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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  May 17, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> big day today in kentucky. look at new york city before the sun comes up. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this tuesday morning. >> i am heather childers. thank you so much for starting yet another primary day with us. as we begin the race for the white house headed to kentucky and other gone where donald trump and hillary clinton are both looking to lock up their party nomination. bernie sanders might pull off another upset. >> trump has 1,134 delegates 100 shy of the magic number. >> for the democrats she has 2,240 and sanders 1,473. we are live in oregon. >> we are in the bluegrass state with mike tobin. >> the polling location opens in one hour. we are not looking at the
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situation where senator sanders can change the outcome but he can chip away at the momentum of clinton. husband bill stopped in kentucky last thursday. the comments from march about putting pocoal mierns out of business still haunt hillary clinton here. they won't cause the same reaction necessarily as west virginia. jasmine fer year professor at louisville hasays kentucky has more diverse. in lexington and louisville both clintons have done very well. what clinton is looking to do is winning back momentum of being the presumptive nominee. she is turning her guns on donald trump. >> what bothers me about donald trump he has proven to be a lose
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cannon. it is not just what he says being offensive, although it is, it is risky and dangerous. when he says, oh, he would use nuclear weapons against isis, it is just frightening. it is not even a state. >> up for grabs are 55 pledged delegates 5 super delegates keeping in mind clinton leaves behind 300 pledged delegates. she leads 23 states to 19. sanders can give her a run for the money in kentucky but he can't really do it nationally. what we have seen from sanders seems with young people and gets the biggest reaction at college campuses and promises things like free tuition. >> free tuition. no one has to pay for it. right? thank you. it is not looking much better for hillary clinton in oregon. bernie sanders could pull off another upset there. >> this as trump is inches
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closer to the nomination. jonathan hunt is live on the campaign trail in portland, oregon. good morning. >> goo heather and abby, good morning to both of you. not much question donald trump will win the republican primary here in oregon and will take the vast majority of the 28 delegates on offer. the only question on the republican side is whether independent minded other goenians decide they want to register any sort of protest vote. all voting done by mail in oregon there are no polling places. ballot bought drop off points. the voting has been going on for several weeks. the names john kasich and ted cruz are still on the ballot. on the democratic side hillary choin ton has been void by a recent poll showing her with a 15 percent lead over bernie
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sanders. there is a question over one poll with a small sam belling. he believes hillary clinton will walk away with the majority of the 661 pledged delegates. >> sanders will do well. he will still win not biaz big of a margin but an important margin. >> in young and liberal polling which is the biggest center of oregon the young vote is going to make some sort of difference. voters under 29 years old a number of them shot up by something like 20 percent. as a result of oregon's motor voter law. if those younger voters have turned out in numbers, have
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mailed in those ballots this would become a very close race. if bernie sanders was to pull off a victory today it would set alarm bells ringing for hillary clinton's campaign not just when we go down the road to the primary but in the strength of a national election against donald trump. there is a lot to watch for today in oregon. polls close at 8:00 pm. >> interesting day. covering it all day for you. women voters make up 52 percent of the total electorate. katie says she may be able to with the help of bernie sanders. >> donald trump wants to win women which he needs to considering they make up the
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majority of the electorate. he is beating bernie sanders on the left with women. >> he should move there with getting the female voters. donald trump had issues with women. he has to show he can get past all of the personal attacks women don't like. >> speaking of women, this is one you don't want to miss. tune in tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern where we have a special fox presentation where megyn kelly goes one-on-one with the resump tiff nominee. >> american sailors forced to their knees and humiliated by iran. we just learned the whole
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insurandent was worse. >> a congressman received a full classified briefing on this incident and when it comes out it will shock the nation. he accused the obama administration of deliberately withholding the information. he's a member of the house armed services committee. yesterday he towed the washington free beacon quote i think clearly there were violations of international and maritime law we in the united states did almost nothing in response. secretary of state john kerry released them after the way they captured them. >> this made by the secretary of state right after the sailor's release. >> i want to thank the iranian authorities for their cooperation and quick response. these were always situations which as everybody knows has an
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ability if not properly guided to get out of control. i am appreciative of the quick and appropriate response of the iranian authorities. >> they had abducted the iranian territorial waters. they released them some crying some apologizing. a female sailor was asked to wear a head scarf. it could be a year after all of them are extended well past the election. >> it could be the beginning of this story. one of the brothers accused of murdering ex army rangers are behind bars. john reeves in the death of patrick shun and his brother. his brother still on the run.
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the ongoing landis put in their washington neighborhood. the couple's bodies have not been found. >> a tense police standoff broadcast live on facebook with the man holding them at bay. >> the drama unfolding for more than three hours. adam mayo's mom called police because he went off his meds for a mental disorder. he posted all of it on-line for his friends to see. police were watching, too. they saw he had a gun. as soon as he pointed a gene laser -- green laser at officers he unleashed tear gas into the home. >> he eventually gave up peaceful will -- peacefully. >> crazy weather in parts of the south. after more than a foot of rain dumped on parts of the state.
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they looked more like rivers, heather. >> may pounded with record breaking snow. >> maria molina here tracking all of that for us. >> we were seeing 3 inches of snow. >> record snow. it wasn't just in maine. in parts of vermont they picked up snow stuck on the ground. quite impressive to see snow out there. five inches of snow across portions of northern new england. still chilly out there this morning. care beau maine 30 degrees. places like new york city you are feeling a little warmer today compared to how you were about 24-hours ago. we will see a warming trend and it will continue for the next couple of days. let's head south and west. we have rainy where from places like ohio to louisiana. further west across portions of milwaukee. the big concern will be the
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threat for flooding as the storm system continues to push eastward. severe weather is also possible so we will keep a close eye on that. we could have additional flooding across parts of texas and oklahoma. you could see several inches forecast. let's head over to you heather and abby. >> my brother lives in corpus christi. i have to call him and make sure he is okay. a win for religious nonprofits will be sent back to the lower courts. they provide contra cement tives to their employees. the death effecting them. the most likely would have voted against the mandate. it has split at 4 conservatives and 4 liberals. >> bush set to represent facebook with a meeting of conservatives. they served as deputy chief of
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staff for george w. bush with public policy for pafacebook. mark zuckerburg denies those allegations. fox news radio host ted star begs to differ those since his stories are still being blocked. don't miss him live on "fox & friends" in the next hour. 13 police officers awarded the nation's highest honor for law enforcement. >> president obama presenting the group with the medal of valor credited with stopping a terror attack in texas. >> there is always safety in valor. public safety gives those words new meaning. it is the courage and quick thinking that gaye them that. >> the highest honor they can receive. love that.
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>> tsa security lines taking an unprecedented tole as travelers are forced to sleep on cots at airports. why it could get worse before it gets better. >> why the next guest left the democratic party to support donald trump. . make sure it's an intelligent one. ♪ the all-new audi a4, with available virtual cockpit. ♪
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thank you for being with us. >> let's start with that. you have been a lifelong democrat switched parties to vote for donald trump? why? >> few reasons. the first thing that comes to mind is our veterans. i go to my local american legion 235 and hair the stories of the veterans come up wiof our veters waiting in lane for treatment. some of them are not making it long enough to have the treatment. they are passing away before they get treatment. that's just not right. donald wunl of the things he says he's going to look into it. some of the stories are unbelievable. what he says about protecting our borders, we have got to. he talks about the wall and things we need to do there. we need to know who is coming in
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here. i grew up in a rural town in washington, indiana. you used to be able to unlock your doors at night and feel safe. any more, that's not true. we need to get back to where we used to be. keep us safe. keep my children safe. all of us safe. >> what is the state of the economy there? hillary clinton made comments about coal workers and coal mines. yesterday she said i am sure in relation to kentucky and how well the clintons do there she would leave the economy up to bill clinton. >> i hate to say but i know hillary is not a bill clinton.
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when bill was in office everything went great here. when you are talking about everybody's livelihood in coal it is something you need to be positive about. you need to help people. these people, that's big in kentucky. that's how they make their money. >> these are real people. real jobs. it will be interesting to see how it plays out. thank you for being with us. appreciate it. >> a public school spending nearly 20,000 dollars on black lives matter. they are explaining the budget blunder. boos on the boardwalk where open carry could sooning legal.
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>> love it. a little sugar land. the cars are already out and about in washington, d.c. people trying to make their way to work or make their way home. this is not the vacation they bargained for. people at o'hare forced to sleep on cots. others waiting in line for hours at midway. 450 airline passengers missed
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their flight. the airline is claiming to send staff to help speed up security because the tsa said it doesn't have enough workers. the agency promising to hire 800 new screeners next month. also warning this trend could continue all summer at the nation's airport. what a nightmare. workers following more than 80,000 people last month. safety is a major issue in that region. they are still keeping residents from their homes. >> the rumors are true. changes coming to twitter. the company is finally pushing the limits. >> lauren simonetti is here to tell us more about that. >> great news for both. bloomberg is reporting twitter will stop counting photos as part of the 140 character
2:25 am
message limit. the changes could happen soon. we will see. one year from today you will know how many calories are in the bacon egg and cheese. restaurant owners have been given an extra five months to postal ry counts on their menu. taking the deadline to next may. it is part of the affordable care act. it masy soon be illegal to walk on the board way with an open bottle of con taryn. it would have to be bought from a licensed business and drinks must be 21 years old. for those who want a non-alcoholic refreshment starbucks is bringing back the frappuccino mini today. they are two ounces smaller than the company's tall sized drink and $0.30 cheaper. i will see you guys across the street. >> i love that idea. tiny frappuccino. sometimes you want a couple of
2:26 am
sips. >> on-line outrage after a woman admits a controversial confession. >> she leaves her 10 month old sleeping baby while she goes to the store. the mom adding the baby reliably naps an hour at least. more than 800 parents joining the conversation. >> one mother said yes, i would and have i have. don't your own risk assessment. >> another wrote no even though it is super tempting i won't do it because it is not worth it. >> in my head i know it would be okay but i don't think i could actually bring myself to do it. what do you think? is it just fine or over the line? send an e-mail at and we will share them later in the show. >> the time 26 after the top of the hour. it is primary day again.
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>> it is tuesday may 17th. voters picking their presidential candidate in oregon and kentucky today. donald trump one step closer. >> brand new details set to be released today about the amtrak crash that killed 8 people in philadelphia. what really happened behind the controls. >> apparently it is too late for just justin bieber to stay sorry.
2:31 am
why the singer was just banned from the entire country? ♪ >> kentucky woman. the female vote turning out in kentucky today. that is important for the candidates. take a screen shot so we can remember that. >> good morning. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this tuesday. >> i am abby hunts man. thank you for starting your day with us. we begin with the race for the
2:32 am
white house. >> donald trump 103 shy of the magic number. hilly choin tlinton has 2240 an bernie sanders 1473. we are live this morning. >> hillary clinton is looking to be the kentucky woman playing off the neil diamond song. clintons have historically done well in kentucky. secretary clinton wins when you have a closed primary. that pref p vents the independents showing up and voting for senator sanders. he is however within striking distance. this will be a test of whether hillary can pull out a win when
2:33 am
she needs one. it only hurt her in the rural parts of the state that depend on mining. >> we have two coal regions in kentucky western kentucky and appalachia. i am sure those comments will resinate in those particular districts. in those districts registered democrats would probably go to senator sand sersanders. they are turning heavily for the republican party for cultural reasons. >> 55 pledged dell gas five pledged delegates. she leads in the popular vote and is carrying more states than and ders. she is taking kentucky very seriously. bill clinton came last thursday.
2:34 am
we will see what happens. >> bernie sanders could pull off another win. >> donald trump inching closer to the magic number he needs to secure the nomination. jonathan hunt is on the trail in portland oregon. >> good morning. donald trump likely to pick up the majority if not all of the 28 republican delegates at stake today. the real question is will other goenians register any kind of protest vote against him by marking their ballots in the last few weeks for either john kasich or ted cruz. on the democratic side, hillary clinton has been voided by a recent poll showing her with a lead of 15 percent over senator bernie sanders. it is just one poll. it might not be that reliable. political experts we spoke to here say they believe mrs.
2:35 am
clinton will eek out a win and take the majority of the 61 pledged delegates here in oregon. but it won't be enough to knock bernie sanders out of the race. >> i think they continue to participate and do well in a few states. >> now sanders will be hoping that there has been a large turnout in that vote by mail. they will be increased by 20 percent thanks to oregon's motor vote tore law. that is the demographic that usually supports bernie sanders. he will be hoping they might deliver him later today. >> one of the brothers accused of murdering a ranger.
2:36 am
he is charged with first degree murder along with john read and the death of patrick shun. his brother still on the run motive apparently ongoing landis put. the couple's bodies have not yet been found. a murder the texas mother inside of a church. video evidence from the crime scene has been reconstructed helping investigators get detailed description on the suspect. he was killed just before he was about to teach a fitness class at that church. the mother of a teen who went missing wants it to be examined the cream scene. perry cowan disappeared in july last year during a storm. the capsized vote was found but no trace of the boy. they will take a look at the
2:37 am
boat before returning it to the owner. the boat was found and two hard to reach when it was turned off. under water this morning after a foot of rain dumped on parts of the state. made it look like corp. bus christie in maine. >> there are more than 3 inches falling by the northern part of the state. no snow there. am felt a little nice out there this morning. >> yesterday at this time it is in the low 40's. we needed the jacket. now we are in the middle 50's. that is great news across parts of the northeast. they are welcoming that change considering that exchange. i want to take you further west. they are tracking the storm
2:38 am
system. we are seeing rain in the midwest and off the coast. an area of low pressure that would trigger possible severe weather across portions of texas. they are continuing across the plains with federal inches of rain. >> a four-legged dog leading police on a wild chase. >> the black lab named summer caused major traffic trouble closing down two lanes. the pups weaved in and out of cars for 40 minutes escaping police a police. the owner saw her dog who ran away last week. summer was caught and reunite withed their family. >> i would be so upset. i am glad she is okay. >> the time is almost 20 minutes to the top of the hour. fox news alert quick response
2:39 am
and cooperation. >> also want to thank the iranianes for their cooperation and quick response. >> new this morning the bombshell information about what really happened to our soldiers before john kerry thanked iran. >> kim kardashian a secret agent. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis,
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2:43 am
official close to the investigation is revealing some of the causes if likely to be at the center of the announcement. it was distracted by a commuter train operator who said a rock shattered his windshield moments before the deadly crash. he has been fully cooperating with the ntsb since the derailment last may. he rofrtedly lost memory killing 8 people and injuring 200 more. the official claims there were issues with the train's emergency window. several people lost their lives after being thrown in them police took victims to the hospital instead of waiting for ambulances. investigators are looking at why the train was going double the
2:44 am
50 mile per hour speed limit when it went off the tracks. the cause will not be oh officially determined until the board votes at the conclusion of today's meeting. amtrak also says they will comment after today's hearing. >> still a lot of questions. it was all a misunderstanding milwaukee officials listening for black lives matter that had critics fuming. they were hiring three new social studies teachers and cultural studies curriculum. in a statement with fox news the district says none of the funding is going to any black lives matter organizations. >> we all had buzz words to bright ten our resume but some could cost you a job. >> cheryl casone from fox business with the words that do and don't work. good morning.
2:45 am
>> it is a question i have been asked by fox and friends viewers for years. where are the sections supposed to go and where should it be? >> it should be one page long. there are a few words you should use from the job posting on your resume page. but a recent post caught our attention because it tells the words to delete from the resume a lot of times because of over use. it is a phrase as old as where is the beef. outside of the box. what does that mean any more. you are a people person that is nice but that doesn't mean you are going to be a better employee. seasoned is a negative word. it means either expensive or it shows you are older. both can be used against you in the interview process. sinner gee is what companies do not people. thought leadership.
2:46 am
what does that mean? i am going to leaf that one alone. here are good words. i nengsed this before. volunteered is great. shows you have outside interest. multi taskers is good for anybody. companies value this trait. launched means you can create a project. also you have managed a project. that is good. in other words created another form of launch. that shows enterprise skills you can do something from the ground up. i told mom to put down organizational skills. it is crucial for any job. the come back how today's mom successfully reenter the work force. it is all on resumes. >> thank you so much, cheryl. we will check it out. >> the time is about 15 minutes until the top of the hour. female fury the networking creating controversy for
2:47 am
declining to pick up a new series because the show didn't appeal to men? >> apparently it is too late to say i am sorry. why the singer is banned from the entire country. >> steve doocy who dances just like that. we see it every morning. >> good morning. what is coming up on "fox & friends." >> i sound like that in the shower. >> coming up 12 and a half minutes from right now another primary day on the docket. newt gingrich is here. he will hitell us what trump nes to do when it comes to finding a running mate. senator marco rubio may not be done with politics just yet. why was the florida senator up in the middle of the night tweeting a lot?
2:48 am
we will tell you what the message said. making art out of ainsley, pete and me right here live in the studio. busy three hours that kicks off 12 minutes from right now on the channel that you trust for your news. fox news channel. there's no one road out there. no one surface... no one speed... no one way of driving on each and every road. but there is one car that can conquer them all. the mercedes-benz c-class. five driving modes let you customize the steering, shift points, and suspension to fit the mood you're in... and the road you're on. the 2016 c-class. lease the c300 for $359 a month at your local
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we're back now with a fox news alert. american sailors forced to their knees and humiliated by iran. we learn the whole incident was way worse than we thought. we have new information that we're told will shock the nation. what are you hearing? >> republican congressman randy forbes, he's a member of the house armed services committee he's accusing the obama
2:52 am
administration of deliberately withholding information about this incident. he said i think when the details actually come out, most americans are going to be taken aback by the entire incident. both how iran handled it and we handle it. ten americans were held at gunpoint. the iranians released video of the sailors in captivity. some were crying and apologizing. 15 hours they were released. prompting secretary of state john kerry thanking them for a quick and appropriate response. >> it is clear that today this kind of issue was able to be peacefully resolved and officially resolved and that is a testament to the critical role that diplomacy plays in keeping our country safe, secure, and
2:53 am
strong. >> but congressman forbes says he's had a full classified briefing and that the details are much worse than what the obama administration has put out. he thinks it will be at least a year before it's all been made public which would be well past the november election. >> what a story. could very well be the beginning. we want to keep talking about this. what do you think about the allegations of the obama administration? is hiding what really happened to our sailors captured by iran? weigh in with the #keep talking on our facebook page. nancy drew series is getting the axe from cbs. why? because it's too female. hmmm. >> we had enough time for 12 flying buttresses but in actuallity there were 26. >> the network is passing on an opportunity to run the series because it has, quote, skewed too female for the network's
2:54 am
schedule. it's shopping the show to other outlets. nancy drew is too female like the sky is too blue and oxygen is too breathable. >> do we ever hear it was too male? >> exactly. online outrage, would you be a 10-month-old home alone. one mother says she does just that. emails are flying in on that one. take me to church. how going to church could help you live longer. ♪ ♪
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three minutes until the top of the hour. before you leave the house, here's what's happening for you today. it's primary day in kentucky and oregon. hillary clinton looking to fend off more losses to bernie sanders in both states. trump looks to pick up 28 delegates in oregon. federal investigators just hours away from announcing the cause of the deadly train derailment in philadelphia. and george zimmerman set to auction off the gun that killed trayvon martin. church going once a week, those who attend have a 30% less
2:59 am
chance of dying. justin bieber faces charges in argentina when he kicked the country's flag off the stage and is kim kardashian a secret agent? the revolutionary guard is worried about her social media popularity and accuses her of corruption. and brew on this. online outrage after a mother makes a controversial confession. >> the mom admitting she leaves her 10-month-old at home alone while she goes to the store. >> is it fine or over the line? >> over the line. anything can happen. nothing you can buy at the store is more important than that
3:00 am
precious baby. >> just because a baby is sleeping at that time doesn't mean the baby is safe. a lot of mixed responses on that one. i knew that would be the case. another primary day. thank for joining us. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> bye. good tuesday morning to you and your family. it is may 17th. i'm ainsley earhardt. we start with a fox news alert. one of the brothers accused of murdering annex army ranger and his wife behind bars turning himself in by the mexican border. will we finally have the motive for the senseless killings? will hillary clinton be unlucky in kentucky? how very lyrical. >> could jesse ventura be the next vice president of the united states? we'll let you know. and for justin


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