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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  May 18, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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that image is from maine. police looking for speeders when dash cam video caughtthe meteor streaking by. it probably disintegrated somewhere over maine . that's beautiful, look at that . bill: arrived from calumet new jersey be night i love shooting stars and meteors. do you wish for the show to be over right now? we will be back tomorrow. have a great day everybody. jon: hillary clinton inching closer to clinching the democratic nomination but bernie sanders is hanging on like a ball dog after winning the oregon primary, taking it down to the wire in kentucky as well. good morning, i'm jon scott. melissa: i wonder if you would like to be described as a bulldog? i would not like that myself. jon: i wouldn't mind the description.
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melissa: i'm melissa branson in for jenna lee. clinton claims victory in the bluegrass state in a race that is still too close to call. she's 92 delegates away from securing the nomination. on the republican side, donald trump on oregon's primary easily as he pivots into the general election. jon: mister trumpexpected to sit down today with former secretary of state henry kissinger to discuss foreign policy. national correspondent john roberts is alive from trump tower in new york city . reporter: good morning. they are keeping this meeting tightly under wraps between donald trump and former secretary of state henry kissinger who was the architect of the nixon administration's china policy. it's a necessary ticket punch for any presidential candidate on the republican side to sit down for a few minutes with secretary kissinger, known as the one of the most knowledgeable people in the world on foreign-policy. charles krauthammer was saying last night that anyone who sits down with him can learn a lot about foreign
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policy, suggesting trump may need more than one meeting with henry kissinger to make up for the perceived deficit he has in foreign-policy. we don't know what time the meeting is going to take place. i told sometime around midday and we don't know where whether it will be at trump tower which we don't think it will be or over at mister kissinger's offices on park avenue or potentially at his home but we are watching closely, john and the second this motorcade starts to roll we will let everyone know. foreign-policy is something very much in the mind of donald trump in the last few days. he gave an interview to reuters last night he would be willing as president obama did in 2010 seven sit down with theleader of north korea and talk to him about trying to stop north korea's nuclear program. here's what mister trump told reuters yesterday . >> i would have no problem sitting with him. at the same time i would love to put a lot of pressure on china because economically we have the tremendous pressure over china. they are extracting vast
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billions of dollars out of our country, billions. >> you say you would talk to kim? >> i have no problem with speaking to him area. reporter: the difference between what mister trump said last night and what mister obama said in 2007 that earned him a tremendous fusillade of criticism is he said he would do it without preconditions. donald trump did not say there would be no preconditions. he did not say whether or not he would oppose conditions on any meeting with kim jong-un and first you got to become president but he gave up any idea of self funding his campaign last night, citing a joint fundraising agreement with the republican national committee. that means trump will raise money for the rnc for all the
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down battle races. the rnc will in turn raise money for the presidential campaign. one of the funds they created, the trunk make america great again committee and then the trump victory pack. the trump victory pack has a higher capital in terms of donations. people can donate up to $449,000 per person for that trump victory campaign. most people who run for president will spend a couple years that building a fund-raising operation. having the cat that hi john will go a long way to being able to get the billion dollars that everyone thinks donald trump will need and the republican national committee will need to run the election campaign. theamount of money they will be growing into it this year, absolutely staggering. jon: if you've got that kind of money to spend on politics, wow. john roberts keeping an eye on the kissinger trump meeting, thank you . as donald trump gets ready to talk foreign-policy with the former territory of state, henry kissinger has
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previously said he would prefer another nominee and that he disagrees with trump's proposal to ban muslims from the us. let's talk about it with marla hemingway, senior editor of the federalist. philip bump at writer for the washington post politics blog. given what kissinger has said in the past, this seems like a strange it? it's a great example of how difficult it will be for difficult different republican factions to come together behind trump but how they will be able to do it. take kissinger who was known for his support of international systems and his belief the west should be heavily involved in supporting those systems. trump wants to snatch all that were take kissinger's love of china, how much he's on broker agreements with china. again, trump wants to smash all that. not on the grounds that china
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is aggressive in the south china sea on those free-trade agreements. your always had a soft spot for strongmen. he supported then jumping even after tiananmen square like trump has and that might provide a bridge that enables him to show his support for trump. you might genuinely like him on those aesthetic grounds. be on foreign-policy chaps have been called into question. doesn't a meeting like this go long way toward reassuring his detractors mark. >> it depends on what happens after the meeting. if kissinger were to come out of the meeting and say donald trump is a guy, he gets it, i think that would go a long way. the question from campaign now is, can you get republicans enough of an excuse to back his nomination , to actually consolidatethem for november question mark is unfavorable ratings are higher than hillary clinton's because he has higher unfavorable ratings with republicans then hillarydoes with democrats. henry kissinger and other republicans stepping up saying this guy is okay, we bless them with our magic wand, that would be helpful. that remains to be seen. we will have to see what comes out of this meeting .
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jon: go back to december when there were still a dozen or so candidates in the race . henry kissinger appeared on foxbusiness and said this about donald trump i think if he can build a wall that excludes everybody . >> he's saying just a muslims. >> i would be concerned . i do not favor an exclusion on the basis of religion. >> were you to worry if he is the party's nominee? >> i have not endorsed him. jon: given that molly, what comes out of today's meeting, how do they come to some kind of joint statement after their meeting that makes everything look hunky-dory? >> donald trump has given people all across the foreign-policy spectrum something to like and dislike so i think what you areseeing now is people wanting to cozy up , get his ear and be able to put what they want into his mind so he will start articulating a more coherent foreign-policy. there's not as much distance
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there between trump and kissinger as there might be between a typical bush foreign-policy advisor and trump and it reminds me a bit of when nixon met with dan quayle when he was running and he was a little bit soft on foreign-policy experience. nixon came outand said he's not as much of an intellectual midget as i've been told and that was enough to get many people in the party behind dan quayle even if it was throwing a bit of shade at him . jon: i'm curious to that many people in the other party, the democratic party are suspicious of hillaryclinton because she has cited henry kissinger as one of her role models . >> it's actually interesting. the context from the democratic side, hillary clinton received a lot of negative feedback when she messing henry kissinger during the debate. kissinger is not beloved by democrats and it's a difficult time for hillary. she has to fend off pretty sanders and bernie sanders supporters, boston liberals. having donald trump reach out to henry kissinger now,
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whether or not he intends it probably puts hillary clinton a more awkward position simply because her party doesn't like her right relationship with him and this is a reminder of that. jon: john roberts is outside trump tower and when we get some news out of that meeting we will certainly bring it to our viewers and you as well. bob, molly hemingway, thank you. we also want to hear from you. will donald trump's meeting with secretary of state henry kissinger help him win over the so-called gop establishment? our live chat is up and running. go to to join the conversation. melissa: facebook ceo mark zuckerberg will sit down with influential conservatives today after claims the social media site blocks conservative news from its trending topics. confirmed attendees include fox news cohost, former white house press secretary dana perino, also glenn beck, claudia callan is live with the latest on this. what do we expect? reporter: that's right melissa. the meeting here getting underway a bit later this afternoon, doesn't look like
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lunch is included and no press either.we are all being kept across the street but ceo mark zuckerberg has a lot riding on how things go today. both in terms of his company's reputation and its profits. zuckerberg needs to convince his prominent guests and everyone else that facebook does not deliberately press the conservative as been alleged by a former staffer. he's launched an investigation but did today he will need to explain how news items in the controversial training topics section are selected and will have to provide hard numbers showing stories like the irs scandal as stories about same-sex marriage and he needs to do it fast. >> he's a businessman and he wants to take this meeting, he does not want to lose clicks, does not want to lose eyeballs or add revenue so this is driven in part because he was to be a good businessman but also wants to
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be a profitable business man. melissa: critics point out that facebook chief news curator is a big supporter of hillary clinton and zuckerberg himself has been active in immigration reform, cofounding a nonprofit forward us that's driving policy change in an area near to many liberals. news cohost dana perino will be at today's meeting and told me she's open-minded but the questions about editorial suppression are serious and i assume facebook realizes that which is why they call the meeting. it all gets underway in about two: 30 pacific time, 5:30 eastern. should laugh an hour and tonight melissa, dana will appear on the file with megan to share how it all went. back to you. melissa: it looks like traffic is moving along nicely there so we expect things to get underway behind you. good day there. thank you. b1 it's still early. the senate makes a bold move approving a measure allowing 9/11 families to sue saudi arabia if it is found to be
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complicit in the terror attacks of 9/11. why the white house is threatening to veto that measure it receives the president's desk. plus, hot pursuit in a car chase capital of the nation. what sparked it? how it finally ended. also, a tornado terror with a possible twister touching down before homeowners eyes and the storm brett is not over yet. >> it's not as bad as it could have been but it's still very scary and there's going to be a big mess tomorrow.
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jon: right now some crime stories we are following. closing arguments in the fourth murder trial of a new york businessman accused of killing his estranged wife in 2001. michelle harris body was never found and how harris had two previous convictions overturned.
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his last trial ended with jurors unable to reach a verdict. now a judge alone will decide the verdict this time. a 13-year-old chicago girl and her mother are charged with murder in the stabbing death of another teenager. police say the killing happened after a fight broke out between the two girls and the mother gave the team suspect a knife area a wild police chase in california. a driver brandishing a weapon sparking that hot pursuit. it ended with the suspect throwing something out the window before giving himself up in north hollywood. melissa: fox extreme weather alerts in florida. severe storms tore through the southern part of the state including a possible tornado in fort pierce. catherine richardsons all morning was one of the hardest hit it came through the windows, i run back on the other side of the house here and it did the same thing in the other bedroom so i ran to the bathroom, stood by the bathroom and just hold the door.
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reporter: melissa: flooding was a problem in vero beach where neighborhoods were inundated with water after record rainfalls and the severe weather threat is not over across the south. urologist maria is live in the fox extreme weather center. what can i expect? reporter: as an active time of the year across southern areas where we expect to see additional severe weather and we are expecting to see more severe storms across parts of florida as well but i want to take you across texas. yesterday we did have a reported tornado and several reports of damaging winds and large hail and the threat for additional storms is in the forecast today. you see that on the radar. it's busy this morning with storms rolling through areas south of austin, also across the san angelo area and we will continue to see that risk for severe storms more damaging winds, more large hail and tornadoes possible in cities like this christie, brownsville and even farther west into el paso and there even is a tornado threat in place here so we will be watching this area will sleep
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through the day today. we have this rental boundary here that's going to be enhancing a lot of that thunderstorm activity across portions of texas. in addition to the severe weather threat you are also looking at the potential for flooding. a lot of rains pushing eastward through texas and eventually into louisiana as we head into tomorrow night so that will be something else to watch and you can see that for tomorrow. of your weather possible in places like houston and even extending across parts of louisiana with more of the same damaging winds and tornadoes possible and it continues even as we head into friday through portions of the south east and west. staying very active down here from the southern plains into parts of the southeast. melissa: keep a close eye on it for us, thank you so much. jon: the top commander in the middle east weighing in on a wave of deadly terror attacks in and around baghdad. why he says it means isis is reverting to its old ways. plus, should 9/11 families be
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able to sue saudi arabia for any role it might have had in the terror attacks? the new senate bill and why the white house says that measure american lives it is important to the family members because it's going to bring a tremendous closure.
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melissa: right now dramatic new video from the iraqi government join coalition airstrikes targeting and isis controlled fueling depot near mosul. the other sites near falluja. meantime the top us commander for the middle east speaking out today about the deadly attacks by isis in and around baghdad. the recent violence may be assigned the terror group is trying to divert attention
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from its recent battlefield losses. john? jon: the us senate unanimously approved legislation yesterday clearing the way for families of 9/11 victims to sue the government of saudi arabia. despite the kingdoms threat to pull billions of dollars from the us economy if this bill becomes law, the obama administration says it would be till the measure. >> we have expressed a met this president signing this legislation. jon: let's talk about it with james kreidler, cocounsel for 9/11 families and victims. you are representing the people who lost loved ones in the 9/11 attacks. with the idea of doing what? >> with the idea of being able to get discovery and prove the case against saudi arabia. the ultimate goal is to get fair compensation from the soundings for their role in working with al qaeda,
8:24 am
planning an attack on the united states. space. jon: this gets the 28 pages of classified material you are on 60 minutes talking about. that meat material has not let been declassified. the theory is that some high-level saudi government of officials had advance knowledge that 9/11 was going to take place. >> there's no question saudi officials were involved. there were at least saudi officials, members of the saudi embassy and intelligence operatives who were working with the hijackers, getting them apartments, giving them money, meeting with them and enabling them to meld into society so a year later they could get on the planes and hijacked planes. now they are playing kind of a word game, the commission said there's no evidence that high-level officials were involved. well, rarely does the president of the country go
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into a foreign country with arms and do it himself. they are low-level officials but the saudi government is responsible for their action. jon: the saudi's have said if this bill passes they're going to go $750 billion of their investments out of the us economy. to that you say what? >> it's a silly lie they said when we started the case 14 years ago. they're never going to pull out their money. it would hurt them much more than us. they're doing everything they can to stop it from being law because they don't want to face the fact from the evidence that it will show americans and the world what they did. jon: the u.s. senate approved it unanimously which is astounding but the president does not necessarily seem to be on board. here is his spokesman josh furnace yesterday. >> the legislation would change long-standing international law regarding sovereign immunity and the president continues to harbor
8:26 am
serious concerns that this legislation would make the united states vulnerable in other court systems around the world. jon: it's kind of interesting because josh furnace used to say that $750 billion threat from the saudi as reason not to let this become law. now he's saying that it would potentially cause problems for american diplomats and other foreign service personnel. >> absolutely not read it one fatal after another. they made it up. we are years, there's been objections to sovereign immunity and we haven't seen any other country enact laws and responses to those sections. the truth of the matter is the obama administration unfortunately is doing everything it can to protect saudi arabia and protect saudi arabia from dealing with the fact. there is absolutely no merit
8:27 am
at all to the statement that there would be an impact on diplomacy and the notion that 3000 murdered americans, that their families should get nothing and the saudi should get a free ride because of some cockamamie to be started in peace to stand is pretty insulting. jon: in the language of this bill specifically talks about involvement in terrorist attacks. this doesn't say that you can do foreign governments willy-nilly, correct? >> and it excludes all acts of war, drones, everything else. unfortunately the united states government doesn't work with terror organizations planning to murder thousands of people. jon: you have senators as disparate as chuck schumer and ted cruz and alfred can on board so it looks pretty good in the set. we will see obviously about the house and what the president ultimately decides. jim kreidler, thank you.
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melissa: restaurant employees and millions of other american workers getting good news about their salaries and it's got nothing to do with raising the minimum wage. why their paychecks could get bigger. also, president obama appears ready to join the battle for hillary clinton and ramp up the rhetoric against donald trump as unfit for the presidency. could that help or hurt her campaign? we will talk about that next . >> i don't know what you're talking about. [laughter] that's not keeping it real or telling it like it is. that's not challenging political correctness. that's just not knowing what you're talking about.
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melissa: fox news is america's election headquarters and political junkies are bracing for six months of flame throwing area during the likely matchup between hillary clinton and donald trump and president obama may be planning to get into the act.clear politics posting today that quote, obama helped clinton to make a case against trump but in truth, obama will do more than boost defenses.
8:33 am
he will try to qualify trump for the complex job he seeks. i'm joined by david webb, he's also a fox news contributor and also rick unger, democratic strategist and senior political contributor for forbes .com. he is also cohost of steel and unger on serious xm. you guys are so busy i don't know how you can be here. let me ask you, rick, let me start with you. president obama getting in on the action. sometimes i feel like he has to be reminded he's on hillary clinton's team now. they went head-to-head for so long and battled it out in the field so many times it's like he made speech forgets he's supposed to be advocating for her. how do you think he's going to do? can he stay focused? >> it's going to be interesting to see. eight years of being the top dog and the one who gets all the attention doesn't evaporate overnight so it's going to be a question. it's a reasonable question to ask but he's already made the torrents and going after
8:34 am
donald trump. he started below the radar but he's done it. now the question is and i hope he will start to focus on the unity issue because at this moment that's a bigger problem for hillary clinton that is donald trump hillary clinton. melissa: that's a terrific point and that's exactly what he sees as his main focus. let's listen to what he said recently at a press conference with canadian prime minister justin trudeau . >> my most important role will be to make sure after primaries are done i'm bringing everybody together so we focus on winning the general election.melissa: that was back in march, it seems like it was just yesterday. >> everything seems like it was yesterday in the cycle. melissa: you talk about the divide between the sanders camp and clinton camp. is he just the guy to bring these folks together? >> i don't know. how do you get the guy that was to the left of ted kennedy to bring bernie sanders who is pulling
8:35 am
hillary's left flank so she can't get it to the general back together in a party that is clearly split? there's been talk about republicans and fighting in the republican party. the democrats have a problem. the woman who says she's the only qualified woman in the country to be president now needs bill clinton, her economic czar and president obama to save her bacon so she can be the first qualified woman.i got to tell you, the american people are going what is going on here? melissa: in my heart of hearts i think that sometimes if you caught president obama in an unguarded moment he would prefer bernie sanders. he likes the outside, renegade guy who's an idealist. he's not much of a compromiser himself. he seems like he would have more in common with bernie sanders. >> i think the true answer is he would prefer joe biden. that's the real answer. i don't know that he's a big
8:36 am
bernie sanders fan because remember, he comes from the senate where bernie sanders didn'thave much impact on that body, down no matter how many years he was there. he realizes it doesn't matter, hillary clinton is going to be the nominee for better or worse . the math is going to win over the mood so that's going to be the case and he has to be able to stand up for her. what's interesting is, the presidents often don't get involved and he is not going to sit back. as popular as he is today, it's pretty good. if it stays that way he may be an asset. if it doesn't stay that way she's going to forcethem to go that way. >> here's where it may hurt him . you got independents out there and the obama policies haven't been good for everybody and you and you look at the people who haven't made up their minds, if hillary clinton is going to be the next obama that could hurt them with independence area with west virginia, look atkentucky. clinton was such a bad candidate, do you want to type herself the parties that generally don't like each other . >> he's pulling at 52, 53 percent popularity numbers. >> he's polarizing. it'svery unpopular with the opposition .
8:37 am
melissa: president obama, when push comes to shove without question he very much wants hillary clinton to win no matter what. that's in order to ensure his legacy down the line. what kind of an attack those emails on trump and does he does it by making him not look presidential? >> he doesn't exactly how he's been doingit. if you watch his graduation speech at rutgers, he was taking these subtle shots and everybody knew he will who he was talking about without naming donald trump .he's going to keep doing that and he has a way because of his humor, he has a way of doing that about it looking nonpresidential. he's a great attack artist. melissa: he can be funny, he has a lot of humor. at the same time it's very condescending. if that, i'm the smartest guy in the room, i'm an intellectual and no one else is especially donald trump. it has that potential of
8:38 am
firing up trump space. when he dismisses people who support trump as being ignorant, as being stupid, not knowing what they're talking about, maybe it fires up the democrats and it really fires up trump's people. >> it actually does both because here you got the billionaire who actually connects with the blue-collar, look at donald trump and he's not ashamed of excessive wealth versus the elitist and the professor, one of the most divisive president in modern times. he's broken up this nation by black lives matter, hispanics, immigration issues, lgbt issues. he's done as well from the political standpoint but that in turn tells the rest of the country if you're not going to listen to the professor or the elitist in the room from harvard, i'mgoing to go ahead and go against you and trump space loves that . >> david is right, it's going to do both.trump space is absolutely going to love it but trump's base is never
8:39 am
going to consider hillary clinton so so what? melissa: gentlemen, thank you so much. john? jon: it is set to become a reality for millions more american workers after the obama administration unveils new rules to double the maximum annual income that salary workers can get and still be eligible for overtime. gary willis is afoxbusiness network is live with what all that means, jerry . reporter: this is a long-awaited rule, very controversial. it extends over time page 4.2 million workers and how does it do it? it doubles the maximum annual income a salaried worker can earn and still get that overtimepay. that number moves from 23,662 47,476 , a doubling of this number. here's what the administration says. this is a cure for stagnant wages and it more than requires the threshold you are seeing right now to be updated every three years so
8:40 am
those numbers will move and become more generous. $12 billion more will be paid out to people over the next decade because of this rule change. the private sector is saying it's a killer for small businesses. take a listen to what the national federation of independent businesses had to say. they say entry-level management the dispositions are going to disappear and those employees will follow back and hourly jobs, small businesses everywhere will be affected. so lots of concerns about this and it will particularly hit retail, hotel, restaurant, companies that employ people at the lower end of the salary spectrum should have very big impact. we've seen a lot of states across the country raise minimum wages and another step is going to squeeze businesses further to come up with that extra money that people have been missing over the tenure of the obama administration. income still down since he took office. this is the administration's answer.
8:41 am
jon: the idea is it could help individual workers but not if their employers aren't going to cough up the money for the overtime that they now have to pay for. reporter: and likely what will happen is you will lose jobs. small businesses will hire fewer people. people who are salaried might get pushed into hourly jobs, pushed down. they're not going to like that. the changes coming from workers. jon: the monies got come from somewhere. thank you. melissa: hillary clinton's foreign policy plans, she may be taking a pagefrom the iran playbook to deal with north korea. what her strategy is and the challenges she will face. and a raging inferno after a boat burst into flames. why authorities are now raising the passengers . >> they had survival suits, they quickly mustered the survival suit at the back of the vessel. they got intothe survival suit and an important thing,
8:42 am
they even had a light jacket for their dog, rocket area .
8:43 am
8:45 am
jon: i heroine rescue at sea for two men and a dog after their boat burst into flames off the coast of malibu. the fire began below decks yesterday before engulfing the entire vessel. thankfully the passengers came ready with lifejackets including one for the dog named rocket. good samaritan was able to hoist them out of the water, all three in good health and did not sustain any injuries. melissa: back to politics. a glimpse into hillary clinton's approach to foreign policy which could near president obama's as a bluebird headline reads, clinton plans to use the iran playbook on north korea.
8:46 am
the article explaining one of clinton's top priorities as president would be to use sanctions to pressure north korea to negotiate limits on its nuclear program. this according to clinton's top foreign policy advisor. the strategy would mimic the obama administration's approach to it ran. joining me now, peter brook, heritage foundation senior fellow and former deputy existent to defense. thank you for joining us. >> good to be here. melissa: a lot of this comes from the fact that jake sullivan is ahead of clinton's foreign policy team and one of two officials who began those negotiations with iran in 2012 that resulted in this most recent deal. what do you make of that? >> i'm not surprised at all. i am a little surprised they thought this was the most testing foreign policy issue if i read the article right. north korea is not a ran. they are two different issues. i certainly hope it comes out better than the bill clinton administration nuclear deal with north korea which we found out after eight years melissa, providing food and fuel and building a nuclear reactor that north korea was actually cheating on that agreement after a year.
8:47 am
then ultimately a few years later they had the bar and we had at least four tests and they are talking about there may be a fit on. there's a whole bunch of differences between iran and north korea. in the sense of the insularity of the regimes, their integration at any one point in their international economy and of course north korea already has the bomb. iran doesn't so they are different things. i understand why they are interested. melissa: they are different but what is similar and why they are talking about this is that in both cases it's about how do you apply pressure most effectively to get them to do what they want. for a ran we tried to ice them out and do sanctions and president obama took that in the opposite direction so the wonder is with north korea is it more carrots for more
8:48 am
stick and if she's employing the same people that worked on the iran deal it would imply she's thinking maybe more carrots are in order. is that dangerous? >> of course, north korea is dangerous in itself. they are still at war with south korea, there are major repressor of human rights. they have nuclear weapons, missiles that certainly threaten the united states. the other thing is in this case north korea isn't selling anything. they are not selling anything. there are some things left to sanction on north korea. they are not like it ran. they are not selling oil and gas. you cannot sanction the same way. i am all for deep nuclear rising the korean peninsula and bringing north and south korea together but i don't think what they did in iran is going to be the playbook for north korea. melissa: there is this question about how she would behave. i hear all the time she would be more hawkish than resident obama. i don't know if that is true. she likes the point to what went on in libya but what went on in libya is that old book where you take out the secular dictator who, his
8:49 am
behavior toward his own people is abominable but it leaves that vacuum that welcomed in violent extremists like isis. this is something people have been fighting against in the wake of iraq but when you follow the model of what she did in libya, it's almost like a bush policy, no? >> i find it hard as a foreign policy analyst to point to successes under clinton's administration of the state department during her tenure. you mentioned libya, you mentioned iraq, the vacuum that was left there that led to al qaeda in iraq and isis. you talk about china, russia policy which met went from reset to regret so i'm not, i would suggest they rethink all of those things and their approach to foreign policy. melissa, candidates propose and world events dispose. that do happen so any candidate comes into office is going to face the future we can't predict at this moment . melissa: peter brook, thank you for your insights.
8:50 am
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jon: lens. the future and see what's coming up on outnumbered. top of the hour, sander and harris. >> hey john. approach hillary clinton super pack launching a campaign against donald trump and he fires right back. amid reports of trying to
8:54 am
rehab his image, can he do it? bill clinton refusing to respond to donald trump calling him the worst abuser of women politics has ever seen. is that a smart move or should the former president defend himself? >> if you think the mainstream media is in the tank for hillary, wait till you hear what 2009 state department memo said about certain tv talk shows and her agenda. all that plus ourhashtag one lucky guy . >> outnumbered, top of the hour.jon: that was a good peak. top of the hour. >> i melissa. melissa: hey guys. right now cyber threats taking center stage in washington. this is the assistant attorney general for natural security about to deliver remarks on hacking at the chamber of commerce. this ahead of the senate hearing this afternoon. tackling the epidemic known as ran somewhere. it is a new form of cyber extortion affecting many targets including major hospitals, one of them recently paid hackers $17,000 in ransom just to regain access to its own computer system.
8:55 am
dot away has the story from washington. this is a bad one, doug. >> it really is melissa. the internet has been good for mankind, it has also been evil and the two are intertwined. witness ran somewhere. usually it affects your computer when you open an attachment or document. next thing you know your screen freezes up and you see a notice you are locked out and won't be let back in until you pay ransom, usually through bitcoins or some other hard to trace currency. cyber criminals often operating from eastern european companies are targeting big organizations for big payouts. medstar, the largest healthcare provider in the washington area was hit in march, freezing emails and patient records in february, a los angeles area hospital paid $17,000 in ransom in bitcoins to hackers who disabled its computer network. >> the fbi bia in many cases has recommended individuals to pay that ransom which of course goes back into feeding
8:56 am
the criminal enterprise so we believe firmly that we need advanced techniques to be able to detect these type of attacks and stop them before they actually run. >> sometimes the cyber criminal will put a timer on your screen and if you don't pay up by the time that clock runs down, your data is destroyed. ransom where attacks become more sophisticated with some viruses freezing your data even if you don't open the attachment. experts say backing up your files is the best safety measure and in the future, the best prevention maybe artificial intelligence which can detect constantly mutating viruses and prevent their intrusion but most of that is not yet here. melissa: not only that, artificial intelligence just ushers in all kind of new different problems so there you go. doug, thank you so much. jon: just more things to worry about. new next hour on "happening
8:57 am
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and there's just one sound. you and us... together. telling the world... we're coming for you. jon: we're back in an hour. "outnumbered" starts now. ♪ harris: this is "outnumbered." getting ready for a little hump day sizzle. i'm harris faulkner. the we have sandra smith. fox business network's dagen mcdowell. kirsten powers and we have today's #oneluckyguy iraq, afghanistan veteran, author of the new book, in the arena, pete hegseth. we tell him he is outnumbered but never believes it. >> no, i'm here for himp day too. harris: let's do it. welcome. >> thank you. harris: donald trump facing headwind of a $136 million


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