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tv   Cashin In  FOX News  May 14, 2016 8:30am-9:01am PDT

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>> great for retiring, too. i like it. >> yeah. okay. good. we like it all around. that's it for "forbes on fox." have a wonderful weekend. thank you for watchingkeep it right here. the number one business block continues with eric bolling and "cashin' in." the young and the hopeless. the congressional budget office saying one in six young men in america are either jobless or in jail. to say this is is a burdensome epidemic on our country is an understatement. which presidential candidate can bring those numbers down? welcome to "cashin' in." our crew this week, jonathan hoenig, and hollywood actor scott baio joining us later saying if e want "happy days" in america again, bet e vote for donald trump. one in sex men in america are jopless or in jail, mercedes. who can get them out of jail, put them back to work? trump clinton or sanders? >> trump.
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he understand how the economy functions and understands we got to get rid of these strangle holds of our regulations. lower taxes. make sure that you low are the corporate tax rate so you can bring investment back to america. i mean, these young men who don't have the hope, this is the hope that was promised by president obama, and what has president obama and hillary clinton and bernie sanders offer? they offer a government cushion n that is clearly not enough. we need to get these well-abled men to go forward, work and have the opportunity, because we want them to have earnings. we want them, translates into more stable family lives in general. they need hope and donald trump what it takes to bring investment back to americas, negotiate deals in terms of making america competitive in the global market and bringing jobs back. >> john, do you prefer the businessman to the conservative or socialist? which? >> we need capitalism and economic freedom. when it comes to jobs, insars
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carseration, i agree with donald trump. hillary clinton would make a great president. two ways to deal with people. forced through trade. hillary clinton, to her grade credit, eric, pro-trade. opened up trade with morocco, singapore, defended outsourcing. compare this to an economic program of tariffs, going to cost the average household about $6,000. raise inflation rates. i think jobs will created much more quickly under a clinton economy than trump. >> $6,000. okay. pull it up. find it somewhere. come up with a number. >> the math. >> push back hard on that number, but, okay. >> yeah, it's math. >> one, president obama came into office on, yes, we can. wages stagnant. 95 million americans have just given up on looking for work. i mean, he literally came on, yes, we can and going out on, i give up. >> that's not true, but, you know, i don't know. the reality is, we talk about these tragic numbers with young men being out of work.
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so it's about 15% today, but you know what? in 2009, it was 19%. under president obama we have seen reduction. we went through a terrible recession, and it had tremendous impact on manufacturing specific. so young men especially young men with lack of education, were hard-hit. we have seen a recovery taking place and seen -- >> and the president obama -- with these numbers that you're seeing? >> absolutely. >> a few other numbers here. >> let me finish. >> you may be interested. >> go right ahead. >> african-american unemployment, 9.2%. if you're young and african-american, you're unemployed at 32% rate. six times the national average. >> yes. this is nothing new. the is toreic pattern that has to do with discrimination and lower levels of education and opportunity and hard-hit. i was thinking breaking news on "cashin' in" in when mercedes is going on about donald trump. he doesn't even have an economic
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policy. i'd like to hear the specifics. such a great businessman, he won't release his tax return. >> oh, come on. seriously? >> what is his plan? >> let me tell you about mitt romney. >> let me finish. he said, in fact now he might not honor the u.s. debt. man, that shocks people around here. wall street was like, what? you wouldn't do what? >> mercedes, any question that the man has done well in business and maybe this country would like to see a businessman for a change? lead you into that one. >> look, i really think there's a large segment of the american population that they're hungry for this change, and really yearning for this economic message of hope, of making sure that we really can compete in the global market. >> wait a second. >> and i -- >> -- about specifics. >> can i -- >> it is about the american worker. it is about putting the american worker first. >> great. give it -- >> we have not seen that under obama. obama is scared to go after china and --
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>> oh, are you trying -- >> are you suggesting that a president, hillary clinton, would be a better choice economically for america? >> i suggested that -- eric, listen, criteria, a business naan as a president, vote for -- you -- vote for warren buffett. >> and i've already -- >> when -- let me say. >> i'm saying bernie's a communist. >> i've made the case why i think hillary is better for jobs. >> please. >> and quickly make the case why she's better foreincarceration as well. 50% of the jail population, federal jail, there for drug related crimes. hillary stopped about stopping incarcerating marijuana users, talking about the state laboratories to open up criminalization. trump on every side of this issue and came out against big -- >> do you think -- >> that's not going to help -- >> do you think hillary clinton would be better for the economy than donald trump. >> absolutely not. she is going to follow obama's
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plan, which is that of continued regulations strangle holding our businesses. higher taxes and more government intervention, which we know that those three ingredients are not working, eric. it is time for a change in our economy. >> but -- >> this is the same argument that was put forward when we had a stimulus plan. when, in fact, we have america right now, and i will say this. i don't understand. america is a magnet for world investment. people want to do business here. >> not right now. >> and we -- had a better recovery than any other country in the world. >> i'll let you -- hold on. let you jump in. can i point out we've driven manufacturing jobs overseas through regulation, through the epa. >> oh, no, no, no. >> and through -- >> not true. >> you guys -- >> regulations, you're -- regulation, against, say you're against regulation. well, tariffs are nationalization. not just regulation. that's -- >> but donald trump -- >> john, you know these trade
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agreements drive jobs over seas and to other countries. nafta drives jobs to canada and mexico. you know this. >> eric, this is -- tused to be 95% agriculture in this country. thankfully a lot of those jobs outsourced. hillary clinton saw this in the 1990s. held off for example on raising min much wage in the 1990s, the clinton administration new it would be harmful for jobs. >> i think it's such a pity that you actually think that clinton will in any way, all she's offering is incremental changes. nothing that could really help that she's planning that would help bring jobs back to america and i think donald trump has the right plan. >> what plan? what plan? give me a plan! >> lowering the taxes. lowering the -- the taxes. it is about bringing jobs back to america and that's where donald trump i think is going to be. >> i've got to leave it there. coming up, seems like san bernardino, just yesterday. why does the fbi director say
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as our business is growing, and you're on the road all day long, it's exhausting. hi how are you? you're on the fourth floor. thank you so much. hey sweetie! how are you? it's important to stay at a hotel with a lot to offer. that's great! and the holiday inn has really been that. holiday inn has been a part of the team. good luck with the meeting today. thank you. i really think small business is tough.
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it's better to have friends out there. you have a great day. appreciate it. it makes life on the road much easier. now members get more savings with your rate at isis becoming insignificant. fbi director james comey raising eyebrows saying the obama state brand lost significant power in the u.s. down playing that threat. i remember obama saying they're the jv team. i remember obama golfing six minutes after he announced the beheading of james foley. should we be taking isis a little less seriously now? >> no. absolutely not. isis continues to be a global threat. obviously i think the bigger problem is what we're seeing in europe. such an infiltration of isis radical islamists in that area of the world, with that said, you've will over 200 individuals from the u.s. who have been
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recruited. going abroad to go become a foreign fighter. who knows if they can get back into the country, but there are those possibilities and threats that continue to exist. the problem becomes, eric, that it's like 9/11. 9/11 occurred. it was a horrific tragedy in the u.s. and people moved on with their lives. when there is not what you would say an attack on our soil, on our homeland, then it becomes less -- you get a little more detached from it. >> right. >> we always should be vigilant in terms of -- >> james very vigil. what's the purpose of saying that the brand is diminishing in america? why would we do that? >> oh, because what you have to understand, eric, this is about social media. it's unbelievable the impact that the social media from these butchers, these terrorists, has had in the united states. it guess across the globe. but many americans, as you pointed out, mercedes pointed out, americans literally going to isis. going to syria to fight with isis. that has been diminished.
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all he's saying. >> why talk about it? >> an art of an american victory. you see the fbi, the administration fighting to make isis less attractive to our young people. >> go ahead, jon. >> you know, before you declare a victory over cockroaches make sure you kill all the cockroaches. >> yeah. it's disingenuous to say it's social media, islamist islam, growing nonstop zins 9/11. bewildering. 1967, israel crushed the el tirn jordan, syria, egypt. six days. it's taken us six years. whether al shabaab, isis, daesh, nfy any of these. we have not discredited the idea. >> go after the ideology. not a state military. >> we haven't done that, juan. if people are still making -- >> we are making progress. wait. you guys don't want to
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acknowledge progress and success by the american government, i understand, but let me tell you, this is an ideology, a cancer. it's metastasized. >> and we have to keep in mind, i mean, that, really, their goal is a destruction of western civilization. their goal is to come to the united states and cause havoc. and i think that that is something that has to be kept in mind in our country. so i think for the sense that has progress been made? well, when you look at issues, countries like libya. where it's so unstable. there's a growing threat, an organization of isis in that country, as well as in yemen and several other countries, it really comes to mind that thas problem is far from being resolved. >> let me -- allow me to just -- sorry, mercedes. >> no, agree with juan on this. if you can diminish the brand, less enticing for young americans who are disgruntedaled to say i'm going to join that group. looks like they're losing, you may not want to do that. jon? >> eric, how does it look like
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we're losing? when we're making deals with the state that sponsor islamic tear original and making deals? the obama administration wants to talk about iran as being a great deal but we are sanctioned, this administration like saudi arabia and iran, that are state sponsors of terror. >> i agree with you on that. >> that's why the ideas are not discredited. >> leave it there. if you think america is exceptional, think again about our colleges. do you believe that america is exceptional? >> no. not really. their bladder matters. thanks to its triple protections from leaks, odor and moisture. tena lets you be you ♪
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coming up, college students here in the u.s. saying america is not extensional. brainwashing. tell us why george
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live from america's election headquarters in washington, good morning. happy saturday. i'm leend vittert. a federal judge has found arizona sheriff joe arpaio in contempt of court in a racial profiling case. arpaio, poo calls himself america's toughest sheriff admits violating court orders letting his deputy conduct immigration patrols even though they were banned. a hearing will be held may 31 is it to decide whether ar pay yo will face a criminal case. and canadian prime minister touring the devastation in fire-ravaged fort mcmurray after taking a helicopter ride to witness the damage firsthand. trudeau praised fire trues for heroic efforts in saving much of that community. the flames forced about 88,000 people from their homes and destroyed more than 2400 buildings. i'm leland vitter. see you at 1:00 eastern. now back to "cashin' in."
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do you think america is exceptional? well, some college students at george washington university bepged to differ if you do. >> do you believe that america is exceptional? >> no. not really. >> i feel at some point we were exceptional. kind of taken a downfall. >> in some regards, yes. not all regards. >> no. i think recently in the last couple years of my education i've learned not to always believe the extensional viewpoint we were taught at a very young age. >> oh, my gosh. jonathan, you heard that. studies show professors are brainwashing college students. >> the culture is shaped in the universities, and this is the next generation of leaders and leaders advisors taught to hate americans. them and that america is racist and the mind, own ability to think is impotent. being brainwashed and they've
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been since the progressive era of the 1920s. >> one, it seems like it's getting worse and worse. more and more liberal, more and more americans, not exceptional. more pc, more safe space, can't say a word on campus. >> eric bolling, you and i both know young people are dying to get into fox to work. we see young people working hard. these young people are reacting to their reality, which is less mobility, harder to get ahead now, harder to get a job in many case, some of the issues we discussed in the first segment and so they're saying they don't see that you the united states is all that different, let's say, than countries in western europe where there is more mobile, more ability for them to get in on the ladder of upward mobility in the middle class. >> or mercedes, the first thing -- president obama's first foreign policy speech in cairo saying, guess what, no more. america is not exceptional. we're the same as everyone else. >> what a horrible lesson to teach. it is the role of the parents and you know, eric, you know our
8:52 am
family, we have five girls and i feel it is so important to instill in these young people, look, this is what it is to be a conservative. this is why conservatism can help move america forward and we teach them about william buckley, ronald reagan, barry goldwater in under standing you take this material and go up and go debate the professor and tell them why they're wrong on these liberal policies and that's where it starts. >> i just wish there really was americanism out there, eric. i think both parties have it wrong. the left, i am my brother's keeper. right, it's all about country first, the whole part of americanism you own your life. it's your life, your liberty, your happiness. you're not a sacrifice -- >> i think the kids have a lot of debt because of college tuition debt and worried about health care, don't always have coverage and that's why you see them saying -- this is not brainwashing. it's reality. >> america is exceptional and it will continuing to be
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exceptional. coming up, actor scott baio joins us next. i wonder what scott thinks about george clooney saying this. >> there's not going to be a president donald trump. on. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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i want to say thanks to our "cashin' in" crew for joining us. head over to to see his pick. wake up america. for years i've been telling you about hollywood's obsession withes democratic party, the latest example, george clooney just announcing trump at the cannes film festival. >> there's not going to be a president donald trump. fear isn't going to be something that we -- that's going to be -- what drives our country. we're not going to be scared of muslims or immigrants or, you know, women. we're not actually afraid of anything. >> well, not everyone living in l.a. is living in la-la land.
8:57 am
my special guest is actor scott baio backing trump for president. welcome to "cashin' in." >> thank you, eric. >> what's going on with george clooney? should we drop the "c" from his last name. >> i don't know what his obsession is or theirs is with socialism. if they believe in that -- he likes hillary but she's socialist too. about this is what they believe then just sell your home in italy, sells your home in l.a. and give it to the government and live on 100 grand a year and 10 million you make a movie, just give that to the government but they're phonies. so they won't do anything about it. >> i think his wife is a muslim descent, right? >> i have no idea. >> maybe that's what it is. should he be getting involved in this? i like -- >> should he be getting -- >> great actor, up in the air. >> should he be getting involved? yeah, he gets involved if he wants to -- i'm getting involved in it. i mean that's my choice but i
8:58 am
just don't want to hear the same -- every time i hear -- >> what do you like about trump. >> what i like, there's no bs. i understand him when he talks. whoever the democratic nominee is he'll beat the crap out of them instead of us getting the crap beat out of us and i like his policy proposals. >> i have a couple of friends who are die-hard democrats and for years we fight over policy and at dinner we fight and get along at the end. all of a sudden this they've gone from i could never vote for a republican to i think i'm going to vote for trump. >> trump is not a typical republican. he's sort of -- you can't put a label on the guy which i love and because the media has stigmatized the republican brand. he's smart to not cozy up to these guys and he's unique. he's refreshing. he's exciting. i love to hear him talk and i'm excited about the guy. >> you might be getting a call from him. >> i did. >> you did? >> i did. it was awesome. >> rob reiner was on msnbc and
8:59 am
he said anyone who supports trump is a racist. >> right. well, of course, we're racist i'm a racist. everybody is a racist. it's -- you know, i could fall asleep listening to the same exact argument from every liberal about every conservative or every republican for as long as i can remember. reagan was an applicable dunce and a racist. george w. bush was a racist. everybody is a racist or a sexist or a homophobe or whatever. it's just -- it's boring, it's old and i hope soon the american people go, you know what, it doesn't fly anymore. >> before i let you go, any pushback from hollywood for your outspoken stance on trump and conservatives? >> you know, eric, i've worked consistently for like 40 years out in hollywood. so -- everybody has known i'm a conservative. you make money from people, you're going to work. so i have not. >> "cashin' icas"cashin' in" he >> fox news on 24/7. >> thank you for joining us.
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