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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  May 13, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> was it a friday? god bless. >> no, it was a thursday. harris: tune in on monday. megyn kelly will join us on "outnumbered" couch to discuss the special that airs next day on fox broadcast network, prime time exclusive with donald trump. "happening now" right now. have a great weekend new reporting at this hour the manhunt is now over for a gunman who shot two police officers in new hampshire. >> the mayor said the city is safe after the city and two officers are recovering. we are covering all of the news "happening now". >> get rid of them right now. >> the battle to defeat isis. we'll tell you about p the secret history of the terror network bent on taking down the west. >> plus, you have someone in there. >> a near fatal crash. the dramatic rescue of a driver trapped in his burning vehicle.
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3, 2, 1. speeding toward the future. will you soon be able to travel from san francisco to l.a. in just 30 minutes? it is all happening now. but we begin with news of new efforts to bring the fractured be republican party back together. welcome to the second hour of "happening now" upon. i am jon scott. >> i ametter childers in for jenna lee. more republicans are rallying around the presumptive nom no after donald trump held meetings with the gop leaders. there will be regular weekly meetings with house republican supporters. paul ryan is not one of them.
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he's not ready to endorse the presumptive nominee. trump is confident that ryan will come around and not really worried about it. >> if that didn't happen, i would continue on the way i have done. we had a great meeting. and he's a very good nice guy and committed to what he's doing to the country. look, i have more votes than you accurately reported. i have more votes than anybody who ran for office of the president in the history of the republican party. >> peter barnes joins us live with more on on that from washington. peter? >> reporter: trump was making the rounds of the morning news shows and talking up the progress he made with the meeting with ryan and talking down differences. >> we had a terrific meeting. it was a friendly meeting and if you look at platforms.
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no one grease 100 percent. but running for president there are always differences between the platform person's vow. >> reporter: the push for unitty continued with the staffers and trump's staffers. the congressman said this morning's session was packed. >> all indications are that things went well with mr. ryan and more meetings to come. and certainly today in our weekly meeting, the room is overthrowing and we have committee chairs and subcommittee chairs and many meetings. >> reporter: trump is softening his stance to broaden his political support such as the proposed ban on muslim immigrants. he suggested it would only apply
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to syrians and on the "today" show he said he was not softening his stance but i am "flexible" on issues. >> flexibility is a good thing. thank you, peter. bill clinton is campaigning for his wife in new jersey today, holding two events in the delegate rich state. voters head to the polls. in the meantime bernie sanders is in north dakota for a rally this afternoon, as he faces pressure from top democrats to end the campaign. california senator feinstein said clinton hasn't been p able to focus on the general election because of sanders' presence in the race. we will talk to our strategist. and hogan director for mike
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huckabee's presidential campaign. jessica, is it time for bernie to get out of the race? >> i wouldn't mind. i am also not going to tell him to. bernie sanders created a movement and has millions of voters and she has 3 million. and i am seeing a attitude and shift from bernie sanders after his victory in west virginia that didn't give him many more delegates than she got. we heard from bernie sanders who thinks that he could win the nomination and go on to win the presidency. he citing in the polls he beats trump more than hillary does and talking like someone who doesn't understand upon the math and she is less than 300 delegates ahead. and not even talking yet about the super delegates. i don't think attacking her is
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useful. it divides the party p. i understand why he is there and he serves a purpose. >> what is he doing bisides annoying hillary clinton? >> he is annoying her. he is a movement candidate and move the further left in ideals and talking about socialism. he is an independent running as a democrat to try to get votes. it started as a move sxment he caught fire. something that no one especially bernie sanders thought would happen. money poured in and he has a message and a movement. jessica is right. he is not got the math. and he is not only a fly in theoinment, he decided not to go in a negative way hillary clinton and he didn't want to hurt hillary clinton. he smelled blood and his
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supporters got anxious and threw attacks and it hurts her because the entire campaign is about corruption and the establishment on both republican and democrat side. he is in the race and doesn't have to get out. mccain was the nominee for republicans in march. hillary clinton and barak fought all the way through june. and having the nominee early is not necessarily a remedy to winning the election. >> could prove troublesome. clinton charity aided clinton friends. the clinton global initiative that arranges donations to help solve the world's problems set up a financial commitment thatm benefitted a for profit company part- owned by the clinton. including a close friend of
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former president bill clinton. the idea of the charity is to help solve the world's problems, what are they doing handing out contracts to a for profit company. >> sometimes for profit companies do good things. not all of the time. they have given it to 3 or 4. and bill clinton was asked about it and he said they did not do anything p illegal. on the down side. it will go to the honesty and trust problems with the clintons that seem shady and it doesn't help things. it doesn't look like anything more than smoke and these things come out about the clintons. i am not getting too upset, but it never helps. >> here we go again. hogan, how do you see it? >> anybody on the right who attacks the clintons who are
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untrustworthy is thought to be a lunatic and the people who support hillary clinton will support hillary clinton. it is another bit of smoke that comes out to the bigger flame of hillary clinton targeted with corruption. i worked for huckabee and she was my first lady before she was yours. i know them well. they are brutal bare-knuckle. but the voters who with support bernie sanders don't like the greed and establishment mentality. and hillary clinton embodies all of that. it is difficult for her to grab those voters when things like this come out and all of the white water and lewinski we are not talking about now becomes fair game. the young voters don't have
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party loyalty. >> you don't think it is it water under the bridge? >> big time. >> no, they don't know about it. >> if that is coming out of donald trump's mouth. it will not stick. we'll not relitigate the '90s. >> it is not. it is coming out of bernie's mouth. >> sorry. >> look at it here. >> 7- 10 percent of the bernie voters will not back hillary in the general. 50 percent of clinton backers said they would not get behind obama but they turned out in droves. what will happen against donald trump candidate. democrats and left winging independents and republicans that he turned off will come for hillary clinton. it is it a close race. i will not say it is a land slide. talking about white water you are barking up the wrong tree. >> this is not republicans and
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democrats it is corruption versus the people. bernie sanders tagged hillary clinton with being part of the problem. republicans didn't do that. he did a good job of it. he talked about her corruption and old stuff is new material for younger voters. they feel like the system presses them down and keeping them from succeeding. we are not making the charge, bernie is. >> bringing us back to where we started. bernie still in the race. >> thank you. >> god bless. >> schools in new hampshire shut down after two police officers were shot. and the latest in the search for the gunmen and how the officers are doing now. and this. officers respond to the scene of an accident when they realize someone is trapped inside of the burning car. >> we have someone in there.
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>> it is up and down and crazy.
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a dramatic rescue caught on video as california deputies respond to a scene of a fiery car crash. the deputies desperately trying to smash windows when the doors wouldn't open and the driver was trapped inside. here's what happened moments later. >> you can see the deputies and bystander pulling out the unconscious victim. he's in serious but stable condition. the cause of the crash is under
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investigation. >> new reports of a manhunt. >> a man shot two police of officers in manchester. the mayor said the city is safe after two police officers were recovering. we have molly line with the latest details. molly, a lot of people are relife -- relieved? >> reporter: absolutely. we hear the officers will be okay. in the meantime the local police chief and mayor went on the local tv stations to assure the people of the city that the city is safe. the chief wilard said they are no longer looking for the individual that shot the two police officers. he said the investigation is fluid, but to protect the investigation, they can't say whether or not the individual is in custody or questioned.
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they didn't want to clear up anything. one officer was released from the hospital that was injured and shot this morning. and the other is in stable condition. we have the recording of one of the officers calling for assistant. >> shots fired. send a bus for me, shots fired. >> where are you? >> i have been shot. 2nd and third ment white male, long hair, trench coat. he didn't toward [inaudible]. >> understandably that call bringing in forces in from all over. the police helicopter over the scene and officers converged on that neighborhood and there was a shelter in place that is now lifted. schools were closed in west side of manchester. the suspect was described as
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white male, long hair and wearing a green trench coat. and black back pack and armed and dangerous. the city said the situation has calmed down. we are waiting for clarification of how it began and came to a close from the general attorney's office. >> thank you. president obama sends a message to russia holding a summit with country s affected with russian aggression. and the secret history of isis. a new documentary shedding light on the blue print for blood shed and how they took so much terror so fast. >> where can the sunnis go. and it is now run by a l- baghdadi.
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the billboard music awards, live sunday may 22nd, 8/5 pacific, only on abc. >> right now, president obama hosting a summit of nordic leaders in the white house. they are talking about the fight against isis and countering russian aggression. >> we believe that our citizens have the right to live in freedom and security. free from terrorism and europe where smaller nations are not bullying. and they enacted a nato defense shield in romania. and moscow said the u.s. is trying to undermine europe's balance of power. we'll bring in general jack keane. a four star general. thank you for joining us.
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>> glad to be here. >> not only was the missile defense deployed in romania. work begins on a shield in pop land that begins in 2018. are they a threat to russia? >> no, they are not a threat what so ever. they are designed as that. and this is really fascinating that is part of a system in place. it was bush's initiative. they are there to defend against iranian ballistic missiles that the iranians are developing aggressively. it has nothing to do with it. and they are appeasing the
10:24 am
russians putin invade crimia and eastern ukraine and military intervening in syria. and he tries to humiliate and embarrass the united states. it is not a threat to russia. >> the bases where they are located is a small permanent presence of the u.s. forces and that is coming at a time when russian aggression is on the rise. how will that assist the area? >> the point is this. why is russia so upset about p it? why is there so much rhetoric and threatening to attack the systems and lead to a nuclear war and that is typical sabre rattling. this is a tangible sign that the united states and europe as part
10:25 am
of nato are strengthening the transatlantic a liiance. putin i believe wants to force nato's collapse. anything that is material to strengthen he resents that. because it makes it that much more difficult to undermine it. that's why they are so excited about it. >> putin has threatened retaliation with the missile shield in poland. by deploying nuclear weapons nearby. and the iraqi capital. 100 people killed in isis bombings in two days. is there any end in sight? >> no, not likely. what is really happening here is despite the success in terms of taking back territory from isis,
10:26 am
taking a lot of their finances away. and certainly their rekrauting pipeline is reduced and honestly their brand is tarnished some what. isis is a reslawsuit organization. they are defending mossil and raqqa. and the second part of their plan to conduct terrorist operations in major cities and why they are doing that? they will kill innocent people to undermine people's confidence in the embodied g. the iraqi government. that is the same tactic that al-qaeda used against the government almost successfully until the president bush p admitted the strategy failed and began a new surge with strategy and new leaders. and the other thing they are able be to do. they have nine affiliates that they expanded to, and in three
10:27 am
they are growing, one in libya 6, 500. and also in the sinai and afghanistan. we have had had successes. but this organizations is going to do damage. >> not give up. >> yeah, we could have brought these folks down sooner than the plan. this is the plan that the new president will deal w. our president doesn't have a plan to destroy isis before he leaves the administration. that was always the case. >> general keane. we'll have to wrap it up. the funeral of the navy seal charles keating takes place today. thank you for joining us. >> glad to be be here. >> where did isis come from? we'll talk to the award- winning film maker behind the film called "the secret history of
10:28 am
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political coverage. donald trump made the rounds to meet with republican leaders. paul riap is not quite ready to endorse the nominee. and there is decade's old audio between a reporter and a trump spokesman who is really trump himself. all of this comes as we learned that the post commissioned 20 reporters to dig in trump's past. he levelled accusation it is a hack job by the paper's owner who happens to be the founder of amazon. and joining us now is fox media analyst howard kurtz. thank you for joining us. >> what were your impressions as everything went down. the media throng, following
10:33 am
trump around washington d.c.? >> it was embarrassing. come on. i understand the larger importance of the meeting and different wings of bringing the republican party. the live shots and trump's plane on the tarmac and going to take off. it seemed over the time for a 45 hour meeting which we knew it was a get to know you and paper things over. >> it doesn't look like it is going to end. what about the washington post, is it a political hack job against donald trump 20 reporters commissioned to dig in the past. >> it is a bum rap. what gets lost. in the notion. is one, a long history of the paper doing a series on the presidential candidates and
10:34 am
hillary clinton will get the same treatment. it shows you something about the media and marketplace. they will not only look at trump but p the democratic nominee. >> same thing with hillary clinton. and then there are the attacks that trump levelled at the paper's owner himself. are they warranted? >> it is interesting, trump said he bought the washington post to innewence washington and bought amazon. they are trying to raise their own profile and have influence in the white house. he's not dictating the decisions of the newsroom. and if he is somehow using the paper he is not doing that i
10:35 am
don't see. >> decades old audio that the washington post released and a trump spokesperson was speaking to the reporter and if you listen tsounds like trump. he said it is not him. is this going to be a problem? >> the audio is not that big of a deal. it is weird and interesting if donald trump in 1991 pretended to be his own pr guy. and talking about his relationship with marla maples and other girl friends. but it was reported that trump owned up to doing this and being playful or manipulative. and it is more of a television than radio story. i am surprised he denied it on the "today" show. that keeps the story alive. >> let us know if john miller
10:36 am
calls in to your show. what is coming up on the show this weekend? >> i have a in- depth sit down with megyn kelly. i talked about what the last nine months was about her. and trump attacked her and impact on her life, and career and family. it is it a personal side of megyn kelly that viewers don't normally see. >> isis launching a wave of bleed attacks in the iraqi capital. a film maker gives us a look. >> we have 400 pledged members to osama bin laden and now they have countries. they have armies and they have
10:37 am
tanks and missiles and they have stuff that osama bin laden did not dream to have in his wildest dreams. >> the secret history the of isis is airing on pbs. the producer who put it together. michael kirk. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> so many people were surprised by p the rise of isis, but the u.s. government should not have been. why? >> since the beginning, they had targeted an individual who was a former thug and jordan prisoner and the cia noticed him before he joined al-qaeda and he was thrown away and tossed off by osama bin laden and alczarhiri. and went to a camp in northern iraq and he waited for the american invasion. he turned into a terrorist rock
10:38 am
star when secretary of state colin powell announced he was the thing that joined al-qaeda and saddam hussein. even though it was not true and the cian analyst followed him on our program said powell was way off on those assertions. powell said he doesn't remember much before him. za rka wi was not the person between saddam hussein and osama bin laden. but made a rock star. and soon as the shock and awe campaign. he pulled the insurgency together. and he is the founder of isis is. >> but he's gone now. why has that organization
10:39 am
continued to thrive? >> he left a methodology and a legacy of the civil war and shia killing the sunni. he pulled it together in what we identify and others tell us the jihadi university at the a bu grab and the eventual leader of isis mr. baghdadi were interned and got the lessons of how to practice what zarka wi preached. you notice everything that isis does is the result of method and approach, even though we kill would him in the military, you can't kill an ideal. and this is gone to syria and back in 2014 into northern iraq.
10:40 am
>> plenty of fingers are pointed in the obama administration for reducing the troops in the iraqi theater. but you say the bush administration shares the blame? >> i think it is two presidencies, but the obama administration when they pulled out in 2011, they let the chips fall where they may and they did fall with the shia government coming in the north and the banging hard on the sunni. and by then, what was once as general petraeus told us was reduced to 37 members of za rkowis goes to syria and builds themselves up and grabbed raqqan and creates a state, a caliphate
10:41 am
and move through northern iraq tis a story when you see is and when you make it. you are astonished about what was known and not done about the growth of isis. >> and you know, we've seen the beheadings. we have seen the burnings alive and all of the horrific acts that iminated from that group. it premiers this tuesday on pbs. michael kirk is the film maker. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> an exclusive follow-up to problems facing the u.s. military. fox news visiting two u.s. air force bases. and seeing the wear and tear up close and learning that half of the planes can't fly. national security correspondent jennifer griffin saw the issue
10:42 am
firsthand. this is remarkable. >> we visited the bomber in south dakota and found a shocking amount of wear and tear. out of 20 b1bombers, only nine that could fly. they are doing work and civilians who used to do it were fired under receipt -- recent budget cuts. this squad returned from the middle east. >> the first jet i worked on had this happened hours. and now the planes are pushing over 10000. not only the personnel, but the aircraft are tired. >> air men are tired and they are burned out. we deploy over and over again and worked hard as you can be working to get our plane in the air and training down. we are burned out. >> and we visited an f-16 squadron in south carolina. when they arrived in the middle
10:43 am
east, they were missing 41 parts. they are short a part they go to the desert in arizona to the boneyard and strips the planes of parts. and planes like the bone are 30 years old. this unit like the marines we reported on recently had to conbalize mu assume aircraft to get them in combat. >> we pulled it off six other mu assume jets in the u.s. >> this piece here came from somewhere in here. >> tells you which direction your wheels are going. >> you can't skeer without this and you had to go to museum aircrafts to get planes back flies over the fight against isis. >> why did you do this? >> none left in the supply
10:44 am
system. it is quicker to pull it off jets that are not used. >> reporter: we'll have a full report with bret baier. >> unreal. jennifer, we'll be right back. thank you. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. twell what if i told you that peanuts can work for you? that's right. i'm talking full time delivery of 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients. ever see a peanut take a day off? i don't think so. harness the hardworking power of the peanut.
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these are difficult times for elderly holocaust survivors
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>> the first successful use of a custom made full-scale hyper loop engine is now in the books. moving passengers in large tubes close to the speed of sound. this is called the kitty hawk moment. we'll talk to the editor in large. and so the thing they tested in the desert is a sled on rails? >> exactly. it didn't look visually that exciting. the sled fit on top of the track and helped to lower the friction and boosted by the
10:48 am
electromagnetic motors with no moving parts. and that shotted it to 0 to 60 in a second. it produces 2.4 g's of force. >> and that big smokescreen was sand that was designed to slow it down and notap explosion. >> they have yet to build the braking system. they put the hooks on the bottom that dragged in the sand in the end. that was the most exciting moment of a two second test. that part was not testing anything. >> they hope in europe or the u.s., to build these tubes. you get it going and seat passengers or cargo in a pod, get it going and then it goes flying through the tube?
10:49 am
>> that's right. when this is built and all goes belt inside of the seal issed tube with low pressure and inside of a sealed pod. 760 miles per hour. and not touching anything. and you need a fair amount of distance to short it down. going from l.a. to san francisco. there is only a small part of 760. that trip will take you 35 minutes. are they underground or above ground. >> think of our current rail system and air transportation and cars. they are in the mercy of the elements. tubes will be on pylons completely sealed and no windows. they are not planning windows and sealed from the elements. and you can't see what is going
10:50 am
on right now. they are working on virtual reality inside to help. >> that is the brain child of the creator of the teeslan. >> he produced open source and was to build hyper guys and formerly hyperloop technologies. hyperloop transportation technologies also trying to build the same thing at the same time. but keep in mind hyperloop is the only one that's done a public real-world test of a portion of the technology. >> fascinating to see if they get it working. lance, thank you. get back to me when they figure out how to stop it. they say that you have to fight fire with fire. how officials in south florida plan to fight mosquitos with mosquitos. and what makes these franken flies a keep weapon against the zika virus?
10:51 am
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hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. happy friday. so listen really carefully. does this sound like donald trump? he's a good guy and he's not going to -- >> it was supposedly trump's spokesperson, a guy named john miller. but "the washington post" claims it is actually trump. what do you think? plus, the white house cl slamming lieutenant governor regarding the gender bathroom issue. the senate approving a $1.1 billion emergency spending measure to fight the zika virus. but officials in south florida are considering their own unique
10:55 am
solution. genetically modify mosquitos, and that has turned into a case of not in my backyard. oh, no. phil keating joins you now live from key haven, florida. >> reporter: this right now is you will a about preventing a zika outbreak. florida has 1 out of every 5 zika cases in the entire country. that's why both florida senators, as well as public health experts all now support releasing three million genetically modified mosquitos into this neighborhood. >> we cannot afford to have a major outbreak in this country of zika. >> right now the food and drug administration is evaluating the potential impacts on the environment, including public safety. public comment period ends tonight at midnight. british lab oxitech says genetically engineered males produce offspring that die before they can bite you and they claim it reduces the
10:56 am
mosquito by up to 90%. >> people who live in the community that's going to be where we want to have the test, they have reservations because it is in their backyard and there's not a lot of science behind what they're saying but it is emotion. >> opposition is obvious in the neighborhood, home to about 1,000 people. many demonstrating no consent. >> the bottom line is, you need to go through that scientific rigor because there is more to consider than just the science of is the biology correct, is the -- is this correct, will this work. there's always unforeseen, unintended consequences. >> reporter: the fda, the cdc and the epa have all given preliminarily no significant impact reports on this, but it could come down to a vote in august. >> i don't know, 3 million mosquitos. thank you, phil.
10:57 am
appreciate it. we'll be right back. stay with us. hey, need fast heartburn relief? try cool mint zantac. it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster.
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we're about to get rained on here in new york. key haven is where i want to go. "the real story" with gretchen starts right now. new skirmish in the culture wars. hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson, happy friday. this is the "the real story" today. the white house just now going on defense. listen to this. >> this is in response to excitiesive requests for guidance and information and advice that's been put forward by school administrators and teachers and in some cases even parents who are seeking practical solutions to this challenge. and the challenge here is not to isolate anybody. it's not to discriminate anybody. it's not to make anybody unsafe. it's actually to ensure that our schools are as inclusive


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