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tv   Fox and Friends Sunday  FOX News  May 15, 2016 3:00am-7:01am PDT

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hi, friends. good morning, it's sunday, the 15th of may, 2016. horror on the highway when a charter bus flips over, killing eight people on board and injuring more than 40 others. the dramatic details and the new video coming in. and then "the new york times" goes after donald trump with a hit piece about the ladies and the rest of the media pounce. think they'll do the same for bill and hillary clinton? don't hold your breath. and a charity group that helps homeless veterans is being pushed out for obama's future presidential library. "fox & friends" begins right
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now. ♪ what in the world are we looking at? >> it's normal. >> wake up, wake up. >> wake up, america. this is a friend of mine, actually. her name is emily from charlotte, north carolina, she is nine months pregnant. she is overdue and she's lifting up to 200 pounds, six days a week. she's into crossfit. she's gotten international media attention about this. some people think it's okay. some people think it's not okay. hey, my doctor says it's all fine. all good. >> why does it surprise me she's a friend of yours? she's getting so much vitriol on social media. i'm surprised she's overdue. you would think with all that work the baby become would be --
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>> she has to be induced. >> we have a lot to get to this morning. including a fox news alert. >> yeah. nearly four dozens were hurt when an out of control charter bus flips over. it was headed to the casino near texas. at least 45 others were sent to area hospitals where another person died. it is unclear why the driver lost control. well, a deadly air show. the pilot killed when the plane crashed in front of a massive crowd of spectators. disturbing footage showing the plane taking the nosedive. no one on the ground was hurt but the pilot was died on impact. no word on a cause. and this morning still no signs of a woman who fell overboard a carnival cruise ship as the coast guard continues its
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search. we learned that samantha broberg was on the trip, and her husband was not on board. the friends realized she was missing around noon on friday. security cameras captured her falling off the boat around 2:00 that morning. her family released a statement saying they hope and pray the u.s. coast guard is able to bring her home. and supreme court justice clarence thomas honoring his good friend around mentor the late justice antonin scalia during a graduation speech at hills dale college. >> think of justice scalia, i think of the good man whom i could instinctively trust. he was in the tradition of the south of my youth. a man of his word. a man of character. >> justice scalia died of natural causes at his texas ranch in february. his seat is still vacant.
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those are your news headlines. >> thanks. well, the republican push to unite around donald trump is facing continued resistance this morning. there's some movement in washington for a third party run trying to recruit mitt romney and john kasich among many others. >> garrett tenney has the very latest on this latest plot. >> reporter: good morning. every other republican has dropped out of the race but the never trump movement is not giving up hope just yet. according to a report in "the washington post," a small group of veteran consultants and operatives are actively plotting to draft an independent candidate. with the goal of keeping trump from winning the white house. the group reportedly includes former gop nominee mitt romney and commentators bill kristol and erick erickson among others. and ohio governor john kasich as well as ben sasse who has been actively fighting trump's candidacy since the beginning. but the group has also reached
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out the another outspoken reality tv star who they feel could give trump a taste of his own medicine. billionaire business man and owner of the dallas mavericks mark cuban. though cuban says he doesn't see it happening because there isn't enough time before the general election. the recruitment efforts have reportedly picked up steam over the past ten days since trump clinched the nomination, making the prospect of uniting the party seem even more insurmountable. though yesterday at yesterday's gop convention, paul ryan said it will take time. >> i had a long meeting with donald trump on thursday. i thought it was the productive meeting and the first meeting we ever had. we're beginning the process of what unity looks like in the republican party. this isn't done with a couple of meetings. our teams are meeting next week to go over the deeper meaning of the policies that we have been
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talking about. >> reporter: ted cruz is not looking at a third party run but still isn't getting behind trump wholeheartedly either. >> we may face growing challenges going ahead, but i am convinced that movement, the men and women gathered here, will be the remnant, will be the core of pulling this country back from the abyss. >> reporter: one thing seems certain, there's still a long ways to go before this party unites around donald trump, if that happens at all. tucker, anna and clayton. >> thanks. ted cruz is still running, he needs a vacation. go to barbados for a week or two. >> we went to kentucky derby and we saw him enjoying a mint julep. he was back in the senate. >> isn't it too late anyway -- >> a bunch of them are smart, some of them are my friends but it's getting increasingly buffoon iist. the idea is that trump is not a
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conservative, and we need a real republican to run in the third party, but we have a duty to lose is what they're arguing. if you're trying to recruit cuban, how can you -- i like mark cuban but he's not a conservative. if you're trying to recruit mark cuban how you offering a conservative alterative to donald trump? >> right. i mean, you look through this "washington post" report, almost every person cited in the piece is like thanks, but no thanks. >> they can't find anybody who wants to do in the first place. >> the laundry list, no, we're not running as a third party. >> are we still pretending that mitt romney is an conservative? he was more enthusiastic about abortion than trump at one point. he's a conservative? he's not a bad person, he's
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smart and accomplished and all that, but he's way more conservative than donald trump? maybe the definition is fluid. >> what do you think about the idea being kick around to have a third party run in some states? >> sure. if you want hillary clinton to be president, and a lot of people do. >> thinking it will help some senators up for re-election and -- >> look at ross perot. >> they hate trump, i don't feel that way, but i understand that some people do. don't tell me it's healthy to push for hillary clinton to be president of the united states. >> and dr. ben carson will be joining us in the 8:00 hour to tell us about this. he was an early supporter of donald trump after he dropped out. i don't know if you read the new york time, there's a lengthy hit piece, a lengthy, if you read the comment thread on "the new york times" a hatchet job, looking into the past, the history of donald trump and his relationship with women. of course that's received the spotlight during the campaign famously in the debate when megyn kelly asked some pointed
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questions about women and he went after her. pool parties at mar a largo and on and on. >> 50 interviews, and crossing the line, how donald trump behaved with women in private. now, over mainstream media publications have followed suit. reuters said trump has a history of questionable behavior with women. "new york" magazine, 40 years of trump being creepy to women. esquire, donald trump is a creep around women. >> just funny. esquire. where i used to write for them. esquire is now the arbiter of what's creepy with women is just hilarious to me. first thing to note this is wholly consistent with hillary clinton's campaign theme which is i'm a woman, elect me, trump hates women, don't vote for him. second, what have we learned? is trump creepy with women? yeah, i think it's a fair assessment. sometimes he said weird things i wouldn't say, but we learned that trump promotes women more
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aggressively than like hillary clinton does. >> right. so in this piece, they highlight a woman who was highlighted to the heights of his real estate empire who was unheard of that other people in the new york real estate landscape would have had a woman at the height -- >> well, all his advisers are women starting was his daughter. does that mean he's a sexist? i don't know. >> and he said -- he kissed me on the lips or just random things which trump says didn't happen. with one of the beauty queens. but some of the people that continued to work with him even though for years and years, even though they say -- >> or dated him. >> one of the first girls in the piece was highlighted and was talking about how -- she was at a pool party at mar a largo, and she picks out a bikini and they ended up dating for many years. >> let's bottom line it. who's got a weirder personal life, donald trump or bill and
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hillary clinton? you know what i mean? if that's the measure -- if we're thinking who to vote for, his interpersonal relationship, who has a stranger relationship? >> i'm sure next week we'll look into the creepy relationship with women from the clintons. >> women who accused him of abuse. >> that's in next week's new york times. now to extreme weather. parts of texas is under weather this morning. streets near houston were submerged. look at that. >> rescuers had to pull multiple people from their cars as the waters rose. >> the threat of severe weather is still not over. janice dean is tracking what is happening. >> good morning. of course we're worried about our friends in texas because they have gotten so much rain in the past several weeks. more rain in the forecast. you can see the radar estimate of precipitation, several inches in a short period of time. so we'll be watching this as the
3:12 am
slow moving cold front pushes through. looks like the rain has subsided for now. but we're dealing with maybe four to six inches of more rain on top of saturated ground. that's an issue. then one more thing we should talk about is that we have snow across the great lakes and the midwest. yes, cold enough for snow and we have freeze advisories for at least a dozen states. so it doesn't feel like springtime. at least there's lots to talk about in the weather center. >> holding janice responsible for the weather. fox news alert overnight. anthony kiedis rushed to the hospital. and what do these two people
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have to say about donald trump? that he incites terror. and a woman is responding to critics who say she shouldn't be working out past her due date.
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welcome back. the mayor of london says that donald trump's stance on muslims will provoke more terror attacks. quote, donald trump's ignorant view of islam could make both of our countries unsafe and it plays into the hands of the extremists. here to weigh in this morning -- so he's outlining a hostage
3:17 am
situation. let muslims in your country or they'll attack you. why is that a reasonable explanation? >> as you said he's never said that, and if he said that you'd be playing the footage of it. it would be absurd. >> what else is he saying? i don't understand. you criticize muslims they'll attack you. >> he's saying what many people have said -- the liberals have said for over a decade now. that if you attack a minority, you marginalize them and then give you tools for recruitment to the extremists. they can say look, the western society doesn't like you, come join us anyway. and paul ryan and george bush believe it. >> immaterial what george bush and paul ryan believe. two-thirds of the british muslims would not alert the government to the existence of a terror attack if they knew about
3:18 am
it. 23% want shari'ah law. this in a country that's bent over backwards to this minority in the midst. and wouldn't report a terror attack, what is that? >> that's a mischaracterization of the poll, it was conducted in 2015 and people can look at it. i have studied the whole 615 pages of this poll and the analysis and as a political scientist i can tell you you're nitpicking. they say they'll intervene very vociferously. they'll talk to them personally and go seek help. they basically -- some of them say they won't go to the police, and that goes to the point that mayor khan is making, that you have basically alienated them. so they're afraid of going to the police. we want an environment where people in britain and in the west especially can feel comfortable enough to go to the police and not be thought of as suspects themselves. >> okay. >> that's exactly the argument that mayor khan is making. >> okay, it's ludicrous argument.
3:19 am
>> how is ludicrous? >> hold on. david petraeus seems to agree with you. those who flirt with hate speech against muslims should realize they're playing directly into the hands of al qaeda and isis. hate speech being of course anything david petraeus disagrees with. look, the point of view -- >> that's not true. >> americans looks at scandinavian and western europe and you have let in large numbers of people from the middle east, many remain unassimilated and you face the terror attacks. we don't what about that here, why is that an unreasonable position? >> it's not unreasonable at all. muslims don't want the terror attacks at all because they're ones being marginalized when somebody does something like in san bernardino. but what david petraeus is saying is opposite to how you're thinking you're saying it. let's be fair. the daily caller article that says exactly what you are trying
3:20 am
to say on the show today, that's your own publication. so you went out and basically -- you know, mischaracterized -- >> i haven't the faintest idea what you're talking about, but the truth is muslims are not in under attack. yet, non-muslim s face being injured in a terrorist attack. >> muslims are worried about this too, but hate speech hurts everybody. including the american muslims first amendment rights. >> okay. thanks for getting up and coming on. >> thank you. up next, female voters have a message foreign hillary clinton -- don't pander to me. >> i want a word or phrase to describe hillary clinton. >> corrupt. >> deceiver. >> opportunist. >> so is hillary clinton overplaying her hand with women? cat timf will react to that.
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welcome back to "fox & friends." 24 minutes past the hour. we have some headlines for you. what a wild day for bernie sanders supporters. watch this. tension between clinton and sanders' supporters boiling over at the democratic convention in nevada on saturday. barbara boxer responding to the jeers saying we had our nevada
3:25 am
caucus and hillary won. they're going to fight. >> they're so much drama going on on the democratic side. that party is in disarray. the republican party is more united around donald trump than the democratic party is united around hillary. >> did you see this? >> on the stranger end of the spectrum not surprisingly they had a wiccan ritual praying for the sanders nomination. watch this. >> be the bern, right, be the bern, be the bern. >> a half dozen wiccan portlanders gather around a small rug with four candles and an imitation ballot box adorned with bernie stickers. it is meant to provide positive energy, groovy energy, ahead of the -- >> they're feeling the bern, along with the doggie. >> and bernie sanders is stopping to take pictures with a group of kentucky students who are heading to their senior prom
3:26 am
and then one of them asked how his prom went and he said, there were some bad memories. >> you scratch a socialist you'll find a sad person underneath. >> he looks like grandpa showed up to take pictures with the kids for prom night. >> 25 minutes after the hour. to you feel like you -- do you feel like you're too tired to hit the gym? meet this mom-to-be she is two weeks past her due date and she's doing crossfit and lifting up to 200 pound. >> this fitness instructor has come under fire for doing hard core workouts while pregnant, but she is not letting that keep her down. >> emily breeze watson is here to respond. you're being induced tonight. a lot of people are judging you. i'm not by the way. why are people so eager to judge you? >> i don't know. it seems taboo and it's different and not the norm. but i'm here to try to let
3:27 am
people know that you can do things that you have been used to doing. >> okay. so the criticism though -- you know, maybe just the straining of the body and what about if -- what is that a squat thrust? clean and jerk? i don't know what that is called. i'm an avid gym rat as you can tell. that you'd drop the bar on your belly and hurt the child in some kind of way. what do you say to that? >> right. everything i'm doing is modified, lower weights than normal. my body is used to the movements, it's second nature. >> breeze -- emily, i'm sorry, you're a friend of mine. i call you breeze. i know you and montel and your husband are healthy and fit individuals. you're really looking forward to having this brand-new baby boy. what is your doctor saying? does he think this is a good idea? >> yeah. he's seen me for the past 11 years so he's seen me through
3:28 am
college and now. you know, he says there is no one prescription for pregnancy. that's been in the back of my mind. he says listen to your body and just know that your body is going to tell you when and when you cannot do something. >> okay. we have some viewer comments about your story. this is from kate. the kid will probably come out with biceps like schwarzenegger from trying to hold on during all that motion. do you worry your child will be jacked up from birth, rippling, huge, with muscles? >> i don't think i'm worried about that. that would be nice. he'll be ready to go to the gym with me. >> joe is saying, he's taking nutrients away from the baby. did you ever think of changing your fitness routine and not working out six days a week? >> not at all. i wanted to stay with me routine. >> it looks like you're doing hand stands, skydiving.
3:29 am
>> some impressive. >> yeah. no, there's definitely things i'm modifying. anything that feels uncomfortable. sometimes running i will take the time off. >> well, congratulations. tonight is the night. >> well, emily breeze watson, big things are happening tonight. you're getting induced. i know, i don't -- i want to tell you a big congratulations too. yesterday, breeze hosted a boot camp where they broke guinness records for sit-ups and push-ups with randy moss. >> while pregnant. >> thank you guys so much. >> have a great day. coming up, a shocking road rage attack caught on camera. we'll tell you what set off this fight. then a security group that helps homeless veterans is being pushed out to make way for get this, obama's future presidential library? >> and "the new york times" is taking on trump. detailing his relationships with
3:30 am
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with better breathing. watch out, piggies! (children giggle) symbicort. breathe better starting within 5 minutes. call or go online to learn more about a free trial offer. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. good morning, friends. we are back now with a fox news
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alert. red hot chili peppers's lead singer anthony kiedis rushed to the hospital overnight. >> -- on his way to the hospital. unable to play this evening. >> they cancelled the irvine show. no word on if the band's tuesday night show will also be canc cancelled. kiedis has struggled with drug addiction in the past. but has been sober for many years. >> do you know who has been sober for many years is katherine timpf. we're glad to have her. did you read "the new york times" piece about trump liking the ladies? >> yes. >> it was designed to show that he was a woman hater and hillary's campaign is the same. did it work? >> no when i think of think of my concerns about donald trump, it's him saying raising the minimum wage and don't worry about the debt, just print the money. look at what the clintons have done in their personal lives. but that stuff is way more
3:35 am
disturbing to me. >> the actual policy ideas. >> exactly. i'm a woman, but policy believe it or not is more important to me than this pandering based on gender that's happening all over the campaign. >> we see the polls that show donald trump not doing very well with the ladies. so this piece, is it worth taking a look at this piece and diving into it? it's a lengthy piece, it's not just on the surface and you can't say he's been mean to women. he's elevated a lot of women in his organization. there's a lot to digest. >> absolutely. like you said, he's actually elevated women more so than hillary clinton has i would say. she's just running -- because she's a woman, i'm a feminist, if you look at her record, there's women that accused her husband of sexual assault and she tore them down. people are being fed this constantly, trump's sexist, trump's sexist, this story and that story. i want to talk about policy. >> right. a lot of people think that
3:36 am
donald trump's supporters support him no matter what. he's a brash billionaire. they take him for what he is. think he's a deal maker and will work for them. so it could backfire. female voters, you know, it's a voting bloc that hillary clinton is banking on, but there was a big focus group done by frank luntz and they said, stop pandering to me. >> i want a word or phrase to describe hillary clinton. >> corrupt. >> deceiver. >> opportunist. >> when a politician appeals to you as a woman, what do you say back to them? >> i'm offended. i'm a person. my gender is really irrelevant in judging them or being treated. i was -- my degree is in electrical engineering. i worked in a male field. it was irrelevant. >> i don't feel like i'm oppressed. don't treat me like a victim. >> i feel the same way. i don't need hillary fighting
3:37 am
for me. i'm fine. >> don't pander to women. >> is it totally irrelevant -- gender? i asked this question yesterday. you go into the voting booth. people say this on the focus groups or on the phone and people like to feel good about themselves and tell people they feel a certain way. they go behind that curtain and they're looking at a woman and a man, what do they do? does it matter? >> i think it matters to some women. a lot of younger people care less about hillary clinton being a woman. she's doing a lot less well than people expected. even though she's not a woman, i'm going to help you with the policies necessarily. she talks about child care and some other things. i don't know how we'd pay for i. but it's mostly you're a woman, i'm a woman too. let's sell these pink little cards. i'm not a 3-year-old planning a birthday party. >> i'm losing track of what we're supposed to pretend. are we supposed to pretend that
3:38 am
men and women are exactly the same or she'll be totally different as a president? which is it? >> exactly. it's feminist to say that women are so oppressed. obviously sexism exists. it's something to talk about. if hillary clinton is not my president my life will be destroyed, i'll be totally fine. >> you seem like a resilient person. >> i sure am. >> and you came in on a sunday morning. >> i love it. >> good to see you. >> 38 minutes after the hour. 11 people are hurt in the disney bus crash in florida. thick black smoke and flames are billowing over the trees. a an suv traveling the wrong way slammed into the bus. two adults and a child riding in the suv were rushed to the
3:39 am
hospital. eight others had minor injuries. and the horrific moments a driver loses control of their busy car at a busy intersection. a silver car comes barrelling down at full speed, careens into the black car. it's unclear if anyone was hurt. thousands of war heroes every month are about to be kicked to the curb so it can make room for president obama's presidential library. the rtw veterans center is the last privately owned facility blocking proposed restaurants and shops for the development. the group says city inspectors are working with the obama foundation after showing up unexpectedly to find code violations fining them $16,000 per day. the city will decide the group's fate on tuesday. oatmeal, brown sugar, pineapple, william smith has been eating that combination for 80 years and he calls it the
3:40 am
hawaiian special. when he submitted that into the quaker oats contest they rejected it. why? because he hand wrote the ingredients list. they sent him a letter back saying they only accept online submissions. he called it age discrimination. what do you think? should quaker oats have taken the submission or should he have followed the rules? >> how dare he not have a computer. janice dean is standing by. >> did you know it's national flighter day. look at what's behind me. white castle. is this the best weekend ever? we're doing sliders later on. it's chilly outside. 10 to 20 degrees below average across the great lakes. freezing around the minneapolis area. 37 in chicago.
3:41 am
50 in new york although it feels cooler than that. that's where the trough is in place. we have a lot of flooding across houston, texas, yesterday. we'll watch it move out of the rockies and bring in the potential for more rain. look at the snow, the snow across the great lakes. it is not right. there are your current temperatures where it feels below freezing in a lot of these regions but things will warm up. we'll warm you up with national slider day today with white castle later on. back to you, clayton. >> snow. >> janice dean, you make every morning brighter. pfizer gets political. the company banned their drug for being used for executions. is this a good idea? should they have the right to do that? a fair and balanced legal debate around executions are coming up. a shocking case of road rage is caught on camera. fists flies in the middle of the roadway. what set this off this brawl?
3:42 am
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the suv that dares to go beyond utility. this is the pursuit of perfection. hi, friends. let's get moving and grooving. quarter to the top of the hour. some headlines for you. road rage caught on camera. a shocking brawl breaking out in the streets of houston. a man in a car throws a drink at the woman and that leads to fists and feet flying. the woman screaming frantically trying to break it up. then the man and the woman backed into the car before speeding off on the highway. the car following close behind. a woman drives right into a bay after her gps gives her the wrong direction. look at this. the 23-year-old acting quickly, rolling down her window before the car lost power. she swims through 40 degree water to safety. the woman is said to be just
3:46 am
fine. a little bit embarrassed about the whole ordeal. clayton, over to you. well, pfizer taking a stand against capital punishment. it's announced that it's going to block its drugs from being used in lethal injections. the drug making giant joins more than 20 other u.s. and european companies that have blocked execution drugs. now, all federally approved drug makers who could supply the drugs for executions are off limits. so is is a good move? here for a fair and balanced legal debate around this, are our attorneys. does pfizer have the right to do this? >> absolutely, pfizer is a private company and they have the right to create and implement any policy concerning the use of their products and whether those policies are motivated by moral or business reasons is of no importance at this point. but yes, they have a right to
3:47 am
dictate how their products are used. >> do you agree or disagree? big business, can they do what they want with their own products? >> as a private company they do. can we mention the hypocrisy. in the last 40 years we have exqudded over 1, -- executed over 1,400 people. but 40,000 people died from the prescription drug overdoses. if you want a moral stance or take the moral high ground how about do something to curb the deaths as opposed to making a political statement by refusing to give the government drugs that it requires, in legal situations because let's not forget that the death penalty is legal. any state that wants to have it and it's constitutional to put people to death by lethal injection. >> can they be compelled to do that? by forced -- that's a great point. can they be compelled to have their drugs used on death row? >> i don't think they can. let's think about it. this is the second largest
3:48 am
pharmaceutical company in the world. of course they're a company concerned about the dollar at the end of the day. so you have a company who's as huge as they are, why would they want their brand associated with capital punishment? no, no one can make them have their product be used to administer lethal injections. but the problem is if these states -- death penalty states can't obtain the drugs they'll think of alternatives that's where we -- >> that's the point i wanted to get to. now all the drugs are gone, you bring back firing squads? what do you? >> whether you agree with this or not, lethal injection is the most humane way to do it. then we have the electric chair, we have the gas chamber, firing
3:49 am
squads far less humane ways to put somebody to death once that they've been adjudicated for the death penalty. >> well, we're up against the break. i could continue this debate. a fascinating debate. great to see you. we appreciate it. thanks so much. coming up here on the show, that's a new third party push to stop donald trump. it involves mitt romney and mark cuban. watch out bald eagle. there's a new national symbol to worry about. it's the bison. really?
3:50 am
. .
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
♪ ♪ hey, everybody, well, the bald eagle may be america's national symbol but also now the bison is being placed on par with the bald eagle. >> too much change but we may have forgotten why the bald eagle is america's original symbol of freedom. >> here with us is al, and challenger the eagle. why is the bald eagle our national symbol? >> it's been with us for 234 years, you know, the symbol of our country and the founding fathers were looking for an animal to name as our national bird and there was a whole debate about things. franklin wanted a turkey, they told him to go fly a kite. secretary thompson, the one given charge to design the eagle, picked the eagle because
3:54 am
the indians revered it. >> if it weren't for you, i never would have been this proximity to a bald eagle. it's a majestic animal. this bird is looking at me in ways that's make me uncomfortable. what is he thinking? >> he's checking things out. he's got excellent vision. he can see a fish a mile away. maybe that's why you are uncomfortable. you can't do that. >> he's in a center and gets regular exercise and is fed trout. tell us what a day like for him is like. >> he's in pigeon forge. he gets fed a great diet, fish, salmon, quail, and once in a
3:55 am
while a farm-raised white rat. >> he's 27. >> he's 27 years old. he was blown out of a nest as a team when he was five weeks of age. she made the mistake of raising him. they tried releasing him five, several times. >> because you are an advocate of the bald eagle. do you take issue at all with the bison? >> i think if we're going to have a national animal, the bison is an appropriate one, it's certainly steeped in american history, i don't think it's a threat. buffalo will never take over the status of this bird. this bird has been with us for so long and it is the symbol of everything we stand for, and so like i said the founding fathers chose -- they looked at all kinds of animals before they picked this bird so. >> as long as there's not a national reptile, i'm happy. >> we have a national tree, oak
3:56 am
tree, flower, the rose, and most states have national mammals and birds are. >> great to see you. >> challenger the eagle. thanks. coming up, you've heard of never trump. well, now there's a never hillary group and democrats are behind it? plus there's also a new push to find a third party candidate to run against donald trump. mitt romney may be in the running and also mark cuban. ben carson is coming up. have you ever seen someone put feet on a plane seat or a train seat? one country is putting cameras on board to catch people in the act. what do you think? tell us. ♪ ♪ somebody is watching me ♪ people call me on the phone
3:57 am
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4:00 am
good morning, everyone. it's sunday the 15th of may, 2016. i'm canna kooiman. we'll start with a fox news alert. red hot chili peppers singer anthony kiedis is rushed on the way to the hospital. the breaking details coming in. donald trump facing new resistance on his road to the republican nomination. a new third party push from people who believe that mitt romney and mark cuban are conservatives. will that work? do you know someone at work who dresses like this? >> lucy, you are at work, so please dress like it. these tops that you wear are
4:01 am
completely inappropriate. >> wow. sorry to offend you. >> we've got the dos and don'ts for office attire. "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. ♪ my wish for you is that this life becomes all that you want it to ♪ welcome into "fox & friends." here's a heart warming story. this little boy has been through i think around heart surgeries in his life. had a big dream. to meet big papi with the red sox who is on a tear this season. he is batting .405 right now. he wanted him to hit a home run and he did. he did it. he said i'm going to hit you a home run for you tonight and he went up there and hit a home run. we're going to meet the little boy coming up in a little bit. our bookers have gotten the best guests this weekend.
4:02 am
>> good morning, everyone. great to see you. it's sunday morning in new york city. wherever you are, i hope you are feeling happy. >> you know what today is also? we've got national slider day but it's also national chocolate chip cookie day. >> are we celebrating that too? >> chips ahoy, i used to eat a whole sleeve of them growing up. that's how i kept my svelt body. republicans first unite around donald trump but that push is facing resistance this morning. there is yet a new movement finding a third party candidate to run against trump. the candidates include mark cuban, mitt romney and john kasich. >> do not hold your breath on the republican party uniting behind donald trump quite yet. six months before the general election, the never trump movement is actively working to
4:03 am
draft a candidate for a third party run with a goal of keeping trump from winning the white house. those recruitment efforts have picked up over the past ten days. the small group reportedly includes former gop nominee mitt romney and bill crystal and others. some of the top targets is john kasich and ben sats who has been an outspoken leader in the never trump movement since the beginning. the group is reaching to political outsider, another brash billionaire tv star, mark cuban, owner of the nba dallas mavericks and the show "shark tank". cuban told the group thanks, no thanks. he doesn't consider it viable. while the anti trump recruitment efforts are under way, house
4:04 am
speaker paul ryan told people at an event last night, that uniting will take time. >> i thought it was a very productive meeting. it was the first meeting we've had. we're beginning the process of discussing what unity looks like in the republican party. this takes some time. this isn't done with a couple of meetings. this takes some time. our teams are meeting next week to talk about the deeper meaning of the policies we're talking. ted cruz isn't getting behind donald trump either. he didn't mention trump's name at a texas gop convention. >> we may face growing challenges ahead, i'm convinced that movement, the men and women gathered here, will be the remnant, will be the core of pulling this country back from the abyss. >> while that third party effort is under way, we should note the
4:05 am
deadlines for candidates to register in several states such as texas have already passed and the deadlines for many others have passed. holy smokes, is ted cruz still running? he needs a vacation. >> he's suspending his campaign. that doesn't mean he's ended it. he's welcome to show any time. romney and friends would rather have hillary has president, it's that simple and in fact it's that simple, you are right. >> an email from june says trump is not a republican, never has been until now, when he thinks it would be to his advantage. >> jim in florida writes this, romney has cost the republicans one election and is in the process of costing us another one. we're going to talk to ben carson, a trump support, he was one of the people to throw his
4:06 am
support behind donald trump. we don't need to pretend mitt romney is a conservative anymore. it's over. "new york times," it's an angry little blog, they have a very long piece about how donald trump has crossed line. they never specify what the line is, but he's crossed the line with women with how he's behaved in private. it teaches you a lot of things you already knew. he like the ladies. he says things a little vulgar, over the top. is it the kill shot they hoped for? >> some of the headlines you'll read from reuters, trump has a history of questionable behavior with women. cbs and "new york times" delves into donald trump's history with women. new york, 40 years of trump being creepy of women and esquire saying donald trump is a creep around women. >> it is lengthy. it goes back to his times in
4:07 am
college, where classmates called him a ladies man. they said he was always walking around with the most beautiful women, amazing dates. he also elevated women to the top of his real estate empire when other people in the 1980s p wouldn't have a woman as the head of a large business. >> it's weird this piece comports with hillary clinton campaign theme. what a surprise. here's a guy, donald trump, who has promised to eliminate the federal debt in a presidential term. that's impossible. that might be worth writing about. no, it's trump is a sexist, a racist. it's always the same with liberals. it's the shallowest possible critique. >> next week, you'll have "new york times" expose on hillary's relationship with women as well.
4:08 am
>> are they going to see them do the same thing with bill clinton and his associations with women? >> how about all the women who have accused him of sexual assault? juanita broderick, how about that? is it out of bounds in polite society to bring it up? really? donald trump is saying he was excited to go on a date with a victoria secret model. >> what man wouldn't be? >> whoa! crossed the line. >> read the piece and weigh in. >> you may not like it. you may sigh this -- okay, fine, you are probably not going to be shocked by it. we're following some other stories that are making headlines. we'll start with this one for you. eight people are dead, nearly four dozen others hurt when an out of control charter bus flipped over. the bus was headed near a casino
4:09 am
in lorado, texas. other cars were involved. it is unclear why the driver lost control. another fox news alert, red hot chile peppers lead singer anthony kiedis rushed to the hospital last night. >> he's on his way to the hospital right now and we're unable to play this evening. >> the band canceling their irvine show because of the unspecified medical emergency. no word if their concert will be canceled on tuesday as well. kiedis has struggled with drug addiction in the past but reportedly has been sober for years. and they are not burned out yet. more bernie sanders supporters are swearing never to support hillary clinton. an online pledge at won't vote hillary has more than 66,000 signatures and the numbers keep on rising. tension between clinton and
4:10 am
sanders supporters boiling over at the democratic convention in nevada. >> recount! recount! recount! >> california senator barbara boxer responding to the jeers demanding a recount simply saying we had our nevada caucus and hillary won. you heard about all the hidden kingdoms in the united kingdom. they are everywhere. >> it's like they are everywhere here in the united states. >> it's way worse in the united kingdom but could they be coming to the united states soon in an effort to keep people from acting badly in public? that's what the u.k. is now doing. they are tired of people sticking their feet on train cars, propping their feet off. wiping gum underneath tables. they are trying to stop bad behavior. >> what's so interesting is liberals used to argue on behalf of the right to privacy.
4:11 am
rowe v became the law on behalf of the right of privacy. >> this is a public place. it's the tubes in london. it seems orwellian to have cameras looking at you all the time. >> people in the privacy of their own home can do whatever they want, you want to put your feet up on the table. if i'm on a train, put your stinky feet down. >> what habits annoy you? why should we have cameras in this country? what habits would they detour? >> the british are so polite, aren't they? >> they used to be. >> and listen, i ride the long island railroad every day and feet are up everywhere. we have something called manspreading here in new york
4:12 am
city. why if they fine people for that? this is adrian and mark. tell me what you think of this secret cameraing in. >> i think it's kind of strange. i go take the long island railroad all the time and as long as there's nobody really on the train, is not packed, i don't see why there should be a problem. >> as long as, you know, they don't have bare feet or if someone wants to sit there, they move their feet out of the way. >> it could be a health hazard with nail fungus. >> do you think you should be fined? >> no. >> it's annoying when people have that phone call to talk to their mom. >> or they pull out a fish sandwich. >> the answer is more federal surveillance of our behavior. >> more cameras. >> my favorite is if you are not
4:13 am
doing anything wrong, there's nothing to worry about. privacy is important. >> send us your email addresses and your pass wards. >> social security numbers and passport numbers. the media going after donald trump's pac. and hillary clinton's scandals are haunting here. who is secrets will hurt them worse? a fair-and-balanced debate coming up. then beyonce, she wants her new clothing line to inspire people around the world so why is she using sweat shop labor allegedly? the stunning new reports are coming up.
4:14 am
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4:17 am
oh, well, a massive expose in the "new york times" this morning on donald trump, trying to find a connection between hillary clinton's campaign slogan, he's against women, and his past. has it worked and will hillary clinton's email scandal continue to haunt her? secrets of the two candidates, will they play a central role in this campaign? joining us now miami beach mayor phillip levine and boris epstein. first to you, mr. mayor, "the new york times" has come out with a piece that happens to track perfectly with hillary's theme which donald trump has a problem with women and in it we find out that he's promoted women within his organization for 25 years in a way that other
4:18 am
companies haven't. why is that not a good piece for trump? >> well, i can't talk to whether he has a great relationship with women. the fact of the matter is the polling shows that women really don't approve of him. nor do african-americans or hispanics. i think he has a bigger problem with the truth, and of course as soon as he gets out of his irs federal investigation, maybe he will release his tax returns. we would love to see them so we can show that he's actually not a billionaire. we can show all the off-shore corporations he has. >> i think boris, the mayor makes a good point. why is this obsession with the p.c. stuff? like he's a sexist. >> if i were affiliated with the clintons, i probably wouldn't talk about taxes seeing as the clinton foundation has to restate four years of tax returns because after hillary clinton said she would not accept foreign money into the foundation while she was secretary of state. guess what happened? $20 million of foreign
4:19 am
government money went in and $8.8 million of federal grant money. if i were the clinton, i will stay away from the tax thing. >> mr. mayor, why isn't she releasing her speeches she gave to wall street firms? >> she releases her transcript, it shows she went to i abank and she made a deposit and a withdrawal, we know it's going to happen. the republicans are going to use that all over the world and she's making deposits all over the world and take it out ov. >> we know donald trump is not a billionaire. we know he's avoiding taxes. and forget about the clinton initiative. [ multiple people speaking ]
4:20 am
>> people want to make this about donald trump's personal life. who has a weirder personal life, the clintons or donald trump? >> i'm not going to opine on that. if they want to go after donald trump personally, they can do better maybe than "the new york times" article that says please don't dwell on the women of his past. congratulations. does that matter? is that a big deal? let's talk about the federal investigation that's ongoing with the email scandal. [ multiple people speaking ] >> don't skirt that, mayor. >> i wish we had more time. thanks for joining us. appreciate it. a frightening crash at disney world, a bus goes up in flames after colliding with an suv. the scary details ahead. and a boy has undergone 40 heart procedures and he had one wish to meet his hero, big papi
4:21 am
from the red sox. >> i'm trying the hardest to get out there in fenway park and meet you. >> a dream cam true. we'll tell you what happened next. stay tuned. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. and i'd like to... cut. thank you, we'll call you. evening, film noir, smoke, atmosphere... bob... you're a young farmhand and e*trade is your cow. milk it. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. sign up at and get up to six hundred dollars. [phone buzzing] [engine revving] [engine revving] [phone buzzing] ♪ some things are simply impossible to ignore.
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to homes than anyone else in the country. here, there, everywhere. united states postal service priority: you by switching to xfinity x1. rio olympic games show me gymnastics.
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x1 lets you search by sport, watch nbc's highlights and catch every live event on your tv with nbc sports live extra. i'm getting ready. are you? x1 will change the way you experience nbcuniversal's coverage of the rio olympic games. call or go online today to switch to x1. buehler? buehler? buehler? >> anyone want to see a movie today? well you can enjoy your day off by seeing "ferris bueller's day off." the movie will be back in theaters just today and also on wednesday. and beyonce new sportswear clothing line reportedly uses
4:25 am
sweat shop labor. poverty stricken seam stresses are reportedly making the clothes in sri lanka and earning just $8 for an entire day's work. and their bitter behind-the-scenes drama is going to be part of the past. all pictures of kelly ripa and michael strahan is being taken down by monday. this after he left the show to host gma and allegedly didn't tell ripa ahead of time. listen to this story, a brave little boy had just one big wish. watch. >> big papi, you never let me down and you are the best player ever in the red sox game, and i'm trying the hardest to get out there in fenway park and meet you.
4:26 am
bye! >> that six-year-old maverick who has a congenital heart defect. he lived inle couldle could. he wanted to meeting david ortiz and then that wish came true. >> no way! >> big papi! >> dude! >> my buddy, man. how are you? hey, you look good. >> you look good. the little red sox fan flying across the country, even throwing out the first pitch at the red sox game last week and here to tell us how this all happened is maverick and his mom. nice to see you both of you this morning. >> good morning. >> how did all of this happen, you sent a video message to david ortiz. what was it like flying into fenway to meet your hero? >> well, it was awesome. >> awesome. how did all this happened?
4:27 am
you are a huge red sox fan. tell us about maverick's condition and why this is so special to him. >> maverick was born with a heart condition. 20 weeks i knew that he was going to be born with a heart condition, and most recently we found out that maverick had an infection in his heart and he is in right sided heart failure. most of his life, he's been in and out of the hospital, and he has had numerous heart surgeries. he's had -- just recently, he had a tracheostomy removed to go into his next heart procedure. the mortality rate was too high to keep it in place. he got an infection in his heart. it's too risky with the infection. he needs a pulmonary valve replaced. it's been a struggle for him. between his lung disease, he's had airway problems.
4:28 am
he's just kind of always gotten through a lot for him. right now, we're taking one day at a time as we've always done his whole life and we're just kind of struggling with his heart right now. we're preparing for the next procedure on his heart. >> there's been some real warm moments and maverick, big papi made a big promise to you. he sent you a video message saying he was going to do something for you. what did he say? >> hit me a home run. >> he said he was going to hit a home run. now that's a tal order to hit a home run. here's that video message i want to play for our audience of him promising aw home run. >> big papi for my boy, we love. >> cowboy up. always on your side. >> stay positive, keep the faith. you take care and i'm going to hit a hoerm for you tonight. remember that. >> he's hitting a home run for you, maverick.
4:29 am
>> for you. >> he said i am going to hit you home run. that was on april 29th. what happened? what did he do? >> he hit a home run. >> marty, were you shocked by that 8th inning home run? >> absolutely. you know, you just hope that, you know, you don't really -- when we're watching the game, you are not thinking that home run, you are more in shock that we got a video from big papi, let alone that he was going to hit the home run, so it was astonishing that he actually hit the home run, so, yeah. absolutely. >> maverick, i understand you stayed up really late after that home run. what did you think when you saw him hit that home run? >> well, i kind of knew he was going to do it because he never ever lets me down. >> oh, he never ever lets you down. well, he is hitting .405 right now. i think he hit a walk-off home run yesterday as well, right?
4:30 am
>> yes, he did. >> he did it again. he hit a home run and he has beat the yankees. >> he beat the yankees, yep. >> you are a brave little man. i appreciate you both joining us this morning. maverick, and marty, thank you so much for joining us on "fox & friends" this morning. >> absolutely. thanks for having us. >> so touching. coming up here on the show. hillary clinton's friend and aide human ma an he dean -- huma hamedin. how could it impact the election. and a woman pumping iron with a due date. what do you think? your emails about this one.
4:31 am
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4:34 am
♪ ♪ >> it is your shot of the morning. it's national slider day. that means tiny hamburgers and white castle is here with their craver truck handing out free grub. >> who do you got out there?
4:35 am
>> i'm in the truck. i'm handing out free grub. i've got jamie vice president of white castle and mark, you are the hamburger scroo extraordinary. >> we're giving out 20,000 free sliders and random acts of craveness. >> awesome. this is so good. oh, my gosh. mark, what are you doing today? >> i'm going to cook as many white castles as we can and give them out to whoever comes by until we run out. >> we're going to do a guinness book ofled world records things. come over here young man. grab your slierd. what's your name? >> jake. >> do you like white castle snnch i love white castles. >> oh, my gosh. what a great kmerbleds for -- commercial for white castles. it's national slierd day. how excited are we today? >> woooo!
4:36 am
>> one of my husband's best friends came from australia and they stopped at every white castle, deny's and cracker barrel they could find. i had no idea it was so popular. >> i love the adorable pouches. >> they are so cute. >> even prehanger, 2:00 in the morning. >> it's a prophylactic hang over. >> that andpedia light. other stories making headlines. 11 people are hurt near a fiery bus crash in disney's animal kingdom. flames billowing above the free. an suv driving the wrong way slammed into the bus near the theme park causing both vehicles to catch fire. no adults and one child riding in the suv were rushed to the hospital. eight other passengers had minor injuries. and pop star prince's
4:37 am
funeral delayed for months. a move that comes as family members continue to feud over his fortune. his sister spoutd off by a private memorial service. she's insisting that her brother's remains won't be there and neither will she or his family. she also implied one memorial is enough and delayed his official funeral until august. another walk of shame for huma abedine. a new documentary about her husband anthony weiner. married to unwith of hillary clinton's closest advisers. >> the movie files weiner's fail campaign for new york city mayor. and also her humiliation after her husband's infamous tweet.
4:38 am
the documentary hits theaters on friday. the new york post is reporting that a new trend in the big apple, parents with deep pockets are hiring help to get their kids homework done. a 27-year-old freelance writer telling the post about his side work which he advertises on craigslist. parents pay him up to $350 per paper. parents say it's a small price to pay to help reduce the stress in their children's school day. >> those are your headlines. we had a segment last hour with a friend of anna's who is a fitness strucker who is so preg she's being inducing today. you can see this picture. she's still dead lifting 200 pounds. this has offended people.
4:39 am
>> this is how she's responded. >> honestly, i think that they are just -- it seems a little taboo and it's different and it's not the norm, but i'm here to try to let people know that you can do things that you've been used to doing. everything that i'm doing currently is modified. lower weights than normal. he says there is no one prescription for pregnancy and that's always been the back of my mind and listen to your body and just know that your body is going to tell you when and when you cannot do something. anything uncomfortable. i'll take the time off. >> i've never been pregnant. >> pregnancy hits women differently. some women are in pain the whole time and their hips are killing them. others are i didn't feel anything. i'm fine. >> this is modified for breeze. they normally can dead lift like 300 pounds or something like crazy like this. this is actually a lot less
4:40 am
weight than i normally do. >> our viewers have been commenting all morning. it actually makes your body stronger and prepared for delivery. it's a shame people will shame her for doing no wrong. >> women take too many unnecessary chans while pregnant. >> responsible pregnant women know their bodies and baby. they don't need to be told what to do. >> here's one, tucker, social media makes it easy for stringser to -- strangers to judge each other. get off immediately. backlash grows after the obama administration orders all public schools in the country to get transgender bathrooms. pfizer bans their drugs for executions. making it harder to execute people or not. judge alex is here to react next. do you know someone at work who dresses like this? >> it's casual day.
4:41 am
happy? >> we've got our dos and don'ts for office attire that's coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪ hmmmmmm..... [ "dreams" by beck ]
4:42 am
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the lowest taxes in decades, and new infrastructure for a new generation attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in rochester, with world-class botox. and in buffalo, where medicine meets the future. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at ♪ ♪ good morning, everyone. backlash is growing as the obama administration orders public schools to let transgender students to use the bathrooms and locker rooms of their choice even though it doesn't match the gender on their birth certificate. >> if the schools don't comply, they will lose the federal funding they need. here to weigh in is alex ferrer,
4:45 am
a judge. i'm struck by this order, it does not define what transgender means. suggesting that your sex is whatever you say it is. is that the state of play right now you think? >> i think that's one of common problems that we're finding now any time we're dealing with transgender issues, whether it's in schools and claims under title ix or whether it's in public places. we're starting to question well, what exactly is -- qualifies somebody has transgender and how do you even prove it? anybody can say they are transgender and, you know, use whichever restroom they want. that's the fear most people have. the reality, of course, is that transgender students, unfortunately, do need some form of protection. about 50% of transgender students, they get -- first of all, they get bull ideology all the time. 50% of all transgender students have attempted suicide. >> how many students are there? >> i don't know. according to the boston
4:46 am
clinic -- >> .03 of 1%. >> it's about 2 to 4 kids in a school of about 2,000 right. >> sure. it's a small percentage but it's kind of hard to pin down the number because not everybody self-identifies anyway. it's hard to tell. department of education stepping into this is, of course, going to be challenged in the courts. you know, you'll remember that the allegation that the obama administration was rewriting laws like title ix which is designed to protect women against discrimination in educational institutions now applying it to transgender people. wait a minute, how do we define women? a guy who identifies as a woman is considered a woman under the law? and obama administration was challenged about doing the same kind of rewriting with the obamacare act and they changed what the law said. this will be challenge in the courts for years. >> for years, heading to the supreme court likely. >> i want to get your take on this story out of pfizer. they are putting the kibosh on
4:47 am
anybody using their drugs for lethal injections. pfizer makes its products to enhance and save lives of patients we serve. consistent with these values, we strongly object to the use of any other of our products in the lethal injection process for capital punishment. there are many states who only use lethal injection. they bring back firing squads. to happen on death row. >> that's exactly going to happen. the anti death penalty activists are looking for every possible way to stop executions in general and over the years the supreme court has said that firing squads, the electric chair, death by hanging, gas chambers are all constitutional. states have voluntarily moved toward lethal injection as a less painful way of executing individuals who are under death penalty sentence. but now the activists instead
4:48 am
are going after the lethal injection process in order to present any execution -- prevent any execution. not that they feel realistically it's more painful than anything. by attacking these manufacturers, what they may very well be doing is causing other states like oklahoma and utah have done, you know what, if we can't get these drugs because they are not available to us, then we will resort to the other methods that have been approved in the past. you'll have people executed by firing squad like oklahoma and utah have decreed or the electric chair which ends up their clients suffering a more painful did he go than they otherwise would have. >> pfizer makes life saving drugs. i don't think they should be forced by the government to kill people. >> thank you so much for coming up on the program. "the new york times" publishes a big long piece about donald trump's relationships with women.
4:49 am
donald responding moments ago. we'll bring it to you next. do you know someone at work who dresses like this? >> lucy, you are at work, so please dress like it. these tops that you wear are completely inappropriate. >> whoa. sorry to offend you. >> great, doesn't she? cheryl caseone has the dos and don'ts coming up next. before i had the shooting, burning of diabetic nerve pain, these feet learned the horn from my dad and played gigs from new york to miami. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling or blurry vision.
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♪ no, you're not ♪ yogonna watch it! ♪tch it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download on the goooooo! ♪ ♪ you'll just have to miss it! ♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. good morning, everyone, can you get fired for refusing to wear high heels to work? it happened to one woman in london.
4:53 am
she lost her receptionist job because she refused to change into a pair of high heels. she started a petition requesting to make it illegal to require heels at work and it now has enough signatures to be argued in parliament. >> what other wardrobe faux pas can get you fired. the author of the brand-new book "the comeback" has answers this morning. nice to see you, cheryl. if your job requires a uniform, do you have to wear it? can you fight it? >> here's the thing, there are certain things you should not fight at work and here's an example. >> we need to talk about your flair. >> really? >> i have 15 pieces on. >> well, okay, 15 is minimum. okay? >> okay. >> it's up to you whether or not you want to do the bare minimum or well, like brian, for example has 37 pieces of flair on today, terrific smile? >> you want me to wear more?
4:54 am
>> more flair. but that's part of the uniform and you really do kind of have to look at the culture, whether in a restaurant or office to figure out how you should look. that's my first tip. also, i talk about this in the book about wearing what you need to wear to the interview to impress the boss. here's an example of what maybe not to do. >> so you don't read runway? >> no. >> today you never had heard of me? >> no. >> and you have no style or sense of fashion. >> well, um -- i think that depends on what you're -- >> that wasn't a question. >> what she was wearing would have been fine to a different job but probably not one with devil wears prada. >> going to interview for a high fashion magazine with no offense to the gap, but low key clothes.
4:55 am
make sure you're wearing the right outfit. if you have the job, here's a piece of advice, be appropriate. ♪ >> holy [ bleep ]. >> all right, let's do this. ♪ >> call me donald trump, but that seems appropriate to me. >> every teenager's fantasy to have a teacher look like that and wash your car. >> when you're going to support the kids car wash and around a bunch of 10-year-olds maybe not wear that outfit. >> dress like everybody else? >> no, you want to wear what's appropriate for like, i don't know the job that you have. that really didn't work. this is my opinion. >> it's a fine line. don't be afraid to dress to impress? >> you want to dress to impress, especially you have to remember the kind of image you're giving
4:56 am
to bosses because they may notice if you don't look good. watch. >> maybe you should put on a proper shirt with a collar? >> a collar, these are hip hop people. >> dress to impress, find a boyfriend shirt that fits and bring the hair down. tuck in the shirt. why doesn't anybody tuck anything in any more? i'm asking you. >> it would be perfect in silicon valley with a startup. this is a millennial issue and they are not dressing appropriately. remember mark zuckerberg got so criticized for wear the hoodie. things like that hurt your credibility. you need to be careful that you are wearing the right clothing and i'm sorry, but casual friday has gotten way too casual -- >> don't get high before a job interview, something else -- >> good point. >> good to see you, cheryl. >> i wrote a blog on this issue at cheryl
4:57 am
>> ben carson, the man in charge of convincing others to vote for donald trump joins us. he's on next. you know we said we'd take a look at our retirement plan today. not now! i'm cleaning the oven! yeah, i'm cleaning the gutters! washing the dog! washing the cat! well i'm learning snapchamp! chat. chat! changing the oil... (vo) it's surprising what people would rather do than deal with retirement. pressure-washing the... roses. aerating the lawn! (vo) but with nationwide it's no big deal. okay, your retirement plan is all set. nationwide? awesome. nice neighborhood. ♪ nationwide is on your side
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in means protection plus unique extras only from an expert allstate agent. it's good to be in, good hands. good morning, my friends, it's sunday the 15th of may 2016. this is a fox news alert. red hot chili pepper singing anthony keetis rushed to i hospital before a concert. >> he's on the way to the hospital right now and we're unable to play this evening. >> the breaking details just coming in. >> and more breaking news, the "new york times" doesn't like donald trump. they have a page one expose on his treatment of women. trump is fighting back and ben carson joins us in just moments. a man gets kicked out of a quaker oatmeal recipe contest because he doesn't own a
5:01 am
computer. they say his handwritten entry wasn't good enough. your reactions are pouring in about this. ♪ >> hey, everybody, welcome to "fox and friends." we hope you're doing well. >> it's a delicious morning around here. >> we have tons of food but more important we have anna on the couch. >> it's amazing. >> the love could not be anymore. >> donald trump firing back over this "new york times" piece. we'll bring that to you in mere moments. but dr. ben carson, former republican candidate for president, he has been fighting back against the never trump camp and threw his hat behind donald trump almost immediately after dropping out of the presidential race. good to see you, dr. carson. >> good to see you. >> the never trump people said
5:02 am
have he's not a traditional conservative and now they are telling us that mitt romney and mark cuban might make good third party candidates to run against trump. is mark cuban more conservative than donald trump? i'm getting confused. >> well, you know, there's a level of arrogance there that is almost inkprensible. we have a system in place that allows the will of the people to be expressed. now these people come along and say the people don't know what they are talking about. get them out of here. we're the ones who know who the nominee should be. i hope people are taking note of that and who these people are. >> mark cuban has said he doesn't want to do it in. in fact, it seems the never trump people are having a hard time finding somebody who does want it. is it too late in the first place and would it ensure that hillary clinton gets the white house? >> well, of course it would fracture the party. and that's the goal of some of the people who would actually
5:03 am
prefer to have hillary in place because she's a known quantity. she's one of them. i think a lot of the people have recognized that there's a political class, it consists of both democrats and republicans and independents who believe that they are in control and they should maintain control. they have a right to be in control. and thomas jefferson said it best, he said, just before we turned into another form of government because we weren't paying attention and the government was growing and dominating that the people would awaken and would recognize what was going on. they would rise up. i believe that's happening, not just with republicans -- a lot of democrats also are recognizing what's going on because we're americans first and we have a system that has worked very well that propelled us to the pin cal of the world and gave our children the opportunity. we're throwing that away and people are starting to understand that. >> it was reported this week, dr. carson, that you are
5:04 am
mounting a pr campaign, reaching out and making phone calls to people in the never trump movement, former rivals of donald trump, making the case to come on the trump train. how are you making that case and what has been the response? >> i'm not just talking to former candidates, i talk to everybody about that. you know, there's certain people in the media who came out and said that i'm making a personal reach to this person or that person. that's their own interpretation. i've never said that. but i do have an open door policy and want to encourage that we all get together. i advocated all candidates come together in a room with donald trump and let's talk about what we can do to fix this country and to help. not how we destroy one person or another person, and the key thing that people have to recognize is we're at a point
5:05 am
right now where we are deciding what kind of country we're going to be and what we're going to pass on to our children. are we going to have a progressive movement that does things like confuse our children and tell them you're not a boy, you're not a girl, it's what you feel like today? come on. give me a break. we're going completely off the rail. 30 years ago somebody that tried to describe today's america to you, they would say give me a break. there's no way that could happen in america. it's happening at record speed. we've got to stop it. >> "the new york times" has been making the case that donald trump is a sexist and they have a new piece today trying to make that case as well. as a christian are you comfortable with the way donald trump behaves with women? >> donald trump has elevate added a lot of women in thinks organization, much sooner than other people begin to recognize the value of women. so as a christian, what i do do
5:06 am
is not judge everybody. that seems something people have gotten into. i'm better than you are. give me a break. let's just stop for a moment. i'm talking to conservatives and let's consider where we are as a nation and what we have to do. what you're feelings are personally about a person is irrelevant. what we need to be talking about is your children and grandchildren's future. think about that and you'll make the right choice. >> here's what donald trump tweeted in response to that "new york times" article. the failing "new york times" wrote another hit piece on me. all are impressed with how nicely i have treated women and have found nothing. a joke. do you think the "new york times" will release a lengthy piece on the history of women in the clinton family? >> no, i don't think that's very likely to happen. they don't even try to hide
5:07 am
their bias. many of these newspaper and news organizations and that's why people have so little faith in them. they used to be highly trusted and of course the press is the only business that's protected by our constitution. the reason was because they were supposed to be honest and on the side of the people and keep the people informed so they could make the right choices. that has been distorted an you see what the result is. i call up on young journalists to reject those people who are training them to be dishonest and to have an agenda. >> dr. carson, speaking of hillary clinton, she's been on our political mega phone saying he must have something to hide if he doesn't release his taxes. does he need to do that or does he have anything to hide? >> he has a lawyer. his lawyer has told him that he should not release those tax forms until after the audit is completed. he has said that once the audit is completed he will release
5:08 am
them. we don't have any reason to believe that that's untrue. so if somebody really wants them badly, why don't you put pressure on the irs to finish your audit so he can release them. >> it's a little weird because donald trump is so open about everything else. doesn't seem to high anything. why wouldn't he release his tax returns? it might be interesting to read them, no? >> again, you probably, tucker, don't do things when your lawyer tells you not to do them either. >> i don't have any lawyers. >> a team of lawyers. mitt romney has said there's a bombshell hiding in these tax returns and that donald needs to release them. whether or not it's how much money he's do natured or said he donated to veterans mitt romney has pointed out, the list goes on and on. what do you say to that? >> at this time in the political cycle during the 2012 race, mitt romney had not released his.
5:09 am
i think that should be considered as well. >> interesting. >> maybe by the time we get to point in the cycle where romney had released his trump will have released his. >> dr. carson, thanks for joining us this morning. >> have a great sunday. >> my pleasure. >> we're following a lot of news this morning. we'll start with this fox news alert. red hot chili peppers anthony ketis rushed to the hospital last night. >> on his way to the hospital right now and we're unable to play this evening. the band forced to cancel their ir vine show apologizing to the crowd and saying they were devastated they couldn't perform. they say he was suffering from severe stomach pain. no word on if their concert on tuesday will be canceled. a stunt turning deadly near atlanta. the pilot killed when his plane crashes in front of a massive
5:10 am
crowd of spectators. disturbing footage showing the plane taking a nose dive. no one on the ground was hurt but the pilot died on impact. officials are not releasing a name yet as they investigate the cause. facebook executive sheryl sand berg is speaking out. how she found gratitude through grief during a commencement speech saturday at u.c. berkeley. >> dave could have had the same cardiac aridge mia driving your children. the minute he said it, i felt overwhelming gratitude that my children were alive. and that gratitude overtook some of the grief. >> wow, how about that for perspective. she urged graduates to find joy in every moment. her husband died while on
5:11 am
vacation with her family in mexico one year ago this month. oatmeal, brown sugar and pineapple and coconut. william snij has been eating that for 80 years and calls it the hawaii an special. when he submitted that to quaker oats to a contest, they rejected it because he had a handwritten ingredient list rather than typed out as the rules stated. they only accept online entry. he doesn't have a computer and calls it age discrimination. clayton? >> how did we learn about this? did it end up on social media? >> maybe his grandchild posted something. >> i'm going to puts it on facebook. sid writes, not only should quaker accept his entry but award him in a special way. >> for ks the last handwritten letter writer in america. jp says the guy should have followed the rules, that's why there are rules, to follow them.
5:12 am
>> mary says, no everyone has a computer. i think mr. smith's recipe should have been fine. something tells me quaker will reverse -- >> beautiful cursive handwriting. >> thank you so much. >> handwritten notes, the best thing to ever do. >> i don't want to take away from tucker's beautiful comment. i love working here on wkz. you're always full of great compliments. what's your favorite part of new york city, everybody? >> fox and friends. >> i did not coach them at all. we have cooler temperatures in the upper midwest where the temperatures are a little around the freezing mark, so cold, we've got some snow across the upper great lakes and we have texas and the gulf coast. areas around houston were flooded yesterday. we're concerned about more flooding across texas over the next couple of days. flash flood watches and warnings and you can see the last 12 hours. there's that snow across the upper great lakes.
5:13 am
oh, my gosh. name a town. where are you from? >> denver, colorado? >> and. >> lewisberg, pennsylvania. >> thanks for coming this morning. did you get your sliders? it's national sliders day. we're so excited about that. thank you so much. >> free breakfast. >> fabulous. >> back inside. >> cheese burgers for breakfast. >> in paradise. >> a charity group that helped homeless veterans is being pushed out of business? why? because of the president in a roundabout way. we'll explain. >> plus, wait for it -- >> i would need a change of shorts. ♪ >> scary prank on some football fans. ♪
5:14 am
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5:17 am
we're beginning the process of discussing what unity looks like in the republican party. as i said before, this takes some time. this isn't done with a couple of meetings. this takes some time. our teams are meeting next week to go over the deeper meaning of the policy we've been talking about. >> paul ryan confirming that he and donald trump will hold more meetings to discuss differences as the stop trump movement continues to push for a third party run. what is the gop's risk of not uniting? >> here to weigh in is chris wallace. it also seems from the speaker like a tu torial on conservatism, the deeper issues. do we know what the specific
5:18 am
hangup is? is there one issue or several issues they disagree on? >> i know that one issue that i'm told by sources close to the speaker, that he is most concerned about is pro-life, on the issue of abortion, of course. trump has had a dramatic change over the last decade on that. he used to be very strongly pro-choice. he now takes the pro-life position. i think speaker ryan wants to make it clear that's not negotiable. that's an issue that is a core tenant for him and the republican party. i think you're right though, there is a certain amount of trying to bring trump and his team up to speed. i'm told in the meeting that they had this week at rnc headquarters that paul ryan brought along charts to explain entitlements and how much trouble the country is going to be in if we don't do something to reform entitlements and cut the spending and of course at this point trump is saying he's
5:19 am
not going to entertain any cuts in either medicare or medicaid or social security. i expect there's a certain amount of education going on on the part of speaker ryan. >> i'm sure trump enjoyed being recollect to lectured with charts and graphs. >> mitt romney meeting with mark cuban and others trying to create a third party candidacy, do you buy it? >> i buy it's happening. do i think anything will come come of it? who's to say. all they need is somebody to sign up but it sounds desperate and late. the filing deadline has already passed in one major state, texas. if you're going to have some kind of third party candidacy, you need a relatively big name to front it and at this point apparently everybody they are talking to says, no, i think it's a great idea but not me. everybody from john kasich to mark cuban to mitt romney.
5:20 am
and they don't seem to have a lot of money. other than the fact that the filing deadlines are passed and don't have a big name or a lot of money, it sounds like a heck of a good idea. and i guess i would make one other point. talking about maybe they are going to go on the ballot in a half dozen swing states. so the whole point would not be that this person would be running to be elected president. it would simply be to block trump. i would think there aren't many republicans who are going to go along with that idea. at the top of the hour we'll talk to reince priebus and we'll ask him. >> fox news sunday coming up in a short amount of time. check your local listings. great to see you this morning. >> thanks. >> still ahead, take a look at this road rage caught on camera. the surprising thing that set this off. >> is your child staring at their smartphone during dinner? do you know what to do?
5:21 am
we'll help you break their digital addiction next. america, they don't call it travel season for nothing. ♪ should i stay or should i go? ♪ this summer at choice hotels the more you go the better. now get a free $50 gift card for staying just 2 times. so go. book now at you always have a choice.
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5:24 am
buckle your seat belts, road rage caught on camera. a shocking brawl breaking out on the streets of houston, texas. a man in the car throws a drink at the woman and that leads not surprisingly to a fist fight and foot fight as well. the woman screaming frantically trying to break it out and in a fit of anger, the man and woman backing their truck into a car before speeding off on the highway, the car following close behind. wow. thank heaven for iphone cameras.
5:25 am
a charity group about to be kicked to the curb for drum roll please, president obama's presidential library, a far more important venture. the rtw veterans center in south chicago is the last privately owned facility blocking developments of the leader's library. city inspectors are working with the obama foundation after showing up unexpectantly to find code violations, fining $16,000 per day. that's not authoritarian on anything. lots of luck. >> thanks, tucker. 60% of toddlers under the age of 3 can swipe a touch screen before they can learn to talk. nearly half can take selfies as toddlers. the kids aren't the only digital addicts, parents own smartphones and overuse has left a third of kids starting school lacking social and speech skills. what can we do to fix this? the executive chairman of
5:26 am
content watch, the makers are net nanny. >> good morning. >> we've got some kids here hard at work on their laptops. >> typical scene in an average american home. >> and big kids over here. >> take a selfie, right? that looks so cute. >> these devices are u bik tus, where do you turn to find the right answer? >> it's not as easy as it sounds, 6 to 12-year-olds are spending six hours a day on a device or screen outside of school or homework and if you're a teenager, up to nine hours of day. that's the average. i would hope parents would recognize that's pretty excessive. >> what is the right amount? if nine hours -- sitting here for nine hours doing work -- >> think of the other things she could be doing instead of those nine hours. it's going to depend on your child and age they are. some research says 1 to 2 hours is more than enough time. there are benefits you can get from technology but the amount
5:27 am
of time we're spending today, parents are recognizing sort of turning their children into zombie like creatures and children are noticing it's doing the same thing to their parents. >> parents as well. >> what about parental controls? this is a concern as kids are heading in the teenage years. what sorts of trouble they could be getting in online. how do you set those parent at controls? >> parents typically use devices as disciplinary tools. if their homework isn't done, devices are removed. you can do that digitally. you don't have to get involved and argue with your children. parental digital tools like net nanny can help them do that and see what their children are doing online and set time limits, curfews on the device itself. >> we talk about parents, you need to set technology ground rules. let's move to the table here where janice and anna have been on their phones during the meals. the child is going to be on the phone during the meals. how do you set ground rules at the table in the family setting?
5:28 am
>> let's take a picture. >> instagram. >> avoid the temptation. families are saying don't even bring devices to the table or silencing them. but if you have it in your pocket and it starts vibrating, we'll immediately turn or our attention will be distracted. some families have gone so far to say we're going to make a tech basket here. phones go in there, no one touches them during the meal. >> tech time-out basket. >> we do this a chick-fil-a. >> getting heavy now. some restaurant are doing this. >> how many times do you look over at the table next to you and not your own table and see four or five family members on devices. >> they are finding that children learn their most advanced vocab larry words sitting at the dinner table with your parents.
5:29 am
if you're depriving your child at that and looking at your device and listening to kids but not looking at the visual cues, you're losing half of the communication. >> you had a good day today? >> look them in the eye. >> how's your breakfast? >> after you eat you can have your phone back. >> chris, thank you so much. get back to eating. >> coming up here on the show, democrats hate him and ms nbc is even going after allen grayson. >> forcing a lot of bad facts and untruths into your questions and i have to stop you and correct you each time. that's actually what's happening. >> i'm going to ask you a question and we'll -- >> i gave you a good example of that. >> i'll show you actually the documents from your hedge fund that -- >> what sparked that fiery exchange? i can't get a word in edgewise on that debate. have you seen someone put their feet on the train seat? one country is putting hidden cameras to catch people in the act.
5:30 am
what do you think of that idea? we'll take to the streets to find out bad behavior. ♪ ♪ gaviscon is a proven heartburn remedy that gives you fast-acting, long-lasting relief. it immediately neutralizes acid and only gaviscon helps keep acid down for hours. for fast-acting, long-lasting relief, try doctor-recommended gaviscon. what would help is simply being able to recognize a fair price. truecar has pricing data on every make and model, so all you have to do is search for the car you want, there it is. now you're an expert in less than a minute. this is truecar.
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>> that's even better than i thought it was going to look. it is your lucky day. >> there's literally no national holiday we don't celebrate here on "fox & friends," today is national chocolate chip cookie day and chips ahoy made us one giant cookie. >> wow. >> janice is celebrating, dancing around the may pole of chocolate chip cookies. you are excited, i love that. >> i'll try to hand out this tower of cookies to people. >> here we go. you want some cookies? >> sure, come on. >> get some cookies. what are you afraid, come on. >> here you go. thank you. >> you like chocolate chip cookies? >> absolutely. breakfast of champions, right. what do you think of the weather in new york city? >> a little cool, right? you can have one. come on in. come on. i don't want to drop the cookies. okay.
5:35 am
>> thank you very much. >> let's look at the map. we actually have a little bit of snow across the great lakes if you can believe it. it is cold out there. 10 to 20 degrees below average across the upper midwest and great lakes and midwest. look at that snow. there are the current temperatures, 32 in marquette, 32 in alpena, but it will warm up. it is spring time. freeze advisories in effect. you want cookies inside? yeah, i'll come on. >> and bring your wheelbarrow. >> get your cookies. >> thanks, janice, 35 minutes after the hour. we need to get to stories making headlines. right now the second police officer shot in new hampshire has been released from the hospital. ian mcpherson is accused of shooting hardy in the face and torso after he was confronted about an earlier robbery.
5:36 am
the person then allegedly shot at another officer, matthew o'connor hitting him in the leg. the person is being held without bail on two counts of attempted capital murder. 11 people hurt in a fiery bus crash near animal kingdom. investigators say an suv driving the wrong way slammed into the bus near the theme park causing both vehicles to catch fire. two adults and one child riding in the suv were rushed to a hospital. eight other passengers had minor injuries. do you remember this from democratic congressman allen grayson? >> the republican health care plan is this, die quickly. that's right. the republicans want you to die quickly if you get sick. >> do they? really? >> the fiery liberal is going off on national tv now when confronted by ethics violations
5:37 am
with his own party. >> you have to start with correcting the record, joy. >> we're going to talk about the record. wait. hold on. >> exactly what harry reid tried to do. you're forcing a lot of bad facts and untruths into your questions and i have to stop you and correct you each time. that's what's actually happening. >> no, that's -- >> even democrat and senate minority leader said he hopes grayson loses in his bid for florida senate. talk about a bear claw, have you wondered what it would be like for the toy to come to life? [ screaming ] >> the chicago bears mascot pulled off a hilarious prank on unsuspecting children and buried himself among the toys and waited for the victims. those are your headlines. i mean, every time you try it,
5:38 am
you never get one anyway. they were probably surprised in the first place. >> something good came out of that game. clayton has entered the new york city subway and done so in the service of news. there's news out of the uk that hidden cameras rb placed on cameras to catch people putting feet on seats as they ride. what are you finding down there? >> reporter: i'm finding nothing -- >> so quiet on the weekend. >> reporter: it's so wonderful down here but it's so nasty, that what they are doing in england. if you're in new york city subways you won't see cameras anywhere. when you're inside these subway cars most of the time, people are sitting there doing disgusting things or eating a whole plate of general tso's chicken, which is delicious just not on a subway car. in england, people putting their feet on the seats, combing their hair, brushing their teeth, clipping fingernails. >> stop it, stop it.
5:39 am
>> reporter: with cameras -- who wants to do that? i don't want to see that stuff. >> i like the idea of what will result, probably people acting a little more polite and minding manners but at the same time having body cameras on their security officers to figure this out? it seems like we're 1984. >> reporter: i would like see security cameras catching the new york subway rats. that's disgusting when you're sitting on the platform. i can't even find anyone on the weekend because they are so scared to be down there. >> if there are cameras in subways -- >> reporter: i'll see if i can find people upstairs. >> should there be? do you have an explanation? >> it is a public place, different than having cameras in your homes -- >> but it's not your train. who will watch these cameras? new york city can't clean up the litter off the street or public
5:40 am
urination laws. do they have a massive staff of people watching cameras on every subway car? >> we have a jobs crisis. if i'm the guy that can watch and make sure people stop urine naturing on trains maybe i'll do that. let's see if i can find people up there. >> you're scaring people away. see if you can find any subway riders around times square. >> reporter: these guys do bus tours in new york city, let's see if they have disgusting behavior. do you have disgusting by haf yor, do people put their feet up, do you yell at them? >> no. >> reporter: they are too kind because they are giving new york city bus tours and don't like being -- zpl interviewed by panting news anchors. where are you guys from? >> germany. >> so out of breath. >> reporter: clean public transportation over there, right, buses and trains, pretty clean. what would you do if you saw someone putting their feet on the seats with their shoes off? >> we don't like it but it
5:41 am
happens. >> reporter: what if your government put cameras in all of the trains to make sure people weren't putting feet up, would that bother you? >> i don't think it's going to work. >> reporter: it wouldn't work? i guess see that's the consensus, cameras can't change behaviors. look at our tstudio, tucker. let's think about us, we have cameras inside our studio. >> and my behavior is better on the set -- >> on subways here in new york city, they have actual posters inside the trains that say things like if there's a woman who's pregnant sitting there, give up your seat or if there's an elderly -- common decency. people would do that any way but apparently not. >> good luck, clayton, i hope you get a rest after the stairs. >> grab me a jumbo pretzel. >> taking a stand against the white house which ordered all schools across the country to make transgender bathrooms.
5:42 am
well, the state attorney general says the states are overstepping their power. do you ever wonder who donald trump's favorite child i. the answer after the break. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. proven to help the majority of people find clear or almost clear skin. 8 out of 10 people saw 75% skin clearance at 3 months. while the majority saw 90% clearance. do not use if you are allergic to cosentyx. before starting, you should be tested for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur... ...tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms... ...such as fever, sweats, chills, muscle aches or cough. or if you have received a vaccine or plan to. if you have inflammatory bowel disease, tell your doctor if symptoms develop or worsen.
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5:45 am
says he's going to withhold funding in schools do not follow. he can keep his 30 pieces of silver. we will not yield to blackmail. >> it's to ensure that our schools are as inclusive and respectful and safe as they can possibly be. >> the first clip was lieutenant governor of texas, dan patrick fighting against the obama adds mrgs after new guidelines saying all schools in country must have transgender bathrooms or lose federal funding.
5:46 am
joining us with his take, ken paxton. great to see you this morning. >> thanks for having me on. >> i'm confused by guidelines which are in effect in order because they don't explain what transgender mean. why do you think the white house has bothed to explain this term in its order to the states? >> that's a very good question. the entire policy is vague. it's also we believe unconstitutional because they don't have statutory authority or constitutional authority to change the statute. that was done by congress and it needs to be changed by congress. this needs to be a debate in congress, not with the administration just unilaterally changing the law. >> my understanding is the white house believes that your sex is whatever you say it is, obviously ignoring science and common sense and thousands of years of precedent. whatever you say it is, that's what it is. >> that's my understanding and obviously we're concerned -- i'm the chief law enforcement officer in my state.
5:47 am
my biggest concern is safety of children and women. if one child is harmed because of this policy, i have a concern. >> their position is that large numbers of transgender children are committing suicide every year, is that true? >> we haven't had stories of that here. it may have happened but it is not -- to me this is a solution in search of a problem. we have not had those calls to our office. we haven't had a big issue with what they are saying. i'm more concerned about constitutional issues and whether the president has the authority to change the law without any involvement of congress. >> or any public debate and confusion reigns. josh earnest said this about you, watch. >> for example, is the texas attorney general suggesting somehow that it would be practical to station a law
5:48 am
enforcement officer outside of every public bathroom in an educational facility and check people's birth certificates on the way in? >> he's accusing you of overreach. do you want to put a cop in every bathroom checking birth certificates? is that your plan? >> that's ridiculous. that's not the issue, that's a red herring. he's trying to avoid the real issue, they don't have the authority to change this. congress needs to debate this. if this is a change that needs to be made, they have the authority to do it. they have no authority to make this change. there's nothing in title 9 that allows this definition. so it really is -- this really is up to a legislative body. >> if you're a member of america's middle class, shrinking by every measure, does the order from the white house, does that speak to you and improve your life do you think? >> i can tell you just from this initially happened in ft. worth, i think kind of created this
5:49 am
issue. a suspect tried to put it in place without school board approval. we've gotten many calls from people in ft. worth and there's an effort in ft. worth by parents to stop this and potentially hold the superintendent accountable. i can tell you the people of texas are not for this. >> soliciting the opinion of parents, that never occurred apparently to the white house. attorney general paxton of the state of texas. thanks for coming on. >> thanks for having me. i appreciate it. >> one model is coming under fire for her parenting technique. she and her husband leave her kids alone every weekend to spend time together. is it a good idea? we have a married couples panel that will debate it coming up. ♪
5:50 am
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5:53 am
hey, everybody. we want you to weigh in on this debate. rachel finch, an australian model, is under fire after revealing she and her husband leave their daughter with in-laws every weekend. finch is now having to defend herself on instagram. she posts, a mother should never be made to feel they are not good enough for their child when they're doing everything they can to keep them safe, happy and loved. only the parents of a child truly know what is best and should always have faith in their decision. does she have a point? joining us now, chris and lily, and shai and carol. thanks for being with us this
5:54 am
morning. people think if you're going to have kids, you have to put in the time, a 24-hour, 7-day-a-week job? >> i don't know about 24 hours, but you have to plan accordingly. the old life is not going to be the same. but there's going to be a whole new set of expectations and things you'll be able to to do together with this new life in your household. >> maybe not every weekend, but how modern is date night? >> date night is critical and getting away is critical. but want idea of getting away every weekend, it's like socialism, it sort of sounds good in theory but it has no basis in reality whatsoever. parenting is a hard job. quality time with your kids is so critical to their development. candidly, i'm a better person, the more time i get to spend with them. i think it's a well-rounded process. >> i think sometimes couples, once they have kids, some of my friends, you put the child as
5:55 am
priority number one, and then your relationship starts to lose, you know, and then what happens? >> i think going away every weekend is outrageous, who can manage that? even leaving the kids for a few hours with the grandparents every weekend is not the worst idea. people forget your relationship should come first. your kids will be happier that way. you have to take care of yourself. >> what do you think about social media judging parents in general? they don't know what the deal is in your relationship. >> absolutely. social media could be, you know, intrusive on an individual's relationship with their children. that's probably stepping over the bounds. >> next step is wedding scenes, so a lot of lives being merged together. it's tough when so and so forgets to put out the trash or put the cap back on the toothpaste or put the seat down on the toilet. can you change your spouse's
5:56 am
annoying habits? and you say? >> my point is, if you feel from the get-go that you've got to change the person you're marrying, maybe there's something to reconsider right there. so you make compromises together, you set new rules to it as a couple. if you're going in thinking i'm going to change him in this and this way, that's setting yourself up for failure. >> if pride or ego gets in the way of picking your underwear off the floor, you have much bigger problems than what we're talking about. a totally agree. >> how do you change those things? >> to be respectful of yourself, if you do have to ask them to pick stuff up from the floor, you're not barking at them, you're saying please and thank you. >> thank you so much for your time. still ahead on "fox & friends weekend," the "new york times" publishes what many are
5:57 am
calling a hit piece about donald trump's relationships with women. and a woman coming under fire for pumping iron past her due date. what do you think?
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
hey, everybody, good morning. it's sunday, the 15th of may, 2016. i'm anna kooiman. a main at a baseball game was hit with a flying bat. and donald trump against "the new york times"? the paper publishes a piece detailing his relationships with women. trump's response is just ahead. and beyonce wants her new clothing line to inspire women around the world. why is she using sweat shot labor? stunning new reports, just ahead.
6:01 am
"fox & friends" hour 4 starts right now. ♪ these are amazing bikes. these are bikes of the future, including the spicy curry bike which has a battery built into it. you can ride a couple of kids on it. >> it comes with some nice coconut curry sauce. >> i love the name. it's a great idea. >> they go go right uphill. >> also, my friends, if you have a pet at home, going away for the weekend and you want fido to come with you, we've got some things here for your if you afu friends. >> and how to dress up your dogs. >> they're humiliated to do
6:02 am
that. >> they're too dignified to do that. a fan at fenway park was injured by a broken bat that went flying into the stands. the man was hit in the hand during last night's red sox game against the houston astros. witnesses say the fan was sitting near the third baying dugout and never saw it coming. he was taken to the hospital, treated, and released. major league beautiful has previously suggested extending the netting at ball parks after a woman was hit last year, and another woman was hit in the face, both at fenway park. a red-hot chilly peppers member was taken to the hospital. the band was forced to cancel their irvine show, apologizing to the crowds, saying they were devastated. new reports say he is suffering
6:03 am
from stomach pains. no word if their next concert will be cancelled. democratic tensions boiling over in nevada. california senator barbara boxer responding to the gejeers, demanding a recount, saying we had our nevada caucus and hillary won. donald trump's favorite child is not ivanka trump but instead donald trump jr. city republican leaders have selected the billionaire's eldest son as a delegate to the party's convention. trump's other kids, i havanka a eric, did not register in time to be eligible. beyonce's clothing line
6:04 am
reportedly using sweat shop labor. she says she wants to empower woman but the workers in sri lanka earn just $8 for an entire day's work. those are your headlines. let's take it outside to find out about snow. >> let's talk to some people first. where are you from? >> i'm from florida. >> minnesota. >> i'm andy. >> i'm logan. >> what happened last week? >> logan asked me to marry him. >> where did that happen? >> in central park. he asked and i said sure. >> fantastic. congratulations. where are you from, sir? >> lewis park, pennsylvania. >> clinton, michigan. >> bonnie? >> from michigan. and this is you, young lady, are you celebrating something special today? >> not today. >> when, friday? >> friday of it it was my last. >> last what? >> birthday. >> no, it's not!
6:05 am
>> there will never be another one. did you do anything fun for your birthday? >> yeah, we came to manhattan. >> and you're on "fox & friends." >> that's right. >> do you want to say hello to anyone? >> hi, dad. >> your dad is at home too? >> no. >> welcome to new york, and happy birthday. this will not be your last, my friend. a quick look at the maps. he do have a little bit of cold air sinking in across the great lakes and northeast. it will warm up, i promise, at some point. we'll be complaining about the heat at some point. 42 in minneapolis, 44 in new york. we've got a little bit of snow in the upper great lakes. and then of course a little bit of rain over texas, which we are concerned about, because they've gotten flooded in the houston area. they had flood watches and warnings yesterday. we had more rain in your
6:06 am
forecast. you guys having fun today? did you have some chocolate chip cookies? i got more cookies. i got so much cookies, i'll be bringing them out all day long. >> janice, did she say she was celebrating her last birthday? >> this is not your last birthday, honey, they're worried about you in there. your last celebrated birthday. >> yeah. >> okay, okay. well, happy 25th. >> you're wonderful. i love you. >> you just tell the truth. god love ya, as the judge would say. i know somebody else who is celebrating a birthday tomorrow. >> not me. i'm ignoring it completely. >> he's going to be 39 years old forever. >> i've just turned 61. i had some work done.
6:07 am
attempts to recruit a third party candidate, someone to run against trump, with the full knowledge that this would elect hillary clinton, are still under way. it's being run by a couple of conservative pundits. people being interviewed for this include mitt romney, mark cuban. >> john kasich. >> people way more conservative than donald trump. >> that's the interesting thing. we've been lectured from day one that trump is not a conservative. that's true, he's not a conventional conservative. but the people talked about to run against him are even less conservative. >> they're having a hard time finding a candidate to say yes. >> they'll have to go to reality television to find him. >> trump's was a good show. >> you use your moral authority at that point, if you say trump is unacceptable, let's get mark cuban to do it.
6:08 am
>> it's hard to get on some of the ballots, the deadlines are quickly approaching, trying to find the funding for it. dr. ben carson was on the program earlier, he's a big sur owe ga sur suroggate for donald trump. >> we have a system in place that allows the will of the people to be expressed. now people come along and say, the people don't know what they're talking about, we're the ones who know who the nominee should be. i hope people are taking note of that. >> so in the same week that the administration try to force transgendered bathrooms on an america, pundits are trying to force a third candidate. >> "the washington post" cited people who said, no, absolutely not, john kasich saying no, we're done, mark cuban's people
6:09 am
saying, no, he's not interested. what is it based on, then? >> many thing hillary clinton would take the white house. there's even a small group that thinks they should find a third party candidate for some swing states to help republicans down the ballot. >> your grandkids will say to you, were you alive in 2016, was it as bonkers as it sounds? and you'll nod and say, yes, it really was crazy. "the new york times" of course loves donald trump, they've had a love affair for many years. here is the headline from "the new york times," crossing the line, how donald trump behaved with women in private. it's a lengthy piece that goes into great detail about his past, in college, being dubbed a lady's man in claby classmates, relationship stories about women
6:10 am
in bikinis. what have we learned? >> nobody out there is going to read this piece. it said that trump loves the ladies, is vulgar sometimes, has a pretty good record of promoting women in his companies. what does that add up to? nothing burger, in my opinion. >> you can imagine his critics are going to be pouncing on him, saying he's doing this just because she's a woman. he seems like an equal opportunity offender when he's saying offensive things to people, calling marco rubio little marco, making fun of rick perry because of his glasses. >> people have said to me over the years, why don't you lose weight, you're eating too much
6:11 am
candy. >> women want equal treatment, not special treatment. so pick one, right? >> donald fired back, he said, the failing "new york times" is writing another hit piece on me, why doesn't the failing "new york times" write the real story on the clintons and women? the media is totally dishonest. i'm sure, mr. trump, we'll see a lengthy piece on hillary clinton. >> i'm sure. >> they'll say, you're a sexist, a transgenderist. coming up, hillary clinton thinks she has the female vote in the bag. listen to what frank lutz found. is hillary overplaying her hand
6:12 am
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6:15 am
the race to the white house is heating up, of course. donald trump and hillary clinton are the presumptive nominees. trump is seeing headlines this morning about his relationships with women. the "new york times" had a big piece on it. hillary clinton hasn't seen the women's vote locked up, however. pollster frank luntz is about to win the guinness book of world record's record for the largest focus group ever, congratulations, frank. >> thank you. you've got to go and participate in the june 25th at politicon,
6:16 am
at pasadena, california. people who are watching right now can actually participate in the world record largest focus group. >> wow, that's a lot of opinions. i think i may be there. the whole point of the hillary clinton campaign, the rationale for the campaign, i'm a woman, vote for me as the first female president. is it working? >> it's working to some degree. the challenge for donald trump among women is that the number one issue they have about him is his persona, how aggressive he is. they don't like that. the number one problem for hillary clinton is corruption. and they don't like that either. the question women are going to decide is which bothers them more, the fact that donald trump speaks to people in a very aggressive way or the fact that you can't trust hillary clinton in what she says? she's got a clear, i want to be clear about this, her lead is 15, maybe even 20 points in some polls. but women have not made up their
6:17 am
minds yet and they don't like things like the clinton initiative, they don't like where she's taking her money, they don't like the e-mail scandal, they don't like that she doesn't say what she means and means what she says. it's up to trump to prove he can be civil and disciplined if he wants to win their vote. >> interesting. no one ever mentions the other side of the gender gap, which is of course men. hillary clinton is losing among men by a wider margin than trump is losing among women. why isn't that a newsworthy fact? >> it absolutely is. the states you should be looking at is pennsylvania. 60,000 democrats, revoted as republicans to cast votes for trump. take a look at michigan, a state that has elected a statehouse, state senate, and governor as a republican, that state could move. nevada, big working class population. those are three states that obama wouldn't both times, 2008 and 2012, all three of them are in play for donald trump because of working class men who are
6:18 am
frustrated and angry with washington. >> i will buy dinner for the first reporter who asks her why do you have a problem with men. someone needs to ask her. we've got tape from your most recent focus group where you asked female voters about hillary clinton. here is part of what they said. >> i want a word or phrase to describe hillary clinton. >> corrupt. >> deceiver. >> opportunist. >> when a politician appeals to you as a woman, what do you say back to them? >> i'm offended. i am a person. my gender really irrelevant in judging them or being treated. my degree is electrical engineering. i've worked in a male field. it was totally irrelevant. >> it shouldn't matter. i don't feel like i'm oppressed. don't treat me like a victim. >> i don't need hillary fighting for me. i'm fighting on my own. >> don't pander to women. >> it sounds like they feel patronized by the woman card she so openly is playing.
6:19 am
>> yes, but i have to balance it out. which is that their comments about donald trump are just as negative. in that group of 18 people, seven of them didn't want to vote for either candidate. we're seeing that all across the country. this is going to be the most negative campaign. we already have more than one out of five voters that doesn't want to cast a vote for either candidate. in the end it's going to be the lesser of two evils. >> the never trump question, a lot of people you and i know, long term conservatives in washington, are openly trying to put together a third party run that would, they know full well, in effect make hillary president. they're doing this because it will save the house and senate and keep true conservativism alive or whatever. will it protect downballot republican candidates? >> no. there's poll we just finished. the fact is that republican candidates who think they're
6:20 am
doing themselves good by distancing themselves from trump are actually committing political suicide. in the end, the trump voter expands the gop base. it takes conservatives, moderates, and independents who are fed up with washington and gives the republican party a shot at about 60% of the electorate. if, however, they say i don't want trump's support, i don't back him, they're losing those people. moderate conservatives, people in the center, who hate washington, they're losing that vote. it could actually cost them not just the senate, tucker, but the house as well. >> that's right, you can't run away from your own party. >> correct. >> dr. frank luntz, soon to be a guinness book of world records holder, thanks for joining us this morning. >> go to politicon, june 25th, hope to see you there. >> i'll see threw, yyou there, buy the drinks. coming up, he traded his
6:21 am
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from the baseball field to the battlefield. a high school baseball player turned army soldier makes the ultimate sacrifice for his country. to honor him, tyler pruitt's team is designing a special camo helmet with his initials, t.p. when that helmet saw action in a game for the very first time, in a game dedicated to his memory, something amazing happened.
6:25 am
all the way over the fence! green wherein way high school senior matt mcdonald knocking it out of the park on the very first pitch. it was actually his very first home run in his career, period. joining us now, matt mcdonald and his coach and tyler's mother. good morning, thanks for being with us. >> thank you for having us. >> coach, i'm going to start with you. what gave you the idea to start using these helmets in the first place and try to make sure that your team plays like tyler pruitt? >> it's just one helmet. the helmet is used for getting foul balls during the game. it's always a task that players don't usually like to do. they would rather be on the field. it's one of those things that it's a tedious task. we decided to make this helmet a
6:26 am
camouflage helmet and put tyler's initials on it, and kind of explain to the kids sacrifice, doing things for somebody else. and he was the ultimate exam of that. so we used that for that, originally. >> johni, your son made the ultimate sacrifice, we're sore for your loss. we're sure it was tough for you to even think about going back to the baseball field that night for the first time in more than a decade. when you saw that helmet come out of the dugout and go to the mound, that's going through your mind? >> i didn't know anything about the helmet. i had a friend that invited me to the game. she goes, you've got to come and see what all they do for tyler and his memory. i didn't know anything about it until it was all said and done. it was very exciting. >> i can only imagine. matt, you're the first guy to wear the helmet, i imagine you're probably feeling pretty nervous. what's going through your mind at that point? >> i was really nervous.
6:27 am
i didn't want to mess up, wearing the helmet, you know. i just went up there and took a deep breath. >> and do you even remember hitting the ball? >> i actually don't remember hitting the ball. but i remember watching it, and then i saw it go over the fence. i was in disbelief of what just happened. >> do you think that tyler brought you good luck and the helmet brought you good luck? >> i think he did. i think he was watching over me that night. >> coach, why is it that you have his initials painted on the clubhouse too? >> we use tyler as an example, a couple of times a year, when things maybe aren't going well or we need to talk about discipline or character or sacrifice. it's just a constant reminder, when the kids leave our locker room, our clubhouse, they touch the t.p. on the wall. it's something we've been doing for years now, just to kind of honor him and make sure that his memory is never forgotten.
6:28 am
>> mom, that helmet was used initially to shag balls, there's a chore for players to do. how good does it make you feel to know your son's memory lives on and is cared about and revered so much? >> it's just been really overwhelming and humbling. they had an "honor tyler" night. the most exciting thing for me was that my grandson, who is 5 years old, is named tyler pruitt, and he got to throw out the first pitch. then it occurred to me, it occurred to me that he was the age of all the team of players now, when tyler was killed, they were all like his age, 5 years old. and to see how the memory and the tradition and the honor has, you know, kept up through the years, it's just really been touching. >> and matt, as a player, would you encourage other teams to do
6:29 am
things like that, to honor even military members who went on and not gave the ultimate sacrifice but are serving our nation and doing such great things, other high schools and colleges, to do the same thing? >> yeah, i would. it's a great thing to do. and just to honor the military people who sacrifice themselves, says the great honor to have and to do. >> all right, matt, matt, and joani, thank you so much for your time today and for bringing us a little bit piece of history. we're glad we could share it with our viewers as well. have a great sunday. >> thank you. coming up on "fox & friends weekend," a brand-new documentary comes at the worst possible time for hillary clinton. an inside look at the film focusing on disgraced congressman anthony weiner and his wife, clinton aide huma abedin.
6:30 am
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at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad. oh, my god! >> will you marry me?
6:34 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> aww. >> we're sending huge congratulations to one of our very best producers and former writers, a.j. hall and nicole pagano. they got engaged in times square last night. >> wow. >> i am thrilled for them. >> they met right here on "fox & friends" and a.j. popped the question on the big screen in times square and managed to get the whole thing on video. >> no one knew about this, she didn't know that that was coming. they were surrounded by friends and family for the special moment. congrats again for a.j. i've been here nine years. he's been on this show and a great team member. nicole, a great writer, had left. now they're getting married. she's over at the "daily mail" now. >> a.j. is responsible for our summer bands series. he told me about the epic plan, how he was going to manage to
6:35 am
pull this thing off. he's putting everybody else to shame, not just popping the question like my husband did. we were on the road, covering the new york primary, whatever, he's telling me how he's going to get her boss to get in on it and all her friends and this whole e-mail chain, telling her they were going to dinner, then that they have to go to times square to watch a promo that he was part of producing, and he end up being on the big screen. >> this is the best segment he ever produced. >> good luck topping that one, a.j. >> how many weddings have we done? >> a lot, we've brought a lot of love to a lot. we are now hearing the 911 call that led to the capture of boston marathon bomber
6:36 am
starneyev. >> there's blood all over the boat. >> within three minutes, police arrived at the man's home, arresting tsarneyev. today marks one year since he was sentenced for the deaths. more news about huma abedin and her husband, former congressman anthony weiner. >> what is wrong with you? >> married to one of hillary clinton's closest advisers. >> the movie follows weiner's failed complain for new york city mayor and highlightsab a e abedin's humiliation over her husband's scandal. the documentary hits theaters on friday. "the new york post" reports a new trend in the big apple were parents with deep pockets
6:37 am
are hiring help to get their kids' homework done. a 27-year-old freelance writer talks about parents paying him up to $350 per paper. parents say it's a small price to pay to help reduce some of the stress on their children. a lot of comment this morning, nine months pregnant and still lifting. this fitness instructor is under fire after continuing to work out while pregnant. she is overdue and still has been lifting 200 pound weights. she says she and her doctor are both on top of it. >> honestly, it seems a little taboo and it's different and not the normal. everything that i'm doing currently is modified. lower weight than normal. he says there is no one prescription for pregnancy. and that's always been in the back of my mind. he says, listen to your body and just know that your body is going to tell you where and when
6:38 am
you cannot do something. >> she says she's taken time off from working out in the past along the way to make sure both she and the baby are healthy. 37 minutes after the hour. janice is out and about with what's making news in the weather world. >> congratulations to a.j. and his lovely bride-to-be, best video ever. where you are from? >> henderson from texas. >> a big anniversary. >> 50th. >> 50th, everybody. happy birthday. >> where are you from? >> ft. worth, texas. >> are you here with your daughters? >> yes. >> want to say anything to anybody at home? >> hello. i can't believe it. >> you guys like clayton morris
6:39 am
on a bike? >> who wouldn't? america asked for it, we responded. it's time to ditch the family car for a bike. our next guest makes it his mission to partner with people with the new pedal power. i've had a chance to try these bikes out, they're amazing. joining me is the ceo of unibikes. nice to see you this morning. how did you come up with this idea to put some power behind bikes? >> you know, i've always wanted to make the bikes more useful and being able to carry things. when one does that, sometimes they require replacing your car, when you go to the grocery store or school, it's not to have an electric model. >> this is the all terrain. >> this is a cargo bike. you can carry stuff, right around town or deliver things with. >> i don't want to get in a crash. why am i getting this extra
6:40 am
power? what is it doing? >> basically it rides like a regular bicycle. at the same time you can carry multiple kids, you can carry groceries, it can carry tools or sporting equipment. >> i can put some kids on the back of this. >> absolutely. >> i also have attachments, i can put a car seat on here too. >> correct. you can carry the kids to day-care. this one specifically is an all-terrain model, people can ride offroad or in the city. >> what about this one? >> in africa these are bicycle taxis, people use them to carry goods, carry passengers, if you want to hitch a ride. this one is particularly for a woman, that's dual frame. >> i feel more comfortable on this bike, oddly. >> a more upright position. and this bike can carry two kids, for instance, and up to
6:41 am
about 330 pounds cargo. >> really? so if i have a pretty heavy holiday meal, i'll still be good to go, at 320 pounds. >> exactly. i've carried about 400 pounds, with a lot of things. >> i had a chance to test out the spicy curry. is this really the cadillac of these bikes? >> the spicy curry is the cadillac of electric bikes. this one is electric. the other bikes were not electric. this is powered by a motor near your shoes overthere. >> i thought there was no way. i can go up a steep hill, get power assist, how is this working? >> the basically there's a motor and a battery. and the motor is powered by the battery. you can climb a hill 20 or 25%, with cargo. >> how long does the battery last? >> about 30 miles. >> it's amazing. once you start using it, you can
6:42 am
actually adjust the tension, really. so a little assist or a lot of assist, right? >> that is correct. you can decide if you want a little help. it's still an effort, if you want to have an effort, it's still athletic. but if you want the assist and not sweat on your way to work with your kids on the back, you can use the assist. >> we've got a little bike for kids. tell us about this one. >> this is a balanced bike. >> we hear about how training wheels are terrible for kids. >> exactly. with a cargo twist, they can carry things in the basket. >> how can people learn more? >> go to our website online, or visit local dealers. here in new york city, in brooklyn. if you go on, you'll be able to see our dealer list. >> thank you, benjamin. tucker, anna, see you next
6:43 am
weekend. >> thanks, clayton. coming up, a financial crisis in puerto rico. and most mainland americans don't think it will affect them. they could be wrong. maria bartiromo says, wow, this is a big deal, she joins us next. but also dogs. we have some friends out here. i'm getting kisses right now! >> aww. everything is better with puppies and babies. if it's time to hit the road with your family, we're going to show you ways to keep your pup safe on your next adventure, coming up.
6:44 am
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6:47 am
solution for the long tsa lines. add more dogs. the new york democrat says using k-9 teams could cut the wait times in half. a u.s. air force veteran turns nurse earns as top horn. she joins us on the curvy couch to tell us why a charity event had her shaving her head. >> my patients loved that i shaved my head. a lot of them lose their hair when they get chemotherapy. i decided to leave my hair this way. >> she put off her dream of being a nurse while serving in the air force for 20 years. the hospital corporation of america gave her the first ever humanitarian award for exemplary service. in puerto rico, a dismal scene amid massive government
6:48 am
debt. >> puerto rico will never be able to pay off its debt. maria bartiromo says their crisis could affect us here at home. good to see you. >> good to see you, thanks so much. >> what are the reverberations inside the united states? >> if you look at puerto rico, you can see a microcosm of what's going on across the country in the u.s., given the debt load here. we're talking about $70 billion in puerto rico. they've made too many promises, basically, that now people have sort of ious like we have here and they can't pay it. what the implications of that? how about 11.5% unemployment? sales tax, almost 12%. so you've got this rush to now try hard to raise revenue in order to pay back debt. and they will not be able to. the implication for the u.s., if we do not have an aid to puerto
6:49 am
rico of some sort, many people in puerto rico will clearly come to the mainland here. then you have all of these new people, new demand for jobs, for services, which of course we're already strained. >> and what lesson can we learn? >> clearly you don't want to run up debt like that, because something's got to give at some point. we always have this conversation about the u.s. is $19 trillion in debt and the fact that once interest rates start rising, just managing that debt is going to be so much more modeimportan. that's why we talk about entitlements, what the sucking sound is, sucking that money and running up all this debt. at the end of the day, you're talking about high unemployment, high taxes, a scramble to pay back the debt. we look at puerto rico and we see this is actually real. >> you're show is up 11 minutes from now, after us. >> we'll talk about paul ryan to talk about this whole unity
6:50 am
thing on the republican side after the paul ryan and trump meeting. we've got revenue deb fisher, she was in the room, she'll be joining us to give us the timing on this and whether or not the republicans will be able to get together. my sense is yes. they're going to talk with a a from the trump campaign. talking to steve moore. obviously, he's donald trump with a tax plan. >> ten minutes on fox news channel, the great maria bartiromo. >> thank you. next, is your dog planning a summer vacation? we have the gear to keep him safe. stay tuned for that.
6:51 am
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good morning. memorial day weekend is the unofficial start of summer and it's less than a week away. chris is here with some great fear. good morning. >> nice to see you. >> first up is the air pump saver. what is this? >> this is gus. he's in a safety carseat with air vent technology. the backseat is full of air which avoids energy. it's rear-facing. that protects the head and neck should you come to a sudden stop or in an accident. what i love about it is it's the first car seat for a medium dog up to 45 pounds. >> do they mind being strapped in? >> they love it. it's like a dog bed in the car. this curls up and closes over the top of them. >> about $170? >> exactly. >> what's back here? >> this is harley. isn't she precious? >> she listens to every word you say. she's very focused on you. she's battling bugs by wearing this adorable t-shirt and
6:55 am
bandana. they including this cargo kcover that repeals. fleas, ticks, mosquitos. they can carry heart worm disease, lyme disease. it's built into the fiber and lasts the lifetime. product. i love it because it's around the pet. not on their skin. it's another alternative. >> i've never seen a dog with a life jacket. >> isn't this fun? starting at $29. tell me about it. >> if you're headed to beach or boating, life check will save your pet from drowning. has a neck float to keep his head out of the water. two, rescue hoop if you need to pull him out of the water. and, third, it's a bright orange so you can see him in the water. great swimmers need protection because they can get exhausted or disoriented in unfamiliar waters. >> these are my favorite. >> aren't they awesome? >> they're an improvement. >> this is chuck-it from
6:56 am
petmate. they revolutionized the game of fetch. the new one is check-it sport launcher system. >> how much are these? >> about 20 bucks, 25 bucks. but this set comes with two because it's intended for the whole family to play together. we're going to play monkey in the middle. you take one. i'll take one. harley, come on over. >> whip it. >> yeah. harley is totally uninterested. >> good shot. what an arm you have. we're going to play monkey in the middle after this. >> they're shouldeld shorter th the older ones. in the last two years, quicken loans has paid a year's worth of mortgage payments to 48 lucky winners, thanks to the quicken loans hole-in-one sweepstakes. this year, you could be next. enter today at i thought my bladder leakage meant my social life was over.
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hey, everybody, have a great weekend. >> if you thought today's show was great, tomorrow -- >> happy birthday to you.
7:00 am
>> oh, no way! ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ and many more >> thank you. ♪ good morning, everybody. happy sunday. i'm maria bartiromo. this is "sunday morning futures." common ground, can donald trump and paul ryan find any after a group of senior gop leaders met with the presumptive gop leader on capitol hill last week. we'll talk with one of those senators in attendance coming up. new questions this morning surrounding the clinton foundation after reports suggests they funneled money to friends of the clinton. violent week in baghdad, after isis is claiming responsibility for several atta


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