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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  May 18, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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don't crying home to mom. don't leave, don't leave. >> stick together. >> yeah. >> so sweet. >> have you done that? >> so far. >> they were just holding hands, ainsley. of course they were. >> today. it can change overnight. >> that's not the message. >> oh, that's fantastic. bill: voters feeling the bern. sanders taking oregon and essentially splitting kentucky. vowing to remain a thorn in hillary clinton's side that keeps this essentially a 3-person race. this sucker is going to july. martha: good morning, i'm martha maccallum. you have hillary clinton and donald trump within striking distance of wrapping up their nomination. sanders continues to rack up his wins. his supporters are so dug in for bernie sanders, they are not going anywhere. the vermont senator says he will
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take this battle all the way to the convention. bill: donald trump says bernie sanders is being treated very badly by the democrats. the system is rigged against him. many of his disenfranchised fans are for me. reporter: bernie sanders supporters are very passionate. in nevada they were throwing chairs and cussing out the chairperson. the ap says kentucky is too close to call. but hillary clinton dent waste any time declaring victory despite the fact that less than 1/2 percent of the vote separate them. bernie sanders takes kentucky,
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it would be a double defeat. but for this part, bernie sanders in kag last night, absolutely on fire, showing no signs of slowing down. >> we are going to continue to fight for every last vote until june 14 and then we are going to take our fight into the convention. we just won oregon. and we are going to win california. i'm getting to like the west coast. >> bernie is beginning to like the west coast. hillary clinton has such a lock on the superdelegates. but sanders proved he is not going to go down without a big fight. >> that's such a fascinating part of this story. what about donald trump. there is talk he will not make an effort to self-fund for the
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general election. what do you know about that? >> he has given up on that. the primary campaign did take in smaller donations. he decided to join a fundraising agreement with the republican national committee which means he will be raising as much another a billion dollars. one committee is called trump victory where people can donate a maximum of $449,000. that takes a lot of the sting out of not having a well built-up fundraising operation and should help him collect the whopping figure the needs to fight the general election. he will go over to the offices of former secretary of state henry kissinger to kiss the ring, if you will. it's something any presidential candidate, particularly on the republican side, needs to do to
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burnish their credentials. yesterday he said he would be willing to meet with kim jong-un in an effort to get rid of north korea's nuclear program. >> i would have no problem speaking to him. and i would put pressure on china. we have a lot of power over chain. >> . people don't realize that. they are extracting billions of dollars from our country. >> you say you would speak to kim jong-un. >> i have no problems speaking to him. reporter: president obama said he would talk without preconditions. donald trump did not say it would be without preconditions.
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bill: the interview everyone was waiting for. airing on big fox. trump sitting down with may -- megyn kelly. asking a i am fell question. what happens in november if you lose. megyn: if you don't become president will this have all been for nothing or will you have changed america. >> unless i win i can't lower taxes and make our military strong. if i don't go all the way, i am consider it to be a total and complete waste of time, energy and money. bill: the vice president of development and acquisitions for the trump foundation, eric trump. >> my father isn't doing this
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for fun. he didn't drop his life and our whole company and everything he worked for his entire life to run for president just for fun. he wants to fix the problems we have. he wants to lower taxes, create jobs, fix our military and education and so many other things. if he doesn't win he can't do those things. that's my father. he's a winner. if he doesn't win the whole thing, he considers it a great loss. bill: based on the superdelegate math, it looks like he will face hillary clinton. souper packs spending $6 billion. >> does she have a good body? if ivanka weren't my daughter perhaps i would be dating her. >> you can tell them to go
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[bleep] themselves. >> some of that stuff is tough. you as the son. what is the plan to defend on hits like that. >> if you look at the clinton foundation, they pay females 40% less than they pay males. bill was impeached while in the oval office for having an affair with a 24-year-old intern. i don't want to hear from hillary. they will take sound bites from my father when he was with howard stern 20 years ago. she has a terrible record on women. bill: how much concern is there inside the team that that can hurt you? >> i think very little. he's got a horrible record, she has got a horrible record. she was one of the worst
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secretaries of state ever. hillary has real problems on her resume and believe me we'll be talking about them. >> bill clinton was asked about it on the stump. >> what do you think about being called one of the biggest female abusers in history. bill: i think the driving question is what's out of bound and what's not. >> if you have ever watched the war room about the way bill children upon ran his campaign, their m.o. is to take the low road. to flanltd stories, to plant lots of them. anything will be fair game. them throw everything at us and we'll have to throw it right
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back. we would like to talk about what we want to accomplish. but that's not the way clintons fight. they try to get every piece of information they can use against you and throw them together. one of the sound bites was go [bleep] yourself and that wasn't even about women, it was about china. bill: your sister said you are about to see the softer side of your father. >> my father is an amazing man. he has been an amazing father to all of us and an amazing grandfather. he cares about all of us. it's why he's self-funding his campaign. i have seen him as an amazing businessman and negotiator. running for commander-in-chief for a guy with his net worth and
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his accomplishments is a selfless act. he want to give back to a country that's given him everything. i think you will want to see that side of him. martha: hillary clinton's campaign releasing details of her finances showing the democratic frontrunner netted 1.5 million from paid speeches. clinton's campaign is trying to move the pressure on to donald trump to release his tax returns. we'll hear more on that as we go forward. bill: it's interesting to listen to eric trump and how they are going to game this out. to be a fly on the wall of that war room and to be a fly on the wall in hillary clinton's war room in brooklyn, new york. it will be a fascinating thing to watch.
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martha: it will be no hold barred. both side play to win and it will be something else. >> mark zuckerberg set to meet with prominent conservative leaders today. we'll talk to one of those invited who says he will not be there. why? that's the question. martha: a desperate race to help a man trapped in a burning car. you will have to see. bill: national security adviser ben rhodes skipping a hearing on the iran deal. >> he has a masters in key i tough writing. if you are interested in sonnets
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martha: a major fire causing train delays in new york city. the flames sparking under the tracks. it bent some of the steel beams that support the platform. it happened at the end much rush hour. commuters were tranlded on their
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way home from work. thankfully no one was hurt. >> mr. rhodes uses the deception to create this false choice, get this agreement passed. this is not the first time mr. rhodes has done it, and not the first time the administration has done it. i think he did it on the benghazi issue as well. bill: rhodes is the obama adviser who admitted to spinning the media on the iran deal. i talked to jo jason cha get abt that. the star with ithe star witness. what does that mean?
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>> thursday they told the world they answered questions from the media saying they are not going to invoke executive privilege. but he's a no show. he did speak, but he just won't come to congress. bill: does that apply to newspaper interviews? >> he goes to newspaper goes toe podium of the white house and make himself available but only to those people in his echo chamber he knows he will get a good spin on. bill: what is the alleged deception on the iran deal? >> i don't think we know the parameters. how much money was given to the iranians. was it $150 billion? was it $100 billion? $50 billion that secretary kerry is talking about? these are questions we need to
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know about. ben rhodes seem to have spun up his story. but it is clear. as they started negotiating with some of the hardliners a lot earlier than that, and all we want is the truth. >> the truth is illusive in your view and there are senate republicans that suggest the white house lied. do you believe the white house lied? >> i believe they had to snooker the american people to get this deal. they did it on obamacare and they had to do it on a lot of other issues in order to get their deal sold. that's the deception of the american people in order to get this sold, that's something we need to look at. bill: did this hearing accomplish anything, knowing ben rhodes wasn't there? >> i think we he can posed the fact that they did snooker the
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american people to get this thing sold. we showed the duplicity. they were fine having this person appear until hour before the event itself, and they won't answer the hard questions. you have seen the pattern as they had to really create deception to get their big initiatives past the american people. bill: what is the disconnect on the benghazi affair? >> some of the talking points are directly related to ben rhodes. ben rhodes appeared before the benghazi committee. bill: did ben rhodes craft the talking points? were those his word? >> i'm not on the benghazi committee as jim jordan is. but he's the deputy national
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security advisor and he does have some ties there. bill: what's next? >> i think most importantly the american people need to know what the president has done with this deal with iran. iran is no friend of the united states of america. they are the state sponsor of terrorism and those tens of billions of dollars are going to go into terrorist organizations that are going to be fighting and trying to kill americans. in iran with the nuclear weapons that scares the lives daylight out of them. bill: what is your best option now? >> we are still considering that. we have a subpoena we can offer, but when the white house says they are going to claim executive powers, it will make it difficult. we are considering other options. bill: jason cha get, the republican from utah.
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that last point very important. they won't subpoena because he will raise his right hand and take the fifth and he considers that a lost venture. march report tsa is -- martha: the tsa is sending reinforcements to one of the nation's biggest airports. they waited for hours to get through the security lines, then missed their flights. bill: exclusive details you will learn only here next. >> i connect something like a phone number to a location to an activity then display that to an analyst who can then via the radio contact. >> convoy en route and say this look like an ambush. ♪
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bill: the tsa promising to hire extra help to help with this scene in chicago. hundreds of people lost their flights because they were waiting in line. >> i want to apologize for doing our job so the people found themselves stranded in chicago. bill: they were forced to camp out on cots while they waited for another flight. martha: the nsa taking the lid off a secretive program where they give real-time intelligence
6:26 am
to u.s. troops. good morning, katherine. >> this is the first time the nsa has spoken on record about the real-time regional gateway. during the iraqi surge there was a need for real-time intelligence to take al qaeda off the battlefield. the hardware wasshipped to baghdad. it took traditional streams of intelligence like satellite images and married it up with information gathered during iraqi raid. >> think of it as a collection of systems we developed so in as close to real-time as we could get, provide threat warning information and targeting information to american and allied troops. it started off in baghdad, iraq, then moved to afghanistan.
6:27 am
reporter: so what used to take weeks or days was cut down to hours and sometimes minutes. in the intelligence world they call this pocket litter. it's things found on phones, sim card, and their diary that shows their contacts and day-to-day activity. >> we tried to develop a pattern of light for those individuals so we understood where they operated from. reporter: the goal was to compress the timeline so operators could go from target to target. you can think of this as a phone app, instead of directions it's flagging terrorists. this program meant nsa
6:28 am
specialists were working side by side with them. they deployed 10,000 to iraq and another 8,000 no afghanistan. bill: bowe bergdahl won't appear before a military court anytime soon. why a judge is delaying the trial until after president obama is out of office. martha: conservatives are sitting down with mark zuckerberg today. >> we are reasonable people and willing to work with them and try to figure out what is going on here. but i don't want to be a prop in a meeting. ♪ ♪ that's life. you diet. you exercise. and if you still need help lowering your blood sugar...
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after facebook removed conservative trend can items from its section. reporter: good morning, bill, the facebook summit is getting a lot of attention. though nobody from the media is being aloud on facebook's campus. mark zuckerberg has a lot riding on the optics and the outcome. he needs to convince his prominent guests and everyone else that facebook does not suppress news as alleged by a former facebook staffer. he will need to pull the curtain back on the controversial trending topics area and show
6:33 am
stories like benghazi and the irs scan dl get the same attention as transgender bathroom issues and same-sex marriage. >> he needs to prove that conservative issues get as much play as liberal issues do. reporter: zuckerberg himself has been active in immigration reform, co-founding a non-profit that's driving policy change with many liberals. dana perino says she is open-minded, but that the questions about editorial suppression are serious. it's expected to last about an hour. it will be closed to the press. maybe we'll get a facebook photo
6:34 am
with the whole group. bill: claudia, thanks. martha: one person who declined the facebook invitation is matt schlapp. he's former white house political director under george w. bush and the president of the american conservative union. wouldn't it be better to be in the room? >> i gave it serious consideration when they called. fan i thought this was a substantive meet where we could get down to it, fit was be i think it would have started with acknowledging we have a problem. they would then have to say we know we need to work better with conservatives. and they would have to offer full transparency over what these allegations are. every bit of intel i got is that facebook does not believe it has a problem'. they are conducting their own investigation that will find no problem, and nell tell
6:35 am
conservatives don't worry, what you are reading is wrong. i think it will be a substantive back and forth. martha: you put out a statement when all of this started to come forward and it details the reasons you believe what you believe. we showed to it our viewers yesterday. you say the deck is stabbed, cpac content is agre under perfg on facebook. and the trending news chief isma maxed out donor to the hillary clinton campaign. and 80% of employee donations have gone to liberals. they would say perhaps all of those things could be true but it doesn't make what they are putting into their news trending column unfair. >> i'm sure that's what they are going to say.
6:36 am
but we know there are whistle blowers who have been on the facebook team who said specifically -- and that's why this is important tore my -- they specifically targeted the content at cpac. i asked facebook before cpac for them to help conservatives use their site. for them to help us figure out how to help us get our message out. they were uninterested in working with the conservative community and cpac. i had this meeting, i have already been brushed off by them. they are in a problem and i'm unwilling to hem them with their problem. they will have to tell me they are sorry and how we are going forward. martha: a lot of campaigns would say without facebook they would
6:37 am
not have been able to reach the numbers of people they have been able to reach. and social media has been a great equalizer in conservative and liberal thought because everybody has a direct channel to people maybe they didn't have when there was limited media availability. >> i'm a facebook user. i enjoy sharing photos and content from my friends. i'm not anti-facebook. what's happened over the course of the last week for me and conservatives across this country. when we pick up "the washington post" or washington times, we know it's liberal. we read it, but we know the slant. what facebook has portrayed to their customers is there is no slant. i think that's fraudulent if there is a slant. if they are going to be a lefty organization according to their news feeds and how they cover events in society, that's okay, they just have to tell us that's what they are.
6:38 am
they don't get to occupy to both the spaces at the same time. martha: they are talking about the trending area. everybody logs on to that and you assume that's a clean combination of the most clicked on items people are looking at. but what was revealed by this whistle blower is they are picked over and arranged in there. >> there are winners and losers in their formula. conservatives are the losers. their conservative customers need to know exactly how they are making these decisions and they will make their decisions on whether they want to be part of facebook. martha: a lot of people will be expecting numbers that prove how this works and shows it's an algorithm that's fair. matt, thank you very much. always good to have you with us.
6:39 am
bill: trading on wall street is under way. we are lower again today. off 75 points. later we should get earnings reports from lowe's and target. the dow closing down 181 yesterday. we'll keep an eye on it for you. that's what's happening on the big board today. martha: witnesses rushing in to help a man trapped in a burning car wreck. what happened next is incredible. we'll show you when we come back. >> the whole future of the country is at stake. bill: that was from this weekend. now you have the results from kentucky and oregon. bernie sanders facing a lot of pressure as this chaos erupts at the state convention in nevada. is it time for him to get out?
6:40 am
has sanders shown any indication he would do that? we'll debate on where this goes from here. >> let me be as clear as i can be. i agree with you. we are in until the last ballot is cast. both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. go ahead, embrace those beautiful moments. flonase changes everything.
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martha: good samaritans in alaska had a life-saving rescue. watch. >> oh, god, please help me. martha: a group pulled this man from a burning car that was flipped on its side. the responding officer's dash
6:44 am
cam caught the scene. he said he's not sure he would have made it out of that one alive. >> i'm actually a fireman, i work for the state. i thought i was going to die. >> i'm glad to be talking with you right now. >> me, too. martha: the car was already on fire. those guys are heroes. bill: police officers at the white house this week getting their just due for the same reason. martha: so true. >> what happened in las vegas, i wanted to make sure he understands that he heard what went on there, the violence and all the other bad things that has happened there. so he said that he condemns
6:45 am
that, i'm confident he does. this is a test of leadership. i'm confident senator sanders will do the right thing. bill: this ways happened at the state convention there. this went on. this is just a part of it. they tried to shoot down barbara boxer as well. protesters said to be throwing chairs and threatening the state chairwoman. sanders did not intervene. gentlemen, good day to you. this was before last night. this is before sanders wins oregon by 9, and she claimed victory in kentucky but i think that might be too close to call.
6:46 am
alan, they want him to get out but he's going nowhere. >> i think he may get out after california. but he has to tamp down his troops. i had him on radio and he said he will do everything he can to stop donald trump from being president. if that's true, he has to be bolder in his statement to his supporters. but to make that movement work going forward he has to organize them in such a way that you don't have this kind of a scene going on. the goal should be as a true progressive, is to make sure the most progressive person becomes president. bill: you have the superdelegates in our back pocket, you are okay with that. he feel like he has tapped into a movement. donald trump tweeted this. bernie sanders is treated very badly by the democrats. the system is rigged against him.
6:47 am
many of his disenfranchised fans are for me. >> donald trump is right. bernie sanders fans are not going to sit back and let themselves get screwed by the superdelegates. it looked like wrestle mania. what do you expect? they are getting screwed, and they are not going to take it. the motions that were made from the floor were not permitted to go forward. why? because the fiction was in for hillary. just like the superdelegates. bernie ain't going nowhere. when he says he doesn't care about the emails, but he's ahead against hillary clinton. >> i don't like the fact that the people in colorado didn't get to vote on the republican side. but you note system coming in. the parties are private organizations that have a right to do as they choose.
6:48 am
whining is not the way to go because you know what the system is and whining isn't going to get you where you need to go. think is basic arithmetic when it comes to politics. i think donald trump's got an issue that he can talk about he hour of every day if he want to. this is easy to understand. he's winning, she is winning, they are close. i think she probably has 1.5 million more vote to date so far. but the delegate count is not even close because of the superdelegates. >> but for the superdelegate this may be a contested convention. but that's not going to happen. the figure was in for hillary. the superdelegates will go with her. the question i her criminal liability under the f.b.i. indictment.
6:49 am
bernie knows he will get screwed out of that, too. >> think i a narrative on the right. to minimize hillary clinton's likely victory. she is 100 delegates away from clinching the nomination. the goal of the right will be to minimize the victory. she barely made it. she is barely breathing when she gets the nomination. bill: i enjoy this debate. beput out an inhave i take again yesterday to have hillary clinton and bernie sanders come on the fox news channel and have a debate. we want that. would you be against that, alan? >> no, i hope they do that. >> she is not going to do that because she knows theific is in. she want to coast -- she knows the fix is in. she want to coast to the california victory.
6:50 am
bernie knows this will go to the convention. if hillary is indicted, they aren't going to give it to bernie. bill: we would provide both of them a huge audience. martha: here we go again. federal workers behaving very badly, watching porn at their desk, bringing drugs to work. but the boss, they can't fire them. it's impossible to fire them. and how can that be, and you pay their salary. but she's a dentist so...i kind of have to listen. she said "jen, go pro with crest pro-health advanced." advance to healthier gums... ...and stronger teeth from day one. using crest toothpaste and mouthwash makes my... ...whole mouth feel awesome. and my teeth are stronger too. crest-pro health advanced... superior to colgate total... these 5 areas dentists check. this check up? so good.
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the human rights watchdog group report that terrorists have executed 49 people. general jack keane told us isis members total 7,000 in libya. martha: a house hearing under way on capitol hill looking into allegations of employee misconduct including theft, sexual harassment, and many of the offenders work for the government, and they got to keep their jobs. kristen fisher live in washington with more. how is this going? reporter: according to the epa inspector general there have been 0 case of employee misconduct, touching pornography at work, taking marijuana on to
6:55 am
government property. jason chaffetz details one case in particular that's especially troubling. >> a convicted child molester was on epas payroll for years, even after the epa learned of this offense. what is so terrible about this situation, you cannot explain or justify it. the epa knows this person is a convicted child molester and yet epa put him in a position to interact with the public. reporter: the inspector general found in many of those cases the employees faced little or no punishment and many were back at work with days of their conviction. they believe they have taken the necessary steps to get under
6:56 am
control. the inspector general says the epas internal review process has dramatically improved. he said the so-called bad apples represent less than .01 of 1% of the workforce. the inspendin -- the inspector l says they have 90 misconduct cases pending right now. bill: hillary clinton's new line attack against donald trump. bernie sanders not going anywhere. we'll talk about all that and see where it sits today. martha: sitting down for some advice and discussion with a foreign policy giant. will henry kissinger help donald trump with his international experience? ambassador john bolton joins us coming up.
6:57 am
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martha: so was another big night for the campaign renegades, donald trump and bernie sanders both winning in oregon. sanders essentially split the vote in woo, too close to call kentucky race that is interesting to watch overnight. welcome, everybody, brand new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. the desk is that. what is up, maccallum. martha: the desk is back. we never know what set we arrive to. bill: sanders easily beating her in oregon, putting spotlight on weaknesses in the clinton campaign. the latest tally giving sanders a nine-point edge. clinton had narrow victory in kentucky by less than 2,000 votes. that race is yet to be officially declared one way or the other. martha: meanwhile sanders says he is not going anywhere. he has an important message for his party. >> it can do the right thing and
7:01 am
open its doors and welcome into the party people who are prepared to fight for real economic and social change. [cheers and applause] bill: he was fired up. mike tobin live this morning in louisville, kentucky. mike a close race in kentucky. what does it look like this morning? reporter: yeah it was a close race, bill, but if hillary clinton was looking for a win that could put bernie sanders in her past, she did not get it in kentucky. the split between the two, .5. less than .5 of a percentage point, 4.8, 46.3, those are rounded. earlier this in the evening she took to twitter broke sanders winning streak. we just won kentucky. thank for turning out. we're always stronger united. sanders declared victory splitting the vote in clinton-friendly state. he declared he is not going away.
7:02 am
>> let me be clear as i can be. i agree with you, we're in to the last ballot it cast. [cheering] we're going to continue to fight for every last vote until june 14th, and then we're taking our fight into the convention. reporter: clinton's comments from march about putting coal miners out of business really seemed to have stung here. mining towns went to sanders. it was population centers where clinton traditionally done very well kept her ship afloat. bill: where do clinton and sanders stand on delegates, mike? reporter: despite sanders recent string of wins and popularity, there is commanding lead in the clinton camp when it comes to allocation of delegates. split between two of them is 763. they split the delegates here in kentucky. that didn't move the needle very much however it moved clinton closer to the magic number of 2382 she needs to clinch the nomination.
7:03 am
she is only 91 delegates away from that. bill. bill: place where she won eight years ago. mike tobin, live in lou will kentucky. martha: clinton supporters moving up their plans to run attack ads against donald trump. they start to today. instead of waiting until the primaries are over. first two ads focus on trump's comments about women. take a look. >> you like girls that are five foot one, they come up to you know where. if ivanka were not my daughter perhaps i would be dating her. woman that is flat-chested is hard -- >> clinton foundation pay females 40% than they pay males, right. look at her husband, look at bill, the man was impeached while in the oval office while having affair with intern. 24-year-old intern. i don't want to hear from hillary. martha: that was this morning. eric trump on our show earlier. chris stirewalt, fox news
7:04 am
digital politics editor. good morning to you. >> good morn. martha: what do you think of this line of attack from hillary clinton? seems like it would make a lot of sense until you hear the response you hear from eric trump and hear more of? >> well the need for the trump campaign is to ride this sucker all the way down. you do not, it is about not ceding the high ground to hillary clinton and it is about making both sides go right to the gutter. so you neutralize the effect, right you? say, oh, yeah, look at the disgusting things you said about women. oh, yeah? look at disgusting things your husband did to woman, back and forth, back and forth until it neutralizes it as issue, so repulls and so repels voters you get down to the point where you're talking about kind of election who do you hate more? do you hate this woman more, do you hate this man more? now please go choose. martha: seems like we're getting to this conversation early in the process when you look at the
7:05 am
general election and whether or not that is going to work to sort of put this to bed is anybody's guess. my guess it probably won't. here is back and forth with norah o'donnell this morning and ivanka trump on the subject as well. watch. >> there is another woman who is quoted in the article that says, that donald trump groped her at a, you know at a meeting, business meeting. >> yeah. well, look, i'm not with every interaction my father has. he is not a grower. that is not who he is. i've known my father obviously my whole life and he has total respect for women. martha: hard to imagine that there is a better comeback or better people to sort of represent you than his children, which has been said a lot but it is true, chris. >> well, yes, it is certainly his daughter, when it comes to the war on women business, his daughter being a, a poised and
7:06 am
well-turned-out successful woman in her own right this is a very good thing for him. this is prima facie evidence that he, that he can be respectful towards women and encourages them. but on the other side of the equation, this won't end in terms of, basically what we're talking about here is, the gender gap is always there. women favor democrats. republicans favor men. last time mitt romney lost women by 10 or 11 points. he won men by 7 or 8 points. now we're seeing gaps double that in both sides. we're seeing a battle of the sexes election. and there is two-ways to go. you can either try to mitigate how bad you are with the other gender, or, you can try to run up the score the other way. depending how far down trump is, he trails now, not by as much as he did during the heart of the primaries but he trails now. he has to make a decision depending how far he is, trying to run up the score bit bro
7:07 am
election or try to win women back. martha: look at numbers chris is talking about. this is favorable-unfavorable numbers for women with the two candidates. clinton is 45% unfavorable with women and he is at 64% unfavorable. it is interesting what you say, he said something i think a week ago chris, i thought was fascinating when he said, women have it much better than we do. you have to tiptoe around them all the time. be careful what you say. they get it much better. that made it look like he was going for the bro vote you put it? >> the only way out may be through for donald trump. he may have to do it, and embrace the battle of the sexes concept for the election and basically say, dudes are tired of getting pushed around by chicks and we don't like it anymore and we'll be alpha male stuff. the problem ultimately there are more, there have been more female voters than male voters. martha: that's a problem. more of us, right? chris, thank you very much. bill: we like more of you, of
7:08 am
course. bring us more, thanks, chris. meanwhile both leading candidates a hair away from clinching the respective nomination. donald trump isp 77 delegates shy from the republican nomination. hillary clinton 92 shy from ceiling the deal on democraticside. both could go over the top first week of june in the golden state. peter doocy live in l.a. good morning to you. bernie sanders was asked to tone it down. raucous convention in nevada over the weekend. is there any indication he would do that or request that? reporter: that is not what we're hearing from senator sanders himself, bill. he actually indicated he is on the side of his supporters if they want to protest when they think that the system is being set up to be manipulated to favor hillary clinton over his candidacy and sanders also added last night, it would be a tragedy he thinks for the democratic party to try to
7:09 am
appease big money donors. he told party bosses he think it is time they pay attention to what his enormous audiences want. sanders kept talking about everybody in d.c. want him to drop out. that threw boos like somebody from the red sox hit home run at yankee stadium. the crowd went crazy all night long. sanders needs that kind of excitement from these enormous crowds here in california because he did indicate recently that tv ads may be a little expensive for him in the state. sanders is trying to keep the energy going, that he picked up last night. he has a couple of events in the bay area. so he is keeping on here in california, bill. bill: how is the polling in that large state? do we have much? reporter: not a whole lot recently. it is very close. recent numbers show clinton is ahead. clinton is taking a slightly different approach. she will not actually be back here in california until monday and when she does, the only event we know about is a closed-door fund-raiser held by
7:10 am
head of talent agency caa and "vogue" editor anna wintour. bill clinton will have more visible presence here in california based on guidance we got from the campaign. an san francisco chronicle is pushing her to debate bernie sanders. they agreed but never set a date. now the pressure is on for hillary clinton to set one. bill: or do it here. thank you, peter doocy in l.a. martha: donald trump with another controversial stance or foreign policy saying he would have no problem talking to north korea about their nuclear program. will that position help him or hurt him with voters? bill: should families of the 9/11 victims be able to sue saudi arabia in court? how the senate is trying to make that happen. how the white house might get in the way. the judge takes that on today. martha: a father of two
7:11 am
viciously attacked after answering his front door. police say that the suspects had the wrong guy. >> there are three men in my house. oh, my gosh! please help! help me, i'm bleeding very badly. now you can. when you lease the 2016 es 350 for $329 a month for 36 months. see your lexus dealer.
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you wouldn't order szechuan without checking the spice level. it really opens the passages. waiter. water. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. bill: fiery runway collision leaving a pilot badly burned but alive. authorities say the 75-year-old
7:15 am
pilot landed at a small airpark in experimental plane he made himself when he lost control and crashed into a plane parked nearby. the cockpit burst into flames immediately. the pilot able to get out. he is in stable condition. federal investigators will check out to figure out what happened there today. martha: donald trump making moves to beef up his foreign policy credentials. there is a live look in new york city where the presumptive republican nominee is meeting today with former secretary of state henry kissinger. reportedly they have spoken several times over the last few weeks about foreign policy. the sit-down, the face-to-face comes as trump takes another controversial position that he would be open to speaking to north korea's dictator kim jong-un. john bolton, former ambassador to the united nations, fox news contributor. >> good morning. martha: good idea, bad idea? >> it's a bad idea for the president to speak to kim jong-un.
7:16 am
in 70 years of its history, north korea never kept any single agreement to anybody. for our president to speak to the dictator gives kim jong-un a legitimacy he doesn't deserve. one thing for representatives of the united states to speak with north korea, quite something else. our president gets nothing from such a conversation. kim jong-un gets propaganda he will use for years. martha: let's play that sound bite where donald trump talks about this. >> i would speak to him. i would have no problem speaking to him. at the same time i would put a lot of pressure on china because economically we have tremendous power over china. people don't realize that they are, they are extracting vast billions of dollars out of our country, billions. martha: i mean, you could make the argument nothing really has worked with north korea. i mean sort of the obama-iran argument, right? he would be willing to sit down and talk and that it opens channels of diplomacy and
7:17 am
discussion and we haven't gotten anywhere not doing that. >> that is precisely the problem. in the 1990s the clinton administration negotiated something called the agreed framework with north korea where they promised for the umteenth time to give up their nuclear program and they were cheating on that agreement before the ink was dry. people talk about the vienna agreement with iran on its nuclear weapons program is new development only barack obama could have thought of. it is essentially acopy of the agreed framework. i will lay you dollars to doughnuts right now the iranians have been violating the agreement before the ink was dry. the issue of north korea is one that for the past 25 years essentially, been a course of negotiation. it has gotten us absolutely nowhere. actually i shouldn't say that it has gotten north korea four nuclear tests and continued progress on your ballistic missile program. we need a different strategy. in my view the way to solve
7:18 am
north korean nuclear problem, merge two koreas, eliminate north korea as separate state. that requires intense effort with china. it has capability to effect the north korea in ways we can not. martha: knowing henry kissinger's way of thinking on this and other issues what do you expect he will say to donald trump when they sit down today? >> i don't know what their earlier conversations have been if they have been talking on the phone. no one better to talk to on the level of grand strategy than henry kissinger. when they're talking about how to deal with risha or china, big strategic adversaries in the world. whether more immediate problems much nuclear proliferation or terrorism that kissinger can talk at the strategic level and help discuss really, i think, what a president should do, how a president should look at these problems, not as this transaction or that transaction but in the big picture over extended period of time, what are america's objectives and how
7:19 am
do we fix our policy. martha: would you expect donald trump say a different tune about north korea when he walks out of the meeting. would kissinger say bad idea, as you did? >> no. he would say talk to them. they might be closer to agreement with each other than they are with plea. martha: in terms of who donald trump talks to, we've been asking this since new hampshire, who do you surround yourself with and whose foreign policy views interest you, there are two ways to go. could sit down kissinger route and sit down with dick cheney, more bush side foreign policy view point. where do you think he is leaning, donald trump. >> i don't think you can tell necessarily from the public knowledge we have who he has spoken to. last week in washington, he met with jim bake ir. that is two of the three longest tenured secretaries of state. perhaps he spoke with george shultz. perhaps he spoke with others. perhaps dick cheney is on the list to talk to.
7:20 am
i think it is important for donald trump to talk to as many different people that served at senior levels of government as he can. hillary clinton's tenure as secretary of state is only thing she has to hold out as real qualification to be president. i don't think being first lady qualifies. like yoko ono saying she is the fifth beat tale. doesn't work like that. -- beatle. her tenure as secretary of state was a wretched failure. trump needs to be engaged on national security. i think it will be very important part of this election. martha: very interesting. ambassador bolton. great to see you. bill. bill: we know the court-martial of bowe bergdahl hits a major snag. why he will not be tried until a new president is in the white house. martha: if hillary clinton wins the white house, she says she would put bill in charge of the economy. why his policies from the '90s may have leaned more right than you might think. we're going to take a look when we come back. >> rejected the old tax-and-spend politics.
7:21 am
clinton balanced 12 budgets and proposed a new plan investing in people, detailing $140 billion in spending cuts they would make right now. soon. i like the bride more than the groom. turquois dresses... so excited. did all her exes get invited? no one's got moves like uncle joe. ♪ should i stay or should i go? ♪ when it's go, book with choice hotels and get a free $50 gift card for staying just two times. book direct at you always have a choice.
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7:24 am
martha: national mall in washington now reopened after a man claiming that he had anthrax drove his truck on to the lawn in front of the capitol. the man told police that he was exposed to substance on a farm in rural virginia, and he brought some of it with him to have it checked out. the area was cleared while field tests were conducted but it came back negative. the man at center of all of this underwent decontamination process and was taken to a hospital for observation. bill: it will be next year before we learn the fate of bowe bergdahl, accused of desserting his men and his mission in afghanistan.
7:25 am
military judge postponing court-martial until june 2017. tony. good morning to you, colonel. >> thanks for having me. bill: so he has been freed for two years. what's the holdup? >> a couple of things. he should enjoy his freedom because i don't think he will be able to get out of this without some level of jail time. look, this is very complicated, bill. the first thing at that really happened was wrong, he walked awas, deserted his post. catherine herridge reported on this correctly. he was not under duress. he was not looking for someone to report. second the president attempting to influence the process. rose garden ceremony with his parent and susan rice's comments serving honor and distinction were an attempt by commander-in-chief to influence the military judicial process. that is why it drug out. bill: hang on one moment. >> yeah.
7:26 am
bill: you think that photo-op was designed for a debate like we're having right now? >> absolutely. look, bill. bill: wow. >> he he politicized this instantly. the fact he took sides in a situation where he had to know, this has been documented again bit network, your network and catherine, the chairman of the joint chiefs at that point in time, admiral mullen had told the president in great level of detail about the circumstance of his departure. the president chose to ignore the facts and decided to politicize this for purposes of returning taliban to qatar, from guantanamo. bill: you're making the argument he can't get a fair trial as long as president is in oval office. i don't buy that! >> to play it safe i think the army is doing the right thing. get it past the presence of the president, allow a new chain of command to decide his ultimate fate. let's face it. i think undue influence by the
7:27 am
president has influenced why it is taking so long. a number of my facebook fans commented. it should not take this so long. it is very cut and dry he did. because the president got involved and other things happened the process gone way past the point it should. i understand the why the army is pushing this off to the next administration. bill: wow, seems too long of a wait, colonel. >> i agree. bill: this is, have you debated this before or is this kind of new ground that you're plowing here to justify the delay? >> i think the army's doing the best it can with what it has. i think a lot of folks are calling for bergdahl to be held accountable. bill, people did die in the process trying to search for him. i think he did things to cooperate with the enemy. that is why got article 99 charge of misbehaving before the enemy. i think other things will come out. his team has time to look at documents. they're getting new once i'm told.
7:28 am
this has to be done in such a way to get it out of the political process it is in right now. whatever comes of it, to give bergdahl the justice he deserves. bill: colonel, thank you. >> sure. bill: wasn't expecting that answer. i mean i think people want justice and they know the risk they were facing in afghanistan. >> well it didn't come out well. bill: they were looking for him. >> that's what i'm saying. i think justice will be served well. he has got some things coming he will not like. bill: tony shaffer, thank you. we'll pick it up again next time. >> thank you. martha: the senate is set to vote on a bill that would allow 9/11 families to sue the country of saudi arabia. why the white house may step in. the judge is here on that. bill: also it was perhaps one of the most incredible moments in olympic and sports history. how you could own a piece of the miracle on ice. another day,
7:29 am
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bill: now we know the families of 9/11 victims are one step being closer to sue saudi arabia for any role it may have played in the attacks. senate passing a bill yesterday that will allow them, american citizens, to take the saudi government to court. judge andrew napolitano, fox news senior judicial analyst. good day to you. >> good morning, bill. bill: the senate said what? >> in 1976 the federal government, congress enacted a statute, president ford signed it into existence that prohibited americans suing any foreign post in court. bill: prevented. >> prevented. sovereign immunity. there have been two exceptions to that, iran and syria. an american injured in iran or anywhere by the iranian government can sue the iranian government in american federal court. same thing with syria. the legislation passed in the
7:33 am
senate yesterday, sponsored by two very opposite people, senator john cornyn of texas, senator chuck schumer of new york. bill: wow. >> would create a third exception, saudi arabia. not for all purposes. just for 9/11. bill: what does that tell you that cornyn and schumer are together on this? >> they have reason to believe that the 28 pages that president george w. bush classified from the 9/11 commission report will demonstrate that high-ranking saudi officials either used levers of government or their own finances to aid, assist, maybe even pay for the 9/11 attacks. and that the survivors of the 3,000 people murdered in 9/11, have a moral opportunity to go after the people that paid for it. bill: back up a little bit. the senate passes it. what does the house do? >> up to paul ryan. if speaker ryan brings it to the
7:34 am
floor, it will pass overwhelmingly, so overwhelmingly, chuck schumer predicts both houses override a threatened veto. bill: holy cow. because the white house has said they will veto the measure if it gets to the desk. >> josh earnest hasn't exactly said that but used words to that effect. chuck schumer is not just the senior democratic senator from new york. he is about to become when harry reid retires this december, leader of democrats in the senate, whether majority or minority remains to be seep. bill: what is the white house's position on this or their concern or fear? >> the white house concern shared by senator lindsey graham or senator john mccain, if we open up american federal courts to sue saudi officials here, that american officials will find themselves being sued in saudi courts by for retaliation. bill: legally do you buy that argument? >> i don't. when we opened up american
7:35 am
courts to sue iranian officials and syrian officials there was not that reciprocal lawsuit that the president is fearing. i don't see it happening. bill: statement from the relatives, 9/11 victims here on screen, quoting now, this legislation reaffirms the common sense principle that no person, entity or government enjoys blanket immunity from legal responsibility of participation in a terrorist attack that takes lives and causes injury of the united states of america. >> i fully agree with that and i think it goes one step beyond. the american public is entitled to know once and for all what did the saudis know and when did they know it? bill: suggesting -- >> why are we protecting them from the revelation of their potential involvement, their likely involvement in 9/11? bill: that is argument to release the 28 pages. >> absolutely. bill: get it out there? >> absolutely. bill: you support that? >> interestingly, sounds like the president will release the 28 pages, that will make it more difficult for the congress to
7:36 am
sustain his veto. if those pages say what we think they say they're incendiary. bill: you might be right about that. judge andrew napolitano here. thanks. martha: another win for the vermont senator bernie sanders. he beat hillary clinton in oregon, a state that saw a surge in voter turnout with 74% of the precincts reporting, sanders likely gets majority of oregon delegates. that win may give him a boost of momentum into the california primary. he really likes the west coast. it is treating him well. chief correspondent jonathan hunt joins us live in portland, oregon. pretty good night for bernie sanders. reporter: yeah a very good night for bernie sanders. doesn't change the delegate math overall but a nine-point spread by any america sure a good result. he still has a lot of work to do but certainly enough for bernie sanders who is campaigning in california last night as the oregon results came through to
7:37 am
proclaim in his own way that the west coast is the best coast. listen here. >> we just won oregon. [cheering] and we're going to win california. [cheering] i am getting to like the west coast! [cheering] reporter: so this keeps sanders 'momentum going. this is bad news for hillary clinton of course. worth remembering, martha, a few short weeks ago we were talking about republican divisions and potential chaos at their convention. now the conversation increasingly as a result of these kind of victories of bernie sanders, is about the potential for chaos at the democratic convention and the potential for senator sanders supporters to appeal to those superdelegates to change sides at that point. how times have changed, martha. martha: they sure have. if nevada was any precores sore it gives -- precursor, gives us
7:38 am
an incation what philadelphia might look like. jonathan, thank you very much. bill: get this now. the goalie from the 1980 olympic hockey team is selling his gold medal. the severely underdog team's dramatic victory over the soviet union is remembered as the "miracle on ice" and one of the greatest moments of 20th century for sure. martha: absolutely. bill: it is estimated that craig's gold medal could fetch up $2 million and jersey he draped over his shoulders are up for auction. 12 or 13 items all together. sound like american history going to highest bidder. martha: why? bill: that is question i can't answer. martha: i wishing he didn't need to sell it because it would be great to keep all the things in his family. even hockey fans would feel weird about owning it. they would want him to have it. wel see what happens with it. wish him well. great story indeed. all right. so hillary clinton making a pitch for her husband. watch this.
7:39 am
>> i think we know a little bit about how to create jobs. i think my husband did a heck of a job creating jobs back in the '90s. martha: she says she would put the former president in charge of the economy if she is elected but what roles is he actually allowed to take on in a potential hillary clinton administration? that is an interesting question we never had to ask before, right? bill: a dad jumping into action to protect his family after a group of thugs, get this, they targeted the wrong home. (man) hmm. what do you think? ♪ (stranger) good mornin'! ♪ (store p.a.) attention shoppers, there's a lost couple in the men's department. (vo) there's a great big un-khaki world out there. explore it in a subaru crosstrek.
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7:43 am
campaigns. apparently this was the deal in 2008, repeated in 2012. experts including clapper say neither trump or hillary clinton's campaign have networks that secure enough now to stop them. so expect more coming up on this, just crossing the wires right now out of washington, d.c. ♪ >> my husband, who i'm going to put in charge of revitalizing the economy because you know, he knows how to do it. [cheering] martha: hillary clinton pitching a two for one deal which sounds reminiscent when her husband ran. she says she will put him in charge of work on the economy in the white house but clinton's economic policies in the '90s excuse further right. joe trippi, and ed roll roll ins was the. both fox news contributors. welcome. good to have you here.
7:44 am
want to take everybody on a little trip down memory lane. we play something many people might find surprising, particularly younger people. this is an ad for bill clinton and al gore when they ran back in '92. listen to this. >> they're a new generation of democrats, bill clinton and al gore. they don't think the way the old democratic party did. they called for end to welfare as we know it, so welfare can be a second chance, not a way of life. they rejected the old tax-and-spend politics. clinton's balanced 12 budget. they proposed a new plan investing in people, detailing $140 billion in spending cuts they would make right now. martha: joe, it is astonishing when you think how far the democratic party and what ads look like now has come since then. so if hillary is talking about bringing bill back, i think a lot of supporters will be pretty shocked. >> well, no, look, it is not just the party, the country has
7:45 am
moved tremendously since the '90s. there has been a lot of progress and innovation and technology changed the economy a lot since then but the fact is bill clinton and, during his administration created more jobs than the last four republican presidents combined. that is going to be a case. all the attacks on him that are going to come are going to come. there is some of his economic policies that trump will take umbrage with and will attack him but the other side of it is, he is a tremendous asset. he did, the economy flourished during his presidency. martha: joe, my point is how he did it. he ended the glass-steagall act which allowed commercial banks and investments banks to get together. he supported nafta. when you look at the contrast between what hillary wants to do now, she supports, she supported tpp. she wants to extend dodd-frank to nonbanks. she wants to allow the epa to
7:46 am
continue to put out regulations. she wants to expand social security and offer medicare to people who don't get it. this is complete reversal what we saw under clinton economics. if you will bring bill back, hillary will be surprised what he might do. >> i don't think so. look, he did invest in people. i think that's what she's going to try to do again moving forward, if she's president. when you get into coal country, a lot of these places, we've got to invest in creating new jobs and not relying on jobs that are moving out of the economy. i think bill clinton, you know, look, he was explainer-in chief in 2012. martha: he sure was. >> was a huge asset to barack obama. martha: he was. >> i've been a big person, i mean a big, out there saying don't underestimate donald trump. don't underestimate bill clinton's ability to communicate.
7:47 am
martha: i remember in the 2012 convention, said nobody could have fixed this economy at this point. not even me. you have to give barack obama another four years. that was a huge moment for that campaign. i think it really pushed a lot of people over the top in terms of voting for president obama again. ed, wee in here. we are looking at such different policies under president obama and hillary clinton than we looked at under bill clinton. >> totally different time. the tech boom obviously helped him immeasureably. housing boom. reality she is weak candidate. even her best friends are worried about candidate she has become. the fact that bernie sanders nipping at her heels and limping into the convention before it begins. all of sudden gee i have to get my husband in here, he did it, you're diminishing your own role as president of the united states. even though presidents get too much credit, too much blame for economies beyond their means. i think to a certain extent a lot of democrats would much rather have bill clinton for third term rather than hillary.
7:48 am
that is not good thing for her. at this point in time she needs to go out to show she can run effective campaign against trump. she can't do that until she gets rid of sanders. a long ways to go to do that. looks like desperate politics. wait until my husband gets in hire he will fix it all. martha: wait until dad gets home. wait until dad gets home. >> don't worry about the clinton foundation. chelsea will run it and foreign money can come in. i have both the czar and president. i don't think it works. martha: we raised a question, the teas can answer, joe, what would he be allowed to do? as former president, can he be vice president? can he be put in charge of economy and restoring it as she says? what are the limitations? >> i don't think there is any way she would make him the vice president even if it is doable. that is not going to happen. that is not in the cards. that is ridiculous stretch. economic advisor or something who's thinking constantly about how to revitalize particularly
7:49 am
economies like in kentucky and west virginia. martha: right. >> that need to be modernized, to create the jobs of the future. bill clinton, you couldn't have somebody better than him working on those. martha: but i go back to joe, put up the other full screen, to the policies, to the specific policies that bill clinton implemented that did allow the economy to grow. one was cutting the capital gains tax. he took it from 28% to 21%. her proposal is to hike it to 43%. he did welfare to work which put time limits and benefit limits on welfare. can you imagine how that would go over in a party that is, you know, so popular where bernie sanders is so popular? is she going to do welfare to work? >> i mean, think about it the other way though. there are being a lot of republicans who look at those policies and think, hey, that is the better than anything trump's come up with.
7:50 am
you know, so i think, i think this is, we're in a different era as ed pointed out, a different time. but i think the focus on jobs, and job creation that bill clinton had, and there is no denial about that he created more jobs than last four republican presidents. martha: by cutting regulation. by cutting welfare and by cutting capital-gains tax. i just think people need to consider if he is going to be in the mix. >> desperate candidates do desperate things. right now she is desperate candidate. reaching out to her husband talking about the economic czar is absurd and certain extent remind a lot of democrats why she is not a very good candidate and we wish we had the old man back again. we don't. at the end. day she has to make a case against trump and economy will be very big factor. i have to wait for my husband to tell me what to do i don't think will work very well. martha: see you both next time. bill: here is a hot news flash. a flaming meteor across the sky
7:51 am
and crashing into the atmosphere above millions of people. hmmm. martha: i will stick around and see that. bill: where did that happen? martha: wow, look at this thing go! the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and new infrastructure for a new generation attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in rochester, with world-class botox. and in buffalo, where medicine meets the future. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at
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>> i'm jon scott. six minutes away on "happening now." facebook's ceo sits down with leading conservatives after claims that the social network edited conservative topics out of the trending news coverage. businessman's fourth murder trial comes to a close today. both sides get their say. terrifying moments for two men and their dog when their boat bursts into flames. six minutes a.i.d. on "happening now." bill: over time move by the department of labor, critics have concerns about the economy
7:55 am
and effects. kevin cocker from the white house now. what is behind the change? reporter: bill, it is interesting one. let me sort of make it easy for everybody to home to understand. you're manager at staples making 42 grand but you're putting in 50, 60 hours a week. you don't get overtime under the old rules but under the new rules, up to the 47,000 plus they have to pay you time 1/2 for anytime you put in over 40 hours. white house feeling for a long time the old overtime rules were antiquated. under this new rule it is expected to make 4.2 million americans newly eligible to get time 1/2 if you make up to $47,476 a year and you're a white-collar worker but a lot of businesses who feel like this is not a good thing at all. let me share with you a statement from the national retail federation. they say quote, these regulations are full of false promises. most of the people impacted by this change will not see any additional pay. instead, this sudden and extraordinary increase will mean
7:56 am
more red tape and fewer advancement opportunity for salaried professionals. that again from the national retail federation. so, plain speak is this way. more people will be eligible but business will suffer in some cases because they will have to pay a lot more people a lot more money and that could cost jobs ultimately. we'll be watching carefully as the white house makes the announcement today. of course i have questions about it in the briefing. bill, back to you. bill: kevin, a bit of give-and-take there clearly. kevin corke at the north lawn in washington. martha: so hillary clinton is looking to lock up the democratic nomination but she on tough times shaking bernie sanders. as likely republican rival beefs up his repertoire. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.
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8:00 am
that image is from maine. police looking for speeders when dash cam video caughtthe meteor streaking by. it probably disintegrated somewhere over maine . that's beautiful, look at that . bill: arrived from calumet new jersey be night i love shooting stars and meteors. do you wish for the show to be over right now? we will be back tomorrow. have a great day everybody. jon: hillary clinton inching closer to clinching the democratic nomination but bernie sanders is hanging on like a ball dog after winning the oregon primary, taking it down to the wire in kentucky as well. good morning, i'm jon scott. melissa: i wonder if you would like to be described as a bulldog? i would not like that myself. jon: i wouldn't mind the description


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