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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 13, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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money to the company that she owned almost a third of. but i can tell you this. that over $2 billion, the big picture and much more important story going forward toward the november election is that over $2 billion has been raised by the clinton foundation and global initiative. where has it gone? is it mostly like this to cronies? is there some aspects of it that will not withstand legal scrutiny? so far they say they have diligently vetted every one of their recipients. every one of their beneficiaries. i think that needs to be tested. >> maybe the "the washington post" can put 20 reporters on that. deal with that and dana perino is they put 20 reporters on trump. just summing up. there is innuendo here. we don't know whether the innuendo is true. there is innuendo. >> you are talking about the blonde bombshell. >> that would be the innuendo. very good. i'm glad you are doing the
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math. then, there is a continuing question about this clinton foundation. >> proprietor, how they spend the money. >> they are very effective in raising the money. how they deserves scrutiny. >> we don't want to go any further but we certainly will follow the story. now, let's go to the white house where fox news correspondent leland vittert is standing by. now, president obama, through the justice and education departments has ordered all public schools in america, leland, to allow any transgendered person access to any bathroom or shower. do i have it right? >> you have it right, bill. there is more. any bathroom, any locker room facility, and also let's just say you are a young man heading off to college next year. according to these guidelines that have been sent out by the department of justice. any young men can say hey, look, i identify myself as a woman and, therefore, i would like to be in an all girl's dorm at school when i show up next year. this could change everything. and the administration is basing it all on title 9. what's interesting is when you read title 9 of the
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civil rights act, it doesn't say anything at all about gender identity or transgender it simply talks about gender descrintle discrimination. so they're essentially reading into this transgender and creating a whole new class of protected people. >> real transgendered people, those actually in medical -- the process, is 0.3% of the population, leland. very, very very small. >> tiny. so many school districts now saying we don't have this problem and suddenly you have created a huge issue. >> now wise guys are going to go in. you know that will happen. but this is not a law everybody should understand this. this is the justice department and education department telling the schools you better do it or, what? >> well, essentially, the threat here is that the federal government, if you don't complied with title 9 can go after your funding. they can pull all the
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federal dollars that head into your elementary school or middle school or anything like that. the courts though have not really weighed in on this issue. does title 9 protect transgender students. can you imagine if at some point the administration decides to withhold money. >> it's people who identify with. so, as you said, it could be anybody on any day, you know, i'm feeling like a pam. i'm going in this locker room. i don't want to make light of it. but it does seem to be a chaotic situation. leland, thank you. i have got to go. all right. next on the rundown, why the city of chicago and state of illinois allowing innocent black citizens to be murdered in the streets of the windy city? factor investigation moments away.
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impact segment tonight. the talking points memo. bloody chicago and racism on display. it is truly shocking that in the united states of america you can have a situation in primarily black neighborhoods where innocent men, women, and children are being gunned down consistently by vicious drug gangs. that's been going on for years in chicago and little is being done about it here are the shocking stats out today. homicides in chicago up 70% so far this year from last year nonfatal shootings up 87%. the overwhelming majority of the victims are black. with 1014 people shot so far this year in chicago. the human toll is staggering. >> my baby was 7 years old, 7. he had plans. he wanted to be somebody i buried my last born last
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year and i have to bury my first born this year. >> he was a curious, creative child. he was our everything. >> today is us. tomorrow it may be you. put down the guns. >> let me ask you a very simple question. if that were happening in beverly hills or georgetown or park avenue here in new york city, would the authorities not solve the problem? we all know the answer to that question. thus, the only conclusion that we can arrive at is that racism is in play. the mayor of chicago rahm emanuel, a democrat, governor of illinois, bruce roner, a republican, have simply failed to protect their most vulnerable citizens. these two can bloviate all they want. they haven't done anything effective to stop the carnage and, indeed, the situation is getting worse by the day.
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there is no national guard in these neighborhoods. the chicago police force is in disarray with charges of racism against it and the new police chief in chicago seems to be overwhelmed. the poor people living in the free fire zones are as threatened as anyone living in afghanistan. where is the national guard? where is a flood of police officers patrolling on foot 24/7 in these violent neighborhoods? again, this atrocity, these murders shouldn't be happening in the u.s.a. it is long past time for a safety emergency to be declared in certain chicago neighborhoods. it's also long past time for gun wielding thugs to be punished severely with very long prison terms. finally a direct message for folks trapped in bad chicago neighborhoods, you guys have got to speak out you have to march, you have to demonstrate. you have to protest. don't count on black lives matter or al sharpton or jesse jackson or even
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president obama. they haven't shown up. they don't seem to care. and that's the memo. joining us now from washington to react, kirsten powers. and you say? >> well, i think you are right that definitely we have a problem in the media, i would say, in particular where people don't take it as seriously when a young african-american child, for example, is shot versus a young white american, particularly if they are blonde haired, blue eyed child is often is treated as a national crisis where we don't hear about what's happening in these neighborhoods. i think you are right about that i don't think it's true though that people don't care about this or that they aren't trying to solve the problem. it's not right to say rahm emanuel isn't aware or doesn't care about this problem. >> give me one thing the narrow mayor of chicago has done to solve the problem. >> he hasn't solved the problem. >> give me one thing he has tried. >> i don't know his specific. >> he hasn't done anything. kirsten, i know. i know. >> is your position actually
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that rahm emanuel is racist against black people and doesn't care. >> here is my position so i am quite clear. the mayor of chicago, an ardent liberal democrat, okay, has not done one thing, not one thing to stem the terror that these drug gangs are causing, nothing. now you can draw the implication, whatever implication you want. but you said it. if this were in the miracle mile of chicago, you know damn well the cops would be flooding the zone and it wouldn't happen. go ahead. >> i think the cops are -- here is the other issue as comb were had said that he thinks some of the rise in the violence in some of the cities across the country is because of the so-called ferguson effect. >> this has been going on long before ferguson. long before. >> i will say the "new york times" had a statistic that did jump out at me which was that since january of this year, police have stopped about -- this is in chicago,
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about 30,000 people. during the same period last year, they had stopped around 160,000 people. so something different is definitely happening. >> yeah, it's the stop and frisk. the chicago police have been accused of being racist so they say, you know what? we're not going to do anything in there. we're going to let it go. >> you said that like you endorse it i hope you don't. it's not okay for them to be doing that. >> i am saying to you this situation has been out of control for years and the governor of illinois has done nothing. where is the national guard? what are they doing? why aren't they there, kirsten? why? >> i think they should be there. >> they should be there. everybody knows they should be there. >> you are oversimplifying the problem. >> no, i'm not. i'm telling you there is a solution. > >> i i'm not oversimplifying it i'm telling threw is a solution. the solution is to put law enforcement and the guard in the kill zones to stop the killing doesn't that make
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sense? >> it makes sense to send the national guard. in i agree. i think it's not quite as simple. >> why not? the governor can order the national guard anywhere he wants to order them. >> i don't know that that's necessarily going to solve the problem. >> of course it is. the national guard is going to be there physically to stop the drug gangs from coming out of their houses with guns and shooting little children. they will be there to stop it. >> how are they going to stop it. you want to basically occupy the area? >> absolutely. until, until these drug gangs can be dealt with by law enforcement. the federal government should be in there. this is so far out of control they took over new orleans. >> i don't know why you are yelling at me. >> i'm not yelling at you. i'm yelling in general. >> i i don't disagree that the national guard should be there. i don't disagree that this is a serious issue and should be dealt with what i disagree with you about is the motivation. i think people are being. >> motivation is passivism.
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they took over the city of new orleans police department because it was corrupted. they moved people. in are you telling me president obama, a former community activist in these very neighborhoods doesn't know about this problem? and what has he done. >> now we are back to the same thing and you are north suggesting that president obama doesn't care about what happens to black people, right? >> let the justice department take it over. >> fundamental disagreement is just the motivation. the idea that somehow people. >> they don't care. >> they would care if they were white people. i'm sorry, i don't believe that's true. >> it wouldn't happen if there were white people. it couldn't happen in beverly hills. >> right. that's a class issue. i mean, it wouldn't happen in beverly hills hills because you don't have people joining gangs gangs in beverly hills because they have money and they have homes and education. it's not the same thing. >> if you don't see this as passive racism. >> i don't. >> i'm not going to get into black lives matter and sharpton and jackson and where are these people? nowhere. okay? while their own are being gunned down in the streets.
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>> how is black lives matter nowhere? >> if white people were gunning them down, they would be in there. but it's black gangs gunning them down. >> no, black lives matter people have raised a lot of awareness about criminal issues in the country. so i don't think that's true. again, we are getting back to this idea that somehow it's motivated by race that rahm emanuel and barack obama are passive racists. >> my opinion is they don't care and because they don't care you can slap a passive racism on it. i wasn't yelling at you. i'm just yelling in general just like kate's law. if i were the mayor of chicago, you know this wouldn't be happening. and if i could stop it, they can stop it. directly ahead, donald trump furious with the "the washington post" for trying to dig up dirt on him. dana perino has some everyday millions of women worldwide trust tena with their bladder matters. thanks to its triple protections from
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campaign 2016 segment tonight. as we reported last night the "the washington post" has assigned 20 reporters to dig up stuff on donald trump. the candidate, not very happy about that. er every hour we're getting calls from "the washington post asking ridiculous questions. i will tell you this is observed as a toy by jeff bay sews bezos. is he using the "the washington post" for power so that the politicians in washington don't tax amazon like they should be taxed. >> with us now here in new york city dana perino. what do you think about that? >> i do think the "the washington post" clarified it's not 20 reporters just on donald trump. it's 20 reporters for their 2016 presidential coverage which sounds like a lot but this is what the "the washington post" has been known to do. >> i don't think a lot of people mind if 20 reporters
8:20 pm
on the presidential election but are they going to look at the clinton initiative at the top of the program. >> the "new york times" actually drove the clinton foundation story. the corruption story you had earlier. >> i'm glad you mentioned that. remember sarah palin when she was named vice president all of the sudden wasilla alaska quadrupled population overnight as reporters descended on there to dig up information. the "the washington post" before jeff bezos was ever involved. mitt romney look back in high school days. >> hazing. look, the absolute perception and whether it's fair or not i don't know is that bezos is a very legal guy. he has this "the washington post." woodward says we have 20 guys looking at trump. woodward said we're looking at trump that's what he said. >> there is a story in the "the washington post" this morning that i'm sure donald trump doesn't like. whether it was the "the washington post" or other entities hike this week with the facebook story, we're doing that was broke by giz
8:21 pm
gizmoto. if you are the candidate, you are going to have to just accept this is coming. so prepare for it. donald trump has been very adept at dealing with the media up to now i don't think why that would change. when is he mad at the media he uses the story to drive it in his favor. one woke might thank you for your coverage and criticize you for your coverage and that drives more attention. >> trump puts the media on the defensive as well. but i have said that i think the reportage and scrutiny of trump is going to be way more than hillary clinton or any or your former boss george w. boss. >> one of the criticisms of obama he was never vetted and he should have been. actually if obama had been that would have been the monkey on his back. he wouldn't have had that the last seven years. >> i looked at president obama's background and i didn't see him do anything wrong. they could have assigned people to president obama while he was a senator or community organizer. >> he didn't have a deep
8:22 pm
record he was a young man. >> only thing spooky about president obama he was at columbia he wrote a thesis or paper and they sealed it and you couldn't get it we want to do see that. they did the same thing with hillary clinton at wellesley. we subsequently found out it was about sole olenski and i guess she liked him or something. i don't think that donald trump, all right he nos what's in store for him. >> it's part of the reason you need a team. usually when candidates are going to run they have their own team dig up all the dirt on you. >> ops. >> were you one of those people? did you do that? >> >> no too nice? recommendation i'm not a food investigator. i'm a press secretary. i would have wanted the information. why didn't ted cruz or marco rubio or any of those big organizations that had all that money they could have found the same type of information. >> well, they were after him for his trump university thing. >> if i were them i would say to my opposition research teams why didn't you have this? we could have used this. >> i don't know at this point whether trump supporters care. >> they might not but they
8:23 pm
are north going to care. >> he has been inoculated to the "the washington post" because they are expecting hatchet jobs. >> he doesn't have to worry about them. his base is secure. what he has to worry about him is people not with him. >> needs to expand his base. >> hard to do that if you are not prepared. >> miss perino's big best news is." john stossel to tell us about his medical ordeal will donald trump pick newt gingrich as his v.p.
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nothing is more effective at relieving your sneezing, runny nose and nasal congestion. return to the world with new clarispray. factor follow-up segment tonight. as you may know president obama and congress are in the process of releasing convicted felons from prison considering them, quote, nonviolent offenders. well, the national association of assistant u.s. attorneys is opposing that action. >> this is aissue in chagrin. she was 10 years old when she was murdered. this is her sister bria. she was 7. their throats slit. they were browttlely murdered along with heir mother. the police have charged the killer as this man wendell callahan. the mother's ex-boyfriend and convicted violent drug trafficker. he would have still been behind bars on the day he stabbed anicia, bria and mother he was given early
8:28 pm
release as sentencing reform. joining us from ashville, carolina. your group, current u.s. attorneys, current federal prosecutors, correct? >> yes, sir. we're all assistant united states attorneys. >> so you are working for the federal government. >> yes, sir. >> yet the federal government under president obama is telling you guys hey, you have to be lenient to these drug dealers, cocaine, heroin, meth, crack, pause they are really nonviolent offendersment and how do you guys react to that description of nonviolent offenders? >> well, everybody knows that's absurd. drug trafficking is inherently violent. drug traffickers are dealing in heavy cash business. they can't resolve disputes in court. they resolve the disputes on the street and they resolve them through violence. in addition to that they have turns to protect. they is witnesses to intimidate. everything they do revolves around violence.
8:29 pm
and the suggestion that mid level and high level drug traffickers are nonviolent is absolutely ridiculous. >> then why is president obama, who is leading, this and members of congress in his party primarily, democrats, why are they pedals what you say is a myth? >> well, let me tell you what's going on and this is something the public may or may not be aware of. there are two aggressive steps being taken to release and have released already tens of thousands of drug traffickers from federal prison early. first, the sentencing commission has now gone through three rounds of sentence reductions. they have made those reductions retroactive which means we go pack into the prisons. we reduce the sentences and average sentence reduction is two years, tens of thousands of drug dealers have gotten out already through those three programs and tens of thousands of more in the process. many of them the federal prison population is about 25% illegal aliens and that-i that group, of
8:30 pm
course, is well represented in those getting out. so you have got that going on with the sentencing commission. second thing they got going on is the president has undertaken a very, very adepressive clemenciy program. that clemenciy program is releasing already individuals back into the community who have significant drug trafficking convictions and as well as firearms offenses. >> many of those people, we have studied that here have served long periods of time. your implication is that by releasing all of these people it's going to make society less safe, right? that's your implication that we're -- people are going to be in more danger because these people are out of prison, correct? >> that's absolutely correct and it's not just. >> let me go back then to my question. i'm with you. i agree 100 percent that letting these people out is going to make crime go up and americans are going to die. why are they doing it? why are they doing it? >> well, a couple things are
8:31 pm
going on. i think some are sold on this notion that we can rehabilitate large portions of the federal prison population sad reality is the most recent comprehensive study on that issue shows a recidivism rate hovering around 77%. those are scary numbers when you talk about releasing tens of thousands of experienced high level, mid level drug traffickers, many of whom were armed. the other segment i think there are a substantial number of people who just want to save taxpayer money. obviously we think that's a false savings and. >> let me submit to you, of course, let me submit to you that both of those are things are subterfuge for the real issue. president obama and many who support him believe that the criminal justice system is biased against african-americans. that poor people cannot get represented in court because they can't afford to hire good lawyers and they get longer sentences. that's why they are doing it, mr. cook. last word.
8:32 pm
>> well, that's simply not been the case. study after study they have attempt to do show any kind of racial bias in the judiciary, in the legislative enactment or in enforcement. every effort has failed. i would challenge you by saying that there is no piece of legislation that you can pass where the enforcement is going to be -- is going to mirror the demographics of the community? i understand. i don't buy that i'm just telling you what the driver, the motivation is in my opinion. mr. cook, we appreciate you coming on tonight. thank you. when we come right back, newt gingrich will he be running with donald trump. stossel fighting lung cancer. ♪ gaviscon is a proven heartburn remedy that gives you fast-acting, long-lasting relief.
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there is only one place where real and amazing live. seaworld. real. amazing thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. personal story segment tonight, donald trump has said he has narrowed his v.p. choice down to five individuals. one of them newt gingrich joins us now from washington. any interest in the job, mr. speaker? >> well, i mean, you have to look at it very seriously, of course. >> do you speak to donald trump on a regular basis? >> no. i talk to him occasionally. i talk to the campaign people a lot more. >> does he call you and say what should i do on this item or that item. >> rarely.
8:37 pm
is he not a guy who seeks that kind of advice very much. >> you have discussed with him foreign policy, domestic policy. >> oh, sure. >> you have sat down at kin dinner and said look, this is how i see the world. >> no. i regard donald as an old friend. calista and i belong to his club here in washington. we have regularly talked with him for the last five or six years during the campaign occasionally -- i do more of it by email than i do phone. we have communicated on a routine basis with the campaign and with trump and his family. >> when you say communicate, nobody know what is that means. disa doo they ask you questions? too you volunteer things. >> sometimes i ask questions. sometimes i volunteer things. >> you said look, tonight call o'reilly a so and so and that kind of thing? >> i find, as you know because you know him well, i find that kind of advice gets you nowhere. [ laughter ] >> yeah. it's hard to say how much donald trump process. he is a fairly good
8:38 pm
listener. >> right. >> but you don't know how many -- now, all right. that would be interesting trump-gingrich ticket. you would provide him with the working knowledge of congress which he doesn't have. you are also a conservative with bona fides that he doesn't have. >> and you would have two unusual heads of hair. >> your head of hair, that's pretty standard. >> okay. >> floyd the barber, he cuts your hair, doesn't he? the guy that used to be in mayberry? >> right. he retired to cut hair in mcclain. >> i don't want to be bold and fresh here even though that's my description. you know a lot more about policy than donald trump knows. >> well, there are a lot of very good candidates. that know a great deal. and he has been very clear that he wants an insider because he understands that while he has done an amazing job arousing the country,
8:39 pm
building a real movement, to get things done in washington, as he proved in the visit yesterday, you have got to sit down and talk to the legislators. you have -- he has number of people to call on. i don't know who is on the list. >> i know pretty much who is on the list. i think you are going to get it i think he is going to choose you. i mean, this is, again, i'm making this not based on any inside information i want the audience to know. i don't know that nobody has said that to me. i do know who is he considering just by a deduction. and i think he will select you. and i think rudy giuliani he is going to say is going to be homeland security guy. chris christie is going to be attorney general. ben carson is going to be health and human services. he is going to go into the cleveland convention with his whole crew which is going to molify the
8:40 pm
republican establishment. >> i was speaker of the house and been around for a long time. i have always been a little bit of an outsider in terms of the traditional establishment. >> you are outspoken. you are not a spin meister. are you donald trump didn't were you surprised about that. i'm glad they had the meeting yesterday. he i think it looks like things are coming together when you are the speaker of the house, you speak for the whole conference, i thought that was a little bit of a mistake. i think he could have communicated privately everything he wanted to. on the other hand, the truth is, they do have some very different policy issues. >> sure. absolutely. >> they are going to have to work them out. >> particularly on trade. pig gap on trade. he said i'm not going to support trump until he apologizes to ted cruz for calling him a liar and other people for demeaning them. does that pore you when
8:41 pm
trump did that? >> i think trump's standard style is to be very aggressive and very direct and by the way. aruba and cruz say each other was lying about their votes in the senate long before trump picked it up. >> all right. but, you know what i'm talking about. trump has a style. i protect go well when is he confronted with hillary clinton enthusiastically be for donald trump. >> mr. speaker, have you always been straight with us. we appreciate it very much. >> good to be with you. >> stossel on deck. is he fighting lung cancer. right back with john.
8:42 pm
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stossel taking time off to fight lung cancer. tonight oat 10 o'clock p.m. fox business network. >> i'm back and i'm not dead. i say that because i wrote in say that because i wrote in y syndicated column i got a lung cancer diagnosis. but i'm okay now say the doctors. and i think they are right. i'm feeling pretty good. a few weeks ago a surgeon at this hospital chopped the lung cancer out. >> here now is stossel. did you ever smoke or do anything like that? >> never touched cigarettes. some people get lung cancer. >> if your "people" family -- >> my mother died of lung cancer. >> you have it in your family. when you got the diagnosis, how did you react to it? >> i was unhappy. i was happy that something that they can find early and go in and take out. >> i'm asking you these questions so that maybe people at home -- what were the
8:46 pm
symptoms. >> i had no symptoms. i have an oversing husband is wife who when i was coughing said go get a can scan. >> that's a symptom, you were chronically coughing. >> coughing had nothing to do with what they found. i happened to have a cough for -- the cough went away. >> you didn't have any pain or anything like that. your mustache didn't fall off or anything like that. >> the overtesting that i criticized probably saved my life. >> they did all kinds of battery of tests on you. >> just a cat scan. >> then they found it. how did they treat it. >> they go in with tiny wonderful instruments and chop out half of my left lung. >> did it hurt. >> i was asleep. i didn't hurt night post-op -- >> i'm bark playing volleyball three weeks later. >>; is that right, wow. >> wonderful modern medicine. >> i noticed you wrote about while you were in the hospital the inefficiency of what you saw. tell me about that. >> stupid, needlessly bad customer service, in all medicine. >> this was in the hospital?
8:47 pm
>> in the hospital, and around the hospital. they don't communicate with modern technology. neither do you. but normal people use e-mail, and texting, and they done make you fill out the forms on paper. you fill out four pages, you go to the next doctor, slightly different four pages -- it's primitive. it's because it's not a market. markets work when the customer pays the seller. in this case, customers is fourth. after the government, insurance companies, and the trials. >> it was annior deal for a patient, you, all right, just to navigate all the bureaucracy? >> and to suffer waiting and anxiety unnecessarily. and this happens to everybody. >> it does. it does. i mean, it is -- nobody wants to go to the doctor and nobody wants to get involved in any of the bureaucracy. okay. what's the prognosis? how long are you going to be around? >> a million years. i don't know. >> you don't know? >> they took it out. i have to go back for scans. odds are i'm okay.
8:48 pm
>> you are playing volleyball, right? okay. well we're glad for you. now, you are tracking the presidential elections. i have a better -- you heard me say i think newt gingrich rich is going to get the v.p. nod for trump. and trump in thele poing is neck is neck with hillary clinton in the key states. has that changed your opinion? >> no. because i don't think my opinion and your opinion matters. >> i'm always right, why wouldn't my opinion matter. >> because smarter opinion is the thousands of people who put their money. >> where are they betting? >> on the presidential race, hillary at 68%, trump at 25%. the big favorite. >> that's big money, shthough, you take the undog, right? >> if you win. >> what about on the vp spot? >> newt is the favorite, 25%.
8:49 pm
ernst is second. and for hillary, it's said she will pick tim cane. >> i think brown, the senator from virginia. far left guy. >> he is bad. >> i don't like him either. but i think she's going to go for him. stossel, glad you are okay. thanks for coming up. >> thank you. >> the tip fair, from ♪ the exact moment you know you love a home, you should be able to get approved to buy it. ♪
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top of the hat to bret baier and greta in a moment. first, father's day alert come up next. we have the best gifts for grand and granddad, tickets to see miller and me live at mohican sun. info on bill o' tickets to the who wants to be president show is going very fast. strike this weekend. also on the website order books
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that i will personalize for your father. get those orders in. anden there are the pins, shoorts, two for one historical documents on those. all the money i get goes to charity, that's why i do this. >> the mail, laverne, california i am sick of hearing that trump support comes merely from white men. i know just as men women who support him. i don't know how many of the more than 200 million eligible voters you know, diane, but support data is taking from polling. steve in brooklyn new york. bill you botched the facebook story. they are not a news organization. they traffic in news, steve, and they should do it with fairness. nikki etchly, boise, idaho. i thought it quite interesting the day after charns of liberal bias facebook posted many conservative issues. bob monroe, campo, california,
8:53 pm
zimmermann shouldn't profit from tragedy says the author of killing kennedy, killing jesus, et cetera, priceless. you are equating history with selling the weapon used in the death of a 17-year-old? not priceless, more onic. mr. zimmermann was innocent and has a right to sell his gun. you people make a living off showing human suffering. let me get this straight, john, you are equating selling a gun that killed a teenager with covering the news. see my reply to bob. thomas spear of scotland, love the factor. most of us are socialists i know i'll never change your mine but i find you fair. rachel robs,band surprised me with a signed copy of killing reagan. he also got me tickets to see you in biloxi.
8:54 pm
he is a keeper. finally the factor tip of the day. a top of the halt to two of our colleagues this week. bret baier received the kenneth tomlinson award for outstanding journalism. the dinner was held at the national press club in washington. he deserves it. also next thursday, may 19th, greta vansustren being honored by the american news women's club in d.c. for excellence in journalism. we send our congratulations to greta and the gala that evening will raise money for educational programs. we hope you guys check that out. factor tip of the day. and that is it for us tonight. please check out the faction news factor website, which is different from bill o' also we would like you to spout off about the factor. o'reilly at fox word of the day, do not be a moon calf. are remember that song by cat stevens who is now muhammad ali or somebody, moon child?
8:55 pm
i always think of that moon calf. monday trump tower, he caused all kind of chaos. please all remember that the spin stops here. because we are definitely look out for you. breaking tonight, a firestorm of criticism continues to build. 24 hours after the white house drops a late night memo that critics argue is changing the rules at every school in america when it comes to issue of transgender students. welcome to thecally file, i'm megyn kelly. the doj and the department of education made if announcement in the middle of the night heading into a friday sending a message to schools that reads in part, the desire to accommodate others discomfort cannot justify a policy that singles out and disadvantage as particular class of students. end quote.
8:56 pm
now, all public schools that receive public funding, including most colleges and universities, are at risk of losing that funding
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