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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  May 15, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> when will we get it? >> infections and burns. >> i think a year or two in the doctors' offices. >> it's big revolutionary science. very excited. >> have a good sunday, guys. see you next week. this is a fox news alert. a little over an hour ago british bomb disposal experts carried out a controlled explosion on a suspicious package found just before kickoff at an english soccer game. the manchester united home game was evacuated 30 minutes before the game began. after the package was discovered at the stadium. thank you so much for spending your time with us. i'm elizabeth prann in for elizabe elizabeth bream. >> i'm leland vittert. an hour after that controlled explosion, we still don't know if that package contained anything dangerous or simply suspicious. all this happened at the old
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trafford stadium just outside of manchester, england. >> an announcement. please remain in your seats and wait for further instruction and information. >> that would certainly be a scary thing to hear as fans were just getting ready to see manchester united in the premier league. those fans were ordered out of the stands as police try to determine if that suspicious package was something more than just suspicious. >> i was in the area where you can have a beverage or food. my daughter was sitting in the seat in the north stands and they announced right away, everybody in this zone, please leave. i went and got my daughter. a few moments later, about two, three minutes later, the announcement came to the stadium, code red, please,
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everybody evacuate the stadium. >> folks in england are on high alert these days. a europe security official says the discovery of the package coincides with increased chatter about threats to sports stadiums and other venues that draw large crowds. we saw those attacks in brussels and paris. we have no idea if that's what was happening here. last week the british government raised the threat level due to concerns about possible attacks for a group known as the new i.r.a., that being the new i.r.a. republican irish army, not something linked to islamic terrorism. obviously, a new story here in the united states about 1:00 here, a little bit past 6:00 there in the uk. we'll keep you updated as more information becomes available. we are just 48 hours away from the next round of primary contests. both parties will be voting in oregon while democratic primary voters head to the polls in kentucky. for donald trump, his focus is now on skeptical republican
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leaders, meanwhile, hillary clinton and bernie sanders continue to battle for momentum. so, we've got fox team coverage from the campaign trail. peter deucy is in philadelphia where donald trump is taking a campaign break to celebrate his daughter's college graduation. first, leads head to louisville, kentucky, where mike is covering clinton's push for votes ahead of tuesday's primary. hi, mike. >> reporter: well, hi, elizabeth. kentucky is shaping up to be a fascinating showdown. there's very little public polling here, so who knows. and both candidates are competing here today. hillary clinton visited two louisville area churches earlier today. her message is she's hoping to earn their support in the primary on tuesday and wants to tackle all the barriers standing in the way of people getting ahead. she needs the african-american vote since she is facing some obstacles here in poll country, in church, no surprise, she talked a bit about her faith.
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>> people ask me when irs first lady, are you a -- one week in the white house was amazing. >> reporter: this is day two of bernie sanders' swing through the bluegrass state. he'll be in paducah next hour. sanders continues his income inequality message and taking aim at some wealthy republicans. >> anybody know who sheldon adelson is? he announced he's going to provide a lot of money for the campaign of donald trump. that is where we are. you've got a billionaire running for president who's getting help from other billionaires. that doesn't sound to me like the democracy we need in america. >> reporter: so, big money in politics. one of bernie sanders' key
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themes. here in louisville, we're expecting hillary clinton in a short time. she's going to work on the carpenter's union in the louisville area, trying to drive another key constituency ahead of tuesday's primary. >> mike, thank you so much. other side of the aisle, donald trump will be among the crowd at the university of pennsylvania today as another trump takes the stage. his daughter, tiffany, will graduate from the university's school of arts and sciences. that's where we find our peter doocy. do we expect to hear from mr. trump today? >> reporter: we don't expect to hear from him, but we do expect to see him at some point later on this afternoon or early in the evening as his daughter walks up to get her diploma. it's a break for the presumptive nominee for campaigning but no break for party officials. this morning the rnc chairman reince preibus with tough talk
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for someone trying to run as an independent to stop mr. trump. >> the law makes it very difficult. they can try to hijack another party and get on the ballot. look, it's a suicide mission for our country. >> reporter: a suicide mission. the chairman's comment comes as we get more details about the meeting donald trump had with paul ryan. the teams tried to unite the region party. >> the conversations they had focused on the trump agenda for -- to make america great again and paul ryan's agenda to return prosperity. >> reporter: now, front and center on the cover of the sunday "new york times" today there is an item featuring interviews with several women who have unflattering things to say about trump. he's now pushing back, tweeting, quote, why doesn't the failing "new york times" write the real story on the clintons and women? the media is totally dishonest.
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jeff sessions doesn't think any of this talk will have any impact. >> people have nonexpected purity on his part. what they're concerned about, they're deeply concerned about is this somebody strong enough to take on washington? will he challenge the establishment? will he end the illegality in immigration? will he insist on trade agreements that lift our economy and increase manufacturing? and will he stand up to the elites. and he is doing so. and the people are responding. >> reporter: and this morning a surprising item in "the washington post," ben carson is quoted as saying that on the trump short list for running mates is a former running mate of a former nominee, sarah palin. leland? >> we've heard a lot from ben carson about those things. we'll see if the trump campaign responds. peter doocy live in philadelphia. thanks, peter. well, on tuesday 116
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democratic delegates are up for grabs in kentucky and oregon. both states would be big wins for the clinton camp, which wants to clinch the nomination, of course. standing in the way is bernie sanders, who is looking to extend his winning streak after west virginia. adam is a political reporter for "the national journal" and he joins us now. we talk about these races as they come up. what is the big takeaway from tuesday? what is the impact these two states will have, specifically on the democratic side of the race? >> for hillary clinton, you know, it's become pretty clear she's well on her way to become the nominee. she has almost an insurmountable leave over bernie sanders. city doesn't have all the delegates so she has to fight this out to the end of primary season, which goes through the end of june. what she wants to do, especially in a state like kentucky, which on paper looks pretty good for her, and i think most people would have guaranteed a win for her. we haven't seen a lot of polling there, especially given the problems she had in west
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virginia and coal country. obviously, the coal industry is a major factor in campaigns in kentucky. she has some weaknesses there after making comments about putting coal miners out of business. she's tried to backtrack those. what she wants to show is as she's on her way to becoming the nominee, she can unite the democratic party. she can end strong while bernie sanders is hoping he can at least come into the convention with enough delegates to affect things like the party platform. >> you talk about her working with to unite the party. like you said, we don't necessarily have recent polling, specifically out of kentucky. but we are getting reports of tens of thousands of people going to sanders' rallies and a lot of folks very angry at the coal comments. we're seeing, you know, her husband bill clinton out on the trail, really stumping for her. has she had to really exacerbate her resources before she even gets to the general election? and is he a bigger threat than, perhaps, she's giving him credit for? >> i think it's certainly
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possible because we saw after hillary clinton did well in the april 26th primaries that were along the east coast here where she was expected to do well and got close to clinching the nomination. she went dark for a while and wasn't airing any tv ads for a few weeks after that. after bernie sanders won a few more contests, she went back on the air in kentucky. so, the clinton campaign obviously feels like they need to do a little more to clinch a state like kentucky. in oregon, that's a pretty good state for bernie sanders, especially when you look at a liberal bas yan like portland, that's an area that will turn out strong for him. clearly bernie sanders has had the enthusiasm on his side. that's why he's been able to turn out people to these rallies. hillary clinton wants to show she can finish the primary season strong a. >> you brought up oregon. i want to elaborate on that. there were 65,000 independent voters that have now registered. it's a close primary so you have to identify your party. they're now democratic primary voters, that is. when candidate benefits from
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those newly democratic primary voters? >> you have to think bernie sanders because he's benefitted from independent voters. it's a close primary. bernie sanders has done well in open primaries because independents and, of course, bernie sanders was an independent, is an independent senator from vermont. he's been able to bring a lot of people in who are maybe a little wary of the democratic establishment party structure. so, when you see these types of registration numbers out of oregon, independents becoming democrats, you have to think that would favor bernie sanders. >> have you seen that in other states, too? i know we only have 30 seconds left, but have you seen that in other close primary states, the fact that he would be -- he would be benefitting from this new enthusiasm within the party? >> absolutely. i think if you look at some of the exit polls in other states that have already held their contests, the more independent voters part of the electorate, the better bernie sanders will do. >> thank you for joining us. we'll see what happens on tuesday. we have coverage here on fox news. thank you very much. >> thank you. of course, stay tuned after
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this show for "fox news sunday" on the heels of donald trump's meeting with capitol hill republicans, chris wallace sits down with the third voice in those conversations, rnc chairman priebus. can you catch that at 2:00 p.m. eastern and again at 6:00. don't forget, fox news will have primary coverage all day tuesday right here on "america's election headquarters." right now president obama is giving the second of three commencement speeches that he'll deliver during his final graduation season as president. this one at rutgers university in new jersey. mr. obama is urging this year's graduates to pursue positive change in our world. university leaders have been lobbying the president for years to make this speech. this school's first commencement address by a sitting president. if you'd like to see the speech in its entirety, we are streaming it live right now on
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similar to what necessity do with obama dls care, similar to what they do with immigration. there's nothing in statute, in the constitution that gives the authority to the president to make new law. clearly, just as you said, title 9 does not give them the authority to redefine what sex is to identify gender identity. >> that was attorney general ken paxton from the great state of texas on this show yesterday. he promised a fight against president obama's directive that public schools let transgender kids use any bathroom they want. superintendent of the school district in texas, he joins us. mr. superintendent, i appreciate you being here, sir. >> good afternoon. >> you said the president's letter and his guidance is going in the paper shredder. why is that? >> well, my job as superintendent of schools is to keep our kids safe. all of our children, whether
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they are transgendered or not. we have in the past accompanied these children as the parents have asked. we will continue to do that and we will continue to do that. for him to send a letter from washington to us to give us a step-by-step instruction on what we're going to do is insulting and wrong. the education is put on the states. we run a great school district. we have great parents and kids, a great school board. we want our kids to be happy and safe. my job is to keep kids safe and i will do that. >> when you say, sir, that you have accommodated children in the past, you've had transgender children in your school. how have you dealt with it and how have parents reacted to it? >> well, the first thing is you don't want to make a huge issue out of this. those children don't want to be called out. they want to go on about their daily business. we want them to be successful and have fun at school and never be bullied or threatened in any
10:15 am
way. there are common sense approaches -- >> give me an example. >> -- to handling these situations. well, typically it's the bathroom issue and what parents will ask for or have asked for is that students be allowed to use a rest room where they won't be called out. it will typically be a faculty rest room and/or a bathroom in the nurse's office. those are along the lines of the solutions that other unts superintendents in our area have talked to me about. and i think those are both usable and common sense. all wes a common sense solution to this. >> you say a common sense solution. if we listen to the white house, at least josh earnest from the podium on friday, he says that schools are asking for all sorts of help and guidance. take a listen. >> this is in response to extensive requests for guidance and information and advice that have been put forward by school administrators and teachers and
10:16 am
in some cases even parents who are seeking practical solutionings to this challenge. >> i'm guessing, sir, you've never asked for any advice from the white house on this. is that accurate? >> no. and i will continue to not ask advice from the white house. it is troubling to me that we would want to put students in harm's way, and because of politics, threaten to take money away from special ed kids and free and reduced lunch kids and at-risk kishgsdz our kids that need it the most. i find that very troubling. >> when you say at-risk, tell me what you mean by that. if you listen to the white house, any father who says he doesn't want his 15-year-old daughter in a locker room with a transgender boy is somehow some type of bigot. >> i've been called everything you can be called this week. the left, their first instinct is to call people hateful, bigoted, there's a long list of things they say. it is simply not like that.
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we love all of our kids. we will continue to love all of our kids and provide the best for them. and i am going to protect our little girls in our school district and our boys. and that's just how it's going to be. >> well, as a father of five daushgs i understand this is personal for you, not only as a superintendent but as a father. appreciate you joining us, sir. good luck. come back and tell us how things turn out, all right? >> thank you. god bless to you. >> you too, sir. good sunday. liz? >> national transportation safety board go team is now headed to the scene of a deadly charter bus crash in texas. eight people were killed. more than 40 others were injured yesterday when a bus headed to a casino near laredo rolled over. all investigators know right now is the driver who did survive the crash lost control. it was raining at the time but it's not clear if that weather played a role in the crash. and outside of atlanta a horrifying site at an air show
10:18 am
as a pilot lost control of his airplane, sending it nose-first into the ground where it exploded. he was killed instantly. there were no other injuries on the ground, but police say the pilot was flying in tandem with another plane during an aerial acrobatic stunt just before the accident. the faa and the national transportation safety board are now investigating. and two new hampshire policemen shot on duty are now out of the hospital and recovering at home. ry they were shot friday while chasing an armed robbery sptd in manchester. hardy was charged from the hospital yesterday. o'connor had been released on friday. the suspect is ian mcpherson. he's being held without bond on two counts of attempted capital murder. coming up after the break, one outspoken billionaire, reality star versus another outspoken billionaire reality tv star. could it happen? coming up, the effort to recruit
10:19 am
an independent candidate to derail donald trump. and all-male clubs have been part of harvard for 200 years but a recent policy change could make them history at the ivy league school. how they're getting some support from a very unexpected source. and tens of thousands of people forced to leave so much of their lives behind as they ran from a massive wildfire. now they're reunited with family members they fear they would never see again. >> a lot of emotion. it's very exciting. i've been here every day and got to know a lot of these dogs. it's incredible to see them go back to their families. think fixing your windshield is a big hassle? not with safelite. this family needed their windshield replaced, but they're daughters heart was set on going to the zoo. so we said if you need safelite to come to the zoo we'll come to the zoo! only safelite can fix your windshield anywhere in the us.
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the extraordinary response by canadian first responders is being credited with saving 85 to 90% of the town of ft. mcmurray, alberta, canada, from total destruction from wildfires. obviously, this video is some of the houses that were saved from that fire. 2,000 buildings were burned to the ground. unbelievably, nobody was injured. officials there say they will have a plan within two weeks for giving residents back to their homes.
10:24 am
a number of folks left there. as they wait for that to happen, there are some emotional reunions already taking place between homeowners and the pets they were forced to leave behind. many of those animals were rescued by canadian authorities and taken to the town of edmonton, where they have been kept, obviously, until their owners can come for those reunions. in international news, at least 29 people are dead after a string of isis attacks and bombings across iraq today. among those attacks, a coordinated assault on a natural gas plant near baghdad by suicide bombers and militants that clashed with security forces. the attacks are the latest in a wave of violence across iraq. conner powell joins us from our mideast bureau with the latest. >> reporter: it has been a deadly and violent few days in and around baghdad this week. today's attack began when a car laden with explosives exploded
10:25 am
just outside this natural gas facility near baghdad. then six militants rushed this facility, which isis claims was an iraqi military command and control center. those militants were then killed, but they were able to kill at least 14 people, including several police officers, wounding dozens. now, earlier in the week, isis attacked several predominantly shiite neighborhoods in baghdad, setting off bombs in crowded markets killing more than 100 people in less than 24 hours. the sunni militant group appears to be trying to ratchet up sectarian tensions define sunnis and shia in and around baghdad. this latest string of violence comes as u.s. officials are sort of touting their successes against isis in recent weeks. today u.s. ambassador said, the caliphate is shrinking and the tide is turning against extremists. isis, he's correct, is losing a
10:26 am
lot of territory in both iraq and syria, but today's bombing and really the last few days prove the group is still of carrying out really effective and deadly attacks. both in baghdad and other parts of iraq and syria. it is losing ground, but it is still a traditional terrorist organization that can kill a lot of people. now, the u.s. has also said that the isis capital city of raqqah is preparing for a u.s. and coalition invasion and declaring a state of emergency. others have discredited this report. there is a feeling in both raqqah and mosul and other isis-held towns that the coalition is beginning to make a move on some of these towns and cities. and that isis is beginning to lose significant and important territory. but, elizabeth, make no mistake that isis, as we're seeing this week, is still a very, very deadly organization that can target and cause a lot of problems in the middle east. >> absolutely.
10:27 am
deadly violence. thank you so much. we appreciate it. a fox news alert now out of the united kingdom. we told you about a soccer stadium, major stadium, that had been evacuated because of a suspicious package. that package was then blown up right before game time of the british premier league. crossing the wires right now, police are saying the device wasn't viable and a full search of that stadium, which as you can see is an enormous stadium, is ongoing. the question is, what does that mean if a device was unviable? we still don't know. more details as they come. still ahead on the program, here it is, wait for it, three, two, one. well, video's not there. oh, there it is. a 66-year-old texas landmark came crashing down. we'll tell you what it did to earn that fate. plus, put this together,
10:28 am
what do a governor, a senator and a billionaire ball club owner all have in common? well, they're all on someone's short list to take on donald trump and whoever the democrat is as a third-party candidate. we'll talk with our political panel about the chances of that and what it means coming up. >> they can try to hijack another party and get on the ball ballot. but, look, it's a suicide mission for our country.
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10:33 am
device. you can imagine the fear there. the manchester united home game was evacuated about 30 minutes before the match started just as that package was discovered at the stadium. the stadium goes by the name of old trafford. you can see its distance in relationship to manchester. about 75,000 people can sit in that stadium. british security officials say the package coincides with chatter about attacks on sports stadiums and the nation raised the terror alert because of threats from irish dissidents. whether this package has anything to do with that, we don't know. obviously, we're staying on top of this story as it develops in the united kingdom, working our sources. we'll bring you the latest as they unfold. back to the election. some establishment republicans want to break party lines and get a third-party candidate to take on trump in the general election. reportedly former republican
10:34 am
presidential nominee mitt romney is leading the charge. he's reportedly been in touch with ohio governor john kasich, nebraska governor ben sasse, turning up his anti-trump rhetoric into action. plus, a group of never trump activists have reached out to another billionaire reality tv star, mark cuban. let's bring our esteemed political panel in. david payne is a partner of fox global. we are pretty amped about this topic because it's something that i don't know we would be talking about six months ago, but i want to start with you, david, because we have a list of people who reportedly, a number of news sources have reported are possibilities. i want to put a full screen up for our viewers. ben satsse john kasich, condoleezza rice, james mattis and a couple others that have been floated around. i want to get your opinion.
10:35 am
you don't think it wouldn't be anyone who hasn't already been in this election psych snl. >> if you're going to run as a third party candidate against donald trump, i think it's likely you would have to get somebody who has won some of the primaries or caucuses, somebody who has delegates at the convention, someone who has already demonstrated momentum? >> or do you think it could be a complete outsider? >> i think it's a fascinating story, but i think it's better in theory than it is going to be in practice. >> don't tell mitt romney that. >> one, it's light. two, it's going to be a lot of money. the other thing about this -- most third parties are protest movements. they're not refugee movements for professional politicians. i'm not sure they can get it together in a short period of time and make this happen. >> not for professional politicians, that's exactly who's behind this. you said money for one thing. logistically, deadlines. texas has already passed. north carolina is coming up.
10:36 am
is this even possible? >> most likely not, but they're not doing it because it's so likely that it will work. they're doing it because many -- so many conservative voters and so many conservative leaders across country think we need a leader other than donald trump. it's people voting their conscience and deciding, come november, they need another option. >> but people say, if you try to force this other option, you are handing the election to the democratic party. agree or disagree? >> i think that this is a sign of how divided the republican party is. it would hand the election to hillary clinton. however, i do think that it might have a beneficial benefit to republicans down-ballot because it would help them on turnout on senate races. >> you think that's their motivation? i had reports -- >> i don't know their motivation. i think it's a terrible problem. no matter what they do, if they do it or don't do it, they're in a terrible situation. >> i don't want to put words in your mouth but perhaps they're
10:37 am
looking at long term maybe for the better of the party, but is this really for the better of the party? >> i think there are so many -- there are so many of us who want a different option come november that for us it's actually a matter of conscience, a matter of, can i vote for donald trump over hillary clinton? it's not as though republicans want to vote for hillary clinton. i don't think many will. what i think is going to happen, libertarian, they'll look for any other ballot on the option other than donald trump because he represents someone who shifts on positions, doesn't -- he changes by the hour. let's be honest about this sometimes. and until very recently, called himself a democrat. i think we have to look at those facts. >> in all fairness, my last question is, you know, we talk about these potential personalities, but would they even want this role? >> i think that the actuarial long-term survival of the candidate if they ran, if they wanted to go back to the republican party s very minimal. i think if they run, they're going to lose and then not be
10:38 am
welcomed back and probably couldn't win a republican primary in the future. >> unless it's somebody who has already run -- >> the circle. >> that would be ted cruz. >> well, if we see the announcement any time soon, we'll have you both back to talk about it. thank you so much. and coming up after the break, we'll always have paris, but the world is saying good-bye to one international star that stood up for freedom in world war ii's darkest days. we'll have that story coming up. and crackdown, aimed at males at one ivy league school drawing protest from women's groups. we'll take you to the heart of the debate after the break. ♪ good-bye to you good-bye to you ♪ good-bye to you ♪ good-bye to you dairy or artificial flavors. so we invented a word that means that. shmorange. and it rhymes with the color of our bottle. hey, baby, make it your first word! sfx: baby speak
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president barack obama has been speaking at rutgers
10:43 am
university commencement for about a half an hour now. he's pulling no punches on presumptive gop nominee, donald trump. and among other gop leaders. president obama took shots at many of trump's policies, including the proposed wall trump has promised to build at the u.s./mexican border if elected as well as his suggested temporary ban on muslims entering the united states. obama told the students those policies represented a different, older america. >> when you hear someone longing for the goods old days, take it with a grain of salt. take with a grain of salt. we live in a great nation and we are rightly proud of our history. >> the president also spoke about policies in his own administration that includes his thoughts on climate change and green energy.
10:44 am
>> this fall will, of course, mark the 15th anniversary of 9/11. the new 1 world trade center opened in 2014. and it is the tallest building in the western hemisphere. today a group of dedicated patriots ran up all 104 stories of it. adam was there at 4:00 a.m. and back in our new york bureau. hi, abby. >> it was a beautiful view. as the sun was coming up over next this morning. as you said, about 1,000 people came to the top to race to 1 world tower observatory. this marks the second climb to honor the firefighters and first responders who lost their lives saving others on 9/11. it's not an easy climb, especially at 5:00 a.m. it's 104 floors, 226,000 stairs to get to the top. as we taub talked to runners at the finish line, they said this was nothing compared to what first responders do every single day to keep us safe.
10:45 am
>> it's a very emotional day going up the stairs. i'm hot. i don't have 70 pounds of gear. they have oxygen tanks, life support for other people. to think they run up it, carry people up and down these stairs, i can't complain at all. >> the morning was especially emotional for michael burke, who lost his own brother, captain billy burke, who stayed behind to save others on the 27th floor of the north tower. his brother never made it out. >> you get to the 50th, 50th, 60th, 80th floor and that's what you're thinking about. you hear billy going, keep going, i'm right behind you. that's what you're thinking about. and you're really thankful. >> tim brown was one of the first responders who made it out alive, but many of his friends, they were left behind. >> when it started getting hard today in the stairwell after the 50th floor, and it was hard just to put one leg in front of the other, i found strength through them. they were the strength in my legs and they were the wind in my lungs and under my wings to
10:46 am
get me up here. >> i should also point out that the tunnel the towers climb raised about $300,000 to build smart homes for service members who have been catastrophically injured in war. it also gives scholarships to firefighters' children. i was there at 4:00 a.m. it was an emotional morning. one i'll never forget. >> at least it's a good memory from the morning, as opposed to 15 years ago. abby huntsman there in new york. next year we'll get you to tell us how it was after you climb it. >> i'm doing it next year. i'm motivated. >> training starts now. thanks, abby. >> thanks, guys. still to come, ivy league schools, one in particular, is making headlines. we've got a look at why some all-male clubs are getting support from a very unlikely women's group. we'll have all the details coming up. e. this family needed their windshield replaced
10:47 am
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10:51 am
casey stadium in waco, texas, long-time home to the baylor university bears was demolished this morning. a crowd of fans and perhaps some pyro junkies gathered to watch the implosion. [ chanting ] this video comes from harvard's newspaper, the "harvard crimson" showing female students protesting a university decision to exclude any student involved in a single-gender club or organization from college leadership positions. this all began with a crackdown by harvard on all-male social clubs. but women's groups say they're being targeted, too. as the university threatens to sanction any student that participates in single-gender clubs, even off-campus. joining us from boston, attorney and harvard alum, harvey sillerglade. mr. silverglade, we appreciate
10:52 am
you being with us. how does a university sanction a group of students who participate in something that is neither illegal nor unethical off-campus? >> well the universities, private universities seem to think that they have general super sbeintendence powers over lives of their students, the dean's office has been increasingly asserting authority over the students' personal lives, private lives, ideological political lives. now they're looking to go off-campus, they may have finally overstepped. >> why is that? and give us the wleel arguments in 30 seconds or less. >> first of all, the legal argument is that massachusetts is an old, common-law state and it has a general doctrine that a private association like harvard has limited authority over the lives of its members. and i think that my view is, harvard has overstepped.
10:53 am
>> this all began in terms of these finals clubs and these all-men's clubs, there was an issue of should women be allowed to join. and then there was this issue of sexual assault brought up. from a report about sexual assault. while final clubs are not the exclusive or even the principal cause of sexual assault at the college, meaning harvard, we do not see any solution that does not involve addressing the disturbing practical and cultural implications they present in undergraduate life. so help me understand this. are they trying to say that because there are men's social clubs, there is rape and therefore, they present unique problems? >> well, harvard was hoping to be able to make that argument. but it turns out that their reports, the basis of their conclusion was so flawed, almost comically flawed, that they've sort of given up on that. and now they're trying to make
10:54 am
it philosophical argument that men and women should have equal opportunities on the campus. but they've really given -- the problem with the sexual assault claim is that the real sexual assault problem takes place in the dormitories. >> and certainly that's the place that harvard does have jurisdiction and perhaps many would say they're not doing enough to combat things there. mr. silverglade, we're out of time now, we appreciate you being here. we didn't have time to run this sound byte. but i thought you might agree with us, that clarence thomas, the supreme court justice -- here it is, his graduation speech at hillsdale college. >> do not hide your faith and your beliefs under a bushel basket. especially in this world that seems to have gone mad with political correctness. >> all right. i'll give you about 15 seconds. is this political correctness run amuck? >> it is absolutely political correctness run amuck.
10:55 am
and i have to say i'm a political liberal and i believe it. i know conservatives who believe it. harvard has really stepped in it this time. because everybody is rightly mad at them. >> well, when their alumni get mad it tends to hurt them where it hurts in the pocketbook. let us know how it turns out. all the best to you and we'll be right back with closing thoughts. lear for take off. see ya! when you're living with diabetes. steady is exciting. oh this is living baby! only glucerna has carbsteady, to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and try new glucerna hunger smart to help you feel full.
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♪ ♪ ♪ well that's french actress, madelein labeau, in her small role in the 1943 best picture winner, "casablanca" word just came in that she died this month in spain. her stepson tells the hollywood reporter that her death comes from complications from a broken leg. >> her character, who sings the french national anthem in defiance of german soldiers symbolized the uncertainty of the world when "casablanca" was released since france was still occupied by the nazis. lebeau was believed to be 923 years old. >> what a credit to a woman who
11:00 am
dies and we only can believe to know what age she is. >> that would have been make her born in 1923. >> this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. might say. that's all for us, have a great weekend. i'm chris wallace, explosive new charges about donald trump's past. how will it affect his run for president? >> living with marla and he's got three other girlfriends. >> the new controversy over trump's behavior with women, both in his personal life and the workplace. and who was trump publicist john miller, who sounds a lot like trump himself? we'll talk with rnc chair, reince priebus about that, and his effort to get trump and house speaker paul ryan working together. >> i was very encouraged with what i heard from donald trump. >> we agree on a lot of different items. and we're getting there. >> then, a


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