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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  May 16, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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martha: in boca ratonflorida she walked out with a short white and the short still biting, even after it died. the woman was taken to the hospital, released after doctor spat her up . sandra: >> it was a handbag. martha: that's pretty good. by everybody, see you tomorrow. jon: new troubles for donald trump on this monday morning with the gop presumptive nominee making calls for a third-party candidate and withering attacks by the media and even the president. this is hillary clinton still locked in a battle with senator bernie sanders, who is barnstorming to kentucky ahead of tomorrow's primary.
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good morning, i'm jon scott. heather: i'm heather childers in for jenna lee. hope you had a great weekend. everybody at home as well. donald trump under fire with the washington post and new york times taking aim at his character. president obama even getting into that during the commencement address at rutgers university, taking aim at what trump called to make america great again and telling graduates that ignorance is not cool. this comes amid word of a trend by some republicans to back a third-party candidate against him. jon: we have fox team coverage, mike emmanuelle live from lexington kentucky with the latest on the primary battle. we begin with doug mcelroy live in washington. reporter: morning, john. so intense is the anyone but trump among the establishment that they approach other republicans make a third-party run. among those behind the effort, 2012 nominee mitt romney.
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many of the consultants who worked on his campaign and influential commentators bill kristol and eric erickson. nebraska senator ben sass has reportedly been approached for a run. john casey, both have reportedly rejected the officer. rnc chairman reince priebus said an independent run by republican would hand the election to hillary clinton. >> look, it's a suicide mission.for our country because what it means is that you are throwing down not just eight years of the white house but potentially 100 years on the supreme court and wrecking this country for many generations. reporter: while trump continues to get hammered with on flattering post by the washington times over his relationship with women, some women are pushing back. one former trump girlfriend telling fox news the times spun her story into something it wasn't. >> well, they did take quotes from what i said and they put a negative connotation and spun it to where it appeared negative.
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i did not have a negative experience with donald trump and i don't appreciate them making it look like that. i was saying it was a negative experience. reporter: that while many social security conservatives are slowly warming up to donald trump. among the concern for americans women telling america he's not my first choice. he's not my second choice but any concerns i have about him pale in contrast to hillary clinton. trump's most frequent critic, democratic editor elizabeth warren of massachusetts has taken a three day break from firing the way to the trump. when asked by the new york times whether he had been criticized for his twitter war with warning, trump fired back, you mean pocahontas? that is a reference to warren's long ridiculed claim that she is part cherokee indian. back to you. heather: we are going to turn to the democrats now and hillary clinton is barnstorming through kentucky a day before his primary, despite her delegates.
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bernie sanders bowing to stay in the race until the end and he's trying to build on a string of primary wins. political correspondent mike emanuel is live for us in lexington kentucky with more on that. hi mike. reporter: heather, good morning. a clinton wants to focus on the general election but she has not been able to finish off the bernie sanders campaign so hillary clinton is crisscrossing kentucky, putting on a full-court press here, trying to win here tomorrow night. her campaign is also running advertising in kentucky about $300,000 ofit . clinton hit sanders yesterday on voting against the auto bailout in front of the union audience and insane in march that her policies would put a lot of coal miners out of work, clinton is still trying to clean that up. >> we cannot and must not walk away from them. you know, i feel such a sense of obligation and were going to do everything we can to help them get through this transition. reporter: bernie sanders
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spent the weekend crisscrossing kentucky but is now in puerto rico. he's talking there about the financial crisis and poverty in kentucky yesterday, sanders said he is the candidate with broad appeal donald trump was defeating hillary clinton by four points. we were defeating trump by five points. [applause] and we are seeing that all over the country and the reason is that secretary clinton does very well with democrats, so do i. but there are a lot of independents in this country and we do very well with the independents. reporter: the concern for hillary clinton and her campaign is many of kentucky's conservative democrats may turn out to be trump supporters this cycle so theymay turn out tomorrow to vote against her . we expect to see clinton here in lexington for a get out without the vote rally later today.
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heather: mike emmanuelle alive for us, thank you mike. jon: and is hillary clinton and bernie sanders battle for the democratic nomination, they are also both focusing on the general election and the presumptive gop nominee, donald trump. take a lesson. >> you look at all of the polling that is out there in virtually every national poll and in every statewide poll, we do much better against trump then does secretary clinton x my likely opponent, the presumptive republican nominee and honestly, the things he said about the economy are just frightening. jon: let's bring in brett
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behr, the anchor of special report. hillary quick does have something ofa problem on her hands in that she is still continuing to have to battle bernie sanders but also go after donald trump. how does she devote her resources, how does she divvy up her time? >> she spends a lot of time on the stump, john, talking about donald trump but she is still sprinkling in criticism about bernie sanders and his plans . she's campaigned a lot in kentucky over the past few days and that shows how much that campaign really wants to win there. she's favored but if bernie sanders pulls off a surprise win in kentucky and oregon is considered sanders country you have a momentumsurge that becomes a problem for hillary clinton , that presumptive nominee in waiting is essentially hobbling or slowly going over the finish line at the end of the democratic primary tour philadelphia. jon: bernie sanders one in indiana, he won in west virginia. he's expected to win in oregon so if you were to kentucky, it would really be an embarrassment for the one who was supposed to coast to the nomination or coronation. >> that's right and he's making the case much like
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donald trump is that the system is great and that superdelegates, the free agents who can vote whoever they want to have signed on hillary clinton's campaign and he is saying if you're in one of the 20states that one , 22 if you win spoke tomorrow, you should be a superdelegate who votes with the people in your state and he's making that piece effectively. more likely than not, he's going to have leverage in the philadelphiademocratic convention and draw hillary clinton to the left or have a say in the number two position on that ticket . jon: he's getting some support from none other than donald trump who is projecting in that tree that bernie is being treated unfairly by the democrats and he should run an independent campaign if he doesn't get the nomination. that might benefit the presumptive nominee. >> of course. it would split the democratic party and all the millennial's and all the progressives who signed on
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with bernie sanders would obviously probably still follow him. it doesn't look like sanders is going to do that. donald trump has got to worry about a potential run on the conservative side although that's also seeming to be far-fetched as they'vealready missed the texas deadline and may not get on the ballot . jon: reince priebus, the chairman of the gop seems to be doing what he can to line everybody up in favor of donald trumpand his candidacy . >> he's trying to unify the party behind the thought of hillary clinton as the democraticnominee . saying despite flaws, despite the past and all these stories that are coming out that the electorate is really for kicking the table over and starting over. and donald trump is the vessel by which to do that according to reince priebus and say before cleveland he thinks the party will come together.
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jon: even the president is criticizing donald trump, i guess he feels that his legacy depends on handing over the white house to another democrat. >> i think these speeches you are hearing from the president, the president was at the rutgers graduation this weekend in which he didn't mention donald trump's name clearly was pointed at donald trump. i think these speeches are starting to indicate how much president obama wants to get out on the campaign trail and one of the things this primary, elongated primary on the democratic side has done is keep him, the president, on the sidelines because you can't come out while there are two democrats still battling it out. jon: and there are questions about howmuch , how solid the bonds are between the clintons if we can use the plural and the president but clearly if a clinton is the nominee he's going to do whatever he can to get her elected. >> yes, and she's talked a lot about president obama in a very positive light, trying to really tap into the obama coalition that lifted him up
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to two electoral winds. she's really trying to tap into that and would likely deploy the president in strategic places in that general election run. jon: pretty interesting because the republicans were the one talking about the contested convention and so forth and so far, it is the democrats who are having more trouble with two candidates still in the race. brett behr, we look forward to a special report tonight. heather: still to come, police tracked down and escaped inmate almost 50 years on the run. why the convicted the says he should not have to go back to prison. plus, a call to action from al qaeda's online magazine and how is showing that the terror group is still a threat. and we want to hear from you. is the mainstream media being fair in its treatment of donald trump? i like jack is up and running. go to to
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jon: here's a look at some crime stories we are following. police arresting wire actor wendell pierce over the weekend after he attacked a bernie sanders supporter. reports say that pierce, a clinton supporter, grabbed the woman's hair and hit her in the head after a political discussion in an atlanta hotel. pierce was booked on a battery charge and released on bail authorities catching up to a convicted armed robber who escaped prison in 1968. 71-year-old robert stackowitz is now asking a judge in georgia not order to him to return to prisons , citing his failing health and the fact that he spent decades living in connecticut and never got into trouble again. a weeklong manhunt is over in southern illinois after the suspect killed in a shootout that left the federal agent wounded. investigators say clint pendleton shot and wounded an officer during a traffic stop earlier this month. heather: calls to action from
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the magazine put out by al qaeda in the arabian and angela. the newest online edition of inspire magazine calling for hours to attack us business leaders. the magazine also featuring a former guantcamo bay detainee as a key leader in the organization. tom jocelyn is the senior fellow for the discussion of democracy and editor of a long war journal and he joins us with more information. so this obviously an indication that al qaeda has not gone away even though we've been focusing on the isis is what i call isis fever. we spoke with isis all the time. quietly, al qaeda has been gaining a lot of territory in yemen, syria and elsewhere and they have a long term goals of building a caliphate, they just go about it differently. the issue is a good reminder that al qaeda is still very much in the game. they have long-term plans for various countries and they
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are nowhere near decimated or on the run as the obama administration claims. heather: why publicize it? this magazine this weekend was basically a call for targeted killings. this is one of the ways al qaeda tries to distinguish itself from isis. they call for indiscriminate killing. al qaeda says we are one of the more more focused johnny's. were going to kill specific individuals. this magazine came out this weekend and they have three different types of bombs that they want their believers to make and they are targeted killings so parcel bombs they leave the door or a doorway bomb. even a magnetic bomb they will put under the car so this type of thing is basically focused on killing individual people as opposed to indiscriminate slaughter. heather: you also mentioned their goal as with isis is to build a caliphate. where are they now and where are they hoping to expand question mark recently us officials admit they made a big comeback in afghanistan. they've been fighting all
8:18 am
throughout afghanistan. during yemen, they are in syria, north africa, in egypt. al qaeda still has a big presence around the globe. it's because of the rise of isis. isis has grown, it's a big problem. al qaeda is still very much in the game. al qaeda control for over a year the city of tala, a port city in yemen. there are more pity in people in there that rocca yet supposedly this did not sink into the public consciousness. heather: why is that? why are they not getting the same coverage as isis? >> isis wants to slit your throat and tell you that whereas al qaeda wants to stab you in the back. al qaeda doesn't want to basically draw the attention to everything they are doing. they quietly are trying to build these states in several countries. that's why it's important to expose what they are doing because you can expose their long-term plans but in yemen and syria, since early 2015
8:19 am
in syria they gave more territory than isis. they do it through coalitions, by masking and other influencesand it's very disturbing thing. they are triangulating and saying weare basically the my moderate hottest cause as opposed to isis . heather: i want to ask you about isis in paris but before i get to that, this text detainee featured in the magazine . >> ran out cozy, when he was transferred a couple years ago, a lot of people referred to him as a former cook for bin laden. that's not true, he was a former moneyman and link bin laden's affairs for these front companies and as you can see in the literature out of al qaeda, this guy is a senior figure and we headed back to senior figure two al qaeda with a group organization globally. heather: isis in paris and the attacks that happened there, there are reports that they were aware of at least one of the individuals involved and were not able to stop the attacks . >> that's right. isis is very in-your-face about it. he was even featured in an english language magazine they put up online months before the attack and he was
8:20 am
evading european security services, coming to launch attacks in europe. they didn't hide this at all yet they couldn't stop him or his colleagues. that's what disturbing is that everybody knows they are coming and they haven't been able to stop him. heather: is there anything we can learn from that to hopefully stopping in the future? >> the bottom line is that the us needs to cooperate more strongly with our partners including belgium and elsewhere. some of these partner organizations in europe don't have as strong as thesecurity service as we do so increasing that cooperation is a big part of it be seven also cooperation between those countries there as well . tom, thank you so much for your insight. we appreciate it. jon: donald trump and the republicans are on the defensive after two blistering news reports on trump's past. how they are responding and the suggestion that hillary clinton was behind at least one of those stories. plus, important historical
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jon: donald trump's past is in the spotlight after two negative stories appeared, on a front-page new york times piece about trump's past treatment of women. the second strange story about trump pretending to be his own pr person 20 years ago. the republican national chair committee reince priebus suggesting the times story was planted. >> do you have any doubt in your mind about trump's relationship with women, about the way he talked about women? >> look, these are things he's going to have to answer for but i also think there are things many years ago so, it's a classic winning operation. all of a sudden these things
8:25 am
are coming out b1 tammy bruce, a radio talkshow host and fox contributor. alan called his host of the alan coles show, nationally syndicated by fox news radio. thank you to both of you. interesting times in the campaign trail. reince priebus says the anti-trump stories are probably a clinton plant. possible? >> i think it's not surprising, of course this could be a major push. she's been relying on women who he's been losing to bernie sanders but i have to say that when it comes to the new york times, i think they expected, they are used in like bill clinton who make this kind of behavior and after a 4000 word piece and scores of interviews, they came up with him perhaps politically correct . one woman has come out saying she was completely misrepresented. this is classic mainstream media for the general election. what i said would occur is
8:26 am
that they will be singular attacks on whoever the gop nominee will be and in this case in general they also make things up so i think this is actually i think helpful because you are looking at a general exoneration about the nature of his character. he loves women. he is sometimes forward but you are never seen anything that we know clinton has dealt with and of course we will never see in that in the new york times either.jon: the lead story in the new york times, pardon me. it happens on live tv. is this woman row and brewer lane who was essentially taking back every bit of the story she never said, she said taken out of context but she never denied it. reince priebus says that was 20 years ago. trump continues to bring up monica lewinsky. how long ago was that? you can't have it both ways.
8:27 am
449 other women, let's see what the other 49 have to say. take the list of things trump has said about women. you've got to treat them like long as you've got a nice piece of blank next to you. when he divorced marla maples, deleted to the post and slid it under her door, that's how he let her know. there are a whole list of things that trump has said about women if you want to make the case about how he treats women. >> i would argue that this is what the democrats want us talking about is maybe some words that someone used. what i can tell you is millions of american women, 3.7 million american women have slipped into poverty under the barack obama administration so when you are talking about words versus actions, the policies of democrats, the liberalization of this country has a women most and it hurt women first. 92 percent of the women who lost jobs were women. the democrats what you talking about what words donald trump might use. let's talk about real actions. >> you want to change the
8:28 am
argument to the economy, trump has renounced his own economic plan. he's been back and forth about it, says he wants to raise taxes on the rich. he has no consistent point of view on it and you want to talk about how the economy affected women at the end of the bush administration, i'm happy to talk about that. [overlapping conversation] >> this is an extension of the obama administration, not the bush administration when it comes to hillary clinton. for donald trump, he's been very clear about the tax plan. >> know he has not. >> he has larry could low advising him on that. it's been published, it's out there. this is about the economy and jobs and this is why reince priebus said people don't care what donald trumphas been saying and he's right. we care about jobs . >> he said ludlow was going to change it and then went back to saying we're going to
8:29 am
keep the original plan. he's got to make up his mind on where he's going to go we didn't get into the nature of whether or not you want to promote the tax plan that's going to help the american economy. what we already know is occurring with obama and hillary, we know that'sthe story people have. jon: back to the media coverage of trump, you point out that monica lubinski was 20 years ago. so was this called john miller pr thing that happened . >> what kind of a person represents himself and what is more recent that he denied it. he had two spokespeople denying it, metaphor and trina pearson, both denying it yet he said under oath that it was in fact, he was john miller. then he has his people deny what he marla already said under oath was true so he is an inveterate liar. he proved it. he cannot tell the truth and he's directing his people to lie about what he already said under oath was true. >> this is a good example
8:30 am
considering you've got a president who has lied himself through the last 7 and a half years. this is a bit of a meltdown. the american people see it for what it is. it's panicked. i think this is why you are also watching now with the latest national poll once again, donald trump eating hillary clinton. hillary having to go into the rust belt states because he sees her leaving those on well. ! be a good general election for republicans but the media is going to. [overlapping conversation] >> as he lied about whether or not he was john miller? we know there are stories about money being given to bill clinton? changing the subject. has he lied about it? >> there's all kinds of stories that are relevant to the american economy and yet newspapers were hiring voice experts to listen to a tape. to determine if it was donald trump. is it relevant to the nature of what we want to accomplish in this country? is it relevant to jobs and the american people be on all right, alan, i'd like to have you respond but we are going to take you to president obama.
8:31 am
. the president is about to award the medal of valor to 13 law enforcement officers there in the east room of the white house. let's listen in. >> we got a couple members of congress here, frederico wilson and chris collins who we want to acknowledge and i also want to recognize director comey. members of the fraternal order of police and all the outstanding law enforcement officials or hear from around the country. i'm proud to stand with you as we celebrate police week and most of all, i'm out to be with the heroes on the front row. the families who have supported them. and the family of one who made the ultimate sacrifice. it's been said that perfect valor is doing without witnesses what you would do if the whole world were watching.
8:32 am
the public safety officers we recognize today with the medal for valor have found courage not in search of recognition, they did it instinctively. this is a war that none of them sought and if they could go back in time, i suspect they'd prefer none of this had happened. as one of today's honorees said about his actions, it could very well have gone my whole career and not dealt with the situation and been very happy with that. if they had their way, none of them would have to be here and so we are grateful that they are. and our entire nation expresses its profound gratitude. more important, we are so grateful that they were there . some on-duty, others off-duty . all rising above and beyond the call of duty. all saving the lives of people they didn't know. that distinction that these
8:33 am
13 officers of bauer saved the lives of strangers, the first of several qualities that they share but their bravery had it not been for their bravery we likely would have lost a lot of people. mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, friends and loved ones. thankfully, they are still with their families today because these officers were where they needed to be most. at a critical time. at a gas station during a routine patrol. in the middle of a busy hospital. in a grocery store, on the campus of the community college. here and in elementary school where sheriff's deputies own children and students and his wife taught and in all these places in each of these moments, these officers were true to their oath's .
8:34 am
to a person, each of these honorees acted without regard for their own safety. they stood up to dangerous individuals branching assault rifles, handguns and knives . one officer sustained a little stab wounds while fighting off an assailant. another endured first-degree burns to his arms and face while pulling an unconscious driver from a burning car. each of them will tell you very humbly the same thing. they were just doing their jobs. they were doing what they had to do, what they were trained to do light on any other day. the officerwho suffered those terrible burns , he left and went straight to work. he had to finish his shift. that sense of duty, purpose is what these americans embody. the truth is, it's because of your courage, sometimes seen it but sometimes unseen that the rest of us can go about
8:35 am
living our lives just as with any other day. going to work, going to school, spending time with our families, and home safely . we so appreciate our public safety officers from around the country from our key cadets to ourrole model of an attorney general . not everyone will wear the metal that we did today but every day, so many of our public safety officers wear a badge of honor. the men and women who run toward danger remind us of courage and humility, what the highest form of citizenship looks like . when you see students and commuters and shoppers at risk, you don't see civilians and strangers, you see them as part of your own family, your own community. the scripture teaches up you love your neighbor as yourself. you put others safety before your own. and you are proud example of
8:36 am
public service, you remind us that letting your country means loving one another. today, we also want to knowledge the profound sacrifices made by your families and i had a chance to meet some of them and they were all clearly so proud of you but we are proud of that. we know that you wakes up late and you are worried. you're counting down the minutes until your loved ones walk through the door safe after a long shift.we know it never gets easier. we thank you for that. and of course, we honor those who didn't come home including one hero we honor posthumous lead today, senator robert wilson the third. he gave his life when two men opened fire at a videogame store or sergeant wilson was buying his son a birthday present. to his family, who is here, his grandmother constance, his brother and sister,
8:37 am
please know how deeply sorry we are for your loss and how grateful we are or sergeant wilson's service.we also honor the more than 35 who have given their lives in the line of duty so far this year. one of them, an officer in virginia named ashley mobley wind and was taken from us on her very first shift. i've seen the sacrifice when i joined some of you at the national law enforcement officers memorial not far from here. we read the names card on these walls. we grieve with the families who carry the following in their hearts forever. we've been moved deeply by their anguish. but also by their pride and the lives their loved ones lived and in those moments we are reminded of our enduring obligation as citizens that they sacrificed so much for
8:38 am
that we do right by them. and their families. metals and ceremonies like today are important but these aren't enough to convey the true depth of our gratitude. our words will be hollow and cannot match our deeds so our nation has aresponsibility to supportthose who serve and protect us . and keep our streets safe . and we show our respect by listening to you, learning from you and getting you the resources you need to do the jobs. that's the mission of our police task force which brought together law enforcement and civil rights leaders and community members to open dialogue and build trust . find concrete solutions to make your job safer. our country needs that right now. we are going to keep pushing congress to move forward a bipartisan way to make our criminal justice system fair and smarter and more cost-effective and enhance public safety and ensure the
8:39 am
men and women in this room have the ability to enforce the law and keeptheir communities safe . a few minutes ago i signed into law a package of bills to protect and honor our law enforcement officers including one will help state and localdepartments by more bulletproof vests . emerson once said there is always safety in valor. the public safety officers we honor today give those words new meaning. with your courage and think quick thinking that gave us oursafety so we want to thank you for your service. we want to thank your families for your sacrifice . i had a chance before i came out here to meet with the recipients and i told them that although this particular moment or which you are being honored is remarkable, we also know that every day you go out there you got a tough job.
8:40 am
and we could not be prouder not only of moments like the ones we recognize here today but it's a day-to-day grind. youdoing your jobs as a professional, you doing your jobs with character . we want you to know we could not be prouder of you and couldn't be prouder of your families for all the contributions you make so may god bless you and your families, may god bless our fallen heroes. may god bless the united states of america and it's now my honor to award these metals as the citations are red. >> officer mario gutierrez.
8:41 am
medal of valor presented to mario gutierrez, miami-dade police department florida for tyler weiland during an attack. officer mario sustained multiple stab wounds while attending an assailant who could have set off a bomb that could have resulted in fatalities. [applause] patrolman lewis county. medal of our present to do
8:42 am
patrolman lewis, johnson city police department new york for courageously resolving a volatile encounter with gunmen after witnessing the murder of his fellow officer, patrolman joe g pursued and apprehended the gunmen at a private hospital, saving the lives of employees , patients and civilians. [applause] officer jason salus, officer roberts sparks and captain raymond bonfield. medal of valor presented to officer jason salus, officer robert sparks and captain raymond otten field, santa monica police department
8:43 am
california for courage and composure in ending a deadly rampage, officer salus, officer sparks and captain bonfield placed themselves in mortal danger to save the lives of students and staff during a school shooting on the busy campus of santa monica college. [applause] lf.
8:44 am
medal of valor presented two major david half, midwest city police department, oklahoma for uncommon poise in resolving a dangerous hostage intuition, major save the life of a two-year-old girl after negotiations deteriorated and the man holding the child captive at knife point. [applause] officer donald thompson.
8:45 am
medal of valor presented to officer donald thompson, los angeles police department california for courageous acts action to save an accident victim. while off-duty, officer thompson traversed to freeway dividers and endured burns while pulling an unconscious man to safety from a car moments before it became engulfed in flames. [laughter] [applause] officer coral walker. medal of valor presented by officer carl walker for
8:46 am
taking brave and decisive action to subdue an active shooter after exchanging gunfire, officer walker single-handedly incapacitated man who had killed and injured multiple victims on a shooting spree. [applause] officer gregory stevens. medal of valor presented to officer gregory stevens, carlin police department texas for demonstrating extraordinary courage to save lives. officer stevens exchanged gunfire at close range and subdued to heavily armed assailants engaged in a
8:47 am
deadly act of terrorism. [applause] mrs. constance wilson accepting on behalf of of sergeant wilson the third. medal of valor presented to fallen sergeant wilson the third, pennsylvania. forgetting hislife to protect innocent civilians. sergeant wilson put himself in harm's way during an armed robbery, drawing fire from the assailants and suffering a mortal wound as he kept store employees and customers safe . [applause] officer niall
8:48 am
johnson. medal of valor presented to officer niall johnson, north miami police department, florida for swift and valorous action during a violent crime spree.officer johnson pursued a man who had shot a miami police officer and two otherinnocent bystanders . withstanding fire from an assault weapon and apprehended the assailant.
8:49 am
[applause] special agent tyler call. medal of valor presented to special agent tyler call, federal bureau of investigations for his heroic action to save a hostage. special agent call was off-duty with his family both rescue a woman from her ex-husband who had violated a restraining order and held the victim at gunpoint. [applause] deputy joey
8:50 am
tortorella. medal of valor presented to deputy joey tortorella, niagara county sheriff's office, new york for placing himself in grave danger to protect his community. deputy tortorella confronted and subdued gunmen who had shot and wounded his parents inside their home and by doing so as of prevented the government from threatening the safety of students at a nearby elementary school. [applause] >> let's give one last big
8:51 am
round of applause to the recipients of the medal of valor . [applause] thank you all. thank you for your dedication, thanks for your service. you are continuously in our thoughts and prayers and we are continuously giving thanks for all that you and your families do. thank you everybody. [applause] jon: the middle of valor there awarded to 13 police officers, even posthumously police officers who take their lives in their hands every day as they are out on patrol. you heard the stories, people who were just out on patrol
8:52 am
and were surprised by some of the situations in which they found themselves. the president recognizing their valor and awarding them the medal of valor. heather: the nation's highest honor for law enforcement so those families of all those officers no doubt very proud of them today. the one we are going to take a short break, back with more happening now in just a moment. >>
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wrely on the us postal service? because when they ship with us, their business becomes our business.
8:55 am
that's why we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. here, there, everywhere. united states postal service priority: you heather: happening now, investigators try to figure out what caused the charter right to crash in south texas, killing eight people and leaving 44 others injured. the bus was heading to a casino when it crashed near the rate on saturday. the company that owned the bus not reporting any crashes over the last two years but it does have a record of frequent violation. state inspectors ordering one of its buses off the road last year because of problems with the brakes and emergency exits.
8:56 am
jon: new information on the two teenagers from florida who disappeared while on a fishing trip last year. the boys set out on their own voyage last july but both capsized off the coast of jupiter florida. that boat now has just been returned to florida after was recovered off bermuda. fishing gear also found on board as well as the cell phone belonging to one of the boys. efforts to recover any data from it failed. heather: hillary clinton and bernie sanders heading or looking ahead to tomorrow's primaries in kentucky and oregon. more than 44,000 independent voters in oregon chose aside so that they could vote tomorrow. most of those democrats. some polls show clinton with a lead in the state but a bigger turnout by independents and young voters could give sanders an ad. sanders joins us live from portland with more. jan? reporter: it is it is a critical battle between hillary clinton and bernie sanders as the fight for those newly registered voters here in oregon and they will decide the selection tomorrow.
8:57 am
this is an all vote by mail state so the voting began a couple weeks ago and so far returns are slightly behind the record turnout of 2008. the big reason there were so many new potential voters is oregon's liberal motor voter law. people get or renew a license are automatically registered to vote unless they opt out. in fact it is a largely white, progressive electorate should make it prime sanders country. it's similar to washington state where sanders got 73 percent of the vote but the latest poll has clinton of 15 points. the key will be young voters. >> if they turn out, the election could be different than our survey but if they do what they typically do and show up at the rates they typically do it will be difficult. reporter: hillary clinton has a built-in advantage because oregon runs a close primary. she is a perfect eight and oh so far in contest where only that registered democrats can vote. vendors voters don't like the role and safe inconsistent with the motor voter law
8:58 am
which encourages more participation but clinton backers make no apologies. >> on the democrat and this is the election for the nominee of my party so i believe if you want to help pick who the democratic nominee is, you should be a democrat. reporter: 74 delegates up for grabs here in oregon and the democratic side tomorrow, that's about half what hillary clinton needs to fill up the nomination. heather: dan springer life for us, thank you. jon: coming up in our second hour of "happening now", airport security lines are growing as we get closer to the busy summer travel season. why those long lines could get even longer. and a wrestling legend accused of murder in the death of his girlfriend more than 30 years ago. why experts say jenny's new cup is not competent to stand trial. this is one of the fascinating cases we are going to be looking at in our second hour. and obviously, more politics.
8:59 am
heather: never-ending. jon: talking about the problems that both donald trump and hillary clinton are having in winning the support of their party. heather: still six months away from the general election, correct? be on a little less than six months. it's going to be going to the voting booth november 8 p7 as you said earlier, we've been talking about the republican side and problems there and anticipating a contested convention. democrats now facing that the one we are going to see you back here in one hour, thanks for joining us today. outnumbered starts right now.
9:00 am
>> bring your kids to work. need to bring your hubbies to work today. one good thing about the prime time schedule. doug and i sneak off for occasional lunch. >> that is dangerous. >> not totally uniform lar. we have a late lunch and glass of wine. and late lunch. >> i'm better in the office if i'm intoxicated. >> my goodness. >> absolutely i follow the rule.


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