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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  May 16, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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learn how you can help. that is seton high school donating their hair for breast cancer. >> 400 young ladies. awesome job. >> what a great school. a lot of reason to be proud. i think that was a world record. >> see you tomorrow. bill: the news is breaking on this monday, may 16. donald trump fighting back on what he calls as a hit piece. one of the women in that story said she was misquoted and the paper lied to her. it's mid-may, the elect is in november. martha: the sunday edition of the "new york times" featured an op-ed. it features women who claim
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inappropriate behavior. one of the woman dated for several months. she told the story of trump asking her to change into bathing suit at the mar-a-lago. >> the "new york times" told us several times that they would make sure my story that i was telling came across. they promised several time they would do it accurately. they told me and my manager several time it would not be a hit piece. and my story would come across the way i was telling it and honestly, and it absolutely was not. they did take quotes on what i said and put a negative connotation. they spun it so it appeared negative. i did not have a negative
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experience with donald trump. just analyze it from where you are there, byron about this whole back and forth. >> the story got a lot of attention. it was discussed on the sunday show. but i this this interview with roann brewer lane points to the problem with the tory. there is a lot of behavior listed in the story that one might characterize as borderline. one woman might say that's an inappropriate and another woman would say i don't see anything wrong with that. the one that begins the story say he she did not take offense to any of this, i think it does a lot of damage. we have seen donald trump
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tweeting out comment on that interview saying it shows the norm times lied. bill: he said the "new york times" is so dishonest. rose anne brewer said it was a lie. this back and forth now, and you wonder what sticks and what doesn't. what matters and what doesn't. >> i think the one thing we can say is there will be a lot more of it. you will have the fir woman to head a presidential ticket in history who has cite sighted donald trump for his statement and attitude toward women. then you see donald trumpn a
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combative move attacking hillary clinton for enabling her husband who had well publicized problems with women in the white house. and after the white house. i think you will see a lot of back and forth. and what might happen in the absence of some huge revelation, some clear story everybody agrees on. in the absence of that it might turn into a lot of white noise in the next sick months. -- in the next six months. bill: more to come. bikini, speedos. so we have trump's reaction, his response. i haven't seen the interview yet, perhaps he will do one sometime today. martha: a lot of people read that story and said is that all you have got? very prominent placement and when the lead is what it is in
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terms of the headlines "crossing the line," that's an assumption on the part of these women and roseanne brewer said it was inaccurate. a lot of women will find it different from what they thought. i don't think there was anyone who thought wow, who would have thought something like that would transpire with donald trump. we'll see where it goes. in the meantime the new reports that some top republicans are looking to draft a third-party candidate. a group led by mitt romney is raising money and they are looking for recruits. reince priebus telling "fox news sunday" that he believes it's a terrible idea. >> it's a suicide mission. you are throwing out 8 years of the white house and potentially
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generations on the supreme court. we could have potentially three justices change or in the next 8 years. this is a suicide mission, and it's not right. >> who was behind this plan and how much of a plan is there really, dog. >> the most prominent figure, mitt romney. many of the consultant who work in his campaign, including william kristol. some have approached ben sasse. he reportedly has rejected the offer and so has john kasich according to his spokesman. even the proponent of such a plan pretty much admit it's not workable. its ostensible effect would be to hand the elect to hillary clinton. but so distasteful is the
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suggest that -- the suggestion. >> they should get assurances from donald trump that they are satisfied with that would show he's committed to conservative justices. and making sure the people justices he's considering are approved by the heritage committee. reporter: it's too late to get on the ballot in some large state including texas. fundraising and grassroots organizations would lag far behind. martha: meanwhile donald trump is working on people who aren't on board and he's winning some of them over. >> representative tom cole says
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he's a work in progress. those cozying up to trump are doing so with eyes wide open. cole said usually you know a lot more about a candidate. he does have a shoot from the hip style. those who attended congressional meeting with trump last thursday say he was attentive and a good listener. bill: over the weekend barack obama went right after donald trump, though not mentioning him by name. >> building walls won't do that. it won't boost our economy and won't enhance our security. isolating or disparaging muslims, suggesting they should be treated differently when it comes to entering this country. let me be as clear as i can be. in politic and in life,
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ignorance is not a virtue. it's not cool to not know what you are talking about. bill: it is clear that he wants a voice in this campaign. a lot of what hold him back and hold joe biden back is the hillary clinton and bernie sanders matter has not been settled and likely will not be settled until the third week in july. martha: it goes with all political speakers. i don't know how you alienate a portion your audience when you speak to graduates. if there are kids in that group who are donald trump supporters and hear how the president is speaking about it feel what's in this commencement speech for me? isn't there a broader more positive outlook for these students coming together by the president and other political
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speakers. i have heard from many people who have been at commencement speeches this string who sat there feeling i was not included in this speech because of the way i feel. bill: the structure for that theme for the speech on sunday was different entirely than what you normally get. we are going to have more on that coming up in a little while. dr. ben carson revealed who donald trump's short this includes. we are going to talk about some of the names he says are on the short list. bill: house republicans want dr. ben carson to testify tomorrow. will he show up and what -- want ben rhodes to testify on a
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martha: it seems ben carson revealed a list of potential running mates. he says the most favorable were john kasich, marco rubio, sarah palin, and chris christie, he said all those people are on our list. carson called to clarify the comments saying being considered for vice president, everybody is on the list. a little bit of backtracking. bill: now we have the names. temperatures pas, 15minutes pas. bill: house republicans holding a hearing tuesday.
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they are demanding white housed a adviser ben rhodes testify. jason chaffetz is with me. this stems out of the iran nuclear deal but is flood a "new york times" piece from two days ago. reporter >> not only does ben rhodes have disdain for the media and congress. they manipulated the public in such a way to form support for the iranian deal that was not road in fact. there were parts of that that were not accurate. >> how did they ma name late washington or the media or the public or all three. >> they seemed to put out a lot of false information.
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they did that in an echo chamber where they would feed information to the media and create an echo chamber with things that aren't true. you have things secretary kerry said along the way that aren't true. it's one of the most important thing in foreign policy, to make sure you get it right. rough. temperature eric schultz said the republicans are seeking to relitigate that old political fight. >> he said he couldn't have a dialogue with congress? we are going to provide him with that. we were taunted by josh earnest at the podium saying perhaps we should have senator cotton and others invited. we accommodated that.
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if mr. rhodes is there, senator cotton is there as well. bill: will you if he's not there, issue a subpoena.e. i have the ability to issue a subpoena but have no indication i will have to do that. bill: have you looked into the state department briefing? sat what point did the conversation begin with iranian leadership. was it 2011, 2013, 2014. have you determined that again. >> based on what we heard from the white house, this narrative from the president. his advisors said there was a moderate regime coming into place. that started prior to this, and the much more aggressive part of the regime. let the truth free veil. that's -- let the truth prevail.
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when you have the executive branch suddenly take out an 8-minute clip because it doesn't fit their narrative, it adds to this wonderment of what the white house is doing. they minneapolis le -- they misn benghazi and a host of things. bill: the white house is pushing back against many of your colleagues suggesting you have the numbers wrong. >> why we need mr. rhodes to come before the oversight committee. 100 billion is direct and indirect payments. the use of a dollar. were they dismantling the infrastructure? another topic where secretary kerry has not been consistent.
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there is a lot to talk about. >> your press secretary senator cotton will testify. if ben rhodes is man enough to show unquote. >> senator cotton said you better man up. if you want to put on a uniform and go out there and worry about iran then maybe you should do that. the white house mocked us, taunted us from the podium and said maybe you should invite senator cotton so we did. bill: the hearing is tomorrow. we'll see how far you get. martha? martha: another bombshell against the clinton foundation. and you investigation revealing suspicious accounting, calling it fraud. i know breaking the neighborhood speed record
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bill: the capital city on lockdown in kabul, afghanistan. tens of thousands taking to the streets demanding better electric service. wow. the fear is these demonstrations could turn violent. we'll watch it here on america's newsroom. martha: new allegations of fraud connected to the clinton foundation. tracking the cash flow, they hah turned up some big holes that go back to 1997 when the foundation was first founded. who is this guy who did think
6:25 am
investigation and what do you think is the headline in what he found. >> he digs deep into financial record. he's a whistle blower. he has been correct on g.e. and aig on wall street. this is a real guy who digs through these numbers and does his due diligence work. he said he wanted to track the money and match it up to the foundation records. there were huge gaps between what people said they gave and the foundation record. this is basic, that's fraud. you can say people can make mistake. you look deeper into a lot of the stuff he found. only 10% of their bun the goes to good work. that's a terrible record. we talked about that. i would not give to a charity where only tn% of what you said
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went to good work. 33% toward salaries and benefit paying the friends of bill and hillary clinton. 40% to other stuff. rent, i.t. expenses. this looks like just another vessel for raising money for the clintons and their political benefit. the website charity navigator where they vet charities of all types say they don't even want to look at the clinton foundation anymore because they can't make heads nor tails of what the clinton foundation is, that its business model is dissimilar to any charity out there. martha: charity navigator doesn't feel like they can wrap their arms around this calling it a charity at all, it raises so many questions. in terms of the donations not matching up with the record, do we know whether it was a person
6:27 am
said they gave a lower amount and the foundation is recording a big fat number so maybe somebody is trying to camouflage how much influence that person had with the foundation? >> that's one possibility. there are just people that don't show up at all in the record that said they gave money. you know, they say it's sloppy bookkeeping. it's not uncommon for stuff like this to happen. when you look at the countries and endities that gave money and were lobbying. and within a week in some cases got the benefit of what they were looking for. got a favorable ruling from the state department. you wonder if some of that has to do with the ruling. it's a lot to sort through. he spent 15 months work on this. charles ortel. he's posting 40 different
6:28 am
reports it's hard to read through financial reports. i hope people look at this and glean the details and get the benefit of this good work because it shows some very shady dealing, in my opinion. martha: no doubt the trump campaign will be interested in taking a look at it, too. we'll see a lot of back and forth. good to see you. bill: we have another fox news alert. a string of bloody attacks by isis in iraq, dozens killed. an intraterror war brewing in the region. martha: debunking the "new york times" on the report on donald trump's mistreatment of women. the woman featured in the story
6:29 am
spoke on "fox and friends" and said what he said about her is not true. >> did he ever mistreat women? >> not that i had ever seen. put a doubt, no. and on that day you will walk into a room where 15 people will be waiting... 12 behind the sofa, 2 behind the table and 1 and a half behind a curtain. family: surprise! but only one of them will make a life long dream come true. great things are ahead of you when your health is ready for them. at humana, we can help you with a personalized plan for your health for years to come.
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bill: a bloody day in iraq. there was an explosion of a natural gas plant. this country is under enormous pressure yet again. conor powell is in our middle east bureau. what sparked the latest wave of violence. it was not only a deadly and violence sunday. in and around baghdad the last five or six days, yesterday there our five separate attacks in which 4 people were dead and other attacked killed 15 people. isis launching attacks according to multiple american officials.
6:33 am
american officials say it proves the insurgent group is desperate because they are losing territory in iraq and afghanistan. wednesday more than 100 people were killed in a series of attacks credited to isis. they are on the defensive. one thing that should be point out is while they are losing a great deal of territory in iraq and syria, they are capable and effective launching traditional attacks. it comes at a time when the iraqi government is under pressure shiia reporters. that's been the main target trying to create a sectarian divide. many of them are starting to protest the lack of the government's ability to provide security, that's causing a
6:34 am
constitutional crisis where the government is not able to form a governing coalition. but because other element are not participating in the government, they are unable to do so. so they are trying to ratchet up the sectarian division. this country is under a lot of pressure and things look bleak in baghdad even though the fight against isis is going very well. bill: connor, thank you. >> mr. trump is the real live inspiration for ironman. who am i? i'm his publicist joey pepperoni. no, i'm not donald trump in disguise.
6:35 am
this ways classy people sounds like. martha: there are claims donald trump impersonated his own publicist with "the washington post." but one of trump's former girlfriends is defending aalong the "new york times" story. she came on this morning on fox and says she was misquoted and in her eyes he never did everything wrong. >> we seemed to have a conversation nicely and it normally and naturally evolved into a conversation. he asked if i had a swimsuit. i said i didn't because i didn't plan on swimming. he asked if i wanted one. so i said sure. and i changed into one. i went back out to the pool party and he made a comment, now that's a stunning trump girl.
6:36 am
i was flattered by it. i didn't feel like it was a demeaning situation or comment at all. martha: mat schlapp and mary anne marsh, welcome to both of you. marianne, when you read this piece, were you shocked by it, did it surprise you, did you think there was a lot of meat in that story? >> shocked? no. the real point is what reince priebus said. that donald trump's personal life should be off limit. if that's the case, so should hillary clinton's. what you saw culminating in the "new york times" story yesterday, donald trump has been hitting -- hillary clinton about her personal life and her
6:37 am
marriage. your opponent hits you, and you hit back in kind. what we are seeing now is whether there is a double standard. i think that's what we are looking for in the next several days. martha: the "new york times" should feel they have a responsibility to do that equally exhaustive research into the clinton side as well. a lot of readers and reporters are expecting that's the way they will respond. especially if it's been called into question. she was the leased this story. usually you put the teeth of the story up front, matt. what do you think about this? >> i think it was a hit piece. i think when you run for president, your life is on display. i think the american voters care a little less about every aspect of someone's personal life.
6:38 am
but i think they do want to know how someone stands morally. donald trump is running for president. he's not on trial. those of us who want to vote for him and support him. they are not his character witnesses. donald trump has to explain his allegations. with the top woman coming out and saying she was mischaracterized in the story. i think people will say this is a typical paper that will support hillary clinton and going after donald trump and they went too far. with everything the country is facing, i think people know donald trump has positives and negatives. but they think he will stand up and fight and lead. and, man, are they hungry for leadership. >> i think the issue where we are in this campaign is both campaigns are trying to define the debate. donald trump decided this stage
6:39 am
of the debate will be about character, transparentsy and trust. and now he's being subjected to the same treatment. that's what's fair here. that's what people are looking for. either there is going to be a double standard and the clinton's personal life have been examined for 30-40 years. when you hide for president you can't hide who you are. there have been no rules, no boundaries, and conventional wisdom has been thrown out the window. is there going to be a double standard for hillary clinton? martha: i get your question. the stunning thing in. ways about donald trump is there is a lot of stuff to chew over. he had a lot of girlfriends, he had been married three times. and people know this character. they know who he is.
6:40 am
regardless of that, if they think that's okay, they have nominated him to lead the republican party matt. it goes to a question of whether or not this is what people care about right now because it feels like they care about different stuff. >> so what the never trump or the clinton people are trying to do is tell the american voters is to tell the american people donald trump is morally unfit to be the commander-in-chief. if the problem for these folks is the candidate the democrats are going to figure, likely they are going to pick, is hillary clinton who is not in a position to make any northerly claims against donald trump, especially now she is saying her husband is going to play a big role in her administration. he was impeached for being physically gratified in the oval office. he was disbarred and paid fines
6:41 am
for that the ridiculous treatment of somebody's daughter in the oval office. we don't want a holy monk as president, we want a leader. we want somebody who will take on isis and create jobs again. this is one of those moments like abraham lincoln said when he turned to general grant, we want somebody who will fight for us. martha: we spent so many cycles where this stuff comes out and it feels like many people are beyond this kind of conversation. so it may be an attempt to sell newspapers, but it will be interesting as people get to the point they used to be at with politicians before there was ch a thing where they didn't know half the stuff where they say i don't really care. martha: last points. that's exactly where we should be. your last point is where voters
6:42 am
in this country want to be. >> thank you, guys. good to have you both here. bill: who has the upper hand in the battle over congress. one of the hardest fought races for harry reid's battle. the trump effect in november. that's next. >> the israeli fell calling out iran saying the rogue regime wants to finish the job nazi germany began. >> you take hundreds of billions of dollars in sanctions relief and fat contracts will turn this rapacious tiger into a kitten? if you do you can think again.
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martha: israeli fell benjamin
6:46 am
netanyahu says iran denies the holocaust, mocked the holocaust. i think every country in the world must stand up and fully condemn this. bill: there are several critical senate seats up for grabs in november. one of the most visible and hardest fought is the battle to take harry reid's seat in nevada. the outgoing senator picking a candidate so they can retain the seat. the republican candidate is with us.
6:47 am
>> we are moving forward based on the race in november. bill: she is a two-time attorney general in the state of nevada. look at the convention video from saturday. this was a battle over delegates. go ahead and roll. >> their convention descended into chaos. my opponent was booed when she mentioned she supported hillary clinton as was senator boxer who was booed. they had to call in the local police to tree store order -- to restore order. after 8 years of barack obama and 30 years of harry reid. they are ready for real change. the democrats saw a dip. our convention went off last weekend without a hitch. their descend into chaos.
6:48 am
bill: donald trump will say the system is rigged. he will say to bernie sanders, run as an independent. what is the effect on a donald trump candidacy? >> we'll see in november. we saw an incredible turnout at our gop caucus in february. we had more people turn out in 2016 that we had in 2008 and 2012 combined while the democrats saw a dip in their attendance. bill: there are some republicans who suggest it could be a down ballot disaster if donald trump is the nominee. what do you think of that when you hear that. >> having served in the house for six years and having a track record of having helped people in our district. that's the message we are getting out. no matter what you may think after 8 years of barack obama and 30 years of her's failed
6:49 am
policies, people want to see a change. bill: barack obama has done well in that state for the past 8 years. what are the issues driving this campaign? >> as i travel the state i usually ask what is your number one issue? they are concerned about national security and jobs and the economy. and they are worried about educating their children. that's the connection we are make with voter. bill: economy or immigration. >> economy is still the number one issue between the two. nevada is slowly coming out of the recession and we have a long way to go. bill: if you are victorious you will go up against what will be one of the most watched battles for control of the senate come november. joe heck, thank you for your time.
6:50 am
martha: al qaeda is adding new targets to its hit list. it's telling its followers to go after people like bill gates. bill: the texas rangers second baseman notching a big hit but not with a bat. like a match it went off. a bench clearing brawl that has the sports world talking today. they brought this on themselves.
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bill: big brawl in baseball last night. 8 players tossed starting in the 8th inning.
6:54 am
jose bautista hit in the ribs with a fastball. when he's on base he retaliates by sliding into o'dor's leg. ranger's hit by a pitch. texas won the boxing match against toronto 7-6. there is the slide, watch it, hang it, pop. you won't come in like that again, will you. think twice by the next time. martha: you don't see that that much in baseball. bill: usual. >> i they play base bull. martha: they save that for hockey. >> a big day at the white house.
6:55 am
13 police officers will receive the nation's highest honor. reporter: the medal of valor for officers who displayed exceptional courage regardless of their own personal safety to keep people out of harm's way. officers from around the country come to the nation's capital. president obama will award 13 officers the medal of valor. an for from the miami-dade police department. an assailant stabbed him multiple times as he tried to prevent an attacker from setting off a massive gas explosion.
6:56 am
>> the officer subdued an assailant who attacked his parent. officer thompson cross two highway barriers and sustained first and second degree burns who pulled an unconscious man from the car that was soon enveloped by flames. and a another officer rescued a woman whose husband held her at gunpoint. there are examples of the bravery they displayed will be honored at the white house around 11:30 this morning. bill: some prominent republicans putting together a third party effort to try and stop trump. we are getting more details about their plan.
6:57 am
but as the republican chair calls it, a suicide mission? martha: bob gates weighing in on the november elect. nothing unleashes power... quite like the human foot. introducing the 241 horsepower lexus is 200 turbo. with almost twenty percent more base horsepower. once driven, there's no going back.
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or solutions as it may not work as intended and you may lose blood sugar control, which could be serious. ask your doctor about toujeo®. marth: "new york times" rin as big story scrutinizing donald trump's past behavior with women, but now one of those women said the paper lied to her and twisted her words. welcome, everybody. brand new hour of "america's newsroom," on this monday, i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'll bill hemmer. "the times" getting a lot of pushback saying trump consistently called the line with women. trump calling the front page story a hit piece. at least one woman quoted by the article, a former girlfriend disputing characterization of her relationship. she had a positive experience with trump but "times" spun it to negative experience. marth: the words evoke a
7:01 am
familiar cascade of casual insults hurled from safe distance after twitter account, radio show, campaign podium. this is the public treatment of some women by mr. trump, the presumptive republican nominee for president. defraying, personal, deformed. that from "the new york times." brit hume, fox news senior political analyst. martha: did the support the evidence. >> what is knew about it, or at least some of what is new bit isn't true, and what is true about it isn't new. so it really doesn't amount to much consider the splash it got in the peep. there is real question whether the lead act neck dote concerning a woman who said contrary to the story she was never mistreated by trump is even correct.
7:02 am
this really, this ended up kind of backfiring seems to me. martha: look at a little bit of back and forth. donald trump tweeted about this right away. wow, the most depicted woman in "the new york times" story is on "fox & friends" saying "the times" lied. this unlikely source, david axelrod, says donald trump's boarish behavior is troubling not surprising over the bold play. this is a piece of sound from brewer herself. >> i don't know how many people spoken out about it. i'm happy that i can. i have the right platform to do this. i don't know how many other barrels were feel they were misquoted. i know for a fact i was. i don't want that out there. that is not how, that is not how it was. that is not how it felt. martha: so does "the new york times" have to deal with this, brit no. >> oh, i think so, in some way. they will have to rebut this we'll see.
7:03 am
here's the problem, with the problem, martha, broadly speaking. even if you assume that all of it was correct, is it really news that donald trump acted adolescent and boarish toward women? go back to the celebrated megyn kelly question to trump in the first delate, one that caused uproar between the two of them. she ticked off examples which were also mentioned in the piece him saying pretty rough things about women, pretty tough, crude, vulgar and rest of it. and, my sense about that, idea is that it is baked into the cake -- certainly isn't going to change trump's standing among core of very loyal core of supporters. these kinds of stories might have effect on ability to improve standing with women, which i think what we know about the favorability ratings in the polling he needs to do but i think this one misfired. martha: it is kind of, it is fascinating to look at the
7:04 am
history of this kind of stuff, you know. gow back to the bill clinton, all of the bill clinton scandals and impeachment and all of that, the kind of stuff that put out there that went on between he and monica lewinsky. i wonder if the threshold of what people can handle and what they take into account when they vote for a politician has just dramatically changed in this country? do people just not care about this stuff anymore? >> i think there's a certain number of people who do care. i think most of them are adherents of the republican party. they care about, you know he, life issues, they care about marriage issues, they care about fidelity, that manifestation of character. i think that is, so it is republican caught misbehaving in that way is in more trouble than a democrat would in most instances. so bill clinton kind of got a pass in the end. he left office with high approval ratings. people like the way the world was going at the time.
7:05 am
that helped a lot. republicans though, we've seen this as republicans brought down by these claims or at least badly, badly hurt by them. so i think it depends who you are and what party you're attached to. martha: when you look at the reaction, as these things have come out over the course of time, and also you could argue that donald trump is such a known entity. people have watched him on television. he has been, by his own volition and effort on the newspapers and in front pages for 30 years at this point. so they know all this stuff and they say they don't care. they are interested more in this sort of, you know, strong guy presentation and somebody who frankly is not pc. so some of this stuff in a weird way works in his favor, does it not? >> well, i think, martha, what you're pointing out points to a fact sort of been forgotten by some people that is when this race started with all 17 candidates still in the field
7:06 am
donald trump had by far, by far the biggest name recognition in the country. so he had kind of a head start. then of course the things he said and did are so eye catching he made a lot of news. once he shot to the top of the polls as he did pretty quickly, he then became the most, unusual, exotic and news-making presidential candidate we've ever seen and the news coverage just followed that. now some say it created him but, i would contend to you, martha, that if news coverage created donald trump's standing with republicans, it also created his very high unfavorable rating with voters at large. martha: that's a great point. brit, thank you very much. >> you bet, martha. bill: in a lot of ways he has shown the ability to go around the mainstream media. we watched that for eight months. expect more of that. martha: the persona he has he worked on creating himself. the media didn't create it.
7:07 am
he worked on creating it himself over past 25 years or so and he is a creation of his own hard work many could hearing. bill: six minutes past the hour. want to get into this right now. reports that al qaeda is urging followers to focus on american business leaders. the latest issue of the terror group's propaganda magazine calls on would-be jihadis to target entrepreneurs including bill gates of microsoft fame. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is on the story. how credible and what dot reports suggest, catherine? reporter: bill, good morning. the latest issue of "inspire" magazine does call on it is al qaeda followers to carry out bomb and knife attacks on american business leaders. similar request was made on to mark mark thage versely of 9/11. -- mark markopolos devices for cars.
7:08 am
what has the attention of analysts is this shift by al qaeda and isis to personal attacks by formulating these kind of kill lists. first military personnel and their families. more recently government as well as intelligence officials. just earlier this month, ordinary americans. one it may reflect the fact that neither group pulled off a major u.s. terror attack with high casualty count. there is no evidence that any people identified on the kill list have ever been assassinated. he said the kill lists are not sophisticated increasingly appear from public databases of property records and hacks of computer websites, bill. bill: given that, how credible is the threat, catherine? >> reporter: the fbi director says it takes the list seriously and has duty to warn individuals who appear on the kill list through the joint terrorism task force working through local and state law enforcement. that said the credibility of intelligence and analysis
7:09 am
provided to lawmakers specifically about isis and it is strength in irrake and syria remains a deep concern after the allegations that assessments were allerred for political reasons of the house intelligence committee is running its own investigation. >> the centcom commander was not reflecting what was actually happening on the ground and then come to find out, several analysts have come forward as whistle-blowers and provided information to the congress and inspector general. it ends up their documentation was being changed. reporter: fox news was told the house report into those very allegations about manipulating intelligence, about isis could in fact be ready within the next two to three weeks, bill. bill: catherine herridge stay on the story thanks. developing from washington. martha: new developments in the fight against isis. a u.s. envoy says the terror group is losing ground despite ramp up attacks in iraq. the envoy says they're losing control. >> the caliphate as they call
7:10 am
it, perverse caliphate, is shrinking. they're very much on the defensive. their territory is shrinking. they are now doing these suicide attacks against civilian populations. it is not going to work but that is what they're trying to do. this is nothing new. this is not a new tactic. this is the nature of the organization. martha: more than one one hundred people killed in isis attacks in the past week including an assault on a natural gas plant near baghdad. we'll have more coming up in the next hour with general jack keane. bill: meantime, martha, new reports that high-profile republicans are looking for a third party candidate to take on trump. rnc chair reince priebus chair says, bad idea. >> i think it is very dangerous and there are other ways to get assurances on the things that they're worried about. they should consider the ramifications of what is going to happen. bill: what us did the trump team say about that? we will talk to them in a moment. martha: plus president obama jumping into 2016 taking some thinly-veiled jabs at republicans and donald trump. will it make a difference at the ballot box?
7:11 am
plus this. [shouting] bill: talk about the superdelegates, right? that is a democratic state convention getting out of control. what the heck caused this? [shouting] ♪ in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow.
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7:15 am
more than 40. investigators on the scene, both local and federal trying to figure out what happened as we learn more about what the survivors on board experienced. >> she tells me she turned around and saw her best friend. she thought she died. she tried to get out of the bus which she did and she was outside she could see inside that her friend was, looked like she was passed on. bill: police will interview the driver. that person now hospitalized with serious injuries. and as i mentioned, the ntsb is on board with the investigation. martha: some conservatives hunting for a trump alternative, may turn to a third party challenge. there are reports mitt romney is helping to raise money and looking for recruits, with nebraska senator ben sasse at the top of the list but reince priebus urging caution because he believes that would only end in failure.
7:16 am
>> they can try to hijack another party and get on the ballot, but look, it is a suicide mission for our country, what it means you're throwing down, not just eight years of the white house, but potentially 100 years on the supreme court and wrecking this country for many generations. martha: jeff dewitt is the arizona state treasurer and chairman of trump's campaign in arizona. good morning, jeff. good to have you back on the program. >> good morning, martha, thank you for having me. martha: this is a real thing. mitt romney was the last nominee of course. he has a lot of sway in the party. he made some very strong statements against donald trump early on. the word is that ben sasse and john kasich were both approached and that they both said no. what's your response to this effort? >> well, rnc chairman priebus is exactly correct that anything like this, any third party run, would be suicidal to the republican chances in the fall and it would be absolutely
7:17 am
destructive to the republican party over the long haul. so, you know, this effort that mitt romney is mounting to do this, it goes against all the faith and the trust that we were republicans placed in him four years ago and he failed us on that faith and trust. for him to do this now, to be one of the most entrenched members of the establishment fighting against our presumptive nominee and to destroy the party, makes no sense. i think what he is actually doing destroying any future prospects of he has any way in the party past this fall. martha: on "fox news sunday" chris wallace spoke to representative tim holes camp and newt gingrich. they had a back and forth. >> he is vulgar, he is crass and i don't know where they're going to go. the best thing about donald trump today, is he not hillary clinton but certainly not a conservative either. >> donald trump is not a traditional conservative. he has never claimed to be traditional conservative. now are we really prepared to
7:18 am
say that trump is more dangerous than hillary clinton? if he is not more dangerous than hillary clinton for any rational conservative he is dramatically safer as vote. martha: what do you say to tim huelskamp and people who feel as he does? >> well, all i can say is, donald trump has millions more votes than any republican primary presidential candidate in the history of the country. and so the fact that he thinks he is not conservative enough or not correct for the republican party obviously the vast majority of republicans across america feel very differently including myself. so, you know, it is time to rally around donald trump. to stop saying these things. honestly it is not helpful. it is divisive. i don't know what they think they will accomplish by saying these things. donald trump is business an past if we want to say he is not typical of politicians we send up every other time in the last few elections have been cannon fodder for democrats yeah he is very different from that. donald trump is somebody that
7:19 am
can win for republican party. quite frankly will do wonders for the party, and america. time to rally around him. stuff like that is asinine. i appreciate newt gingrich. he understands washington. he understands donald trump approach of doing things differently and putting america first is what we need. martha: when you look at huelskamp, things he said he didn't want his nine-year-old to watch donald trump, he felt he was crass. he just feels that his presentation is something that he can't abide. is there anything that you think your candidate should do to try to convince people like him that he is the right person for the job? or do they kind of let those people go, say it doesn't matter? >> no. i think, what they're focusing on are comments from a long time ago. here and there some, off the comment jokes, things like that off-the-cuff remarks, but when you look at the whole, donald trump is very successful businessman.
7:20 am
he is a gentleman that can walk into the room of some of the most high powered people in the financial world and walk out with billion dollars deals. he is absolutely the right person to walk into meetings with high level foreign leaders or anything else we need that troubles our country and straighten things out. it is doing things differently. i don't think any of us hidden the fact that with donald trump we'll do things differently. that is what we need. our congress has one of the lowest approval ratings of all time. establishment is doing nothing to help everyday working americans. donald trump is coming out to say and he is giving back -- this is big step backwards in his life financially and personally for him to do this. but something we need. we should all be appreciative of what he is doing for us. martha: jeff, thank you. good to see you this morning. >> great, thanks, martha. bill: 20 minutes past. he said that a decade of war was over. president obama heralding peace in iraq and afghanistan in his second inaugural. but now iraq, afghanistan, syria, libya, all a tinderbox.
7:21 am
general jack keane on what went wrong and who might be the candidate to fix it now. martha: and a live look at o'hare airport in chicago. security lines there so long, the tsa is urging passengers to show up three hours before your flight. and it has been happening for days. so what is going on with these lines at the airport? live report coming up. ♪
7:22 am
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7:24 am
martha: so the supreme court handing a victory it seems, we're still sort of going through the meaning of this ruling, but it deals with the issue of religious employers who are opposed to the obamacare contraception mandate, like the
7:25 am
little sisters of the poor case. this decision came down just in the last few minutes. the justices -- by some of the interpretation looks like they have kicked this back to a lower court. so i'm going to hold back from making any sort of assessment about what has been found here because it is the zubic versus burwell case, obama care versus religious liberty. there. is some suggestion that they're kicking it back for another try providing contraception without compelling people like the little sisters of the poor to pay for that contraception. as you may remember, what has happened, sort of the, you know, the way they have gone are and it, the administration suggest another entity would pay for contraception and that should make the little sisters of the poor okay with that, but they have said they still feel that is not, does not satisfy their religious objection. so, shannon bream is reading
7:26 am
through this she will join us with with a look exactly what the outcome us. we have a ruling from scotus, little sisters of the poor case against burwell, we'll bring you that about obama cair as soon as that gets boiled down. bill: meantime if you're waiting you're not along. crazy long airport security lines worse by the day. many passengers missing flights as a result. tsa warning travelers in chicago get there three hours earlier. matt finn in o'hare airport in chicago. what is the situation? good morning. reporter: good morning, bill what we want to see on monday morning, another long, congested airport line. many of us have been standing here recently. american airlines tells fox this morning for the first time ever here in chicago it had it provide cots overnight into this morning because of a tsa line. they said the tsa line was so long they had to delay 30 flights.
7:27 am
delaying 30 flightser here in chicago provides for domino effect across the country. he have one of those flights delayed could be flying nine other flights throughout the day. american airlines saying this is personnel issue with fsa. tsa let go of 5,000 workers within recent years. they were banking that tsa precheck, preapproved to show up with the airport not go through security would help alleviate security lines but that really hasn't happened. here we are dealing with this mess. although i will say the wait for lines was up to two hours. airport work remembers running around trying to alleviate these lines. bill: that is remarkable. what is the outlook for the summer? it is almost here? reporter: for sure. you know it seems, airlines are saying they are expecting a record-setting summer travel season. seems like they say that every summer. here in chicago like you said they're encouraging people to get here three hours early. that is a lot of time. took us almost an hour to get
7:28 am
here to drive to the airport. takes an hour through the traffic. then you get here to wait maybe three for hours. tsa will ad 768 workers by june 15th. will that make a dent in all of that? i guess we'll see. get to every airport as early as you can. bill: or drive. thank you, matt finn, at o'hare in chicago. thank you, matt. martha: we'll get more information on the little sisters case. we'll bring you that in just a moment. meantime, have you seen over the weekend? tempers flaring at democratic state convention. watch. [shouting] boy, were they at odds. the clinton and bernie supporters going at it in nevada over the weekend as democratic party as split as the gop appears to be? bill: also president obama going after donald trump. but not by name in this commencement address. why now? will it work? what is the to come next? governor john sununu is on deck.
7:29 am
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martha: we're book with more clarification on the scotus ruling that has just come through with regard to obamacare and contraception mandate. shannon bream has been looking at it and joins us live with this story. what exactly did the court do here, shannon? good morning? reporter: good morning, martha. they sent these cases, there were a lot of cases grouped together. we hear a lot of about the little sisters of the poor. this is one of a group all on this issue. they have been sent down to the appellate courts to be reheard and decided with some guidance. after extended arguments at supreme court. the court did something unusual, after the fact, after oral arguments it asked both sides to come back to provide more information about specific questions how religious groups could work with the administration to make sure all
7:33 am
women have the contra separative care they, the administration argues is part of basic health care but at same time not have to offend their religious convictions. both sides responded, they said there is common area where they think they could work it out. it has not been done completely but with the guidance in mind the court sent all of these cases back to the lower courts where they came from, the appeals courts, with the two sides having weighed in how they think they can make this work, we need you to redecide these cases. we don't think the supreme court should be involved at this point. they actually did go on to say in today's decision this is not a ruling on the merits. they're not making an ultimate decision about religious liberty, whether it has been violated here, whether the government has done enough to accommodate it, they are saying cases go back for another round. martha: very interesting and a lot more work to be done it would appear. a lot of people were hoping to get an answer on this from the court. that is not yet in the works. shannon, thank you very much. reporter: you got it. martha: you bet.
7:34 am
♪ bill: president obama getting a by the political during his commencement speech at rutgers over the weekend. the president quote, condemning ignorance in politics today and making clear reference to donald trump about building walls. john sununu former new hampshire governor, former white house chief of staff to president george h.w. bush, and author of, the quiet man. good morning to you. >> i'm fine, bill. we're finally? fringe again. bill: kind of sort of, in the northeast. still feels like fall. what did you think of the president's approach was on sunday? >> you know he, a lot of what he was criticizing is directly applicable to the obama administration. he is talking about what, how global we are and how much cooperation we need. this is from the president that espoused leading from behind and in essence turned his back on american exceptionalism, that our allies have been counting on for leadership.
7:35 am
so it was self-criticism. when he talked about referring back to madison and jefferson and hamilton, and what they supported, what they supported was contrary completely to the growth of government, intrusion of government and things like obamacare and health care. so i think his speechwriter might have been putting things together that he wished might apply to obama but in fact they were contrary to what this obama administration has been all about. bill: some felt like it wasn't coming off prompter or page but coming almost in ad-lib sense. that was my feeling at points there. my overall sense though, governor he is itching to get on board this campaign but he can't because hillary clinton and bernie sanders haven't decided it yet and will not until the end of july, it looks like? >> well, look he wants to run, get involved in the campaign because he sees it as an opportunity to perhaps rewrite a
7:36 am
little bit of the horrible history of the last seven 1/2 years. he wants the opportunity to, i think, be as misrepresentative going forward in the coming months as he was in the speech at rutgers. bill: you know the other thing that is out there today, is this "new york times" thing on trump and women and et cetera. how much do you think these stories matter in 2016 with this campaign or this candidate whether it is from "the new york times" or "washington post"? what is your sense of that now in this early stage? >> look, bill i committed to vote for the ticket from top to bottom including trump as president but i'm not surprised at some of the issues that are going to be raised. it was part of my previous reluctance in, in endorsing, not endorsing in supporting mr. trump when there were other opportunities, other candidates there and i'm not surprised that
7:37 am
the democrats and democrat-leaning newspapers like "the new york times" are going to be having a field day on things like this. trump just has to rally republicans to support him. bill: one more question on this, has he shown the ability to go around mainstream media and reach an audience? >> well, he has evolved a little bit as a candidate. you hope the evolution continues. now he starts to bring people in who understand how to cope with what is certainly going to abba raj ever issues. now unfortunately i think he thinks the general election is going to be like the primary and it really isn't. in the primary he could appeal to a fraction of the republican voters that liked the sound and style of what he was doing in the general, he is going to have to appeal to the republicans that didn't like it and independents who have some discomfort there. he has, i think, take a real
7:38 am
hard look at emphasis in his campaign. i suspect he will be able to do it but i suspect it will be a part of a change. bill: my hunch he counterpunch better than anyone. >> he counter punch better than anyone to the audience, to his audience. what he is going to have to learn how to do to counter punch to an audience not completely receptive to him. that is the art form he will have to develop. bill: governor, see you on a monday. from new hampshire. thanks. martha: growing scrutiny for the new york city mayor de blasio. authorities investigating whether some of his top donors received special treatment from the city and whether de blasio sidestepped campaign finance laws in order to raise money for democrats. senior correspondent rick leventhal live at city hall with what is becoming a big story, rick? reporter: martha, the mayor denies any wrongdoing, eventually people will see he did things the right way but
7:39 am
there are doubters, no foot fewer than five investigations swirling around city hall. >> we believe in the laws. we follow the laws. reporter: he ran as mayor of new york as champion of the people. bill de blasio and his team are facing intense scrutiny over campaign fund-raising violations and pay for play. >> bottom line everything was done appropriately. reporter: several state and federal investigations are underway, including focusing on straw donors to his campaign. curious $5,000 contributions from people who don't appear to afford it. were they given cash by others to avoid donation limits? they are investigating flagrant violations of finance law. when hundreds of thousands of dollars funneled through committees, to up state campaigns. some political experts say this is just business as usual. >> in politics, not just new york politics, there is always this gray area where i
7:40 am
think people operate that is technically legal but may raise some eyebrows. reporter: another investigation is examining whether favors were granted to donors to a nonprofit formed to advance the mayor's agenda, including universal pre-k schools. owner of supply company gave $100,000 and awarded a contract to sell mint scented, rodent resistance trash bags. the man's attorney expects no charges to be filed against his client. story of the rat prepellability trash bags. he spent 10 years trying to sell bags to city. at big donation, the city bought $3 million worth. martha: martha. smell a rat like they say on "new york post." thank you very much, rick. bill: he said he would end wars in iraq and afghanistan. president obama officially at war longer now than george w. bush. where did things go wrong? general jack keane has analysis next.
7:41 am
martha: and bill, shark bite as woman and refuses to let go. he wants to stay with her and go everywhere she goes. when this woman went to the hospital, what did they do to detach that little shark? ♪
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bill: pilot killed when an airshow stunt went terribly wrong in georgia. 50-year-old greg connell, flying in tandem with another plane when he crashed into dekalb peachtree airport. that is the first airshow accident in 30 years. we don't know why it happened but the ntsb and the faa investigating in georgia. ♪ >> this generation of americans has been tested by crises that steeled our resolve and proved our resilience.
7:45 am
a decade of war is now ending. [applause] martha: that was not to be. that was president obama promising transition away from conflict during his second inaugural address but as it turns out with violence growing in iraq and ongoing fight against isis, president obama is now a longer war-time president than his predecessor president george w. bush. general jack keane, retired four-star general, chairman of institute of study of war and fox news military analyst, general, good morning. good to have you here today. >> good morning, martha. martha: obviously the president wanted a different backdrop for his tech term but the decade of war clearly did not end in his second term. why not? >> well, first of all, wars don't end because the president of the united states decides they're going to end. the reality he made a direct contribution to these wars continuing.
7:46 am
yes, he is a war-time president like his predecessors to be sure but he is in stark contrast to them because he has always wanted minimum participation by u.s. troops in the war and then get out as quickly as possible and end it on our terms, not on the terms that are actually on the ground. witness what took place in afghanistan for example? he gave mcchrystal and petraeus 25% troops and pulled out after a year. we have never are thered. the taliban has nor territory in afghanistan than in 2001. he said u.s. combat operations are over in 2014, not based on what was going on the ground, but based on the fact that he wanted to get out of there, that has doomed began goon to indefinite war as far as the horizon can see. those are our policy decisions that drove and i am i impregnat.
7:47 am
bush won the war. turns over to obama with the also influenced political situation. iran takes over the political influence and what happens? isis happens. and here we are three years later back in iraq, fighting another war, i'm sure the president certainly didn't want to do. he is going about that with minimum participation again. these are policy decisions that he made, martha. martha: clearly underestimated isis. called them the jv team and they have had to, you know, try to work around that miscalculation, clear miscalculation of the strength of isis and we know what happened to stanley mcchrystal and general petraeus in terms of their careers when they asked for more troops and then ultimately they were out of jobs for various reasons in the obama administration. you know, one of the things that strikes me, when you look at the president's goals in these wars, and how to extricate himself
7:48 am
from them, there was a lot of discussion from military personnel that he wasn't that involved, that he wasn't calling mcchrystal, for example, asking for updates from the field and discussing strategy. is there any indication that he is anymore involved in the battle against isis? >> i really don't know for sure but i do know that the transition from bush to obama, at least for the military commanders involved there was a distancing of the president from them. they gave regular updates to the president. he was very much involved as commander-in-chief. all the participants were involved in that. i know these kind of briefings that a president, you know, truly have fallen off in terms of their regularity, and to degree they were taking place. i don't know for sure what is going on obviously in the white house every single day, but i do know that has certainly taken place. martha: from a public perspective, there is not a lot of discussion about it, that
7:49 am
comes from the president, and it raises that question as to whether or not that posture is still in effect where he is very hands off when it comes to what's happening on the ground at least according to some earlier people who were involved in the transition, bob gates among them. beenrms of what's happening in incredibly bloody week. where is this headed, general? >> well, this -- it has been a bloody month. hundreds of people killed, literally double what took place. isis is still doing the same three things they have been doing but they changed their focus. one they're defending territory they have got. that is raqqa in syria, safe may have vin and mosul, major city. two, they're expanding to affiliates, libya most notably, close to 7,000 now. 8 other affiliates and trying to develop worldwide followers to kill citizens. same focus of terrorist activity.
7:50 am
they have upped terrorist at activity in and around baghdad because the government in baghdad is in a political crisis. they see an opportunity here to possibly weaken that government so much so it will have adverse effect on military campaign and collapse the government. certainly that will have effect on military campaign. they're killing innocent people, terrorizing and thereby creating chaos and undermining people's confidence in the government and also undermining the military's confidence in the government. this is strategic decision they made. they did this in 2006 when they were known as al qaeda in iraq. and they almost were successful at it. martha: weakening the structure all around them and filling that gap. general, thank you very much. good to see you this morning. >> good talking to you. bill: seven thousand in libya? watch that. chaos in nevada at democratic convention.
7:51 am
[shouting] bill: why this gathering turned into huge mess. [shouting] ♪ [crowd cheering] i could get used to this. now you can. when you lease the 2016 es 350 for $329 a month for 36 months.
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>> six minutes ahead on "happening now." look ahead to two more key primaries tomorrow, oregon and kentucky. we'll talk about odds for hillary clinton as she is forced to spend money and resources fighting off bernie sanders on her left and donald trump on her right. growing concerns from some democrats about her strength as a candidate. trump comes under major fire from the mainstream media. is the coverage fair? we'll check it out with the media panel ahead, "happening now." bill: jon, thank you, see you in six minutes. bernie sanders, hillary clinton supporters clashing in nevada. >> recount! recount!
7:55 am
bill: that chaos taking place at the state convention in las vegas. forcing organizers to wrap it up quickly because of security concerns. this went on and on. senior correspondent adam housley live from the west coast bureau. what happened, adam? reporter: bill, what happens in vegas doesn't stay in vegas. one the way they send delegates to convention is one of the more complex. there is lot of confusion when it comes to super delegates and how different votes go to the national convention. in this case one of most complex with the whole superdelegates and caucus setup. all about the math really when it comes down to. people were upset with the math, when you had at this convention on saturday night. this seemed kind of fuzzy. it played out in dramatic fashion, when supporters disagreed with the process which is very involved. california senator barbara boxer and others were interrupted. ultimately director of security at paris hotel in las vegas,
7:56 am
informed state party leaders around people from sanders and clinton campaign that the hotel could no longer provide security under conditions made unruly and unpredictable. >> biggest frustration entire day, none of our motions were heard, none of point of orders were acknowledged. we were just basically spent 18 hours being shut down. >> i never seen anything like it. i'm voting for hillary. reporter: hillary clinton won the february vote in nevada. they caucused there. battle over delegates not bound by the vote. this is where it all stems from. bernie sanders voters believe it should be one, ended up five. it is a problem. democrats don't want to deal with it, bill, coming up when they're in philly. back to you. bill: could be just a taste of it. adam housley in l.a. >> always good fun. martha: it was a shark that would not let go. look at that little guy. you pay your car insurance
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martha: in boca ratonflorida she walked out with a short white and the short still biting, even after it died. the woman was taken to the hospital, released after doctor spat her up . sandra: >> it was a handbag. martha: that's pretty good. by everybody, see you tomorrow. jon: new troubles for donald trump on this monday morning with the gop presumptive nominee making calls for a third-party candidate and withering attacks by the media and even the president. this is hillary clinton still locked in a battle with senator bernie sanders, who is barnstorming to kentucky


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