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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  May 17, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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donald trump tonight. she sits down with michael douglas, former o.j. simpson attorney, robert shapiro and laverne cox. thank you to judge alex. that is it for "outnumbered." join us on the web. "happening now" starts right now. a formal alert sent after chaos broke out in nevada democratic convention. >> we are covering all of the news "happening now". >> an engineer broadcast on thero that a person on the tracks threw an object. >> this interruption may have caused him to forget his next task. >> what investigators are saying about the actions of the train engineer. plus, a massesive dust storm closing down a highway in arizona.
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>> this fills you up. >> a new weight loss break through. can a tiny balloon replace going under the knife for over weight patients? it is all "happening now". >> we begin with primary day in two states. a rift is emerging over the democrats over how to defeat the republican nominee. >> i am jon scott. >> there were 116 delegates on the line in kentucky and oregon and republicans are only voting in oregon. bernie sanders wants to keep his winning streak alive and hillary clinton is hoping to halt his momentum and focus on the general election. mr. trump will meet tomorrow with former secretary of state
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henry kissinger. we'll have more on that. >> meanwhile house speaker paul ryan fielding questions about p who is the leader of the republican party. >> i hope it is donald trump. he's wrapping up the nomination. the person who did getting the nomination is the person to lead our party. >> we have dan springer standing by in oregon. we begin with rich who is live in lexington, kentucky. rich? >> reporter: good afternoon, jon. hillary clinton is dealing with the democratic primary charger that wins primaries. clinton is hoping to halt that process today. there are delegates at stake. both have been campaign nothing kentucky. clinton turned her attention to
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the general election with donald trump. but with a major auto industry. clinton hit sanders on a autobail out. >> he voted not to save the auto industry and i voted to save it. we just had the best year for the auto industry in america in history. >> reporter: sanders points out he supported the bail out, one of them. he said the other helped finance companies and why he voted against it. puerto rico, he said investors should take a hit. >> the ultracapitalist will not receive 100 percent return.
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>> reporter: this morning, he addressed hillary clinton's plan to put her husband in charge of the economy. >> sanders has 1473. and that does include super delegates and they can vote for who ever they want. the winner need 2383. they will have it wrapped up they think in the early june primaries. these polling locations in the central part of the state close at 6:00 p.m. eastern. some polls close at 7:00 p.m. eastern. >> and the nail- biting goes on. rich, thank you. bernie sanders hoping to add to a string of victories with a win
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in oregon tonight. the vermont senator drawing thousands. clinton hopes that the closed primary will work in her favor. here's more on how it is shaping up, dan? >> reporter: 74 delegates at stake on the democratic side and only those who registered a month ago are eligible to vote in the democratic primary. she is 8- 0 in closed primaries. in downtown, portland, it could be a big night for bernie sanders. he came here three times and had huge crowds. his answer a lot of people in the rallies were not registered as democrats, half of the oregonians are 30 years old and they did not show up in the
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poll. hillary clinton dominated that poll getting 56 percent to sanders' 25 percent. and under 45. it is reversed. yesterday morning, 29 percent had been returned. and a lot of people here are putting their belt in a drop box on election day and we are seeing that today. and it appears most are voting in the democratic race. >> a good many in oregon did change from nonaffiliated to democrat. i think because they are interested in that particular primary. >> the highest turn out ever in a primary in oregon was in 2008. and over 70 percent of all democrats, if the numbers get
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anywhere close to that, it would be a great night for bernie sanders. he needs a heavy turn out. so many voters would vote for him who can't. >> it is interesting to see how different the state systems are as we go around the country. thank you so much. >> analyst are calling kentucky a must win. >> the fear in the clinton campaign, is that they will go through the rest of the primaries through midjune without hillary clinton winning much or anything. you mentioned the fact that oregon is made to order for bernie sanders. it would be a shock if he doesn't win. kentucky is close. it is winnable for her, but it is not easy especially with the comments she made about coal. >> with us is katelin, and aaron
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blake. aaron, your colleague at the post writes today that kentucky was a state that hillary clinton thought she might not win and if she doesn't win there, it looks bad for her in the rest of the primaries and convention? >> it is entirely possible. last week, we saw in west virginia, a neighboring state, a lot of voters who are similar to the voters we see in eastern kentucky, voted strongly for bernie sanders. this is a state that was good for hillary previous in the 2008 campaign. but there are so many different dynamics. she also won west virginia big eight years ago. we tonight have a lot of polling to judge what is going to happen. if she somehow loses the primary tonight, we'll look back on the comments in coal and see how she does in eastern kentucky and how
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bernie sanders will be in the campaign a while. >> she needs a victory tonight, right? >> i think she does and she signalled that they are hoping for a victory given the time and amount of resources that they spent in kentucky and while trying to run against donald trump in the general election. she's running two campaigns here, fending off the challenges from bernie sanders and blunt the momentum that he gets from continuing to win the states and also going after donald trump. but she has spent a lot of time in kentucky. she was visiting congregations over the weekend. her husband has been campaigning and gone up on air and tv and radio in kentucky and shows the experience of this state for her. and as they alluded to in the beginning of the segment, she needs to finish the primary in a strong position to be able to move in the general election
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against trump. >> we'll talk about the repercussions out from nevada. a state democratic party sending a formal complaint to the rules and by laws committee after this happened over the weekend. watch. (chanting) four page letter saying sanders supporters and staff incited disruptions and violence. it started because sanders' supporters said they rigged the results. are you surprised to seeing this happening in modern, political campaigns? >> no, not in this campaign. this is a situation between sanders' supporters and the democratic establishment that has been brewing for a while now. sanders' supporters seized on
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any kind of perceived irregularities that they are treated unfairly by the party and vote counters. what happened in nevada, conspiring of complex rules in which the system can be manipulated by having a good delegate operation. bernie sanders supporters thought they had stolen delegates from hillary clinton that she won because p she was supposed to win the state. and then, a lot of their pop tential delegates had their credentials revoked and put hillary clinton over the top and gave her extra two delegates that came along with it. it is boiling over. >> let me read a portion of the four- page letter. we write to alert you to the sanders' campaign penchant for
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behavior and indeed actual violence in places of democratic conduct in a convention setting and what we describe as encouragement of a dangerous atmosphere that ended in chaos and physical threats to fellow democrats and indeed the threats to the chair of the nevada party are ongoing as sanders' activist posted cell phone and home address on line and bombarded her with threats to her life and safety of her family. bernie sanders was asked about it in puerto rico and he didn't want to talk about it. watch this. >> this weekend in the nevada convention, your reaction to that? >> he's asked about this weekend in the nevada convention and he goes off to jump in the motorcade. not something that his campaign
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wants to talk about? >> that's right. this event put sanders in a problematic position not talking about his supporters getting upset. he talks about winning states and not necessarily winning all of the delegates because of the way delegates are awarded porportionately in the democratic primary. his critics say he's not winning by large amount to rack up the delegates. the problem with that nevada won the state caucus there. it is not like he won it before and trying to wrangle the delegates afterwards. it is an illustration of how passionate his supporters are about the idea that he continues to you know, do well, but not win delegates and also shows the
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animosity to hillary clinton and raises questions about how this party will unify at the end of this primary. >> the letter from the nevada democratic primary was written to the democratic committee nationally because their they warn there could be trouble at the convention in philadelphia this summer. it is something to watch and we'll keep our eye on it. thank you, both. donald trump set to meet with former secretary of state henry kissinger. top advisor to nixon and ford. and the supreme court not ruling on challenge to the obama birth control mandate. and some see it as a loss for the white house. the administration made a distinction between churches and works of the church where as for us, we feel this is much part of the church and this is
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the supreme court dodging a highly anticipated ruling. eight justices kicking a challenge to obama care's birth control man date to the lower courts and recommending a compromise. we'll bring in greg jarret, fox news attorney. and everyone is claiming victory and who really won? >> one side won more than the other side. that is the religious groups especially the little sisters of the poor. they objected to the obama care contraception as part of the insurance policy and that objection by them will be heeded. the supreme court work out a compromise where you make
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birth control available for free so that you are not forcing little sisters and others pop actually pay for it. and 70 million in fines they would be penalized. they don't have to pay those fines and that is tossed out. and the court vacated the lower court decisions, eight of them against little sisters and all of that is tossed out. three big wins for them. >> sounds like a victory. what about p obama administration get? >> if their goal was to make birth control available for all women under obama care they get that compromise but can't force religious groups to pay for it. it is a narrow win. >> they will talk it up, no doubt. how unusual for the high court to kick it back. >> it is unusual but it does happen.
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the u.s. supreme court doesn't like to make broad rulings. they do it. roe versus wade. and second triment. and mostly they craft them narrowly. and they send it back and say this is our standard and guidance and try to fix it. and ina way they are like trial court judges. you sit there in the judge's chambers and he hammers both sides. you got to give up something and in the end half of the time in my experience there was a settlement and that is really, the supreme court acting as a trial court judge. >> what do you extrappolate. will they solve these? >> these are temporary, one
10:21 am
thinks. trump said he would appoint a conservative. that means this case could come up again. a bunch of lawsuits filed on religious grounds and they will work their way up. and if there is a majority conservative consensus on the high court, they may stand behind all of the religious objections. and if clinton picks a liberal, a different court say you cannot legislate women's health rights. >> you are fantastic, thank you. jon? >> a major decision in the court martial of army sergeant burg dal. and how the 2016 election could be a factor in the the case. federal investigators release probable cause in the latest amtrak derailment. i was like saying get up, get up. and he came to and was okay.
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>> a massive dust storm slamming south arizona. outside of tucson. they had to close part ares of the interstate until the wind died down. that highway was closed several times in the past few weeks due to blowing dust. wow. fox news alert. national transportation safety board is releasing the probable cause of the amtrak derailment last year in philadelphia. it was speeding when it went in a dangerous curv e because the
10:26 am
engineer was likely distracted by an radio transmission. >> hi, jovenlt the ntsb decision to place it on radio transmission. the engineer claimed not to remember the preceding minutes. the the cab was not equipped with cameras,ab omission that is corrected. and the report found that he was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol and no medical issues and not on the cell phone and had plenty of rest. the distraction which the ntsb claims was a six minute longro calls to his dispatcher that bastion heard. >> a few minutes after the
10:27 am
train. the engineer on a commuter train approaching north philadelphia station broadcast on a ro that a person along the tracks had thrown an object of a septa train shattering the windshield and getting glass in his face. >> he was approaching the area where the septa train was struck. he may have mistakenly thought he had passed through the 60 miles per hour turn and that was a contributing factor lack of positive train control in the area. the things that slow the trains automatically is in place with the exception of connecticut where the tracks are state owned. >> what a story, thank you, doug. a well known american statesman preparing to meet with
10:28 am
donald trump. details with the gop's nominee sit down with henrow kissinger. and did the white house stretch the truth in the iran nuclear deal? >> obviously a talented and trusted person in the white house. and i do not doubt his talents and his knowledge, but the deal that has been be spun up and sold to the american people was not clear as it should have been. you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
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well, donald trump getting ready for another high- profile meeting tomorrow. he will sit down with the former secretary of state henry kissinger, a top advisor to president's nixon and ford. we have more with john. >> reporter: good afternoon to you. mr. trump met with james baker haft week when he was in washington and happened after secretary baker was critical of don altd trump's foreign policy. they are not giving out details. secretary kissinger isrning 93 a week from friday. with all of the secret service
10:33 am
consideration, they may be meeting here at trump tower. he was secretary of state to president nixon and ford and met with candidates for president the and vice-president. in 2008, he had a meeting with sarah palin. donald trump looking to foster foreign policy credentials. and same time as all of this is happening, donald trump facing barage of attacks. priority usa launching a 6 million adin virginia, ohio and florida and nevada. having people mount trump's own words. >> fat [bleep]. girls come up to you five foot one. >> and of course, donald trump didn't take kindly to that. amazing that crocked hillary
10:34 am
does a crooked adon when her husband was the worst in abuse per of woman in u.s. political history. donald trump making a concession to running a general election campaign and hiring well known pollster frebrezio. he was rick scott's pollster and worked for the u.s. chamber of commerce and very much an establishment figure even though he worked for paul. and trump learning when you are moving from the nominating part of the campaign to the general election presidential part, you bring in big guns as you can possibly have even if they have establishment label sewn in their underwear. >> that is a good line. and do not miss megyn kelly's
10:35 am
face-to-face with donald trump tonight. megyn kelly presents and airing on the fox broadcast network. the big fox tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern. >> president obama's deputy national security advisor ben rhoddes is expected to speak but not to congress. this is previewing the president's upcoming trip to asia. the white house keeping him under wraps and away from the house hearing on the nuclear deal. this is james rosen with the latest on this one. i can't wait to hear it, james? >> reporter: the house oversight hearing three hours is now in the history books and far ranging and contentious of the obama era. they sought the testimony of ben
10:36 am
rhoddes whose recent comments stirred charges that he deceived the american people with the iran nuclear deal. the white house invoking executive privilege. they reverified comments in the run up to the iraq war and valerie plain case all wiseizing on the national security advisor to then vice-president cheney. >> false talking points for colin powell when he spoke in front of the u.n. and you wrote in the talking points that there were weapons of mass destruction in iraq and that is what ended up in his speech. >> we based on the inteleigence that was wrong and it was a mistake. and it was not a purposeful desire to deceive. >> for invoking executive
10:37 am
privilege that the white house told me did not apply to ben rhoedez. the obama panel dared them to bring republican advisers. >> in the white house to seen mean tweets about a guy who served two combat tours and he's willing to come, but the creative writing expert is not willing to come? at some point the body will have to stick up for itself. >> ben rhodez was a former aspiring novelist. and other witnesses accused administration officials of lying to congress about the terms of the iran deal. an exercise in bipartisan it was not. >> thank you so much, john. >> new information on the court martial of army sergeant
10:38 am
bergdahl. the military judge decided his trial will be delayed to february. the government cited the need to review and prepare classified documents. the delay means that he will not face justice until after the next president is inaugurated. we have a fox new analyst. why are they pushing it back? >> the prosecution asked to push back to december and not february which is what the judge did. and they are battling over records, documents that the prosecution said could be be classified and don't want it to be sent over to the defense. the court is saying we'll have to go back and forth to see classified and what the defense will get or not get. in my estimation, there are not that many, but in some terms it could be 3000 pages of documents
10:39 am
and bergdahl is a political football in the campaign season. listen to what donald trump said about burg dal in the past. >> we get a dirty rotten traitor. named bergdahl who by the way, when he deserted six young beautiful p people were killed trying to find him, right? and you don't hear about them anymore. somebody said the other day, he had psychological will problems n. the old days -- >> and so that is one of the things that the defense avoids by getting this thing mutualed until after the election. is that kind of thing in the civilian court would be prejdential. >> this is a politician who has a right to let the american people know.
10:40 am
in the judicial system, the judges vet out jurors to make sure they are not prejudice and hopefully if mr. trump is the president of the united states, he would separate himself and say to officials say do what is the right thing based on the facts of the law. they are comments made by a political person and a political arena and they will not affect the trial what so ever. >> here is the deal, bob, my son is a soldier. he's going to be tried by a jorof his peers and it is it going to be be other soldiers who hear the court martial. everybody in the army has an opinion of what bergdahl has done. >> this is what judges do in high profile cases, the judges will vet out and making sure they will do it on on the evident and law and make sure
10:41 am
the juror can do that. and when they are satisfied, they will get a fair jury. >> that's why voir dire is extensive. it will be very long. you are right. there are people on the voir dire say he is a traitor before they hear the evidence. he is a traitor and we want to execute the man. they can't execute him. the most he can get is life in prison. but we do agree with trump, before they heard anything. and it will take a long time to get the jury seated. >> but the documents that the defense is looking over, they were recently turned over to him. >> it could be estimated of 300000 documents. the judge released in order to have a fair trial they get the documents. and the government was concerned and went to the court for clarification and said wait
10:42 am
a second, we'll not want to release these to defense council unless they clear oca. and the court said no, if the government has a specific security interest they can show it to the court and tell the court specifically with each of the documents why it should not be over turned. >> and within a document you can say part of it can be be turned over. but others is redakted and that's why it takes time. i think from december. it seems like it is pushed down again and again, and it was supposed to start in august. >> what a turn about p. president obama had bergdahl's parents in the garden and now he's court martialed? >> the fda approving a new proceed tower fight obsessit. one thattouses a balloon and no
10:43 am
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the mouth. and the balloon is inalated with saline. and the procedure is available for folks who have as little as 20 pounds to lose. i am so glad you are here today. and i read it. and first of all. it goes in your stomach and how long can you have it? >> the balon is left in six months and after it is inserted, the patient starts a 12 pont and then the physician takes the balloon out. >> are you unconscious. >> right, right. >> and this is appropriate for people. a lot of time when they go for lap band or gastric bypass.
10:48 am
this address that jenny craig may not do it for you and you don't qualify for the other. >> in the last 50 years there has been a gap between died and exercise. and what it is meant to do is give people options and they will not have a surgical procedure. what is the success rate? >> most patients have great success with the product. they lost 20- 40 pounds, throw times the amount of weight they lose for simple exercise. >> 20- 40 is average. >> some people do better than that. and that depends on how committed the patient is committed to the program. >> i held the balloon this is quite heavy. now, they adjust to volume based on the patient.
10:49 am
>> and so it is benefit and versus risk. >> what is the worst thing that can happen >> the patient will be experience nausea and nonsurgical procedure. it is easy to go in and remove. nhas it never burst? >> no. they are durable as you can see and the loccage is small and it is simple to remove endoscopically. >> it obviously weighs a lot. and it is interesting. and one of the other features is qualifying for insurance. people go in and try to see if you qualify. what does it cost and hard to get insurance to pay for it. >> it is not typically covered. and patients will typically out of pocket. 6- 8000 for the six month program. and the benefit of patients
10:50 am
losing weight and the impact. we think that insurance companies will over time do that. it was used in 220000 patients. and we think it is it a matter of time. >> how many in the u.s. >> we trained a few thousand cases in the united stat states. >> thank you so much. we're out of time. some alarming moments for people in one oklahoma town after a tornado is spotted and a threat of more severe storms continues today. janice dean on who could be in the path of danger now. ok, but i have 30 acres to cover by sundown. we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. yeah, i was ok, but after lunch my knee started hurting again so...
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hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. donald trump is giving new details about what he would do his first day in office and it is all in an online video. we will play it for you here. plus, could team trump be on the verge of unveiling a new unorthodox ground game target g i things that haven't favorite a republican is in decades. and rubio in a late night rant on twitter. on "the real story" in seven minutes. fox extreme weather alert for you now on dangerous storms moving across the gulf coast with tornadoes a real possibility in rain-ravaged texas. meteorologist janice dean live at the fox weather center for us. >> we saw those pictures earlier before the break. this is the time of season where we see the potential for hail damaging winds and tornadoes across texas and oklahoma. today being no different.
10:55 am
then we're going to also see the risk for flooding. our friends across texas have see enough rain to last them all season long and, unfortunately, we have the potential for not only strong storms but flooding. let's go over it. we've had over 100 reports of severe weather. close to ten reports of tornadoes yesterday along ot texas and oklahoma panhandles. then today, no different for parts of the big bend of texas, central texas we could see hail, damaging winds and certainly tornadoes as we get through overnight tonight. people need to know what to do if you are under a watch or warning. tomorrow, severe threat continues for much of texas stretching into the gulf coast and the concern of mine is the flooding potential as we go through the next couple of days. we have this stationary front in place. that what we've kind of seen over the last couple of months, these fronts setting up bringing all of this gulf moisture and the potential for heavy rain, in some cases two to to you inches in a very short period of time which is going to cause some
10:56 am
flooding concerns. john scott, our friends in texas, we'll be watching them for the potential of not only severe weather but the flood threat as well. >> janice dean, thanks for that. a celestial show caught on camera coming up. fire in the sky through the eyes of a dash cam. ♪ smoke on the water ♪ a fire in the sky ♪ smoke on the water ...clear for take off. see ya! when you're living with diabetes. steady is exciting. oh this is living baby! only glucerna has carbsteady,
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8 out of 10 people saw 75% skin clearance at 3 months. while the majority saw 90% clearance. do not use if you are allergic to cosentyx. before starting, you should be tested for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur... ...tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms... ...such as fever, sweats, chills, muscle aches or cough. or if you have received a vaccine or plan to. if you have inflammatory bowel disease, tell your doctor if symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. see me. see me. see me. on my way. find clear skin... and a clearer path forward. for a different kind of medicine, ask your dermatologist about cosentyx. time to hit our final 30 today. a police dash cam in maine captured a fireball in the night sky. a massive meteor burning up in the atmosphere could be seen all across new england. >> that is very cool. and the world's largest cruz ship, "the harmony of the sea" arriving at mainland after its
11:00 am
maiden voyage in france. they are calling it a floating city with more than 2,500 state rooms, 20 restaurants, 23 swimming pools. amazing. and no escape until you get to land. thanks for joining us. >> "the real story" with gretchen starts now. thanks, guys. kicking off the fox news alert, guess what? it is another primary day. kentucky voters cast their ballots in today's democratic party. and they're speaking out. >> bernie sanders. i just think he's the one who best supports what i believe in, kind of the quality and fairness for all people. >> hillary stands up for women and children and families and the violence in our country. >> i'm not really sure what to think about trump. not what he says his policies are. hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. you just


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