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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  May 17, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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precious baby. >> just because a baby is sleeping at that time doesn't mean the baby is safe. a lot of mixed responses on that one. i knew that would be the case. another primary day. thank for joining us. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> bye. good tuesday morning to you and your family. it is may 17th. i'm ainsley earhardt. we start with a fox news alert. one of the brothers accused of murdering annex army ranger and his wife behind bars turning himself in by the mexican border. will we finally have the motive for the senseless killings? will hillary clinton be unlucky in kentucky? how very lyrical. >> could jesse ventura be the next vice president of the united states? we'll let you know. and for justin bieber, being
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sorry isn't just enough. ♪ is it too late to say i'm sorry ♪ >> breaking news. why one country is officially banning the biebs. >> mornings are better with friends. ♪ ♪ >> whoa! >> that's awesome. >> ladies and gentlemen, that's robert cheney speed painting the stars. he paints with simple glue and he threw glitter on it. >> the glue is wet and he throws
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the glitter and you see the portrait. >> there's one at trump tower. >> on saturday night live when they intimidate him, he's in front of a portrait of himself. >> robert is going to be painting the three of us. >> i heard of that. i'm going to sweep in and take brian's painting. >> in addition to peyton, we've got primaries. >> while the oregonians are mailing in their choices in the beaver state, voters hit the polls in kentucky today where a tight race is brewing between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. >> jonathan hunt is covering the race in portland, oregon, where it's really early. 3:02 there. let's get to louisville. >> the polls are open in kentucky. 12 hours we'll see if senator sanners can continue to chip
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away at hillary clinton's momentum for if hillary clinton can pull out a win when she needs one in a state where both clintons have traditionally done very well. still haunting secretary clinton are those comments from march in which she promised to put coal miners out of work. however, experts don't think it will have as much impact as west virginia. the comments only hurt clinton in coal country. >> it's great. i know how to do it but i'm not going tell you what it is i'm going to do. here's what we're going to do. here's what we're going to take the tax code. americans take their vote
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seriously and they are going to be looking at that tv screen and say he doesn't have anything to tell me. >> 60 delegates up for grand, 5 super delegates. for clinton, it's about stopping sanders' momentum and pumping up her own. sanders does well with young people and college campuses and he gets supporters when he promises things like perfect free tuition. bernie sanders looks to pull off another embarrassing upset in oregon. >> clinton is calling on celebrities to save her campaign. >> bring out the stars. jonathan hunt reporting in oregon at 3:04 a.m. with the details. good morning to you, jonathan. >> good morning, steve, seinesly, and pete. there was not much drama likely on the republican side. donald trump will win here in oregon today, take all or almost
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all of the 28 delegates on offer. the drama comes on the democratic side. one recent poll here in oregon put hillary clinton 15 points clear of bernie sanders. she hasn't campaigned here at all. that might be a sign of confidence. that confidence might be misplaced. one poll cannot deemed entirely reliable and there are a lot of political experts in oregon who believe the vote will turn out to be much closer. oregonians have been mailing in their votes for several weeks now. there are 73 delegates at stake. 61 of those are pledged delegates. now, bernie sanders will be hoping that the young and very liberal oregonian voters have sent out those ballots in large numbers. they obviously have traditionally favored mr. sanders. now, hillary clinton in what seems like an effort to get back some of that young voter enthusiasm is now looking ahead to california june 7th is the
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primary there. june 6th she's going to hold a concert at the greek theater in l.a., including cristina aguilerra, john legend and ricky martin. she's hoping, of course, the night after that musical celebration, she will be celebrating, finally locking up the democratic nomination, but if bernie sanders pulls off a victim -- victory in oregon ton, it's going to get very nervous in the clinton camp. >> no kidding. jonathan hunt live in oregon with the very latest. he brings up a great point about bernie keeps winning. right now on drudge report, hillary keeps losing, how come she's winning. it talks how the super delegates are rigged in her favor. >> we started to see the protesters getting angry. the bernie sanders people getting angry with hillary
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clinton's people and vice versa. if it does get closer and hillary begins to lose and bernie's people are going to complain about the process. >> these are both closed primaries in oregon and kentucky. it will being it to see. >> super delegates can change their mind. it's just a matter of will they. big question. when would john kasich break his silence and the answer was yesterday. turns out if donald trump asked, he would not be the vice president. he's not going to run a third party thing and what about endorsing mr. trump, listen here. >> look i've said all along i have the second best job in america. >> donald trump called you up today and said look you got to do this. >> no, i'm not inclined to do that. it would be very hard for me unless he were to change all of his views and become a uniter for me to get in the middle of this thing. because i'm undecided here about
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what i'm going to do in this race. >> he's not inclined which isn't the same as absolutely not. there's a little wiggle room in that. >> it's all semantics. >> yeah, why hasn't he endorsed donald trump yet? i'm curious, why haven't all the guys endorsed donald trump yet? they all took the pledge and said they would. i know we've heard from bush. >> they want to get behind him probably because they think it's for the betterment of the party. >> people hate politicians because they say one thing and do something else. maybe they will all fall in line and own up to the pledges they took but it's not helpful to the party unity. >> it's fair. i think even paul ryan's angst. the longer it takes, the harder
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it becomes. >> remember "the washington post" said marco rubio was off the vice-presidential list. this morning, we wake up to all these tweets that he was on twitter last night, marco rubio, with just this rant. >> he started at 11:17 p.m. which is never good. it's a rant at 11:17. you wonder what does that mean. the first link was to a "washington post" article. five people who are never going to be donald trump's vice president and look at this. we're going down and down. we're looking at all of them. something in it really got under marco rubio's skin and we're going to show you a few of the tweets he sent out. >> we can't read them all. >> funny to read about unnamed "people close" to me who claim to know my thinking on my future plans. they make it up. >> a long time friend says rubio
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is betwixt and between when it comes to whether to chest or legs tomorrow at the gym. >> according to source who knows his cousins wife's dentist, rubio could do cardio instead. >> it sounds like a guy frustrated. >> it's frustrated for all of us when we read things in the paper that's made up and we've all had things made up about us, whether somebody is speaking on our behalf and doesn't know anything. >> my cousin's wife's dentist. >> inside scoop. >> you got to wonder why he takes exception with "washington post" article. maybe he does want to be trump's vice president. >> it could have been the straw that broke the camel's back. one more. there we go again. meanwhile, jesse ventura went into the internet as well. wrote a blog, talking a little bit about why he hates politicians, and then there were
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some tweets about whether or not he would be up for a job as donald trump's vice president, and he did write this. it would be a very difficult decision for me considering how much i despise the two political parties. it definitely would be a moral dilemma. he tweeted out something like then again he would have to ask me too. >> right. just to give you some background too. this is a guy, former governor of minnesota, he sued taya kyle because he didn't like what chris wrote about him in his book and sued taya kyle and got 1.2 million for that. >> jesse ventura takes a break from suing widows to think about vice president. >> why do i think he's not on the list. >> although he says he wants
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someone with political experience. heather has the headlines. great to have you back. hope you are all off to a good day. we start out with a fox news alert. one of the brothers accused of murdering a former army ranger and his wife is now behind bars this morning. tony reed charged with first degree murder along with his brother john. he turned himself in near the mexican border. his brother is still on the run. the motive, apparently, an ongoing land dispute in their washington state neighborhood. the couple's bodies have not been found. a nie mayor for -- nightmare for travelers in chicago thank to long security lines. passengers forced to sleep on kots, other waiting in line for hours and hours at midway airport. 450 american airlines passengers missed their flight. the airline now sending staff to help speed up security.
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the tsa said it doesn't have enough workers. a college once headed by bernie sanders's wife is closing its doors in burlington. jane sanners left the college. those are your headlines. >> that's a story they don't talk about. caught on camera straight ahead. an intense stand-off with police broadcast live on the internet by the suspect armed with a gun. how police used that live stream to bring him down. fox business host anthony scaramucci made his opinions of donald trump crystal clear. >> he's a hack. he's probably going to make
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elizabeth warren his vice-presidential nominee. >> he's now change his tune. even working with donald trump. he's here to explain why.
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politician. >> you call donald trump a hack. >> you are in trouble now. >> he's probably going to make elizabeth warren his vice-presidential nominee with comments like that. it's anti-american. it's very divisive. you can tell he's going to be president of. the queens county bully association. >> well, in a surprising turn of events, this trump critic is now changing his tune and backing donald trump and signing on to help mr. trump raise money. so what made him change his mind? a member of trump's national campaign finance committee. >> new yorkers are subjected to restorery cal -- restore retorical statements. >> i always said i would back the republican nominee.
3:19 am
donald is a republican nominee. we've organized a campaign finance committee for him. our first fund-raiser is may 25th atom barac's house. >> when votes are. donald trump was talking how he was self-funding. i'm not beholden to anybody. explain the difference. >> he was certainly going to self-fund through the primary process. i think he realizes he needs to raise capital to protect the down line of the party. most of the money is going to the republican national committee so that will be used for the senate, the house of representatives. i think in the spirit of team play, he's certainly going to need it for his own campaign and building the field operation but he's also going to need to help what i would call the down
3:20 am
ticket of the republican line. >> you wrote a great column in the wall street journal and you talk about how he's a team builder, he can win. the republican party needs to come together. you say he's a pragmatic entrepreneur. this is important in new york. >> this is something i missed early on. i had this conversation with him yesterday. being an entrepreneur requires you to be very adaptive and resilient in the face of failure. one big thing i think people are confusing about donald trump, they look at him as having uneven principles. i don't see it that way. i call it adaptive entrepreneur ability. i'm calling on my friends to give it a break. this is an unbelievable opportunity for us as republicans. entrepreneur. super successful. great statesman potential. >> thanks for running that tape.
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back with some quick headlines. the biggest drug bust in colombia's history goes down. look at that. at a banana farm. police seizing hundreds of bricks of cocaine weighing more than eight tons and working more than $240 million. the drug haul bound for the u.s. and the caribbean, but it never made it, thankfully. and a four legged fugitive leading police on a wild chase. the black lab causing major traffic trouble on a mesa,
3:25 am
arizona, highway, forcing two lanes to shut down for nearly an hour. the pup's owner saw the chase on live television, realizing the fugitive was her dog who runaway last week. have scientists finally found the fountain of youth? >> what we've been able to do is create a cream basically that you could put on the skin and then once it's on the skin, it can actually form essentially an elastic second skin. it's transparent. invisible, not messy at all. this new cream is named xpl. it's not good for just cosmetic purposes but could be used for other purposes as well. here with more is dr. samadi. this is incredible. we're all ears. >> it's very rare for me to get excited at 6:20 a.m., but this is one of those engineering
3:26 am
revolutions that it's in the hands of fda. it's going to come out probably in an hour or so. it's a cream just like you would have a face lift in a tube. it will last about 24 hours. the mit and harvard scientists took about 170 participants. it's safe. it doesn't cause irritation. doesn't cause any redness. you basically put the cream on your face or anywhere there are rinkles and you need a second catalyst. as you can see the images, it forms a beautiful flexible, but durable, exactly like your skin, which is an amazing science that we've never had before. >> you use it every day because it only lasts for 24 hours. >> what i love about this. look at this. it's per meeible which is exactly what your skin is. right now wa we use, if you look at the tape we put on your arm. this is almost like a pseudo skin but this is not going to be that pretty. so this is --
3:27 am
>> you are showing what a second skin look like now. >> it's not good. it's not real. it's not permit -- permeable. >> what else can you use it for? >> a lot of patients with eczema, sore -- psoriasis. you put this on and -- >> why is it taking so long? we needed this ten years ago? >> this is great science, it's silicon bonded oxygen. it's safe. it doesn't wash off which is another great part of this. you really need a new dissolver to wipe it out. it's tremendous. >> it's like a lotion. if you have wrinkles under your eyes, we start to get them there, you put the cream under your eyes and your guys are
3:28 am
going to look like this lady's approximate. >> that's a fat herniation under the eye. this really works. this is not a gimmick. right now, it's in the fda's hands. also for a lot of patients that have burn and lose a lot of water, we can put this on or your sun screens, every two hours, you can apply your sunscreen, now you can put this on top of that and it has -- it can really change the whole cosmetic and make-up dnchts next year you are going to be sitting on this sofa putting this cream under my eyes and i'll be wrinkle-free. >> or i'll be using it along with you. i put a lot of information on my facebook. dr. david samadi. >> remember the ten american sailors that were forced to their knees, they were humiliated by iran. >> it was a mistake. that was our fault and we apologize for our mistake. >> that right there, that's not
3:29 am
the worst of it. now a congressman says the details about their treatment will shock the nation. and we are making magic all morning here on "fox & friends." you already saw speed painter robert channing paint donald trump. now he's going to make art out of us. steve is his canvas. don't miss it. happy birthday to the new kids on the block. jordan knight, he's 46 years old. >> you look very young and beautiful. >> i need that cream! >> yes. ♪ ♪
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saw 75% clearer skin after 4 months. and otezla's prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't take otezla if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. otezla may increase the risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts, or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. side effects may include diarrhea, nausea, upper respiratory tract infection, and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ask your dermatologist about otezla today. otezla. show more of you. >> at the democrat convention this weekend, a fight broke out between bernie sanders
3:33 am
supporters and hillary clinton supporters. you should have been seen it. there were npr tote bags everywhere. it was a nightmare. >> apparently there were chairs thrown and death threats and cops had to be called and the sanders people felt the system was rigged and it is. >> it is rigged. >> apparently the rules were rewritten on the floor. they watched delegates go the other way. >> mathematically speaking. sanders can't win the election. why is he still in it? people are hoping the super delegates will change their minds. >> there's a possibility if he got 90% of the vote from here on out and people changed their minds, he could win. he's banking on the momentum. if he can get a big number in california, he thinks just propel him and have a bunch of super delegates flip. >> hmm. it's pretty interesting to see. we'll see. celebrities are chiming in again. >> speaking of california,
3:34 am
patricia arquette was out at an event in los angeles and she made it very clear. she was at the museum of modern art and she said over there nearby was a japanese museum and she said if donald trump were president of the united states, he would bring internment camps back to the united states. >> what? >> right next door is the japanese-american museum where they have a building left from an internment camp from when americans interned japanese americans. we don't need that kind of make america great again. >> that's not going to happen and these celebrities are inciting fear. >> they are good at that. she said unlike lena did you knowham she would -- dunham she would stay in the united states if donald trump was elected.
3:35 am
>> soup kitchens. i'm sure it will be for her. >> regarding the internment back during world war ii it was on the west coast. 62% of the people who were interned were american citizens whereas donald trump is trying to fix something with noncitizens. >> he's saying you can come to this country, just do it the right way. >> let more celebrities talk. let them provide punditry. it's all good. >> we're going to be painted in glu for a moment. good morning to you. a couple headlines i want to bring you right now. ten american sailors forced to their knees and humiliated by iran. that's not the worst part. virginia congressman randy forbes says the details about their treatment will shock the nation. he's had a full classified about their capture saying most americans are going to be kind
3:36 am
of taken aback by the entire incident. both how iran handled it and how we handled it. he said the details could be made public within the next year. third time is a charge. george zimmerman attempting to sell the gun that killed trayvon martin once again. this after an auction failed twice last week. phony bids went as high as $66 million. he plans to use the money to fight violence against police officers by members of black lives matter. and intense stand-off by a man holding officers at bay. >> you see he's crazy. do i look crazy? >> that drama unfolding in tampa, florida, for more than three hours, adam mayo's mom called the cops because he went off his medication for some sort of a mental disorder. he posted all the video on line
3:37 am
for friends to see. police were watching too. they saw he had a gun and as soon as he pointed a green laser at officers, they unleashed tear gas into the house. >> right. >> mayo eventually gave up peacefully to police officers. and justin bieber asking if it's too late to say sorry. ♪ ♪ well, it is too late, bieber is banned from argentina. he's forced by his lawyers to avoid the country. he faces charges during this incident at a concert. he kicked the country's flag off stage. parts of southern texas are under water this morning after more than a foot of rain was dumped on that part of that
3:38 am
state. roads in corpus christi, texas, looked like rivers, not roads. and maine pounded with record-breaking snow. more than 3 inches falling in that state, pete. >> maria molina is tracking that. >> isn't it crazy they saw record snow in parts of new england yesterday? >> it's may! >> they pick up like five inches across parts of maine. we're not talking in the mountains. we're talking about all the way down to some lower levels. that's pretty incredible parts of new england. temperatures still quite chilly there. you are at 38 degrees in caribou, maine. yesterday, we had to deal with heavy rain and flooding in parts of texas. a lot of it has moved east ward toward the midwest and the gulf coast. there are more storms across western texas. that could bring in the threat for severe weather, damaging
3:39 am
winds, large hail and isolated tornadoes. a lot of activity going on across parts of the center of the nation. flooding will continue to be possible across portions of oklahoma and texas. take a look at the forecast. some areas could be seeing more than four inches of rain in a short amount of time. back inside. thank you very much, maria. meanwhile, you've heard of fast food. but what about fast art? >> that is speed and glitter painter, mr. robert channing. he can whip up masterpieces in just minute. he's already created that shining image of presidential candidate donald trump. >> he's putting us to the test by painting us here on "fox & friends" this morning. >> you did this with a brush, rubber cement. >> and glitter. >> and talent. >> where did you come up with this idea? >> my daughter and i were working on a project for fifth
3:40 am
grade and i thought that would be a cool medium. bam. >> you do the outlining and throw the glitter and boom just like that. >> ainsley, stand right here. robert is going to paint you. >> did you bring the lights down a little bit. the parts you do the reveal you hit the glitter. >> how long have you been doing this, robert? >> since i was about four years old, i developed it, and this is called speed painting. a lot of times i have to prep the canvas with certain types of paint. >> how long is the glue good? >> it's only good for about five minutes. that's why i go fast and sometimes when i do a tv, i go even faster. you tell me when you are ready to have some -- >> what was your daughter's reaction? >> she absolutely loved it. she tried it in a school project, what i'm doing and she
3:41 am
was very successful. my son garrett did the same thing. alex is a big football player. he's at home watching. >> does this drive your family crazy, after you do the explosion of glitter on the floor. >> my wife kicked me out of the house. i have an art studio. >> you got a good excuse if you've got glitter all over your body. >> the cooler your socks are, the more intelligent you are. my father-in-law is over in the corner, he said the same thing. he said look at them socks. are you ready. here comes the reveal. >> i hope it comes out as well as i think it's going to. here we go, guys. ready? >> so good. a little more glitter. >> how did you do that so fast?
3:42 am
>> gosh. oh, i love that. >> side by side. >> never been this shiny. >> you look gorgeous. >> that is so accurate. how did you do that? >> practice. >> chris, can you turn -- can you tilt the camera down, take a look at the mess here. ♪ ♪ >> i always wanted to be on the ellen show. >> this is a blast. >> before you go, tell us about your book. >> it's call the art of -- "the art of split-second success. how to act fast and create positive results now." >> fantastic. that is awesome. robert channing. thank you very much. >> thank you so much. >> and stick around because he's going to do one of pete and me. let's see if he has the socks. >> can't live up to the socks. >> mark zuckerberg, facebook promised to give conservatives a
3:43 am
voice there on fb. if that's true, why are stories on guns, chick-fil-a, are getting blocked. you thought you had a bad day at work. at least a turtle didn't come crashing through your windshield. the woman who survived to tell the tale. she's here to share it.
3:44 am
. .
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in 2013, fox news radio's todd starns wrote a facebook page in which he mentioned the nra, paula deen and jesus christ, ma message was censored and removed by the social media
3:47 am
site. what does he think about tomorrow's big meeting between mark zuckerberg and conservatives to ensure their views are not suppressed. joining us to chat about it is todd starns. big important meeting with facebook or is it window dressing? >> i don't think they have a shot of convincing mark zuckerberg otherwise. i was talking about drinking out a 20-ounce sweet tea and reading the bible and it got blocked. we know that posting was responsible. facebook did a cut-and-paste of the actual posting i had on facebook to explain this is what violated their community standards. i went and looked at them. they had a couple. no pornography and nudity and everybody reading my facebook
3:48 am
page is wearing pants. i knew that couldn't be the problem. i do believe it was the content, the conservative content that facebook is censoring. >> do you think its users will be outraged by this? you have a perspective that maybe not as much as we would think in a country where free speech is supposedly valued? >> people don't really like it, but it's the only game in town. people are going to flock to facebook, they are still going to use facebook. it's disappointing because so many conservatives reach out to me, conservative christians reach out to me and they say their posts are being blocked on facebook. >> whenever we post a link to a story at fox where my column is, we see a decline in the amount of traffic. >> facebook says this isn't happening. in the u.s. there are a equal number of conservatives and liberals using our platform. conservatives are just as engaged if not more so.
3:49 am
conservatives are thriving on facebook with exceptionally high numbers. >> even c-pac had problems with them. they talk about how they are not going to be attending this meeting. they don't think it's going to do any good. i'm one of those folks. people said, todd, did you get invited? i think the reason why is they thought i was going to show up with that 20-ounce sweet tea. >> and you might mention jesus christ. >> heaven forbid i do that on facebook. >> white house aide ben rhodes couldn't wait to misleading the media on the iranian nuclear deal. when it comes to congress, he's not so willing to talk. can he be forced to testify, our own judge napolitano in the next hour. you thought you had a rough commute to work. >> okay. so she hit a turtle and what
3:50 am
happened. >> the turtle flew through her windshield. >> it sounds unbelievable but it's true. the woman behind the wheel joins us live with her bizarre story next. ♪ ♪ looking for balance in your digestive system? try align probiotic. for a non-stop, sweet treat goodness, hold on to your tiara kind of day. live 24/7. with 24/7 digestive support. try align, the #1 ge recommended probiotic.
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you've got to listen to this story. so this woman is driving along a florida interstate, 75 miles an hour. got a surprise this week when a turtle wound up flying through the air, crashed into her windshield. sending glass flying everywhere. >> okay, so she hit a turtle and then what happened? >> turtle flew through her
3:54 am
windshield. >> through her windshield? >> she's got a cut on her forehead. >> how big was the turtle? >> it was a big [ bleep ] turtle. >> sounds like a crank call. but the driver and the turtle escaped unharmed. that driver is nicole bjanes, and she's here to share more. good morning. >> good morning. >> so tell us what happened. >> well, i was on my way on the interstate, i-4, traveling to pick up my grandfather for a doctor's appointment. i was traveling in the middle lane and just in front of me to the left was a -- another car and i noticed debris on the road. and right as i noticed it, they hit the debris, which ended up being a turtle and just propelled it straight through my window, which then hit the -- go ahead. >> it went through the window and then it bounced in the passenger seat and then what happened? >> then it ended up back on the dashboard. i pulled over to the side of the road and just kind of assessed
3:55 am
the situation. got out of my car and realized what had just happened. >> were you hurt at all, nicole? >> i was hit by -- i'm glessing the rearview mirror when it flew off, it hit my head. i had a large bump on my head and a small gash which caused me to bleed. >> so as you are there in the -- you're still in the car, got your hands on the wheel. looking over at the turtle on the dashboard. is the turtle looking back at you thinking what the heck just happened to us? >> well, it wasn't looking at me. it was facing the other direction but i think we were both thinking the same thing. what just happened. >> nicole, the turtle is hit by another car, that propels it into your car. the turtle goes through your windshield and is still alive? >> correct. yes. >> what happened to the turtle? >> the emt took it down to the -- there's water in between the two lanes so just took i would back down to the water.
3:56 am
it did in fact swim away. >> that's amazing. >> what a crazy story. >> yes. >> look, here you're on television talking about the day the turtle went through your windshield. >> and if it was a couple of inches over to the right, it could have been a different story. >> i'm happy to tell the story because it could have gone -- you know, terribly wrong. >> glad your grandfather wasn't in the passenger seat. >> i am as well. >> no kidding. all right. >> well, nicole, thank you very much for hopping on with us at "fox & friends" to tell your story. >> thanks for having me. >> a happy ending because the turtle is okay too. >> do you see turtles on the road a lot? >> all the time. gators too. >> coming up on a tuesday, white house aide ben rhodes couldn't wait to brag about mislead the media on the nuke deal.
3:57 am
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4:00 am
or this. or this. which means, you should probably wear this. beat yesterday with vivoactive hr. from garmin. good morning to you and your family. it is tuesday, may 17th, i'm ainsley earhardt. well, remember the ten american sailors that were forced to they're knees, humiliated by iran? >> it was a mistake that was our fault and we apologize for our mistake. >> all right. that's not even the worst of it. the details about their treatment is going to shock the nation. and this could be a big day for bernie sanders as he looks to unseat hillary clinton in another primary. so will hillary be unlucky in kentucky? we have fox team coverage. and yesterday we traced abby huntsman's family tree back through history and were frankly shocked at what we found.
4:01 am
>> tell us something she doesn't know. >> let's see, so you are a distant cousin of clint eastwood. >> oh. >> did you know that? >> no. i had no idea. >> you made her day. but we guarantee pete's family tree is going to shock him even more. pete -- >> how can you get more shocked than that? >> buckle your seat belt as we look at the hegseth heritage. this is "fox & friends" for tuesday. ♪ ♪ i'm on fire, i'm on fire >> how cool was that? i love that. >> amazing. >> that's robert channing. he is good with glue and glitter and he's standing by. what actually has done a painting in the medium for donald trump, hanging on the wall of trump towers.
4:02 am
he did an image of ainsley. >> he'll take them home. put some sort of a gloss over them so that the glitter doesn't move. then he's going to give them to us. so you can hang it in your office, at your house. put it in your dining room. will kathy mind? >> no, not at all. i'll put on the outside of the house. why not? >> right here. >> he's really nice, a nice guy. very talented. >> the glue and glitter, but the talent that comes with the ability to -- wow. so exciting to watch. >> look who we've got with us today. pete hegseth is with us. brian is taking a day off. >> glad to be here. >> guess what today is? it's primary day again. the oregonians are mailing in their votes, and in kentucky, it's brewing between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. >> we have jonathan hunt who is covering the race from portland. but first, mike tobin in louisville, kentucky. >> reporter: good morning. the polls have been open for an
4:03 am
hour or so and in 11 hours we'll see if secretary clinton can stop senator sanders' momentum. despite the miserable weather in kentucky we are seeing a brisk turnout. independents cannot show up and cast a vote for senator sanders. secretary clinton has done well in closed primaries and both have done well in kentucky. the comments in march in which secretary clinton promised to put coal miners out of work still haunt her but not might sting as bad as west virginia. the comments only hurt her in coal country. >> we have two coal regions in kentucky, in eastern kentucky and appalachia and in western coal fields. those comments i'm sure will resonate in those particular districts, and those districts registered democrats would probably go to senator sanders. however, they are probably turning more heavily toward the republican party anyway for cultural reasons.
4:04 am
>> reporter: well 55 pledged delegates are up for grabs. five super delegates. even if sanders pulls out the win he doesn't put much of a dent in clinton's sizable lead. for clinton, it's about re-establishing momentum and re-establishing the image as the the presumptive nominee. for her it's about turning the attention away from senator sanders and aiming her guns where she wants them aimed at donald trump. back to you in new york. >> mike tobin in kentucky, where it's raining. >> raining and contested. well, not looking much better for hillary clinton in oregon as bernie sanders looks to pull off another embarrassing upset. >> it would be embarrassing. as the democrats duke it out, donald trump gets ready to lock down the gop nomination by bringing in a high profile hire. >> jonathan hunt has the details, early this morning in oregon. good morning, jonathan. >> reporter: very early indeed. ainsley, pete, steve, good morning. to all of you, yeah, donald trump has spent the last few
4:05 am
months saying he doesn't need pollsters, he doesn't want pollsters. now he's hired a pollster. tony fabrizio is his name. he's well respected and crucially perhaps he's based in florida. a state that donald trump almost certainly needs to win if he's going to win the white house in november. as for who he will face in the general election, we'll get one step closer to finding out today, with the primary here in oregon. hillary clinton has been leading according to the only poll we have seen in recent weeks by up to 15 points over senator bernie sanders. oregonians mail in their votes and they have up until 8:00 p.m. today to drop any late ballots off at ballot boxes around the state. now, bernie sanders will be hoping of course he can bring in the young vote. there are 73 delegates up for grabs all in all.
4:06 am
61 of those are pledged delegates and what bernie sanders needs if he's to get momentum going into california is to bring out the many young voters. there are more registered this year because of oregon's motor voter law. but whether they registered as democrats is the question at the time they got their driver's license because this is a closed primary as in kentucky. that usually helps hillary clinton. as i say, the ballots have to be dropped off by 8:00 p.m., local time. 11:00 eastern. and we'll have -- we'll an idea who's got the momentum as we head towards that crucial california primary june 7th. back to you guys. >> jonathan hunt, the only person awake at 4:06 a.m. out in the neighborhood in portland. thank you. let's hand it over to heather nauert with the headlines. >> i hope you're off to a great tuesday morning, we have
4:07 am
breaking news and fox news alert. one of the brothers accused of murdering a former army ranger and his wife is behind bars. tony reed charged with first degree murder in the deaths of shunn and patenaude. he turned himself in near the mexican border. his brother is still on the run. the motive apparently some sort of an ongoing land dispute in the washington state neighborhood. the couple's bodies have not been found yet. well, this is hardly the vacation that they bargained for. a real nightmare for travelers, thanks to long security lines. people at o'hare forced to sleep on cots overnight. others waiting in line for hours and hours at midway airport. also in chicago. 450 american airlines passengers missed their flights. the airline now planning to send staff to help speed up security because the tsa says it doesn't have enough workers. and bombshell claims this morning from the rogue nation of iran. the revolutionary guard now revealing a shocking new report
4:08 am
on what it calls the truth about kim kardashian. what? they say she's a top secret spy using instagram as a weapon, posting sexy pictures for the sole purpose of corrupting the iranian youth. okay. there are your headlines. >> really? you cannot make that one up. >> no. hear now kim kardashian is an iranian spy from judge andrew napolitano. >> i'm not on top of that one. >> i don't know if i'm laughing at how cute your laugh is, or that ridiculous story. >> it's ridiculous. >> it is ridiculous. all right. let's talk a little bit about this. you're following the hillary clinton saga for decades. now -- >> seems like it. >> the group judicial watch wants hillary clinton to testify under oath and apparently they have come up with some plan to get hillary and her aides to testify over 12 weeks. >> the judge in the case, judge sullivan, who was appointed to the federal bench by bill clinton said about six months ago there's some evidence here of a conspiracy. his word. in the office of the secretary
4:09 am
of state to avoid the reporting and transparency laws and that might mean a conspiracy to avoid the espionage laws. >> they're trying to get access to e-mail regarding benghazi. >> correct. i'm going to authorize -- this is the judge speaking to take the depositions of everybody around her. if you come up with any more evidence, come back to me and i'll let you depose mrs. clinton. depose means take her, examine her under oath in a lawyer's office in front of a video camera. yesterday, they said we have some more evidence. they haven't told us what it is yet and we want her deposition. next week, the judge will decide whether to depose her in the next 12 weeks. what so she doing in the next two weeks? the fbi will come knocking -- in fact, the fbi has already come knocking. so these things are cascading down on her all at the same time. >> plus, bernie. >> right. >> let's talk about the nuclear -- iranian nuclear deal. congress thinks that the white house intentionally misled the
4:10 am
public and lawmakers about the deal. >> well, if "the new york times" which doesn't always quote people in -- >> accurately. >> in the way they intended to be q in this case if "the new york times" quoted ben rhodes correctly, then he intentionally misled the congress and the american people -- materially misled. if he said to the fbi what he said to the congress he could be indicted for a felony. >> will he be fired? the lawmakers are calling for him to be fired. >> do you think that ben rhodes did this without the president knowing about it? i don't think the president is going to fire rhodes. he knows too much about this. >> he's invoking executive privilege saying i don't have to answer these questions from congress. even though he's talking to "the new york times" reporter. is that a defense? >> it's not a defense because he waived it, he gave it up. either a document -- i have this document and the congress wants it. either this document is privileged or it's not.
4:11 am
if i share it with you, i have waived the privilege. who did he share this information with? "the new york times" and all of the readers. so he has to explain to the congress what he was saying to the new york times. >> speaking of congress, house oversight is having a hearing into him saying in "the new york times" i made all this stuff up and they called -- they called him and there was a back and forth with the white house on whether or not he would show up. last night they said he's not showing up. >> key word, called. they should have subpoenaed him. because he has an obligation to comment. if he said i'm not going to answer because i -- of executive privilege, that's a legitimate privilege to keep certain things, advisers tell the president, sensitive national security secrets from public view. but when you have already talked to "the new york times" about it, you don't have the executive privilege. if he's subpoenaed and insists he has it, take him across the street to the federal judge and have him declared in contempt. >> will they subpoena him?
4:12 am
>> i hope so. i hope congressman chaffetz is serious about this. there's an uproar that he lied and the president knew about it. and who's investigating the kim kardashian deal? >> the best man -- >> kilmeade under cover right now. [ laughter ] >> all right. >> there's a joke there. >> all right. meanwhile -- my apologies. remember the ten american sailors forced to their knees and humiliated by iran? >> it was a mistake that was our fault. and we apologize for our mistake. >> now, that's not even the worst of it. says a congressman who has details about their treatment that he says will shock the nation. hillary clinton keeps losing to bernie sanders. so why is she still winning? are the rules rigged? steve doocy is on the loose. hitting the streets to see what the folks think. >> come on! goodbye icky sunscreen.
4:13 am
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4:16 am a combination of see products.. and customers. every on-time arrival is backed by thousands of od employees, ...who make sure the millions of products we ship arrive without damages. because od employees treat customer service... our most important delivery. od. helping the world keep promises. it is tuesday, you know what that means. this election season, it is
4:17 am
primary day. we have kentucky and oregon up for grabs today. bernie and hillary are duking it out. the question is, pete, if hillary keeps -- she keeps losing, how is she winning? >> that's right. so we -- we can talk about it all we want, but we sent dooce out on the loose. if hillary is losing how is she winning. what are you find? >> good morning. we're across the street, 48th and 6th avenue. what's your name? >> larry. >> you're paying attention to the presidential thing? >> yes. >> this the cover of the drudge report right now. she keeps losing, how come she is winning? can you explain that to us? bernie sanders is winning the primaries, probably going to win one or two more today and yet she is way ahead in the super delegates. how is this happening? >> i think bernie sanders is too much of a social liberal and the country is moving move in the middle.
4:18 am
when you have to choose between him or donald trump as the next president, i think hillary clinton is the best candidate. >> yeah, but -- let me ask you about this. i get -- i have been to some bernie sanders rallies. i get it. he's giving away free everything. i like that message, but then again i'm a realist and i don't know where he would pay for that. but it seems like the system is rigged for hillary because she got beat by obama eight years ago. >> i don't think that's true. >> with the super delegates you don't see that? >> no, with the electoral system you can vote for who is the best candidate and if they believe she is the best candidate they should have the opportunity to vote for -- >> i know who you're going to vote for. >> no, i don't know who i'm voting for. >> it's either hillary or trump. >> yeah. >> so you might vote for trump? >> no. >> then i know who you're going
4:19 am
to vote for. >> true. >> have a good day. >> you narrowed it down. >> that's about it. i figured it out. analytical deduction right here. >> well done. >> he doesn't seem to care if she keeps losing, she's still a winner. a lot of -- >> well, they're counting on that. >> how old is that picture? >> that is an interesting picture. was she winning in that picture or losing? >> who knows? >> not quite sure. >> thank you steve. >> she looks like she's under arrest. >> don't worry, super delegates will come and save the day for her. >> thank you, steve. >> well done. all right, coming up, brand-new details on the horrific amtrak train crash that killed eight people. now we know that the man at the controls was distracted. will he face charges? >> remember that, yeah. well, yesterday, we traced abby huntsman's family tree back through history and we were all shocked. >> tell us something she doesn't know. >> let's see. so you are a distant cousin of
4:20 am
clint eastwood. >> oh. >> did you know that? >> no, i had no idea. >> and kate middleton -- >> winston churchill. >> we guarantee your family, pete, your family tree is going to shock us even more. that's what they're telling me. but in a very different way. >> in a different way. interesting. (war drums beating) fight heartburn fast. with tums chewy delights. the mouthwatering soft chew that goes to work in seconds to conquer heartburn fast. tum tum tum tum. chewy delights. only from tums. [phone buzzing] [engine revving]
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will you be needing anything else? no. not a thing. beautyrest black. get your beautyrest.
4:23 am
okay. yesterday as you know we traced abby huntsman's family tree back through history and we found a few surprises. >> tell us something she doesn't know. >> let's see. so you're a distant cousin of clint eastwood. >> oh. >> did you know that?
4:24 am
>> no, i had no idea. >> you made her day. now, we're revealing more family ties. this time with that man, pete hegseth. >> oh, boy. >> the data is now in. here is my genealogy result, the host of "genealogy roadshow," joshua taylor. i'm excited and mortified. >> don't be mortified. we worked with the 1940 census, which is great place to start. we found your grandparents living in minnesota. >> yeah. >> where did you find that document? >> that is online in multiple places. so you can use commercial sites like ancestry and family search. your family has norwegian ties. >> indeed. >> you're 100% norwegian. >> really? >> yeah. >> we found a world war i draft registration of your
4:25 am
great-grandfather. so there's about 24 million draft cards out there. >> amazing. wow. that's the signature. >> yeah. >> world war i draft document. >> yes. so it doesn't mean that he served but he did register for the draft. >> i understand. >> i think a hegseth would have served. just saying. >> so branching back even further we found that your family first arrived in the u.s. in 1866. they came through the canadian border. >> legally? >> legally. but then they left right away. he went back to norway and found a bride. >> that's where the 100% comes in. >> but that bride actually, there was a rumor in the family of a fishing accident. so we were able to go through the original norwegian church records. we know the exact place and we know where your family is from. in 1848, there was a fishing -- they lived in the fishing village, they went up north. and the entire ship was wrecked and everyone was lost. it's all written -- it was in the actual parish documents.
4:26 am
>> unbelievable. okay. >> wow. >> okay. i had no idea. i'm guessing maybe my parents -- i don't think they had a clue about this. >> i'm sure they didn't. it was carried down to one branch of the family. but your great-grandmother was literally an orphan at 15 or 16 years old. >> you always heard you were from norwegian stock and we had the doocys were irish, and we went to ireland and there was a fire here. but you're related to anybody who is irish whose last name starts with a "d." >> yeah. fires always sort of -- you know, they can cause havoc on genealogy. >> does it help that the lutherans are meticulous record keepers? >> absolutely. we can find the grandmothers, witnesses of names in confirmation records. so i was able to trace your tree back to the 1600s in norway. >> wow.
4:27 am
>> always like cold weather. >> it's a good news/bad news thing. the bad news is you're not related to clint eastwood. but you're related to hans penderson. >> you know what, man of the people right there. >> that's right. >> no, i look at the names. so proud to be part of that family. doesn't surprise me back to the mother land there. >> that's right. >> thank you so much. looking forward to watching your show. >> yeah. "genealogy roadshow," third season, premieres tonight at 8:00 p.m. on pbs. we want to thank joshua taylor for bringing the heat. >> not a problem. >> thank you. all right, coming up on a tuesday, parents in one city outraged after the school system used half a million dollars in taxpayer money for a black lives matter curriculum, and they're defending it. they take the biggest eye sores on the block and turn them into the best. we have the secrets that you can
4:28 am
do at home right now. next hour. >> he's singing into his swiffer. soon. i like the bride more than the groom. turquois dresses... so excited. did all her exes get invited? no one's got moves like uncle joe. ♪ should i stay or should i go? ♪ when it's go, book with choice hotels and get a free $50 gift card for staying just two times.
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4:31 am
we have got a fert ferox net on a tuesday morning. remember the images of the ten american sailors forced to their knees and humiliated by iran? but that humiliation apparently wasn't the worst part. >> one congressman says the real details are going to shock the nation. >> and lea gabrielle has new information. >> well, good morning. congressman forbes has received a full classified briefing, and he's a republican and a member of the house armed services committee. he is accusing the obama administration of deliberately withholding information from the public, telling the washington free beacon, quote, i think clearly there are violations of international and maritime law that took place. we did almost nothing in
4:32 am
response. in fact, to have secretary kerry actually thank them for releasing our sailors after the way they were -- the way they captured them i think that was a shape in the face to the sailors. he talked about the statement that john kerry made after the sailors were released. take a listen. >> i'm appreciative for the quick and appropriate response of the iranian authorities. all indications suggest or tell us that our sailors were well taken care of. provided with blankets and food. and assisted with their return to the fleet. >> and just 24 hours earlier our sailors were held at gun point after their boat drifted into iranian waters. one of them was forced to apologize. >> it was a mistake, that was our fault and we apologize for our mistake. >> well, forbes warned the americans will be taken aback by the entire incident but he says it could be a year before the details are made public. >> and as we remember, that was
4:33 am
just before, you know, we agreed to do this iranian deal. >> yeah. it was around the same time, and the question was does the nuclear deal change our diplomatic relations with iran, which we don't have. but i think what you'll fiend in this report is that there will be some things that will be withheld from the public because of the classified circumstances of the mission. but some things to look at, one thing that i have not heard a lot of people talk about is if you look at the picture of the sailors, there's a woman sitting in the background. >> right. >> she has a piece of her uniform over her head. that's no excuse for that. i really would like to get to the bottom of why that sailor was wearing that piece of uniform over her head. there's absolutely no -- >> i think we know why. >> i think we probably do, but i think we'll be waiting for that report. now, again, classified reports do take some time for review, for them to decide what can be released to the public. so part will be release and some will be withheld? >> i think that's what we can
4:34 am
expect. from my experience working in naval intelligence, parts will be redacted, parts released. but the congressmen and senators who have access to this, i think it will be telling what they say to us and what questions they have. >> an apology doesn't just come. there's likely coercion behind the scenes not revealed to us. >> that's typical from iran, we expect that. one thing to point out, i have heard from people who have had experience in the military, it's important to know the guidance given us to that teaches us about detention has changed in the recent years to teach us about how to behave in the circumstances. it's not the same as it was before. i think it's important to remember that. >> let's see what they officially release. thank you, lea gabrielle. >> 26 minutes before the top of the hour. >> let's turn it over to heather nauert. >> hey, good to see you. well, good morning to all of
4:35 am
you. i have a couple of news headlines. will history repeat itself? the last time that the u.s. and hillary clinton did this in 2011 and following the death of gadhafi those deadly weapons made their way to al qaeda to be used in other attacks. reports are indicating as many as 6,000 isis fighters are currently in that country alone. well, brand-new developments this morning. the man behind the controls of that amtrak train that flew off the tracks in philadelphia that killed eight people was distracted. an official briefing on the investigation says that the engineer brandon bostian was likely listening to radio transmissions about other trains being hit with rocks just moments before last year's crash. bostian said he was concerned for his safety and the ntsb is expected to detail the probable cause of the crash in a meeting
4:36 am
later today. it is all a misunderstanding. milwaukee school officials defending a nearly $500,000 budget listing for black lives matter. and that has critics, parents, a lot of folks in wisconsin fuming this morning. the district saying that the money is to hire three new social studies teachers to teach a cultural studies curriculum, not for funding the group that's known to incite violence against police officers and behind all of the rallies. the district says none of the funding is going to any black lives matter organization. we'll follow this story as well. a blind audition for a singing competition turns into one of the most dramatic moments you will ever see. watch this. ♪ >> come on, come on! ♪ >> oh, my god. >> well, that is sherene image
4:37 am
collapsing after her incredible performance of "ave maria." the judges had run on the stage after she goes down. she got a huge applause. she's doing fine now and is now -- and has moved on to the next round. that might take a lot out of you. those are the headlines. let's head outside to maria molina -- no, no you. >> thank goodness she got to the next round. >> she didn't have any oxygen to the brain after singing that -- >> she left it all on the field. got to love that. >> all right, it's a crazy weather week all across the country. maria has the latest for us. she's outside, it's little chilly. >> for this time of the year, for sure. we're looking at temperatures in the mid 50s here in new york city, and farther north at 39 right now in caribou, maine. yesterday, snow in new england. and we're tracking snow in the
4:38 am
mid atlantic and as we head into this afternoon and evening we could be looking at severe weather across the western texas with damaging winds, large hail and even some isolated tornadoes possible. flash flooding will remain a concern out there as well with several inches of rain in the forecast. now let's head over the steve. >> thank you very much, maria. the month of may is national moving month. i moved outside and while everything in a new house looks picture perfect at first, right, it's hard to keep it that way. how do you keep your home looking fresh long after the house warming party is over? this guy knows something about it, from property brothers, the co-host. let's start, let's imagine, let's four walls around the carpet. >> you think it's not as beautiful as i thought it was going to be. there can be hidden gems inside the house. the first thing i say, if you have terrible carpet or something like that, give the house a brazilian. rip it back and see what you have underneath.
4:39 am
sometimes you can have beautiful hardwood floods, sometimes they're not as beautiful underneath. so then you have to go to install yourself. i heard you're the handiest guys in the studio. >> i'm kind of handy. >> it's so easy for you to lay your own floors. this is just laminate flooring that i put in. nowadays, some are so easy, they're a quick install. >> i have done that before. >> you have laid your own floors? >> yes. i have done the ikea floors. in virginia. >> you can have a whole room done in no time. >> it feels like a real hardwood floor. >> yeah. you can't tell the difference sometimes. the trick is to keep it clean. most of our clients say they get into the new house, they want a clean slate. they want everything to have the fresh, clean feel. it comes down to your swiffer dance. because once you get the floors installed the easiest thing to do is grab your swiffer and show the moves a little bit. and just -- you have more hip
4:40 am
action. a little bit more of this. >> wait what? >> you have to have more hip action. this is the swiffer dance. you got it. should stick to hosting. but anyway, the whole idea is you want to start -- you want to start off with the clean slate. >> can i get the other property brother, where he's at? >> drew, we don't want him. we said if somebody is tracking down muddy boots, you don't have to get down on the floor. give it a try. >> we have swiffers at our house. good for dogs and kids. >> there are subtle little tricks around your house. if you leave something that looks like a decorative basket to put boots in and thing, people will take their boots off when they come in. and keep it off, so they're not tracking stuff through the house. >> here's a little trivia. these are bill o'reilly's. >> oh, wow. he's got my style. >> he does. >> keep your swiffer handy.
4:41 am
throw it on a hook. >> very handy indeed. >> it's simple and organized. it is so annoying when you buy all this stuff, put it in your closet and then you have the little stickers left on. one of the tricks is, grab my secret weapon, the mr. clean magic eraser. pick off as much as you can. >> you have goo. >> all you have to do -- i'll show you. the leftover goo on there. get your magic eraser a little bit wet. this will take off the residue. any of the sticker, this takes it all off. people think it's impossible. they have them on the plate. that's the easiest thing to do this will take the grime off anything. >> my wife uses it for anything. >> maybe you have some old furniture that's falling apart, do late project with -- do a project with the kids. this is the same piece that i basically just got that out of the way. >> to you sawed the top off --
4:42 am
>> cut the top off, reinforced it and now the kids have a great little bench, it has storage underneath. i don't like throwing things out when you can repurpose it. >> how about a round of applause for jonathan scott. you just organized our outdoor patio. >> now that i know you can install floors you're helping me out. >> thank you very much. >> get over there with the swiffer. >> all right. all right. >> a little untidy. come up, bernie sanders on the hunt for another primary win. will hillary be unlucky in kentucky? dr. larry sabato is here with his crystal ball that's been swifferized. and a play like you have never seen before. an army softball catcher jumping over the runner. it's going viral. she joins us straight ahead.
4:43 am
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4:45 am
4:46 am put in dr. scholl's active series insoles. they help reduce wear and tear on my legs, becuase they have triple zone protection. ... and reduce shock by 40%. so i feel like i'm ready to take on anything. could hillary clinton be unlucky in the state of kentucky today? the former secretary of state has written off unwinnable ahead of today's primary in the state. didn't even travel there since last august, august of last year. but finds herself locked in a very title battle with bernie sanders in the bluegrass state which she won easily back in 2008 when she was going up against president obama. but now even clinton supporters are worried about her ability to connect with the voters so time
4:47 am
to bring in larry sabato the director of the center for politics at the university of virginia. good to see you, larry. >> good to see you too, ainsley. >> so get out the crystal ball because if you look at the state of kentucky, hillary clinton for the last two weeks she's gone there three times, 11 different campaign stops. spent a lot of money on tv and radio ads. looks a lot different than past contests. does this mean she's worried? >> it means she's hoping she can turn kentucky around. she is hoping she can win a primary. look, the fear among the clinton campaign is clearly that they're going to go through the whole rest of the primary season which for the democrats is through mid june without hillary clinton winning much or anything. you mentioned the fact that oregon is made to order for bernie sanders. it will be a shock if he doesn't win handley there. kentucky is close. it is winnable for her, but it isn't going to be easy. especially with the comments that she made about coal. >> all right.
4:48 am
let's take a look at some of the statistics. the hypothetical match-ups. if you put sanders up against trump looks like according to this he can beat trump, 51.8% against trump's 38.8%. let's look at hillary clinton against trump. and it's 47% to trump's 41%. so at what point, larry, does the dnc say it's time to pay attention to bernie sanders? >> i don't think they'll they. i think they're stacked in favor of hillary clinton and they have been all along. i do have to say as far as the bernie sanders numbers are concerned i'm not denying there's appeal on the democratic side and amongst some independents for his campaign, but he has not been vetted the way hillary clinton has. hillary clinton and donald trump are getting the ultimate vetting. i don't think that's happened to bernie sanders and it wouldn't happen until he got the nomination. most republicans would love to have bernie sanders as the democratic nominee. >> why do you say that? >> because i think there are so
4:49 am
many vulnerabilities there in his voting record, which really hasn't been explored very much. and also the fact is he's a socialist. and while that may be popular among a certain segment in the democratic party, i don't think it's popular in the country as a whole. >> what does hillary clinton need to do going forward to keep the bernie sanders voter motivated and in her corner? >> number one she has to survive the primary season. i think this has turned into the very painful period for her. because she's winning so little. number two, she's going to have to do something with the platform at the democratic convention and with the vice presidential nomination to please the sanders backers. it won't necessarily be easy. you saw what happened in nevada over the weekend with the demonstrations by the sanders people over a few delegates. so this is going to be
4:50 am
interesting in the democratic convention, it could be disruptive too. >> real quickly, does she lose both states tonight? >> well, she's going to lose oregon and kentucky is a coin flip. >> wow. so different than 2008. >> very much. she was winning all the ground here. >> do you think it's the coal mining comments that are hurting her now? >> well, in kentucky, that's part of it. in kentucky, it's a pretty deeply conservative state now. it has become part of the republican coalition. >> thanks so much, larry. great to see you this morning. >> thanks, ainsley. coming up, a play at the plate like you have never seen before. >> they're going to send mccravey, a good throw -- she leaps over the plate and is in there. >> what an athlete. we showed you that yesterday and look who's here, the army softball player. that's gone viral. she is joining us live escorted by our own army major pete hegseth. come on in.
4:51 am
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4:53 am
4:54 am
♪ some of the pros can't even pull off a play like this one. >> change-up, base hit. they're going to send mccravey a good throw from velasquez, leaping over the plate, she's in there. >> did you see that? >> amazing. >> there's army softball player kasey mccravey making a stunning leap over the catcher, and there she goes, she slaps home plate with her hand. helping them win against lehigh, 3-1. the video has gone viral with more than 50,000 views. >> and here with us now is the softball superstar herself, army west point cadet --
4:55 am
>> round of applause. >> kasey mccravey. that was great. we showed it on the show yesterday. everyone was mesmerized. what was going through your mind when you did this? >> oh, goodness. well, i got the stop sign -- >> that's right. coming around third no matter what. >> no matter what. the throw definitely beat me there. so i'm a little bit smaller so i didn't want to run into her. and decided last minute just to take a leap of faith and jump over her and hopefully touch the plate. >> now, have you ever done anything like that before? >> i did something similar back in high school. i jumped over the catcher again -- >> talking about this event right here? >> did it work there? >> well, she didn't tag me, but unfortunately i was called out in that instance. >> because they said -- you couldn't really do that. you're not supposed to jump over the catcher. >> it's too dangerous or something like that. >> now it's legal.
4:56 am
>> lucky enough, yeah. >> wow. very cool. this is a semifinal game. a playoff game. do you think your teammates were surprised or are the type of person to pull something like that off? >> definitely the type of person that -- to do something like crazy like that. very unorthodox player, but it surprised everyone. it surprised me. >> you're quite the athlete. that's apparent when you watch the video. why did you choose west point? >> i chose west point because i wanted to serve in some type of way, whether it's in uniform or not. but i also wanted to play college softball and so when i was approached my junior year by the coach, i got the best of both worlds in going to west point. >> absolutely. >> there's fantastic. >> after graduation shortly, this week what are you going to do this? >> this saturday. a little bit of a leave and then i'm off to -- to ft. lee, virginia and then ft. carson. >> in colorado. >> serve for five years.
4:57 am
>> thanks, kasey. >> plays third base. has a great arm. thank you. coming up on a tuesday, newt gingrich and it's finally happening, the statue hailing hillary clinton is about to be revealed. you're going to want to see it. pins-and-needles of diabetic nerve pain, these feet were the first in my family to graduate from college, raised active twin girls, and trained as a nurse. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. nerve damage from diabetes causes diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is fda approved to treat this pain. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling or blurry vision. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs, and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you.
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5:00 am
because it's all about striking... the perfect form. beat yesterday with fenix 3 hr. from garmin. good morning to you and your family. tuesday, it's may 17th. i'm ainsley earhardt. this is a fox news alert. one of the brothers accused of murdering an ex-army ranger and his wife are now behind bars, turning himself in near the mexican border. we hope to get some more answers. this could be a big day for bernie sanders as he aims for another upset against hillary clinton. and is marco rubio making a sort of comeback? newt gingrich is here in wtwo minutes. we'll talk about what marco rubio was doing last night at
5:01 am
10:17. is kim kardashian a secret agent, posting pictures for corrupting the iranian youth? she has been corrupting american youth for years. mornings are better with "friends." ♪ ♪ >> wow! did you see that? >> amazing. >> robert channing has been with us this morning. he's the speed painter to the stars. he was commissioned to paint donald trump in gold glitter which hangs we understand in mr. trump's boardroom. fantastic. >> what a lady. >> we had live art studio here today. i think he's going to paint one
5:02 am
you'll have over your dinner table. >> he did one of ainsley, first hour. statue of liberty the second hour. it was ladies so far. >> he was working a project with his daughter and then they started messing around with just rubber cement, we have that in our house. not all of us are as talented. >> no kidding. >> he quickly paints and throws the glitter on there and that's what you get. >> ted, can you pan down to show what robert's got -- so he's got to worry about that. that would be the clean-up of the glitter. >> very understanding wife. >> and he recycles it, because it's 6 bucks a tube, right? >> exactly. >> beautiful stuff. thank you, robert. >> thank you. >> meanwhile, a very contentious primary day today in oregon and kentucky. and as you're waking up, voters have been hitting the polls in kentucky. the blue grass state. oregonians mailed in their votes. >> that's right. we have team coverage. jonathan hunt is covering the race from portland, oregon, but first -- >> let's get to mike tobin in louisville, kentucky.
5:03 am
thanks for joining us. >> reporter: oh, glad to be here, gang. the polls have been open for two hours now and so that puts us ten hours away from finding out if secretary clinton can stop the momentum of bernie sanders and pull out a win in a state that's been historically clinton friendly. the weather has been miserable. this is a closed turnout and that prevents independents from showing up and voting for senator sanders. and clinton has been winning closed primaries in the election. she has been pulling 5% ahead of sanders. for clinton, the win would be about establishing the fact that she's the presumptive nominee. she wants to turn the attention way i from senator sanders and train her guns on donald trump. >> what bothers me about donald trump is that he is truly proven to be a loose cannon. and it's not just what he says being offensive, although it is. it's risky and dangerous when he
5:04 am
says he'd use nuclear weapons against isis. it's just frightening. not even a state. >> reporter: 55 pledged delegates are the prize, and five super delegates. if sanders wins he doesn't put much of a dent in clinton's lead. she's 300 ahead of where president obama was at this point. and she wanted to put the coal miners out of business, that does hurt her some in this state. but only really in the rural parts of the state. it only hurts her where coal is king. here in the population centers of louisville, in lexington, not so much. guys, back to you in new york. >> all right, mike, thank you. well, it's not looking much better for hillary clinton in oregon as bernie sanders looks to pull off another embarrassing upset. >> as the democrats duke it out, donald trump gets ready to lock down the gop nomination by bringing in a brand few high profile hire. >> jonathan hunt is live in portland, oregon, with those details. good morning, jonathan.
5:05 am
>> reporter: good morning, ainsley and steve and pete. donald trump has been telling us for months that he doesn't need pollsters. he doesn't want pollsters. well, now, he's hired a leading pollster, tony fabrizio is that pollster's name. he's well respected, he has worked on many campaigns. and crucially for mr. trump he is from florida. that of course the state without which donald trump would be unlikely to win the white house. donald trump by the way will win the oregon primary here today. it is far less clear though what will happen on the democratic side of the ticket. the one poll that we have seen recently here in oregon had hillary clinton up by 15 points over bernie sanders. but a lot of political experts here will tell you they don't believe that poll is necessarily that reliable. and particularly, if the young very liberal voters have mailed in their ballot forms in the
5:06 am
kind of numbers that bernie sanders would like to see, this could be a lot closer and the dividing up of the 73 delegates, 61 of whom are pledged, could be much closer. bernie sanders of course is hoping that as the ballots are counted and they have until by the way 8:00 p.m. to drop them off at ballot boxes if they haven't already mailed them in today, by the time they're counted he will get a lot of the young votes and he may have more momentum as the democratic race which is tighter than we all thought it would be at this stage heads towards the crucial california primary on june 7th. back to you guys. >> all right, jonathan hunt, live out in portland, oregon, 5:06 a.m. and newt gingrich is the co-author of the new book "rediscovering god in america." welcome. >> good morning to be with you. >> the drudge report headline, hillary keeps losing so how come
5:07 am
she keeps winning? it makes the case about how it does seem as if the democrats have rigged things so regardless of who is going to be placed against her, she would win unlike eight years ago. >> well, i think clearly the super delegate model was designed to stop outsider candidates like sanders and they're doing what they were designed to do. and in fairness to hillary she's won big states and in margins that cost sanders any chance of being in the lead today. today is important because if either candidate loses both -- lose both kentucky and oregon, if hillary loses both she has a real blow. if sanders loses both it's a real blow. if they split, things will muddle through for a while. if either one loses both of them, i think it's a real story. >> let's say bernie sanders does
5:08 am
win both states today, hillary still going to win? i mean, just seems -- definitely seems rigged. steve was out on the street earlier, asking people, and they don't seem to care. >> voters think there's a lot of corruption in politics and they look at hillary who is around forever and surrounded by dishonesty and lies and corruption and it it's a machine. like living in chicago. you end up figuring out the machine is going to win and you're not. that leaves people to frankly check out. sanders gave the momentum for young people and for liberals he gave them a momentum of hope and he does have some opportunities still. today will be a big day. if he wins both of these, that will be a step to the contested convention. if you look at the bitterness in nevada and in the other elections they have a greater
5:09 am
tensions going into their convention than the republicans do. nobody would have guessed that two months ago. >> 17 candidates down to one, on the republican side. here they are duking it out well into may and june. one of the former republican candidates senator rubio has been slow to make his way back into the light after the tough republican campaign, but he took to twitter with an interesting series of tweets pushing back against a "washington post" reporter that said he's not on trump's vp short list. i guess you had a chance to look at the tweets. never good to jump online after 11 p.m. anyway, but what do you make of these? >> i think he was irritated. it's possible that he actually wants to be considered and i know a number of people, sean hannity, among others have said, gee, i guess marco is out of it, as kasich seems to be out of it. and marco decided i'm not sure i wanted to be out of it. as he's proving this morning he's found a way to get back
5:10 am
into it. tweeting can have an amazing impact for national figure. >> but donald trump said he's not considering marco rubio, not on the short list. he said he won't tell us who his vice president is going to be until the convention. are you on the list? have you had any conversations -- >> i have no idea. but, you know, if he keeps going through saying he's not on the list, he's not on the list, we'll figure out who's left. it's a limited universe of lists. >> would you say? >> i don't know. i have to think about it. as you pointed out, we have a brand new book out "rediscovering god in america." we're having a premiere of "the first american" about george washington. we stay busy. what does he want? what kind of a job does he want? you know? >> let me rephrase it. >> i think you could do both, push the book and be vice president. >> can i rephrase that? would you say no? >> no, i think both calista and
5:11 am
i will sit down and talk with donald and his team and find out what role did they have in mind, how would it work? i'm close to dick cheney, i have seen how effective he was. he was enormously effective. on the other hand, i have seen some vice presidents who frankly were sitting out there waiting patiently to see whether or not the president died. i mean, if the primary job is you get 214 funerals to go to, it's hard to get excited. >> but donald trump made it clear he wants somebody to be a vice president who's experienced on capitol hill and you clearly know how congress works. if he needs a partner on capitol hill to get stuff down, you would be a great guy to do it. >> look, i have known donald for a long time. calista and i are both fond of him. this is presumptive, it's his decision, nobody else's. he's got to make it. i think waiting until the convention is reasonable. all i can report to you guys i don't know if i'm on or off the list, but i haven't gotten any
5:12 am
phone calls. i can't report anything accurately. >> well, you picked up a phone call to be on the show today. we appreciate it. good luck with the new book. >> take care. >> all right. 12 minutes after the top of the hour. >> donald trump is going to pick someone with political experience. >> yeah. >> not necessarily business experience because he has that checked. >> indeed. >> but looking for someone with political experience. >> and just because senator rubio took to twitter doesn't mean he wants back in the veep stakes. >> but something is bugging him. >> like when your mother says nothing good happens after 11:00, not a good idea. we have a fox news alert. one of the brothers accused of murdering a former army ranger and his wife is now behind bars. tony reed is now charged with first degree murder. along with his brother john reed in the deaths of patrick shunn and his wife monique patenaude.
5:13 am
tony turned himself in near the mexican border. his brother is on the run this morning. the motive apparently an ongoing land dispute. the couple's bodies have not been found. and this is not the vacation these folks bargained for. a real nightmare for travelers in the chicago area. all thanks to really long security lines at airports. people at o'hare forced to sleep on cots overnight after they missed their flights. others waiting in line for hours and hours at midway airport in chicago. 450 american airlines passengers missed their flights. that airline planning to send in more staff to help speed up the security because the tsa says it doesn't have enough workers. back to you. >> apparently the employees at various political rallies are doing screening as people go into trump events and hillary events and bernie events. >> really? >> so they're sort of stretched. >> yeah. is president obama more worried about donald trump than
5:14 am
he actually beat hillary in november? the subtle ways he's helping hillary. and free college, among the things. we'll find out about the college his wife ran in vermont. turns out, it's not good. and everything we ship has something in common. whether it's expedited overnight... ...or shipped around the globe,'s handled by od employees who know that delivering freight... ...means delivering promises. od. helping the world keep promises. unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. flonase is the first and only nasal spray approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance.
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republicans are looking at a republican nominee who many say isn't qualified for president, much less appoint somebody in. it seems to me they'd be better off going ahead and giving a hearing an a vote to somebody that they themselves in the past is well qualified, is fair. >> there you have president obama blasting donald trump yesterday saying he is unqualified to appoint a supreme court justice. but is obama simply trying to lay out the merits of merrick garland once again or is he worried that a trump white house is inevitable? fox news legal analyst peter johnson jr. joins us live. >> things are so bizarre nowadays. so it seems like the president is say, well, it appears to be inevitable or likely or really possible that donald trump is going to be the nominee and if some of the republicans are as upset with him as you say you are, maybe you're better off with my appointment, merrick garland, to the supreme court than donald trump who president
5:19 am
obama says is unqualified to pick the nominee. >> makes him unqualified? >> because he says he is. because he says at a college graduation that donald trump is ignorant. that the people who voted for donald trump are ignorant, that republican voters are ignorant in primaries. if i see my daughter or son at a graduation and i hear this attack by the president of the united states that this other guy is ignorant, i would say, what is this about? >> i want an inspiring sendoff, not this. >> he's playing on the weakness of the republican accomplishment that's afraid to take a position with donald trump so they're leaving donald trump in the wind. we're going to unify and meet, the policy people are going to meet. we're going to school you in the ways of washington and trim your sails a little bit in the way that will conform to what we believe. you know, they have an 8 or 9%
5:20 am
approval rating in congress. people love the american congress. so donald trump is trapped at this point in in mire of washington republican muck. in some sense he would have been better off in a hard fought primary, so the president is taking advantage of the weakness of the republican party in supporting donald trump. so donald trump, i know gets lots of advice, but he needs to step out again in terms of who he is, and how he positions himself going forward. if these folks are not going to be for him, he knows that a huge percentage of the american people are on the republican, independents, even some democrats so he has to sail the path that he needs to sail going forward. because now even the president is with the republicans against donald trump's bona fides. >> good to see you. thanks for your analysis. coming up next, secrets from
5:21 am
inside the fbi to get what you want. like getting your kids to eat their vegetables or even cheaper cable tv. you have to hear this, folks. (man) hmm. what do you think? ♪ (stranger) good mornin'! ♪ (store p.a.) attention shoppers, there's a lost couple in the men's department.
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5:24 am
welcome back. here's a quick look at your headlines this morning. the national vietnam veterans foundation just named the worst charity for veterans in america. why? because the ceo and veteran himself only gave 2% of the $8.6 million that it raised in 2014 to people that he was supposed to be supporting and helping. and did a bad decision by bernie sanders's wife force a college to shut down? burlington college in vermont will close up shop -- well, this comes after jane sanders made a
5:25 am
controversial $10 million real estate deal back in 2010. that school has been in debt ever since. pete, over to you. >> trying to give free college to everybody, turns out tuition is important. all right, whether it's getting the best job, buying the right car, even improving your relationship a big part of life is negotiation. so how do you become better at it? ever think about asking a hostage negotiator? well, we're going to. here is the former hostage negotiator, he's taking his high stakes skills and applied them in his brand-new book "never split the difference, negotiate as if your life depended on it." thank you for joining us. you're an expert and you have written a book. give us a quick sense of what the book is about. >> as a hostage negotiator i learned to apply this to business and everyday life. i teach at two different mba programs and my students
5:26 am
negotiate every day and they do great so it works. >> so you wrote it down so the rest of us can have -- >> absolutely right. >> everyday things, the first is getting a better deal on a cable bill. >> interestingly enough, dealing with this guy, the cable customer service representative has been yelled at all day long. call him on the phone and say, long day? because it probably has been a long day for him. now, the cable companies give much better deals to new customers than long standing xus customers. if you point that out to the guy and hit him with the perfect open ended question, how am i supposed to live with that? >> a human approach ultimately. what about getting a raise? this is one that a lot of people have thought about. >> the more you make yourself valuable to your boss, the more you put him in the position to pay you more. negotiating the future, hostage negotiator is going to say to
5:27 am
somebody, i want to see you get out of this alive. as an employee, i want to prosper and help you do better. help me get involved to the strategic contracts with the future. the boss sees you looking out for him now. which makes him want to may you more. >> they see value add in the relationship. they should invest in it. how about negotiating with your kids, siblings over eating dinner every night? how are you get we are those closest to you? >> keep them attacking. it's called the mirror, repeating the last three words of what someone just said, it's real simple. but it keeps people talking. so mirrors with kids just repeat what they just said and then they'll talk some more. then also again a good open ended question is like how am i supposed to approve that or support them? it wears them out.
5:28 am
>> real quickly, negotiating a car deal, which is a tough one. >> yeah. you know, again understand where they're coming from. i love telling a car dealer you know, your car is just worth everything and more than what you're asking for it. i'm so sorry, i apologize. but how am i supposed to pay that? because their argument is the car is worth it. if you take their argument away from them, they have nothing to say. there's a -- that's how i bought my beautiful salsa red pearl red 4 runner. i love my truck. >> very nice. these are just everyday circumstances, you're on the lot. how do you know if you're dealing with somebody you're negotiating with. is this red flag, this isn't negotiable? >> that's a great question. interesting enough, the mirror technique works well, when you mirror their position, how much they reward with -- reward it and how hard they come back, tells you how much softness there is mirror way is great way to test the other side's position. just repeat it back to them and
5:29 am
then doing an effective pause. go silent, let them talk. >> the more they talk the more they reveal about themselves or the openings you can exploit. >> he or she who talks most loses. >> no, there is silence is golden in that context and you can assess so many things. you're winning right now, because i'm talking. >> you're doing a great job. >> well, chris voss, author of "never split the difference", top fbi negotiator. good luck on your book. remember the ten american sailors forced to their knees and humiliated by iran. >> it was a mistake and we apologize for our mistake. >> well, that's not even the worst of it. now a congressman says the details about their treatment will shock the nation when they're revealed. then a bombshell report on kim kardashian. she's now wanted in iran for salacious selfies. if you're going to make a statement...
5:30 am
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that's why we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. here, there, everywhere. united states postal service priority: you we have a fox news alert and heather joins us right now on an important story. >> this involves the u.s. sailors captured by iran. you all remember that story, they were forced to their knees and humiliated by that country. remember this. >> it was a mistake that was our fault and we apologize for our mistake. >> yet, that wasn't the worst part of it. that forced apology. the virginia congressman randy forbes now says that the real details will actually shock the entire nation. forbes has received a full classified briefing and he claims that international laws
5:34 am
were in fact violated by that country. he tells the washington free beacon, quote, we did almost nothing in response and in fact to have secretary kerry actually thank them for releasing our sailors after the way they captured them, i think was a slap in the sailors' face. well, it could be a year before all of the details of that are made public. they have to declassify it. we'll keep following that story. it is all a misunderstanding. that's what milwaukee school officials are saying. they're defending a nearly $500,000 line budget item for black lives matters. the district says that the money is going to hire a new social studies teacher and teachers and teach cultural studies curriculum. not for funding the group known to incite violence against police officers. the district said that none of the funding is going to any black lives matters
5:35 am
organization. a public servant gets too public when he forgets to close a tab, sexy -- before he posted a screen grab online. did he really? well, at first he claimed it was for research into computer viruss but later took to facebook, perhaps what does not kill you makes you stronger. don't do that. don't do that one. we have some new bombshell -- get it, claims from the rogue nation of iran. the revolutionary guard revealing a shocking report on what it calls the truth about kim kardashian. she's a top secret spy using instagram. as a weapon against that country. she posts sexy pictures for the sole purpose of corrupting the iranian youth. those your headlines.
5:36 am
those two stories are funny. i'm sorry. >> she said already she's been corrupting american youth. >> why not iranian youth? >> crazy. thank you, heather. meanwhile, let's turn to weather. parts of south texas under more water after more than a foot of rain fell on the southern portion of the state. roads around corpus christi, those are roads, they look like rivers. >> maine was pounded with record breaking snow. mother -- in the middle of may. five inches falling in the middle part of the state. >> wow. maria molina should be in maine but she's out on the plaza tracking the weather. >> thankfully we're not expecting more snow across parts of new england. that's incredible, we're talking record snow in the month of may out there. five inches in maine and so parts of new england getting in on some of that cold weather and snow.
5:37 am
as we head further west, we expect another storm system to fire up the potential for some severe weather. we had some reported tornadoes across parts of the texas panhandle and spilling into the gulf coast and now as we head into this afternoon, it's this system out here, the piece of energy that's sparking up the new thunderstorms across parts of texas. we have an enhanced risk including the city of austin for the potential of severe weather, including damaging winds, large hail, some tornadoes. it is an elevated threat out there. so make sure you have a way to get to the weather warnings today. otherwise, the other concern across parts of the plains will be for more flooding and several inches of rain still in the forecast. let's head back inside. well, you saw ainsley's portrait appear in glitter. >> the painter right there is robert channing. he can whip up all the masterpieces in minutes. he's creating a commissioned painting of steve and pete. >> official.
5:38 am
commissioned him. >> right. >> you were actually -- you have a donald trump right behind you. you were commissioned by somebody who works on the trump campaign? >> yeah, john mcatee, who used to work here at fox, is now working for trump and it's now in the war room. >> you have glitter on your face, your wife knows where you have been. >> you better watch out though. >> you're going to create the two masterpieces. >> yeah, let me look at you real quick. >> good looking guy. >> look at you. >> the handsome and powerful man. >> go ahead and get started. >> turn the lights down a little bit. >> we'll reveal? any music at all? this is -- if you look at me, do your best post for me. >> do we have glitter paint music? here we go. >> "we're not going to take it."
5:39 am
>> this is your standard music? >> this is the one i do for donald. >> this is incredible. so robert is working with his daughter on an art project. >> i worked with her on an art project and i took the medium of glue and glitter and i put it on the canvas. i do speed painting with actually paint and a canvas like this. i do it within the matter of minutes. >> you were an artist before you did that? >> since i was 4 years old, i have a preschool picture of me doing art. >> you have always been in the studio that's well ventilated. >> it's funny you say that, no. i'm usually feeling pretty good by the time i'm done. >> you discovered you have this great talent and now you take it on the road. >> yes. i perform all over at different colleges. like my daughter goes to hobart and smith college up in upstate new york so i like to perform there.
5:40 am
i do 150 colleges each year and 65 corporate dates where i paint the vps -- >> it's about as much of the performance. >> i'm almost ready. here's the thing, my company is power we book events all over the country. this is one thing they love to do. we're ready. let me see if i've got this right. >> should we step back? >> no, you're okay. >> one, two, three. >> i'm upside down. >> huh? >> here we go. there's the big reveal. >> you did that upside down. wow. >> looks just like you. >> you do a little sketch with chalk. >> not really. what i do is put one or two little marks around it and paint like heck. i have to do it from memory. maybe i put one little mark here or there. >> that's so cool. this is going over the fireplace, i hope my wife is watching.
5:41 am
i'm just kidding. can you do a portrait of pete? >> ready for this? >> we'll do it in ten minutes. >> no problem. >> we need to dust buster around here. look at the floor here. >> i know. >> it was funny, i was outside with the phour ago, there's a t this stuff through the building. >> he needs the swiffer. >> follow the yellow brick road. >> you guys look great. >> we'll be back, thank you. coming up, could jesse the body my former governor ventura be the next vice president? you have to hear this one. and hillary clinton keeps losing to bernie sanders. why is she still winning? are the rules rigged? steve doocy is getting up right now. >> he will be loose. >> he'll hit the streets. >> get out of here, steve. he's going to hit the streets. find out what the voters think. so yoless intense?k out. there we go.
5:42 am
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is jesse ventura thinking of joining the trump ticket? he broached the topic in a recent blog post in which he writes, all donald would have to ask, but it would be a difficult decision for me considering how much i despise the two political parties. and a small town in albania, erupting a bust of hillary clinton in honor of her contributions to the mediterranean nation. it will be located on the main road along the shore. officials say that it is not linked to the presidential election in any way. well, as you saw, we sent "dooce on the loose" outside. he want to get a sense, you know, we have two primaries tonight. kentucky and oregon, where, you know, bernie sanders could win against the front-runner. if hillary clinton keeps losing, how is she winning, steve? can you give us a sense? >> that's such a good point. in fact, pete, right now on the
5:46 am
cover of the drudge report it says this. she keeps losing, how come she's winning? so we're stopping people on the streets. scott is from altoona, pennsylvania. >> good morning. >> i just saw you on tv. you want to be on tv? he said, sure, not a problem. so you're paying attention to the political -- >> a little bit. >> how come bernie is winning all the primaries and yet she's winding up with more delegates? >> well, doesn't trump win them all and he doesn't get all the delegates. >> looks like he's still 100 short. could get closer today with the primaries. does it seem they rigged the system on the democratic side? >> yes, sir. >> why do you think they'd do something like that? >> i have no idea. >> maybe because she lost eight years ago they want to make sure she wins this time. >> maybe they want to get rid of her. this is her final stand, one way or the other. >> i don't know about that. excuse me, sir, can i ask you a question? >> i'm french.
5:47 am
i don't know -- >> you're french. that's good. are you following the political campaign? >> a little bit. >> do you know who that woman is? >> hillary clinton. >> right. what is she running for? >> democrats. >> do you think she's going to win? >> i think so. i hope so. >> the people of france want hillary to win? >> all of europe does. >> why not trump? >> he's crazy. >> how do you say crazy in france? >> foo. >> see, we're learning things. let me ask one more person if i could find somebody who -- everybody had got their walkman on or iphones on. can i ask you a question? excuse me, too busy, he's too busy too. can i ask you a question? welcome to new york. all right. here's a guy right here. hey, how you doing? >> good. >> what's your name? >> gary lindsey. >> where are you from? >> dallas, texas. >> welcome. why is it she keeps losing the
5:48 am
primaries but she's still winning more delegates? >> some have said on the democratic side it's rigged so she will be the nominee even though bernie sanders won last week -- >> you would say -- i would say it's rigged on both sides to do that not like the republican primary was totally fair either. it was stacked against trump. >> all right. are you talking about in the state conventions where -- >> absolutely. in all of the states. everything was stacked against trump. >> all right. >> everything is stacked for hillary. >> all right. >> oh, well. >> look at the end, trump versus hillary it looks like. >> probably. >> having a nice visit? >> so far. seeing a lot of stuff. >> what are you doing today? >> going out to the statue of liberty. >> okay. it's that way. all right. gary, thank you. >> you have a good day. >> there's what the people are talking about on the streets of new york city. ainsley and pete?
5:49 am
>> well done. i was distracted. i was too busy listening to my walkman. [ laughter ] >> we love you, steve. >> we love you. >> in a flash back to the '80s. >> i know. get with the program, steve. >> we're learning stuff. listening to walkmans. >> that was cute. >> he does a great job on the loose. coming up, president obama sparking a firestorm by mandating that all public school bathrooms mandate the transgender students. but does he have the authority to do it? dr. ablow and arthur aidala are here. >> let's check in with martha to find out what's coming up at the top of the hour. do you want a walkman? >> somewhere steve's kids are cringing, oh, no. we have a good show, thanks a lot, you guys. so the question of what really happened to our u.s. soldiers when they were captured by iran? congressman forbes is here and
5:50 am
he says it will shock you when you find out the rest of the story. the facebook meeting with conservative leaders, dana perino is headed to that meeting in california. but first, she'll talk us to. and megyn kelly stops by today. her sit down and special with donald trump and we'll talk to her at the top of the hour. ohomestyle sounds good.. country style, not without it's charms. brown sugar hickory. who says no to hickory? single-serve vegetarian? sure!
5:51 am
there are no rules here. bush's beans. what's your favorite flavor?
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5:53 am
texas governor greg abbott says that the president can no rewrite the civil rights with his mandate, but can he force the states to comply? we'll weigh in on this, dr.
5:54 am
keith ablow and fox news analyst arthur aidala. does the president have the right or can he force the states to comply? >> so they're using title ix which said boys and girls in can schools -- this has to do with schools. schools that are receiving federal funds, males and females have to be treated equally. years ago, the boys got all the benefits especially regarding athletics and title ix was to make it equal. put everyone on equal footing. now they're saying title ix applies to transgender people as well. if someone is denied access to the field hockey team or whatever team or the whatever locker room because of their gender, male or female or transgender, that that is a violation of federal law and therefore we'll withdraw federal funds. yes, there is an interpretation of the law when the federal government has a right to do
5:55 am
this. >> all right. >> legally speaking. >> you don't agree? >> you don't want to be the psychiatrist on the couch here. >> i think it's an overreach of the federal government. it gives them de facto control of the schools forever and ever. what if barack obama said listen, people identify as younger, when they would normally graduate high school, if they say i'm more like 15 or 16, you must keep them in school. well, why can't we leave this to the states to deal with rationally? identity is not reality. these are questions of identity. so when the president seeks to apply this and say, look, we have made a decision. when somebody says they're female, they are. that's not from a psychological stand point, but except in arthur's mind which is questionable itself. >> ainsley, the good doctor is
5:56 am
incorrect. if someone says i feel younger than i am, i should stay in high school, it really has to do with the -- the foundation has to with women's rights and the fact that men were being treated better in schools than women were. it was really waiting -- bringing in equality for women. >> there's a pryori assumption that all the people in america, when someone says she is female, despite male anatomy that she is. that's not his decision to make. that's up to the medical -- >> what's clear -- they're not forcing anyone to do this. they're saying this is already a recommendation. >> they're withholding funds. >> can we stay here all day? coming up, all morning speed painter robert channing has been making glitter magic. up next is pete.
5:57 am
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let's see pete hegseth! >> in the arena. >> not only his face, but his book. >> thanks for having me, everybody. >> i'm covered in glitter. see you tomorrow. >> nice meeting you. bill: a fox news alert. the temperature is getting higher on the iran nuclear deal today. ben rhodes won't testify and critics ripping the white house for protecting him. martha: ben rhodes is the senior obama advisor who was profiled in detail last week an was quoted as bragging on how he was the voice of the president and he created a positive outlook in the media for the iran deal. senator jason chaffetz


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