected to be okay. we're following this closely to make sure you don't miss anything. we'll bring you the latest. the chopper reporter making headlines this morning for his commentary. listen. >> oohs, doors are open, there he goes. woo-hoo! oh, yeah. go, over the car. over the car. oh, that's a fright right there. knocked him down! >> yeah. in l.a. and in california, they just love these car chases and all that kind of stuff.
5:36 am
brian, listen, they would blow out the local news just to cover that stuff live when i lived there. it's nuts. they love that stuff. all three were busted. you hear the helicopters overhead all the time in the l.a. area. an abandoned puppy gets a second chance thanks to the baseball team. the savannah banana made the puppy the bat dog. he was found alone in the parking lot of the gracen stadium. she had no tags and no microchip. since then, the team president and his wife have adopted the dog and they named her daisy. how cute is she? i love that. donald trump may be making progress with his party, but how is he doing with millennials? jesse watters went to washington square park right here in new york city to find out. take a look. >> what do you think about donald trump? >> not the biggest fan. >> oh -- >> this country has become a joke and donald trump is the punch line. >> how many jobs has bernie sanders created?
5:37 am
>> a lot of jobs. >> more than donald trump? >> from what i see, yeah. >> how did bernie create jobs? >> all the buildings -- like making into new office, like the construction business, whatever. >> i think you're talking about trump. >> that's trump? >> yes. >> i apologize. >> he must be smoking something down there in that park. >> they don't make drugs like that. >> all right, let's hand it outside to maria molina, she has a look at the weekend weather forecast. cold weather and some rain coming in, right? >> we're expecting warm temperatures today, but eventually that cooler air as we head into the weekend is spilling southward and many areas across the plains and the eastern u.s. will be feeling the chill out. there before we get there we have to deal with some thunderstorms today. some will be across parts of the eastern seaboard including parts of the carolinas and extending down into florida. as we head across portions of missouri and into illinois and iowa, we're expecting severe weather out there as well. we do have a threat for some
5:38 am
possible tornadoes as well. so heads up if you live in kansas city or in peoria. you're looking at the threat. quick look at the temperatures, relatively warm out there. but here comes saturday and also sunday. cool air keeps moving south and east. let's head back inside. >> maria, thank you very much. last month one of our own, john stossel, was diagnosed with lung cancer. remaining positive, he wrote an op-ed while in the hospital from his bed saying quote, seems i have lung cancer. my doctors tell me i'll be fine but as a consumer reporter, i have to say the customer service stinks. >> so john is back at work and is doing fine and has plenty of things to say. the host of "stossel" on fbn. how are you? >> i'm fine, they found it early and plucked it out. >> went right into the surgery? >> right. >> we have backup stuff in our body we don't need everything -- >> you have two lungs, so half
5:39 am
of one missing -- >> i have to work back to teach the rest of the lung to work a little harder. >> no radiation? >> no radiation, no chemo. >> well, terrific. so there you are. you're in your hospital room. you're thinking i have lung cancer. i'm going to be okay though. they tell me. and you're thinking as things go, the service here stinks. >> it just is stupidly bad. and this is what happens when you don't have a market because markets work when the patient pays. when the customer and the business deal with each other. you're looking like i'm unmiked or something. >> well, there's a little crackle there. but that's okay. >> what do i do? >> bend the mike out. >> use my microphone. >> this is weird. >> there you go. >> it's just stupid service. you can't e-mail your doctor. you can't text. you wait in line forever to do things. you fill out forms by hand, again and again. this is what happens when the patient doesn't pay.
5:40 am
price never gets discussed. no wonder the price goes up so much. >> so john, you're in the number one hospital in the country, right? "u.s. news and world report" -- >> in new york. >> and the medical care i assume was great, but this is true at every hospital. the only part of medicine that works well is where you pay yourself. plastic surgery, eye surgery, it's the market. >> what do you wish the hospital had done differently? >> it's not the hospital's fault. they're paying the bill, they don't discuss price with the patient. they don't say you -- you're okay with this test, they just do stuff to you. >> you have to have the test, you have to have the surgery, you don't have a choice. >> i have a choice, but nobody asks me. >> so go ahead and do it. >> the tests -- turn around and going, and maybe suing -- >> suing. because you didn't do that test.
5:41 am
they're covering -- and they're tortured by the trial lawyers because the lawsuits are so expensive in america. >> and that's why texas is so successful at keeping the prices down. >> i have a feeling you'll be talking about it on your show. >> tonight at 9:00, that's true. and talking about the grief i took for it. you think it's mcdonald's? >> the commenters? >> yeah. >> great to have you back. all right, coming up, we were warned if companies were forced to raise the minimum wage, jobs won lost and that's happened. stuart varney is here. well, it's been a tough week for relationships from paul ryan and donald trump to kelly ripa and michael strahan, so steve, you're heading outside. >> i'm out, you're in.
5:42 am
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can this much love be cleanedrlin' by a little bit of dawn ultra? oh yeah. one bottle has the grease cleaning power
5:45 am
of two bottles of this bargain brand. a drop of dawn and grease is gone. all right. we were warned if companies were to be forced to raise their minimum wage nationally, jobs would be lost. this morning, that sadly is exactly is what is happening at wendy's. putting in self-service kiosks. >> stuart varney has that.
5:46 am
>> that's 6,000 jobs being taken off the marketplace. that's a push to the $15 an hour minimum wage. they want a living wage for everybody who has the job. they're ignoring the youngsters who get in at a lower wage to figure out what's go on in the economy. they're destroying jobs and in particular they're destroying entry level jobs. that's what's really upsetting about this. >> some 17 or 16-year-old is not going to get $15 an hour by a company looking to make ends meet. >> right. because that job will be automated away. i was in an airport the other day. they have an operation there, 65 seats, in a restaurant with three runners. you walk up, take your seat, you punch what you order in your tablet. the order goes to the kitchen and a runner delivers the food from the kitchen to you. wait staff cut in half. those are entry level jobs that will never appear again. because of the $15 an hour wage. >> they don't have to deal with
5:47 am
an attitude, people showing up late, but for the customer it's not good. "a" it's taking away jobs and "b," we don't get that friendly service. brian doesn't get to hug the server. >> that's right. it's a tragedy for all the youngsters who won't get the jobs they could have gotten if it was a competitive marketplace. >> the president, he spoke to some college kids yesterday. he said don't worry, it will pay off in 20 years. listen. >> there's a whole range of things that can make a difference. some of them we've done. we have worked on. but more needs to be done there and some of the steps that we have taken are going to be pay off over the course of the next 20 years. >> oh, that really makes you head explode. i mean, are you serious, mr. president? you believe that raising the minimum wage will pay off in 20 years, with what?
5:48 am
with what? higher wages, maybe. for a vast, smaller number of people. it is hurting the young people. >> when you walk in the restaurant with chili's, i have a touch screen. not a server. you are not a robot, you're not a hologram, you're there on your show from 9:00 to noon. we'll be watching. >> thanks, everybody. coming up, is michael strahan's last days sitting beside kelly ripa, so where did it go wrong? >> steve doocy is getting relationship advice from the people. steve? >> that's right. yeah. can this relationship be saved between kelly and michael? paul and trump? what about hillary and bernie? we're heading over to the love statue to ask some folks if they have advice for these couples. in the meantime, a couple shows up at 9:00 eastern time,
5:49 am
bill and martha. here's martha. >> maybe they have some advice for us. good morning, everybody. so the trump/ryan meeting who gave the most ground and can these two ever see eye to eye? representative chris collins was an early adapter, so how are the others are doing on capitol hill? and boehner said if you think trump can't win, you're wrong. and hillary was telling her staffers to go off line to talk to her and her husband faces questions about money he may have funneled to a good friend's business. what's that all about? bill and i will see you at the top of the hour. i smoked a lot, and quit a lot but ended up nowhere. now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology
5:50 am
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5:53 am
it's the breakup being heard around the world. today marks the last day of michael strahan on "live." >> it's a strain so bad that he went -- he wants a low key good bye. take a look at this election. it's been an icy relationship possibly between trump and the gop. >> so where did they all go wrong? steve doocy is out on the street with advice from a few new yorkers. hey, steve. >> that's right. i'm here in front of the love statue because we're trying to figure out where the love went between michael and kelly and maybe bernie and hillary and donald trump and paul ryan. here's the problem. everybody is going to work right now and so everybody is in a hurry. for instance, i stopped by and asked this lady earlier, how are you? >> i'm good, how are you. >> i sat in something wet. what is it? >> water. >> today is michael's last day.
5:54 am
>> really? >> yeah. because she squeezed him out, she didn't like the fact he was going to "good morning america." the relationship not in good shape. do you have advice on how to repair the relationship? >> i mean, if he's going to be better off over there, then she should be happy for him. >> she should be, but she's closing the door not letting him come. in every morning he comes in, can i come in, she doesn't say anything. bad advice? >> that's not good. not a good friendship. >> what about bernie and hillary? she hates him because she wants him to drop out. how do you fix that relationship? >> get her to win -- >> get her to win, that's right. and donald trump had a big meeting with paul ryan yesterday because mr. ryan wouldn't endorse him. right off. how do you fix that? >> don't endorse trump. >> yeah? >> no. >> i'm not for trump. >> you're for hillary it sounds like. >> yeah. >> all right. hillary's the one who gives you the love? >> yep. >> all right. good enough.
5:55 am
thank you very much. let's come over here. what's that? >> i had fun. >> thank you. >> here's my fan. what's your name? >> ophelia. >> listen. the thing with kelly and michael, how do we fix that relationship? >> nobody can fix that except them. >> it's toast. all right. >> yes. >> what about bernie and hillary? >> i don't like either. >> what about trump and paul ryan? >> i like him. >> you like paul ryan? >> i like trump. >> oh, you like donald trump? >> yeah. >> should he endorse him? >> yeah. >> the quicker the better? >> the quicker the better. >> thank you very much for talking with us. so ainsley and brian, as you can see, thank you very much -- she's always watching. she's giving us a lot of love. all right. >> we love her right back. thank you. that was fine. >> go back to work. >> all right. come on back in. we'll talk to you, more "fox & friends" after this little message. man, my feet are killin' me.
5:56 am
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nfl star deangelo williams criticized the concept of participation ribbons. he said i took her field day participation ribbon and gave it right back to her teacher and in the next event she got first place. >> janet says i guess it will be okay to show up at my job and get a check. >> i think it's -- then again if winning is everything is that a problem? kids need to learn right from wrong and coming in last place is flat out wrong. >> and kids need to know how to deal with losing as well as winning. >> here's a guy that always wins. >> did you ever watch "fox & friends" on the weekend? >> of course, every weekend. >> we have a great show lined up because we're going to transform the whole plaza into barbecue heaven. send us your pictures and use the #fox barbecue.
6:00 am
and barbecues can no longer deny pregnant women alcohol in the new york city. we'll have a panel on to whether that's good or not. and we'll look at the potential trump vp picks and like vegas odds. >> the odds are we're off in two seconds. bill: fox news alert. a manhunt for $suspected gunman who shot two officers topping the news friday the 13, 2016. manchester, new hampshire, the first officer shot around 2:30 a.m. and still managed to call for help. shots fired. i have been shot. white male, long hair, trench


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