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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  May 15, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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with donald trump. that's on your local fox station. and that's it for today. have a great week. and we'll see you next "fox news sunday." \s fox urgent. hours of heavy police presence and fear. a terror scare at a major european sporting event. a suspicious package forcing the evacuation of a manchester united sorber match, and now new information about that package. it turns out it was a fake bomb, a sophisticated look alike. now we know why it was so convincing. it was a training device left behind by security experts. the breaking details on this in minutes by a reporter who's in london. we begin by president obama opening up on the state of the politics, with harsh words, giving a long-awaited commencement address at rutgers
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university, but at times it sounded. he talked about the vulgar tone of the 2016 presidential election with thinly veiled jabs at republicans and their agenda. >> facts, evidence, reason, logic, an understanding of science, these are good things. these are qualities you want in people making policy. >> if you were listening to today's political debate, you might wonder where this strain of anti-intellectualism came so -- so -- so class of 2016, let me be as clear as i can be -- in politics and in life, ignorance is not a virtue. and while he was taking
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those jabs, how about the growing division among democrats? has the president seen this? brand-new video that has a lot of people talking? it's from the democrats' state convention last night. chaos broke out. party leaders tried to restore order. [ shouting ] >> it's really -- it's not good. >> did you hear the woman who is rolling on this with her phone apparently? she said, it's not good. delegates for both hillary clinton and bernie sanders argued over yule and chanted "recount." bernie supporters not happy with the process that gave hillary clinton a victory, and
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they would not leave. stuck around we're told for some three hours after it was supposed to end o police had to moved in over security concerns reportedly. hillary clinton is the clear democrat front-runner, it's clear it may take more than friendly words to win over the sanders reporters. peter doocy is covering donald trump, and given the crackup in nevada that you just saw on video there, let's start with mike emanuel who's in louisville, kentucky, tonight. listening to the voices of the bernie supporters, clinton may have her hands full. i recall her team originally saying they were not going to spend primaries in may and june, yet they're fighting it out exactly where you are, in the bluegrass state. >> reporter: that's right, harris. good evening. after losing indiana and west virginia to bernie sanders, hillary clinton's campaign is trying to stop his momentum, slammed the door on sanders here
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in kentucky, hillary clinton spending two days here in kentucky ahead of tuesday night's primary. she's also running some advertising here as well. she took a lot of selfies earlier at a union get out the vote event in louisville, after saying back in march a lot of coal companies and coal miners will be put out of business, she tried to fix that today. >> we can and must not walk away from them. you know, i feel such a sense of only base, and we're going to do everything we can to help them, you know, get through this transition. >> reporter: bernie sander campaigning here for a second day. he says he can also win independenting. sanders again talked today about his party's system for picking a nominee. >> what we are going to those those super delegates if they
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want the strongest candidate to beat donald trump, bernie sanders is that candidate. >> reporter: there's limited polling here in kentucky, no nobody is quite sure how this will play out, since thinks coal country here, hillary clinton needs to drive turnout of african-americans and also union members, harris? >> that's been a sticky wicket for her of late. she made some families very angry with early comments and then tried to clean it up, as we know. i had caught just a little while ago that the clinton campaign team is looking at a vp pick that would kind of more appease bernie sanders supporters. how contentious has it gotten between those two, clinton and sanders? >> harris, things have gotten really rough. it was really on display this weekend. you had sanders supporters turn out in big numbers, trying to win him more precious delegates,
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but only five of clinton's were. when hillary clinton was benefiting, a scuffle broke out. sanders supporters rushed the stage and security shut down the state party quepgs. this must be alarming to dnc officials, and also leadership of hillary clinton's campaign, worried that similar frustration could spill over on the national level at the national convention this summer in philadelphia. it's a big reason why there's a whole lot of buzz that hillary clinton needs to pick a running mate who will be pleasing to sanders' supporters, as democrats try to find a way back to unity. >> without, you can't take anybody for granted, hillary clinton, at this point. who would have thought we would be at a point where she would have enough delegates to get to the nomination, but he's racking up millions of dollars of support from supporters giving in small amounts, which amounts to what? a lot of people.
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mike, always good to see you. thank you. some high-profile republicans reportedly searching for an alternative to donald trump who would beat hillary clinton. peter doocy is live in philadelphia. what could that look like? >> i tell you, harris, the rumors of the promise nent intellectual conservatives are trying to convince a well-known person, whether a celebrity or another republican to run as an independent and challenge trump, are something that rnc brass are taking very seriously and they're candid about the reason why. they think an independent run by anybody would hasn't the election to hillary. >> they can try to hijack another party and get on the ballot, but look, it's a suicide mission for our country, because what it means is you're throwing down not just eight years of the white house, but potentially 100 years on the supreme court, and wrecking this country for many
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generations. >> the owner of the dallas mavericks, mark cuban, was quoted in today's "the washington post," saying he's been courted by folks trying to find a new independent challenger, but he shot them down. it's interesting to see how long this talk will continue, because rhine priebus said today he thinks that trump and speaker paul ryan line up 80% of the time. >> i look forward to talking to the insiders about this point, but they may want to hold for a bit. could you even see a bernie sanders as a third-party candidate? i don't know, it's just a question. real quickly, i understand there's new word of a short list for donald trump's potential vice president. what is that this. >> it's very surprising, harris, ben carson, aiding the trump team in the search told "the washington post" today that somebody on the short list is
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sarah palin, which we hadn't heard before. carson also rattled off a few other names, marco rubio, john kasich, chris christie and ted cruz, and former speaker of the house newt gingrich, that if trump asked, he would probably do it. >> if he can convince calista and me that it's forable, serious and we would in fact contribute, i think we would be very hard-pressed not to say yes. >> the man who's been a vp the last seven jeers, joe biden is at u-penn, at the same graduation ser myoas donald trump. he's watching his granddata getting a diploma. trump's data is about to get an diploma. i was inside when trump and most of his -- there were some cheers, but also sound some u-penn parents may be donating to the clinton campaign this time around. >> thank you for that. we'll unpack the political news at the bottom of the hour with
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the political insiders, and a programming note for you. this tuesday megyn kelly present a new debut document. she'll sit down with donald trump for the first time since the presidential debate. you know it. here's a preview. >> you said you didn't feel the moderators had been nice. do you think it's the adjournists' roles to be nice? >> fair. i don't care if they are nice. >> you used the word "nice." >> i don't think so. i might have said they weren't nice, but that doesn't mean they have to be nice. >> you know it's not a cocktail party. >> no. in what you did might have been a favor, because i felt so good about having gotten through -- i said if i can get through those debate with those questions, you can get through anything. >> you can watch who have of that this tuesday, 8:00 p.m. eastern on your local fox station. and a knocks fuss 'letter.
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it is where we started this hour. a terror scare shut down a major soccer match in manchester, englund, thousands of fans poured out of the stands to saved, but it turns out it was all just a tremendous mistake. this was the scene after the suspicious package was discovered inside the stadium before the manchester united game. bomb squads found it, detonated it. it was fake, a very convincing replica. in fact, it was a training device accidentally left behind by a private security company. >> everything is -- but as albert said, it worked like clock work, everybody was fantastic about it. it's just a pity that it has to happen. it's ridiculous. senior foreign affairs correspondent is live in london for you. i can only imagine, and then it turns out it was a mess. >> absolutely. a bit of a complicated story,
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harris. at the very least it shows how nervous people are, not just in the states, but over here in europe about terrorism. the whole thing went down about 15 minutes before the start of a game. the suspect package was found in a stadium bathroom, reportedly was made to look like a pipe bomb. officials issued a code red alert. they evacuated the stadium. 75,000-person capacity, attached a charge to this package. it didn't ignite. at that point they knew it was a fake. yes, it turns out it was a dummy device, left over and forgotten about from another terror training exercise, which was conducted at the stadium on wednesday. that drill was a part of several mock attacks conducted by the manchester police department over the past week, including an elaborate exercise at a shopping mall not too far from the stadium. authorities were already taking
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flack for that. if you might recall, fox reported on it for apologizing for a fake terrorist yew the abe bick phrase of "god is great." now more red faces all around for this terror blunder, harris. >> we did cover that security mission or practice, if you will at the mall, and what was said about it was they were trying to actually re-enact events that happened. people took exception to that in the muslim community and police actually apologized for it. but the threat is real. that is why they are training. >> well, that should not distract you from the score mission and the core threat and concern right now, harris, absolutely the threat is real. we were there in paris last november when a soccer stadium was targeted by a series of suicide bombers, that a part of that terror spree which left 130 people dead. next month, the same country
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france will hole a huge soccer -- all across the country under extremely tight security. i guess, harris, the one positive thing we can try from today abotchup in manchester, england, according to authorities, the crowds handled it very well. the evacuation, listening to the announcement. they were calm, no panic, no anger, no overreaction. they have said, in a way it was a perfect terror exercise, it just wasn't planned. >> wow, nobody hurt. thank you very much, greg, for buttoning that up for us. a wave of attacks in iraq. a shift in the terror army, from the battlefield to suicide bombing. enjoy from the obama administration says isis is shrinking, how is that possible? and growing outcry. one senator's proposal to speed things along.
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the president's envoy to the coalition fighting the islamic state says the tide is turning, and it's actually shrinking, but eye sick just claimed responsibility for yet another deadly attack on a natural gas plant near bagdad. at least 14 people killed. the terrorists then stormed inside doing battle with security forces. at least 47 people injured at that plant just north of iraq's panel, connor powell has more from jerusalem. >> today's attack is just the latest of a string of bombings. which isis claims -- the mill militants were ultimately stopped, but they killed at least 14 people.
4:19 pm
they appear tore ratcheting up tensions. this latest spring of violence comes as u.s. officials are touting the international coalition's success against isis, bret mcgurt said in aamon jordan, that it's shrinks and the tide is turning. the number of wannabe jihadists have dropped significantly, but the core group, as we have seen this week in baghdad remains a powerful and effective terror organization. harris? >> conor, thank you.
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he says it will help reduce the staggers delays. right now the average wait time at jfk is up by 82% from last year, while nationally airlines report having to hold flights due to crazy long lines. >> senator schumer says using highly trained dogs and additional workers could cut down on time while improving security. he predicts without the dogs, wait times at america's bus just airports will only get worse. a sea of blue, as law enforcement officials gathered in our nation's capital. ♪ for the ramp parts we watched ♪ they are honoring other police men and women killed in the line of duty. and hundreds of racer, a tribute to those who died on 9/11. whoa. what's going on here? oh hey allison.
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a touching is a absolute to fallen police officers in our nation's capital. tens of thousands coming together to honor those killed in the line of duty. it is the 35th annual national peace officers memorial service, taking place today at the u.s. capitol, followed by a wreath-laying ceremony. some roughly 1500 people making an emotional climb today to the top of one world trade in new york city. it's the first that participants have actually time to the top. the goal is to raise money for our wounded warriors. for many, the challenge is personal. abby huntsman has the story. abby? >> as the sun was coming up over new york city this morning, about 1,000 people came from all over the world to race to the top of one world observatory. this is the annual tunnel to tower climb to honor those who
4:25 pm
lost their lives saving others on september 11th. it's not an easy climb, especially at 5:00 in the morning. about 104 floors. to get to the very top. as we talked to the runners at the finish line, they want this is nothing that first responders do every day. >> i'm hot. i don't have 70 pounds of gear. they have oxygen tanks, life support to other people. though think they carry people up and down these stairs. >> it was especially emotional for michael burk, who lost his brother who stayed behind to save others. his brother never made it out. >> you get to the 40th, 50th, 0th floor, you hear billy, keep going, i'm right behind you. that's what i'm thinking about, and you're thankful. >> tim brown was one of the first responders who made it out alive, but many of his friends were left behind. >> i found strength through
4:26 pm
them. they were the strength in my lengths and the wind in my lungs and under my wings to get me here, $300,000 have been a. gives scholar ships to firefighters' children. it was an emotional day and one i this lever forget. harris? >> it's said to be some of the mor candid he political analysis, and obama's strong words cass for a third-pared candidate. which side would it be? we'll talk about it, and a breakdown of the nomination contests that lie still ahead. stay with me.
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hmmmmm... the turbocharged dream machine. the volkswagen golf gti. part of the award-winning golf family. i'm harris faulkner, the bottom of the hour, president obama seemed to slam republicans, especially presumptive nominee donald trump. he called out many of his stances. >> the world is more interconnected than ever before, and it's becoming more connected every day. building walls won't change that. as we set up for the fox news political insiders, let's go to kristin fisher in washington. >> hey, harris. he never mentioned trump by name, but it was very clear who he was talking about. first he went after the campaign slogan saying the good old days
4:31 pm
were not all that great. >> when you hear someone longing for the good old days, take it with a grain of salt. in fact, by almost every measure, america is better, and the world is better than it was 50 years ago, or 30 years ago, or even 8 years ago. >> the president then went after some of the trump's favorite talking point by saying the system is not rigged, and experience does matter. >> it's not cool to not know what you're talking about. that is not keeping it real, or telling it like it is. that's not challenging political correctness. that's just not knowing what you're talking about. >> president obama did defend another republican, former secretary of state condoleezza rice, you may remember she was invite to do speak two years ago, but she backed out amid protests from students and faculty. today the president called those
4:32 pm
protests misguided. he said he didn't great with a lot of her policies, but democracy works best when we're all willing to listen to all sides, at the same time, he said he admitted today, quote, there's not much i'm afraid to take on in my final year of office. harris? >> i hope he's ready for those bernie supporters. let's bring in john and doug schoen. pat, i'm going to start with you. >> well, first of all, he is now politicized this week commencement speeches, which were never really political attack speeches, and bathrooms. so he's having quite an effect. look, what we're watching is a president who just made a statement that 78 -- excuse
4:33 pm
me -- that 70% of americans disagree with. over the good old times. people who believe the country is in decline. even bill clinton just reminded me attacking his legacy of the last eight years and where he's left us around the world. he has managed to get his approval rating up to 51% in the last several months, because he's been out above the fray. he wants to get in the frayed, and that was -- >> why does he want to get into the fray? >> because he's a politician. he was elected, harry, with the promise of unity, bringing the country together. he even has said that that was and is his goal. he said he hasn't achieved it, but he's one of the chief polarizers, wouldn't work with the republicans. this is proof positive that we are descending to a new lowr low. >> pat, what you were saying was
4:34 pm
you feel like he hurts the party? >>ual, one of the important ingredients is how an incumbent approval rating is. he's going to enter this context and trump is going to be all over him. he is bringing -- coming down. the most latest thing on the bathroom thing -- >> the tran gender bathrooms? >> it's the locker rooms and sports -- it's the overreach. i don't know where -- >> is it federal overreach, whatever your position, pat? >> even people who favor it. >> john, i want to come to you. we started this hour with shall video that, you know, we see the mainstream media. you guys are saying, aren't you part of that? we see certain members really focus on whether there's a crackup with the republican party. those of bernie versus hillary supporters. thee disagrees about the process in their party. it got so heated that police broke it up and cleared the
4:35 pm
place. this was nevada, the democrat state convention last night. >> so i think the theme really, harris, tonight is both parties -- the whole political process is descending into chaos where the leadership, the establishment that favorites hillary, and not the establishment in the republican party, we'll talk about that, but they both are manipulating things and ticking off grass-roots people and driving them out of their party, what is this, may 15th or something? it's just going to get worse are more chaotic as the weeks go ahead. >> we covered this earlier, hillary clinton said he didn't expect to be spending money on primaries and contest this is far into the primary calendar. what is going wrong? what's happening inside your party right now? >> our party is dividing the way people anticipated the republicans would. hillary is going to get the nomination, but there's a big but. i have ton honest as a clinton
4:36 pm
supporters, she's getting more unpopul unpopular, you are numbers against trump are sinking, bernie remains strong, because he's authentic, an outsider with a message of change that the democratic left likes. >> as i've had said all along, both he and trump have been out of the same trough at opposite ends. they represent the revolt in the country that we're going to see. they're the under 45. they see a system that is seriously rigged, which it is, and a main street media that's decided in port of hillary clinton, not even to mention bernie sanders. >> is it conceivable that sanders supporters, if hillary is the nominee, could a substantial bit of the sanders vote end up vote fog trump? >> hard to say. >> the exit polls suggest -- >> or they'll stay home.
4:37 pm
>> you're talking about the exit polling that wam out of the west virginia. it showed a very healthy number, you're saying a third. >> they're going to vote for trump. >> they would consider vote fog somebody other than hillary clinton. if there's only one other person, that would be donald trump. real quickly, third-party candidate is being talked about. it's so interesting. it could be from either side. we'll talk about that right after this. stay close.
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4:40 pm
our political insiders are pack. elaine on twitter says -- the rhinos and democrs will do anytg to take back their power. >> rhino assistants for
4:41 pm
republicans in name only. in facts it's mitt romney, stewart stevens, these are longtime republican establishment people actively out recruiting candidates to be president and vice president, not to win the election, just to suck 5% of the vote away from trump, tilt it to hillary. that's what they're doing. they say that. >> open. >> which is incredible. >> of course they're raising money, because you have three -- stu stevens who destroyed romney, he got into the stop trump moeismt to make a load of money. they want to proceed mott their business and bring them down. all of this is very bad, but all it is is suicide. that's what reince priebus said. >> i said it before he did. >> but pat, this is not -- >> that's not what we're talking about. you get a candidate, either a
4:42 pm
bipartisan ticket of people o. or -- you know, a bipartisan ticket or better a nonpartisan ticket, and if you don't like these parties, which a large jersey of americans adopt, vote for it. that's the one that could really affect this selection. >> i want to go to you, because of that video, because of what we're seeing happen. bernie sanders was in paducah, kentucky, about 4:00 eastern time this afternoon. he said something. look, you can look at the numbers, i don't see where he's going to get it. he's not all that worried that he can't get what he needs to win the nomination. how is that possible? >> two things, harry, first, he is alluding to the fbi primary, the investigation. >> are you saying he's waiting on the fbi and hillary clinton? >> he wife has made that absolutely clear. he's also going to rule changes to take the super delegates away -- >> will he get it?
4:43 pm
>> i don'tening so now, but this is then. that's a long way from now. we don't know. the video suggests his supporters are mobilized. >> we had a news story that is has this no coverage, that the state department announced they cannot find any of the e-mails over a four-year period of this guy brian paddigliano. >> the guy who has murnt. they can't find it on the server. no, no, they've been able to triangulate and find those e-mails other places. >> because someone took it out and it's called part of a cover-up. when it happens to a republican, it's front page and a cover-up. when it happens to a democrat, it's page 18, and it's -- bureaucratic snafu. >> pat, you're not arguing? >> no, it's worse.
4:44 pm
what they did -- look with rosen, where those -- where he questioned about but iran, once the ben rhodes piece came out which has shown the entire iran deal from day one has been lie upon lie. think of a wall street store on the clinton foundation. that is what with will -- the ewill exis about how bad is the federal government. do you believe pat caddell, do you believe the government is corrupt. >> 89% of americans believe the government is corrupt. >> i asked about -- >> i'm good et to that. >> the nominee of the democratic party has this all over her, where her husband gets federal
4:45 pm
fund put into the clinton foundation and shovels it to an alleged mistress, you don't think that will hurt her? >> that story that was in the "wall street journal," i didn't see it on any of the talk shows this morning. i was jumping back and forth, but i didn't see that raised. it's not been picked up by anyone. on top of that, the new documentary on clinton cash is coming out, which i saw the preview of, and -- >> that's why bernie is not going away. >> doug schoen, in your title for the insiders, people know you worked with the clintons, but you're also friends with hillary and bill clinton. so you've got a connection. >> i do. >> you still say this is why bernie sanders is not going away? >> i do. i want hillary to win.
4:46 pm
>> this race is much closer. >> go back to the fact that a week ago the media had decided this race was over, then these polls came out. now they're panicked. we watched bob woodward this morning, or at least the alien clone from "invasion of the body snatchers." >> oh, my goodness. >> who said we have 20 people on trump, we don't have that many on her, but they're high quality. he said "new york times," "the washington post" would be on top of this clinton foundation stuff. not a word. the american people know this. the media is all out to kill trump and elect her and ignore bernie sanders. they are making themselves the enemies of the american people.
4:47 pm
>> did you judd says your friend bob woodward is a shape shifter in human form? that's what i got. >> you have to you "invasion of the body snatchers." >> in august when no one reads the paper "new york times" did their big front-page story on the clinton foundation. what they basically said is it's a bureaucratic mess. >> i remember that. people were watching. >> but no scandal, just badly run. >> is this a scandal now? >> it is becoming one. >> on the clinton foundation. ar we're going to hear from the fbi on the -- >> absolutely. >> the fbi is very busy. >> 147 agents by last count. >> they have to be. there's no way you can deal with the fact that somebody pays bill clinton $750,000, makes a multimillion dollars commitment,
4:48 pm
and she then pushes a regulation that it -- from the iran list boycot boycotts. >> a lot of questions, a lot of questions about what the money and the foundation did, did it buy favors. we're coming right back, stay with us. man, my feet are kill' same time tomorrow, fellas!? new dr. scholl's stimulating step insoles. they massage key pressure points with each step, for all day comfort that keeps you feeling more energized. dude's got skills. new dr. scholl's stimulating step insoles. i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit
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all right. so i just tweeted this out. doug, you said that the republican party right now is on the cusp of taking the white house. >> correct. >> that the race is close. why do you say that? >> well, key polls came out in ohio, pennsylvania and florida showing the race deadlocked. other national polls showing the race within single digits. this is the republicans' race now to make a breakthrough if they're to make a breakthrough. the only problem, harris is
4:52 pm
they're divided. paul ryan and donald trump got together. it isn't clear whose party it is the they agreed to disagree for the week. unless they can come together it will be hard for trump to capitalize on the advantage he now has. i think wavering republicans will get on the bandwagon, which he is -- and he needs to raise a billion and a half. mr. reformer killed public -- we had eight elections in which we had public financing. they weren't billion dollars campaigns and they worked effectively on both sides. this is all to pay consulteants and drown the people. >> think of citizens united. >> it is -- >> what does it mean to say
4:53 pm
this? we have so much welt floating around in this country. some of the stuff that people are bothered about are real, but whether it's on the issues, the republicans are in the driver's seat. >> hillary has $2 billion at her disposal that will be spent exclusively and totally on negative ads, on donald trump and the republicans. don't underestimate that. >> don't underestimate also, the president for whatever reasons through in this bathroom/transjerchder ruling. >> our viewers on twitter are saying it's a distraction. >> it's not a distraction. this will be a mod investigator for republicans voters to come out. obama is trying to make it i barack obama is running against donald trump.
4:54 pm
>> it didn't sound -- at rutgers university today, it does sound a bit like a campaign speech at time. i will say this, they're just going to say, look at the reality. this issue, that issue, the country -- you have a country in revolt against decline, against their children's future being destroyed, and about a rigged political system. >> don't underestimate the clintons. >> do not underestimate message. this is a presidential election. you can have all the money in the world that cannot -- >> i don't underestimate. i think the smartest brain in this campaign is bill clinton, who i believe is sitting around all day pondering -- what is the approach we've got to take to beat trump? >> let's talk about the money for just a second. you could $2 billion with hillary clinton. we have not yet seen what will happen the dollars that will
4:55 pm
come for donald trump. >> first, i think donald trump has hired a guy to raise money for him, who raised money for george soros, he gave money to hillary clinton and now raising money for trump. it's odd, voters are wondering why are we having that guy? but anyway, i don't think money matters in this race. >> who are you talking about? >> steve manucci. >> it wasn't money -- >> you said jeb bush would win because of the money. >> the takeaway for the night, when we come back. stay with us. audi pilotless vehicles have conquered highways, mountains, and racetracks. and now much of that same advanced technology is found in the new audi a4. with one notable difference...
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4:59 pm
contest in nevada. pat, i queued that up for you, because you said you wanted to see it again, because? >> it's a preview of what we'll see in cleveland and philadelphia. >> both conventions? >> both conventions. donnell will get the nomination, but they will control the rules, the floor, the platform, and the regulars. >> and trump is changing his positions for the general before the convention, right? and cruz and the conservatives are looking at that and say, we told you so. we told you this guy is not a conservative. >> we have said all along we do not know what will happen in this election. we are learning more and more that we ultimately know less and less. >> a new paradigm. >> a paradigm shift election. >> old rules are dead, the new
5:00 pm
accomplice cat where voters are taking control is emerginemergi >> a lot of voters are happy to do away with the rules. keel cover it on sunday nights. i'll see you tomorrow at noon earn. megyn kellie joins us. [ insects chirping ] [ horse neighing ] >> don't be afraid. no one's h h


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