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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  May 15, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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campus? let me know if you see honeys for hillary we'll have them on to be fair and balanced. thanks for watching. remember, t t t t t t t t t t is my world. right now on "justice," a -- alleges improper financial dealing involving the clinton foundation. sound familiar? the more serious issue of course is the clinton foundation. it has since blossomed into a $2 billion organized criminal enterprise for rating as a charitible foundation with hubby bill profiting as the world's middle man. i've been telling you about this for years. and tonight, the case against the clintons. plus. >> i think for the most part we agree on a lot of different items. and we're getting there. >> optimism from donald trump about coming to an agreement with paul ryan. tonight, one of the most prominent members of the trump
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team, dr. ben carson, is here with some inside information. and later -- >> secretary clinton received, if my memory is correct, about 450 super delegates before anybody else was in the race. >> hey bernie, i'm with you. i'll get into the super delegate mess with a member of the sanders team as we approach yet another tuesday contest for the democrats. >> i say to those super delegates in the states where we won landslide victories, listen to the people of your state! >> and listen good. "justice" starts now. ♪ hello, and welcome to juts "justice." i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us tonight. now to my open. hillary clinton cannot be
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president of the united states. and if the establishment, including law enforcement, does not stop her, you have to. this is not about politics or political favoritism. it's about you, your family, and this great nation. it's about preventing people who have no regard for the law or you, for that matter, from running this country. at a time when just about everybody is fed up with establishment politicians, when two outsiders are winning epic contests against preordained presidential candidates, hillary clinton is still in line to be corps nated the democratic nominee for president of the united states. now, how can the woman who is under criminal investigation, who knows she's under criminal investigation, but lies to your face saying that she's not, continue on her path to the
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white house? now, the majority of americans believe and are right, that hillary clinton is untrustworthy, dishonest, and a liar. hillary has danced with federal prosecutors most of her career. she knows how to delete, conceal, and destroy evidence. remember those pesky missing rose law firm files? not to mention 30,000 deleted e-mails deleted in a minute. she lies so much she doesn't know the difference between the truth and a lie and like most liars can't keep those stories straight. example. this week, in response to hillary's claim that the fbi was doing a security inquiry on her private home brewed server, one by the way conducted reportedly by over 100 fbi agents -- fbi director jim comey says, security inquiry? i don't know that term.
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we investigate crimes. this is a law enforcement proceeding. i told you guys that three months ago. now, the cynics among you may say it's all political. but jim comey is appointed by barack obama. and he is one of the most clear-headed brilliant logical and honorable people in washington, d.c. a trait somewhat foreign to that town. and don't give me that woman thing where oh, it's time for a female president. yeah, it is. but not her. what makes you think that electing this woman who spent most of her career riding her husband's coattails is necessarily a good thing? doesn't it depend on the individual, man or woman? and for those of you who think the woman will automatically help other women, consider
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this -- the clinton foundation, an organization of which the clintons have control pays female employees 38 cents less per dollar than males. so much for that old pay inequality thing. supporting women? hillary made her bones creating the attack team on all the women who said bill engaged in sexual activity, ranging from harassment to affairs, to worse. but if these women are all liars, as they say, why was paula jones awarded $850,000 from the clintons? and monica lewinsky's dress -- if only that blue dress could talk. which brings me to the clinton foundation, an alleged 3013 c not for profit, parading as nothing more than a piggy bank for the clintons and their friends and her presidential
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campaign. just this week it was reported that this wonderful charitable organization gave $2 million to bill's blond divorcee friend designated the energizer by the secret service when she visited him at home when hillary was on the road. the report from the wreath journal says money from the charity was actually given to a for-profit company partly owned by miss energizer. according to government watchdog groups, this may very well violate federal law. and consistent with past clinton behavior, the destruction and or removal of evidence begins. shortly after the grant grand, miss energizer's company was removed from the clinton global initiatives website. i'm sure it was an oversight like the monies to the country's
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foundation, when hillary clinton was secretary of state which countries they made decisions to benefit. the clintons have always been about the clintons. evidence? benghazi. she knew about the video. which she knew it was al qaeda so that she could benefit politically. but even that doesn't matter as much as knowing there are men waiting for help on a roof top for hours in benghazi when the assault on that consulate took place. and you of course remember that 2003 campaign, 3:00 a.m. phone call. she wants you to believe shows that she is ready to protect us. that's baloney. she had a chance to prove it in ban ghazi, and she proved just the opposite, that her political future was more important than american lives. and the woman has no shame. claiming that the parents of sean smith and tyrone woods are lying. not her.
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about what she said to them as their children's bodies were brought into andrew's. the woman has never been able to keep her stories straight. from one blackberry for convenience, and then there were three. and then from three, there were 30,000 e-mails destroyed. she engages in the destruction of evidence to protect herself. and she and bill are in it together. bill just last week saying that e-mail thing, that e-mail investigation, is kind of like a speeding ticket. really, bill? no, bill, it's got nothing to do with a speeding ticket. it's got do with espionage, conspiracy, destruction of evidence, conceal mental, and riskin of this great nation for the world to see. even russia has admitted it has gotten 20,000 of her e-mails. guccifer, the guy from romania that they brought over, a
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convicted hacker says hacking hillary's e-mails was one of the easiest things he had ever done. so why do they get away with it? why do they -- or why can they do things that if any of us, even a four-star general does, would puts us in jeopardy or in jail? what is it about them that puts them above the law? i submit it is the people that are indebted to them, the people for whom the clintons have done favors, the people that she actually e-mails on that server that might be in jeopardy for having received those e-mails and knowing there was classified information on her e-mail on that unsecured server, on that non-government website. the classic inside game is what the clintons do. you know, for years americans have been working two and three jobs to support their families.
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and they have watched as washington politicians elected to represent us walk into those hallowed kmam and proceed to line their pockets and their pensions and their campaign re-election coughers and walk out multimillionaires. and the clintons are no different. in fact, they are among the worst. if the establishment is not willing to admit that no one is above the law and is not willing to garner just, then ordinary americans need to make sure that the scales of justice are level for all of us. and that means that hillary cannot be president. and that's my open. tell me what you think on my facebook page or twitter, hashtag judge jeanine. now, some democrats see things a little differently when it comes to the clintons, the foundation, and all that money. and joining me now is my friend
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democratic stralt gist and principal at the dewey square group. marianne marsh. good evening marianne. >> good evening, judge. quite an open. >> i'm not even going to ask you if i'm wrong. i know you think i am. >> misguided. >> misguided. okay. >> misguided. >> you know, i don't know. i've got a pretty good record. but let's talk about what is now coming out. i think you know, marianne, as i do, that the foundation is now coming under more serious review. and when the director of the fbi takes her comments about a security inquiry and says huh-uh, this is law enforcement investigation, we do criminal probes, that's a little embarrassing, isn't it? >> well, judge, given your background buff took on this job at fox, you dealt in facts. and let's deal with the facts. and the facts first on the foundation are pretty clear. the clinton foundation helping homes become more energy
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efficient is in keeping with their goals. they hired a legitimate vendor to do it. and the money was donated by one of the people referenced in that article. no money was given the other way. donated. >> are you talking about the energizer woman? >> i'm talking about the company that was used to do this rmt tlrn several investors -- there were several investors and the woman referenced in this article donated $2 million for this program to be done. not the other way around. that's fact. >> oh, oh. >> as for the fbi director mr. comy. >> back up. back up. no. no. no. no. i'm not real clear on this. >> sure. >> are you saying that her company did not get money from the global initiative? >> no. i'm saying she donated the money to the foundation for this program to be done. and it went to a company of which she has a small share. >> okay. so she donates money to give to a company that she has a small share of? does that make sense to you,
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marianne? >> no. she donated to the foundation, which then hired a company of which she has a small share to do this program, which is in keeping with this policy. >> let's talk about jim comey. now, this woman is a lawyer. hillary clinton is one smart wochlt she has been under investigation by the feds lots of times. how could she think that jim comey sooner or later wouldn't say, this is a criminal investigation? >> it's pretty surprising i think that he came out and even said anything. i don't recall any other time that jim comey has had a press conference on a matter like this or any other. i think that's certainly disappointing but might explain the number of leaks that have come out about this investigation. personally, i think it's semantical hair splitting. security -- it's all about security. you said it in your open as well. that's the central issue here. whether it is an inquiry or an investigation i think matters little. what does matter -- >> hold on. >> one point. >> marianne, i get your point. but what you are saying is that jim comey, in answer to a question, is not allowed to say
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when hillary is running for the highest office in the land -- he is not allowed to say -- to rebut her lie that this is a law enforcement investigation, that the fbi investigates crimes not civil issues? >> no. i'm not saying that at all. all i'm saying, it's very surprising that the director of the fbi came out and had a press conference on this matter when he hasn't done it on any other other that i can recall. >> i'm not sure it was just on this matter. i think it was a question he was asked. >> i think it was surprising he chose to even answer any question about an ongoing investigation or inquiry, however you'd like to put it. i think the real issue here, judge, is it's a political piece. separate from the investigation, why does this matter? to your open, people are trying to use the issue of character and trust against hillary clinton. which you certainly outlined in your open. many of her opponents are as well. think about this for a moment, if she is vindicated which i believe she will be, then that
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allows her to turn the tables against everybody who has accused her of these things including her potential opponent the presidential campaign. that's something everyone should keep in mind here. >> you know what, for you, i hope she is able to turn the tables. i tell you what, there is no turning the tables on the fbi or opponents. and there is no more honorable guy than jim comey. anyway, marianne marsh, we'll have you back with our political panel. then you can think about an answer. like her or not, hillary clinton still has jet to lock up the democratic nomination, with two more states on the table this tuesday. meanwhile, donald trump gearing up for the general election. with me now to talk about it all is the director of the center for politics at the university of virginia, my friend larry is a baddo. larry, how is your crystal ball tonight? >> it's polished, thank you judge. >> okay. you know what, we both know the polls only reflect a snapshot in
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a moment in time. but your crystal ball, it seems to, for whatever reason, have a long term vision. and for months and months, every republican ran on, i'm the only one that can beat hillary. i'm the only one who can beat hillary. donald trump is the worst one. he can't beat hillary. fast forward a few months. there are polls where trump is tying with the woman, and he hasn't even started against crooked hillary. so what's gonna happen? >> judge, we live in a very polarized era. and essentially, you've got, you know, 47% of the people who are going to vote republican no matter what and you've got 47% of the people who are going to vote democratic no matter. what and you really only have a few percent that can vary, can move between the two parties. it's true, turnouts vary. and one side may be more enthusiast particular or pumped up than the other one.
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that may be the key to this election. essentially, it has to be reasonably close in term of the popular vote, that is within four or five, six points. we don't live in an era where you are going to have a 20-point victory like lyndon johnson had in 1964. or richard nixon had in 1972. i just don't think that's possible. >> okay. i don't think -- look, we all know it's going to be close, larry. but you know, for those who said, you know, kasich is the only one who can beat her in that establishment nonsense, why did trump jump up so quickly. >> he jumped up quickly -- and this is to me very interesting -- because the rank and file republicans, that is the average republicans who are out there in the cities and counties, not just theol volunteers and the activists, but people who just vote republican -- they got behind the nominee much more quickly than those who have senior elected positions.
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the elites of the party. that's where the opposition to trump is concentrated. when you look at the grassroots level, you look at the rank and file level, essentially they said, hey, we may have preefd another candidate. we may have voted for x in our primary, which came up early. but we don't want the democratic nominee. the likely democratic nominee, or for that matter, the other democratic nominee. we're going to vote republican. that's really what has happened. and it's why it has tightened up. >> now what we've got is we've got two candidates -- it's clinton and trump. hundred percent name idea i'm sure, almost, for each one of them. both of them have pretty high negatives. is it a given that given the fact this is going to be such a close race that we can expect the vp candidate to be from a swing state? and since hillary can do her vp
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after the republicans do, how does she spin a rip off of that? >> you know, i've said for years -- take of the out of this election campaign. i've said for years the only thing that matters is the electoral college. that's how you win. you have to get 270. >> i agree. >> why not pick a vice presidential candidate. >> from one of those states. >> who can win you a big, close state that you might not be able to secure otherwise? doesn't that make the most sense rather than having some airy theory about if you add this particular candidate, maybe you will get 2% of this particular ethnic vote? maybe it will happen, and maybe it won't. i think you are better off focusing on the big states. >> okay. okay. association we've got to go, professor. hopefully we'll have you back soon. thank you, larry sabado. new details from inside the trump team. next, dr. ben carson is here live to talk about whether unity is finally on the horizon for the rep
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will the republican party unite behind its likely nominee? who will that nominee pick as a running mate? here to discuss it all is a member of the trump team, former 2016 republican presidential
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candidate dr. ben carson. good evening dr. carson, good to have you with us here tonight. >> good to be with you, judge. >> i'm going to get right to it. now, the big question now is unity in the republican party. i understand that you are somewhat of an intermediary between donald trump and some of the establishment players like paul ryan and that before donald trump between d.c. you kind of smoothed the way a little. do you want to tell us what that meant? >> well, you know, basically, i just wanted to talk about the kind of person that donald trump is and explain to speaker ryan and to a variety of other people that he's not a polished politician. and that means that he will say thing that don't fit into nice neat little packages like they are used to having. and it can be quite confusing sometimes. it resonates tremendously with the people themselves.
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>> what was their reaction when you said he is not a polished politician, he doesn't speak political speak? did any say "come on"? >> they actually do understand, particularly when i take an example and then explain what he's really talking about. you know, when he talks about entitlement and not being anxious to go in and change entitleme entitlements. if you explore that with him, what you find out is he wants to fix the economy, he wants to create jobs. he wants to create opportunities for people so that you have fewer people who are dependent on entitle meant. once you fix the economy then you come back to that issue. but to do that first is cruel and unusual punishment. >> doctor, why didn't paul ryan endorse donald trump? and what's with this we've got to fine common ground? if the people want him, why do we need paul ryan's permission?
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>> well, it's obviously much better to have a you auto united party. and paul ryan -- >> who are they going to vote for, hillary clinton? >> that's exactly right, if you have perspective that's the conclusion you will eventually come to. but it's a getting to know period. you know, and that's going to work out just fine when they get to know each other of and when some of the other republicans begin to recognize that your alternative is not in any way consistent with conservative principles. hillary clinton was a fan of assault olensky who wrote a book for rules for radicals, the dedication page says dedicated to lucifer. are you kidding me? why is that even a choice? >> let me move on to the vp thing. i want to move forward. as you know, because the republican convention is in july, in cleveland, and you know, and donald's vp will be named before the democratic
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convention. number one, will t be from a swing state? i think all presidential elections are only about swing states. and number two, kinds of give us some idea who it might be. >> yeah. i can give you an idea. it will be somebody -- it will be somebody who loves and honors our constitution, somebody who believes in fiscal responsibility, a strong military, strong education, and health care that is in the hands of patients and their physicians. >> okay. real fast because i'm coming up against a break. >> that narrows it down. >> yeah. is that person in office right now? is that person from a swing state? and is that person male or female? ten seconds. >> that person is a wonderful american who mass a strong record of accomplishment and is
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somebody who is quite trustworthy. >> dr. ben carson thanks so much for being with us this evening. >> good to be with you, judge. >> all right. still i head tonight, talking foreign policy with colonel david hunt.
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now back to "justice" with judge jeanine. time to talk 2016 politics with the panel. democratic strategist marianne marsh is back. we're also joined by republican strategist boris epstein. let's talk to you, boris, i want to cut right to the anti-trump ad by hillary clinton regarding trump's refusal to release his taxes. is that going to hurt him? why isn't he releasing them? >> it's to the going to hurt him. it has been around for months, hasn't had any play in the prime others, even in the open primaries. clinton has her own tax issues.
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the clinton foundation had to restate four years worth of tax returns because after she said we would not accept foreign government money she did, the foundation did. and $8.8 million of foundation -- >> foundation what? >> they received it. so they had to restate their tax returns. >> what you are saying is the clinton foundation has tax problems -- or tax issues, and that her attack on doubled matter. >> i'm saying if i'm hillary clinton i wouldn't open that pandora's box. >> what dues, marianne. >> it's easy. et cetera a not going to hurt donald trump with republicans because republicans don't like the irs. it will hurt him with independents. to my point earlier, hillary clinton gets cleared of the e-mail situation and everything else then she can turn to donald trump and say i put my tax out there, i'm transparent about these things. you are questioning my character and my transparency. she is going to turn it on
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donald trump. >> after getting cleared of the e-mail thing -- which is an investigation by the fbi. big assumption to say she is going to get cleared. >> boris, i didn't interrupt you, boris, but the point i'm making is the fact that assuming she does, and i believe she will, politically in a campaign that's how she is going to use it against him. is to turn the transparency issue against him. >> marianne, do you have reason to believe or do you have information that this fbi investigation law enforcement criminal investigation is going to be ended and that will be it? do you have any inside information? because i know you are an insider. >> i have no inside information and i'm waiting like everybody else and believe it will be done before the election for sure. and i have got believe at some point this summer. but when the fbi director goes out there and talks about it. [ overlapping speakers ] >> he could have -- director comey could have said i don't comment onion going investigations.
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he didn't do that. >> no, he didn't. you know what i think? she pushed -- she poked the eye of the tiger. oh, this is nothing. i'm certain it's no big deal. it is a civil. it's this. it's that. you can poke the tiger and not expect him to coming back. >> we'll see. >> let's talk about bernie clinton -- bernie clinton? bernie sanders. bernie sanders. how are you going to get him out, marianne? >> he is never going to get the delegates he needs to be the nominee. hillary clinton and donald trump need exactly the same amount of delegates to be the nominees. i think after june 7th bernie sanders is going to see he can't be the nominee and i expect him at that point to certainly come to the convention, participate in skpilt that's the end of his campaign. >> you have a lot of expectations. the truth is he said he's there until the last vote. that's what he said. what do you say. >> no matter what it is a huge testament to the weakness of hillary clinton that bernie sanders a socialist is winning state after state still in night
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marry anne, we just won west virginia. the coal miners. trump and sanders. both outsiders, both won west virginia. is energy going to be a wedge issue in this campaign? >> there are states that are in play in the general election, ohio, pennsylvania maybe -- it's never been a republican state. let's say trump has maybe a chance there. west virginia is never in the democratic column. there are a few there that it could be an issue but i don't think it's going to be the issue. i think ultimately what everyone has to focus on is the choice is between hillary clinton and donald trump and arguing about who has the best ideas to put this country to continue on a path forward to have good jobs and good wages. >> 35% of voters in west virginia who did not vote for hillary clinton said they would vote for donald trump. those are the same voters in ohio and pennsylvania. if republicans win ohio,
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pennsylvania, then look at michigan then new york -- i officialsly believe new york will be in play. donald trump will be the next president. >> a lot of predictions here tonight. marianne marsh and boris epstein thank you thanks for being with us. i go one on
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democratic primaries in kentucky and oregon on tuesday, as hillary clinton keeps fighting to put away bernie sanders. and with me now a sanders senior adviser. thank you for being here tonight. i know we don't see much of you on this channel. we are thrilled to have you on tonight. now, what do you say quick -- because i have a lot of questions -- to those people who say sanders get out, you are in
1:43 am
the way, she is the queen? what do you say to them. >> we say every voter, every delegate, bernie a year ago decided to run for president to build basically a movement for change. then the cronyism that you talked about in the opening. we've come so far, we are thrilled by it. we expect to go to philadelphia with at least 1800 delegates, filtd for change, or make bernie the nominee. >> 1800 delegates, larry. how many do you need? >> to be -- to nominate him as president, you need about 2200. >> 2200. >> but a lot of this is about super delegates. i happen to be one, but we are going to campaign to get rid of super delegates. >> that's what want to talk about. i think super delegates is a rigged convention. the fix is in. >> yes. >> and hillary knows full well after the 2008 convention when she lost the super delegates -- or before she got out of the race she knew she had to lock those guys up. she did. that's what she has been doing.
1:44 am
what are your chances of getting them? and you know, they already know what bernie stands for. they are either for her or for him. >> again, we are really in this on a train running on two tracks. one is make burnie the nominee, and there is still a narrow path to do that. we have no illusions though. the other path that we are on, the other track is really to say this needs to be a populous party. we need to get rid of the cronyism. we need to get rid of the super delegates. we need to get rid of the way finance has worked this the democratic party. we need real transparency. that's the other reason bernie got into this campaign. it wasn't just to be president of the united states. >> bernie is part of a movement. there is no question about it. he believes what he says. but let me ask you, if bernie wants so much to be president that he is going to stay in, quote, until last vote, why didn't he go after her with the e-mail? and don't give me nobody cares?
1:45 am
why doesn't he go go after the clinton foundation? you either go for the jugular or get out of the race. >> bernie is a campaigner on issues primarily. no one is exactly perfect on these kinds of thing. but he got into this race believed that there were major issues about what kind of democracy we have, major issues about the economy not working for many americans f not most at this upon in history. and he didn't get in the race to go after things that, as you said earlier, the fbi can handle a lot better. >> well, okay, but at the same time -- and certainly i accept your answer. i mean, if you want to win, and if you believe in your issues, you want to win, you do what you have to do to win. but california -- what are the numbers there? and what are her chances and his? >> we believe that our campaign is really strong in california. there is still three weeks -- more than three weeks to go there. some people have early voting --
1:46 am
they do have early voting for about 40% of the people tradition traditionalbly. we have think we have a great chance to win there. oregon -- i spent a lot of time last week, we believe we are going to win very big in oregon. there is lots of similarities in those states. >> a big win in west virginia which i think speaks to your candidate and his message. now, in terms of vp -- and i only have a few seconds left -- wouldn't he be able to got out his message by being vp? and wouldn't she benefit by nominating him? 158 seconds. >> i think that's up to him and her. there definitely would be advantages of bernie sanders in either position on a ticket. but at the same time, realistically, he didn't get into this to be vice president either. and i think he'll go on to help lead a major movement in america. >> all right larry cohen, eve though he didn't get into to be vp, he goes back to being senator. i'd rather be vp. what kind of commander in
1:47 am
chief of our nation's military would donald trump make? colonel david hunt is here with a take
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hillary clinton and donald trump, who'll serve better as commandeering chief. >> joining me is the director of massachusetts, dan mcgoon. >> cornell hunt, you are my friend and you have been here for a long time. who's curio everyone is curious of who's going to be the better commandeering chief. >> i am for predictability. i know what i am getting. i know what i am getting with clinton. i do not know what i am getting with trump. >> what's your answer? >> strictly military security, i would go with what i know which is clinton >> so you are saying clinton over trump. >> it is a tough choice but i have no idea. >> let me ask you a question,
1:52 am
when you say she's predictable. she's predictable and that we don't help people on the rooftop in benghazi and lying about it. >> absolutely, she did. >> i did that two years ago. the president of t united states did not send the rescue team and not the secretary of state. she's harder to write aggressive than trump is now. >> you are the one who always said that we would have three presidents in the 20 year of war in the middle east and we'll not solve it. what do you want to do, bomb them again? >> i like the predicty. >> we know how she's going to be based on the time she's secretary of state. >> we agree. >> all right, all right, that's
1:53 am
it. i adodon't agree you. >> dan, i am looking at the two of you, 40 years difference, we got vietnam and everything else you have done and iraq and afghanistan and a bunch of tours. how has the rules of engagement changed from the time the colonel was in and the time you are in. >> some of the things we have been fighting this war for 15 years and every couple of years things are changing. when i was in afghanistan currently of some of the current crisis in iraq and afghanistan are still the same issues. until we can defeat the enemies of the way we need to go back to talking about clinton and trump. the most recent data that we have is favoring trump because they know they want something different. >> do you favor trump than her?
1:54 am
>> i do. >> i don't think i can tell him what he can do. >> you both were in the front line. you are free to engaged the enemy than dan is, no questions about it. do you feel your hands were tied behind your back? >> i didn't do what he did. definitely, it is our military right now and things need to change. >> let's talk about the ve veterans. you ran the organization and given how veteran haves been treated booty veterans administration, warriors are under a mess of eight millions of something they use for conferences, why is your program better? >> it is being built by great americans and the local level. we stayed local and massachusetts and we follow success with the different programs. we are honoring not only the
1:55 am
fallen but the veterans that are coming home. we need do something that no one else is doing and that's taking care of the families that's fallen. we do it with great volunteers. we are not massive. we are not shooting for the moon. we are staying where we are and we are having great success. >> they take care of 221 families in massachusetts, it is pure and nobody is doing what they do. it is done by enlisting guys like dan who's right now a fireman and the rest of the guy is a cop and that's why it matters. >> my favorite group, cops, fallen military and firefighters. >> dan m, thank you for being here. >> if you want more, you will >> if you want more, you will find a link on my facebook.
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pretty much a good day for me would be people leaving their hands off of me. i'm always called names.
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um, everywhere that i go there's always someone calling me names, calling me gay. i've been choked. thrown up against a wall. punched. nobody's ever tried to help me. that's it for us tonight, remember to follow me on facebook and follow me on twitter. tell me your thoughts on tonight's show. did you like it or didn't you like it? thanks so much for watching. i will see you next saturday night. same time and same place and same me, have a great week. 4:0
2:00 am
>> stick around. laura with the fox report. airports in the country brayings for a nightmare summer season as security lines grow and one major airport threatens to dump the tsa. >> this is the fox report. passengers forced to wait in a line for hanhour and causing airlines to hold planes at the gate. as the tsa cuts back on screeners and tightens the procedures. they are working to make the process to go more quickly. this was the scene in the phoenix international airport after the tsa


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