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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  May 17, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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this dog. state troopers apparently, she turned up on the highway after going missing friday. a okay , in case you are wondering. it's like the oj case there. bill: she did not want to go home at all. things were not working out where she came from . martha: she's like, no one understands me. bill: that was a rocking two hours. martha: shall we do it again tomorrow? have a good night everybody. see you later. jon: we will keep it rolling here, high drama for democrats this primary day. hillary clinton campaigning hard in kentucky, trying to keep bernie sanders from racking up another win after tensions boiled over at a nevada state convention and the fallout from that role still being felt. good morning, i'm jon scott and welcome to you. melissa: i'm melissa francis in for jenna lee. hillary clinton and senator sanders battling out into states today. voters heading to the polls in kentucky while oregon
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primary by mail in ballot. kentucky is a closed primary, meaning no independence, a factor which could favor clinton but sanders could fare better in oregon. jon: there are 116 delegates at stake in both states. joining us now, a.b. stoddard, associate editor and columnist at the hill, david drucker's senior political correspondent at the washington examiner. hillary clinton has been campaigning hard in kentucky. i guess that is some signal of the states of this race? >> yeah, senator sanders 110 of the last 12 contest and she's hoping to put it away today but i really think if you look at the issues here, with bernie sanders voters and how resistant they are to hillary clinton if she has a nice win in kentucky i don't know if she can still race tomorrow. she still has a bernie sanders problem with a portion of the little liberal part of the party that really doesn't want to warm up a to her in the fall.
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on the issue of trade, they will bevoting for trump . jon: bernie sanders is claiming the system is rigged on the democratic side . how's he doing with that argument? >> i don't think it's going to matter. hillary clinton will end up winning this nomination, it's just taking her longer than she wanted which is a potential problem down the line.
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the system is designed for the democratic party totry and nominate the most electable liberal they can find. bernie sanders was an independent until recently. he affiliated officially with the party so he could run for president under the banner and what people have to remember about political parties is they are not valid access organizations. they're designed to push an agenda and nominate candidates who believe in that agenda and will pay some sort of lip service to it. jon: hillary clinton, a.b., has to if she goes on to win the nomination, she has to get all those bernie sanders supporters behind her, right? >> she absolutely does. jon: so the longer this division goes on between the two of them, the more difficult it renders that ultimate job . jon: >> right, and i actually think if bernie sanders had told his voters a long time ago about how ricky thought the system was and how much the democratic national committee was helping hillary clinton's candidacy more than his , he would even be in more trouble than she is now with those voters but that said, hillary clinton had to go on to enthusiastically support barack obama in 2008. she had presidential ambitions so she has to support him enthusiastically in the campaign and nominated him at the convention. sanders isn't running again. how enthusiastically is he going to embrace hillary clinton? he says he's not going to run third party. he didn't say enthusiastically, he says he doesn't want trump to be president but how enthusiastically he does that will have a lot to do with how many bernie sanders voters she gets. she's not going to get the
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same african-american vote and young boat as president barack obama did and she's going to have to look to the left of her party to secure those progressesand make sure they don't go to trump on the issue of trade or stay home . jon: there are on the republican side a lot of mainstream publicans who don't like the prospect of voting for donald trump but on the democratic side, you got the same issues. a lot of bernie sanders supporters are big fans of hillary clinton so it's going to be such a balancing act there. >> look, i think we are in a situation where the two major political parties, the republicans and democrats are about to nominate the most unpopular candidates in the history of modern polling, donald trump slightly less popular than hillary clinton but she's not far behind him. that's going to lead to a very negative race over the next six months. presidential campaigns are negative anyway because negative campaigning works but this is really going to be a case of voting against him one rather than voting
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for somebody. we've seen that on the republican side where if you talk to republicans who are skeptical of trump for republicans who want to convince the skeptical republicans to vote for trump and what they always come up with is anybody's better than hillary. you're already seen that on the democratic side. whatever you think of hillary clinton, donald trump is fit to be president. wouldn't be good for our values and because he is such a sort of provocative figure, he actually may help clinton reconstitute some of that obama coalition that i think she otherwise wouldn't have been able to turn out. jon: and some of the rust belt states especially, donald trump is inspiring or bringing in the republican old people who may not have voted republican, a.b. in quite a long time. >> right, well actually the democratic national committee is releasing a report today that shows he didn't bring in that many democrats or new voters. he brought in the primary voters who don't vote in primaries and are largely republican but that energized turnout always helps presidents campaigns no matter what.
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he's going to have to build up his white numbers because his nonwhite numbers were worse than romney and romney lost no to overcome that and perform with white voters he's going to have to go long way in those states you mentioned. there's a path for him but it's challenging looking at his nonwhite polling numbers. jon: we will see what happens todayin kentucky and oregon, big races in both states. 80 stoddard, david drucker, thank you . melissa: meanwhile bernie sanders showing no sign of slowing down his campaign even though he is far behind hillary clinton in the delegate count and the vermont senator hopes to boost his numbers in kentucky and oregon today but he's also spending time in california ahead of next month's primary. peter joins us live from california where sanders is holding a rally tonight. he's pretty popular there, peter he is melissa and there's an interest in tonight sanders visit to los angeles the campaign has taken 8000 seat arena for the rally.
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that big even for bernie who has a giant crowd everywhere size of the venue the campaign picked for his last la visit. it's a signal that the campaign thinks they can keep the hot streak they are ongoing until california and its 548 delegates and bernie since he is buoyed by these donations that keep rolling in, 27 bucks a pop is what he bragged about rallies, he still running a national campaign but there are speed bumps like when hepopped into puerto rico and volunteers there said they could use some more of that cash if they want to conquer quote clinton . >> it's very hard. >> we're going to get through the results and i appreciate your candor. reporter: here in california where sanders is headed tonight, there is a
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semi-close primary so there is a good effort underway to make sure sanders campaign and all its backers are either registered as democrats or registered as undeclared by monday so they can vote for him in the beginning of june. today though, bernie's wife is making headlines as jane sanders is being blamed today with racking up so much debt as the president of vermont's burlington college when she was its president in 2004 to 2011 that they are going out of business. the school says now it was with a great sense of walk to the educational communitythat burlington college is progressive and unique educational model will no longer be available to students . the website says that it has the most free-spirited students in the country but the next class of free spirits will need to find a different place to study and some are saying they have mrs. sanders to thank for that. melissa: there's a lesson in there somewhere. peter ducey on the beach there, smart move my friend. thank you.
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jon: no free lunch for free spirits. breaking news from iraq where more terror attacks are rocking baghdad today. deadly bombings killing dozens of people in shiite neighborhoods of the capital. the islamic state claims responsibility for the latest attack but they all bear the hallmarks of isis. greg is following the breaking developments live from london. reporter: it's looking very much like the battle old days of baghdad when we covered that dangerous city on a regular basis. the latest attack today occurred close to the center of baghdad in sadr city, another happened in the southern city of doris, still another in the northern city of shod. these are all shiite muslim areas. isis is sunni muslim and usually target shiites. the busiest was the outdoor market and shop, first with a roadside bomb and then when
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emergency workers rushed to the scene a woman suicide bomber blew herself up. it is a deadly one to punch used often. again, isis claiming responsibility for that attack, probably were involved in the others. last week on soft deadly blasts at a gas plant north of baghdad. there was a lot of carnage last week. so far in this month alone there have been nearly 700 civilians killed. some say isis is taking advantage of the disarray in the iraqi government but maybe more significantly, the losses for isis on the battlefield. it claims the campaign against it is being led by the us airstrikes against the militants have rolled back about half of the territory they had gained in iraq so they are trying new tactics. still a very worrying job that isis can strike with such ferocity outside of its own turf. it will remain a very
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formidable foe. jon: very potent, obviously. greg palkot in london. more on today's deadly terror attacks in baghdad and the impact of our efforts to try to defeat the islamic state. melissa: a babysitter accused of robbing a bank with two kids in tow. how police say he used the children to carry out her plan. plus, facebook ceo mark zuckerberg taking action after an ex-employee reveals the social network was editing coverage. what he is doing. and we want to hear from you. do you think hillary clinton can hold off a bernie sanders in kentucky?our live chat is running. go to and join the conversation. >> because when they ship with us, their business becomes our business. that's why we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country.
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jon: right now some crime stories we are keeping an eye on. a colorado woman accused of taking two children with her to rob a bank. police say rachel i start
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went through a drive-through and delivered a note saying a man in the back of the car wanted money and was threatening her kids. investigators say there was no man in the car and she was babysitting for the two children with her. attended a trial date is set for june 20 for a young man accused of stabbing 20 fellow students and the security guard inside a pennsylvania high school in 2014. alex rival is charged with 21 counts of attempted homicide, for students seriously hurt but fortunately everyone survived. closing arguments take place tomorrow in the fourth murder trial of cal harris who is accused of killing his wife michelle in 2001. the judge has not said when he will issue a verdict. melissa: new information after a former facebook staffer revealed the social network was editing its
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training section to remove conservative topics. nowfacebook ceo mark zuckerberg plans to sit down with a group of leading conservatives for a private meeting tomorrow. william luncheon s is live from our newsroom. this meeting is getting a lot of attention . reporter: you know, it's important melissa because more than 1 billion people use facebook and the first thing users see when they log on is what is trending, what is news. how do those stories get there? most people don't think about it. facebook claims there is essentially software that blindly cones the internet and magically pops out a list of what is trending or most popular. regardless of politics or cultural bias but that recent story based on claims of a former employee says that's not true, that conservative arrays never make it onto the training section because facebook editors who control what is trending are liberals who don't like conservative stories. chairman mark zuckerberg says that's not true, that facebook is politically neutral and the process after accounting for the size and sourcing of news is fair and objective. he plans to prove it tomorrow at this meeting with prominent conservatives
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including fox news cohost dana perino, senior trump advisor barry bennett, media personality glenn beck, columnist sd cold and ae president arthur brooks but conservative union chairman matt shalala who was invited turned down the offer to attend because he says facebook quote, suppresses conservative content. he also says a percent of the contributions of their employees go to liberals and the company has liberal positions on issues on property and privately and others so this is an important meeting obviously for the evaluation and reputation of facebook and hopefully by convincing these conservatives that in spite of the company's liberal leanings, the news site is unbiased and fair. melissa: we will see. thank you so much, john. jon: high profile murder trial starting today in northern virginia. how prosecutors say a prominent businessman is linked to his estranged wife's death and multiple
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bombings leaving dozens dead in baghdad again today. we talk with a terrorism analyst about the next step in the battle to defeat isis. >> ♪ melodic music throughout hi kiara, i'm sarah, are you ready to go see some wild horses? yeah! we are going to ride this pretty white one.
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jon: a murder trial starts today in northern virginia for businessman rollie o castillo. he is accused of strangling his estranged wife and staging it to look like a suicide. on april 2013, michelle castillo filed for divorce. a judge earlier granted a protective order against
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rollie o. march 19 of 2014 a security camera shows michelle's car arriving home around 8 pm. that same camera captured a man believed to be to be rollie o leaving on foot around 1 am. hours later, michelle is found strangled inside her home. on april 1 of 2014, rollie o is arrested and charged with her murder. july 16 of that same year, dna found at the scene suggests rollie o was pregnant at the time of her murder which brings us to today when his trial begins. if convicted in her murder, castillo could face a sentence of 20 years to life in prison. melissa: baghdad reeling after multiple bombings killed at least 69 people today. they are above the latest retaliation by isis as iraqi forces battle the islamic state to reclaim territory in the north and as world leaders meet in vienna to discuss the way forward in syria. let's talk about all that with jonathan shanker, vice president of research at the
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foundation for defense of democracy, a former terrorism analyst at the treasury department. thanks for joining us. when you look at the details of today's terrific attacks, one was in a busy outdoor market, it was a roadside bomb by a female suicide bomber. it seems like they are targeting civilian areas and civilians.why is that? >> we are seeing a little bit of retribution right now for the involvement of iran's revolutionary guard corps in syria as well as has a lot which is an iran proxy in syria so there's a lot of fear about the damage that iran and its entire network is doing across the region. one gets the sense that jihadist groups are really looking for payback. melissa: you hear the rhetoric coming out of washington and greg palkot highlighted some of it about the amount of territory being taken back but the pentagon say only five percent of isis territory has been recaptured in the last five months and
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really no change in syria. what do you think the truth is? >> i think we have not done enough. we have the pentagon now bragging about thousands of bombs that have been dropped on isis -controlled territories but i think they probably equal what was dropped in the first three or four days of the war in iraq in 2003. this has been an extremely surgical campaign and not one that i think has really done significantdamage to isis and i think the fact that it continues to exist today , months after the campaign began his testament to that. melissa: it brings you back to what we should do now. in listening to defense secretary peter cook yesterday, here was his idea. i will get your reaction. >> if the iraqi security forces were able to secure the area it would be a significant step forward in the fight against isis and a significant step in terms of being able to cut off that flow from the jordanian border from west to east towards baghdad. melissa: it seems similar to what we've been hearing all along. were always trying to cut off routes, cut off supplies. is that even possible, what he's talking about in your
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opinion? >> of course it is. the real question is are we ready to cut off the head? it's the forward base of isis along the turkish border. these are areas that need to be destroyed. they don't need to be degraded, they don't need to be cut off, they need to be destroyed and what we have now is an administration that lacks a policy of destruction of isis and this is really the heart of the matter. melissa: how do you do that? what would be the way to do that? would that be many forces on the ground, a more aggressive effort because there have to be forces on the ground in your opinion? i don't think it has to be forces on the ground. there needs to be a more concerted bombing campaign. i think targeted assassinations, more of what we've been doing. we've been trying to get at only the cream of the crop in terms of targets we've been able to access and i think
8:26 am
more needs to be done if you don't want to put boots on the ground, you're going to have to bomb more from above the seven why you think the administration is willing to do that? what they've been afraid of in the past is committing to ground troops and you're talking about a solution that doesn't involve that so why don't they do it?>> there's also the idea of safe havens and no-fly zones which are also ways of not putting troops on the ground. there's also the empowering of the kurds to do more. i think there's a general feel right now of this administration getting involved in another major middle east war so any escalation i think is something the president is careful of. melissa: we know where the president stands between donald trump and hillary clinton on this. some people echo back that they think hillary clinton is more hawkish, more aggressive than president obama. do you buy?>> i think her rhetoric teams to imply that she's a bit more centrist. this is a candidate who is phobic of getting involved in the middle east. if you look at the clinton presidency presidency under bill clinton and not that section.
8:27 am
melissa: why would we bother doing that because it's not the same thing at all? >> at least you had a willingness to engage militarily and you will see hillary being uncomfortable with that. i think the real question right now is whether the rhetoric that you see the democratic party engaged inis more progressive . whether that wins out is the real question now because you have a segment of the american left that is incomplete retort of the president's foreign policy. melissa: some people say it would be more accurate to look at the current president policy then hat harkening back to her husband's administration. thank you so much for coming out, i appreciate your expertise. jon: you want a peek into the future? new reports are laying out donald trump's randy against hillary clinton in the general election what are his plans and will those tactics work? we get into that plus , a tornado caught on tape and more twisters could be developing today. where these dangerous storms are heading. live at the fox weather center.
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jon: right now, a quick look at what's still to come this hour of "happening now". another reason to hit the gym. a study finds exercise can lower your risk of a deadly disease. one of the men wanted in
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connection with the disappearance of a married couple who were missing and presumed dead was just arrested. how that went down and where the other suspects might be. plus, walmarts big plans for your smart phone. the new transcend the retail giant is rolling out and what customers can do with it. melissa: fox extreme weather alert as rain ravaged texas gets soaked again. strong storms making their way across the state with tornadoes again real possibility. this twister caught on tape. developing in nearby oklahoma. thankfully, no damage or injuries reported from that one. william molina is live in the weather center with more. a lot of activity, maria. reporter: it's that time of activity when we tend to see a lot of activity and even tornadoes across the center of the nation and that's what we saw yesterday play out across parts of western oklahoma and part of the texas panhandle. we saw not only tornadoes but large hail and very damaging winds with these storms that
8:33 am
developed across the day and into the nighttime hours and the concern is later today we could see more of this activity. a lot of the moisture has pushed eastward and we see things clearing out here but that's bad news because that means we are going to see that sunshine coming in, heating things up and more thunderstorms developing this afternoon and into tonight so the storm prediction center has issued an enhanced outlook across parts of texas including large cities like austin and san antonio because you have the potential of seeing severe weather, damaging winds, hail and also tornadoes and the greatest risk for tornadoes is highlighted in yellow you can see areas across western texas under that threat. over the next few days we will continue to see heavy rain pushing through texas so the threat for flash flooding is here in places like san angelo and also in austin, eventually pushing into houston. yesterday we saw significant flooding across the corpus christi area so again, expect more heavy air to push in that state across the next couple of days.
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melissa: thank you so much, john? jon: from election headquarters we are taking a look at donald trump's strategy against hillary clinton with word of presumptive gop nominee will go after clinton's character, attacking her on everything from president clinton's infidelities to her role in ben david. her email controversy. the new york times writing quote, drawing on psychological warfare tactics that mister trump used to defeat lying ted cruz, little marco rubio and low-energy jeb bush in the republican primaries, the trump campaign mapping out character attacks on the clintons to increase their negative poll ratings and ate them into making political mistakes. let's talk about some of these strategies with simon rosenberg, president and founder of ndn and a campaign advisor to bill clinton. also a fox news contributor. welcome to both of you. simon, it sounds like this campaign is about to get ugly. >>. [laughter] it's about to get very real. the first bits of the general election are beginning this week, the super pack are
8:35 am
launchingrough ads against donald trump and i think we are entering the general election. as you see from the polls the races tightening up. the democrats recognize they have to engage and the general election really starts this weekend, no doubt about it. jon: both of these candidates, tony at high negatives . it is said that these are going to be the highest negative numbers of two major party candidates ever. so negative advertising, will it take them any lower? >> this is exactly what we're going to start seeing is a race to the bottom. both of these candidates have these historically high negatives so what they are going to do is exploit the fact that their opponents have these weaknesses. instead of elevating themselves they are trying to bring down the other guy.
8:36 am
in the case of hillary clinton, her negatives are profound. the are these are character flaws. on related ability, inauthentic conduct on the campaign trail, things that have gone her for decades. for trump, it's more his style. he's more bombastic, people don't like how offensive his remarks are but hillary's problem is, a lot of her negatives are long-standing so it's going to be hard for her to shift the weight, even mark penn's, her former key strategist conducted his own polling that says the email server, ben ghazi and other issues where trump could sharpen attacks will it eventually bring her popularity down. jon: he seems to be saying, simon, that her negatives are more difficult to fix. how do you see it? >> i don't see it that way. i have a slightly different take. her negatives are already baked into the cake. they're in her stock price. people already know her. what we know about donald trump based on research that's been done is that people really don't know a lot despite his unpopularity. there's a lot they don't know about him and when they learn more about him, they like him even less so what
8:37 am
campaigns do is they give people information they didn't have before. good campaigns give them information they didn't have before. it's hard for me to imagine that trump can teach the american people anything about hillary clinton they don't already know. that'snot true with donald trump. there's a lot people don't know that is going to be damaging to him in the coming months . >> that simply is not approved and what we've seen in the last year. when donald trump started this racy year ago, he essentially had the night highest negatives amongst his fellow republicans . because of the way he conducted his campaign, because of the fact that a lot of the tax against him had little residence, he was able to rebrand himself in a way that ultimately now he becomes the nominee. he's a lot more than hillary clinton is and he also is counterculture in a way i don't think she's ever faced in a challenger before. hillary clinton largely has benefited from the back that she plays a victim role very effectively.that's why trump has to be dangerous about playing offense and not to be offensive. that said, i think he's ready for this fight and that's something we've not had from our two past national
8:38 am
nominees, mitt romney in 2012. somebody who's willing to from the get-go come out of the gate, play on offense and that's what he's going to get from donald trump and i'm not sure these attacks about his path are going to do anything to move the needle. that's an argument with diminishing returns. jon: silent, you could argue that donald trump is a known quantity. he's been on television for 20 years and people think they know him, that's part of the reason he did so well in the republican primary. >> yes, but they don't actually know him. they don't know about his record, don't know about some of the offensive things he said to women.
8:39 am
what you're seeing about the democrats that have been saying and the people paying for these focus groups is there's a remarkable lack of understanding of who he is. remember, even if you are getting 8 to 10 million people a week on the apprentice to watch you, there are over 100 million people who vote in an election and there are a lot of people, the overwhelming majority of the electorate didn't watch the apprentice and don't know much about donald trump so i believe that right now what you're going to see in the next few weeks is the clinton folks are going to come in very hard, very tough negatives . they are going to start capping his ability to grow. he has approval ratings and low to mid 40s and he's got to get to 50 and the democrats are feeling good about this race. remember, on the issue of the competitive races, one five out of the last six presidential elections. our party has beaten the republicans and got more votes. we know what we are doing. donald trump is not going up against ted cruz now. he's going up against the most accomplished political machine, most successful political machine in the country and we can handle
8:40 am
this be one that's onething tony that he might not have is the support of bedrock conservatives and that new york times article goes on to point out that trump borrows from bernie sanders playbook to woo democrats . it says that he has made attacks on illegal immigrants central to his campaign while vowing to protect social security and plainly is going to run as more of a sanders style populist than as a conservative. will that work among rank-and-file republicans? i want to remind simon that that amazing political machine failed in 2008 for barack obama who beat her handily and i would also assess that to look at this race historically misses the very fact that trump is this unique character so to your point john, he is going to have a precarious balancing act, no doubt. he's not running as a movement reagan conservative. that's been the largest complaint from myself included for a time here but he car this halfway down the center and he's given on ramps to people from both sides. on the right he talked about immigration in a way that might animate conservatives.
8:41 am
he talked about things like the muslim band, national security. on the left, he is a populist style so that's a balancing act he has to work with. hillary clinton largely has a record as a centrist but in this kind of nomination fight with sanders, she's moved so abruptly to the left that he has these large inconsistencies as well. reporter: jon: we are going to be watching for the negative ads to come. simon rosenberg, tony stayed, thank you. melissa: a brand-new study showing the number of middle-class families is shrinking across the country. why are working families losing out on the american dream?
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8:43 am
8:44 am
. melissa: new research shows the incomes of middle-class families are shrinking. the pew research center found decreases in nearly 9 of 10 major metropolitan areas so it's not your imagination. here's a look at the top five cities where the middle-class track.where the first class
8:45 am
rose. spread across five different states there and here, the middle-class shrank but the lower-class grows. finally, the top places where the middle-class track but both the lower and upper class rose , those also stand different states. what's going on? what's the difference between these locations? danielle demartino who is the president of money strong llc and a former federal reserve advisor. tamara trout is the author of the new book sleeping giant: how the working class will transform america. thank you both for joining us. interesting study highlighting some of the things people out there feel and now we know statistically and mathematically it is really true. danielle, i want to start with you because we are looking at the reasons why these things are happening in this research found individuals moving in the upper income tier tended to be either financed or tech heavy areas. or they were the beneficiary
8:46 am
of the shale revolution. in your opinion, is that some of the things driving them upward? >> absolutely. here in texas we've especially been a beneficiary of the shale revolution which gives many americans who don't necessarily have a college education of pathway upwards to a high paying job. obviously the same would be the case in technology and finance industries. melissa: camera, the problem is all those things involve training. even to work in the shale revolution, you don't need to have a college degree. that's one of the challenges, right? >> what this report tells us overall is we need to recommit to making job quality the number one issue in this country. the reality is, the majority of jobs available in our economy require a four-year college degree. i'm from that now extinct
8:47 am
species called the blue-collar middle-class. that's what i grew up in. there was nothing magical about those manufacturing jobs. they became good jobs because we fought to make them good job in large part due to unity because of other things as well. we had a minimum wage that was actually pretty robust back in the 70s and 80s and we've let that sort of the client so i think this is a wake-up call. it says that we need to return to the idea that you can get a good family sustaining job if you don't have a college degree and we know what we need to do to make that a reality. melissa: but danielle, one of the problems is you are talking about we have to train people and focus on these better jobs but when the government gets involved they tend to mess things up. two good points, the administration is expanding the welfare state to help with this problem but that doesn't encourage people to go out, work and get more training. also, regulation and obamacare have killed off a lot of entrepreneurs who were trying to get up off the ground because of these hurdles that they have to clear in order to do it. do you agree with that?
8:48 am
>> absolutely. i think we are seeing drinking tax spaces in a lot of states such as california and illinois because they impose such onerous regulations that it's difficult to start a company in this country and if you are a small business owner, it's also become prohibitive to expand your company because of things like obamacare and you don't know what the economic forecast is going to be. again, i will bring you back to texas where i am. some 9000 jobs have relocated from california since 2007 and the majority have landed here in texas because it's considered to be a state where you can effectively conduct business at a profit and grow your workforce. that's something that's been missing from the current recovery. melissa: tamara, when you drill down into the data and look at some of the reasons these families have fallen behind it's the debt load and a lot of that is coming from
8:49 am
student loans. that hits at the heart of you are saying that people need to have the right education for the right job but a lot of people are going heavily into debt. they come out and try to get that job and they have a huge debt burden and they never get out from underneath it. how do you deal with that program problem? >> that's exactly right. one thing about the middle-class is that america really invented it. in the postwar years we invented this idea of a broad middle class and we've gotten away from this very thing that made that possible and that was public investment in things like higher education, things like infrastructure and keeping our financial markets stable.those are the things that propelled the united states to be a middle-class nation and we have walked away from all those ideas and we are seeing that now reflected in this new data that the middle-class is shrinking. melissa: danielle, she's talking about public investments in education. one of the problems, and i know you're from the federal reserve reserve and they done great work looking at the data that went the government gives more money for higher education, all it does is drive up the price for
8:50 am
everyone. that's not conjecture. there is data behind it that proves that point. how do you deal with that? >> absolutely. i've done quite a bit of analysis on this very subject that shows during the housing boom years, the fact that families were able to pack into their home equities to help finance their children's college education actually contributed to the spiraling out of cost of higher education so to me, a lot of what's gone wrong with the middle classes they've literally been encouraged to take on more debt they can afford which puts them in a very precarious, vulnerable position and puts their household at risk of any little hick up hitting them because of that heavy debt load. it sends them into a lower income bracket . melissa: we got to go. i'm not sure we solved it but thank you. jon: walmart is coming to your home. the new app the retail giant is launching. we are live with a look at that.
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jon: let's check out what's ahead on outnumbered at the top of the hour. sandra and harris, what you have mark ask the advisor who reportedly brag about spinning the press to sell the iran nuclear deal, a big
8:55 am
no-show at a house hearing today. should he be subpoenaed? good thing we may have somebody who can answer that question, a judge on the couch today. the trump and clinton campaign laying out their attack strategies. can she do what his gop rivals could not? and could he go too far? and college republicans blasting their ivy league school after a black lives matter protesters tore down a pro police display. is there a double standard? we ask our hashtag one lucky guy, alex for eric joins us. he's outnumbered at the top of the hour. jon: we will be watching. all right. melissa: jon: fox news business alert, let's take a look at the tao, down about 40 points. what is moving the market right now? lauren simonetti with the foxbusiness network. >> hey there, good to see you guys. we got two pieces of data today. the economy is getting over that slow down at the start of the year but that may also mean the federal reserve has reason to hike interest rates so consumer prices saw their biggest increase in more than three years. so-called cpi jumping four percent in april as the price of gas ran transportation like airfare, fueling that increase. a separate report showing new homes jumping 6.6 percent last month with most of the construction happening in the south. stocks they're getting their best level in almost a decade.
8:56 am
seems more of us are fixing our homes. the average customer selling out 50 bucks at that store, home depot. plus home depot shares are down today, so too is the market, now falling about 36 points off the lows of the recession. there is concerned about the consumer.what are we shopping for a question mark walmart makes a big push to keep business away from amazon. they are rolling out their digital wallet in every walmart in texas and arkansas today. it's called walmart a. customers can buy things in store with their phones. it's to make shopping easier for the millions of us who go to walmart each week. walmart will see a national rollout this summer so everybody's trying to take business away from amazon. this is one way to do that . jon: home depot liked me this past weekend. it's gardening time. >> that average $60 times millions. jon: lauren simonetti, thank
8:57 am
you. we will be right back. . . . .
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jon: that's how we do that. melissa: okay. jon: want to come back for second hour? melissa: i will. you went to home depot and didn't buy me a plant? jon: we'll talk. "outnumbered" starts right now. ♪ sandra: happy tuesday, everyone, this is "outnumbered." i'm sandra smith. here today, harris faulkner, host of "kennedy," fox business's kennedy is here. from fbn, correspondent elizabeth macdonald. we welcome back #oneluckyguy, judge alex ferrer. harris: order on the couch! >> i enjoy being outnumbered. sandra: you were tweeting out as you caught the plane to come here, she kissed and you and


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