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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  May 16, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> we're going to have a little viewing party. harris: fun. >> we'll give out doug's book, the means. we'll watch donald trump. laverne cox and others. harris: tomorrow 8:00 p.m. eastern and pacific. "megyn kelly presents" on the big fox. >> thanks for having us.
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continued on saturday night and causing problemses for security. hillary clinton won the caucus but the battle was over the delegates that were not bound by that vote. basically it stems from. bernie sanders supporter ares believe within one delegate and
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hillary won by five and concerning for those there. and also concerning for the democrat party at large. it is it the republican convention goes this summer and now it looks like a very or fun summer depending on the side of the mrnlg political aisle. >> interesting to say the east. adam, thank you. >> so as hillary clinton tries to lock down the democratic nomination. she is come pain nothing kentucky. that new report said allies are concerned about her weakness as a candidate. some saying that her vulnerabilities will hurt her in a general election match up with donald trump. >> and we have dan and stove here.
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she was supposed to waltz to the election, stephen upon. she hasn't locked it up yet. bernie sanders is giving her fits. is that the reason for the word of caution? >> it has a lot to do with. it she's been running for this office for a decade against a fairly weak field. and donald trump running against the heaviest, you know best republican field in a generation, trump who wraps it up in 11 months and she is struggling to see off her final channeler. that is a wor. the collapse in 2008, and built up more questions from the e-mails or not. there is a lot of reasons for worry out there. >> she has the prospect of being the first woman president; is
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that not enough to drum up the excitement. >> it is not enough. suggesting that she is running for are ten years. roll that clock back in the middle of the mid1990s and most of the millennial voters were ten years old when the clintons were in the presidency. and the fact that she would be the first woman president doesn't have. and the fact that they are so excited about bernie sanders suggested that that party moved away from the clintons. and they moved away when obama took the nomination. the party is much upon more of a party than the left.
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>> untrustworthiness and unlike sxablt lack luster style on the campaign trial. if those are the things coming to the front of people's minds. >> that was this version of mitt romney and that is the criticism that fellow republicans launched against him in 2012 when they were worried about him and he faced off a weak field and emerged longer than it should primary. mitt romney that ran for senate in the 1990s from massachusetts was different than mitt romney who ran for governor and tried in 2008 and 2012 to be the republican nominee. hillary clinton has many of those same things.
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and on trade and law and order and her husband's record on criminal justice. these things have piled up over a long period of time. she has had to decide who she is and go out and sell that and convincingly to her own supporter democrats and the general election. it is not going to be easy, but if anybody has a track record of doing that, it is it the clintons. >> bill clinton was critized for saying hillary will be my pillar of advice and support, daniel and suggesting that she was a co-president. she would do the same thing with his a vice. >> she would put bill in charge of reviving the economy. that smacked of desperation. she is the one running for president and should have ideas for reviving the economy.
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and not former president bill clinton. we can overstate her vulinabilities. and she will have the democrat party behind her. and the organization. they will turn out the vote in the swing state. and trump is undermanned at the moment. and we should not write her off. but she has big problems. one true from the beginning. bernie sanders he himself said is running double-digits of all of the republicans in head-to-head polls. that is a generic result. the democrats have a advantage. hillary clinton seems to be unable to capitalize on that victim and they have to be concerned about that. >> it is it going to be a fascinating election in november. daniel and stephen, thank you
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both. the supreme court side stepping a decision on a major challenge to obama care and sending the government and religious organizations to the appeals court. and the white house is pleased with the ruling. hi, shannon. >> well, this is a contentious and important cases of the term. and even though the supreme court issued an opinion it leaves the case unresolved for now. after hearing the arguments, the court urged the pears of how to compromise and with that guide apse, it is sending it back to the lower court. the court expresses no view on the merits of the case. the court does not decide whether the petitioner's religious exercise was burrnene.
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>> this may be the new normal until there is a 9th justice and in the hotly contested cases, you may have more and more situations. the court finds itself in a 4- 4 stalemate. and needs to resolve the cases. >> many plaintiffs in these cases. they are celebrating a temporarily victory. opponents say, we are deeply disappointed that the supreme court abdicated $duty. important to note in the opinion, the government cannot impose p taxes or penalties on the religious groups. >> and add that the white house said baseded on today's judgment it is not obvious that the
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justice would have yielded a different results. >> and a terror and scare in a sporting event. a suspicious package found and forcing thousands to evacuate. >> it was new information on the fake bomb that looked too real. >> a chilling warning from al-qaeda magazine. who they want followers to target you. is the mainstream media fair in its coverage of donald trump. go to to join the conversation. can a toothpaste do everything well?
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game and forcing officials to evacuate the entire stadium. bomb experts rushed to the scene and carried out a controlled explosion and the officialses say it was a fake used in drills last week. manchester's mayor wants answers on why it was note are moved before the big match. >> oh, boy p. u.s. officials on alert as al-qaeda leaders said to go on the economy. catherine herridge live with more on that. >> reporter: the latest issue of inspire magazine to call on al-qaeda and followers to carried out knife and bomb attacks on business leaders. this time, the cover showed the hoody killer stalking a victim in an upscale neighborhood be
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and monstage of bill leader bill gates. >> they provide information on devices. first. it was military personnel and their families and government and intelligence officials and then ordinary americans. it may reflect that neither group pulled off a major terrorist rick. >> isis wants to slit your throat and al-qaeda didn't to a crowd>> reporter: the bureau
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takes the kill list seriously. and look at the individuals that appear on the list. director comey said the list appear to be from role estate records or hacks of small company websites, jon. >> catherine herridge, in washington, thank you. we are seeing republicans change their tune on donald trump. why former rivals warm up to him. and president obama took pot shots at the gop front runner this weekend. >> the world is more interconnected before and becoming more every day. building walls will not change that. and you work hard to keep it that way. ♪ sometimes,
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>> president the president jumping in the 2016 campaign in a speech in rutgers. the president went after donald trump without mentioning his name. >> if you listen to the day's political debate, you might wonder where the strain of antiintellectualism came from. so the class of 2016, let me be clear as i can be. in politics and in life, ignorance is not a virtue. >> obama has mostly stayed away from the race and he touched on themes that the democrats might use later on.
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>> donald trump could be turning a corner with social conservatives that initially opposed him now show signs they could support the gop presumpative nominee. we will talk to after hours syndicated radio house. and fox news contributor. leslie, you predicted that the gop would come around and this would not surprise you? >> no, it doesn't. i should have gone to vegas with this. but i didn't. i am not surprised with the social conservatives in swing states and ohio being an important swing state. virginia and iowa with two other examples. evangelical and social conservatives who will appoint a supreme court judge with the
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litmus test of certain issues. abortion is a big one with this group. in the end of the day, pretty much any republican would support a conservative supreme court justice to the court. and this is where donald trump is showing knowledge. he will put out list of potential supreme court nominees. >> kevin, was this part of the plan to shape the candidate they want trump to become. nnever trump will give us better trump. and i kind of part ways with other talk co-hosts. i like raw and bloody primaries. and what yielded ted cruz having a big showing and 18 million people voting against trump. trump recognized i need to win
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the people. smart truve that leonard leo will be the vetting chief for the supreme court. you will win a lot of never trump people back if you get schedulia after schedulia and if you promise that in advance. ronald reagan called it personality and setting policy. and they are now putting out policy and making sense. >> if you like a bloody primary you will like this one and the general election. and leslie what about what about the names of the vp. it could make or break donald trump voting for him, hillary.
10:26 am
i don't like his politics. ted cruz is a very intelligent man and knows how to run a campaign. marco rubio was perhaps the best republican but i don't put much stock in the polls, these two people would have given hillary a harder time than trump. he needs a washingtoned inner and knowledge of politics and somebody who is viewed more favorably byinose in the house and senate. these would be be potential examples and he needs someone who needs to compliment him and that is not easy to do. he is different than any candidate. >> the rest of the gop to go behind him and winning over the
10:27 am
bernie sanders' voters. he saying he is in it for the long haul. how will he do that? >> i think trump's natural a pole to sanders' base is self evident. they want someone who is not part of the current establishment. and it doesn't get more establishment than hillary clinton. two sessions as first lady and secretary is secretary and senator, she's part of it all. and there is it large questions of the clinton foundation with foreign policy. it -- if it locks that way, it is it a turn off to the sanders' crowd. they will not be lined up with tony perkins and the people in the social conservative movement, but they will be attracted to trump's outsiderism. >> sanders' supporters would not back clinton.
10:28 am
44 percent for trump and 31 percent said neither. kevin, and leslie. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> and speaking of hillary clinton, new details on her search for a running mate and what her plan to win over all of the bernie supporters. the question is, can it work? >> and long security lines plaguing airports. could they impact your summer travel plans? it's true what they say. technology moves faster than ever. the all-new audi a4, with apple carplay integration. sir, this alien life form at an alarming rate. growing fast, you say?
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the all-new audi a4, with available virtual cockpit. ♪ >> welcome back. donald trump making waveses across the pond predicting he and british prime minister david cameron may not have a great relationship if he is elected. hi, carl. >> reporter: another spat with donald trump going on overseas about his remarks on the ban on muslim visitors. and back in the day, donald trump said in order to stop the flow of terrorist in the united states in lieu or in cases of the syrian refugee crisis in middle east and europe, it was a temporary van to stop muslim
10:33 am
visitors coming to the united states. david cameron called it stupid and equipmentive and wrong. and this is what donald trump told the associated press. >> looks like we'll not have a good relationship. >> would you like him to withdraw that comment of stupid and wrong. >> i am not stupid, i can tell you that right now. just the opposite. and in terms of divisive i am divisive. i am a unifier. >> reporter: he has to pick a running mate. and there is a lot of conservativives who think that donald trump is a moderate or liberal and argue he is the wrong guy. and as someone to take it away.
10:34 am
they are trying to do that. >> we are learning more about hillary clinton's search for a running mate. she is looking for a running mate to a pole to bernie sanders supporters. i know you have talked to people who are talking to the clinton campaign, what is she looking for in terms of a vice-president. >> this is throwing out the old conventional thinking. once you lock down the nomination. run to the middle and try to attract independent voters. in the case of hillary clinton, that is the opposite of what she is doing and underscores the problems in the party that divide and run on generational
10:35 am
line. in poll after poll, that is the biggest constitiency behind bernie sanders. and the thinking is that if it is not bernie sanders, she needs someone who has similar chops and repation in the progressive community and appeal to younger voters. and so that's why they are looking for elizabeth warren. she's coming up a lot in the conversations with people who are close. >> elizabeth waren and hillary clinton have not been close in the past have they? >> no. but when you are looking at a divide like you have this the party, and looking for somebody who needs to be a fighter and doing the hand-to-hand combat with donald trump that many in the clinton campaign worry that the candidate herself is not in a good position or capable of
10:36 am
doing. that brings you back to elizabeth warren. this is not unprecedented two people with not the warmest relationship in the past form a ticket. elizabeth warren's thinking. it may not bridge the gap with white male voters. they are thinking. we have a high african-american and bring in older women who are supporting hillary clinton and younger women who are the population that elizabeth warren would bring. that goes against the orthodoxy of having to reach out to the middle and it is it a symbol of the political party and each one thinks that the best way to wins fire up the base. >> what about somebody from an upon ohio or a florida. >> if they had their druthers
10:37 am
and if that person came from a swing state, great. but in the end of the day, the focus is really on demographics and not geogravy and i interviewed mitch stewart who was the virginia state director for obama and very, very involved in the get-out-the-vote effort. we poll tested that in 2008 and looked at the virginia candidates. senator kane and warner and it didn't get us much. but it comes back to hillary clinton's unique challenges as a cappedidate. the campaign will not say it on the record, younger voters will have voted against her not just once, but twice. if you are at age of 28 and supported barak obama in 2008. and it is more of a personal
10:38 am
level. you can read more about it in usa today. thank you, heidi. >> thank you. frustrating airport security lines get worse by the day, right. look at cell phone video in midway in chicago sparking outrage and causing many people to worry about missing flights. delays are expected to continue as the busy summer travel approaches. >> a judge set to look at whether jimmy is competent to stand trial. and the case of a lawyer who claimed to be involuntarily intoxicated when he held a virginia couple hostage.
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>> welcome back. there is a hearing underway to see if jimmy the super fly is comtent to stand trial. he was charged with murdering his girlfriend in 1983. his attorney said he is suffering from dementia and doesn't understand the charges against him. thank you both for joining us. suffering from dementia, will this work? >> in order to prove he is competent to stand trial, the defense attorney will have to prove he can't assist. he can't understand why he was arrested and why he is in court. again, when you are proving this
10:43 am
it is a battle of the expert. >> it doesn't matter if he suffered. >> it will not help him with insanity defense. there is no basis for claiming it then. he just can't assist in his defense. the grand jury hearing, he pled the fifth. if he assists in his defense then, it would be difficult for him to argue he can't now. and in addition the judge found he was not incompetent. and i think he has a uphill battle to say he is incompetent. >> they have a doctor that said he is in dementia and the blows from his head in his years as a wrestler. >> i think it could fly and to be honest with you. it would be the best thing for the prosecution.
10:44 am
this is it a 30-year-old case and no smoking gun. it is it a loser of the case anyway. but at least they say we brought it before the grand jury and these are where the chips fall. >> but the victim's family, they fought all of this time to have someone responsible. it is his use of cocaine and other drugs and stomach cancer and stroke. it is it a whole number of things that come together. but the experts said he is not competent and on then the question will be whether he will testify in the competency hearing and the judge will get a chance to decide. >> speaking of drugs and alcohol. switching gears. involuntary intoxication. andrew smol, was convicted of knife attacks.
10:45 am
the attorney said it would result from a use of medication. this is involuntary intoxication. explain what it is it. >> it is uncommon in context. but typically someone drives drunk and drink coke. and someone put in a mickey. you can claim that defense. number one, he's a lawyer. and claims that his use of medication and pain killers produced intoxicating affect and that's why he is use the defense. i don't think it will fly. >> ufrnd the law in virginia, it can be an error by a doctor led to involuntarily intoxication. one, the drugs he was given in
10:46 am
this prescription were not properly mixed or prescribed and he was out of control. and the other thing is, they separated the trials between he and his wife who is also going to be on trial. it could be that he would say she slipped something in his drug. it is it a hail mary pass for the defense attorneys and they will see what they can to. they are making the claim she slipped him something. maybe it will work. >> she was, the wife was a get away driver with the motive and fired from the job and the person they tried to attack be was the person that fired her. she has real incentive to want upon to hurt them. he's been on pain medication for three years. >> as soon as your wife got fired? >> that is acting out. he was raving on and on and
10:47 am
about secret messages in the e-mail and found only with a diaper on. and perhaps he had something going on. >> perhaps. >> heather and jana, thank you so much. appreciate your insight. interesting cases. >> when it comes to the supreme court, justice thomas is known for silence in the arguments. but over the weekend he spoke out about political correctness and justice thomas gave the commencement address in michigan and 5000 of us packed the hall. >> i admit to being unapologietically catholic and patriotic and a constitutionalist. do not hide your faiths and beliefs under a bushel basket
10:48 am
especially in the world that seems to have gone mad with political correctness. >> thomas also spoke out about how much he misses anton scalia on the bench. it was a most difficult term. my niece was one of the graduates. 350 graduates in hillsdale. >> congratulations to your niece. what was their reaction to the students. >> it was a erousing reception. this was the biggest crowd they had there and well received. >> interesting to be be there i am sure. still to come. switching gears, isis fighters in the middle east targeting co pieces of history and what is done to save the ancient treasurers. we have that alarming story. thousands of people came out today to run the race for retirement.
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hi, everyone. happy monday. i'm gretchen carlson. hillary clinton revealing new details about what bill's role would be in her possible administration, so does he get a spot in the cabinet? we'll tell you. plus, the more names being floated now as potential running mates for trump. one of them newt gingrich tells us what trump must do to convince him to possibly take the job. and a local meteorologist has taken a tornado of criticism for the dress she wore while doing the weather. so what's the issue. and what do some of you say to me about my attire? don't miss it, seven minutes from now. >> 9 fight to defeat isis taking on a new urgency in the archaeological world with "national geographic" running a cover story on plundering the past after the looting of
10:53 am
important historical sites in syria and egypt sparking fears that more ancient treasures will be lost forever. joining us now is the "national geographic" archaeological writer. thank you so much for joining us. >> first of all, explain to us what is happening. we've seen these images coming in, the sights being pillaged and ruined. >> mm-hmm. >> the grade in antiquities is booming particularly due to the ongoing conflicts in the middle east. fortunately we have researchers like "national geographic" who are using technology toil illuminate what's literally a strip mining of our collective human history. >> so why should we care. >> >> why should we care? >> well, because, number one, this is our human history and when you wrench particular objects out of the ground without scientific investigation it's almost like i tear a page out of a book and i hand it to you, and i ask you to tell me what the book is about. you have no context and that's
10:54 am
what's happening with the looting is we are literally tearing pages out of the book of human history so they can be sold and put on somebody's book shelf or in a museum. >> we're looking at some of the images that you brought to us on one of those -- that was a cemetery littered with human bones and they were looting different holes there, correct. is that what was going on in? >> yes, and we see this all the time at sites from looters where they will go in for the gold and bling and will toss human remains. important pottery that gives us information and all sorts of other material aside so you are seeing the leftovers from looting activity in that area. >> so how is the u.s. involved? >> well, the u.s. is involved in many ways. congress just passed a -- a flat-out export ban -- import ban on syrian antiquities into the country which is incredibly important for us. on top of that we have u.s. agencies like immigration and
10:55 am
customs enforcement, homeland securities investigations, that are actively trying to break down these criminal networks, and they are criminal networks. these networks deal not only with antiquities and they deal with arms and drugs to fund illicit activities. >> and then finally what, else can we do about it. describe some of the advanced technologies that we're able to use. >> well, for instance, what we're looking at with satellite imagery, for instance, with our geographic fellow sarah parchuk, she was able to determine more than a quarter of our known archaeological sites in egypt have already been compromised by looters and if we keep it up at this rate in 25 years every single archaeological site in egypt will be compromised by looters. we know that 20% of our sites in syria since the troubles began have been looted and we know that based on satellite imagery. >> that definitely puts it into perspective. thanks so much for joining us, an incredibly interesting job
10:56 am
and once again for everyone at home the june issue of "national geographic" magazine is available online right now. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> well, the sports world is buzzing about a tko on the baseball diamond. what sparked this bench-clearing brawl? it's the final 30 next.
10:57 am
10:58 am
10:59 am
time for the 30, eight baseball players tossed after a texas rangers game against toronto. happened in the top of the eighth. the blue jays jose bautista makes a low slide into second base trying to break up a double play. rufngd odor having none of it. solution batista and benches clear and both players are
11:00 am
awaiting possible suspensions from major league baseball. >> all related to a bat anybody. >> a little bad below between the two teams. >> all right. thanks for joining us. "the real story" with gretchen starts right now. >> start with a fox news alert with the campaign trail. hillary clinton revealing what her husband bill clinton's role would be if she were to win the white house in november. hi, everyone. hope you had a great weekend. i'm gretchen carlson. this is the real story. clinton announcing that bubba wouldn't be an official part of her cabinet but would still put him to work in a role aimed at boosting the economy. senior political correspondent mike emanuel live in lexington, kentucky. is clinton trying to tap into her husband's popularity with democrats? >> reporter: no doubt about it, gretchen. bill clinton won here in 1929 and 1996 and hillary clinton has been talking about his role. she was asked earlier today if he would be in the


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