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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 17, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> you have 25,000? >> big election -- >> but -- >> that's it for us, reminder we see you back here at midnight with election analysis. "special report" is next. this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier. coming to you live from boston. most polls are closing right now in kentucky. one of two states in which the increasingly tense democratic presidential race is playing out tonight. voters still have another hour in the central time zone sections of the blueglass state. while polls remain open in oregon for the next five hours. as the drama escalates between hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders, and sanders sometimes raucous followers, the republican nomination race is essentially over. but the gop unity questions? are still very present. we have fox team coverage tonight. john roberts outside trump tower with the latest possible
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challenge to the billionaire's presidential hopes. and trump's latest controversial foray into foreign policy. we begin with senior political correspondent mike emmanuel at clinton campaign headquarters in brooklyn. good evening, mike. >> brett, good evening it is primary night and hillary clinton is invisible. she's expected to lose oregon, may lose kentucky and she is off the trail. >> we need a political revolution. >> bernie sanders sounded confident ahead of oregon and kentucky primary night when leaving puerto rico before setting his sights on california. noting that clinton campaigned heavily in the blueglass state. >> think she understands the state is in play. my guess is it will be a close election and i hope the turnout is high. >> expected to be close even though hillary clinton won kentucky by more than 30 points in 2008 and it's a closed primary, whichs uually favors clinton. >> i think you ought to vote for hillary. >> sanders took aim at clinton's
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proposal that if she's elected, her husband would serve as an economic czar. >> put bill clinton in charge of the economy? her judgment, my judgment is, that if elected president, we're going to put people in charge of the economy who do not come from wall street. and for clinton, her final pitch to kentucky voters, came when she imitated gop trump's answers to her. >> my answer is i'm going to do it i no he how to do it, i'll get it done. but i'm not going to tell you what i'm going to do. you know. i kind of think a lot of folks, republicans, democrats, independents, a lot of folks are going to be thinking, what's he talking about? >> before she can fully engage with trump she has to dispatch sanders. >> i am the only candidate, the
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only candidate, with a plan, a $30 billion plan to help coal country, to help coal miners. >> democrats are still smarting about their nevada results. sanders supporters and representatives from his campaign. it accuses sanders staff and supporters of actively inciting disruption and violence when they became dissatisfied with the process. >> sanders was asked about it but walked away. sanders warned if the democratic party is to be successful in november it is imperative that all state parties treat his supporters with the fairness and respect they have earned. bret? >> mike emanuel live at clinton campaign headquarters. donald trump continues to get it from all sides, hillary clinton and the democrats are
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attacki attacking, some republicans are equivocating and others are even contemplating a constitutional end-run around both trump and clinton. but senior national correspondent john roberts begins his report from new york with trump and foreign policy. >> good evening to you, bret. in an interview with "reuters," donald trump said he would be open to meeting with north korea's leader, kim jong-un in an attempt to stop north korea's nuclear program and seek to renegotiate the paris climate accord in a way that would make it more favorable, more fair trump said, to the united states. foreign policy will be on his agenda tomorrow when he meets with former secretary of state henry kissinger. but there was plenty else to keep him busy here today. with just 103 more delegates needed to go over the top, donald trump is expecting to add the lion's share of oregon's 28 delegates to his count tonight. but even as he inches closer to clinching the nomination, a highly-placed republican source tells fox news a group of donors and political insiders is
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hatching a plan to stop trump. not at the convention, but in the general election. the idea is to launch a none of the above campaign in a handful of states where neither trump nor hillary did particularly well. never trump republicans and bernie sanders supporters would be given a third option to vote for in each of those states. the traej is to deny both trump and clinton the 27 electoral votes needed to win the presidency. which would mean the house of representatives would choose the next president. the last time that happened was this 1825. when john quincy adamss with elected president. could it work? randy evans is chairman of the republican lawyers association. >> when i looked at the deadlines for the states and then when i looked at the polling data in terms of the number of people who are not satisfied with either one of the nominees, i realized this is not a crazy plan. this could work if it had the right amount of funding. >> as the group puts together the nuts and bolts of how that plan would work, trump is about to come under another barrage of ads from hillary clinton sorers.
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using his own words to attack him on women. >> can you tell them to go [ bleep ] themselves. >> while the ad came from the superpac, priorities usa. trump aimed fire directly back at clinton tweeting amazing that crooked hillary can do a hit ad on me concerning women when her husband was the worst abuser of of women in u.s. history. an op-ed indicated there may be more support for trump. that many people support trump but don't want to admit it. a social phenomenon called preference falsification. >> because of social pressure, they want to say no, i don't but when you get them in a private setting, they say i am for that. do you think that explains the trump phenomenon? >> i think so in florida i was posed to win by 6 points, but i won by 20. >> when he was asked if he wanted to respond to trump's
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accusations that he was the worst abuser of women in u.s. political history. bill clinton said no, i don't. donald trump filed his second personal financial disclosure form with the f.e.c. he said it was the largest in the history of the f.e.c. showing some half billion dollars in personal income. bret? >> john roberts live outside trump tower. thank you. you can hear much more from donald trump tonight, megyn kelly presents debuts at 8:00 p.m. eastern on fox broadcast stations. check your local listings. you don't want to miss that. fireworks today on capitol hill over the iran nuclear deal. specifically, the no-show by one of the president's top advisers. whose cavalier ecomments about the evolution of the president's legacy agreement have made him a focal point for critics, here's
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james rosen. >> ben rhodes told a think tank audience that the controversy surrounding him is just what happens in washington. >> i believe in their ability to avert the spread of a nuclear weapon and alert an additional military conflict in that part of the world. >> jason chaffetz rebuffed in his request for rhodes' testimony accused the white house of going back on its word. >> the white house on thursday claimed that this wasn't about executive privilege. and then less than 24 hours before this hearing, they reversed course. and said oh, it is about executive privilege. >> in its letter to chaffetz on monday, blocking rhodes from testifying, the white house did not cite executive privilege. but did invoke separation of powers and the need for the president to receive candid advice and counsel. language similar to that used in executive privilege claims dating back to the nixon era and a 2012 dispute. >> executive privilege applies
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specifically to situations when the president of the united states acts to protect information that is compelled by congress this was a specific request for testimony on a voluntary basis. >> with rhodes absent. democrats on the oversight committee seized on the presence of a witness who did testify, john hannah, former national security adviser to vice president cheney to revisit controversies from the bush/cheney era. >> you drew up the false talking points for colin powell when he spoke in front of the u.n. >> we based our intelligence on the intelligence that was there. it was wrong. that was a mistake. it wasn't any kind of purposeful desire to deceive. >> what was your role in outing valer valerie plame as a c.i.a. operator? >> i had no role. >> chaffetz reported and other republicans cited other areas of
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alleged deception of the obama administration. >> if you like your plan you can keep it it's not the first time the administration has done it not the first time mr. rhodes has done it, i think he did it on the benghazi issue. >> rhodes told the center for new american security he intends to serve until the very last day of the obama administration and then as he put it, take a vacation. bret? >> james, thank you. let's get more on this iran story from syndicated columnist charles krauthammer who joins me tonight from washington. your thoughts on the story? and all the different facets of it, including the executive privilege? >> well when you listen to josh earnest, that was an exercise in linguistic ak row battics. if it's a ubpoena, you call it executive privilege. it's exactly the same idea, i think the administration is right. if this were a republican administration you would not
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want the congress compelling an adviser to give the advice in public. that's well known, that's well practiced. which is why i think the entire exercise was a bit of a misfire. on the part of the republicans. it was obvious they were not going to allow him to testify. rhodes had completely embarrassed himself. completely exposed the administration for its deception and misleading and the use of pli ply yant people in the press to echo their misstatements. it was in a big article. it was known. there was no way you're going to get live testimony, i don't think they should have attempted this. because as you just demonstrated in the rosen piece, it was a turn by democrats into a retrial, revisiting of the iraq war. which is not to the gop's advantage. >> but charles, we've talked about this on the panel. about the reaction to this whole thing. and the original story.
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in the "flaatlantic" and the following story, in the magazine, "the new yorker." what about this argument that is just spin? that every administration spins reporters and tries to get them you know, to look at a certain thing a certain way? how do you respond to that? >> well, spinning is presenting your evidence in a certain way. misleading and lying is presenting evidence that is not true. you know is untrue. but you're using to advance your argument. rhodes' defense is i believed in the treaty. that's fine. but you got the congress to sign on, which you had to. constitutionally. by telling them lies. about this was a deal with moderates, because the new administration had come in in iran. that was not so. it predated that, it was meant to be a large reapproachment with iran. that was the issue and that was the essence of the lie.
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>> all right. charles, as always, thank you. a string of deadly bombings tonight in iraq. adding to large-scale attacks in recent days. dozen dozens massacred. 200 people killed in bombings in the past week in baghdad. senior foreign affairs greg palkot has the details. >> another day of carnage across baghdad. terrorists killing 70 and injuring multiple more. a car bomb blowing up in the southern part of baghdad. an ied and a suicide bomber ripping through another market. the last claimed by the isis terror group. all areas are shia muslim, prime targets for the sunni muslim terrorists. >> we're fed up. >> what crime have innocent people committed? >> all this is a part of one of the deadliest periods there in recent months. >> by one account, close to 700
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iraqi civilians have been killed so far in may alone. following u.s.-led air strikes and ground battles, territory once held by the militants has been given up. the obama administration claims isis or isil is now desperate and-a-acknowledges it is now dangerous. >> the united states condemns the attacks by isil that targeted innocent civilians. >> others see a vicious terror foe which is simply shifting its tactics. the argument is, while the u.s. continues its surgical air campaign, isis is killing hundreds. not just in the region, but with an increasing number of terror attacks in the west. >> what we have right now san administration that lacks a policy of destruction of isis. and i think this is really the heart of the matter. >> not making it easier, the government in iraq is falling apart. on the sectarian clashes and charges of corruption, the
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country's leaders have not met in weeks. white house spokesman earnest added an effectively run iraq is critical to success against isis. administration critics say an unwavering strategy is important, too. bret? >> greg palkot in london. thanks. preventing that kind of carnage against u.s. forces is the aim of a super-secret government program that cuts through the mountain of big data and gets the important information to the war fighter almost immediately. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge takes us inside the nsa's cutting-edge targeting program. >> relentless attacks on american military personnel drove the need for real-time military intelligence to take al qaeda off the battlefield and dismantle its bomb-making factories. >> starting in 2005 we started to seen uptick in casualtyings. >> this deputy director of the
3:16 pm
national security agency, for the first time speaking publicly about its highly secretive program about its real-time gateway zwlxt the direct hr this vision to be able to provide in real-time or near real-time, warning information to the troops. >> were you one of the first people on the ground in iraq. >> this colonel was at baghdad's camp victory where nsa computers housed in this area took streams of intelligence and married it up with information gathered during raids. >> we were able to get phone numbers, we were able to get addresses. we were able to see connections? >> think about it like a phone app. but instead of directions, is flagging terrorists. >> it might connect something like a phone number to a location. to an activity. and then display that to an analyst who could then via the radio, contact a convoy that was en route and say hey, there's what looks like an ambush.
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>> nsa technical experts were no longer behind a desk, they were working side by side with special operations. >> the program went from iraq to afghanistan and other conflict zones. >> we've deployed 5 thourngs nsa people to iraq -- 5,000 to iraq and 8,000 to afghanistan and in total, 18,000 to hostile areas around the world from the nsa. >> the nsa wall pays tribute to the fallen. >> nsa technical expert christian pike and his team were badly outnumbered. >> killed in afghanistan in 2013 supporting the s.e.a.l.s. >> a decade ago was ground-breaking is now a standard tool for the war fighters, at fort mead in maryland, catherine herridge, fox news. >> the court-martial of a accused army deserter, bowe bergdahl has been pushed back to next february. new commander-in-chief will be in office then. a military judge delayed the trial today in order to provide time to resolve disputes over
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the defense team's access to classified documents, the proceeding was supposed to start in august. a terse exchange about the obama administration's steady release of suspected terrorists from the detention center at guantanamo bay has prompted gop allegations of a cover-up tonight. >> has the defense department ever sent someone to a country knowing that that country was unable to keep control of that person? >> no. >> house foreign affairs chairman committee chairman ed royce, republican of california, said he and his staff have received access to classified material. generated by the department of defense and just the last three years, that shows that that answer you just saw? was false. >> and in letters of secretary of state and defense obtained by fox news, royce is asking those agencies to explain what he calls quote an effort to conceal the truth.
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>> the pentagon has received the letter and is said to be reviewing it up next, almost what the doctor ordered. congress takes up the fight. the funding to fight the zika virus and we'll talk live with our own dr. mark siegel about it. here's what some fox affiliates around the country are covering. fox 30 in jacksonville, florida. with a tribute to the 37 sailors who died on board the "uss stark" 29 years ago today. the ship was struck by two iraqi missiles in the araben gulf. families and surviving crew took part in today's ceremony. fox 11 in los angeles, l.a. firefighters boat crews rescued two people and a dog after their boat goes up in flames it happened about a mile and a half off the coast of malibu this morning. no word on what caused the fire. and this is a live look at philadelphia, from fox 29, one of the big stories there tonight, amtrak says it will carefully review federal regulators' findings on the probable cause of a train derailment that killed eight
3:20 pm
people in philadelphia last year. investigators say an engineer was speeding into a turn because he was distracted by radio chatter about another train that had been hit by a rock. a contributing cause was the lack of a speed control system. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway. back in a moment. ♪ [crowd cheering] i could get used to this. now you can. when you lease the 2016 es 350 for $329 a month for 36 months. see your lexus dealer.
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the justice department is opening an investigation into allegations that the russian government ran a dopingprogram for dozens of its top athletes. a source familiar with the probe confirms it to fox news. investigators are looking into russian government officials, athletes, anti-doping authorities and anyone who might have benefitted unfairly from illegal enhancements. lawmakers back in washington are making progress toward pumping new money into the fight against the zika virus. the senate decisively today passed a bipartisan, $1.1 billion package. the house is working on a smaller measure with offsets. >> the zika virus, it's a real crisis. whether it's in puerto rico, in florida, in texas, we don't know where that will end.
3:25 pm
we don't know much about this particular disease right now. we need to put the funding and resources there. >> there are 113 as of the latest pregnant women in america that have zika. this is something that we have to continue to make sure we have the funding for. to do the research. >> let's get some perspective tonight from fox news medical analyst, dr. mark siegel. he joins me from new york. dr. siegel, good evening. what are your thoughts about the congressional action and the funding that's pending here? >> actually bret, i'm more in favor of what the senate is proposing which is $1.1 billion. the house is fixed on $622 million. which is going to use a lot of preexisting funding and run out by the end of the year. so the senate i think is right because they need the money for vaccine development and formont control and for education. having said that, i've talked to some experts in florida and texas, mosquito control experts. mosquitos are the barrier to this thing spreading and they
3:26 pm
think that that particular mosquito is under control in our southern states, the money needs to be there for control and for vaccine. but not because we're going to have a panic here. >> so what do people at home need to know about this? is the zika virus a worldwide health emergency? what should we do about it here in the u.s.? >> well that's a great question. pregnant women need to be concerned about this. if they're traveling to the caribbean or if they're going to travel to brazil for the olympic games. but people here nenad to understand that it's not going to be widespread in florida or texas. again, though, mosquito control is always a good idea. and that means not having still water. that means wearing long-sleeved clothes, using insecticide and from a public health officials, we need larvacide. and dr. anthony fauci of the nih says that's the problem in brazil. brazil, it's going to be winter there when the olympics hit. the chances are you're going to see a lot less of zika there than people are worried about.
3:27 pm
>> but is the threat really to the pregnant women alone? i mean should the olympics be canceled, postponed, moved? because of all this? >> i absolutely do not think that the olympics should be canceled, postponed or moved. because 80% of the time when people get zika, they don't even get sick. there's been some reports of side effects to adults, this is not a huge problem for adults, it's a problem for pregnant women and unborn children. so people traveling to brazil, there should be a travel advisory, pregnant women or women of child-bearing years should be questioned at the airport. it would be an enormal travesty to cancel the games. the area where is zika is emerging, indonesia, australia, africa, it's already there. it's no going to spread there from brazil and here,i not going to spread from brazil, either. we've had dengue fever in mexico for a long time every year, we don't see it spread here. the united states has to be
3:28 pm
vigilant. it is not going to become a big outbreak here. >> dr. mark siegel in new york tonight, as always, dr. siegel, thank you. the senate has confirmed president obama's nomination of eric fanning as army secretary. the unanimous decision today makes fanning the first openly gay leader of a u.s. military service branch. fanning previous worked as undersecretary of the air force and chief of staff to defense secretary ash carter. stocks were off today. the dow lost 181, the s&p 500 fell 20, the nasdaq dropped 60. senate democrats may try to override an expected veto by the president on a bill involving 9/11 families and the saudi government. we'll tell you why, when we come back.
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enforcement of a portion of the d.c. strict gun law. the judge says the requirement that people who want to care ray gun in public must show reason to fear injury, or have another proper reason is unconstitutional. that conflicts with another judge's ruling earlier this year. the city can appeal today's decision. senate democrats and president obama may be on a collision course over legislation approved today, giving families of 9/11 victims the right to sue the government of saudi arabia. correspondent kevin corke is live tonight at the white house with a dispute coming to a boil today. >> good evening to you, now if this legislation were to make its way to the president's desk it would very likely be vetoed certainly in its current form because the white house feels it's too broad. let me show the folks what we're talking about. it's called jasta here in washington. that stands for the justice against sponsors of terrorism act. it would give victims' families
3:34 pm
the right to sue in u.s. court federal governments found responsible for attacks on u.s. soil, including potentially the saudi government which some people feel like may have played a role in the 9/11 attacks that killed thousands in new york, washington and of course in pennsylvania. >> it will serve as a deterrent and warning to any other nation. who assists in terror attacks against americans. >> if the saudis did not participate in this terrorism, they have nothing to fear about going to court. if they did, they should be held accountable. it's that simple. >> obviously the white house feels like we're talking about a situation where if it were to pass it could be devastating potentially for the u.s. they feel like it could open up the american system to similar problems all over the globe and that's why white house officials say more has to be done to narrow the scope of this bill. >> i think the reason we're going to talk to democrats and republicans in congress is to
3:35 pm
figure out if there is a way to address the serious concerns that are raised by the potential unintended consequences. >> senator schumer said even if the president were to veto this bill, if it made its way to his desk, he feels confident, brett, that he could come up with a veto override that would include both democrats and republicans. we'll be watching carefully. back to you. >> kevin corke live on the north lawn. black to presidential politics there are indications that as bill clinton becomes a more prominent factor in his wife's campaign, some of the former president's leisure time pursuits could be become major fodder for discussion. chief legal correspondent shannon bream is here with that story. >> there's smoke and where there's smoke it's worthy of an investigation. >> there's no secret that bill clinton had a relationship with
3:36 pm
jeffrey epstein. he went to jail. a plea breach that he was a pedophile, had sex with scores of underaged girms and used his staff to procure the victims. clinton flew with was used to travel to epstein's private island nicknamed orgy island. clinton took at least 26 flights on epstein's private jet to spots around the globe. though apparently not after epstein's plea deal and jail time. five times that they did travel together, secret service did not accompany clinton. >> you don't just dismiss secret service detail paperwork has to be filed. there's an accounting of why the dismissal. in this case there isn't paperwork and the secret service is not responding to the foia requests. >> clinton friends and supporters say dredging up the epstein story now is nothing but a political stunt. >> from now until election day
3:37 pm
everything is politics. >> david goolfriend served as an aide to president clinton during his years in the white house. he believes donald trump and gop lead remembers driving the epstein story in an effort to tarnish hillary clinton. and predicts the american people won't take the bait. >> this is trying to attack the character of the candidate by attacking the character of the spouse. and i think that's unusual and i think it will backfire. >> across the media spectrum, analysts and pundits say the ep steam story isn't going away. >> i'm just telling it like it is. that's, that is the new story that is going to be the ultimate counterattack. >> msnbc spent several minutes on the story monday. >> i don't know the whole story or anything, but i keep having -- reporters say this is going to blow up. >> a spokesman for president clinton did not respond to requests for comment regarding his relationship and travels with epstein. in addition, the clinton library said it had no relevant information and does not keep track of clinton's travel
3:38 pm
records. bret? >> shannon, thank you. will hillary clinton finally slow down bernie sanders' momentum? or will the bleeding continue tonight? we'll ask the panel in washington, when we come back. it's not a banner that goes on a wall. it's not something you do now and then. or when it's convenient. it's using state-of-the-art simulators to better prepare for any situation. it's giving offshore teams onshore support. and it's empowering anyone to stop a job if something doesn't seem right. at bp, safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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if you go out and vote for me tomorrow, i will work for you, i will fight for you, i will stand up for you. let's go make the future we deserve to have! thank you and god bless you! >> kentucky and oregon pose the usual problems for us in the sense that they are close primaries, independents are not allowed to vote. something i think doesn't make a lot of sense, but those are the rules. in oregon and kentucky, if we can bring out large numbers of people, i think we're going to win. >> bernie sanders and hillary clinton talking about the contests tonight we have two on the democratic side. kentucky and oregon.
3:43 pm
a total of 116 delegates. up for grabs tonight. not great polling in either place. in fact very little polling in either state. oregon, the clinton campaign is essentially throwing in the towel there, saying it's sanders country. kentucky, we don't know, if sanders pullso off a win tonight in both states, it will be interesting momentumwise. let's bring in our panel from washington, tucker carlson. a.b. stoddard and charles lane opinion writer for the "washington post." chuck what do you think about tonight? set the table and heading into these races, even though the delegate race seems like with super delegates, hillary clinton is a lock. >> she's not piling up the momentum. having been beaten in so many primaries recently, i guess west virginia went very poorly for her. and she could use a win in kentucky for precisely the reason you said. which is that it's kind of
3:44 pm
indetermi indeterminate, it would be a nice win for her, it's a state somewhat like west virginia. demographically and therefore, it would be a bit of a comeback. but overall the big picture on the democratic side is that bernie sanders is just refusing to get out of the race, notwithstanding what the party wants him to do. so while over here you have the republicans have a lot of problems, at least they don't still have a fight on paper with their fom nation, two candidates going after each other and i can't believe that hillary is enjoying having to continue to deal with the pesky bernie sanders who is everything he does and you know, as the campaign rolls on reminds everybody that there is this left alternative to hillary clinton and you know, it mounts this implicit criticism of her. she would soon be rid of him, but he won't go away. >> a.b., it seems like she continues to talk about her solutions for coal.
3:45 pm
in coal country in a place like kentucky, obviously still feeling the sting in about what she said about west virginia. she had long comments in which she did talk about trying to take care of people who would lose jobs in the coal industry. and how they needed to be helped. but she obviously said the words, we'll be putting a lot of coal mines out of business. and people who work for the coal minus out of business. that is a bumper sticker, even though she and bernie sanders are pretty much on the same page, he seemed more em pa thet nick his rhetoric. she's tried to come back from this sort of word salad that she ended up with saying that her husband has been on the stump reminding people that she has a $30 billion proposal to help those who have been suffering in coal country. but senator rand paul jumped on it when she said it in west virginia and she finds herself
3:46 pm
in a race in kentucky. where she did so well, a 35-point win against barack obama in 2008. not a lot of polling and struggling, hoping she doesn't have a bad surprise tonight. >> tucker, this controversy over the last couple of days has been in the wake of this nevada convention, in which bernie sanders' delegates essentially caused a big ruckus. sanders was asked about that today. take a listen. >> it's not good. >> reaction to that? >> kind of walked away from that question, tucker. he put out a statement saying it's a rigged system. >> his supporters feel that way. consider the fact that they're coming out for him in the first
3:47 pm
place, anyone with internet access knows he is almost certain not to be the nominee. she's three million votes ahead of him. you have to win 90% of the remaining delegates in order to get the nomination on delegates. why are they still coming out for him? as a protest of course. that's why this is a disaster for hillary. if tonight goes as expected, he'll have won 22 states to her 26 states. she's still going to be the nominee, but she's lost the argument long ago. she's not running the campaign she planned to run. she's been moved far left and she still has to deal with sanders and his supporters the third week of july in philadelphia. what is he going to ask for? that's the question that hangs in the air. if i want to rewrite the platform? yeah, i don't think so. why wouldn't he have control over his pick for vp. she's got a specific set of cite kra in mind. he's got a different set in mind. i think it's a big problem for her. bigger than we've been acknowledging, even. >> she has a long way to go to wrap up the bound delegates. she can get there with super
3:48 pm
delegates, it will be interesting in philadelphia. next up, donald trump trying to focus on the general election. if legalzoom has your back.s, over the last 10 years we've helped one million business owners get started. visit legalzoom today for the legal help you need to start and run your business. legalzoom. legal help is here. this clean was like - pow. everything well? it felt like i had just gone to the dentist. my teeth are glowing. they are so white. 6x cleaning*, 6x whiteningá in the certain spots that i get very sensitive... ...i really notice a difference. and at two weeks superior sensitivity relief to sensodyne
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>> ivanka weren't my daughter, perhaps i would be dating her. >> i view a person flat
3:52 pm
chested very hard to be a 10. >> you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves. >> women know donald trump is a very successful business person. he has raised a wonderful family. his own wife endorsed him for president sphbli met with him on thursday. a number of senators did. some of the women senators in that group talked about the fact that women are looking for security. job security, economic security. national security. and they don't feel that they get that from hillary clinton. >> latest super pac ad from hillary clinton super pac and reaction to it. this is donald trump tweets today on hillary clinton. amazing that crooked hillary can do a hit ad on me concerning women when her husband was the worst abuser for women in u.s. history. the latest matchup according to the real clear politics average of polls between trump and clinton has it like this. clinton 47.3. trump 41.6. he has been closing in recent days. we're back with the panel.
3:53 pm
a.b., the women issue, trump is obviously upside down in all the polls when it comes to favorability with women. is this changing? >> well, i mean, the good news for trump is that polls are moving in his direction and all of those national numbers are tightening. we saw the quinnipiac polls in some battle ground states where he was neck and neck with hillary and ahead of her in ohio. that's great news for him. there is still a huge gender gap. i think if he wants to win, he is going to have to overperform with women, even better than mitt romney did, especially with white women because his numbers with nonwhite voters are worse than romney's. he has really got -- she has got to pursue an attack of hillary that doesn't include and risk antagonizing women further. that's why i think the enabler thing is stupid. going after her on benghazi, his ad he put out last week is brutal and very effective. going after her someone under investigation why the fbi who has government records on a secret private
3:54 pm
server and then deleted them, potentially, i really think he has fertile ground to attack her without risking more women voters. >> chuck? >> there is a real irony in donald trump's problem with women voters. because, if you can get past his outrageous statements down through the years that are in that super pac ad and i admit it's hard to get past them, what he actually says with about issues is not as for republican not that, you know, quote, unquote, antiwoman, at least from the democrats have tended to define that. i'm referring specifically to sort of soft position on planned parenthood. he is protective of social security and medicare which are programs women strongly support. he is clearly, you know, faking it when it comes to being pro-life. is he obviously not hard over about that issue. in other words this is not a guy who represents the sort
3:55 pm
of strident social conservatism of past republican candidates that supposedly turned off so many women voters. it's purely a function of his personal life and his personality. >> he obviously says he is not faking it with pro-life. he made a change. tucker, final word here. is he redirecting towards this general election foreign policy, meeting with henry kissinger, talking about it. is this lining up? >> look, a lot of what trump says is deeply insensitive to elite sensibilities. i'm struck by the poll numbers. huge gender gap with women. only smaller is hillary clinton's gender gap with men. greater number of hispanics mitt romney won four years ago. it doesn't prove anything. it does tell you may be overstating the effect of identity politic issues. >> panel, as always, thank you for the brady bunch boxes tonight.
3:56 pm
that's it for the panel. stay tuned to see the latest trick from the harlem globede a trotters. he decided to save money by switching his motorcycle insurance to geico. there's no shame in saving money. ride on, ride proud. geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. her long day as anne. hair stylist starts with shoulder pain when... hey joanne, want to trade the all day relief of 2 aleve with 6 tylenol? give up my 2 aleve for 6 tylenol? no thanks.
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finally tonight, you know how excited you get when you finally nail a trick you are trying to do. check out this trick by the harlem globe trotters. >> i told you could do it. i told you. [ laughter ] >> you did it.
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>> pure excitement. that's it for this "special report" from boston tonight. fair, balanced and unafraid. we'll be back with an america's election headquarters special tonight 9:00 p.m. eastern. don't miss it. here's greta. this is a fox news alert. big night of election results right here "on the record." the polls in kentucky closing just seconds ago and you will have those results as soon as we have them and in oregon, voters have until 11 o'clock p.m. eastern until-to-get their mail ballots. in burning question tonight. will bernie sanders steal another state from secretary hillary clinton? "on the record" has live team coverage. >> good evening, greta. and hillary clinton continues this race here in kentucky. she has a substantial lead in delegates. she loads by millions of votes over senatorough he contis to be in this race. he continues to be a primary challenger. he promises to