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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  May 15, 2016 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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we post a lot of original content and if you write to us about the topic, come back next sunday for the latest buzz. a fox news alert, a controlled explosion was just carried out at a major soccer game in britain where police say a suspicion package was found and led them to evacuate that stadium. the game was between manchester united and bournemouth. it's been cancelled after that package was found on the northwest section of that stadium. fans and players alike were being evacuated about 30 minutes before the game. the army bomb disposal unit has been on scene assisting police, and police there just tweeted about that controlled explosion but adding only, quote, there is more to follow. we'll keep you updated on this story. there's more information become available. of course this, could echo the
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targeting of the france and germany soccer game of cad rallies mick terrorists last november. you may remember a suicide bomber blew himself up outside that stadium in paris because they were unable to get in. meanwhile, new questions about donald trump standing in the gop as wisconsin wraps up its state republican convention. many wisconsin leaders steering clear of even mentioning trump by name this weekend. instead, focusing on candidates further down the ballot. hello, everyone. welcome to america's election headquarters. i'm arthel neville. >> hello, everyone. i'm eric shawn. republican national committee chairman reince priebus said mr. trump's controversial statements in the past he thinks should not overshadow the larger issues that are at play at this general election. >> i'm not saying people don't care about it. i'm just saying i think the reason he's where he's at is
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that he represents something much different than the traditional analysis of individual candidates. all i'm saying though is that after a year of different stories, you know, nothing applies, and so that's -- that's all i'm saying and that i think the bigger question is between hillary clinton and donald trump who represents somebody that's going to bring a more efficient, accountable, effective government here in washington? >> peter doocy right now is live in philadelphia where mr. trump is scheduled to attend his daughter tiffan from the university of pennsylvania which is mr. trump's alma malter, too, later today. hi, peter. >> reporter: hi, eric, and it's interesting. this morning ben carson, who is helping the trump team pick a running mate rattled off five names that are on the short list and very surprisingly one of those names is sarah palin. carson also told "the washington post" that others being
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considered include john kasich, marco rubio, ted cruz and chris christie, and this morning another bold-faced name who is rumored to be a possible addition to the trump ticket said that if he is asked, they be he is on board. >> if he asks me i'll certainly say i want to sit down and talk about it. i don't think it's an automatic yes. i have to think through what does he think the job involves? >> reporter: now, this morning's "new york times" cover features an article that, quote, several women who have unflattering things to say about donald trump, but he is pushing back hard against that paper tweeting this morning that the outlet refused to use stories of several women he's helped and names he provide, and he's wondering, quote, why don't the failing "new york times" write the real story on the clintons and women? the media is totally dishonest. despite his pushing back there are conservatives who think tra that problems with women will
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doom the donald. >> they have a presidential candidate who is demeaning to women. he's vulgar. he's crass, and i don't know where they are going to go. >> reporter: and as you mentioned after the top, trump is going to be here at oau penn later on this afternoon and early this evening to watch his daughter graduate from the school of arts and sciences. lots of security and it's not just for mr. trump. coincidentally the vice president joe biden will be here watching his granddaughter graduate in the same ceremony. so it will be interesting to see if the two cross paths at all with the parents and grandparents on their way to the seats or after the students get their diplomas, and the reason that's so interesting is because, remember, just last week mr. biden said that he thought if he were to run for president he would have been a better offering than hillary or bernie. eric? >> peter, fascinating if they meet at one of those after graduation parties. a power did i in philadelphia. thank you, so much, of course. catch the rest interview with
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rnc chairman reince priebus as he sat down with chris wallace on "fox news sunday." the internew will be on the fox news channel just under two hours from now at 2:00 p.m. eastern and later at 6:00 p.m. on this channel and check your local listings for your local fox station where live. arthel? >> meanwhile, the democrats are battling out in two states, oregon and kentucky. they are holding their primaries on tuesday as the fight for delegates continues. now hillary clinton an bernie sanders are stumping in the bluegrass state as polls for both states show clinton with the lead. senior political correspondent mike emanuel is live from louisville, kentucky with more. hi, mike. >> reporter: hi, arthel. yeah. we have both democratic candidates competing here on the ground in kentucky today. should be quite a ceodown ahead of tuesday's primaries. for hillary clinton at this stage here focus is on getting key constituencies out to vote ahead of the primary day. clinton has visited two churches here in the louisville-year trying to drive the
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african-american turnout, key constituency for her in states where she's won and she wants to make sure that's the case once again in the bluegrass state. part of her message is talking a bit about her faith on this sunday and saying she wants to be the leader to basically help everyone get ahead. meanwhile, bernie sanders is working it hard here in kentucky on day two of his tour through the blue grass state. he's likely to do well in the eastern part of the state which in many ways is similar to west virginia where he won later this week. on the stump sander is taking aim out the senate majority leader who happens to be a kentucky republican. >> not only do we retain the white house. we're going to regain the senate. i don't often tell the people of kentucky this. mitch mcconnell will not be the majority leader. maybe then dewith do something for the retired coal miners and protecting their pensions.
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>> this afternoon we expect hillary clinton to work another key constituency for democrats, that being the union vote trying to drive turnout ahead of tuesday's primary here in den ken. arthel? >> mike emanuel, thanks, mike. now to iran and the continuing human catastrophe in syria. you know, turns out that tehran's involvement is said to be far deeper and much greater than we knew, that according to the main iranian opposition group, the national council of resistance of iran. it has released satellite photos and video what have it says are numerous iranian revolutionary guard compound and control centers and military compounds, all bases for iranian revolutionary guard forces fight on the ground for bashar al assad. what does this brazen iranian deployment mean? ambassador john bolton joins us as always, former u.s. ambassador and fellow at american enterprise institute and fox news contributor and he's supported the iranian opposition group. abs, if tehran is going all in
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with these forces, is it projecting its power at the expense of the syrian people and the west? >> well, i think clearly the dynamics supporting the assad regime from the moment the arab spring began in 2011 was the -- was the iranian support and the russian support. without that i think assad would have fallen long ago, and from iran's perspective assad or his regime are critical to maintaining the arc of power that they would like to -- to protect throughout the middle east from iran itself, through the baghdad regime which is now entirely controlled by the ayatollahs, assad in syria and hezbollah in lebanon. so for those who wonder why barack obama never really did much of anything in syria despite a lot of sometimes tough rhetoric, i think that gives you the answer, because to have gone after assad in a really profound way would have tanked any possibility of the nuclear deal
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with iran that the president signed last summer. that's always been his biggest objective, as we know, from any number of controversial interviews. >> in your way who would be a profound way? calls in the past to bond market airfields. what about taking out soft of the barracks if the iranian forces are in there? >> well, i think that under an obama administration that's next to improbable. i just think that iran is emboldened by the weakness they see in washington. i think these pictures and other information that the ncri has released demonstrate what we expected, what we thought for quite some time, that iran's involvement in syria in bolstering the assad regime is very deep and very broad. this is not a little bit of assistance. these are regular losery guard units, militias from as far away as pakistan, obviously hezbollah being brought out of lebanon into the syrian conflict
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directly. and so i think for iran the stakes here are very, very high. >> and what's going to happen, do you think? i mean, like vietnam in this country, they are suffering we're told losses, continued increased losses, several top iranian generals, 17 iranians killed in aleppo last week. do you think public opinion could turn against the mullahs or does that not make any difference at all? >> i don't think it's likely it will. after all the regime in tehran is able to say they are fighting heretics and apostates and it's true they have suffered casualties, some at very senior levels, but their troops are also gaining valuable combat experience. they are working all the evidence indicates directly with russian air power to attack the syrian opposition forces and every once in a while isis, so i think that the -- that the military experience that the iranians are gaining and a new generation, long after the
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iran/iraq war as well as the high political stakes for them in keeping the assad regime in power will keep this going on for quite some time. >> and meanwhile, the head of the national council of resistance of iran, you know, she's portraying this as a fight against the dictatorship and the theocracy and democracy. here is what she said about what is going on now. quote, the steadfastness of aleppo has been heroic and a cause of pride for humanity. it is an eternal and unforgettable example of resistance and endurance and steadfastness of a nation achieving freedom. the iranian rejet stream is going through one of its most perilous periods of its xifnts and is doomed to suffer embarrassing defeat. do you think the iranians will be defeated in this effort, or will they eventually be victorious and assad will stay? >> i certainly hope the iranian regime is defeated. still up in the air what the outcome will be. but what i think what madam
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rajavi is saying underlines the obama policy. so far to being opposed to ayatollahs in iran they are doing everything they can to pretend that iran is a normal nation, including having the american secretary of state urge european banks to do business with iran and disregard the possible risk of american economic sanctions. it's just unbelievable how far the obama white house is tilted towards iran. >> the administration says their efforts are all aimed at preventing iran from building a nuclear bomb, and they say that is a success, but time will tell. ambassador john bolton, as always, thank you for your analysis and insight? >> thank you. >> arthel? >> also in the middle east, there's breaking news in iraq this sunday. isis terrorists launched a deadly attack on a natural gas plant near baghdad killing at least 12 people. smoke and fire gilg the air in a
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chaotic scene. officials say a suicide bomber used a car to ram the main gate allowing several more fighters to break inside the plant. conor powell has more now from our middle east bureau. conor, what's behind this increased aggression by isis in iraq? >> reporter: today's attack the latest in a string of bombings in and around baghdad in the last week or so. after that initial car bomb went off, at least six fighters then rushed this oil and gas plant which isis claimed was an iraqi military command and control center. the militants were ultimately stopped, but they did kill at least 11 people and wounded more than 20. earlier in this week isis attacked several markets in and around baghdad, killing more than 100 people in 24 hours, wounding dozens there as well. the sunni militant group really does seem to be targeting predominantly shiite neighborhoods, and there's the belief that they are sort of trying to ratchet up sectarian tensions in iraq in large part
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because they have begun to lose significant territory in iraq and in syria. the latest string of violence comes as they are beginning to be pushed back in places we heard according to thes military that they heard that isis declared a state of emergency in their capital raqqah. there's also other signs that they prepared for a larger fight in mosul fearing that the iraqi troops are going to begin pushing in there in significant numbers. today the chief envoy, american chief envoy to the middle east for this fight against isis said that the perverse call fate is in fact shrinking and that the the tide is turning against extremists. arthel, it's important to understand that as isis is losing ground in both iraq and syria, they are still a very capable and effective fighting force, and they are very capable in launching these sort of traditional bombings and attacks that we've seen across the middle east for years now. so they are losing ground. a number of jihadists that are
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moving in and trying to join the ranks is increasing significantly because of the air strikes and the overall efforts by the united states and the coalition. make no mistake, isis is still a very powerful group and able to launch these attacks. >> very important point to highlight, conor. thanks very much for that update. well, if you've been stuck in one of those long lines at the airport and you're told they are going to get longer and longer this summer. that guy on the left is new york senator's charles schirm. he has an idea to try and help solve the problems of the long lines. >> okay. and the search for unity in the gop. what house speaker paul ryan is saying about his closed-door meeting with donald trump. can he get the republicans all on board to support the presumptive nominee? think fixing your windshield is a big hassle?
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well, the long security lines at the airport are getting worse and the summer travel season approaches there's one possible solution, and that is dogs. new york senator charles schumer is proposing that, sighly highly trained police dogs will be able to get travelers through the lines more quickly, a lawsuit improving security. schumer is set to report the
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wait times at jfk airport here in new york like elsewhere around the country are increasing. he also predicted the lines would become even longer and slower without adding the new measures like more security dogs. well, republican leaders planning another sit-down with donald trump this coming week as both sides work towards gop unity. house speaker ryan telling trump last week he hopes to support him, but there's more to talk about. ryan speaking out at the wisconsin gop state convention last night saying it may take a few more meetings to find common ground. >> this isn't done with a couple of meetings this. takes some times. our teams are meeting next week to go over the deeper meaning of the policies that we've been talking about which come from the principles we universally share as republicans. there's some issues we wanted to talk, principles that we wanted to talk with. >> joining now the online editor for "the weekly standard."
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good to see you, daniel. >> good to see you, too. >> let's talk about theish principles, taxes, trade, the issues and which of those do you think donald trump and speaker ryan are on the same page and on which this doe disagree? >> it looks like none. looks like they disagree on everything. paul ryan got his chops and famous for introducing the budget that reformed entitlements but not signed by president obama. paul ryan is more in favor of immigration reform, donald trump is not. donald trump is in favor of scrapping these trade agreements and one of paul ryan's big accomplishments as speaker of the house has been marshalling through this trade agreement so on the huge principles on the agreements they seem to disagree fundament alley, yet paul ryan keeps on talking about unification which leads me to believe that the biggest principle of all in paul ryan's mind will be to uniif i and, therefore, forget these policy
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disagreements. let's unify as republicans around him. >> if unification is the goal, i mean, do you foresee that happening, and if you do, when might that happen, and how do you think they are going to get to that point? >> well, i -- i'm not sure it will happen too soon. i think probably a month, a couple months, maybe closer to the convention. i think paul ryan wants to give his fellow republicans some leeway so they can say, well, i'm not quite on donald trump's -- i'm not quite on board with donald trump at the moment. got to see where things go, got to see how he is and it's giving people a little bit of time to see how they will work out and what positions they want to stake out. paul ryan has really emphasized unification which means he has to unify or get out based on his own talking up of this issue and he has a choice to make and the most likely outcome is for him embrace donald trump, somewhat, more tepidly than others and
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more likely to embrace him as the republican nominee and support him and probably vote for him. >> i mean, doesn't trump hold a stronger hand given to him by the fans who voted for him? can the gop voters get on board with that the people want a more updated version of the party? >> you know, i think they will and they need to. you see reince priebus, a lot of people having no problem doing so, but nonetheless, there are fundamental differences between how these people have been governing and how these people are in -- have been acting in office like paul ryan and where donald trump wants to take them and to reconcile them takes a lot of things. one of them might be to say i was wrong or acknowledge that donald trump has a different path or perhaps people can lead. perhaps some republican leaders can say i don't want to be a part of this. we haven't cbs that yet, but it's possible. i think, you know, you either
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unify or get on donald trump's train or you may have to exit. i think we're looking at real possibilities here going forward. >> well, we are going to be watching as the world is watching. daniel halper, we'll have you come back to talk about this. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> take care. doctors are up next and one thing they will be looking at, pancreatitis. that's one of the leading causes for hospital admissions in our country, but what is it, and what causes it, and how do you treat it? plus, a new study offering compelling evidence about the one thing you can do to avoid skin cancer. all this and more coming up on ""sunday housecall." what's it like to be in good hands? man, it's like pure power at your finger tips. like the power to earn allstate reward points, every time i drive. ...want my number? and cash back for driving safe. and the power to automatically find your car...
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and welcome. i'm eric shawn. time now for "sunday housecall."
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>> i'm arthel neville. joining us is dr. david samadi, chairman and professor of urology at lenox hill hospital and chief of robotics surgery. >> and dr. marc siegel, professored a nyu medical center and author of "unlocking the secret code of sickness and health" and what we do today like we do each and every sunday. >> welcome, doctors may is skin cancer awareness news and new studies show compelling evidence of regular use of sunscreen can protect you from melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. what more can we do to reduce this risk. first of all, do you agree with the study that we regularly apply the sunscreen. do we have to have a certain -- >> spf. >> a certain amount of bad and when can we do? >> arthel, this is important because over 2 million americans get diagnosed with skin cancer. if you add all the prostate cancer and lung cancer and colon
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cancer it's still less than skin cancer, the most common cancer in america so people can relate to this. we knew that spf and sunscreen helps but in this study coming from the ohio cervical cancer center they realize if you use sff 30 it can reduce the risk of getting melanoma by 80% which is very significant. the st it's a mouse study but will probably apply to humans. not everyone can go to doctors every month but have one of your loved ones look at your hair and the entire body and inspect. >> check the call. >> check your scalp, especially behind the ears, around the nose area, private areas, arms, legs, everywhere. >> what are they looking for? >> moles. >> for moles. >> that's very important. >> moles. when you find something that looks like melanoma and i'm so glad you prout that up. five pneumonics, a, b, c, d, if


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