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tv   Fox and Friends Saturday  FOX News  May 14, 2016 3:00am-7:01am PDT

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morning. it is saturday, the 14th of may, 2016. a fox news alert. a woman overboard. a desperate search underunderway for a passenger to ho fell overboard on a carnival cruiseship. who is doing the hunt and what the cruise line is saying now. >> obama's administration rule to let the bathroom of their choice. >> in texas he can keep his 30 pieces of silver, we will not yield to blackmail from the president of the united states. >> a showdown over transgender bathrooms. we will bring you the latest. >> mexico taking the latest
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shot at donald trump. mexico's brand new mr. to slow down the trump train. all aboard the trump train. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ get the thing started ♪ it's my kind of party ♪ >> who makes the best barbecue of the whole united states. we are on a mission. "fox & friends" plaza. >> smells so amazing in our hallway not just because anna kooiman is back from vacation it's national barbecue month. use the #fox barbecue fest. send them on facebook, twitter, et cetera. we have a big barbecue competition. >> if you are in the area come on down.
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it's not homeless cooking breakfast it's barbecue officials. >> 4:00 in the morning smell that. it's unbelievable. >> i was going to bring breakfast this morning and wheel of cheese. i knew we were doing this. there is no need. >> two minutes after the hour on saturday morning. we have a fox news alert. the coast guard searching for a woman who may have fallen overboard a carnival cruiseship. the crew put the book on lockdown searching the entireship for sarah. >> to see to make sure every guest must be in their room. the coast guard stepped in after video surfaced of the 33-year-old falling overboard 2:00 a.m. friday. the boat was 200 miles from galveston, texas, where it is docked year around.
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a man accused of shooting two cops one of them in the face is now charged with attempted murder. ian mcphearson was arrested after hours long manhunt in new hampshire after police recognized him as a suspect in a robbery and he opened fire. heroic efforts of those two officers reinhardy and matthew o'connor heard over police scanners. >> shots fired. shots fired. >> where are you? >> i've been shot. male, long hair, trench coat. >> happy to report this morning, both officers are respected to be okay. teenagers in massachusetts on the way to prom. they escape a limb know that limo that burst into flames. >> looked like it was going to explode. it was pretty big. >> head to the dance when the students inside started suddenly smelling smoke. they did all get out safely before the ride caught fire.
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firefighters dousing flames there. lucky for the students another prom ride who happened to be around the corner gave them a lift. the cause of the fire is unknown. thousands turning out to honor a fallen navy seal killed by isis. charlie keating killed by terrorist army n iraq as he went to the aid of military advisors during ambush. military members every branch showing up to lay him to rest in his california hometown. keating was post thom post thumb posthumous columbusly awarded the gold star. >> equal access to school bathrooms. new frontier several right duration. several states refusing to comply with the order setting up a battle with the white house. garrett at the presentee with all the details. >> tucker, anna and clayton. it's not just bathrooms.
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this directive could effect locker rooms, sex ed classes and athletics. the white house is defending the letter sent out to school districts across the country yesterday saying it is simply guidance that many schools were seeking. while the letter does not have the force of law, it does warn that schools that don't follow that guidance to provide full access to transgender students could face lawsuits as well as the loss of millions of dollars in federal education funding. that announcement brought swift outrage from many public officials across the country who are now pushing back. texas lt. governor dan patrick called the directive blackmail and said it's the biggest issues facing families in america since prayer was taken out of schools. >> he says he is going to withhold funding if schools do not follow the policy. well, in texas, he can keep his 30 pieces of silver. we will not yield to
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blackmail from the president. >> several states, including texas, north carolina, and mississippi have already state they do not plan on following the directive and most folks agree that this directive will more than likely end up in the courts. back to y'all. >> that's one of the biggest criticisms this morning is that this is coming down as a mandate from washington whether it's right or wrong, one side or the other, i mean, shouldn't a discussion be had? in fact, michaelware a former house staff he organized the outreach in 2012. tweeted this yesterday astounding how quickly this is moving without a national conversation on the issue. what i'm trying to say is there was more outreach done changing the food pyramid. >> the food pyramid turned out to be completely wrong. of the white house hasn't even defined what transgender means. the definition we're left with those of us watching
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you are what you say you are. this is massive federal contracts. u.s. gives out women own businesses confidential informant apply for a grant? how can they tell me i'm not a woman owned business. they can't. a lot is changing without any conversation about it. >> the conversation could have been handled in the courts. this is where it should have probably gone. a lot of critics of the north carolina law where this all came out of were saying, look, this sun constitutional. there is enough precedent on the books dating back to 1996 and beyond. this was going to be voted on. the supreme court is going it anile lay the north carolina law. it would have been handled in the courts. for the obama administration to step in now ahead the states rights issues is a huge problem. >> something else that seems curious about it is that the white house is using title 9 as part of the argument going against the bathroom bill and what could end up happening is it ends up hurting females. you think about if men who become women or see
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themselves -- their gender identity as being a female, they may be taller, they may have more muscle mass. what's that's going to do to female in sports, think about the advantage they would have in volleyball and passable. >> according to the white house they are females. there is no distinction between you and someone who says he is. you are whatever you say you are. biologically, physically, and, of course, morally, that's insane. it's not attacking anyone. that's not true. scientifically that's untrue. >> donald trump says there are people who deal with this. he said this a few months ago. he thought the north carolina law was as nine. this should have been handled at the state level. yesterday on our show he reiterated this same point. >> i think it should be a states issue. it's become a huge story and it effects. everybody has to be protected if it's one person, it's a tiniy, tiny portion of the population and it's become a massive story. i think there should be a
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states issue and as many other things should be by the way and states should decide. >> the saddest part is it doesn't fix the schools. i live in d.c. we can'tous the public schools here, it's terrible. doesn't do one thing to prepare the kids to compete in global economy. doesn't do one thing to make the education system better. it's pandering. >> it's a few people. i come down on this personally if there is one kid dealing with that and i'm on the side of trump with this. if there is one kid dealing with, this we should have a discussion about this. but to have a white house hand down this directive on a friday afternoon saying this is what all schools will now do, and administrations have to change their entire policy in a school from the state level, the locals, the city level, right out of the white house on a friday afternoon with three weeks left in the school year. >> their donors are happy and that's what matters. to the hill now paul ryan
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still has not endorsed donald trump as the republican nominee, but a lot of members of the house leadership have. yesterday, nine house committee chairman endorsed donald trump, including a couple very close to paul ryan. is he in trouble for doing this? waiting this long. all these people close to him coming out and throwing his support to donald trump. >> he seems like he is starting to melt. >> he said he had a great meeting with him. you can't hammer out these ideas in 45 minutes. what is the future of the republican party? are you the republican party that is rallying around donald trump or are you the establishment party that has been endrenched in washington this many years. >> are you going to pay attention to the voters or not? >> how awkward would it be as mentioned boy reince priebus as mentioned on this program yesterday, if he didn't endorse donald trump. >> i think he will. it goes to the core question who should decide the outcome of an american
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election small group in capital city or government of mexico which is now weighing in on our election. public rolingses campaign aimed at influencing the american election it includes getting mexican citizens in the united states and become american citizens and includes getting american businesses to weigh in on this. turning to traditional media, social media, and really trying to foster new relationships and stronger relationships with business leaders and say we are a great trading partner for the united states and go against all of the rhetoric they sees a damaging for donald trump. >> they're also home to a lot of american businesses now. a lot of american businesses have moved to mexico. they have been able to give all sorts of tax advantages and set up factories all throughout mexico. we saw most recently indiana companies moving to mexico that donald trump was highlighting. putting the pressure while you are building new factories. >> they lobbied for nafta and it helped the mexican economy. good for mexico. the question remains should
3:12 am
a foreign government should be trying to influence the outcome of an american election. >> of course not. >> by the way, we try not to do that in foreign countries. i would like to see us do more of that. they resent it and why shouldn't we resent it? >> fired up this morning not only on the barbecue but here. >> we are ready for barbecue. coming up on the program a dramatic rescue caught on camera. >> you got someone in there? >> yeah. >> okay. [siren] [shouting] >> look at this, three deputies and a good samaritan saved people in a burning car. deputies join us just ahead a no good, very bad day. >> a no good very bad day for bill clinton on the campaign trail. he shows up late to a rally, gets heckled now he is under fire for funneling money from the clinton foundation to his friend. >> his friend? >> known as the energizer.
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we will get to the bottom of this. stirewalt is on deck with what all of this means. good morning, chris. ♪ don't even try to understand ♪ just find a place to make your stand ♪ and take it easy vo: across america,
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ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. first of all. [[inaudible]] >> may i answer? >> bill clinton having yet another rough day on the campaign trail. first, he showed up late to an event only to get in heated exchange ovbill. then he was force to do deny claims that clinton foundation steered millions of dollars to a company owned by a female friend and a neighbor.
3:17 am
>> what dose this say about the clinton campaign. politics editor chris stirewalt. good to see you this morning. >> oh god yes. >> that sound bite of bill clinton being asked about this money possibly be funneled to a for-profit friend, basically a company, a friend. this woman. this blonde who would show up at their house while hillary was away according to the "new york post" they called the energizer because she was always around. the way he answered that question to me is so telling. i don't know, the clinton foundation is handling it. they are looking into it i'm sort of separate from that. how did it strike you? >> first of all, i'm very angry at you people you finally have me on your television show on a day that you have barbecue up there but you keep me in d.c.
3:18 am
>> we knew better. >> we may have to break up. [sigh] >> look, the reality, it was a perfect bill clinton day yesterday there in kentucky where he had a great event. he had a fantastic event. he dealt with trump protesters. he turned the crowd around. he was himself. he was his oldself. his youngerself. and had this great moment. and then as is he walking out. he is going out the hall and they say by the way what about endemic corruption in your organization and the hundreds of millions of dollars that your family and foundation and all the tentacles of it have raked in over the years and the answer is well, um, call them. and that's not gonna work, right? the reason donald trump can be successful against hillary clinton is by sticking on the corruption angle and her husband is the one who facilitated all that? okay. we know the clintons over the years. woe know the strategies from republicans going after the clintons and nothing ever really seems to stick.
3:19 am
will this stick? will this be a problem for hillary clinton? >> we say nothing sticks. it's like nothing sticks to trump. nothing sticks to hillary, nothing matters, nothing matters. maybe that's the sense we see it you are not wiped out in saying gel day, that there is not the swift sort of vengeance that comes down. over time it's a creek, it builds up. the clinton cash book we saw before there is going to be a movie coming out about the claims and about the charges that are in that book about the cronyism and the corruption. and that's really what bernie sanders voters. it's really what donald trump voters are talking about in this cycle which is blow it up. blow up the entrenched interests. blow up washington. blow up anybody that's in there. and the clintons and there network. their corporate entity is the best reflection of that that you could imagine. >> bill clinton used to be able to speak to the middle class. hillary clinton now focused on the rust belt. we saw what she did in west virginia and what a problem that was for her shutting
3:20 am
down coal companies and laying off coal employees what is she going to to do in pennsylvania, wisconsin, and michigan to grab hold of that rust belt vote? is she going to be able to pull it off? >> i'm pleased in this sense that we have gotten lazy in the political forecasting business because basically, if you tell me how frankly county, franklin county, ohio is going to vote and counties in central florida is going to voted, can i tell you who is going to win the election. this year there are states in the south and north on the map for the first time so it will be exciting. >> chris stirewalt, always funny, always smart. >> enjoy that bar barbecue,man. >> i will send some to you. thanks, buddy. the white house is setting off a transgender war across the country. county states sue to stop the obama administration? a fair and balanced debate on that is next. plus, he was fired from espn talking politics but losing his job is not stopping curt
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schilling. what he just said about donald trump that may surprise you. ♪ when i say i need you ♪ you say you better ♪ you better, better, you bet.
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hi friends, how are you doing? i hope you are doing well. michael strahan has officially signed off live from kelly and michael. >> bittersweet. of course, you get nervous like this. i have done this for four years. this is a moment that i didn't appear anticipate being here, at least at this point. but it is here. and we are going to enjoy it i'm not dying. [ laughter ] >> i'm staying around, he says. strahan was expect to do stay on the show through the end of summer. but an unhappy kelly ripa sped up that process it
3:25 am
seemed she only found out he was leaving for good morning america about an hour before it went public. and fired espn host curt schilling ringing endorsement of donald trump. former red sox pitcher fired for social media remarks transgender bathrooms posting this about donald trump. quote, there are two incredibly important things he possesses that neither candidate on the soviet ticket do. he loves this country, can you laugh, you can mock. you are full of crap if the current administration has ever given you the confidence that they love this nation above all else. tucker, over to you. >> thanks, anna. controversy continues this morning after the white house sent a message to schools that they must allow transgender student to use bathroom and locker room of their choice, even if the gender identity they identify with is different from that on their birth certificate. if they don't, they may lose
3:26 am
public funding. is that a good idea? here to debate is an attorney and president of new heights. >> it's interesting the white house has enacted a policy that effects tens of millions of kids and billions of funding but hasn't bothered to define what the word transgender mean. my understanding is your sex is what you say it is. is that your understanding. >> that's the understanding that the white house would want us to believe. actually, this is a bad directive for not only the privacy rights of students, but also for the transgender community. we need to define what transgender is. and, in the case that came out last week, prirp to this ruling, josh block, who is an aclu attorney said transgender students are students who are gone through hormonal replacement therapy, they have gone through significant counseling, these students and the one in particular good afternoon grim who won this case had -- gavin grim.
3:27 am
not saying this definition matters. which is what obama testimony that ma did. you don't have to have any medical proof or i.d. cards. whatever you wake up in the morning and decide you are, and present yourself as, that's the restroom you can use. that's very harmful and definitely violates a hot the privacy ritz of a the hough individuals. >> i don't know christie we are issuing i.d. cards suggesting you can change your sex. you can change your sex biologically? is there any evidence that's possible? >> certainly you can take gender reassignment surgery. we are talking about a bigoted law designed has no purpose than to discriminate against us in this case children who gender identity some officials don't seem to like or feel comfortable with. we have a very sad and embarrassing history in this country of singling out groups of people that we think are different and therefore less than. saying they need to use separate facilities. that's what we are seeing in laws like the north carolina law. i think this is a great move
3:28 am
by the obama administration sending a strong signal to children saying you have worth regardless of what your sexual identity is. >> billions of dollars under small business administration to women owned businesses grants and loans. >> sure. >> what would prevent me from saying i am a woman, my business is owned now by a woman, and i qualify for grants from the federal government? nothing. >> absolutely nothing. >> are there a lot of small businesses being started in elementary schools? because i'm not aware of that. >> take my question seriously. it's a serious question. >> sure. >> sex is what you say it is. those are the new rules. why don't i apply for women owned business grants. >> i think this is a solution. >> one at a time, excuse me. tell me quick why i don't qualify for that if i say i'm a woman. >> this is a solution in search of a problem. not some sort of rash of attacks by trerntiond people in bathrooms. this is a way for people to feel more comfortable with their own homophobe i can't. sorry. >> quickly, lisa?
3:29 am
>> what should have happened is obama took a directive locks like a law because it penalizes cool districts and takes away money if you don't follow it he uses this directive instead of presenting legislation that could be presented to congress and both sides of the aisle could come out proponents, opponents defending this issue privacy verse source the sexual discrimination issues which is what should have been done. >> that would be dangerously democratic because that would let actual voters weigh in and we don't want that thanks so much to both of you for we appreciate it a driver narrow live escapes getting crushed by a truck. allen caught on camera. watch this. holy smokes. how many times can you watch that video? a lot we hope? we are replaying it ahead. and we are firing up the grill on the plaza for national barbecue month. janice is here. send us your pictures with the #fox barbecue fest up
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♪ don't believe me just watch ♪ don't believe me just watch ♪ hey, hey, hey, hey ♪ >> it's your shot of the
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morning, wait until you hear, this friends. leah busting a move at her dad's wedding last night. and, of course, that's the daughter of defensive. >> a year ago the little girl was bedridden in her fight against cancer. as you can see from that video, she has bounced back entirely. >> still posting a beautiful wedding pictures. leah hand her parents are friends of the show. they joined us last month to talk about the big day. leah showed off her flower girl skills. congratulations to them. >> what a great song they pick to do dance to. that was the karaoke song we had on "fox & friends." >> she danced way better than me. >> we have other stories making headlines at 34 minutes after the hour. bad news for summer travelers. the tsa says waiting in a security line is inevitable. this a scene at major airports across the country there week as some security lines stretched more than three hours long. the good news? the tsa is hiring nearly 800 new employees and overtime
3:35 am
has b get passengers through lines faster. and lucky to be alive. a driver narrowly avoids being crushed by overturned truck on a new york bridge in a terrifying video. watch as the driver ironically listening to a traffic report about accidents almost becomes involved in one. police say the truck broke an axle before it flipped over sending scrap metal flying everywhere. at least one other car was hit by the debris. amazingly the truck driver not hurt. nothing short of a miracle that's what a family of 8 is calling it after claiming the 429-million-dollar power ball jackpot in new jersey. >> we had divine intervention gave us the numbers. that's the only way you can explain that. >> the family has the sole winning ticket for last saturday's drawing. the mother who purchased the
3:36 am
ticket chose the lump sum option over the annuity making the winning ticket worth $284 million before taxes. the family family gives to 10% of their money to the church. those are your news headlines. 36 minutes after the hour. janice dean is out and about with a look what's going on in the weather world. >> anna, i have been here 12 years. this might be my most favorite day on "fox & friends weekend." it's barbecue day on the plaza. take a look at the weather first of all and show you 12 booths of barbecue. there are your current temperatures. big story today is we have got a big cold front that's going to sink into the great lakes, midwest and move into the northeast and mid-atlantic on sunday. 10 to 25 degrees below average. we actually might get some snow across the great lakes. that's going to be the big story we will be watching, and, of course, the big story on "fox & friends" for me is the fact that it is barbecue month of may. and we are going to be talking about barbecue all morning. i need a bib. so we will be getting that.
3:37 am
for now, we are going to talk to tucker and clayton. save me some. >> thank you, janice. it's national barbecue month and what better way to celebrate than firing up the grill. restaurants across the country cooking up favorite dishes all morning long. joining me from longhorn steak house executive chef josh evans. you are a master, a genius and gem. thank you for joining us and great cook. what are you making? >> longhorn steak house. share a few tips. people are starting memorial day soon, grilling soon. couple quick tips on how to grill a great steak. >> awesome. what's the most important thing to prepare the steak. >> always start with fresh, never grofn beef. >> good. >> we have 18-ounce bone-in rib eye here. nice bull seasoning at home. home salt, onion powder
3:38 am
garlic powder. season a really really well. >> don't skip because a lot of it is going to come off in the cooking process. start with a nice one inch steak. >> what does a stake steak like that cost retail. >> probably 15, 20 bucks for that size steak. >> we'll be grilling all morning one more tip before we go to clayton. >> absolutely. about two or three minutes on each side, flip about quarter turn going to get you beautiful, beautiful grill mark. >> three minutes, flip, quarter turn on each side. you are a genius. come back. go to clayton morris with dinosaur barbecue. >> i will raise you one here. dinosaur barbecue. we. where are your locations? >> we are here in new york and harlem and brooklyn two new opened in baltimore and chicago. >> dinosaur barbecue. what separates you from the rest of the lineup down here. >> what separates us from these guys we are pit to plate true blue barbecue
3:39 am
joint all day long concluding barbecue. fresh. >> you have sliders here. >> texas brisket smoked about 15 hours. we will get right in the middle of this guy here. and we are looking at it there. beautiful meat. >> now, if i want burnt ends. you hear about burnt ends all the time. >> what's the secret? >> why are burnt ends so delicious? >> they sore delicious because they're the absolute end, extra seasoning on them and that fat just renders down nice and beautiful there. >> look at that let me join you for one of those there. >> awesome. >> fantastic. are you ready for the big competition? >> i am. >> delicious. tough competition, anna. >> is it time? i will see your baked beans and barbecue ends. i will raise you. i'm here with the founder of george's east side barbecue. good morning. >> good morning.
3:40 am
>> thanks for feeding us this morning. i'm from north carolina so i know a thing or two about this. how did you get into business and where are you located? >> i started my restaurant about nine and a half years ago lower east side manhattan. southern barbecues to open up. now there is a lot. >> soul food and southern barbecue. does that mean a lot of butter and cheese and bar be cow. >> a lot of smoke, a lot of friday chicken. a elevate pork. we do it all. >> tell me what goes into this pork barbecue here. >> we do two different types of pulled pork at the restaurant. we do our traditional. it's a classic where we do a tomato catch ketchup base barbecue sauce. dark beer. do a nice dry rub on the pork. smoke that. the other side we do if you are from carolina do a carolina pepper vinegar. >> people don't understand that about north carolina there are couple different kinds. there is vinegar base and sweet sauce. >> absolutely. and since we have opened, we
3:41 am
certainly opened with our classic but we kept getting requests for the carolina so we started to run that as wel we have been selling it out. >> southern twist in the big appear kel. thank you so much. go see at george's east side barbecue. a whole lot more coming up. three more actually next hour. don't go anywhere. keep it dialed right here. the video is frightening. woman held up at gunpoint gas station. carjackers picked the wrong woman to mess with. wait until you see how this one ends. donald trump is now looking for second in command and did you know europeans are actually gambling on his v.p. pick? we'll look at the odds and who has the best shot of being his running mate coming up ♪ must be a lady tonight ♪ luck if you've ever been a lady to begin with ♪ luck be a lady
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>> the crowd went wild. we would like headlines. here they are. talking about living on the edge, the police arrested a man who refused to leave the edge of a trump hotel in las vegas. the man caused a scene after referring to pay a bill. two armed carjackers meeting. putting a gun at a woman and wrestling car keys from her. she relentlessly fight pack forcing them out of the car. despite the fact they threw punches at her. after several minutes both of them gave up and ran away, tails between their legs, clayton? >> thank you, tucker u donald trump is the g.o.p. presidential nominee. who had will he choose as running mate? that's something people in europe are betting on right now. who has the best odds. let's ask oddsmaker and manager of east coast operations darren. nice to see you this
3:46 am
morning. welcome to the show. brought the big boards. we got out the 1980s cheesy las vegas fonts for everyone at home. take us through here. these are your top bets here on these two boards. why are these the top bets? let's start with newt gingrich. >> obviously what this tells you is that people are buying into the idea that donald trump is looking for that political base on the bottom half of the ticket. newt gingrich 11-4. that's just a tick blow 3 to 1. not a huge favorite. it resembles the kentucky derby more than what you would think. the interesting thing to note about newt gingrich is that this is the bet fair odds. in other markets in europe is he a much more decisive favorite than. this in fact, really closing counsel to closer even money. if you like newt gingrich and in europe to bet, that is the place to bet because you are getting 3 to 1 compared to even money elsewhere. >> john kasich was a heated battle up until about a week ago. >> sure. the idea obviously being that john kasich might get
3:47 am
him ohio. again, it's a governor of important swing state. strong political presence that he has been talking about. strong second choice. he has been near the top of this ticket pretty much throughout. >> some people have ruled themselves out of course like nikki haley. we remember the battle before the campaign south carolina primary she is still up here 10 to 1 odds. >> reflective. the odds have dropped dramatically on her. she is going to continue to fall. interesting thing to note is that paul ryan has emerged on the scene in terms of odds where he wasn't to be found prior to this meeting they had the other day. now that they have met and herb everybody seems to like each other once again. paul ryan jumped on to the odds board. 10 to 1 clearly not going to be the v.p. >> clearly not. >> he is up there and you can take that chance. ted cruz up here 14-1. any chance? >> no. >> is there a snow ball's chance that ted cruz is donald trump's vp pick. >> i would say no. 14 to 1. might get 14,000 to one
3:48 am
might be better play than 14 to 1. these are people maybe that don't follow the polls and don't follow that closely see a big name and decide to take a chance. all right, mike. switch up the big tote board. these are value bets. what is a value bet first of all? >> value bet is perhaps odds on somebody that might not necessarily be reflective of the chances. nikki haley taken herself out. she was trending closer to 3 to 1 now up to 10 to 1. chris christie again has drifted up pause he was the favorite until a couple weeks ago when he was picked to head the transition team. people took that as idea of saying if he is going to do that he is not going to be vp. 2 to 1 up to 4 to 1. paul ryan the fact that someone not even mentioned as v.p. jumps on to the board for the first time. >> if you were a betting one who would it be. >> 4 to 1 to chris christie. maybe it's a side step to say is he going to lead the
3:49 am
transition team. throw some people off of their game and at the last minute, you know what? chris christie is the vp wouldn't shock me. >> place your bets. could be chris christie. thanks, darren. coming up on the show, a dramatic rescue caught on camera. look at this. >> someone in there? >> yeah. >> okay. [siren] >> come on! >> three deputies and a good samaritan save two people in a burning car. those deputies join us live with the incredible story next. and a pregnant woman walks into a new york bar. start of a joke. bartenders have to serve her. it's the new rule in new york city. is that a food idea? we will debate it just ahead ♪ do a little day drinking ♪ it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you!
3:50 am
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3:53 am
hi, friends, good morning. a 2 minutes after the hour. dramatic rescue all caught on camera as and boy standers race to pull unconscious man from a burning car. >> you got someone in there? >> yeah. >> okay. [sirens. >> come on. >> well, joining us now are three l.a. county sheriff deputies who made that daring rescue. zachary russell. jeremy carlisle. thank you so much for your time today and for what you did. good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> deputy carlisle, let me start with you. what happened when the call came in? >> basically just got a call that the vehicle had actually crashed into a residence. so i was one of the deputies that was assign to do respond with emergency lights and sirens along with
3:54 am
deputy seringer and deputy marshall. >> deputy marshall, when you got on scene what did you see? >> i was actually asking deputy schneger what do you need help with? and the smoke engine compartment area and he said somebody was trapped inside. >> i understand there was a bystander a samaritan who made the call and really you're crediting with helping we see him there. >> yemen. he was one of the first ones there on scene. and he gave us the extra muscle that we need to do help the individual out of the vehicle. >> want to make sure to mention his name too david perez because is he a hero as well. deputy carlisle. how did you get him out? >> i obviously as you see on the video a team effort because he was pretty much stuck in there his legs were stuck up under the dashboard and pedals there.
3:55 am
so, deputy marshall and deputy and mr. perez there were pulling on his upper body and was able to get into a position that he could reach into the car and free his legs from under the dash and able to pull him out all the way out of the vehicle then. >> i feel like watching the video my heart rate is going up. i can't imagine what that moment was like having to go in toward the flames and in many ways risk your own lives. deputy marshall how did that feel for you at any moment did you consider not going in? >> >> there was actually quite a few moments before even what that video shows that deputy scneger. folk and fire extinguisher was pouring out at us. it was really hard just to breathe. >> i guess his legs were pinned under the dashboard there so it was kind of a harrowing effort to pull him out thereof.
3:56 am
deputy, do you know how the man is doing, what we have is that a driver is in serious but stable condition at a hospital. do you have an update on that? >> last we heard, the driver was in critical condition and passenger was in stable condition. >> just doing what you do following your great training and we do tip our hats to you and thank you for your service. >> thank you. >> have a great day. we hope that man is all right. four minutes before the top of the hour. coming up on "fox & friends weekend." it's donald trump versus the media over his taxes. does anybody really care if he releases them or not? we're reading your emails top of the hour so keep them coming. and speaking of donald trump, i is sitting down for first interview with our very own megyn kelly. inside peek next hour. don't miss it. firing up the grill on national plaza for national barbecue month. send your pictures to fox bbq fest.
3:57 am
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hi, everyone, good morning, saturday the 149 of may, 2016. i'm anna kooiman. this is a fox news alert. woman overboard. a desperate search now underway for a passenger who fell off a carnival cruiseship, who is joining the hunt and what the crews liner is saying now. >> and then donald trump fires back at the media over his tax returns. >> what is your tax rate? >> it's none of your business. you will see it when i release them. >> it's none of your business is it your business? it's america's business. you got an opinion on this. your emails pouring in. >> pregnant woman walks into a new york bar. now bartenders have to serve her. it's the new rule in new york city. is that a good idea?
4:01 am
we will debated it this morning with booze and pregnant ladies. "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ alabama all summer long ♪ ♪ sweet home alabama all summer long. >> "fox & friends" barbecue fest in honor of national barbecue month we are firing up the grills with competition this morning. some of the finest barbecue joints in the country. >> sound track by kid rock in-house band. >> you are -- our buddy toba gets the boxing bells ready, ding, ding. we have a competition going out there on the plaza. who makes the best barbecue? i think it's north carolina. some people say texas, some say tennessee. >> kansas city. >> i grew up in hoya not in
4:02 am
the running. maybe best avocado sandwich. >> new york city has come a long way in the barbecue race. so we're going to be talking to those. ken on twitter wrote us this morning and says i like my barbecue on the smoker. >> maurice brags about shoulder smoked 16 hours. >> keep sending them to us this morning using that #. we will share them throughout the show. all right. meanwhile, a firestorm igniting this morning across the country as the obama administration orders transgender students to have equal access to school bathrooms. >> a couple of states are now refusing to comply with that order. it set off a battle with the white house. >> our garrett tenney is live in washington, d.c. with the latest details. good morning, garrett. >> clayton, anna, and tucker, good morning. not just the bathrooms, locker rooms, housing on college campuses as well as athletics. the white house is defending the letter that it sent out it school districts across the country yesterday billing it as simply guidance that many school
4:03 am
administrators have been asking the department of education for for years. now, the letter does not have the force of law but the warning is clear. schools who do not follow that guide dance to provide full access to transgender students could face lawsuits as well as risk the loss of millions of dollars in federal education funding. that announcement brought swift outrage from many public officials across the country now pushing back including texas lt. governor dan patrick who said the directive from the white house is the biggest issue facing families and schools in america since prayer was taken out of public schools. >> says he is going to withhold funding if schools do not follow the policy. well, in texas, he can keep his 30 pieces of silver. we will not yield to blackmail from the president. >> several states have already said they do not plan on following the director in the white house including texas,
4:04 am
mississippi, and north carolina, which is also in the middle of its own legal battle with the department of justice over a state law restricting access to bathrooms and locker rooms. back to y'all. >> garrett teny. great to see you this morning, garrett. >> thanks, garrett. >> switch goers now four minutes after the hour and start with headlines with because we have a fox news alert for you. coast guard searching for a woman who may have fallen overboard a carnival cruiseship. the crew but put the boat on lockdown searching the entire ship for sarah broberg. >> make sure that every guest must be in their rom. >> coast guard stepped in after video surfaced of the 30-year-old fell overboard. it>> a man accused of shooting
4:05 am
two cops one of them in the face is now charged with attempted murder. fearson was arrested after a manhunt in new hampshire after police recognized him as a suspect in a robbery and he opened fire. the heroic efforts of those two officers reinhardy and matthew o'connor heard over police scanners. >> both officers, thankfully, expected to be okay. also this morning, thousands turning out to honor a fallen navy seal killed by isis. charlie keating killed by the terrorist army in iraq as he went to the aid of military advisors during an ambush. military members from every branch showing up to lay him to rest in his california hometown. keating was considered a local hero who secretly married his fiancee just prior to his last deployment in hopes of protecting her if he died. he was posthumously awarded the silver star and purple
4:06 am
heart for his heroism. how much does it cost if you get caught red-handed? apparently a thousand bucks. that's the fine vanessa hudgens. carved a heart vanessa and austin into the rock wall. she later posted a photo of it in her instagram which landed her in trouble. the money will be used to restore the rock wall and those are your headlines. >> a lot of people instagram their own crimes. you have noticed this? >> we should have a whole segment just devoted to that. instead we have some politics to talk about. >> yes, we do, on abc yesterday george stephanopoulos host of sunday show asked donald trump hey, why aren't you releasing your tax returns and by the way what is the effective tax rate that you pay in federal taxes. here is how trump responded. >> frankly our country doesn't know what they are doing with tax money that's the problem.
4:07 am
i fight hard to pay as little tax as possible. >> what is your tax rate? >> it's none of your business. you will see it when i owe lease it. i pay as little tax as possible. >> i first asked but this in 2011. you said you would release your tax returns then. when president obama releases birth certificate. he did. you said you would release your tax returns when secretary clinton has turned over emails. >> she has turned over all the emails in her possession. >> she didn't turn over all. i read yesterday there is a lot missing. i know she is a good friend of hers and you worked for them and didn't reveal it she didn't turn over emails lo a lot missing. >> emails from staff missing. >> there are emails missing all over the place. >> it's an interesting question. [ laughter ] >> that was hilarious. >> i'm not going to tell you what my effective tax rate is. you will see it when i release it. mitt romney a few months ago had come out famously and said, look, release your tax returns. donald trump fired back said he called him a dope.
4:08 am
wait a second failed presidential candidate ironic he is asking for me to release the tax returns. dent worry you will see themów look, i pay a lot of taxes in this country and the government wastes my money. that's all you need to know. >> he said right there i try to pay as few taxes as possible. governor romney even more recently than a month ago or so. >> like three days ago. >> he also said that he nodes to release them and if not it disqualifying if trump doesn't release tax returns. tell billions priorities, how much wealth he has, conflicts of interest. how much he has given to charity. hidden inappropriate association. >> of all the things i care about mitt romney's opinion at the very bottom. yet, i think it's legitimate to ask what's in donald trump's tax rushes. is he a presidential nominee. i also think george stephanopoulos worked for the clintons and gave money to the organization shouldn't be covering the campaign. right? that's not a conflict.
4:09 am
>> that's a whole other question. let us know what you think about this. viewers writing in on it the issue. coin a phrase, what difference does it make? salary has nothing to do with his being president. >> donnie writes the irs is run boy the democrats and they would have jumped all over it if there was something there. >> diana writes to say who cares cares about trump's taxes if he wasn't in the clear, the irs would be at his door. >> speaking about tax policy, bill clinton has a massive tax exempt foundation, two of them really. he was asked about it on the campaign trail yesterday. stumping for his wife in new jersey. he showed up an hour late. he said he was caught in traffic behind an accident. is he always late. he showed up and got attacked from all sides. watch. here is part of it.
4:10 am
>> i don't know what they are. i'm not aware of but, yes, i deny it. >> that's exactly what he said. i don't know what the charges are, but they're untrue. >> the charges are that he directed that the clinton foundation directed millions of dollars for a for-profit company. a friend of the clintons and this woman, this blonde who washoe up at their home while hillary clinton was out of town that by the security that was there at his house would call her the energizer because she was always around. >> the attractive blonde divorce ye, you mean. >> she came forward and said we didn't have an affair. that company has received millions of dollars from the clinton foundation. >> not only the clinton foundation but also bill clinton tried to sway government to give her taxpayer money, too. >> i know nothing about the relationship between clinton and the attractive blonde divorcee the "new york post" is writing. have made the clintons
4:11 am
extremely rich and friends extremely rich and employees extremely rich while having no impact on the third word world. >> the clinton global initiative who he has put his face on, of course. you know what? they are looking into it. they totally handle it i'm separate from them, really. i'm really separate. >> you wonder how much they are shaking in their walks not just about the clinton it's very feared by many democrats ahead of this november election. >> janice dean is out on the plaza this morning. she has been out there testing out all the b@rbecue. we have your forecast. >> i love the taste of barbecue. we have a cold front moving across the great lakes and midwest and that's going to bring some rain and even some higher elevation snow as this is pretty potent cold front that's going to follow this next system that's going to push into the northeast, good news for the barbecue on the plaza. rain is going to come this afternoon. hook at lows overnight across the northern plains
4:12 am
and upper midwest getting into the freezing advisory territory right there across many states it's going to be below freezing. i'm going to continue to eat my barbecue and do more of the celebration later. back to you guys. >> enjoy. >> thanks, janice. >> you are the best janice dean. coming up next, the commonwealth of kentucky has been considered clinton company historically democratic state. the tide appears to be turning. the next guest was a democrat. he changed his party to vote for donald trump. will we see more of that come november. >> mark zuckerberg denies that facebook expresses conservative news. his checkbook tells a different story. we're following that coming up. ♪ go on take the money and run ♪ i have asthma...
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4:16 am
en. hillary clinton is campaigning in the commonwealth of kentucky this week ahead of the primary there on tuesday. historically, kentucky has been clinton country. hillary won the primary there by a massive margin against barack obama in 2008ment but could bernie sanders edge her out this time? is that state changing dramatically? joining us now for his perspective is david, a former democratic councilman for clark county kentucky. he just switched parties so he could vote for donald trump. great to see you this morning. have you been a your whole life a lot of people have been now you are not so you could vote for donald trump. why did you switch. >> one reason it's not working. the system we have now is not working. we are over $16 trillion in debt. i feel mr. trump can come and get us better deals. can work out. is he baseman.
4:17 am
-- he is a businessman. i don't want my children dave and erika to grow up in debt all their lives. so i feel like mr. trump, with working deals, with especially the companies going overseas and bringing things back to sell here. we just want to be fair. it's got to be fair. he says he puts -- he is going to put 30% tax on everything that comes into this country from overseas. i think it's just fair that we have fair business. that's all we're asking. >> so, i mean, this is a big change. you were a democratic official. presumably you voted for hillary in 2008 in the primary most democrats did in kentucky. why do you think she sin capable of addressing the issues you just named? >> i just feel like we are bringing what's been in the past. i voted for bill and i voted for obama that had good ideas. obama packed the people -- he was saying things that people wanted to hear and things he did get done. i believe my strongest point for mr. trump is, he will call out congress. you have got to have a
4:18 am
congress that works with you. and mr. trump is not afraid, doesn't owe anybody anything. he has been self--he has done it himself. i feel like he will call these people out. and we have got to work together. i mean, to work together, the deal that he can make, the influence he has and it just -- i feel like he is a better deal. >> bernie sanders could win the democratic primary in kentucky. hillary was so popular eight years agoward states. west virginia, kentucky, arkansas yet she looks like she is win to sanders. >> kentucky coal miners big business in kentucky. i know they have always been talking about cutting them out you don't expect them to support them if they are talking about that. >> traditional democrats.
4:19 am
people whose family have voted democrat for generations in states like kentucky. do you think a lot of people will follow your lead. do you know people like you in kentucky, democrats who are switching to vote trump? >> whable is mr. trump is telling people what they want to hear. i grew up as a democrat. always heard we need a common man in there. we need a common man that votes on thing. i think you are getting as close as can you get with mr. trump. is he not politically correct every time, but he is there. and i know he is going to stand up for us. he is going to make america great. and that's his saying there is making american great. i believe he will work hard. the clintons did very well. when bill was, in i believe the nation was in very good shape. we did great. and then obama came in. we were in a mess. i think he did very good things but they couldn't work together. and where are we at today? $16 trillion in debt or more now. so, i believe mr. trump is not afraid to say what he
4:20 am
feels and people -- there is people that comes up to me and says i'm going it vote for trump. and i don't know why they don't say it loud. i don't know what's wrong with this world that people can't say how they feel outloud. mr. trump does and we need to get behind mr. trump. >> that's a good point. david abbot joining us live from kentucky. thanks for coming on. >> thank you. >> well, billboard was a memorial to our fallen officers and then black lives matter protesters tore it down. that actually happened. we'll tell you where and what the reaction was coming up. and then a pregnant woman walks into a new york city bar and the bartenders have to server if she asks. it's not the start of a joke. it's a new rule here in new york city. is it a good idea or completely commented? demented? new panel weighs in on it next ♪ hey bartenders ♪ bring it till his memory fades away
4:21 am
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x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. welcome back, falling numbers one thing. news boy the numbers. first up, 40. that's how many cells make up drug king pin el chapo prison security area new mexico right with the border with texas. members of the cartel were moved out of his way and relocated. 40 empty prison cells. next up, 9 million. that's how many americans over the age of 65 are still working. according to the u.s. bureau of labor, that's more than twice the number of senior citizens who remain working in 1994. and 1500. that's how many mini bottles of liquor a delta airlines flight attendant is accused of stealing and turning around and selling them on craigslist. rachel trevor would hide
4:25 am
several bottles in her bag after each flight and then sell them each for a dollar. buy that for a dollar. anna? >> all right. it's the start of a debate. not a joke. pregnant woman walks into a bar. the bartender can't deny her alcohol. that's illegal in new york city under new human rights guidelines. why? because it's apparently discriminatory. our guests are here to debate whether that's a good idea. reporter for hollywood and a bartender mixologist and dr. carla is a obgyn. good morning, ladies. you all picked coral this morning. what do you think about this chloe? >> as somebody myself who is looking to start a family, i cannot imagine at all drinking while pregnant. i say, you know, i get it if you are going to have maybe a couple sips of peer or couple sips of wine in the confines of your own home, fine. you are going to go to a bar and order a drink?
4:26 am
i feel like the surgeon jenny amount of alcohol can severely impact your child negatively. only nine months. is it that hard not to have a drink for fine months. you are a doctor what do you say. >> leave the medicine to the doctors and leave the law to the lawyers. the law doesn't bother me one way or another. i know what i'm going to tell my patients. i'm going to tell them there is no minimum amount of alcohol known to be safe. so don't drink. you know, if the law says that they are allowed to be served, that's up to the woman to decide. >> is that right? no alcohol at all? i have a couple of friends who have had a couple of glasses of wine here and there and their doctors said if you have a glass of red wine with dinner it's okay every once in a while if you are pregnant you advise against it? >> i advise against it only because of this if you have a glass of wine pregnant probably going to do absolutely nothing. you shouldn't sit there and worry but i have to do the highest good. i have to tell you, listen, we don't know, so if you can just abstain for these nine
4:27 am
months. >> pamla, as a bartender, if a woman comes, in she is seven months pregnant, super-showing, give me a dry martiny on the rocks, what do you say to that. >> few issues already. we can never assume that someone is pregnant. we don't know like sometimes they have big bellies. >> sometimes you know they are about to pop. >> we can't have walk into the bar and discriminate against them. only reason we cannot serve alcohol anyone under 21 years old. anybody who has been over served already overly intoxicated. anybody who is a problem to the property. to other guests who is a nuisance, we have the right to a refusal. you cannot refuse the right to drink to anybody because of their gender, their race, ethnicity, religion, so on and so forth. so, it's difficult. actually, in a six of called tips training that a lot of bartenders have across the country we have always been told if a woman is pregnant and comes in the bar you cannot refuse service. for a lot the bartenders this isn't something new. something we have been trained about. i cannot recall a time i
4:28 am
have actually served a pregnant woman in my car. most tend to drink like mock tails or soda water. it's not my place. it's not -- you know, i can't project my morals and values on somebody else. >> doctor, that's what you say the highest standard is no alcohol at all. >> no alcohol. >> thank you so much for weighing in this morning. >> all right. >> none of us are pregnant here so let's have a cocktail. 28 minutes after the hour. coming up on the program it's donald trump against megyn kelly. >> do you think it's the journalist role to be nice to presidential candidates at a debate? >> fair. i don't care if they are nice. >> we have a sneak peek of the interview everybody is waiting for. plus, mark scrurekberg denies that facebook expresses conservative news. but do his donations tell a different story? charles payne is in studio and following the money trail coming up. also, my friends, we are firing up the grill on our plaza or grills, plural, for national barbecue month. clayton has a juicy
4:29 am
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no problem. that's a lot of dishes& i'll use a lot of detergent. dish issues? get cascade platinum. one pac cleans tough food better than 6 pacs of the bargain brand combined. cascade. >> fox news alert. teens in massachusetts on
4:33 am
the way to prom he escape from a limo that bursts into flames. >> it start to do get really big and it looked like it was going to explode. pretty big. >> the limo was headed to the dance last night when the students inside smelled smoke. they got out safely before their ride. luckily for the students there was another prom ride driving behind them gave them a lift over to prom. >> beat that story for your prom night. wow. glad everybody is okay. 33 minutes after the hour. emotional homecoming. the tennessee girl allegedly kidnapped by her uncle returns home to her family safe and sound. 9-year-old carolina trent went-carlie trent went missing when her uncle took her out of school without permission of the community came together to search for the little girl. after more than a week two good samaritans stumbles upon carlie and simpson deep in some woods and held the suspect at gunpoint until help arrived. we're told simpson is being held on a million dollars bond. and imagine coming home only to find someone stealing packages right off your front porch.
4:34 am
that's exactly the scenario happening in california. >> if i were you, i would put that down. >> why? because that is my stuff. i live here. this is my house. >> my mom lives here. >> i am going to call the police on you. >> well, the los angeles man in shock after the thief throws his packages to the ground and walking away as if nothing happened. the woman in the video hasn't been identified but police are now searching for her. a bulletin board battle at dartmouth, it started with this display put there by the student group dartmouth college republicans. meant to followen officers. black lives matter student activists had a problem with the phrase at the bottom. blue lives matter. well, those protesters tearing down the display, replacing it with this. 34 pieces of paper all with the same message saying you cannot co-op the movement against state violence to memorialize the
4:35 am
perpetrators. in other words, they are saying police violence was the reason that phrase began so they shouldn't be able to use it move to your news headlines and extreme weather following. we have seen storms like this. twister wreaking havoc in mayfield, kentucky. some thunderstorms that could pack a severe punch reigniting east coast. janice dean with a closer look on where and when we can expect that weather j.d. >> good morning, anna. watching for the potential of strong storms. i don't think we are going to see tornadoes per se across the northeast but we have got a cold front moving. in let's take a look at it real quick across the country. we have got that cold front, a pea tent one that's going to bring temperatures 10 to 20 degrees employee average. look at that across the upper midwest and great lakes. we might even see some snow. sunday that dips as far as south as the tennessee and mississippi river valley in towards the northeast. that cold front that is pushing across the ohio valley will move into the northeast later on today. so we have got a nice morning, especially for new
4:36 am
york and d.c., up towards boston. then we will see showers and thunderstorms. you know, we recollected see a rumble of thunder and maybe hail, damaging winds for parts of the northeast as well as texas. and then tomorrow, more along the texas coast line there. all right. we are talking about barbecue. virgil, thank you so much. i'm going to have one of these wings as i toss over to clayton. ready? >> thank you, janice. speaking of wings, it's national barbecue month and continuing celebration by firing up the grill. chefs serving up favorite barbecue classics here on the plaza. we are here with a barbecue with a german twist. >> nice to see you, franco. >> how are you doing? >> good. as anna steals some of your -- that's the german twist. what are and i love german food and i love wings. how do you combine them to get that twist? >> well, actually, we history german and barbecue is back in the history
4:37 am
linked together. texas was looking for -- germans came and they made sauces making, especially the brisket. >> so what is this? >> this is a pork meat. it's called family of six or seven people. we do these in the restaurant every week. >> that looks amazing. how would you properly described. this this is our brule sauces and smoked wings. >> what's the secret to your wings? >> well, our secret is our dry rub. >> you put the dry rub on? >> dry rub, we britain -- brine. >> you like the zesty. >> i love it. >> hot and blue. this is the legendary barbecue restaurant where i
4:38 am
live in the mid-atlantic states. mccann, sunny mcknight, the pit master. gentlemen, you have the best barbecue restaurant in my opinion. how do you do it? what's the secret? >> we are authentic. >> you are authentic. totally real. >> authentic. >> you have been standing in the pit for 27 years. >> 27 years. >> how do you add the flavor that makes you distinct. >> it takes 12 hours. it takes 12 hours cook time. >> that's a long time. >> you can't buy it in the can. it is 12 hours. >> i thought you microwaved it? [ laughter ] made fresh potato salad is made every four hours. number one complemented item. people come back. >> what does this master piece? >> this, now that you brought it up, when we cook this, determine whether or not it's done. when it gets turn easy off the bone means it is cooked away from the pony. >> pardon my ignorance and i'm not a vegan what is
4:39 am
this. >> pork shoulder. >> you take that shot, easily it comes off. >> holy smokes. >> now what do you do with the fat calf? >> that's trash, that's gone. >> you don't give it to your dogs? >> i will tell you what, i better not say that. >> i would eat the fat calf. >> we had a president that we would cook for and they would send it over, he loved them. >> i bet that was george h.w. bush. >> that's right. >> i know my red hot and blue history. thank you for joining us. anna kooiman over at the next. >> came all the way from kansas city, kansas to the big apple. slaps barbecue. who is the older procedure. >> that's me. >> who would be the better looking brother. >> that would be me. >> america can vote. >> how did you get in the business. >> we started in the competition barbecue. competitions are big thing. out there competing 30 times a year putting our food on the line. we decided we want to put our food on the line against
4:40 am
the other restaurants in kansas city. we did. we have grown exponentially. one of the top barbecue restaurants in the country. that gave us opportunity to partner with heinz and create a kansas city sweet and smoky sauce find in any store. >> is that what kansas city is known for sweet and smoky sauce. >> sweet and smoky that's a perfect definition of kansas style barbecue. >> let me try your baked beans. heinz sauce and everything. it's a real nice balance blend and should give you the feel of what kansas city barbecue is all about. >> you also sell your rubs. do you use a rub and a sauce? >> absolutely. kansas city starts with complex flavor profile of nice dry rub. squeal like a pig. perfect blend. >> squeal like a pig. >> you can literally put it on anything. and it will turn out your products great. >> pearce brothers, thanks, guys. >> we appreciate it. >> big show coming up. guys, don't go anywhere. we have more barbecue on the plaza and recipes and ideas for you.
4:41 am
coming up, driver narrowly escapes getting crushed by a truck. the incredible video that will have you jump out of your seat, plus, mark zurich -- zuckerberg denies facebook is quashing conservative views. >> oh my god. [ laughter ] ♪ oh baby ♪ it's making me crazy ♪ it's making me crazy ♪ every time i look around ♪ every time i look around ♪
4:42 am
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4:45 am
conservative content. zuckerberg denies vehemently that's happening. he has invited some conservatives to meet with hill. what about his own contributions? who has he given money to? what are his politics, this most powerful man in media? here to tell us is the great charles payne the host of "making money" on fox business a man who weeks literally seven days a week and beloved here at fox news. great to see you. >> same here. >> no one has more powerful in the media business than zuckerberg. >> sure. >> millennials get 65% of their mill information from facebook. what do we know about his politics? >> it's hard to pin him down but we do know he is the globalist guy who wants -- he is the open borders, globalist guy because, remember, facebook is a global company. 1.6 billion people. they have nor users than any country out there. and 66% of their users go to this site every single day it is undeniably the most powerful influential voice in the world. and so he wants -- he is one of these world guys. listen, he started an
4:46 am
organization designed continue to crease immigration. legal immigration but immigration in this country at a time when americans are saying hey, what about us? >> because is he totally insulated from the effects of low skilled immigration because he is the richest guy in the world. >> the money part doesn't matter to him. silicone valley, by the way, this is where they spend 1/3 of the people who live there are immigrants. half the force is immigrants. two thirds of the kids are immigrants. if you want to talk about an example of a world view. so, here you have a presidential candidate, donald trump, who is against illegal immigration obviously but also, listen, my campaign slogan is put america first. and it's sort of contradictory. i will tell you though he did become the richest guy in the world at this young of an age by being dumb] -- he. >> given 28200 to democrats
4:47 am
and 13200 to republicans. >> this election cycle they have gone overwhelmingly republicans. the company itself. the policemen -- the employees overwhelmingly to hillary clinton. you have two ways information gets on facebook. how it trends. you have got algorithms which are programs so they don't have any emotional attachment. also people involved. these are the same people who have overwhelmingly donate to do hillary clinton. this is where the rub comes in. this is where the question marks. >> 100 years ago carnegie incredible fortunes. measures were really concerned about that these guys have too much power they said and teddy roosevelt was elect to do respond to that no one is saying about mark zuckerberg who has more power and this carnegie and rockefeller had. is saying that. and some point they will. it's dicey situation. we know ultimately the market takes care of all of
4:48 am
these sort of things. listen, he dovetails the mainstream media is he the ideological era of the mainstream media newspapers that overwhelmingly sort of go for democrats and liberal perspectives. >> he does have that perspective. here is his view on donald trump. he said this in april. watch. >> i hear fearful voices calling for building walls and distancing people they label as others. for blocking free expression, for slowing immigration. >> so we're getting a moral exercise from a billionaire child in a t-shirt and we're supposed to think that that's like not effecting the news coverage from facebook? >> not only effecting the news coverage but it is effecting the coverage of young people. people coming up in this country. people coming up in the world. remember though, he learned how to speak mandarin. is he married to a woman from china. you know, his business is growing. he is going to have a lot more people that he is accountable to outside of this country. >> i love the fact that select temperaturing trump
4:49 am
on free expression and sucking up to the chinese dictators in russia rather in china. charles payne, it's early but you are more articulate than i am. thank you. >> thank you. i appreciate it. >> coming up, what do female voters want. a lot of them don't prefer hillary clinton weirdly. >> i want one word phrase to describe hillary clinton. >> corrupt. >> liar. >> deceiver. >> opportunist. >> whoa, that's not good. we'll have more on female views of hillary clinton coming up next. and then hula cross star take as hard hit and suffers a traumatic brain injury. now her family is suing the school saying they didn't do enough to protect her. they join us next with details. stay tuned. ♪ carry on ♪ may the path sound of your feet upon the ground ♪ carry on
4:50 am
when you've been making delicious natural cheese for over 100 years like kraft has, you learn a lot about how people cook. i wish i had like four different mexican cheeses but in one super melty cheese. it does exist! you still have two cheese wishes left.
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4:53 am
welcome back. her life changed with just one hit. take a look at your screen. now florida hula cross player says those paid to protect her failed and the family suing the player who hit her. the school district and the state's athletic conference. why? they say she should have been pulled from the game when she showed signs of the head injury. that hit resulted in a traumatic brain injury. joining us now with their story is lacrosse player kendall holly and her mother amy. nice to see both of you this morning. kendall, must be incredibly difficult to watch that video of that hit. take us back to that moment. what happened? >> well, i mean, it was just normal going down for a ground ball and then like all of a sudden i felt something hit my head. i heard the whistle blow from the ref. i turned around what the ref
4:54 am
was calling and it was a rush to my head. i took off all my gear and had sudden pain. that's pretty much all i remember. >> all you remember. and everything goes dark. what happened? your coach was supportive but, did you feel that the officials did enough to help you? >> they didn't really, i guess, care enough to do anything about it. i actually stayed in the game for the rest of the game i stayed in. and no one evaluated and checked me. so i was in the parking lot after the game. >> amy, you then filed a lawsuit. what is this lawsuit -- what are you hoping to accomplish with this lawsuit? >> well, the main thing is, we, you know, everybody knows that in every state that you sign a paper stating that, you know, injuries can happen. but, i don't sign a paper saying that my child can be neglected after the injury occurs. and that's the biggest problem. especially here that we're dealing in orange county.
4:55 am
even including this season with another player from another team going down on the field and nobody taking care of them. they need to be taken care of when they have an injury just like the boys lacrosse or boys football. they need to be taken care of. especially if they are hit above the shoulder. they need to be taken out of the play and evaluated. we had a trainer there on the field. she was sit until a golf cart thought taking care or paying attention to the game. we had two referees on the field. not taking care of the situation. >> amy do you think. >> this is a sliply slope for lawsuits. you know what you are getting involved with la crossments we hear the stories about lacrosse harder for head injuries than football and that it's really dangerous. >> most definitely. don't you know you are getting into this -- where is the slippery slope here? >> where is the what? i apologize? >> slippery slope argument on this. opening up the schools. see a mountain of lawsuits coming down the pike because of this. you know what you are getting into when you sign those forms to play. >> yes. you know what you get into. but you don't -- you are
4:56 am
signing those forms stating there can be an injury just like in football for boys or lacrosse for boys or softball getting hit with a ball. but your child is not supposed to be neglected on the playing field. just like they are not going to be neglected. they are going to be paid attention to in the classic as well as on the field playing. >> ken drarks one of the argument on your side is that the boy's equipment is different than the girls. how so? >> well, they are a contact sport. they have helmets, shoulder pads, gloves. they use those because they are a contact sport but they -- what everybody doesn't understand is that in girl's lacrosse, we still have like sticks. we still -- we can still hit people even if it is a noncontact sport. things can happen. >> we are glad you are doing better this morning kendall holly and amy. we appreciate you joining thus morning and telling us your side of the story. we appreciate it. >> thank you for having us. we appreciate it. >> coming up on the show. fbi director james comey saying taking video of cops
4:57 am
can be making police hesitant and driving up crime in this country. what does bo dietl think? he joins us next hour. mexico has a business plan to stop trump. we'll tell you what it is. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis.
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hey there friends, good morning, are saturday, the 149 of may. 2016. i'm anna kooiman. a heart stopping moment on a highway. that tractor-trailer overturning on a bridge nearly crushing the cars next to it. >> wow. and hillary clinton thought for sure she had the female vote locked up. listen to this. >> i want a word or phrase to describe hillary clinton. >> corrupt. >> liar. >> deceiver. >> opportunist. >> deceiver? opportunist? wow. they are not undecided. that's not all those voters had to say about the former secretary of state. we have got the rest of their reaction straight
5:01 am
ahead. >> good thing they don't do a focus group on me. heart stopping moment airmen surprises down syndrome deployment. >> he found his opening. >> dad? >> dad! >> hear their story firsthand when they join us live on the show. "fox & friends" hour three starts right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ and it's a great day to be alive ♪ i know the sun still shining when i close my eyes >> we know how to party on this show. >> yeah, we do. >> beer, barbecue. and not just one barbecue company we get like 30. >> whole plaza full from all over the country. big competition using the #fox barbecue. have you been sending in photos of barbecue. celebrating may national barbecue month. >> of course it is. feeding the multitudes on
5:02 am
the plaza 48th and sixth avenue. join us new are in midtown, manhattan. >> you know normally when you dream up something like this never quite stacks up. this has exceeded my expectations. >> even charles payne set i don't want to come inside and do this segment i want to stand outside and eat barbecue. he did. art sent photos this morning useed a #. got camera and start shooting. >> no word how that fire ended. shares the photo of the dedicated barbecue man working in the rain. you are a lucky lady aid degree ona. >> sent this in. the real deal barbecue from texas. >> everything is bigger in texas. >> that's true. if i can say, better. >> 16 hours out there. >> slow turn. >> keep sending them to us. use that #fox barbecue. >> two hours left.
5:03 am
parents from lawmakers across this country outrage as the obama administration mandates trearnd bathrooms transgender bathrooms at all schools. garrett tenney is live in washington with all of the details. good morning, garrett. a lot of suing going on. >> absolutely. the message from the white house is clear. get on board with this policy or face the consequences. that could mean lawsuits as well as losing out on millions of precious dollars in education funding if schools choose not to provide full, equal access to transgender students. that includes access to bathrooms, locker rooms, and athletic teams to name a few. the implications of the policy could be even mover more widespread though. the outrage was swift. several states have said they do not plan on following the directive, including north carolina, mississippi, and texas. >> he says he is going to withhold funding if schools
5:04 am
do not follow policy. well, in texas, he can keep his 30 pieces of silver. we will not yield to blackmail from the president. >> the white house sent out a letter to school districts across the country announcing a directive saying it's simply the guidance that many school administrators have been asking for for years. >> it's actually to ensure that our schools are as inclusive and respectful and safe as they can possibly be. >> does not look like this fight will be over any time %on. several states and conservative groups have already vow to do sue the white house over this mandate. back to y'all. >> thanks, garrett. here's my question. does hillary really want to run on this the middle class is dying and they are talking about transgendered bathroom? >> middle class is disseminated.
5:05 am
>> transgender bathrooms will fix it. >> following other stories making headlines. get straight to this one at 4 minutes after the hour. heart-stopping moment on the highway. look at this. that driver narrowly avoiding being crushed by an overturned truck on a new york bridge. police say the truck broke an axle before it flipped over, sending scrap metal flying. at least one other car was hit by the debris. amazingly the truck driver not hurt. and the coast guard searching for a woman who may have fallen overboard carnival cruiseship put the ship on lockdown searching the entire ship for broberg. >> >> the coast guard stepped in after video surfaced much the 33-year-old falling overboard. the boat was about 200 miles
5:06 am
from galveston, texas where it is docked year around. and bad news travelers. the lines so long the tsa says waiting in long security lines, too, inevitable. this is the scene at major airports across the country this week as some security lines stretch more than three hours long. the good news, the tsa is hiring nearly 800 new employees and overtime has been approved to get passengers through those lines. and it's the interview everybody has been waiting for. it's a sneak peek of megyn kelly's special prime time interview with donald trump. >> you said you didn't feel that the moderators had been nice. do you think it's the journalist's role to be nice to presidential candidates at a debate? >> fair. i don't care if they are nice. >> you use the word nice. >> well, okay. no, i don't think so. i might have said they were not nice. that doesn't mean they have to be nice. >> you know it's not a cocktail party. >> i will tell you what, in a certain way what you did
5:07 am
might have been a favor because i felt so good about having gotten threw. i said if i can get through this debate with those questions you can get through anything. >> don't miss it. prime time special this tuesday on fox tv. those are your headlines. >> the pressure is on this morning for the speaker of the house paul ryan. of course, they famously had this meeting this week. donald trump meeting with g.o.p. chairman in the city of d.c. to hash out the future of the republican party. and paul ryan coming out saying, hock, we are not going to hash all these things out in 45 minutes. beginning of the process. didn't come out and throw his support behind donald trump nine other house chairman are now supporting donald trump. take a look at your screen. here they are. and some of them very close to paul ryan. so is paul ryan sort of waffling, waiting too long? >> it's hard to predict the future. of course trump was just coach by republican primary voters as the nominee. of course he will get behind him. i talked to a member of congress who knows ryan well and likes him he said this
5:08 am
does come down to one issue, immigration. not about the economic policies, immigration. trump and paul ryan have very different views. ryan is basically an open borders guy, not an attack on him but he believes in increased immigration. trump just doesn't. that's really what it comes down to. >> you think eventually, though, you think he will get behind him. >> i think both their interests align on this. it doesn't help paul ryan to be against his party's nominee and doesn't help trump to have the speaker against him. >> reince priebus was on this program yesterday and asked him he has got to get behind him if he is going to lead the convention doesn't he have to. >> priebus said it would be awkward if he didn't. >> what do foreign countries think? now you know the government mexico actively weighing in on elections in the united states. hate trump and doing everything they can to stop him including encouraging mexican citizens in the u.s. to become american citizens and vote against trump. >> so they can vote. in fact, vicente fox the
5:09 am
former mexican president gone "on the record" saying can you count all the mexicans against the democratic party. so are they starting to even kind of try to woo and even buy votes in some ways? >> and they're influencing american businesses and mexican businessmen who work in america and have businesses frankly that have moved to mexico. they are saying that the best way to stop trump, to stop, and i'm quoting, to his xenophobic, racist or uninformed with racist. they will send out fact sheets and things like that in refuting what they say are daily attacks against mexico. >> i love this. so trump criticizes the government of mexico. can you agree or disagree. how is that racist? there is nothing racist about that. wanting secure borders. wanting to know who is in your country and who is not. wanting to limit low wage.
5:10 am
it's not racist. whether you agree or not it's unfair attack. >> on the other side of the aisle, hillary clinton seems to think she has the woman vote on lock especially because donald trump is the presumptive no, ma'am thief the republican party physically handing out woman card. frank luntz had a panel with female voters. here is what they had had to say about hillary clinton. >> i want a word or phrase to describe hillary clinton. >> corrupt. >> liar. >> deceiver. >> opportunist. >> hillary has devoted her life, she is extremely intelligent. she spent her whole life in service to this nation and service to women. >> as a woman i didn't get any special treatment where i'm at today. i went out and earned it myself. i don't think women should get special treatment. >> is that what she is asking for. >> how about empowering women and men and women to negotiate for themselves in business. >> when a politician appeals to you as a woman, what do you say back to them.
5:11 am
>> i'm offended. i am a person. my gender is really irrelevant in judging them or being treated. my degree is electrical engineering. i worked in a male feed. it was -- male field. >> don't treat me like a victim. >> i don't need hillary fighting for me. i will fight on my own. >> don't pander to woman. >> it will be interesting to see how all this shakes out. a couple of the women there said in that panel gender is irrelevant. when you go in voting booth when the curtains are pulled and you see a woman's name on the ballot versus a man's name, you know, what goes on? you may say publicly in focus group. what really happens behind the curtains. >> look at the numbers on the democratic side. hillary clinton is losing young, democratic voters who are women by a margin of like 70 to 30 to bernie trump. [ laughter ] i mean to bernie sanders. >> he is not doing well with women. that is one thing that
5:12 am
hillary clinton can vote for. my generation has seen a lot of female ceos and business leaders and seen women do all kinds of great things and, yes, you want to see a female president before you die. i would certainly like to. does that mean because this is your option that's who you should vote for. >> don't you feel patronized to you she is a woman. you are a woman. she looks like you. vote for her. doesn't that mean you are dumb if you vote because of her appearance? >> elizabeth warren on the two women. >> i'm supporting bernie because is he a man. most important thing to me is the gender of the candidate. still ahead, dramatic rescue caught on camera. >> you got someone in there? >> yeah. >> okay. [siren] a burning car. three deputies and a good samaritan run toward the flames and rescue the people inside. you'll hear from those heroes just ahead. >> then donald trump is
5:13 am
looking for a running mate. so who is the odds-on favorite? we will see how vegas is betting on the election coming up. ♪ that if you're going to play the game, boy ♪ you've got to learn to play it right ♪ you got know when to hold them ♪ know when to fold them ♪ know when to walk away ♪ and know when to run ♪ you never count your money tired of working for peanuts? well what if i told you that peanuts can work for you? that's right. i'm talking full time delivery of 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients. ever see a peanut take a day off? i don't think so. harness the hardworking power of the peanut. at our retirement plan today. not now! i'm cleaning the oven!
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5:17 am
darren. it's great to see you this morning. >> thanks for having me. >> vegas has a pretty good track record in anticipating events. pretty good. seems is that presidential elections are better than four super bowl. four years ago barack obama was a favored general election. hillary clinton running at the same kind of level. we will see how it changed. usually the favorite in a presidential election as we get closer pretty much accurate. >> this year is definitely anomaly. let's take a look at the list as oddsmakers see it number one is newt gingrich. 11 to 4. for those of us who don't bet what does that mean. >> slightly below 3 to 1. for every dollar you bet you would win 11. this is higher odds in newt gingrich than some of the other books in europe. loot of them have him down close to even money. so betting exchanges which is kind of like the stock market. means that if you don't like a particular candidate like newt gingrich, you can actually take the action
5:18 am
from other people who want to bet on newt gingrich. you are essentially your own bookmaker saying i don't think newt gingrich is going to be the vice presidential nominee i will lay him to you. asking bid. >> secondary market in vp betting. john kasich governor of ohio running with trump. that's a lot on one ticket. odds are high. >> basically people support kasich think putting the governor of ohio on the ticket is probably going to win him ohio. there is a lot of talk that he wants somebody with a firm political background. obviously kasich fits the mold. co-second choice with another governor. >> yeah, chris christie of new jersey, both still sitting governors. jeff sessions, obviously the senator from alabama. the choice of a lot of conservatives in washington. premier in the center 6 to 1. >> pretty good odds for somebody who has been out in favor of trump for quite some time. trump speaks favorably of n. public as well. obviously a lot of that gets him into the top five as well. it's going to be interesting
5:19 am
to see chris christie the favorite a few weeks ago but when he was tab to do lead the transition team for trump to win the odds then dropped because they assumed that that meant that chris christie would not be the vp choice. >> i believe we felt this way about dick cheney in 2,000. he can't be the vp he is choosing the vp. >> susanna martinez governor of new mexico. nikki haley of south carolina. both lukewarm on trump but still in the running. >> nikki haley. she had much lower odds. as the time has gone on and people have cooled to the idea of her being on the ticket her odds have fallen as well. >> where are we on the general election? hillary clinton is the favorite? >> still a strong favorite. worth noting that hillary clinton has been the odds on favorite to win this general election now for the last year regardless of who she is face will. now that we know it's essentially going to be donald trump. donald trump about 10 months ago was 100 to 1.
5:20 am
he is now 2 to 1. his odds are naturally coming down now that the field is thinning out. hillary clinton has gone from 25 cents on the dollar to 30 cents on the dollar. now drifting to 40-cent on the dollar. while she is still a prohibitive favorite. strong favorite. she is starting to cool off a little bit. we do see so. reasons why look at the recent polling come out. ohio looks like it's in play. pennsylvania looks like it's in play and florida looks like it's in play. they are trying to see electoral math work that gets trump to a presidency. people are starting to warm to an idea holy hillary clinton no point spread. >> i get it certain reality. >> reality is starting to set in that this race for the better is closer than they originally thought. >> darren, good to see you this morning. thanks. odds from vegas. coming up, did you hear that george clooney attacked donald trump. now he is attacking wall street and capitalism himself. his film hurting. >> james director james comey says taking videos of the police can make police
5:21 am
hesitant and driving up crime rate. bo dietl is here on that. is he wound up and eating barbecue. stay tuned. ♪ yeah, way down yonder on the chattahoochee ♪ never knew how much that muddy water meant to me. the strikingly designed lexus nx turbo and hybrid. the suv that dares to go beyond utility. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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we focus on helping our customers understand it and be able to apply it in the best way possible. not only is it good for the environment, it's good for the businesses' bottom line. these are our neighbors. these are the people that we work with. that matters to me. i have three children that are going to grow up here and i want them to be able to enjoy all the things that i was able to enjoy. together, we're building a better california. we are going to start with this one. a woman driving down a florida highway when a turtle came crashing through her windshield. >> what? >> bouncing off the backseat and on to her dashboard. the woman and turtle were both okay. although likely a little shell shocked. [ laughter ] >> didn't like her friends being used as turtle wax on the car. >> there you go. >> really good point. >> i support your puns. most people attack them as the lowest form of humor.
5:25 am
>> you can weigh in on these as well. >> nothing says romance like a trip to cosco. minnesota couple deciding the store was the per ticket back drop for their engagement photos. the pair lost everything about cosco and wanted to show themselves doing mundane activity. up and down the aisles. the father loves the store too and made a cameo. >> nothing cosco. my wife take away cosco. the bill is a few hundred dollars every time. >> i think that's sweet. anybody getting married in 2016, good for you. >> pro-marriage. >> i am. i don't care if you are having your wedding at michaels, okay. i'm for it. >> lastly, nine months pregnant and still lifting. this fitness instructor is under fire for continuing to work out while pregnant. emily is overdue and has still been lifting 200-pound weights. she says she is not letting
5:26 am
pregnant slow her down and has gotten permission from her doctor to at this point her routine. she is going to be joining us live tomorrow morning. she is going to be sharing our story. she is actually a friend of mine from charlotte, north carolina. a fitness instructor there. she has come under a lot of fire for this. but. >> doctor says it's all right. >> you have a lot of great friends. they all look like this by the way. >> you know who exercised all through pregnancy? bo dietl. [ laughter ] >> barbecue wings out there. barbecue my cholesterol must be 600. >> bo, great to see you this morning. >> as much as we love to have you here and talk about barbecue. james comey and. this cell phone videos could be making cops hesitant and driving up crime. he told reporters he called it the ferguson or viral video effect could be at the heart of it. and a spike in violent crime. >> yeah. so he went on to say, this clayton. he said, quote: there is a
5:27 am
perception that police are less likely to do the marginal, additional policing that expresses crime. getting out of your car at 2:00 in the morning and saying to a group of guys, people, you take videos of me arresting somebody, it ain't pretty. somebody -- arrested. if they videotape and put it on a youtube, the cops look brutal. i've been stabbed and shot at. i wrestled with a guy and threw punches. youathathathathw
5:28 am
>> the response. >> people can't use cell phones. >> it's a bad time now with this media that we have -- immediate media youtube of getting these videos up there. it's not pretty when you arrest somebody. it's not pretty when you have interaction. also, when they know they have an audience -- you know what you the do, have somebody go up to a cop, spit in his face and slap him in the face. friend with the video camera and starting to videotape
5:29 am
it. preplanned nice little lawsuit. settling these suits with big bird de blasio of new york like nothing. >> doesn't it have an effect when the president and attorney general say our justice system is basically illegitimate. our laws are designed to hurt a specific population. doesn't that tell people that obeying the law is for fools? >> saying one thing and black lives matter -- where are they likely demonstrating in chicago, baltimore, all these cities with african-american kids are being killed. they need the cops there if anything, they need more aggressive police on the streets to take these guns away from illegal people so that gun doesn't kill someone's child. >> i was going to say the show "cops" right? famously. you talk about it not being pretty. it's still on the air. can you still watch reruns. it's voyeurism. people want to see it. youtube is the new television. >> i know donald trump for 40 years. i said to donald. become the president, you can do something. do you know what i want to do? i want to try to bring this
5:30 am
country together. because this country has divided the racial makeup of this country too much. we need everyone to be together. we are against one thing. we are against crime. we are against people. hurt other people, stealing other people and property. only way we can combat that is with the police. we need to support the police. are there bad ones? yeah. pick them out and get rid of them. 99% of the cops out there good, hard-working cops. backing off getting those kids with guns. i have taken guns off the street. some the searches construed why did you search them? you know why? i had a feeling he had a gun. he had the gun. i didn't put the gun on him. but i took that gun that may have killed another kid. >> we have got to make news here. what were you going to do in the donald trump administration. >> i would like to be an advisor to president trump in bringing communities together with the police. that's something i would really be interested in doing because i think it's very important. i don't want to be appointed anything. i just want to be an advisor to bring this country together. because i'm sick and tired of the division against
5:31 am
police in this country. the police are there to protect us. that's what they are out there for. >> yep. you heard it here first. bo dietl thank you so much. >> really as media we have responsibility to not show these videos on loop and not explain what happened before and after. that can have damaging effect. 31 minutes after the hour. still to come, a dramatic rescue caught on camera. >> you got somebody in there? >> yeah. >> okay. [sirens] >> saved two people in a burning car. >> then a big change coming to pop warner football to keep kids safe no more kickoffs. what are we going to do instead? what's it like to be in good hands? like finding new ways
5:32 am
to be taken care of. home, car, life insurance obviously, ohhh... but with added touches you can't get everywhere else, like claim free rewards... or safe driving bonus checks. even a claim satisfaction guaranteeeeeeeeeee! in means protection plus unique extras only from an expert allstate agent. it's good to be in, good hands.
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♪ because i'm happy ♪ clap along ♪ if you feel like a room without a roof. >> everybody, quick, go to your tv screen, it's your shot of the morning. our very own janice dean has been on a mission to teach children about severe weather and how to stay safe with her brand new book freddie the frog caster. >> here to share her book. janice dean is in the house. >> thanks for showing knows pictures so last week i was on my book tour and i went across tornado alley. i went to schools who have experienced or at least kids who have experienced tornadoes in their lives. we went to oklahoma, texas, missouri, and kansas. and we visited all of the schools in those districts.
5:36 am
and the school that i really wanted to visit was pearson elementary in texas. and you guys had an impact on me because it was december 27th when i was doing "fox & friends" in the morning and we went to aerial footage of that tornado that had destroyed parts of the town and that elementary school was literally feet away from ef-4 damage from a tornado. i really felt compelled to go to this school and talk to these children about why tornadoes happen and tornado safety. i feel like i love my job here at fox. i truly do but i feel like this is part of my mission is to go out and talk to kids about severe weather. >> how does freddie the frog caster help them? >> i have been doing freddie. i have four books. the thunderstorm, the blizzard, the hurricane and now the tornado. fun story about freddie the frog caster and friends at frog news network because he loves to forecast the weather. >> clever. >> educational. that's what i want to do do is make it fun for parents
5:37 am
to sit down with their kids and talk about severe weather safety. i think if we can educate our kids, more power to them. it takes the scare out of a potentially dangerous situation. >> are people caught by surprise by tornadoes? >> science is getting better. we have tornado watches watches and warnings for a reason. i think it can save a kid's life or family's life if they know where their safe spot is and go there right away. that's one of my big missions is to let them know that they can be proactive in being safe when it comes to severe weather. >> yeah. the message will resonate with them because it's story time and kids will repeat what their moms and dad have said. >> they say to their parents do we have an emergency preparedness kit mommy and dad? where are our emergency numbers if there is a problem or severe weather event. this is great. thanks so much for having me. >> thank you. are you kidding me? >> i love it. >> freddie the frog caster series. check them out. two more family members trying to stake their claim to prince's vast fortune. minnesota attorney filing a
5:38 am
letter asking to represent prince's great niece saying she is entitled to part of the estate. late half-brother who died in 2011 was not listed as an heir which means his daughter and granddaughter are left out. only prince's sister and half sibling are on that list so far. on to dr.atic list caught on camera. three california deputies dragging unconscious man from a burning car. >> you got someone in there? >> yeah. >> okay. [siren] come on. >> so brave. those los angeles county deputies zachery marshall, jeffrey carlisle and jeremy reflecting on the experience just moments ago on "fox & friends." >> his legs were stuck up under the dashboard and pedals there. so deputy marshall and deputy sneringer and perez there were pulling on his upper body and i was able to
5:39 am
get into a position that i could reach into the car and free his legs from under the dash and we were able to pull him all the way out of the vehicle then. >> wow. and as you see there the deputies say by stander and guy in the white shirt david is also a hero for helping getting that victim out alive. big changes coming. football to tell you about. pop warner now banning kickoff. the reason in the league says it's to prevent serious injuries for young children. the ban covers kids 5 to 10 years old. instead of the kickoff, the ball will be placed at the 35-yard line to start each half and after each score. and those are your headlines. all right, tucker, over to you. >> oh, yeah. it's national barbecue month and we're continuing our morning-long celebration by firing up the grill. we have chefs from across the country, really the best barbecue chefs america has produced. they are going to tell us how we can success.
5:40 am
all the way from birmingham, alabama, one of the great food towns in america show us how to do it. what do you have there, drew? >> these are our spare ribs. >> nothing spare about those ribs. >> big meaty pork ribs. one of our signature items. some sugar and salt and spices that we season them with. smoke them for, you know, smoke them in our pit for about three and a half, four hours. fire them up on the grill. >> nobody ever admits what's in them. what is the weirdest thing have you ever seen in a barbecue spice recipe. >> after shave in there. >> sawdust. not our rub. >> jim knicks has been. i have been with jim 'in nick's. if you are cooking the barbecue it's got to be
5:41 am
great. are you going to try a rib? >> i'm going to do it right now. clayton morris everyone, ladies and gentlemen. >> clayton morris new jersey. think about different barbecue spots. what about texas smoke barbecue in morris county, new jersey. i'm here with scott reid, chief, proprietor, chief bottle washer. what's the you do at texas barbecue. >> use a dry rub. it's just the way we cook it low and slow. we take it off just the right time. >> can i cut this? >> absolutely. >> how long has this been in there? >> 12 hours. >> holy cow. what's the secret to what you do. >> rub. >> you had it in there 12 hours? >> yeah. it's been a long night. >> how long have you been doing this? >> 10 years. >> 10 years? >> yes. >> what do you think about -- somebody says new jersey? new jersey? >> yeah. >> look at all these awards? >> yeah. >> holy smokes. >> trained by the best. >> you were trained by the best? >> yeah. >> why is new jersey shaking
5:42 am
into the scene now? >> well, just become aware of it seeing what the south has to offer. >> south learn something from you? >> i think so, yeah. >> if you look at this brisket, i think they can learn a thing or two about it. anna, what do you got? >> real barbecue. we're going to have to get the boxing ring ding ding going again. [ding ding ding] >> you are actually located in times square. >> i feel like this is a virtual backyard event. only four block grs here. our backyard celebrating barbecue. what a great time. >> tell me how you got into cooking barbecue. you initially were in french cuisine. >> i was in french cuisine and all of a sudden i woke up a day and developing a concept for a grill company. i came back home and now we are right here in times square 22 years we have been around in manhattan. >> french spend time detail in food. same with barbecue. some of these barbecues will
5:43 am
have to roast or marinate for hours on end. >> barbecue so technique ridden. 12 hours before cooking and four hours just to marinate everything. just like the wings we have over here. >> what about the taste of the chicken? these are amazing. more than quarter pound wings. full wings marinaded for 24 hours and smoked for four and a half. >> thank you so much from virgil's real barbecue in times square. also coming up on the program. did you hear george clooney clooney is attacking wall street. is his new film preventing you from getting rich? we're going to explain. then a heart warming reunion six months in the making. >> can i sit here? >> he found his opening. >> dad? [ laughter ] dad! >> military dad surprises his son with down syndrome and doesn't stop there the family joins us live up ahead. don't go anywhere.
5:44 am
♪ you and i going to be the one ♪ good luck ♪ you and i going to be the ones ♪ so hold on ♪ we're headed for a better life.
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welcome back to "fox & friends." we have sticky fingers. >> pretty perfume today. >> it smells good. nobody is more opposed to capitalism than its beneficiary. that seems to be the lesson from hollywood which has been attacking the market system as unfair. >> recently, and george clooney has a new movie out called money monster. >> wall street, big short. >> big short, of course. talking about obviously the economic collapse and rooted firmly in the failures of wall street. here's another one. here is a clip from this new movie. watch. >> i promise. >> 3, 2, 1, go.
5:48 am
[ laughter ] >> get some balls. man up. >> who is that guy on camera two. >> want to complain about >> who is it? anybody know? >> is it a union thing? [gunfire] >> cut the scene. >> whoever is in there. turn the cameras on. turn them on, patty. >> put it up. >> take it off. put it on. >> how do i know it won't blow up. >> i have the detonator. >> my hand comes off the trigger it will explode. >> the one with the gun here. i'm not the real criminal. it's people like these guys. >> i got my finger on the trigger. >> i'm telling you it's rigged. >> so we had charles payne on the program earlier. we asked him, you know, is he from fox business. he is the host of "making money" with charles payne. asked him why movies like this could hurt your wallet. here is the explanation. >> hollywood lecturing wall street. that's what they love. wall street for them is the symbol of capitalism. here's the problem. it gets a lot of individuals, people who
5:49 am
watch these movies end up not investing in the stock market. the american public should understand don't let that stop you from enhancing your economic life. that's where i'm angry about is that these are people who have agents. these are people who fly private jets. these are people who make $25 million for movies that may or may not do well. let the rest of america try to enhance their life as well. >> interestingly george colony starring in this film who likes to lecture others about the problems with wall street and, yet, is he supporting hillary clinton, of course, who has gotten millions of dollars and been very. >> very cozy. >> very cozy with wall street. we still don't know the scripts of the speeches that she gave in front of goldman sachs. >> for hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> recently held a huge fundraiser for hillary clinton where millions of dollars ethics changed hands. >> you don't need to defend wall street success. i wouldn't or hedge fund managers, i wouldn't. to say that the market economy is the greatest generator of wealth anyone has ever thought of. it doesn't mean it's perfect. it produces inequality. less than equality of the
5:50 am
other system. it's pretty decadent for the beneficiaries of that to be attacking it as they go to lake cuomo in their jets. come on. >> at least big short was a good moe in their private jets. >> you can wake ig weigh on that that. a heartwarming reunion six months in the making. >> can i sit here. >> he found his opening. >> dad? >> military dad surprises his son with down syndrome. that's just the beginning. the family joins us live, next. ♪ ♪ get ready for the rio olympic games
5:51 am
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5:54 am
welcome back. 7 michbs before the top of the hour. a military father surprises his son who has down syndrome at school. >> can i sit here? >> he found his opening. >> -- >> well he then surprises his daughter while she was at lunch right after that. and now the entire family joins us. tech sergeant john graten and his wife and son and daughter. good morning. thanks for being was. well, what was this like for you buddy when your dad came? did you have any idea? >> yes, i saw him at school and then i saw this. i really miss you dad. >> i miss you too. >> and.
5:55 am
>> we have him home, huh. >> yeah. he's home. i really mismy dad. >> i bet you did. and you were gone for six months you were deployed so what gave you the idea to do this and surprise your children at school rather than tell them ahead of time. you had been facetiming and skyping with them and all that. >> a lot of families do that. it's more common these days. and cheryl decided to not tell me until we were on the way to the school that by the way i invited the press. and so it was a great surprise. and so we had a lot of fun with it. and the kids especially at jessica's school. well -- >> as a military member how proud does this make you that america is so interested in your story. 14 million views at last check? >> it is amazing. and it is not just here in america. it is worldwide. my friends out in the middle
5:56 am
east, great people. they work really really hard. they know about it. and it's worldwide. we were amazed. i've gotten messages on facebook from friends and people in france. >> and jessica, what was it like for you to have your dad back. i know you missed him too. >> it was pretty exciting. i wasn't expecting him until the 15th. but actually we saw him two days earlier. >> oh wow. and what are we going to be doing with your dad? what are you going to be doing that you missed so much? having dinner together? >> yeah. having not so early dinners. and cheryl, thank you so much for know that when a military
5:57 am
member serves it is really the entire family. and thank you for sharing your story online it's obviously resonated with a lot of people. thank you. >> we'll be right back.
5:58 am
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before i had the shooting, burning of diabetic nerve pain, these feet learned the horn from my dad and played gigs from new york to miami. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling or blurry vision. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs, and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you.
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those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. now i have less diabetic nerve pain. ask your doctor about lyrica. hello and good morning. it is saturday the 14th of may, 2016. this is a fox news alert. a deadly crash involving a pickup truck and an amtrack train. the details just breaking now. >> woe. and then backlash is growing across the country against the obama administration's new mandate which is going to force all public schools to have j d transgendered bathrooms. >> we will not yield to blackmail from the president of the united states. >> no disagreement allowed says the white house. what's going happen? we've got breaking details
6:01 am
coming up. >> and the chances of having quinn ttuplets are one in 42 million. what are the odds of all girls? >> fighting over the bathroom in that house. >> fox and friends starts right now. ♪ not much of a girlfriend ♪ i've never seen >> breakfast in america. super tramp says it well. the fox barbecue fest on the plaza. companies from all over the country competing. >> from all corners of the earth they have come, they have descended upon the fox and friends plaza. >> good voice. >> that was my radio voice. >> we have more barbecue at 6th
6:02 am
avenue and 48thth street like you have ever seen. we will feed you this morning. down south this we have a chili cook off or. >> i love the burn ends. >> the -- >> share your pictures this morning. fox bbq fest is the hashtag. >> mean kbhiel. across the country. as the obama administration mandates trans gender students have access to inclusive bathrooms. >> good morning. one state leader is even going so far as to call this directive from the white house blackmail. while the administration denies that, there is no denying it is sending a clear message to
6:03 am
schools across the country, get on board with this policy or face the consequences. that could mean lawsuits as well as mean losing out on millions of dollars of education funding if schools choose not to provide full and equal access to transgender students. the implications could be even more wide spread though. the outrage was swift from many public officials. several states have already said they do not plan on following the directive. including north carolina, mississippi and texas. >> he says he's going to witthold funding if schools do not follow the policy. well in texas he can keep his -- >> the white house announced the directive and said it is simply the guidance that many school
6:04 am
administrators have been asking for for years. >> the framework does provide is advice for how school administrators can protect the dignity and safety of every student under their charge. and that advice includes practical tangible, real world suggestions. >> and don't expect this fight to be over any time soon. several state asks conservative groups have already vowed to sue the white house over this guidance. >> thanks a million, garrett. this is, you know, their social policy is fundamentally anti-democratic. no one is calling out for this. people just don't agree with this. just like they don't agree with obamacare and a lot of these policies but the white house doesn't care just like they are supposed to be representing the public, the people of america. and they are forcing this down the throats with no mandate. >> when there is ant large national conversation. we're in the 2016 and maybe this
6:05 am
is something that should be talked about but not just have a mandate come down from washington. >> i'm michael ware a former white house staffer came out saying this is. astounding how quick this is moving without an actual national conversation on the issue. what i'm trying to say is there was more outreach done in favor of changing the food pyramid. >> which was a disasterpy the way. they think ketchup is a vegetable by the way. the problem is this could have been handled in the courts. critics are saying this seemed heavy handed from the obama administration. you are not going to have a political solution to this. let it been handled legislatively or at the judicial level. it is not going to be handle politically. >> there's been so much change forced on the country.
6:06 am
too much and totally te zab destabilizing the country. if they say you are a member of the opposite sex, you are. does that mean i can apply for grants as a woman owned business. i own a business. can i now get subsidies for it? >> and could it change day to day? >> exactly right. we should have a right to talk about this and debate it but a b i they don't want to hear. >> he said people should have the right to use whatever bathroom they want and said yes it is a small minority population but this should be handled at the state level. what do you think about this? >> all right. on to other stories making headlines. a fox news alert. three men are dead after a collision between an amtrack train and a pickup truck south of sacramento california. apparently the truck driver tried to bypass the train which was stopped but another train
6:07 am
was coming and it split the second truck in half sending two truck passengers half. no train passengers were hurt. >> also the coast guard searching for a congresswoman who may have fallen over board. the crew put the boat on lockdown scouring the entire ship for sara broburg. >> the coast guard stepped in after video surfaced of the 33-year-old falling over board. and thousands turning out to honer a fallen navy seal. as he went to the aid of military advisors during an ambush.
6:08 am
advisors from every branch showing up to lay him to rest in his california hometown. considered a local hero he married his fiancé just prior to his last employment in hopes of protecting her if he passed away. he was awarded a purple star. and officially married. he tied the knot in new york city last night and his daughter leah busted a movie out on the dance floor ♪ don't believe me just watch ♪ don't believe me just watch ♪ don't believe me just watch ♪ hey hey hey [ cheers and applause ] >> feeling the show there. well if you remember just a year ago the little girl was bedridden in her fight against cancer. you can see she's bouncing back. her father posting beautiful pictures of the reception showing the trio on cloud nine. they are friends of the show and joined u.s. just last month to talk about the big day.
6:09 am
and those are your head lines. >> they are. but janis dean has your news from the natural world. there she is. >> national barbecue month here in new york city in may. and kyle from the rustic is here. i understand you have something for me kyle. >> yes this is our smoked brisket chili it is fantastic. >> here is what's going to happen. you are going to do the weather while i'll eat this. >> this is my first time. >> it's amazing. you will see some temperatures in a second. >> arizona is going to be hot this summer. breaking weather news. looks a little chilly. and high pressure on the west coast. >> temperatures 10 to 20 degrees. cooler than average. >> how am i doing? more importantly how are you doing? >> oh my gosh this is so good. you can do the rest of the show. this is really good.
6:10 am
thank you kyle from the rustic. it's national barbecue month here and we're so excited here on the plaza. look at this. >> can you -- do the weather with your the mouth full. >> by bill clinton an hour late to an event there and when he arrived he became a punching bag. people yelling at him about a bunch of different things, including the behavior of the clinton foundation and the clinton global initiative. here is part of the exchange. >> no i haven't had a chance to read it carefully but i think my foundation whatever it is is answering it.
6:11 am
>> [ inaudible ]. >> oh god yes. >> oh god yes. i don't know what the accusations are but they are all categorically possible. >> he has been of course the face of the clinton global initiative. raising millions and millions of dollars and yet he then is able to pawn it off as if the clinton global initiative is separate from him. it really took a democratic primary for the truth to come out which is what you already knew. the clinton foundation and global initiative have made them incredibly rich. have they improved the lives for million in the third world? that is debatable. >> they were dead broke and they had to pay their bills. >> they were dead broke. they had to raise half a billion dollars for themselves. >> fox news digital politics editor and he thinks that it might. listen. >> the reason donald trump can
6:12 am
be successful against hillary clinton is by sticking on the corruption angle and her husband is the one who facilitated all of that. but over time it builds up. there is going to be a movie coming out about the claims and about the charges that are in that book. about the croneyism and the corruption. and that is really what bernie sanders voters. it is really what donald trump voters are talking about in this cycle, which is blow it up. blow up the entrenched interest. blow up washington. blow up anybody who's in there. and the clintons, their network. their corporate entity is the best reflection of that. >> and maybe the washington post will put their nose to the ground and assign 20 reporters to investigate in. >> -- change year. people want change. does hillary clinton represent change or more of the same? that is the question. what is the answer? is she change? no. she's more of the same. >> let us know your thoughts on that. friends at fox news com.
6:13 am
>> including a new poll that shows our troops prefer trump over hillary by a massive margin. so it makes him the best person to be their commander in chief according tour troops. >> and the best video you will see all morning. >> wow. >> watch this. the driver actually narrowly escapes being crushed by that truck. not hurt. the heart-stopping details ahead. ♪ ♪ (singing) you wouldn't haul a load without checking your clearance.
6:14 am
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6:17 am
hey everybody. well a new poll from the military times is revealing u.s. troops prefer donald trump over hillary clinton by a 2 twun margin. compare that that bernie sanders and the margin shrinks to about the 13% difference. is it fair to say our troops before bernie over hillary. >> enemies foreign and dmomesti, fantastic book. great to see you. do these numbers surprise you? >> not at all. people in the military overwhelmingly support trump because he supports strength. corey lewandowski and stayed by his side. and the military wants that. we want somebody who has our back. bernie. i respect the guy for what he
6:18 am
stands up for what he believes. >> and this year appears to be the side of the outsider candidate. >> we've had eight years of barack obama and his failed policies. pull of iraq. creation of isis and number of other things that have been anti-military. and we see somebody like trump who's going to be i'm going to bomb the out of isis and we support guys like that because we know he's going to have our back. >> integrating troops into the military is one of key priorities. how important that on the war on isis. >> i would say at the bottom. the military is not a social experiment a experiment. the margin of error is so thin why add another variable of instability. it just doesn't make any sense. >> the pentagon has released a report that reveals confusion over u.s. troops rule of
6:19 am
engagement. what does that do for morale and how damaging could that be? >> -- he was an eod explosive technician. he was told to move it to bring it back to base because it disturbs the iraqi public when the noises go off. they made him bring it back. he picked it up. he died. these rules of engagement are confusing our troops and instead of shooting first and asking questions later to save their hide people are dying and then they are asking the questions of whether or not they can shoot. it is ridiculous. >> happening a lot. >> the -- they can't keep their guns loaded. we're in a war zone. if we want to win send diplomats don't send soldiers. >> -- fighting our wars. got to effect ability to recruit
6:20 am
good people. >> absolutely. and why what we're seeing with this recent guy who died in seal training, congress has mandated more seals so they are lowering the standards and guys are getting there and they are not prepared for the training. they are getting injured. they are getting killed. the a travesty. and we can't keep pushing new guys into the pipeline and old out through political correctness. >> is there a problem, are there holes in there. faulty or the troops are just confused? >> they are unclear. here you have a troop. the u.s. soldier is the most deadly weapon the world has ever known yet at the same time they are telling them to go other there and build school, hearts and minds, things like that. if you want to be diplomatic, send diplomats. send people to liaise but don't train our troops to kill bad guys and expect us to win over hearts and minds.
6:21 am
>> a crisp summation this early in the morning. >> lots of coffee. >> coming up. chances of having quintuplets are about 1 in 42 million. about all girls too? a family that truly defies all odds. you will meet them next. her, af potential patients. a deluge of digital records. x-rays, mris. all on account...of penelope. but with the help of at&t, and a network that scales up and down on-demand, this hospital can be ready. giving them the agility to be flexible & reliable. because no one knows & like at&t. it's everything you've always wanted. and you work hard to keep it that way. ♪ sometimes, maybe too hard. get claimrateguard® from allstate. it helps keep your homeowners' rate from going up just because of a claim.
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6:24 am
listen to this story. chances of having quintuplets are 1 in 42 million. wlabt all girls? >> our life is filled with babies babies babies babies. >> just me and daniele by ourselves. oh my gosh this is real. >> luckily we've got the best family in the world.
6:25 am
and i love all -- each one of you have very special to us and it's been a true miracle. >> we're a team. we make it work. >> holy smokes. "outdaughtered." a new show documenting the live as they raise their quintuplets. here they are. olivia, eva, hazel parker and riley. is the couch big enough? >> barely. >> adam when you found out daniele was pregnant, okay. great. when you found it was quintuplets, what did you think? >> obviously the logical mind, the father brain, you know, i just start thinking about all the things that it's going take, you know, on top of the shock that i was already in and man,
6:26 am
how are we going to do this? >> daniele this had to be a total surprise. were you expecting you might have twins, maybe triplets. was this a total shock? >> it was a total shock. i mean i have -- my sisters are darw twins and multiples do run in the family. but five? who expects that? producers, everyone in our hallway, was there any kind of medication involved? something special involved? this was a total shock? >> well we did have infertility issues and so we did the iui procedure. and so that is what we did to have blake and it took us about two years to have her. and this time it took us two months and out came five. >> oh my gosh. so adam, just thinking through the process. you are at the year stage right now with them. you have already gone through like i'm sure some sleepless nights or were all five of them
6:27 am
sleeping through the night. >> at the very beginning it was just -- it was crazy. days and nights totally ran together. feeding babies every three hours and it took about an hour and a half to feed the baby, change them and stuff. so by the time you were finished. you had about a 45 minute break before you are preparing bottles and make waking the babies up again. non stop. >> so you got through the sleepless nights phase. are you entering the teething phase now which is fantastic? oh yes. oh it's my favorite by far. we've got some molars coming in. one year molar already. so it is even the worst of the teething. >> molars are pain free. do you think you will ever go out to see a morph the two of you at any point? >> we actually have, yeah. >> so when the baby sitters comes over for the first time and they open the door, what do
6:28 am
they do? >> weller usually pretty nice about it and they will come over a little early. and they will help us put the quints to bed and then we'll leave. it is pretty scary having a baby sitter come over for six kids. you really need two baby sitters at least. but it is a hand full if you are not in the normal routine. so they will come over and help with the night feeding and put them to fed and then hang out with blank for a little while. >> blake. are you kpielted to have five sisters. are you helping mom and dad out? >> yeah. >> she's like a third adult there helping out. >> she is. such a great happen. >> little mommy for sure. >> are you starting to think of the dating life what it's going to be like in your house? >> it's very far off and i'd rather not think about that for
6:29 am
at least another ten years and it keeps me stress free right now. >> well i'm glad i could be here to help remind you of that. >> i appreciate that. >> guy, great to see you. i know you have got your hands full this morning. we've had single kids on our show actually that have been less well behaved than six of your kids tigright now. thank you so much. >> unbelievable. coming up donald trump says amazon is getting away with murder. so what is his beef against their ceo jeff bezos. and does bezos have a plan to investigate trump? and a heartwarming reunion six months in the making. >> can i sit here? >> dad? >> military dad surprises his son with down syndrome and his daughter. the family is back with us to share more of their story.
6:30 am
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clayton actually last summer -- >> i know -- >> -- at all. a character i'm not a fit character. he would jog like six miles a morning and lifts weights every day. i haven't touched a weight in like years. >> national barbecue month. not even sure if that is a real holiday but we're celebrating
6:35 am
anyway. >> don't turn that dial. we need to tell you about the headlines. a fox news alert. overnight a group of teenagers on their way to prom escaping from a limo just before it burst into flames. >> smoke coming through like the cabin, because we were at the front and then we just got out and then it started to catch fire. >> it was actually kind of scary but we got it pretty quick. >> the limo was headed to the dance when the students smelled smoke. they got out safely before the ride exploded. and they did make it to the dance. >> and heart-stopping moments on the highway. this is insane. that driver narrowly avoiding being crushed. police say the truck broke an axle before it flipped over, sending scrap metal flying. at least one other car was hit
6:36 am
by the degrbridebris. the truck driver not hurt. and two never before seen photos released by buckingham palace. the undated photos show the future queen as the young firl. first with a bird on her arm. and the second poolside with her father george vi. hear ye hear ye. it's the barbecue. >> look at this. what is in there. >> the monster. we're famous for the monster. guaranteed to change your life. we also brought our burnt ends. we run out of these every day by 7:00 p.m. so come early. >> where are you from?
6:37 am
>> i'm from queens. and my heritage is greek. i'm very proud of that. >> do you want to do the weather? >> sure. let me -- we have a cold front coming through the mid east. so everybody's got to be worried and put on some heavy clothes and a bit of a cold front coming up north as well, as i can see over here. >> freeze advisories. >> freeze advisories yes. >> cover your plants. >> cover your plants in omaha. sensitive vegetables and green bay as well. minneapolis, watch out. snow is coming. >> have you done this before? >> no it's my first time. >> he can cook and do the weather. >> come on down to butcher barn. the monster. guaranteed to change your life. >> i'm going to raise you a big bowl of chili. continuing the morning long
6:38 am
celebration, chefs from all over serving up their favorite classics. do you guys like texas chili? [ cheers and applause ] it's special. what is so special about texas chili. >> everything in texas is bigger as they say. and we do big chunks of meat. and brisket in this case. and you can little tomato, onion. i like many mine a little spicier. have some heat and have some warmth. >> how long do you cook this brisket. >> about 14 hours. >> what about a shredding process? >> we actually chop it into chunks and then through the cooking process of the chili it starts to break apart. >> and then of course you need
6:39 am
some corn bread on the side. >> jalapeño corn bread. garnishes half the fun. onion, cheese. however you like to do it. >> and where can people learn about the rustic? >> >> all right. >> we got the butcher bar here. matthew. you guys are out of astoria queens. i don't know if you got what it takes to match up to this southern girl from north carolina. >> i know north carolina barbecue is king but we do some good barbecue in the astoria queens. we created this sandwich called the monster. it's very popular. pulled pork and brisket. but we're really famous for our burnt ends. this is the meat candy. >> how do you make burnt ends.
6:40 am
>> this is 16 hours of smoking right here to get these delicacies that sell out every day by 8:00. >> tucker. >> amid my conflict at the outseth. they have run an amazing business outside of washington. first what's that grill? >> a piquet grill. killer, out of little rock arkans arkansas. it's coming back. >> you are famous for all your food but especially your bacon jerky. >> bacon but better. our contribution to freedom. >> how much of this do you eat. >> a lot. >> you're a pretty fit kind of guy. >> thank you. >> it has no effect. it makes you even fitter.
6:41 am
>> yes. >> so how do you make it. >> we have an often, dry it. put in a vat where we have our different flavors added to it and then we dry it a second time. it is not that kind of jerky that you are going to wonder if you are going to lose a tooth. it is very moist. really delicious. >> and it will keep. >> one year shelf life. and over the course of the year we're going to be rolling out 7-elev 7-eleven, targets and some walgreens. >> i personally recommend it. by the way cheer wine barbecue's best friend. >> delicious. yes. >> thank you tucker. >> you bet. up next a battle between donald trump and amazon's jeff bezos is building up. >> amazon is getting away with murder tax wise. he's using the washington post for power enter so what is
6:42 am
donald trump's problem with amazon? and does bezos have a plan to take down the republican front runner. >> and up next, did you miss this heartwarming reunion a military father surprises his son who has down syndrome. the family is back with us. they are great people. you will know that when you see them next. ♪ at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad.
6:43 am
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6:45 am
well the washington post, columnists anyway appeared to have declared war on donald trump. the paper itself has hired 20 reporters to dig up facts about
6:46 am
trump's life. trump blames it on jeff bezos. >> every hour we're getting calls from the washington post asking ridiculous questions. and ill will tell you this is owned as a toy by jeff bezos, who controls amazon. amazon is getting away with murder tax wise. he's using the washington post for power so that the politics in washington don't tax amazon like they should be taxed. >> interesting. senior video reporter for the wall street journal joins us now to explain what the heck is going on. so shelby it's good to see you this morning. does the own effort to washington post, jeff bezos of amazon have a political agenda that we know about i? >> if the political agenda is closely examining presidential candidates than maybe but bezos doesn't any direction to the newspaper. the executive editor has
6:47 am
received no information from bezos. and the post is writing a book about the life and career of trump. and trump is obviously not happy about that. >> it is my hometown paper so i read it every day. and they hate donald trump. it is unbelievable. the columnists hate them. deepically skeptical in the muse pages. some is legitimate. some a little over the top. what trump said about amazon is a very serious charge. bezos is doing this in order to avoid taxes. >> when you breakdown trump's rant, he's saying to go after political opponents to keep taxes low and to avoid anti-trust lawsuits. i read a note from gene munser yesterday and he says there's no evidence that amazon has ever dodged taxes unlawful here in the u.s. there is no evidence that it would violate any anti-trust.
6:48 am
it actually doesn't even trigger anti-trust thresholds because of the revenue and because it sells such a broad range of products. and it is such a big company that if it were violating these things we would know about it. >> super liberal newspaper and they hate trump. >> and donald's not -- how crazy that journalists are calling a presidential candidate every hour. trump is probably not used to this level of scrutinial -- >> [ inaudible ]. >> when you announce your candidacy journalists are going to call you. >> they hate him though. >> shelby great to see you. if you aren't seen it, a military father surprises his son who has down syndrome after being six month ace way overseas. but they are back with us and they are great people. stay tuned for this. why do so many businesses
6:49 am
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6:51 am
6:52 am
>> and they're back with us to share more of their amazing story. great to see you all this
6:53 am
morning. that is such a moment. i'm so glad that was on tape. >> yeah. 14 million views. hey josh what was that moment like when you were at school and your dad came and surprised you. >> well my dad is great guy. i really like him. best man, two jobs. air force and --. and -- >> we know you missed him a lot. and you did as well, didn't you sweetheart? >> yes. >> what was that like for you when he came and surprised you? how was your heart feeling? >> excited. happy and i was just blown away by -- i thought he was coming home on the 15th. >> well that is the question. how did you pull this off?
6:54 am
>> well actually it was sheryl's idea. we wanted to surprise the kids but on the way to joshua's school sheryl said i have to let the cat out of bag, media is going to be there. and so they set everything up. the school faculty were so helpful in getting us set skup the kids set up right so they were facing away from me when i came in. and it was just tremendous. >> now you were away for six months. >> yes. >> i think most of us we go away for the weekend feel the pang of loss when we are not near our families. what is that like? >> well it is different to be able to see and talk to them over social media, very social video and audio media. but we missed the touch. the physical contact, the bond. and it was really cool to reestablish that in such a surprising way and to see the kids natural reactions was just
6:55 am
tremendous. and sheryl is all to blame for world seeing it. >> you're to blame sheryl. how did you'll pull it off. a lot of moving parts. >> there were. it was just a matter of not telling people. and i got permission from the schools first. and then i went and i talked to the base to make sure we could do this on media. and i said could we join >> whe say dad. >> yeah. >> we were all like -- >> i was in the background. i was just like, because you could hear his voice breaking and he was overjoyed to see his father and they obviously love their daddy so very much. >> and six months is a long time to be away. so thank you to all of you. and we have another image we want to show you. after the big surprise you walk out and the fire department has
6:56 am
a flag out. and sheryl, you and josh are saluting the flag. and then what happened? something you didn't even know was possible. >> we walk out and josh see it is big flag suspended between the ladder trucks. dustin, one of the grounds keepers at the high school is also a captain at christiana. and he had set that up. and we walk out. and joshua stops, see it is flag. and says i want to sing a song. and joshua can sing a song about anything. i said well, okay. and he starts singing the star spangled banner. we didn't know he knew the words of the star spangled banner. we sung with him. i he finished the song. and i leaned over and i said josh, snap that flag a salute. and that's where that comes from. >> when you discover something new about a person. >> we're going to be right back. >> brought to you courtesy of the red white and blue it's hard to sleep at night,
6:57 am
and stay awake during the day. learn about non-24 by calling 844-844-2424. or visit
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
welcome back. it's been a great show and we're going to it all again tomorrow. >> bright and easterly, 6:00 a.m. >> you have really brightened our show so much. thank you for doing that. that was wonderful. >> protesters hitting the street, demanding tax hikes on the wealthy and businesses. with companies like major retailers struggling as consumer spending at their stores is slowing. some here saying tax hikes are the last thing our economy needs. this is is bulls and bears. the bulls and bears this week. gary b smith, jonas max ferris, john lathefield. and ashley pratt and more. tax hikes in this


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