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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  May 17, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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and the people down in washington will have all of it for you at 9:00. again, thanks for watching. please remember the spin stops here. we're definitely looking out for you. three candidates remain as voters head to the polls in kentucky and oregon. >> i will work for you, i will fight for you. >> it's going to be a close election. we're going to do just fine. >> bernie sanders hopes for an upset. >> if they want the strongest candidate to defeat donald trump, bernie sanders is that candidate. >> hillary clinton forges ahead. her sights on donald trump. >> he has truly proven to be a loose cannon. it's risky and dangerous. >> tensions are high on the democratic side as sanders and clinton supporters clash in nevada. republican leaders start to put their trust in trump.
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>> i hope it's donald trump. the person getting the nomination is the person to lead our party. >> go vote opn tuesday. >> the polls are closing. >> thank you all so very much. >> the results are coming in. join us right now for this special edition of "america's election headquarters." this is a fox news alert. welcome to boston. in for a special edition of "america's news headquarters." megyn is off tonight. voters have made their choice in kentucky. right now, the race remains too close to call. the polls stay open in oregon for two more hours. it's another tuesday primary night in a democratic presidential race that was never supposed to even be this competitive, let alone competitive like this. we have fox team coverage tonight.
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in clinton campaign headquarters in brooklyn. we start off on the ground in lexington, kentucky, tonight, good evening, rich. >> good evening, we expected kentucky to be close and it is. we are hearing reports of light voter turnout throughout the state. we've been in lexington, kip ki, throu kentucky, throughout the day, at a polling location where workers said they had about 100 turn out so far. with 50 to go towards the end of the day. the total of the 150 expected is about normal. this state has a tough time in democratic primaries with turnout. in 2012, only 13% of registered voters did so. the secretary of state was hoping for about 20% thus far, but the problem is with the democratic primary in the state, you have to be a registered democrat to vote in the primary here. and you had to have registered by new year's eve of last year. even bernie sanders acknowledged
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the challenge he'll have in the state because he does very well when independents vote, and that's not the case in kentucky. this, also a challenge in the state for hillary clinton. and that's because of comments she made a couple of months ago in west virginia about the coal industry. eastern kentucky is coal country. she said we're going to put a lot of coal companies and coal miners out of business. she's been forced to explain that in west virginia for the primary last week and here in kentucky. basically, she said she was explaining the state of the coal industry as is and wants to spend billions of dollars helping to retrain unemployed coal workers and help the communities recover. clinton, focusing on the general election, also spoke about the auto industry here. there's a lot of auto manufacturing in kentucky. she hit bernie sanders for a vote against one of the bills on the auto bailout a few years back. sanders in response says it's a mischaracterization of his position on that issue and they
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fought that ever since, too close to call, with neither candidate getting the edge as we see from here. >> we'll make the call as it becomes available. hillary clinton is feeling the burn tonight with kentucky competitive and oregon basically conceded to sanders by the clinton camp. the democratic front-runner still can't focus totally on the general election. political correspondent mike emmanuel is with the clinton campaign in brooklyn right now. good evening, mike. >> good evening. the lights are still on at clinton campaign headquarters as they watch the returns coming in with the rest of us. just moments eric the clinton campaign released hillary clinton's personal financial disclosure form. it's been a most unusual primary night. hillary clinton did not have any events during the day, has nothing scheduled tonight. clinton spent a lot of time in the build-up to tonight in
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kentucky, making three visits to the state of kentucky, 11 campaign stops. shep also had about $300,000 in tv advertising after her campaign stopped primary ads. her husband won kentucky twice in 1992 and 1996. she won the primary there more than eight years ago. she tried to sell her role, the role her husband would play if she's elected as the economic czar, due to his popularity over the years there. clinton tried to take aim at the presumptive gop nominee trump, mocking how he'd answer questions in a debate with her. >> it's a loose cannon. when he says, hey, let's pull out of nato. the best defense alliance in the history of the world in my opinion. these are consequential statements. this rhetoric in and of itself is not just offensive, it is
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dangerous. we cannot afford that kind of demagoguery in the white house. >> after losses in indiana and west virginia, hillary clinton tonight is trying to stop bernie sanders momentum. she did not compete in oregon. her campaign believing that would be sanders country, brett. >> mike emmanuel in brooklyn tonight, thanks. let's look at this board we have on the screen. right now, bernie sanders is leading hillary clinton in the state of kentucky by 1,012 votes. 96% of the precincts in kentucky at this moment. and people are tweeting and on facebook, saying if you didn't think every vote counts, look at kentucky in this democratic race. joining me now to talk about the clinton versus sanders race, two supporters of the candidates, randy winegarden is the president of the american
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federal of teachers, she's working with hillary clinton. and chuck wocha is a senior adviser to senator sanders. they're in washington tonight. thank you both for being here. chuck, let me start with you. as you look at this race in kentucky and what will be a race later in oregon, where your candidate is supposed to be well positioned tonight, what are your thoughts? >> well, i think it's like everybody saying it is close. it's even more close than that because it's a close primary. it wasn't a good playing field for us. the secretary had won there before. the clintons have a long name i.d. there. she had the government support. we were just trying to compete. for it to be this close, we think it's a victory. just think about what you said. half the people in this democratic primary got an opportunity to go let their voice be heard. whether they wanted to be with miss clinton, mr. sanders, i think that's good for our democracy. it's good to rile up our base because our whole focus is going to be beating republicans in
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november. >> let me get your response to chuck. >> well, i don't actually think the governor of kentucky supported hillary clinton, unless there's a news flash that you want to tell us about. but at the end of the day, both these states were actually states where you have -- first let me just say, you have an excited base in the democratic party. there's people who are really excited about hillary. there's people who are really excited about bernie. the day, the whole party, we're going to come together in terms of challenging donald trump. here i think in kentucky, we all thought this was bernie country. so i'm surprised it is this close right now. at the end of the day, the dynamics don't really change. she's $3 million ahead -- >> all right, go ahead. hillary clinton, randy, spent a number of thoughts in kentucky. she spent some time there. clearly, she was campaigning to try to win in kentucky tonight.
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if it holds and she does lose kentucky and oregon and you face the prospect of these other states going forward as you head into philadelphia, is it a nominee in waiting who is kind of hobbling to the finish line? >> well, i'm going to -- i remember 2008, when hillary won the first 6 out of 9 primaries at the end. and, you know, what happened is president obama was about 100 delegates ahead by the end, and people regrouped and you saw what happened. in fact, hillary was one of the main champions for president obama. both bernie sanders and hillary clinton have run an incredibly spirited race. but at the end of the day, regardless of what the results are in oregon or in kentucky, particularly given how close kentucky is, hillary is $3 million ahead of bernie sanders.
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so this has been a really spirited process. it's very good that the american people get a sense of who all these candidates are. but in the worst of days between hillary and bernie, there is no question that the values they carry are very, very different than what donald trump brings to the presidency. he's a bully. >> chuck, let me get you to weigh in finally here. how does your candidate make the case that he is going to be the democratic nominee. he has to win roughly 70% of the delegates on the table. you have to make that case in philadelphia. people who were sander supporters, how do you make it? >> i think bernie has been up front saying it's an uphill battle. i spent 20 years running campaigns trying to figure out
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how do we mobilize young people, get more voter turnout? how do we get the percentages up? in the last three months in oregon alone, 120,000 people have been either newly registered or switched to the democratic party. i think that's a good thing for an operative like me and for my party. i want to see people involved. we know it's an uphill battle but we want every vote to count, and let's go into philadelphia united, and make sure we keep our eye on the target, but let's let these people vote and come together because nobody can win without our supporters at the end of the day. >> well, it will be interesting to see. chuck and randy, thank you very much for your time tonight. let's bring in our panel from washington. steve haze, senior washington for the weekly standard, lisa booth, washington examiner, a.d. stodda stoddard, the hill, and tucker carlson, hospital of "fox and friends weekend." as we look at this race forward, still 1,012 votes separating
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them, your thoughts? >> yeah, pretty striking. about what randy said about the excitement of the democratic base, turnout this year is roughly half of what it was in 2008 among democrats in kentucky. that does not sound like an excited base to me. i think what we've seen today is bernie sanders hanging around and proving to be a nuisance for hillary clinton who's going to be the democratic nominee. but we're seeing tensions rise i think among democratic rank and file voters and also among the campaign leadership. you look at what happened in nevada this past weekend and the growing tension i think between clinton folks and the democratic establishment who just want bernie sanders to be gone and sanders folks who on the other hand say no, we've fought this far, we're on a bit of a winning streak here, we're going to stick around. this is increasing. think it's being reflected in what you're seeing in the public comments between the campaigns. and continuing in the vote counts. >> lisa, you look at the front page story in "the new york times" about the democratic
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environmentalist establishment versus the union establishment and the split there. you've seen this vote tonight and potentially two states potentially for bernie sanders and what do you say this says about the democratic party? >> i think the democratic party's incredibly split now. we've seen that with the fact that bernie sanders is still hanging on. hillary clinton is so tired of feeling the burn right now. the biggest obstacle for hillary clinton if i was her campaign, i'd be very troubled by her potential loss in kentucky tonight, west virginia and michigan, where you're seeing disaffected voters, blue collar voters, who have suffered at the hands of the policies she has supported. loss of coal jobs, loss of manufacturing jobs. we know manufacturing jobs have shrunk by 29%. these voters are rejecting the status quo, they're rejecting the policies that hillary clinton supports. if i was her, i'd be very nervous right now. >> a.b.? >> yeah, the kentucky win in 2008 was 35 points. she won 118 of 120 counties.
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this has got to be a huge disappointment. with low turnout and a close primary where independents couldn't come in and vote for bernie sanders. it's a huge statement that it's this close to call and she might lose. but look, this is the problem when randy and other democrats say we're going to unite and it's going to be great, because she did it for president obama in 2008. she supported him and enthusiastically campaigned and nominated him at the convention. she had no choice. bernie sanders isn't running again. we have no idea how enthusiastic. he's going to ask supporters to do so too. that's an outstanding question for her. about philadelphia and november. >> yeah, all right, tucker, somebody wanted to weigh in on the race tonight, in kentucky, the presumptive gop nominee donald trump. tweeted out a short time ago, do you think crooked hillary will finally close the deal. if she can't win kentucky, she should drop out of the race.
6:15 pm
system rigged. thoughts on that? >> i mean, hilarious he's trolling her once again. i'm not suree would do better against bernie actually. not that bernie will get the nomination. they do reveal a massive misalignment between hillary clinton and the party she will lead when she gets the nomination in philadelphia. you're going to have the candidate of wall street leading a party that is essentially a socialist party. how's that going to work? she's taking more money than any candidate. that will continue i think. yet her party has basically pulled up the mask and said, we don't believe in the market. how will she run that batter? i don't know the answer. what is he going to extract from her? i think their problems are more deep and structural than we've given them credit for being. >> how much, steve, did the coal comments before virginia that were so focused on west virginia, so focused on there, affect perhaps this vote in kentucky? we just saw it jump up.
6:16 pm
it's now 99% in and it looks like clinton is ahead 2,500 votes. so she may still pull this out in the final moments. >> i think the coal comment certainly mattered. if your a coal miner, somebody knows a coal miner, you know about these comments. the attempts she made to clean up tose comments didn't go well for her either. where she talked about herself and what it was going to do to her political viability rather than about what it was doing to coal miners. i think she made a mistake there. she also as you pointed out earlier put in huge effort into kentucky. i think 11 stops in the state within the past two weeks. outspend bernie sanders on television in kentucky, which is something she hadn't done in many previous states. she knew she needed to at least try to stall his momentum, if not win the state outright, and it look like she may well have done that. >> it looks like she is up here again 2,500 votes.
6:17 pm
if she does pull this out, reversal of what we were saying before, what does that say or do? >> think she'll be relieved if she gets one state tonight and she gets oregon. remember, he's won 10 of the last 12. we're looking at how much hillary clinton really stands to pick up bernie sanders supporters in november. trump's going after them very hard. he's trying to appeal to bernie supporters. she'll have to fight that from now until election day. they're not necessarily going to come around to clinton. and bernie sanders is not going to necessarily come around to hillary the way she did to president obama in '08. so this is going to be the biggest challenge for her going forward. >> panel, thank you, we'll see you in a bit. donald trump tells us what he would like to do with north kor korean leader kim jong-un. that is next. you owned your car
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this is a fox news alert. you're looking at the vote now. 99% of the vote in in kentucky. hillary clinton leads by 2,500. it just changed. 2,000 votes. a little less than 2,000 votes
6:22 pm
now. and she actually -- there have been almost 3,700 precincts. we're told there are 4,300, 43 precincts out still yet to be counted. there you see the spread between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. a race obviously too close to call at this moment. we'll wait for the vote total to continue to file in and be able to give you a call as soon as we get it. rand paul has won the republican nomination for re-election to his senate seat. the former gop presidential candidate is dominating two challengers in tonight's contest. paul will take on lexington mayor jim gray who easily defeated six democratic rivals. donald trump is talking about some of his foreign policy ideas and they're anything but usual talking points. john roberts has details. >> donald trump has been inside trump tower all day here today. likely he'll venture out
6:23 pm
tomorrow. even sitting inside his office high in his tower, he made a little news today. in my interview with reuters, saying when it comes to north korea, he would actually sit down and talk with leader kim jong-un in an attempt to end north korea's nuclear program. this might be reminiscent of what happened in 2007 when at a democratic debate, then senator barack obama said he would speak without precondition to the leaders of north korea, cuba and iran if it were to go some distadif distance towards getting the united states to get into a better relationship with the country or to sign some treaties with the countries that might be in the interest of the united states worldwide. donald trump did not say whether or not he would impose any conditions on a meeting with kim jong-un but here's what he did say about that earlier today. >> i would speak to him, i would have no problem speaking to him. at the same time, i would put a
6:24 pm
lot of pressure on china because economically we have tremendous power over china. people don't realize that. they are extracting vast -- billions of dollars out of our country, billions. >> you say you would talk to kim? >> i have no problem with speaking to him. >> in that interview, trump also said if he becomes president, he would seek to renegotiate the recently ratified paris climate accord, saying it's an accord that is inherently unfair to the united states. that china has given years to do the same things and that the united states would have to do almost immediately. he also said that he would seek to repeal almost every part of the dodd/frank banking legislation as well. tomorrow, he'll focus on foreign policy again when he meet also with the wise sage of the nixon and ford administrations, secretary of state henry kissinger. it's likely because kissinger is 92 years old, will celebrate his 93rd birthday a week from
6:25 pm
friday, that donald trump will meet with mr. kissinger. you might remember, last week, he had a hastily arranged meeting with former secretary of state james baker after baker said at a senate hearing earlier in the day, this is back when trump was visiting washington and meeting with the congressional leadership, that baker said during that congressional hearing, that he was opposed to what trump was saying about nato and reducing america's participation in nato or at least the funding of it and allow japan and south korea to have their own nuclear arsenal, so we hope to find out tomorrow what he says in this meeting with kissinger. really more of a ticket punch than anything. >> john roberts live outside trump tower. thank you. as you look at the race board from kentucky. 1,869 votes separate hillary clinton and bernie sanders. some 40 precincts out in kentucky of about 3,700 precincts in kentucky and that is the number separating the
6:26 pm
two, 1,869. we were not making a call as of yet. we'll wait for more total to come in. let's bring in syndicated columnist charles kraut hammer from washington. let me get you to weigh in on this race we're seeing in kentucky tonight on the democratic de. >> think there's no question he's not going to make any difference in the end. i think hillary does pull it out. at least psychologically it breaks the losing streak she has of the delegates she has in the nomination. the question is what does it say and it shows her profound weakness. we know she's a weak candidate. she is now especially weak in these states, west virginia, kentucky, michigan, the industrial midwest essentially is going to be up for grabs. and that i think points to trump's strategy. that's where he goes. those are the states he wants to flip. pennsylvania of course added to that list. that's where he goes if he's going to make it to the white house.
6:27 pm
that's how he's going to do it. >> charles, only 16 precincts left in kentucky and now hillary clinton has jumped to more than 4,000 vote lead it looks like. we were getting ready to call this race for hillary clinton. but you're right, as far as the delegate spread. there won't be a big difference tonight in kentucky, but it is a moment that bernie sanders really wanted to win two states tonight. let me turn to what john roberts was talking about quickly, and that is donald trump meeting with henry kissinger, trying to, you know, get some foreign policy credentials, trying to unite the republican party. your thoughts on that path as he gets ready to embark on the general election race? >> i think anyone can profit immensely from even one hour with henry kissinger. he's the best strategic thinker our country has had for half a century. every time you sit with him, you learn something. one sit-down with henry
6:28 pm
kissinger, however, will have no affect on donald trump. he would need a very long sessions, plural, with a team of foreign policy leaders. he's not quite prepared to do that. that would make a difference. >> and do you think this party's going to unify, in coming days, as you get ready to move towards cleveland and you get ready to have hillary clinton likely being the presumptive nominee on the other side? >> i think there will be a paper unification. there will be a holding of hands. there will be -- the right words will be spoken. whether there's going to be a profound reconciliation between the base of the party that is conservative and someone who is essentially nonconservative i think is in question. the enthusiasm will probably not be there. it will be unification in name. i'm not sure whether it will be in deed. >> charles krauthammer, live in
6:29 pm
d.c., thank you. hillary clinton now with a 4,200-vote lead with just a few precincts remaining. we expect a call after this break, more election coverage in a minute. tic nerve pain, these feet were the first in my family to graduate from college and trained as a nurse. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling or blurry vision. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs, and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. now i have less diabetic nerve pain. ask your doctor about lyrica.
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fox news alert on election night. kentucky, the democratic race. only a few precincts out. more than 4,200 votes separate hillary clinton and bernie sanders. we're not making this call as of yet. neither is the associated press. and right now, if hillary clinton does, as it appears she's going to do, pull off a win in kentucky, that would make 11 out of 11 closed primaries that she won. let's get some analysis from two political experts. monica crowley is a columnist for "the washington times" and ron williams is a columnist with "the hill." as you look at this democratic race and look at hillary clinton
6:34 pm
trying to say and her surrogates say that the democratic party's eventually going to unite, how do you see this? >> well, you know, for all of the talk about the real very divisions on the republican side, the republicans already have a nominee and the unification happening within the party, within the conservative movement around donald trump, it's happening a lot faster than i think most people think. what's more interesting to me is what's happening on the democratic side. because the civil war there seems to be much more deeper and more profound. the democratic party as it currently stands is barack obama's party. he successfully moved it back to the radical left and that's why you see bernie sanders really thriving in this new democratic party. hillary clinton is running in a party that is no longer her husband's party. it's obama's party. that's why she's had such a difficult time navigating this. i think -- if things hold true, as they are, she's got the delegates, superdelegates, if she survives the fbi primary, as
6:35 pm
we're calling it, and she is the nominee, i think she's going to have a much tougher time than the republicans are having because, again, ideologically, the party is with her opponent, and because she doesn't engender a lot of energy and enthusiasm among the democratic base, among the younger votes and so on, she's going to have a tough time motivating to the -- them to the polls, first of all, to come together, and then to the polls in november. >> juan, we found out from the associated press that hillary clinton won clinton county, kentucky, pretty big tonight. she has lost the previous clinton counties in indiana, illinois, iowa, michigan, ohio, new york and pennsylvania. so clinton county, kentucky, is a hillary clinton fan. your thoughts on this race. >> well, i think the key point here is that when you look at the delegate count, it's going to be proportional. that means it's basically a split. oregon, again, is likely to go to sanders. even so, they're proportional as
6:36 pm
well. the result, almost no change in the delegate map. hillary clinton is now within 100 delegates of claiming the nomination as we go forward to california, new jersey. the the two remaining big items. and she has super -- believe me, even if she had lost, in kentucky, again, she gets a large share of the superdelegates. something that would push her ahead of sanders. that's part of the way this system is set up. to come to monica es an point, there's a war within the democratic ranks. i think it's less about the base of people who are excited by bernie sanders. i think those people are going to be scared by donald trump. they'll get in line eventually. this war between the environmentalists and the unions, that's serious business. >> yes, that's serious business. i only have 30 seconds left. the lead changed to 781 now for hillary clinton. monica, is there really any chance bernie sanders supporters may cross over to donald trump
6:37 pm
in some of these states? do you really believe that? >> well, i think there's a possibility that some might. you know, donald trump has i think potential for enormous crossover appeal to a lot of union folks and some others traditionally voted democrat in the past. bernie sanders is an ideological campaign, so it might present a challenge to donald trump. remember what we've been talking about the never trump movement, which has essentially dissipated, at least in large part, you have a never hillary movement happening on the left. i think because it is ideological, brett, i think that is going to be a much more difficult thing for her to surmount. >> monica and juan, thank you very much. back with more, the kentucky primary, looking forward to oregon and also the republican side of the race. isn't it time to let the real you shine through?
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kentucky primary still going on, the democratic side, about 1,800-vote lead for hillary clinton. still not making that call as of yet. we've seen it fluctuate throughout the night. bottom line, though, is that bernie sanders really had to beat her big in kentucky and later on tonight in oregon to really have a big difference in this race. let's talk more about the race and also about the bill clinton factor. howard kurtz is media analyst for fox news. chris stylewald is the director in washington there tonight. chris, let me start with you. does this matter and what does it say about hillary clinton, as she kind of heads to the finish line here? >> after the nuclear war, there will be twinkies, there will be cockroaches, there will be twitter, there will also be the clintons. the clintons are not "go-awayable." the impeachment in 2008. they press on. i know the ap's not calling it yet. if i were on the decision desk
6:43 pm
tonight, i bet i would have a call there. there's not enough vote left for him in the metro louisville to pull this off. and hillary clinton won't be denied this nomination. and she is going to grind this out into the general election. >> howie, what about the whole thing, about momentum, as you head into philadelphia, and what does bernie sanders want as he continues to try to compete in all these states? >> that's a question nobody in the democratic party seems to figure out. kudos to hillary clinton if she wins kentucky by a couple thousand votes but it really shouldn't have been that close. it's a closed democratic primary state as you have noted. one thing hillary's aides and allies are pushing out lately is yes, she's a boring candidate. she is kind of politically clumsy. many americans just don't like her. but that's still going to be preferable to donald trump.
6:44 pm
this is the narrative they're feeding the press, that she will be the more reliable and study candidate. contrasted in their view with the more unpredictable trump. that may not work in this unconventional year but it's trying to turn your weak into his strength. >> it's only going to be about 25 delegates apiece and they'll split kentucky so that doesn't really help sanders. chris what about the story of bill clinton? and his friend jeffrey epstein. it was talked about on a morning show that sounds like a cup of coffee this morning. and it seems like it's more of a focus lately. is that going to be a problem for the clintons? >> it's sort of like when you found out about the russian uranian deal. back that up. bill clinton was on the passenger manifest of a plane belonging to the most notorious
6:45 pm
international pedophile, got part of a crazy plea deal who has an island called orgy island. he flew on this guy's planes dozens of times, sometimes without secret service agents. >> what? >> it is part of an election year that is so full of head snappers and the thing with hillary clinton is her husband is her greatest asset. that's why she's talking about him. she wouldn't be where she is today, without him. but he brings with him incredible baggage that donald trump is going to try to take advantage of to neutralize the mud-slinging playing field. >> you watch the ads the super pac for hillary is running against trump. is likely going to use some different pushback about bill clinton. >> he's made no secret of that. bill clinton is friends with a high roller who turned out to be
6:46 pm
a sleaze bag and pled guilty to the soliciting prostitution charge nine years ago. i don't think we should insinuate from that there is no evidence that bill clinton was having relations with any member of the entourage but it does race the question about his judgment and since he's out there campaigning for his wife, then therefore, that part of it i think is going to come up and that part could be fair game. >> howie, chris, thank you very much. you guys feel comfortable in this 9:00 slot, don't you. thank you tonight. next up, the head of the democratic party on the state of the race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders as we look at kentucky, the final votes coming in. ladies, why just dream of worry-free nights? i'm linda, and like millions of women worldwide i trust tena. and with new tena overnight underwear i can now sleep worry free all night. the unique secure barrier system gives me triple protection from leaks, odor and moisture so i can keep being a sweet dreamer.
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democratic race still not over. you're looking at the board there in kentucky as the votes still come rolling in. let's get reaction from the woman at the top of the democratic party, florida representative debbie wasserman-schultz is chair of the democratic national committee. she's in washington tonight. madam chair, thanks for being here. >> my pleasure. >> do you think as bernie sanders continues this fight that he says he's going to fight all the way to california and the last day, june 7th, it is hurting your eventual nominee at all? >> i don't think it's hurting. on the contrary, actually, i think that if you look at the exit polls and the questions
6:51 pm
asked of voters as they're coming out of our most recent democratic primaries, they've enthusiastically said that the primary has actually caused them to be more energized about our candidates and more likely to be supportive of whoever our nominee is. and that is actually, you know, in stark contrast to what's happened on the other side of the aisle where the majorities that have been asked on the republican side coming out of the same primaries have said that they think that this primary has made it their process more divisive and less unified. so i think there's a real problem on the republican side. >> you can't say -- you can't say tonight that your party is unified behind one candidate as this fight continues, can you? >> you asked me if i thought down the road this was going to result in us going to be less likely to be unified. i said no, i don't think so. i think that's the problem that exists on the republican side. >> you're calling, other democrats have called for donald trump to release his taxes in
6:52 pm
transparency. >> most definitely. >> do you think hillary clinton should release the transcripts to her speeches to goldman sachs? >> i think she has consistently said that she would release the same speeches that she's been asked to release if everyone who has given paid speeches releases those speeches. that's simply a matter of equity and that makes sense and that has nothing to do -- i mean, hillary and -- hillary clinton and president clinton have released something like 33 years of tax returns and donald trump has released none. i mean, in the history of transparency in presidential campaigns, you know, donald trump is the most opaque nontransparent presidential candidate who has ever run and that adds to all the other grave concerns that voters have about him which is why he's also the most unpopular candidate for president that has ever run. >> madam chairman, i asked you three times about a possible
6:53 pm
final debate to be hosted on fox news. today we sent out letters, an invitation to the candidates. you want to weigh in tonight? >> not quite yet. we're still, you know, working through that process and talking to our candidates and look forward to talking to potential media partners as we move forward. >> well, we'd appreciate the consideration. thanks for your time tonight. >> of course. absolutely. breaking news with carl cameron on the election. when we come back. think fixing your windshield is a big hassle?
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this is a fox news alert. we have some breaking news now as you look at the boards in kentucky. chief political correspondent carl cameron is with me here in boston, and this has to do with financing and donald trump. and the republican party. >> big news tonight. the candidate, donald trump, the republican presumed front-runner, nominee, who made a big deal about self-funding his race for the nomination, has tonight signed a deal with the republican national committee for not one, but two joint fund-raising agreements. one of them will be a fund into which people can donate that will go to both the rnc, the trump campaign, and ten state parties into which money can be deposited. a second one is just between the rnc and the trump campaign, itself. it's that first one that's very important. the ceiling on individual donations $449,000.
6:58 pm
that is a massive increase from 2012 when mitt romney's ceiling for the joint fundraising agreement was about $150,000. as few as 22 billionaire type donors maxing out at the $449,000 limit to the fund, trump can get the ante for the general election, $1 million to $1.5 million. >> all these stories about he's not going to be able to raise the money, this is a big concern, they're disorganized. what you're saying is this joint agreement kind of moves the ball. >> it creates a vehicle, it creates funds to which money can it deposited into. it also supports technically speaking down-ballot candidates. the house and senate members who in some cases are concerned trump's candidacy can hurt them. now they'll have reason to think trump's candidacy will bring them money. this is a big move forward between rnc and trump, further closing their ties and this from a candidate who made such hay and got so much support for the
6:59 pm
fact he was self-funding and not taking donations. >> who just tweeted, carl, donald trump did, "i look so forward to debating crooked hillary clinton. democrat primaries are rigged. e-mail investigation is rigged. so time to get it on." >> well, he'll have the cash to do it. this does not include the superpac donors, the really big money folks like the casino magnate sheldon adelson in las vegas who said he has $100 million and willing to pony that up for trump. >> a big story. we'll follow it tomorrow. carl, thank you. we're not done yet. we obviously don't have an official call yet. we expect one very soon. keep it here on fox. we'll also have a special edition of "special report" in an hour, 11:00 p.m. eastern time. we're in boston tonight. we're here for a national cable convention. we'll recap all of the news today and, of course, we'll have the latest on the 2016 presidential campaign. again, hillary clinton looks like she's going to win in kentucky. we'll see what happens in oregon
7:00 pm
and how that shakes up the race. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. for this special america elections headquarter program, fair, balance, and unafraid. and this a fox news alert. we are awaiting results from the kentucky democratic primary and voters in oregon still have 60 minutes to drop off their ballots in the bluegrass state. the race is too close to call between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. when we get the results we'll bring them to you live. first tonight we start with john roberts outside trump tower in new york city. john? >> reporter: and sean, a little bit of breaking news to report this evening. the donald trump campaign and the republican national committee this evening have entered into what's called a jfa, joint fund-raising agreement. this means the rnc will raise money for the trump victory fund and the trump campaign in turn will raise money forhe


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