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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  May 16, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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oil has reached a new high, about $47. so that list is 30 -- lift the dow. and maybe your 40 ks. "your world" starts right now. >> well, as you said, shep, call it warren buffet to the rescue. without him you have to wonder what kind of gains we would be looking at today because he must have seen some real value in a beaten down apple stock, key component within the dow jones struggles and bought a billion dollars worth ask that propelled the shares up and the dow. not exclusively but certainly a big wind at this market's back that can use it after three back-to-back-to-back declining weeks. then warren bufffest was look 'at another group to buy yahoo!. the fact that warren buffet is looking at that changed the debate and whether these online
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powerhouses, even in the case of yahoo!, that got a lot of people's attention and the dow up on the day, yahoo! up on the day. thank the sage for that. more on that in a second. now, to the scramble in the republican party for its soul, and those who just cannot reconcile that donald trump will be their nominee. including one mitt romney, who we are told has been scrambling to find a third-party alternative. he, like some of these others who are very angry at donald trump, and think he would be a poor representative for the party's ideals, have been scouring the earth looking for some third-party alternative. you have heard mark cuban mentioned. that we be interesting because it would be billionaire versus billionaire. neither were interested the job which brings to us stanley hubbard who says enough is enough. mr. hubbard was no fan of donald
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trump but in the end says the people have spoken and he is going to back mr. trump as republican voters have. stanley, very good to have you, welcome. >> nice to hear from you, neil. >> you have heard all the hullabaloo on anyone but trump. a list that seems to be shrinking rabidly. what do you make of the latest effort to find someone as a third-party alternative. >> as our son said this morning, isn't it something? all these people who are so afraid that trump would go off if they didn't -- if he wasn't a candidate, he would bank somebody else. now these same people are yelling and screaming they don't want to back trump. it's a double standard. it's nonsense. >> you overcame your own doubts bottoms the guy early on. not you first choice. maybe your second choice, but in the end your last visit you said, he is still a better choice than hillary clinton. is that the gist of it?
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>> well, i've been thinking about this. it's green -- george part -- pat patton, and high command thought about throwing him out because he wasn't a gentleman, but he did a great job and we need someone that says it the way it is and perhaps someone who isn't accepting in all powers but one who will tell the american people, here's what we have to do, let's go get them and not pull punches and currently mr. romney and others don't like that. like it. think the american people like it. i want my kids to do well, my grandkids to do well. we got change the direction of the country. >> so talking about your kids and grandkids. just tell them to cover their ears if donald trump is speaking sometimes or what? >> well, i think -- i haven't heard him use too much bad language so when he is speaking, he is tough, and patton was probably using language that donald trump doesn't use, but we need somebody who has guts and who isn't afraid to say what has
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to be done and that's donald trump. >> you know, we were talking about guys like you have committed their resources, whatever you can do to help donald trump out. sheldon adelson, committing 100 midge do-$100 million but not a groundswell of support. that might still materialize. are you worried that donald trump financially could have a late start getting this going in. >> no, i don't think -- i know -- he does just fine on fox and other changes and probably would get away without spending money because he is a great promoter. >> it's a different game in a general election where you assume that either party's nominee is going get a lot of media attention. >> yes, it is a different game but he is an unusual part of the game, and i have to stand up and back him for what is the best for our country. i'm sorry if people like romney don't like him. too bad. let's remember ross perot, mr. romney.
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see what happened when ross perot ran? that's what will happen this time. you guys want hillary clinton as president? then have a third candidate. >> ike trying to understand the logic behind the push for the third-party candidate and one says the candidate doesn't have to win but deny anyone from, if i understand this logic, getting the 270 electoral votes necessary to be president and then it's thrown into congress, and there you have presumably a republican house that would err on the side of in this case not mr. trump but whoever the third-party candidate is. i think i have that thinking right. what do you think of that? >> i think it's nuts, and i tell you something, i'm very well off and have been lucky but i think of myself as a common guy. i can talk to anybody, be with anybody, and donald trump is that way, and i think that the people who are -- think of themselves are better than the rest of us, better get onboard because it's going to be too late if they try get behind a third candidate. >> do you worry that the media
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has gone -- no matter what side you're politically, kinds of overboard on looking and digging up donald trump's personal life. his relationships with women, what he said to women. it has been exhausted, the likes of which was never done to the teague we're seeing it now with donald trump, with then senator barack obama, and i'm wondering -- there are those die-hard trump fans who will vet for him but does it hurt him coming out of the gate, planting seeds of doubt in people? are you worried about that? >> well, hillary clinton said he is a lose cannon. and maybe he is but maybe we need a loose cannon that isn't afraid to shoot. hillary clinton is a straightforward aimed cannon trying to maintain her status quo and special deals. i don't care about the games and i don't care about he said, she said issue want someone who can do the job and when the american
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people stop and think about it they want someone who will do the job. this isn't a class -- this is a class in getting things done. >> donald trump has been reluctant to release his tax returns. others read into that he has something to hide. does it bother you? >> no, doesn't bother me a bit. i'm sure that he, like anybody else, would take advantage of whatever the tax code offers in the way of deductions or whatever, and who cares. >> matters squat to you. >> matters squat because i want a person who can get the job done. don't care what they're tax return says. >> okay. now, let's say on his position on tax cuts. he dialed back one potential tax cut for the upper income. he later describing it from this original top rate of 25%, that night go up a little bit. he says people confuse that to think he was going to rates the present top raid of 39.6% hire but some seized on that, as i'm
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sure you heard, that he pivots too much. he doesn't leave people with a sense of consistency. does that bother you? >> no. i hope he wouldn't be consistent and locked into thing that doesn't make sense. he is not a professional politician. a guy looking for the right way, and the right way is to consider all sorts of ways and means to get things done, and if he were -- i would say, no. he is not flip-flopper. he is trying to decide the right course and listening to a lot of people and a lot of opinions and has to finally decide what to do. it's a little early. >> you're pretty big dude in the investment and the media community and elsewhere, pretty savvy read of value. there's been some concern raised by hedge fund managers who aren't quite sure donald trump is their friend. they're not too thrilled with hillary clinton, but they're not too thrilled with him. how do you explain to them that
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when push comps to shove, better to push for donald trump than hillary clinton? >> well, better to push for donald trump because he really believes in free enterprise. not in a system that rewards friends with certain government rules that let them get ahead while others can't. think of google. they want to have a free frequency given to them. back lone in the. that's -- baloney. they're big friends of the white house. i want a president who wants everybody to have an equal chance to get ahead. no special favors for anybody. and i think that's trump, and i don't think hedge fund operators should be treat differently than anybody else and neither does donald trump. if i were a hedge fund operator and i had to think what is the best for my country, not what is best for the pocketbook. my wife and i don't cake social security medicare because our doesn't doesn't need to have others and our income class take that kind of position, so i'm for donald trump. i'm for the common man, i'm for
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getting rid of the ridiculous rules and regulation that make it impossible for a younger person to get ahead in the world. >> someone who is savvy in the broadcasting world, i'm curious what you make of what is going on in the interest for yahoo!, the fact that apple got the interest of warren buffet. two enterprises that got warren buffet's interest. what is he signaling? >> i'm not an expert on that and i don't know that much about the internet. but i do know is that something like 40% of all viewing is local tv stations and that's the business i'm in, we're free over the air wimp present the news as does fox, and not very worried about apple or anybody else because nothing ease their than looking at your tv set. >> you're right about that. warren buffet, when he does stuff, you pay attention, stanley, or just say, warren buffet just did something? >> i say did something interesting because i'm a
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businessman, i operate my business, and my family operates our business, and the people we work for, i'm not a big investor, so what warren buffet says is for people who are investors. i'm an operator. i'm not an investor. >> okay. real quickly, we were talking about the environment right now. probably heard over the weekend, president obama criticized donald trump as a rutgers graduation without calling him out by name, essentially saying the gave is ignorant. what did you make of that? >> well, i don't think he is ignorant and i think for obama to say that would make me think maybe obama -- obama better do a little studying about donald trump because he has been a lot more successful in the world other than politics than i think obama will ever be. i'll go with success every day. >> i understand. try not to gray these issues, stanley, speak your mind. hard to know where you're coming from. >> i will. >> stanley hubbard, ceo, hubbard
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broadcasting, telling republicans get in line, get with it, wake up, smell the political coffee. thank you very much. >> you bet. take care. >> all right. has anyone seen this latest "time magazine"? it paraphrases and does a limited edition kind of a minireview of a book that is out right now that all but says capitalism as well know it is dead and the markets are the reason that they're choking our economy and i'm reading this article, which again is sort of like a primer on a book, that did we lose sight of something along the way? anyone criticizing government's role? if capitalism is dead, what is alive? if our markets are choking, because of outside forces, did anyone take the time to see the outside forces might be the government? it's about time someone
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she was missing for quite a while, and now sinead o'connor has been found safe today after officers had been looking for her, after she was last seen yesterday morning on a bike ride. then she went missing. friends and family became very distressed, said that -- wanted to fine out where she was, she battles depression and bipolar disorder but she is doing landlord. that's that. in the meantime, any of you seen this? it is the latest i-of "time magazine," and it really excerpts a book coming out, i believe tomorrow, in which we bemoan what happened to our economy and the twisted influence of big banks, brokerage houses on the economy, and the markets themselves are
1:17 pm
choking our economy, and they're the problem. there's a lot to read into this that's interesting, but a lot that find out is distressing, dave, the biggest issue is the people who put the markets up often times do the they do, like they hand out mortgages, collateralize mortgages-that's the government. if the government gets a pay, -- gets a pass. they do not. what did young make of that? >> thing thing read like it was the prelude to the bernie sanders presidential platform. it is all wall street's bad. how wall street is choking the economy. and nothing about the role of government or the responsibility of government. you want to know what's wrong? four important words in what has gone wrong, try sarbanes-oxley dodd-frank you.
1:18 pm
have this tremendous harnessing and x misdirection of every financial institution in the country by an inanely ignorant regulatory state, and then this journalist has the gall to go and blame the institutions that are being misdirected and reined in and like gulliver, tied down to a more ronic set of concerns and the whole thing -- the more i read, the less and less and less credibility it had. >> so you're not exactly a fan. ron is the "time" editor who wrote the book and does get gee dodd-frank law and its disappointment but fingers the investment community for its short-term sightedness and how it gets its way and everyone else does not. do you think in this rage out there, in both parties right
1:19 pm
now, whether it's true or not, that is what people feel? how do you disavow them of the notion, wall street isn't the problem. maybe the government is, or that if we plame wall street -- there's some fat cats who take it to extremes and ruin it for everybody, but people lose sight of the fact the meltdown didn't happen on its own. a lot love of of -- a lot of these guys were emboned to lendmer and found creative ways to do that. >> they found creative ways to do that, and on top of that we have what i consider to be a true economic revolution being fueled by the internet. which is really changing the way the whole economy works. it's just like the industrial revolution, except it would be as if the u.s. government had sat on top of the industrial revolution and said, gees issue don't like the way things are turning out so i'm going to pick a bunch of winners and losers, eye barack obama or the treasury secretary or whoever you believe is calling the shots, i know better than the market does.
1:20 pm
i know better than 300 some all million americans making decisions at the same time, which is all the -- >> this becomes the accepted public -- the money monsters, with george clooney bashing wall street. i understand that. then along comes the "time" cover epowsing a view that wall street is a problem so people understandably are leery of the financial community. have doubts about it. individual participation, the lowest it's ever been. does that worry you? >> yes. look, there's no question that after time and time again in american history, after you have had financial panics, as we did in 2008, you get an excess or a snapback of either regulation or public sentiment and that, too is kind of the market in and of itself, the same way that wall street sentiment runs one way and the other, public sentiment is running one way or the other now. seems to me that donald trump and his lucid moments has some realization or recognition, as
1:21 pm
mr. hubbard said before me, that private enter -- enterprise and people making their own decisions is the right way to good. if he stick with that instead of fining this populace notion he can be a great spokesman and i hope he does. the sentiment is something that will have to be counteracted because the narrative is screwy and this article is the epitomy of the crewiness. >> thank you very hutch. we're just getting word how much foreigners hold of our debt. china owns about one and a quarter trillion dollars of it. saudi arabia, almost $117 billion. this, my friends, is why we often kowtow to these guys. do we owe them or do they own us? the president and his attack of donald trump rutgers, making no reference of this after this.
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the world is more interconnected than ever before and it's becoming more connected every day. building walls woken change that. if you are listening to today's political debate, you might wonder where the strain of anti-intel to allism comes from. interesting ignorant is not a virtue. it's not keeping it real or telling it like it is. that's not challenging political correctness. that's not knowing what you're talking about. >> all right. not knowing what you're talking about obviously an unveiled slap at donald trump on the part thereof at the president of the
1:26 pm
united states. simon rosenberg is here. do you think it's appropriate for president of the united states of any party, to use a college graduation to do something like that? >> absolutely. i don't think it's any secret that the two parties have been having a big debate about the future of the country for decades. this debate goes on every day on your air. i don't agree with you on 0 lot of things and we mix its up and i think the president is going to use his time in office, in this final six months in a very aggressive way to make his case for where he think this country should go next -- >> no, no, no, but go so far as saying the other guy is ignorant -- >> he didn't say that. >> if you want to talk about, then, mr. president, muss be ignorant of basic math because the debt has gone up. you must be ignorant of the effects of the economy and promising one thing and doing the other. mist be ignorant of thing saying things if you want your doctor,
1:27 pm
you can keep your doctor, but douse its really advance or move the ball when you go to that level at a graduation? >> listen, i read the whole speech. i encourage your viewers to read the whole thing. there was a very strong passage for the need to find common ground with people who you don't agree with, and in our -- >> he was saying mat my vies are not ignorant. my take -- >> no. >> my view that's these other guys says these positions, that's ignorant. not me you. have to have a well seasoned, fine mind to digest what is going on in the world. >> neil, i'm a little worried you took that to be you. if you look -- >> no, no, i took it to mean anyone and i took it, if i were there and i had friends whose son was graduating and they were just appalled by that, saying we're very happy to have the president of the united states there. we were not happy, and this guys are not big donald trump fans -- using this venue, using our
1:28 pm
son's graduation, to score political points. >> i think going back to what i said earlier, we're in the middle of a big debate. the president was asked to give his thoughts about where the country is going to go and what the graduates are going to be facing itch think we don't expect our president to pull punches, right? he goss a lot of votes, 51, 53% of the vote -- >> pulls bunches -- i- >> no, no dish. >> go laid -- >> legitimate -- >> wait. was ignorant of basic math. the effects of tim husband and the fallout from one of the biggest initiatives ever legislated out of the white house, the healthcare plan. i missed some things. dirks. >> we disagree on that. i don't agree with you on your interpretation of the stimulus. >> you don't agree with me that the healthcare law was way off the mark, that it didn't do what it was billed to do. >> no, in fact -- ithe product in november -- >> no. >> you can agee or disagree but is it i ignorant to say it
1:29 pm
didn't have the results intended in it is ignorant to say you don't have an understanding of basic math when you run of the debt to the degree the president has. >> what is also true is the annual deficit today is much lower than it was when the president came into office. these east actually reduced the annual deficit dramatically -- >> wait. we're bragging about def fifth dids -- >> we're bragging -- what is also true -- you say the debt is up. what is also true the two consecutive democratic presidents in a row have come in with sky-high def sits on an annual basis and had to reduce them over time. both of them were given large republican deficits that we reduced. on the -- >> wait a minute, wait a minute. democrats -- no matter what you have, they've been added to our debt. >> annual deficit. >> if you're going to without naming the guy -- i know, this where is we disagree. this where is de -- >> ignorant and assume it's ignorant every position he is taking and a world that is questioning it, then why couldn't he turn around and say,
1:30 pm
you know, we are all guilty of ignorance in one way, shape or form. that promises and positions that have to be adjusted and changed. why not give a donald trump in this case the benefit of the doubt much as you have your own former secretary of state? >> i think it's a fair point and all aim saying is if you read the whole speech, he gives a very long and el queen -- >> i watch the whole speech -- >> we we have to do better job coming together across party lines to solve problems together for the country. let's just no -- >> to you come across party lines when you call issue. >> can i finish? i think that what is also -- we shouldn't be ignorant about is the are very spirited debates going on in the country about the future of our nation, right? we have disagreements. disagree with virtually everything that you just said about what has happened with the obama presidency so far. i'm happy to come back when we have more time to flesh this out. i respect you greatly --
1:31 pm
>> this is a debate on this issues. >> i understand. >> i have great respect for you. i think it was appalling behavior at a college graduation. >> this is an area where we agree to disagree. >> okay. that's good. i find you disagreeable. no, i don't. very good having you. >> thank you, neil. >> in the meantime, speaking of donald trump, -- just not at a graduation thing. donald trump had a vp pick, running into a busload of folks who are not interested in that job. not remotely. who are they? and who are the ones who are? after this. g of diabetic nerve , these feet learned the horn from my dad and played gigs from new york to miami. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing,
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>> feel the bern, supporters not too keen on one hillary clinton. will a simple vp pick who is not bernie sanders really calm them down? hmm. n the road all day long, it's exhausting. holiday inn has been a part of the team. you're on the fourth floor. it makes life on the road much easier. book your next journey at it makes life on the road much easier. little miss muffet sat on eating her curds and whey.
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1:36 pm
to susan crabtree. you have seen a list of folks getting attention that flies in the face of what the trump folks are saying, but i'm wondering, first and foremost about the need for a woman on the ticket. you hear conventionally given the candidate's low staning with women, he needs a woman on the ticket, and someone like new mexico governor would aptly fit the bill. do you agree? >> absolutely. you think that maybe donald trump can rely on the white male voter gap but safe are for him to reach out in the groups he has alienated, most importantly women. three of the people on my list are women. you have suzanne martinez, a two-term for, wildly popular, talked about trying to bridge the trade gap with mexico that donald trump cares so much about.
1:37 pm
i think the only problem will be whether she wants it or not. what is it in for her, basically. she has endorsed marco rubio two weeks before he got out of the race, and also she basically has kind of -- has not said whether she is interested or not. she has kept her powder dry. >> a lot are cool to them, including half the people on this list, which is a great list, joany ernst is also on that and he has kept her counsel but not been a huge fan of donald trump. that could chipping, finishing the top three is marco rubio who said he is not in alignment with mr. trump and that the candidate would have to have a running mate who is. so, what do you make of that and what donald trump is saying about their reluctance? >> this is really my dream team if they were all wanting to and -- if they were assured yeses, but obvious live that's not really the case when you have donald trump alienating
1:38 pm
almost -- a lot of people in the g.o.p. establish. joani antiis very interesting. she has -- joni ernst has not said no. she hays new on the scene but primaciesed so many people. she won with tea party support and has senator john mccain's backing as well, as well as former popular governor terry branstad. she is very articulate and was a -- a veteran, she was in to reserve for 22 years in representing the national guard and the army so she could boost his bona fides in that. >> an interesting choice, first african-american senator from the deep south would carry certain cachet. >> i have talk to tim scott quite a lot and he is so
1:39 pm
likeable and that's what i really think is great about him. doesn't have an extensive record in congress yet but he comes across so well. just -- would show that all these arguments that donald trump is racist have no merit. if he chose tim scott. tim scott also is very strong in terms of his conservative credentials. he went after the unions in his state and is very good on taxess and fiscal matters. >> now, a washington inside who is a quasi-outsider, so that we be interested. governor rick scott of florida, a late endorsement for donald trump, after the florida primary, but enough -- turned around enough in a crucial state, if you pick a floridian and jeb bush and rubio aren't available, maybe him. what do you think. >> i chose him because of the key state. he came to power with tea party backing, alienated some offed the veries because he supported obamacare's medicaid expansion. i think in the general you need
1:40 pm
to look to the moderate center and gain some of those voters and certainly that could help donald trump. rick scott, i met him recently. he is quite strong and his strong opinions and has no -- not afraid to voice them, and that is what donald trump's voters like. >> shelly moore, i always get confused, capit noh west virginia. what whoa she bring to the ticket? west virginia is a state you could argue that donald trump would win hands down regardless of the coal industry and the anger at hillary clinton, assuming she is the nominee, but explain her values. >> this is my wild card choice. i really like senator capito, someone that hat gained popularity in the house a very long time, knows the ins outs of washington, but to pick her would just really elevate the war on coal that the trump campaign believes that hillary clinton started and west virginia voters are obviously
1:41 pm
alienated by hillary clinton over this and could amp that up to a national level and focus on the issue that is so prevalents about manufacturing jobs and jobs like coal mines that have gone away and the growing gap on -- in the middle class that both sanders and the donald trump campaign has seem to capture. elevating shelly moore-capito, extremely down to earth. that would up the game on the war on coal. >> thank you very much. all right. a 4-4 doing out of the supreme court that punted a key decision on contraception as a man debt. why the judge says, get used to this, after this. why do so many businesses rely on the us postal service? because when they ship with us,
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and could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. call now to request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now - and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. the supreme court kind of give ago mixed read and actually punting down to lower courts the
1:45 pm
so-called contraception mandate in the affordable care act where some groups that felt they could not accept that religiously. felt mollified and those against that also felt mollified. it that the case and what does this mean? with a 4-4 court. the administration saying that without that we would have had some closure on this. might be celebrating too soon. judge andrew napolitano, is this a previous view -- preview of more to come? >> the decision doesn't say how any of the justices voted, and there are no dissents so this is technically an 8-0 decision. we can guess that if it had been on the merits, it probably would have been 4-4. 4-4 would have been a victory for the government because the little sisters of the poor lost in the circuit courts of appeals below. so, because this case, which basically punted, nevertheless reversed the decisions below,
1:46 pm
the little sisters are taking some solace that they're back at square one again, why are they back at square one? after oral arguments the supreme court said to both sides, way want you to look at this and that, and the briefs that came in showed the two sides were closer than they had been before oral argument. so, the justices, i think, said, maybe there's a way for the parties to resolve this themselves since they're not that far apart. whereby the employees of the companies can get the coverage they want but the little sisters don't have to pay for it, and don't have to sign these certifications what their religious views are and aren't. >> why couldn't the court just go ahead and take a position whether i've heard that it would be a 4-4 -- and risk that? >> i think we can comfortably say it was 4-4, and the chief justice, who is a great politician, lower case "p by in
1:47 pm
his able to get consensus on the court, probably persuaded his seven colleagues that the issue could be resolved on its own if we send it back. it's very unsatisfying and ungrad identifying, it's up gratifying for the president, ungratifying for those who believe that the section of obamacare is unconstitutional. and ungratifying for little sisterses when when you agree on your own you have a happiness than a decision forced on you by judges. >> the white house is confirming ben rhodes, the deadly weaponty national security adviser will not be testifying at the house oversight panel on iran. the panel asked rhodes to appear over "the new york times" article that suggested he manipulated public debate over the iran deal. but is not going to testify. >> i'm not surprised the white house doesn't want him to speak.
1:48 pm
think he waived executive privilege when he told "the new york times" some of the most fantastic things about how this iran deal came about, and i would encourage the committee that wants it to speak to bring him there, and make that argument in front of him, and if hi doesn't accept it, take him across the street to a federal court. >> wow. judge, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> we told you about who the other vp candidate is might be for one donald trump. fair and balanced. those who might be hillary clinton's if she were the nominee, even some angry bernie sanders supporters are ruing that day. at old dominion, we see freight... a combination of products and customers. every on-time arrival is backed by thousands of od employees, ...who make sure the millions of products we ship arrive without damages.
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all right -- the other side,
1:52 pm
if hillary clinton were to be the nominee, who would she be looking for to help her out as running mate? caitlin, the sanders supporters are generally aiming to be passionate, not compassionate about her. how do you win them over? do you have to find someone who has the same type of excitement? >> yes, i do. there are a couple candidates that can offer a similar view, similar populous views, someone like brown, for example, who is the current senator from ohio. she is particularly on trade, has been campaigning with hillary clinton, could be a potential vice presidential pick. she will certainly need to find someone who helps her with certain things she is vulnerable with. you mentioned the enthusiasm. she has high negative numbers
1:53 pm
creeping up through the process. >> some of the pictures you are seeing, i apologize for that. tim king is one from virginia. there, you are trying to moderate the ticket. mark warner, someone who also could moderate the ticket, somewhat. how important is it for that, someone to moderate the ticket, not go out on a limb? >> well, hillary clinton has been pulled to the left, made decisions on trade and other items, guns, for example that moved her to the left. might be interested in someone who could help her moderate that ticket and is also from a key swing state of virginia. mark is also a former businessman and has that background to compete with that, perhaps of donald trump. tim cain, the current senator from virginia. they are former governors of
1:54 pm
that state as well and they are both white, which could be helpful for clinton and democrat who is are losing the white vote and could be concerned about that demographic as they expand among other demographics. >> the former governor of massachusetts comes up. who does he draw into the mix by having him on your ticket? >> right. he could represent diversity. he was the two-time governor of massachusetts. massachusetts is an easy state for democrats to win so he doesn't bring that to the ticket. he's been a part of politics, fund-raiser, a supporter of barack obama in 2008 and has become a rising star within the party. after leaving the governor's office, worked for bain capital, former employer of mitt romney. that could be a liability for him. he's been involved in democratic
1:55 pm
politics and well liked in the democratic party. >> finally, the one with the most passion, in fact, many were pushing her to run before bernie sanders came on the scene. elizabeth warren. the only question i have on that, if she joins the ticket, don't you have two of the same? >> that could be liability. i'm not sure that's where the clinton cam tan would go. clinton is considering women to share the ticket with her. remember when bill clinton chose al gore, that was a surprise when people didn't think he would pick another young, moderate from the south. it's unlikely that clinton brings warren. warren brings enthusiasm to the ticket but has proven to be an attack dog going after donald trump. she's gone hard of him, can
1:56 pm
which is a quality people are looking for. >> do you think that would be a hard left ticket? if you buy the consensus that you go back to the middle, maybe we change that. one publication said you wear red, i wear blue, nothing in between. that's the way the tickets are decided, not by moderating, but doubling down. >> right, it's not clear what path she wants to go down. it depends on what the match up looks like a couple weeks from now when they have to make that decision. certainly, sanders has really inspired a big part of the base. there is concern that base won't be as excited -- >> why not ask him? why not ask him? >> well, i think, maybe, perhaps his supporters wouldn't like that. sanders could serve that roll. warren is a little younger, not by much. clinton can pick someone more youthful and someone who could serve the party longer term,
1:57 pm
cultivate like corey booker or castro is often mentioned. >> thank you. good stuff. we discovered the tickets. enjoy. see you tomorrow.
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hello, i'm dana perino. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." some interesting news to tell you about regarding mark zuckerberg's meeting with a group of conservatives in charge of political bias at facebook. i will be there wednesday at the meeting. they reached out to me as well as glen beck. the meeting was scheduled to address cliaims that they manipulate the news feed. zuckerberg says the network found no evidence to support the claims,ut


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