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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  May 14, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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we know they sacrifice. thank you for saying with us. here is welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levy at the tease deck. >> coming up on the big show, the media goes nuts over audio showing donald trump as his own publicist. when american spies go under cover they pretend to be someone else and they are heros. when trump pretend to be someone else he is a villain? mainstream media. and a woman refuses to you are what high heels at the office. tell me about it, sister. and microsoft files a patent for a shirt that would let others know what your mood is. yeah, thanks, but i own a bunch of black t-shirts.
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back to you, tom. >> thank you, andy. there is nothing she can't do unless of course that is staying sober at a baseball game. i am here with joanne nosuchunsky. he is a producer, campaign manager and lawyer. at least that's what it says in his tinder profile. film producer and chief of staff for the 2012 newt gingrich for president campaign. when she was on come pick -- comics unleashed they had to leash her. and he loved playing video games so much he decorated his living room to look like his mom's basement. let's start the show. in the early 90s donald trump had a publicist named john miller that many reporters who spoke to him only by phone suspected it was trump himself. while 25-year-old audio obtained by the "washington
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post" featured sue carswell in conversation with mr. miller. listen. >> what's your name again? >> john miller. >> john miller, what is going to happen? is she going to be ask -- asked to leave? >> i have met him. >> he is a good guy and he is not going to hurt anybody. >> not going to hurt anybody. miller who seemed to noah lot about trump's personal life went on about his prowess with women. >> he is somebody who has a lot of option and frankly he gets called by everybody. he gets called by everybody in the book including women. >> like who? >> well, he gets called by a lot of people. i think he has an open field and a lot of the people you write about, you people do a great job by the way, but a
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lot of people you write about really are -- i think they just call to see if they can go out with him. >> trump denies that the recording was him telling nbc's today show "i have many, many people trying to imitate my voice. you can imagine that and this sounds like one of those scams. it is one of the many scams that did you president sound like me. it is a weird quote, but that's what he said. some of you may remember and i was able to track down the actual john miller. i left a message and he called me back. >> this is john miller. thanks so much. i got your message and as you may know, i no longer work for mr. trump. he is still an absolutely fantastic guy, but everything i said back there is true. women love him and continue to love him and it makes perfect sense. he cherished -- he cherishes women. i mean he married three of pell.
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three of them. i will put in a good word and they should have them on your show. your ratings will go through the roof. good luck. >> imbued luck. good luck. that's nice. he remind me of donald rump. you know pr, right? >> that's public relations. >> public relations. that's your field. wasn't this good public relations? he knew what he wanted to communicate to the press. >> functionally yes. >> if you remove ethics and soul and other bothersome things that what i try and do with drink. what ultimately this comes down to is a splash in the pan story and frankly i am annoyed that he didn't go full tilt on this. like, oh yeah, me and shirley good sex were great. he was just nonspecific. like he remains nonspecific. >> i feel like the way she was talking on the other line,
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like what is your name again? she knew it was trump and they both knew together. i know you know it is trump. but i have to give you quotes and i don't want to go on record. i felt like they were all scratching each other's backs. did you feel that? >> yes. and i felt like they could have met with him in person. pr people meet anyone and they are like me and back then it was a high paying job i imagine. ultimately if she really cared that much she should have tried to meet with this mysterious guy who was not donald trump. >> she did care. >> she didn't care. >> she just wanted quotes. >> i apologize if it matterses to her. it didn't seem like she was making tremendous amounts of effort for due diligence. >> she said in an interview, look, i can tell by his voice it seemed ridiculous. she didn't care. >> it is absolutely staged,
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the whole thing. and i just love how it was really more about the prowess of his antics and how these women were trying to contact him. no where did he mention he had big hands. this is early trump. >> it wasn't a problem for him. i think, joanne, do you think this will be a big deal? >> no, in fact, this is the man i want in the white house. the diluted amount of self-confidence necessary to carry on for 14 minutes the commitment to city as john miller to continue doing that. i want that in my own life. >> this is also not going to hurt his career. >> career? >> sorry, campaign. he can release a sex tape and
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it won't hurt. >> wait a minute. we are assuming it is not him. we are not qualified -- monday morning on "fox and friends" see more buds -- seymore buds and they are coming in to testify to this. this is not the first time this happened. lois lane confused superman and clark kent on the phone and clearly they were different people. >> all there was were glasses. >> so judgey. >> you are not above a prank every now and then. at the consumer electronics show you received hundreds of pictures from pr people and then you responded with this. do we have that? you said can you send me more information 0 up dog and they said what is up dog? and then you said not much. what's up with you?
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>> people are so angry. >> of course they were. >> think about this for a second. you are a worthless sewer person. and you are there and i imagine you had an education, but not a social education with real people. within the worthless world of start ups -- i hospital say that. i shouldn't say that because they pay me -- and i was like contact me and i thought i was off a flight from england and i was jet lagged and i thought i will never fall for it. >> full press. >> all right. >> the next story in other trump news because there is always other trump news,
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donald is once again going his own way. this time he said he won't be doing the large scale data that many credit was helping president obama win two elections. he said i felt it was over rated. 0e bough ma -- obama got much more so than his processing machine and i think the same is true for me. he will rely on what is work for him. he said my best investment is my rallies. the people go home and then they tell their friends they loved it. it has been good. >> i agree with trump on this. >> in all seriousness, this is legit. when i used to be a republican and ran a republican campaign i thought it was because -- i thought we referred to the gop as the party of lincoln because lincoln was part of the party. it was really because we were using lincoln's e-mail list.
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obama had the google people working for him. romney to make any comparison to obama and romney, i mean that's like comparing the iphone to an abicuss. when i took over a news campaign it was later and it was like taking the titanic after it hit the iceberg. one in five calls says i have something better than google, but you need to give me $3 million to finish it up. i think he is right. w45* owe obama did was unique. the republicans do not have -- >> trump is right. i think that some of this is a little overstated that trump -- he got through the primary without this technology. >> first of all his core, his base, they are not on twitter
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and going to the internet. these are blue collar people. my dad will not go on twitter to read something about him. he will hear about it on the news. and quite frankly he doesn't need to. he is all over the internet all the time. there is a story about him today and yesterday it was the butler and the drawing room with the knife. it is all over the internet. >> what happens on election day when you have hillary in there dragging people out to the polls they are on the ground. do they need a better ground game 1234. >> i think he has a ground game. there is a great thing happening. nate silver is not somebody i respect very much. the funny thing is there are these two fellows and they are running a column called "the dig" on who has been beating this fellow and this pontificating --
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>> he doesn't have data, but he pretends he does. >> what do the actual people vote and do? saying like okay in this stit they are predominantly very catholic and they will vote for this which is a more inteligent way than saying the numbers say and i have statistically said this as proof by dash sh -- proive by -- trump is going for the view of going to see americans and shake their hand and love them. small americans. my large son. that's mike huckabee. ultimately he has been -- i hate that word. they have been on the grouped. it is in the sense that it is a lot -- when it comes to data it is a very sexy sounding word that does thouing.
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>> he was saying [bleep]. >> you get together with your british words. it isn't his brand. trump even though he is a billionaire, he identifies with the blue collar guys, right? >> there are saw lot of ways to win the presidency like there is a lot of ways to lose weight. some people consult their doctors and they count calories and they look at the numbers on the scale. other people just do their own thing. they do what is right for them. they do the things that has worked for them. and that is what trump will do to look like a supermodel. >> and now the nontrump portion of the show. we and we alone tell you about claims that facebook's trending topics were manipulated by staffers to exclude news sources. here is what our own tv andy levy had to say about it. >> the first problem is
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transparency. there is an expectation that bias will not be a factor. the human bias does not play a role in this. you have to tell people to let humans do this and stop call it trending and say it is stories we think you should care about. those problems go away and until you do that it is dishonest. >> facebook denied the trending topics were manipulated. the company came clean and said it is because of andy telling them to be honest. "the guardian"ot its hand on how to blacklist things. he is way more influential than a brittish it newspaper. ed, do you agree? >> i wrote with the jo who wrote that earlier today. the most sterling point -- >> do all of you british guy
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work together? >> he is not british. they said thal algorithm was bad because it put the ice bucket challenge above ferguson. i think one is more important than the other. it requireshuman interaction. thank you realize it is a glorified feed. it says here is a bunch of stuff. that's an intelligent way of doing it. i wish they would have said that instead of pretending there is a deep learning nonsense. >> again, pretending it is dye tau when it is not. >> and sob yously -- dash and obviously when they talk about what is trending do they mean adorable cat videos? instead of credible news
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source. >> whether they should or shouldn't people are getting their news from facebook. why not have trending and it would be the ice bucket challenge and whatever happens to be getting the most click. you can say suggested topic. >> i hate to break it to andy, but everything you see on the inner web is not expected to be true. >> he has high standards. >> you are going to tell me facebook is not reliable then you will tell me i can't find a loving and meaningful relationship on tinder and i shouldn't look at onion as. my . >> you used to be a cynical fellow. what happened to you? >> too many times with andy levy. >> that will do it. >> i think i am wrong before i speak and i just correct myself. >> what will be the result? will facebook be able to writing gel out of -- wrigle out of it?
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>> it is facebook. it is social media. your grandmother is on it. if you are looking to facebook for -- why do we care what is trending? does that mean it is -- i should read this now because other people think it is important. >> it is how we get our stories for this show. >> and a fine show it is. jay come on. joanne, i think andy was right and i think andy brought them to their knees. >> andy is always right. he is also very kind and intelligent and loves to give me money. no, like you said, what's up with the trending. i go on facebook to stalk my ex. and for all of the people who are upset, boycott physician book. no we won't do that because we are addicted to the sites and we don't care about the business ethnics -- ethics that it is such a huge part of
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our lives. >> from what i under facebook is jealous of other sites like twitter. >> honestly i do get a bit more news from twitter. actually i get all of my news from twitter. >> can you blame facebook for trying to tweet things? >> trending is an act of desperation. >> the trending section is in the top right hand corner and all of this nonsense about conservatives getting their stuff pushed away, everything comes from the stream in the middle and some of my good friends in pennsylvania share the thaings -- things about barack obama being -- >> you see enough feeds. >> the topic is like a dog fell on a grenade and saved a family. >> i loved that one.
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>> how about the cat on the fan? that's why i look at facebook. >> i never once clicked on that thing in the corner. we have to go. time to take a break. we will be back quicker than you can microwave a burrito. try it.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm patricia stark. texas pushing back against president obama's instructions to let transgender students use the bathroom that they identify with. according to lieutenant governor dan patrick, the state won't go along with the president's directive and instead is willing to forego funding for education. patrick says they will not,
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quote, yield to black mail. they have $10 million in education funding. a new hampshire man is facing two counts of murder after shooting two officers early on friday. authorities say a cop approached mcpherson who matched the description of a suspect wanted forearmed robbery. the 32-year-old opened fire on another officer and police release chilling audio of the officer. >> shots fired! shots fired! >> where are you? >> i've been shot! white male. long hair. trench coat. he went down toward the econo. >> >> mcpherson was arrested a few hours later. both officers are expected to survive. and canada's prime minister is touring the devastation and fire-ravaged
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fort mcmurray after a helicopter arrived to witness the damage firsthand. justin true dough says he doesn't think most canadians fully understand the severity of what happened. it forced some 88,000 people from their homes and destroyed 2400 buildings. i'm paw -- paw patricia stark and now back to "red eye." are you watching the most powerful name in news. fox nechannel. sphie fast-food -- fast-food companies are under pressure to cut costs after minimum wage increases. how are they dealing? wendy's announced that self-service ordering kiosks will replace people at the more than 6,000 restaurants in the second half of the year. i say great idea. if i can get a hamburger without having to talk to a person i will. it is not that i don't like
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people. i do. i would rather talk to an app. some joints are going the other direction. burger king opened a spa in one of its restaurants. the new bk features a ground floor with a 15-person hot tub that the website describes as, quote, great for social gatherings or work. i guess it depends on your line of work. i like both of these ideas. i only hope the other chains will follow suit. i think after a long drive and a mcdonalds and a chiropractor combination would hit the spot. i don't know. i don't know how many times i could have used an rv and a mani-pedi. how about alt of both? patrick, maybe this is a good thing. nobody really wants to take orders at a fast-food joint, right? are they going to miss these jobs? >> i have a good run that runs the fast-food joints so i say pro-them.
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it is a good lesson for protesters about how the free market economy works. they can win a small battle, $12, $15 and this is a direct result of trying to get a minimum wage that doesn't make sense for certain jobs. >> your friend -- is he a franchisee? >> yes. >> and is he affected by the minimum wage? >> we live in the south so we are smart. >> it is happening in most of the places in new york and california. >> you can't pay someone -- you can protest -- my favorite part of the democratic debate is when hillary and bernie said i am for 15 and i am for 12 and i am for 20. good. you can say it all day long and rally your troops and all of that. at the end of the day, there is snot going to be a teenager hired for their first job at a burger king because of a $15 or $20 minimum wage. the free market works and sometimes you have to think through the political beliefs
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because there are consequences. >>ye are they taking credit for the kiosks replacing the people. >> my daughter was one of those who were let go. i have a 19-year-old who worked at wendy's. she actually was not there before this, but because she was horrifically rude to the customer the burgers don't taste as good as if there is a fit bit in it. >> she is going ugh. >> i hate myself. >> she said she would say things like "epically gross yts. no wonder why. she does not deserve $15. my kid definitely doesn't. >> it is a good starting job with a starting wage. isn't that what it is for? >> absolutely. >> i would not do that job.
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i i do a worthless job -- >> have you ever done it? >> no. i went from being born to journalism and this. >> i have no life experience. >> do you think the pr is better? >> i get to sit by a computer and i can wear or not wear trousers. it is fantastic. >> and there is no minimum wages in gurn niche. >> no, it is just in journalism. i don't have a point beyond that. >> what do i think of the spa idea? >> there are great points and things i am worried about. you can place your order and have it delivered to you at the spa. your burger will stay nice and warm. it is a nice, steamed patty. i worry the french fries will get soggy. >> and the french fries are
12:29 am
the problem. if you are in a sauna i know where you can put the onion rings. but the fries -- >> where? just say it. >> you can get served by the pool and they bring out drinks and -- >> here is the thing too, it is so bloody cold and dark and they drink so much it is no wonder they came up with this idea. the other thing is three hours, i mean this is supposed to be fast-food. it is no longer fast-food. >> that's why. you have a hamburger and take a steam. coming up, half time with tv's andy levy and the pod cast is back. subscribe on itunes and fox news
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hi and welcome back. time to find out what we got wrong and may have missed from tv's andy levy. >> viewers at home, tom is singing a delightful song to me. do you want to share? >> it is something about answer andy. >> you don't want to sing for them? >> ♪ answer andy that's it. >> trump's pr man may have been himself. i just want to point out at the top of the show when he asked what pr stands for you
12:34 am
stumbled. >> i said it was a bad joke and it was not funny and tried to exit. >> i missed that part. i thought you just weren't sure. >> i am really stupid. don't get me wrong. >> the journalist seemed to know it was trump and they were scratching each other's backs. i think the bigger story here -- you know, the story now is trump was doing this for years and trump talked about how he did it for years. trump knew about it because they were talking about how he did it for years and they didn't care because they were getting quotes. >> shame on who, andy? >> shame on everyone, tom. as always. joanne, i greaty with you. i enjoyed trump's commitment to the bit. >> 14 minutes. what can you do for 14 minutes? >> patrick, you said we are assuming this is trump and we are not qualified to judge.
12:35 am
i know you are joking. in all honesty. i just want to make it clear -- i knew you were joking. but in all honesty it could not be him except he slips into the phrasing like using the word frankly and stuff like that. thz where he loses that one. that's where he loses that one. >> you're probably right. that's a huge point. >> i wonder why this john -- what was his name? john miller? why did he feel he needed to reassure the reporter that you are doing a great job. >> by the way abc news' candice smith tweeted sue carswell tells abc she never shared audio and the recording had to have come from trump. she said trump leaked the audio. >> could be part of the master plan. >> you know who else used to be their own publicist? >> who?
12:36 am
>> lady gaga. true story. true story. patrick, you brought up you used to be newt gingrich's chief of staff. what is going on with you, boy? >> then or now? >> now. >> now i am in show business which is the same skill set and just more money. >> what is going on with him? >> trump was weighing him to be the vp and i thought it was an odd way to vet somebody. >> same way you find out if somebody is a witch. >> that was a scale joke. >> trump is not a fan of big data. comparing -- it is like comparing the iphone to an abicus. you said trump was right. >> what i meant was that to rely solely on the technology, you have to have the right technology. trump is cracked into a different way of doing it and
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it is almost direct marketing to his people. yeah, i probably missed the point. i bridged the gap for you. >> absolutely. >> trump doesn't need to use the big data. he hasn't so far, has he? >> and he is doing exceedingly well. if it ain't broke, don't fix it. >> ed, you talked about out performing nate silver. is there a difference between data journalism and running a campaign using data to identify the voters? like i can see the flaws in data journalism and i think they were showing pretty clearly. but regardless of anything trump does shouldn't he also want the data to identify voters? >> and i said that as well. i said he will bring in data, but in all seriousness, he will use some form of data, but instead of like the obama campaign like hillary clinton
12:38 am
did in her previous company pain, it was pushed as a pr campaign to itself. i don't think trump will boast about it. i think it will happen behind the scenes with other people who kind of -- they do it for him, great people, big data and i can't wait for him to say that. big data. in all seriousness it just won't be a marketing tactic for him. it has been transparently for clinton and obama. >> that was oddly intelligent. >> i don't know what came over me. >> i know. facebook admits it manipulates the trending topicses al -- algorrythem. all you did was name drop. >> i had coffee with him this morning. what was your question? >> i was gefg you another chance to agree with tom that
12:39 am
it was me. >> i get all of my news from your twitter account. >> nice. >> sherry, you said you get all of your news from twitter rather than facebook. >> i debt -- i get quite a bit of news from twitter. >> you know, here is the thing. perhaps they do, but wons they they -- but once again the cat videos and middle aged people kills the whole news element of facebook. i don't see that as much on twitter. that's it. and listen, you happen to think everything on the internet is true, by the way? >> i don't. twitter's trending topic is true. i don't think they mess with it. >> they absolutely do. >> why does it matter? >> i am not saying it
12:40 am
matters. >> are you writing book reports with these trends? >> my only p lo -- point is as i said on the show and i will say it again i have no problem with facebook messing with the algorithm, but be honest. >> i am a single parent and i have that much time to do this much research into trending. i assume they are manipulating things, but i do believe there is a lot more credible news stories to follow on twitter. >> i totally agree. >> that's good. now we can go out. >> i think they are more prepared on the news. you find your news based on who you follow. trending topics are absolutely manipulated and they will suppress news they don't like or topicses and they will put the stupidest things in the world like that boy or whatever with the moment. they will put meme's in there. a cop shoots someone and a
12:41 am
frog on a unicycle and beyonce fartherred. i don't know -- beyonce farted. i don't know. it is sources of garbage. >> tom, you said of the wendy's self-ordering kiosk if i can get a hamburger i will. i would rather talk to an app. in my case it is that i don't like people. i want to make that clear. in addition to burger king having the spa which i think sound gross they have a media lounge furnished with the 55-inch tv and a playstation 4. would you hang out in that lounge or are you afraid you would get shards in your fries? >> i need shards, but i would rather play playstation in a dumpster than the burger king. i cannot think of a less attractive experience than staying in burger king for
12:42 am
three hours. that sounds like some form of paradise lost. it is the humidity and the shards get humid. >> we have to move on. no more time. >> thank you, andy. it is time to take a break. more stories when we come back.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm patricia stark. the auction of the gun that was used to kill trayvon martin appears to have hijacked. george zimmerman started an auction for a gun used to kill the teen in 2012 with bids starting at $5,000 and now bids are up to $secretary 5 million -- $65 million, but most of the names are fake. zimmerman was acquitted of second-degree murder and manslaughter in the case and bidding is open for a few more days. the tsa is trying to cut down on long security lines at airports. more officers will be allowed to work over time and more will be hired. the announcement comes as travelers have stood in lines up to two hours as the busy summer travel season approaches. some airports are threatening to get rid of the tsa and replace them with private services because of the delays. a federal judge found the
12:47 am
arizona judge in contempt of court in a racial profiling case. he calls himself mark's toughest sheriff admits violating court orders by having his officers conduct immigration patrols even though they were bared. a hearing will be hemmed to see if he faceses a criminal case. russian president vladimir putin is not happy about a shield in europe. the shield is a defense against iran and other so-called rogue states. putin says the system is a strategy against russia's nuclear arms. billionaire investor warren buffet may have his eyes on yahoo!. he is leading one of several potential groups looking to particular over the struggling icon. verizon is said to be on the front runner of the process. now back to your favorite late-night investment. you are watch the most powerful name in news. fox newschannel.
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she got the boot for wearing flats. she was fired from a temp job at a british accounting firm after refusing to wear high heels at the office. she says the dress code is not believe -- not only unreasonable considering the time she spends on her feet, but sexist. >> employers are allowed to impose different dress codes for men and women, which is fair enough as long as it doesn't favor one of the sexes. my point is that by making women wear high heels you are actually favoring men because that footwear does not affect their posture and ability to work. it creates long-term health problems. >> i would like to book her on the shelf.
12:49 am
>> let's add another one. >> they say the high heel requirement was not theirs and the temp agency's. and the agency is now reviewing their footwear guidelines. we don't have a lot of time in this segment. i want to get the ladies in here. joanne, is it fair? >> of course it is fair. >> they were right in the first place? >> i don't know. if you are staring at my feet we are doing something wrong. if you are looking at my feet i am obviously not entertaining you. migraine is not quick. >> it is an upscale firm and i'm sure it is an attempt at the receptionist. >> you have a dress code and she claims they sent her home, but we don't know what the flats looked like. >> they said they were. >> i do see her as a person of -- i was wearing heels since i was born and i had problems from long-term wear.
12:50 am
okay they are health issues. honestly is it really something we need to -- couldn't it be on an individual basis? england has become so politically correct. they are adopting something like having a period policy. we are giving women enough time off. >> time off? >> from their period. >> i'm glad we went to the lady. we used up all of our time in the ladies. during the break i will talk to the guys about whether they prefer heels or in shorts. we will close things out with a bedtime story. they brought this on themselves.
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now it's war, and i want them dead! the fleas and ticks? their whole gang. we can do that.
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only bravecto kills fleas & ticks for up to 12 weeks with one tasty chew. starts killing fleas in two hours and kills nearly 100% in under twelve. and it's fda approved. bravecto is for dogs 6 months of age or older. don't worry, princess, we'll settle the score. tonight we ride, with bravecto!! ask your vet about 12-week protection with bravecto. your heart on your sleeve. microsoft has jumped into the fashion business with a new patent for a mood shirt that could let the world know how you are feeling. according to the filing the shirt would be packed with sensors to measure things like heart rate, skin temperature and movement and will be able to cool you down if you are hot or play a happy tune if you are sad. the tech giant claims the shirt could have an alternate implementation that lets other dsh dash lets the wearer know how other people are feeling and could inform the user when
12:55 am
and how the state of these other people changing. patrick, what do you think of this? >> my only concern is it has the you built to change its pressure. i don't want my clothing to give me a bear hug when it does -- when you want it to stop. >> it could suck you in if a lovely lady walks by. >> why would you want to suck. it is a fundamentally strange idea. it is -- they have a lot of products they have tried and they haven't gone somewhere. >> what is happening to microsoft? remember when they destroyed everybody and they are on top and losing ever since.
12:56 am
>> it is so weird and nerdalicio us sph how about asking people how they feel. >> i am about to make you all feel awful. it is great for people with disabilities like autism, anxiety disorders and all of those things, the elderly. it could help make their lives more comfortable and i am all for it. >> socially awkward people even. we are worried about these people who are isolated and maybe this could help them. >> it gets more wearable nonsense. >> this idea is good, but there is a worrying trend. >> i didn't mean to do an accent. >> i mock myself. >> it is like game of thrones. >> it always happens at the
12:57 am
end of the show. >> i have to thank everybody. special thanks to joanne know saw nosuchunsky. that does it for me. i'm tom shillue. five seconds left. good night.
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