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tv   The Five  FOX News  May 16, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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hello, i'm dana perino. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." some interesting news to tell you about regarding mark zuckerberg's meeting with a group of conservatives in charge of political bias at facebook. i will be there wednesday at the meeting. they reached out to me as well as glen beck. the meeting was scheduled to address climbaims that they manipulate the news feed. zuckerberg says the network found no evidence to support the claims but would continue to
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investigate. that is ongoing. in the meantime eric they would like to have the meeting. we are going head out there wednesday. i said you first because you are the most active on facebook. this has not been the news feed but the trend. they are trying to deal with that portion of it because possibly it wasn't as objective as an algorithm as it would be. >> first of all, congratulations, that's an honor. i think facebook needs to get in front of it here is why. active on facebook and twitter. cash in on the saturday morning show i'm very active on the show. on twitter, #cashingin trends every saturday morning. nationally so far, every saturday in 2016. also on twitter, they had a political hashtag top ten for
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2015. wake up america is a brand i put in there, very very right wing with number six in all of 2015. the reason i point this out, we have never trended on facebook not once. i'm equally engaged on facebook as i am on twitter. that's the difference. either they are use zing a different algorithm or more human input into how they are dick tating the trending topics. >> seems relatively easy to fix. i don't know their business i'm going to learn more about it. the problem is they have concerned of bias by people who have been hired. to me that is handled by a management solution rather than a big hoopla. >> management or personnel decision and perhaps they move to a model that is a bit more neutral and it doesn't have bias embedded in it like twitter does z. you see the two, the differences, like eric points
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out between what happens on his show versus the other. it's an interesting contrast between the two. now with the emerging of the story coming forward. there's great questions you can ask them. it's really about the results afterward in terms of do we see a difference because there's been a spotlight put on their social media platform? >> i find it, interaction on facebook and twitter is different. twitter is news and political stuff. if i post things about politics or when i post the story on facebook it's different. facebook, nobody cares about anything but my dog. advice for me on the meeting? >> i don't know why you are concerned about facebook. al gore rhythm. think about it. i only go on facebook for one reason. it does make sense. i go on facebook to see how
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homely my high school classmates have become then i go and like their adult children. >> okay. >> the bigger concern, when you go there, i don't care about this issue as much as i care about artificial intelligence. when you go there and they offer you a brand cupcake or whatever they serve at these stupid places ask them what happens when facebook develops their own mind. when it reaches singulairty, smarter than actual people. when their iq the selective iq we are in trouble. have you thought about that? when we are enslaved by facebook. >> maybe you can save time. >> you can laugh at me now but it's all going to happen. >> can i jump in with a touch of advice? i know we have to get juan in here. ask zuckerburg why not go to a numeric algorithm for trending.
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however you want to do it. acceleration high acceleration over course of time. whatever you want to do. keep it more numeric than id ideological. >> liberals don't necessarily have this kind of problem. what do you think they would say if the shoe was on the other foot? >> i think it would be a different conversation but a similar one in the sense that people are very sensitive in this age when they feel like their point of view is not being recognized. conservatives have had a much larger complaint about mainstream media than liberals have. in the case of facebook, facebook has now become so big -- they determine, you know what you hear from eric is true. who gets the click and whose website is hot. a few indicated they are the
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number one fourssource that sends people to mobile. if you are on a mobile device go to facebook they are pointing out what is interesting, hot, trending et cetera. facebook is different than twitter. twitter tends to be more of the moment and hot, hot, hot. facebook people tend to be there for a while and searching around. the last thing i say on this point, i think when you look at something like the algorithm versus the human input, i think it's all human input. >> you think twitter is? >> i think twitter is much less. all of it has to have some human input for very clear reason in my mind. if you stick with the numerical numbers, people will juice it. they will find a way to pile on their -- >> justin bieber -- >> the difference we haven't talked about is an minty. on facebook generally, it is your name. that makes you closer to your
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character, as a person i believe. when you go on twitter dealing with people who have fake names, they can do anything and be anything they want. >> you mentioned last week i got a couple more numbers. on the news feed side of things fox news in 2015 was the number one brand on facebook. that was not objective. that is subjective based on the numbers in terms of the engagement we have with the audience the shareable content. we get 100 to 200 million new users a month because of our work on facebook. guess what the number two brand is. it's not a competitor of ours. it's the wwe. >> of course. >> i feel we are doing good. >> we share things in common. a little showman ship. >> i'm going to make my point.
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last week when this was a big news story, there was a suggestion by some that the government get involved. i'm not for that. i don't think the government needs to regulate this private company? >> that's crazy. that's crazy. >> that will only make it worse, let's be
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used to be at "the washington post." what do you think of the resources they are dedicating? do you think they are even? >> i don't know. i think, again, this goes back to conservative attention. oh somebody is not going to properly hear us. hey it's what he said nobody knows. he's not been in the political arena. hillary clinton has been here forever and her husband has been impeached. people make charges going back to hillary clinton proposing a health care solution. people said this about hillary, that. books have been written about her during her college year. it's a total apples and orange in comparison that's forced by people who want to pick on the
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conservative here. >> i wish they would dig up that video of hillary clinton when they are pushing the '94 crime bills. she was stumping for the crime bill. now she's pushed back so hard as a candidate. >> now her husband has to come out and defend the bill. >> then when you get to our speed block today, you are going to wonder if they should disavow the crime bill, right? s next, a tale of two justices. one by clarence thomas the other from president obama. highlights from those when "the five" returns.
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president obama has had plenty of opportunity to voice his disapproval of donald trump. he may have taken a shot at a ceremony for rutgers. >> the world is becoming more connected than before and more every day. building walls won't change that. if you are listening to today's political debate you might wonder where the strain of
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anti-intellectualism came from. class of 2016 let me be as clear as i can be. in politics and life ignorance is not a virtue. >> he never mentioned donald trump by name but he started out with building walls. he talks about political discourse. he says ignorance is not a political virtue. >> the entire speech spoke to the idea that hey, it's not pc when you simply say here are the facts. here is what's really going on. instead people say let's defend the facts. he made the point in every area of your life if you are having an operation, go to a guy with a lot of experience as a doctor. we say let's go to a guy with no experience experience. >> should he be taking shots at a commencement speech for people
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at rutgers, about to go out in the real world, should he take a political shot? >> i think it has political power, if you are asking that. i think it was an important message to say to these people. the age of rationality is where they come from. they believe in facts. you know what you should never have turned away wayway condi rice. test your critical thinking. >> that was the good part, the part about condi rice. look, he's going to take his chance to take a shot. that was clearly a shot. it wasn't veiled or settled. it was obvious, when you talk about a wall. he was saying donald trump isn't smart ignorance isn't a virtue. you don't get dirtier than that. he's the president of the united states. i don't think he needs to go
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there. it might be his personal opinion, he doesn't need to belittle the points. >> president obama at rutgers, quite a get for rutgers. >> very exciting. easy applause line. go and insult trump, that's like a lead singer yelling hello cleveland is anybody from cleveland when he's in that city. he knows he is going to get a response. this helps trump. that's like saying the black medal is satanic. i would be okay with obama saying this. if he was against all forms of ignorance. he's okay with nonthinking when it's about climate change. i get politics terror economics gun. what kind of man, you know can call out a candidate, obviously, but not islamic terrorist. >> right. dana, there are a couple studies, i think washington examiner wrote up one, found
2:19 pm
that in the top 100 schools by u.s. world and news report. the top ten commencement speakers, the top 50 nine out of every ten were liberal. 50 maybe -- liberal commencement speakers. >> american universities are mostly liberal. you are seeing that in the work force. one of the things we are going to talk about wednesday is young people and their political bias as we go forward. i appreciate the message. talk to people you disagree with. that would have been interesting a few years ago when they are working on all different sorts of problems like the stimulus package or obamacare. remember, he didn't meet for like a long time. like a record number of months. so i'm not a fan of political speeches for commencement addresses. i feel like those should be for
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the students. i also know it's where you make news. the one thing that was smart, there was a contest. the reason he went to rutgers, they had a contest. if you want president obama to speak at your university tell us why. the grandmother of the university president sent him a letter. >> one quick thing about the obama thing. he went after safe spaces and the fact students don't like to hear from opposing voices. what created that climate is the progressivism he champions. the less created identity politics. he should have admitted that. >> some weren't subjected to political tirade. they got sound advice from supreme justice clarence thomas. >> do not hide your beliefs under a bushel basket. in your efforts to live them
2:21 pm
will help to form the fabric of a civil society and a free and prosperous nation where inherent equality and liberty are inviable. >> there's a powerful speech. >> if your faith guides you and you talk about that in public it can be scary. you realize it might not be a popular thing to say, necessarily. once you have said it and you get out in the world, people are like thank you for living your faith. i remember president bush when he used to talk about his faith a lot. i was the deputy press secretary for a long time. i remember this one reporter from a major network, he used to just lose his mind behind the scenes when ever president bush talked about his faith. it made him so mad. i thought it was a brave and courageous thing to do if that's how you live your life. >> and i do. believe me i talk about it all the time here. it's not easy at times.
2:22 pm
>> i have no faith. >> faith no more. >> one of my favorite bands of all time. i think it's important you do not hide your religious believe r beliefs. it's integral. will you comfort somebody who doesn't have faith? >> here is the thing. first of all, i live my faith. in fact i remember during an interview with president bush, in which i said, help us understand. people pray as success for leaders of the nation. i got in trouble when they said why are you saying everybody prays for president bush. i said we pray for the united states every sunday. you know to me i think that's beyond politics. i will say this i'm curious around this table, gregory, everybody is saying that first speech is so political and the second wasn't. i think they were both political speeches. i'll tell you exactly the second
2:23 pm
one said do not talk about grieve grievance. talk about the constitution. >> the first speech he didn't name trump, you admit he was talking about trump. >> that's fine. >> he called him ignorant. >> he said ignorance is not a virtue virtue. by the way, i cannot say you said the left is responsible for politics in america. i think identity politics came from people who collected slavery. >> i'm trying over here. >> me too. >> thank you. i think what was very interesting about clarence thomas, he's a man of few words. he was able to get up and speak. i like his emphasis on faith and belief. in my personal opinion,that. you are really become infamous and ridiculous because you put words in people's mouth and
2:24 pm
paraphrase paraphrase. i said the administration. it's true. under eric holder and the unjustice department this is part and parcel for what happened across this country. we did not come closer together we became more divided, more loss of life and destruction of property from that race. >> people against injustice. >> it doesn't make me uncomfortable. >> you have to deal with the reality. >> i do. the bottom line is they fostered an environment that was violence and that was something that brought people together. instead of using the opportunity as president to bring people together and blur race and gender lines -- >> blur race and gender when it makes you uncomfortable. >> i'm not uncomfortable by it at all. why would i be uncomfortable with that as a puerto rico woman? >> everybody go out and get drunk. >> thank you. a perfect way to get
2:25 pm
tease. >> murders are on the rise in more than two dozen u.s. cities. wait until you hear what the fbi director thinks is to blame. greg's take on that, next. running a small business is definitely difficult. and we've been traveling a lot. hello welcome to holiday inn. the hotel becomes our mobile office. hi. holiday inn is an extension of our team. the boutiques are just right over here. good afternoon betsy your samples are here. it's so great to know that there is a hotel like holiday inn that we can count on. lets do it! we work with manufacturers that employ veterans. oh wow! a hotel looking to help small businesses succeed is incredible. now members get more savings with your rate at
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in over 20 u.s. cities, homicide spikes causing the meeds ya to search for reasons and denying their road. they blame heroin games and economic factors. one person isn't fleeing from the truth. the fbi director says scrutiny aimed at police changed how they deal with citizens. that's increased homicides mainly among minorities. minorities are often victims of the police die when the cops back off. this this a coincidence?
2:30 pm
when you prevent police from doing their job, murders go up? that's a consequence. experiment, hold back the consequence guess. liberals bend over backwards to say they are troubled by this. they resist common sense answers. witness the wild jump in shoplifting in california since the bill reduced penalties, looting is now shopping. fact is reality implicates those scrambling. politics, activists and media who undermine the men and women in blue. savage cities from long beach to chicago. you might wonder where are the police, they are looking out for themselves, someone has to. >> the numbers, kimberly are insane. long beach, 25% increase. arlington 100% el paso 100%.
2:31 pm
this is the first quarter, it could change. does anything strike you, similarities? >> this is problematic. obviously, gun violence gang cases. i worked in long beach, gang violence. i tell you what when you see places like new york they are putting forward policies legal policies, saying they need to be banned here it's not making the public or the citizens here more safe. it's actually making it unsafe for them. if they are not able to take the guns off the streets, okay and they are making it too pc police too afraid to do their jobs, they don't want to get sued or bad mouthed on tv. cops get killed in the line of duty. does the president call them or their families? no he says if i had a son, he looked like trayvon martin. this is part of the culture that
2:32 pm
goes on that is dangerous for public safety. >> juan should i go to you now or show the clip from sheriff clark? >> go. >> sheriff clark has this to say. >> cobs are not afraid to do their job. it's the cop hating department of justice led by a race upset attorney general. the president of the united states has been leading the core, slandering the integrity of the service for law enforcement officers. what officers fear is a witch hunt, this ongoing witch hunt by the civil rights division taking over law enforcement agencies. >> i know you disagree with this, but there is truth. cops feel there is a witch hunt. >> i trust them. he says very provocative things but i don't know that it would be inaccurate. i don't see there's evidence to support your monologue. i read in the research that it
2:33 pm
says there's been a decline. >> in new york. >> new york and other cities. >> there are at least 20 plus cities. >> so we have seen a spike in some cities. this phenomenon was, in fact proven, it would be every city. every city from new york to ferguson would be touched by the business about the videoing. >> new york has a more in my mind, sophisticated police department that is well integrated and affects the population. maybe that's the issue. >> that's an interesting point. i think it is very integrated. new york city has the stop and frisk. all that here. you see a decline. i think something else is at work. now the arguments have to do with things like heroin. we know there's more heroin around. it has to do with drug trafficking. look at where the cities are, they are on the mexican border
2:34 pm
for the most part. i think there are other ways to look at it. what is curious is the fbi director, tim coleman, who is just a man, i think great integrity, he thinks it is the fact that cops are being video taped. you even heard there, sheriff clark say, cops are doing their job. it's not asking you to do anything different. if you are video tapes, go ahead. do your job. >> right after garner and stop and frisk issue came up in new york, we all said the incidents of crime were going to go up and for the most part it did. the show of 25% decrease in the numbers in some other cities i'm of the mind i love sheriff clark. he's passionate, he believes in cops, i do too. i don't think it's fair to say that a cop is not going to do his job because of a video tape. i think a cop is on the job, he's going to stop the crime
2:35 pm
whether or not he's video tapes or not. again i'm going to agree. i think opiates is a massive problem. more and more opiates and heroin comes from mexico. it's an epidemic and starting along the border cities and working its way up. i think that's to blame. again i honestly think it ses going to help from the perp to the victims to the cops to the community. get every cop with a body cam. then you can solve all the problems. again i don't -- >> i agree. >> he is amazing. >> i don't agree with it either. if someone is beating me in the head and someone tapes it stop. don't do that. >> dana another interesting element is obama's focus. while we are seeing the violence go up president obama is concerned with what's going on many bathrooms? >> the transgender? >> yeah, people are dying and he
2:36 pm
goes with the thing getting the most press. >> there's a real opportunity for either candidate. if you are down ballot, how are you going to turn this around? >> the reason the crime bill was set they were higher and on the rise. now they want to reverse it back. if you are donald trump or hillary clinton, get your ducks in a row and figure out what you can say to convince communities that you would be somebody that would try to help stop this or get resources to the cops they need. >> all right. donald trump hitting back at "the new york times" for its expose on past treatment of women. one of his former girlfriends is speaking out. you haven't seen her, yet. you will hear from her, next.
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it's whoo the gop alleges after a string of negative stories with the press including a new york times expose on his past behavior on women. it's accounts from women that were former employees, girlfriends or associates of trump. a former model and girlfriend of the candidate, this morning on fox and friends defended trump and accused the paper of getting her story wrong. >> it was very upsetting. i was not happy to read it at all. they told me several times and my manager that it would not be a hit piece and that my story would come across the way that i was telling it and honestly. it absolutely was not. they did take quotes from what i said and put a negative con notation on it where it i peered negative. i did not have a negative experience with donald trump. i don't know how many other girls feel they were misquoted,
2:42 pm
but i know i was. i don't want that out there. that's not how it was, it's not how it felt. >> so that was big news this morning. you heard it on fox and friends. the author of the article is standing by their column. >> i interviewed her. the letters speak for themselves. i'm going to let the readers of the story digest what happened to her in 1990. i think people can evaluate the story kind of on its own merit. >> we gathered a variety of voices and, you know our story is not just her account of her experience with him in the 1990s, it's the experience of many women going back over the years. >> twitter to voice his outrage saying "the new york times" is so dishonest. the hit piece was blown up by brewer, who said it was a lie. greg, i see this intense eye contact. >> i read this article. the list of disgusting behavior
2:43 pm
by trump is unbelievable. did you know he offered a woman a bikini. they later dated. he made comments regarding a beauty pageant about beauty at a badge ent. pageant. that's like making comments about muscles at a body building competition. it reminded me of the one they didn't do in 2007 about a candidate who actually had a fund-raiser with a terrorist. i ask everybody to do the test and look at whatever is in that article. anything that article comes close, even close to meeting with bill a terrorist, who tried to kill americans. >> no it doesn't, dear. >> sorry, i lost my mind. this is crazy. >> anything that comes close to what bill clinton did. now we know about this a piece out a couple days ago. bill clinton was on this flight.
2:44 pm
jeffrey is a known pedophile. it's been proven he would fly people around the country. there would be a bed on the airplane. there would be group sex going on. bill clinton took 26 flights on this airplane sometimes ditching his secret service to go on this flight. look, "the new york times" is going to do what they want to do. if the clinton's want to use the war on women with donald trump, they better be careful. there is so much material that trump can use against bill clinton. that's a tip of the iceberg. you are going to hear more object these flights. >> dana what do you make of this? >> back and forth. one thing that is different for donald trump than previous presidents is to his advantage or previous candidates. newsweek ran the photo of george
2:45 pm
h.w. bush and the wimp factor. there was no way to push back or way to have people on social media facebook or twitter to push back and get them on cable television. i think trump uses that effectively. the other thing he said is somewhat, i think defensible he talked about past degradation of women. i never anticipated running for public office. he talks about being entertaining, not meant to be degrading. >> do you think it is going to help the presumptive gop nominee? >> no i think it fell flat for reasons you heard before. i didn't think it was compelling. i think the issue is 70% of disapproval with american women and 50% with republican noncollege educated white women, his base. he's got a problem with the
2:46 pm
evangelicals and social conservatives three divorces the serial philanderer is what cruz said about him. planned parenthood i think i can support them. social conservatives have a problem with that. that's the issue and why you are going to see the issue of trump's attitudes and behaviors. someone said his new york values. this was the republican from kansas, he said trump is a crass guy. >> don't forget we have megan kelly's big sister with donald trump tomorrow night and she's going to join us here on "the five." next a brawl everyone is talking about today. a fight between mlb's. quick, jack knocked over a candlestick onto the shag carpeting... ...and his pants ignited into flames, causing him to stop, drop and roll. luckily jack recently had geico help him with renters insurance.
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we can't let you download on the goooooo! ♪ ♪ you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... ♪ uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. the blue jays and rangers faced off for the final time of the regular season yesterday and all hell broke loose at the top of the eighth. >> got the worse of that. >> toronto outfielder jose batista went hard into second next to the second baseman who was not happy and delivered a
2:51 pm
right hook to his jaw. players from both teams rushed to see it. they were ejected. tensions boiled over from the feud last season when batista performed the infamous bat flip. the mlb will hand out fines and suspensions for the melee. what do you think? >> i love this. >> you love it? >> supposed to do that. that's what you are supposed to do. >> that's an illegal slide. >> that's not an illegal slide. get out of here juan. >> they changed the rule. they changed the rule. >> you are right. that was a payback for the playoff game. i blame obama for this. you know why? >> why's that? >> kacanadians coming down and fighting texans. >> are you a lawyer? is that justice? >> and a ballplayer. listen. everybody knows you go in and slide hard.
2:52 pm
drop the ball. obviously, not sportsman like conduct but everybody has been talking about this and watching it today. i can't believe that guy can get up after getting clocked like that. he took quite a punch. >> when you flip the bat like that, you embarrass the other pitcher. >> i would have totally stayed in the dugout. i wouldn't have gone to the field. >> you are smirking. >> why can't we just live in peace? >> in peace? >> why do we need sports? this is this idea of keeping score and everybody getting angry. why can't that be on the field and discuss the problem? >> what about wwe? we could have done that. it's so much more friendly. >> one more thing up next.
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itis time for one more thing. >> i would like to honor an extraordinary american who recently passed away. 70-year-old pat rogers described as the closest thing to captain america, supercop and james bond combined. a war hero in vietnam and served in the nypd receiving the medal of valor. he trained and mentors thousands of the members of the armed forces, police department and the private sector. he is survived by his wife and
2:57 pm
brother. he will be missed. >> great man. thanks for sharing. eric, you are next. >> along those lines president barack obama -- take a look at this. >> public safety officers we recognize with the medal of valor found courage, not in search of recognition, they did it instinctively. we have the responseibility to support those who serve and protect us and keep our streets safe. >> fantastic ceremony. if you didn't well up during that ceremony you have no emotion at all. >> i loved it. wonderful. >> greg. >> time for something very important. >> oh, my gosh. wow. >> in the fashion world, there are eternal facts you must remember. one never make fashion suggestions while on camera and don't wear seequins when on the
2:58 pm
weather. >> you want me to put this on? why? >> getting a lot of e-mails. >> what? really? okay. i look like a librarian, now. >> the big problem here is librarians happen to look very attractive. i think that was meant to be an insult for librarians. i won't stand for that. >> i thought she looked fine. >> everything is inappropriate. >> o seay zoolander. >> pictures from saturday. we got to go to the debut of the second night of somewhere on a beach tour with dirks bentley. my friend is there. one thing worthy. we got to do all sorts of things backstage. >> what? >> come on greg. we got to meet a young woman, there she is. check her out. she sings "burning house" "may
2:59 pm
day." camden, new jersey. >> dana had on ripped jeans. >> i did. juan, you are next. >> saturday morning, the national cathedral in washington, d.c. my son was confirmed as a follower of christ. it was wonderful to see him embrace that. he's with other people from the church in washington d.c. behind him, father john father harmon and father simmons in our parrish. there you see him with mom and dad. one more. here he is with the bishop of west virginia, who performed the confirmation. a wonderful moment. everyone putting their hands on his shoulder. >> that gave me goose bumps. >> pretty cool. >> congratulations to all of you. you always have great pictures on monday. tomorrow night, megan kelly joins us for her one-on-one with donald trump. "special report" next. venezuela on the brink.
3:00 pm
a state of emergency, a collapsing economy and a president facing popular revolt. this is "special report." good evening and welcome to washington, i'm bret baier. venezuela's embattled president is in desperate times and taking desperate measures as he tries to hold on to power in a country suffering from massive economic upheaval. it is the number three source of u.s. imported oil, 11%. it purchased $8 billion worth of u.s. goods last year.


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