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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  May 14, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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represent you, you should vote for me. >> i got to end things here. great piece. >> thank you. and that's all the time we have left this evening. thank you for being with us. have a great night. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's election headquarters. >> hello, everyone. topping the news this hour, a new report suggesting hillary clinton supporters may have to play musical chairs at convention time. there's so many of them hoping to serve as delegates some could be without a seat. and donald trump refusing to release his taxes pending that audit. should he? for the clinton campaign it's the new issue they are using to attack him. and a major u.s. airport one of several considering getting rid of the tsa saying the security agency isn't quite up to speed.
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but we begin with the battle for democratic delegates which is starting to look more complicated for hillary clinton. politico publishing a report about the party front-runner saying more of clinton supporters are vying to be delegates at the july convention than spots available. bernie sanders looking to capitalize on that shuffle as the senator prepares for a rally in kentucky a few hours from now. the bluegrass state holding its blue primary this tuesday, so is oregon. clinton leads sanders by more than 700 delegates but without superdelegates he's only down by a little less than 300. kristen fisher is here and she's live in washington. so, who is favored to win in kentucky and oregon as well on tuesday night? >> well, it's interesting, right? oregon's the state that was supposed to be an easy win for sanders but a new poll has
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clinton ahead by 15 points and kentucky is a state that was supposed to be a win for clinton but it looks like sanders could pull off an upset so anything can happen tuesday night which is why both clinton and sanders are campaigning heavily in kentucky. clinton is holding four get out of the vote eent vents from now tuesday. and sanders called out clinton for not doing enough to help working families. >> tuesday is a very, very important election. and it is important because we are going to have to do very, very well in the remaining eight states including kentucky in order to win more pledged delegates than secretary clinton has. >> but even if sanders pulls out some wins on tuesday, mathematically it likely won't be enough to catch up to clinton. some of sanders' own supporters are planning to launch an independent organization stopped at stopping trump once sanders
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is out of the race. the sanders campaign calls the plan totally irrelevant but that's certainly not an encouraging sign coming from some of your own supporters. >> you just mentioned donald trump. tell us what is the republican front-runner been up to today? >> well, trump took the day off, but that didn't stop the clinton campaign from continuing to hammer him for not releasing his tax returns. they put out a new ad asking voters what is trump hiding. a trump spokeswoman was asked earlier today on fox. listen to how she responded. >> this is just a political ploy. it's a diversion. most of americans don't even care about tax returns. they care about getting the economy back on track. they care about getting immigration under control, securing the border. >> now, after trump's big meeting thursday on capitol hill he now has the support of about 70 members of congress yet some republicans of the never-trump movement are still trying to find an independent candidate to take on trump but even they concede that that's likely a
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long shot. >> i mean, it's just fascinating what's all going down on both sides, right? >> it is. >> my goodness. we'll see you again. thanks. >> my pleasure. overseas now where more than a dozen suicide bombers waged a brazen deadly attack in a town outside baghdad, leaving six people dead. this as the iraqi capital continues to reel from yet another horrible violent week. isis claiming responsibility for all the bloodshed including an assault yesterday on this cafe 50 miles north of baghdad. gunmen stormed that cafe and killed at least a dozen inside. among the victims were iraqis who happened to be real madrid soccer fans the spanish soccer team wearing black armbands today in their memory. we've got more from the mideast bureau in jerusalem. >> this has been the bloodiest week so far in baghdad this year as isis militants carried out a series of attacks killing more
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than 100 people. >> reporter: it started wednesday with twin suicide bombings at a police station in baghdad where the attacker struck at dawn heavily armed with machine guns and explosives. three police officers were killed. and thursday a car bomb detonated in a crowded market in a shia district of sadr city killing at least 68 people while 2 more blasts at police checkpoints killed more than 30 people. the violence didn't stop there. friday at least 12 people were killed when a gunman attacked a cafe in the town north of baghdad where fans of the soccer team real madrid had gathered. this man was there and he described the gunman spraying the cafe with machine gunfire and then throwing hand grenades. the cafe's floor covered in pools of blood. and the violence continued today. iraqi security officials say that at least 14 suicide bombers attacked a residential and governmental complex just outside baghdad at dawn this
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morning as the sun was rising and people were waking up spraying the complex with machine gunfire and then detonating those suicide belts. also in fallujah at least five police officers were killed by multiple suicide bombings there. and u.s. officials say that isis snipers are targeting innocent civilians that are trying to escape the war torn city. eric? >> all right, john, thanks so much. and sadly the deadly attacks also continued this weekend in afghanistan. officials say three police officers were killed in a suicide attack targeting a police training seven in the helmand province. the blast wounding 12 other officers. the taliban yet again claiming responsibility for that attack. well, a manhunt is under way in wyoming for a man accused of trapping a woman and her four teenage daughters in a basement across the border in utah. police say 22-year-old derrick harrison and his father flint
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were -- they were seen running -- or been on the run since tuesday. flint harrison surrendered this morning and is now helping in the search for his son. now, authorities saying the father and son were paranoid after using meth and lured the family friends to the basement of a home in utah, tieing them up with duct tape. the victims escaped and are recovering thankfully. investigators warning that derrick harrison is armed and dangerous. meanwhile, leaders in sstat directives that deal with transgender students. the u.s. department of education telling schools they have to respect students' gender identities when it comes to the use of bathrooms and locker rooms. we explain the guidelines and what happens if schools decide not to follow this. garrett? >> reporter: the issue won't be going any way anytime soon, the white house has made its position very clear, though, get on board or face the consequences. on friday the departments of justice and education sent
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school districts across the country a letter stating that transgender students must be provided full and eke qual access to both facilities and activity based on the gender they identify with. bathrooms and locker rooms and college housing and school athletic teams to name a few. while the white house emphasized the guidelines aren't legally binding on schools but they also warned that failing to implement them could bring federal lawsuits and the loss of millions of dollars of funding. several states including texas, mississippi, and north carolina have come out against the directive and saying they will not be bullied by the president. >> if they push this, this unconstitutional law into place, or defund us because we don't follow their little rule we'll fight them and go after our money. >> reporter: critics say it's another attempt by president obama to impose his will on the states without going through congress. the white house is defending its actions, though, and says this directive was simply giving the guidance that many school
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administrators have been asking for on this issue for years. >> the challenge here is not to isolate anybody. it's not to discriminate anybody. it's not to make anybody unsafe. it's actually to ensure that our schools are as inclusive and respectful and safe as they can possibly be. >> reporter: lawmakers in several states, though, are vowing to fight this directive and take the administration to court if necessary. >> okay. garrett, thanks a lot. well, with growing worries about the zika virus freding in our country, you know, with summer on the way, one new jersey community has come up with a surprising solution. it's unleashing a predator of sorts to combat zika, fish that can prey on the mosquito that carry it. >> reporter: that's right, summer just weeks away that means muggy and warmer temperatures and it also means more mosquitos which has a lot of people thinking about the zika virus and cities and counties around the united states are trying to get ahead of it including gloucester county in new jersey.
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this week more than 10 ,000 fish about the size of a goldfish released into some of the lakes and ponds as a well to kill off mosquitos carrying diseases including the virus, they are called mosquito fish. they love to feed on larvae in hopes of killing the diseases before the insect is even born. what's also attractive about this method is that fish are far more environmentally friendly than the chemical options. >> we are increasing our surveillance of mosquito areas. and deploying our personnel to make sure as the mosquito population increases we are defeating them. >> the new jersey department of environmental protection that provides the fish has used them in years past to combat other diseases including the west nile virus, and it's not the first time this new jersey county has doning? like this. >> even more important with the increase of the zika virus starting to come this way and we're starting to see the effects on human lives and
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unborn lives. >> some cities are giving out mosquito-eating fish for free for people who want them. there are 507 cases in the united states alone of the zika virus according to the centers for disease control. however, so far every case has been traveled related. none of them have been transmitted by an actual mosquito and as we've seen the effects are absolutely heartbreaking. >> certainly hope the fish solution can work. >> definitely. getting back to politics, donald trump keeping his lips locked as to how much he pays in income tax and defending his position to do so why he says anyone that wants a peek at the documents might have to wait until the general election is over. and airline passengers going through security. have you done that recently in the past couple weeks? man, oh, man, oh, man. they say the backups are bad and getting even worse this summer. but one big hub has a potential plan to keep us all safe. plus, some of russia's top
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e.t. phone home. when you find something you love, you can never get enough of it. change the way you experience tv with xfinity x1. time now for a quick check of the headlines.
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tens of thousands of protesters holding rallies for and against the regional government in bosnia. the opposition group accusing the bosnia serb government of corruption and dictatorship. a group of teens in massachusetts escaped this limousine fire. the students say the started shooting from the passenger's seat of the limo. by the way all ten caught a ride to the prom with another group of students in a trolley so they made it to the prom. and former republican presidential candidate ted cruz attending the texas republican convention today. the senator speaking out against new white house guidelines on the use of school bathrooms by transgender students. it was cruz's first major public appearance since he suspended his campaign. should donald trump release his taxes. even though he continues to withhold him, but he's facing
3:17 pm
growing pressure to lay out the finances. the clinton campaign really going after him this weekend on it. they noted that every major candidate of the past four decades has routinely done. >> frankly our country doesn't know what they're doing with our money or our tax money and that's part of the problem so i fight very hard to pay as little tax as possible. >> what is your tax rate? >> it's none of your business. you'll see it when i release. but i fight very hard to pay as little tax as possible. >> so, when will that be or do voters not really care as mr. trump claims? vince, in january he said they would be out there in three or four months and then he blamed the audit even though the irs says it doesn't stop anybody from releasing them. do you think this issue will hurt him? >> it's possible. my sense is that he senses that actually releasing them could hurt him. but just because the irs says something is permissible to happen, in this case i can
3:18 pm
release my tax returns defight the fact that i'm being audited, you have lawyers oftentimes saying you don't release information until the case is over at any time. it may be that donald trump has a rationale of withholding on account of the audit existing. >> that's what he says his lawyers say, but people think that maybe he's hiding something. >> it's possible. one of the things that i think people speculate on. a tax return can show you all sorts of information despite donald trump said you can't learn anything. you can also see if he's overvaluing his personal self-worth which would be an interesting addition to the race that piece of information. judging donald trump by whether or not he releases tax returns against what has been traditionally done for the past 40 years as the clinton campaign is doing is kind of a strange thing to do especially because donald trump has violated all of the principles of politics over the last 240 years, nevertheless
3:19 pm
40 years. so, i think what he's doing is totally not exceptional for his campaign. it's sort of carve my own path and release what i want to and tell people if they wanting? i don't want to give them, they can shove off. >> it may not quell this issue. what if he doesn't have big cherry tabaritable contribution? >> at this point i think the people that are supporting donald trump are doing so because he'll be better for their own lives not that he's been a bad actor in the past. think about the times that donald trump the fact that he's an outsider of politics an asset. maybe he'll explain his charitable giving away, i was trying to help my business, et cetera, et cetera. and his supporters have seen it as an asset that he views the world through the prism of how
3:20 pm
can i get ahead and that's why grm is popular. >> i was with him a few months ago and he said he did really well in the stock market out of 55 stocks only 4, you know, lost money. he also said in that interview that he does not, does not, have overseas accounts and does not have money parked in a zwswiss bank if that's the case could that help him? the billionaires know all sorts of ways to cheat uncle sam out of the money that they should own. >> right. his sense is and this is what you heard in that interview that you played, he said i pay as low a tax rate as possible. he says he doesn't have any money overseas but i at this point would not be surprised if he did have money overseas and he came forward and said, hey, i did it in order to get the best advantage i did with the tax code and i know there are americans across the country whether they are very wealthy or poor who sit and think how can i get the best tax break possible because i want to keep more of my money. i don't see that as a problem
3:21 pm
for donald trump. especially if he continues to parade it. >> isn't that what everybody does when they go to h&r block? the commercials say you can average 300 something dollars back refund. everybody wants that. sorry. we're running out of time. >> sure. >> but i want to show you katrina pierson what she said on this issue earlier on the fox news channel. >> this is just a political ploy. it's a diversion. most of americans don't even care about tax returns. this is interesting because now you have mitt romney singing the exact same phrase as hillary clinton and this goes to show to the american people that donald trump is not that typical, two-party establishment individual and i think it helps him in the end. >> wow. talk about uturning it around. do you think it will working? >> as much her job is to spin i don't think what she said was totally off in terms of what hillary's intentions are here. hillary clinton wants to do two
3:22 pm
things, one, move into the general election, get past bernie sanders and focus on donald trump and, two, create a diversion. if she can make it seems that donald trump has a weakness it does distract from the fact that hillary clinton has speeches with wall street that she's not yet released, personal e-mails that she purged from the offering she gave to the state department and certainly hundreds of millions of dollars of money given to the clinton foundation and what relationship that might have had with her time as secretary of state. there's all sorts of things hillary clinton does not want to be talking about and that's why she's talking about trump. >> this week "the new york times" has been all over that the clinton foundation the money that went to certain groups and you got to remember the cattle futures. remember that $100,000 that only came out after the election back in 1992. and finally do you think when it comes to donald trump that he will ever release his taxes or that we will get them do you think before the election in november? he's got six months. >> well, he's definitely painted a picture that suggests that it's not going to happen
3:23 pm
especially because the tax returns themselves the audits date back to 2009. it doesn't really suggest that these tax returns -- this audit is going to be expedited or we'll see these anytime soon. but my guess is if the irs completes the audit, somebody within that irs is going to leak that information. whether or not donald trump wants that information out there. >> wouldn't that be against the law? >> probably. but we've seen it happen before unfortunately. >> it is washington and it is a political season and things can get dirty. vince, always good to see you. thank you. >> my pleasure. it is the highly anticipated interview donald trump one-on-one with fox news' megyn kelly. in fact, we have a preview for you now. >> you said you didn't feel the moderators had been nice. but do you think it's the journalists' role to be nice to presidential candidates at a debate? >> fair. i don't care if they're nice. >> you used the word nice. >> okay. no, i don't think so. i mean, i might have said they weren't nice but that doesn't mean they have to be nice.
3:24 pm
i've known many -- >> you know it's not a cocktail party. >> no. >> in a certain way what you did might have been a favor because i felt so good about having gotten through -- i said if i can get through this debate with those questions you can get through anything. >> megyn kelly presents a special fox event airing this coming tuesday may 17th on the fox broadcast network. check it out. we've got another big interview happening tomorrow when chris wallace sits down with republican national committee chairman reince priebus, what really happened in the closed door meeting with donald trump? we'll hopefully find out tomorrow on "fox news sunday" check your local listings for the station and time in your area. >> it will be on here in the fox news channel tomorrow. all the big interviews on fox news. well, the high traffic american airport has been mulling over a big change to try and cut down on the long waits in the security line. you know how you stand there and stand there and stand there and hope that your plane doesn't back out of the gate before you can get on it. the proposal one hub wants to take action with, could ruffle
3:25 pm
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and learn about a free trial offer at it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. democrats in a fierce battle for delegates ahead of primaries in oregon and kentucky. bernie sanders hoping to block hillary clinton from snagging the last 143 delegates she needs for the party nomination. as clinton tries to get closer to securing her spot at the top. plus, at least six people are dead after a round of suicide blasts in iraq. this just a day after about a dozen people were killed innen a attack at a cafe north of baghdad. iraq experiencing one of its deadliest weeks of the year. here at home the department of education working to enforce president obama's transgender bathroom law telling schools they have to respect students' gender identities. over the past few weeks there's been growing frustrations over the long lines and some cases bungled baggage
3:30 pm
that has one of the countries busiest airports phoenix's sky harbor threatening to cut ties with the tsa. officials are looking to bring in some private contractors to handle the passenger screening process and no longer rely on the federal government. can they really do this? will carr has a live report on this all from los angeles. hi, will. >> hey there, eric. and phoenix isn't alone. 22 airports across the country have already switched to private security and many more are threatening to after all the problems we've seen happen recently. the federal government's message to airports and passengers is be patient. jeh johnson has come out and said they do have a plan to address the long waits we've been seeing. he said tsa is boosting its overtime, hiring employees faster and using more bomb-sniffing dogs on top of congress allocating an additional $34 million for tsa and injecting more than 760 additional screeners. when you add it all up johnson
3:31 pm
says it will cut down on wait times but not eliminate them altogether. >> we're dealing this spring and summer with increased travel volume which obviously puts an added burden on our tsos and increased demand on the system. but we're not going to compromise aviation security in the face of this. we will not compromise aviation security in the face of characterizations of this as a national crisis. >> and tsa's problems don't get much more visual than what we saw in phoenix on thursday when a sea of suitcases were baking in a parking lot there. in hot phoenix, tsa's machines that screened the bags stopped working to create that chaos. more than 3,000 bags didn't make it to their destinations. the problem's been fixed. the bags have been shipped to their various cities but phoenix's airport now considering dumping tsa altogether and going with a
3:32 pm
private security company that meets federal security standards. >> we think that people should wait maybe ten minutes or at a really peak time 20 minutes in a line. but to be consistently waiting for 45 minutes to go through security that's just not acceptable at america's friendliest airport and we're not going to continue that way. >> and there are a couple things that you can do as a passenger. tsa actually has an app that you can log on and see how long the wait is at your airport and you can also sign up for tsa's precheck program to get you around some of the long lines and then you can show up early and not check a bag. you can simply carry on, eric, if you want to cut down and that might be good advice because the airline companies are expecting record-setting passengers heading into this summer. >> man, oh, man. i zipped through phoenix sky harbor just a couple weeks ago. no problem because it was 4:00 in the morning. >> there you go. carrying on? yeah. >> that's when you have to travel. >> all right, thanks, will. okay, so we're going to get
3:33 pm
more on this now. bringing in scott gamm a financial reporter and the author of the book "more money please" and rod wheeler a former d.c. homicide detective and a fox news contributor. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> rod, i want to start with you. how would a private company be better equipped to handle the security and make the airports and passengers safer? i mean, do they employ former cops, investigators, people with law enforcement backgrounds? >> i think what would happen in this case, the private security companies would employ former police officers but you know what's going to happen a lot of those same individuals that work for tsa right now they would come back and get the jobs working for tsa. working for the private agency. i'm not so sure that hiring and bringing in private agencies is going to be the end-all solution to this. why? because this is a major problem and i know jeh johnson doesn't want to admit it, but they are
3:34 pm
in the middle of a massive crisis all across the country at the airports and step one in solving that crisis is for them to admit that they're in a crisis and come up with a plan to mitigate and reduce what's going on within the airports. >> okay. so i think you heard you say, rod, that you're not so sure that private companies is necessarily the 100% answer. did you say that? >> yes. >> okay. let me move to scott now. scott, let's talk about money. what kind of financial portfolio would these private companies need to get the contract at the airport? >> well, like will mentioned in his report, 22 airports have already resorted to private companies, so the good news is the tsa and government agencies would still need to review the private company and make sure that their standards are up to speed in order to really prevent people from weapons coming through. but we hear all these stories about the tsa sending inspectors to the airports and, you know, they don't necessarily stop people with weapons. so, you know, there are definitely holes within the tsa
3:35 pm
that need to be filled. the other thing i want to point out is that, you know, with the tsa, you know, customer service is a big complaint among passengers. with a private company these companies have incentives to provide better customer service because if they don't do a good job they're going to be fired whereas with, you know, a government agency there's really no incentive to provide top notch customer service. >> okay. so, rod, going back to you, you pointed out that, look, if you get rid of the agents nothing stops the same agents from going to the private companies to try to get their jobs back under different umbrella. however, it could possibly weed out the ones who are not so good at their jobs. so, the question i ask to you, rod, how might this transition work? if the private company did get the contract they need access to the airport well in advance to study possible breaches, i mean, so talk to me about logistics, transition time, things like that, if it were to happen. >> right. i think it can happen obviously.
3:36 pm
as will indicated in his report, it's happened at 21 airports now. but i can tell you it will be a logistics nightmare. every time we see the government go out and start privatizing government services, nine times out of ten you're going to have some issues and especially logistic issues with making it work. now, that's not to say that it won't work but the tsa really needs to look within themselves and see what even led up to this problem in the first place. you know, real quickly, just this morning i spoke with a guy who is an expert, don rondo, who is an expert on transportation security and what he said to me, rod, the answer to fixing our problems at the airports is for private and public government to come together and solve the problems collectively and that's the way we can solve the problem. >> that sounds like a good solution actually. >> it is. >> yeah, scott, going to get you here with the last word. do we happen to know how much money, you know, better-run securities at airports would save airlines and passengers?
3:37 pm
>> well, you know, it's really hard to say. i think if you asked both parties the tsa and private security they would both say that they're the cheaper and better option. but here's the other thing. it falls on the airlines themselves. they've been charging passengers $25 to check a back and this is resulting in people bringing more carry-on bags on board the planes. that's taking longer to screen those bags. we had a bunch of senators this week send letters to the airline executives asking them to drop the fees because it's resulted in a 27% increase in the number of carry-on bags brought on board. if we can eliminate some of that, that will alleviate some of the pressure on those lines. >> i know some of the airports are coming back saying, listen, a lot of the passengers are frequent fliers or they have access to free baggage and everything. that's not true. i'm a frequent flayer and i maybe get one bag free. who the heck flies with one bag. my shoes take up one bag. i got off topic.
3:38 pm
it's a serious topic and we have to be safe but they need to get to and fro in a managed controlled environment. thanks to both of you. >> thank you. >> yeah. back to politics. senator bernie sanders, you know, he says he's in the race to stay though he really trails his rival hillary clinton when it comes to the number of delegates, but coming up we'll take a look at this vermont senator to see if he can really shift the focus as he claims at the democratic convention. it's true what they say. technology moves faster than ever. the all-new audi a4, with apple carplay integration. yeah! ahh... you probably say it a million times a day. ahh... ahh! ahh... ahh! but at cigna, we want to help everyone say it once a year. say "ahh". >>ahh...
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make sure it's ano maintelligent one.. ♪ the all-new audi a4, with available virtual cockpit. ♪ truth is not always easy to handle, not always easy to deal with. sometimes you want to sweep it underneath the rug. but if this country is going to become the nation that you and i know that it can become, we've got to confront the realities facing america today and deal with them and deal with them boldly. >> senator sanders hoping to
3:43 pm
change the conversation at the democratic national convention in july after what some of his supporters describe as a wall of resistance in the primaries. now, defigspite that sanders is vowing to stay in the race. doug shone is here a former adviser to president bill clinton. always good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> i want to start here, of course, senator sanders has a right to stay in the race up through the convention in july but he's already said there's no real mathematical road to win this race. >> true. >> so, the question is, why wouldn't senator sanders cut a policy deal now and let clinton, if she's going to be the nominee, let her be strong for her fight against trump? >> well, first, given the i'd say strong policy differences between them and probably the t
3:44 pm
up recently, senator sanders doesn't want to cut a deal until he absolutely has to during the convention. and the answer to your question is the longer he goes the stronger he's getting. >> it's true. it's part of his argument. he's like a ball of cotton spinning and spinning and getting bigger as it grows. >> that's right. >> don't you think it's possible that some of the democratic party leaders might be whispering into senator sanders' ears thinking that there'sing? that could surface that could derail the clinton campaign? >> i think that's certainly possible. we all know about the fbi investigation into both the e-mail server, the e-mails that were mysteriously lost, the potential breach of confidentiality and the espionage act, and also the investigation of the funding of the clinton foundation. all of that could break at any time. we don't know. i think what you're
3:45 pm
hypothesizing could well be happening. >> i was asking because i want to make sure that no one thinks -- because they'll tweet me and say senator sanders should stay in the race. how dare you ask him get out. i'm asking. i'm a journalist and an analyst. >> yes. >> meanwhile, trump is the presumptive gop candidate. >> he is. >> presuming that hillary clinton will become that for her party, how does hillary clinton fight trump at this moment because she's going to have to pivot all the way to the end of this race. >> the interesting question. just got an e-mail from hillary's campaign saying she's the only candidate fighting on two fronts. against senator sanders and against trump with negative ads. it's difficult and fedgei iexpe do which is why hillary would desperately like to dispatch senator sanders. >> yeah. i can imagine that that's what her party is saying. >> what she's trying to accomplish which is a two -- >> a split candidate personality if you will. >> donald trump attacks her for being too far to the left and
3:46 pm
bernie sanders attacks her for being too far to the right. bernie sanders is attacking her integrity and bill clinton and hillary clinton are being attacked by donald trump because of the so-called women -- womanizing issue. >> quickly. what is the deal with people vying for delegate spots that don't exist? >> well, everybody wants to participate. and there are all sorts of fights in both parties particularly the democratic party now over who should be slated as a delegate and that's important because the delegates determine the rules. they determine the policy and indeed going back to your first question, it will be a question of which of the policy planks that senator sanders has proposed will ultimately be adopted by the democratic party. that's determined by the delegates and the more delegates bernie sanders has or hillary clinton has the more their policy options will have a chance of being adopted.
3:47 pm
>> or power. well, doug, good to see you. >> thank you. >> thank you for bringing your analysis to the table. >> thanks. thank you, there's a shocking new doping scandal. did you hear about this? less than three months before the summer olympics in bra detail. russian president vladimir putin now denying his country ran a secret program of doping its athletes at the 2014 winter olympics. coming up we'll look at the potential impact on the world of sports.
3:48 pm
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change the way you experience tv with xfinity x1. >> russia hit by allieses of a major doping scandal. vladimar putin dismissed accusations that they cheated in the olympics. russia won 33 medals and ten more than the previous winter olympics. and kristin, author of smart power is the grandson of the only gold medal winner to win twice. you think they did it?
3:52 pm
>> yes, it so manies very, very familiar with the russia we know. it fits a pattern of what russia did in the cold war. lumlimbs and sporting event was the way to put a veneer of success on failed government and state. this is what the soviets did, particularly the east germans and fits with patterns of vladimar putin. he is a believer in propaganda and culture and ideas. he has an army of twitter trolls and steps like this mesh with that. it seems par for course for putin. >> they pulled out all of the stops. incredible shows and all of those fewer works and put the best face, fake or not to the world. >> it was part of putin's plan. he wants russia to be a great power.
3:53 pm
russia's gd, is less than italies. he has invaded georgia and ukraine that he got away with. the russian military is big but weak and has small good special operations forces that he shepherded well. this is what he almost got away with. this will pull down the russian credibility and success. >> they are talking about investigating this. these accusations come from the former russian director of antidoping. it is in the new york times and the guy fled to los angeles. he's now safe in our country and saying he would give the athlete's men something to swish under your tongue and it would get in your blood stream faster
3:54 pm
and women a plan of switching urine samples and tamper are proof bottles and the russian secret service intelligency agency were in on this. this it is par for the course? >> it sounds like the villian side of a james bond movie and it sounds like a credible allegation. after all vladimar putin had an opponent from the kgb poisoned with a substance that is hard to detect. he is more than willing to use the intelligence service and fsb is the successor to the kgb. and the person in charge had to flee. this fits the pattern of russian
3:55 pm
aggression that is no longer convenient. a number of the colleagues died under suspicious. it is a hallmark. it falls over russian participation in the upcoming rio olympics and over the choice to put the world cup in russia in 2018. and quatar in 2020. they have a cloud of corruption hanging over them. >> 30 seconds left. the athletes are denying and if you swished it under your mouth, any potential evidence is gone. you think they can pin it on them and prove it. >> it would be hard. the russians will not cooperate. they may say they will. but once you do it. you have to stop it and run the risk of your medal count decreases.
3:56 pm
but in the broader world of sports and diplomacy, people who look at russia, it is it a solid report and solid firsthand witness accounts. i think the russians are viewed get by many. >> we'll see what happens in rio. we'll be right back.
3:57 pm
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>> that's going to do it for us. we'll see is you tomorrow at 12:00, eastern and 4:00 p.m. >> stick around. laura with the fox report. airports in the country brayings for a nightmare summer season as security lines grow and one major airport threatens to dump the tsa. >> this is the fox report. passengers forced to wait in a line for hanhour and causing airlines to hold planes at the gate. as the tsa cuts back on screeners and tightens the procedures. they are working to make the process to go more quickly. this was the scene in the phoenix international airport after the tsa


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