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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX News  May 14, 2016 7:30am-8:01am PDT

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>> and the new america brand label is back on the internet because everyone knows it is now own by the belgians which is why -- >> john. >> last week was bourbon. this week a is beer. something you should tell us jonas? all right. forget the republican establishment. it is donald trump's real problem with the media establishment? hi everyone. i'm neil cavuto. and now that he's the presumptive gop nominee, all of a sudden these are the trump stories we start seeing. the washington post front page expose on his playbook past. the new york "daily news," declaring him less popular than lies. than lies. and the lies we understood were upset. anyway, charles is asking where is the same over the top type of stories on hillary clinton? bernie sanders? i'm not saying they are not out there but there are not as many
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of them out there. also joining us. -- usual great job hosting bulls and bears. happy to have all here. okay, if you are going to hire a 25 person team at the washington post to dig into donald trump. have at it. i just didn't remember hearing the same zeal with senator barack obama or quite the enthusiasm with hillary clinton. doesn't mean i'm not seeing it. just not to the same degree. >> a large degree the mainstream media hasn't changed its spots. they were over top excited in 2008 for obama. hiring people to washington investigate donald trump what i found more interesting is the decision not to do the same with
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hillary clinton and almost every day another bomb shell. >> this week just discovered through the clinton initiative a lot of money from key donors. >> right. what do we think the clinton initiative was for? this is a major pay for play service. like pay per view in the eighties when boston was exciting and so illegitimate. >> i'm looking at that. you know you look at this and say well donald trump is new candidate. we don't know a lot about him. all true, all fair, all right. jeff bezos. washington post. same guy who wanted to put donald trump in -- and same guy whose criticized rupert murdoch who owns a media empire for saying things i'm thinking well whereas the fairness in that? >> i think it's totally fair to put all sorts of resources against the man who's going to be the nominee of one of the major parties and i think the point that we made earlier. >> even more so than anyone
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else? >> because -- yes, because he's never held public office. and by the way the latest news on hillary clinton came out because the mainstream media reported it. and has been reporting extremely aggressively on her. but the fact is -- >> who reported it in the mainstream media? >> i don't know. i thought it was in the "new york times" neil but maybe i'm wrong about that. >> we'll have a quiz after the show. all right. i'm looking at this charlie and saying have it t -- sometimes that can be very struck outive. and a lot of people who don't know -- they do read a lot into what they are personally like. and i'm looking at this, and saying donald trump you kept amazing company. but i'm looking at this. i'm wondering where is the fair part of this? what do you think? >> as someone who used to delve into the people's private lives myself. that was mart of my job back in the day. i will say this i don't think we
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can sit here and say that there isn't been the full on treatment about the clintons. the reason we know about the clinton foundation is because of very good reporting in the "new york times." yes the wall street journal did -- >> post. >> but the "new york times" does it too. what i'm saying is this. here is where it gets really -- the new york post and what -- what -- >> [ inaudible ]. >> can i interrupt charlie not really for any reason but just to say i can interrupt charlie. >> can i make my point here? >> yes. and here is my point. the clintons have gotten the full on treatment. obama really hasn't and i think that is where you really have an issue here of media bias. president obama hung around with a guy named tony -- who had a very bad record and -- >> the comparison i was trying to make. a new entity, someone who just burst on the public stage and don't know much about him and
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you could argue that about donald trump. what i'm wondering is this really just about making money too? we don't know that donald trump rates a story like that. it was no accident put on the front page. sells newspapers. so you both bite and shake the hands -- >> i think why they call it earn media. running with trump in the media these days doesn't hurt. but back to the central topic. this is sma's been going for a long time. ronald reagan went through the ring we are his mainstream media. it's gotten a little more vicious with donald trump. the new york daily news. that is not vetting a candidate. that is trying to bury a candidate and those are two different journalistic things. >> -- [inaudible]. >> my turn baby. my turn. time to shine for the kid right here. >> i want my mtv. i want my -- >> it wasn't funny two weeks
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ago. it is not funny now honey. pipe down and why don't you go to hooters in vegas. i'll give you a hand full of dirty ones. i was going to say neil you make the best point which is you can't have it both ways. you can't be so upset for establishment politicians and beg for someone from the private sector with a big personality to come in and run the country and then complain his past sensat n sensibilities violate your victorian secrets. >> he's most problematic right now with women. that is his big problem. and these stories when they come out, they really tick women off. >> do they? >> no -- i'm asking you. do they? when you hear the -- >> -- surprising and for bob woodward to say that donald trump hasn't been vetted. he's been a public personality for decades. we've known a lot about his
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personals ckpad escapades. so a lot of that isn't surprised. and does it shock -- no i'm more shocked that he's going to expand the power of the federal government to squash my liberty. >> i don't think he's been fully vetted. from the financial side. >> right about that. and that is fair game. with regard to that it's sort of like everyone with carly fiorina. recessing her role at huewlett packard. a.m. adam, could this risk overkill or is this really about selling newspaper, getting ratings. because almost any story on donald trump people stop in their tracks to read it, see it, hear it whatever. >> i just don't think that overkill is the media's problem. we have some good examples here.
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we have worse than lies in a tabloid and delving into the past -- >> you think that's overkill. you think the fact that lies are now suing is overkill. >> i think that's what tabltd newspapers do. they put a picture of lies against the candidate on the front page. and fortune magazine does a cover story scrutinizing his business career. >> never seen you put lies ace donald trump on the cover of your magazine. >> i think this is the way this race is shaping up. nasty, dirty, because this is the way it is going to go. >> anyone who's tried to fight donald trump this way, they have not emerged victorious. but donald trump has not done himself any favors because he is the one who has attacked the media over and over and again. >> well the best defense is a
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good offense they say. he's very good. >> we're talking about how much bad stuff is on him. let's be clear. donald trump. and we'll first report this as fox business. generated billions in free media by opening his mouth and saying some really, sometimes stupid things but he kept the media cycle going. so this guy -- >> leading the -- [ indiscernible ] this very minute. >> talking about it. >> it's not quite a free ad but i will say this neil. the financial stuff is what's going to nail him. because that stuff is still obscure and the fact he's not releasing his taxes is going to cause reporters -- >> might be a more substantive issue. i don't know it's all part of the same package. many in retrospect probably wish they had got more of the personal details on jfk but back then. >> a different time.
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live from america's election headquarters in washington. good morning to you. i'm leland vittert. texas is pushing back against president obama's instructions to let transgendered students use the bathroom they identify with. they will tell schools
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superintendents not to go along with the federal directive. and millionaire investor warren buffett may have his eyes on yahoo. reports say he's leading one of several potentially investor groups looking to take over the struggling internet giant. verizon is said to be the front runner. the winning bid could go anywhere from 4 and $10 billion. i'm leland vittert in washington. back to cavuto on business. well talk about bad timing. the same week a bipartisan group of national security folks. by the way republicans and democrats alike. warning that our debt is the greatest threat we are facing. times when politicians would rather just keep spending. if bernie sanders free college won't fit the bill. how about hillary clinton's plan
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to cap child expenses -- i think you get my point. the bottom line charlie is they all know that the way to a voters heart presumably is with government spending. so hearing that and saying no one's learning anything. we're spending money we don't have. >> and the political calculus is like we're going to give you stuff. the other side of the story when you talk about that is we're going take stuff away. we're going cut the budget. possiblyai r the taxes. i will say it seems somewhat bipartisan. you have to keep a score card between bernie, hillary and what donald trump wants. donald, if you think about it. one of the things that separates him from paul ryan is the fact that paul ryan wants to cut stuff. he wants reforms of medicare, social security. donald does not. >> and no such enthusiasm.
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>> the government to your point gets bigger no matter who is in charge. and it is like they can't control the beast. >> george bush, the guy who joust couldn't veto a bill to save his life. and people like bernie sanders. >> needed that support for the war but i thought it was a weak excuse. >> also wasn't shoring up spending in the other areas. and people like bernie sanders tend to idealize places like sweden which have made free market reforms in the few decades. >> and very hot people. >> they have hot people and they --. without services that debt. how can we turn into anything but greece without the -- and that is no place to go. >> exactly. and that is my problem with all of these guys. whether hillary promising stuff and bernie promising stuff. republicans are no better with talking about how they are going to get budgets under control but don't even look at entitlements
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and for that matter look at defense where they argue we need $650 billion but no one's looked at what we are spending and how to prioritize that. in all departments. in all agencies. they don't do it. i hate them all. your thoughts. >> very good news here is that we are a long way away from being greece and that is because we have a robust economy in comparison with -- >> no. do you know why we're a long way -- we can print money. and that is our only difference. >> because we have a robust economy we can print money. >> the we had an economy growing half a percent my friend. if that's robust then i'm twiggy. >> i think it is a little hard but it is growth. neil, i do want to say that the -- what we see -- what e saw happening last week between paul ryan and donald trump is extremely interesting because behind closed doors they are actually trying to have a policy debate and they disagree with each other. and that is an important
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conversation that charlie was alluding to. >> -- because they never -- never gets that kind of thing under control. >> donald trump is not going to touch entitles and we're going to double the size of the military. here is the problem and you talked about it kennedy. what happens first? reelection or the long term ticking of the time bomb? when adam says we don't have to worry about our debt right now, that is the exact reason why it is the biggest problem out there. because when we do have to worry about it. it will be completely unsolvable. it will be the world's biggest time bomb ever. at the end of the day we the voter usually vote for someone who will promise to bring us a bridge to nowhere and that is our -- >> -- saying exactly what you have been saying charles for a long time. i'm not a flak for paul ryan. but if you talk about the one guy that's been talking about entitlement reform incessantly and it gets him in the
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cross-hairs of people on both sides of the aisle is paul ryan and that is the fundamental difference between him and donald trump. donald trump wants to keep social security and medicare. want os do a lot of spending. paul ryan doesn't like his fiscal policies. >> like a power struggle. paul ryan really is weded to the side of we've got control this beast. >> one of those people trying to advance a mature discussion. i don't know if he'll necessarily do it. and i always thought how wonderful it must be to be a leftist progressive politician and. >> can't wait. >> meanwhile. justin bieber. seems like a natural segwue to me. doesn't want photos. he's balking. doesn't want fans taking photo
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os of him. they are your base. those people snapping the picks of you. they are i'm just saying. surround trump and the gop. an exclusive debate you don't want to miss on "fox news irnld."
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coming up, justin bieber telling fans no more pictures. don't bite the hand that feeds, take it from
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unbelievable. justin bieber telling fans who want to take a picture, take a hike. the pop star sounding off on instagram and other sites. i heard about it, all of those photos -- says this party animal is forgetting who's paying the bills. >> he's a baboon. oh, he's just repulsive, and this is what i hope. when donald trump is elected,
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when he finally imposes the muslim ban, that justin bieber is the first one kicked out of the country regardless of his christianity. >> it's not just muslims who will go? >> no. bieber first. >> and justin. >> line up behind bieber and walk off of a -- >> adam what do you think of that? >> now, he -- a picture of him taken at a restaurant. the owner did get a picture with him. make a point, because we caused such a, on the show, get ahold of yourself, he's not anti-common man/woman, but what do you -- >> i think he protests too much and completely agree with you. this is how he marks his living, being a celebrity. like that other guy donald trump we were talking about. give me a break. yeah. >> trump saying, you're stopped for autographs all the time. i love you. wave them away. what do you think the message is sends fans? went on to say in the statement, look, you brought the freakin'
7:55 am
album. that's it. >> it might be the proxy for this whining generation posts all woes on social media. one day justin bieber will step outside and no one will want his photographer and he'll feet stupid. not anytime soon but one day it will happen. >> and charles and i will be there. >> and you're recognized worldwide. when they see you in vegas -- >> yes. >> running on the streets, or like me, breakfast buffet. do you stop and -- what do you do? >> of course die. i me i do. someone banned with the muslims and justin bieber under a trump presidency. he's a stupid kid. cut him a little bit, a little slack. >> more than half of his responses, by the way, to your point, we agree. we're sorry. >> and, right, you know, here's the thing, neil. someone needs to tell him, this stuff is fleeting. you know, for every robert de niro and meryl streep, long
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careers, most of these guys flame out fast. so you know, don't bite the hand that feeds you. someone needs to tell him that, and also the money. this is fleeting. you know? >> although his 15 minutes lasted a little longer. >> way too long. turned into 45. he said on the justy bieber site, he has $100 million. >> that's what he says. >> good for him i. want to thank kennedy. i want to thank charlie. meanwhile, this crazy market is not scares or pros. they're buying now with their money, that who even make us and bieber want to take a picture with them. woman: it's been a journey to get where i am. and i didn't get here alone. there were people who listened along the way. people who gave me options. kept me on track. and through it all, my retirement
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never got left behind. so today, i'm prepared for anything we may want tomorrow to be. every someday needs a plan. let's talk about your old 401(k) today.
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stocks, our guys are buying with their own buff. >> i like kansas city southern, holding up the next couple years.
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>> adam? what are you doing? >> i share large cap value, relatively high dividends, relatively inexpensive stocks in there. >> great pick. good guys, all. ever want to take a picture, give them 50 bucks first. they can be argumentative. after the meeting the plan to start uniting. some say the way to do it, do what another republican outsider did back in 1980. run on united ticket of overhauling our massive tax code to get our economy rubbing again, and make our country great again, but would it work now? hi, everybody. i'm david aster. going in focus with mike ozanian, carrie sheffield, john tandy and bruce jackson. 1980. ronald reagan partnered with jack kemp in congress to get tax reform. could trump partner with ryan to do the same? >> the answer is, yes. trump is saying, make america great


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