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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  May 17, 2016 10:00pm-1:01am PDT

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around with dogs who look like wolves so you can walk around with a lion. >> with a lion on a leash. >> i can handle that. >> we'll be back at 5:00 p.m. eastern today. bernie sanders keeping up the pressure on hillary clinton in a nail biter in kentucky. welcome to america's election headquarters. i'm heather childers. >> nice to be with you at 1:00 in the morning on the east coast. kentucky is still too close to call. who would have thought those are the latest numbers on the screen. hillary clinton has already declared herself the victor on twitter, at least. >> you know, once on twitter, it must be true. >> and bernie sanders coming out with a win as expected. he got more than 50% of the total vote. and despite coming up short in oregon, and essentially, clinton
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still holds the lead over sanders thanks to the super delegates. >> and on the gop side, trump adding to his delegate total after winning the oregon primary. as it stands, the prultive nominee needs just 77 more pledged delegates to clinch the nomination. so far there doesn't seem to be anything stopping him in his march toward it. >> not a big surprise that bernie sanders would win oregon. but the close call in kentucky, i'm sure, that clinton's team is scrambling to see what's happening there. >> scrambling and breathing a sigh of relief. if he had won, that would have said a lot. very much like west virginia, we talked about it last week. that was a state that hillary clinton won by 35% last time in 200 aept against barack obama. be eeking it out by 2,000 votes. that's not the kind of margin of
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error you want to talk about for hillary clinton. >> certainly has been clinton country. bill clinton as well winning there. we'll talk a little more about that. and let's start with the democratic race in kentucky. joining us now, mark riddle. the new leader council. are you there? thank you for joining us. >> how are you? >> doing great. it has been a long night and a long day. how did things go in kentucky in terms of voter turnout? >> it looked like about 25%. certainly an exciting election here tonight. >> did you expect it to be as close as it is right now? we're looking at the numbers. we see hillary clinton, 46.8%. and bernie sanders with 46.3%. >> there was not a lot of polling going on in kentucky. and it is kind of anybody's guess. it appears a late push by secretary clinton pulled it off for her. flooded the state with surrogates. the secretary did a whole
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roaming around the state this past weekend. president clinton was here, chelsea was here, senator tim cain was in louisville over the weekend meeting with ministers. it appeared hard work and a lot of effort at the end pulled it off for her. >> we were just discussing how this had previously been clinton country. so one would think that there wouldn't be too much concern for hillary clinton this time around. clearly there was a lot of concern. you mentioned everyone in the state there campaigning for her. also she bought some ad time there. she's not done that for the past couple of primaries. why do you think it was so close to call? what's the problem with voters in kentucky? >> i don't know if it is a problem. obviously the coalition in eastern kentucky plays a significant factor in the vote. i think bernie sanders has a clear message and a following.
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secretary clinton has a hard working group on the ground. we've had a lot of close battles in kentucky. kentucky has been clinton country. she picked up a key one tonight and moving forward toward the nomination. >> a lot of the races where it has been close or even those races where bernie sanders has won. those have been open primaries. where independents could come in and a lot of independents have been voting for bernie sanders. this was a closed primary so it was just democrats. what does that say to you in terms of the traditional democratic voters? that they're obviously split. >> clearly, democrats are still divided in this race. i think we're all united in beat plg trump in the fall. >> thank you so much. and congratulations on finishing out the day.
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mark riddle, thank you for joining us. >> despite him being a one-man race for the republican nomination, today brought major news on the gop side including a late night agreement between donald trump and the rnc on the issue of fundraising. now live from d.c. with the latest. >> hey. donald trump moved one step closer to officially securing the republican nomination with his win in the oregon primary and he celebrated on twitter, of course, tweeting congratulations to the movement. we have just won the great state of oregon. the vote percentage is even higher than participated. thank you. 28 delegates were up for grabs and trump will win 17 of those. we saw signs the gop is still very much divided over trump. nearly a third of voters cast ballots for either john kasich or ted cruz. candidates who are not even in the race anymore.
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on tuesday the trump campaign as you mentioned, along with the republican national committee announced they've reached a joint fundraising agreement which will allow donald trump to raise funds to help other candidates on the ballot this fall. that's important because some republicans have been afraid that a trump ticket would hurt other republicans on the ballot. he said at the local, state and national level and these join fundraising agreements are another vital step in making that happen. the presumptive nominee is looking ahead to the general election and continuing his attacks on hillary clinton. tweeting tuesday night, i look forward to debating crooked hillary clinton. democrat primaries are rigged. e-mail investigations is rigged. time to get it on. in an interview with megyn
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kelly, if he doesn't win the white house, this will have been informing nothing. >> unless i win, i can't lower taxes and make the changes and make our military strong and get along with other nations that we don't get along with right now. but do better with them. so they're not ripping us off like they are. if i don't win, i will have considered it to be a total waste of time, energy and money. >> and trump made some foreign policy headlines on tuesday, telling reuters that he is willing to talk to north korean leader in an attempt to get them to dismantle the nuclear program. tomorrow, he will attempt to beef up his foreign policy credentials even further when he sits down with former secretary of state henry kissinger. >> more on foreign policy coming up later. right now we are joined by ellen, the chief political correspondent, and tony, the
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executive vice president with jamestown associates. they are all fox news contributors. thank you all for sticking around with us this morning. >> good morning. >> the party is ready to ginl. and nice to have you join us. so let's talk about what happened today. kentucky and oregon. we just heard trump saying that he is ready to move forward to the general election. i'll start with you this time. what are your thoughts on how today shaped up? >> well, on the democrat side, i think again you see this remarkable inability of hillary clinton to close the deal with voters. bernie sanders has won 11 of the last 14 contests and that's if you don't include kentucky right now which looks to be a half point advantage for hillary clinton. and it is going to be part of a bigger problem that secretary clinton faces in a general election. mathematically it is clear that she will likely at some point get the delegates. she doesn't really resonate with
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voters of her own party. so it will be incredibly difficult to do two things. number one, rebuild the obama coalition that the president successfully rode to the white house. and number two, expand to independents and others who might be reluctant to vote for donald trump but still have deep seated doubts about her. on the republican side, i will say this is proof positive that it was so central for donald trump to basically try to clinch this early. now he can focus on these big things. uniting the party. building his fundraising apparatus. begin to coordinate to the degree legal at this point until he is the nominee. officially with the rnc and start building toward a general election strategy. these are all things you see him focusing on now. and i think rightly so. he just hired tony, a top pollster. he is clearly getting that team needed to win in november. >> reince priebus also announcing the joint fundraising
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efforts. >> a lot of work to be done. i think they need over $1 billion. they have their work cut out for them. it is a good thing they're uniting behind donald trump. the question is can he bring in more voters? we have seen a number of democrats who are supporting donald trump. we'll see how much more he can grow that. >> donald trump without question has been able to ignite enthusiasm second only to bernie sanders. hillary clinton being a distant third in terms of the enthusiasm level that you simply witness on the rallies, those kinds of things. to tony's point. if hillary clinton becomes a nominee at the end of the slog, how badly is she hurt in. >> tonight isn't pretty. let's put it that way.
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she twittered that she had won the race. she won by 65% over barack obama. she barely squeaked if she managed to squeak by half a point. so clearly she is damaged. and for instance in california, which she has to do well in. money that she would put for trump, or against trump, she is now going to have to do it to try and make her own race. and she even acknowledged that in one of her fundraising letters. >> i have to fight really two races. one in the primary on my left and then trump on my right. >> in any case, that was her sentout this week. she knows she's damaged. >> you are a bernie sanders supporter. you like him. do you think he is damaging the democratic party at this point? >> i was going to say something in my closing remarks.
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i'll say it now and again in my closing remarks. the democrats have to get their act together. whether, you know, we always hear the republicans and they need to make their big tent and they need to get their act together. no, it is the democrats that need to get their act together. we have talk show hosts that come to the conventions with us. all of a sudden people are switching their interests. these are republican talk show hosts, conservative as well as democrat. that's where so much of the action will be. >> who would have thought that it would be the democrats still slugging it out. >> the republican field was so big in the beginning. and the democrats are still going toe to toe and i'm sure hillary has a really big problem with the fact that bernie sanders is still nipping at her
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heels. she put in a considerable amount of time in kentucky. she also visited black churches in kentucky. she is doing really well with black voters level is spent a lot of time in two black churches. she would really rather be focusing on donald trump. >> this has to be really great for the republicans though. if you're donald trump, you're sitting there watching your two opponents slogging it out. even if she is the nominee, she is badly damaged and you don't to have face bernie sanders who frankly does much better against donald trump in almost every poll. >> there are republicans from that never trump movement who don't believe donald trump could beat hillary and this is proof that she can. she is mortally wounded in this
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primary process. 57% of trump supporters do so support him because they don't like her. what we're really beginning to be reintroduced to is this idea of hillary clinton as historically a fundamentally and potentially fatally flawed candidate that she can't put aside to all the respect of bernie sanders, someone who really should not have been. competition. if you look at kentucky as a case study, she won the big urban centers, louisville, the suburban counties around cincinnati shelf got devastated from the west to the east. this is a democratic nominee potentially who really can't seem to ever resonate where there are working class voters. that is a major problem for her. >> specifically white male working class voters. she has a problem getting those voters. then we looked at the other polls that we were going to,
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that was west virginia, where the bernie sanders voters said, there were 44% of them in west virginia who. if he is not their candidate, they will vote for donald trump. instead. >> people say a lot of things early on. you don't really know until debates and until november comes around. >> the other thing with the super delegates, people are very upset about that. it is hike the fix is in. >> and we'll talk more about that. we'll check back in with you guys multiple times. >> put on a pot of coffee. 1:15 on the east coast. 10:15 in oregon where bernie sanders won that state. donald trump as well. still ahead, donald trump has struck a deal with the gop. he was talking about it. we'll talk about how the two sides are coming together. not only to help trump but other
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man 1: i came as fast as i man 2: this isn't public yet. man 1: what isn't? man 2: we've been attacked. man 1: the network? man 2: shhhh. man 1: when did this happen? man 2: over the last six months. man 1: how did we miss it? man 2: we caught it, just not in time. man 1: who? how? man 2: not sure, probably off-shore, foreign, pros. man 1: what did they get? man 2: what didn't they get. man 1: i need to call mike... man 2: don't use your phone. it's not just security, it's defense. bae systems. welcome back. both front-runners working to
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get the delegates they need to clinch the nomination. so what's still ahead? good morning, kelly. >> good morning to you as well. take a look at everything. the primary season is winding down, or should i say revving up toward the general election. still some important races between now and the democrat conventions. the race for nomination for donald trump is nearly over. looking ahead, the question that continues to be asked about, the presumptive nominee, can he unify the republican party? while millions of people are showing their support, beltaway conservatives in washington are still resist tan to accept trump in totality. many are turned off by the tone and tenor of trump's campaign. >> people say act presidential. i think what he's saying is he doesn't want to act like a politician. he is running against career politicians. people that have been doing it
10:21 pm
virtually their whole lives. he's been doing it ten months so he will be politically incorrect. i and others have offered numerous suggestions how to do it, why you should do it a little differently. some thing he takes and moves and really expands. on others he says, i'm going to do it my own way. that's what makes him different than everybody else. >> and of course no one can speak for donald trump like donald trump. speaking to megyn kelly earlierering defends his tone. >> i could have done certain thing differently. i could have used different language in a couple instances. over all, i have to be very happy with the outcome. i think if i didn't conduct myself in the way i've done it, i don't think i would have been successful. >> looking ahead at the democrats, hillary clinton squeaked out a win in kentucky while sanders won oregon as expected. clinton's win gives her a psychological boost. the road to the nomination for clinton is mathematically assured.
10:22 pm
her supporters are urging her challenger bernie sanders to drop out. but sanders says not so fast. he is staying in. >> i agree with you. >> so here are the next states coming up. the washington presidential primary takes place on may 24th with 44 delegates at stake. on june 4, the virgin island there's hold its democratic caucuses. june 7 will be the big super primary for democrats and republicans which includes california, montana, new jersey, new mexico, north dakota and south dakota. and on june 14th, the district of columbia will hold the democratic primary. from there, both parties will prepare to attend their national
10:23 pm
conventions. of course, all eyes will be on the general election if there after. >> going ahead, raising money. and trump has struck a deal with the gop. the two sides say they will work together on the issue of fundraising in a move that will benefit republican nominee in other races. the so-called down ballot races. charles joins us now. thank you for stayings late, counsellor. >> pleasure. >> as you look at donald trump making these moves, meeting with henry kissinger, starting to strike a deal with the rnc as it comes to fundraising. are we starting to see donald trump at least give a nod to the republican establishment if not join them? >> i think we are. it is the starting point of where he needs to be in terms of the structure that will be
10:24 pm
critical over the coming months. what he did with the rnc today is they named lou eisenberg, a long time republican fund-raiser. he helped president george w. bush raise money and he's been running the finances of the rnc. he agreed to come on board and raise money in larger amounts that will help out both donald trump's campaign. but as important for the republican party, it will go to the state parties and the rnc for the ground operations. >> you talk about larger amounts of money. that maximum contribution for the trump victory committee, the maximum contribution, $449,000. that's a lot of dough that one person can write a check for. >> it sure is. let's remember the fact that you can take that much doesn't mean that people will be giving it. hillary clinton, she's been two steps ahead of republicans on this.
10:25 pm
she's had a joint fundraising committee the democratic party for months and they've been taking $350,000 contributions. and then they send it out to the democrat state parties. and it. it filters all back to her allies at the dnc. so this is not unusual, what mr. trump is doing. >> we all remember the time when we said because of clinton's fundraising, there is no way anybody could challenge her boifl, were we wrong about that. you take this move by trump. sort of a nod that she needs the establishment. may not like the establishment gop. for so long, trump is saying, i'm going to go it alone. i don't need a campaign apparatus. i don't need a ground game or a data game. this late in the game. signing the deal with the gop begin to make up for it? or is it too little too late? >> it is a good start. he has a lot of ground to make up. an important thing to remember with this agreement with the
10:26 pm
party, is that the first money that comes in goes to donald trump's campaign. the way his campaign is structured, he's loaned his campaign about $40 million. he can use the donor money that come in to pay himself back. it is up to him whether he uses the donor money to pay himself back or to go forward with his campaign. the donors who write collection for $1 or $449,000 don't seem to have much to say about that. correct? >> correct. there is some indication he made changes at the filing. and say that loan is now a contribution which would make the donor money going forward would be spent to help defeat hillary clinton. i think that's one of the most important steps he could take.
10:27 pm
>> turning it from a loan to a contribution. thanks for your insights. >> all the best. >> he did come out this afternoon on twitter once again and said that -- >> if it's on twitter, it must be true. >> and said that he did not donate money to his campaign to pay himself back. >> right now it's a loan. a $40 million note. the question is, does he say i don't want that money back anymore or not? that would change the ball game. >> the rnc would want him to do that. >> we'll talk more about money. donald trump may not have released his tax returns. but to the real estate mogul and hillary clinton. they have filed some reports. >> a lot of questions about donald trump's tax returns. that's coming up. what are you doing right now? making a cake! ayla reminds me of like a master chef and
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the most shocking result was that i'm 26% native american. i had no idea. it's opened up a whole new world for me. welcome back to america's election headquarters. donald trump is already bragging that his tax returns show a tremendous cash flow. hillary clinton released her filings earlier this week showing that she gave six paid speeches in 2016. about 1.5 million. so let's talk to the executive director of the daily caller.
10:32 pm
we always love having you here. these early morning, overnight hours. >> so great. thank you for having me. >> these financial forms that have been disclosed, any surprises? let's start with trump. >> i would say for him the reality is anything i can do that i have a huge, positive cash flow, that's the key. donald trump, largely on the strength of his business acumen. he spent the entire campaign saying i'm great in business. make me in charge of the country. these financial disclosures are another step. he has to file them as a part of his responsibility as an annual financial disclosure. he is under pressure with these documents related to his taxes. specifically his tax returns. this is a way to cool some of the pressure. >> yeah.
10:33 pm
these are different. these are different. he doesn't have to go into as much detail. and these can be more broad. he earned, what? $557 million in income the last 17 months, i believe? >> yeah. that's right. not bad. must be pretty nice living. between donald trump and hillary clinton, this is the life styles of the rich and famous. definitely not the average experience. the way the voters will preef information. i think it will be taken a little differently. hillary clinton is held to a more traditional standard than donald trump is. clearly. especially on her side. she is making money from all these speeches. right now, the primary is still raging on for her. even tonight we're not seeing a clear outcome winning the state. the left is upset. what did she say in these speeches to wall street that she got paid so much money for?
10:34 pm
until now she is still not forth coming with those answers. so this is a little more complicated for her. >> definitely impacting her. at the same time, we're talking about finances. we're not talking about the other issues and the scandal that's seem to be surrounding her. >> exactly. this is principally why. you see that this notion that the hillary campaign will focus on urging donald trump to release tax returns. so long as she is in a position where she is demanding her rival release something that he hand, she is not having to explain why she is not releasing a series of thing including the thousands of e-mails. the speech transcripts to wall street and all the clinton foundation money for the money she took while she was secretary of state to. what extent there was influence peddling going. on who was giving money to the clinton foundation in exchange
10:35 pm
for the state department. >> that may be the biggest question of all. thank you for joining us. you will be back to share some of your expertise later. thank you. >> and we are back with the panel. allen, tony, so let's continue talking about money. many people -- as we look at these numbers. 500 million plus trump is claiming as income. how do you say, but yet i identify with you, mister. i don't have a college education, out of a job, lost my job to china, tony. >> the voters feel that way. as an outer borrow guy growing up in brooklyn, trump has that charm. being born in queens, he has that blue collar appeal.
10:36 pm
he works in construction. it is an industry he's always had at a close level. that comes through and exudes in how he conducts himself. unlike perhaps mitt romney, he doesn't shy away from his wealth. he can't wait to tell you about it. it does allow him a lot more flexibility marks noofrability. he is who he is. and he at least in the eyes of, as we've seen from the polling. the class. the disruptive force in a system that many feel is unfair. if you want someone to negotiate on your behalf, you're looking at bernie sanders or with donald trump, it is clear. >> he says he is going to get people jobs, bottom line. when people are polled, one after another, it shows the
10:37 pm
economy is the number one issue for voters. so that obviously is making a difference. >> it is a big issue for voters. and trump has a plan for the economy, for example. so he has also hired, he is conducting with larry kudlow, with steven moore, an economist to help reshape what he has presented previous when i the tax structure and how to grow the economy. >> some people saying he is flip flopping on his ideas in terms of taxes. >> you may take all of that. people vote for who they want in their living room the next four years. they've already had him in their living room with the "the apprentice." they like the guy. he speaks to them. it doesn't matter that he lives the lifestyle of the rich and
10:38 pm
famous in many respects. it matters that he has been able to speak to them. >> some some ways, hand this taken away one of the great issues? i identify with the working guy? with the quote/unquote, little guy? bill clinton was the master communicator when it came to that. now trump seems to own that auth authenticity. >> you might have people that feel one way in the primary and then perhaps we'll see, change their mind or don't vote or stay home or something. >> that's why hillary clinton is saying my husband will handle the economy. >> not just the economy. she's going to send him to the flyover state. >> what does it say about someone who says i'll be the first woman, break the glass
10:39 pm
ceiling, her big husband on the issue that is most important for many americans, she says i'll send my husband in. >> if that is the case, what did bill clinton do as president? he gave us nafta, he deregulated wall street, he allowed the banks to get even bigger, he cut that capital gains taxes. he reformed welfare. are these issues she's really standing behind? >> my point is that all of these are very right of center policies that she has had to run wap from. i almost think it is hilarious with hillary is using bill as the salvation when she's run almost every policy to try to steal the democratic party. >> that shows you how desperate
10:40 pm
hillary clinton is to prop up bill clinton. to help her with her campaign. and should she happen to be president of the united states, help with the administration. if hillary were to be elected, it would be there'd term of obama. the economy, jobs, people are concerned about the health insurance. a third term. and energy. she's horrible on energy. >> this is an election that clearly people are looking for outsiders. maybe that's not the smartest thing. we'll let you comment when we come back from break. clinton's super pac launching a new attack ad. >> trump waste nog time responding and it includes bill clinton coming up.
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you know, that reminds me of how geico's been the fastest-growing auto insurer for over 10 years straight. over ten years? mhm, geico's the company your friends and neighbors trust. and deservedly so. indeed. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. glad to have you with us this early wednesday morning in new york city. a new attack ad that targets donald trump's comments about women. trump has been fighting back saying, amazing and crooked hillary can do a hit ad on me concerning women when her husband was the worst abuser of will woman in u.s. political history. from the weekly standard on a discussion on the ad itself.
10:45 pm
>> didn't we already see this ad with the never trump folks? the republicans taking on trump? >> there was an ad that was not as well produced. there was not that much money behind it. this is what democrats will do. sure enough, a couple months later the democrats are indeed firing the first missile at donald trump with this ad. it will be a billion dollar onslaught against donald trump starting with this attack. it didn't work for the never trump folks. why did they think it would work? >> you're talking about the general election voters. in fact donald trump doesn't perform very well with women.
10:46 pm
his unlikable numbers are high. for democrats, it tends to be about demographics. if you can keep certain groups at certain percentages. you can control the election. the goal is to keep that number sky high for donald trump. and donald trump has to break the funk. i'm not sure just lobbing the same accusation back at hillary clinton and bill clinton accomplishes that long term. i think he needs to make a positive case, perhaps, for your candidacy. why your candidacy can be good for women. especially against somebody who will be the first woman president. i think this is just the beginning. i think we'll see a lot of this. much, much, much money behind this effort. i think it will get dirty. >> we've seen it from trump.
10:47 pm
whether it is the miss usa pageant, especially in the new york times. trump has been uncanny in his ability to find and exploit his opponent's weakness. to that end, is this issue of bill clinton, his escapade, shall we say, a weakness for hillary clinton? what trump is hitting on, her protecting bill clinton. >> i think it is a weakness. >> to your last segment, essentially hillary clinton saying he would be in charge of the finances. in charge of the economy. i think it is very valid to say, if he would play a major role in your campaign, let's take a look at who he is. his record. donald trump is very, very good at attacks. overall, strategically making a positive case, needs to be done.
10:48 pm
instead of just attack. it gets you far, obviously. kit help tarnish these people. >> we all know bill clinton clinton. we know hillary clinton. some people liked him. it is not conclusive that this is the way to defeat them. but obviously we have a long campaign ahead of us. >> that's true. bill clinton responding in sorts. not really a full response saying voters are smart enough to figure this out. appreciate it. put on a pot of coffee. we'll see you back here in about an hour or so. still to come, primary night in kentucky and oregon, a lot more to talk about. >> and we're here for another couple hours. our panel rejoins us when we come back. hey, need fast heartburn relief? try cool mint zantac. it releases a cooling sensation
10:49 pm
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shoshow me more like this.e. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. thanks for sticking with us. with us, the bureau chief with the conservative review and the executive vice president. all fox news contributors. we were just listening to the last segment. he was discussing the super pac and launching these ads and targeting donald trump. we are moving into the general
10:53 pm
election. a sign of things to come. tony, your thoughts on the amount of money they're willing to spend at this point. >> i think at some point it will be a law enforcement diminishing returns. these attacks have a very limited effect. i think he will clearly be hurt by and dogged by all these comments, bombastic remarks he's made throughout his campaign cycle. probably his past career. it doesn't tell voters anything new about him they don't already know. this is why there's a huge misunderstanding about the high negatives both that candidates have. in the case of donald trump, they don't like what he says, how he acts sometime. they don't hike his behavior. that's very superficial. easy to change. these are not barriers that a political consultant, that i worry that much about. hillary clinton, on the other hand, people final her dishonest. pathologically so. they final her unlikable.
10:54 pm
dishogs. these are much more significantly based negatives. they're much harder to change. and we see it again in kentucky. what was the main issue with her in terms of what happened in kentucky? it was so close. >> her comments about coal, for example, certainly didn't help. she talked about putting coal miners out of business. that's harmful to do away with an individual's livelihood. this is something that has been going on under president obama's watch. the electricity prices skyrocketed. he couldn't get cap and trade in the senate and the house. the epa has unleashed a slew of regulations on the fossil fuel industry and a lot of americans have lost their jobs. coal companies and others have gone bankrupt. so her comment certainly did not help. the other thing is the whole
10:55 pm
clinton cash, the books, the movie, the movie is coming out. just before the democrats convention. that's something that may weigh heavy on hillary clinton. when people get to see all the allegations that are coming out against the clintons. >> and quickly before we have to go to break. >> basically, they're allegations. the fact is she is going to do very well, i think, around some of these issues. it is not just coal. it is natural gas. kentucky is not the only country. so if she's the nominee i think she can do very well. >> if bill clinton -- >> where? >> it depends on the day as well. >> it depends on where. in the flyover states he will probably be an asset. they probably polled that. >> we certainly saw in it kentucky. they brought him out no problem. >> so that's, i think, it
10:56 pm
depends where. >> what i see him as establishment. and hillary is bringing him out with her. they're both establishment. and americans are tired of the establishment politicians. >> all right. well, stick around, we'll be back for the next hour coming up. appreciate it. we're just getting started. >> a lot more to talk about. kentucky primary night. oregon primary night. ahead, the presumptive gop nominee donald trump is looking to boost his foreign policy expertise. other than hosting the miss universe contest in russia. >> we'll tell but his planned meeting with former secretary of state henry kissinger. that's coming up after the break.
10:57 pm
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11:00 pm
bernie sanders is continuing to test hillary clinton. it looks like a photo finish in the kentucky primary. >> not kentucky derby. >> welcome two america's election headquarters. >> thank you for staying with us. waking up or heading home. in kentucky, still too close to call of hillary clinton declaring herself the victor on twitter. that's not fulofficial. >> in oregon, bernie sanders
11:01 pm
winning the majority of the vote there. and despite pulling out the win, sanders is still trailing the front-runner considerably. >> on the republican side, donald trump, the lone standing candidate. adding oregon to his long list of primary wins. as it stands, the presumptive nominee needs just 77 more delegates to clinch the nomination. closer and closer we go. lauren is standing by. good morning. always nice to have you here. >> good morning. i'm going to have some of those number for you. it is too close to call in kentucky. hillary clinton is hoping to eek out a victory over her opponent, bernie sanders. she said clinton is a squeak ahead in the blue grass state by 46.8%. to sanders' 46.3%.
11:02 pm
a big contrast when she won the state against barack obama. it is more about being able to staunch the sanders tide. clinton spent the day crisscrossing kentucky, speaking in lexington. the front-runner kept mostly focused on the gop's presumptive nominee. >> i am hoping and really looking forward to debating trump in the fall. if one answer is i'm going to do it, i know how to do it, i'll get it double. but i'm not going to tell you what i'm going to do. you know, i kind of think a lot of folks, republicans, democrats, independents, a lot of folks are saying, what is he talking about? >> the liberal state of oregon was not a surprise win. vermont socialist/democrat
11:03 pm
bested clinton 53.7% to 46.3%. california is a state he is hoping to strike gold in with the june 7 primary. the win may be tough but he won't give up. >> it will be a steep climb. i recognize that. but we have the possibility of going to philadelphia with a majority. >> bernie sanders vowed to stay in the race. as you heard. until the very end. even though hillary clinton is poised to capture the nomination sometime in early june. as of today, she needs just, about 92 delegates away from the 2383 needed to secure the nomination. >> thank you so much. we appreciate you doing all that math for us this morning. >> hard work. a little math left on the gop side with just trump on the gop
11:04 pm
side winning oregon. some other news inside the the gop. >> easily winning the primary. 28 delegates and trump will win at least 17 of those. the results are still coming in. we're seeing evidence that the gop is still struggling to fully get behind the presumptive nominee. you can see while trump has more than 66% of the vote, more than thafrd republican primary voters cast ballots for either ted cruz or john kasich. now, oregon's primary does use mail-in ballot so it is not clear how many of those came in before the two candidates dropped out of the race. there are some signs on some plefls the party is getting behind trump. late tuesday, the republican national committee and the trump campaign announced they reached a join fundraising agreement which will allow trump to raise funds to help other candidates on the ballot this fall.
11:05 pm
we've mentioned how the ballots have been a concern. part of the goal of the agreement is to help allay those concerns. the chairman reince priebus. donald trump knows the importance of keeping our republican majority at the local, state and national level. and these joint fundraising agreements are another vital step in making that happen. looking back on the campaign thus far, in an interview with megyn kelly, trump said there isn't much he would do differently. absolutely i have regrets. overall i have to be happy with the outcome. i think if i didn't conduct myself in the way i've done it, i don't think i would have been successful. if write soft, if i were presidential. there's nothing wrong with being presidential. if i would not have fought back the way i did. i don't think i would have been
11:06 pm
successful. >> trump is clearly looking ahead to the general election and continually going after hillary clinton. i look forward to debating crooked hillary clinton. democrat primaries are rigged. e-mail investigation is rigged. he would be willing to sit down with north korean leader kim jong-un to try to stop their nuclear weapons program. and he would have more later when he meets with henry kissinger. >> live in washington. heather has more on just that topic. >> as if you knew we were going to talk about that. donald trump is giving a window into his foreign policy. saying that he is willing to meet with north korean leader kim jong-un about their nuclear weapons. this coming on the heel of declaring that he probably would not have a good relationship with british prime minister
11:07 pm
david cameron. trump said that himself. a prize winning jumpist as she joins us from denver. we normally have her here on the panel. and we miss you in the studio. >> i miss you too, guys. >> so what about this window into donald trump's foreign policy? sms thing that is tradition for republican candidates, we could say. >> yes. it is a stepping point. everyone goes and kisses the ring of henry kissinger. he is the reigning republican guru and lord knows donald trump could use henry kissinger's advice. however, i think it will be a lot of educating is in order. i'm not sure that henry kissinger has the patience but it is important that the two men are meeting.
11:08 pm
>> it is interesting. i was reading, it says that trump has been meeting. what do you think this means in terms of the direction that he is possibly heading? >> i think he needs, what he just proposed which is a meeting with kim jong-il who has vowed -- kim jong-un who has vowed to accelerate his country's nuclear program. who has held 13 americans hostage since 1995. and still holding americans. who is starving half of his country and would like to put the other half in jail. i mean, this is a stunning, stunning proposal. and he will be pilloried for it by many in the republican and democratic foreign policy establishment.
11:09 pm
you have to remember he made his proposal after suggesting only weeks earlier that south korea and japan developed nuclear weapons to protect themselves against north korea and the man whom he is willing to sit down with. that being said, i think. more worrisome is the fact he's made these really angry remarks and suggested, the united states may not have a very good relationship with david cameron who is america's oldest, the u.k. is america's oldest ally. and most dependable and indispensable. it is the combination of the two statements together that really has raised eyebrows. i don't think it is a terrible idea for donald trump to suggest sitting down with kim jong-un. because it would be interesting
11:10 pm
to see how two unpredictable men. and by the way no, one else who has shunned the the north korea leader, except dennis rodman, neither george w. bush nor president obama has had any success controlling north korea and the nuclear program. >> and i should say the meeting with kissinger come after weeks of phone calls between trump and kissinger. that from the "washington post." let's talk about the things that you just mentioned that trump has said. on some level, it is his honesty, not refreshing. i'm referring to his honesty versus the obama administration. versus the nuclear talks with iran. >> i'm not sure that blurting out whatever is on your mine is
11:11 pm
reassuring or honest. i think it shows taking the obligations that would fall to him in the area of foreign policy and national security seriously. i think that's what we're all worried about. is that there are plenty of people who said they might be willing to advise him. by the way, there are also over 100 republican national security and foreign policy experts who said they would never be willing to do that. of those who have expressed an interesting in doing so, many have told me and other fox news contributors, that donald trump hand had the time. he doesn't think it is important. foreign policy is a ratings loser. i think in a general election campaign, that strategy would be disastrous for him. and i think you see him now starting to pivot and starting to learn something about problems that have defied many presidents. >> and he met with jamie baker,
11:12 pm
another former republican secretary of state. perhaps he is changing his mine and more willing to listen to what others to have say and get more educated on the issues. thank you for joining us. we'll see you back here in studio next time. >> absolutely. i'll be back with you after i come out of denver. >> all right. thank you. so. appreciate you joining us. >> not only is he pivoting toward foreign policy, also making the deals with the rnc about fundraising. perhaps maybe not saying i really enjoyed the republican establishment but i know that i need the republican establishment. back now with the panel. ellen ratner, bureau chief of talk radio news, dineen, tony, vice president of james town associates. this info really caught both of yours and my eye here during the
11:13 pm
report when it came to the vote totals in oregon. donald trump won but there were a couple of other numbers. he had 58%. cruz had 16%. is this proof that shall we say, all right. look at these numbers. is this proof the gop is not really coalescing around donald trump? >> i think part of it, you have early voting. so a lot of these votes were cast prior to kasich and cruz leaving. we saw where marco rubio was still on the ballot even though he had exited the race. but yeah. no doubt. this is still a process for a lot of people who had invested a lot of energy. this is now two weeks into the
11:14 pm
phase of the inevitable nominee. you've seen the big kind of leaders of the party show some reluctance. i'm sure that trickles down to some voters and members. i think donald trump has started to do the right things. meeting with paul ryan, reince priebus. i think if there's any one big area of concern among the republicans, it is the lack of curiosity of some things. the things he said particularly about arming in a nuclear way some of our asian ally. i think you are starting to see donald trump expanding his team. his ability to self-correct. it goes to the practicing
11:15 pm
mattism of businessman. >> whether it be about what he wants to learn, how many republicans get behind him. trying to deny the electoral college votes. an out of left field strategy. as you look at those numbers from oregon, you get the sent that might not be so crazy after all. >> the party needs to be united as we speak. with donald trump, you have individuals who are behind him. the fact that he's looking to individuals to counsel him.
11:16 pm
talking about the henry kissinger. i mentioned steven moore and lawrence kudlow earlier. he is open to seeking advice from others. he is a businessman. he is coming from the sveum of being the ceo for the united states states of america. >> what are your thoughts about him? when do you think paul ryan should express whether he will fully support him or not? >> i think he probably does want to run the convention. i think paul ryan is a politician who will put his thumb in the air and see which way the wind is blowing. if there's a huge move toward supporting donald trump, you will see paul ryan get on board. >> there was some polling done recently after he came out and
11:17 pm
said we had a 45-minute meeting. >> he is making part of this his own. i don't like how he came out. i think it would have better to say, my intention to to support our nominee. i would like to meet with him and talk about issues of concern. >> he only met him once. >> that would have been fair. to say i have to marinade on it. it sounded small. he does have members who are not ready to support trump. i think he's been trying to give them the benefit of time and cover by taking the position he has. but i think it is very clear that the unification process is going to happen. and i think it will happen
11:18 pm
slowly. that might be to ryan's point, a better way to do it. it would make it more sincere for trump in a general election. >> with paul ryan, i think it depends ons that he is seeking, basically for himself. where is he staying with his career down the road? and if he goes against let's say mitt romney, he has the money and the backers. should paul ryan want to run for president down the road. he is still a young man. >> who would have thought, right? >> to this issue, the democrats have already started to try to exploit this fracture. within the republican party. like the e-mails they're senting out. contribute because we have to -- >> they're there. as we watch hillary clinton on the stump. we saw this earlier. she was talking about it.
11:19 pm
i can't wait to debate trump. i'm going to talk about issues and what matters. that doesn't seem to resonate with voters this time around. what is the feeling among democrats that will make a difference when it hasn't hurt every other candidate including bernie sanders. >> the problem with the hillary burning rates, i think it is somewhat generational. you see it very much split. you see the different components and that's the problem. if they come together, they have to come up with a strategy that says to everybody. >> come together when? july 24, july 25. there's a long ways away.
11:20 pm
>> it can come the way of a vice presidential nomination. >> it ain't over until it's over. both front-runners. >> we'll look at the races and delegates still at stake and why they matter.
11:21 pm
11:22 pm
11:23 pm
11:24 pm
good morning. welcome back to america's election headquarters. we're awake. hillary clinton is just 92 delegates short of clinching the nomination. >> what is still to come in the final days of the 2016 primary season? >> the delegate season is winding down. you can say the general election is revving up toward the november elections. let's take a look. the race for donald trump is nearly over. looking ahead, the questions
11:25 pm
that are still to be asked can he unify the republican party? we've been asking that question all night long. while millions are showing their support, beltaway conservatives in washington are still resisting. many are turned off by the tone and tenor of his campaign. scott brown has enlisted in the help to get the party unified with donald trump. >> people say act presidential. i think what he is saying, he doesn't want to act like a politician. he is running against career politicians. people have been doing it their whole lives. he's been doing it ten months now. so yes. he will be politically incorrect. hopefully he will learn and grow. i and others have offered numerous suggestions as to how to do it. why you should do it differently. some things he moves and expands on.
11:26 pm
>> donald trump speaking earlier to megyn kelly. >> i could have maybe used different language in a couple instances. but over all, i have to be very happy with the outcome. i think if i didn't conduct myself like that, i don't think i would have been successful. >> so hillary clinton appears to be squeaking out a win in kentucky while sanders has won in oregon. that was expected. clinton's win would give her a psychological boost. the road to the presidential nomination for clinton is mathematically assured. her supporters are urging her challengers to drop out. but sanders, of course, is saying he is going to stay in. >> to be as clear as i can be, i agree with you. we are in to the end. >> so bernie sanders will be there. the washington primary for
11:27 pm
republicans takes place may 24th with 44 gop delegates at stake on. june 4th, the virgin island there's hold its democratic territorial caucuses on. june 5, 60 delegates are up for grads. june 7 will be the huge super primary which includes california, montana, new jersey, new mexico, north dakota and south dakota. and then on june 14th, it all goes to washington. so from there both parties will attend the republican national convention. the democrats will meet in philadelphia for their convention not too far away. >> how much has changed what would be now and then? >> i was taking notes. june 4, virgin islands, road
11:28 pm
trip. >> do the show live. >> i'm in. let's do it. >> the presumptive gop candidate now has a plan that truly defies convention. of course this year has been all about conventional wisdom. >> that would be different how? trump is now planning on taking on states. now no other republican candidate has tried to convert before. more on that when our coverage continues.
11:29 pm
11:30 pm
11:31 pm
11:32 pm
the polls have been closed for a few hours in oregon. donald trump is also now toward the general election and semiing campaign workers into traditionally democratic states. 15 states have been targeted. wisconsin, michigan, maine. all very blue states. if it works, it would be a very unusual path to the white house. joining us now, fox news political analyst, nice to see you. >> nice to see you. michigan, wisconsin,
11:33 pm
pennsylvania, maine. donald trump thinks these are in play. do you. >> everything is in play. i think his pathway, what he's doing, he is a great deal maker. he brokers great deals. the fact is the party did not support romney all the way and republicans defeated republicans now. republicans have shown donald trump what they think of him. the establishment. i would go to those diversity districts. that's what i call them. those blue dog democrats. >> so all of a sudden donald trump said, i'm going at this alone. i don't need pollsters. the media will do the polling for me. i won't waste money on a ground game. he is starting to make deal with the gop as we saw with the rnc
11:34 pm
fundraising deal. also hired tony, the big time pollster. is this a nod by donald trump saying, well, gee i really do need to learn how politics is done? >> this is going to shock you. this is not a nod from donald trump. this is a nod from the party. we're still in the throes of a bloody primary process. we're coming together so we can have the parties in the white house. >> how does this play out when you get to places like michigan, you see hillary clinton bring out her husband. very popular. in what our panel call a flyover state. and trying to go against donald trump. who wins that cage max. >> is donald trump does. he will come in with something new.
11:35 pm
i've taken democrats into barrios and into those places where they usually don't go. and sometimes people just want to know that you care. that you're thinking of them. so i think donald trump has a new message. the old way of politics, the old way of doing things is over. i belie >> it certainly has changed the die natural whik you consider trump and sanders and the enthusiasm behind them and the lack of these. i can't behind hillary clinton. thank you for your time. get some sleep. >> joining us again. ellen rad never, and i keep bei being, i was looking on the twitter. we were trying to get our viewers to engage. we have this comment from one
11:36 pm
person so far. and sam says, who cares about taxes? not that important. will he or won't he release them? it doesn't matter to sam. >> it may not matter to sam is hillary not releasing her splook. each one has something the public wonlts to see and, that middle public wants to see it. >> i think eventually he is going to release traditionally. why he has not done so he said is because of the audit. just referenced from twitter,
11:37 pm
people don't care. >> no. what's interesting. i heard him say. do i pay taxes. he said it's none of your business. does that play well in peoria, a short record. >> well, what if someone said i pay the most am of taxes i can. >> i'm sure they won't return to ender. he is preparing people for the veilleuxality. it will show that he does pay a lower effective tax rate.
11:38 pm
in real dollars it will be a happenedsome bill. when you talk about trump and one of the strengths, one is on the economy and tax reform. if you think of most of the republican plans and trump's is one of the strongest. you do want to get rid of the opportunity for people like donald trump to pay a low effective. at a rate by simplifying and creating a lower top marginal rate. i think trump clearly has some strength on this issue. the tax return element of it i think is a bit uncomfortable. it doesn't hurt in the long run. i agree in the long run. i think the goldman saxs speech says a lot more. meanwhile on the trail, she is the exact option. he is very robust, her suggestion that she'll stop the big guys from hurting the little guy.
11:39 pm
so that would be a lom term issue. fogger her to release them. . >> now she is talking about bringing in blinl, her husband. >> it's funny that she's tweeting. she has kentucky in the bag. typical hillary spin. probably bring out bill clinton for her because she's desperate. >> you brought up. right now, they said this race is too close to call. we look at the board right there. 2,000 out of 400,000 votes cast. ellen, to you.
11:40 pm
is tonighwould we be having a v different conversation tonight? >> i'm not, i will tell you. this you cannot say that hillary clinton that won by 65% over obama in kentucky is not doing so well. she knows she has to do something to preserve california. she has to spend some money. she would rather stay for the general election. she is in trouble to some degree. might she get the nomination? yes. but let's remember. those super delegates could slip. if the polls keep coming in.
11:41 pm
it is not over until in the it's order. >> when all of a sudden you put in the issue of electability, and then the huge enthusiasm gap. we saw it play out. >> we talk about republicans. and issues that have come up in some of their events in terms of violence and peel getting out of hand. you haven't heard a lot about what happened this past weekend in nevada. >> shockingly, the video that we're playing shows what's going on. 100 or 200 people were there. he just walked away. now what happens with all sanders supporters, they show up at the convention in philadelphia.
11:42 pm
he says he's going all the way to the convention. that means his people are going too. hillary clinton dropped out after the last primary and didn't ask anything of obama. >> speaking of hillary clinton interesting first of six former aides will be deposed wednesday in e-mail gate. yes. how will those interviews impact the presidential race? that's up next. you both have a perfect driving record. perfect. no tickets. no accidents. that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. yeah. now you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? no. your insurance rates go through the roof... your perfect record doesn't get you anything. anything. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates
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due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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test test
11:46 pm
welcome back. the outcome could have a serious outcome on how the election plays out. how do you think this will impact the race going forward? especially with bernie sanders still in it. is this what he's waiting for? >> you have to wonder why bernie sanders stays in the race. he needs to win about 70% of the
11:47 pm
delegates going forward and that's very unlikely. maybe in the back of his mine he sees the fbi investigation, a criminal investigation in the hillary e-mails. now you have this judicial watch lawsuit. the judge has allowed it with discovery with six hillary clinton aides. possibly even interviewing hillary clinton herself over why she set up this private e-mail server. was it to try to hide her record from requests. and you have to think maybe bernie sanders in the back of his mine sees the possibility as he goes toward the convention this summer, that something will come out. whether it is an indictment from the fbi investigation or something will come out from the judicial watch discovery process that will maybe hurt hillary clinton and make the super delegates reconsider getting behind hillary clinton. to me that's the only option he has to winning the sum. >> the fbi saying they will make an announcement. they're anticipating possibly july that will happen.
11:48 pm
do you think it will matter? >> absolutely. when you ask if it is rally, how does this weigh on the support for a candidate? is it effective at all in they don't think it is a serious investigation. specially hillary clinton rallies. that is there is an indictment of some sort, that could change the calculations dramatically and make people question whether this is a real liability going into november. so i think could it change the minds of people.
11:49 pm
>> it change the ball game and donald trump would have a real advantage. >> thank you for joining us. congratulations on your engagement, by the way. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. thank you very much. >> another good guy down the drain. congratulations, jamie. great guy, great girl. great picture too. we talk about this all night. the role of super delegates. those who can vote however they want. >> could some of the party faithful be swayed? we'll take it to our panel. next. safety doesn't come in a box. it's not a banner that goes on a wall. it's not something you do now and then. or when it's convenient. it's using state-of-the-art simulators to better prepare for any situation. it's giving offshore teams onshore support. and it's empowering anyone to stop a job if something doesn't seem right.
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it's 2:53 in the morning. we have about three minutes to break down the super delegates. do you know who can do it? our panel. all right. ellen, dineen, tony, they're back. as of now by the ap count. hillary clinton has 524 super delegates that have committed to her. bernie sanders has, well, about 40. under what scenario, ellen, do
11:54 pm
we see a mass switch of super delegates? sanders is hitting hard on the issue of electability and on the issue of enthusiasm. do those resonate? >> the polling certainly does. as does possibility of the e-mail issue which it may or may not. none of us know the answer to that. i'm asked that all the time on radio. i don't honestly know the answer to that. those are the questions that could sway the super delegates. >> how does this play? is this something that work in trump's favor to take on hillary clinton? >> well, i think it could. afte regards to the server. in regard to the upcoming civil suit with the deposition that will take place this week. some of her closest aides will be deposed.
11:55 pm
>> pagliano never e-mailed. >> he set up the server. >> he got that immunity. >> there's all this smoke about the e-mail scandal. i don't know the last time there was an investigation like this. you almost have to go back to the nixon era. why have the super delegates not been more suspicious? >> debby wasserman schultz and the acolytes that lead the dnc clearly have gone out of their way to preserve hillary clinton. and you're seeing what's happening. the voters of the democratic party are strongly resisting their pull.
11:56 pm
and i think donald trump has started to make a very strong argument. and he is linking both the super delegate structure and the e-mail scandal and saying it is also what the clintons are involved, it is a rigged system and that's the way they win. it always seems unless the clintons somehow have it rigged for their favor, that's their advantage. >> you hear that word rigged. >> we're going to talk more about it and the chaotic scene in nevada as well that drew some bad blood within the democratic party. stay with us. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit
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11:59 pm
12:00 am
refusing to go quietly as the kentucky primary goes down to the wire. i'm heather chill deers and welcome to america's election headquarters. >> they know something about going down to the wire. 3:00 a.m. in new york. it is a little past midnight on the west coast. here is a look at the results in kentucky. that race is still too close for the associated press to technically call as sanders and clinton remain neck and neck. about 2,000 votes separating them. >> the results from oregon far more clear. sanders winning easily in the beaver state with more than 53% of the vote. as for the republican side, done thald -- donald trump
12:01 am
winning in oregon and he is tacking on 17 delegates following his victory there. the caucus was held in kentucky previously for the republicans. >> thanks to rand paul. the presumptive gop nominee needs just 77 more delegates to reach that magic number of 1237 as the trump train moves on with little to stop it so far. now back to the democrats. bernie sanders' shake up continued. it is a growing rift to divide in the party on full display at the nevada state convention this weekend. >> hillary clinton will go toe to toe with donald trump. >> they handed the state to clinton. the party leaders are
12:02 am
pressuring sanders to denounce the chaos. he walked away from one question down. and he responded later saying his supporters were not being treated with fairness and respect. respect is what we have heard a lot about and fairness as well. joining us from our newsroom democratic polster and senior political analyst. jessica, nice to see you. >> nice to see you. good morning. >> good morning. >> bernie sanders says i am going all the way to philadelphia and bringing my people with me. anything to stop them? >> no. there is nothing to stop him, but himself coming to grips with the reality of the situation. you mentioned earlier that he was talking about respect and fairness and i understand that and that's important, but he should also be talking about the mask. the game is not rigged. she is winning. she is up three million votes
12:03 am
and i am not sure what the final count is after today, but the point is he is not cutting into her margins with any of these wins. oregon won't make much of a difference. he may net 7 more delegates than she has here. the bernie sanders campaign what happened in nevada, he has not spoken out harshly enough about that. there were death threats against the party chairwoman m barbara boxer, the long-time senator being booed like that. it is straight up disrespectful. and people are talking about the fact that officials within the sanders campaign have been telling supporters that things are happening and the rules are more convoluted and the game is rigged. hillary clinton won the caucus. >> be that as it may, what does bernie sanders want out of this? is it a vanity contest he is sticking around for because he enjoys speaking to crowds or does he have something he wants out of the democratic
12:04 am
party, and he is going to make sure when he gets to philadelphia that he will get it? >> i think he likes being a rock star and that's what he has turned into. he has drawn crowds of 28,000 in oregon. i think there is that element. largely he wants to push the democratic platform to the left which he has accomplished. hillary clinton has gone further to the left than we ever imagined she would. it is completely uncomfortable position for her actually which is why they talk about her picking a more progressive running mate. that's why i do under the calls for him to drop out at this point. it is mission accomplished. >> you bring up an important point. he gets 20 plus thousand people at rallies and hillary clinton would be thrilled with half of that number of people. in the end they will nominate somebody who doesn't have a huge base of enthusiasm for and when you look at the elect
12:05 am
built polls, the other guy, bernie sanders, does a lot better. >> he does and i think there is a strong argument to be made that bernie sanders has not been vetted yet. we saw this with the news coming out about gene sanders and the burlington college she ran was completely underwater and she bankrupt it and it had to be pushed out. this is the beginning of bernie sanders being looked at for 30 years now. the enthusiasm gap is an important point. when it is one on one, clinton versus trump and when you see the difference if their values and the vision for america, the enthusiasm will be with her. >> you say that, jessica, but the polls don't support that and state by state by state by state sanders does so much better than hillary does. >> i do understand it and that's why i bring up the point of bernie sanders not being vetted. bernie sanders has like built problems and trustworthy problems. this is an outsider election so her running a as an establishment candidate will
12:06 am
be difficult. that doesn't mean they have strong i'd logical differences between her and trump that will make all of the difference in november. i do think it will be close and democrats should not underestimate him. >> we heard that from the clinton campaign. don't underestimate him. this issue of trying to say we are going to run on the issues and clinton is on the stump saying i am looking forward to a debate. appreciate your cando are this early. somehow you put together more coherent thoughts than me. >> i wore republican red as a peace offering at 3:00 a.m. >> we will see if any of the republicans who are watching on twitter decide to reach out to you. >> i'm sure they will. >> there you go. # peace offering. bringing donuts is a great peace of onerring too. >> which you were supposed to do. >> next time. i promise. >> we'll see. donald trump winning oregon, but voters showing that not everyone there is
12:07 am
getting behind him. garrett joins us from our bureau in washington with more. good morning, garrett. >> heather, good morning. donald trump won oregon in a dominating fashion. there are still some voters having a hard time getting behind the presumptive nominee. look at the results that are still coming in. 28 delegates were up for grabs and you can see trump will walk away with at least 17 after winning more than 66% of the vote. the remaining third of the votes went to cruz and kasich who dropped out of the race two weeks ago. because oregon's primary use mail in ballots, it is possible that some of those votes came in before the pair dropped out. trump still moves one step closer to winning the nomination and celebrated on twitter of course tweeting congratulations to the movement. we have just won the great state of oregon. the vote percentage is higher than anticipated. thank you. there are also other signs that the party is slowly, but
12:08 am
surely beginning to unite behind trump. the trump campaign and the republican national committee announced they had reached a joint fundraising agreement which will allow trump to ray funds to help other gop candidates on the ballot this fall. rnc chairman said in a statement , donald trump knows the importance of keeping our republican majorities at the local, state and national level in these joint fundraising agreements and they are another vital step in making that happen. with the general election in mind trump took some time to go after democratic front runner hillary clinton tweeting "i look8s
12:09 am
12:10 am
>> and so i am not going to predict except to say that if they did it by pay per view they could pay down the debt. >> something you talked about is possibly donald trump could swing or switch over to republicans and i know you wanted to talk about that, and
12:11 am
just interestingly, the three swing states we did polling of, we talked about it in our last meeting last week. of those three swing states if you compare clinton and trump, clinton had a 19-point advantage over trump in the three swing states among women. pennsylvania specifically one of them, but trump with a 21-point lead among men. pennsylvania, ohio and some of those other states. >> florida. >> yes, florida, that he could possibly switch over. >> in those states trump was either ahead or only behind within the statistical margin of error which shows you how he can win without necessarily making dramatic changes in his style, tone and substance. the states that are a great interest to me though if you look at what angela mcgowan talked about was minnesota, maine, michigan and particularly minnesota and maine. largely white populations with
12:12 am
blue collar kind of backbone, very rural. they are very interesting states to watch this cycle because i do think donald trump has is up an appeal to that average everyday american. the issue he doesn't get remotely enough credit for inspiring is nationalism. politico did an analysis among trump supporter. it is not anger. that's the thing we talk about. it is nationalism. it is the sense that the theme of making america great again is resonating with people regard lets of the pre disposition. i think that will really be something very powerful for him. and you can see it already beginning to be part of his campaign message and theme. i do think he puts that upper midwest and potentially some states in the northeast in serious, serious play. and this will be a totally in big elections, shifts and swings happen in a big way. i think you are starting to
12:13 am
see a real big swing begin potentially for donald trump. >> michigan and nevada, two states being questioned as to whether or not he could swing those as well. >> look at the economy, for example. that's something americans are concerned about. .5% gdp growth under president obama in the last quarter. that's not acceptable. we need pro growth initiatives, really. cut taxes and lower regulations to help grow the economy and it would help spur job growth as well. >> to that point though, we heard hillary say i am running for a fifth term of barack obama. as you look at that though there are so many of the solid democratic voters who the obama presidency has not been that good for. >> maybe not. but those of us who were here back then remembered that in
12:14 am
2008 when president obama was elected the economy was not just growing slowly. it was growing negatively. and that has been a big problem. obama did fix that. okay there is no question about that. he did fix it and nobody can argue with that. >> actually there are a lot of people who argue with that. they say in fact that he should not be credited with turning the economy around at the time. but instead some of the policies that were put into place preif qus to him, but more specifically the republicans who came in and started to control the house and the senate. >> and also the issue of whether the economy is growing. you look at the labor participation rate and they are outlooking for jobs way down, the economic growth and the wage growth. they say look the unemployment rate is lower. people have given up looking
12:15 am
are to jobs. >> ellen is out there with her guns. >> her metaphor rick guns. we will talk about a secret program to help us in the fight against terrorism. it helps to give our troops the upper hand in the fight. >> our chief intelligence correspondent has an exclusive report and our panel breaks it down coming up.
12:16 am
12:17 am
12:18 am
12:19 am
welcome back to america's election headquarters, national security. it includes watching out for our troops in war zones. it a super secret government agency is at the forefront cutting through mountains of data and getting our troops in the field to get them that information almost immediately. the chief intelligence correspondent has an exclusive look in the nsa's kiting edge target -- the cutting edge targeting program. >> relentless attacks on american personnel during the iraqi surge drove the realtime intelligence. >> starting in 2005 we started seeing a big up tick in
12:20 am
casualties. >> reporter: he is the deputy districter of the national security agency. for the first time the nsa is speaking publicly about the highly secretive program called the realtime regional gateway or rtrg. >> he was then the director and he had this vision to be able to provide in realtime or near realtime warning information to the troops. >> you were one of the first people on the ground in iraq. >> we needed to get in front of our adversaries. >> he was at -- in baghdad where the nsa computers housed in this covered area took streams of intelligence and married it up with information gathered during raids. >> we were able to get phone numbers. we were able to get addresses. we were able to see connectionses. >> reporter: think of it like a phone app, but instead of directions, it is flagging terrorists. >> it might connect something like a phone number to a location and to an activity and then disply -- display that to an analyst who could
12:21 am
contact a convoy in route and say there is what looks like an ambush. >> technical only -- analysts were no longer behind the desk. they were working side by side with special operations. the program went from iraq to afghanistan and other zones they will not publicly identify. >> since 2001 we deployed 5,000 nsa people to iraq and 8,000 to of a afghanistan. in total 18,000 to hostile areas around the world. >> the nsa memorial wall pay tribute to the fallen. >> i get emotional about this. >> christian pike and his team were outnumbered. >> he was killed supporting the seals. >> what a decade is ground breaking is a standard tool for the war fighting. in maryland, fox news. it is impossible to quantify how many lives have been saved by that technology. >> and then there are lives lost as we just saw.
12:22 am
>> that number we know. for more on this bring in the panel. ellen ratner on talk media news and danen with the conservative review. the executive vice president with jamestown associates. tony, as we look toward the election, the polls keep sos -- ons sill lating and will it be the economy or security that takes the fore front? >> economic issues at a time of serious distress, 60% of the american people say we are heading in the wrong direction no one feels it as if your life is not being improved and wages going up and having a hard time making end meet. there is absolutely no doubt while we are still engaged overseas and while the world is put in more chaos because of the failed administration
12:23 am
for the last eight years. we saw polling put terrorism at number two for the paris uhing tays. it was not even in the top eight. there is always an eye on the foreign scene as it relates to national security and homeland security and terrorism. when you hear reports like this it goes to show you the immense changes that were made after the dramatic attacks of 9/11. we are now in a new 8 sim -- a new asymetrical war. it goes to show you the sacrifices being made by frankly civilians who had joined up with the military and as assets on the ground. it puts their lives at risk to save count less others. it was a program that seems to have been very successful. >> and it brings to light one of the main issues that donald trump frequently speaks of and
12:24 am
that's our security here at home. and protecting our borders. >> the political elite, they are not overly concerned about some of the policies that they pushed. they are not directly affected. this is what americans recognize and see. again, it is part of the -- the game is fixed. trump is looking to secure the borders and that is something that has resonated with a lot of his followers. when it comes to the economy we are talking about jobs and there is the energy aspect. another term with hillary -- another obama term with hillary is we know what she wants to do with the energy industry. she distans coal and natural dash cash disdains -- she disdains coal and natural gas and i don't know where they think we will get our energy from. that is also a security issue. it is the security and safety of our natural resources and forced to utilize them to the
12:25 am
extent we can. >> progressives or independents. i didn't want to ask another question from one of our folks at home since we asked you to give us some questions. this is from chuck. he said does the panel theng independents will break for trump or clinton? on. >> i think it depends on the independent. and who the person is. we always say a 25 to 33% of the voters go for the republican and they don't care who it is. 25 to 35% go for the democrat and the middle is the one that makes the decision. >> i think the formula changes a lot in 2012. mitt rom nay won independence -- mitt romney won and then lost the election because barack obama was able to animate his base and expand his numbers in a imr way. -- in a great way. hillary clinton will need independence a lot more. donald trump is the one running the closest thing to a nonpartisan election.
12:26 am
he offers a lot to voters who are not i'd logical. a lot of his agenda does appear praying mat tig. pragmatic. >> and when you offer so much to so many are you offering any one thing and behind that a specific strategy other than a campaign tactile one. panel, stand by. back to you coming up in a few minutes. we know donald trump is not one to play by the rules necessarily. >> who knew? does the rejection of tradition and his refusal to release taxes matter to the voters? >> not releasing them right now. >> well, he says they are coming up. it is after the audit. our election coverage continues.
12:27 am
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12:30 am
welcome back to america's election headquarters. it is 3:30 a.m. here on the east coast. donald trump is making some financial disclosures and filing financial documents and he said he is not sure if he will release his tax returns before the general election. he said she waiting for the end of the audit. the question of the night, do voters really care? the rnc chair says no way. >> we have been working on this primary for over a year, chris. i have to tell you, i think that all of these stories have
12:31 am
come out and they come out every couple weeks. people just don't care. people look at do and hillary clinton and say who is going to bring an earthquake to washington, d.c. the bigger issue and when we make these judgments about people it is whether or not individuals are throwing stones at glass houses. >> joining us is daniel halper from "the weekly standard." thank you for sticking around for us. always uh preesh yit it. -- app. >> they too say they don't care. i don't care about donald trump's taxes or clinton's taxes. he is a trump supporter. what do you think? do you think the voters care this? >> now the governor of virginia called upon him to release the taxes. there are people who do care. there are people who will care
12:32 am
and certainly not everybody will care. look. donald trump is making a decision based on his his -- that's not based on politics. that's based on his legal and financial requirements. it is a decision he is making, but the politics are trickier. mitt romney was slow to release his tax returns. and what happened was harry reid , the majority leader in the senate started filling in the gaps and started making stuff up. since we can't see what is in the tax returns it is probably this and probably that and it did begin to hurt mitt romney and he did release the tax returns. donald trump is a different candidate than mitt romney. i don't know how it will be affected, but he is -- there are certain vulnerabilities to him not doing so. >> and what about the calls that keep coming from mitt romney? i know that's off topic.
12:33 am
who is that benefiting? and why does he keep participating in this conversation. >> well, he is a member of the american public. he is allowed to express his opinion. just as our twitter followers are asking questions as a concerned citizen i think he is raising those issues. i am not sure it is well thought out and i am not sure that -- i did see him a couple weeks ago give a speech and he was very sincere in his opposition to both hillary clinton and donald trump. i don't use that word often for mitt romney, but he was sincere about it. it is really out of a place of concern from him personally. these tax returns, i think they would tell us something. in his financial disclosures released he claimed in a statement about the financial disclosure that was released he claimed he made over $500 million. these tax returns presumably would back that up, and they would show us how he made that money. they would reveal certain things that a lot of presidential candidates have
12:34 am
done up to this point going back 30 years. look, he has issue i had -- issued normal normalcy for candidates and obviously that is -- he has been successful. who am i to say what exactly he should be doing, but clearly there is a risk to him not doing -- >> what is more important for voters to know? what is in donald trump's tax returns or the money questions that continue to involve the clinton foundation, the amount of money that hillary clinton makes on her speeches with wall street, her connections there? which is more important for voters. >> i am a reporter so i am always in favor of disclosure of more information. i want both sides to disclose information because we are better off bag more informed. i think donald trump if he would release his taxes it would give him a better footing to make the argument
12:35 am
about hillary clinton not disclosing her information. i don't think the american public in general is served that well by having two leaders who are not disclosing as much information as they can. each are carrying their own risk. they will come to terms with it and make the argument and voters can decide what fits -- what is sufficient for them and they can make their own decisions. they are smart enough. >> daniel halper helping us out. appreciate it. >> interestingly enough, bill clinton said the same thing. votersvoters are smart enough. that's what daniel said about the attack tack made by trump against him. back with us now from the panel is ellen, daneen and tony. the issue of tax returns comes down to the issue of weakness. where do one of these candidates have enough of a chink in the armor you can drive a wedge through? and that is something donald trump has been brilliant in
12:36 am
finding. we have seen that in the latest round of -- in hillary calling her crooked hillary. what do they worry about when it comes to clinton? >> from what i hear and again this is just people on the ground talks, but it is the e-mail scandal they are worried about in terms of what he has been able to go after. we have people who are republicans and are friends of mine and they say trump will pull out things that we never even heard about. he will pull out old things on hillary clinton. >> like what? >> about how she enabled him and all of this kind of thing. >> we have seen some of those arguments before. >> but he will come at it with gang busters. trust me. i believe that his opposition folks are digging up facts that you and i couldn't even dream of. >> interesting. >> we will flip this around and what chink in the armor
12:37 am
does donald trump have? the media feels there is something here with the tax issue, but up until now he has been able to escape everything whether it is the john mccain stuff and whether it is making fun of a reporter who has a physical handicap. he seems to be teflon. >> and they don't seem to care. the latest news is how he treated women and his girl friends in the past. the one lady said she was totally misquoted in the "new york times" story she provided information for. they keep trying to dig for information on donald trump and so far nothing has stuck and his supporters are still behind us. >> and then there was a former mi usa that was on hannity last night who said that same article they took complete quotes out of the book and made it seem like she contributed to the oort cal. to the article. i wanted to say one more of our tweets from another person.
12:38 am
she said the only one who cares about the taxes is media looking for a story. you can't lie in the financial disclosure statement. it does seem like they just don't care. is there something else you think the media will latch on to following the taxes and the release of taxes with donald trump? >> i first want to say i think our viewer hit it on the head in capturing why these issues certainly have not caught up with donald trump at all. these are the rules of the mainstream elite media that voters are rejecting as much as they are rejecting the political establishment. just because donald trump does president play by their rules he is not going to get punished by it by most voters who will view them objectively. i want to say i don't view there being any morale equivalence between the trump's tax returns which are frankly -- if there is criminality there we will learn about it sooner or later and the clinton foundation
12:39 am
scandal which is part of the scandal being investigated by the the fbi. this is an investigation looking into influence peddling and pay to play. bill clinton was said to receive tens of million of dollars from foreign governments and foreign businessmen who were doing business with the united states. many of whom had business pending with his wife's state department. if there is anything in these records, in these e-mails that indicate any kind of mall fee sense, i think that is something of the highest order. someone who pays a low tax rate or didn't give as much charity as they said they did is something much smaller in the grand scheme. >> we have to go to break. >> if the star thing he claimed in new york state which was to get a remission -- >> that is small ball. >> i don't think it is. >> we can speak so much longer about donald trump's ks tays. >> we will talk about donald trump, but something different. he has created a global
12:40 am
political movement that is expanding the gop. has he done that? >> don trump junior thinks so. they call it the movement and we saw that in trump's tweets. they say the data may refute the claim of the movement. the truth behind trump's promised wave of new voters.
12:41 am
12:42 am
12:43 am
12:44 am
in the wee hours of the morning no matter where you are in the united states on this primary night, donald trump is bragging that he has created a political movement that in his words has drawn millions and millions of new voters into the republican party. we have seen record-setting primary turnouts, but politico reports the vast majority of the voters are not actually new to voting, or for that matter to the republican party. joining us now to break it down the executive editor of "the daily caller." locking at this, it there a point here that trump has drawn new voters or has trump marily motivated the already republican voters there are? >> politico is trying to rain on trump's parade a little bit here of the i do think any objective observer to this race does realize that something very curious is going on here.
12:45 am
this is exceptional when it comes to politics, especially in the united states. and donald trump's candidacy continues without much precedence for attracting voters. >> when you say without much precedence how much do you think they seem to have the magnetic appeal that it wasn't so much about the policy as it was about the man and the message and the hope? >> right, so donald trump is obviously different candidates than barack obama, but the similarities fall along the line to what they consider a change agent. when this comes to why donald trump has appeal, he has appeal for some of the same reasons that a guy like barack obama did which is remember hope and change. instead what donald trump is promising is make america great again. and counter that with a person like hillary clinton who is explicitly running her candidacy like it is the third term of barack obama. this is not a republican attack. this is what hillary is promised.
12:46 am
she is going to extent the obama obama -- extent the obama presidency. meanwhile he says he will change things. think back to the democratic politico strategist. every election comes down to are you going to represent change or are you going to represent more of the same? often times the voters are enthusiastic for the guy who represents change. i wouldn't underestimate the extent to which he is bringing new voters to the process. >> we are hearing this new language about this is no longer a campaign, but a movement. done trump, june yes, sir -- junior on hannity said those words we saw in donald trump's tweets, congratulations to the move sh -- movement for winning oregon. does that language have some type of plan to it? >> donald trump's plans change from moment to moment and show to show and tweet to tweet, but i do think they realize there is a tremendous amount
12:47 am
of energy for trump especially now that the republican field has sorted itself out that trump is the presumptive nominee and they will have a lot more of those people. even people who said they wouldn't support trump began to coalesce around him. clearly when you see places like west virginia where half of the people voted for bernie sanders and in exit polling said they will vote for trump if they can't vote for sanders in the general, that's a big big signal that there is a ground swell looking for something that will shake up washington. trump is hard to pin down on policy. it is not hard to pin him down on what he intends to do with dc which is to change things pretty dramatically. in many elections they are and this time donald trump is the vehicle for that. >> he changed everything we have team to think to be true about american politics. certainly republican poll i can particulars. appreciate your time. >> my pleasure. >> get some sleep.
12:48 am
>> definitely made it more exciting and upped the interest as well. >> it is incredible. if nothing else, whether they were old republicans or new republicans there is a lot of enthusiasm for him and bernie sanders. >> and the primary season is not over just yet. there is still plenty of delegates up for grabs. >> there are indeed. no one has actually clinched the thom nation yet. clinched the nomination yet. the final thoughts from our panel when we come back.
12:49 am
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12:52 am
not quite the top of the hour and that means we do have some -- we have a little time for some final thoughts from our panel. the bureau chief of talk media news with the conservative news. the executive vice president with jamestown associates all fox news contributors. i don't think we started with you all night. let's start with you. >> okay. >> well, it is clear the establishment are totally disconnected from americans and unlike in 2008 when obama was the insurgent candidate, we have trump as the insurgent candidate and hillary as an insurgent candidate.
12:53 am
he has definitely won the crowd. >> i heard an interesting article in the nation which is a left leaning publication which said it is not the economy, stupid, it is inequality stupid. that is why bernie sanders has won the argument and has the better rational which is why he remains even after tonight very much in this race even though mathematically difficult. he is still a challenge to hillary clinton. if you take that standard, the quality standard and then measure who is better to make america -- or make our economy more fair in the eyes of the average american and then put up donald trump who is the outsider and who is the businessman versus who is more of the secular populous and the member of a ruling party and trump wins the in equality argument and that is due to economic distress and that's what you are going to start seeing a lot of americans who support bernie sanders potentially consider when they realize he is no longer in
12:54 am
this race. >> >> a lot of people don't think bernie sanders was in to win and at the very begins he said he was in to win. he spoke tonight in california and he had this pink haired lady in back of them. but they were all young people. everybody there in the back of him was under 30. he is trying to reach into that crowd and also it was interesting that hillary put out a lot of fundraising e-mails. he put out something to ask people to make phone calls for him. a very different approach that i think her campaign needs to incorporate. >> where does this go from here, ellen? in a sense that bernie sanders for all practical purposes has been mathematically eliminated from winning the nomination and baring something crazy. if all of a sudden he does something really well in california come june 7th, how much of a step back do democrats have to take here and say are we going to listen to our super delegates and
12:55 am
establishment or will we listen to our base and future? >> there was a television program called the $64,000 question and that's what i'm going to tell you it is. we really don't know. it is the $64,000 question. >> that would be like the $2.2 million question. >> that's right. >> and that's something the republican side was dealing with and they are still dealing with in terms of bringing the party together and gop unity. when do we think that will happen, tony? >> i think it will happen faster because trump clearly has no other opponent and it is the emphasis on the energy of the trump side leading up to the convention. i anticipate it will happen quickly. i think trump has handled himself and lead this discussion very effectively in the last couple weeks. again some of the new hires he is making and some of the out reach he has done and some of the words he has expressed publicly after meeting with dc , the republican leaders, it has been very encouraging.
12:56 am
>> you get the final word. >> this election is not a sprint. it is a marathon. a lot of dynamics have taken place from day one and we'll have to wait and see how it ends. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> another great night, guys and another great night with you. nice staying up with you. >> nice to have you here and everyone at home as well. don't go away because we have more. >> abbie huntsman takes over. she is the hard -- hardest working woman on "fox and friends." >> don't go far. >> see ya.
12:57 am
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12:59 am
1:00 am
sit wednesday, may 18th and the battle in the blue grass states too close to call. >> good morning. that's right. kentucky turning out to be a real run. clinton just slightly ahead. >> bernie sanders vowing he's not going anywhere any time soon after a big win in oregon and donald trump taking one step closer to the nomination. he now has 1,160 delegates. just 77 shy of the magic number. >> hillary clinton now with 20


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