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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  May 16, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> bring your kids to work. need to bring your hubbies to work today. one good thing about the prime time schedule. doug and i sneak off for occasional lunch. >> that is dangerous. >> not totally uniform lar. we have a late lunch and glass of wine. and late lunch. >> i'm better in the office if i'm intoxicated. >> my goodness. >> absolutely i follow the rule. >> we'll have much more on the
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special later in the show. >> talk about your book too. let's roll. donald trump firing back as what he calls "the new york times" late hit piece on relationships with women. a flury of tweets over the past 24 hours. he says in part. put them up. failing "new york times" wrote yet another hit piece on me. all are impressed with now nicely they have treated women. they have found nothing. a joke. "new york times" is so dishonest their hit piece cover story on me yesterday was just blown up by rowanne brewer who said it was a lie. that tweet followed his former girlfriend who is featured in the times cover story telling "fox & friends." the newspaper got it all wrong. here she is. >> "the new york times" told us several times they would make sure that my story i was telling came across. they promised several times that they would do it accurately. they told me several times and my manager several times it
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would not be a hit piece. and that, my story would come across the way that i was telling it and mon necessarily and it absolutely was not. >> what did they bet wrong? quom what i said and they put -- >> still talking. donald trump and his treatment of women on the front page of "the new york times." megyn? europe thoughts? >> who would have seen this coming? [laughter] it is not a hit piece. they talked about barbara rez he made head of construction.
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when women didn't have those position in con sistermation to his father, what the hell are you doing? a woman? that doesn't excuse all the other stuff he said. he used language about women that is absolutely diminishing. whether this woman here felt diminished or not. harris: you know what is interesting, melissa? as you read the article and you hear this woman, we hear other women come forward, she calls trump agentleman. as megyn says it is complicated but many facetted. many people had great relationships with him. they dated for a while, he and this woman. >> here is the problem for "the new york times," when you lay out the case like this you back it up with evidence you better make sure every piece is good. i say never exaggerate. don't pile on more than you need. one piece doesn't work out like this, it undermines your whole entire story, takes out whole point. here is the woman saying that's not what i told them at all. look, obviously there is a lot
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of evidence that donald trump has said and perhaps done things that aren't great for women. it kind of cuts both ways, a lot of women are saying i'm not voting for him for husband. i'm voting for him for president. >> let me ask you about that. does it matter if we have a presidential candidate who doesn't speak about women respectfully? or treat all women respectively? >> i don't love it of course. at same time i worry about economy and national security i think those things are first. there are stuff i don't like about each and every candidate. there are things i would change about all of them. i don't believe he has a lot of respect for women in general at all. >> the point reince priebus, head of rnc is making. i know you throw some sound of him in a second, harris. he says i don't think the angry electorate supporting donald trump cares about things that did or didn't happen 30 years ago.
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harris: let's watch it real quickly and we'll talk about it. >> these are things he will have to answer for but i also think there are things from many years ago as christians judging each other i think is problematic. i don't think donald trump, his personal life is something that people are looking at saying, well, i'm surprised he had girlfriends in the past. that is not what people look at donald trump for. so i think -- >> forgive me, sir -- >> playbook and analysis really don't apply. harris: interesting. >> his point, people in this economy care more about their spouse or son or daughter getting a job in what is still arguably a weak economy with stagnant growth. >> right. i think this article on trump, he does have a woman problem. i think this article on trump will actually help him. we're in the magical campaign season where everything good, bad or indifferent works to his advantage. here to your point, there was a missed thing here.
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this woman was supposed to be speaking out against him, calling him a gentleman. like the seen in few good men courtroom, where the judge is now calling the witness an expert. all he needed one toehold in the piece. "new york times" is already an easy target for a counter punch by a gop candidate. i think he can turn this into a weapon for him in the campaign to get women back on his side. these people are overreaching. anytime you get over reach in a piece like this you get backlash. there is not all overreach. a number of people came out were legitimate sources. he only needs one. harris: makes you wonder if there is another. >> for the record there are eight women complaining on the record in the piece. one has spoken out. harris: i want to ask you about comments you made, i think earlier today, when i saw it, about republican women may be warming a little bit to donald trump. tell me what you're talking about there? >> i think polls back in march were terrible for trump. we haven't seen a massive poll
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like we saw from, i think it was "washington post" abc news since then where he had 72% disapproval rating among american women. half of republican women at the time disliked trump. he has done better with republican women in the primaries that have taken place since then. he has gotten above 50% with republican women in the various states which he won. whether that translates into a general election victory with women is a very different question. right now, trump is definitely not on track to women will of america. he is on track to win the men. the question whether he can get together enough men, in particular white men to vote for him to make up a deficit he is suffering with women. if he can not, he will need to do something to win those women over between now and november. >> meantime there are reports that former republican presidential nominee mitt romney and other members of the gop establishment rin tense spying efforts to -- intensifying
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efforts to find a third party candidate. they reached out to nebraska senator ben sasse and john kasich and billionaire mark cuban who owns the dallas mavericks and stars on the show, "shark tank." here is reince priebus. >> it is suicide bid. you're throwing out eight years of the white house but potentially throwing outs generations on the supreme court. we could have three justices change over next eight years. this is a suicide mission. it is, it is not right. and, i think what people should do is take the pal ryan approach which is to work with donald trump. >> there are now going to reality television, doug. mark cuban they have thrown out there. >> now going to reality television. >> that's the point. they apparently want this trump, you know, who can outtrump trump.
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mark cuban responded to this saying i don't see this happening. >> i don't see it happening either. there will be a small amount of population will be in support of something like this but, most people would be against it. because it is not really mounting an effort to win. it is mounting an effort to cobble together one can diet. it will feel like high-priced sabotage and i don't think, in the end people will back off this and let things play out. >> people see this as act of desperation. >> it an act of desperation, they're desperate to stop him. conservatives are voting their conscience. they don't believe trump is conservative. he is not a traditional conservative. i think he would admit that. he is different kind. they don't think they can go in the voting box and pull lever for him for various reasons. that is the consequence of being trump. trump brought a lot of people into the fold that would never voted before but he also alienate ad lot of people. that is fine. that is their prerogative.
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good for them. get somebody else to run against him. i don't know they get anywhere near enough to make a dent. >> as far as their search, melissa, nobody seems up for the job. >> it seems like a suicide mission. you're not boeing to win. what you will do clear the way a different republican can run in four years. if it were our kids, you know what? time to go out there, shake hands, well-done, well-played. this one is yours. you have done it. it is kind of over at same point. >> they're worried what will happen down ballot. >> of course. that is a legitimate worry. i'm sure it is true but i don't know this is the solution to helping that. i think one of the consequences of having trump on the ticket is down ballot without question but i don't think you can say that. >> by the way, harris, logistical hurdles as well. deadline on the ballot in texas, gone. they apparently could make the case to get on night there are legal challenges. harris: every state you have to navigate.
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>> many other deadlines approaching. harris: i look at umbrella fashion. how has it worked out when people teamed up to take out donald trump? how did that work out for ted cruz and john kasich? that deal couldn't stick for 15 minutes. they put together a third party can diet? how will they make that stick? first they hear ire and wrath of trump supporters is that person really want to go through that? >> if you're ben sasse with brilliant future on the republican party, do you want to go down with that ship? >> it is like pouring hot syrup on something taste at this. it gets sticky. >> i wonder where you were going with that. >> chances of anybody funding this type of candidate also in question. toss that one to money over there. >> without question you can always find someone angry enough who has money to throw behind something that a thwart other people campaign. donald trump has so many enemies out there i think they could get
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money together, it would be again spending one dollar after another for what? harris: what happened he is the front-runner in your party? i still don't get that party. it is interesting. >> there are signs of possible new trouble for hillary clinton ahead of tomorrow's primaries. a "washington post" report finds many of clinton's own allies are raising concerns about her weakness as a candidate. why is she still struggling to connect with many voters? plus our own megyn kelly with a big special tomorrow night on the fox broadcast network. megyn kelly presents. she sits down with the presumptive republican nominee, an interview we've all been waiting for. check it out. >> do you think it is journalists role to be nice to presidential candidates at debate? >> fair. i don't care if they're nice. >> you used the word nice. martha: we will show you how that played out and talk much more with megyn herself. keep it right here.
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♪ harris: welcome back on a fine monday. megyn kelly's here. hillary clinton is making an aggressive final pitch to voters ahead of tomorrow's kentucky primary hoping to avoid another embarrassing loss to bernie sanders.
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democrats are headed to polls in oregon where sanders is expected to do well again. as a "washington post" finds that many of clintons own supporters are admitting she is having trouble connecting with voters. they wrote, quote, more than a dozen clinton allies identify weaknesses in her candidacy that mayer road her prospects defeating donald trump, including poor showings with young women, untrustworthiness, unlikability and lackluster style on the stump. they worry she is conventional candidate in unconventional election where voters clearly favor renegades. want to get your thoughts, megyn. >> doesn't it suck to be a politician in they think you lie and you're not likeable and you really don't connect with anybody but the problem for hillary is, she isn't a talented candidate. she may be a talented stateswoman, who knows, if she became president could she do the job with aplum? the voters will tell us in november. nowhere where bill clinton was
9:18 am
on the stump, connecting with people, making them feel that special something the way w did, the way bill clinton did. with the awkward laughing and barking like a dog. she makes questionable choices in critical moments get played over and over, not just on fox news but all news. makes voters don't relate to her. i don't understand those choices. harris: also as you're saying that too, megyn, i'm thinking about this too. her people around here, you can tell a lot about a team and how fired up they are, supporters start to question, they're closest people to her. they are seeing things we don't see. here is a lot of something we haven't seen. we were waiting for video and chaos from nevada at the state convention. bernie supporters vehemently upset that let the process let hillary clinton win. let's watch that. get your reaction. >> recount! recount.
9:19 am
recounty. recounty! recount! they didn't like how things had gone. harris: hillary clinton won the state contest in nevada. hillary clinton is spending money in places where she said she wouldn't early on. we face into kentucky, that is a battle too. doug what are your thoughts for this? >> the fact that hillary is still battling it out with sanders is a real sign of weakness and yet another example of things breaking trump's way sort of magically in this season. if i were trump and i could pick any democratic nominee to run against in the last five or six cycles, i would pick this one, i would pick hillary. people thought obama was vulnerable and beatable in '12 because he is running on such a poor economic record. he is great candidate. charismatic publicly. there is incumbent advantage where you have to fire him from second term which is real emotional thing for voters
9:20 am
firing somebody. hillary doesn't have incumbent advantage where she needs to be fired. she has to earn it. i hear east publicly wonderful but privately not charismatic. has more baggage with benghazi at state and email scandals. so i think trump's job in '16, assuming does officially get the nomination is easier than the job romney had in '12. what we know about hillary clinton would be like a shape shift in human form if she becomes something warm and fuzzy with voters. that is not really her strength. she is a fighter. the president was at rutgers university over weekend. it is interesting he alluded to trump and republican party for ten minutes of his speech. you could figure out who he was talking about. he is elevating her, his status, donald trump. is that do you think in an effort to help out hillary clinton? is she going to need his help? sandra: she needs a lot of help.
9:21 am
one. areas she came out of the get strong, she made her views on economy and ways she will fix it very clear to her supporters and potential supporters. she is very clear to help the middle class. very clear she will raise the minimum wage and it is interesting, because she has now come out against trump in what may be a glimpse of what the fight and dual would look like in the general election, suggesting that his views on the economy are just frightening were his words, he talks about wages are too high. melissa, i wonder if that is going to be where she really sticks it to donald trump in a general election? melissa: he could try, but problem if you look at economy right now and look where people are, median wage has fallen since the president has been in office. income inequality has grown dramatically because of stock market's rise. things have not gotten bert over this term even though unemployment rate is technically lower. that doesn't tell the whole story because wages aren't growing at all. people are not able to pay bills in the same way.
9:22 am
when she tries to hit at him, she will say if you like the economy now, you get more of this later. that's a very tough sell. to what doug said, that is so right. hillary clinton is out there. she doesn't get benefit of being in office because like you said they don't want to fire who is there but she gets the shaft of track additional candidate. >> can you say that? melissa: i hope so. doug, you're so naughty. taking it to that place. harris: you guys hold hands. hold the #oneluckyguy's hands. >> she is looking out for me. >> if you need a hand, harris. harris: oh, my goodness. let's all hold hands. producers are going crazy. >> didn't do this at syracuse. harris: she didn't party at harvard. melissa: i tried. there you go. harris: with hillary clinton she is talking about trying to pick a vp candidate on her ticket
9:23 am
that would appease some of those bernie voters. i'm guessing she has seen the video but seen the headwind in kentucky. we'll talk about when it happens. exclusive indepth sit-down with donald trump. who am i talking about? megyn kelly with a "primetime" special on fox network. she will give us a interpreview of candidate conversation next. stay in your seats. >> you are so powerful now. >> i don't view myself as that. i view myself as a person, like everybody else fighting for survival. that is all i few myself. hmmmmmm.....
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9:28 am
republican presidential debate in august when megyn challenged the billionaire businessman about his past derogatory remarks about women. we'll get to that in just a moment. first a pretty intimate glimpse how trump himself views himself. >> you are so powerful. you are so powerful now. like everybody else is fighting for survival. that is all i view myself as. and i really view myself now as somewhat of a messenger. this is a massive thing going on. these are millions and millions of people that have been disenfranchised from this country. >> it's true, but they're listening to you and they're taking their cue from you. so that is the question, now whether so close to the oval office whether you will take that responsibility seriously and change your tone to try to be more unifying and less divisive? sandra: get to talk about different things right here with
9:29 am
megyn. i watch that, i wonder what was the conversation between takes and questions and small talk. >> there wasn't any. he came into the conference room. we walked over to the conference table. we sat down together and we were off. and, so there were no breaks. it was straight through. and it was cordial. he was polite and i was polite. and just, to correct something in the intro, there was never a feud on my end. sandra: i did kind of think twice about saying that, sorry. >> it was one-sided feud. i really wanted to get past this. that was the previous meeting i had with him at trump tower was all about. we didn't discuss our, weirdness, but he did agree ultimately in the interview. in the interview we discussed not only his campaign but his temperment. in that we get into what happened between the two of us. when we get to that portion, which is, you know, healthy chunk of the sit-down, it's
9:30 am
awkward. it was uncomfortable and, for me it was especially awkward because i've tried very much not to make myself the story. sandra: right. >> and yet, this is the one setting which i had to ask him about it you know. i had to ask him somewhat about his choices. in that clip there i thought was, really where i wanted to go, the questioning about what his messaging does. that is not just about megyn kelly. that is about mexicans and muslims and women and other groups. trump has the ability to fire people up for good or for evil. and i am, was trying, there is a longer exchange. you will have to he see it because it sort of comes to an apex, trying to get to whether he understands that. he is not the host of celebrity apprentice anymore. the more powerful he gets the more judicious he should likely be with his language. sandra: one of the words that he
9:31 am
used in the wake of that august debate question you asked him was that, you weren't nice and you asked him about that in the sit-down. there was an exchange. you were simply asking do you believe it the role of a journalist, presidential debate moderator to be nice. listen. >> you said you didn't feel that the moderators had been nice but do you think it's the journalists role to be nice to presidential candidates at a debate. >> fair. i don't care if they're nice. >> you used the word nice. >> okay. no, i don't think so. i mean i might have said they weren't nice, that doesn't mean they have to be nice. >> it is not a cocktail party. >> no. tell you what in a certain way what you did might have been a favor because i felt so good about having gotten through, if i get through this debate with those questions you can get through anything. >> that is the truth. that was funny. harris: you were so quiet in the beginning of this, really as until, lately, was the first time we really heard you speak
9:32 am
about this. was there something you got to say to donald trump that you had kind of waited to say? did you get to say it? >> i'll say this to you. i didn't, i didn't want to get into the specifics about what he had said about me. but i think that there are some surprising moments in the interview people will be talking about the next day. doug knows how i feel about the whole thing. i had the right person to talk to about it. that's all i need. harris: make your relationship stronger? >> very much so. >> we were in the bunker for nine months in a way. she is incredible. i should not be surprised at how well she handles these things but it really is an incredible thing and, through this whole campaign season, trump has been masterful knocking people off balance. think back to jeb bush when he calls him low energy, at the time i thought it was juvenile that won't stick. there was no more effective sign sticking when jeb came out acting strangely high energy.
9:33 am
owe my gosh its working. got in his head. harris: or something thereof. >> or cruz or rubio. getting nasty with those guys. they respond nasty in a way they eventually publicly apologize. this isn't the campaign i want to run. he has knocked everybody off balance except for her. she is are seasoned politicians with teams of advisors and he broke them down but not meg. she stayed on high road. maintained dignity. never engaged and kept her eye on the ball the whole way. she is the best. sandra: we see each other outside of work. people flock to you and always come over to say hi and are effusive in their love. but it is not always like that, right? how is it like you to hear people attack her because you're very protective and so loving of her. what was that like? >> it is frustrating and i read somewhere, there was an interview with george w. bush saying, they're asking how hard was it to take all the incoming
9:34 am
after iraq and he said, not great but not nearly as bad as it was back when his dad was running for re-election and all the negative stuff coming. it is very hard to see someone you love get attacked like that. so it has been hard. but i just, it is amazing watching her. you have so much confidence in her. i haven't watched that much sports lately. between work and young kids, my sports references are back to michael jordan. to see michael jordan come up the court with the body language, it is late in the game, you know he is going to do it, the ball comes to him and you know he has got it. that is the way you know when she goes out. most prepared person in the business. she is smart. harris: you are blessed my friend. >> i am blessed, harris. i mean you can see why i love him but i do, i have had a team behind me in this whole year. i have had doug, who has been my first line of defense and everything is always is. he is first opinion i want.
9:35 am
our boss roger ailes who has been there to steady the ship, i thought maybe i should do this or maybe i should do that. he helped me talk it through, and asked is this best course. i have my executive producer tom lowell how love like a brother who has has been there saying let's take a breath. helped make up commitment after the debate, continue to cover trump without fear or favor. i challenge everybody on "kelly file" team speak up, if you see the ship leaning one way or other. it has been challenging year. sandra: we want to show one more clip while we're at it. >> you seem to stay angry for months. >> yeah. >> was that real or was that strategy? >> well, i'm a real person. i don't say, oh, gee i'm angry tonight but tomorrow you're my best friend. see i do have a theory when somebody does it -- this could happen again with us, it could be, even during this particular interview. i have great respect for you you were able to call me and say let's get together and let's talk.
9:36 am
to me i would not have done that. i don't say that as, you know, as positive. i think it is negative for me. you walk into trump tower, we didn't have like, neutral site or over at fox or something that would be whole different thing. i wouldn't have done it. >> i think door men are still recovering. >> whole building are recovering. this can't be possible. sandra: he say this could happen again. >> there was something in there, wasn't there? that is the risk you run with trump. in my experience if you cover him without fear or favor you run the risk of getting hit. i'm a big girl. i can take it. i'm not crying in my soup. it is part of our job. you know i'm used to it now. so there's that. sandra: well, we'll leave it at that. have megyn have the last word. watch "megyn kelly presents" to see the full exclusive interview with donald trump. she sits down with legendary actor michael douglas and former o.j. simpson attorney robert
9:37 am
shapiro and transgender activist, laverne cox. that is tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. eastern. >> "american idol" fox. empire fox. we work for fox. simpson's fox. check your local listings. sandra: check your local listings. huge spike in violent crime in major ciscos to coast. major debate as to the cause, major figures in law enforcement, starting with the head of the fbi saying a ferguson effect may be to blame. are police afraid to lose their jobs? (war drums beating)
9:38 am
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♪ melissa: honoring true everyday heroes, president obama short time ago awarding nation's highest honor for law enforcement to 13 people, recognizing those who put themselves in harm's way, one fatally, to serve and protect. >> public safety officers we recognize today with a medal of
9:42 am
valor found courage, not in search of recognition, they did it instinctively. melissa: the honors come on heels of a new report showing murders are up in more than two dozen major cities. the fbi director james comey returning to an idea he first raised last fall saying he believes a quote, viral video effect may be leading to less aggressive policing. the administration pushed back against that claim saying there is no data to back it up. milwaukee county sheriff david clark with this reaction. >> cops are not afraid to do their job. what they are afraid of, got a different effect. the cop hating united states department of justice led by a race obsessed attorney general, the president of the united states has been leading the course in slandering maligning care and integrity, service, sacrifice of our nation's law enforcement officers. what officers fear is
9:43 am
witch-hunt, ongoing witch-hunt by the civil rights division, taking over law enforcement agencies all across the nation. melissa: whoo. not mincing words there. >> he is not and you know, in fairness to sheriff clark that is complaint we've heard from law enforcement in all corners of the united states. what he is talking about with the federal government, since barack obama took over as president, doj brought two dozens investigations into police departments across this country. that effectively amounts to a takeover ultimately where the doj comes in, you have done so many things wrong, sign consent decree, answering to us, doj. law enforcement is supposed to be local. and we'll get off your backs. that allow feds control a lot of cops. gotten to the place where cops do one thing wrong, not like in ferguson, they found massive issues with the police department there, far less than that resulted in the ire of the doj. cops now feel like one wrong
9:44 am
move they will have to answer to loretta lynch. harris: i think it is also interesting, you heard viral video effect, alluding to ferguson and video we saw from the riots in baltimore. we know with the leadership in baltimore that mayor who was saying, basically let them roam paraphrasing like free range children. let them do, citizens, looting, whatever, let them get out of their system. >> freedom to destroy. harris: when you look at that how could you not have a response, honest human response, if i'm being told that that is more valued than me doing my job at the moment, i mean what would you do with that? >> look what happened to darren wilson. officer darren wilson in ferguson. ferguson police department was basically indicted by doj report which found all sorts of systemic racism, darren wilson, the cop who shot michael brown a case started a lot of this, remember hands up, don't shoot, it was a lie. it was a lie.
9:45 am
that cop, darren wilson was in fact the victim of michael brown's aggression and shot him in self-defense which the doj also concluded. and yet, darren wilson's life is over. he was, he lost his job. he hasn't been able to find work. he is no longer a cop. he did nothing wrong. so if you're a cop you have to wonder am i going to be the next wilson? melissa: why we're seeing this rise in murder rates and crime rates in the city that was found in this report. sandra, you know i would say so, this is the youtube effect, ferguson effect is what they're calling it but how do we get out of the spot now? sandra: that is the question. melissa: comey says this is a huge problem. this is not solution. we had a problem before. how do you fix it? sandra: i use my hometown of chicago as an example. it is horrible to read the statistics coming out of there. horrible to read about rise in murderous crimes they're seeing in parts of that city. it is gut-wrenching but there is not a lot on the table as far as
9:46 am
what you see cities coming up with, as ways to combat this. this is a huge, enormous challenge that our u.s. cities face. and there is not a lot of solutions to choose from. melissa: look at it from the other side, doug, "black lives matter" movement said whole idea was to get police to change way they were operating. look at the report and look what comey says, that is exactly what happened. they have changed the way they're patrolling cities. you have violent crime rates up. what do you do from here? >> the changes anecdotally i'm hearing seem to make it a little bit worse. megyn and i were in kentucky little more than a week ago and taken around by a police officer there, they said they have new policies around not pursuing criminals for petty stuff. if they commit some crime and get in car take off, police are not allowed to chase at all there. is no pursue policy now the defense attorneys going around to criminal clients, get in the car and two, you're safe.
9:47 am
they can not chase you. clean get away. harris: complicated in chicago with rahm emanuel. when authorities don't do necessarily what they're tasked with doing, we know the complications that mayor had and when he misstepped. when they don't do their jobs it rains down. >> in camden, new jersey, chris christie and barack obama how you can make strides and protect african-american citizens who in some instances have been targeted by certain police officers, that's proven but also protect the cops who are well-meaning and not looking to execute citizens from false allegations and bad video. in that department they basically started wholesale with new cops and reinvented it from the ground up. melissa: taking a bit of a turn, a local news station under fire after a female weather reporter is told to cover up, live on the air it happened. was it a big joke or very public body shaming? we'll debate this next. ♪
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9:52 am
what is coming up second hour of happing now. hey, jon. >> hey, harris. bernie sanders campaigning in puerto rico. he is hoping for a big win in oregon's primary. mounting a strong challenge to hillary clinton in kentucky and that is where she is right now, campaigning in the bluegrass state, a rally beginning in bowling green. she is just about to speak. clinton has spent money and resources trying to stop sanders's momentum. he has won several recent primaries of course and is expected to win big in oregon. we'll talk about mrs. clinton's challenges from the left and the right and doubts creeping in about her strength as a candidate. also we'll talk about the pushback from donald trump after days of attacks from the mainstream media. he has choice words for his critics. we'll get into it in the next hour of "happening now." harris? harris: we'll look forward to, jon. sandra: there is lot of drama
9:53 am
happening at one l.a. tv station. liberte' chan, wore a sparkling black dress. she was live on the air when her coanchor handed her this gray cardigan. harris: my goodness. sandra: he can be heard off camera, gotten a lot of emails from viewers. she covered up and later posted a vido on her facebook page. you see the anchor handed her the sweater, reading some of those messages for and against the move. >> liberte''s dress was totally inappropriate. looked like she didn't make it home from cocktail. all in all poorly done all around. >> wow. >> people are mad. >> it's a dress, people. sandra: in another tweet one viewer accused the station of body shaming her in public. chan downplayed the incident writing this on her blog. for the record, i was not ordered by ktla to put on the sweater. i was simply playing along with
9:54 am
my coanchor's joke. if you ever watched the morning show we poke fun at each other all the time. brian kilmeade stepped into the studio for a second, says this station has a lot of fun. it is a morning show and that is kind of what morning shows do, they have fun. do you see anything wrong with this, if we were talk very seriously, megyn, about her coanchor handing her a sweater to cover up? >> can you joke around anymore you? can't joke around at all. she was joking and he was joking and neither one was offended. you can laugh about it when it is at weather station, right? there is case going on right now at a college where a young man with 3.7 gpa got kicked out with consensual intercourse with another woman. he consented, she consented. her friend said she was raped and he is booted out of school. two people, certain circumstances are offensive, right? if somebody says, something like the "n-word" to somebody and we're on receiving end is not
9:55 am
offended that doesn't make it not offensive this is stupid. it's a sweater. >> context all. they were clearly having fun with each other. you hear how megyn talks about the clothing we used to war where before we met. [laughter] that was borderline offensive. >> it was bad. high wasted pants with a yellow golf shirt. harris: you had mom jeans. >> they were not mom jeans but it was great. >> i had a theory, former girlfriend trying to block other women. there was so much there. why cover it all up. harris: clothing kryptonite thing. it doesn't work. >> it was kryptonite. >> i could see the diamond in the rough though. sandra: let me ask you a very, very serious question. harris: oh, boy. sandra: have you ever been asked to change your clothes as television anchor? harris: my hair. i have had some hairstyles that were you know -- not my clothes so much.
9:56 am
i have worn, you know, things that, maybe people didn't like but it wasn't for inappropriateness. i will say i remember when the station had bikini week. it was -- >> meteorology? melissa: in hollywood. wearing frederick's of hollywood lingerie. sandra: this is way too much fun. we have to get out of it. sfx: baby speak not even close. reach for the orange, it's 100% shmorange!
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10:00 am
>> we're going to have a little viewing party. harris: fun. >> we'll give out doug's book, the means. we'll watch donald trump. laverne cox and others. harris: tomorrow 8:00 p.m. eastern and pacific. "megyn kelly presents" on the big fox. >> thanks for having us.


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