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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  May 18, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> hilary now with 2,291 and sanders with 1,528. >> let's get the very latest from mike. he is live for us in louisville kentucky with sanders 1,528. >> good morning. the state party has declared hillary the winner. if she was looking for the decisive victory sho show they are unified behind her to show she is shaking the bern she didn't get it. less than half of a percentage point splits clinton and sanders. 46.8 percent to 46.3 percent. that is a rounded number. in liberal oregon sanders came along with the win. in oregon last night donald trump uncontested came away with 66.8 percent of the vote over on the gop side. clinton took to twitter to declare she is breaking the winning streak of senator
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sanders writing we won kentucky thanks to everyone who turned out. we are always stronger united. the democratic party is not united behind her. significant portion of the voters out there who are lining up behind bernie sanders. to win overall sanders would need to pick up roughly 70 percent of the remaining delegates. it is a herculean task but he insisted he can do it. >> in a couple of weeks if we can win big in new jersey and new mexico, north and south dakota, montana, california we have a possibility. it will be a steep lime i recognize that, but we have the possibility to go with the majori majority. >> it seems to be the comments clinton made back in march about putting coal miners out of work that seemed to impact her here
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in kentucky. when you look at the results the rural portions of the state in the western and eastern part where the coal fields are prominent those all went for sanders. when you look at the center of lexington andre i am standing now places that had been traditionally friendly to the clintons this is where she did well. with such a tight race they split the delegates from kentucky and didn't move her closer to clinching the nomination. >> mike tobin live for us. thank you, mike. speaking of republicans the presumptive nominee donald trump has had a rough ride of it when it comes to women voters some say a group that could decide the 2016 election while republican women have warmed up to trump. he can do better no doubt than mitt romney did four years ago. how can he do it?
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we have republican strategists. thank you for being with us. >> pleasure. >> talk about the women. the women vote. women voters make up 52 percent of the total electorate. we were talking about what happened with romney and with 2012 obama got 5 percent of the vote, the women vote and romney got 44 percent. trump needs to do better than that. i will start with you this time. how can he do that? >> first of all he is going to do so well with men that he will have less of a deficit to make up than romney needed. romney didn't get it done. let's put that to the side. as far as the women go. dogged congs trags on the issues for trump that will be the key. you cannot look at the united states as a whole, the electoral college you have to look at the states. then you look at women in states ohio, florida and finishing. what's the key? it is dichotomy.
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you have to look at the economy and talk about bringing down the corporate tax rate of 50 percent. simplify the tax rate across the board. only four tax rates trump is proposing. he is going to do that. >> the economy but it is more than that. i go back to my book bamboozle i have a chapter on what do women really want? if trump can talk about national security. if we don't protect our home land we are not going to have anything. education, healthcare. those are the things -- heather, you can weigh in, that we care about. the same things that men care about. >> we are talking a language that is a bit outdated. we say less educated more educated, black, white. you can't do that any more. people are voting in patterns that are different than that. it is a division from the 60's and 70's. >> definitely this election is not following any pattern.
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i attended the rainbow push coalition. they are supporting sanders. the clintons are close to the jacksons. >> why not? >> some people may stay at home. >> that is what hillary has to worry about. the pro hillary super pac. not just bernie sanders fighting in the primaries but they are coming out swinging against trump. this is the first general election ad. listen to this one. >> you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes. blood coming out of her wherever. does she have a good body, no, does she have a fat ass absolutely. >> if evan kau weren't my daughter perhaps i would be dating her. >> a person who is flat chested it is hard to be a ten-. >> you can tell them to go (bleep) themselves. >> does donald trump really speak for you?
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priority usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> using his own words against him. successful ad? >> negative campaigning always works, but this is what liberals do. when they don't win the narrative they go below the belt. i am hopeful that women will not see that. we have all been off the record saying some things. it is what donald trump will do. >> grandma at the end they can go (bleep) themselves. how do you know what that was about? >> what do you think will happen with clinton and trump? how ugly will it get? >> it will get ugly. this is a remake of an@that trump put out months ago. it went absolutely nowhere. it is not going to work. it is going to be ugly. >> because of the black community in certain el lexes you had a radio station a vote
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for republicans is a vote for the kkk. i hope we are past the politics. >> you are both saying the complete opposite. you are saying negative ads don't work. >> they don't work against trump. i think trump is such a different candidate. he is teflon. >> he has gone against the grain and gone against the natural way of politics that we know. >> we are looking at the states. >> we have to wrap up. >> he is doing well in kentucky with the coal voters. that is all of the voters that are michigan, ohio, finishing. >> we know west virginia if he is not their candidate they will vote trump. thank you for joining us. appreciate it. >> thank you, heather. the time is 10 minutes after the hour. hillary clinton outlining the potential role for her husband
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bill. a >> i am going to put him in charge of revitalizing the economy. >> bill clinton in charge of the economy could mean trouble ahead? tsa using swift action to deal with nightmare security lines but not soon enough. the ultimatum they are facing next. (war drums beating)
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passengers forced to wait 2 to 3 hours just to get through security. >> tloor loops so long they had to cut the line and take half of the line to another entry gate. >> people are missing flights not realizing how long the lines are. >> if i miss this flight i might miss my job. >> hundreds sleeping on cots. 450 people missing their flights. >> he is not sure exactly what happened but is offering an apology to those who miss their plane. >> i won't apologize for doing our job well but i apologize for people who found thumb selves stranded in chicago yesterday. >> lawmakers are furious. they are call on the tsa to clean up their act. >> it was maddening and frustrating because it was all predictable and could have been dealt with months ago. >> illinois senator mark kirk is giving a real deadline. he is demanding the head of the
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tsa peter nep finger fix the lines by memorial day or resign. he is offering a plan for chicago at least. he is shifting 100 from part-time to full-time. tsa screeners will be added in two weeks. another 250 by mid august. lines like these have become more and more common across the country as you know. the am of agents has fallen by 2013. the number of passengers have gone up by more than 8 percent. one possible way to skip the lin lines. >> great to have you here with us. >> thank you for having me. >> >> you know he knows how to fix the economy. especially in places like coal
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country and inner cities and other parts of our country that have really been left out. >> hillary clinton is deciding her husband's role as mr. fix it for the economy if she becomes the president. is this a good or bad idea. john hahnity joins us with his reaction. he is the editor of real clear market markets. >> you heard it there. she spoke out saying it's his idea to do it. is this what voters are wanting? is it even possible? >> i think voters would want that economy again. he had a largely successful economic presidency. hillary wants to take it back on it. what will be stressed is they are not alike at all. government spending is a major tax. it slowed down a great deal under him thanks to divided
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government. he signed a free trade bill that opened up markets for u.s. producers. hillary clinton wants to raise the capital gains tax wants to raise government spending by 1 trillion. wants to shut down the global trades. there's nothing alike by them. >> no surprise gone nald trump already tweeting out his reaction. he says how can crooked hillary put her husband in charge of the economy when he was responsible for nafta the worst economic deal in u.s. history. is this a fair attack? you look at nafta there was a number of republicans that pushed that forward including george w. bush and newt gingrich at the time. >> i think in fairness donald trump probably doesn't know what was in nafta. the u.s. markets are already open. that is why they are such a rich country. the average tariff is 1 and a half percent. what free trade deals are all about for u.s. producers.
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rich countries are free trading companies. >> they are thinking about their lives, their job and the economy most importantly. the plans how are they different depending on each. >> she talked a lot about jobs. the interesting thing there is she wants to raise the capital gains rate to 45 percent. that is a huge penalty on investment success. that's what voters should look out there. trump has very good ideas on taxes. the reason we work is we want to get what we don't have. the ideas on trade is to have a huge tax on the american people. they would make it more difficult.
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let's face it. the imports aren't bad if we keep that we will be a poorer nation on each post. >> it is important to have the american people to understand both. thank you for helping break that down for us this morning. >> it is 17 minutes after the hour. megyn kelly one-on-one with donald trump. >> the comment about carly fiorina's face. do you regret any of those comments? >> trump's response that you will see on fox up next. >> does your child have one of these? it is a bubble maker gun. be careful a 5-year-old was kicked out of school for bringing it to class. you totaled your brand new car.
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>> we have a wide range of topics starting with the infamous moment you nine months ago. >> the august 6th, 2015, debate i asked you a tough question about women using the words that you had use chld. i thought it was a fair question. why didn't you? >> i thought it was unfair. i didn't think it was more of a question. i don't blame you.
2:22 am
>> you seem to stay angry for months. was that real or was that strategy? oo i am a real person. i have great respect that you were able to call me and say let's get together and let's talk. for me i wouldn't have done that. >> have you made any mistakes? you thought the retweet about heidi cruz was a mistake. john mccain you like people who weren't captured. the comment about carly fiorina's case. do you regret any of those comments? >> yes, i guess but you have to go forward. if i don't go all of the way and i don't win i will consider it to be a total and complete waste of time, energy and money. >> in true trump fashion after the interview trump tweeted that is it, well done megyn and they all lived happily ever after. >> that was a great interview. >> here is mine. now show us yours.
2:23 am
that is hillary's message to donald trump after releasing personal finance between paid speeches and book deals she and president clinton are worth between 11 and $53 million. clinton ramping up calls for donald trump to release tax returns. trump filed a personal finance form which offers less details than tax docks uments. >> the senate passing a controversial bill to allow lawsuits. president clinton vowing to veto if it passes t-- president obam he would veto. >> like a plot from a movie the trial for a crime that even tony soprano might consider cruel. >> once you enter this family, there's no getting out.
2:24 am
this family comes before anything else. everything. so may your soul burn in hell may you betray your friends or your family. >> a paramedic is accused of steeling his rolex as he was dying. he swiped it off of his wrist while other paramedics tried to revive him. it is worth 3,000 dollars. he died after suffer ago heart attack on a summer vacation in rome. >> a mother outraged after her 5-year-old daughter is suspended for bringing a toy bubble gun to school. >> i am in shock. it is kind of funny they would take it that far. what bugs me, this is going to be something they can refer back to. if we have any issues in the future, which i don't foresee. but it is always going to be lingering there.
2:25 am
>> you heard it there. the mother concerned and will effect the daughter's school record over a gun that shoots out bubbles. the kindergartner was playing with it at recess when officials called home with the news she was suspended. mom fought back with the zero tolerance policy. >> times have changed, huh? >> a chill is in the air. speaking of changes with temperatures still well below average. when will it start feeling like may? maria molina is on the plaza with the forecast. not as bad as it was earlier this week. >> we are seeing the warming trend. that's what we are welcoming across parts of the eastern u.s. it is chilly out there as you head further west. look at denver the current temperature 39 degrees. 40's minneapolis. still below average out there as we head into this afternoon as well. taking a look at the radar it is a relatively busy picture out there. we have rain moving into
2:26 am
portions of ohio and across the interior northeast and portions of texas heavy rain continuing out there across the area. the storms keep rolling through. we had severe weather yesterday across western parts of texas and southern part of the state. the forecast is for more possible severe weather today with damaging winds large hail and isolated tornadoes possible. they say flash flooding will be another threat as well. let's head back inside. >> the time now 26 minutes after the top of the hour. bernie sanders now with 21 primary wins under his belt. if hillary keeps losing how is she winning? we need to hear from our democratic panel. the e-class has 11 intelligent driver-assist systems. it recognizes pedestrians and alerts you. warns you about incoming cross-traffic. cameras and radar detect dangers you don't.
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♪ ♪ (singing) you wouldn't haul a load without checking your clearance. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. >> good morning. it is wednesday may 18th.
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the battle in the bluegrass state too close to call. >> i am abby hunts man. >> i am heather childers. kentucky is a run for the roses with clinton slightly ahead. >> bernie sanders vowing to stay in the race after donald trump taking one step closer to securing the nomination. he has 1,160 delegates 77 shy of the magic number. >> hillary clinton 2,291 and bernie with 1,528. let's get the latest from jonathan hunt live in port lapped oregon. >> good morning. the only poll published in the weeks leading up put hillary clinton 15 points ahead of bernie sanders. sanders scoring a fairly comfortable victory. not the 70 percent many thought and hoped he would get but
2:31 am
enough to give him a comfortable win. he was campaigning at a rally the at the time the numbers came in. he said the west coast is the best coast. >> we just won oregon and we are going to win california i am getting to like the west coast. >> in the kentucky primary hillary clinton is marginally ahead of bernie sanders right now although she has already declared victory saying quote we just won kentucky thanks to everyone who turned out, we are always stronger. there was one primary on the republican side yesterday. that, too, was in oregon. one not surprisingly given he is the only candidate left standing
2:32 am
by donald trump. 66.8 percent. he immediately turned his twitter attention to hillary clinton who he believes will be his opponent in november. he said on twitter do you think crooked hillary will finally close the deal if she can't win kentucky she should drop out of the race. system rigged. right now with the republicans looking more and more simple the drama is all about the democrats with hillary clinton pushed more than she should be. we have the critical california primary june 7th. heather and abby back to you. >> jonathan hunt live for us. thank you jonathan. >> bernie sanders taking home another win in oregon. is right on hillary's heels in kentucky. if hillary clinton keeps losing why is she winning? here to weigh in fox news
2:33 am
contributor and democratic strategist john pierre. thank you for joining us again. >> good morning, heather. >> i will start with you this time. so why does clinton continue to win? >> look, she continues to win because the math is the way it is. she is ahead with the pledged delegates by 280 now after last night. she has the popular vote. they have come out to vote more than she did for sanders. sanders has put out a message there that has really resinated. talked about income and equality. talked about the minimum wage increase. that has definitely put him to where he is and what you saw both contests were very, very close. but at the end of the day the numbers are the way that they are and she will be the nominee. >> bernie sanders has won 21 primaries. we talked a lot about his
2:34 am
followers and how the turnout is on his side and all of the excitement. so what can hillary clinton do as we go into the convention and beyond to win over those supporters? >> well, i think the numbers are actually on secretary clinton's side as careen says. she is up 3 million votes and the popular vote over senator sanders. but hillary clinton is going to continue doing what she has been doing. and while at the same time i think pivoting her attention to donald trump. when you look at oregon and kentucky, they were structurally in favor of bernie sanders, and the voters that had been coming out for him looking ahead to california and new jersey that hold 77 percent of the remaining delegates. these are in line with states she has won in large numbers. i think california is probably going to be a close race. we will probably see her pull another one out.
2:35 am
it does boil down to the numbers. the numbers are not on bernie sander's side. hillary clinton is poised to become the first woman in american history to win the presidential nomination of the party. >> you mentioned kentucky being favored for bernie sanders. kentucky was a closed primary. in the past that has benefited hillary clinton. you can't have independents come in and those tend to support bernie sanders. >> kentucky demographically is certainly in favor of bernie sanders. voters have been turning out for him. all of this kind of nonsense i think that he stirred up about closed or open primary, the reality is open primaries he hasn't done that well either. she is still beating him i think 13 to 21 out of the states that have had open primaries. that's a lot of noise that is probably being pushed out there to continue his task in this
2:36 am
election. but really as we have seen there is no path to a victory for sanders. >> does california even count? >> there are still millions of people who need to cast their vote. california has way more than 500 delegates. he ran his iowa operation and that was a razor thin kind of loss for him over to hillary clinton. it will count. he will stay through june 14th. she says four-days past the last primary contest in 2008. we coalesced behind obama. she leaned in and delivered her supporters to barack obama back then. i think we are okay.
2:37 am
i really do. >> the latest poll coming out of the primary at 51 percent and sanders at 41.3. thank you for joining us on this primary day after. >> not over yet. the time is 37 after the hour. a family attacked in their own home. >> my husband is bleeding are willy badly. >> do you know who these people are? >> no. they just knocked on our door i answered and they forced into the house. >> the horrifying call. a husband forced to fight for his family. >> what is expected as he meets with conservatives today. that's next. [phone rings]
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>> mark zuckerburg meeting today. >> cheryl, what can we expect today? >> this meeting today is going to be closely watched. mark zuckerburg trying to mend fences with conservatives and media figures after a report last week accused his site of removing popular topics from the trending tab. conservative radio host glenn beck will be there, jim demint and senior advisor to donald trump all going to be at the meeting. >> might get a little eheated i there. speaking of heated, the sun and sunscreen may not be what it seems. is that right? >> yeah.
2:42 am
we all have fair skin the three of i say. the study says many sunscreens are miss labeled. according to consumer reports, had a of all sunscreens are not as protective as they claim. some lotions labeled 50 were in fact spf 8. svs kids sun enclosings the worst rated and banana kids. both said 50 and they were 8. a water proof band not water proof by the way. laroche and trader joes rated very well. >> good to know. >> i am upset you didn't bring along one of the swag bags from the cam festival. 70,000 dollars they are talking about. >> they wanted me to go to the khan's fi cannes film festival. already rich celebrities they are off the chart. the cans celebrity gift lounge. there were 68,000 and change.
2:43 am
beauty products financial advice like they need that. a three night stay in saint martin at a luxury resort worth $8,000. a $2,500 watch. a wall piece that streams high fidelity music that is 10,000 dollars the solar panel system for their mansions 40,000 bucks. >> are you serious? >> yeah. >> that's about the best bag. >> next year. >> thank you so much, cheryl. appreciate it. >> we will go next year. >> we will. >> to find the fox business network log on to >> the time is currently almost 15 minutes to the top of the hour. the race for the running mates. what should donald trump and hillary clinton be looking for with tlaer running mates. why the next guest says hillary should take bill. >> what is coming up on "fox & friends." brian, could it be you? >> yes. just me and a microphone. i am going to have the others
2:44 am
come in since they were all dressed already. great job ladies. we have been watching for the last two hours. when we pick up the paul and run in 17 minutes we are going to have reaction from oregon. we are going to have reaction as well from kentucky. why is it independents run to bernie and only the democrats seem to be running to hillary? could that be a problem? he had rollins running the super pac for donald trump. is trump getting the republicans on the same side? we will talk to ed rollins about that. ainsley goes one-on-one with garth brooks a country singer like no other. phil robinson has a long beard and great statements. he will be joining us from trance. john luke robinson at liberty university. he will weigh in on his grandfather and dad and life on campus being married. don please get dressed. if you are dressed already, good job. show me movies with romance.
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>> a horrifying case of mistaken identity. 911 calls and a struggle of 911 invaders and a father trying to help his family. >> my husband is bleeding are willy badly. >> you can hear the panic. colorado investigators say the suspects were after drugs but they went to the wrong house. the husband fighting them off despite being stabbed. good news, he's expected to recover. caleb williams arrested at the scene along with another juvenile. code de jones on the right is still at large. >> a pilot is lucky to be alive
2:49 am
after a plane burst into flames and crashes into another jet on the runway. these incredible pictures show half of the plane fully engulfed. the flames spreading up and burning up the other jet in northern california that's where this happened. the pilot escaping the crash with seconds to spare walking away with severe burns. abby? >> thanks, heather. trump closes in on the gop nomination and clinton keeps her delegate lead and it is time to start talking about the running mates. here with the picks for vp strategi strategist. >> it is always important but seems like this time around it could be the make or break with hillary clinton or btrump. could be ted cruz. who do you think? >> there is a long list of interesting people. one of my favorites is newt gingrich. he brings something interesting to the ticket in that he fought
2:50 am
a lot of battles with the clintons in the 1990's. he's used to getting under they're skin, used to sparring with them. i think he would successfully go after hillary clinton. >> people are talking about a woman donald trump might need a woman to get the >> there's a lot of people talking about it might be a women. >> joni ernst in a senator in a critical swing state. loved by the tea party. plus, plus, plus. >> there's talk about senator scott brown. >> he's one of the first people to endorse donald trump. has experience in the senate. seen as a moderate and you want that loyalty factor, he was one of the very first people there to support donald trump. >> who might be a wild card for donald trump? >> i think someone would be reallied interesting is congresswoman mia love.
2:51 am
if he's going to go outside the box, i think she would be a fantastic choice. >> hillary clinton. who does she need? >> she's struggling to find a running mate because of the three senators who could be successful, sherrod brown, cory booker, and patrick brown, they have republican governors. she's struggling to find somebody really high profile without hurting her party in congress. >> you mentioned sherrod brown. >> he threw a little cold water on this speculation last night that he was concerned about his seat going to the republicans, but she needs to pick someone like that who has a lot of respect with the white working class voters, respect from her base and she's seriously suffering with that right now with all of her losses from bernie sanders.
2:52 am
>> what about elizabeth warren? >> elizabeth warn has been proven to be a very effective attack dog against donald trump. >> who else for hillary clinton? she's even mentioned bill clinton or people have been talking about that. >> yeah. it presents a constitutional conundrum if he could actually be chosen. if we're going to look at this as the reality show, he's the best choice. they presented themselves as a package deal. why not double down on that. >> is a spouse ticket on the house of cards? >> truth is stranger than fiction. >> very true. there's been some talk about john kasich with hillary clinton. he's a republican, of course, might that help her reach out to the middle voters, the independents. >> if this gets nasty, if she's willing to do that and john
2:53 am
kasich is willing to do that, critical swing state of ohio, she could peal off those moderate republicans. >> and kasich could be an interesting one for trump as well. >> he could. he's like the most popular guy in america right now. i think he would be at the top of trump's list as well because, served as a governor, served the in the senate and ohio and left the race very well liked. rubio and cruz, damaged. kasich, sitting pretty. >> thanks for being with us. heather over to you. let's keep talking about it as well. who do you think trump and hillary should pick for the vp? weigh in on our facebook page, #keeptalking. kentucky turning out to be a real is race for the roses. social media blowing up with memes likes this one here. i like that.
2:54 am
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oh, that social media, a big part of elections and it was a big night for voters in oregon and kentucky, the primaries providing a busy night for social media. >> what had the internet buzzing? "fox & friends" weekend co-host clayton morris has more.
2:58 am
>> good morning. you probably saw that oregon seemed like it was all going bernie's way but kentucky was really where it turned into a horse race last night and the "new york daily news" taking advantage of the too close to call race last night. after midnight, of course, even the a.p. couldn't call the race but hillary clinton basically said yep, i won. i know no one called it yet, but i won. a lot of bernie sanders supporters took to social media. even the kentucky primary couldn't keep up with kentucky derby. hillary clinton we just won kentucky, thanks to everyone who voted. we always said united. >> and kentucky fried chicken, and colonel sanders, of course. all these memes popping up about
2:59 am
kentucky fried chicken. let's go kentucky, time to get a new colonel. and bern kentucky, in the end, hillary clinton pulled that one out. the other big event last night was donald trump and megyn kelly and donald trump admitting he's gotten into trouble on social media not from his own tweets but when he retweets other people's tweets. >> i have millions of followers. the thing that gets me in trouble is the retweet. the tweets i seem to do pretty well with. >> donald trump was actually watching that special with megyn kelly at the time and he was live tweeting his own special with megyn kelly and he was saying this, that's it. well-done, megyn and they all lived happily ever after.
3:00 am
he said i'm ready to take on crooked hillary clinton. >> so is his twitter account. >> what would we do without donald trump twitter the race is still too close to call in kentucky. wee stay on top of that. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> bye. good morning to you and your family. it is wednesday, may 18th. i'm ainsley earhardt. a photo finish in kentucky, the primary between bernie sanders and hillary clinton, it is still too close to call. bernie sanders says he's not going home any time soon. meanwhile, it's an interview nine months in the making. donald trump finally sitting down with megyn kelly. >> i will say this, if i don't go all the way and i don't win, i will consider it to be a total and complete waste of time, energy, and money. >> plus, donald and megyn opening up


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