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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  May 16, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> it is good to be alive. it is good to be here. good morning to all of you watching "fox & friends first". it is monday morning. i am has been pee hunts man. >> i am heather childers. thank you for starting your day and your week with us. >> donald trump fires back at the new york times for what they call a lame hit piece. >> this as the democrats gear up for a show down in two states. >> we are joined live with the developments from washington. >> donald trump is on the defense ever since the new york times came out with a story on saturday essentially accusing him of crossing the line with woman and workplace. he posted on twitter quote why doesn't the failing new york times rigwrite the real story o the clintons and women. the media is totally dishonest.
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the norm times are standi-- -- york times are standing by waiting. oregon tomorrow where 28 republicans and 73 democratic delegates are on the line. trump won the republican caucus back in march. clinton and sanders have been campaigning very hard across kentucky over the weekend. clinton had been the early favorite. but clinton is saving all of her attacks for trump. some tailor made for kentucky. >> there's a saying in the senate two kind of senators show horses and work horses. you all know a little bit about that here in louisville, don't you? i have to say, it really lifted my pir rites to see exaggerate tore beaten in the derby. >> there are new polls out that give fresh ammunition to an old
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sander's argument he would fair better with trump than clinton. the atlanta journal has trump beating clinton in georgia 45 to 41. sanders beating trump 47 to 42. now sanders was wavered iver fa to win in oregon but a poll as clinton winning there that could be an abnormality especially when you take into account the closed primary. there are a third registering as democrat so they can vote tomorrow. we will see if that made a difference. washington state went very much for sanders. see if the neighbor oregon does the same tomorrow. abby and heather. >> we will see and we will have it all right here. >> thank you so much kristin fisher live for us. president obama takes on donald trump during a college commencement speech. kweli wright has some of the jabs he took at the presumptive
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nominee. >> it was a historic day for rutgers universitebrating the 250th anniversary and hosting president obama who delivered the address that focused more on politics than telling the fstudents they need to have a briert future. without mentioning his name, donald trump challenged the 2,000 graduates to think globally and not trying to build walls. >> the world is more interconnected than ever before and it is becoming more interconnected every day. building walls won't change that. >> the president continued to give a stern rebuke of trump's proposals. >> they are disparaging moments. that is not just a betrayal of our values.
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that's not just a betrayal of who we are. >> mr. obama focused on how politics in america is lacking in appreciation of intellectual thinking. >> if you were listening to today's political debate you might wonder where this strain of anti intellectualism came from? ignorance is not a virtue. >> president obama adding the political system in america is not rigged adding more people need to vote. he said experience does matter. donald trump has not responded to president obama's indictment on his proposals. >> not sure how i would feel
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sitting in the audience. >> are the biggest names at risk of a terror attack. lone wolf to attack the top innovators calling for a workplace attack or attacks on their home. a shadowy figure standing outside of a home at night. one mentioned microsoft ceo bill gates. >> the white house claims meantime isis is shrinking even as the terror group launches a new wave of deadly attacks. security cameras capturing a moment when the isis truck explodes near baghdad. you can see the people running from the giant fireball. in all 30 people were killed in a series of attacks around the city. brett mcgushing said constant air strikes are making leaders nervous. >> the man accused of shooting two new hampshire police officers hours away from facing a judge facing attempting murder charges and life in prison.
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he is accused of firing a dozen shots. the injured robbpolice officer calling in the reaction they call him courageous and remarkable. >> white male, long hair trench coat. >> a second man shot. both are now out of the hospital and recovering. >> the search for a mother who fell over board from a carnival cruz ship has been suspended. there is surveillance video. the ship shows samantha fell backwards after climbing up a railing at 2:00 a.m. friday. she was on the trip with a group of friends. her husband and four children at home in arlington, texas. the ship is due to dock in galveston, texas this morning. a packed memorial service when his family is nowhere to be found.
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people packed the church to celebrate his work as a devout jaw hough vau's witness. his sister did not go saying one memorial is enough. they will have a public funeral this summer. >> everybody loves doris roberts. she will be getting a broadway farewe farewell. >> now you listen to me. maybe you could all use some advice of someone who is in a position to give it. >> the emmy winning actress and stage veteran will be celebrated at a public tribute led by ray roma romano. she has been in numerous broadway shows dating back to the 1950's. >> i just love her. >> she will be missed. are you ready for the next iphone? an apple leak revealing a new design that could be coming soon. >> that's because there always is a new iphone. >> lauren simonetti from our sister network with what we can expect. >> good morning ladies.
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the rumors are flying about apple iphone. it will have the edge to edge display. that means the entire base of your phone will be the display. everything from the camera to the speaker to the home button will be somehow behind them. facebook getting into music. music labels will licensing songs. that's a way to take viewers away from youtube. facebook testing a new product called slide show that uses tracks from warner music you can put under your photos and videos. number one at the box office bringing in $7.26 million and taking the total hall to 9.40 million. so close to the $1 billion mark. the jungle book took second place. almost 600 episodes later the simpsons went live first time ever. in that time homer declared the
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show will never end. ladies, back to you. >> never want the simpsons to end. >> some severe storms to talk about. taking aim at millions of americans as temperatures dropped maria molina is here tracking the latest. >> it is cold in new york. across the entire region it is like it is a few months ago rather than may. take a look at these numbers 38 degrees in cleveland 34 in care beau, maine. over in raleigh, north carolina the same temperature as in new york city. it is 43 degrees again. we have a trough allowing the colder air to sink southward and bring in below average temperatures across portions of the northeast. we have been dealing with showers most of that tapering off really across portions of the northeast. here comes our next big weather maker across the rockies and into the planes we are dealing with the rainfall across places like kansas and oklahoma across
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further west in the portions of the rockies. later on today we will be seeing the threat for severe weather across texas, oklahoma panhandle and a threat for not only damaging winds and large hail but tornadoes through out the night. heads up if you live across the panhandle or western oklahoma and southwestern parts of kansas. heavy rain with several inches expected across texas, louisiana and further north into missouri and kansas. let's head over to you, ladies. >> glad you are back safe and sound. >> chilly in new york city. 10 minutes after the top of the hour. the red sox fan slammed in the head by a broken bat. he is now speaking out. why he says it is time to make some changes with america's favorite past time. >> new york times targeting donald trump but would the mainstream media ever do this. the panel is on deck with the
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>> the new york times coming out swinging about donald trump's relationship with women and the rest of the media followed suit. would mainstream media ever do this wito hillary clinton? thank you so much for getting up bright and early this morning. >> absolutely. our pleasure. >> capri i will start with you. we had the new york times piece
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which donald trump responded to and he called it lame. do you believe they would ever do this same thing to hillary clinton? >> i think hillary clinton and the clintons bill and hillary have been the target of media for 25 years. if we recall hillary clinton said it was about a vast right wing conspiracy. she is not totally off the hook with e-mails and benghazi and the clinton foundation and her and the clintons as a whole i think when it comes to the issue donald trump spoke about with hillary clinton an enabler of bill dal yances that will get a pass because of her gender. >> i feel a little bit like the mainstream media has given her a
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aa little bit of a pass. you saw the clinton dealings which are alarming. >> there was an article recently in the "washington post". the "washington post" was found out of 14 major news sites to have more headline mentions on their home page of donald trump than any other of the top 14. about 70 percent. not only more media attention but a small army investigating him. it is different than what they are doing for clinton. going against him is like going against a tackling dummy in preseason you can knock it down but it pops right back up. he has never purported to be a perfect person or candidate. it is the flaws that make him relightable.
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that is what people are responding to. i am not sure the efforts are going to do much. it is important to look at both candidates. >> there are a large amount of women that he has said insisted him and put him in positions of power and leadership. >> both have been known by the public for several years. it will make it more recognizable. >> we mention the gop party and being divided. look at the democrats and what happened with them over the past weekend with bernie sanders supporters verses hillary clinton supporters. do we expect this fight to continue? we have said it before bernie is in it to last at least until june 7th. >> he is not going away. the bernie sanders supporters are difficult for hillary clinton to nail down. she is in a tough spot. she can't push bernie sanders
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out. for her she needs to hope that bernie sanders after hillary hits that magic number of delling ga delegates to be the nominee for the democratic party she has to beg bernie to get out there and be her surrogate. without that it will be incredibly difficult we will be seeing a bloody sight. >> not only have his followers said they have will not support her they said they will cross party lines and support donald trump. >> some will because of the stamp ton trade. >> it is a real issue. it is an issue for democrats when you look at the voter turnout in the primary. when you look at the presidential primary the democratic voter turnout is down about 35 percent.
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prepublican voter turnout is up 20 percent. >> any enthusiasm that is going on on the democratic side is in bernie's camp. >> you are getting the responsive nominee. very interesting. the time is 20 after the hour. a buzz crash core. it should never have been on the road in the first place. you have never seen a shark attack like this. the florida woman was rushed to the hospital with the shark still attached to her arm. unbelievable.
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>> disturbing developments in a bus crash. they have an extensive history of major safety problems. they were ordered twice to take the bus off the road for faulty brakes. they have had problems with driver records and bus maintenance problems. the bus flipped over on the way to a casino. the full investigation into the crash could take months. a pipeline stunt goes per terribly wrong. a pilot killed in an airport in atlanta. the plane tumbling down and exploding into a fireball in front of horrified spectators. the pilot never made a mayday call but they are trying to figure out what went wrong. >> a bowing dwus womb being
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blamed for the third largest stadium. detroit vice used for training bomb sniffing dogs were heft behind. it set off panic. it started fans were forced to leave as the controlled explosion were carried out. it was following of course last year's paris attacks. >> a red sox fan hit by a broken bat for the ball part. it hit kevin sweeney in the head. tonya carpenter suffered a serious head injury after she was hit by a broken bat at fenway. extending along the fenway dug out for the season. social media firestorm exploding after meteorologists is forced to cover up with a sweater live on the air. did you see this? >> unbelievable stuff.
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>> carley shimkus sirius xm 115 with the internet explosion. this is an unbelievable one. >> it certainly is. good morning ladies. a meteorologist facing a cold front after viewers got heated over her strappy on air cocktail dress. watch as ktla liberty chant is forced to cover up on live television. >> into tomorrow. what's going on? you want me to put this on. why? because it's cold? >> we are getting a lot of e-mails. >> what? really? >> okay. i look like a librarian now. >> oh my gosh. the twitter is calling it sweater gate. one personally yaw says i don't know what's worse massage knee or that sweater. i am kind of glad the liberty chan debacle headed on air how everyone can see how casually
2:26 am
sexist people are. i found it refreshing. it was done in good humor. she said her co anchor was just joking around it was never his intention to offend any one. everybody has an opinion on this one for sure. no offense to librarians out there either. >> i picked up on that, too. >> can we agree it was a clubbing dress? >> who knows. >> let's talk about the shark bite? this unusual shark bite where the shark went to the hospital as well. >> here's something you don't see every day. a woman goes into the ocean and comes out with a shark still latched on to her harm. a 2 foot shark biting a 23-year-old woman in boko raton. nerf sharks doesn't typically bite people.
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>> a little boy trained his puppy in the cutest way. i got to see this. >> a little boy faced with the big task of training his new puppy turned to the enter net for some help. take a look at this 4-year-old trying to get his pup to shape up by showing him youtube videos. a family member posted that to facebook. it has been shared over 177,000 times. the little boy now telling everyone his puppy is trained. >> the time now is almost 30 minutes after the top of the hour. 20 minutes commentment speeches but president obama using his moment at rutgers to target donald trump. was this the right platform? we report, you decide. we're out of ink. ink.
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>> it is monday may 16th. mentd oba president obama taking direct aim at the presumptive gop nominee. >> the world is more connected than ever before. it is becoming more connected every day. building walls won't change that. >> this as the three remaining presidential candidate gear up for the next political match up. >> the tsa bringing in back up as they point to passengers for nightmare security lines. >> a bench clearing baseball brawl. the ugly moments the sluggers get slugged themselves. fox and friends first continues right now.
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♪ >> california, new york city, every where in between. good morning and welcome to "fox & friends first" on this monday morning. >> i am abby hunts man. it is 32 after the hour. we begin with the race for the white house. donald trump blasting the new york times about an article accusing the presumptive gop nominee crossing the line with women. this as democrats gear up for two major show downs in kentucky. kristin fisher is life from washington. >> we have two primaries tomorrow. oregon for the republicans. even though trump is the only candidate in the race. oregon and kentucky for the d democrats. kentucky was supposed to be an easy win for clinton t. looks like sanders could take it. even if sanders were able to win
2:33 am
both states clinton has an almost insurmountable lead for the democrats. as she campaigned clinton focused entirely on donald trump. she said it lifted her spirits to see the exaggerate tore beaten in the derby a. >> it is not just offensive. it is dangerous. it is dangerous. it is raising doubts and questions about our values, about our attentions. he is a lose cannon. a lose cannon who -- he doesn't care if more countries get nuclear weapons. >> donald trump has played defense ever since they came out with a story on saturday accusing them of crossing a line with women in the workplace. he called it a lame hit piece. he posted on twitter the media is on a witch hunt against me
2:34 am
false reporting and plenty of it but we will prevail. the new york times is standing by and prevailing. there is talk about possible running mates. one being tossed around is newt gingrich. he would be hard pressed not to say yes if asked. we will see. a lot of buzz about the vp pick. we are still six months away. >> i know. we love playing around. i also heard sarah palin's name in there. >> not nabiling any names he takes on donald trump during a college commencement speech with some of the jabs he took with the presumptive nominee. >> good morning as well. it was a historic day for rutger's university. celebrating the 250th anniversary and hosting president oesh wobama who delivered the commencement address who focused more on politics than telling students they had a bright future.
2:35 am
the president took direct aim at the republican prufrp tiff nominee donald trump challenging the 12,000 graduates that think globally in solving problems instead of as he says building walls. >> the world is more interconnected than ever before. it is becoming more connected every day. building walls won't change that. >> the president continued to give a stern rebuke of trump's proposals to temporarily ban muslims as well. >> isolating or despair racking muslims suggesting they should be treated differently when it comes to entering this country, that is not just a betrayal of our values, that is not just a betrayal of who we are. >> mr. obama focused on how it is an appreciation of
2:36 am
intellectual thinking. >> if you were listening to today's political debate, you might wonder where the strain of anti intellectualism is from. ignorance is not a virtue. >> the political system in america is not rigged atting more so far donald trump has not responded to president obama's indictment on his proposals. >> we will see how long it takes for him to respond. kelly wright thank you for that. don't forget as megyn kelly has exclusive one-on-one interview with donald trump. it airs here on fox news channel. >> the search for a mother who fell over board from a carnival cruz ship is now suspended. this as surveillance video on
2:37 am
board the ship shows samantha falling backward it was due to dock in galveston texas this morning. >> are the biggest names in business are at risk with terror attack. calling on terrorists to attack america's top innovators. the article even has a drawing that shows a shadowy figure standing outside of a home at night. one of the names mentioned microsoft founder bill gates. it is known for cars, clubs and
2:38 am
crime. he was transporting cars for the fast and furious 8. he snuck on in tuba. they reportedly worked on the production crew there. >> deny, deny, deny. national security advisor hitting back with allegations about the iran nuclear deal. rice disagreeing with white house advisor ben roads to sell the agreement to americans. >> there is nothing that ben or the president or i or anybody who was involved in explaining the iran deal to the american public said that wasn't factually correct. >> wright said it successfully cut off all of the pathways to a nuclear weapon. it,226 steps to never forget. they paid tribute to the first
2:39 am
responders who put their lives on the line on 9-11. >> giving back something. >> 9-11 my brother's words we are right behind you. they all got out and survived. that's what you think about. >> they raised 300,000 dollars for building homes for injured first responders. it was in memory of firefighter steven siller. he ran from the brooklyn to the twin towers on that day with all of his gear on his back making the ultimate sacrifice. >> i was there with him yesterday morning. it was emotional. >> oo severe storms taking aim as temperatures drop. >> we are live outside the plaza trking the latest. >> it is chilly. we have a current temperature in new york city at 43 degrees. other areas are quite chilly this morning.
2:40 am
cleveland 38 degrees. in the low 30's as we are further forth in new england. it is developing bringing in rain across missouri, kansas, oklahoma even stretching down into texas. the big concern later on today we will get the daytime heating and thunderstorms will be firing up and could intrifrng weather. there is also the potential to see tornadoes out there. be safe make sure to have a way to get the weather warnings. otherwise the rain will continue in missouri and kansas. several inches of rain will be possible. flash flooding will be a concern. a oo kicked to the curb.
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the obama proposed library supposed to be helping homeless heros now accused of stealing from them. >> this remaining silent ain't nothing like it is mailed out to be. >> he is facing charges for causing a political charge during a movie shoot. in a good, clean salad, every ingredient is the main ingredient. the new green goddess cobb with avocado, bacon, freshly made dressing, tomato...
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>> a new solution to cut down the finds at the airport. >> cheryl casone is here to explain. >> good morning. those lines, you have seen them. you have been in them, ladies. with those lines at tsa checkpoints getting longer and longer u.s. senator chuck schumer has a solution. more dogs. you have a passenger screening canine. it is like precheck where you don't have to take off your coat
2:45 am
or your belt or your shoes they can smell any explosives that might be on you. >> he also said new york airports have half of the canine units than they should. this comes on the heels they mate replace the tsa at jfk and laguardia. lines have become so out of control going up escalators in some instances. 90 minutes at jfk over the weekend. they are blaming passengers saying you are at fault not being ready for security. they are talking about the lines and poor over sight of the agency overall. yes, heather and abby they want more money. >> of course they do. that will solve everything. a veteran's charity group about to be kicked to the curb to make
2:46 am
room for president obama's library. it is the last privately owned security blocking the development. the group says city inspectors are working with the obama administration after finding code violations fining them 16,000 dollars per day. the city will decide the group's fate tomorrow. >> they led the massive wildfire in canada have a new way to see what's left of their town. more than 2,000 buildings were destroyed. # #,000 people were evacuated. many are still living in shelters and may not be able to return for weeks. >> bees began terrorizing a northern american town when an amateur beekeeper got rid of the hive because he was attacked. they have been mostly eradicated. they are expected of killing two dogs and stinging several
2:47 am
people. >> bonn voyage to the largest cruz ship the $1 billion harmony of the seas set sale from trance to the u.k. it is bigger than the eiffel tower. it is expected to dock in new england and from there it will carry 6300 passengers to bars loan ya leooan -- barcelona. >> a bombshell interview how the cia may have had a hand in putting nelson mandela behind bars. >> a house broken buffalo cow. the advertisement for 1,000 pound bison being sold on craig's list? >> first let's check in with steve doocy see what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> i have known you for a while why have you never revealed to me you are related to clint
2:48 am
eastwood and winston churchill. >> my dad would love that. >> that's a tease to find out who else she is related to. we have the host of genealogy road show on pbs coming up. also talking politics. donald trump is being attacked for his treatment of women. we have one woman who says the new york times got her story wrong. plus laura ingram and bret baier for the top of the hour. they say politics is a circus. the big top circus comes to the plaza. we have 400 people who are going to cut their hair off for cancer. we have a busy three hours right now right here on the channel you trust for your morning news.
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♪ welcome back to ""fox & friends first". does the cia have a key role in nelson mandela's arrest? a new bomb shell interview says yes. police were tipped off where mandela was going. he was wanted for speaking out against the government. it was believe he was a dangerous communist controlled by the soviet union. he spent 27 years in prison and famously released in 1990. no comment from the cia. well, they tied her up, threw her in the trunk of her own car with every intention of killing her. she's apologizing to her attackers. i can't believe to tell you, boys how sorry i am for what you've been through all these past few months. maybe some day, you'll have a
2:53 am
good love. a star on hbo's crime drama, "the wire ie ie found himself on the other side of the law. >> hillary clinton supporter actor wendell pierce was arrested at an atlanta hotel after getting into a violent argument with a bernie sanders supporter. he pushed the man out of the way and grabbed a woman by the hair. meet this 1,000 pound house broken bison put on sale by craigslist. the add -- ad listed her for almost $6,000. from a house-trained bison to a wild baby bison kidnapped
2:54 am
by tourists at yellowstone national park. they thought it was cold and in danger. >> a woman on a school field trip saw them. told a park ranger. the bison was perfectly healthy and released. >> hopefully made its way back to mom. the time is about five minutes until the top of the hour. a bench-clearing baseball brawl, the ugly moment the sluggers get slugged themself. and the world's most happenless -- hapless robbers. you won't believe how they got caught. ♪ ♪ you both have a
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biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too. remember, while your medication is doing you good, a dry mouth isn't. biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth. two minutes until the top of the hour. before you leave the house, here's what's happening today. the man accused of shooting two new hampshire police officers facing a judge. he's charged with attempted murder and faces life in prison. both officers are okay. the carnival cruise ship who extended the search for a mother who fell overboard is about to dock in galveston, texas. video shows samanthabroberg falling backwards after sitting up on the back of a railing. and the nation's highest honor for law enforcement, the medial of honor.
2:59 am
time now for the good, the bad, and the ugly. "fox & friends" producer pulls off the perfect proposal. >> oh, my god! oh, my god. >> oh, a huge congratulations to our friend a.j. holland and nicole on their engagement. he popped the question saturday night on the big screen on times square. they met right here on "fox & friends." it's like a movie. >> i love that. >> the bad, these two give a whole new meaning of dumb criminals. a swedish jewelry store, they attempted to escape on a scooter that won't start. ugly, rougned owe dor hits joe -- jose bautista in the
3:00 am
face. president obama slammed donald trump during his commencement address at rutgers university taking aim at the presumptive nominee and everything he stands for. let's keep talking about this. was it the right platform? log on to "fox & friends" facebook page for a live debate. #keep dgs talking. whew. "fox & friends" next. good monday morning to you and to your family. it's may 16th, 2016. i'm ainsley earhardt. we start with a fox news alert. the coast guard calling off the search for the woman who went overboard, a cruise ship. the ship is back at port but the operation to find her is over. we've got the latest on the coast gar's decision. and "new york times" has an


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