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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 17, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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call and then, don't miss the "five" live at midnight. donald trump is our special guest tomorrow, that and more, we'll see you back here tomorrow night. >> this is a fox news alert i'm bret baier in boston. polls are now closing in oregon. the site of the contest between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. in kentucky it was a wild ride in the home state of the run for the roses. rate now, the race is too less to call. almost all precincts are in. the clinton campaign already declared victory, quote, we just won kentucky thanks to everyone who turned out. we're stronger united.
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that is hillary clinton's account. a big crowd awaits a big speech, you're looking live there. he's getting ready to be introduced in california. let's get the latest from rich edson in lexington, kentucky. sorry. rich is standing by. let's go to dan springer, polls just closed in oregon looking live in california. that bernie sanders event. let's check in with dan springer in portland. good evening, dan. >> good evening, bret. they don't have polls here in oregon. they have drop boxes and mail in ballots. voters had their ballots three weeks. we had a line up of cars waiting to put their ballots in the drop box which just closed about a minute ago. people again, procrastinating.
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the poll i saw saw hillary clinton with a size of only double digits. this is because this is a close primary. there is a lot of people, tens of thousands who voted who registered late and got their ballots in late to these drop boxes and so there are 74 delegates up for grabs. this is a state that bernie sanders to do well in because it's tailor-made for him. it's largely white, liberal and a state hillary clinton lost to barack obama in 2008 by 19 points. so it's a state that is rejecting hillary clinton once. we talked a lot of voters today. and they were split along the age line. 45 and over voting largely for clinton, and 45 and younger,
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overwhelmingly voting for bernie sanders. so the question, how many young people got out? we saw a lot of people in downtown portland. if that continues they'd have a good victory for bernie sanders. we're just getting a drop of numbers and so far, with 7,000 votes in, bernie sanders has 51% and clinton, 45%. that is the first drop of ballots we're expecting more because many people are voting. >> mercedes, david from u.s. news and world report and charles krauthammer, a nail biter tonight.
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>> it's, you'll have no affeeff on the delegate count. it's psychological for hillary. she needs to show to break the losing streak. if she squeaks it out, a win is a win is a win. she's going to win the nomination so this is a way to try to lose bernie, he's not going away. in the end, try to appease him. they have to view it delicately. they're going to head to philadelphia. they're going to have to work out what he wants in order to make him say the right things and show some enthusiasm. >> what does this do to the clinton campaign when they continue to say look at the delegates, we've got this in the bag and they continue to lose to bernie sanders? >> one of our chief
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spokespersons saying he was drinking bourbon. so they're very happy with this. it's only 1800 votes, it would be a different story if she'd lost. kentucky democratic party sent out an alert declaring she's going to be the victor in this race. so it about getting another bad news cycle if she would have lost it. now, she comes out with a win and if she loses oregon she can come out with a tie. >> that is not unexpected. again, under resources are there financial things? is there energy? >> well, we just saw in kentucky she spent several events there, i think over 11 events in kentucky in past weeks, plus, she's been spending ad dollars
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as well. it cost her in indiana. she doesn't want to make the same mistakes. inform kentucky it falls into that area which she'd been having problems with. especially after the coal miner comments. that is doesn't change very much. we know she's going to be the nominee. and her campaign saying look. we've got to win. sanders still had impressive numbers. >> he continues to drop and he's got passionate supporters. now how does the camp bring them over to her? >> hillary clinton's campaign manager put out a statement being image n-- magnanimous.
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he said this is the time democrats should stand together. it allows the clinton campaign to play the generous victor. that is important for her. of course, behind the scenes, the state parties and democratic national committee and clinton folks are going to be hammering bernie sanders, pressuring him to leave. but in public, thick continue to be generous. >> it appears to give him more of a role. panel, thank you. we're going to toss it back to bret baier in boston. hey, bret. >> donald trump will be rolling in someone else's cash. the republican party signed on to help bank roll the billionaire's presidential campaign.
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we broke that story earlier with carl cameron. john roberts is in new york with details. good evening, john. >> good evening. it's called a joint fund raising agreement between the camp campaign that each will raise money for another. the victory fund is $449,000. so if donald trump can round up 2227 of his deeply pocketed friends they'll have the billion dollars people think that he would need to run an election campaign. the question is what is easier to raise? is bernie sanders and we made it one way or another and an interview with routers saying if
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he were president he'd be willing to meet with north korean leader kim jung-un. here is what trump told reporter steve holland. >> boy speak to him. no problem speaking to him. and would put pressure on china. we have power over china. they're extracting billions of dollars out of our country. billions. >> you say you talk to kim jong-un? . >> i have no problem speaking to him. >> today he said woe try to renegotiate the paris climate agreement for something that is more fair to the united states. tomorrow, he's expected to meet with former sogs henry kissin ger. obviously, just one meeting can
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learn a lot. this is a ticket punch, if you want to be president you have to have a sit down with him. we don't know the details yet. and people in the trump campaign say he reported a half billion in income last year. that is not chump change, that is trump change. bret? >> that is right. senator, thanks for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> can donald trump unify the party. do you have a sense of where he is on that goal? >> absolutely. i reached out to a former colleague. the biggest thing they told me is that they've never met him or
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spoken with him. i have been facilitating those phone calls and that is a good first step. by reaching out and having meetings with speaker ryan and others that is a great first step. and that people now have a choice. are you going to keep the white house, get the white house back, i should say, keep the supreme court in play. the secretary positions, judges or not? >> this is no surprise, but we can call oregon tonight. and he will win and add up to the 1237 needed. here is what he told megyn kelly tonight. >> absolutely, i could have done certain things differently. i could have maybe used different language in a couple
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instances but i have to be happy with the outcome. i think if i didn't conduct myself in the way i've done it, i don't think i would have been successful, actually. if i were soft, if i were presidential, okay, presidential, in a way it's a bad word. there is nothing wrong with being presidential. if i had not have fought back i don't think i would have been successful. >> the question is, his tone and tenor. i know you've talked to colleagues but a lot of them say listen, they just want him to dial it back during the general election. he is saying he wasn't himself. >> it's interesting. he says people say act presidential. he's saying he doesn't want to act like a politician because he's running against career politicians. people have been doing it their whole lives and another had another job. he's been doing it 10 months now so he's going to make mistakes. hopefully, he's going to learn and grow, i and others have
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offered suggestions on how to do it and why you should do it differently. some he takes and moves and others he says i'm going to do it my own way. >> and listen, i won't release my taxes if i were getting audited. >> you did when you ran for senate. >> but i wasn't being oughtited. my taxes went around the world, you know? people used them in fraudulent ways, it was in my military records out there. and i'm fully transparent. there comes a consequence. someone like him, his tax returns are like this, he's got to be very careful. >> his vp pick? >> i think senator john boone would do a great job. you need someone that can draw the connection between congress and the white house and be behind the scenes, actually making things happen, getting legislation passed.
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someone that can be there and draw comparisons between hillary clinton and president obama, and and with trump is trying to put forth and show it's time for republicans to be in charge. democrats have had a shot. now, republicans, let's see if they can do it better. >> last thing, you look at the polls and do you piece it together? that he can win? demographically, the advantage is hillary clinton? >> of course, she's running, this is her second time. her husband has been out there. she's a career politician. of course they can win. i was the first one to endorse him. i saw, yes, they can win. people in washington, d.c. can't win. people see that. it applies to everybody else.
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so people are angry and fed up. you see it and they want change and he's the guy to bring it. >> senator, thank you. >> appreciate it. >> as we look live in carson, california to bernie sanders. we'll listen in as we head to break. we'll see what happens in oregon. >> in a closed primary where independents are not allowed to vote. where secretary clinton defeated barack obama like 250,000 votes in 2008, it appears tonight we're going to end up with about half of the delegates.
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this is, in a sense, the beginning of the final push to win california. there are people out there that say bernie sanders should drop out. people of california should not have the right to determine who
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we're in boston tonight. big news out of kentucky and oregon. it looks like hillary clinton is going to pull out this win. but official poll has not been made yet. what is the deal here? >> you have a situation like this, you've got to make sure your other ballots are in and counted for. this with 454,000 people voting in the democratic primary to put that into perspective, in 2008,
8:22 pm
last year we had a contest like this, more than 700,000 people voted. this year, turn out, 17%. and so there is low turnout. >> we heard bernie sanders saying this is a closed primary. you have hillary clinton tweeting out this is an important election for her. thanks to those in kentucky. seems like the party is not united. >> if you look at how this state was taylor made for hillary clinton, you pointed to the fact
8:23 pm
this is a close primary. not only are registered democrats only allowed to vote here, but they had to have been registered by new year's eve of last year. bernie sanders acknowledged he does well when independents can vote. there are more minority voters registered here in kentucky. so the positive is yes, she can claim she did win the state, if that is the official call here. and they walk away with the same number of delegates. this is a state won would have thought she could have performed a little bit better as it was close. >> yes.
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tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. so talk to your doctor, and for more information, visit this is a fox news alert. it's been a busy night for democrats. kentucky primary is still, believe it or not considered too close to call. and we're getting word 100% is in. hillary clinton has a deed. voting in oregon finished up a short time ago. bernie sanders is holding a lead there and expected to do well and to win and dump winning on the republican side. let's talk about what happens tonight at the way forward with
8:29 pm
karl rove. let's say hillary clinton loses oregon. is the presumptive nominee on the democratic side kind of limping to the finish line here? >> it's better than p it went 2000 votes the other way. this is typical in end games, if you remember, barack obama was losing to hillary clinton. but he had a much smaller delegate lead than she had over bernie sanders so i, again, there is going to be other states that worked to sanders favor here at the end. but there is no real threat and
8:30 pm
it mattered a lot if she eeked out a 2000 vote win, it's still a 2000 vote win. >> we listened to bernie sanders in carson, california. he said he's in this until the last vote in california. he says he can win california. what does that mean for hillary clinton? >> would mean a devastating lead. if she wins kentucky she'll split delegates. if he wins oregon he will win 32 to her 29. so right now, she's leading on
8:31 pm
elected delegates. and so she is a 143 away and there are 900 delegates more to elect and all she's got to win is a small fraction over them. and her lead over super delegates is 524-40. >> joe, let's talk general election. we get word the super pac spending millions of dollars against trump in the swing states. today, where does it look? >> i think there is going to be
8:32 pm
a big fight over the two most-important states, ohio and florida. at some point, trump's got to try to pick up some of the mid western states that he's argued are open to him. he cannot -- democrats start with a huge lead with electoral votes in terms of states that have tip typically voted. one thing i am going to say, what's happening here is he's sort of delayed hillary clinton being able to turn and define trump.
8:33 pm
one of the things that helped obama in 2012 is because he didn't have a primary was able to define romney early. you're seeing that today with a super pack ads they're having to pick up the slack because she's dealing with this fight with sanders. >> you've heard the arguments today. what does it look like? >> it is leaving in place the organization except for pennsylvania and adding people and staff, and resourceses to two states, michigan and wisconsin shows they're concerned about the blue states
8:34 pm
in the mid west. thank you guys, coming up, more coverage, oregon maybe getting a final decision innd special guests coming up here on america's election headquarters. went to ancestry, i put in the names of my grandparents first. i got a leaf right away. a leaf is a hint that is connected to each person in your family tree. i learned that my ten times great grandmother is george washington's aunt. within a few days i went from knowing almost nothing to holy crow, i'm related to george washington. this is my cousin george. discover your story. start searching for free now at
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click or call. hair color wants to to help you keep on being you.. nice'n easy. natural-looking color... ...that even in sunlight, doesn't look like hair color... it just looks like you. nice'n easy: color as real as you are. you're looking at the races in kentucky and oregon waiting for calls there. and looks like bernie sanders has a lead in oregon. hillary clinton is releasing important financial documents as well. >> clinton campaign's body language suggested they weren't
8:39 pm
entirely comfortable tonight. and the race in kentucky a tweet was sent to hillary clinton's twitter account declaring victory saying we just won kentucky, thanks to everyone that turned out. we're stronger united. hillary clinton revealed she own r earned $1.4 million in speeches, $5 million in book royalties and her husband gave 22 paid speeches for $5.25 million. they're breathing a huge sigh of relief tonight. she invested time, money, and energy into winning kentucky.
8:40 pm
they did not want to whak up tomorrow to headlines saying huesing streak to bernie sanders continues. bret? >> mike, thank you. >> this is an election alert. we can now call bernie sanders will win the state of oregon. the vote has come in for bernie sanders. this makes 21 states bernie sanders has won. he's trailing hillary clinton in kentucky will likely lose that. it's not officially been called as of yet. as the precincts are coming in. bernie sanders with a big win in oregon. we heard him talking in carson, california he's going to take the race to the convention in philadelphia. face book is trying to knock down reports his social media empire is discriminating against
8:41 pm
conservatives. mark zuckerberg's outreach to the right. >> this is the result of a lot of hard work. >> building facebook wasn't easy, wednesday, mark zuckerberg faces another challenge. >> he needs to put forward number that's conservative issues get as much evidence as liberal issues do. >> he invited glenn beck, barry bennett, dana perino and american enterprise institutes, arthur brooks. >> when facebook decided to try to get into the news business, it opened its self up to criticism without save guards to protect against it. >> facebook claims a software algorithm combs the internet for what people are reading and spits out what is trending. a former employee says
8:42 pm
conservative stories never make the list because liberal editors are defiant and analysts say breeds distrust every one's lives are touched by facebook. it's important they are a standard of being fair. >> we're going to have to show what the algorithm is, how it's incorruptible. >> others, like matt schlapp saying the facebook top news editor is a hillary clinton supporter. >> we're reasonable people and we're willing to try to figure out what is going on here. i don't want to be a prop in a meeting. >> zuckerberg claims company policy prohibits bias, he has to show facebook is giving as much attention to an issue as benghazi as same-sex marriage.
8:43 pm
bret? >> william, thank you. and david, we just called oregon for sanders. you heard sanders earlier in the show saying he's fighting to the end. so what does that mean? >> it means that look. you've got a tie. and would have been better if he got two out of two. that would been a different 24 hour narrative. his supporters are saying media is going to ignore here for oregon. important thing that he said tonight is that he's going to go onto the rest of the primary until all of the votes have been cast. and i think now we're going to see most attention focused to california. delegate-rich california. if he can defeat her there, that
8:44 pm
might give him more rational and calling for him to get out of the race, before that. >> steve, what does bernie sanders want? >> that is a good question. he, if you ask me, he got into the campaign thinking he's going to push a message. he wanted to make the argument barack obama's seven and a half years haven't been liberal enough and we need more consolidation of power and government should have more say, not less. he's made the argument successful successfully among young people that don't understand socialism and it's effects. if he can have an impact on the platt form, and some impact on
8:45 pm
personnel, i think he'd be happy to have that. mercedes? what makes bernie sanders happy? >> i think he loves going to rallies where thousands of people are showing up. and no. i think for sanders it's about the cause and movement. it is about the messaging of the free college. the taking on wall street. going after the democratic establishment, i think that that is where the real message for bernie sanders lies. which is the fact that are we going to stand with the democratic establishment? or move forward with the sort of left into the cause.
8:46 pm
he has been able to deliver that message. that being said when you have super delegates in charge and the fact hillary clinton has more votes than bernie sanders makes it a difficult case for him to move forward but i think he's going to move on to california. oregon was a warm up to california. >> yes. charles we talked about unity and questions about it on the republican side. the unity on the democratic side, what does she have to do to unify democrats? >> what makes bernie happy would be a second honeymoon in the soviet union but that no longer exists. she's somehow going to have to get him to sign on. because it was interesting. there is a dynamic.
8:47 pm
trump is trying to appeal to the sanders constituency, under 30s, under 35s who are not well versed in political history. and he's going to attack her from the sanders left. on trade, on wall street and that is the one strategy he could use and when you see anger and resentment some democrats have towards hillary, they could be available to him. that is his one strategy to flip those mid western states. enough of them. to win the electoral college. i think that is her
8:48 pm
vulnerability. she's gone way left, in a desperate attempt to corrupt them, they appear to be temper mentally needing the sanders supporters a verse to her. she's going to have to overcome that or at least get sanders to give her her, his blessing. >> all right, panel, stand by. thoughts about the republican side of the equation and a look forward to the general election, final thoughts on this america's election headquarters primary night. bernie sanders a winner in oregon. as well as donald trump. looks like hillary clinton will win in kentucky. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. flonase is the first and only nasal spray approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. go ahead, embrace those beautiful moments. flonase changes everything.
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>> if i don't win, i will consider to be a total and complete waste of time energy. >> trump talking to megyn kelly talking about the way forward that he plans to win it. can he win it? how does he win it? steve you've had your doubts about donald trump.
8:53 pm
and his ability to pull off a general election win. do you think he can pull it off? >> sure. they do a lot of work to bring down his unfavorables to bring down the groups we've talked about. many identified in the post 2012 autopsy. women, hispanic, millennials, what have you. those numbers are very high in that group. and can he mitigate damage? perhaps he could. is it going to be enough to get him elected? that remains skeptical. you get more on projecting anything this coverage. >> yes. so two minutes left, mercedes, i
8:54 pm
talk to people, they say you don't appreciate what's happening out here and that is what they say. >> and voters are looking for something that is why trump is one of those candidates that does have to do that. and if he can bring in union voters, he does have a chance. florida, ohio. those are the states we're going to be looking at. >> david and then, charles.
8:55 pm
>> i think there are a lot of states in play, maybe democrats playing arizona and georgia. i think people are going to come down to whether trump can pick off florida, virginia and ohio. >> possible, but not likely. it would be like the terrorist attacks which trump was able to exploit brilliantly. >> and final thoughts from here in boston right after this. it takes technology, engineering and coordination for pga tour professional rickie fowler to hit the perfect shot. at quicken loans, technology, engineering
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taking a look at kentucky, looks like hillary clinton is going to win. in kentucky. in oregon, bernie sanders was predicted but still a big win and donald trump the winner. that is it for tonight. thank you for inviting us into your home tonight.
9:00 pm
if you stuck around, thank you very much. that is it for this special edition of "special report". here come s "the five". >> hell yes, everyone, it's midnight in new york city. this is "the five". >> fox news alert, thanks for joining us on this special late night edition of the five. donald trump wins the oregon primary. picking up an additional 28 delegates. with hillary clinton stop bernie sanders? in kentucky, it's still too