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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  May 14, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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donald trump working to unite republicans. the presumptive nominee emerging from a series of positive meetings on capitol hill only to face a new wave of criticism. concerning his taxes, his perceived honesty and even his former butler. hello everyone welcome to brand new hour inside america's election headquarters. i'm kelly wright. >> i'm laura ingle.
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clinton ramping up her attacks on trump as she also tries to close the door on bernie sanders. the vermont senator is campaigning in kentucky ahead of its primary on tuesday telling supporters he's still in it to win it. >> if the goal of the democrats is, and it must be, to defeat donald trump, we are the campaign to do that. >> and kristin fisher is reporter live from washington with this one. hello. >> hey, laura. today's trump's continuing to take time off for the campaign trail. he's stirring up plenty of controversy on two fronts in particular. first, "the washington post" dug up an old audio recording of trump allegedly posing as his own publicist. trump says not true. he insists that's not him on the trump. trump is also coming under fire for refusing to release his tax returns until after an audit is complete.
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>> what is your tax rate? >> it's none of your business, you'll see it when i release. i fight very hard to pay as little tax as possible. >> hillary clinton is now seizing on that clip by releasing a new ad that asks voters what's trump hiding. tomorrow, clinton will be campaigning in kentucky ahead of tuesday's primary. yesterday her husband stood in as her surrogate while campaigning on her behalf in new jersey. >> she's the only candidate left in the race in the primary or the general that's actually got a record of getting things done with members of the other party. >> so there you have bill clinton taking a dig at both trump and her primary opponent bernie sanders. this week, the pressure has been building for sanders to get out of the race. last night at a rally in north dakota. sanders sounded less likely than ever to drop out before the convention. listen to this. >> our goal in the next five weeks in kentucky and oregon next tuesday and six other
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states including north dakota on june 7th is to win as many delegates as we can and to go into the democratic convention with a majority of -- with more delegates than does secretary clinton. >> even some of the sanders'supporters are aimed at defeating trump without sanders. the campaign calls the plan irrelevant. that's not an encouraging sign coming from your own supporters. >> thank you so much for that report. a lawman known as america's toughest sheriff is held in contempt of court for disobeying orders meant to stop racial profiling in his department. a federal judge decided that sheriff joe arpaio the sheriff of maricopa county, arizona. the judge found his officers systematically profiling latinos. he ordered sweeping changes to the sheriff's office but the judge determined some of the
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practices continued. a hearing is set for later this months for attorneys to discuss possible penalties for arpaio. the tsa taking new steps to try to cut down on long security lines at the airport. it says it will allow more officers to work overtime and hire more security screeners. this coming as travellers have waited in lines as long as two hours in some airports. some travel hubs say they're tired of waiting. at least two airports are considering dumping the tsa entirely. we'll have more on that and a live report later this hour. isis declaring a state of emergency in its de facto capital of raqqah, syria in the belief it's about to come under siege. the pentagon says it's monitoring the situation. isis reportedly began bolstering supplies. this comes after a syrian rebel group said this week it's
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planning to launch a final operation to liberate raqqah. at least six people are dead following an attack by more than a dozen suicide bombers just outside baghdad. officials say 14 bombers attacked a complex containing homes and government buildings just before dawn. the violence is the latest in the string of attacks since wednesday that's killed more than 100 people. john huddy live from our middle east bureau. >> this has been the most violent week as far as isis attacks in baghdad and the surrounding vicinity and outskirts of baghdad this year. so far this year with more than 100 people killed since wednesday as you mentioned. take a look at some of the aftermath. again all of this started on wednesday with double suicide attacks at a police station in baghdad killing three police officers there. thursday a car bomb was detonated in a crowded market on
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the outskirts of baghdad killing at least 68 people. two more blasts again at police checkpoints targeting security forces there. killed more than 30 people. and the violence didn't stop there. yesterday, friday, at least 12 people were killed with gunmen stormed a cafe north of baghdad where fans of the soccer team had gathered to watch some of the games. the cafe floor covered in pools of blood. much of the video too graphic to show. one man described the gunmen coming in and spraying with machine gun fire and throwing hand grenades. imagine the carnage. getting back to today's attacks you mentioned one at the governmental and residentia res compound. five police were killed after isis attackers launched attacks there.
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fallujah, u.s. officials say isis snipers are targeting civilians, men and women and children that are trying to escape the city. back to you. john huddy for us in our middle east bureau, thank you so much. the u.s. coast guard is scouring the gulf of mexico for a woman that's gone missing from the carnival liberty cruise ship. video shows her apparently falling overboard. they are searching southeast of galveston, texas. the debate over transgender rights growing more heated after the obama administration sent a letter to public schools directing them to allow transgender students to use the bathrooms that match their gender identity. garrett tenney has the latest from washington. >> the fight over this issue won't be going away anytime soon. the white house has made its position clear though. get on board or face the
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consequences. on friday the department of justice and education sent school districts across the country a letter stating that transgender students must be provided full and equal access to facilities and activities based on the gender they identify with. that means bathrooms, locker rooms college housing and school athletic teams to name a few. the white house emphasized the new guidelines aren't legally binding on schools it warns that failing to implement them could bring federal lawsuits and the loss of million dollars in education funding. several states, including texas, mississippi, and north carolina, have already come out against the director and say they will not be bullied by the president. >> if they push this, this unconstitutional law into place or defund us because we don't follow their rule we'll fight them and go after our money. >> critics say this is the latest example of executive overreach and another intent of president obama to impose his will on the states without going through congress. the white house is defending its actions and says this directive
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was simply giving the guidance that many school administrators have been asking for on this issue for years. >> the challenge here is not to isolate anybody. it's not to discriminate against anybody. it's not to make anybody unsafe. it's to insure our schools are as inclusive and respectful and safe as they can possibly be. >> lawmakers in several states are vowing to fight this directive and take the administration to court if necessary. laura? >> garrett tenney, thank you so much. while new jersey community is unleashing a predator to combat the zika virus, fish. the fish prey on the mosquitos. the virus can cause severe birth defects. abby huntman is live. >> good tuesday you. with summer weeks away that means buggy and warmer temperatures and more mosquitos
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which has a lot of people thinking about the zika virus. cities and counties around the united states are trying to get ahead of it, including gloucester county in new jersey. this week more than 10,000 fish about the size of goldfish were released into some of the lake and ponds as a way to kill off mosquitos carrying diseases including the zika virus. they're called mosquito fish. once they're released, they like to feed on larvae. fish are more environmentally friendly than the chemical option. >> we're increasing our surveillance of mosquito areas and deploying our personnel to make sure that as the mosquito population increases, we are defeating them. >> the new jersey department of environmental protection which provides the fish has used them in years past to combat other diseases. this is just one preventative step. it's not the first time this new jersey county has done something like this.
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>> even more important this year with the increase of the zika virus coming this way. we're starting to see the effects that's having on human life. >> some cities are giving out mosquito eating fish for free for people who want them. there are 507 cases alone of the zika virus. so far, every case has been travel related, none of them have been transmitted by an actual mosquito. as we've seen, the effects of these disease is heart breaking. >> thanks for that report. it gives us hope that we're being proactive about it. abby huntsman reporting live today. ahead, how a young latino woman went from poverty and prosperity in today's beyond the dream. russia takes it personal when the u.s. goes operational with a new missile defense program in poland. what does that mean for the building tensions between the two nations?
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captain chuck nash is here. donald trump coming under fire for not releasing his tax returns. will it be an issue in the general election? a fair and balanced debate coming up next. ♪
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and donald trump defending his decision to withhold his tax returns until the completion of an irs audit. this despite growing pressure from democrats and republicans and the media, too. >> frankly, our country doesn't know what they're doing with our money or tax money. that's part of the problem. so i fight very hard to pay as little tax as possible. >> what is your tax rate? >> it's none of your business, you'll see it when i release it. i fight very hard to pay as little tax as possible. >> let's bring in radio talk show host tammy bruce, host of the allen colmes show. i come from radio. a little radio campfire. it's nobody's business. >> i think that was john miller not donald trump. >> okay. all right. most voters want to know who they're voting for.
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insiders want to make sure a candidate is fully vetted. >> he trolled mitt romney to release his tax returns. richard nixon in 1973 released his tax returns while he was under audit. release the audit certificate. this guy went after obama for a birth certificate. he said obama hasn't been transparent. he said he was going to do it now he says he's not going to do it. after the election he'll do it t. with trump, six different answers. >> what do you think he might be hoping to hide or not hide -- >> could be he's not a billionaire as he says. could be his tax rate is low. could have offshore tax havens. >> we were talking about the other folks -- presidential candidates who have not released in the past. ross perot, ronald reagan in 1980. only released one year.
1:18 pm
when we look at this, how important is it? is it mandatory? it doesn't disqualify him. >> it doesn't despite what mr. . i'm glad that allen brought up nixon. it was a nixon gimmick. nixon was under pressure during the checker speech that he challenged his opponents to do to deflect from the scandals nixon was under. i guess allen is for nixon gimmicks. >> the point is he did it -- >> obamas have released 12 years of their tax returns. we know america has never seen any more better prosperity and the world is at peace said no one ever. this is -- it's a red herring, a chinese squirrel, whatever you want to call it. what we do know is whatever their tax returns sayi it's not
1:19 pm
about how they're going to govern. >> you're missing the point. he's lied. three different answers. that's the issue here and he said he would do it he's not going to do it. >> i'm not sure how you made it through the clinton administration when it came to everything they said. i did not have sex with that woman. >> this is the argument you always use, not you, i mean those on the other side the other side is worse. the other side does it too. >> here's what the american people are tired of these kinds of conversations that don't have anything to do with the how good the future is. >> clinton went every democratic president who went after them for not -- >> this is what -- >> why is there a different standard. >> this is what the american people are done with. >> i went to a trump rally to cover it for fox news, harrisburg, pennsylvania a few weeks ago. there were hundreds of people lined up, they were die hard supporters. they were anxious to get in and have conversations, animated
1:20 pm
ones with that with the anti-trump folks. you get the sense these people probably don't care. >> they don't care. trump is accessing people on a very visceral level. it's not an intellectual argument. it doesn't matter what his positions are. he's flip-flopped to a number of positions if a democrat held him you'd have issues. he's come up with a series of positions that were different. >> everybody wanted donald trump to be thinking more about the issues and be more flexible or to compromise on things when he suddenly gets into the larger conversations and his positions -- >> adjusts. >> -- he's a bad guy. >> he's not taking conservative positions. >> don't you find it interesting in 1978, '79 he gave his tax returns to afpply for casino taxes that he did not pay any taxes. here we have this information
1:21 pm
that he didn't pay federal taxes. and voters will say, wait a minute, i paid federal taxes why didn't -- >> he's addressed that in the debates. you heard in the opening sound you heard it there as well. he made a point the system is rigged. he's got enough lawyers to be able to use the system as its set out to help the wealthy. that's something he wants to also -- >> what -- why are you making excuses. >> facts of the matter. >> tammy, allen, thanks so much for being here. kelly, over to u. let's talk about the american dream. it's defined as the ideal that every u.s. citizen has the opportunity to achieve success through hard work, determination and initiative. the dream while it can sometimes appear elusive especially when you're faced with hardship. jessica ramirez is a woman who dealt with tough challenges in pursuit of her goals. in today's beyond the dream we focus on her rise from poverty
1:22 pm
to success and how she's helping others through her work at catholic charities. >> we -- we used an outhouse. we did not have hot water. and my parents hate when i tell these stories because we did -- we moved on. we did get running water, we did have a house with a bathroom. but my early memories were definitely using an outhouse because we lived in the country. >> jessica ramirez remembers those humble days of growing up poor in a small town in puerto rico. she said achieving her american dream was a long and complicated journey. >> what little we had my dad lost his job. so he become very desperate. and one of his friends said there's this place called atlantic city. and you can work there and they will give you medical insurance. and you'll be able to make a living there and bring your family. and that's what he did. >> jessica was just eight years
1:23 pm
old when they moved to new jersey. they didn't know the language. had no family support. just faith in god and each other and a will to succeed. >> i think back on my parents how courageous they were because they had to decide we can't make it here in puerto rico anymore. we're going to give this a try. >> giving it a try turned out to be the breakthrough jessica's parents had hoped for. they learned to speak english and with hard work, they saved enough money from their jobs to buy a home and help their children pursue their dreams. jessica attended seton hall university where she studied law. she now serves as the managing attorney for catholic charities in north new jersey. she fights for children and women who are seeking political asylum because of her own childhood experiences she understands the challenges that her clients are facing. >> we do visas, which are visas for people that have been
1:24 pm
victims of crimes. we also file visas for women that have been victims of domestic violence. but what we're seeing a lot is unaccompanied minors. usually they come from three countries. guatemala, honduras and elval salvad salvador. those three countries the police and government have lost control. the gangs have taken over that country. it's very sad. and when you see kids coming in as young as 10 or 12 and making that hike. you have to travel. you have to travel for a good week if you're lucky. if you're not lucky it's going to take you longer. and along the way you do get robbed. along the way you might get kidnapped and held ransom. >> the current political climate jessica knows just how heated the debate over immigration can be. but she believes a young unaccompanied minors that risk their lives to come to america
1:25 pm
can someday achieve the american dream just like she did. >> i -- fighting kicking screaming and crying with my clients to try to help them stay here, obtain some type of legal status. look where i came from. look where i got. look where i am now. i did it through hard work. i really am one of the few in my family that has a college degree let alone a lawyer. nobody helped me to get here. not an uncle. besides god and good friends, of course. >> jessica ramirez, helping others live their lives beyond the dream. >> she's an inspiring story to have which to this country after facing poverty and having prosperity and giving it back and trying to help others achieve the same goal. >> how nice for you to be able to tell the story. we need more of that. >> yeah, we do. >> thanks, kelly. two former cold war powers butting heads once again. as the u.s. ramps up
1:26 pm
anti-missile defense systems. plus, long lines and bungled bat bat baggage handling. one city is threatening to kick the tsa to the curb. >> to be waiting for 45 minutes to go through security that's not acceptable in america's friendliest airport. we're not going to continue that way. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis. when age-related macular have degeneration, amd we came up with a plan to help reduce my risk of progression. and everywhere i look...
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♪ sfx: leaf blower dad! sorry. this is more than a lawn. this is a trugreen lawn. live life outside with trugreen, america's #1 lawn care company. spring is on. start your trugreen lawn plan today. trugreen. live life outside. it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. more than 3,000 bags missed their flights in phoenix because of a tsa security problem. here they are, lined up in the parking lot yesterday at sky harbor airport. doesn't that make your heart hurt? after the luggage mess phoenix is swone of at least 22 airport considering dumping the tsa. will carr is live from los angeles with the latest on problems plaguing the tsa.
1:31 pm
>> yeah, phoenix is not alone. 22 airports that have already decided to go from tsa to private security. when you take a look at the sea of bags that were left in sky harbor airport on thursday there in phoenix you can understand why phoenix is considering becoming the 23rd. now tsa says the problems they had with the screening machines have since been fixed. all those bags that were left in phoenix are on their way to their final destinations. as a result of all of it, phoenix's airport may drop tsa all together. >> airports have done something which is called opting out want that means going to a private contractor. they have to be up to the federal standard but the tsa security lines would then be run by a private contractor. >> phoenix isn't alone in its frustration. airports all across the country have seen security wait times spike. some passengers have been having to wait hours, some missing their flights.
1:32 pm
as a result homeland security secretary jeh johnson says the tsa is boosting its overtime, hiring employees faster, using more bomb sniffing dogs on top of congress appropriating $34 million dollars for tsa and injecting additional screeners. johnson admits it won't eliminate long lines all together. >> we're dealing this spring and summer with increased travel volume, which, obviously, puts an added burden on our tsa and increased demand on the system. we're not going to compromise aviation security in the face of this. we will not compromise aviation security in the face of characterizations of this as a national crisis. >> so what can you do to avoid those lines? tsa has an app that will tell you exactly how long security is at your airport. also, you can sign up for precheck which goes faster than regular security lines.
1:33 pm
and there's the oldie but the goody is simply showing up at the airport early. >> that's right. you know maybe doing a carry on. you have the argument with your travel companion, do you want to do the carry on. maybe this lends itself to that argument. will carr -- >> if you're traveling in phoenix you thought that was a good idea. >> will, thank you so much for that report. very little thaw in the cold war tensions between the u.s. and russia. moscow condemning a u.s. missile defense site in poland. they symbolically broke ground there yesterday. russia president vladmir putin describing the plan as a threat to global security. this comes on the heels of another defense site becoming operational in romania on thursday. let's bring in captain chuck nash. good to see you as always. you know and i we talked about the issue before. how russia had always been
1:34 pm
showing a lot of bluster and everything in the last few years of the obama administration trying to i guess bully the president to some degree. how do you think they're reacting? >> he got the last of the good days. >> tell me why. >> well, you know, at this point, kelly, what we're looking at is something that's really focused on the gulf region. and southwest asia. in particular, iranian rogue regime missiles that could be a threat to europe. however, when you look at it from the russian side of the border, all of these states that used to be part of the soviet union are either in nato, want to be in nato, or are on the straddling the fence. from their standpoint they see this as hey you're trying to set up this shield so that our deterrent weapons won't be any good anymore. so they see it that way when really what they should be looking at is if the iranians emp europe and shut down europe
1:35 pm
they're a bigger problem than what the russians are thinking about right now. >> and having said that, the president, president obama moving forward with this plan, does he give nato the strength and defense system that it has always wanted but at some point we took it away? >> yes, what happened kelly, george w. bush administration wanted to put missiles in the czech republic in romania. now, there's a different system which is the same technology that's used in our navy destroyers and cruisers. it's the weapons system with spy one radar and sm 3 missiles which are capable of knocking down short range ballistic missiles. the two sites that we've been discussing here are the land based sites. there are four navy ddg 51 bert
1:36 pm
class defense ballistic missiles that are based in spain. the navy is putting the four ships that can be in the mediterranean as part of this ballistic missile defense network as well as 130 sailors ashore in these sites in romania and poland. >> let me read for you what the president of about this, he said it's important that a credible and predictable system presence can be assured of the allied forces on the eastern flank. this is so strategic that russia or at least vladmir putin has to say do i keep testing and flexing my muscles at a time when romania and poland have now been -- will be armed with this defense system? >> yeah, i think it's a little too late for him to try to do anything now. because not only is it romania and poland but there's a major
1:37 pm
radar? installation center in turkey. we're talking about putting them in the three baltic states as well as bulgaria. this is a wide spread system for him to try to intimidate the united states out of this is a no win for him. were the united states to back away from this now that would be the end of nato. >> what i can hear, nato is applauding this move by the obama administration? and what do you think the pentagon is saying about the president and his efforts in moving this forward? >> well, it's good to see a commitment followed through on. >> okay. that's true, because we've had -- >> it's never too late to change, you know? >> never too late to change. it's really good a lot of times people have said the president has moved away of being
1:38 pm
offensive. he's done something that many people in the pentagon are saying this is a good move. we'll have to watch the president on this one. >> absolutely. this absolutely had to be done. >> all right. captain chuck nash. good to hear from you and your perspective. >> you bet, nice being with you. >> all right. thank you. there are growing concerns over hospital borne infections. hundreds of thousands of people develop hospital borne infections every year across the country. what you need to know before you go in. it's true what they say. technology moves faster than ever. the all-new audi a4, with apple carplay integration. youthat's why you drink ensure. sidelined. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you.
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test. . us. about 25 companies have now
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blocked the use of their drugs for executions. and something else to discuss. stats from the cdc show an alarming number of patients are coming down with hospital borne infections. while visiting medical facilities. >> some of those infections can be deadly. what are hospitals doing to cut down on them? should you be worried when you check in? dr. jennifer cuddle is a family physician and assistant professor at school of osteopathic medicine. thank you for being here. when we read the stats, one in 25 patients coming down with an infection. a lot of people are very worried about going in the hospital. you don't want to be there for the most part. you know, this is obviously, going to ramp up that anxiety. what can we do going in to keep ourselves safe? >> you're right. that statistic is staggering. it doesn't just scare patients. it scares doctors, too. one in 25 hospitalized patients
1:44 pm
on any given day will develop a hospital acquired infection. to say what that is, that's an infection, you're going into the hospital to be treated for a sprained ankle or chest pain but you come out with an infection you didn't get on the outside but you got on the inside. it's something very scary. there are a lot of things we can do, absolutely. >> the first question comes to mind is why and how is this happening? >> a number of risks in terms of getting infections. how would you go to a hospital a place that's supposed to treat you -- >> and be clean. >> there's a number of things the use of catheters and iv lines can be a cause or a place for infections. surgical procedures can be the site of infection. hospital staff can transmit infection to students. contaminated work environment and even the over use or misuse of antibiotics. >> some of the things we hear, we've had loved ones a lot of us who have had things like mrsa.
1:45 pm
super bags from staph. when a doctor comes in and says -- you find out after after you've been discharged you have one of these bugs, are any of them more serious than the other? >> good question. that depends on a few things. it dnepends on the bug. you can get mrsa not only from the hospital but from the community as well. not only the suferity of the bug and how it works the other dependent factor is what the patient is like. how sick is the patient. maybe the age, what we call coalmcoa comerbidities. that's tell you how severe that person might be. either way, bottom line we don't want anyone to have hospital acquired infections. there are things we can do about it. i think we should talk about that. >> what can we do about that? raise your hands if you've gone to the hospital and come back and something like a staph infection. my doctor i will say was on top
1:46 pm
of it. because it was a set back. >> sorry to hear that that happened. things we can do. if you're visiting someone in the hospital as a visitor make sure you're washing your hands. hand washing is something we promote amazingly hugely in the medical community. we know we can prevent some of the infections. as a teacher of medical students we grade students on whether they wash their hands. that's how important it is s. washing your hands and you can ask your doctor if they washed their hands. i know it might seem a little uncomfortable. in your health at stake. washing hands is important. >> some of the people who have come down during the infections it happened during surgery. some patients are recommended to take a shower. >> washes, maybe recommended. some doctors may recommend
1:47 pm
antibiotics before peergrocedur. al if you smoke, quit smoking, those who smoke have higher risk of infections. get vaccinated for the pneumonia and flu shot. look it's not just on the patient. let me be clear. as doctors we have to be vigilant and make sure we're using catheters and iv lines appropriately. >> have your visitors wash their hands. >> can i have your permission for men to wash their hands in the bathroom? >> oh, my god put up a sign. >> it disturbs me when i say that. dr. jennifer said. >> spread the word. >> please do. >> thank you so much. >> good to see you. good having you. actress vanessa hudgens finds herself on the opposite of the law. what she did that lands her in hot water, coming up next. ♪
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now for a look behind the headlines here's liz trotta's weekly commentary. >> he isn't shy about his place in history as the first muslim
1:52 pm
mayor of london. within hours of winning the election last week he took on donald trump, castigating him for a campaign proposal to ban muslims from entering the u.s. what's more, he said he hopes mr. trump will lose the presidential election, big time. he also trades notes with hillary clinton. praises bill de blasio and joins with the mayor of paris to loudly disparage mr. trump. what a debut. khan was into a fight with the american billionaire after defeating the son of one. zack goldsmith a conservative parliament member from the famous jewish banking family. not bad for the son of a pakistani bus driver and a seam stress. a human rights lawyer and labor mp, mr. khan won 57% of the london electorate.
1:53 pm
1.3 million votes, which is the same size of the city's muslim population. at age 45, mr. khan embodies the character of the new global politician. showing a relentlessly liberal face to the world and a less noble one when it suits his need. for example, in 2009 he told iranian television that moderate muslim groups are uncle toms. in other words, traitors to the cause of extreme islam. he of course apologized. nevertheless his detractors reminded voters that the new mayor had often appeared in public forums with muslim extremists. at one point he represented louis farrakhan, leader of the antisemitic leader of islam. his critics charged that mr. khan is a beneficiary of political correctness so they
1:54 pm
must tread cautiously rather than dare be seen as intolerant or racist. no need to worry. mayor khan says repeatedly. what i think the election showed, he said, is that actually there is no clash of civilizations between islam and the west. his understanding of the classing civilization theory could use more study. its hypothesis foresees conflict over cultural differences. in short, the war we are already fighting. for now, the mayor reinforces the leftist dream of diversity in a city marked by terrorist violence. you can be sure the jihadists are taking note. so are many americans who wish
1:55 pm
london's new muslim mayor in the interest of diversity would butt out of our politics. >> did you hear about this one? high school musical actress vanessa hudgins agrees to pay a $1,000 fine after vandalizing a red rock wall in arizona. she posted a picture on instagram of a heart bearing her name and her boyfriend's name carved into the rock, damaging a natural feature on protected land is a misdemeanor. the fine will be spent by a volunteer group to restore the rock wall. >> spring has sprung but not everywhere. the u.s. national park where crews are trying to clear out 20-foot snow drifts. ♪ what's it like to be in good hands? like finding new ways
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you can't say it. you have to sing it. ♪ there's no business ♪ like show business. >> you have the voice for it. >> except this is snow business in the united states. >> crews in rocky mountain national park plowing through massive snow drifts on trail ridge road. some topping 20 feet. they say the plows are moving up to 4,000 tons of snow per hour. officials hope to have the road open by memorial day weekend. that would be a bummer. >> can you imagine?
2:00 pm
my goodness. >> it is supposed to be flip-flops time. all right. >> that does it for us. a hannity special. "trump versus the left" is next. >> thanks for joining us today on fox news channel. welcome to this special edition of "hannity," trump versus the left. the left has been trying to villify him and his positions. tonight we'll show you how radical liberals really compare to donald trump. let's take a look. >> i will build a great, great wall. i will have mexico pay for that wall. mark my words. >> we don't need a wall. we don't need barbed wire. [


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