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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  May 18, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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and there's just one sound. you and us... together. telling the world... we're coming for you. jon: we're back in an hour. "outnumbered" starts now. ♪ harris: this is "outnumbered." getting ready for a little hump day sizzle. i'm harris faulkner. the we have sandra smith. fox business network's dagen mcdowell. kirsten powers and we have today's #oneluckyguy iraq, afghanistan veteran, author of the new book, in the arena, pete hegseth. we tell him he is outnumbered but never believes it. >> no, i'm here for himp day too. harris: let's do it. welcome. >> thank you. harris: donald trump facing headwind of a $136 million advertising blitz.
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the presumptive gop is under assault from a pro-hillary clinton super-pac. it launch ad pair of blistering ads in key swing states. hitting donald trump on some of his controversial remarks about women. one has women lip-synching the candidate's own words. >> does she have a good body? she have a fat ass, absolutely. if ivanka were not my daughter i would perhaps dating her. a woman with a flat chess is hard to be a 10. you can have them go [bleep] themselves. harris: harry s. donald trump hl media. you can go tell them blank themselves was about china, not women. making news this hour at "washington post." trump plans to rehabilitate his image in the next couple weeks tackling head on episodes in his campaign. he began last night with much
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taped inner view with megyn kelly. insisting he would not come out of the on top of the gop heap if he had acted difficultry. watch. >> i could have done certain things differently. i could have maybe used different language in a couple of instances but overall i have to be very happy with the outcome. and i think if i didn't conduct myself in the way i have done it, i don't think i would have been successful. harris: pete, this is just the beginning. $136 million ad buy is the only tip of the iceberg with reports of a billion or more to buy ads. >> it sure is. 35 million are digital ads. if you live in ohio, florida, north carolina, nevada, get ready on youtube, you will see these non-stop through election day. the question will it be effectively and how powerful will he counterpunch which he is doing hitting back expense the clintons and bill and his conduct, treatment. things most voters especially younger voters are not necessarily aware of.
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this will be mutual assured destruction, no doubt. opening shot. campaigns learned you have to define your opponent quickly as you can. so much media exposure. everyone knows who donald trump is. the left will make him look like misogynist and have hillary clinton play the victim. harris: he usually defines quickly. kirsten, i want to come to you, this doesn't have to touch hillary clinton now. she said she wouldn't go personal, but if the super-pacs do it for her she doesn't have to. >> that's true. he will come personal against her. the question is she really going to be able to stay above it for the entire campaign? more importantly, is bill clinton going to stay above it? that is the bigger question. as he comes after both bill and hillary, bill clinton most recently said he will not respond to this but over time the drip, drip, drip that donald trump knows how to do, knows how to get under peoples skin i suspect eventually he will probably snap and say something. harris: you know, sandra, what is interesting too, when you talk about how negative
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advertising works, you hear people say they don't want you to go negative but in fact it does work. sandra: but in this case it did work, the fact that it got donald trump to respond, right? and then you look at his response. that tweet he sent out that you read to the pro-hillary clinton super pack adad. pathetic hit represents final line, confirming for everyone who has an issue his own words being, you know, being used in the mouths of those people, i don't know if his hit-back, as you described it was effective there because, essentially he was saying everything else was correct. but, again i think this gives us color what we're looking at, in general election matchup. it is going to get ugly. >> this ad looks like ad that already ran. it was called quotes. harris: i remember that. >> it was put together by anti-trump super-pac. it tested as being very effective.
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started airing before the florida primary. guess, what, he won florida. the fact you've kind of seen similar attack already, i found the ad a little bit comical, given nature of it but trump needs to be careful going back revisiting in detail what he has already said. his slogan i am what i am. popeye. so own what you said and move on and look ahead. that is how you change your image. harris: as sandra just pointed out, that is such a great question. is he now confirming all of this was the case? you know, is he going to do that? if he does that that means he has to go back over the ground. i want to get to someone who is defending him. we've seen him before take out the women in his life on stage, his wife, his daughters. this is ivanka trump, his daughter. watch. >> i think that people are just starting to see who he is. the race is different now. i think that people will be able to see the softer side of him. he is going to be attacked in
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different way but it is different when you're being attacked by one person as he opposed to 16. harris: ivanka says the race is different now. how so? >> of course it is different. he had different opponents. he was trying to defeat 17 people coming at him from different sides. his principle is always counterattack. one of the biggest lessons, when you're hit, you hit back and hit back hard. i wouldn't expect that changes at all. i think his children are fantastic surrogates. he will continue to use them. how do we look at people? we look at their sons or daughters, reflection of parents. he has good kids that speak highly of him. others of him in his business that do. he has assets to push back but doesn't want to revisit every single thing. sandra: something ivanka is very effective pointing out women that reached senior level positions at donald trump under the real estate firm. they use examples every single day. harris: kirsten, i want to ask you, it is also risky to go down
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this on the other side aisle because bill clinton and accusations against his wife how she allegedly treated those women that called themselves victims of hillary clinton. >> people will have to be specific about accusations against hillary clinton. people say she enabled women. there isn't a lot of specific evidence. i'm not saying evidence does not exist, the evidence is not put forth how she was enabling him or harming these women. if that information does come out, very specific information i think it is harmful for her. >> particularly harmful to younger voters who do not understand this went on in the '90s. they don't understand the monica lewinsky situation. harris: we'll talk about that later. dagen, i want to ask you a little bit about donald trump and moving ahead. you herd invaughn can say the race has changed. -- herd invaughn can say the hayes -- >> his most ardent supporters
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were women. i call out dale, former engineer down in south carolina. met her at the debate. i tell you they will make, his kids and those women getting on the horn, and turning women, over to the trump side. they are will be the most effective weapon. harris: we'll continue the conversation. tonight hear directly from the presumptive gop nominee himself. donald trump sits down for exclusive interview with sean hannity, at 10:00 p.m. eastern right here on the fnc. new documents show just how much hillary clinton earned for paid speeches last year alone. whether she will face new pressure now to release those transcripts from some of the speeches. bill clinton asked to respond to donald trump's attacks he is the worst abuser of women in america's political history. how he answered that and what it could mean for his wife's campaign. your chance to weigh in right now on our live chat up and running on the web. go there for our live show right after the tv version of us wraps
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sandra: hillary clinton losing another primary, this time in oregon while kentucky is still too close to call. meantime we're getting a look at new financial documents filed bit democratic front-runner that showed her earnings last year. we now know in 2015 alone she gave six paid speeches, earning her a total of nearly $1.5 million. the least she was paid for a speech was more than $260,000. the most? 315,000. for one she gave to ebay. she reportedly made at least 94 appearances before corporate and special interests between 2013 and 2015. earning nearly $22 million. the documents also show bill clinton made 5 million bucks from speeches he gave last year. and the ap says almost all of the groups that paid for or sponsored hillary clinton's speeches actively sought to sway the government, some even going
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so far to contact mrs. clinton directly while she was at the state department. and kirsten, this was a hot button issue in debates although she wasn't exactly pressed very hard by bernie sanders on any of this but still the public is saying, where are the transcripts from those speeches? what did she say? what did she promise? >> yeah. what are you saying that is worth $260,000? that is the big question. sandra: or $315,000. >> she was sucking up to goldman sachs. we know that from "the wall street journal" reporting. >> she should have to release the transcripts. also because what this frankly looks like, sort of bribery or you know, these are in kind contributions or something. she is not even a former president, you no he what i mean? why is she getting so much money for these speeches? so you know, we have a right to know what she's saying to these people. it is not, it seems like they think she will be president so they're paying her this money, right? what on earth is she saying that they need to pay so much money
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for. >> that is seems like what it was, pay to play. seems she would be leader free world. paying for access. >> unless she turns in the transcript unless we're all blown away by the speeches and i'm being sarcastic, right? sandra: i never forget the moment, anderson cooper, did you need to take $250,000 for the speech? her response was, that is what they were offering. harris: first of all i can only speak for me. i'm a fan of capitalism. this has nothing to do with anybody's right to get paid, but if you were asking this, i'm wondering how many people in the democrat party are wondering the same thing. that is the problem for hillary clinton. it is a trust issue. it is the issue that goes to the core of who are you? who are you to take that kind of payment for words that should be free. remember, she got paid to talk about benghazi, right? those are words that should be free!
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former secretary of state. hear you question it is interesting to me because you're just as curious as the rest of us, but again you have to right to make it in america. sandra: of course you do. harris: but when you run for president, we have the right to know how you made it. >> nobody is questioning her right to do it. but a lot of problem she has is with the bernie sanders supporters who don't like all the crony capitalism. harris: right. why did she do it. >> saying bill clinton will be economic czar. a lot of people, he was pretty cozy with wall street and is that really what we want? we want somebody taking on the banks. >> she gave $4.1 million worth of speeches, closed doors speeches to financial institutions by the time she left secretary of state and running for presidency. if you're running in the to be job of the country your entire adult life, why in creation would you give the speeches? that's what i don't understand. harris: she can throw them out same way she threw out thousands of pages emails. >> they were already deep into the eight figures, deep into the eight figures. it wasn't a money issue. >> they don't believe the rules
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apply to them. sandra: speaking of the fact this was brought up in couple of debates, debbie wasserman-schultz dnc share was on with bret baier he pressed her again, this isn't the first time whether or not there is possibility of a final democratic debate to be hosted by fox. here is what she said. >> madam chair i asked you three times about a possible final debate to be hosted at fox news. today we sent out letters of invitation to the candidates. you want to weigh in tonight? >> not quite yet. we're still, you know, working through that process and talking to our candidates and look forward to talking to potential media partners as we move forward. sandra: not quite yesterday, kirsten. >> this is ridiculous. of course because, hillary clinton herself is invoked megyn kelly being such consummate professional when she was attacked by donald trump. if she is such a consummate professional which she is, obviously bret is as well,
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chris wallace what is the problem? can anybody really seriously say these have not been great debates and they were very hard on republicans? why shouldn't the democrats have to be questioned by them? harris: whenever i hear a politician make that kind of comment it makes me think what deals are being made in the background. they are trying to get bernie sanders out of this race. they do not want to give him another platform and possibly hillary clinton misstep and whole world see it on fox news. they don't want that. those will be enormous numbers. those are numbers of people who may not ever support her. that is what i think of when i see wasserman-schultz say, we'll we're still talking about it. >> she is either jimmy carter in '76 or jimmy carter this 80? harris: is there a difference. >> won the presidency in one, lost another, bottom only 40% of the popular votes in the primaries in '76 but still won. he lot a lot of late contests to ted kennedy. in 80, it was a sign of his
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waning popularity he would lose big-time in november bernie. >> protest candidacy continues from bernie sanders. it is reflection of one democrats truly wanted to nominate. they actually do have a rigged system that prevented that revolution. >> we talked about bill clinton a lot but let's keep at it. finally a response from bill clinton to what donald trump is saying, accusing him of mistreating women. amazing that "crooked hillary" can do a hit ad on me concerning women when her husband was the worst abuser of women in u.s. political history. while campaigning in ked the former president whether he had any response to trump's latest attack, alluding to his past infidelities. watch. >> mr. president, can you respond to donald trump today, calling you one of the worst women abusers in political history? >> [inaudible].
9:20 am
i think people are smart enough to figure this out. >> he is smiling, but pete i want to go to you on this. >> i am too. >> with hillary clinton pulling her husband further into this campaign and essentially promising to people that he will have some sort of role in a potential additional clinton administration, does it open them up even further to whatever kind of attacks donald trump sees fit? >> well of course it does. whether she bear hugged him or not, donald trump was going to make him a center piece of his attack on her, his counterattack on her especially because they make women a center piece. he probably won't answer reporter questions. you can see the stump speeches as he drops into the southern drawl wherever he is and talking about good ol' days and what trump is saying however they're framing him at that moment. i still think because he can't resist it, bill clinton is
9:21 am
becoming more and more liability for hillary clinton. >> i want to bring something up, anybody can jump in, sandra, go to you first, something julie roginsky said, be careful do not make hillary clinton the victim. she benefits. sandra: what do you mean? >> when rick lazio invaded her space in the debate running for senate, that turned women toward her. harris: you guys are saying the same thing. sandra: let me just say this might be the strategy but how long can he stay out of it and not respond to your point, pete, that is the big question. we know bill:to is eloquent. he would probably respond in a way that would not hurt her. she is not trying to avoid her husband. she is using him. she is saying he is the one that will fix the economy when she becomes president. this might be a strategy for now but i don't know how long he can refrain. harris: he does help the conversation for her right now particularly with bernie sanders because he is able to do that pivot with her on the economy. that is so critical in her party
9:22 am
because we've seen so much infighting since last weekend's nevada faceoff contest that hillary clinton won and infighting between the bernie and hillary clinton supporters. i will move on from that. but it is interesting though with women and that being such a hot issue, kirsten, this is going to continue to come up. it may not be local reporter that gets him. we've seen him spar with protesters, with voters. could be somebody from one of the crowds. then it gets dicey. you do want to answer them. they are voters. >> he may get worn down once you hear the question over and over and may finally snap and say something he shouldn't say. in terms of women voters, for women voters democratic voters have older heard this, filed it away we know this is who he is, it is with younger voters it will be more of a problem. the question, they will probably not vote for donald trump but are they going to stay home? younger voters really don't understand this. if you talk to people who are younger, they don't get how he did what he did with monica
9:23 am
lewinsky and got more popular. they don't really, they don't understand it. >> waiting for him to lose his temper and wagging his finger in somebody's face like he does, how dare you ask me that. that will hurt him. harris: better not be a women. that will be complicated. >> yes indeed, harris faulkner. >> good advice from harris faulkner. harris: i'm glad you used my last name. >> ahead of a meeting with former secretary of state henry kissinger donald trump raising some eyebrows with remarks how he would deal with the threat of north korea. does his idea bo too far? top white house advisor ben rhodes refusing to apologize after he suggested to a reporter that he helped mislead the american public over the iran nuclear deal. what that says about the obamare administration. ♪
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♪ harris: donald trump is
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proposing a sharp turn in the way the united states deals with one of it is nemesis, the presumptive gop nominee telling reuters he would be willing to speak with north korean dictator kim jong-un to try to stop the regime's nuclear program. donald trump said he would also push china to take a leading role dealing with the problem. here it is. >> i would speak to him. i would have no problem speaking to him. at the same time i would put a lot of pressure on china because economically we have tremendous power over china. people don't realize that. china can solve the problem with one meeting or one phone call. >> how would they do it? >> because they have tremendous power over north korea. >> north korea has nuke. >> i know that. so does china by the way. >> but you say you would talk to kim? >> i would speak to him. i have no problem with speaking to him. harris: advisor to hillary clinton immediately slammed trump's remarks, which come as trump is set to meet today with former secretary of state henry
9:29 am
kissinger, who played a key role as you know in the 1970s when richard nixon took the first steps to normalize relations with china. dagen, i want to get your thoughts, on first of all the reaching out. our own colleague ed rollins has said, and others have said it too, not necessarily a bad idea they would talk. what do you think? >> i think that it goes against what we have followed under the obama administration in terms of dealing with north korea, working instead with the u.n., with additional sanctions on north korea but given what the obama administration has done with cuba, i mean, shoot, he went to a baseball game and did the wave with raul castro. what he has done with iran, could it hurt no? could it help? maybe is kind of my take on it. it is certainly a better approach than the suggestion that donald trump made about potentially giving, allowing japan and south korea to have nuclear weapons which he backed off on, but to say, i would speak to him, i don't think that
9:30 am
is the worst thing in the world. harris: all right. let's take this in the context, pete, what we didn't know about what the white house was doing with regard to iran. >> sure. harris: the letters going back and forth between our president and their leader. this, at least is transparency before the fact, something we did not have from an obama white house with regard to iran. >> indeed. i had my quibbles with donald trump's foreign policy, continue on many levels, you can not negotiate with truly evil regime in north korea that subjugates and kills its own people. harris: what about pressure on china to get more involved this it could work. >> fair enough. it could work. defense of trump he is not making policy engage. that is barack obama. his foreign policy doctrine he will engage. he will engage with anybody. that leads us to terrible places. he says i will talk to him. not making a policy declaration. stripping them of nuclear weapons we're given them. foolish to think we will
9:31 am
negotiate a thing out of kim jong-un. they used those negotiations to get weapons and further subjugate their people. >> we don't communicate with north korea. that understood but we communicate through the swedish emba system donald trump leaves everything on the table. he says i'm not going to rule it out. >> yeah. i think people get frustrated with, we've seen it. rejection of the foreign policy poll intelligentsia that tried same thing and he tries a broader take and that is what we've seen. harris: where we go with all the different countries around the world everything else has been tried. by keeping everything else on the table maybe do you set up success point there? i don't know. >> i'm very pro-engagement. i tend to think engaging with people even when they're evil can bear fruit. we deal with other evil regimes. saudi arabia one of the most evil regimes in the world. china frankly is one. most evil regimes in the world.
9:32 am
not as bad as north korea but it is pretty bad. if you want something to change nothing will change you can be sure if we don't talk with north korea. >> when we meet with them we bestow legitimacy on the leaders. there is big problem giving legitimacy to kim jong-un or who murderer his own people. >> like giving legitimacy to saudi arabia. oppressive regime. you have to balance it out. north korea left alone we've seen what they do to their own people. they live in concentration camps. harris: i heard you say on the couch, kirsten, when you go beyond the leaders and talk economics you maybe energize people who are citizens there. but it would be kim jong-un. obviously his father has passed, raising his status, pete said he is not a fan. sandra: that is allure for many supporters all ray long. he will go in there and shake things up. >> things that haven't worked for a long time. >> clinton when he was out of
9:33 am
office met with kim jong-il, the his father, to release hostages there. sandra: new reaction from president obama's deputy national security advisor ben rhodes to "the new york times" magazine profile which he appeared to brag about spinning the media to mislead americans on the iran nuclear deal. he was asked at an event yesterday if he regrets giving that interview. watch. >> um, monday morning quarterback, every article that i have been a party to, uh, i will is a that, you know, when, when things like this happen, uh, and that's a part of what happens in washington -- harris: wow. sandra: this on the same day that rhodes failed to show at a congressional hearing that was called to look into the white house narratives on the iran deal. house oversight committee
9:34 am
chairman jason chaffetz says rhodes should have been there. >> he goes to newspaper interviews. he does, he goes to the podium of the white house. he makes himself readily available but only to those select people in his echo chamber he knows will get a good spin from. clearly they had to snooker the american people to get this deal sold. sandra: pete, you were wincing when we were listening to ben rhodes react whether it was good idea to gave the interview. >> rhodes made it clear why he writes speeches and doesn't give them with that articulation. he can't defend what he did. someone who watched the left disingenuously decade say iraq war was sold on lie intentionally, to defend outright deception on a deal with massive implications like iran and largely given a free pass by the media is enraging for guys like me and others who see that hypocrisy at play. he literally spun and lied about the most consequential deal emtoering, enabling iran to get
9:35 am
nuclear weapon ultimately what will happen to the deal, and sold it to bunch of reporters based on a false straw man. sandra: goes to talk to the media about it, "the new york times," kirsten, but won't go sit before congress to answer questions. >> he should go to congress. i don't know what his rationale is for that, or defense. he really didn't give one. >> he didn't give anything there. >> talking about just "the new york times" story which i guess we read between the lines i think he probably does regret. he seems to have forgotten he was talking to a reporter. there was so much in there that just seemed he was like he was talking to one of his buddy over a beer. >> they are his buddies, right? harris: to think of some of the reporters, i'm curious how many wheels on the bus the white house will throw him fund this doesn't go well. because he is exposing everybody. we know how toxic that deal has been looked upon as and we don't know all the side deals, we don't know everything that was in it. it has a lot of stink on it anyway.
9:36 am
for him to put this focus back on a white house legacy point for president obama is really negative for them. is every wheel buts going to hit him? i wonder what they will do with about this? >> he is hitting himself though. he is somehow running over himself with his own automobile. >> riding and under the bus. >> can you imagine if he is in front of congress he will have massive cindy brady moment and stares at the camera and sweats profusely, like nixon. harris: that was part of broadcast news. >> albert brooks flop sweat. who can forget that. >> media have been echo chamber for seven years and he called them out for it. some will report on that. harris: some of them. >> some of them, correct. >> that story has gotten a lot criticism by the media, a lot of criticism. >> but not at level -- sandra: we'll see if he will testify eventually before congress on that. okay. who could forget this? sickening images of american sailors being held captive at
9:37 am
gunpoint by iranian forces. why one lawmaker says the u.s. navy and the obama administration bungled the response, adding to the embarassment and humiliation. ♪
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♪ >> follow-up now to our report on what may be one of the most embarrassing episodes in recent u.s. history. congressman randy forbes revealing new details on iran's humiliating capture of u.s. sailors earlier this year. in addition to repeating claims that the classified details of the sailors treatment will, shock the american people, the republican member of the house armed services committee, they tell fox that the u.s. navy and administration messed this up from the get-go. listen. >> shocking in terms of one that iranians broke internation maritime law. shocking how they paraded our sailors out which you've seen some that already. shocking how, the united states navy i guess handled this from
9:42 am
start to finish in the whole process. but i think what is also going to shock everyone how we responded to that whole situation and that at the end of it, what adds even, in more fuel to the fire, is you have secretary kerry coming out and instead of saying this was wrong, he basically thanks the iranians for what they did. and it is on the backdrop of what they had already been doing and ignoring in incidents like this happening around the globe. >> a big controversy then as soon as we saw those photos that will likely continue and should. who is, dagen is more to blame for this? did the military not handle this well what you know or seen or is this the obama administration giving faulty guidance? >> i think secretary of state john kerry when he thanked the iran for how they handled the situation and then the ayatollah in iran turns around and gives the revolutionary guards there medals, do you remember that happened, after in response to them essentially capturing and
9:43 am
humiliating americans. i think that, it goes right to the point of the desperation of getting the iran deal done and u.s. kowtowing to anything and everything that that country did to us and continues to do to us. >> don't you think, you know, members of the media we see, you see the deception goes on so much that reinforce the narrative we never get the full story from the administration? harris: some of this information will come out according to "forbes," but it will take like a year and it is classified right now. so, you've got to have the classified part of it kind of separate from what we think we can get our hands on but the full story? look, they made a statue out of our guys on their knees at gunpoint. what more do you need to know? these people are evil. we don't know what was promised to them outside of the $150 billion and use of ballistic missiles that is in violation of already existing
9:44 am
agreements we made through the u.n. where are the sanctions? we're pressing for more of those. there are so many more questions about this. no, we didn't get the whole story but there is whole story playing out we're not covering. sandra: with your military experience, pete, i wonder, so difficult to continue to watch those images and potentially this report might not be released as you're saying and forbes is saying over a year after president obama leaves office, what sort of message does this send to our enemies? >> well it is empowering. it is humiliating for us. demoralizing members of the military who see commander-in-chief and others that don't support them. projects quite clearly the message we're projecting for seven years is weakness and deference. unwillingness to believe unapologetically who we are and what we stand for and we'll continue to fight when necessary and not just engage for engagement sake. kirsten, did this idea percolate
9:45 am
from the white house, we don't fight back? >> i think they fight back all the time. here is the disagreement we have had many times. i don't think obama administration doesn't fight back or, they invaded libya for example. >> then they left it in chaos. >> who cares. >> a lot of people should care. >> we're talking about right now though. that is, just changing the subject. whether or not they fight back, i mean, they invade ad country. they ran a drone program, you know, blowing up many innocent people in pursuit of fighting terrorism. i don't think they have any problem taking action when they want to take action. so in this case, did they think that maybe they wanted to have this iran deal and wanted to get it done and made decisions that people disagree with? maybe. i would like to hear, there is, we're doing a whole story about stuff we don't even know what it is. >> but that is the past problem. >> but i have a very hard time when partisan people come out and claim at that there is all this stuff they can't say when
9:46 am
we find out is going to just blow our minds. i want to actually hear what it is before -- >> tell us a little bit more then? >> if there is more to tell. that is what i'm saying. when republican congressman comes out and says something i want to hear what it actually is before i respond. harris: here is journalist question about what you're saying. >> yes. harris: something i would ask and would want to know from the documentation is the classified documents would show it is, what were the orders to our sailors? they're surrounded at that point. they obviously heavily armed on the ship they had, okay? you're former military. we don't send our guys out there with water guns. what were orders to those soldiers? how did we get to the point the ship was boarded and on their knees? what were they doing where they were? what was the -- will the documents answer those questions? those don't have anything to do with politics. they have to do with what our relationship is that country. >> indeed. those details will be ultimately very revealing. the shocking part could be conduct and how much we knew --
9:47 am
harris: what did we tell our sailors to do, put them in harm's way unnecessarily? >> what is distressing about this and what happened there, it exemplifies our role and position on the world stage. one of retreat and weakness sadly. that was intention by this white house. >> they have been trying to take us down many pegs for a long time. i agree. hillary clinton may be counting on a little help from her friends in the media. that according to newly-released state department memo describing at least one popular tv host willing to use her platform to promote clinton's agenda. does this prove the mainstream media, is well, in the tank for hillary? ♪ [phone rings]
9:48 am
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harris: more "outnumbered" in just a moment. let's check in with jon scott with what is copping up in the second hour of "happening now." >> hey, harris. two likely presidential nominees coming under fire in separate
9:52 am
op-eds. they paint donald trump and hillary clinton as liars. do americans still care about truth worthiness? if not what is important? closing arguments in the fourth murder trial of a businessman. can they persuade the judge of cal harris's innocence once and for all. driving screaming for help on video. rescueers jump into action as police roll up. that is at the top of the hour. "happening now." harris: that is new video. we'll watch it. thank you. >> thank you. >> 2009 state department memo urged hillary clinton to use it. v talk shows to help promote foreign policy agenda. it was obtained by conservative watchdog group singling out oprah, "the view" and ellen degeneres show. but also create momentum for policy abroad. the memo specifically said,
9:53 am
ellen was quote, willing to use her platform to help promote the agenda of the new secretary of state. it is unclear how the info on degeneres was obtained. meantime yesterday ellen tweeting, entire cast of ghost butters is here next week and now hillary clinton is coming too -- "ghostbusters." get your women cards ready. harris do you have a couple thoughts. harris: first they're talk show hosts i don't know, they have a fan base that probably is buying the women's card is from what i'm understanding. i don't think we expected them to be bastions of fair and balance. i'm not shocked by this we saw this with oprah very early on with the obamas when they were running the first time. you know, nodding in agreement, pete. this is just kind of the thing. not like they're doing, you know, high journalism here. >> well the memo said also that the rationale behind this was, that the reporters, beat
9:54 am
reporters who cover politics are too caught up -- >> ask tough questions. >> too caught up trying to create controversy and are not interested in substance but in fact these shows are interested in substance. found a little backwards to me. i don't -- >> of course it does. maybe they get along. they will not be interrupted. she gets long form to say whatever they want. these shows can do whatever they want. this ultimately indictment of these shows and their perspective and willingness to release that platform to a candidate or administration to push a particular perspective. too bad, what is, unfortunately what she was selling was terrible for this country. >> also the question is, dagen, do they know this because they talk to the shows and were told this? or are they just speculating? that's what we don't know. we don't know, did, they're saying that ellen wants to support them but don't want to really say that or are they just guessing that ellen wants to support them. >> i'm guessing, combination of the two. you kind of know where you stand with some of these hosts, if you've been on the show as
9:55 am
political candidate, been on the show with somebody. you have -- harris: or if you watch it. >> a commercial, conversation during the commercial. i would argue there will never be another oprah winfrey for any political dan date mean -- meaning, not only raised, these celebrities can raise money for candidates but in terms of pulling votes, remember, alison lundergan grimes, all the celebrities that worked for her? she lost. with oprah, she pulled votes because viewers have spirit all connection with her. sandra: having a coughing fit. did you say this part of the letter, excuse me, thirst for access from these outlets puts the state department in position of strength in negotiating amount of coverage and topics to be discussed. aka, it gives them power to control the message. i mean that is what this is about and power to control the audience. you can obviously see these are, you know, female-dominant
9:56 am
audiences that they're talking about putting her message out to. there is no secret here. >> hillary clinton ruins it, tries to laugh. throwing her head back, i'm not doing it. throws the head back. doesn't know when to stop and never work. >> she is not a good guest. >> we'll be right back.
9:57 am
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10:00 am
>> whoo! harris: thank you for your service out there. i know, thank you for yours. >> great to be here. harris: thank you. good to have you here, kirsten. all right, we'll roll on out of here. see you pop up on the line, on the web, rather. "happening now." tran ferred to a less restrictive lock up. >> what does it mean for the teen who run away to mexico. we are having all of the news now. a new warning from the american top military brass. following the wave of deadly attacks in iraq. what the terrorist latest tactics might reveal about the straj straj to spread more carnage. plus


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