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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  May 14, 2016 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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hit or miss tweet it to us @jeronfnc. i'm paul gigot. hope to see you right here next week. president obama's demand that transgender students be allowed to use the bathroom of their choosing. a major blowback across the country. texas attorney general ken paxton standing by to tell us why president obama, quote, better prepare for yet another legal fight. plus, the three big remaining presidential candidates prepare for more primaries. will hillary clinton continue her losing streak against bernie sanders or can she turn things around? and if you're planning to fly any time soon, like this summer, be ready for a sea of people ahead of you at security. why the tsa says it's not their fault and you better get used to it.
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good saturday to you. advertise to be with you. nice to be with you at home. i'm leland vittert. >> i'm elizabeth prann. welcome to america's election headquarters from washington. well, reaction has been swift and passionate from parents, teachers and students all across the country over president obama's directive on transgender bathroom choice in public schools. while many are voicing anger, others are saying they feel relieved but one thing seems certain, the guidance issued in what's called a dear colleague letter will leave a cultural and court battle for president obama's successor. garrett tenney is live here in studio with the latest. what do you have? >> it's clear this will not go away any time soon and the white house made its position clear, get on board or face the consequences. on friday the departments of justice and education sent
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school districts across the country a letter stating that transgender students must be provided full and equal access to both facilities and activities based on the gender they identify with. that means bathrooms, locker rooms, college housing and school athletic teams to name a few. while the white house emphasized the new guidelines aren't legally binding on schools, it also warned that failing to implement them could bring federal lawsuits and the loss of millions of dollars in education funding. several states including texas, mississippi and north carolina have already come out against the directive and say they will not be bullied by the president. >> he says he's going to withhold funding if schools do not follow the policy. well, in texas, he can keep his 30 pieces of silver. we will not yield to blackmail from the president of the united states. >> critics of the administration say this is the latest example of executive overreach and
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another attempt by president obama to impose his will on the states without going through congress. the white house is defending its actions though and says this directive was simply giving the guidance that many school administrators have been asking for on this issue for years. >> the challenge here is not to isolate anybody. it's not to discriminate against anybody. it's not to make anybody unsafe. it's actually to ensure that our schools are as inclusive and respectful and safe as they can possibly be. and that's why the guidance that we put forward includes tangible, specific suggestions for how that can be achieved. >> state lawmakers in several states are vowing to fight this directive and take the administration to court if necessary. we're seeing that play out similarly in north carolina already. >> all right, we'll see what happens. garrett, thank you. as garrett said, texas officials hit back hard on this saying the president should stay out of their schools. texas has sued the obama administration before over
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issues like obamacare and immigration. joining us now to talk about this, ken paxton. mr. attorney general, appreciate you being here, sir. i'm sure you had a chance to read president obama's guidance, if you will and i know you've had a chance to read title 9, 1970s part of the civil rights act that the administration is basing all this on. as i read it and i'm not a lawyer but in those words of title 9, nowhere does the words transgender or gender identity appear. how is the administration getting this power or are they just out to lunch on this? >> they're making it up. this is similar to what they did with obamacare and what they do with immigration. there's nothing in the statute in the constitution that gives the authority to the president to make new law and clearly just as you said, title 9 does not give them the authority to redefine what the definition of sex is to include gender identity so we're going to fight this all the way because we don't think that he has the authority to do it. >> you say he doesn't have the authority to do it.
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josh earnest from the podium at the white house called you out yesterday. he said basically the administration's being reasonable and you're doing this. take a listen. >> for example, is the texas attorney general suggesting somehow that it would be practical to station a law enforcement officer outside of every public bathroom in an educational facility and check people's birth certificates on the way in? >> is that what you're suggesting, sir? >> no, this is irrelevant. he misses the point. congress set this up in the '70s and defined sex the way they wanted to. if they wanted to change it they would. in this case the administration doesn't like it. they don't have the ability to get it through congress and so they've decided this he'll change it on their own. they can't do that and we'll fight them to stop them. >> when you say you're going to fight them to stop them essentially ha this comes down to a lot of things to do with the federal government is money.
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texas got roughly $11.9 billion in 2016 for federal education, for education in your state. state budget, 110 billion. you don't have an extra $10 billion lying around to make that money up. what are you going to do? ? well, and that's where i think you'll see us in court. if they push this, this unconstitutional law into place or defund us because we don't follow their little rule, we'll fight them and we'll go after our money. >> well, we'll see what the courts decide about that. in a broader sense, you've come out strongly against this. obviously the lieutenant governor we heard from in garrett's piece came out very strong against this and a lot of folks have just said there's real arrogance on behalf of the administration. do you get the sense that the administration's looking at this and saying, hey, look, if you have any problem with our new decree, even if you're a father of a 15-year-old girl, it seems like they're saying you are a
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bigot. >> i think it's very arrogant for them to decide unilaterally without the normal process of the elected body of congress, normally you'd have debate over what people want and have all kinds of input. we didn't get any notice. it came out on thursday night and suddenly it's part of what we have to follow. that is just not the way our process works. and we're not going to let it go that way. >> i think in texas you guys have a lot of issues. every state does whether it be about health care or immigration, whether it be about failing schools. is this really what everybody should be spending all their time with, what 0.3% or 0.3% of the population who is transgender may or may not use the bathroom. >> i couldn't agree more. if congress decides they want to deal with, they should. the president put in play a very minor issue that's become a big issue because he's threatening to defund if states and schools don't follow the rule.
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>> i'll give you the last word on this as it relates to texas. how does this play out from the state level down to the school level because there's a lot of parents are worried about this. is this up to the superintendents of individual schools whether or not there's transgender bathrooms or whether or not transgender kids can use the opposite sex bathroom or is it up to the states and you and the governor and lieutenant governor who spoke out so passionately. >> yes, so right now it's a school issue but if the legislate sure determines they want to deal with this in texas and past legislation, to stop it they can and may do it if governor patrick has suggested they may do that. right now up to individual school boards if they want our involvement as the attorney's office we can go help them. >> and obviously if that law is passed and taken to court by those in favor of president obama's decree, you'd be the one defending it. come back and talk to us either way, mr. attorney general, thank you, sir. >> absolutely. thanks for having me on >> all right. all the best, sir. >> thank you. back to the election, bernie
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sanders is the lone candidate on the campaign trail today making a stop in kentucky tonight as the vermont senator attempts another primary win against hillary clinton. and on the gop side, donald trump is taking flack for being his own spokesperson maybe. kristen fisher has the latest from the campaign trail and joins us now. >> hey, liz, trump's continuing to take time off from the campaign trail after becoming the party's presumptive nominee. he now has the support of about 70 members of congress. but even though he's taking a break from campaigning he's still stirring up plenty of controversy on two fronts in particular. first, "the washington post" just dug up an old audio record are of trump allegedly posing as his own publicist and trump says, not true. he insists that is not him on the tape and refusing to release tax returns until after an audit is complete. >> what is your tax rate? >> it's none of your business.
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you'll see it when i release but i fight very hard to pay as little tax as possible. >> as you might imagine hillary clinton is now seizing on that clip by releasing a new ad that asks voters what is trump hiding? tomorrow clinton will be campaigning in kentucky ahead of tuesday a primary but yesterday her husband stood in as her surrogate while campaigning on her behalf in new jersey. >> she's the only candidate left in the race in the primary or the general that is actually got a record of getting things done with members of the other party. >> so there you have bill clinton taking a dig at both trump and her primary opponent, bernie sanders. this week the pressure is really been mounting around sanders to get out of the race but last night at a rally in north dakota, sanders sounded less likely than ever to drop out before the convention. listen to this. >> our goal in the next five weeks in kentucky and in oregon next tuesday and six other states including north dakota on
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june 7th is to win as many delegates as we can and to go into the democratic convention with a majority of -- with more delegates than does secretary clinton. >> but even some of sanders' own supporters are now planning to launch an independent organization aimed at defeating trump without sanders. no surprise the sanders campaign ca calls it totally irrelevant but that's not an encouraging sign coming from some of your own supporters. >> absolutely, and kristin fisher, thanks so much. >> sure. >> so much back and forth between the two, donald trump and hillary clinton like kristin just said not time to forget about bernie sanders. he has his rally cap on set on the possibility of a contested convention. can he get the attention of voters specifically in important swing states that we talk about every election siegel? let's bring in larry who is the director of the center for politics at the university of virginia and author of "sabato's
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crystal ball." thanks for joining us, larry. >> thank you. >> let me get your reaction. the advantage of sanders staying in the race. he wants to see a contested convention. is that even possible? >> well, you can have a contested convention in several ways, now, the nomination, obviously is not going to go to bernie sanders. that's clear to everybody but you can have a contested convention about the platform. you can have a contested convention about the vice presidential choice. you know, the delegates have to vote on the vice presidential choice and there could be a bernie sanders nominee that is either sanders himself or somebody that he favors if the sanders people don't like hillary clinton's eventual choice. also in a more general sense -- >> is that what the hillary clinton camp is concerned about. >> pardon me. >> is that something that the hillary clinton camp is concerned about? she seems to be really focused on donald trump. >> well, she's focused on trump because the general election has
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begun, but she can't put the convention in her past given the fact that there is still a bernie sanders candidacy, by the way, who thought that the republicans would resolve their nomination before the democrats did theirs? given the fact that the democratic candidate, the opposite to hillary clinton did not appear in the beginning all that substantial so that's actually an advantage that the republicans have at least temporarily until we get through the primaries in june. so, you know, as far as bernie sanders is concerned, clinton has to keep one eye on him even as she is going into the general election and essentially pretending that she's already the nominee opposing donald trump. >> right and there's some debate whether or not that's making her a stronger or weaker candidate. you brought up a general election terms. there's a number of states we seem to talk about every election cycle. specifically ohio, pennsylvania and florida. and if you look at the numbers,
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it sames as if the two heavyweights, the presumptive nominee, donald trump and hillary clinton, looks as if they're close in pennsylvania and florida with this quinnipiac poll and in ohio looks like trump is leading a little bit. do these numbers matter, why or why not? >> okay, number one, it's may. and just to warn everybody ahead of time there will be 1,643 thousand,943 polls before november. i did a count, just kidding. it's not quite that high. but we all know what's coming and, you know, this is may. i don't pay that much attention to polls in may but i tell you one thing that is significant about the q polls and other polls we've seen, the base, the rank and file is uniting, a lot faster than the leadership is. really in both pears but i think the republican party is a surprise because so much of the
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headline story is about how, you know, paul ryan isn't that excited about donald trump or the two presidents bush aren't endorsing him. but the rank and file in this very polarized age where people really identify with their parties even if they don't admit it to themselves and their families, they are lining up between -- behind their nominees and so trump actually is getting a very sizable portion of republicans long before the convention. i think that's going to help define the general election. >> all right. larry sabato, thanks for joining us. once we get a number -- another one of those 1.9 million polls we'll find an excuse to have you on so you can break it down for us. we appreciate it. thank you very much. >> thanks so much. thank you. a quick programming note for you. fox news will be covering the polls and election news coming out of kentucky and oregon day tuesday so tune in right here and tomorrow on fox news
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sunday, rnc chairman reince priebus sits down with chris wallace and what happened behind that closed door meeting, well, of course, check your local listings for time and channel. be patient. well, that's the insightful advice from your federal government as it announces new steps to ease airport security wait ties but little comfort to travelers amid a growing public backlash. in los angeles, other airports nationwide reported them 90 minutes or more and airlines are holding some planes at the gate to wait for passengers to clear the checkpoints. and add to that, well, you might call them technical snafus like the luggage screening service at the phoenix airport that caused more than 3,000 checked bags to miss their flights. normal screening resumed friday and they were sent to their final destinations. federal officials say, well, they're working on the problems. >> our job is to keep the american public safe.
10:17 am
we're dealing this spring and summer with increased travel volume which obviously puts an added burden on our toss and increased demand on the system but we're not going to compromise aviation security under pressure from anybody characterizing this as a crisis. >> hmm. in our next hour we'll speak with a former tsa official on what jeh johnson just said and whether transportation leaders are addressing this issue fast enough. donald trump says he fights to pay as little in taxes as possible. so what about his tax package for you? turns out he may be tweaking that policy plan. we'll be talking to one of the experts he's pouncing on with some very good advice. coming up, a ringleader in the benghazi terror attacks as his case inches towards a trial we'll tell you what prosecutors are taking off the table and the new details on the attacker coming to light in an exclusive
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fox news interview. >> they got killed in a mortar attack at the end of the battle when, you know, the sun was coming up when they shouldn't have been killed because we have plenty of time at that point. hours and hours and hours to be able to do something which we did nothing. . and one of the wildfires burring in washington state grows as officials warn residents that if they haven't already left, they should probably get ready to go. >> we didn't have a very wet winter and everything is dry and the wind shifts there's a lot of fuel out here and the fire could go anywhere. >> that's pretty scary. i just bought this house two years ago. i sunk all of my life savings into it. i love this house. i would hate to lose this house. >> our own janice dean is tracking all of it and will let us know if mother nature will be helping our firefighters. hi, janice. >> hi, elizabeth. yes, a little bit of good news for not only the western u.s. but western canada as well.
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we're tell you about the weather conditions coming up when america's election headquarters returns after the break. what's it like to be in good hands? like finding new ways to be taken care of. home, car, life insurance obviously, ohhh... but with added touches you can't get everywhere else, like claim free rewards... or safe driving bonus checks. even a claim satisfaction guaranteeeeeeeeeee! in means protection plus unique extras only from an expert allstate agent. it's good to be in, good hands.
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i grabbed my tablet. i grabbed my phone. i grabbed my birth certificate and there's really not that much
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else. it's the dogs and cats that really matter. seems like this happens every summer. you have to be ready for it out amongst all the trees. it's beautiful but that's one of the dangers that you accept when you live out here. >> some residents in washington state are leaving their homes while they still can. firefighters in the western part of the state are battling two wildfires in snohomish county that have grown to more than 200 combined acres. hot, dry conditions sparked the wildfires and what were logging areas, helicopters are now overhead trying to douse the flames. the terrain is so steep it makes for dangerous work for ground crews to try and battle the blaze. meantime, up in canada, prime minister justin trudeau got a firsthand look at the devastation caused by massive wildfires in the province of alberta, specifically the town of ft. mcmurray which suffered the most damage and has been completely evacuated. so far, the flames have torched more than 500,000 acres and
10:24 am
forced nearly 90,000 people from their homes. fire conditions are expected to worsen today despite that government officials are telling residents they will have a plan within two weeks for hopefully getting them back into their homes. >> to the people of ft. mcmurray, know that even though things may look difficult and uncertain and at times perhaps almost hopeless, know that you are not alone. canadians are standing with you. you can lean on us and you can count on us. our government will do everything it can to get you back home safely just as soon as that's possible. so will mother nature cooperate with firefighters? meteorologist janice dean is at the extreme weather center tracking the forecast. hi, janice. >> hi, liz. we do have good news. a system pushing in that's going to help not only western canada
10:25 am
but also our friends in the northwest u.s. so there's the satellite radar imagery. you can see the system moving in from the pacific and we're going to see a good amount of rain for these areas as a couple of systems move inland, not only rain but we'll see mountain snow so let's take a look at our future radar. over the next seven days we'll see a couple of inches of rain certainly for our friends in alberta and then across the northwest tore snohomish where we're watching the two wildfires earlier mentioned. we'll get a little rain there and certainly cooler temperatures in there. across the u.s. we've got a cold front, a big cold front moving in across the upper midwest, the great lakes and midwest. dipping as far south as almost the gulf coast so temperatures 10 to 20 degree below average today and it's going to sink southward across lower mississippi valley, even the mid-atlantic and northeast where we have some thunderstorms in the forecast tonight as that cold front moves through. current temperatures at the freezing mark, upper great lakes are into freeze advisories across the northern plains where
10:26 am
we also could see a wintry mix and even some snow, oh, no, so you can see the cooler temperatures sinking into minneapolis and oklahoma city, st. louis where the temperatures are on average 76 degree. we'll be struggling to get out of the 50s and into the 60s. few rue radar, that storm system that cold front moving across the mid-atlantic and northeast and just want to make sure you're aware, liz, you could get thunderstorms so just be aware of that across the northeast and the mid-atlantic as that cold front moves through. back to you. >> thank you, janice. we talk about the cool temperatures but i know we'll talk about how hot it is before we know it so -- >> yes, exactly. we'll rewind the tape. >> all right, thank you, janice. >> okay. coming up a story that gives new meaning to the phrase man's best friend. you won't want to miss one family's pet heroic rescue. plus, the plains of north dakota and foothills of kentucky bernie sanders is not giving up. we got the latest from the campaign trail and republican
10:27 am
donald trump calls an audible this week on his tax plan. we'll go one-on-one with one of his tax policy advisers to figure out what it means for your pocket of book after the break. ♪ i'm terrible at golf. he is. people say i'm getting better. no one's ever said that. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf for as long as i can. he's just happier when he's playing. but he's terrible. for the strength and energy to keep doing what you love, try new ensure enlive. only patented ensure enlive has hmb, plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. and its clinically proven formula helps you stay you. oh. nice shot. new ensure enlive. always be you.
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you wouldn't order szechuan without checking the spice level. it really opens the passages.
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waiter. water. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. turning now to the campaign trail, it's a relatively quiet saturday for the presidential hopefuls. bernie sanders is the only candidate holding a rally today, reminder of his vow to compete up until the july convention despite his narrow chances of winning the democratic nomination. threatening a convention floor fight if he doesn't feel like he's treated fairly. sound familiar? he's going to be in bowling green, kentucky, tonight one of two states where democrats vote on tuesday. the drawn out nomination is forcing rival hillary clinton to
10:32 am
wage a two-front campaign. one on her left against an increasingly vocal fraction of her own party, the other against presumptive gop nominee donald trump. a new clinton ad mocks trump for not releasing his tax returns, trump who is off the trail today fired back calling the attack desperate saying he'll release his returns when an ongoing audit is complete as a reminder a total of 116 democratic delegates are at stake tuesday in oregon and kentucky, the sanders camp is hoping that momentum that propelled him to victory in west virginia, particularly with coal miners this week will cross the state line into kentucky right next door. on the republican side, there's just the oregon contest with 28 delegates up for grab, of course, you can tune in to fox news all day tuesday live coverage all day and well into the night. all right, call it what you want, a rethinking, retooling, maybe, well, just changing his mind but donald trump said this
10:33 am
week he is open to overhauling his massive tax cut plan. fox news contributor steve moore has advised team trump on tax policy joining us now. nice to see you. >> happy saturday. >> happy saturday to you. let's take through how things look for your average family of four making roughly $80,000 a year. they pay $327 per week in taxes. under team trump's plan that he has on his website, that number goes down by $103, $224 per week, roughly about a $5,000, $5,200 tax savings costs roughly $10 trillion the plan we looked at under donald trump. you say you can get it down to $5 trillion. how are you going to do it. >> first of all let me talk about the numbers. that's a big deal for the middle class if they can save $3,000 or $4,000 on their taxes that is a huge help.
10:34 am
the big issue is what's happened to wages and median family income over the last ten years. it's been flat. $5,000 back in your pocket, another computer, you can take your kids out to dinner. >> this is a middle class tax cut. now, all the rates will be cut. what my friend larry cud lkudlo helped with the trump campaign, look, we can take the cost of this plan and we can do a lot of the same stuff, cut the taxes for the middle class, you can also have the pro growth elms helping business. that's another part of the plan you haven't even mentioned. businesses -- >> tax rates. >> corporate and small business will get a big tax cut. remember, most small businesses in america today, the small businessmen and women who run those company, they pay taxes not at the corporate rate but at the personal income tax rate. when you bring those down it helps those businesses too. we estimate you can probably bring that class down to maybe less than 5 trillion and with spending cuts still balance the
10:35 am
budget. >> so trump plan is originally $10 trillion. you think you can get it down to 5 trillion. >> or less. >> or less. where do those cuts come or those modifications happen. >> you just have to tweak a little bit of what's going on with respect to, you know, when the various rates kick in, what income levels. one of the things we suggested to mr. trump, i don't know if he's going to endorse this recommendation, why not cap the -- all the deductions wealthy people get. the massive deductions that most of the deducts in the tax code go to the billion mares and billionaire, cap those, cut those. reagan did it in 1986. >> most of the tax breaks go to millionaires and billionaire. >> yes, they do. >> of whom donald trump is one of them. he also said very interestingly that he does everything he can to pay the lowest possible tax rate. >> everyone does everyone does. i do. don't you? >> we'll discuss that later. none of your business. >> all right. >> question for you, though.
10:36 am
do you really believe that donald trump is going to do things that will adversely affect his own taxes, his own pocketbook, he's limiting deductions for millionaires and billionaires that doesn't help him very much. >> well, what you do with this tax plan you make the deal and ronald reagan did this back in 1986. you cut the tax rate to make the system more efficient but you get rid of all the loopholes and special interest provisions. now, again, donald trump has said, you know, in general he wants to do that. what we propose is capping them so that, you know, high income people won't get the big breaks, low income -- low and middle class people will still be able to take all the tax breaks they get right now. >> last question and i find this interesting, you and i have talked economics for a long time. you've always been a guy to call balls and strikes. you've always said that the way to deal with the budget deficit, the way to deal with the horrible debt that we're rolling up is economic growth. you have 1% or 2% economic growth that takes care of a lot
10:37 am
of debt. how do you square that with trump's protectionist trade policies that everyone agrees doesn't do much for economic growth. >> let me -- first of all get an "a" in economics because you're right. if you want to get the budget -- >> my economics professor would be so proud right now. >> you want to get the budget deficit down and bring down the debt and want to create jobs you got to have growth. and the sickness in the economy over the last seven, eight, nine years has been there's been almost no growth. growing at 2% in the last six month, barely keeping our head above water. i believe if you put in place his tax plan you can make that growth rate go from 2% to 4%. and that adds $6 trillion, additional revenues over the next ten years and reduce spending because, look, if you put more people to work that means less people are going to get food stamps -- >> you didn't get to the protectionist trade part. >> the tax plan is very good because -- especially for
10:38 am
businesses. now, on trade protectionism i'm not a protectionist. i'm a free trade guy. i do think that free trade helps the american economy but i will say this maybe -- >> did you tell trump that. >> we didn't talk about that. we talked about taxes but i will say this, maybe having someone at the negotiating table with countries like china and japan which cheat on the trade deals and we know what china is doing right now, when we send our goods and services over there, our intellectual property and computer software, things like that, what do they do, they steal it. they don't protect -- >> hack in and steal it. >> so maybe having someone like donald trump at the negotiating table say, look, you're not going to be able to have free trade with us unless you start abiding by the rules. i can live with that as a free trader. it's high time we did that. >> we're putting this on the internet so -- what do you think of my transcript change. extra credit. steve moore, appreciate it. still to come a new trick in the benghazi terror attacks investigation as key players come forward with brand-new details about the deaths of
10:39 am
those four brave americans and the regret that haunt them now. >> should have been there and that's the worst part. that's the horrible feeling to have when you can help someone, especially when you don't even find out until later and you hear that people actually died. thank you for dining with us. hope to see you again soon. whoa, whoa, i got this. just gotta get the check. almost there. i can't reach it. if you have alligator arms, you avoid picking up the check. what? it's what you do. i got this. thanks, dennis! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. growwwlph. it's what you do. oh that is good crispy duck. this woman... this cancer patient... christine... living her life... loving her family.
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there are people everywhere. it was full of people and we were all ready to go. all of us. >> bombshell details outlined by fox's own adam housley and one of the men who says he could have saved the lives. the four americans killed in benghazi is shedding new light on just what happened that night and the morning after. this man who asked that he not be identified for fear of retribution says his squadron at aviano air base was briefed within minutes of the attacks on the u.s. diplomatic mission in
10:44 am
benghazi and could have easily been flown to libya to offer assistance. >> i definitely believe that our aircraft could have taken off and got there in a timely matter. maybe three hours at the most. in order to basically at least stop that second mortar attack and have those guys running for the hills and basically save lives that day. >> the source says other members of his squadron have wanted to talk about benghazi from the very beginning but none have been interviewed since the 2012 attack because they also have a fear of retribution. and even the chairman of the house select committee on benghazi south carolina republican trey gowdy says finding witnesses has been very difficult. >> we may know a description but we don't know the name so you have to go to the department of defense in this case and say we need the following folks. they have the names and, no, it's been very frustrating. it's been frustrating for two years. >> so could more have been done
10:45 am
to save the lives of the americans killed in benghazi? was it a botched handing of the deadly attack. were things missed and what is next in the investigation. joining me is dr. jonathan schanzer at the foundation for the defense of democracy. thank you so much for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> i want to focus on the investigation and put all politics aside. specifically the recent headlines that the doj will not be seeking the death penalty of ahmed abu khattala, we learned that. that is the fallout and did that surprise you. >> to a certain extent it did because this is the only individual we have in our custody that was involved in that 2012 attack. there were dozens of others which i think is more surprising we haven't gotten our hands on any more of those and would think this would be a priority of the government to find them and capture them and bring them to justice. looks like ahmed abu khattala is
10:46 am
sort of the symbolic person that we're hanging out to dry for this attack when there were many others linked to several different al qaeda affiliates involved in that attack. >> could he be the source of more information, more details that we could learn especially as the trial continues or do they have everything that they need from him? is he sort of a dead end, so to speak. >> i think that in the days and weeks following his capture i'm sure that's where the real interrogation took place. it's possible that we might learn a few things here or there during the course of this trial but it looks as though the documents already indicate that we've learned quite a bit about what they were looking for, who was involved in this attack, but again i think it's very frustrating that there were dozens of people involved and only have him. >> i know i said i wanted to look forward. but just before we do and talk more about the legal proceedings are there things that were missed, for example, in the compound and also men and women who could have possibly been involved. >> first of all the intelligence points to the fact they knew
10:47 am
there was trouble brewing in benghazi and more could have been done in advance and i think we've heard a lot about that. certainly i think that when an attack is under way you would think the state department office of diplomatic security would have contingencies in place with the pentagon, with special forces to be able to extract individuals who are coming under fire so it certainly doesn't look very good from my perspective. i think a lot of ink has been spilled on this for many, many months now and so i think a lot of it has been aired but i do think there were problems during this attack and i don't quite yet know whether we've learned from them. >> were you surprised when you saw adam's report about some of the special forces that said they could get to benghazi but weren't allowed. >> i wasn't surprised. you always hear from the military there are people who would like to do more and are often frustrated by the system. i think the u.s. government often gets in its own way in the military as well as its own bureaucracy so not surprising in the least.
10:48 am
>> looking forward, politics aside, what is the takeaway? what can we learn from this event? how can we utilize this for more information to perhaps improve relations and improve fighting terror in the middle east? >> well, look, i think there are a couple of things to note. number one this was very much an organized al qaeda attack. it was al qaeda of the arabian penelope cruz and a lot of affiliate groups from al qaeda's patchwork across the middle east. al qaeda's not gone away. we've had a real focus on isis and need to be sure to keep our eye on the ball with other terrorist groups that have long posed a threat to the united states and to its allies. i think the other thing to think about is just security and stability in libya moving forward. it is really, i mean, the president admits himself this was one of his greatest errors of not ensuring stability there post gadhafi. we have turkey and qatar and sudan that have been fomenting
10:49 am
fact and need to get them back in line to get that country to be whole again. >> dr. schanzer, thanks for bringing your perspective on this. >> my pleasure. >> well, coming up this guy is feeling the burn, not from the campaign trail by from his core. why he's putting his abs through hours of the ultimate workout and one family still in disbelief after striking it rich. hear how they found out they truly won the golden ticket. >> i just want you to know that anything can happen if you try.
10:50 am
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10:53 am
>> get off of my phone. she said i'm not. it's may, it's may. it's late and i'm ready to go to sleep. she said ask mommy. mommy is not going to lie to me. mommy is on the phone and she said it's true, we won the power
10:54 am
ball and i haven't slept since then. >> utter disbelief and sleepless nights for family members who learned their mother bought last saturday's winning power ball ticket. she spent $6 on two tickets and beat the oughts. she and her seven grown children are sharing the jackpot. they chose the lump sum payment, a mere $284 million before taxes. >> a retired u.s. marine is one taking on world record holder today in a specific fitness competition called planking. the ab challenge loved and hated by many gym rats. it is being held the competition in beijing. he broke the record back in 2014, the world record. he held the plank position for
10:55 am
four hours and 26 minutes. >> sounds like your warm up. >> he credits strength to mental relaxation and many other things i would imagine. >> an amazing dog and he is the type of dog when you want to buy a dog and spend thousands of dollars, that's the dog we get. we rescued him and got him for free. it shows you a rescue dog paid it forward by protecting my family. it's amazing what dogs can do. >> it is amazing what he did. the family pet was nothing short of heroic. 7-year-old molly was playing in her back yard when a diamondback rattle snake appeared. there is the german shepherd who jumped in and refused to budge despite multiple snake bites. he has been with the family for two months, but he was treated
10:56 am
with anti-venom and the story has gone viral with tens of thousands of dollars in donations paying for his medical care. >> that's great and much more with the news headquarters including a look at what could come out of this meeting between donald trump and house speaker paul ryan. will there be party unity after the pow-wow? we will talk to darrell issa coming up next. the chilling 911 case from a police officer after he approaches a suspect and bullets start flying. >> they shot me. white male, long hair, trench coat. i'm terrible at golf.
10:57 am
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11:00 am
>> the highest ranking republican in congress is still not endorsing donald trump. another leader is saying get on the trump train. we will talk to darrell issa coming up. hillary clinton looking for a win in kentucky's primary. it's not so much about the delegates, but bragging rights over the underdog that won't go away. bernie sanders. >> a final salute for an american hero. saying goodbye to navy s.e.a.l. who was killed fighting isis in iraq.
11:01 am
>> hour two on this saturday. nice to be with you. you didn't have a choice. >> welcome to america's election headquarters from washington. >> donald trump, there you go. if he spends this saturday off the campaign trail, washington is still a buzz about his truce negotiations with the republican establishment. mr. trump came to washington thursday hoping to change the hearts and minds of republicans who had been anything but complimentary. one heard and mind he did change was darrell issa. congressman, appreciate you being with us. you endorsed marco rubio and now you are on the trump train. tell us why. >> i still consider marco rubio one of the up and comers in the party. very inspirational and somebody
11:02 am
i know has a bright future. i am on board with donald trump because the american people picked him. a broader perspective picked him than any republican nominee in the recent past. >> as you look at that and i did follow in the popular vote, but when it comes to traditional values that i know you believe in deeply, i should say, does it bother you in any sense that you feel as though donald trump flip flopped on a lot of those? >> certainly donald trump like most is to the left of me on some issues and right of me on others. mitt romney won 93% of the republican vote and won the independent vote and lost by a couple of million. growing the party, if you will, both directly and those who vote for the nominee is something that donald trump is proving he is able to do.
11:03 am
winning is important and direction is important. i have no doubt that donald trump will take us where i want to go compared to where hillary clinton would continue going to the left as we have for almost eight years. >> fair enough. when you are thinking about the trump endorsement that you made, are you surprised that your fellow republicans, namely paul ryan at the top has not done what you have done? >> paul ryan is in a unique position. because he is president of the convention and he wants to reflect the broader hold out, he is being a little cautious. let's remember that you can all jump on board the nominee, but that doesn't get us there. what gets us there is the growing of the party that donald trump shows he can do in the election. let's remember that -- >> when you talk about growing the party, who are you talking
11:04 am
about? what constituencies have been disenfranchised. folks like you that haven't been able to get to. >> i would say that it includes, if you will, the h ross perot and pat buchanan voters. they are not all republicans or even independent. when you look at west virginia democrats, there is no question at all, they are angry at this administration destroying their economic safety and no alternative. many people are looking for those who do something. they believe enough that they are willing to shake-up the status quo. donald trump is saying many of the same things that you or i or others might have said in the past. but people know that we have been saying it and not getting it done.
11:05 am
here's somebody who is willing to get down and force it to happen with the support of republicans and the opposition of democrats, but the support of an american people who is a broader audience than we have seen under the nominees of our party. >> my grandmother said it's not what you say, but how you say it. how donald trump is saying things. congressman, i appreciate you joining us. >> thank you. >> a win for bernie sanders tuesday wouldn't put him ahead of hillary clinton in the overall race, but another primary loss could be a major psychological blow for the clinton campaign. joining us now, a political writer for the courier journal in louisville. thank you very much for joining us. >> happy to be here. >> me about the pulse on the ground. what are you hearing from voters and are you seeing the candidates having a big presence there? >> yes, we are seeing the
11:06 am
candidates having a big presence. hillary clinton has been here and bill clinton several times and bernie sanders has been here once and coming back this weekend. i'm going to see him after i finish this and hillary clinton is coming back on sunday and monday. they are out and about. they are trying to round up the votes. whether they are suck seating or n not, it's hard to tell. this was the fourth hillary clinton made the statements that got her in so much trouble in west virginia. now she and bill clinton are trying to bring that back and trying to convince voters especially in the coal fields she will not be harmful to them. it's a big test for bill clinton who won with 71% of the vote in 1992. 67% four years later and in 2008, hillary won the primary here against barack obama with
11:07 am
91% of the vote. at least in the coal counties. we are talking huge numbers. >> for some viewers who may not know about the statements she made, i want to play the sound byte and also her husband in recent days, bill clinton really trying to back track on the statement. i want to play it for you and get your reaction. take a listen. >> we are going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business. >> hillary spent $30 billion to get on the conveyor belt of the future. we can bring opportunities to you to make a job and live where you love. >> it's way too early to tell, but is there fallout from the comments? are you seeing that on the ground? >> you are not seeing too much of that in louisville, where i am. where i spend most of my time. i was impressed with bernie. i take it the comments were from
11:08 am
the bless on thursday. he went in and with the idea of saying hey, we are friendly to cole. i helped you in this area when i was president and hillary will do the same. he was introduced by paul patton who was a coal governor. they are pushing back hard. whether that had an effect or not, i don't know. all i know is the booing from the miners in the crowd, the booing subsided quite a bit by the end. i don't know if that's because they were simply tired of it. he said i'm still going to vote for donald trump. >> i have one more question. we are running out of time, but you talked about the difference in voters between louisville.
11:09 am
talk to me about the complexity of the voters there. 55 delegates at stake. what are the candidates up against? >> it's hard to tell exactly what's going on. in europe kentucky, bernie sanders is doing well even though his policies are not all that different. in louisville, hillary is going for the african-american voter and there a lot of people in louisville who have been supporters of hillary clinton who they are going to be with her through hell or high water. we are seeing her try to mask the forces that were important to her in 2008. we are seeing bernie sanders trying to reach out to the disaffected voter, the democrat who is not happy with the direction of the party and the who have clinton fatigue and
11:10 am
there is a certain amount of that going on. >> thank you very much for joining us. 55 delegates at stake. see you on tuesday. thank you. >> sure. >> a 32-year-old new hampshire man is behind bars today in mac pherson. two counts of attempted capital murder against police officers. he is suspected of shooting and wounding two manchester police officers, ryan hardy and matthew o'connor early. he approached because he matched the description o suspect in an armed robbery, but now the 911 call. >> shots fired! shots fired! >> second and ferry, shots fired. >> where are you in. >> second and ferry.
11:11 am
i've been shot. white male, long hair, trench coat. >> police pursued mac pherson who shot o donor in the leg for three hours. they continued on the chase before finally catching him. the police chief commended his department's bravery. >> even in spite of an officer being down, they continued to run after the subject. they continued to pursue even after a second officer was down. they continued. at their own peril to pursue the subject who shot two officers. >> most police officers are recovering. mac pherson the suspect will be arraigned on monday. >> the pentagon is offering up the most detailed assessment of the island building program. in a new report, they said china
11:12 am
reclaimed more than 3200 acres, the fountry's focus that shifted to developing and weaponizing the man made islands to have greater control in the region. the department reports say three islands have large runways and in various stages of construction. they said china has moved antiaircraft missiles on to another chain. they claim the islands are there to support area fishermen. >> construction crews have broken ground for a nato missile defense system that has russia calling foul. they will house both missiles and troops in poland. a little more than 150 miles from the russian border. another 4,000 troops were deployed in eastern europe in 2017. the move threatens the national security. iraqi officials say as many
11:13 am
as 14 suicide bombers attacked the government complex outside baghdad killing at least six people. we have the latest. hi, john. >> elizabeth, this attack happened at dawn as the sun was rising and people were getting up. the militants stormed this as you mentioned in residential and governmental complex, killing six people and opening fire with machine guns and detonating suicide belts. this after the most violent and bloody week of isis attacks so far this year with a series of bombings as you have seen and reported that killed more than 100 people including twin suicide attacks in the city killing three officers. thursday a car bomb detonated in a crowded market in the shia district killing at least 68 people and two more blasts at a
11:14 am
check point killed more than 30 people and the violence didn't stop there. friday take a look at this. at least 12 people were killed when a gunman stormed the cafe in a town north of baghdad where fans of the soccer team have gathered. it was covered in pools of blood. most of it too graphic to show. along with that attack, you mentioned elizabeth in that residential and governmental complex. the suicide bombers attacked the city of folusia. a violent and bloody week in baghdad and the surrounding region. >> thank you, john. >> they received a hero's farewell in california. thousands of people lined the
11:15 am
streets as a funeral procession wound its way from the train to the national cemetery. that's after they broke through the frontlines near mosul and coming to the aid of the advisers. they will promote the 31-year-old to chief petty officer. >> coming up, if you can't beat em, join em. donald trump makes a trip to capitol hill and are republicans ready to follow in line behind him? coming up after the break. an amtrak train falls in line with deadly consequences. and just in time for the busy summer travel season. get ready to hurry up and wait. the security lines at the airports can be longer than your flight. we will look at possible
11:16 am
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11:19 am
three men are dead in central california after a train
11:20 am
with performs slammed into their truck. they turned down a road to go around and pulled in front of the train traveling upwards of 80 miles per hour on a parallel line. none of the more than 200 passengers on board the train were injured, but the victims which are unidentified in the truck are believed to be in their late 20s or early 30s. >> federal election commission estimated campaigns and super pacs spent about seven billion in the 2012 election. you can expect the same or more money to be spent this election. the name of the top of the ticket at lot of for the republicans has put some super pacs in you might call a difficult position. in particular, the koch brothers super pac americans for prosperity. president of americans for prosperity foundation joins us
11:21 am
now. appreciate you joining us, sir. where are you in terms of getting behind donald trump. have you decided no? >> we are a c 4 organization and we looked at the race for president and want to see a clear economic difference on issues like taxation and reform of entitlements and spending and free trade. we will wait and see if it happens. we want to see a bold plan and have a genuine difference. >> he has not been a proponent of free trade. he has been on the other side it seems like. if he flips on the issue, which do you believe? what he said now or before? >> you have to look at the vision they put forth. we would look at the overall picture and entitlement we form. if we don't get medicare and social security reform, they are going bankrupt. it's not one individual issue, it's overall.
11:22 am
minimum wage is another thing. >> how do you take somebody who for a group that is so issue-centered as you are, how do you deal with a candidate who seems much more about how i say it than the nitty-gritty of the policy of what i say? >> we do what we are doing now. pause and wait to see with specificity what he is going to do first. we wait and see. that's where we are. >> you are waiting and seeing about trump. senate house races. >> senate races where there is a clear difference. with ohio, senator rob portman and the liberal democrats, we are having involved and been on the airwaves. we have done issue efforts at wisconsin and those particular instances, there clear issue differences and a voting record in a lot of cases. >> you had something to stand on. >> not just what they say, but what they have done in office.
11:23 am
>> my mother told me that was important once. you think about places like ohio, pennsylvania, florida and places that have invested. polls came out showing clinton and trump largely tied. so the people didn't think they would see. what does that tell you about the trump momentum as it relates to down ballot races. >> wisdom has been wrong for 12 months. if you think you know what is going to happen and only hillary clinton can win, it has been wrong so many times. we are not surprised to see the numbers fluctuating around. that is not based on poll numbers and is based on if there is a clear issue difference. candidate moving the country to a freer direction. >> all of these things provide money. you advertise and did all these things. we are in a case where the guy
11:24 am
who is the trumpive nominee spent almost no money relative to everybody else. if money mattered, jeb bush would be the nominee right now. why does money seem to matter a lot less? >> we believe reaching out over the long-term in places you mentioned in florida, pennsylvania, ohio. that is the impact that we can have best. the idea that message and money are the only two things and that money is more important. i think that is proven wrong. we always believed that. >> we appreciate you joining us. finally somebody who is unwilling to make a prediction. there is a moment of honesty there. all the best. what's coming up? >> after the break, one hollywood hiker ended up on the wrong side of the trail. dramatic steps these rescue worker his to take to ensure a safe ending.
11:25 am
and donald trump on capitol hill in search of party love. was it successful? >> bernie sanders and hillary clinton are not quite ready to come together. our political panel will weigh their options. ...clear for take off. see ya! when you're living with diabetes. steady is exciting. oh this is living baby! only glucerna has carbsteady, to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and try new glucerna hunger smart to help you feel full.
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11:29 am
>> fox news has been drafting a third party candidate and there have been names coming out. is this a real possibility? joining me now for a fair and balanced debate, fox news contributor and former dnc and obama campaign official. holly shullman. i know your opinions are going
11:30 am
to be vastly different. i want to put up a full screen. their names have been tossed around being courted by gop establishment members. these are the five not candidates that people are discussing. is it a possibility we could see a third party come up in the next coming weeks? >> a girl can only dream. >> republicans are having enough getting ready for a general election that started on their side. i would love to see them coming up with a third party candidate. i didn't think donald trump would be the candidate. >> a liberal, a democrat. insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result.
11:31 am
may i remind the party about ross perot, george bush and bill clinton and we got eight years of bill clinton. we need to come together as a party. romney should know better. newt gingrich went after him. >> we have reporting from inside in the building behind us. this is an ongoing topic of conversation and it's serious. it could be very real. you are say that is not what you want to see. >> what i would like to see is when you have the third in line for the pedestrian, paul ryan weighing in that he will endorse donald trump, if he does not it would be destructive for the party and the country. i'm hope they can come together with a resolution so the party can come together. until they do, this is what we are going to see. >> what was your reaction when we saw the trump and ryan meeting?
11:32 am
>> we did the contract for america and he is a great strategist. he needs to protect his members of beginning in the house and needs to get legislation through. if we have democrat, democrat in the house senate and the white house, it will be like obama and nancy pelosi all over again. he needs to keep the conservatives in line. republicans defeated republicans in 2012. mitt romney did not get 7% of the republican vote and that's what defeated him. he got more of the independent vote by 4%. >> you talked about your reaction from the meeting on thursday. holly, i want your reaction. we are starting to see rank and file coalesce and also congress men are starting to rally behind trump. is that something hillary is concerned about. a lot of people are saying she is outpolling him in so many general election polls. is it too early to make the
11:33 am
predictions? >> we are in a good position going into november. republicans are spending a lot of time trying to court a failed candidate and the more time they do that, the less time they talk about the issues and what matters to the american people. we have seen that and it's going to be a circus than a presidential campaign. >> you said a girl can only dream that there can be a third party candidate. bernie sanders is fighting for a contested convention. hillary certainly has a number of delegates and super delegates, he is not going away and his goal is to get to the convention. >> she has more votes than him and delegates than him. that said, we have seen poll after poll that more than three quarters of democrats are excited about both candidates.
11:34 am
we have run a good primary. about raising the minimum wage. >> you guys have a broad candidate. between hillary and sanders, women, millennials, she is not getting the votes she did. if bernie sanders were to run as independent, we would win. go, bernie, go. >> is there anything that surprises you? that's an odd question. everything is surprising. on the democratic side, we sawhillry clinton in a similar position with barack obama. she dropped out and was not as far behind as bernie sanders. he said he would hang o. >> we ran a vicious primary in 2008 and it was hard for democrats and we took two elections in a row. if history is any guide, we are seeing a lot of excitement for bernie sanders and hillary
11:35 am
clinton and will that will translate well for us. >> then we had john mccain and mitt romney. now we have donald trump who is great for the party if he can bring paul ryan and establishment elites on board. i think we are going to win. >> thank you very much. we are doing this so interesting. the election cycle heats up. thank you very much. donald trump faced one of the toughest debates with megan kelly. he faces a tough one on one with the anchor. megan talks about the 2016 race with trump in her first prime time special and gets to the bottom of that debate encounter. >> you said you didn't feel the moderators had been nice. do you think it's the journalists's to be nice the a debate. >> fair. i don't care if they are nice. >> you used the word nice. >> i don't think so. i might have said they were not
11:36 am
nice. that doesn't mean they have to be nice. >> it's not a cocktail party. >> in a certain way what you did might have been a favor. i felt so good about having gotten through. if i can get through this debate, you can get through anything. >> you don't want to miss megan's on with donald trump as part of her first special on the fox network, megyn kelly presents. that's on your local fox affiliate. you don't want to miss it. coming up, it sounds like a fishy plan from one new jersey county, but allowing these creatures to do what they love to do may help humans fight a virus. one of the many problems piling up at nation's airports. don't hate, just wait? we will talk to a tsa official about the problems the agency is facing. i'm in vests and as a vested investor in vests,
11:37 am
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best 68,000 employees ever. that's how we own it. you are looking live right now at the texas state republican convention taking place in dallas. you might remember from the campaign trail, heidi cruz up on stage warming up before her husband, ted cruz in his first public speech before suspending his presidential campaign. back to that as it happened. >> what goes up doesn't always come down. rescue workers used ropes to scale an iraqi hillside. it happened yesterday about 200 feet down a cliff in the same hollywood hills and this was in a movie. the 20-year-old woman was strapped to a harness boy an urban search and rescue staff
11:42 am
who risked their safety to lower her down. there were no jurisdiction reported. >> the now growing intense anger over missed slight, vacations and airport security lines that have gotten to be 90 mondays or longer reached cap hol hill when the head of the tsa house oversight committee. >> you cannot recruit or train or administer. it's a huge failing government program. it will fail. >> the tsa is offering apologies and asking travelers for their patience. chad wolf assistant administrator. i appreciate you being here. what's the problem? >> i think tsa has a very
11:43 am
challenging issue when it comes to hiring and training screeners. making sure that check points are staffed up. you have a busy travel schedule coming up as well as increase in the number of passengers flying these days. the two combined with the high attrition ready and the ability to train up is where they find itself. >> the old joke that they stood for thousands and referring to the guys in the shirts standing around and doing nothing. they think there thousands standing around and the passengers waiting to be screened? what changed? >> the individuals standing around argue in a certain job. it's not always clear for the public what the individuals are doing. what we are hearing today is that there is not enough screeners to process the passengers. >> we don't have the authorization. is that fair? >> i think it is fair.
11:44 am
there is some mismanagements and if volume is increasing, you have to have more people. >> midway airport was tauing about lax. one thing with the missed flights. maybe you have to get to the airport earlier. that is an enormous soft target and a huge security risk. >> absolutely. they sthau at the brussels attack. they are struggling to get the wait times down. when you get past the check point, you are in that lobby. it's a different issue. >> the tsa argument at national airport, we understand people are frustrated, but security comes first. we will not compromise security. then you realize how ineffective the tsa is at security. have they gotten better to find
11:45 am
the model and test bombs that people put through? >> they have gotten a lot better going back five, six, seven years. the items are very sophisticated. it is a challenge, but the measures they are talking about increasing the number of screeners overtime and doing things at the check point could help. these are things they have known about for sometime. why does it take 90 minutes or longer? >> somebody who might take action is atlanta and seattle among others. seattle airport has terrible problems. they are saying they will privatize their screens. how does it work and is it a threat? >> for airports, it allows them flexibility to hire, fire, staff, maybe you need part-time or a few folks in the morning or the afternoon. a number of airports look at
11:46 am
that because they want the flexibility to allocate to that check point. they don't think the tsa is doing a good job. chat wolf, appreciate your insights as always. we might have to have you back. >> thank you. >> in the tsa, they have an app where it lists wait times. they promised realtime information. we checked it out and it said the wait time is 21 minutes. they posted that two hours before and had not yet updated it. some of the other airports they checked, no wait times had been
11:47 am
posted for. >> i looked both android and apple had reviews on downloading the app. we did see a lot of people post that, but not in realtime. it's a great resource. >> you have to think about ronald reagan. the scariest words in washington are i'm from the government and i'm here to help. you can use the hash tag i wait to wait also. >> coming up after the break, old meets new. we'll show you where what could be a natural way to prevent the zika virus. what you need to know about this secret weapon. you've finally earned enough reward miles on your airline credit card. now you just book a seat, right? not quite. sometimes those seats are out of reach,
11:48 am
costing an outrageous number of miles. it's time to switch... to the capital one venture card. with venture, you'll earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day. and when you're ready to travel, just book the flight you want, on any airline and use your miles to cover the cost. now that's more like it. what's in your wallet? twell what if i told you that peanuts can work for you? that's right. i'm talking full time delivery of 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients. ever see a peanut take a day off? i don't think so. . . .
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11:51 am
the olympic torch is making its way to rio. a task through one of the most historic areas of brazil on its way of making history. a runner's jog through the cities of brazil. . the route took the runners through some of the city's oldest streets and many of the
11:52 am
residents came out as you might imagine to cheer on the olympic torch. there's one secret to weapon to fight the zika virus. that's fish. abbi is joining us. >> good to see you guys. with summer just weeks away, that means muggy and warmer temperatures. it also means more mosquitos which has people thinking about the zika virus. 10,000 fish were released into some of the lakes and ponds as a way to kill off mosquitos carrying diseases. they are mosquito fish. once they are released into the water, they love to feed on larvae in hopes of killing the diseases before the insect is even born.
11:53 am
fish are far more environmentally friendly than chemical options. >> it's a very clean way to control the mosquito population because the fish eat the larvae. they eat them before they become mosquitos. >> this is just one preventive step and not first time this new jersey county has done something like this. the department of environmental protection which provides these fish has used them in years past to combat other diseases including the west nile virus. >> we're starting to see the effects that that is having on human life and unborn lives. >> some cities are even giving out mosquito-eating fish for free to people who want them. however, so far every case has been travel related. none of them have been transmitted by mosquitos.
11:54 am
as we have seen, the effects of the disease are just absolutely heartbreaking. maybe this is a positive step forward. >> thank you so much. e we appreciate it. the crazy as things are today, everybody needs a smile and happiness in their life. >> so when you need a laugh, who you going to call? evidently he wants you to call him. we're going to tell you why, after the break. hello, everybody. coming up in less than ten minutes, donald trump looking to capitalize on his critical meetings this week with gop leaders in washington. what's the plan going forward? the national spokeswoman for the trump organization will be telling us. also inside man who knows firsthand about running for the white house. presidential candidate herman cane. i'll see you in less than ten.
11:55 am
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just in case you were searching for the number one fan, we found out who to call. justin parker who converted his 1992 ford taurus into his own ek to-1. he used household items to complete the classic look. and get this, the car itself only cost $600.
11:59 am
>> for ghost busters fans, this is a a dream. >> are you going to sing the theme song. >> e we told you about the app to figure out how long the wait is is at the airport. they hadn't updated it for awhile. we checked again. the last time washington reagan airport was updated was 11:21 a.m. still when you click on it, it promises realtime information. >> in an effort to make things fair and balanced, there are 165 positive revows when it comes to google play users. >> how many negative? >> 178. >> so where's the balance? >> we'll see you tomorrow at
12:00 pm
1:00. our election e headquarters continues from new york. >> hello, everybody. we're live in new york. rnc chairman reince priebus says donald trump is trying very hard to be presidential as questions loom about how to unify the gop heading into the general election. the spokesperson joins us moments from now. and the growing backlash to the obama administration's bill about bathrooms. plus a train conductor saves passengers in the nick of time from disaster. you'll hear all about it right on "american election


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