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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  May 16, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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awaiting possible suspensions from major league baseball. >> all related to a bat anybody. >> a little bad below between the two teams. >> all right. thanks for joining us. "the real story" with gretchen starts right now. >> start with a fox news alert with the campaign trail. hillary clinton revealing what her husband bill clinton's role would be if she were to win the white house in november. hi, everyone. hope you had a great weekend. i'm gretchen carlson. this is the real story. clinton announcing that bubba wouldn't be an official part of her cabinet but would still put him to work in a role aimed at boosting the economy. senior political correspondent mike emanuel live in lexington, kentucky. is clinton trying to tap into her husband's popularity with democrats? >> reporter: no doubt about it, gretchen. bill clinton won here in 1929 and 1996 and hillary clinton has been talking about his role. she was asked earlier today if he would be in the cabinet.
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>> all right. >> would he be in your cabinet? >> we need to get her out of here. >> reporter: but hillary clinton did say if elected her husband would be an economic czar. >> i was saying earlier in louisville where we had a big real, my husband who i'm going to put in charge of revitalizing the economy, because, you know, he knows how to do it, and -- and especially in places like coal country and inner cities and other parts of our country that have really been left out. >> reporter: hillary clinton won big here eight years ago and the clinton and sanders campaign seem to think tomorrow night it may be close. gretchen? >> okay. speaking of sanders. what was his pitch in kentucky and where is he now? >> he is in puerto rico. bernie sanders spent much of the weekend though criss-crossing kentucky and in paducah,
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kentucky, sanders made the case while both he and clinton are popular with democrats that he also has appeal with independent voters and now sanders has moved on to puerto rico and continuing outreach to latino voters and talked about the financial crisis there. >> it is morally unacceptable that billionaire hedge fund managers have been calling for even more austerity in puerto rico. austerity will not solve this crisis. >> the clinton campaign basically gave up in oregon which is the other contest tomorrow night but has invested a lot of time and i don't remember here in kentucky and will do a get out the vote later in lexington. >> mike emanuel in kentucky, thank you. now to the gop side and high-profile republicans still actively searching for an alternative to trump despite the gop leaders warning against it.
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rnc chair reince priebus calling a third-party bid a suicide mission. >> the law makes it very difficult but i do take it seriously. they can try to hijack another party and get on the ballot. it's a suicide mission for our country because what it means you're throwing down not just eight years of the white house but potentially 1,100 years on the supreme court and wrecking this country for many generations. >> pretty strong statement. chris stirewalt, fox news digital editor and author of "fox news first." interesting to see how reince priebus has really come on the side of trump. i mean, i think he has to and it's also interesting to not you still have people talking about a third-party candidate. how would very threat it done from a money point of view not to mention they passed a bunch of deadlines to be on the ballot. >> well, the money is -- well, the very first question is who and what kind and before you can really get into the business of talking about who would be
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willing to do it, we first have to say is the dough there? is there enough money and here we're talking about half a million dollars, many more that you need for the ballot access questions. the window is already closed on texas which would be if you're looking for republican votes a good place to look for them. now, courts have in the past been generous with allowing exceptions to these things and have been generally in favor of open ballots rather than you could and we'll -- by the time we get another three or four weeks down the road it becomes an possibility and even if it were it would have to be someone who would win the general election or a protest candidate designed to hobble donald trump. we don't have any clarity about what's really being discussed. >> we have people who are very conservative who want to find a third-party candidate and people like myth romney, my gosh, last time around most people deemed
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him too moderate tonight republican nominee and what kind of person are they looking for? >> well, and very to remember who the they is here. there is no way have certainly somebody they want to a military and they want a military leader and you want people in the recommend of a colin power who could be broadly attractive and take from both hillary clinton and donald trump in a bid to get somebody who is a third way forward in the birth of a centrist party. that's one way and there's another way you're talking about a very conservative conservative. you're talking about someone who is ben sasse, most notably the united states senator from nebraska, and he's inorganic rock of conservatism and he's looking for someone who will really uphold the principles.
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>> the only one anybody is talking about ben sasse is because he was one of the first people to come out against trump. >> right. >> no way anybody would be talking about ben sasse for president, at least right now in 2016, and then it seems like why wouldn't you go with ted cruz then because he's the ultra conservative, i don't know. seems like -- i know you're laughing because you're as mist five-day as i am. an interesting tweet from donald trump and not about fellow republicans but bernie sanders and here's what he said. bernie sanders is being treated very badly by the dems and the system is rigged against him. he should run as an independent. returns bernie, run. >> i bet. >> so why does donald trump want him to run? >> he wants hillary clinton to have the same problem he does. the goal for both of these candidates is to get above 90% of your own party's support.
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both will improve with their own parties and trump wants hillary to have the same problems he's got, restive, divided and angry and taking it into the general election and would i like to see my own team lose because would i like to see them hurt. he's like to have that problem and the challenge is as the race stands to be closer that many expected between trump and clinton it will happen that democrats are about to get religion and do what republicans have done and take a candidate they may not be that is enthusiastic about. >> too bad that politics is not boring. >> gosh, just always something going on. something to analyze. see you something next week. >> have a great day. >> we have big news to talk about, too, other than politics because there's extreme weather hitting the south again. thunderstorms hitting a foot of rain on parts of south texas causing flood emergencies forcing more of the high-water rescues and though the calendar says may, parts of the country
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getting hit with snow, too. meteorologist janice king here with the weather. people getting snow in may and first the rain and all the terrible serious weather as well. what's going on across the country today. >> it's never boring in the fox news extreme weather center. >> let's take a look at it. >> we have the potential for more friending for our friends in texas and along the gulf coast. there's the last 24 hours and you can see out of corpus christi where they seasly received over six to eight inches of rain in a very short period of time. we have the stationary boundary set up yet again. potential for the rest of the day and our eyes are on texas, the coastal gulf coast area where we could get 2 to 3, even more than that, 6 to 8 inches of rainfall and that will cause concern. the other side of this is a
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severe threat. large hail, damaging winds and tornadoes for northern parts of texas and oklahoma into kansas. a tornado threat overnight so people need to be on alert and then tomorrow another threat of severe storms for texas. for much of texas where we could see, again, the threat for hail, winds and tornadoes. not to mention the flooding concerns, gretchen, for the folks along coastal areas of texas. back to you. >> all right. so i put away my snow boots and grew up in minnesota so i'm used to seeing snow in may and who is going to get it? >> sometimes it snows in may across the upper great lakes and across the northeast and we have pictures out of vermont. sometimes it snows in vermont, but i know the springtime skiers must love it. silver lining, silver lining. the good n gretch erng the snow has moved out of the way. we're still getting snow for my friends and relatives in canada and the temperatures will be on the rise this week and still a little bit below average and we'll get into the mid-70s and at some point i promise we'll be
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explaining about the summer time heat. >> my flip flops are going on. not going back to the boots. >> all right. you've determined it. forget the meteorology. good thing we have the latest. janice, thank you. >> you're welcome. another tragedy has unfolded in texas. the carnival "liberty" views ship arrived back in part without a passenger. crews were work around the clock trying to locate samantha broberg and despite near perfect search conditions they have not been able to find her. carnival says video showed the mom of four sitting on the railing of the ship and then falling over backwards this. happened about 3:00 a.m. in the morning but her companions did not report her missing for several hours. the supreme court fails to rule on the dispute between faith-based groups and the obama administration over birth
11:11 am
control. ♪ we are believers >> why is the court sending challengers to the sisters of the poor back down to lower court? and the scary video and the outcome from an air show coming up next. and young gop voters who have worked on republican campaigns even saying they will not vote for trump, so what will they do? . >> just elected a london mayor and when donald trump is president he's no longer allowed to come here, it's just asinine and if he becomes president we're no longer a beacon of hope for the rest of the world. we're a beacon of hatred.
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welcome back to "the real story" on monday. a deadly air show crash. watch this. >> oh, my gosh. >> authorities saying the pilot greg connel was flying in tandem during a plane acrobatics stunt show near atlanta on saturday. the plane came suddenly crashing down killing connel in that accident. he was the only person on board. this was the first crash that the air show has had in 30 years. >> the supreme court sending religious challenges to the birth control mandate under obamacare back now to the lower courts. the little sisters of the poor among those claiming they have been substantially burdened by the mandate. the high court deciding it's too early to rule and seeing room possibly for compromise. the white house weighing in on today's court action as both sides are trying to claim victory. >> we're pleased with the
11:16 am
announcement from the supreme court today. it will allow millions of women across the country to continue to get the health care coverage that they need based on, again, the announcement from the supreme court. it's not obvious that an additional justice would have yielded a different result. >> well, let's see, lis wiehl is a fox news analyst and tells us about this story. we just heard josh earnest saying if you had another justice on the high court that he thinks he would have had the same result. >> of course he has to say that as part of the administration. clearly the supreme court punted this down to the trial court level because they didn't want to deal with the overarch issue. the supreme court's been one of two things. either saying we're not going to deal with this issue about individual rights here. we'll take this down to the lower level and hope they will
11:17 am
deal with it or, yes, we don't want to deal with this overarch issue because we don't have a ninth justice here so one of two things is going on. clearly they are not going to deal with in issue. >> the appellate court deed with the obama administration, at least most of them did. now really down to ground zero, really, because you look at the trial court and you say the trial court agreed with the obama administration and now they have to relitigate the whole issue again. can't say that the trial court is going to hold because it's not and now the litigants get to say they have the court and have everything relitigated and it starts again. >> seems toss me like this was a ninth justice issue. >> right. >> why would the supreme court not want to take on a challenge. that's what their job is? >> they don't want to, because i think really if you have to get behind the scenes here 4-4 and they don't want to go down to a
11:18 am
4-4. >> goes back to the original. >> exactly the same thing. >> it's critical that the judges unanimously ordered the government not to impose these fines and indicated that the government doesn't need any notice to figure out what should now be obvious. the little sisters object. and now they are claiming that they won. >> both sides, what do you expect. both sides are going to claim victory because in a way both sides did win because the supreme court did not actually rule on the big issue and they obfuscated and punted this. you know what, gretchen, we're going to see this more and more with the supreme court having just eight members on the panel? >> well, just like congress. >> exactly. >> not going to get it. some people like that with congress. >> right. >> but in this case it's a lot of wasted dollars. >> not saying they should choose
11:19 am
merritt garland. >> you got it. >> the primary fights head west and have you ever seen one of these where mobile ballot boxes are being deployed, and it's getting a little too hot in one newsroom. a meteorologist asked to cover up on air. look at her dress. what do you think? after sparking a huge storm of criticism? that brings us to our question of the day. you heard her say really. do you care if your meteorologist wears a dress like that? do you want her to wear a dress like that? tweet me @dwrechencarlson. do you care if your meteorologist cares a dress like that. 77% say han, hope. don't care. wait until you hear what people have said to me about some of my clothes. that's coming up next.
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with xfinity x1. e welcome back to "the real story" for a monday. a look at your consumer headlines that we're following. aaa saying gas prices are expected to remain steady this sum, own as more drivers get ready to hit the road. amazon reportedly getting ready to expand its private label to include groceries like spices, tea, even baby food possibly in the next few weeks. obama administration stepping in to help to end the negotiation about the verizon strike. strike has been going on for more than a month now. let's see what happens with that. >> okay. storm of controversy over this. what's on your screen. the outfit a california meteorologist wore on the air. trace gallagher explains why a
11:24 am
little black dress is causing so much debate. hi, trace. >> hi, gretchen. kcla morning team in l.a. has been yucking it up for quite a few years and liberty ran a dress that did not work on the green krome key wall and she changeded into a black beaded dress but apparently some viewers thought the dress was inappropriate for morning television and that's when her co-anchor decided to step in. watch. >> into tomorrow. what's going on? you want me to put this on? why, because it's cold? >> getting a lot of e-mails. >> what? >> there you go, there you go. >> really. >> i look like a liberian now. >> yeah. well, that led to accusations of sexism and others who said the co-anchor just didn't handle it with very much aplomb, but it certainly didn't bother liberty and she wrote a reply to viewers
11:25 am
quoting for the record that i was not ordered by ktla putting on the sweater, simply playing along with my co-anchor's joke and if you ever watch the show you know we poke fun of at each other all the time. she went on to say she and the co-anchor are friends on and off the air and posted some video of the co-anchor reading some of the viewer e-mails about the black dress. list listen. >> work in the same dress, not appropriate and the show's producer should not have allowed her to do that in a cocktail dress and handing her the sweater was in very poor taste. all in all, poorly done all around. >> people are mad. >> it's a dress, people! >> just so you know nomt not the first wardrobe malfunction, back a while she made dress that had too many green and made parts of her invisible on screen. she was given a blazer to help her get through the forecast and
11:26 am
she was not offended then. >> good thing i'm not doing janice dean's job, i'd be nude. >> something like this. >> time now for my take. all this talk about a meteorologist dress and whether it's too revealing or not and whether or not she should have been asked to put on a sweater or cover up or whether it was a joke offer. after more than 25 years in the tv business i wish i could say i'm surprised but i'm not. let me be clear. liberty chan's black strap spaghetti dress would not have been my first choice. i feel for her. i've been in a situation where the dress you thought you were going to wear on air doesn't work out like you spilled your lunch on it or your zipper broke. shouldn't we be listening to what she says anyway. here are some of the clean e-mails i get every day. gretchen, needs a jacket. please, in caps. just lose weight, gretchen or cover up, and there's more. those are not arms for
11:27 am
sleeveless styles. well, i'm sure i really teed off that person today with this almost sleeveless dress. oh, well. chaos at nevada's state democratic convention. "the real story" about what sparked yelling, chanting and even fights. so is that,what we're going to see at the national democratic convention, because, remember, this is what they said the gop is going to be like. and speaking of the gop why some millennial gop voters are hesitating to jump aboard the trump train. w why. >> who is the real donald trump, the donald trump who says women who have an abortion throw them in jail or the donald trump who said oh, no, that's not what i meant so we want to know who is the real donald trump.
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mr. brady, we've been expecting you.
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some headlines for you. a deadly terror attack on a plant north of baghdad. isis claiming responsibility for a string of bombings. gun production, you'll be surprised by this. no longer surging for the first time during the obama administration with new government stats showing the number of firearms manufactured in the united states is dropping. the washington monument closed again because of elevator problems. the park service saying the monument will reopen as soon as repairs to its elevator power supply are complete. back to politics now. democrats in nevada cooling off
11:32 am
after their state convention got, well, chaotic. >> recount! recount! recount! >> bernie sanders supporters calling for a recount as you can hear there after potential delegates were disqualified. some party leaders now worried they may see fireworks like that at the national convention this summer. adam housley is live in our los angeles newsroom with this story. adam, explain, how did the chaos start. >> reporter: made things kind of fun and there is a worry this could continue on into the summer, the same concern about the republican convention as well. should be interesting to say the least, but in this case nevada's process for sending delegates to the national conis a bit complex and because of that supporters on both sides clashed a bit with bernie supporters being pretty upset and you can hear them as they interrupted a number of speeches. california senator barbara boxer was interrupted. ultimately the director of security for the paris las vegas poe tell informed the state party from both sanders and the
11:33 am
clinton campaign that the hotel could no longer provide security for conditions made unruly and unpredictable. >> it's not about bernie and hillary. it's about the rules, and the results for the dnc and the nevada dems were not followed. >> i've never seen anything like this, and i'm voting for hillary. >> i mean, the video out there, gretchen, is just incredible. a lot of fun to put it lightly and people on both sides covering it that we've spoken to said, you know what this, could continue and both parties were having this kind of issue and may have very interesting conventions this summer, gretchen. >> understatement of the century. any way to know what the end result is with all this? >> reporter: you know, it's kind of in the weeds a little bit to go all into it, a complex system in nevada and i'll try to break it down very simple police. hillary clinton back in february won the nevada caucus, but they have the unbound delegates, we've heard about these before, and bernie sanders supporters had more people at the state
11:34 am
convention which they believe was going to give them one more delegate than they had, still behind clinton overall, but it actually went the other way where clinton ended up getting one more delegate so that's blown and didn't like the rules and all kind of calls for changes and that's where it all stems from. it basically became completely unruly to the point where the hotel said you guys have got to get out and had to call in extra security and police to help make it happen but there are folks in the democratics party that are worried, gretchen this, could have problems and could carry over to philadelphia. >> and they thought it was only going to be in cleveland with the gop. look what's happening now. adam, thank you. >> have fun. >> now to oregon whose -- oregon, that state is holding a closed primary plea bargain if you want to vote you have to be registered with one of the parties. most of the state's unaffiliated voters who recently did pick a party signed up as democrats which could be good news for bernie sanders. more live from portland.
11:35 am
could senator sanders keep his momentum with yet another win in oregon? >> reporter: well, gretchen, you would think so. oregon sets up as a very good state for bernie sanders. it's mostly white and very liberal and a lot like next door washington state which recently gave bernie sanders 73% of the vote. he has campaigned hard here. he has drawn big crowds here. meantime, hillary clinton never came to oregon. her husband was in the state just once but clinton has a built-in advantage. this is a closed primary which means only pre-registered democrats can vote, and look at how he's done in those contests, a perfect 8-0, and a recent poll of likely democrat voters showed clinton with a 15-point lead. her supporters say, hey, it's fair. >> i'm a democrat and this is the election for the nominee of my party, and so i believe if you want to help pick who the democratic party nominee, is you should be a democrat.
11:36 am
>> and there are four more of closed democrats, two tomorrow, one here in kentucky and one in oregon and two more on june 7th. gretchen. >> i alluded to this before i introduced you about a lot of party switching in the month before the vote. why was that happening? >> well, if you want to vote you've got to register as a democrat or republican. what this has really done is bolstered the democrats' registration advantage. a lot of this is due to the interest in the sanders/clinton race, and also oregon has the most liberal voter motor law in the country. people who get a license are registered automatically unless they opt out. well, this is a vote by mail state so the ballots have been coming in for a few weeks now. turnout is strong. it's close to the record pace of 2008. the wild card in all of this is how will the new voters on the rolls vote? in just the last couple of weeks 20,500 non-affiliated registrants have picked a
11:37 am
primary to vote in the primary, 16,000 or 81% chose to be democrats. have you to figure most are young and in that poll showing clinton way up sanders, get this, 89% support from those under 30 years old. >> if though turn out the election could be our survey and if they do what they typically do and show up, then that will be good for clinton. >> reporter: that's why sanders is all about turnout and getting the young people to the polls. if they do come out it could be a very close race tomorrow. gretchen? >> dan, thanks so much. speaking of the young folks millennials getting a bad wrap on not being up to date but they don't all fall victim to the stereotype so we talked to young registered republicans with pretty impressive political let's mays about their party's presumptive nominee donald trump. >> john, you worked on the hill for a number of years. why are you opposed to trump?
11:38 am
>> you're talking about keeping people out because of their religion. not what i think you want to look for in commander in chief. >> i'm opposed to trump because he's not a republican or a democrat but he's an opportunist. >> do you want a third party. would you support like one of these dand dates, you know, that supposedly senator ben sasse and bill kristol and eric erickson and others are trying to put forth? would you vote? >> i'd wear a t-shirt wi with #i'mwithsasse. >> i don't think donald trump has integrity. >> when you say #nevertrump does that mean #i'mwithher. >> not necessarily. the hobson choice, the take it or leave it, rock and a hard place type decision you have to make. >> what do you know about the clintons and about the 1990s presidency? >> i would say my experience
11:39 am
probably just comes from bill clinton and monica lewinsky. >> i remember watching the judiciary committee hearings on c-span with my parents. you know, my family has always been very politically interested and politically involved and even growing up with that and seeing that, my opposition to trump is unwielding? >> do you hate hillary? >> i don't hate hillary no. >> i've never met hill sglaer would you vote for hillary? >> i will not vote for the president if the nominees on the ticket are donald trump and hillary clinton. >> probably investigate on the democratic side. >> if trump wins the presidency would that turn you off from the republican party forever? >> i think so. i think i would prefer to myself as an independent. >> how has your position affected your personal relationships, you know, with other republicans and comfort that i was are for trump? >> a lot of friends that i talk to who are very for trump aren't really look past anger, not
11:40 am
looking past frustration with washington because he's the voice of it. he's channeled into it. he gets it. >> nobody that i know in my personal life comes to mind that is pro trump. >> outside of people my parents and grandparents age i don't know anyone that's pro trump. >> if you were to meet trump privately what would you ask him and do you think he could make a convincing argument to change your mind? >> there's nothing that can help me, his history is so conflicting. hillary may be re-elected again if she, you know, is elected in november so it would be even longer than that. would the party survive, would the conservative movement survive? >> i think donald trump really changes what the future of america looks like. i mean, london just elected a muslim mayor and when donald trump is president he's no longer allowed to come here? >> we've been in the wilderness before, the lbj years, didnso wn
11:41 am
be a good opposition party. hillary becoming president doesn't change the conservative movement. >> as you just heard they probably won't be voting for trump and as you heard they probably won't be voting at all if it's trump and clinton, and is that the smart alternative? well, let's move on to this now. could dogs help the tsa cut down on those long lines? have you experienced them yet? they are coming. airport security this summer. >> bottom line is that tsa canines can really help take a bite out of time. tsa passenger screening dogs can cut passenger screening times by about half. >> we're live at the world's busiest airport to break that down for you and then we're going to have this. >> a major pile-up at a formula one race and plus what may have caused the car to crash. and dr. ben carson birk about donald trump's potential
11:42 am
running mates for vp. who is on the short list and who says they are open to the job and, wow, he says a lot of stuff. . all right. finally, mr. speaker, and you knew this was coming. there's been a lot of speculation about you running -- >> i thought you were above this. >> no, i'm not above this. this is what i do for a living. see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. proven to help the majority of people find clear or almost clear skin. 8 out of 10 people saw 75% skin clearance at 3 months. while the majority saw 90% clearance. do not use if you are allergic to cosentyx. before starting, you should be tested for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur...
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you have to feel healthy... on the outside your core. trubiotics a probiotic from one a day naturally helps support both your digestive and immune health by combining... ... two types of good bacteria. trubiotics. be true to your health. shepard smith on the fox news desk. the not trump movement is still pushing for a third party alternative to the likely nominee. but analysts say a third-party candidate would have very hard time. we'll speak with a journalist who says the biggest problem for a trump alternative contextias. that's coming up at the top of the hour on "shepard smith reports." let's show that you crash now. crash team teammates actually. after moments -- moments after the race gets under way. here it is. spinout on the track putting
11:46 am
both mercedes. nico rosberg and lewis hamilton battling for the lead and the spin caught the other driver in the process and put them both o. it's one of many big decisions donald trump will need to make as the presumptive gop nominee. who will be his vp running mate in the dr. ben carson, one of the men heading up that search, now revealing some names on the vp list. here they are. they include john kasich, marco rubio, ted cruz, sarah palin and chris christie. at the same time "fox news sunday" asked former house speaker newt gingrich if he would be interested in the ground. >> if you ask me i want to say i'd sit down and talk about it. if he convinces me and calista it's doable and we'd contribute we'd be very hard pressed not say yes. >> sounds like a yes. joining me is a democratic strategist and former congressional strategist and
11:47 am
mercedes schlapp, former spokeswoman for president george w. bush. sounds like a yes from newt gingrich. >> definitely not a no. >> right. >> i think for newt gingrich, when a candidate decides or persuades you to please take into consideration becoming the vp it's very difficult for many of these -- these leaders, gop leaders, to say no to the presumptive nominee, so i think for newt gingrich he's been someone who has stayed in the political conversation ever since he left being speaker of the house. obviously he has a very substantive policy insight. >> right. >> as well as the fact that he actually would probably activate what would be the gop base. that is something that i think when you look at the these #maybetrump people, gretchen, they are thinking, wait a second, the vp pick for trump will be very important whether i go out and vote for trump or decide to sit out the election. >> that's interesting because usually the vp doesn't mean that
11:48 am
much, hate to say that to the vp out there other than the state they are from and possibly being able to give that to the nominee and it's fascinating, jess kwa, not to the focus too much on newt gingrich, but he was back there when bill clinton was president, and he would be able to take on hillary in an effective way about, you know, all of those years, and so i think that that is an interesting person to look at, but what do you make of the fact that sarah palin and chris christie and marco rubio is on a list? he says he doesn't want it. >> i think they have all sort of tied down in -- ted cruz has said absolutely not and john kasich said no and marco rubio said no but trump has made it very clear but he does want someone with legislative experience. i think there are many issues in newt's background that would probably come us as well and the other issue is, you know, he certainly knows his way around the hill and he would be a very possibly effective person in terms of getting things done. >> okay. >> he has the experience in that legislative capacity that trump has mentioned so many times. >> yeah.
11:49 am
>> but he's certainly not going to bring any more women to the table in terms of voters, and i think that's really been something we've talked about so many times that trump needs and if you're looking for someone i'm not sure sarah palin would do it either or trump would really want to have her on the board, but he's certainly mentioned, you know, the governor of arizona, the governor of oklahoma, jan brewer, mary fallon so there are possibilities out there. >> knew the nult did run for president and he was vetted and i distinctly remember that debate where he was asked about his personal life and took the media to task. let me take a look at the democratic list. elizabeth is warren is there, of course, and then the senator from ohio sherrod brown and tim keane from virginia and others. do you think hillary will have to go way throat make up for the whole bernie thing? >> she is thinking this through. needs to figure out whether she
11:50 am
would need an elizabeth warren on the ticket. even a sherrod brown which are both considered more progressive because of the fact that she needs to unite the party, and there is a reality that over 24% of those who are on the bernie train are saying, look, i'm not going out and voting for the democratic establishment hillary clinton. i'm just not going to vote in november so i think in the back of her mind she's thinking i need an exciting candidate but at the same time i need someone who can brick the party together so i wouldn't think tim kaine would make sense. >> thank you. and we could be in for a rough travel season now, why? because look at those lines. matt finn is live at the busiest airport in the world.
11:51 am
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now here's that story about sinead o'connor, sparking concerns. in illinois police say someone called them reporting she went for a bike ride sunday morning and has not come home. investigators putting out a well-being check for the irish singer. o'connor made headlines last month when arsenio hall sued her for comments alleging he gave drugs to prince before his death. tsa asking for patience as the agency tries to deal with long security lines. i mean, really long. at u.s. airports. check out this one on your
11:55 am
screen. passengers are spending hours trying to get just to their flights. matt finn is live at o'hare in chicago. matt, what is it like right now for those waiting in security lines? last week i could not believe how much longer they were than normal. >> reporter: if you were to enter the line right now, it would be at least an hour and 15 minutes but it's varying. a couple moments ago the line stretched back to where i am and people were waiting two hours. obviously some very irritated passengers. what caused this? a couple years ago congress and the tsa cut 4500 jobs, let go of 100 agents a week. the idea was that the tsa precheck where you get your background prechecked and they let you skip security would have alleviated lines but that has not worked. here at chicago, american airlines for the first time ever last night, heading into morning, had to put out cot for people 0 sleep because people were missing flights because the lines were so long.
11:56 am
american airlines said it had to delay 30 flights in chicago. you can imagine the domino effect because delaying a sing little flight means the plane would have made nine other flights. airlines say they have approved $34 million in overtime and there will be 768 more agents by june 15 in will that make other dent? i guess to be seen, gretchen. just some great news head into the summer travel season. >> hash tag big frustration. getting a very big buzz. your responses to the out burst over this wardrobe choice. a little black dress or see-through. woo! i got some traffic moving through me. your reaction. don't talk about my arms, though.
11:57 am
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news anchor hands a meteorologist a card -- cardigan
12:00 pm
because of their dress. 21% say yes. i won't wear one like that. maybe. thank you for being part of "the real story." >> now, "shepard smith reporting," live from the fox news deck. >> 3:00 on the east coast, noon on the west toast. time to take stock. for donald trump who is his friends in vladimir putin for sure, jeb bush called him a bully, marco rubio, gangster and aing through. trump said putin is someone he would get along with nicely. now david cameron. the 'relationship with look dis. the g.o.p. nominee is going hard after british leaders, challenge london's mayor to an iq test. donald trump spoke on british television and warned he didn't think he would have a good relationship with prime minister cameron. trump was responding to the british prime minister's comment that a ban


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