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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  May 17, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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joins us for her one-on-one with donald trump. "special report" next. venezuela on the brink. a state of emergency, a collapsing economy and a president facingezuela'sis in dg desperate measures as he tries to hold on to power in a country suffering from massive economic upheaval. it is the number three source of u.s. imported oil, 11%. it purchased $8 billion worth of u.s. goods last year. tonight, u.s. intelligence officials suggest the days as president may be numbered. we have what's going so terribly wrong.
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>> reporter: yet another ruckus anti-government rally and the potential for violence. >> we continue to be quite concerned about the well being of the people of venezuela and we stand with the international community in expressing that concern. but, the solution to these challenges will require the inclusion of all interested parties. >> daily life in venezuela is venezuelans ng worse, crime don't dare go out after dark. triple digit inflation could it 180% this year. there are widespread shortages of food and medicine. toilet paper can be hard to find. hours long blackouts across the country made the president increasingly unpopular. on friday, he declared a state of emergency.
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opponents, the hand picked successor of hugo chavez calling for a recall referendum. >> translator: yes or no tells us the majority wants to live with lies and misery and the chaos or if the country wants to change and revoke the government. >> reporter: florida international university says the grip on power has never been this fragile. >> combined with the economic disaster that venezuela seems to be increasingly approaching, i think this makes the year that we might see venezuela enclosed. >> reporter: the counsel has 30 days to validate the referendum signatures. since venezuelan employees are working two days a week, it's unclear how long 30 days will end up being in venezuela.
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brett? >> phil, thank you. in neighboring south american country of columbia, columbian authorities are celebrating the biggest cocaine seizure in the country's history. 50 commandos backed by helicopters seized eight tons of cocaine on a banana plantation in the northwest part of the country. it was headed to the u.s. al qaeda terror chiefs are calling on followers to carry out bomb and knife attacks on business leaders. the latest issue of "inspire" magazine has step by step instructions on bombs and devices tr cars. the director of the fbi is taking the threats seriously. try to keep isis from expanding territory and exporting terror is part of the rational and president obama's decision to send weapons. the decision comes as the president who campaigned on
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peace passes a milestone for war. correspondent kevin corke is at the white house. >> the united states stands ready. >> reporter: in no uncertain terms secretary of state says they are ready to arm the libyan government struggled to stop the spread of isis. >> if they do their part, we are here to say we are willing to do ours. for the sake of libya's future, we need to seize this moment. >> reporter: kerry's remarks echoed those of the state department that says security is key for the future of libya and we express our support for the people. indeed, it's a fragile unity and furth irfractured fwi presence of isis. the government has been outgunned, in part because the u.n. placed an arms band on libya five years ago.
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why the u.s. and 20 other nations want to arm the libyans pending u.n. approval. >> the united nations will review that request and determine whether or not that is a request that can be agreed to. in a way that doesn't exasperate our concerns and fall into the wrong hands. >> for the obama administration, a delicate balance. a proposition made more difficult because of the power vacuum in the country. >> the united states and nato depose gadhafi, it opened up this pandora's box that we didn't have a plan for slamming the lid shut. >> as nobel prize winning, president obama has been at war longer than any other american president. >> yes, he is a wartime president, to be sure. he's in stark contrast to them because he has always wanted
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minimum participation by u.s. troops in the war, then get out aspossible. >> reporter: including the war in libya. you know that, brett. tonight, i want to pass along, the pentagon confirmed over five months coalition has only been able to get 5% in iraq. plenty of work has to be done. >> kevin corke, thank you. president obama is calling on the nation to support and listen to its law enforcement officers. today, the president bestilled the medal of valor on 13 officers who risked their lives to save others. >> so grateful they were there, some on duty, others off duty. all rising above and beyond the call of duty, all stating the lives of people they didn't know, the men and women who run
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toward danger remind us with your courage and humility and the highest form of citizenship looks like. >> the president used the ceremony to make a pitch for an overall of sentencing rules. the republican head of the house oversight committee and the white house are engaged in political poker. congressmen may have just called the president's bluff without one of the president's top aids. here is chief washington correspondent, james rosen. >> reporter: in a letter, the republican of utah, white house council rebuffed the chairman's request for testimony at a hearing tuesday by rhodes. executive privilege without using the term, appearance of presidential adviser threatened the independence and autonomy as well as the ability to get council in the discharge of constitutional duties. the white house fore sworn the
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claims. >> the white house is not ass t asserting executive privilege claim. >> that's correct. >> reporter: rhodes drew criticism this month when "the new york times" magazine used claims to portray him as having sold the iran nuclear deal to the american people with spin and deception. at first, the white house challenged them to recall republican lawmakers as witnesses, including senator tom cotton of arkansas. >> he said the deal was, quote, of sanctions.ning iran, $150 not true! senator cotton, wildly wrong or lying. >> reporter: they accepted the challenge with the former questioning whether rhodes is man enough to face the committee. >> if there rhodes is there, senator cotton is there as well. ben rhodes is capable, he should be able to be there and talk about the deal. >> reporter: earnest gave no clue to the white house decision except to sound discouraging.
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>> i don't understand why getting to the bottom of who lied about the iran deal requires somebody who told the truth about it to participate. put the liars under oath and see what they have to say for themselves. >> reporter: three republican senators kirk of illinois and wyoming wrote to obama demanding he restore the trust of the american public and the news public by firing ben rhodes. that is unlikely as rhodes appeared before congress last week. no one at the white house told ben rhodes his original sets of comments were ill advised. >> interesting. we'll follow this. thank you. congress is getting ready to spend more money on the zika virus. house republicans are proposing a $622 million measure that will be offset by cuts and other spending. they will vote on the trio of bills. $1.1 billion bipartisan proposal. the president asked for almost 2
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$2 billion. up next, bill clinton in charge of the economy again? it could happen, according to his wife. here is what fox 40 in jackson, mississippi is covering. a deadly plane crash in two-point low. a pilot and two passengers were killed when the plane went down near the airport. the pilot reported smoke in the cockpit before impact. fox 32 in chicago with another day of massive wait lines for flyers. media reports say tsa staffing shortages stranded dozens of people overnight at o'hare airport. an airline spokesperson says hundreds of people missed flights because of the long lines. the summer travel season has obviously not yet begun. this is a live look from los angeles from fox 11. anti-tobacco advocates have the first signatures to triple the cigarette tax.
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they hope to have a measure on the ballot in september. it calls for a raising of the pack $3 a pack. we'll be right back.
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it seems donald trump's days as a political pinata are only beginning. it has been from his own party up to now. now from democrats in full force, but unlike the pinata, trump is swinging back tonight. he is responding to what he considers a repudiation of "the new york times" story and his treatment to women. he's standing up to the criticism of the policies and promises that put him weeks away from officially clinching the republican nomination. karl cameron has more tonight from new york. good evening, carl. >> reporter: hi, brett. after a scorching new york times report in which a number of women were quoted saying donald trump behaved inappropriately with them, one came forward today and complained she had been misquoted in a smear. >> they spun it to where it appeared negative. i did not have a negative experience with donald trump.
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he is kind, thoughtful, generous. he was a gentleman. >> trump tweeted, with the coming forward to the woman on "the new york times" hit piece, we exposed the article of fraud. they said trump would have to explain such controversies for himselves, but argue to run a third party alternative would be catastrophic. >> this is a suicide mission, it is not right. >> reporter: president obama ripped into trump at a college commencement. >> they called it stupid, divisive and wrong. in response, trump said a strategic alliance might be at risk. >> looks like we are not going to have a good relationship, who knows. it sounds like he's not willing to address the problem, either. >> reporter: trump remains under fire for not releasing tax returns until an audit is done. >> i fight hard to pay as little
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tax as possible. >> trump fights hard for positive press and admitted to posing on the phone to promoting himself to reporters. trump denies this is him. >> i have never seen anybody get so many calls from the press. >> reporter: it got paradi--ed on "saturday night live." >> this is what classy people sound like. >> reporter: team trump send off past and present, carson joined the team in march. he said the running mate list includes sarah palin and three of his rivals. the anti-trump movement to find an alternative for a third party candidate is having trouble finding someone who is viable as a candidate or willing to step
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forward. >> carl, thank you. if you think the allegations against trump will make a difference? let me know at baier. carl mentioned president obama talked about donald trump at a college commencement yesterday at rutgers university. he didn't mention trump by name, but he was pointed. >> the world is more inner connected than before and becoming more connected every day. building walls won't change that. isolating or disparaging muslims, in politics and in life, ignorance is not a virtue. it's not cool to not know what you are talking about. [ laughter ] >> that's not keeping it real or telling it like it is. it's not challenging political correctness. >> now, to the democrats. in a state that hosts the annual
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run for the roses, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are coming down the stretch toward a primary tomorrow that has taken on outside's importance. sanders refused to give up ahead of the voting tuesday in kentucky and oregon. hillary clinton is putting her husband in charge of the economy. senior political correspondent has the story from lexington, kentucky. >> she will do her 11th trip to kentucky. she's trying to clean up her earlier missteps. >> we do have to transition, but we need to take coal country and coal miners and their families with us and not leave them behind. [ applause ] >> reporter: with an expected to be close race, clinton is trying to tap into her husband's popularity saying she put him to
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work as first gentleman, if she's elected. >> my husband, who i'm going to put in charge of revitalizing the economy. he knows how to do it. >>reporter: democrats showing concern, she hasn't been able to focus on donald trump. they will run $6 million in tv ads against him starting wednesday through the june 7th primaries. after two days in kentucky over the weekend, sanders is campaigning in puerto rico, trying to close the gap with latino voters ahead of their june 5th primary. sanders said, if elected, he will allow them to vote on a measure to become a 51st state and dubbed wall street vulture funds. >> it is morally unacceptable that billionaire hedge fund managers have been calling for even more austerity in puerto rico. >> reporter: over the weekend, sanders launched a petition
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drive to propose the obama administration to add your name to mine to have president obama raise deportation of families fleeing central and latin america. together, we can speak up to protect the families. in nevada, tension between clinton and sanders supporters erupted at the convention. they outorganized the clinton team getting more people elected to this weekend's gathering. when sanders backers became suspicious that they were favoring clinton, they rushed to stage to shut down the proceedings. the spectacle left them concerned. it could be a mess to overwhelm the convention in philadelphia in july. if sanders supporters believe it is rigged against them, a national audience could be watching as the chaos unfolds. >> thanks.
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let's talk about how we found ourselves with a democratic socialist giving hillary clinton fits on the democratic side and a reality tv star, emerging as the gop front-runner and presumptive nominee. brit hume is here. >> there is one that covers both, it's the economy post recession. president obama and defenders like to site job growth and the drop in unemployment rate. boy do those facts not tell the story. the number of people on poverty is up. the food stamps is up 40%. median income dropped and first quarter growth was up .5%. these facts represent serious distress for a huge segment of the public that is frustrated, discouraged and angry. they are attracted to bernie
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sanders and trump's personality and the pledge to make things great again. this is not to say it is caused by technology, trade would vanish in a stronger economy. the facts would be diminished had we had a normal recovery from the 2008 meltdown. you know who gets this? hillary clinton gets this. they told college graduates not to pine for the good ole days because they weren't that great. she says, as you heard, she will put her husband in charge of the economy. his were the good ole days. compared to now, they were. >> you heard president obama say he doesn't think president obama or his administration got enough credit for saving the economy from what was a corrupt collapsing situation when he took office. >> a couple things there. it is worth remembering, the president was sworn in january 20, 2009. the economy started to grow in
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june. that was before the stimulus legislation he ran through congress with the help of democrats controlling both houses. the things that had taken effect, the fed's action on interest rates, the much despise zed bailouts and loans that helped keep certain enterprises on their feet. they were put in place and continued by the president. the credit, for rescuing the economy has got to be shared, at least. one more thing, market economy's recover from recessions because that's what they do. people go to work every day to make enterprises grow again. that's where i suspect smart people think most of the credit lies. >> interesting to see hillary clinton and bernie sanders in tough times. thank you. stocks were up today. the dow gained 175. s&p finished ahead 20. nasdaq picked up 58. new york's mayor under siege from a handful of investigations.
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we'll tell you about them, when
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the nation's highest court has decided not to decide. in another controversial challenge to obamacare. shannon tells us why, tonight. >> what happened is the court kicked the can down the road, it broke the settlement. >> reporter: it's one of the term's biggest cases. despite the opinion from the supreme court, it remains unresolved, following arguments and the cases brought by several religious groups challenging the requirement of a form for employees. the supreme court took the unusual step of asking the parties to provide further briefing on the compromise. with that in place, they vacated the appellate court ruling and
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sent the cases back down with guidance about how they may reach the solution without the justices weighing in. today, both sides are claiming victory. >> a very rare thing for the united states supreme court to put itself in this role, although, it enables the party to reach a settlement. >> reporter: the court recognized the group, including nuns who serve the poor admitted their religious exercise would not be infringed on an insurance plan. the government says it can ensure, that affected women receive contraceptive coverage, quote, seamlessly. >> right now, women will still continue to be able to get contraception if they are getting health insurance and we are properly accommodating religious institutions with
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objections to contraception. >> reporter: the court was clear on two other points, first, no view on the merit and second, as this issue continues to play out, the government cannot impose taxes or penalties on the groups. they are facing up to $70 million a year in fines if it ultimately loses the legal fight. brett? >> shannon, thank you. at least a half dozen state, federal and local agencies are lining up to take a bite out of the man who runs the big apple. bill de blasio was hit on it and what the considerable fuss is about. >> we believe in the laws, we follow the laws. >> reporter: he ran for mayor of new york as a champion for the people. he is facing intense scrutiny over possible campaign violations and pay for play practices. >> the bottom line is everything
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was done appropriately. we are clear about holding high standards and how the decisions are made. >> several state investigations are under way including the focus on straw donors to the campaign with curious $5,000 contributions from people who can't afford it. they want to know if people were given cash to avoid the donation limits. manhattan d.a. is showing violations of finance law during the failed effort to help democrats win back the senate in 2014 with hundreds of thousands of dollars funneled through committees to up state campaigns. some experts say it is business as usual. >> in politics, there's always this gray area where i think people operate that is technically legal, but may raise eyebrows from regular citizen zs and voters in the electorate. >> reporter: another voter is looking at whether favors were given to advance the mayor's
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agenda including a janitorial supply company who gave money after trying and bailing to sell trash bags to the city. not long after this donation, a contract was awarded for $3 million worth of the bags. the man's attorney expects no charges to be filed against his client. >> new yorkers need to know that their government is making decisions based on what's best for the largest number of people on an objective basis, not a who's writing checks basis. >> reporter: according to the new york post, that owner sold the trash bags to a middleman who scored the multimillion dollar contract. the mayor denies wrong doing. brett? >> rick, thanks. donald trump takes fire from "the new york times" and president obama. and hillary clinton says she'll let bill fix the u.s. economy. we'll discuss it all with the panel after a quick break.
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"the new york times" told us several times that they would make sure that my story that i was telling came across. they promised several times they would do it accurately. they put a negative con notation on it. they spun it where it appeared negative. i did not have a negative experience with donald. donald is doing a great job. he is a successful businessman. he is a great leader. because of that, he has a lot going, let's face it. i'm supporting him. >> i interviewed her. i'm going to let her speak for herself, but i think the readers of the story can digest what happened. >> well, that is "the new york times" story, the referencing over the weekend, a story that "the new york times" said they talked to dozens of women and came up with this story, crossing the line, trump's
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private conduct with women. one of the featured people in the story is who you heard from, brewer, who said her story is not accurate from her point of view. trump tweeting over the weekend media witch hunt. the media is on a witchhunt against me. we will prevail with the coming forward today. "the new york times" hit piece on me, we have exposed the article as a fraud. we will start there with our politics panel. let's bring in charles krauthammer. seems trump captured the day on news coverage. this woman coming out on fox and friends seemed to raise serious questions about "the new york times" story. >> and the war between donald trump and the media continues. obviously, "the new york times"
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spent a lot of time on the story. what is so interesting about it, at no point did she say she was misquoted. she said they quoted it exactly right, that is what happened, but they got the entire context of the story wrong, in her eyes. to me, it reveals a massive gulch between "the new york times" and what is this woman, who was a model after donald trump was divorced. she was at a pool party. they had a, sort of an exchange and she came away through with it all. when you put it through the lens of the new york times, it becomes this, you know, like he's a predator or something. i feel like it really doesn't reveal the larger chasm between
1:41 am
them. >> we are going to see her. this campaign is going to be in the mud soon, if it's not already. >> it's already there. >> even more as we get going. will any of this move the needle? >> first of all, i don't think this article is going to move the noodle. when you read the article, it was knnuanced. there was nothing that rose to the level of calling meighghan kelly a bimbo. she went on to date him. she was not put off by that. they interviewed people who worked for him, pointed to lie level positions in the organization with him. if this was an article meant to expose him as a horrible predator to women, i don't think it succeeded. >> meantime, another story that got a lot of attention was this story that goes back years and miller, this public relations
1:42 am
guy speaking for donald trump. take a listen and reaction from his campaign. >> never seen anybody get so many calls from the press. i worked for a couple different firms. i am somebody that knows and he trusts and likes. >> why the media is spending so much time going back 25 years to talk about "people" magazine and a tape that may or may not be trump. the tape has not proven it is him. the justification is words that are on the tape are words donald trump uses. i have been working for him six weeks, i'm use zing words he uses. >> trump, back then, told "people" magazine and apologized saying he was the guy. is this anything? are we -- is it just crazy that this has become part of this campaign? >> not crazy in the sense that this is a man who was known to the tabloids of new york but not nationally. it isn't as if hillary clinton, he's been in the national public
1:43 am
eye investigating for 30 years so you want to learn about him. it's a bit of a weird story. last week, i wanted to make john miller my winner of the week to know where he is. look, i don't think it's an important story. i think part of the teflon around trump is that it is not a story. it is dead. it's been overridden by the next story, the one you were talking about, the one in the times. it looks at if the times had 50 interviews, spent a lot of money and knew they didn't have a story, came out with exactly how mara described it. there was nothing scandalous about it. the times and the press can do. scandal around donald trump, it's a time to plan for the inauguration. >> president obama at a college graduation, listen to what he says about the good ole days and the current presumptive nominee.
1:44 am
>> when you hear someone talking about the good ole days, take i. >> my husband, i'm going to put in charge of the economy. we know how to create jobs. i think my husband did a heck of a job creating jobs in the '90s. >> what about that, mara. >> this is a tricky thing for hillary clinton. she's in kentucky. he's very popular there. he won the state. i understand why she's envoking him and the memories of the '90s are positive. he did have a lot of jobs created on his watch. you are going to put your husband in charge of the economy, that doesn't make any sense. she's in charge. she's going to be the president. now, she did say, at other times, as she's been campaigning in the coal belt, he's going to be in charge of these communities and revitalizing manufacturing because that's different. to say you are going to put him
1:45 am
in charge of the economy is dangerous. >> in part, it has to do with her comments on coal in west virginia and buffer it with mentioned of bill clinton. >> absolutely. i think that coal remark will go down as her version of mitt romney 47% remark. what's amazing is mitt romney said that at a private dinner and didn't think he would be quoted. she says it on national television and reveals certainly what many in the democratic base want to do to the coal industry. charles? >> it is right, it's the ultimate gaffe. she said what he believed and she's been running away with it since. there's no way to run away from it. it will definitely hurt her in the general election in coal country. the idea of putting her husband in charge, he wants to run on the memory of the '90s. the minute she brings it up, the
1:46 am
other stuff comes flowing in. there's no way to evoke the second when you evoke the first. >> the millenials don't know >> the millenials don't know much about the '90s.p?p?h
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the people are suffering from violence, the records of daily -- suffering permanent shortages of food, basic goods, most medicines and medical care. water is scarce. >> the conditions for the venezuelan population are terrible and obviously we continue to be quite concerned about the well being of people of venezuela. >> talking about venezuela there the socialist government seems to be crumbling. the days may be numbered the leader. the economic crisis in this country has exploded into a public health emergency. claiming the lives of untold numbers of venezuelans.
1:51 am
hospital wards have become crewsables. soap and vanish have had vanished from some hospitals. cancer medicines are found on the black market so. little electricity that the government works only two days a week to save what energy is left. the hospital has no fully functioning x-ray or kidney dialysis machines because they broke long ago. no open beds patients lie on floors in pools of their blood. it's a crisis that's developing this south america and changing fast. we're back with the panel. charles chacialtsz? >> this is the most spectacular self-inflicted collapse that any of us have ever seen. venezuela is an unbelievably rich country with the second or third largest oil reserves in the world. it's been under socialist for 10 or 15 years. and systematically destroyed not only the political institutions which, of course, it has. but the economy.
1:52 am
in a way that's sort of remarkable. you almost have to work at it and there is no way out. they have no ideas. their inflation 108%. people are dying essentially in the hospitals. this is going to head to open civil war. and we're going to have to restrain ourselves because any intervention by the u.s. will back fire. i think there is -- there is sentiment in latin america that they cannot allow a country of this size to actually implode into that kind of war. i think there will ultimately be intervention but this cannot last long. but it is an object lesson for your millennials of what happens when you get real socialism in power. they promise you everything, and in the end, what you get is what you are seeing there. >> listen up bernie voters. >> what about this? >> they may always get that bad. we will all have toilet paper in this country but it isn't anywhere in venezuela. >> this is the kind of thing you would see in a war zone
1:53 am
when there is a real civil war happening. this is not. this as charles said is an economic collapse. what could happen is a coo. >> chavez appointed all the general notice army. they are going to have to get to the end point ghaf happens. >> we get 11% of our oil from venezuela. >> and before bernie sanders voters were born, we all had a real good view of what socialism did with the soviet union and the eastern block countries and we knew it was -- you started with a little bit and take over everything. it was a terrible life and snuffed out all freedom. >> in the meantime, this nobel peace prize winning president is now the longest president. been at war more than any other american president, crossed that line, marah. and he is still fighting in
1:54 am
iraq, in afghanistan, even though they don't talk about it as combat and now he has americans looking at libya and providing weapons to the libyans. >> at least providing weapons. we are not talking about actually fighting there two wars he promise to do end which will not end on his watch and he will leave them for his predecessor whoever it is. that's one of the great ironies of the obama administration. he wasn't able to do what he want to do do and get us out of those wars because he can't. >> well, also, because he made some decisions. >> yes. >> along the way. it wasn't -- >> -- he made them all under the assumption you can unilaterally end the war if the other guy ♪ ending the war. and he realized that you can't do that. in the end he is back into these wars at a level where we are really on the defensive and have lost tremendous advantage and ground. and as you said we have a new war in libya. this is simply the proof that when a great power like ours retreats, the answer is not peace, it isn't as if everything goes back to the
1:55 am
status quo ante. it means we are golden globe gone. the bad guys come in. that's exactly what has happened. >> these hot spots around the world will be a big part of this campaign over the next six months. that is it for the panel. stay tuned we have a got a look behind the news next.
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finally tonight, bring you the news all over. cable news, opinion shows. a tongue and cheek checkup. >> misleading headlines to get you tune in at 10:00. >> i'm emphasizing strange words not because it conveys any part of the story but because this is how you expect us to speak. >> yelling like my job depends on it because it does. >> yelling over you because you can't talk. also not letting them talk. >> provocative questions to put an unproven idea in your head. >> our choice of words indicate this might be true even though it's definitely not. >> let me say something
1:58 am
inflammatory that's going to make everyone else react. >> follow us on twitter and wonder why you need to tune in every day. >> fake chatter. fake chatter. >> talking -- >> kind of nailed it fake chatter. fake chatter. saggy papers. >> thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for tonight, fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" ri >> it is tuesday may 17th. battle in the bluegrass. voters headed to the polls in oregon and kentucky. donald trump one step closer to securing the nomination as bernie sanders aims another upset against hillary clinton. >> a fox news alert. quick response and cooperation. >> also want to thank the iranian authorities for their
1:59 am
cooperation and quick response. >> new this morning a bombshell information about what really happened to our sailors before john kerry apologized and thanked iran. >> on-line outrage. would you leave a 10 month old home alone while they were asleep? the mother causing a social media firestorm for doing just that. "fox & friends first" starts right now. ♪ >> big day today in kentucky. look at new york city before the sun comes up. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this tuesday morning. >> i am heather childers. thank you so much for starting yet another primary day with us.
2:00 am
as we begin the race for the white house headed to kentucky and other gone where donald trump and hillary clinton are both looking to lock up their party nomination. bernie sanders might pull off another upset. >> trump has 1,134 delegates 100 shy of the magic number. >> for the democrats she has 2,240 and sanders 1,473. we are live in oregon. >> we are in the bluegrass state with mike tobin. >> the polling location opens in one