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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 17, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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as soon as there are race called, you will find out. bill o'reilly is starting live. the factor starts here right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. democratic race is going on kentucky and oregon. insure what happened in the commonwealth. kentucky voters divided on the worthiness of hillary clinton and bernie sanders. very close. no call yet. we may have it in this hour. of course we will give it to you as soon as we do. really doesn't matter though. i hate to dampen the primaries. both kentucky and oregon are proportional both clinton and sanders will pick up some delegates but not enough to change anything. hillary clinton will be the nominee for the democrats. barring an indictment in the email investigation. but, secretary clinton must be annoyed that sanders is still hanging around. absolutely no chance of
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getting enough delegates to win. continuing campaign drains clinton's money and energy. while trump sits in his tower tweeting, she is running arounde promising. as they say in brooklyn, oy they. let's return to what i believe is very important press coverage about donald trump. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as you may know, the "new york times" published a front page article on sunday with the headline "crossing the line." how donald trump behaved with him in private. the article is now in dispute as one of the primary women interviewed says who words were taken out of context and that the reporters did not, did not accurately portray her interactions with donald trump. both sides have been all over cable news. the situation is posh to you, the american voter, because it signals that did will be very difficult for all of us to get the truth when donald trump is involved. the "new york times" assigned reporters michael
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babaro and martha tuohy to report on the story. mr. barbaro has written a number of anti-trump tweets nothing egregious just trivial pursuits. honest media operation, those treats would have disqualified mr. bar barrow from reporting on donald trump. ms. twohej another story. great reporter with. being nominated for a pulitzer prize. the problem is she is a feminist or so it seems. the factor asked ms. woman to-hay twohey to appear this evening. not a surprise. the reason i mention feminism in connection with reporting on donald trump is that his resume goes against that ideology. for example, mr. trump, as we all know ran beauty contests. he referred to women as trump girls and has been
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flamboyant in his interactions with the opposite sex. we asked ms. twohe grmplet she is a feminist both on the phone and in writing. she declined to answer in both cases. here is what she said about the trump article yesterday. >> i think there were some themes that emerged. there were, you know, some of the coons with -- accounts with unwelcomed advances. under ending commentary on the form. we can silt here and analyze what we think of donald trump but what we want to do do with this piece is to give the women their voices and what their experiences has been. it's a complicated story. >> it is a complicated story one that needs to be examined by reporters with no agenda. let's put it another way. would you assign a person who he is disappeared castro's cuba to report on bernie sanders? would that be fair, to put a
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person who despises socialism in a position to gather information about the socialist senator? no, it would not be fair. why then would an editor allow a feminist to report on donald trump? being a feminist can be a very good thing. that political position has led to many positive changes for american women. there is no denigration in my analysis for you left wing loons. it all comes back being fair and giving you unbiased look at the presidential candidates. the problem is in the national media there are very people there. many schools are crazy left, insane professors spewing all kinds of nonsense. some students rejected as did i at boston university. but others fall under this way. if you get a job at the "new york times" or other national media, you better toe the line, the liberal line. if you don't, it will be very tough for you to advance because many editors
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are not wholistic toward non-liberals to use a p.c. term. persony bernie goldberg wrote a book about it. things are reaching critical mass. the "new york times" and other national media are strongly anti-trump. they cannot discipline themselves to cover his campaign fairly. talking points told mr. trump would happen. the national media favored barack obama, no question about that and, yes, they hit mccain and romney but they didn't hit whim a vengeance although the "times" ran a poorly sourced story about mccain private life. but the trump media thing will be much more personal than romney-mccain, believe me. and it will get very nasty. and that's the memo. next on the rundown,
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legendary journalist bob woodward from "the washington post will respond to my analysis and tell us about how his newspaper will cover donald trump. the factor is coming right back. and i'm still struggling with my diabetes. i do my best to manage. but it's hard to keep up with it. your body and your diabetes change over time. your treatment plan may too. know your options.
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i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit continuing with lead story. county national media cover donald trump with any fairness at all. joining from washington bob board ward, -- woodward associate editor at the "new york post." am i making any mistake. >> it's not a matter of mistakes. i think this ♪ one of the "new york times" best stories. i think they have done lots of really good stories. i think we are all better off that the "new york times" is in there, investigating and analyzing and reporting on both of these candidates. as you know, the "new york times" have really exposed hillary clinton's emails in
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a very significant way at the same time. in terms of of the points you were making the public is smarter than we think. they can read this story like the "new york times" story see the play back when one ever the characters or another of them comes forward and says wait a minute, that isn't what i meant my words were twisted and so, in a real way, i think the public can smoke this out. >> see, i disagree. i don't think the public can i think enormous amount of time to do that you would have to read the article and then watch cable news and then figure out hot players were. but let's get to the specifics. so i raise two questions about the reporters first guy bar bar bar barbaro.
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>> i know he has done very good stories. as i say. >> just trust me on this. he tweeted because we have the tweets. he tweeted some. >> what did they say? let's be specific. >> snarky than anything else. but it was clear that he doesn't like trump. would you, as an editor, allow him to report on trump? >> i would like at that physical they were inappropriate, of course you wouldn't want to. >> is that correcty, i want to get your judgment. as i said, you are legendary guy. the second one is more problematic. she is a feminist. trump is a beauty contestant purveyor. do you let a feminist report on a beauty contestant person who is now turned politician? >> of course. that doesn't condemn somebody and say they can't report on x or y. somebody is a conservative or a liberal that doesn't
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mean they can't report. as we learn over the decades, the best reporters may have feelings and personal conclusions and they can edit those and filter those things out. >> there are a lot of charged words in that article. >> yeah. i didn't think it was one of their finest articles. >> wait, wait. if i'm an editor and i know there is a feminist woman in my newsroom, who is brilliant because i think this woman is an excellent reporter i don't let her report on trump because trump is the an tis sis of antithesis of that. there are plenty of reporters who can do the story. do you not see that? >> i really disagree. there are feminists on the left and the right as you know somebody can put their personal feelings and conclusions in their back pocket and keep them there. >> i guess it's possible. i haven't seen it much.
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but i guess it's possible. >> okay. but it can happen. and the smartest, most careful, most experienced reporters know that. >> it wasn't in this case. >> what you are on to, if you may say this. i think there is an anti-trump climate in the news business. i think there also is an anti-hillary clinton climate. >> not as extensive and not as personal. let's get to you the "the washington post" you made headlines saying you are going to have a squad or guys or gals going out to look at trump and i'm sure you will do the same with hillary clinton. both candidates have a lot that people would like to know. so they are worthy articles. but, i got to say, you know, i have read the post editorials. "the washington post" despises donald trump on the edi page. they despise the man. >> but as you know -- >> --very tough for you guys to be fair. >> well, there is really a chinese wall. and the news side really, i mean i know these editors.
5:14 pm
i work with them. bob costa at "the washington post." probably knows trump and the trump operation as well as anyone. he can be tough, but he is fair. six weeks ago, costa and i interviewed trump, and this guy costas 30 years old. he has observed so much. he is tough minded and in this is the quality. >> the editor is 30 years old? >> no. bob costa, reporter is 30 years old. >> is he 30 years old. is he a young guy. >> is a he young guy. and he has this quality which i think is the core of good reporting. he knows how to listen. >> do you think that the standards of journalism covering the white house are as stringent as they were when you and your partner were doing watergate, bernstein?
5:15 pm
are the standards as stringent now as they were then? because i don't think so. >> you just can't make a blanket declaration. sometimes -- listen, i have written books about obama and i have been very tough on him and said he really hasn't figured out how to work his will as president. lots of people have done tough things on president obama and do we need to do more? do we need -- you know, the essence of this is patience and i like the commentary the word discipline. >> right. >> having the discipline to get something, check it, talk to more people, go back to the original sources and so forth and then this "new york times" story, it was one of the speeded up things quite obviously. >> it didn't work for them. >> it doesn't look very
5:16 pm
good. here is the porpoise element on in this. what it does is invite comparison between trump former president bill clinton. what we know is bill clinton had sexual relationship with a young intern in his white house there are documented allegations of actions by him toward women which were coercive. >> we have been through that. i don't think we need to relitigate that' i have got to go because it's a live show and we have elections. >> sure. >> you the editor of the "new york times," any newspaper have to assign reporters who are as unbiased as they can be. have to. thank you, mr. woodward. thank you. directly ahead, donald trump says he will used scorched earth in the debates with hillary clinton. security lines at the
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impact segment tonight. according to donald trump, excuse me, himself, he will bring up hillary clinton's marriage when he debates her before the presidential election. the question tonight, do americans want that? joining us from washington mercedes slapp strategist in new york city and juan williams -- nobody knows what juan is. so, do you want to see bill clinton relitigated in context of how hillary clinton handled it? >> no. but i think donald trump can't resist the opportunity. is he in to scorched earth politics. >> he is in to it. >> lyin' ted, little marco. >> little marco, little
5:21 pm
jose. whoever it was. doesn't pale. doesn't come close to this. if he goes in, are the american people, even republicans, even people who might favor donald trump, they want to hear all this unsavory stuff? do they want to hear it? >> i think, yes. he will delight some in his base. they will sees a cutting down to size and getting under skin and forcing her. >> real anti-clinton people. >> yes. >> will accept it. >> that's right. >> how about the regular folks? casual folks? >> that's what i worry about for him. he risks the danger of coming across as someone. i think i would say despicable. people will say this is despicable behavior. you are taking the low road. and especially for american women because there are a lot of women, bill, who would say, guess what? hillary clinton kept the marriage together. they may -- bill clinton's numbers are still high, 57% favorable but hillary clinton's numbers got even higher while he was being impeached because women waived her. >> some. >> having to deal. >> but it's not about that
5:22 pm
so much, mercedes, it's about if hillary clinton says that donald trump is anti-women or abusive toward women, he is going to go back and say, listen, you are an national enabler and you said this about this one and said this about another one. it will be contextual. and i don't know whether americans in that kind of a context will be angry with it? >> for donald trump he pretty much doesn't have a choice. he has two options either be passive or attack. and for trump at this point, let me tell you how the clintons are going to play it they're going to play it hard. paul came out and an advisor for one of the pro-clinton super pacs and said that republican nominee better be afraid, be very afraid. what options does trump have? trump plays best when he is on office. i know there will be a fine line. let's say if he goes after her physical appearance, yes, women voters will be totally turned off by that with that being said, there are some of these young women voters who are not necessarily aware of the monica lewenski scandal or
5:23 pm
what happened with jennifer flowers. so, the fact is that when you start talking about hillary and the bimbo eruptions and calling monica lewenski loony tunes. those are important for women voters and americans to know. >> his assassins go after trump, you say that trump is a perfect right to come back and bring up all of this stuff? >> exactly. he is going to have to do it, bill. there is no other choice. >> do you think that's correct? >> no. >> you don't think he has -- you know begala. you know the people that the clintons have on their payroll. >> i do. >> you know how vicious they're. >> they can be tough. >> not tough, vicious. all right. there is a difference. if they do, and trump says, wait a minute, you have x, y, and z, i submit that the american people will be okay with that i agree with mercedes you can't make fun of her pants suit or her hair. >> here's the thing. >> that's right. >> you pull a knife and i pull a knife and no one is
5:24 pm
coming out of this knife fight without blood, knock it's going to hurt donald trump. three divorces, called by his fellow republicans a serial philanderer. >> it's nasty. and that's what you are talking about. >> let's assume then. let's advance the story and i hope it doesn't happen. i hope this stuff doesn't happen. but let's assume it does. all right? >> all right. >> and the whole thing gets into the mud, that's what we have. all right? mudslinging everywhere. embarrassment, the world looking at this as a tabloid circus. >> correct. >> this is the united states of america. >> unbelievable. >> when will people, mercedes, say enough is enough? you both have to stop it. >> goodness, i don't think they will say enough is enough. i have to tell you this race is becoming about personality. almost more than policy. and they want to make sure that they have what would be the leader in the white house that would be a tough, strong leader. and unfortunately, part of it is -- of the personality is your personal history, which is going to be brought up. it was a theme brought up
5:25 pm
obviously in the media it's going to be brought up by these different candidates. this is going to be as we know the ugliest race we have seen in our lifetime. nothing is going to be off the table, bill. it's just the reality of what we are living in this election cycle and truly the reality show we are seeing. >> mercedes, i get your point because they are going to both drive the negatives. >> absolutely. >> they both have high negatives. what i'm saying to you is that donald trump cannot argue about policy or experience and win with hillary clinton and if he can continues to take the low road at some point if she is talking about policy issues. >> he is taking the low road glel say hi, i see one person. >> she is taking low road. >> we will be the ones who decide who is throwing the grenades and who is taking the low road. that's what can i do. can i say look, this one did this, this one did that. i don't want any of it i will go on the record i don't want any of this. i much would rather talk about how successful or unsuccessful as hillary clinton secretary of state and what hillary clinton's -- i'm a boring guy.
5:26 pm
>> democrats won't play fair. >> all right. we will see. thank you both. one footnote excellent gift for father's day is juan's new book "we the people." update on bowe bergdahl case which is totally out of control. epidemic of shoplifting in california. gutfeld and mcguirk on insane at the nation's airports. why is that happening? we hope you stay tuned to those reports. hey! this is lloyd. to prove to you that the better choice for him is aleve.
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factor follow up segment tonight, effectively dealing with illegal immigration. as you know the federal government will not do that. now some states are taking action almost defying the federal government. joining us from baton rouge, louisiana, the attorney general of that starkts jeff landrieu. what exactly are you doing down there mr. landry. >> here is what happened, bill, in february the city of new orleans police department issued instructions for its officers not to ask the immigration stalls of people who were in their custody or cooperate with federal authorities. in response to that, representative israeli hodges and representative jay mohr is filed bills. representative hodges' bill would basically cut off funding of public finance from municipalities who engaged in sanctuary city policies. that bill won by -- passed threw the state house, with bipartisan support in
5:31 pm
overwhelming majority. and it is now in the senate. if we're able to pass that particular bill, what would happen is, those public officials who are engaging in sanctuary city policies would have a choice. they either would protect illegals in their city or they would risk the loss of those funds and their citizens, of course, would get mad at them. >> in new orleans, for example, how much does new orleans get from the state of louisiana? approximately? >> new orleans access public finance. >> tens of millions of dollars. >> yeah. i am hoping to. >> what are the odds? >> i think the odds are good? i think people out there both in louisiana and around the nation call the state senate at 225-344-2040. we will get it through next week. we had a hearing on it today.
5:32 pm
it went well deferred the bill until next week because there are some in the senate who want to take out the enforcement mechanism in the bill. we know without the enforcement the cities will continue. >> are there other towns in louisiana beside new orleans that have sanctuary city policies as far as you know? >> yes. actually, lafayette parish under the current sheriff issued a policy basically precluding its officers from contacting the federal officials in regards to illegals in their custody. there is a new sheriff coming in to lafayette parish in july. we believe he will change his policy. >> what about the kate's law situation where illegal alien comes. hurts somebody in your state. you know, it's still not prosecuted by the federal government. ice doesn't detain them. is there anything going on in that area? >> actually, that's what these bills are intend to do discourage. we believe if the bills that we spoke about actually make it in to law, that's why they are so important. that's why we are asking people to contact the
5:33 pm
louisiana state senate. if they are enacted, they will -- those departments will change their policy and then the collaboration between locals and the federal governments will occur and the feds will deport people in their custody. >> do you have -- >> -- who need to be deported. >> based on your experience, do you have confidence in ice that they will do the job? because some places they do and some places they don't. >> i do. because i can tell you that if these laws are passed, we're going to contact and with our federal -- that ice does the job of deporting dangerous criminals out of this country. >> so you will hold them as long as you have to hold them until ice comes down and gets them? >> absolutely. because there was federal law passed decades ago that valley reimbursed local gosmghts for holding these until ice takes them into custody. we believe we will work with ice and get this done. if this law passes, bill it, will be one of the strictest
5:34 pm
in the nation sanctuary cities in louisiana. >> we will follow it and see if louisiana can't lead the way against these sanctuary city movement. mr. landry, thank you very much. thank you. when we come back, is it legal on update on bowe bergdahl and also shoplifting mania in california. just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, some schools want to give pot to kids. wait until you hear this moments away. ladies, why just dream of worry-free nights? i'm linda, and like millions of women worldwide i trust tena. and with new tena overnight underwear i can now sleep worry free all night. the unique secure barrier system gives me triple protection from leaks, odor and moisture so i can keep being a sweet dreamer. tena overnight underwear and pads. only tena lets you be you.
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the is it legal segment tonight. three hot topics, let's get to lis wiehl and eriner lick who is in for kimberly guilfoyle tonight. there is epidemic of shoplifting in california, why? >> absolutely. well, after proposition 47 was passed in 2014 shoplift something up about 25% in the l.a. area and about 50% in other areas of california. proposition 47 took away the possibility of shoplifting ago a felony up to three years in prison. now can only be prosecuted as a demeanor. >> no matter how much you steal. >> up to $950.
5:39 pm
>> so if you steal because that's what shoplift not 950 it's demeanor. >> demeanor. you know no one gets prosecuted. >> in l.a. a demeanor is like hey we will throw you lunch and get out of here. demeanor get it on a calendar in los angeles so the wise guys know. this k-mart and just steal and get caught stealing so what? >> it's unintended consequence arguably of prop 47. >> why would they do that? i guess because they don't want to put people in jail? the point to prop 47. one of the objectives it s. to cure the overcrowding in prisons and jail. creating statewide spending that led people like newt gingrich to say. >> fiscally irresponsible.
5:40 pm
>> what is happening though so somebody is clear lessen the penalties for shoplifting and it went through the roof. >> robbery is up it 25% 3ow in san francisco. san francisco is the highest property rate crime city in the country bowe bergdahl came back united states. trade for five commanders in guantanamo and we got bergdahl, now it's may 2016, two years later. no trial. what is going on with bergdahl? >> there has been a few delays. most recent delay is that the defense is arguing that they need typically to be able to sift through evidence here is the distinction. >> discovery they have to
5:41 pm
give that material to the defense attorney. >> in regular civil litigation, that is true. but you are in a military try bible. >> they don't have to give them that? >> what the prosecutor is arguing they need to have the government sift through the material first to review the evidence to see -- >> -- this sounds to me like the government doesn't want to prosecute this guy. >> right. >> it's not bergdahl's lawyers. >> no. >> we ambushed one of those. >> wait a second. and it's more than that the prosecution, not arguing about the documents, the prosecution came forward not even just about the documents, oh u you know what? let's just push this back to december. >> pentagon itself, supposed to be seeking justice on behalf of we the people because bergdahl is accused of being deserter and worse, they don't want to try it until after president obama gets out. >> interesting. what's interesting about that is that we should be expecting down the pipeline from the defense a motion saying that this guy's rights to due process. >> right to a speedy trial. >> they will argue that
5:42 pm
donald trump has been going out there ranting and raving that this guy should have been dropped out of a plane into isis territory and they. >> did he actually say that? >> he should be executed is what they said. >> the new trial date is february 2017. >> correct. >> 30 days after president obama goes na na na na, hey hey hey. >> they're is a con. finally, this is a terrible story. in atlanta, 18-year-old girl is going 107 miles per hour in her father's white mercedes benz automobile. she crashes into an uber driver. she has other kids in the car with her. pick up the story from there. >> she has three kids total in the car. they are not hurt as she goes crashing through. but kills -- doesn't kill, hits this guy, maynard wentworth, 61-year-old uber driver. is he now in a wheelchair. he cannot work. he is claiming negligence, loss of consortium. >> he has brain damage, does
5:43 pm
he not. >> brain damage. >> his life is over. his family is suing not only the girl. >> right. >> but snap chat? is that what it is. >> they got the deep pockets. >> snap chat? >> it's snap chat. >> at the time of the collision this girl was doing something with her machine. >> she was using a filter on the app. and it allows you when you are moving to document the speed that you are traveling. >> so she jacked the car up to 107 so she could get this on the app., record it that she was doing 107. >> yeah. >> obviously loses control of the car. the car hits the uber guy. uber guy's life is over. so the uber guy's family is suing not only the girl and her family. >> right. >> but the snap chat. is that a company snap chat? >> 60 billion-dollar worth company. >> like facebook? same kind of thing? >> exactly. like. >> i have important things to do i can't be carrying a stupid machine around. >> you probably have it on
5:44 pm
your phone. >> i hope. so believe me, i am not going to go over 40 miles per hour and take anybody's picture. >> it's actually quite fun. you should try it. >> look, the odds of them prevailing with snap chat are not because it is a company. >> exactly. >> it makes a product. if the product is abused, it's not their fault. >> that's not true. >> wait, erin, you get the last word. what do you mean it's not true. >> not necessarily true. they may not be liable for misuse but liable for foreseeable misuse. acts like ways that say before you can use them you are not driving you are a passenger. >> they didn't click that. >> they didn't do that. >> i still don't think you will prevail. >> they say right on there please do not snap and drive. >> i feel horrible. >> texting while driving is going on everywhere. even though it's against the law. >> they still do. >> it look over and see them. >> that's another point. >> gutfeld and mcguirk on
5:45 pm
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man 1: i came as fast as i man 2: this isn't public yet. man 1: what isn't? man 2: we've been attacked. man 1: the network? man 2: shhhh. man 1: when did this happen? man 2: over the last six months. man 1: how did we miss it? man 2: we caught it, just not in time. man 1: who? how? man 2: not sure, probably off-shore, foreign, pros. man 1: what did they get? man 2: what didn't they get. man 1: i need to call mike... man 2: don't use your phone. it's not just security, it's defense.
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back of the book segment tonight, what the heck just happened? if you go to the airport, expect to wait hours on lines just to get to the gate. security chaos sweeping the nation. here to analyze it bernard mcguirk and greg gutfeld. i asked to you investigate why in chicago they are asking you to come to the airport three hours before your plane takes off. >> so i made a bunch of phone calls. friends of mine. then i followed up on what you asked for. i found out fewer staff, more luggage, more customers. you know how everybody -- nobody wants to check their bags anymore? >> because you can't get them. >> everybody is checking --
5:49 pm
that's causing lock lines. cut the staff. it's not the tsa's fault. i love the tsa, as a married man, that patdown is the closest i get to a forbidden fruit. >> why did they cut staff? >> they have been cutting staff for budgetary reasons every year. >> they did it because they thought this pre-check program that they put in place would be more efficient, it weeks at the diet the lines. >> what's the pre-check program. >> it's where you can sign up to expedite. >> only a few people do it. global pass. >> because you pay for it, a and b you have to go to the airport for an interview even if you are not flying. it didn't work. in their genius they decide to do cut staff before they saw if it would work and that's why you have the problem. >> is that the department of transportation? ice doing this? >> do you know what they're offering? miniature horses for therapy delay in security which is kind of like treating incontinence with a trampoline. it makes no sense.
5:50 pm
>> neither is that analogy. >> it's not supposed to. that was the point. >> what i don't want i don't get here is who is in charge? do you know who is in charge? >> the government is in charge. >> what government? >> homeland security. >> homeland security. so that'shnson? >> here is the tsa that's peter neffinger. never heard of him looks like somebody on msnbc. >> he answers to johnson. >> he answers to johnson? >> yes. >> once again infish at this at the federal government and all the folks suffer. >> i have to privatize. it's like the department of motor vehicles type mentality there you have employees, non-motivated employees who are will he that lethargic looking forward to next break. i have seen people at burger king and mcy d's. tsa stands for too stupid for arby's. >> i have to defend the t.s.a. i think they work hard. now more people outside
5:51 pm
security than in security. makes them a target. you can walk right into a crowd of a thousand people and think about that that's important. >> traveling has now become a burdennen in this country. it has become painful and that is wrong. >> that's why i stay at home. >> in colorado where pot is legal, there is a school district that wants to allow medical marijuana for the students. is that correct, mcguirk? >> there is a kid that was suspended, he brought a couple cannabis pills he was taking for seizures, they said let's legalize the kid. >> why doesn't this happen? why doesn't the kid go into the office? he has a note from his doctor. this is my condition. these are my pills. show them to the administrator. so what's going on? >> this is a good thing. now you have the three r's. reading, writing and reefer. >> these are the pills the kid took. >> pills. >> what's the controversy? >> every kid will be literally in high school if they take this stuff.
5:52 pm
the controversy is -- i don't know what the controversy is, people object to it abuse it, perhaps. >> a story that gets a lot of attention. to me new rule doctors obtain a note. allow to do bring non-marijuana products to school if they have a condition. okay. i don't think anybody would have a beef with that you just got to use common sense. you don't get crazed. can't smoke it up in the bathroom. and all that. it's like the transgender issue. just make a bathroom. i don't know what you do the with the shower. that's the thing. with the bathroom, just one of these slash deals, man/woman, one stall, that's it. >> i say combine both issues, a bathroom for smoking pot. >> so now you have the prospect -- this is why i'm at fox news, bill, no one thinks like this. >> at 3:00 in the morning. >> that's right, you're -- >> i moved up in the world.
5:53 pm
>> i've on before you. >> keep in mind, i'm on at 3:00 in the morning. >> these kids have nothing to look forward to after school. to greg's point, you have the prospect of stoned out young males pretending to be women running around naked in the women's locker room. if that doesn't make bill o'reilly want to move to ireland now. >> no, trust me, i think it might be worse in ireland so, you know, you got to be careful where you go. all right, gentlemen. >> yes, it's a pleasure. >> the word escapes me when i say "it's a." i look at gutfeld's face and my mind goes blank. >> i have that effect and everyone. >> gutfeld's going to utah, everyone, so if you have a car, idaho. the tip moments away.
5:54 pm
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cyberspace addiction, in a moment, first, an update on the who wants to be president live show tour. reno and atlanta just about sold out. will be why this weekend. connecticut, the father's day night show on june 18th saturday, completely sold out. denver and biloxi going gaft. info on bill o' tickets make splendid gifts for dads and granddads. splendid, word of the day. now e-mail. i'm sure this e-mail will never get read but i hear a former girlfriend of bill clinton was interviewed. is the news media afraid to approach the subject? i hope they are because tawdry rumors should be shawned. news is important and we should not trivialize it and waste time with salacious gossip unless it affects your life. wendell kelsey, south side, west
5:57 pm
virginia. the story on trump, may not think she was mistreated but parading a model in front of men is not something that should be approved of. does it matter? really? come on. joe, new jersey, i think donald trump will make a mistake if he goes after bill clinton's transgegss. he should concentration on what hillary did as secretary of state. katie has made no secret of her disdain for trump. we've heard enough of her bias. just because an analyst opposes a candidate does not mean they're bias. fnc analysts give their opinions. that's what we pay them to do. we balance those opinions out on this program. judy, napa, california, ever since i was a little girl, we've had derelicts in san francisco. today, it's become dangerous. every city has layabouts but when they begin assaulting folks by consultation or inappropriate public action, then real action must be taken.
5:58 pm
new york city, i'm a retired cop, it was bothersome to hear the woman say the police would not have responded to a manure nan a , man urinating on her, i would have responded. things have gone downhill fast. i can't get the name but you live in mass. citizens of san francisco voted for the environment they have, no sip pathy. no sympathy. paula pipinger, fort wayne, indiana, just signed my husband up for membership. we're very impressed, outstanding. it's good to hear. great father's day gift, premium membership and the free book that comes with it. finally tonight, the factor tip of the day, where we're all hearing stories about drug addiction these days. opiates, that kind of thing. very dangerous situation. i submit to you that addiction to the internet will be a more severe problem in the long run.
5:59 pm
if you are thinking about your computer or portable machine, if you can't stay away, if it's your primary source of entertainment, you may be an addict. tomorrow, do an experiment. log how much time you spend on the gadgets. it's very tough to get off them. for many of us, especially the urchins, the kids. but you have to moderate the use. or bad things will happen to you. that's your tip of the day. that's it for us tonight. please check out the website which is different. also we'd like you to spout off about the factor anywhere else in the world. name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, do not be jujune. do not be jejune when writing to "the factor." it's like the derby, all right, there it is, wow, look how close that is. okay. so the election guys, brett baer
6:00 pm
and the people down in washington will have all of it for you at 9:00. again, thanks for watching. please remember the spin stops here. we're definitely looking out for you. three candidates remain as voters head to the polls in kentucky and oregon. >> i will work for you, i will fight for you. >> it's going to be a close election. we're going to do just fine. >> bernie sanders hopes for an upset. >> if they want the strongest candidate to defeat donald trump, bernie sanders is that candidate. >> hillary clinton forges ahead. her sights on donald trump. >> he has truly proven to be a loose cannon. it's risky and dangerous. >> tensions are high on the democratic side as sanders and clinton supporters clash in nevada. republican leaders start to put their trust in