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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  May 13, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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"superstition" and "signed sealed, delivered." after stevie wonder went out on his own 45 years ago today, int intervision was my favorite. the dow is down 185. no, um -- >> there it is! are you [ bleep ] kidding me, tsa? what the [ bleep ]?! >> i don't think he was happy on that line. and the lines are long across the country, and expecting to get really long about two weeks from now, when we're smack dab in the beginning of the summer travel season that unofficially kicks off memorial day weekend. but why wait until then when some passengers are having the fun right now, on the very same day the tsa was outlining how it's going to deal with that
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problem now, my line of the day had to be the homeland security chief saying that three-hour wait is unacceptable. yeah, fox business network is at midway international airport in chicago. how are things there? >> that is where that historic piece of video you showed took place just last night. this is the line here now. it looks along, but that's not long, not compared to what we saw yesterday. dubbed the world's longest security line. it stretched, my guess is was over 100 yards. incredible line here at midway. and this is taking place all over the country. jake johnson today telling reporters the national airport in washington, it's not a crisis. a lot of people would differ with that. johnson says they have a ten-point plan to make things better. that includes more hiring at the tsa. more tsa agents. perhaps you see them in the background here in this live picture at midway.
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also, more overtime for those tsa agents. also, a promotion of the tsa pre-check program. maybe you see this sign there. that's where you go to the right, if you have checked in with the tsa in advance and paid the money. you get to go to the shorter line. today, not such a shorter line, though. kind of tough. the other thing, neil, i think to me the headline that will affect travelers, he says he's working with airlines now to reduce the number of carry-ons you can take. as you know, now you only get two carry-ons. if they reduce it, that could be one. maybe you're stuffing your purse and your suitcase, or, i don't know, maybe bringing a glad back. that's it from midway. >> jeff, you always forget the last option i've been pushing on americans. fly commando! but that's up to you, america. only a vision i want to leave you of me. all right. meanwhile, thousands of bags missing at phoenix sky harbor
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airport. it was part of some tsa computer glitch. not a good day to add it. >> reporter: tsa issued a statement this morning, a spokesperson saying the baggage screening system here at phoenix sky harbor international airport is operational at this time. though tests continue. delayed bags from yesterday have all been screened. so the problem started just about 6:45 thursday morning. bags were piled up all over the airport property. thousands were in the parking lots, because there was no room left inside to store them. sky harbor airport says some bags were transported by ground. airports in tucson and san diego said they could be flown out to their destinations. passengers were told it could be at least two days before they see their luggage. k-9 units, bomb-sniffing dogs from the phoenix police department were here. network specialists also on hand in case any more problems arrive. this entire area here was filled with luggage, all of it has been cleared. we spoke to a number of people
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who were checking bags today, and says that it appears to be business as usual. >> all right. good stuff. thank you very very much, so this is where we stand, folks, when you have the tsa announcing, get ready for this, what it is essentially saying, the homeland security secretary, that we can only control these crowds so much, blaming a lot of it, and it does make sense, to a degree, these higher bag fees. people are carrying on what they can and the lines are long. by the way, there's not a consistent, airport to airport. so how bad do you think this gets, lee? >> well, i think it's pretty bad right now. it's been bad for a long time. i think that the tsa is a bit of a disaster. they lose 6,000 workers every year. and the airlines are certainly not putting them in a good position to succeed. i think, obviously, more people should get pre-check. i flew out this morning from jfk
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to jacksonville on jetblue and the normal line was forever and the precheck line was like three people. so people really should get on that. >> how does that work, to get on that precheck line, carlie? >> well, you have to apply for it and it costs a fee. so you really shouldn't have to do that. what you really should be able to do is fly, get through a precheck line on tsa and it shouldn't be an issue. and this issue with the bags and the senator saying that you shouldn't have to -- or you should check your bag, is ridiculous. because then the line to check bags will be longer, and then ticket prices are going to go up, because there aren't going to be any bag fees. so that's where they're going to compensate. >> you sound like you're whining, carley. >> reporter: you know, i fly so much, i especially fly through midway. that line on that viral video is ridiculous. i've been fuming ever since i
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saw it. >> yeah, she has one of these community activists, her husband in chicago, she constantly whines about it. but god bless them, they keep that thing going. i'm looking at this and people are looking at this and say, is this a preview of coming attractions? the unofficial kickoff to the summer travel season is a few months ago. what do you think? >> i think it could be a few things. it could be self-correcting, because the people see the long lines, so they pack less. so they can at least help. but it's not the flyers' problem. and to what carley's talking about, senators blumenthal, they told the airlines to waive the checked bag fee to help the tsa. how about the government getting its act together and running the tsa and trying -- stop putting the burden on private businesses. they don't have anything to do with this. they've been charging for checked bags since 2007. and, don't get me mad now, neil. i've flown every weekend the
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last and a half, i'm fired up about this. >> amen, dagen. >> so you're not mad now? when you said, don't get me mad? >> when i get really mad, i start cursing. but the tsa precheck program is actually the problem. the tsa cut about 10% of screeners, thinking that people would sign up for it, and they didn't sign up for it. >> yes. >> interesting. >> so they were pushing people through tsa pre-check, and then went, wait a minute, these people might be dangerous, so we need to back off on that. and that's why we've had these lines erupt like this. >> i was going to say, the airline industry managed to survive for decades before 2007 without charging airline bag fees. and the reason they started charging them, because fuel charges were astronomical. now fuel charges are down and fares are not down and they're still charging for bags and they're charging more than they originally, which i believe was $20. >> well, that's make their money, by the way. that adds up to billions of dollars in revenue. i know where they're coming
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from. i look at these lines and look at the demands today, and carley, you heard it today from homeland security. we're going to need more people. maybe if you go through so many people, maybe you need better people. i don't know what it is, but it's very wiley from airport to airport, the type of screenings at security you get. >> and the tsa budget is over $7 billion and growing, because they are now going to hire more people. they don't need to hire more people, they should just hire better people. >> that's a lot easier said than done. >> by the way, i've signed up for tsa precheck. i went and got fingerprinted and paid for it. guess what, when you go to the airport, the pre-check lines aren't even open. so i have to take my doggone shoes off, which nobody wants to happen. >> i'm surprised you got approved. >> yes, right? >> that was a stunning development. >> you're the one who's naked at the airport. >> there you go! >> don't knock it until you try it. i left you with a vision. guys, i want to tell you -- there we go. in all seriousness, it's a very
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real problem and these guys are right on top of it. just get ready. it's a reminder of what you'll be going through in a couple of weeks during the busy summer travel season. and all the major airlines have already reported record pre-bookings for summer. and a lot of them are domestic bookings. people are not leaving the country, maybe because of what's gone on abroad in brussels, paris, what have you. they're staying close to home. but, at every major home airport. so let's take a look at how things are flying on wall and broad, not well. a big sell-off today. the third week now we have seen the markets close lower than the week before. haven't seen that all year. but a lot of this has to do with trepidation about you. you might be flying, but you're not buying, going to the stores, the likes of macy's, nordstrom's, coastkohl's, the b big loser, even walmart's new plan to have things delivered to you like amazon prime, like day of. and if you want to get something delivered to you day of, i would go for the food items.
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of course, he's there to promote in any way he can, "money monster," that's due out today. a movie that's falling off the tree. but enough of that. actor robert dovy, who had something to say about, i guess, george clooney, having to say that about donald trump. what do you think of that? >> well, good afternoon, neil. and thank you for having me. look, it's a wonderful festival, i've been there many times. you can almost call it the progressive socialist, marxist, liberal convention of europe. >> i heard them all twittering when they -- they love to snicker at trump and all. you can put that in there, too. the french snickering, right? >> i don't know if it's all the french snickering. >> it could be every nationality. >> it could be every nationality, it's a worldwide festival. but i think there are a lot of people, who knows what they were snickering about. i disagree with george clooney and i'll make him a bet, $1,000
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to the favorite dhart that donald trump is going to win the president. sy. and not because of fearmongering, but because of the ineptitude and lies and misrepresentation that we find in the current people running for president on the democratic side. >> now, you argue -- i know where you're coming from. you've had a great career, despite being the thorn in the side of hollywood. and it hasn't hurt you or your bookings, or your roles, which are legendary. but, clooney is more in that hollywood mainstream, right? gifted act, what have you, they love him. that's what they all think of donald trump. >> well, first off, george clooney is the elite of hollywood. a terrific actor, director. i applaud some of the humanitarian causes he follows. i disagree with him quite often on some of the political aspects. but he was the nephew of rosemary clooney. >> yeah. >> his dad had a tv series. he's hollywood elite.
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he didn't grow up, unfortunately, or fortunately, or whatever it is, you know, there is a side of hollywood, and it's more below the line people. i gave an interview yesterday for a major network, neil, and i said to them, i bet you the below the line people, the cameramen, are going to be for trump, and most of the above the line won't be. well, exactly when i finished the guys that were running the camera came to me and said, hey, man, right on, we agree with what you said. and you find that all over the place, and in europe, as well. i just got back from italy. and there are people that understand, and it's not the fear morninging against women. those are sound bites that are conveniently said without any nuance in terms of putting america first in certain ways. >> but a lot of you, we've said this before. and i know there's night and day, but the sort of dismissive attitude. hollywood had even for one of their own later on, referring to the presidency, ronald reagan. he was just the hollywood right and they were hollywood left.
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they laughed and mocked him. i'm sure if there were such festivals going on back in the day, maybe there were, you know better than i do, they would have had the same reaction. even though he was a two-term actor, he was overrated. said trees caused more pollution than cars. they all had a jolly good laugh and we were all stunned in november of 1980. >> well, they're going to be stunned this year and i think it's going to be a much bigger win than people expect. i just spoke to a hairdresser who's persian. my hairdresser. she just got back from palm springs. her daughter is a doctor with an office of 40 people. koreans, persians, hispanics. she told me while i was sitting in the chair that they're all voting for trump. she's going on and on and on about these people. i think there's going to be a big upswelling. and the more nuanced and the more we get into this, and the
1:18 pm
more we find out about what happened with benghazi and e-mails and the choice america has. i think more and more people are going to want to vote for donald trump. and yes, there were festivals in the '80s. ronald reagan was looked at as a clown, when he said that he wanted to have that "star wars" -- do you remember that? >> i remember that. >> they laughed at him. >> brought the soviets to the table, didn't it? >> and it absolutely did. and i think the same way we have here with donald trump, that we're going to be quite surprised, and hopefully, we'll all be pleased. >> you never know.know. by the way, i'm amazed you have a persian hairdresser. i have a guy around the block that'll do it for ten bucks. i know you're a big hollywood star, but cut the change wherever you can. >> well, she's great. >> great to have you. >> great to be here. meanwhile, facebook is getting a whole lot of heat about whether they're really unfriendly to conservatives. and now mark zuckerberg is reaching out to conservatives.
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all right. you know, mark zuckerberg is saying this on facebook for talking about items that are trending on facebook, among its billion or so users. the conversation comes up and into the conversation, you can see what's cool, what's trending, what are people saying? but omitted in that trending conversation, quite deliberately, was anything conservative, or even less than liberal. now, the only devil in the details here is how much that was deliberately skewed to make you think that nothing conservative or even moderate was trending. that's the rap. mark zuckerberg is denying all of that, but he is desperately trying to make piece with a large base of his users, who aren't feel to go friendly.
1:23 pm
fox's adam houser with more on that. >> it also didn't help him that a week or so ago, it came out, when he was speaking about the upcoming election and the insinuation was he was in favor of donald trump. this is all coming out at the same time. zuckerberg came out and said he's going to be meeting with leading conservatives, and also people across the political spectrum, as facebook also continues to do an investigation. he says so far that they have found no evidence, he says, of bias. meantime, the senate says they're going to conduct an inquiry into this story. the story came out monday on gizmoto that certain topics had been blacklisted from facebook's trending news. according to this unnamed source, it had a chilling effect on conservative news. now, zuckerberg last night came out with a long statement. people have been obviously talking to facebook about this, trying to get their response. and part of that statement, he says, quote, the reason i care so much about this, it goes to the core of everything facebook is and everything i want it to
1:24 pm
be. every tool we've designed is meant to bring our global community together. there are now reports out in "the guardian" that may go against a bit of the idea that there may not be any bias. "the guardian" has obtained documents that shows that facebook's trending news section is actually mostly curated by editors, not digitally as once was told to the public. trending topics are -- or non-news-worthy items are weeded out by a editorial team. this has a lot of people very troubled about what's going on. to give you an idea, 1.6 million billions world members, about a 167 million here stateside use facebook on a pretty consistent basis. neil? >> you know the weird thing, it hasn't affected their stock. their stock has been in and out of all-time highs throughout this crisis. maybe -- >> it's a little early. a little early. >> we're making money, whatever. thank you very, very much. all of this because of the exact
1:25 pm
same time, "the washington post" is reportedly assigning a couple of dozen reporters to dig into donald trump's past. and apparently this is also blasting the owner jeff bezos. you know, we got into similar issues earlier, but the core thing i come back to is, really, to dig into the personal life? it's one thing, i guess, if you want to go into his business dealings, maybe all of that stuff, but i guess, and here's where i'm going to need your help, kathy lynn, those on the left didn't like when there was obsession on the part of the right to get into the personal dealings, lives, paramorurs of democrats. so what's the difference here? >> there is no difference. it's absolutely a case of not practicing what you preach. what's so astonishing, neil, is that "the washington post" was recently found to be the most
1:26 pm
favorable news outlet of 14 news outlets studied by the usc annenberg center for favorable mentions of trump by volume, at 14. as opposed to someone like "the new york times," where they were only about 40% of their home page headline mentions were of trump. here's an organization that's had such a fascination with him, puts enormous resources towards reporting on him and covering him. they're giving him everything he wants. it's so odd that they would then go and assign more researchers to dig into something. >> but he is unknown, outside of recent memory, and the cult entertaining stars have become -- you know, i covered him bag in the days, a casino mogul and building a retail empire. it goes back 30 years. so i can understand people that don't know, learning more about him, getting into the personal life. that's fine. but my only question is, why not the same zeal on the business side of his operation? on the business side of what he's done. sort of what "the wall street journal" has done to look into his bankruptcy filings in the
1:27 pm
past, how much money he's worth and all of that. i don't know if there's anything there, getting a team together to look into his personal life. >> do we know it's his personal life? >> well, that front page article the other day was a tip-off. i think. i think. >> i think donald trump has been very clear with us about his personal life. his own pr person telling people about all the supermodels he's slept, madonna and carla bruni and others, he claims have hit on him. >> well, a lot of them were quoted having said they hit on him. the point is, do we need to know it? we found the offense of exploring this with -- do we need to know it? >> no. first of all, we already do, because he has repeatedly already know it, because he's made us very aware of it. secondly, i agree with you. >> you don't like donald trump? there's something about you that sounds very nasty. >> i'm very fascinated by donald
1:28 pm
trump, as i have been since i was a teenage girl and marla maples said thing about his sexual prowess. >> which at 16 was something i really needed to know, by the way. but i think we need to know about his business practices. >> and by the way, we're getting a little bit of that. has done stories about that. i think that's where you can get a little bit more of the fabric of the guy and the consistency of the guy, as you can with hillary clinton. i just don't see, i don't see the same zeal -- >> but, neil, but neil -- casino mogul, really? is that what you call him. isn't a mogul someone that actually succeeds in the casino business? >> i think he's succeeded. i know you hate rich people, but he did okay. >> no, no, i've been to atlantic city, recently. >> by the way, by the way, by the way. i want to posit something here, ladies. you're getting a little too snide there. look, this guy doesn't come on my show. he's not a fan of mine, fine. but i will point this out.
1:29 pm
as a governor of 30 years, take a look at the west side of manhattan. >> that's not his. >> take a look at the real estate fortune he's made. take a look at how he turned around some dilapidated, just junk and turned it into prime real estate. so, you look at him through a prism of bias where you hate him, that's fine. >> no, no. >> you're a hater. >> i'm a fair and balanced guy who can say, look at him in his totality. he's no shrinking violet when it comes to his success. >> and he's almost the most open book candidate we've probably ever had run for president. and this is a guy who's given the media more ample opportunity to -- more accessible towards him. he's written books and been very -- >> and -- >> and they get back. the media loves it, because when they print those stories and get those stories, it sells newspapers, gets ratings. and that's his appeal. so -- >> it is. >> and they know how to sell newspapers. he sells papers. he gives highly-rated broadcasts, even more high ratings, even though i don't
1:30 pm
need him. my ratings are still up. i have you! >> but, listen, let me pick up on a few things. one is, if he's so open and transparent, i would love to see his taxes. that would be very helpful. and on the west side of manhattan, he doesn't own that. he sold the right to his names for that. >> look at those buildings! >> they're not his. >> he may be -- all right. i've explored this -- >> i live -- >> well, i'm going to put you right in the river. we'll go a little further >> just joking. >> it's not easy for the average reporter. >> let's stay out of the personal stuff. >> not so much. >> meanwhile, meanwhile, is donald trump changing on an important fact that, well, we'd all be reading about, no matter the matter. entitlement cuts. is he open to that, now? after this.
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all right. here comes another hollywood attack on wall street. "money monster," okay, we had "wall street," we had "wolf of wall street," the common theme is they're all horrible guys. some of them are. all?
1:34 pm
jack knocked over a candlestick, onto the shag carpeting... ...and his pants ignited into flames, causing him to stop, drop and roll. luckily jack recently had geico help him with renters insurance. because all his belongings went up in flames. jack got full replacement and now has new pants he ordered from banana republic. visit and see how affordable renters insurance can be. what i've heard donald say is he's not going to have a negative impact on anyone that's currently receiving social security -- >> but he would be open longer term. >> we have heard some of those statements, and i certainly encourage those. >> all right. i swear, it's a different suit
1:35 pm
and tie. i just looked. did you change your clothes? anyway, that was the congressman saying he got the first whisperings that donald trump is open to addressing entitlements, or at least slowing their growth cuts, whatever you want to call them. but over the years i have covered him, the one consistent thing he's weighed in on when washington matters is, leave entitlements alone. take a look. >> we need extraordinary people leading us. smart, tough, fair, humane. and when ryan as an example and others talk about cutting social security, cutting medicaid. what i want to do and what i would strongly say this country has to do is get back to being strong again and rich again. and successful again. because that cures all of the problem. >> there's so much money out there. i don't have to cut medicaid. i don't have to cut -- >> interesting -- >> i don't have to cut social
1:36 pm
security. we're a bunch of foolish people led by either foolish or stupid people. this country needs the right kind of leader. and i'll tell you what. if we don't get the right kind of leader, this country's in big trouble. >> all right. that is something that paul ryan does fundamentally not agree with. he thinks that we've got to address at least the growth of those entitlements, curb their growth. time for mike huckabee, the former gop presidential candidate, arkansas governor has now endorsed donald trump. you caused a bit of a hullabaloo on the campaign when you started out saying to chris christie and those who wanted to curtail social security, no, no, no, not under your watch. the argument being that there are far better and more likely places to cut than folks who were essentially made a promise, right? absolutely, neil. and these aren't just entitlements. social security is an earned benefit. that's not money that the government generously and graciously set aside. it's money that came out of the paychecks of people who stood on
1:37 pm
concrete floors and worked their butts off. and for the government to then say, well, you know what, we're not serious about letting you have your own money, that's a breach of trust. i think donald trump needs to stick to his guns on this. and by the way, we don't need to cut the benefits to social security recipients. the answer is a simple one. grow the economy. at 4% economic growth, we fully fund social security and medicare. 4% growth. >> if that's what happens, great -- >> we used to routinely do that. >> governor, if that would happen, great, but the reality is it hasn't happened in a while. the math is unsustainable. as you know, you're a great student of political and economic industry, we had about 16 people paying in for every social security recipient when it started with franklin roosevelt, about two to one right now. and it's falling fast. that is not a sustainable -- you might talk about those deserving it. would you be open and do you think the party should be open to addressing not guys our age, but those who might be younger to sort of give them a heads up
1:38 pm
that your retirement date is going to be a little later or you might have to get a little less, to prepare for that. not to pull the rug out from someone who's just a few years away now, but for the future. >> well, if you're talking about doing that with the people who are just getting into the workforce, just beginning to earn their first paycheck -- >> no, i'm talking about the -- no, i'm talking about me, governor, to shield me from these kind of cuts. >> you're too old for that, neil, i'm sorry, but you're way over the hump. >> you see -- >> talking about guys like me. >> but what about that? i think that's the one thing paul ryan says, he was deemed, you know, throwing granny off the cliff. he wasn't cutting anything. yet in this -- in this parlances of today, as you know, governor, you just slow the growth of something, you're cutting it and slinging granny off the cliff, that's not right. >> well, but here's the thing republicans need to be focused
1:39 pm
on. what's causing our economy to be so anemic. it's over taxation, over regulation, over litigation. the cost of immigration. you start dealing with those kind of issues and you're going to bring the economic prosperity back. and republicans need to be focused on helping people to have good jobs that pay good wages, making sure they're not just working several part-time jobs to make up for the full-time job they used to have. let's talk about that. because 76% of republicans don't want to see cuts to social security. so why on god's earth would we go into an election season doing something that 3/4 of our own party are against. >> no one wants them, but you have to make the point and not just kowtow to people and their worst fears. but to point it out, this is longer term, so you get it, your kids get it, your grandkids get it. that's what it's about. >> sure! but once again, we get there, even with our kids and our
1:40 pm
grandkids, if we bring back an american economy. >> you get the corporate -- >> yeah, but i think you should be ready just if case we don't. >> well, look, we have had a terrible economy, because the obama administration has utterly mismanaged it. i mean, they're more concerned about which bathroom i go to than whether or not i have a job to go to or a job, you know, a workplace to be at, anyway. that's a problem. they've not focused on bringing economic recovery. >> you don't appear to be a fan of president obama. >> not a big one, no. >> i connected that. it's the way i work, governor. thank you very much. have a great weekend, sir. >> you're good. you're good. >> you -- you, you are good. meanwhile, so george clooney is in a movie now that bashes wall street. that's fine. virtually every hollywood movie that deals with the financial community bashes them. here's what i'm worried about, though. young people seeing this already concerned that the system is
1:41 pm
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all right. i have not seen "money monster." i think i will see it, though. i like george clooney and like watching these kind of movies, even though i kind of know the ending regardless of the wall street flick. the wall street guys look like jerks or it's rigged or someone is getting vastly, vastly screwed by them. i might be money, when i see the film, i could be proven wrong. but bottom line, that is how hollywood treats, whether it's wall street or "wolf of wall street," i could go on through anything from mr. potter. i mean, are we really going to go that far back? you know the drill. and sometimes wall street guys have it coming to them, because they just do thix that just bring out the best in hollywood. but does it also prevent young people and people are leery of the financial community to begin
1:45 pm
with. so it's an opportunity to make some money, because right now, i don't know if you know, interest rates are pretty low, they're about zero, and the only promising area seems is to be stocks long, long-term. but that's me. two brainiacs, charles payne. let's end it with you on your thoughts on this, about hollywood maybe wrecking it for investors who might want in. >> you know, i agree a thousand president. it's not just the young investors. what about the 45-year-old couple right now, you just had this great conversation about social security. forget about it. i love mike huckabee, but we're not going to fix it. we're going to make it worse. it was a scam to begin with. how about this? i want people to google the name ronald read, he was a janitor, he left $6 million to charity. 6 million bucks! how'd he get it! the liberal media said he was frugal and he was modest, and he was, but he invested.
1:46 pm
real quick, even wells fargo, procter & gamble, j.m. smuckers. he owned mccormack. mccormack, the spice company! neil, it can be done! it can be done. we can't be dissuaded by jerks on wall street and bigger jerks in hollywood. >> we should posit, he also had a part-time job at goldman sachs. i never knew that. just kidding. he didn't. but gary, what do you make of that. i know you see the market go up, and you've been pretty bearish, but long-term, a lot of people say, it's the only place to be. i'm wondering in movies like this chase investors away or have them think a bit too jaded ly. >> well, it feels like bernie sanders directed this movie, unfortunately. and the real unfortunate part of this is -- >> jodi foster. >> wall street has created -- >> i know. wall street has created trillions of dollars of wealth, millions of jobs throughout history, spawned companies like amgen and biogen, that help with people's health.
1:47 pm
but yet, what he has, hollywood hypocrites, railing against it whatever you can. but here's the hypocrisy of it. you know who funds a ton of hollywood movies? wall street does. so it's amazing to watch these people continue to pound away of such a great engine of growth, just because, hollywood loves billions. and it's not just wall street. it is oil companies, it's drug companies, anything out there -- >> republicans. >> anything with too much money, they go after. >> and republicans. that's true. but charles, here's the one thing, wall street doesn't help its case any after the meltdown and the way they were packaging and selling securities they knew to be crap. i could easily posit that the government was pushing them to lend at a time that would get the numbers up, get the numbers up. so they're not without sin. i just argue there were plenty of other sinners. but i'm worried that people look at that and they experience many that had sins. it's a rigged system. i don't trust that. i don't like it.
1:48 pm
so how do you calm investors who are of that mind, and maybe after this weekend, a few more will be of that mind-set as well. >> the first thing i tell them, they're right. to a certain degree, a lot of this stuff is rigged, short-term. whether it's high-frequency trading or some of these gimmicks and schemes. another thing i note, don't conflate investing and something you think is a great company. for years i sue under armour as an example. or a cracker barrel. some place you spend your money and you love it and you wish you were part owner. are there any companies you want to be a part owner of for the next 20 years? but it's true, wall street is its own worst enemy. but wall street in washington, d.c., they've got this sort of particularly goldman sachs, they go back and forth and they both do the same thing. so i'm not into politics for these big guys on wall street who make $1 billion a year. but i think -- >> that's you, charles. so gary -- but they look at the pay packages of guys like you and hear how well your firms are
1:49 pm
doing and you take money from them and, you know, they don't trust you. how do you get their trust? >> neil, there is so much talk about wall street and the bad. i must tell you, that is the outlier. i will promise you most people on wall street want to do right, want to do good. people that get on tv to give out, they don't want them going down, they want them going up. it is too just too easy and it's too pc right now to just, you know, pee on anybody that's in the industry. and it's ridiculous. you know, as charles says, it's a great point. if you bought apple when they came out with ipod, it went from $9 to $130. i know it's got trouble now, but there's been so much wealth created by the greatness of wall street and the greatness of american companies, instead of being upset with it, instead of wee weeing on it, start studying it, and you can make billions and you can live in lake como village, just like george clooney does. >> it's funny, we've all chatted about this over the years i've known you, i keep a chart in my
1:50 pm
office. and i bore people with it a lot. it's about 20 feet from my desk. and it shows the dow over the c. the fact of the matter is, the chart goes up. the closer you get to the chart, you go through depressions and wars and assassinations and oil crises and political crises and 9/11 and you go whoa, whoa, but you realize when you step back, that they are deep, sharp, jagged developments in an otherwise trend up. i'm not trying to minimize the gyrations, i'm trying to remind people that through all of the negative stuff that comes up in a movie like this, charles, the market is their friend. >> it is their friend but it can be really deadly. one of the big problems, in 1960s, the average person held a stock for eight years. those weren't the masses. now it's three months.
1:51 pm
so there's a lot of built-in volatility. this week for instance, take a look at the retail stocks, places where people, they're not shopping as they used to, but the macy's of the world, the kohl's of the world. the stocks are down tremendously. i think the average person knew before wall street because they were the ones who stopped going to these stores. >> i want to thank you both very much. we've been doing the facebook thing on this. you're both trending negatively. more people dislike you intensely than like you, i'll have mr. zuckerberg explain that it's only a movie, step back. hollywood might not be a fan of capitalism, but i am. we need to be ready for whatever weather may come our way.
1:52 pm
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something with these emails and our intrepid catherine herridge on the latest she saw coming and now everyone else is following. catherine, what's the latest. >> new emails released by the federal court from february 2009 suggest then-secretary of state hillary clinton skirted security procedures instructing her aides to call on unsecure phone line when technology problems blocked a secure communication. the 2009 emails are enbetween clinton and her then chief of staff, sheryl mills, they read in part, i give up, call me on my home number after trying to connect for an hour by a secure line. mills said i just spoke to ops and called you on the reg line. we have to wait until we see each other because the technology is not working. it's not clear whether the two women ever spoke. critics charge it's a similar example to what we saw in a 2011 email where clinton instructed her aide to strip the headers of a sensitive document and send it through a nonsecure channel
1:56 pm
rather than a secure fax. the new emails are also from february 2009, and that date is important, because they were already using the clinton email dot-com address, this conflicts with statements from clinton and her campaign that she did not begin using the personal email server for another month. further indicating not all of the documents have been turned over. in a recent interview with fox news, the chairman of the house intelligence committee said that security was only secondary. >> we'll let the investigation play out. it's pretty clear there are people sending classified emails, which is you should automatically should lose your security clearance. >> mrs. clinton's campaign has not commented on the latest round of emails, what they have said consistently is they have a lot of respect for the handling of classified information and nothing was marked classified at the time it was sent or received. neil? >> catherine herridge, thank you very much. and checking back on facebook and what's trending, would you
1:57 pm
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hello, i'm kimberly guilfoyle. with juan williams, eric bolling, dana perino and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." tonight a fair and balanced examination of the mainstream media's bias with three glaring new examples. first up, donald trump is firing back at the "washington post" after learning the paper has devoted an army of 20 staffers to dig up dirt on every nook and cranny of his life. the gop presumptive nominee thinks the owner has it out for him. >> this is owned as a toy by jeff bezos who controls amazon. he's using the "washington post" for power,


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