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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  May 17, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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that's it for this "special report" from boston tonight. fair, balanced and unafraid. we'll be back with an america's election headquarters special tonight 9:00 p.m. eastern. don't miss it. here's greta. this is a fox news alert. big night of election results right here "on the record." the polls in kentucky closing just seconds ago and you will have those results as soon as we have them and in oregon, voters have until 11 o'clock p.m. eastern until-to-get their mail ballots. in burning question tonight. will bernie sanders steal another state from secretary hillary clinton? "on the record" has live team coverage. >> good evening, greta. and hillary clinton continues this race here in kentucky. she has a substantial lead in delegates. she loads by millions of votes over senatorough he contis to be in this race. he continues to be a primary challenger. he promises to stay. in he continues winning
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contests. he is hoping to steal one here in kentucky. he won a week ago in west virginia. and he won the week before in indiana. both have been campaigning here the last few days, the message from hillary clinton has mostly been a focus on the general election and the presumptive republican nominee. with the primary challengener bernie sanders, she continues to attack sanders. did so on the auto bailout in a vote he took years ago on that front saying he opposed the auto bailout. sanders campaign is saying that's not the case. it's a mischaracterization. he actually did support the auto bailout that's an issue in kentucky there is a large manufacturing base here. clinton is also continuing to explain comments she made a couple months ago about the coal industry remember eastern kentucky? that is still coal country. she made remarks in west virginia a couple months ago saying that we were going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.
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she has since explained that remark essentially saying what she was trying to say was that the coal industry was declining anyway and that she want to do pump billions of dollars into communities that had been in decline because of the shrinking coal industry but, still, that's an argument that perhaps didn't hold all that much sway in west virginia last week when senator bernie sanders won easily there the dynamic in kentucky is one she hopes to replicate from 2008. she won with 65% of the vote over then senator barack obama. this is a closed primary meaning only registered democrats can vote here in kentucky in the democratic primary. those democrats have to have registered by new year's eve of last year. even senator bernie sanders is acknowledging that's a difficult dynamic for him and that he tends to do better in states where independents are allow to do vote. that's not the case here some of the other issues going on with the demographics with this state.
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there are more minorities in kentucky than there were voting in west virginia. that's another dynamics that has favored hillary clinton thus far in the campaigning season. neither candidate, greta, has campaigned here today. senator bernie sanders is already looking forward. he is out on the west coast in california. hillary clinton is not campaigning at all today. she has no public schedule. but, she appears to be on track at least by june 7th to have secured the nomination. at least that's what her supporters are hoping fewer than 150 delegates from securing the nomination. when you factor in the super delegates. bernie sanders is hoping to continue his winning streak and make the case that if he continues winning these primaries in the interim that he can convince those super delegates who are not bound to anyone to switch to him from hillary clinton. we will see the results here in kentucky as the polls polls have now closed. back to you. >> rich, thank you. a reminder to the viewers this is only a democratic primary in kentucky. and donald trump, well, is he doing his homework.
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is he working to brush up on foreign policy and tomorrow the presumptive g.o.p. nominee is meeting with former secretary of state henry kissinger. john roberts is live outside new york's trump tower. john? >> greta, good evening to you. yes, he will be meeting with henry kissinger. we understand it will be midday tomorrow. it will likely be over at secretary kissinger's offices. he is 92 years old. he celebrates his 93rd birthday a week from friday. getting around is a little bit difficult. donald trump wants to meet him. donald trump also making news on the foreign policy front today in an interview with reuters saying if elected president he is open to talking with north korean leader kim jong un about trying to stop north korean program. paris climate accord which he believes is unfair to the united states to make it more favorable to the u.s. at the same time, donald trump under fire from a super pac priorities u.s.a. which is supporting hillary
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clinton 67-million-dollar ad starts tomorrow. virginia, ned and florida. taking aim at him for things he said about women over the years. that prompt add sharp response from. amazing crooked hillary could door a hit ad on me when her husband was the worst abuser of women in u.s. political history. asked whether he want to do respond later on today, bill clinton himself said no thank you i don't but added i think people are smart enough to figure this out without my help. a lot going on with donald trump today. also, greta, we should point out he is only 103 delegates away from clinching the nomination, getting that majority of delegates to 1237 before the convention. if he wins big in oregon today, which is he expected to, he could pick up most, if not all of the 28 delegates. he will still be a little bit shy but well on his way with still six contests to go after this. greta? >> john, henry kissinger
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hasn't endorsed trump, has he or is that expected? >> i'm sorry, what did you say? you dropped out there. >> henry kissinger hasn't endorsed donald trump has he? is that part of this meeting? >> no. he hasn't endorsed donald trump nor is he likely to endorse donald trump. the two have talked by phone several times. it's a box check if you will, particularly if you are a republican presidential candidate or even a were democratic -- republican vice presidential candidates. he also talks to democrats as well. they don't know how much they will get out of henry kissinger. it is owe owe oblige thing to do. >> secretary hillary clinton has not been able to close the deal and eliminate senator bernie sanders. the "on the record"
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political panel is here. abc news political director rick klein "boston globe" victoria. first to you, why hasn't she been able to close this up? >> she is losing winning. closed out by winning and still lost the nomination process. this is a real -- there is a real angst and anxiousness inside the democratic party, still. the fact that it is done for all intents and purposes, bernie sanders is still able to get big crowds, still able to win in critical states. she is going to have a real problem bringing those supporters on board. getting them energized about her campaign, most importantly. i think as much attention as we have paid to divisions on the republican side. divisions on the democratic side that could last through the convention. >> it's unbelievable to me that she hasn't tied this one up yet and that senator bernie sanders who has no chance of getting the demonstration. he needs 87% of the remaining delegates to win but he can't get those. >> and the longer that it goes on it seems the deeper the hurt feelings are
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becoming. i think what we have seen today with the fallout -- continued fallout from the nevada convention over the weekend is not only do you have bernie sanders supporters upset at the establishment, you are having establishment starting to get really upset with bernie sanders. a lot of top named democrats, david axelrod on twitter before we came in here among them saying that bernie sanders didn't do enough to denounce the violence and the death threats and all of the chaos that erupted in nevada over the weekend. so, it almost seems like the divide is getting bigger instead of closing as we get closer and closer to philadelphia. >> when he finally does bow out. maybe it will be next january for all i know, when he finally does bow out, can she massage the problems and can she get him on board? >> bernie sanders has made his campaign about a revolution, a political revolution that is not hillary clinton message. hard to channel the energy that went into bernie sanders campaign and bring that on board. i think the unifying thing
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for democrats will be running against donald trump. it won't be a hillary clinton message. you are seeing tensions rise instead of subside. >> i actually think though that the bernie supporters, i think donald trump will end up getting some. they are talking about this revolution, outside of the -- all these great things that they want. they are not going to vote for an insider. >> i actually spent the last couple days speaking to the bernie or bust crowd did speak to a couple who said yes they would rather vote for donald trump over hillary clinton. for them they say at least the folks that i spoke that it came down to policy. they didn't particularly like donald trump but of the two, especially on trade and foreign policy and some other things, that they just can't stomach hillary clinton on those, you know, very few but big for them differences with bernie sanders. >> who would have thought that it would turn out that the democratic party is the one with the chairs being thrown and at this point and they don't have the nominee. >> we were focused on the wrong contested convention in philadelphia.
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forget cleveland. >> get out your gear. you know, this is going to be a rough one. victoria and rick, thank you both. >> thanks, greta. >> growing calls for president obama to fire a top aid. deputy national security advisor ben rhodes in a "new york times" article manipulated the press to get support for the controversial iran nuclear deal. rhodes boasting how he created echo chamber to make the deal seem better. this deliberate slight of hand flies in the face of president obama's vow to be open and transparent. >> i will make our government open and transparent. >> one of the things i want to do is open things up. >> i want transparency. i want accountability. >> the more transparency we can bring to washington, the less idea it will be run by lobbyists and special interest. >> transparency and rule of law will be the touch stones of this presidency. >> this is the most transparent are administration in history and can i document how that is the case. >> john barrasso is here to
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go "on the record." first of all the president just promised transparency. how transparent was this iran deal? >> not at all. and that's the big problem when you see his -- deputy national security advisor one manipulating the process and then, two, bragging about it shows terrible judgment. this is part of this arrogant behavior by this white house. remember, jonathan gruber said they got the healthcare law passed because of the stupidity of the american people. and now he is saying it's the dumb press this is the arrogance of this administration they are afraid to tell the american people the truth. my concern is the safety of the american public which is what the iran deal is all about. >> i have your letter here you signed it with two other u.s. senators calling for him to fire rhodes. mark kirk from illinois and joran cornyn from texas. another u.s. senator. how do you know this isn't just like -- i have been around washington a long enough. a lot of staffers think they are a lot more important than they are, they sometimes begin to think they're the senator or the
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president. how do you think this isn't some goofy staff running his mouth to the "new york times" magazine? >> the president as president really was the least prepared in modern time to be the president in terms of foreign policy issues has chosen to have advice from people who are least prepared to brief him. that's what we have here. the president said with regard to the iran deal, it's this or war. i mean, this is pure fiction. and i think we are much more likely to be in war with iran. iran with a nuclear weapon they will be a lot stronger 15 years from now. they will have a nuclear weapon. there will be no time for others to prepare. we are as a nation more felony war bad deal based on fiction. >> will the president fire rhodes. >> i don't think he will. the president again is using poor judgment to take advice from somebody who doesn't have the background in foreign policy to be able to advise him at a time when the world is very dangerous. we now know that iran is going to get $100 billion. >> i think they got most of
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that now. that's done and they can spread it around the middle east and help hezbollah and everybody else.
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it, i voted against it many were on board because the president said they had to it's this or war. >> where do we end up? >> we end up with the president continuing to take bad advice. do you know where we end up? jimmy carter said it best he can't think of anywhere in the world where the united states is in a better relationship with the foreign country than we were when barack obama came in to power. barack obama has been a failure in the area of foreign policy. we have seen it with the re-set of russia. we have seen it in syria where assad is stronger now than ever in spite of the red line we see it in iran with a terrible deal that i think puts us more at risk and our closest ally in the region israel, is more at risk because of the actions of president obama. >> senator, thank you very much for joining us. >> thanks for having me. this is a fox news alert. another bloody day in iraq. another wave of bombings killing 69 people. bombings ripping through shiite neighborhoods. isis is bragging they did it
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the deadliest of the four bombings is a car bombing in a crowded market. last week another wave of isis bombings killed 100 people in baghdad. and texas governor greg abbot. is he telling president obama no. about what? find out next. the governor is here. also, of the polls in kentucky just closing. but in oregon the voting goes on. will clinton get beaten again? the results as soon as they are in. [crowd cheering] i could get used to this. now you can. when you lease the 2016 es 350 for $329 a month for 36 months. see your lexus dealer. fight heartburn fast. with tums chewy delights. the mouthwatering soft chew that goes to work in seconds to conquer heartburn fast. tum tum tum tum. chewy delights. only from tums.
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and the votes are being tallied. as soon as we have a winner in the kentucky presidential primary, you will hear it first. voters in oregon, they still have a few hours cast their votes. >> texas governor greg abbot saying no to president obama. now, the texas governor, despite president obama's request says he will not lift texas sanctions against iran. the lifting of those texas sanctions would send billions of dollars into the hands of iran. governor abbot even going one step further saying he will tighten and strengthen the texas sanctions. texas governor author of the brand new book "broken but unvowed." good evening, sir. you have a letter dated april 8th from the president of the united states saying essentially and i think it's a form letter. i think a couple governors got the same letter but it has your name on it. it says he wants you to eliminate the sanctions the state of texas has to iran and you say, what? >> we say no way. we believe that the iran deal is bad for america. it's bad for israel. it's the way the law works
4:20 pm
is that states are not required to make that divesture toler to relen gish the sanctions. what texas is going to do because we believe it's the right thick to do to stand with israel, we are going to maintain the sanctions against iran. we are going to maintain the divesture of investing in iran. but we're going even further. because we are going to expand the divesture mandate. right now it's just the large pension funds in the state of texas. what i'm asking the state to do is to expand that to every state agency in the state and to ask local governments to also participate in the divesture. >> all right. now, exactly what does a divesture mean? >> it means divesting in the veaments they may have in iran and step further is not making any further investment in iran. lifting of sanctions by the obama administration it's allowing the countries maybe the united states of america
4:21 pm
itself to invest in iran. texas will not be accomplice to supporting terrorist i can activity in iran. >> did you have investments in iran? does texas have them and why did it have them in light of all the sanctions and leading up to this? >> right. at the time that the sanctions were placed, there were some investments in iran and there was the allowance of time to go through the divesture process. now that the sanctions have been lifted, what the united states is requesting is opening the investment door back up and we are saying no, we are not going to open the investment door back up. in fact we are going to close it even tighter and put a lock on it. >> how much is this going to pinch snrawn how much is texas worth to iran? >> texas is the 12th largest economy in the world. our state domestic product is more than a trillion dollars. assets could be in the billions of dollars. we hope, for one, this will pinch iran but, hopefully
4:22 pm
for others, this will send a signal to other states across the country, hopefully all 50 states will join with texas and sending a message to iran that we do not agree with your policies. we do not agree with the message that you sent to israel by launching that missile that said eliminate israel from the face of the earth. >> all right. i've seen your may 16th letter that you sent back in response to the president's april 8th. you say in part not surprisingly, your administration was able to implement the iran deal only through the use of false pretenses. are you suggesting that the white house lied? >> well, greta, you're familiar with the story about the fabricated story that the obama administration used to sell the deal. it's been. >> is that a lie? >> put it this way, it's a fabrication, it's exaggeration, it's story-telling. it's not telling the truth to the american people. >> it's a lie? >> exactly what was happening. >> well, then it's a lie. i mean, if you are trying --
4:23 pm
are you saying they are trying to pull a fast one? >> they have admitted that they pulled a fast one. they have admitted that they fabricated a very sophisticated story that they would sell to the press to sell to the american people to buy into a deal that otherwise may not have been sellable. >> all right. speaking of selling, you are selling a new book. you have a new book out, what's is it. >> broken but unvowed. you know i'm in a wheelchair but most of your viewrls may not. as i sit here right now, i'm in a wheelchair because i can't walk. the reason is because a tree crashed down on my back leaving me immediately paralyzed when i was the age of 26. but, i remain unbowed. it was after that i became a texas supreme court justice. the longest serving attorney general and now the governor of the state of texas. i connect that challenge with what is going on in america today. america is the greatest country in the history of the world. but we have to agree that
4:24 pm
america is broken, we must remain unbowed and we must return to our constitutional foundation. >> governor, nice to talk to you and i know the book just came out. i'm getting it because i want to read it thank you, sir. >> thank you, greta. and the u.s. senate just unanimously confirming a new secretary of the army. eric fan something now the first openly gay army secretary and highest ranking gay official in pentagon history. fanning previously served as acting undersecretary of the army and under secretary of the air force. the woman at the center of the "new york times" piece about donald trump is standing by. she just got a call from donald trump. what did trump say to her? she will tell you next. polls in kentucky just closed. on the west coast oregon voters still have time. you will have the results as soon as we do.
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4:29 pm
ex-girlfriend brewer lane goes "on the record." good evening. >> good evening, greta. how are you? >> i'm very well. so i understand donald trump has phoned you. i think phoned you today? >> he did, indeed. he did. >> what did he say? >> well, he called to thank me, essentially, for the support. for standing up for myself and he was very complimentary and very supportive and thanked me for supporting him and he supported me. understanding there is a frustration involved when you are relating to the "times." he just called to say thank you and that he understands where i'm coming from and is he glad i spoke out about it. >> weather is the last time you had ever spoken to him? >> the last time i spoke to donald trump was in 1991. so, again, it was nice to hear his voice it's been quite a while. >> i assume you know his voice. it was donald trump, right?
4:30 pm
>> absolutely. i answered my cell phone. i'm actually not surprised that he called. what it does is reiterate to me what i was saying all along. this is the kind of guy he is. he called me personally. and i saw a phone number from new york. i said hello, he said rowanne he said donald. i said hi, donald. he said i want to the see how you are and, it was nice. it was a very nice conversation about 15-minute conversation. >> let me ask you about the conversation about the "new york times." were you interviewed by them in person? >> i was interviewed for quite a long time by phone by michael the first time around i spent an hour and a half on the phone with whim. second time 40 minutes. i was also photographed. they flew down and photographed me. so, i think where we are going with this is that i had a rapport with the gentleman. i trusted them. i -- as you know, had asked them several times if the piece was what i expected it to be?
4:31 pm
were they after a weird spin on it? no. it was a hit piece? no. it was what we saw a hit piece. they lied to me. i was used as a pawn. this is what my problem is. >> do you know if -- lots of times or not lots of times but some reports will record a conversation video. they will say do you mind if i record this. do you know if your interview was recorded or not? >> i hope. so i have done a lot of interviews and things lately i can't say 100 percent. you would think that they had and i believe that they did second time around when i spoke to michael friday when it was printed. i'm not sure that was. that was the time he bothered me the most. he kept going over the bathing suit which was a scene. it was how i met donald. it was never a scene. i was actually warned. i was actually warned when i
4:32 pm
told people that i was doing the "times" and that it was pertaining to donald that there is a possibility that they may not put such a nice spin on it i actually told people that's impossible because that's not the kind of stoffer -- story i had to tell. i understand you want an apology. donald has said he will sue. do you think you will get apology at all? >> i think donald is definitely entitled to some sort of retraction or apology as far as the article. that's my opinion because if any of the other girls are in the situation i am, it's all lies my apology i would like from michael, again, i think that he knows it's not the story i was telling. he knows that.
4:33 pm
i was going to say if they do have a recording of it. it would enlighten a lot of people as to what i actually said. >> it certainly would clear up a lot of things that they have recorded. reporters don't always record things but that would certainly make it -- it would certainly clear things up. rowanne thank you for joining us. >> thank you very much for having me. >> and a baseball brawler 8 game suspension. second base man were odor. he punched jose battista in the face. he slid into odor's legs. next thing that happened it was a fight. both benches cleared and several punches thrown. he was fined a thousand dollars. he is not alone. four other players including battista and the manager also suspended. and what you didn't hear about iran capturing our american sailors will make your head absolutely spin, congressman with inside scoop standing by to go "on the record." polls are now closed in kentucky and in oregon voters still have until
4:34 pm
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now serving... a better banquet. polls are closed in kentucky. ebb tracking kennel ken results big primary nights. voters in owing have to get their mail-in ballots in before the polls close. upght election coverage. up-to-the-minute minute election coverage. get ready to speed read the news. human error on high seeds. the man to caused amtrak crash was distracted. accelerated twice the speed limited and all because of listening to radio chatter about damage to another train. the train barreled 150 mile-per-hour curve. happened in philadelphia. 8 passengers killed and 200 more injured. watch this: a 45-foot boat engulfed in flame. two people and dog rescued from the boat off the coast of malibu. fire broke out this morning. right now the cause is
4:39 pm
unknown. if you thought american politics were nasty, you need to see this one. a brawl erupt not guilty south african parliament. opposition politicians were trying to disrupt the south african's speech and when security guards were called in, things got really nasty. this is the second gradual in this parliament this month. and a meteor lighting up maine's night sky. police sergeant sitting in his cruiser when his dash cam picked up the video. american meteor society saying they received 140 sightings, spanning from new jersey all the way to quebec. main mineral museum offering piece of it. that piece must weigh two pounds. that's tonight's speed read. do you remember january 12th? that is when iran captured 10 u.s. sailors and then aired video on iranian state tv of the sailors being held at gunpoint one u.s. congressman says the details will shock the nation.
4:40 pm
he is here to go "on the record." good evening, sir. >> good evening, greta. >> this is classified information. >> it's classified. >> you have seen it. >> i have seen it. >> why in the world is this classified? does it need to be? >> well, i think the navy is doing the best they can to do the full investigation and, greta, when we talk about being shocked, first of all, you have the iranians coming in and breaking international law, maritime law the way they treated our sailors, i think what's also going to shock everyone is how we respond to do that whole situation and at the end of it what adds even more fuel to the fire is you have secretary kerry coming out and instead of saying this was wrong, he basically thanks the iranians for what they did. and it's on the back drop of what they had already been doing and ignoring incidents like this happening around the globe. >> how does the navy feel about this? >> the the navy, i think, would also concur this is shocking when they ultimately reveal what happened and how they have done it and you have seen them take some discipline action already. i think there could be more coming. >> shocking to how our sailors were treated or
4:41 pm
shocking how this was handled by the obama administration? >> i think shocking in terms of americans broke a maritime law. shocking how they paraded our sailors out, which you have seen some of that already. but shocking how the united states navy, i guess, handled this from start to finish in the whole process. >> see, i'm not shocked by iran doing that you know, i sort of expect it they have done nothing but -- look at the things that they have said about, for instance, israel. it's not shocking to me. i am shocked, you know, i guess the way shocked i'm speaking because i haven't seen the classified material is that the obama administration didn't do anything beyond saying what we have heard publicly. >> i think that but i think you're going to be shocked, basically, at how we handled this from start to finish within the navy itself. >> this video is of the
4:42 pm
sailor apologizing. beyond that. >> these scenes, one forcing them to do this was wrong. i think when you see from chain of commands all the way through how this was handled, greta, and, again, i can't dance around the classified stuff very much. but i think when this investigation comes out, remember, this is on a back drop, too greta. they did live fire mile test near the truman. they flew trains over us. also on the back drop of the russians bombing us. hong kong saying we can't go into their ports and all of that the administration just bow down to bullies. >> i don't think i don't like the classification of all of this stuff. frankly, everything gets classified in the city that people don't want the american people to know. some things legitimately need to be classified. i think so much is overclassified and i don't know why all of this is maybe i will find out soon. >> i think it will come out. >> i hope. so congressman, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >>' "on the record" griff jenkins was in court today
4:43 pm
for the second freddie grey trial. that's next. we are awaiting primary results in kentucky and oregon. fox team is tracking all the numbers. stay with us. they still refer to me as "gunnery sergeant" when i call being a usaa member because of my service in the military to pass that on to my kids something that makes me happy my name is roger zapata and i'm a usaa member for life. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. quite like the human foot. introducing the 255 horsepower lexus is 300 all-wheel-drive. with twenty-five percent more base horsepower. once driven, there's no going back.
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we are just moments away from announcing the kentucky primary results. the polls closed just one hour. fox news team is tracking all the results and farther west in oregon. last-minute voters are still making their picks. >> and today in baltimore, four police officers testifying in defense of officer edward nero in the second freddie grey trial. "on the record" griff jenkins was in court today. griff? >> hi, greta. very little in the way of new evidence. we herd a lot lot of officer nero's training as the defense continue to do make the case he did not exceed his authority in freddie gray's arrest.
4:48 pm
nor was he reckless in placing gray in that police wagon. we heard from four members of the police department here. throw were sergeants who participated in nero's training. the focus which often revolved around this whole bit about seat belt requirements, none of which recalled at the time at the time of gray's arrest and none instructed them in training. the fourth was a police officer who serves with nero in the western district. he was present at the time of the arrest and recall the van as shaking violently. finally, just an observation, none of the testimony we heard today was quite as strong as yesterday's testimony from officer garrett miller, the prosecution's witness. tomorrow, the defense will continue making their case and rest. we may get a rebuttal. we're not sure from the prosecution, we know for sure judge williams halls set closing arguments for thursday morning, no time line on when we can expect a verdict. greta? >> griff, thank you. and the "on the record" legal panel is here, former
4:49 pm
prosecutor katie phang and former homicide detective and criminal defense attorney ted williams. ted was also inside the courtroom today. ted, what did you think today? >> well, greta, i think that the testimony that today paled to what officer garrett miller did for officer edward nero yesterday. we must remember that yesterday garrett miller testified that he arrested freddie gray. he handcuffed freddie gray. that the wagon driver is actually responsible for seating freddie gray into that van. the problem, greta, that miller now face is every newspaper has his testimony. the court of appeals did not do him any favors. what now i would suggest is that miller's lawyer should definitely move for a change of venue because his testimony is out there and it can very well cripple or hurt time. >> katie, your thoughts
4:50 pm
today about this bench trial? >> this is a case about common sense. and officer nero's defense team did a great job of putting on real life cops. based on training and experience. incredible move on the defense's part is to have the training officer for officer nero to testify today under oath that he never trained officer nero to seat belt detainees in the back of a police van. that common sense is what they're going to appeal to judge williams. the prosecution wants judge williams to issue a verdict basically condemning all cops if they don't have probable cause to effect an arrest. but you are asking cops to make a split second decision and they are doing it based upon what they have, again, from training and experience and officer nero by all accounts did what did he best on that day and maybe it's enough to be able to get an acquittal from judge williams. >> you know, ted, it looks like the city of baltimore was burning down a year ago in april, late april.
4:51 pm
and now in terms of when you look at this it seems like the lid has been pretty much been put on. is the courtroom filled with people or not? >> well, the courtroom is clearly filled with citizens of baltimore, but you don't feel in the air, greta, what we felt when you and i were in this city about a year ago when griff jenkins and i were in the middle of the riot. i think what the judge may very well do is to definitely notify law enforcement to be in place if there is trouble. but as of now, it doesn't look like that may materialize. >> katie, the judge makes a decision. when it's a jury we all have some sort of the intrigue of the jury coming back. we don't know if they will come back in 10 minutes, three weeks, four days, or whatever it is. the judge though, the verdicts are generally, this is a lawyer voodoo, they come pretty fast. would you expect the judge to make this decision fast? >> i do.
4:52 pm
so closing arguments are reasonably anticipate to do occur on thursday. we don't know when the verdict is going to come back. like you said, in a bench trial it should come back pretty quickly. as you and ted know, greta, jurors can be damned if they do, damned if they don't if they render quick verdict. same thing for the judge. he may want to take the time toll render a verdict on friday or on thursday verdict of guilty or verdict of not guilty. >> ted, was marilyn mosby the chief prosecutor, has she been seen in the courtroom at all? >> marilyn mosby was not there today. i did not see her. i did see miss mosby in court yesterday. as a matter of fact, greta. >> i had a very cordial conversation with ms. mosby. we did not, of course, and she cannot talk about this case, but we did talk in general. >> i'm surprised it was cordial. apparently she hasn't watched you. [ laughter ] >> the things you have said. anyway, katie, we will be watching ted.
4:53 pm
thank you both. thank you both. anyway, coming up. who is dumb enough to pick a fight with nuns? i'm going to tell you off-the-record. and fox is tracking all the primary night action kentucky and oregon both making presidential picks. stay with fox news all night long. x. it's not a banner that goes on a wall. it's not something you do now and then. or when it's convenient. it's using state-of-the-art simulators to better prepare for any situation. it's giving offshore teams onshore support. and it's empowering anyone to stop a job if something doesn't seem right. at bp, safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. at ♪music continuesver being satisfied.
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votes are being counted in kentucky. of the polls have been closed for nearly one hour. right now the race between secretary hillary clinton and bernie sanders is too close to call. and in owing, last-minute voters are scrambling to get their mail ballots in. fox news will have all the race calls. stay tuned all night long. let's all go off-the-record. you know what is really obnoxious? when your government is stubborn and it costs you. case in point. little sisters of the poor versus burwell.
4:58 pm
nuns vest president obama and obamacare. little sisters did not want their religious rights stepped on by obama care by being force to do pay for contraception for employees. obamacare would not budge. pay a nearly $70 million fine. those nuns can't pay $70 million. sisters of the poor, right? the supreme court stepped in, came one a simple fix and good for them. but tell me this: why did it get to this? what a waste of time and money. get this, the obama administration exempted many others but just decide nod exemption for the fun nuns. what's with that? picking on the nuns. if you ask me. so the nuns didn't want to go to court but they had no choice and you as a taxpayer had to pay the government lawyer's bill to fight the nuns just because the obama administration was stubborn, maybe stupid, picking a fight with nuns. it's more government waste. but what did do the government lawyers care? it's other people's money. yours. and that's my off-the-record
4:59 pm
comment tonight. and time for campaign flash. donald trump is taking his trump university lawsuit to new york's highest court. the presumptive g.o.p. nominee will argue the state's broad claims should be dismissed the now defunct university is accused defrauding people who paid up to $35,000 for real estate seminar. senator marco rubio putting end to re-election rumors series of treats. senator rubio saying i have only said like a thousand times i will be a private citizen in january and a veiled swipe at donald trump[ky crunching all the primary
5:00 pm
numbers. as soon as there are race called, you will find out. bill o'reilly is starting live. the factor starts here right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. democratic race is going on kentucky and oregon. insure what happened in the commonwealth. kentucky voters divided on the worthiness of hillary clinton and bernie sanders. very close. no call yet. we may have it in this hour. of course we will give it to you as soon as we do. really doesn't matter though. i hate to dampen the primaries. both kentucky and oregon are proportional both clinton and sanders will pick up some delegates but not enough to change anything. hillary clinton will be the nominee for the democrats. barring an indictment in the email investigation. but, secretary clinton must be annoyed that sanders is still hanging around. absolutely no chancef


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