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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  May 16, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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because of their dress. 21% say yes. i won't wear one like that. maybe. thank you for being part of "the real story." >> now, "shepard smith reporting," live from the fox news deck. >> 3:00 on the east coast, noon on the west toast. time to take stock. for donald trump who is his friends in vladimir putin for sure, jeb bush called him a bully, marco rubio, gangster and aing through. trump said putin is someone he would get along with nicely. now david cameron. the 'relationship with look dis. the g.o.p. nominee is going hard after british leaders, challenge london's mayor to an iq test. donald trump spoke on british television and warned he didn't think he would have a good relationship with prime minister cameron. trump was responding to the british prime minister's comment that a ban on muslim immigration
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would be divisive and stupid. >> well, number one, i'm not stupid, okay? i can tell you that right now. just the opposite. number two, in terms of divisive, don't think i'm a divisive person. i'm a unifier, unlike our president now. >> donald trump said that london's new mayor had been nasty to him and said he won't forget it. the mayor is muslim and called trump's comments about islam ignorant. also new today, word that donald trump's income is not enough to self-fund his campaign. that's according to an analyst from "the wall street journal" newspaper. it reports his income is $160 million this year, and most of it, the reported billionaire's fortune, is tied up in real estate. with at most about a quarter billion dollars on hand in cash. that leads him well short of the $1 billion that analysts predict he will need for general elections. trump spokeswoman responded the income number is wrong by a lot but mr. trump said, who cares? it doesn't matter.
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>> donald trump could clear it all up by releasing his tack returns, as he said he would do last year. her now says he will not release them during an audit. he told george stephanopoulos my tax rate is none of your business. i talk with a a "wall street journal" editor, trump is teaming up with a republican party bosses to help raise cash as more party leaders rally around the nominee to be. now, the last gasp of that not trump movement appears to be talk of a last-minute alternative, a third pared. the head of the run national committee is warning it would guarantee a democrat wins the white house. >> it's a suicide mission for our country because what it means is you're throwing down not just eight years of the white house but potentially 100 years on the supreme court, and wrecking the country for many generations, and so i think that's the legacy these folks will leave behind.
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>> a suicide mission. still some republicans say they want a suicide mission. "the los angeles times" newspaper today profiled some republicans who say they want donald trump to be the nominee and they want trump the no knee -- nominee to lose. a former what's aide sunday to three presidents says, it's important he lose badly. this has to be repudiation of trump and trumpism. that from a republican about his own party's likely nominee. we have team coverage fox. blake is live in d.c. this afternoon. let's start with carl cameron at trump tower in new york city. is he really picking a fight with the british prime minister here? >> reporter: not really. what he is trying to do is push back a foreign leader and show he will not be talked down to, and not be insulted without throwing back at least also chin music of his own. trump recognizes that his proposed ban on muslim visitors and new immigrants is probably not feasible given the treaties
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the country has with the world, not withstanning the threat of terrorism, and as a consequence this is more of a political show where he is saying to david cameron, if you come at me, i'll come right back at you, and special alliance o. not between the u.s. and the u.k., trump is not going to be taking any guff from anybody and he shows that regularly and today he showed that he is willing to do it around the world. that troubles a lot of republicans which is one of the reasons you hear the moreconsert times, particularly on foreign policy, most worried that he is just ill prepared and lacks the knowledge to run the country. >> thevenot trump crowd is running out of time for a third party candidate,. it? >> reporter: they are, and they know it. and they've had a number of people they have talked to, a freshman senator from nebraska, highly educated. pretty much said, thanks but no thanks, don't see a place for it. folks like john kashich and others have been approached by mitt romney and the never trump crowd, and the problem is,
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running as a third party candidate or trying to upset the convention requires a massive amount of infrastructure, and there isn't any. this is a two-party system. we are a two-party system across the country, and when you only have a binary choice, one or the other, trying to bring in another without party and without more is very difficult. so they're looking for people who are viable but finding people who are willing is proving a big problem for them. >> donald trump is fighting back against what he calls a lame hit piece from "the new york times" newspaper. the story features interviews with women who worked with or knew the billionaire over the past four decade. now one of the women the paper quited its disputing the claims in the article. team fox coverage continues. blake is live in d.c. >> trump is calling the latest "new york times" front page cameo a lie and the times newspaper itself dishonest. the newspaper over the weekend ran a very lengthy article
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focusing solely on trump's relationship with women. the times says it interviewed more than 50 women portrayed trump as a bachelor and boss who engaged, quoting, in unwelcomed romantic advances and, quote, unsettling workplace conduct. one of the lead figureness the article was trump's former model girlfriend, rowan brewer lane. she spoke with fox and friends and says the feels feels the tis twisted already story. >> they spun it to where it appeared negative. i did not have a negative experience with donald trump. and i don't appreciate them making it look like i was saying it was a negative experience, because it was not. >> reporter: trump fired right back on you know where, twitter, this morning, and ending a series of tweets by writing, and i am quoting, with the coming forward of the woman central to failing "new york times" hit piece on me we have exposed the article as a fraud.
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nonetheless this is a story that trump and top party officials have had to address for about 36 hours are so now. no reaction from hillary clinton today, who has accused trump, as we know, of playing the woman card, but at a campaign event in kentucky, clinton looked more toward the potential general election showdown, saying she doesn't think most americans want, as she put it, a loose cannon in the oval office. >> thank you. let bring in glenn hall, the u.s. jet for for the "wall street journal" newspaper and back to the questions bat possible third-party candidate. political suicide, as reince priebus put it. >> very late in the season to get started. the last time we saw this was ross perot, which his candidacy seemed to be a spoiler for george h.w. bush against bill clinton. that's where reince priebus is coming from. >> sounds like the not trump crowd is coming from a different place and that place is, our republican party has a certain set of values to which we have
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adhered for years and decades, and their claim now is if donald trump becomes the president, we lose all of that. so they want him to lose, and to do so they want to bring in somebody else to make him lose. can that work? >> it could work. it could also backfire in a different way. it could throw it so nobody gets the 270 electoral votes you need and then the house gets to decide, which a hasn't happened since john quincy adam was elected president. so the chances of really scuttling this are great by bringing someone in but the ability to control the outcome, not so great. >> suggestions that some of the talk that happened over the last few days, some of the talk, might really benefit trump because what he doesn't want to talk about, according to his detractors, is his tax return. >> reporter: that's right. he keeps throwing out this idea he is being audited and until the audit is done, he can't really reveal his -- >> but he can. he actually can reveal his taxes while an audit is going, suggestion he cannot is false. if he doesn't want to or his lawyers don't want, to that's
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another matter. >> the interesting thing is that his constituents, the people he brought to the party, don't really seem to care. they're not clamoring for it. it's coming from other quarters. >> everybody since 1972, i believe, has released tax returns. been the process for many decades. will there be pressure later? can he get away with never releasing his tax return? >> there have been so many things that trump has defied in terms of conventional wisdom i can't say he won't get away with not revealing it, but there will be pressure and will be revealing, as the story we put out over the weekend shows his finances are not there for him to fully self-fund this election. he is good egg to need to start bringing in additional money but how much, we won't know. it's all estimates. >> the whole line about self-funding that was part of his primary campaign is gone. we reports on this, months ago, that this would mostly be the case. that he would need outside money. he would have to have and it with the way it works is they
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use these super pacs forks donald trump to rely on a super pac, does that hurt him. >> the withof independence is ones of his chief campaigning attributes, saying i home beholding to no one, if the becomes beholden that might undermine that message, he has said i would steer that kind of money to the rnc and let them do their work so they might be beholding but i wouldn't be. i'll stick with my money and individual contributions. that could perhaps mitigate some of that. >> what is your sense of how this sort of uproar with the london mayor and the british prime minister -- how that might play out. trumps' so many have called for moderate muslims muslims who tht isis has done is open to speak up and the new london mayor that done that. >> one thing you hear trump doing through this campaign is sifting here -- shifting here and there. he doesn't hold true to a
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particular position inch this case he has been saying recently, that was just a suggestion. we'll work it out when the time comes. when you talk about the london mayor and those situations, donald trump also wants to show he is strong. that's one of his other campaigning platforms. i'm tough. not going to take any guff from anybody, and that may have been what he was showing. >> the backing of muslims and the potentially building a wall that mexico won't built, those were just suggestions. i wonder how that will play with the new base who scream at his events, build the wall, build the wall, and ban them at the border. its sounds like those are suggestions. at least the muslim -- foreign muslim part. >> this is a very tough balancing act donald trump has to go through between now and the general election, trying to keep the core trump follower happy while he shows the general populace he has the ability to be a little bit more moderate or a little bit more presidential. so this is -- >> has he started that part, beingmer presidential. >> he keeps saying he has but i'm not sure.
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>> nice to see you, happy monday. 0. mow politics ahead, including the wild times of this weekend's nevada democratic get together. what happened in las vegas? also, our own megyn kelly interviewing, among others, donald trump, and asking whether he is going to change his tone. >> you are so powerful. >> ill view myself as a person, and that like everybody else is fighting for survival. that's all i view myself as. and i real where view myself now as somewhat of a messenger, this is a massive thing going on. million and millions of people have didn't dissen franchised from this country. >> it's true, but they're listening to you, and they're taking their cue from you. the question is whether now, so close to the oval office, whether you will take that responsibility seriously and change your tone to try to be
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tomorrow. the two candidates facing off in oregon. there's a recent poll in that state that shows secretary clinton beating senator sanders by double digits. hillary clinton is now 143 delegate away from clinching the nomination but that's when you include super delegates. party insiders who can vote for any candidate. bernie sanders for his part is promising to stay in the race until the convention and says he wants to win as many pledged delegates a he can and use that to try to flip clinton's super delegates, mike emanuel is live this afternoon. hey, mike. >> reporter: hi, shep. hillary clinton has heard the concerns of her fellow democrats she is not fully able to focus all of her attention on presumptive g.o.p. nominee donald trump until -- while hillary clinton is trying to stop bernie sanders' momentum in kentucky, she is also taking some swipes also mr. trump. in bowling green, clinton said she looks forward to debating trump and then knocked how he would answer potential questions. clinton blasted trump's economic
12:17 pm
plans. >> if you get ahold of donald trump's plan for the taxes of this country, it is terrificle down economics on steroids. slash taxes on the wealthy. it is a billionaire's plan for other billionaires. >> reporter: before she gets to the general election we have two contests tomorrow, oregon and kentucky, with clinton focusing on the blue grass state. >> kentucky and oregon have primaries tomorrow, but bernie sanders is in puerto rico. >> that's right. it is an early june contest, right before california and new jersey. so, sanders is working there. also trying to win support of latino volters with more diverse states coming up and sanders is pitching the idea of allowing puerto rican's vote to perhaps become a 51st state. >> the people of puerto rico should not and cannot provide
12:18 pm
colonial-like treatment of its citizens, the people of the united states cannot continue a colonial-type relationship with the people of puerto rico. [applause] >> reporter: back here in kentucky, there's very limited public polling and so both the sanders and clinton campaigns expect it could be a close contest. hillary clinton will close out her campaigning here at later on trying to close the deal. >> make emanuel, thank you. donald trump calling for bernie sanders to run as an independent. of course the thinking is that would help trump in november by splitting the democrats. some analysts say bernie sanders could hurt hillary clinton even if he is not in the race. that's ahead from the fox news deck.
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with xfinity x1. bernie sanders could cost hillary clinton the general election if he keeps refusing to drop out and she wins the nomination, according to an opinion piece on the web site politico. it sayber is in could spoil the election for clinton the same way political analysts say nader spoiled the election for al gore. bernie sanders has vowed to support hillary clinton if she does win the nomination, but politico reports the ongoing primary battle may be her candi, send something democratic voters to donald trump or to third-party candidates on the left. hi, shira. >> thank you for having me. >> this isn't exactly a new line of thinking. >> correct. >> so, that he could play spoiler if he doesn't -- well,
12:23 pm
play nice. we kind of know that. you wonder when he will make the turn. >> yeah, exactly. i think if you asked hillary clinton and got an honest answer right now she would be much happier if he was no longer in the primary, but since he is there and still continues to collect delegates, the cards are in bernie's hands. he can decide how to wield the power from now until the week in philadelphia in late july and he can see if he can get something on the democratic party platform, see if he can influence clinton's campaign in the fall, or if she wins. there are a couple ways, including going outside the system and starting his own movement. there are different paths he can take that will have a lasting impact through november. >> have you observed any changes in the nuances of his campaigning thus far? >> you know, you see him -- still talks about the importance of winning on the campaign trail, still campaigning
12:24 pm
heavily, his campaign schedule is busier than hillary clinton's, if you don't count her husband's campaign schedule. i see more of a rhetoric change in hillary clinton. she has let up on him, not attacking him directly like she did several weeks ago. that's where i've seen the change. you have seen some talk from sanders that you didn't see before about a movement, about progressive values on the whole, as opposed to targeting her directly. >> is there any reporting to suggest that he is asking for something in return for a rhetorical change? >> there is no reporting yet. at least i've seen that says he wants something really specific from hillary clinton, from her campaign. i have to guess. there was something, it would be about income inequality or changes among wall street. really integrating that into the democratic platform as a whole. that's where his best play lies in philadelphia. >> suggestions that she might be able to give on something with
12:25 pm
the big banks, but the suggestion that she is partially, at least, funds by the big banks is an accurate one. >> yeah, it is. it's a for her. at her heart hillary clinton is moderate to left. beryl any sanders is far to the left. they don't agree on fiscal conservativism or libbal rhythm. it is a really tough sell to make her -- especially when she is looking at a general election where she needs to raise a lot of money and as the former u.s. senator from new york, and a resident of the state, guess where a lot of her financial connections are ? >> we heart president obama begin to go a little harder in a rutgers university commencement address over the weekend. can you see a time when bernie sanders works with hillary clinton in a fight against donald trump, a full-throated endorsement and an aggressive fight against him and for her? or is that not in the cards? >> i can see a situation where that happens.
12:26 pm
i don't think it will be until after labor day. i think candidates, after they go through a campaign like this, especially one that saw such a quick rise, like sanders, he'll take some time to himself, probably go up and enjoy august in vermont. like a smart guy. and i think after that he could come back. it's a question of just how passionate of an endorse. is he going to give hillary clinton? is he going hand over or give her or sell her for -- under fec rules his list. is he going to move his supporters. in the end if i'm hillary clinton, i am not worried about sanders. sanders is a politician and knows how this works. i'm more worried before the what his supporter can do. will they show up to vote for her or stay holm because they're not going to vote for trump. >> my vote is august in vermont. that's a fantastic idea. the battle against the islamic state, the one its focused largely on the areas the militants have overtaken in iraq
12:27 pm
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i'm lea gabrielle with the fox report. the coast guard is calling off the search for a missing cruise ship passenger. she is 33-year-old samantha grover from arlington, texas. carnival reports it has video showing a woman falling overboard on friday in the gulf of mexico. she is a stay-at-home mom of four kids. the university of nebraska is accused of putting at risk when it celebrates touchdowns and they're supposed to stop releasing balloons into the sky. an activist claims falling garbage is hurting the
12:30 pm
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>> al qaeda call fog are terrorist terrorists to murder people including bill gates. according to analysts at the middle east media research institute known as memory. they say the latest issue of that group's propaganda magazine calls for followers to target the united states' economy and assassinate business leaders. this time the terrorists are calling for home assassinations. in their last edition, they called for workplace assassinations, now at home. and memri says they gave
12:33 pm
detailed instructions how to carry out attacks. catherine herridge is on it from washington. >> the main issue of inspire magazine does call on its al qaeda followers to carry out attacks on american business leaders. a similar threat was made a year ago for the anniversary of 9/11. the magazine provides instructions on parcel bombs, door trap bombs and devices for cars but that he attention of analysts this shift by al qaeda and assist to very personal attacks by formulating these kill lists. first it was military personnel and their families. more recently government and intelligence officials. and just this month, ordinary americans. one analyst noted that it may reflect the fact that neither group has pulled off a major u.s. attack in this country with a high casualty count, adding there's no evidence that individuals identified on these kill lists have in fact been assassinated. >> any credibility to any of these hit lists? >> well, i asked the fbi director just last week about
12:34 pm
these kill lists, and his answer was somewhat surprising. he said the bureau does take the list very seriously and they have a duty to warn individuals who appear on these kill lists through the joint terrorism task force, working with local and state law enforcement. but at the very least, they can sell fear. >> in this magazine came out this weekend, inspire, they have three different types of bombs they want believers to make for targeted killing. this focused on killing individual people as opposed to mass indiscriminate slaughter. >> the fbi director says that these lists are not very sophisticated and increasingly seeing this pulled from publicly available databases like real estate records or hacks of very small companies with web sites with employees and personal information. >> the u.s. and other world powers today announced they will send weapons to libya's government in an effort to help it fight the islamic state and
12:35 pm
other militant groups. john kerry says the international community must seize the moment. >> the choices required to shape libya's future are in the hands of its leaders, and they were here today, but they're going to need our support and if they do their part, we are here today to say that we're willing to do ours. >> officials say isis and other militant groups gained a foothold in libya and have been threatening the government's control over the country. there's been a power struggle there, ever since the united states helped overthrow the dictator moammar gadhafi during the arab spring. president obama has said his biggest mistake as commander in chief was not preparing for what would happen after gadhafi was gone. let's bring in curt volcker now, a former u.s. ambassador to nato. nice to see you. >> thank you, shep. good to be here. >> arms to the libyans following our not war in libya which sever you're threw gadhafi. arms to the libyan soldiers. is that the right thing?
12:36 pm
>> let's say we shouldn't have been in this position, and one thing to debate whether we should have taken out gadhafi or not, but the fact that we did left us with a responsibility to try to build a security sector in libya. instead we just pulled back completely and left the country in the hands of militias and that was a fertile ground for eye is to take root. now we have a much, much bigger problem. sure, give arms to the libyan government to fight isis. somebody has to fight them. but we need to have a lot of positive controls on this, and in fact we ought to be thinking bigger and trying to build a security sector so there's a monopoly of force. otherwise if we hand these weapons over, without some oversight, we won't know where the weapons end up. >> just as happened in iraq and other places. >> exactly. >> you said build a security sector. in your mind how might such a thing happen? >> we're already involved in negotiations to try to get a single government in libya, and this has been an arduous process because there's different groups but it has been moving forward.
12:37 pm
we want to link our support to providing security support to the government in libya, to their agreement to receive it and to a substantial amount of western oversight and how they build a single security sector. without that it's just handing over weapons and that's vary ding -- very dangerous. >> if you're building security sectors you find yourselves on the front line. >> yes, unfortunately, if you don't do that, you get what we see now, isis get as foothold, grow, threaten the government, attract rival militias into isis, they create an open border on the mediterranean through refugees can flood into europe. it's a growing wound. if we aren't willing to take that kind of active role of trying to help the libyans gain control of their country, then we would be better off targeting isis ourself.
12:38 pm
>> anyone necessary the world who can do this? >> no. >> there are countries with military over there that if they wanted to -- >> there are. the u.s. is the 800-pound gorell los angeles when you're talking bat nato operation, which is this could be. we've down until bosnia and kosovo and could do it with libya. there are countries with capability to do it, italians are just across the mediterranean and have a huge incentive to this. others would also be willing to support but they won't do it unless the u.s. is prepared to lead. >> is anybody paying attention to this pattern, this pattern with history as our guide, that we're pretty got at overthrowing dictators and very bad after. >> we go through the same thing every time. in the first gulf war, colin powell sis the most important thing about the war is the postwar seems like we don't follow through, especially in iraq, pull ought the way we did. not having enough-for-s on the ground and then pulling out and then leaving the mess we have.
12:39 pm
we ought to make sure if we are going to do -- and it's a big question whether we should -- we follow through and provide security. >> thank you. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> tens of thousands of people marched today to demand access to something most of us take for granted. electricity. there was a massive antigovernment demonstration in kabul, afghanistan, with crowds calling for the government to reroute a planned powerline to bring energy to some of the country's poorest communities. here are some protest marches today. the u.s. embassy in kabul today warned americans to limit their movement in the city. demonstrations brought this normally busy shopping area to a complete stop, as shops closed and officials shut down streets. here you can see people watching it unfold from their windows. police using big shipping containers here, put them in the street to try to set up a corridor with a predetermined
12:40 pm
route for demonstrators. armed officers set up across the capital and set up makeshift machine gun posts on street corners, in the 90s in afghanistan and absent electricity. some fathers bond with their sons by tossing around a ball, or building things. then there's the dad of the year, who allegedly binged on meth with junior before kidnapping the neighbors. the abduction, the escape, the manhunt, and arrest, and all the extraordinary details are next. you wouldn't order szechuan without checking the spice level. it really opens the passages. waiter. water. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. real is touching a ray. amazing is moving li real is making new friends.
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>> today president obama honored officers who risked their own lives to save other people. and one, as at the president put it, who tide not come home. he awarded 13 medals of valor at the white house and thanked the officers for going above and beyond the call of duty in the face of imminent danger.
12:44 pm
>> if had not been for their bravery we like likely would have lost a lot of people. mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, friends, and loved ones. thankfully they are still with their families today because these officers were where they needed to be most. >> three of the officers shot and killed a gunman on a community college campus as he was pointing an assault rifle at them. the president also honored an officer who died when somebody shot him during a robbery at a store as he protected employees and customers. that officer's grandmother accepted the medal for home. >> police in colombia have made their share of huge coke busts and they announced the largest bust. cops say a huge raid turned up eight tons of cocaine on a banana plantation in the northwestern part of the country, eight tons of coke.
12:45 pm
dozens of commandos with the help helicopters swept in the cocaine belongs to a cartel that wanted to smuggle it to the united states through the caribbean. investigators report that they've captured their suspects in one of the most bizarre kidnapping cases we have covered in some time. they say a father and his son invited over a family friend for a barbecue. but when she got there with her four daughters, they tied up all of them, and started beating the mother with a baseball bat. she sheriff's office reports flint heroson and his son, derek, were doped up on meth for several days and had become paranoid the mother reported them to the cops. the victims were able to escape after breaking the zip ties the man strapped on them. one girl slapped away a gunshot and another grabbed the baseball bat and slugged the son. this happened last tuesday in their home in centerville, utah, north of salt lake city.
12:46 pm
it sparked a five-day manhunt that ended over the weekend near pinedale, wyoming, the suspects surrendering as police closed in. investigators say they arrested the mother over the youngest suspect and report she violate probation by leaving utah to help her fugitive son in wyoming. no word yet on why she was on probation, and no word on what her relationship is with that father. but the rest of the detailser ridiculous and trace gallagher is following this. what else are we learning? >> reporter: well know the mother and her four teenaged daughters have known the younger suspect for years. he would often go to their house for dinner or pick the girls up from school. so when he pointed a rifle at them and told them to get on the ground in the basement at first they thought he was hiding and they went back upstairs. that's when the fewer grabbed in the baseball bat and started poking and prodding them, forcing them back down in the basement. after tying up the four daughters, d.j. harrison allegedly trade to cover up the
12:47 pm
mom's head, but the mom, who clearly does not wants to be identified, then got angry. listen to her. >> he tried to put that bag over my head it was -- i just -- i popped up and looked at him and i said, i'm not just going to go blind while you do whatever you want with my kids. really do look at death. and that just scares me. >> reporter: when the mom confronted her kidnappers, that's when the four daughters broke free and the two suspects, father and son, fled the scene. >> it kind of sounds like the two suspects, father and son, turn on each other. >> might have been the drugs that got to. the they were hiding out by camping in the wyoming wilderness but after a few days decide decide toed to given up so he deviled his son but never told him. the son says he had no idea where his dad disappeared to and the father told authorities his son was heavily armed in the woods.
12:48 pm
but when the son was picked up a day later by a forest service officer the was unarmed. either the dad lied about his son or in the son hides the weapon so police are searching the woods. you mentioned the son's mother was also arrested on a probation violation. well, all three are due in court in about 11 minutes. their harrison men are facing years and years in prison. >> trace gallagher, thank you. flights are taking off without all their passengers because folks are getting stuck for hours in airport security lines. now the tsa is feeling the heat. on twitter. and that's next. think fixing your windshield is a big hassle? not with safelite. this family needed their windshield replaced, but they're daughters heart was set on going to the zoo. so we said if you need safelite to come to the zoo we'll come to the zoo! only safelite can fix your windshield anywhere in the us. with our exclusive mobileglassshops. and our one of a kind trueseal technology, for a reliable bond.
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12:52 pm
dropped more than a foot of rain since yesterday and forecasters say it could keep raining all week long. take a look rat corporation produce -- corpus christi. some people were rescued from cars. in the northeast, spring snow. this is maine near the border with canada. more than two inches of rain fell in new hampshire and vermont. security lines at some airports are so long people are missing their flights. and things could get worse before the improve. the lines were so beside at chicago's o'hare irresponsible airport that some travelers said they waited more than two hours. dozensmake their planes and had to spend the night there. the tsa tells passengers to get to the airport two hours early for domestic flights and three hours early for international flightses, but even that may not be enough time now with some of the lines. you better believe folks are venting their frustrations on social media, and understandably so. we're here with joanna at bat 9.
12:53 pm
>> very noisy. passengers are so fed up what is going on, they are taking to social media. brian tweets: knowing there are women with crying infants waiting in line for two hours right now the chicago airport. laura says, she got there five hours ago, had a boarding pass, been on standby for three other flights. so she is clearly upset. ashley was waiting in security line for an hour and 45 minutes. he mom missed a flight earlier and had to weight two and a half hours, and shelby says thank you, united, for delaying my flight for no reason so missed the entire st. louis blues came. >> the more people who speak out, the more pressure. >> hash tag i hate the wait if you're so inclined. i'm joined by matt finn at o'hare airport. explain what is causing these long lines, why now? what's different? >> reporter: well, congress and
12:54 pm
the tsa axed 4500 jobs and still letting go 100 a week. part of the idea there was that the tsa precheck option would help alleviate the lines you are seeing behind me, but so far that has not happened. so now here in chicago, american air said for the first time ever it had to put out cots last night and this morning because people were missing flights because of tsa lines. american air said it delayed 30 flights because of backups and a delayed flight here in chicago has a domino effect on schedules nationwide. this line would be 45 minutes to an hour but it's been coming and going in waves. several points at which this would have been a two-hour line for anybody trying to get on a flight. >> the airlines are getting involved? >> the airlines are getting involved here at o'hare, american air says it will start offering up mysteryees to tsa, american air will be assisting
12:55 pm
you. delta offering employees to the tsa. the tsa is adding about 800 new agents by june 15th, but we'll see if that makes a dent. so, now for now the best advice is to get here extremely early and consider checking in online or on your phone. >> ever get kneeling you're going around in circles? nasa knows that. they say the international space station reached a milestone, completing its 100,000th loop around the earth. that's 2 billion miles. the space station has been circling for the last 17 years. we look at a landmark moment for science and science fiction that happened on this day in history. [engine revving] [engine revving] [phone buzzing]
12:56 pm
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in 1960 a scientist fired the first working laser. he showed it off at a news conference here in manhattan and folks started the death ray. yet doctors were among the very first to use the ray, especially for eye surgery. today lasers help out in light shows and fat removals and scanning your food at the grocery store. no word on that whole death ray thing. but a scientist first brought to light a revolutionary new idea and it happened 56 years ago today. should news break out, we'll break in because breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. the dow has been on a tear today. we were up more than 200 points about ten minutes ago, and it's clear what is leading this charge, apple is one of them. apple has had a bad little string of luck but apple is leading the dow, up 335 today, largely on warren buffet's decision to buy a bunch of apple. if you look across there's a lot of oil stocks up as well.
1:00 pm
oil has reached a new high, about $47. so that list is 30 -- lift the dow. and maybe your 40 ks. "your world" starts right now. >> well, as you said, shep, call it warren buffet to the rescue. without him you have to wonder what kind of gains we would be looking at today because he must have seen some real value in a beaten down apple stock, key component within the dow jones struggles and bought a billion dollars worth ask that propelled the shares up and the dow. not exclusively but certainly a big wind at this market's back that can use it after three back-to-back-to-back declining weeks. then warren bufffest was look 'at another group to buy yahoo!. the fact that warren buffet is looking at that changed the debate and whether these online