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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  May 14, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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>> we'll see you tomorrow at 1:00. our election e headquarters continues from new york. >> hello, everybody. we're live in new york. rnc chairman reince priebus says donald trump is trying very hard to be presidential as questions loom about how to unify the gop heading into the general election. the spokesperson joins us moments from now. and the growing backlash to the obama administration's bill about bathrooms. plus a train conductor saves passengers in the nick of time from disaster. you'll hear all about it right on "american election
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headquarters", which starts right now. we begin this hour with new reaction from reince priebus about his party's presumptive nominee donald trump. . in what is shaping up to be an intense head to head against hillary clinton. in a new interview with the associated press priebus believes trump is making an effort to convince skeptics that he's got what it takes to be the commander-in-chief saying he's been trying very hard to be presidential and gracious and i think he's actually done a nice job of that it lately. i expect him to continue working at it and getting the job done. the nation's top republican is seeing that gop chairman already leapfrogging ahead of him and
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saying now is the time to support trump if republicans want to win come november. joining us now is the national spokeswoman for the trump campaign. welcome, great to have you on board today. >> thank you. >> upbeat about the meetings with gop leaders. however, there's lots of buzz on whether he will get the endorse ment. in the end does it matter to the trump cam camp whether he endorses your candidate and if ryan decides against it, would that be a signal to other republicans to sit this one out as some are threatening to do? >> we have already seen previous presidents bush already decide they were going to sit this out. trump has said from the beginning he welcomes the endorsement of all republican leaders. . we may not get them all. we acknowledge that.
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trump is going to move forward to continue this process. he's been having several meetings over the last few months with individuals inside the party because he is committed to unity. just as you mentioned with the other chairman getting on board, we're seeing many republicans already e get on board because there's one thing we have in common and that's beating hillary clinton in november. >> is there some kind of deadline that you and your team are working towards right now? how soon should the endorsement happen to send a message that the gop has a big enough tent o to back an outsider that doesn't play by rules from a traditional gop playbook. >> there isn't this artificial deadline at all. mr. trump has already proven ts gop has a big enough tent. we have seen this process play out where 75% of republican voters rejected the
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establishment agenda. he has brought out millions of new voters. he's brought back in reagan democrats and independents and disenfranchised democrats, which is why we're seeing out in swing states that show he's very competitive. >> sheldon adelson is ready to pledge $100 million to donald trump's general election effort against hillary clinton. if it's true and going public with this right now with this news, is that a signal to other gop donors with deep pockets that it's time to go ahead and get on board the trump train? >> absolutely. this is a very clear sign with his support. we are talking about extending barack obama's policies, which have been devastating to the economy. we see what's happening now with
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government overreach in our public schools. this is just going to be a continuation with hillary clinton not to mention the disaster that occurred under her watch as secretary of state when we see the birth of isis happen under this administration we're currently un no one wants to see the united states continue to surk l the drain. >> do you have other high profile donors you're willing to make public who are joining the trump campaign and going ahead and pledging to support him? >> we have had discussions with several individuals. those whom will make it known on their own time line. there's a lot of buzz out there. there's a lot of people that were skeptical at first. in the just because of trump's policies, baa they weren't quite sure if he could win. i think what we have shown now is that he can win handedly. a lot of people want to support
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that process. we are going to make history with the election of donald trump in november as someone who is a political outsider, who didn't play by the establishment rules and has the opportunity to essentially take the two party system and put politics back into the hands of the people. that's extremely important. >> by accepting outside donations, what impact is this going to have with voters that he does not want to be beholden to corporate wall street interests and others. that he wants to self-fund his own campaign. >> i think mr. trump has proven that even if someone does donate, he's not beholden to them. he's manage d to knock down 16 other candidates. he's done that all on his own dime. fundraising moving forward is a joint effort. there are down ballot candidates that need that. so the km pain is committed to helping the rnc continue to raise money for all republican candidates. >> so this is more of an effort to help the down ballot
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candidates? >> the party as a whole. it's going to be a joint effort. trump is committed to spending his own money. this is an investment in the country and wanting to make america great again. >> much is being made, as you already know, of trump's taxes. he says he won't release them until his audit is complete. mitt romney and hillary clinton are pouncing on this issue saying by not e releasing them suggests that trump has something to hide. what's your reaction to this? >> this is just a political ploy. it's a diversion. most americans don't even care about tax returns. they care about getting the economy back on track. they care about getting immigration under control. and taking back what's rightfully to the people. this is interesting. now you have mitt romney singing the praises of hillary clinton. this just goes to show the american people that donald trump is not that typical o t
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two-party establishment individual. i think it helps him in the end. >> also wanted to get your reaction and concerns about trump's past. it goes back 25 years and audio tape has surfaced where trump is being accused of posing as a pr guy for the organization back then. is this seen as a distraction or do you expect him to address the situation in more detail? >> i do think it's a distraction. i don't think the american public cares about a "people" magazine from 25 years ago that has no relevance to the political campaign today. he was asked about it. he heard a piece of a clip they played. he said it wasn't him. i could see people wanting to push this idea because we have very serious things happening in the country that they don't want to have to address. hillary clinton is still struggling in her own nomination process. this is neve definitely a distraction. if we weren't talking about this, we would be talking about why it is that donald trump manage d to secure the nominatin
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prior to hillary clinton and why she's struggling in her own party to lock up this nomination, which seems to be growing more and more difficult over time. we're seeing the democratic party fracture just like the republican party did back in 2009. the people in this kocountry ar fed up and they also recognize that this too is a distraction. >> as far as you're concerned, the comments he made about that situation, that's it. he doesn't plan to go into detail about the remarks to that issue? >> no, not at all. it's not necessary. it's a "people" magazine issue that has no relevance on the campaign. we're going to continue to talk about furthering his policies and vision to make america great again to take our message to the public and beat hillary clinton in november. >> great to see you today. thank you for joining us. we really appreciate it. >> great to see you. this week's high stakes meeting continues to create buzz about whether the gop can unite
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behind donald trump's campaign. have to have his brash and bold style that attracted a record number of voters to the gop? does it have any impact at all? i had a chance to catch up with herman kain. his take, there will be some compromise, but he says let trump be trump. >> do you believe that it's donald trump that needs to pivot closer to paul ryan and his crew or vice versa? >> both. one of the big optics is they probably agree on 80% of the issues. i see that as the biggest positive coming out of that meeting. reince priebus said positive things. and donald trump said positive things. i think that's a great sign. they are not going to kiss and hug yet.
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>> you think there's going to be this coming together? >> i believe that they will come together. there will be some who remain sile silent. lindsey graham already reached out to donald trump. >> does that surprise you? >> it did surprise me. to me, lindsey graham has made a big step in the direction of coming together. e he has accepted the reality of the situation. i wish he would call mitt romney and gave him the same advice. my u advice to the never trump people and the anti-trump people, for the good of the party and the koun. try, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything. >> going forward, does trump continue to be trump or does he need to tone it down as some members reportedly said in that meeting? that he needs to do that? >> trump has to be trump, but he will automatically tone it down because 16 of the contestants are gone. >> if he tones it down too much, that's what got people to the
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table pause they liked his boldness and his attitude about a number of issues. >> what i mean is he will now have more time to make more substantiate remarks. so when he does do an interview, he will be able to be calmer about it because he won't have to get all upset. i think you'll see a change in tone. it will still be donald trump. he will not change. >> we'll have much more with herman cain later on in the show about how his u listeners are reacting and the answers may surprise you. stay tuned for that. it's the interview the lots of folks have been wait ing ing see. megyn kelly face to face with donald trump for the first time since august in the presidential debate. >> you said you didn't feel the moderators had been nice. do you think it's the
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journalist's role to be nice to presidential candidates at a debate? >> fair, i don't care if they are nice u. >> you used the word nice. >> okay, no, i don't think so. i might have said they weren't nice, but that doesn't mean they have to be nice u. >> it's not a cocktail party. >> what you u did might have been a favor. i felt so good about having gotten through -- if i get through this debate, you can get through anything. >> and you are invited to watch megyn kelly presents, a special airing tuesday night, may 17th at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. and now i'd like to hear from you. do you think donald trump and the gop can unify ahead of the coming general election battle? i'd like to hear your answers. tweet me and we're going to try to get to some of your answers later on in the show. shifting gear now and going overseas. after iran's capture of ten sailors in the persian gulf, the
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navy firing the man who is responsible for the blunders back in january. at the time of the incident, he says he was head of the coastal squadron. our next guest is the author of the new book enemies foreign and domestic. i'd like to focus on the international events. your reaction to the fact that this individual was fired. >> this guy was doomed either way. there's an oath that you take as a navy sailor to never surrender your men or vessel. that's what they are using to fire him for. they are saying you vensurrende your men and vessel. if he were to have his men fire upon those troops, had he would have been fired any way. >> are you disappointed by the
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actions taken? >> hugely disappointing. this goes back to the administration. they have a huge problem with not putting our troops first. the obama administration has been doing this since day one. iran has been at war with us since 1979. from taking ore drones, death to america. we need to start putting america first. we need to start standing behind our troops. that's why we need to stand behind our troops and say we gt your back no matter what. >> let me ask you about some news that just developed over the last 24 hours. we heard about the deaths o of isis members in iraq. i want to ask you about that effort that's underway. >> one step forward, two steps back. we're neutral. the problem is, you saw this death. the problem here is these guys were in a noncombat role. but this became a combat role because they are in a combat
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zone. when are we going to admit we are still at war with isis. we left iraq saying we had won the war. the enemy get assay. they are saying it's not over. >> i know that your new book takes a hard look at what structure is in place right now and the concerns you have. as we look to how we support our military, how we support our troops. right now, there was a recent report, which was very concerning, about afghanistan and the fact that a number of people there on the front lines are saying that they don't know what the rules of engagement are. they are very concerned because they don't know how to react when confronted with disaster. >> let me put this in p perspective for the viewers. the rules of engagement is like a tax code to the business owner. we have no idea. we have lawyers on the
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battlefield we hired on these rules of engagement. these guys will go up and have to radio back to base and say is it okay if i defend my life and my troops. when i was overseas, we had to call and request air support from a bunker back at home. if we were getting shot at that's a valuable time lost and cost lives. the administration failed to do anything about it. this administration is a failure when it comes to foreign policy. we need to say get in or get out of the war. if we're going to get out, we need to step away, let it devolve until it threatens our borders. >> you think we're going to move forward regardless of the election? the fact that we are in this situation right now, are you optimistic that things will change?
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>> for our troops, no. nobody has our troops pack. they are more worried about getting court-martialed than shot. new leadership and tactics and go forward. >> thank you for joining us. your book is terrific. to our viewers, we'd like to note you were pivotal in the conflict that took place in the capture of fa luge ya. we really thank you for your service. >> thank you. i was part of a team. >> very humble, but terrific. we salute you. >> appreciate it. there's new fall out after the white house tells public schools nationwide to let transgender children use restrooms that they identify with. a fight between the states is shaping up and texas is just one state that's pushing back. >> i believe it is the biggest issue facing families and schools in america since prayer was taken out of public schools. e we will not yield to blackmail
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welcome back, everybody. turning to a story that's generating lots of controversy. this one over public reform use. the obama administration telling public schools to let
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transgender students use reforms matching their chosen gender. it's only part of a larger battle and facing a major backlash in some places. the latest from washington. >> the final of this issue won't be going away any time soon. the white house made its position clear. get on board or face the consequences. on friday the departments of justice and education send school districts across the stating that students must be provided full and equal access to facilities and activities based on the gender they identify with. while the white house emphasized the new guidelines aren't legally binding on schools, it warns that failing to implement them could bring federal lawsuits and the loss of millions of dollars in education funding. several states including texas, mississippi and north carolina have already come out against the directive and say they will not be bullied by the president.
12:24 pm
>> if they push this, this unconstitutional law into place or e defund us because we don't follow their rule, we'll fight them and go after our money. >> critics say this is the latest example of executive overreach and another attempt by president obama to impose his will on the states without going through congress. the white house is defending its actions and says this directive was simply giving the guidance that many school administrators have been asking for on this issue for years. >> the challenge here is not to isolate anybody. it's not to discriminate against anybody. it's not to make anybody unsafe. it's to ensure our schools are as inclusive and respectful and safe as they can possibly be. >> lawmakers in several states are vowing to fight this directive and take the administration to court if necessary. >> thank you very much. mother nature putting on an amazing show for all of us in costa rica. check out this video showcasing
12:25 pm
a volcano erupting spewing rock, gas and ash miles into the atmosphere. a research group catching it on camera with infrared images. it's located 30 miles away from the capital. an airport in that city shut down briefly after debris covered a runway. terrifying moments for passengers on board a train. how a quick thinking conductor saved lots of live when is that train came across this on the tracks. plus more of my interview with herman cain. what issues matter most for voters in the presidential election. and while bernie sanders is vowing to fight on for every last vote, what some of his supporters are now planning for after his battle with hillary clinton. >> one of the reasons that donald trump will not become president of the united states is that we are beating him in
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♪ you're only a day away ♪ and we are back right now for a quick check of headlines making news right now. a new hampshire man accused of shooting two police officers early yesterday morning now charged with two counts of attempted murder. authorities are saying shooting two officers within 30 minutes of each other before he was finally captured. those officers are expected to survive. the canadian prime minister touring the devastation from a helicopter. the fires forced 88,000 people from their homes and destroyed 2400 buildings. this is video showing seconds before a passenger train collides with a truck that stuck on the tracks. that conductor runs through the
12:31 pm
car warning everyone to brace before impact and thankfully the train doesn't derail and there are no injuries. fox news is america's election headquarters and nominee donald trump wrapping up a busy high profile week in d.c. picking up endorsements from nine house committee chairman while coming under fire for refusing to release tax returns. democrat cannic candidates are preparing for a primary in kentucky and oregon on tuesday. bernie sanders bushing on despite trailing hillary clinton by triple digits in the delegate count. we have the very latest on all this from washington. >> both front runners are taking a break from campaigning today. but the back and forth between donald trump and hillary clinton continues on twitter. a few hours ago one of clinton's campaign accounts tweeted out "why hasn't donald trump released his tax returns?
12:32 pm
looks like he's out of excuses. it's a new campaign ad that asks what trump is hiding. this comes a day after trump said it's none of your businesses what my tax rate is. so clinton's campaign is trying to maximize their mileage out of that remark by hammering home the point that he would be the first normal e knee to not release his tax returns. trump is firing back. he tweeted out, if crooked hillary clinton can't close the deal on bernie sanders, how is she going to take on china, russia, isis and all the others? sanders is poised to do well in oregon on tuesday. possibly kentucky too. but for all that momentum, the math still is not on his side u. some own supporters are planning to launch an independent organize aimed at defeating trump without sanders. the campaign calls the plan, totally irrelevant. last night in north dakota, sanders sounded more confident than ever.
12:33 pm
>> in kentucky and next tuesday is to win as many delegates as we can and to go into the democratic convention with a majority -- with more delegates on secretary clinton. >> but mathematically, that's almost impossible. another long shot is what some republicans are still trying to do. draft an independent candidate to take on trump. some of the names being tossed around are former senator tom coburn of oklahoma. but remember after that big meeting thursday on capitol hill, trump now has the support of about 70 members of congress, though he's waiting on an endorsement from house speaker paul ryan. >> all right, very dramatic and interesting to be sure. thank you so much. so when it comes to deciding on a presidential candidate,
12:34 pm
what issues define who voters support. does a controversial pass matter? here's more of my conversation with former republican presidential candidate herman cain, whose national radio audience is giving him some unique insights on what matters most to them this election cycle. >> the fact that there are news organizations out there like the "washington post" who already acknowledged they have an army of reporters doing opposition research on trump at this point, what does that tell you? >> it tells me that the "washington post" has admitted their liberal bias. that's what it says. why aren't they putting 20 reporters on hillary clinton? don't give me this line she's been in the public eye for all these years. they are looking for dirt on donald trump. here's why. they along with the republican establishment, never expected him to become the presumptive normminee. i think it's despicable. i think it hurts the repation of that newspaper to say they are going to put 20 people on just
12:35 pm
to dig up dirt on donald trump. they didn't say dirt. they said look into his background. yeah right. >> some things have surfaced. the tapes that have come out about the fact from 25 years ago the voice of donald trump claiming he was doing pr for the trump organization and talking about mr. trump's alleged relationships. trump is denying this. the fact this stuff is already out there. >> here's the thing about digging up something 25 years o old. most people don't care. they care about the character of the person that they are excited about right now. and i believe that the trump phenomenon, as some people are calling it, can be can described in. three words. leader, fighter, and winner. they truly do want america to be great again. >> you see this more as a movement then. >> it is a movement. i get phone calls on my radio show every day. here's what's interesting about
12:36 pm
a lot of those calls. i don't ask people their color. i don't ask them their political affiliation. they come on and volunteer that they have voted democrat all their life and now they are voting for trump. they didn't say republican. they said trump. the republican brand has some issues that they haven't corrected. now they can't correct it all by themselves, obviously. they will have to do a better job on messaging, but the republican brand has some issues. donald trump has cut through this negative image of the republican party and people are saying they are going from democrat to trump. that's part of the movement. democrats, independents and disgruntled republicans. >> the pressure to have trump release his taxes now even though he's under audit. what's your reaction to that? >> two things. first, people don't care. the only people that care are the ones who want to dig into his tax return, find something
12:37 pm
to nitpick and try to turn it into a big issue. with a tax return as complicated as his, they will find something -- >> are your listeners telling you they don't care? >> they said they don't care about the tax return. they didn't care about mitt romney releasing his tax returns four years ago. they don't care about that. they see it as a ploy on the part of some people in the media, particularly the liberal media, take the 20 reporters at "the washington post." don't you know that would give them fertile ground for dig up stuff. they would pull something out of context, out of his tax return and force him and his team to be on the defensive trying to explain it and defend it. it becomes a huge distraction. but the callers and the people are saying they don't care about the tax returns. that's just another tool for somebody to dig up stuff to try to make a big issue to distract from all of the stuff going on
12:38 pm
relative to hillary clinton. that's what they are trying to do. >> really quickly on the subject of hillary clinton, are you surprised that she is not closing the deal at this point? the fact that she's losing contests at this stage of the game and yet they continue to say bernie sanders is not a factor. >> i am surprised that she hadn't closed the deal. but there are obvious reasons as to why. that's because she hasn't generated the kind of excitement on the democratic side that bernie sanders has. now u i'm not a bernie sanders supporter. i don't support socialism or communism and never will. but bernie found out that he had a little more juice than they thought. now i have felt from the beginning that the fix was in for hillary with the pledges of these super delegates. but when bernie got out there and generated this enthuse yism, he said, wait a minute. maybe i have something going on. for democrats to say bernie, it's time for yo to go. that's just another recognition that they had selected hillary
12:39 pm
clinton from the beginning and bernie sanders was just a red herring that backfired. >> and our thanks to herman cain. moving along, flames erupting from a limousine carry canning nearly a dozen high school students on their way to the prom. how and where it all happened. you won't believe it, next. plus it's a heartbreaking and sobering reality. nearly 2 million children across the globe affected by child sex trafficking. our next sges a former agent with the cia and homeland security will tell you why he's making it his life's mission to save as many children as he can from predators. and a new movie showcasing the rescues. ♪ one day a rider made a decision.
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this age being forced into sexual exploitation. >> there were girls the youngest 10 years old. she was six months pregnant. >> these babies are having babies. >> the demand side is what drives it. people want to buy that. >> that's a clip from a new movie set today bu. it's a gripping and sobering account of the horrific world of child sex trafficking. what makes this effort even more compelling is that it's produced by a former cia and homeland security agent who has made it his life's mission to rescue as many children as he can across the globe. his name is tim ballard. he is an amazing man, who the found of operation underground railroad. i welcome him now to the program. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me.
12:45 pm
>> your work is so compelling. i know this is so close to your heart. tell me why you decided to make this your life's mission, rescuing as many children as possible from these predators and this horrific world of child trafficking. >> i spent 12 years as a special agent for the department of homeland security working cases dealing with child trafficking. 2 million children, how real is it? once i hit u the ground and saw what it was, it just changed my heart completely. i remember the first time i held a 5-year-old boy being trafficked from mexico. that was it. i decided i can do nothing else but this. and continue to this day to fight this horrific crime. >> when you look into the eyes of these children that you rescue, what runs through your heart and your mind? >> it's funny. the first thing i see every t e
12:46 pm
time, and i used to hate this but i have grown to appreciate it. when i see a child being assaulted, i see my child. i have six children. so i see my children's faces there every time. it makes it so real. it drives us. i think all of my team members feel the same way. it's what keeps us motivated. these are kids being trafficked and they need someone. they need us. >> this movie is going to allow people to really see firsthand what's involved in these rescues and the challenges that you face when you go undercover and try to penetrate these rings in a way that means that you have -- you're up against the odds. it's very dangerous work. >> it is dangerous work. i have an amazing team. former navy seals, former cia, law enforcement, we always work with the governments. we're not a individual lvigilan. we work under the authority and
12:47 pm
jurisdictions of the law enforcement agencies. we partner with them and together we go in and infiltrate these black markets and pull these kids out and make sure the perpetrators go to jail and stay in jail. >> that's the big question. in many countries, the laws vary. the fact that even if they are arrested, many of these people are back on the streets within days or even hours. what drives you? when does it become so daunting that you sometimes feel like i can't do this anymore because the o odds are so overwhelming. >> we do all that we can to increase our odds. the u.s. embassies throughout the world are just wonderful. homeland security, my former colleag colleagues, we work with them. they help us find the vetted prosecutor, the vetted agents we can trust. the trafficking and persons report is really encouraged countries to increase their laws, make better laws. we're seeing very high success rate o of the countries we go into. these guys are staying in jail and getting the after care they
12:48 pm
need. we're selective with who we partner with. >> what is it you want people to come away with after they see this movie? what is it you believe people are not understand iing about ts issue? >> i don't think people believe it's real. i they see numbers and stats. it's so easy to turn a blind eye. i hope people go to this film and see, my goodness, there are really are this many children being forced into sex trade. and more importantly there's something i can do about it. it's about converting people to the cause. and having them consider what they might do to help liberate children. there's something everybody can do. >> i applaud u your efforts. you are someone who really is making a difference. someone who is really having a big impact on the most vulnerable children around the world. thank you so much for joining us. really appreciate it. keep us update d on your progress. >> thank you. >> all the best to you, sir. >> thanks.
12:49 pm
airports are becoming more frustrating because it's scenes like this. endless wait, long lines to get through security. now the tsa is taking the issue head on. what the agency is doing to speed things up. plus the incredible story of a rescue dog in florida saving his 7-year-old owner from a rattlesnake. what's it like to be in good hands?
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only with xfinity. we're back and turning to a dramatic story. high schoolers in massachusetts get a scare on their way to their prom. their limousine carrying ten teens bursts into flames. now, the quick thinking driver noticed there was trouble, and got everybody out in time. no one thankfully was injured. and the teens still made it to the big dance. no word yet, though, on what caused that fire to erupt. and bad news for the all you summer travellers, the tsa is saying waiting in line to get through security is inevitable. this scene repeat at major airports across the country this week. long lines delaying passengers and flights. the tsa says it's taking new steps to speed things along. will carr joining us live from our west coast bureau with more.
12:54 pm
>> hey there, the bad news is it's going to get worse. airliners believe it could be a record setting number of passengers heading into the summer. authorities are asking for travellers to be patient. jeh johnson says the government does have a plan to cut down on long lines. he said tsa is boosting overtime, hiring employees faster and using more bomb sniffing dogs on top of congress giving tsa $34 million. and injecting 760 screeners. johnson said it will cut down on wait times but not eliminate them all together. >> we're dealing with increased traveller volume which puts an added burden on us and a demand on the system. we're not going to compromise security in the face of this. we will not compromise aviation
12:55 pm
security in the face of this as a national crisis. >> and tsa's problems don't get much more visual than what we saw on thursday at sky harbor airport in phoenix. that's where there were a sea of suitcases baking in a parking lot. because tsa's machines stopped working for a time. now, that problem was fixed. but phoenix's airport is now considering dropping tsa all together and going with a private security company that meets federal security standards. >> we think that people should wait maybe ten minutes or at a peak time 20 minutes in a line. to be consistently waiting for 45 minutes to go through security, that's just not acceptable in america's friendliest airport. we're not going to continue that way. >> 22 airports across the country use private security including san francisco's airport and the airport in kansas city. uma. >> all right. thank you very much. well, folks it's national
12:56 pm
pet adoption weekend. here's a reason you might want to take home one of man's best friends. a rescue dog becomes a rescuer. saving his young owner from a nasty rattlesnake in tampa, florida. the german shepherd jumped in between molly and that snake. he was bitten three times. right now his owners could not be more grateful. the family adopting him just two months ago from a rescue organization. he's being treated with anti-venom and pain killers. thank goodness he's okay. wonderful story. indeed. that's a wrap for us in studio j. thank you for joining, i hope you make it great day and a great weekend. see you next time.
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donald trump working to unite republicans. the presumptive nominee emerging from a series of positive meetings on capitol hill only to face a new wave of criticism. concerning his taxes, his perceived honesty and even his former butler. hello everyone welcome to brand new hour inside america's election headquarters. i'm kelly wright. >> i'm laura


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